Don’t Work For A Female Boss

My worst experiences in the professional world all share one thing in common: I reported to a female boss. Talk to most guys (and, frankly, normal women) and they will say the same thing—working for a female boss, or in an environment composed of mostly women, is a descent into an endless abyss of back-biting, passive-aggressiveness, lies, envy, intrigue, subterfuge, manipulation, and drama.

This should come as no surprise. Male leadership—though this is decreasingly the case—is characterized by traits that come naturally to men; things like leading by example, commanding respect through body language and presence, and reason. Female bosses, meanwhile, tend to break into two different camps: those who try to pantomime male leadership and those who fall back on female-style social dynamics in their leadership. Each results in its own brand of shit show.

Female Social Dynamics Leadership

Female-style social dynamics are basically the same tableaux you saw in the hallways of your middle- and high-school, but grafted onto the corporate environment and acted out by adults. Women (and effeminate men) will break into cliques, gossip about everyone, and try to undermine one another, all with a smile on their face and a stream of disingenuous compliments flowing from their mouths.

If, as a masculine guy, you get caught up in this, rest-assured that you’ll quickly be associated with one clique and live and die by that association. Meanwhile, your so-called friends won’t have your back because: (1) women (and manginas) are firmly disloyal and; (2) you’ll always be, as a manly dude, thought of as that much more of an outsider. Female leaders not only fail to put a stop to this type of environment, they actively encourage it and participate in it.


I’ll never forget the time—while working in a corporate department where the male-to-fatty ratio was 3:19—I came into the office to find that a new assistant had been hired. The new girl was as hot as her half-Colombian, half-Russian ancestry suggests she was.  By the end of the first week, when she asked me for advice on dealing with “the office politics,” I couldn’t help but tell her the truth. “Remember high school, where the fat and ugly girls hated you for being skinnier and prettier than them? Well, that’s exactly what’s going to happen to you here.” “I’m glad you’re confirming it,” she said, “I was starting to think the same thing.” Despite being, by all appearances, hard working and competent at her job, she was gone within two weeks.

Male Kabuki Leadership

As if that weren’t bad enough, female-socialization leadership isn’t as bad as it gets. Worst still is the pant-suit-wearing, “Lean In,” you-go-girl, make-believe-I’m-a-man-style leadership that’s being encouraged by today’s popular media. These women, failing to understand the true nature of male leadership, attempt to replicate masculine poise, but end up with little more than aggressive power-tripping. They become plain-and-simple bullies who, rather than commanding respect, command nothing but hate and fear. Both male and female employees, in turn, work to keep their jobs rather to improve the company bottom-line or help their co-workers. Innovation turns into self-preservation.


For every woman who understands that you can be an effective leader while remaining feminine, without resorting to pretending to be a man, and while leaving the hen-house politics on Facebook, there are 99 who fall into one of these two categories.

Of course, the best way to avoid this drama is to avoid working for a female boss altogether. But, in a world where more and more women are given the power over men’s livelihoods—a power they rarely wield responsibly—it behooves us to not only understand these tendencies, but ways to work them in our favor.

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  1. well i guess it goes without saying that for the most part, we can`t choose our bosses, especially when you`re young and can`t really say no to a job.
    but i guess it`s all good in the end, after a number of shitty experiences in a PC-plagued corporate environment, you`re much more inclined to start your own business and get work done for once.

  2. This article is so spot on. My last boss of my life (I own my own business now) was the exact person you describe in scenario 1. Smiled to my face and told me what a good job I was doing, then destroyed my reputation in my office behind my back with constant lies. Played favorites with ass-kissing females and gays. Now I get to compete against her and am devoted to her complete destruction. I hate the cunt so much I relish every last opportunity to spread true things about her alcoholism, laziness, and incompetence.
    Oddly enough, the greatest boss I will ever have was also female. The most intelligent, professional, and talented person I’ve met in my life. Always got the best out of her employees because we all wanted to live up to her standard. She never yelled or played games. I would say she was more than 1 out of 100. More like 1 out of a 1000.

    1. The worst bosses I had were males. I have had a couple of decent female bosses in my day.
      What a man needs to do is establish his own “Zero Tolerance Policy”. 3 strikes of unprofessional or dishonest behavior and walk the fuck out. Better to live under a bridge than sacrifice your integrity working for or with habitual assholes.
      Learn salesmanship. He who brings money into the organization can do whatever he wants.

      1. But walk out like a pro. No histrionics, no flaming emails. Take the high road and briefly tell them why without long-winded explanations or court performances.
        If he has simply run out of money and has to let you go, shake his hand and thank him for providing you work.
        On seeing this behavior in you, he will likely call you again in the future for a new gig.

  3. I think the workplace leadership should be dominated by males. Not saying women cant lead a workplace environment. Its just that male leadership is more effective and I’m speaking from experience.
    My last female boss, lets call her Susan/Adolf Hitler
    – narcissistic behaviours, ureasonable temper tantrums, manipulated the male workers(me included) to work overtime without pay, late renumerations. while the female workers got away with murder(coming in to work late-leaving work early, questionable work leaves).
    It felt like high school all over again with the meaningless gossip/rumours spreading like wildfire on a weekly basis. And Lord have mercy, whoever tried to call her out on her behaviour would be blacklisted on some confabulated mistake he/her made in the past..It felt like walking on eggshells working with her on a day to day basis.
    Beware of the female boss

    1. She “manipulated” you to work without pay? And you didn’t fuck her up for that? WTF, dude! You could have destroyed her. There are laws against what she did.

      1. it was easier said then done..this woman had an autocratic hold on us, any complaints would/could lead to her finding a reason to terminate my contract. That time I was in a financial crisis so I didn’t wanna risk it. All has changed now as I am now running my own business 🙂

        1. I don’t know. You were there, I wasn’t.
          All I can say is that demanding unpaid work is a huge no-no.

        2. The Bitch on Wheels doesn’t demand huge no-noes. That’s both too direct and actionable. What she does is simply make life a living hell for anyone who isn’t “with the program,” and leave people to work the score out on their own; then they “volunteer” what she’s after.
          I found myself in a salaried position under one of these once. After soliciting advice from the state labor board I made up a time card for myself and started punching in and out like the hourlies.
          When she noticed she confronted me with “Why do you have a time card? You don’t have to do that you know?”
          I responded, “I know, but I wish to, just as a matter of us all knowing what’s what.”
          At which point she knew what was what, what I was up to, and backed off just enough to allow me to get my ducks in a row and bail, without even trying to screw me over with the inter-business gossip web.

