The Best Indirect Ways To Question A Woman’s Past

The first article on this subject talked about directly asking a woman about her past. While I acknowledge that the direct method is my chosen way of doing things nowadays, I also understand that my chances for being lied to are the greatest with that technique. I’m perfectly fine with that because I’m very good at recognizing when someone is a bullshitter.

I realize that some guys are just getting their feet wet in the relationship and dating world, so their bullshit detector might not be up to speed. Additionally, the direct method can ruin a relationship even if things have been going quite well. Some guys might want to keep banging the chick in question and not put an end to good times, but also want to keep themselves from becoming emotionally attached to damaged goods.

This article will focus on some techniques that are more subtle and more effective, but will come at the expense of your time. That’s basically the trade-off: going direct saves you time, but going these routes will increase your chances of procuring something closer to the truth. It’s important to understand that most women are going to lie about this shit, it’s just how they roll. Chances are pretty good that you’ll never know the exact number, but these techniques will give you a better chance at obtaining a ballpark figure.

Do Your Research

I’ve personally never dated a woman that didn’t have a Facebook account or some form of social media. It would be nice to meet one that doesn’t and finds the whole social media scene to be a joke, but any attractive woman under the age of 28 isn’t going to pass up the chance to get as much attention as she can. And when it comes to attention, Facebook is the place to get it.

This is a good thing for your research, though. Most women have been on there for several years and don’t remove old pictures. In many cases, just perusing a woman’s Facebook page for a few minutes will tell you everything you need to know, and you won’t have to bother asking about her past. Here are a few of the things you will want to look for:

Vacations with girlfriends or traveling alone

Especially to countries like Australia, UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, and France. If the countries she visited are known for having dudes with cool accents or high attractiveness, then she has fucked a ton of them, guaranteed. So if you spot pictures of your girl in front of the Sydney Opera House, the Eiffel Tower, or Piccadilly Circus—then you know her pussy got stamped right along with her passport.

Pictures falling into this group also include those from extended backpacking trips or periods of time spent studying abroad—regardless of location. Also, if she’s made trips down to Mexico or Panama City, Florida for spring break—then you can bet your ass that she serviced a few peckers while she was there.


Getting shit-faced at bars, clubs, or college parties

No explanation is really required here. If she’s holding a cocktail in all of her pictures, then she was probably holding a cock later in the evening. Included in this group is all the usual stuff like whorish facial expressions, posing with a bunch of dudes or slutty friends, or bragging about how she’s going to get “so fucked up this weekend.”


She’s new in town.

A lot of women will relocate to a new city if they’ve burned too many bridges or have a terrible reputation in their previous location. I’ve met a lot of women who have said, “I just moved here because I wanted a fresh start.” It usually turned out that these women were trying to escape something or someone from their past. This isn’t always the case, but it’s something to pay attention to if it comes up.

Young Adult Using Laptop

Tons Of Guy Friends

If she has a lot of guy friends on her page, then that’s a huge red flag. Some of them have most likely fucked her before, and the ones that haven’t fucked her are just waiting for their chance to try. Once the “new car smell” of your relationship wears off, the chances are greatly increased that one of those guys will eventually succeed in their efforts. Avoid any kind of emotional attachment to these broads at all costs.

Check Local Police and Sheriffs Websites

Run your girl’s name through the mugshot database for any cities, towns, or counties she’s lived in. I don’t give a shit what a woman was arrested for—if the broad has a fucking mugshot on the internet that anyone can see, then she’s not worthy of your time.


Now, if your online efforts to gain any solid information turn up little or nothing, then it’s time to go for it in person. Never ask about any of this shit through text messages or on the phone. She needs to be in front of you so you can judge all of her reactions, body language, and mannerisms. You don’t want her to have any time to think things through so she can come up with perfect answers. With that in mind, let’s examine the most effective way to pry into her past.

Appearing Non-Judgmental

In the infancy of a new relationship, things are usually really good. Most encounters are light-hearted, fun, and exciting. If the sex is good, then that amplifies things even more. You can use all of this to your advantage by nonchalantly bringing up how good she is in bed, or mentioning some of the crazy shit you’ve done in your past to see if she will try to match your experiences. The goal is to get her to open up a bit and divulge enough information for you to draw a reasonable conclusion about her past.

You can’t come across as being judgmental—if you do, you’re going to fuck yourself over. You need to feign excitement over her slutty ways and somewhat questionable past. Give her the impression that whatever she has done to other cocks is just fine and dandy. Here are some basic questions that are usually effective.

Has she ever made out with another girl? Bi-sexual girls are fine for fuck buddies, but they’re a completely disgusting proposition for a long-term relationship. If she’s dyked out in any way—she’s done.

What was the duration of her longest relationship? If a woman is 24 years old and her longest relationship lasted six months—then you know the score; especially if she has four years of college behind her.

Is she still friends with any of her ex-boyfriends or fuckbuddies? If she is—then she’s not to be taken seriously. Zero tolerance policy is in full effect across the board with that shit. If a woman is in a relationship with you, yet she still has no problem talking with a guy whose dick she used to suck—then she’s a disrespectful piece of shit. She can find an “open minded” guy that thinks “it’s so cool” that she’s still friends with her ex’s—because this close minded motherfucker right here will tolerate none of that nonsense. I suggest you adopt the same kind of attitude (if you haven’t already).

Ask if she was a party girl or if she’s is—or was—a heavy drinker. Drugs, alcohol, and cock all go hand in hand with one another when it comes to women.

Ask about her views on abortion and politics. Liberal views generally means liberal leg spreading.

None of these questions are very threatening, and her answers will give you some key insights into how she has approached life. I suggest asking about this stuff after you’ve been out a few times and have slept together. It would also help if the two of you had a couple of drinks and you’re both in good moods at the time of questioning.

Clandestine Measures

Instead of going to the source, you go to those surrounding her. This can be a great resource if you play your cards right. I’ve never met a woman that was a loner—they always have a social circle. Chances are solid that your girl will want you to meet and interact with these people at some point.

It can be difficult to pinpoint who will give you the most information. In general, you will want this person to be somewhat neutral in their feelings towards both you and your girl. Meaning, someone that knows your girl rather well, but doesn’t consider her a close friend. Here are some potential targets within her social group that you can try to win over.

The Ugly One

Single out the most unattractive girl in her social group and charm the shit out of her. Hopefully, the girl you’re dating is attractive (she should be). If that’s the case, then she has some haters within her group—guaranteed. Women hate each other, even when they’re friends. The ugly one will most likely hate her the most. Befriend this woman and let her spill the beans.

The One That Wants To Fuck You

This could also be the ugly one, but not necessarily. This particular woman might be interested in sabotaging your current relationship so she can have you instead. If that’s the case, then she’ll tell you all sorts of info about the girl your currently with. Judge what this one says carefully because she might be talking shit about your girl only to make herself look good.


Your girl may be on friendly terms with these people, but at the end of the day co-workers are competition. Use this to your advantage and pump them for information if the opportunity arises. Women tend to complain about their co-workers, yet still hang out with them for drinks and other gatherings.

Who does your girl complain about the most at work? Who does she call a bitch? Was she friends with someone, but they had a falling out? Don’t naturally assume your girl is a little angel at the office—she’s probably a catty pain in the ass just like all women. Make mental notes when she complains about certain people, then make it a point to talk to them.

Boyfriends Within The Group

If there are some cool guys in her circle of friends—find some common interests with them and arrange to hang out with no women around. When it’s just the guys, you can speak openly with one another and fish around for valuable information.

In Closing

Do your homework. As the old saying goes, “All is fair in love and war,” and I completely agree with that. What’s the worst thing a woman can do? Get mad at you and throw around accusations about how you don’t trust her? Fuck her. Of course you don’t trust her. You don’t trust anyone until they’ve been thoroughly vetted and proven that they deserve it. Who the hell deserves instant trust? No one that I can think of.

Good women are hard to come by, and chances are very high that any woman you meet is going to be a turd in one way or another—always assume this is the case until proven otherwise. If you think you’ve found one of the rare good ones, then do everything in your power to verify.

If you’ve been with a woman for a few years and are considering moving in together or—God fucking help you—getting married, then I would suggest you hire a private investigator and have him look into her past for you. He’ll be cheaper than a divorce lawyer and you can save yourself a lot of headaches in the long run.

