4 Masculine Films That Are Free Of Liberal Propaganda

The West has become a very feminine society. That is an obvious statement to any person paying attention and can see with eyes unclouded by hate. America, in particular, has allowed much art to be feminized and watered down. Films today are boring and frail with a limp wrist, and adult comedies have been reduced to obnoxious humor as if a thirteen-year-old doofus going through puberty wrote the script, such as the film Sisters, starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. (The most recent films I’ve seen, that aren’t ages old and are rather good, would be the drama Nocturnal Animals, the comedy The Edge of Seventeen, and the horror film A Quiet Place.)

The Hollywood of today’s era have now put out many films which perpetuate the hell of feminism, such as Seth Rogen’s sequel, Neighbors 2. Chloë Grace Moretz bitches on in the film about our sexist society and plays into the typical women-are-always-oppressed mindset. It is only one of many, and I’m sure the many to come.

So, allow us to examine four films which still hold some piss and grit to them with a dose of masculinity.

V For Vendetta

This gem quite easily portrayed a vision of the future—one of censorship, overstepping the bounds of people’s personal space by means of spying on them, ruthless propaganda, etc. This film I watched when I was in my youth. Even then it shook me despite not fully grasping the elements encapsulated within it.

One intriguing piece of propaganda in the film are the two detectives, one of whom comes to more-or-less see the side of V. They are conversing over security footage of the character of Evey laying unconscious as V stands over her. Evey assisted V from capture by macing one of the detectives. The two detectives seemed slightly baffled this supposed monster would bother helping her at all.

“Right there. What’s he thinking?”

“He’s considering leaving her… after she just saved him.”

“But he’s a terrorist. You can’t expect him to act like you or me.”

“Some part of him is human.”

They refer to V several times throughout this enticing film as a ‘terrorist.’ This plays into the expression ‘one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.’ As in, there are no villains, only perspectives. As well, the above lines of dialogue display well the demoralizing and dehumanizing of another person. And one who was tormented by his own government whilst being labeled the bad guy by mere retaliation.

The cast is wonderful and Natalie Portman puts on a fine performance. This isn’t as much fiction as it is reality coated over with a story. It demonstrates our contemporary state and society, and where we may be heading next. There is a lot to extract from this terrific film, and it may be worth your time.

Ninja Scroll

If you’re interested in a hard R-rated anime, it’d be Ninja Scroll. The plot is basic and straightforward. A ninja named Jubei Kibagama stumbles across one of the Eight Devils Of Komon, who are on a mission to take over the Tokugawa Shogunate, about to have his way with the lead female character, Kagero.

Jubei ends up being intertwined in this whole debacle and essentially forced into helping stop these devilish ninjas, along with a kooky spy, Dakuan. Some may, in our current PC culture, complain about the possible ‘misogyny’ of the film and its sexual portrayal of women, including an odd and dark scene with a devil attempting to rape Kagero and fingering her. It may not be a film that could’ve so easily been made today.

The film is laced with gore, explicit violence and sexuality, while keeping sharp pace and a very fine style of animation to which has kept this film in high regards as far as anime is concerned. It’s a raw, gritty hell-ride. A rather macho, if you will, movie.

Death Wish

I’m not sure I’ve come across a film with more of a pro-gun message than Death Wish. Director Eli Roth claimed it was not a pro-gun film, then adding:

…what I really try to do more than anything is show it how it really is, and leave it for the audience to decide.

Regardless of his rhetoric, the biggest theme throughout the film is that cops cannot always protect and, if a man wants to protect what’s his, he does it at the end of the barrel of a gun.

The film itself is somewhat of a letdown and doesn’t compare to other Bruce Willis film, like Die Hard, Sin City, or Hostage, but if you’re exhausted by the anti-gun mentality of today, watch this flick and feel better.