    2. Wait, so women must never be bosses anywhere ever & are ineffective because you had that one shitty boss at that one job. From experience: I’ve had lots of shitty bosses, male and female. They were all shitty for various reasons, but I would never say the incompotent fucktard male boss who drove 3 rounds of layoffs that only got promoted to the top b/c he’d inserted himself into the right circle of schmucks ready to retire, negates my male boss who was a savvy small businessman with an eye for investments who built a solid company. Much like my current female boss, who keeps a small creative firm afloat on little more than her talent & commitment, is the same as my past spoiled bitch boss who, though a good head for business, would stab you in the back just to climb on your corpse to the next free luncheon. Final point- most bosses can be fucking terrible. They’re people. Even worse, they’re people in positions of power over a struggling workforce. If you haven’t had a terrible male boss, consider yourself lucky to have just had one bad boss, regardless of what was between her legs.

      1. “Wait, so women must never be bosses anywhere ever & are ineffective because you had that one shitty boss at that one job”
        Your premise was flawed from the beginning. He began his post by using the word EXPERIENCES meaning, more than ONE. (shitty boss) Furthermore, where do you logically draw the conclusion that he was only referencing his experiences from one “job?”
        The fact is Tuthmosis is correct. Having to insert an obvious red herring (so women can’t be bosses anywhere) only serves in demonstrating the weakness in your particular argument, not his.

    3. Agree. You should always try to find a male boss (or at least have a male supervisor – larger corporate jobs).
      Females are too emotional (it’s a fact, science, biology, etc., etc…). They may base their decisions on numbers (like a man) but there is always a small twist to it (because of emotions). Females are great at advertising and sales…but not leaders (a very rare exception).
      There are some thing that men do better in this world….and some things that women do better, period. You cannot swap out one for the other. Men live by a different code versus women…and a woman (all women) will always bring about some type of drama.

  4. After 30 freaking years of this my conclusion is simple : women cannot and will not provide me opportunity. Are female co-workers all bad? No. But the risks incurred from interacting with them outweigh any potential benefits, which at my age are about exactly zero.
    At the risk of being repetitious :
    Women are competing for jobs but are not creating them. Other than providing a mass market for their vanity products, they are not forging new industries or technologies. They are marginalizing that small percentage of men who passionately innovate, destroy, and create ideas and take the risks to drive them to actualization
    Though men shank me and insult me, only men provide me with opportunity. Women can only insult me and deprive me of opportunity. Only men, and only a small fraction of them, take the risks that create industry and opportunity. Women can only serve as mere functionaries in man-created structures. When an organization becomes feminized, priority shifts from efficient and profitable production of goods and services to development of labarynthine rules for the comfort and security of women. Ossification and organizational death are inevitable.

    1. Great insight U.E. with “Women are competing for jobs but are not creating them” its also sad to realize not only are they competing but they are competing with lesser qualifications and being given unfair advantages. This is partly attributable to them becoming shitty bosses. In my experience I simply interact with female co-workers as little as possible but focused on work and never engage in random non work related conversations…its just gotten to risky.

      1. But you can still get screwed. The “office” is basically a season of Big Brother that doesn’t end until you quit or get fired. You have to make calculated alliances, and throw people under the bus, kiss ass and stab in the back (sometimes the forehead!). Try to stand alone or “be above” the politics, and you will find yourself out anyway. As a corporate compliance manager, I was protected by my CEO! Its like I had diplomatic immunity and was untouchable (hey, I still worked hard! we never got audited, but so what? Haterz gonna hate, no matter what!), until he was forced to step down by the Board of Directors and then a “new regime” takeover! Now I had a bullseye on my back, and it was just a matter of time till the knives and arrows came out. I had some allies, but had made too many enemies (I hurt people feelings while keeping the place in compliance with federal regulatory codes. Go figure!) Its all bullshit, but you have to play the politics games or start your own consulting business which is what many people do eventually.

        1. I did the “stand above the politics” thing for years. Total disaster. It’s like going to a Prison and not making alliances and thinking all will be fine. That’s actually what I consider corporate America. A prison you get to go home from every night.

        2. Similar situation at the bank work at. I realize people don’t, but need to have a life outside of work.

      2. Really any conversation whether cordial or formal can and will be used against you. They don’t even focus on their work. There to busy focusing on me. It’s really annoying.

    2. Not repetitious. Great comment. However, I think the true ending ought not to go unsaid. Sure organizational death is inevitable, except for those connected businesses of the establishment kept alive until government itself and the currency itself fails. ‘They’ expect to have it all under control by that point. The organizational death is that of society not the afflicted organization per se, or the organizational death would actually be healthy for society per evolution and free market capitalism.

    3. Amen. I’m not completely pessimistic, as I have a question about what will happen as the logical result of all this. We’re seeing a backlash aimed at Affirmative Action programs because of reliable data showing the results of promoting less-qualified individuals as a social leveling mechanism. I’m wondering if we’ll ever be able to go to at least a gender-blind process where it will become legally permissible again to hire based on ability rather than quotas.

      1. Ultimately I think what will happen is that a horrible and shocking thing will happen to the Progressives. That is, they will actually get the workplace equality they tout so heavily. That means the woman will have the jackhammer in her hands, she will work the grill, clean out the waste oil tanks, etc. And boy, will they hate it. In their minds, equality is you give them 15 bucks an hour to download songs on their Samsung and text her boyfriend all day at work while the men are out on the floor nursing a 102 degree fever while being bullied to get more work done. This will all change as business profits get more and more razor thin. The Mexican guy who swings a hammer like his life depends on it will be more in demand then the women who runs to HR every time someone she doesn’t like walks past her. Companies will take the hit. It will be worth it to them.

    4. go educate yourself please, before making statements as above.
      Ever occurred to you that maybe you are lacking in this situation and that in the last 30 yrs men were giving you opportunities unfairly … just because you were a man?! Ooh and lets see, ever heard of changes in expectations of business in society? Profitable and efficient are no longer sufficient in business world, ethical business and moral practices come into play … so either grow and change your views or die quietly in the back office while waiting retirement! Good Luck!

      1. Laff riot. I am not interested in feminist propaganda, especially coming from the White House, which has made pandering to female voters a top priority. I notice there isn’t a Presidential Council on Boys and Men either. If it’s fairness you want, why the need for the government to cook data to make women look good or to insist that every enterprise promote unqualified females into management?
        Women may be starting a lot of boutique businesses but not enterprises that employ thousands. Many women-owned business that make it into the government’s data are just one-person consulting services. What’s more it is common practice in industry for a man to name his wife as business owner to reap government set-asides for “women-owned businesses”.
        Yeah “Ethics”. It’s why every division of Encorpera has at least one “Ethics” manager, or “Ethics and Diversity” manager that does exactly nothing to contribute to production of goods and services, only to provide cover for when the government stooges come around looking for reasons to levy fines on otherwise functional businesses.
        My views came from 30 years of putting up with feminist lies. I will continue to thrive because I see the truth. Tough female business owners agree with me.