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287 thoughts on “The Best Indirect Ways To Question A Woman’s Past”

  1. Uncle Mistral’s Four Step Guide for Handling a Girl’s “Number”
    1. Assume you are being lied to. And not just about her “number”.
    2. If she gives you a number, you then have to decide whether to double it, or triple it.
    3. A guy usually shouldn’t really care about the number so much, anyway. Over time it will become clear whether she’s a dysfunctional hosebag or not.
    4. The only time you really need to care about a girl’s number is if you’re going to wife her, a situation that is easily solved by realizing that you shouldn’t be getting married at all. That said, if a guy is getting married (the only reason for which is to have kids, really) then the engagement should be long enough so that her true self become exposed, i.e whether she’s a good little sandwich-maker, or an evil harpy who is set on your enslavement and eventual destruction.
    AV8Rs methodology is pretty solid, but in the end, you will know her by her actions.
    À bientôt,

    1. I like that. One way to get the number is to think about the age too. Over a certain age, let’s say 25 she could have racked up 20 easily. Most in the last 2 years.

  2. Why should a man even care about a woman’s past anymore. We all know that 99% are whores anyways.If you are dating girls from bars, the internet, or basically anywhere you know what you are getting. If you are looking for a good girl with good family values, morals, and a limited past who will raise great children and be a great wife you will only find them at your local place of worship ie. church, temple, synagogue, or what ever religion you practice. Religion, for the most part, tries to instill how a woman should act, her role in the house hold, how to take care of her husband and children and vise versa, church will also show you as a husband, how to behave. Google “what God expects and commands husbands and wives to be”. Seems as if that would be a pretty good deal for both sides.

    1. “…If you are looking for a good girl with good family values, morals, and a limited past who will raise great children and be a great wife you will only find them at your local place of worship ie. church, temple, synagogue, or what ever religion you practice.”
      ARE YOU JOKING?! Go to Dalrock’s blog and get informed about how feminism and weak-kneed mangina pastors have turned ‘churches’ and other places of worship into the “Sunday morning nightclub” practicing vagina-worship instead of preaching the word of God. They preach ‘Churchianity’ instead of Christianity now, for example.
      Get familiar with terms such as ‘marrying up the sluts”, “born-again virgins”, and “Fireproof”, for starters.
      Good luck!

      1. I have seen Dalrocks blog and I am aware of what religious practices are doing to women and these terms you speak of. Red Pill you are totally correct when saying They preach ‘Churchianity’ instead of Christianity. Now as a man of faith, I believe if a woman who has had a promiscuous or questionable past has decided that there was no fulfillment is the way she was leading her life and is looking or searching for something more or questioning her existence and found it through spirituality that’s a great thing. Now as red pill males we see the truth and are not very easily BS’ed. So with our knowledge we must use it wisely in choosing a life partner or companion (if that’s what you are looking for) because in the end that’s what women turn out to be after the sex is gone. A companion or a partner that you can tolerate and hang out with.

      2. What’s going on in the church (sexual degeneracy) is still better than what’s going on in secularism. Where are your odds better of finding a virtuous woman during your teenage years- at university or a church membership meeting? (If you’re past your teenage/early 20’s years then you’ve simply probably missed the boat on a virtuous woman.)

        1. True. I’m in New York. As soon as I get situated, I’m headed to South America/Central America to find my wife/helpmate.

      3. Agree. I don’t really think there are any perfect places to find a decent woman. You may find her at church or you may find her in a supermarket. It used to be (back when) that yes, you could find a decent woman at church…but church has also been infected by feminism (and pastors cater to them).
        It’s pretty much a crap shoot, today, where you may find one but church doesn’t have the answers (like it used to in the past).

    2. Even though I am not religious, based on my observances I pretty much agree with you. I just don’t see much in western society that indicates women can be raised in non-religious environments and still be worthy of a man’s commitment.

        1. If only 1% of the women worth committing to, then the chances of finding one are nearly non-existent. Because only a fraction of that will be compatible with you. It pretty much is searching for unicorn.

        2. pretty much thats why Im still single….trying to find that unicorn probably will never happen. Im ok with that because in the end IM Happy. Unlike most of my married or coupled friends

    3. The biggest bitches I KNOW about, they were in churches and mosquees. One girl tried a 5some with guys… or a pensome… I don’t know how to call it!
      And she was from a religious family.

      1. a PENTAsome…now thats funny! Im definitely not saying all girls from religious back rounds are good girls, also coming from a religious back round I can also attest to what you are talking about Nickel because Ive seen, been a part of, and heard about crazy things these “religious” girls do. What I am trying to say is that knowing what I know now (red pill knowledge) the only girls I have ever met that I would even consider for a relationship were the girls I met at religious functions. I was to young and naive to realize the type of women they were. They were not “cool” enough for me or they “did not like to party” or “be promiscuous”. Missed the boat and some great women….

        1. The wages of sin is death. In this case your chance to reproduce and rear a family has possibly died.

    4. “you will only find them at your local place of worship ie. church, temple, synagogue, or what ever religion you practice.”
      What a crock of shit. My STBX is a “Christian” a lot of good that did me when she shit on the marriage by way of her “emotions”

    5. I think it has more with culture than religion. I grew up with a super strict foreign father with no tolerance for slutty behavior. I wasn’t allowed to be a cheerleader, or stay the night at friends houses. If he thought any of my friends were bad influences, he’d never let me hang out with them. I wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend until I was about 20. I thought it sucked back then, but , as an adult, I’d do much of the same for my kids. And, I’m an atheist, like my dad.

  3. On point. Sharp insights and no bullshit advice as always from AV8R, with his trademark humorous touch. Even if you don’t feel the need to go to some of the more elaborate lengths outlined, I hope the newer guys on the block here are picking up the tremendous vibe throughout this piece (and all his articles) — that women need to prove themselves worthy of YOU. Probably the single most important lesson I’ve learned around these parts… You are the Prize.
    Once you frame your life this way, everything changes.

    1. Exactly…..YOU are the prize. And they need to prove them selves! Imagine instead of a woman always having sex with you when she comes over (because we all know after 6 months of sex you’ve lost total interest in her because she has nothing else to offer) she picks up a vacuum or cooks dinner or scrubs the toilets. Hey wait a minute…we may have a winner here, seems as if she has respect for her man and is trying to show him what a great wife or mother she can be. Not how much of a whore she can be. Woman have it so backwards its sad.

    2. Exactly. We age like wine, they age like milk. They are more of a depreciating asset than a Yugo.
      “What country is this car from?”
      “It no longer exists…”

    3. Always repeat that shit, “I am the motherfucking prize”. believe that shit–become that shit! that is what the ROK community taught me.

    4. Amen.
      It’s laughable the amount of fatties & other non bargain bin females giving us their checklist of requirements when self improvement is nowhere on their own list of accomplishments. And it’s even worse when there’s a majority of mainstream men who buy into that scenario being o-kay. (*sigh. Of course, even i did at an earlier time).

    5. Damn right….and always treat yourself like you are the prize.
      I will gladly let a woman off at the next “stop” if and when she starts to act up (or crazy). I don’t put up with bullshit or drama because I am the prize.
      Always good stuff….keep it in mind.

  4. Your section on “She’s new in town” describes an ex of mine to a T.
    Dated this white girl in my early 20s. I knew she wasn’t wife material but we had things in common and she was the most sexually adventurous girl I ever met.
    Long story short, she was sleeping with a couple of my friends behind my back and tried to “upgrade” from me to one of them. When she eventually realized neither of them gave a single fuck about her she had a complete mental break-down and started getting hard-core into drugs and drinking.
    I was too naive at the time to realize what she was really doing and I tried to just help her. Then one day when we were ALL at a party she decided to just tell me everything (most likely to get back at the two other guys). Anyways I told them all to go fuck themselves and realized I had to build a new group of friends. That situation would have turned me red-pill right there if I didn’t become infatuated with someone soon after. Apparently the other guys told her to go to hell because they realized they fucked up. One of them tried for years to become my friend again but he knew I’d never trust him around anyone I cared about.
    Anyways so her entire life here fell apart… All she had were a couple loser girlfriends and all the debt she’d accumulated… She decided to move to buttfuck nowhere Ontario and now has a skinny white-knight beta-schlub to love her (he might be a cool guy but he is the definition of beta). I still have her on FB and all she ever posts is pictures of giant home-made pizzas… Eat that pizza bitch… Keep eating all that pizza…

    1. The sad part of this is that no matter how much of a a cock-carroussel rider she is or how many times she fucks thing up, there will always be a beta schlub to commit to her… good news is, ultimately these women will not be satisfied with their “man” because of their obvious betaness, and they will keep dreaming with the alphas who would never settle down with her…. oh and she better keep eating that pizza…

      1. Not so sure – the supply of betas (at least betas with money) might start to dwindle as more and more of them suffer severe cases of divorce rape, rendering them unable to support another retiring carousel rider.

