App That Digitally Removes Female Makeup From Photos Causes Massive Outrage

Via Information Liberation:

A new makeup removing app named “MakeApp” from Russian developer Ashot Gabrelyanov is causing a triggering on levels never before seen.

While it’s not perfect, there’s no getting around the fact the app is rather shockingly accurate.

The liberal media is losing their minds:

Women are spamming it with one star reviews and calling for it to be banned from Apple and Google’s app stores, though men love it:

The media responded to the app by accusing developer Ashot Gabrelyanov of being a Kremlin agent — no joke.

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131 thoughts on “App That Digitally Removes Female Makeup From Photos Causes Massive Outrage”

  1. Get ready for women to “prove” the app is wrong by showing us their face without makeup, hoping you will still compliment their beauty. For all the empowerment they have in Western society, they’re as insecure as ever.

      1. Imagine if you will, that they do a remake of the Roddy Piper movie, “They Live” with 21st century technology.
        And then don’t imagine it any further, you can LIVE IT in real life, use Makeapp.

      2. The left is concerned with symbols and appearances as an abstraction layer on reality more than the reality it represents.
        This is why I can’t be a leftist.
        Makeup has always been deception. Most leftist idealism is based in deception and uses symbols and ideology to try to sell a fantasy to convince other people of a fictional narrative, which can be used to benefit a sub-sect of society.
        Bring me facts and we can act. Bring me lies to justify action and I will ignore you at best and fight you at worst.

    1. I’m a little disappointed with this app for not having a paper bag warning. Pop-up: “This ones a paper-bagger, still wanna see?” Yes/No.

        1. Methinks a trigger warning is appropriate for that pic.
          That is probably the first time I’ve ever advocated for one.
          Know what would add gasoline to this inferno?
          YouTube vids where they show before and after.
          Where their is a laugh track whenever the ‘after’ is shown.
          Prominent feminists being laughed at like that? And when the girls see the vids!

        2. Gee, all I see in both picks is the devil himself, and there is a reason God kicked him out. the dude who married Harpie Clinton must have some serious personal issues, to so desperately want to get close to the Clinton family foundations fortunes, but that deal with the devil is going be expensive.

        1. Actually a three bagger. One bag over her head so you don’t have to look at her. One bag for your head in case hers falls off. And a third bag for your dog’s head because you can’t stand him seeing you degrade yourself so much.

    2. It’s funny you say that Roosh-I tried it myself out of morbid curiosity and the only thing that changed was my facial hair and eyebrows were rendered lighter as the app believed they were ‘make up’-otherwise because I never drink, smoke, rarely stay out on all nighters and try to get as much Vitamin D and drink plenty of water, I look close to 10 years younger than what I am-that and I have the benefit of excellent longevity genes and as a man the further benefit of ageing extremely well.
      Seeing the Feminazis and their ilk going apoplectic is freaking hysterical and long may it continue. After all, if they have make-up then there’s fake boobs, fake nails, butt implants and all kinds of chicanery whereas for us guys the most we could get away with were lifts in our shoes and stuffing a pair of socks down our crotch. Caveat emptor-if I bought a product and it didn’t do what was advertised on the tin the same should apply to women who because of their general disregard for wellbeing and tendency to age like spoiled milk end up looking like crap.

    3. I asked my kids mother (my second ex wife) if I could take her picture and run it through it….she was good with it too, and then sanity hit me.
      You know what sanity said to me?
      “You don’t want to know.”…
      Sanity, gotta love it. I listened.

      1. It is weakness of you to have to ask. You should have done it, shown her how inferior she was without makeup and reminded her of how beneath you she was.
        Since you asked her for permission for something so minor, she will have no respect for you.

        1. um….dude…i wasn’t asking for permission…i was fucking with her…duh hello…im divorced and she dont run anything anymore as a felon ex_con..she knows better that i dont ask permission for anything.