      2. Way to prove to everyone here that you aren’t the equal of a man by phrasing your entire comment like an emotionally-charged cunt who wanted to fire off insults rather than actually convince the other party of their position.
        You have fully exhibited precisely the traits that the article suggests females who feel entitled to power base their actions around. You are a shining example of how it is NOT okay to act.
        To put it simply: Learn to be polite if you want respect, bitch.

        1. Thank you for your polite reply, Rob! Rossy and I and every woman here appreciates your careful choice of language.

        2. Plain, pioneer antartica, create a civilzation, lead it, and see how far this course of actions takes before you realize men by creative design were made to rule.

        3. Men were designed to be natural leaders, Women on the other hand were designed to be natural caretakers. Both sexes have their strengths and weaknesses, but in today’s estrogen driven society, it seems as if misandry is being peddled off as some sort of avant garde thinking. “Women rule” you are a byproduct of this warped manner of thought. I pity you.

    5. Hello from another Ohio Expatriate. Love your posts, Uncle Elmer. You must be from the Dayton area. The tip-off was the Hustler center-fold girl comment.

      1. You are correct, Sir! Larry Flynt started Hustler in Cincinnati, and had a string of low-brow “clubs” in the Dayton-Cincinnati area back in the 70s.
        I have returned indefinitely to help out my elderly parents, in a feeble attempt to pay them back for all they did for me. The area seems ok, not sure why I was climbing the walls to leave back in the day. Maybe I will remember after a few months of winter.

  5. Women in general do not understand the great value and proper methods to earning respect as a leader because they’ve never had to earn it. They are stuck using their own tainted understanding of this aspect of male culture. Some women interpret it as simply being insanely aggressive and damaging to those underneath them. Some women interpret it as mastering the social politics with backstabbing. It is the rare bird indeed that truly understands male competition as the self-organizing and goal-oriented mechanism it is.

    1. What a good point. And it’s even sadder b/c the focus is more on tearing down everyone else to try to get them all crumbled down to below you to climb to reach the top (how fucking exhausting), rather than raising yourself with your own sweat to the best viewpoint you can ever achieve (also exhausting, 1000x more fulfilling). What a way to spend your time…

    2. Exactly, we have things In life we want to accomplish women are there just to fuck up the journey.

  6. Let me add one other thing : it helps to be the boss, the leader, or the business owner so you can understand the challenges they face.
    Everyone wants to be told what to do every day and not have to take any risks or make any responsibility-taking decisions. At Encorpera, everything is about job security and fitting in. One must adopt the passive-agressive tactics of female and feminized co-workers merely to survive. You will have fantasies of torturing the swine for their cowardice and dishonesty.
    It’s a long and difficult road to develop independence skills and salesmanship. No one will help you or encourage you. You will likely fail spectacularly numerous times, not to mention getting rogured by competitors and thieves. But merely trying will go a long way to maintaining you sanity and self-respect.
    I live this life now. I am looking for new work all the time, as described in my Spearhead essays “Employment Game”. There is no gold watch or 30-year plaque for me.
    But to provide some encouragement instead of angst, it’s a huge ego-blast to sink one into the corner pocket after applying the most rudimentary sales initiative. If you just try, you will land some fish. Otherwise, enjoy fishing.

    1. Thanks for your comments EM. Inspirational. I have a “good” job (and a good female boss – I’m lucky) but I’m looking for challenges and freedom. I have a plan – about to go into Phase One…and I can’t wait to get started!

      1. You are welcome. I learned it all the hard way. Young men can develop these skills and attitudes in your day jobs well before putting them into practice. You may be well into middle-age before you can pull it off, which is precisely the age when Encorpera pushes you out and you can no longer seek work through traditional interviewing scenarios. I mean, nothing quite like being a smirk-faced 45-year old world traveler sitting across from an HR lady (who has probably never pissed outside in her life) because you were stupid enough to apply and jump through today’s job-interview hoops.
        I have not had a job interview in 7 years and never will again. Guaranteed humiliation. Learn to sell yourself to the owner/manager and ignore the rest of the income-blockers. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur, just have solid marketable skills and an attitude that entrepreneurs respond to.
        At one place I told them “Look, I know you can’t offer me long-term job security but this will look great on my resume and I will support you as long as I am here.” I could see the look of positive astonishment on their faces. And indeed, I worked there 5 years and the mere association continues to lead to opportunities.

  7. This story is too obvious to be much fun. Women suck at leading, supervising and planning. Heck, even Joan of Arc was told by God HIMself to support a KING.

  8. Good post. It matches my experience(s) too. I know what it takes to be a leader because I’ve done it, and women do not have “it”. All they can ever do, if they try really hard, is imitate. And they can’t even do that effectively. Can they innovate? That’s too funny to contemplate.
    Any woman that considers herself to be a leader of men has bitten off much more than she can ever hope to chew. In time, she will choke to death.
    Women have skills, but leadership is not one of them.

  9. I have been and investment banker and a transactional lawyer and the best female boss I ever had knew what she didn’t know (i.e., how to do my job) and stayed the fuck out of my way as much as possible. I could tell however that was not a natural position for her to take vis-a-vis letting me get on with my thing.
    Just a side note: whenever I was in the process of teaching a new female associate WTF was going on in the business often the subject eventually got around to the fact that she was happier working for me than for another female lawyer/banker. It seems that most female bosses don’t mentor very well out of some sense of female to female competition or whatever. Just an observation…..

    1. it’s because they are insecure so they don’t want to pass on knowledge lest you surpass them and replace them… see my comment above….
      also by failing to train people properly or making the job sound so much harder than it really is, they validate themselves.
      there are two ways to move forwards, by moving forwards yourself or by pushing those around you backwards.