    2. Did your friends tell you they fucked her after fucking her? or did they fuck her and snicker behind your back?

      1. Nah she told me herself. Pretty sure she only did it to try and make the other guys look bad… which didn’t work and only made other girls curious about them lol.
        They fessed up to it when I asked them about it. One of them is too much of a stoner to give a shit about anything. The other one felt guilty about it and tried to make it up to me but that friendship wasn’t going anywhere after that IMO.
        You know what is fucked up??? That guy was stabbed to death in his shower two years ago for fucking too many other mens’ women and selling people shitty drugs. It is sad but it also proved to me that what goes around comes around…

        1. That guy was stabbed to death in his shower two years ago for fucking too many other mens’ women and selling people shitty drugs.
          That’s funny.
          Pay attention men, especially the ones that scoff about fucking another man’s woman or wife behind his back and then saying “ah, that whole revenge thing is a myth/overblown”. There are prices to pay for being a douchebag, but the retribution is on a random spin wheel, and you never know when your number will come up.

        2. He was stabbed to death in the shower? That’s a scary way to die..
          Women are nymphomaniacs- The slut was experimenting until she found out they didn’t give two fucks about her then puts your “friends” on blast.. I’m surprised you didn’t bitch slap her on the spot

        3. Y’ever heard Ginsberg’s poem Howl? I can’t help it but I find my friends on the fringes more original and interesting than my accountant/business admin friends with their 60 inch TVs and PS3s.

        4. So you’re like a modern western ho who fucks around with bartenders and DJs because they’re more “interesting”.

        5. I don’t judge someone just because they’re a bartender or DJ. If you’re a talented musician you SHOULD play your music. Why wouldn’t you? If you’re a talented gardener, than fucking garden.
          I judge people as individuals. I’d sooner be-friend a loser with integrity than a successful psychopath.

        6. Well you clearly are a competent judge of character. Having a social circle of people who have all banged your girlfriend is a testament to that.

        7. Why are you trying to attack my character?
          I wasn’t born an old man. I learned things through trial and error. I gave people the benefit of the doubt because I didn’t come from a degenerate background, and somehow this is something I should be ashamed of?
          If you’re lucky enough to have dated women and never gotten burned than good for you buddy, but you might be the exception.
          I’m sharing true stories because I think they’re funny… and they give an idea of what NOT to do… Its called not taking yourself too seriously. You should try it, its good for not being too much of a tight-ass clone.

        8. Accept his criticism. He’s not attacking. It is valid. Don’t you admit that when you say you’re red pill now? I am just like you. I hung out with freaking losers. They dragged me down. Yeah, it was interesting times. But now I am all grown up with kids n stuff. I can hang out with Christians wearing sweater vests now- we can just argue about theology and politics for fun times. Some go hunting and are even into MMA. Many many Chrisitans are musically talented and that’s something we can share. Nobody goes to jail or gets stabbed to death in the shower. There has been some infidelity but very very little, and it came from those Christians who still party and drink too much. When I want my “adventure fix” I minister to a homeless person or something.

        9. Hard to endorse the poetry of a man, no matter how profound it was, who was a member (maybe even a founder?) of NAMBLA… switch over to Bukowski…

        10. Thats fair.
          I’m not endorsing the man and everything he did, but I think Howl speaks some truth.

      1. Nope, it’s only okay to bang a friend’s girl if said friend gives you the okay. Otherwise, it is a betrayal and should be seen as such.

        1. This. Tell your friend what the woman is trying to do. If your friend nexts her right then and there, then you can fuck her. And laugh about it with your friend afterwards.

        2. Had a friend I’ve known since kindergarten. In college his girlfriend called me and asked me to a concert (really pretty little thing). I assumed I’d be going as third wheel- but she said no, it would just be us, so I said no it wouldn’t feel right. She pressed (just a friend thing since my friend couldn’t make it). I held firm.
          Anyway, I mention it to my friend later in the week and he starts laughing. Seems, he didn’t want to go to the concert and she got really pissed off. Threatened to ask me out, and he told her I’d never go. She said, “What I’m not pretty enough for him!?”, he said nope, not that. He won’t go because he’s my friend.
          She was doubly pissed when he turned out to be right – that her looks really weren’t enough to turn a friend.

        3. You can next a hoe any time, but you cannot next your brother. The connection is too real.

        1. Evidence of my accidental banning on Politibrew…
          My account is not banned but my IP address is blocked. Brew says he did not do it on purpose. Could you ask him to straighten it out please? – Cajun

        2. It’s not your fault. It’s a national health emergency Who knows how many people scratched out their own eyes trying to get that image out of their head

        3. Awww…
          Well they are a very nice bunch of ladies over at Politibrew. I’ve been minding my Ps and Qs there, but it is not really our sort of site.

      1. That is a solid way of looking at it. I never got how people act like giddy hyenas when they got beaten pussy. I fucked your wife. I fucked your girl. Unless she is amazing it’s sloppy seconds that boosts egos. Seems only the cheated guy has the sense to realize how nasty backwash is.

        1. I don’t think it’s appropriate to refer to women as backwash.
          (No word against your mother, but it wasn’t an immaculate conception, was it?)
          BTW: who’s beating pussy? In my experience it is much more rewarding/less judgmental when one is nice.

      2. That has always been one of the things that bothered me. I mean, certainly a guy has his needs, but seriously, why would you want something another man has pumped a load in? Probably bareback?
        That’s part of why I always feel so smug when I see the guy of the month my Ex-Fiance is dating. I had it when it first, fresh, and tight. They’re welcome to the leftovers.

        1. Your body sheds skin cells daily. WIthin a year, you renew your cells. Vagina is the same way. It’s brand new within a year! 😉 FRESH! 😛

        2. Firm and healthful is great!!! (“Tight” implies you weren’t actually able to turn her on . . .)
          Regardless: virgins only, I will call the 18th century.

    3. The state of Heterosexual Relationships in Western Society is in serious trouble. Non-western women have a different view on relationships and goals. While they can still be career oriented they realize the important of family and caring for their man. Very few Western Women understand that. We will see how the trend moves forward with time.

      1. It’s obvious what the trend will be:
        The West will collapse and Islam will take over the West without firing a shot.

        1. You think the muslims will be able to resist pushing the big red button once they get their dung-stained hands on it? I predict nuclear war within 30minutes of a mohamedan president being sworn in. The delay being due to a passing herd of goats on the way to the button.

        2. lol stop watching CNN and Fox News Zionist propaganda. Muslims will never take over and they will never be close to that.

      2. Well surprise news, feminism has fucked traditional women in a country like India too. Gangrapes don’t seem to stop them.

    4. It sounds like you you were rather hurt by a girl who – at the time – wasn’t able to care for you the way you cared for her. Of course you’re angry – with her, your friends, you. Breaking trust is very serious but i don’t think it’s necessary to use as ugly language as I’ve “heard.”

    5. The new in town ones are usually very good looking attract a lot of attention and eventually run through all the available men but what sends them on their way is when they burn all their girlfriends, and have no friends that will listen to their bullshit / drama anymore. Then the only solution is a geographic cure and sometimes they find a new career and a new circle of friends with which to rinse and repeat.

    1. Exactly! I have no idea how or why a man would wife up a non-virgin, it doesn’t make any fucking sense.

        1. 1. Ad hominems like yours carry no weight here, jizzabell zombie!
          2. You forgot to add ‘basement dweller’ and ‘shitlord’ to your ramblings, cuntcake.

  5. One point the author brought up was particularly intriguing. I’ve come across it before, but I can’t believe I haven’t read more on the subject. Chicks who wear their liberal politics on their sleeve. It really is the penultimate stamp (or at least one of the top ten) for identifying a voracious wang sampler.