American History X

This is one of the best films I’ve ever seen in dealing with racial conflict. And I’d find it an honest one in many ways. But look out for the propaganda and how it aims to manipulate the truth by drenching it over with what’s perceived as immoral actions.

The beginning has the character of Danny, who has a standoff with a fellow black student in a high school bathroom as he defends a fellow white boy. It ends peacefully but plays a role further down the line. At the beginning, as Danny walks through his multiracial neighborhood, his voice-over says:

Venice Beach didn’t always look like this. It used to be a great neighborhood. The Boardwalk’s always been a dump, but when our dad moved us out here, Venice was a nice, quiet place to grow up. Over the years, though, it’s just gone to hell. The gangs are like a plague.

At this point, the film displays a group of adult black men getting confrontational on the basketball court. This image paints a horrifying one in terms of safety and security for European-Americans, who have already given up much of the fight for their people.

This film may have never been intended to be a red-pilled film, but to anyone who is aware of the conundrums involved in race and racial diversity, then this film is eye-opening. As I see it, the film aims to give way to a nasty violent image associated with strong arguments on things like illegal immigration, black crime stats, race riots, the changing shift in culture due to race, and so on. The attempt could be to demonize the truth by coating it over with behavior many are repulsed by.

This film holds much truth about our multicultural, multiracial society. It is a strong film and holds up nicely over the years. Very strongly recommended.


Hollywood is drowning in failure and it appears many of our self-righteous overlords are too ignorant to perhaps grasp how unpopular they are outside of their little holier-than-thou bubble. And, though it is seemingly rarer and rarer, some decent flicks are still produced and give way to some decent entertainment and escapism. The above mentioned are certainly worth a take.

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87 thoughts on “4 Masculine Films That Are Free Of Liberal Propaganda”

  1. I don’t consider any of those 4 to be good movies, although I enjoyed Death Wish in it’s first incarnation, the remake was poor in comparison.

    1. Michael Winner’s original “Death Wish (from 1974) is actually a great movie to watch at least once.

        1. About the remake of Death Wish, anyone ever managed to cut their hand from the recoil/slide while firing a semi-auto?
          Doesn’t seem feasible to me, and I’ve shot loads.

    2. Raging Bull, Goodfellas, Godfather, Rocky, Conan and virtually any Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds or John Wayne Film are shows featuring Men. Id include Al Pacino and Robert Redford as well in large part.
      American History X has one sympathetic to the character played by Ed Norton despite the nay sayers.

    3. American History X could have been good… if they kept the original ending where Edward Norton shaves his head and rejoins the Nazi’s. But that film is a prime example of Liberal meddling. Ironic. Didn’t bother reading the article based on the fact the author didn’t know this fairly well known bit of film trivia.

    4. The reason why you don’t like any of them is because you’re a stale 102 year old fart who doesn’t enjoy anything made after the 1970s though, John.

    5. V for Vendetta is about as neo-marxist as it gets – the fact that you think its free from liberal propaganda is maybe the most delusional thing I’ve ever read. The screenplay is by none other than the Wachowki ‘brothers’ turn faggot ‘sisters’ for fucks sake. How fuckig delusional are you you man. Edgar Tru your articles are either rantings of a delusional sadist or an SJW in disguise, I suggest you fly your freak flag elsewhere.
      “The cast is wonderful and Natalie Portman puts on a fine performance.” – The cast is whaaa…wonderful? What fairy boy talks like this? My god man. Do us all a favor and grow up. How ROK can even allow this dribble is beyond me. I’m pretty sure I’m done with this site after reading this trash.

      1. Your take on ROK is a bit uneccassary but I do agree, V is a antifa fantasy porn. Matter of fact, if we are still using Hollywood to inject redpillness, then are we even redpill? I don’t like using film examples outside of bits and pieces of the great two redpill introductory films: the Matrix and Fight Club.