  10. “They become plain-and-simple bullies who, rather than commanding
    respect, command nothing but hate and fear. Both male and female
    employees, in turn, work to keep their jobs rather to improve the
    company bottom-line or help their co-workers. Innovation turns into
    Yeah… just take a look at what’s happened with places like Yahoo and HP that are currently under female leadership. They…are…tanking! Despite whatever spin the Huffington Post wants to put on female execs, they don’t have the ingrained leadership traits for leading a business.
    Going deeper than that however. Say you did an experiment where you had a male and female give orders to the same office workers, using the same intonation in their voices. The workers will respond more positively to the man

    1. They’d just call that the result of sexist culture that needs to be beaten out with brainwashing. But the reality is that it just doesn’t make sense for a woman to sacrifice herself for an organization or a “vision”: women aren’t serious about that kind of thing, so they aren’t taken seriously. Of course there are exceptions, but it’s a freak occurrence

  11. My job really is like walking into the vortex of hell every day. The women and manginas make it that way. You nailed it with this line: The women in my office “break into cliques, gossip about everyone, and try to undermine one another, all with a smile on their face and a stream of disingenuous compliments flowing from their mouths.” Sadly, the “men” (manginas is a better term) do the exact same thing.
    I have a male boss, but he’s rather limp-wristed and leads by intimidation, commanding nothing but hate and fear, much like a female boss. Also, the business I work in is female-dominated, and it shows. It’s like you were doing a write-up about the dynamics of my office with this article.
    It’s also funny that you said, “Innovation turns into self-preservation.” That’s actually become my M.O. in the past few years. Basically, I stopped giving a damn when I realized we weren’t concerned with producing a better product as much as we are just playing courtiership. Is it any wonder the economy is in a rut when people like me are now forced to go to work and spend most of their time playing office politics and putting up with high school girl gossip games?
    As an aside, as further evidence (as if one needed any) that Latinas haven’t yet been destroyed by the same cultural Matrix as Anglo women have, one of my friends recently told me this: “We work in such a toxic environment and it’s just sad! Why we do this to each other in the workplace and as a society is sad and beyond me. I refuse to be sucked into that even if it means standing alone.” Despite being a 9-10 in the looks and body department, WAY hotter than any of the Anglo women I work with, she’s better as a woman and as a person than at least 95% of the other women I’ve ever worked with.

  12. I’m glad you said what you did in the second to last paragraph – that women can be good leaders if they behave like girls are supposed to. I know this from personal experience, and was going to point it out to you, hadn’t you mentioned it.
    One more thing, though… you say that a good female leader is rare, yes? Good male leaders are also rare. I’ve had probably 20-30 people I’ve answered to in my 5 years in the workforce, and only 2 of them stand out to me as being truly good leaders. one was male, one was female. The rest run on a pretty even spectrum.

  13. Unfortunate as it is, as a younger man, I’ve had to deal with more female supervisors than males. And I agree with Tuthmosis entirely.
    There are always exceptions to rules, and I’ve had a few as well – two of my male bosses were the most useless, self-serving, inattentive piles of crap ever, while one of the women was actually the second best boss I ever had. She was always focused on making things right, being just and fair, and encouraging people to be their best. The only thing keeping her out of the top slot in my employment history was her inability to deal with poor performers in any capacity.
    I’ve dealt with more than my share of women placed in charge for no good reason other than the company wanting to be politically correct and wanting more vaginas in position of authority, regardless of qualifications or abilities. There are often other women that show more promise in being capable delegators than the idiots that get promoted or hired into these key roles, but the primary reason (in my experience) that they choose to not take them is because they want to focus on their family. My advice, based on what happened with my current company? If they announce new directives, committees, and worst of all, metrics regarding words like “inclusion” or “gender roles,” update your resume and get out as quickly as possible – the cafeteria lunch lady with a Liberal Arts diploma will soon be the CFO.
    Oddly enough, my current supervisor is a male and is terrible because he has chosen an undeserving female (technically my subordinate, no less) to masquerade as a manager, under the guise of “developing her career” when in reality, this is so he can take 2 extra days off per week to be with his mistress on company time. The female puppet? She scrutinizes minutiae with aplomb and reports the smallest of discrepancies up the chain, all the while campaigning like some kind of cunt politician for the heads of the men (or anyone else that doesn’t kiss her ass) despite not understanding the basic important tasks we do for a living.
    “Best person for the job” is no longer a criterion for employment in the modern world. I’m not sure where to begin fixing this, but it won’t happen until the Western world finally experiences a serious crisis that renders feminism completely worthless anyway.

    1. Ecclesiastes 9:11: I returned to see* under the sun that the swift do not have the race,+ nor the mighty ones the battle,+ nor do the wise also have the food,*+ nor do the understanding ones also have the riches,+ nor do even those having knowledge have the favor

  14. One could fill an Encyclopedia with all the horror stories about Women Bosses that I ,and nearly everyone I have spoken to about the subject,have experienced.And astonishingly (or not) Women themselves much prefer Male Bosses.
    With a few exceptions (that I’ve never come across,but by sheer probability must exist),Women just don’t make good bosses.I suppose that is why a true human Matriarchy society has never really existed anywhere on this planet(not to be confused with Matrilineal societies which are not Matriarchies.And also,examples of Female Presidents/Prime Ministers/Queens do not count,since all the real power players that surround these Women have always been Men).
    Women have innate advantages over men in governing children,but not adults.
    And frustratingly because of the State,women have to be given such positions else such companies face grave consequences,even at the cost of these companies productivity.You can’t really avoid the Female boss in most of Corporate North America .It’s another unspoken reason why companies offshore in countries that don’t bother with this Female tokenism.

    1. Perhaps I’m exposing my biases, but I’ll never really understand the situation in Norway and Sweden. Companies (started by men) being forced to place women on their boards – even at the expense of productivity, as independent studies have shown, seems absolutely absurd! (though liberals and feminist are quick to say that’s not because they’re women, only because they’re inexperienced…). Why don’t these women just start their own companies and higher all female boards? Is there something in place preventing them from doing this? Especially in Norway and Sweden where women (albeit through governmental interference) make up roughly 50% of the workforce and receive roughly equal pay? I would rather relocate to another country than be forced to run my company in a way that undermined it’s productivity.

      1. I’m feeling really sexist today, but I really can’t see the benefit of interacting with women. All of my interactions play out in 3 ways; either they’re trying to limit my activity (including censoring) for whatever cockamamie reason, they’re trying to get me to like them/help them/coddle them/say how awesome or special they are, again for whatever reason, or I’m trying to get in their pants while setting up road blocks to any potential damages or emotional fallout that may follow after I do. Not since childhood have I ever truly “played” with a girl, either through physical play or intellectual play. Without “play”, there isn’t much point to it besides sex. Without play, there’s way too much risk.

        1. You marginalize the main part of the argument by making the focus only about women.
          Anyone in a position of authority who has insecurities, will end up leading by intimidation.
          Take Hitler or Mao who started off as amazing motivational leaders, ended up leading by fear.
          Women are inherently insecure. Those insecurities create the cliques, and feeble environment of mistrust, politics and so forth.
          Many men (especially those not getting laid) can also be like this.

        2. Preach, you are so right. That shit is exactly what I am going through at work. I have great personality and women just can’t control themselves. It seems Im going to have to drop some insults and break the self-esteem. Really I see no other option.