    1. Absolutely. He nailed it with this line: “Liberal views generally means liberal leg spreading.”

  6. Number 1: Trust your instinct, its there for a reason. If you hear your inner voice tells you ” dude, this girl’s a hoe” toss her out or make a her a booty call and pass her to your friends.

    1. Often a tell, that conjures my instinct, is just catching a very slight view of a woman’s face I’m seeing, as she’s walking towards me or away from me.
      It’s hard to explain but it’s a millisecond glimpse of her brain registering in her facial expression:”Ah, he bought that shit, all is well, I’m safe.” And rarely is it when you’re squared off looking at each other.

    1. Because it actually matters. Remember, men actually have to TRY to get laid (some with all of their might), all a woman has to do to get laid while she is still young is not die.

      1. He’s not just trying to get laid. He is looking at women very closely. Not just the vagina. He wants to know about their virtues. It’s like he’s looking for a wife or something.

      2. Ross Jeffries said it a quarter of a century ago: for women, sex is a choice; for men, sex is a chore.

    2. Theres nothing on Earth worse than developing genuinely strong feelings for a real slut. It will suck the life out of a man. There is something in our biology that is repulsed by women with multiple sexual partners. AV8R is trying to provide a priceless public service to men everywhere.

      1. Agree. There has to be plenty of young men out there who will benefit from this shit. It’s real world advice and wisdom…these guys need to pay attention.
        Besides, what the fuck else are we supposed to discuss….the fucking Kardashians?
        There is gold here, baby.

    1. I think what most guys do is let half-lies slip by, and don’t catch them. This is typically how women lie. A “portion” of what they say had truth… why?
      Because telling outright lies is way more obvious and aren’t as easy to smoothly ramble out. By anchoring the lie in a “bit” of truth, she can more easily reference the lie if you call her on it, down the road, and she’s conditioned her own brain to actually believe her own lie..why? Because PART of it was true.

  7. If you hear any of the following phrases, the girl is a total slut:
    1. “I used to be really crazy.”
    2. “I have a past.”
    3. “I’m a free spirit.”
    4. “I have a stalker.”
    5. “Most of my friends are guys.”

    1. “Free spirit” is just a cover-up for careless, reckless, lack of foresight and disregard for consequences. Yeah ladies, it’s really alluring when you say that!

      1. “She’s a very private person…” is her friends way of running defense, but that only inadvertently reveals her to be the slut that she is.

    2. “I have a past”…or “every girl has a past”…is pretty much they most direct way of a gal saying she isn’t a virgin.

      1. That would be them rationalizing their bad behaviour.
        “hey, everyone else does it, so what’s the big deal!?! Ignore those younger chaste girls for meeeeeee”

      If you hear any of the following phrases, the girl is a total slut:
      1. “I was exploring my sexuality.”
      2. “I’m not looking for casual sex.”
      3. “I’m not like that.”
      4. “My number is __________.”
      5. “My name is __________.”

      1. Couldn’t agree more. Met a girl on match who used line 2 in her profile. I thought she was cute so..hey why not. Within 2 hrs of meeting her she sucked me dry and swallowed, whereupon she was then bent over and taken. So much for no casual sex.

        1. That’s why hook-up sites exist, she should’ve made a profile there. I don’t get online dating, too many creepy people online. By creepy people I mean people who fantasize about eating your liver raw while raping you in the eye-socket with a knife. Not worth it, once I decide to date I’m going the normal way. Less chance of me needing to exercise my 2nd Amendment Rights…..just saying.

    4. “I used to” anything is also a sign.
      They need to be REALLY careful what they overshare volunteer about what they “used to do” that they allegedly don’t do any longer (or so they claim!).

  8. “Studying” abroad, that one is pure comedy when I hear it. It’s so goddamn predictable you can interchangeably reply when somebody says “I studied abroad” with “Spain?” or if they say “I went to Spain” you reply with “Studied abroad?” It’s as cliche as a sitcom. I’m sure lots of “studying” transpired, oh yeah. The sky’s green, too.
    An English speaker in this country can learn Spanish in their own backyard (quite literally, even!) with great ease, there’s no good reason to have to spend six months in Spain under the bogus pretense of learning the next easiest language for an English speaker to learn. What a shitcrock!

    1. Spain is actually the number two destination for Americans to study abroad after Italy. But, I get your point. That said.. I don’t think most college students would claim that their main reason for studying abroad is for learning another language. They obviously do it for the “life experience” and for the parties. Most of them don’t learn much because they mostly party with other Americans. Anyway, I wish it was possible to learn a language with “great ease.” How many languages do you speak?

      1. Two. One is Eastern, so yes, speaking a language from the other side of the planet that makes those “weird” sounds that don’t appear in Western languages and has an entirely different grammar structure and writes in a different alphabet does give me a distinct advantage, I’ll admit. I also studied Spanish, Japanese, and Russian (only STUDIED for short periods, I cannot lie and say I legitimately “speak” them to where I can hold conversations) and the first two were really easy (yes, Japanese is really easy to speak, writing and reading obviously not). Any non-Slavic European language should be really easy for English speakers to learn, at least to comprehend and be able to read.

        1. Me too, English and something that resembles Spanish, after 3 years of high school Spanish classes, lots of audio tapes and conversation groups, a couple of community college courses, and 4 years living abroad (for the record, with family and several years after college!)
          It’s true that Spanish is one of the easiest languages that an American can learn. But, unfortunately, it still doesn’t come that easy to a lot of us, at least those of us who grew up in single-language households.. anyway, I went a bit off topic….

        2. No it’s fine, this is the internet anyway, no holds barred. Not about you as an individual at all, but I always laugh at how it’s always Europe for “studying” abroad. Seems like people always want to go to White, Christian, and “safe” Europe where post-Soviet Union everybody more or less can speak English instead of somewhere less similar to America where you could actually have some real culture shock and adventure.

        3. It’s true, the “study abroad” kids are the shame of all Americans living in Europe… They seem to be having a good time, though.

      2. Amanda Knox went to Italy to study abroad and wound up murdering her roommate and fellow gang bang participant. Dildos and a black man were found at the scene. No joke.

  9. Dear Allah I fucking despise accent whores. What a shallow, petty, and skanky way to gauge a guy for giving you cock, ladies. Anytime a woman says “I met this really hot (fill in the blank with any ethnicity) boy” you know she intends on fucking him for the accent factor alone, and not because of anything he actually worked hard for or earned. Not a candidate for anything at that point!
    If a woman tells you she thinks Benedict Cumberbatch is hot because of his accent, Sharpie(TM) her name out, stat!

  10. All american women will all say they “romanticize” france and italy. What that really means is a few glasses of wine with a white guy with an accent and the panties come off. They know their reputation isn’t at stake when they travel.

    1. Hehe ! Indeed.
      As a French man, I can vouch for that.
      But it’s not just American women, every time a woman live her hometown, she lighten her sexual policy.

      1. This is why if you have an LTR its best to avoid a girls vaction or frequent unaccompanied trips. Your just asking for it, if you let these slide.
        I have 2 male acquaintances that I am certain get played regularly this way. There wives are attention whores who can’t keep there hands off at parties, even in front of there husbands.
        One went so far as sending me pictures of dildos, asking me how I compared.
        I want to tell there husbands to wake up.
        I am sure out of town they just go right for the first cock they can grab onto.

    2. Wine? That reminds me of a story!
      A girl I dated had a female friend (with LTR/fiancee of several years) who wanted to go to Europe alone before the wedding. What a splendid idea you say? My GF said the girl went to Paris and picked up two french guys and they had a threesome where one dude did her in her butt and the other in her vag simultaneously. I’ve seen that in porn but didn’t know girls did that in “real life”. Is there a term for that? Needless to say, the guy still married her after she admitted to it. She tried to blame her slutty indiscretions on him and he took responsibility for it. What a fool.

      1. These guys are a shame. They must feel that they can’t do better… I would of dropped her immediately.. What a punk…

        1. I agree but you know how some guys are, they don’t believe they can do better. Vagina blinds some men.

    3. Those countries are fast becoming Muslim slums with rampant crime. Their Hollywood romantic view of those countries with the glasses of “vino” and that stupid stringed instrument that always plays in Ragu commericals (whatever the fuck it’s actually called) and “the aroma of exotic spices in the air” are long dead.