  2. A film about a tribeswoman who goes bald (V for Vendetta) is not a masculine film.
    And American History X is free of liberal propaganda? (Puts on Carl the Cuckvoice) Are you kidding me??
    It gives off the whole idea that white Americans who actually want to stick up for themselves and look out for each other have to become ACTUAL Nazis to do so. Hence the “White supremacist” and “Nazi” mud slinging obsession by the modern left.
    Try harder Edgar.

        1. It’s not a spectrum, it’s a grid.
          Most nat socialist believe in a welfare state(for whites) and are socially left.
          Nationalism is not on the political grid, it is not left or right, we just don’t have many lefty nationalist in the US

        2. That’s because Leftists got “diverse” and they got too feminized. Then again; most establishment “conservatives” and libertarians are the same way; or at least stupid and cucked in their own unique way. Environmentalism; etc use to be considered very conservative. Though; a nation full of selfish individuals typically doesn’t care about large and dynamic issues like the environment. What we all see in politics today is essentially just a weak tribe of selfish; greedy; denationalized; intellectually lazy; arrogant; and ignorant morons who are desperately trying to hold onto their wealth and power while they are in the midst of getting colonized/conquered by other tribes who are just taking advantage of the situation like people have been doing since the dawn of humanity.

    1. Wes.
      They are “taking adbantage of the situation” just like rats, roaches and maggots have throughout history.
      We built the greatest civilozation tbe world has evet seen.
      All that the savages can do is destroy.
      No others can equal us. The savages create nothing, and will only bring on a New Stone Age.

  3. Of course Ninja Scroll is free of liberal propaganda, it’s right out of Japan. They are aren’t shy at showing things that would make your typical White Leftist scream and cry like it’s another daycare center day in the 90s.

  4. The Believer was a far better movie than American History X, but even then, the breakfast conversation with the father was the best scene in American History X.
    You hear the father ridicule affirmative “blacktion” and the injustice of discriminating against white applicants and I think “where’s the lie?”
    But the father is wrong coz muh racism and muh feels, but then again, the makers of that movie didn’t expect the meme culture of 2018 to reinterpret and re-edit their propaganda into red-pilling epiphanies.

  5. Edgar Tru
    If you haven’t realized American History X is actually a movie against prejudice and hatred , not for it. The main character (played by Edwards Norton) learns that the hard way. Once transformed, he tried to save his younger brother from the same fate – he does not succeed.
    If anything, American History actually does have a red pill message: life of a man is too short to waste it fighting for dubious ideologies.

    1. The main message I took from that film was despite the older brothers oftentimes compelling far right neo nazi rhetoric (the dude was really gifted in articulating his views) he more or less wasted a lot of his life being pissed off all the time about his fathers death. That’s what triggered his radical ideology. It’s understanable too if you’ve ever lost someone to murder.
      Great film.

  6. American history X and V for vendetta are two movies full of propaganda, First American History X is about Neo Nazis in America, the message is whites are supremacist in America, that Nazism is a big problem in America (is not), and we need love to fix it. V for vendetta is full of anti right propaganda, The fascist are anti women, homophobic and islamophobes. The church is pedophilic, sodomy is a style of life, an homosexual own the Koran because he love its poetry that is so twisted and warped. it´s like a ((((juice))) owning a Mien kampf because he love its writing. Gays and Muslims were persecuted and the movie is propaganda critique against George Bush, in fact Alan Moore was angry that the directors tame the leftism in the movie. Also Eve was willing to sleep with the boss in the beginning of film to advance her career so she could metoo 20 years later, and V is a captain save a oe in the friendzone who torture a woman to teach her a lesson (The left double thinking of everything is good if it is done for a good reason even torturing for months a woman). that movie is what the left imagine a totalitarian right wing regime will be.

    1. roosh does not care anymore about this site otherwise he would not let this article in V for Venndator seriously ? I thought it s some kind of sick joke but who in their right mind with a right working brain will consider it masculine ? this was a leftist who submitted the article and roosh just let it in.