        3. I have a mangina boss and it presents tonnes of issues… eventually morale in the workplace starts to break down.
          He HATES me for the fact that I’m young, athletic, good looking, and that the female workers think I’m cute.
          I have female colleagues and I swear they get so much handholding it is rediculous… he practically does their work for them. Me and the male workers (non-mangina) actually work together to come up with new projects and ideas and how to implement them… and guess what… we accomplish things.
          It blew my mind recently that one of my female colleagues who hasn’t come up with any original project ideas (granted she works hard) only recently had a breakthrough after she began mentoring a student. It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that the student she was mentoring was a man… and lo and behold… it was his idea that he pitched to her…
          The problem with a mangina boss is that after you hear him talking shit about you behind your back… after you deal with his empty threats… after you see that he puts women before honor and truth… after he takes credit for YOUR work for the umpteenth time… all seemingly because you choose to have self-esteem… you start thinking about finding another place to work and morale goes down.
          He is only now realizing that his lab is breaking down, and only the least inspired and the least innovative of his students are sticking around. Everyone with guts is leaving.

      1. She couldn’t go any higher in Google unless the founders got bored. She did exactly what I would do, and found a decent size company to be top dog of. And it came with a sizable pay bump too.

  15. “For every woman who understands that you can be an effective leader while remaining feminine, without resorting to pretending to be a man, and while leaving the hen-house politics on Facebook, there are 99 who fall into one of these two categories.”
    I am a 25 year old woman and own my own business in the automotive industry. Every time this comes up in conversation with someone it completely throws him or her off because I do not come off as a “strong, independent woman.” I don’t believe a woman has to sacrifice her femininity to run a successful business. My male employees are all happy and we have a great dynamic at my shop, and everything is done by the books. No neglect of pay and I make sure my employees take their breaks and are happy. I actually liked this post, because it reminded me that I don’t need to be aggressive in order to succeed. It only makes for an uncomfortable work place. Regardless of gender though, sometimes a person in a higher position must put their foot down if an employee does not work properly. That’s just how it is, no matter if the boss is a woman or a man. Imagine giving your money to someone you feel is just wasting time. No one would appreciate that.

    1. Glad to hear this. Know that, sadly, you’re part of a tiny minority. Most women buy the lie that they have to turn into aggressive, bitch-bullies in order to get respect. In fact, many women buy that lie not just in the professional world, but also in their dating lives. Have you heard of books like Why Men Love Bitches? Meanwhile, more and more quality guys are dying for a sweetheart.
      Treat your employees with kindness–though not weakness–and they’ll break their backs for you.

    2. …So you changed your name from “Sam Spade” (a very androgynous name) and you previously posted the following: “Good post. It matches my experience(s) too. I know what it takes to be a leader because I’ve done it, and women do not have “it”. All they can ever do, if they try really hard, is imitate. And they can’t even do that effectively. Can they innovate? That’s too funny to contemplate. Any woman that considers herself to be a leader of men has bitten off much more than she can ever hope to chew. In time, she will choke to death. Women have skills, but leadership is not one of them.” (and you deleted this post mr. “sam spade” / ms. “a female business owner”).
      … now that you feeeel Tuthmosis’s validation for being a non-bitchy female business owner you go on to change your name to “a female business owner.”
      Yeah you are right: “All they can ever do, if they try really hard, is imitate. And they can’t even do that effectively.” – and you perfectly demonstrated that for us within your posts…
      Haha Gotcha!! I wonder how many other women post on this site pretending to be dudes… … ridiculous.

      1. Also under the pseudo name of “Sam Spade” your cunt lying ass has stated that you were an attorney/banker (post which you deleted) and in another post you stated the following: “Thanks for your comments EM. Inspirational. I have a “good” job (and a
        good female boss – I’m lucky) but I’m looking for challenges and
        freedom. I have a plan – about to go into Phase One…and I can’t wait
        to get started!”
        So which one is it? working as a banker/attorney, business owner in the auto industry, or lucky to be working for a female boss???
        …ridiculous. I’m beginning to suspect you are one of those feminist troll infiltrators.
        keep outing these bitches!

        1. Hey man. I’m Sam Spade and I’m a guy. I’m NOT the female poster above and I’m not a chick. All I did was salute Elmer for his wisdom. I guess I should join and log in since you probably won’t believe me. “Sam Spade” is a Humphrey Bogart character – not androgynous.

    1. A dangerous game. Sometimes fun. But I imagine not worth the hassle if you can also just work for a male boss.

    2. that reduces a working environment where a serious pursuit takes places, into a lot of sexual innuendo and BS…..
      if it works, (it cannot possibly always work since some women take more
      pleasure in shooting even the hottest guy down than leading him on)…
      the results will only be temporary, until some jealousy, bitterness or
      PMS kicks in…..
      the most interesting thing when you
      look at the world today compared with 1/2 century ago, is that it is
      much more animalistic and cut throat, for precisely this reason…
      people do business these days because they ‘like’ you… rather than
      because you have a good skill or product…..
      emotional rather than logical decisions are a females paradise….

  16. Maybe this is a regional thing (I live in the South)* but it seems my female co-workers always suffered more than males did under a female boss with the power-tripping and Queen Bee behavior.
    Pet theory: The older women in the higher corporate ranks had a harder struggle up the ladder back in the 70’s/80’s than most women do today, and now hold some resentment not so much against men per se, but those “women today who have it so much easier than we did.”
    Just a theory. ymmv
    *(I say ‘regional’ because the man-hating is nowhere near as extensive in this part of the country as elsewhere.)

    1. No, I do think based on anecdotal evidence that female bosses treat women worse than men, especially if the men have alpha juice in them.

  17. I have had only one good female supervisor in my life, the rest were petty ,stupid and treated work like highschool instead of work. America is losing the innovation and productivity battle and our government jobs are single mother hell. This will only get worse.

  18. I don’t think female bosses are inherently bad. I do however think having a workforce that has multiple females in managerial roles is typically bad due to the fact that females run a second sort of hierarchy that is inconsistent with a business hierarchy and dramatically frustrates the chain of command.

  19. I work in corporate partnerships. I’ve learned after long experience that, if you call a company you want to partner with — if you get a woman as the partnerships person — just forget it. She will NEVER carry the partnership deal through, or pass it on. You are wasting your time.
    On the other hand, if you get a man, you get the normal success rate of maybe 1 in 5. That’s a good number, because 1 in 5 potential corporate relationships make sense, and the rest are junk. It might be very tough, he might be a bastard, but he will eventually make some kind of deal because that’ his job.
    I’ve heard this from other marketing people too. They put some smart looking young MBA gal in partnerships, and essentially what you get is a lot of fancy reports but NOT ONE DEAL. She can keep going like this for years, because very often management doesn’t really look to close at the partnership flow. They just assume that it’s kinda sorta plugging along, which it will, if a man is in the job. WIth the woman it just stops and she will ride that for years.
    Eventually people figure it out, but then they just move that woman to some other job where she does nothing. Often the companies hire another woman who AGAIN will do nothing and get away with it forever.
    The net result is, that company is less profitable, because it isn’t making the kind of deals that lead to new product lines and revenue sharing.