  11. I’ve never understood why a man would want to move in with a girl (co-habitate or whatever it’s called).

    1. A few of the reasons I’ve seen uttered.
      1) Saving expenses
      2) Easy sex
      3) Try before you bye
      And none of those things ever appear to be true.

        1. They’ll pretend to be asleep when you come home just to duck out of sex. Trust me, I’ve been there and it ain’t no picnic!

        2. Did the cohabitation thing, and had sex a minimum of 6x per week. The trick if you want to call it that is: never slow down on sex from day one. Make it clear what you expect without saying directly. Avoid hormone birth control, nothing kills sex like too much estrogen or progesterone. Get her on a copper IUD.

        3. If you live in a major metro like nyc, toronto, rent is expensive, alot of men date just to split rent so they can save.

      1. My wife thought it was “just the thing she had to do.” She says she didn’t know there was any other way to keep a man. She asks me if I would have stayed with her if she made me wait till marriage. She thinks I wouldn’t but I don’t know about that. I always was a sucker for romance, I just never actually experienced it, and neither did she.

      2. Anecdotally, my experience of living with my 3-year GF for the past year have shown all those reasons to be valid. Plus, I no longer have to do my laundry or mop the floors. And if you want to raise and train dogs, having a reliable second person helps out immensely.

  12. In my opinion, the modern man should avoid relationships.
    In that fucked up world, the only healthy lifestyles are either “pump and dump” or going full monk like brother Cui.
    Men that go into relationships with modern western girls, generally do it for the after sex feeling, when she’s curled up against your chest looking at you like she found her daddy, with the big eyes of an appartment cat.
    What they don’t understand, is that you can get that feeling from every one night stand if you play it right.

    1. I wouldn’t even call “pump and dump” a healthy lifestyle because of the many horror stories I’ve seen and read about guys that go that route. Full monk would certainly be wiser…or doing your mission in life as a man…which can be a variety of things.
      Women’s primary mission in life is to find a husband, get married, and have chidren. They are the ones who decided to forgo those for the exciting idea of getting into college debt, working a job, and hopping from dick to dick.

      1. True. But “pump and dump” is for me one of the “less worst”, and can be a hobby that enhance some qualities that can be useful in everyday life, and even for your misson as a man (strategical thinking, confidence…).
        Also, a lot of men simply go crazy without women.

    2. Serial pump n dump will eventually end up with a girl getting under your skin. It’ll always be the wrong one too.
      Another option is marriage and serial affairs. Cake n Eat it too. That’s also really dangerous.
      Love’s a bitch either way.

      1. Given the insane high divorce rate I’d say that marriage + serial affairs is no longer much riskier than simply being faithful, statistic wise.

        1. Very true. Of course no sane man should get married anymore. Unless it’s been very carefully planned for. Him 30 her 20-24. He’s saved money, she’s been locked in a convent.

      2. ” Serial pump n dump will eventually end up with a girl getting under your skin.”
        I like to think that this kind of things only happens in movies.
        Feelings for a girl is when you’re emotionally unbalanced et not in state of abundance. The sexual abundance is the most powerful antidot to “luve”.

        1. Something I’ve concluded recently is that all men have a thing that they would sell out for… what it is just depends on their individual personality.
          For some men it would be money and security, for others it would be sex and pleasure, for others it would be freedom to be and express themselves, for others it would be peace of mind, for others it would be recognition and fame, and still for others it would simply be for a woman’s tender affections… no matter how fleeting…

        2. “…still for others it would simply be for a woman’s tender affections”
          Again, I think this type of men are just lazy and thirsty betas.
          As I said, you can get that feeling from every first night, if you set the right mood.

  13. You people confuse the shit out of me. ” I suggest asking about this stuff after you’ve been out a few times and have slept together.” This is stupid. If she is sleeping with you before you’ve committed to her then she is already a dumb slut. Do you really expect a woman who’s had a nice innocent clean past, but then slept with your after a few dates, to be a traditional virtuous woman?

    1. To be fair, men aren’t the ones that destroyed a somewhat virtuous society.
      For good or bad, women are the gatekeepers of sex and the supply of sex will dictate how virtuous the men and women act. Until women decide to stop devaluing themselves to the point of being throwaway sex toys, things won’t change.
      There’s a lot of factors why this probably won’t change anytime soon including the replacement of men by the state as fathers and providers.

      1. Women are the gatekeepers of sex and men are the gatekeepers of justice. May the men seek justice over sex!

        1. Look at the frequency and duration of custodial sentences for women as opposed to those of men in the US at large and you’ll see how that’s working.

        2. Women are the locks and men are the keys, but lately all I’m seeing are a lot of shitty locks that open for any key.

      1. If she doesn’t hold out for commitment she is either stupid or a slut. That’s all I’m saying. Don’t go in with her if she is not virtuous or intelligent enough to hold out.

        1. Good points. I guess I did it backwards. I tried to make a virtuous life with a broken woman who claimed (and demonstrated through her actions) she wanted the same virtuous life.
          One’s upbringing will always win over your best intentions.

        2. Yeah I hear guys say that but the second I tell them I’m don’t blow random men and that they can’t see my tits that’s when the obligatory label of “stuck up prude” gets tossed my way. Meh, I’m not physically sexual but mentally….well let’s just say I’m not 100% prude ok? Just like a lot of the guys here don’t believe it when a woman says she’s a virgin or can count on one hand how many men she’s had sex with, I typically don’t believe guys when they say they want a virgin or a nice girl. If a guy out right says “Look you’re sweet but not my type, I want a girl that has more experience” I’ll have more respect for him for being honest even though he’s still bit getting sex. More often than not I hear about girls who waited only to have their husband cheat on them with a woman with experience because their Nice Girl wife didn’t give head it do anal and thought rough sex was sinful. So looks like both genders can learn from this article. Some women lie about their sexual history, some men lie about their ideal woman. Sure they may say how much they want a wife like a Disney Princess when they really want a wife like Bonnie Rotten, minus the whole being a pornstar thing. Sometimes.

        3. Maybe you’re new to this whole “boy” thing, but I am not, so let me give you a hint. I’ve been a boy my whole life, and hang around with a lot of other boys. Although I am old a married and Christian I still have vivid memories of how boys behave. So check this out: Boys call you name and make fun of you.
          Got it?
          Let me repeat that.
          Boys will call you mean names and laugh at you and generally talk shit no matter what you do or don’t do.
          No matter what.
          So you do what you’re supposed to do according to God and your father and mother and your ancestors and your countrymen, and you might be OK. If you want to screw everything up, including yourself, your countrymen, your family, and your heritage- then let boys pressure you with their language and behavior. If this is too hard for you, then you need a chaperone, a father, brother, or husband that will shelter you from this reality and guide you through social interactions with men and help you stay on the path of virtue.

        4. No I’m not new to boys I just generally tolerate them, I’m interested in MEN. So boys are of no interest to me. No I don’t feel as if I’m being laughed at I just find it hypocritical when men claim they want a chaste girl but then complain about physically chaste girls being Dead Starfish or frigid. Lastly I want to have a career and provide for myself that way should I decide marriage is worth it and I’m not marrying a man who doesn’t want but just wants to take me off the market but still get Bonnie Rotten on the side, I can still provide myself. Also I don’t need a chaperon and I find that suggestion RUDE. I’m capable if taking care of myself, in fact next year I’m buying my very first gun. Oh and what exactly do I owe my countrymen? If I’m faithful can I expect them to be faithful? Will they be ok with me having a job outside of the kitchen and home, or is that way to radical and too masculine? Also I’m not a Christian and haven’t been one since March of this year, I’m a polytheistic Pagan that holds my virginity in serious regard. It’s not my identity but I’m not going to give it away to some random no name guy. Not because of a sense of duty to the world, it’s because I don’t find many guys attractive in that way. Sure I find guys attractive based on looks, personality and mutual interests. There have been only three men that I’ve found attractive on an intimate level. All that said and done I’ll still be very skeptical when men claim to want chaste girls.