    2. One of the tricks that leftists use is to equate truth and honesty with hate and racism.
      1) It isnt racist if its true.
      2) Disagreeing with a liberal doesnt make you a hater. Its just a lie they use because their ideology is morally and rationallly imdefensible.
      Examime what yout sverage spittle spewing democrat says. Its all hate and lies.
      Dems are the haters.

  7. DISCLAIMER– I do one hundred percent agree that the headline is very very wrong and misleading. But strip out the awful headline and read the article itself and it is fine. But that headline is so bad it should be changed. I’ll say it again. RoK / Roosh, do you need a copy editor? For realz, you know where to find me…
    I feel, like much of the general population in the West, IQs at RoK are dropping precipitously recently. There are some -truly- dumb motherfuckers reading this site now. Where did they all come from?
    In the FIRST paragraph at Am. History X the author states— “But look out for the propaganda and how it aims to manipulate the truth by drenching it over with what’s perceived as immoral actions.”
    You can’t help the terminally stupid, unfortunately. So we have a bunch of shitbirds with no reading comprehension now trashing legit articles. Dafuq is that?
    There are BAD articles here, don’t get me wrong, but there is this verrrrrrry beta herb bitchboy incel derpy type thing going on recently that is just sad. Can’t y’all go back to tumblr or whatever sewer you crawled out from?
    AmHisX when viewed by a critical thinker without the (((filter))) in place is based as fuck and tells you exactly what you need to know. Archie Bunker? Ever heard of this guy you know nothing millenials and beta spergy cunts who come here now? He was also a (((propaganda))) tool from the late 70s who was suppose to be a caricature of the ‘typical bigoted white male’ American.
    It completely back fired on (((them))) and he was the most beloved character on the show. There is a reason for this. They wear skinsuits resembling humans, but their entire morality and philosophy is totally alien to European nature.
    I’m seeing this problem more and more, the inability of the weak-minded to separate the message from the messenger. You MUST be able to do this since your enemies have control of media and the narrative. If you lack this critical thinking ability, it is best you not talk as much as observe how better men then yourself accomplish this task. Ya feel me?

    1. But, Apex, how will you ever have time to be a copy ediotr when you are so busy spending time as an “Alpha Chad” hustling the hunnies….?

      1. Every time you open your mouth you prove my point.
        “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”
        Get thee back to tumblr blue-haired faggot.

        1. What point am I proving? That you are easily provoked….?
          The next time I see one of your diatribes written on this site (probably done while you take a shit at your hourly job) that contains any truth, it will be the first.
          Posters like YOU are part of the problem because you are just self-aggrandizing. You are a fucking dildo.

    2. Apex:
      You make some good points but you overlook something: in the case of “All In The Family” the people who bought into it were Baby Boomers. Yet they considered themselves the most enlightened and best people ever. So the hate against white men (Protestant, heterosexual especially) couldn’t apply to any of them:
      Therefore they projected it upon the younger generations.

  8. Those 4 suggestions are a joke . My four would be Dirty Harry, Goodfellas, Fargo and Dazed and Confused.

  9. V for Vendetta is an SJW circle jerk. WTF are you on? The “oppressed” are MUSLIMS, (((THEM))), and FAGGOTS. How the FUCK is this film “masculine” and “free of propaganda”?? The protagonist V essentially is taking up an SJW crusade because of “oppressed” lesbians.
    Get this writer off ROK. This is insulting to our intelligence.

    1. Absolutely! Whoever wrote this article has no idea what V for Vendetta is about and has obviously never read Alan Moore’s comic before. The main character is a tranny anarchist, where the “oppressed” are LGBT, women, Muslims, and minorities. It’s one of the most anti-masculine films I can think of.

    2. Exactly, thank you for the common sense. This movie is what I recommend to anyone who wants to see what its like being in the mind of a liberal cuck.