    1. I’ve learned after long experience that, if you call a company you want
      to partner with — if you get a woman as the partnerships person —
      just forget it. She will NEVER carry the partnership deal through, or
      pass it on. You are wasting your time.

      …unless she gives you dinner and sex every evening, in which case it’s legit.

    1. Either that girl is as dumb as a bag of hammers, or if she isn’t, she’s trolling that stupid meme.

  20. I generally like working for women, but that probably has more to do with being in a position where my sector expertise result in me almost always being the de facto “boss” in my sphere of responsibility, regardless of who is nominally paying whom.

  21. Thank fucking christ. I was going to write Roosh about this when I first discovered all of this stuff months ago. Working for women is almost always a loss. Pure sabotage that leads to feigning beta behavior just to keep food in your stomach. It literally almost killed me and it fucked up my game until recently.

    1. there are only three types of male female relationship…. man and wife, mother and son, father and daughter.
      the father – daughter relationship is only possible between males and females with strong family ties and a long history and where the male is markedly older than the female. so this is an exception really.
      otherwise the relationship between a man and a woman will always degenerate to her becoming intolerantly bossy and moody, unless sex is involved…. because she takes on the mother role.
      if the man has some reason to maintain the relationship, ie. work, finances, kids, co-habitation, hope it might come to something more etc…. he’s screwed….
      if the dick doesn’t go in, the bitch has to come out. It’s more mathematical than 1+1=2.
      the only relationship worth having with a woman is the man – wife relationship… that doesn’t mean getting married and divorce raped… it means being a real man and making sure she stays in her role as a real woman…..
      you do not want to be a surrogate son, to some random bitchy mother superior… and be clear about it, this is the only option where females are concerned… she will always start acting as a bossy mother, if you are not fucking her….

    2. Very interesting if you get to the root of these comments towards women leaders. This sounds like the whining of a scared little boy with major mommy issues. As if you’ve either had your ass handed to you by a woman or you’re just plain old pissed off women are climbing the ranks and taking what is ‘yours.’ Did you ever consider the passive/aggressive behavior some exhibit is learned behavior: from past bosses which the majority are men. Women are ball breakers guys – you bring up ‘science’ but you fail to see how our instincts are even stronger as we are the ones who protect our children. When it gets down to it you’re fighting a momma bear. Daddy bear will protect the cubs, but it’s momma who will fight to the death. I myself do not agree with anything here anyone has written as it’s not about the sex or gender of a person: it’s about their experiences and as cliche as it sounds: it starts at the top. Doesn’t matter if it’s male or female: bad leadership is just bad leadership. Bag on yahoo’s female leader all you like, but it just sounds like ‘wah wah wah. sheee toook my toooooys!’ Also remember that what we don’t like about other people is what we don’t about ourselves because that too is learned behavior.

      1. You’re missing the question: why is any of the hostility being told to us in these stories even necessary?

      2. you could make the “mamabear” analogy if the bitch made the company from the ground up with her bare hands and now is a CEO.
        otherwise, that’s the most ignant shit i ever heard.

  22. Timely for me, I just got screwed over by my boss with one of my co-workers. The way she characterized my co-worker’s actions were way over the top aggressive. This could have been solved with a single conversation between her boss and mine but now, it’s a thing. I’ve likely damaged my career with this company because of her.
    And yes, my boss in her 40s and is still attractive (looks like she hit the wall last year). I can only imagine how gorgeous she was pre-wall at 22. I’m already planning my exit for a job I’ve only had for 2 months.

  23. Couldn’t agree more, they are too emotional. I can’t stand working for women, and occasionally Asian men. The women hate me because I am skinny, and the Asian men act like Communist dictators instead of bosses….

  24. I’m 45 years old. In my 20-year career including 10 years in the military, I have had four female bosses. Two of them did their utmost to destroy my career, one was neutral, and one was a good boss. The one who was a good boss was in her sixties, her children were grown, and she was simply playing out the string. She knew her stuff. The two bad ones were young, ambitious, insecure, and totally insane. Of course, both have leveraged military diversity goals to attain high ranks. I sometimes wonder how many of their coworkers’ careers they have damaged along the way.

  25. As I’ve always said, it’s about projection. Women are naturally submissive to displays of authority such as aggressiveness. Thus they think that everyone must be like that, so they try to pantomime these displays of authority.
    But men aren’t like that. We aren’t impressed by swagger. We only respect someone as a leader if they demonstrate actual competence. The old archetype of the king who personally led his men into battle (Leonidas, Alexander, etc.) is long gone. Men naturally organize into hierarchies around men who know what the fuck they are doing. Indeed, up to the late 60’s, many businesses in the Western world were run like this as well.
    But for women, it’s all acting. You see it in all the ‘leadership advice’ books and courses where they tell you to ‘act like a leader’. Emphasis on the word ‘act’. ‘Be confident. Be blahblahblah’ No, none of those things have anything the fuck to do with being a leader. They do come naturally with being a leader, but that’s confusing the effect with the cause.

    1. They are also notorious groupies, and will identify and gravitate to the alpha leader and treat him like a rock star. An young attractive woman can get away with this and get elevated in the organization whereas a young man must eat dirt.
      I encountered this once during my brief foray into skydiving. I was ignored as I logged my jumps under an old “Papillon” while the cute chick who started the same time was quickly taken in by the “Sky Gods” and invited for advanced dives before she was ready. Naturally enough, we ended up fishing her out of a tree.

      1. “Naturally enough, we ended up fishing her out of a tree.”
        These moments of comeuppance-for-cunts are sweet cherries indeed for The Red Pill Man. I envy you that particular one.

    2. Exactly. Why is it that the women always throw the buzz phrases around: “leader,” “team-building,” “positive reinforcement.” I gotta chuckle, as they never seem to practice what they preach.