        5. I was being facetious by referring to men as boys when they say crap that makes you scratch your head. I am sure you’re looking for a man, which is why you are commenting here. No, I am not available, so don’t even ask.
          I enjoy being rude by pointing out that most women are dependent and weak, even when they pack pistols. I instruct and compete in 3GN and some women can shoot, but they are unversally not very good at self defense, and their best insurance policy against the winds of the world is a husband and some healthy sons, and some countrymen likewise. By all means, head out without a chaperone if you think you’re tough, just don’t expect me, perhaps one of your countrymen, to raise a hand in your defense. If being honest about danger is = RUDE then I enjoy my role here. Added bonus: Your countrymen are growing less concerned with your masculine inclinations to work outside the home and otherwise pretend to be a man, but let me just say your kids will have a bone to pick with you. My mom also decided to be like a man and I have trouble having sympathy now that she’s old and we never bonded with me so she could pretend to be a man. I suppose she’s lucky the Bible says I have to take care of her to a reasonable degree.
          Good luck with your prospective pagan husband. I doubt pagan’s a better investment in light of a fling with Bonnie Rotten Crotch compared to Christian men, seeing that there’s nothing in paganism to say a man should be monogamous. Every man wants a fling with Susie Rotten Crotch, hon, so don’t hold out too much. Besides, if you do break it off you won’t actually be independent, you’ll just be another welfare queen using the State as a weapon to enslave your pagan ex-husband to support your new boyfriend that your kids will NEVER call dad. Yeah, kids don’t listen to that claptrap about their new dad, they just know they’re worthless human luggage/accessories (since that’s what you taught them to be) and end up in jail or 16-and-pregnant.

        6. Nice assumptions, I don’t expect men to defend me hence why I take measures to keep myself safe well beyond avoiding dangerous areas or unsavory criminal folks. Even when I was a child I stopped asking my parents to scare the monsters out of my room, I figured throwing my shoes or one of the many rocks I kept in my room would more effective. Though my parents weren’t thrilled when I left a dent on the wall when I thought I saw a Goblin on the wall. But I still find insinuation that because I’m female I must “need” a mans help rude, how you feel about me calling you rude isn’t my problem since you’re a stranger and I have no obligation to be considerate of your feelings and visa versa. Oh and no…..I wasn’t going to ask if you were available simply because I don’t hit on married men and I’m not attracted to old men, its slutty to hit on married men and old men are old and typically highly unattractive. Sure there are some exceptions to the looks rule but still, not liking old men. As to me being a Welfare Queen I have no desire or need to ask for handouts when I don’t need them and even if I had a legitimate reason of needing help I’m not getting Welfare. Here we go with ye old “what about the children” cliche, I was wondering if your next reply would contain the cliche and I was right! Ok this next part may come as a shock to you but I’m one of those women that doesn’t want children. Yes yes I know “But you’re young, you’ll change your mind one day.” I usually get that response but people typically shut up about it when I mention I’m planning on have my tubes tied, unless it effects the important menstrul cycle on which case I’ll do my research on other forms of permanent elective infertility. That should put your mind as ease yes? Unless you believe I should have a child simply because I’m capable of reproduction, I’m also capable of surviving for a brief time without food or water but I’m not about to try that. As for marriage I don’t see that as a means of getting money or keep a “slave”(I’m starting to think some of you guys are secretly into slave play because you use the word too much), nor do I expect my husband to shower me with gifts simply because he married me and I have a vagina. Should the marriage not work I would part with my spouse on good terms unless I find out my husband is a serial killer, or if I myself was a serial killer my husband would have every right to be angry at me. Now please point out where I said Pagan men were more faithful? Quote it word for word, I’m speaking from personal experience here. Men of other faiths(un-related to Islam, Judaism and Christianity) in my experience more often than not the man who gets angry when I turn down sex or drinks is usually from the three religions I mentioned. Where’s men of other religions or those who do not believe in a God, I noticed in my experience were disappointed when I explained there would be no sex. I’m not saying based on my experience that one group is more faithful or honest than the other. Moving on now, since you’ve gone of the deep end. Should’ve expected that but often times I tend to take the wait and see approach. Well I waited and saw and you’ve gone off the deep end.

        7. Damn, you wrote a novel. He must’ve struck a chord. Have you gotten enough male attention here yet?

  14. That’s why anyone over 24 is a liability. Arrest record is a tell. Suspended licence too.

  15. This raises some interesting questions. Is a woman’s virtue capable of redemption? Reclamation? Fixing? second chances? Short answer No. I suppose one misstep could be forgiven if it’s someplace between 16-18 … After that however?
    Women watch your desires because they become thoughts, thoughts become deeds and deeds become your character. Your character is your fate.

      1. Wish I could upvote this 100 times. Anything less than a sexually inexperienced virgin (no bj’s, handjobs or anal, kissing an exception) will in most cases yield the same results;

      1. I second that notion. A whore/slut once, a whore/slut always.
        Women have no agency and do not learn from their “mistakes”(assuming it was one to begin with).

  16. Would like to run a situation im having by yall if i could. Got a girl ive known for 3 or so years ,she randomly added me on fb and weve hung out a few times here and there. Lately shes invited me to holiday specific things like Christmas lights and all that. We pay for ourselves. Dont really know where its going although the conversation was pretty good and lots of smiling. Only thing is shes a hostess at a strip club. She claims she doesnt get down like that but im conversation she brings up old men taking her for lunch and all that but nothing more. She moved to NY for a bit last year, is trying to be a country musician , and modeled earlier in her life. We talked a little about about intercourse and she alludes to rumors started about her in highschool. Should my reg flag ne flyng or just see what happens?

      1. Exactly. The women that don’t officially lie to you, will definitely only tell you half the truth. She probably moved to NY through one of those old men and when it didn’t work out she came back. Telling you half the story absolves her of any guilt. If you keep asking her specific questions to these situations she will get frustrated and give different answers.

    1. Your alarm shoulda gone off when she said she moved to NYC to become a country music star. Thats like moving to Italy to become a sushi chef.

    2. So shes not a whore…but she has no problem working and hanging out with whores. Suuuure…Red flag.
      She hangs with old men and lets them buy shit for her. Red flag.
      She is chasing fame. Modelling and singing. Red flag.
      Shes a whore bro. You should be fucking her. Instead, your being friendzoned into hearing stories of her high school days.

      1. I made no effort except for paying for the event myself. She invited me. I also hooked up with a chick the morning before so im.not that worried to be honest. Was just running it by yall

        1. you gave her your most valuable asset – time – over the course of three years. She must be hot at least.

        2. We’ve hung out maybe 3 times in those 3 years and these hangouts were with mutual friends. We’ve exchanged flirty texts here and there but she is the one who started inviting me to amusement park and holiday themed events and texting me more, this has been going on since september. I dont really have a goal just seein g if it’s even worth pursuing

    3. There are zero decent women that work in strip clubs. Ive met some servers at clubs that weren’t like the strippers, but their minds are still fucked up. Strip club=male attention. A girl who wants to spend her time in these places is begging for attention and girls that need constant male eyes on them are terrible for any kind of relationship.

    4. Bang her with protection, then next her. Strip club anything is torn goods. Maybe slam it for a few weeks, but with strippers IMHO that’s about the time frame max for ROI. Make her pay for anything expensive too.

    5. Sounds like she is attention whoring it up. She’s trying to play it low key (rationalization) but the rest of it screams “look at me”.
      Have fun but steer clear of any LTR with this one. She’s looking for the most attention and the best deal…and probably hanging with you “just for now”. It’s the truth and it’s harsh (fucked up) but at least you know.

    6. She’s looking to line you up as a beta provider when her looks start to fade and the customers get cheap. Better hope she isn’t already pregnant when she shows up at your door. Either way you shouldn’t let her in.

  17. I have a bone to pick about the use of ‘liberal’ in this article, as well as in some of the comments below. ‘Liberal’ thinking is more likely to correlate with red-pill thinking. How so? Allow me to explain …
    To start, explains the foundations of my point far better than I could hope to.
    A ‘Liberal’, when referring to the economic axis, would be someone who wants low taxation and a small government – in other words, a red-piller who doesn’t want any unnecessary interference in his life from the Nanny State. By contrast, a Feminist would be on the other end of the axis – she would favour a big government who would support her poor decisions at the cost of the taxpayer and/or her ex-partner; a typical Feminist would lean strongly towards the ‘Communist’ side rather than the ‘Liberalism’ side.
    Now, if we’re talking about the y-axis (Authoritarianism vs Libertarianism), then that’s a different matter. But we should be clear on what political beliefs are red flags. Saying that ‘Liberalism’ is a red flag isn’t necessarily true; a more precise statement would be “Communist and/or Authoritarian tendencies are a red flag.”
    This segues into the bit about her opinions on abortion. There is a difference between being Pro-Choice because “Her body, her choice!” and because “I’m sure there are better things to spend hard-earned taxpayers’ dollars on than imprisoning women who have abortions.”