    4. A friend’s father once told me that before he married his wife he rowed her out into the middle of a lake and then pushed her overboard. He responded to my shocked and quizzical expression that “If you wanted to know what she really looked like then you had to get her soaking wet.”
      Sound advice.
      Lost in all this back and forth is that most people – like 95% – really aren’t all that attractive. That’s the first thing you notice when you look at, say, some Czech or Asian Casting-Call photos, the ones with *then* without clothing and with a neutral expression. Or look at the photos of celebrities or pornstars without their makeup for a shock.
      And that’s what drives the cosmetic/H&B and fashion industries for *both* sexes. (Guys camouflage and primp just as much if not more so than women, as any teenage girl who’s had to share the bathroom with her brother can attest.) Clothes and makeup hide a multitude of sins and failings.
      Or not.
      An alternate (and valid) view would be that a person using makeup and clothes (plus taking care of themselves physically) is trying to enhance their positive attributes while downplaying their negatives, maxing out what they *do* have. Add to the mix a winning personality that, say, treats you like you’re the only person in the room, and more likely than not she (or he) has a formula for success.
      Certainly that’s preferable to the physically perfect 5% outlier Ice Princess eye-candy who’s a pain in the ass to be around. And it’s sure as hell preferable to the lumpy-dumpy and clearly self-destructive unkempt messes who shrilly insist that you share in their misery.
      Just a thought.
      P.S. If somebody is wearing a ton of make-up you can usually tell. This App is a nice, fun toy – Really – but your Mk-I on-board Image Processor with it’s pre-loaded Discriminators – aka your Eyes and Brain – can probably do the job just as well.
      P.P.S. Reputedly, Chelsea Clinton is Hillary’s love child with Webster Hubble, conceived and brought to term so to enhance Bill’s political prospects. The photos of Chelsea prior to her having cosmetic surgery make that immediately apparent.
      Antes Chelsea, there were several rumored pregnancies that were terminated inasmuch as Mrs. Clinton didn’t want children. And regardless, Bill was mostly getting his cane varnished elsewhere, as is also the case at present.

    1. She was homely as hell from day 1 when she was 90’s teen…you could tell she was going to grow up to be a homely woman.
      Hillary had a number of consensual affairs with males during their 70’s hippie era and her daughter almost looks like her father was somebody else besides Bill Clinton. He was a fairly decent-looking man and his daughter looks as if she is the red-headed (literally) step-child of some other Arkansas hick that gave Hillary the fucking she needed at a truckstop because Bill’s balls were too drained from all the blowjobs to get it up for his wife.
      In any event, she looks pure Appalachian hillbilly.

      1. People forget that Chelsea was always an ugly ass kid, a nasty-looking teen, and now that she’s an adult…I’m questioning if she was delivered vaginally…or via the anus…because DAMM.
        Don’t you gotta work overtime to be that ugly?

        1. I suspect she is not Bill Clinton’s child-he was a passably good-looking man.
          Hillary was probably cruising Arkansas truck stops to get her needs met while Bill was “blown out”.

    2. I love that Anita Sarkessian is among the pictures shown. She’s been an ugly hag with or without makeup even before she took a dump all over gaming.

  2. I always imagined Jon Voight being forced to suck off hillbillies in Deliverace when I saw daughter Jolie’s face-she had the same course Slavic (He’s Czech) fish-face as he did. Her mother, a minor French-Canadian actress, was decent looking.
    Jolie came along in the 1990’s at a time when heroin chic was hip and grungy was cool and she does not look any better than she deserves to look after all the cocaine and heroin she did during that decadent era. In fact, she looks 5 years older than her 42 years.
    As for Clinton’s daughter, she looks like a real inbred Appalachian.
    Jenner is a man so makeup cannot help people forget the 9 inch trouser-snake that is probably dangling down his dress anyhow.

      1. She has Voight’s bulging fish mouth and wide-set vacant eyes which are typical of Czechs and her mother’s coloring.

        1. you seem to have some problem with Slavic people
          i guess its caused by being mandingo-partied too much in your Cuckland

  3. Ashot Gabrelyanov Acrossthebow is a master troll. I kind of think this is worse than revenge porn for women as it has the reverse effect vis a vis generating attraction. Emma Watson looks surprisingly good though, which seems wrong.
    Serious question, is there anyone out there who would have banged Caitlyn Jenner but on seeing her pic with the app filter would no longer wish to do so?