  26. My experiences working for women have been majority bad.
    Bad: worked for an obese middle manager of a retail store, where one of my key responsibilities was getting her and the other overweight assistant managers lunch when they were too lazy to go stand in line at McDonald’s or the hot dog stand just outside. The one male assistant manager who was hired didn’t last longer than about 6 months with her and the three female assistant managers. My boss was fired a few months after I quit because of the extremely high turnover of employees she managed.
    Bad: was trained by and reported to a woman who was bipolar or had BPD or something, who would be nice one day to me (while complaining to me about all of the other male workers), and be completely dismissive the next (while complaining about me to all of the other male workers). She spent much of her day outside smoking or complaining about all of the male workers to the plant manager whenever he was available.
    Good: worked at a pizza place in high school, where the owner was a woman and ran her small family business by hiring most of her family (two brothers, husband, sister, and mom). She was reasonable but I think her focus on running a family business made her much easier to work with than the career women who don’t have those strong ties at work or in general.
    I don’t know if all woman managers/bosses are bad (after all, I haven’t worked for ALL of them), but I’d be extremely hesitant to work under another because two of my experiences have been so difficult. Unless it was a very small, family business.

  27. Worked for both men and women, most were jerks and worthless. When working for some one, just have your own game other than preservation, take all and leave nothing.

  28. Working with a jewish women is worse thing that you could possibly do.
    Jewish woman sleep around and suck any number of cocks to rise up the ladder

  29. I think your problem is that you have worked for bad managers and that their managerial skills most likely have NOTHING to do with gender. I have worked under both fantastic female and male bosses.
    It sounds like the problem lies within your world-view which seems to group people into two categories: superior masculine men and inferior women (+ ‘effeminate men’ – nice touch of homophobia in your article by the way). If you approach your professional and working life with the attitude that people can only behave along those prescribed lines, you are obviously going to convince yourself that all ABNORMAL women at the work-place are bitches and all masculine men are innate leaders. (Define NORMAL women by the way? The sort of women who cook you pot-roasts all day and only spend time fantasising about your penis?)
    I feel sorry for people who have such limited views of the world. Such views hint at a complete lack of intelligence.

  30. This article has so much truth. My boss has zero accountability for her own screw-ups and she can’t figure out why the department morale is in the shitter. Well when you’re a raging bitch no one wants to come in.
    Male bosses are straight forward and to the point. Shit gets done but women hate that when a male boss points out they suck that there is literally no way out of it.
    Female bosses make everything everyone elses fault and will do everything in their power to ever admit a fault.

  31. The only reason women have historically not been in positions of leadership is because they’ve been forced into oppressive roles that society and law have dictated over time. In America today, more women are enrolled in college than men, and more women graduate with honors. There is absolutely no evidence to support the claims made here, and the fact that men like you are so intimidated by women rising into powerful positions says a lot about your insecurities about your masculinity. And to be honest, there’s a huge population of men that find strong, independent women attractive because they are adults. The way you would like women to be– helpless , dependent, and sexually compliant–proves the only reason you want a woman in your life is to “feel like more of a man”. That’s what I call dependent.

    1. Harriet Tubman was oppressed, yet she led slaves to freedom. Where’s your excuse for her?

    2. Don’t even bother commenting on here. The poor excuses for “men” on here really are just a bunch of sexist assholes who are upset that they are routinely rejected by quality women, so they try to vent it out online. They’re so blinded by their prejudice and old-fashioned belief systems that they’ll never see how wrong they are. It’s just not worth it trying to show these babies what reality and basic intelligence looks like.

      1. Barbara: “Wow, speaking of reactions, I think you’ve just exposed me to a new
        level of uncalled-for Internet bitterness. Are you sure you’re not some
        guy Idina turned down in high school? Time to let go of your hate,
        And for that reason alone, I say you calling others hypocritical is … well, now you know. Glass houses, Hon, glass houses!

    3. “In America today, more women are enrolled in college than men, and more women graduate with honors”
      After drugging most boys in high school with ritalin and making the university environment a feminist utopia.

        1. Contrary to what you might think, I do not exist to please you, I exist to sicken you and the rest of your feminist crowd, so that you can expire quickly.

        2. Women outlive men, especially trolls like you. You obviously have small penis syndrome.

        3. At the rate that you are going, I doubt if you will outlive me. Send me your email and I will reply you with a picture of my dick fully erect. I am sure you will ditch that feminist god of yours and start to worship it.

    4. ” In America today, more women are enrolled in college than men, and more women graduate with honors”.
      You mean the liberal cesspools where the women pay with mountains of student loans to obtain mostly useless degrees like gender studies and liberal arts is graduationg women with “honors”? Since when did a degree ever have a bearing to success in life?
      Ask Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and countless others who either did not go to “college” or dropped out of college to start a successful business.

  32. One thing I noticed whilst working with the corporate troops neatly defines an even more pernicious version of this difference between the sexes …
    Male leaders I worked with would often have less qualified people do work that was just a bit beyond them so they could lean into the pain of doing it. By doing this repeatedly, these people would become invaluable because they would have a wide range of experiences. When the unexpected came along — and it quite often did — these people who trained into accepting the unexpected and learning on-the-fly were well suited toward solving problems.
    The female leaders I encountered were leaders in name only — they often didn’t lean into the pain, but instead relied on a close social group of people who were trusted to solve problems by role. Relative social hierarchy, rather than fitness for purpose, defined who got to do specific things.
    Because of this, a high degree of specialisation would take place under female management, one that made it nearly impossible for people to break out of the roles they accepted when they were first hired. The result was that these female managers drove off talent by providing few or no paths to skills improvement. Worse, those employees who remained settled into gold-bricking employee behaviours, often acting like informational bottlenecks instead of well-skilled operators.
    As much talk as there is about certain people being disloyal, I have to ask: which is more disloyal, the person understanding there is no future with the current situation, who would change it given the opportunity, or the person who sells the other person on believing it exists, who fully intends to thwart that future’s development?

    1. I absolutely agree with you even though I am a female myself. My male manager just left 6 months ago and his role had been replaced by a female manager who moved from another department. It is downright frustrating working for her as she is totally clueless about everything albeit working in the same company for more than 10 years. She does not work independently and approaches me for every question; which I had on many occasions, pointed her to our library of documentations and resources that contain very comprehensive information of our business and processes.
      My ex-manager was a lot more knowledgeable and we had a reciprocal working relationship i.e. me tapping into his expertise with the business while my proficiency with the systems would assist him in mining the data for his decisions. With this new female manager, I just feel like my role is to “serve” her since I do not see her taking initiatives in learning. I do not see a future for myself here and I am already making plans to further my education and move out as soon as I find a better job.