    1. You’re british, right? Brits and americans use the word liberal differently.
      In america, the term liberal means that government tax dollars are to be spent liberally, throwing money at social problems. While conservatives claim to want to spend tax dollars more conservatively and let people solve their own problems.

      1. Those are generally the terms used in the UK as well. The point I was trying to make is that ‘Liberal’ can mean different things depending on whether you’re using it to refer to the economic axis or the social axis. People tend to think of politics as being left vs right, but that doesn’t account for Liberalist Authoritarians (i.e. Thatcher) whose political economics were as ‘right-wing’ as can be but who thought that it was the government’s business to interfere in the private affairs of its citizens when it came to ‘morals’. So, although Thatcher is described as being ‘right-wing’, she can’t be said to have the same politics as modern-day Libertarians, no matter how ‘right-wing’ those Libertarians my be on the economic axis.
        To use a US example, I’ll quote from the page I earlier linked to:
        “U.S. neo-conservatives, with their commitment to high military spending and the global assertion of national values, tend to be more authoritarian than hard right. By contrast, neo-liberals, opposed to such moral leadership and, more especially, the ensuing demands on the tax payer, belong to a further right but less authoritarian region. Paradoxically, the “free market”, in neo-con parlance, also allows for the large-scale subsidy of the military-industrial complex, a considerable degree of corporate welfare, and protectionism when deemed in the national interest. These are viewed by neo-libs as impediments to the unfettered market forces that they champion.”
        To summarise: Politics isn’t just about left vs right. It’s about Authoritarian vs Libertarian and Liberalist vs Communist, and the various combinations thereof (e.g. Authoritarian Liberalist vs Libertarian Communist).

        1. The word “liberal” was stolen from small-L libertarians by the Marxists, after they completely polluted their original brand name.
          Now that they have polluted the word liberal with their actions, they are going back to their older brand name, “progressive”.

    2. “There is a difference between being Pro-Choice because ‘Her body, her
      choice!’ and because ‘I’m sure there are better things to spend
      hard-earned taxpayers’ dollars on than imprisoning women who have
      abortions.’ ”
      There’s no difference, the one is just a weak excuse for the other, which itself is just a demand to murder her own baby to escape the consequences of her choices.
      The only right answer, “Abortion is murder,” from a girl or anyone for that matter.

  18. This is the best line of the article:
    ‘Avoid any kind of emotional attachment to these broads at all costs’

  19. “Is she still friends with any of her ex-boyfriends or fuckbuddies? If she is—then she’s not to be taken seriously. Zero tolerance policy is in full effect across the board with that shit. If a woman is in a relationship with you, yet she still has no problem talking with a guy whose dick she used to suck—then she’s a disrespectful piece of shit. She can find an “open minded” guy that thinks “it’s so cool” that she’s still friends with her ex’s—because this close minded motherfucker right here will tolerate none of that nonsense. I suggest you adopt the same kind of attitude (if you haven’t already).”
    Never, ever deviate from this! Well written article! thanks AV8R!

  20. “Especially to countries like Australia, UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, and France.”
    Oh yeah, foreign women coming in my country are actually very easy prey.

  21. You’re swimming against the current here with american females. If you can’t handle the idea of dating a woman who’s had 25 partners by age 25, then you’d better just leave america. Maybe its different in other cultures, couldn’t be worse.

  22. so in short at the start of the relationship while its still fun; appear non judgemental for signs of liberal slutty values and use her circle against her to get info on her.
    so basically what women do with us.

  23. The picture of the girl “alone” in Paris is priceless. Someone else did the photographing…

      1. I hate it too but at the same time I wish I thought of it. That guy is probably making out like a bandit.

  24. The “Tons of guy friends” thing is very true. These women are simply sluts. They will try to shame you for complaining about it, and call you jealous and controlling. Then they will claim it is normal for girls to have male friends and spend time with them and that there is absolutely nothing sexual about it. I had personally experienced it with different girls. If you want to date a girl like this, just accept the fact that she will cheat and that the relationship might not last for long.

    1. Nah. Whip her into shape with some dread. Tell her cool, you are gonna hang out with the ladies tonight. If she asks what do you mean, just say you always hang out with them and play catch up. Sometimes it’s dinner, sometimes over drinks, sometimes at Amy’s house. They are your friends and you’ve known them for ever. If she isn’t jealous and says cool, dump soon. And if you can find an Amy, make that a sleepover and a night to remember. You can’t have enough friends and this is being equal right?

  25. “hire a private investigator and have him look into her past for you.
    He’ll be cheaper than a divorce lawyer and you can save yourself a lot
    of headaches in the long run.”
    Preach brother. Preach.

  26. Look at the filthy animals friends, she is the average of three of them. Also, see how she closed things with exes. If she was a cunt, expect it with you as well. See if she has jewelry from past relationships. If she pawned it off already, you know she is the type to exchange memories for money. As deep as a puddle, pump and dump her. As much as we hate to see it, I think I’d rather have a girl that respects exes a little over a bitch who can tell people she loves them forever and then treat them like they never existed the next day. A deep person who has truly loved in the past will never forget what that was, a tramp will rinse & repeat.

    1. “Look at the filthy animals friends, she is the average of three of them”
      Normally 3-5, also take a good look at her mother, she’ll more than likely be a carbon copy of her.

      1. haha I told an ex-GF that she would turn out just like her mother when she got domestic violent on me. Much later I ended up in court with her and she still remembered that, while I testified I professed she would turn out like her whore mother but never hit her. Judge musta loved it, didn’t cost me a dime while shelled out $20k to a lawyer who couldn’t even secure a default judgment lolalldaylol!

  27. oh and find out how many live-in relationships she has been in, those might as well be considered a marriage. Women who don’t have shit (i.e. not even decent furniture or belongings) are able to just throw their clothes in the car and hop from cock to cock and lease to lease.

  28. Reading this actually makes me not date at all. I met a girl recently who had a mugshot, suggestive photos and a stripping video online. Then she tried to tell me that she was a good girl and didn’t want that kind of attention in her life.

  29. You may not realize this, but any woman of quality is either following these steps to investigate you, or her friends and family are. Your past had better be as clean as what you expect from anyone else.

  30. bi girls are good for some. a mate of mine has been steady with a bi girl for over 20 years. no others guys and loads of 3sums

    1. That is the only reason to get serious with a bi girl. Just be aware that she is also competing with you for the third girl’s attention, and is just using you to lure girls who are still on the fence, and may dump you if she gets serious with a third girl.
      Go in with your eyes wide open.

  31. Hey ROK! Young guy here, and I have a question. Met a girl who seemed decent at first and pretty sweet. But then I found her on FB and saw some pictures of her at some BDSM event, kind of like a parade… Is that a big red flag?

    1. I’d say it’s, at least, a sign of an attention whore.
      If you’re in it just for the adventure, a little fun and experience then great. I wouldn’t put her on the LTR list, though. See her once in awhile (on your terms) and keep meeting (seeing) other women.