  10. The message at the end of American History X is NOTHING BUT leftist propaganda. Kumbya, we’re all the same and need to end the hate and such….
    Leaves out the fact that basically a once nice white family had one working father gunned down by a black gang banger, a teenage son gunned down at school while taking a leak by another black gang banger, and another son had to do hard prison time for defending his property…from another black gang banger.
    The movie leaves us with the main character faulting himself instead of black gang bangers?
    Propaganda free? Not from my perspective.

      1. If you remove the (((third act))) it’s actually a pretty based film. Quite the accidental red pill.
        Mel Gibson’s Blood Father is a pretty good one too.

        1. the best thing about it is denouncing the nazi skins/AB bullshit and faggotry, while, in the first act atleast, depicting some righteous racial awareness and awakening….
          thus cant even decide if its antiwhite, or eye-opening….its sly as fuck

  11. I’d be willing to bet that V for Vendetta is a favorite of the average Antifa member. I’d be further willing to bet that he/she owns a Guy Fawkes mask.

  12. You are forgetting Point Break, (the original), the greatest buddy film ever made.
    The problem here is that you all are too obsessed with winning. You want to find the formula that will guarantee you a winning life configuration for all eternity.
    In reality nothing stays the same, and in the end we lose everything, no matter how great a particular configuration we have found at any particular time.
    The best we can hope for is good experiences. And that is Point Break. Throw in an awesome un-hollywood ending and you have a classic. Directed by a woman :-p.
    Vaya con dios brothers.

  13. Texas Chainsaw Massacre plus Sam Peckinpahs masterpiece Bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia. Just watch those two classics over and over, and absorb their deep meaning, everything you need to know about life in fact, and forget the new stuff.

  14. Blah blah blah black people blah blah blah.
    Any one here at all care to explain to me how come it was white people like irish italians and jews who caused the most crimes for a hundred years or more in america. How does that jive with yer racial bullshit today ???
    Could it be that economics plays more of a factor rather than the pigment of your skin ??? NEVER.

    1. If you believed in truth, you would have already used the resources freely available online which scientifically eviscerate your theory that crime is a function of poverty (not to mention your absurd contention that Irishmen were running around raping and murdering people over sneakers). It’s a tired, long-rejected theory that belongs in the dumpster of stupid ideas. No serious social scientist today actually believes that race plays limited role in behavior. Race is THE predominant factor when all factors are strictly controlled.

      1. Thats a whole lot of shit talk. Try be more concise. What poor psychology. I dont really believe what I’m saying ?? Sure.
        Listen very carefully you retard. I never contended that Irishmen were raping people over runners. Dont be fucking disingenuous .
        I know what I said to be fact from reading. I dont have to search online.
        Lets try penetrate that dense brain of yours. If black people are so predisposed to crime and always have been. Why were the italians,jews and Irish behind the birth of street gangs ??? why werent black people doing the same regardless of where they lived in America. And if economics dont play a factor,then why arent the irish jews and italians still doing it today ??? Explain that.
        What about African immirgrants with their pure genetics making excellent immirgrants in america and other countries today. Easily provable. But why dont you go ahead and scientifically eviscerate that you ignorant racist cunt.

        1. Look pal I’ve been studying this subject closely for a decade, and it’s clear you haven’t. I could put the proof in front of you all day long but you would merely look for ways to cast doubt on my sources. Your belief in Racial Universalism is a religion to you and nothing can shake your faith – I get it. We’re all surrounded by robots like you and we understand your psychology very well.
          Your cute little anecdote about street gangs is not only sorely lacking as scientific proof but it’s full of more holes than an Italian Mob Boss after a spaghetti dinner in Little Italy.
          First of all, it’s been widely proven that Irish Iberians, Italians, and Ashkenazi J3ws have lower average IQ than Anglo-Saxons. Between their lower IQ, and their lack of social capital due to being FOB immigrants, forming street gangs was a natural defense/offense mechanism for them. I will add there is no proof of widespread Irish gang activity outside of (((Hollywood Revisionism))).
          You conclude with a comment about African immigrants that makes me wonder if you are trolling or not, since it’s universally accepted that they are a horrific nightmare and bring no benefits whatsoever to their host nations, but a host of negative social costs.
          To cap it off, you call be a racist as if that idiot word means anything to a studied man as myself. I must assume you are European, as your general attitude is one of severe cvckery, weakness, and a rather feminine denial of obvious reality.