      1. I was gonna say the first part of that comment was ok…but what’s with the second part?
        I don’t think ANYONE even remotely connected with RoK would think of that second part. Banging Bruce Jenner??? For real, yo?

        1. heh, c’mon what are we, a bunch of bigots? It’s about the person inside, not whether that person has an ankle length appendage swinging around under their ankle length skirt.
          And it’s Bruce not Caitlyn. Have some respect

  4. Gentlemen, let’s imagine that some genious manages to create an App that tells you the real amount of previous sex partners a woman has had. Imagine what would happen!

    1. It would be a similar backlash to the #NoHymenNoDiamond troll started on 4Chan.
      Basically the end game of feminism is that women should be allowed to be free and independent, while at the same time being codependent on a guy she gets to cuck.

    1. Trust me, that app will guarantee that rap culture is nonexistent when men see the likely real faces on the vagina they pursue.

        1. What? Are you fucking kidding me. Melanie is about as feminine as it gets, she even actually acts feminine. If she was a trannie than she would be all aggressive and shit, and exhibit masculine traits. How about you tell me JUST ONE thing that make you think Melanie is a trannie.

        2. To be fair, a lot of aged women with plastic surgery look like trannies.
          Compare Jennifer Anistion on Friends to how she looks now.

        3. Yes. Older women with plastic surgery surprisingly can look worse than if they had not gone under the knife.
          And can we just do without the White knighting please? Why can’t a guy have an opinion about a woman without some white knight coming along to defend her honor? No bitch is immune, men. None of them are angels or goddesses.

        4. Wasn’t being a whiteknight lol, just saying Melania isnt a tranny, she just looks like a passable one due to surgery.

        5. @Fritz…you mean a defined jaw…I wouldn’t call her jaw square at all. Man face??? What fucking man a face like that….you do realize she is in her 50’s with probably some plastic surgery. Lol, she has done past modeling completely naked….nothing there that suggests she is a man…the hips, the upper body, face. But your saying that Michelle looks less like a trannie??? LOL.

        6. “And can we just do without the White knighting please? Why can’t a guy have an opinion about a woman without some white knight coming along to defend her honor?”
          A) So, can we have an opinion about your opinion?
          B) Your wrong
          C) Don’t be so sensitive to criticisim
          D) This has nothing to do with white knighting, I am not defending her stance on on women’s rights, or her in general.

        7. “No bitch is immune, men. None of them are angels or goddesses.”
          Yes, just because Melania’s on Trump’s side now doesn’t mean she won’t divorce him years from now and take him for all she can get and then tell the feminists what an evil, domineering, guy he was and how she just agreed with the rightists out of fear and all that shit.

  5. Even though these people are painfully & ridiculously predictable, oh man I FUCKING LOVE IT
    They really lost their shit over this one.

  6. BTW, who is the headliner pic? I know I’m not up on my celebrities but I got no idea who this person is. Without the makeup she looks like Joel Gray.
    No wonder this App is making chicks lose their minds. If without makeup, you look like a elderly homosexual male, it’s time to shut the door.

    1. Ana Kasparian. The kind of woman who looks good only if you’re on nofap and have had a few glasses of wine. Once you’ve blown your load and are sober, you realize she looks like a fucking kike.

    2. I know what you mean. I don’t know my celebrities either (they’re usually Leftist pinheads anyway, so what’s the difference between them?), so who’s the second one? That big teeth-exposing grin with the wrinkles reminds me of Jack Nicholson playing the Joker in the 1989 Batman film.

  7. To be blunt, a lot of these women without their make up look like guys, especially the one right above Chelsea (I don’t know who she is but she looks vaguely familiar).

    1. Actresses are chosen for their bone structure, which gets mannish with age.
      This is especially true of Germanic women. They start to look like Frankenstein with the heavy cheekbones as they age.