    2. hahahahahaha, first ask yourself why you need to double check the answer to such an obvious question… is letting go and moving on such an impossible task that you would rather be convinced to believe that a girl who attends kinky sex events in public is a valuable investment !!! Needless to say, she might be a wild cat in the sack though, so might be worth it to try her out ONLY for sexual release with extreme protection…

  32. Had a discussion recently with a girl about how many guys she’d kissed. “1”, according to her. She’s a fox, so I pressed further and found out that “1” was the only guy she’d been “in love” with, which was the only kind of kiss she counts.
    And the Hamsters are off…

  33. the
    ideas this website promotes sound very believeable, but the ideas are
    extremely flawed and fucked with my head, and practically convinced me
    to treat my first love like crap, and to sum it up, we are no longer
    together, fuck yall

    1. listening to everything said on this site could could eventually cause you to miss out on a great girl. you may get the woman you think you want, but not the one that’s right for you… love is complicated. i think you will get another shot at love for sure 🙂

  34. I recently dumped a girl because she had a whore past and threw the “I’m not like that anymore”.
    8/10, met her at a fundraising event (be careful: some bitches bait men while portraying themselves as <>). She was 24 at the time and everything seemed fine, her friends were cool people, she had a nice job and she was close to her family.
    It turns out, one of her “friends” used to attend high school with my younger brother. Called my brother and BAM: the girl was the easiest bitch in her city (new start?). My pocket sobs when I recall taking her to nice places.
    So, yeah, my brother also fucked her. The story goes: she banged the whole school, she got a nice boyfriend, cheated on him, got pregnant, aborted and moved.
    Apparenty she had changed but her demands on me were delusional. I didn’t say anything about my discoveries and just saw how she revealed herself: she first depicted herself in bed as a prude but 5 fucks later she was deepthroating me and asking for me to choke her.
    She always asked about my past (projection maybe?) and how I did it in high school with girls (the ultimate projection).
    The advice is: listen to her questions and you may discover something about them too.

  35. “So if you spot pictures of your girl in front of the Sydney Opera House,
    the Eiffel Tower, or Piccadilly Circus—then you know her pussy got
    stamped right along with her passport.”
    This line is gold!

  36. “Has she ever made out with another girl? Bi-sexual girls are fine for fuck buddies, but they’re a completely disgusting proposition for a long-term relationship. If she’s dyked out in any way—she’s done.”
    A-fucking-men! Why and how women think admitting having done this out loud raises their market value and makes them more desirable is a fucking bad joke and a half! Once a woman “brags” about having done this (whether they invented the story or not, I don’t even give a fuck) and then makes that smug look on her face expecting me to be like “Oh cool! Can I watch sometime? Can we find a girl to join us?” like a token Betatard, instead in my head I tell myself “Time to throw the trash in the trash” and relegate them to just fuck buddy or super-casual friend zone status after that. Why in God’s Green Earth would any self-respecting man even entertain the idea of emotionally or romantically investing in a nasty bitch like that??
    Oh and safely assume that if she really has done this and isn’t just saying it because it’s the trendy thing to do that a dude was also probably present. Fuck that noise!

    1. Right so we should NOT be friends with any males and we definitely should not pursue any sexual desires for our own gender. THANKS for the advice 🙂

      1. No, do your own thing, by all means. Just know that we might judge you for it and may not want anything serious romantically/emotionally as a result (if that spark was ever there to begin with, which is rare nowadays). As long as we’re on the same page with that then no harm, no foul. YOU’RE WELCOME 🙂

      2. Well that’s some of the opinions here. But look at it this way hun: you’d find someone quicker than me if you’ve had sex at least once before. Now why is that? I’m what most men would call a Virgin Slut, physically a virgin but mentally speaking I find the idea of sex amazing and would like only one steady partner to try stuff with. Unfortunately for me most guys may smile and congratulate me for being a virgin but inwardly they’re rolling their eyes and saying “Oh shit, one of those prudish no fun cunts.” Either way their opinion doesn’t matter. But one can question, object, agree or discuss an opinion yet here I am.

      3. If you want to fuck frequently, go right ahead. But you’re going to be judged for it, and rightly so.

  37. What I learned from reading this article:
    1. Never travel — Never leave home to see the world..way too many temptations from beautiful foreign men…gross
    2. Do NOT attend college — Staying pure is way more important than an education. Check.
    3. Don’t move away from home unless it is with my husband — self explanatory
    4. Only pursue friendships with females — any conversation with someone that has a cock is way too risky. must. protect. hymen.
    OMG I am so glad I found this article before it was too late for me. I am
    a 13 year old girl and I have never even kissed a boy. I want to be
    good and pure for my future husband. I want to be the perfect woman you
    describe in this article. It’s so hard though. I masturbate almost every
    night. Just browsing the internet right now, I have stumbled across
    explicit images and I am telling myself to stop thinking about sex and
    think about how much more my future husband will love me and respect me
    later. But please HELP. Should I stop masturbating? Should I stop going
    on the internet entirely? (too many sex images!!) Should I get married
    like right now? I just don’t think my parents will let me get married
    since I’m only 13. My parents said I would
    make a great lawyer, but the more I think about the more I think that
    would be so many years of school. A career sounds cool but like I
    couldn’t wait that long to get married. Should I drop out of middle
    school now and get married? How can I be a perfect virgin forever? Guys
    help me please!!!!!!!!
    Thanks AV8R! Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.

  38. So I can’t go on vacation anywhere, can’t have male friends, can’t enjoy drinks, can’t even discuss sexuality, can’t have a Liberal(even moderately Liberal?) mindset, can’t move to a better neighborhood, can’t go to college and in general can’t have a social media account even though I don’t want Facebook? Oh wait I think for myself anyway, my bad. Peace and carry on and no I’m not being sarcastic.

    1. No, you can’t. Even if you have a long term memory like a hummingbird’s, the Internet never forgets. Sorry you feel all flustered about the fact that people judge you. Welcome to life at large – unless you think employers don’t trawl your social media to see if you’re a fucking risk to them. Also, protip: women judge a lot harder than we do.

      1. I’m sorry but was I asking for false sympathy? No, if I was going to look for false sympathy I’d talk to a politician. Secondly sarcasm doesn’t come across well over the internet so allow me to expresses my humble and sincere apologies for the misinterpretation of my opinion. I’m well aware of the world and how it works. I’m also aware women can be judgemental twats, I did to be the one the doles out harsh judgement yet I fully expect insults and harsh judgement should I do so. It’s called being aware of the consequences. Lastly you’ve become rather boring to communicate with, yes I’m aware you’ll likely say the same about me. Either this is my last reply which is overdue, but sometimes I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes that’s a massive mistake.

        1. I’m not sure that whatever it is you’re doing is called “communication”. I think the word you’re looking for ends in -ation, but starts with a ‘m’.

    2. Well if you yourself want to be a . . . . .
      then that’s all fine and dandy.
      Oooh . . oooh . . . hey I’ve got a good one . .
      “knock knock”
      Lady: “who’s there” – (opens door and looks down)×0/filters:no_upscale()/
      “merry Xmas from ROK”

  39. Women are nymphomaniacs- The slut was experimenting until she found out they didn’t give two fucks about her then puts your “friends” on blast.Casquette Huf

  40. “Bi-sexual girls are fine for fuck buddies, but they’re a completely disgusting proposition for a long-term relationship. If she’s dyked out in any way—she’s done.”
    1000% agree

  41. Basically, follow your nature given instincts. NATURE GIVEN instincts. Not the smoke your mother blows up your ass thinking she’s got the old man fooled.

  42. Exactly why I follow AV Yader…this resonated big time. I’ve lived and learned and AV you know your shit. And despite it being fairly depressing on the face of it, you never seem to let it get you down. Atta way…ever forward.

  43. The assumption that a girl having pics from her trip to Paris/ Sydney/ NYC/ London means she rode the cock carousel there is a bit of a leap. If she has heaps of pics with different guys then it’s a reasonable assumption to make, but to suggest that her happy snaps in front of a major tourist attraction= 100% she got her pussy stamped there is dumb shit. Especially if she was there with female friends of hers. I’d love to hear a dissection of this argument from somebody who actually believes it?

    1. Back in college I had a ‘good girl’ female roommate (just a roommate) that took a few girl trips and she would experience the locals. What ended that was that one of them got ‘rough’ with her.

  44. Women often say I demand too much from them, in terms of high standards. I make no apology for this, as it protects my future and best interests.
    I served in the Armed Forces, and I got a lot of it (as have many other men in my family (including my father)). In some ways, marriage in this day and age seems far riskier than serving in the military during wartime.

  45. A personal pet peeve is girls who say they’ve fucked a guy. Pegging aside, it is anatomically impossible for a woman to fuck a man. She can only receive, and therefore be fucked by, a man.
    Use of this turn of phrase is also a slut tell.

  46. In today’s Westernized world, what are the chances that a woman is NOT acting out (behaving) per her nature & darkest desires? A “pussy pass” is given for any reason, at any time, by the culture, by the political system, & even by the legal system.
    I agree that you can’t judge a book by its cover — What I am saying is don’t BUY the FUKing book in the first place. Not. Worth. the. RISK!!!

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