        2. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, Gerard. You make the outrageous statement that:
          “African immirgrants with their pure genetics making excellent immirgrants in america and other countries today. Easily provable.”
          Tell us, what benefits do these wonderful Somalians and Nigerians and Etreans and Liberians bring to Minnesota and Maine and Idaho and Washington that we were unable to provide for ourselves? How was any city in America made better by the addition of more Africans? What social contributions, technological advancements, medical achievements, or business formulas have they gifted the Western Man that they could not have done just as well for their own nations?
          We don’t need them at all, for anything. They desperately need us. We all know this to be true. You are the disingenuous one Gerard. I’ll be waiting for a convincing argument on why Somalians are good for Minnesota.

    2. @gerard
      Blacks commit more crime per capita than any of the other races, including whites. The oriental yellow race commits the least. This a well established and easily learned fact.

  15. “Death Wish” IS a problem with Hollywood.
    What is it? Answer: a REMAKE of the Charles Bronson classic from the 1970s. Bruce Willis cannot compare to the late Bronson who was very believable (his character was even badly injured in those movies so the portrayal and consequences were realistic), and what’s more the original version was relevant for its time, as the crime wave that would explode in the 1980s was already happening. This is why you also had similar movies such as “The Exterminator” and others. Anyone my age remembers that all too well.
    But once again we get remakes. On television and in the theaters, remakes, sequels, “reboots,” whatever.

  16. These four: “El Cid”, “The Madness of King George”, “The Man Who Would Be King”, “Spartan (with Val Kilmer)”. I suppose you are wondering why I would pick King George; is there anything liberal in it? And the king was quite masculine.

  17. Oh, and what do you think of Firefly/Serenity? I thought it quite masculine overall despite the amazon chick.

  18. “Hell or High Water” is excellent. A double buddy-movie and crime cape set in Deplorable, Texas. I didn’t know (((they))) allowed movies with that high a T-count to be made any more.
    Also, “Hard Times” with Bronson, but that goes without saying.

  19. Death Wish has conflicting messages. Yes the whole self reliance message was great but there was clearly a liberal influence in the movie most noticeably when he goes into a Chicago gun store and they basically just hand him a gun with the implications that the background checks and all the paperwork required was basically a joke. Additionally he some how is able to purchase a fully auto machine gun from a gun store in or near Chicago. Ridiculous.

  20. V For Vendetta is far from anti liberal or pro masculinity, even the Anarcho Communist author of the comic Alan Moore will tell you this himself. Its set in a dystopian england where a bunch of ultra authoritarian conservatives called “Norse Fire” represented by a red cross(obviously an anti white jab at European heritage and European Christendom) rule with an iron fist and specifically target minorities such as Muslims or sodomites. The comic represents being a part of the rebellious hippie generation, and the movie represents the beginnings of modern SJWs from the 90’s and Bush era.
    Never seen the anime.
    Death Wish is faux masculinity. On the surface it seems cool watching a heartless badass shooting people, but at the end of the day the original film was a part of the 1970’s nihilistic culture of deconstructing traditional values. Basically all masculine men are dysfunctional messes who are over compensating for something.
    American History X is probably the most laughable on this list. Movies like this helped create the stereotype of the Hollywood Nazis in order to make it easier to dehumanize anyone who supports the well beings of Europeans and European Americans. Sure the dinner table scene may be red pilled for someone who already is red pilled on race, but it wasn’t the intention of the director.