      1. I think you’re right about the facial bone structure. Photogenic facial appearance in based on the notion of slightly oversized features compared to normal people. Unfortunately, such features tend to grow with age (Ronald Reagan being the perfect example) producing a more “mannish” appearance in the women.
        Some of these women really do look like guys in drag without their make up. The one right above Chelsea (Brittney Spears???) looks like Fabio in drag (during his prime) without her make up. Seriously.

        1. It is especially true of Nordic (Germans, Scandinavians, Dutch) women who end up looking like Dolph Lundgren by 40-all cheekbones and bulging eye-bridge and jaw.
          They tend to get a bit gaunter with age as their skin gets less soft and supple.

        2. “Photogenic facial appearance in based on the notion of slightly oversized features compared to normal people.”
          Never occurred to me before.
          I wonder if it has something to do with (most) movies being 2-d instead of 3-d?
          That a person with a ‘normal’ jawline doesn’t appear all that normal when looked at 2-d.

      2. Yes sir. Germanic features are quite coarse. I am from Cincinnati and most people here have those very strong jawlines and huge teeth. Germans have that look where they appear to bite through leather quite easily.
        Good thing here in Southern Ohio they mixed with the English and the Irish to soften their faces. But you are right it does have that effect on women. On men though it makes them look more Chad and slayer like so I guess Germanic face isn’t always bad.

        1. German-American myself from Michigan and some Germans and all Swedish girls have a really square jaw.
          Nordic skin is soft at 20, 25 but Nordic women get more gaunt as they age and their skin tightens (Because of the sun).
          My neighborhood-Michigan produced some models-motorcycle magazines and soft-core stroke rags, mainly.
          I saw them at a school reunion and they looked all looked like Nick Nolte.

        2. umm, you do realize that ‘English’ are actually identical to Germans, right? The Anglo-Saxons are a Germanic tribe. This has been studied in modern genetics, and the “Frisian” gene has been identified as a strong marker for Anglo-Saxon (as opposed to Celtic) Brits. There’s no difference ethnically between Anglo-Saxon English and Germans.

        3. So let’s forget about the Danish contribution to the English? No, I guess they are apparently just German. SMH they don’t even look the same. Most English guys are puffy featured and round faced. The ones that don’t have these traits still don’t look German.

    1. Jolie looks 50, not 42. The 1990’s was really rough on my generation of girls who went “alternative”-the heroin and coke, the sexual partners, the decadence.
      Looking back it is funny how many girls entered the 90’s as fresh-faced girls and came out looking like cum-spitting road whores. That decadent era of grunge, heroin, chic, fuck-anybody bisexual chic, nihilism, edginess and all the rest turned has resulted in so many chicks in their early 40’s looking ten years older.

    2. Angelina Jolie was hot in Gone in 60 Seconds, but other than that, I never was really attracted to her….also, her attitude, personality, and politics is such a turn off. Yuck. Damn she looks ugly as shit in her youth.

  8. What with all the brouhaha, I thought I’d give it a try. Went to the App Store on my iPad, searched for “makeapp”, it wasn’t there. (There is another app by that name, but it’s for girls to experiment with makeup.) Tried various different searches, couldn’t find it. Has it been deleted? Well, not exactly, but you have to be resourceful.
    An Internet search for the developer, Ashot Gabrelyanov, found his Twitter feed. There I saw the link for the iTunes page for the app (scroll down to Oct 26; the Oct 28 link is for a different app), which which went directly to the App Store page for MAKEAPP, where I was able to download it. Here’s the iTunes link, which will open a Web page on a computer, but go to the App Store on an iDevice:
    Maybe Apple just hasn’t gotten around to deleting the app entirely? I couldn’t find any of the developer’s three apps by searching in the App Store, though all were accessible via iTunes.
    Who was it said, “If you want to know who rules you, ask who you are not allowed to unmask”?

  9. A good point about this that I read on Heartiste was that if a woman can go through the filter and still come out beautiful on the other side, she is a bona-fide naturally attractive woman.
    Most youthful women have nothing to fear with this app, but this is truly the horror for women who are scrambling to prolong their face-first collision with the wall.

    1. Men may discover a real unicorn with Makeapp….
      Ill believe it when I see it though…unicorns just don’t exist.

  10. I wonder if feminists and SJWs would have the same outrage if there was an App showing a man’s true financial and social status.

    1. Or a height shortening, baldness simulating app. They’d be like a pack of hyenas praising it for showing men their place.

  11. While the idea of a makeupp removing app would definitely be provocative, this app doesn’t do a very good job af removing make upp. What is actually does is adding a pale and sick looking tone to their faces.
    The Lady in picture 5 from the top is wearing bright red lipstick before the use of makeapp, and she’s still wearing it afterwards, it’s simply made brighter. Her hair, skin and eyebrows has also inexplicably become lighter. That’s not makeup removal.
    If all of the women were wearing powder on their entire face then this would’ve been accurate, but they aren’t. Skin tone doesn’t become lighter if you take off mascara and lipstick, and eyelashes doesn’t disappear completely.
    Anyone who doesn’t realize the obvious flaws of this app is not particularly bright.

    1. I’ve known plenty of girls whom did powder their faces entirely top to bottom, and since these are celebrities whom know their picks will be taken. I’m betting they are covered with makeup everywhere they think it will help.

      1. If you look at the first and second lady from the top, they both have dark eyebrows before “make up removal” and after the app has done it’s magic, their eyebrows have almost completely disappeared. The girl in picture 3 from the top has dark roots ih her blonde hair before going trough makeapp, and after they are lighter. And no, she has not used mascara to darken her roots.
        What this app really does is brighten and blur the entire picture. The more times you run a picture through it, the more you’ll end up looking like a zombie.
        The idea that we all look like zombies underneath our makeup is simply too laughable to be the slightest offensive. Makeapp is too inaccurate to be taken seriously. What it is actually good for is giving bitter, unintellegent men a cheap sense of justice or revenge by running pictures of women they are never going to have sex with through the app to see the “ugly harpy” beneath the all that fake make upp.

  12. women hate the app because we see the real harpie they try to hide behind lipstick plastic and paint. without the camoflage they wear, lotsa folks will be losing their lunches, until people get used to the illusion being spoiled. its like the “They Live” glasses for our own species. id rather see the ugly truth and be able to discern for myself, than be forced to see a “beuatiful” lie. another commenter pointed out womens insecurities. good, they should be leverage to end the needless unjustified pussy pass system and disgusting vagina whoreship.

    1. Makeup is the worst illusion. it makes you want to eat butthole from a nasty disgusting chick you would never feel attracted to even if you had drank a bottle of whiskey

      1. I asked my kids mother if I could take her picture and run it through it….she was good with it too.
        and then sanity hit me.
        You know what sanity said to me?
        “You don’t want to know.”…Sanity, gotta love it.

  13. That app made my day.
    Twatter quickly muted the hashtags that came out of it #TheHaggening #Makeapp
    Bitchocracy must not be challenged!

  14. I can’t help but feel disgusted when I see girls caked in makeup. I wonder what they’re trying to hide underneath all that icing, and they often look downright clownish.
    Surely drawing around your eyes and eyebrows with colouring pens (eyeliner) can’t be good?
    The difference is so stark when women don’t wear makeup. When they get out of bed they look like ogres but I look pretty much the same, apart from a bit of messy hair.

    1. do you know what type of chemicals are in the makeup, toothpaste etc? makeup is extremely taxing. that is why they even young girls 18 are affected from the makeup. it kills the skin and makes them look sick or dead without any mask on.

      1. That’s what I thought was the case. It should be common sense that dousing your face with chemicals will be bad for your skin. But I guess women don’t do common sense since all of them wear it, daily.

  15. Schwartzeneger was right, the lamentations of the women is what is good in life. They must have their precious makeup to have confidence.

    From what I gather, this app is being designed to uncover makeup put on victims of human trafficking. It appears the human smugglers use makeup to hide the ages of their victims.

  16. OMG! Evil Confederate Nazi Russian hackers are behind this.
    They got their inspiration from a Robert E. Lee statue.
    KGB headquarters North America aka Trump Tower has a Russian Nazi homing beacon hidden in a Robert E. Lee statue on the 3rd floor.