    1. Must disagree about the 1970s “Death Wish.”
      There was a reason why liberals did not like that movie. Bronson simply decided, in that quiet way, that enough was enough, and gradually became a vigilante. His was a believable character, in a subtle way; he did not want it to happen but it had- he had simply had enough. After that first time, it could only escalate, and that was one reason why the authorities feared him too.

      1. Not a fan of anti heroes or moral gray area bs. Glad Star Wars killed it for a while back then.

  21. If you don’t get it, you never will. Anything that is from Hollywood is corrupted, and it has ((((their)))) filthy hands on it.

  22. the apex of so-called contemporary masculinity: that man put flesh and gold at the center, that he reign in the kingdom of ‘cool’, that he be king of babylon. how about a truly revolutionary masculinity, to imitate christ and try to become that, and thus, and only thus, to become a man! btw try on these films for size instead: la strada, ikiru, aguirre the wrath of god, fitzcarraldo.

  23. If you want to see pure masculinity on film, watch the video “Ohne Dich” by German metal band Rammstein.

    The Germans know (well, *some* Germans know).

  24. If I want to watch something manly I throw in Jeremiah Johnson, or a Western like Shane… I think Edgar needs to dig into the vault a little deeper.

  25. V for Vendetta? Sheesh.
    I check in periodically to ROK, and it seems more and more like the article submissions have what I call a soft center. This used to be the blog that drew the hard line. Something my late father would connect with. But I’m beginning to see spider webs up in those clean wall-ceiling corners. Not a lot, just one or two. But that’s how it always starts. Glad to see some commentors shining the light on them.

  26. Is this article serious? V for Vendetta reeks of liberalism, from the crew to the comic inspiration to the script to the finished film, lol.

  27. American History X is like a Public Service Announcement commercial you would see during an afterschool special–only more heavy handed and insipid. It essentially borrowed heavily from some great stories, and then inverted the truth about the world at every step. A smart, sensitive white guy becomes a racist on the outside, then goes to prison, gets raped by the white gang and then protected by the blacks, and leaves prison totally woke and determined to fight racism. The most hilarious scene in the whole movie is when Norton is leaving prison and his black savior calls to him through the chainlink fence, pounding on his chest passionately: “Remember the brothas! THE BROTHAS!”
    Take it back, or you lose all credibility. American History X was an exercise in bait-and-switch. Don’t categorize cuck porn as red pill art.

  28. In V for Victory a gay man has a forbidden copy of the Koran…and in American History X a Neo-Nazi meets a black man that is a good guy in prison while his neo-nazi ‘bros’ are not so nice, which makes him see the error of his ways… Yeah, no liberal propaganda there

  29. First time on this site and saw an article with movies in it, and since I used to like movies I gave it a read and couldn’t believe some that were included and so many that were missed. ‘V for Vendetta’ ffs? That was a leftist/feminist shitfest.

  30. Stop watching Western films. I only watch Asian films. Japan and Korea have great movie industries with top notch production values.
    Same for video games. With very few exceptions (GTA, and basically anything from Rockstar), the best games are now made in Japan. In Japanese games you can still see tits and asses, whereas Western games are now about lesbianism (The Last of Us 2), anti-right propaganda (Far Cry 5 and plenty others), etc.

  31. I’d recommend most of the classic movies from the 50’s and 60’s from Japan. They aren’t manly in what you’re going after here, they give you a real slice of life, to understand both men and women. But they are traditional so no touch of feminism propaganda.
    As for manly movies, how can you talk of them without mentioning the original The Thing? it’s my happy place to escape modern times. Other movies are Van Damme movies, Predator, Terminator 1, Alien & Aliens (i don’t see them as feminist,) Bladerunner, most mob movies from the 30’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s,and many others.

  32. You have absolutely no clue of what you speak. They are all full of propaganda and there is absolutely nothing masculine about any of them.

  33. The ending of American history X was completely rewritten and pussified and destroyed the whole movie,the author should have known that.

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