  17. I don’t think Democrats are that paranoid and for minorities it is a merely a matter of whether their benefits will be cut (Welfare programs).
    Blacks, Mexicans don’t really give a shit about a statue. They are acting for the subsidies.

    1. ngl, but I disagree with this. I’m anti-feminist etc but I’m still biologically wired to find young nubile women with the right hair and skin incredibly attractive and that includes their natural scents and fluids.

      1. Generally they smell better. Testosterone induces greater perspiration and thus manly men do tend to stink to high heaven if they don’t bathe regularly. Fat neckbeards still stink since they hardly bathe at all.

  18. I can’t believe that Chelsea M. has such a skin. If it’s acne rosaceae or lupus erythematodes no make-up foundation would be able to lhide it.

  19. The female self-esteem is sacred but women have no problems destroying the male self-esteem with things like creep-shaming, basement-shaming, height-shaming, perv-shaming etc. Also, this whole demonising of rape as allegedly the worst thing which can happen to a female, worse than stabbing or murder isn’t exactly good for my self-esteem either when I’m supposed to believe that a female would rather have a sharp blade inside her guts than my penis in her vagina when she didn’t consent to it.
    If you can shit on my self-esteem then don’t wonder why I consider rape an overrated crime and zero fucks are given from my side.

  20. Did anyone see what the Donald looks like w/o makeup via MakeApp???
    RT: I tried it on myself as I’m a guy who never wears makeup and it I’ve found that it’s highly inaccurate. Nevertheless, like photoshop it can and will be used as a troll tactic. But remember folks that ye who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

  21. Me-gyn Kelly looks awful without her Tammy Faye Baker makeup spackle.
    Someone should show her eunuch rump ranger groupie fanboi followers so they can prattle on about how beautiful she is.

  22. Nihil est enim virtute amabilius, nihil quod magis adliciat ad diligendum, quippe cum propter virtutem et probitatem etiam eos, quos numquam
    vidimus, quodam modo diligamus. Quis est qui C. Fabrici, M’. Curi non cum caritate aliqua benevola memoriam usurpet, quos numquam viderit? quis autem est, qui Tarquinium Superbum, qui Sp. Cassium, Sp. Maelium non oderit?
    Cum duobus ducibus de imperio in Italia est decertatum, Pyrrho et Hannibale; ab altero propter probitatem eius non nimis alienos animos habemus, alterum propter crudelitatem semper haec civitas oderit.

  23. Seriously, folks, we’ve had a great app like this for years: “social media.”
    While there was an ROK article in which Millenial men who “pre-stalk” were mocked, it is in fact a great thing to do.
    What do I mean?
    Want to know what a prospective date is REALLY like? Look up her social media pages. For example, after the collapse of the Rolling Stone campus rape hoax did she angrily post how it didn’t matter because the narrative counts?
    Does she post raging feminist or just plain “SJW” rhetoric?
    There- and the beauty of it is, you don’t have to rely on an app which may or may not work, because she herself posted it! You will know in advance what you’re getting yourself into and can turn aside before the obvious problems result.
    Social media can be, next to a dog, man’s best friend.

  24. My Theory Which Explains Human Female Perceptions and Behaviors
    Human females have always survived through manipulating and exploiting males by use of three inherent strategies: 1) Sexuality 2) Nagging and Whining 3) Playing the Victim. To that end, the female psyche is made up of three interconnected components: 1) Hubris (Chauvinism, Vanity, “Specialness”) 2) Misandry 3) A Collective Victim Mentality. That makes females immensely susceptible to pandering from the marketing companies who bolster female perceptions for the sake of profits. This is why females slather artificial substances and wear uncomfortable and unsafe fashions in order to camouflage and enhance their features. That is why the girls club is constantly screeching about body image and objectification. Human females are not going to give up their powers of deception, seduction, and exploitation without a fight. It’s just their nature.

  25. Kardashians must not love this app I guess. So many women dishonestly represent themselves in social medias. It becomes difficult to know how they really look. Even though it might not be totally accurate but at-least it is relatable.

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