  33. I haven’t had a female boss since working in a supermarket as a teenager. That supermarket went bankrupt.
    Anyway, it is not only female bosses. It is also the number of females and which roles you give them, particularly what kind of male boss there is.
    I truly believe that there should be no more than 30% women in any business which wants to kickass and grow.
    Why? Because once women become 50-50 or 40-60 even, just like in relationships, they begin taking over. By taking over, I mean instating feminine hierachies which are not based on merit but on gossip and manipulation. This is POISON for any company which wants to deliver a great product. The more quiet no fuss males usually found in production will resent the constant gossip and maybe quit, while the outgoing males usually found in sales and such will begin flirting and engaging in small popularity contests with the women. Result is that nothing gets done.
    It is paramount for a male boss to be slightly favorable to the males and to establish clear ‘boys only’ groups in the workplace. This can be as simply as going for a game of fussball in the office or going for after work drinks once in a while – MEN ONLY. It is very important to do this, to maintain a natural working hierachy based on respect and merit among the guys in the office.
    However, if the male boss lets women be ‘equal’ then they will begin fermenting their bs and creating a hostile work enviroment.
    As always, it is not really a question of females not being able to do a good job. I have worked with many skilled women, but it needs, absolutely NEEDS, to be in a masculine enviroment.
    The worst thing with having women employees though is that they are unwilling to share knowledge with coworkers. They see it as losing position, while they fail to realize that the employee who can share and coordinate knowledge is far more valuable than one who presides over her little domain. This is, ironically, why they don’t become leaders. They simply have no clue about respectful competition and fairness in competition. I’m not saying men are perfect in this regard at all, but they will usually at least be called out on it.

  34. This post and all the comments below make me completely lose faith in humanity (but really only the men to be quite honest). The amount of misogyny and sexism in the post is mind blowing. I hope none of you are married (and if you are, I feel so badly for your wives). You’re all a bunch of hypocrites. A man can be forceful and demanding as a leader and he is respected, yet for a woman to do the same makes her a bitch and a bad boss. The logic is laughable. I’m surprised you all even have jobs considering how little common sense and/or competence you have. Please do not procreate!

  35. Wow what an eyeopener but I don’t have a choice since my field of work is physical therapy and is dominated by women to begin with, even the males boss act less like males and more like female + create that click environment.

  36. I must admit I have had a few female bosses and I have mixed feelings. 2 were total cunts, and 2 were ok. However, they were ok because I was in my mid 20s and I was attempting to get in their pants. One of them, ahhh she was terrific. Such a lesson learner. Late 30s, hard worker, nice, polite. She “loved” being a “wife” and “mother’. Her husband was her best friend. They were HS sweethearts. She hated how women these days were so negative, and untrustworthy and gasp….even engaged in infidelity. Well, me and miss perfect had a few drinks one night after work and after 2, yes, count them 2 Martinis she was blowing me in my front seat of my Monte Carlo. I guess the Devil made her do it.

  37. Ding!
    I used to have a female boss when I worked at a Subway franchise… Biggest cunt on a power trip I have ever met… and that was just makin sandwiches!
    Recently I encountered another woman in a leadership position at a BMW dealership I was working at, she was the assistant service manager, the service manager was a man who was really cool and was a good leader. She on the other hand was the type to start bantering with a male colleague basically berating him and when he flung some shit her way she went the “I’m your boss, how dare you speak that way to me cause I’ll fuck you up” stance.
    I was thinking today how glad I am to be working in a male environment.

  38. Don’t work for a male boss, they’re just mysogynistic pigs who judge people on their genitals and not their brain.

  39. Dude what the fuck? You are a sexist asshole. This is no better than saying “Don’t Work For a Black Guy” just because he is black.

  40. I agree to this article – my experiences with female managers were EXACTLY the same as mentioned in this post.

  41. Every female boss I’ve had has been incompetent, micromanaging, malicious, and disorganized. If you can avoid working for one, you will be better off.

  42. My 2 of my previous bosses were both female and I had a great experience. The three men I had as bosses, well they weren’t as great.

    1. feminist. if you’ve worked enough with them middle aged ladies you would know they are terrible and that this article is spot on.

    2. I’d rather read a douchey article than a feminist’s take any day of the week. Being “nice and respectful” gets you walked over by females in the workplace. Woman up and deal with a different opinion, femie.

    3. Did your girlfriend dump you last night? Or is lack of female hygiene catching up with you?

  43. A female white boss is THE ULTIMATE SCUM of the earth.
    It will never get worse than that.
    Just keep that in mind.

    1. I’ve met some horribly vicious black and Jewish executive fembots—it’s not the color, it’s the vag/hormones or lack thereof.

  44. I’d never work for a woman again. Give a woman power and you end up with a mad bitch from hell on your hands. Our dad’s and granddad weren’t sexist pigs like women claim; they were just wiser and slapped them into the kitchen where they belonged. Even a lot of older women say the status quo is ridiculous these days. That women shouldn’t be telling men what to do and how it goes against the whole gender identity.
    If a person or group wants to assert control in any situation and negotiations fail them violence is always the final resort, be it a playground bully or a country. Why would men be naturally stronger than women if women were supposed to lead? It’s unnatural.

    1. Me either. I was fired for having a “bad attitude.” She was just waiting for an excuse to get rid of me after I called in sick. She kept berating me over and over about the same thing. I asked for clarification regarding my termination, and she just went off about how I needed to humble myself and stop acting like I did nothing wrong. I admitted to wrongdoing, but I wouldn’t grovel when she started in on me.

  45. Yes, I’m a pretty attractive male, who is strictly focused on his work and moving up wit in my company. Nevertheless my store manager and female service manager are manipulative and threaten me indirectly. Basically implying that I can’t be promoted unitil I sleep with both of them. Very drastic.

  46. I´m doing a study about leadership and there is no real evidence that men are better leaders than women (and vice versa). They can be both effective or destructive leaderes. But women are judged more severly than men for similar mistakes. Stop the “macho men” crap…you are just threatened by women.

    1. If you’re ‘doing a study’ you should not have preconceived notions about the outcomes of the study. You should balance your “no real evidence” caveat with data that indicates women are also judged less harshly for the same crime in court. This pendulum swings both ways.

    2. You have already announced the results of your study before completing it. You have a preconceived agenda.

  47. Wanted to question here: does anyone know the statistics on the probability of females hiring females (i.e., by gender proclivity)? I’ve found only some studies that are not ‘femi-sanitized’- crying about glass ceilings even while most females are entering grad school, etc. My theory is that as more women climb corporate ladders they are more likely to hire females, making it more of a zero-sum game than it needs to be…anybody can corroborate, or better yet, verify.
    And Then There were More? The Effect of Organizational Sex Composition on the Hiring and Promotion of Managers
    Lisa E. Cohen, Joseph P. Broschak and Heather A. Haveman
    American Sociological Review
    Vol. 63, No. 5 (Oct., 1998), pp. 711-727

    1. the biggwest reason there are not more women at the top of the corporate ladder is that there are women at the top of the corporate ladder.
      The best way to get to the top for a woman is by sleeping your way up. always has been… when that avenue has been closed by a women at the top (even lesbians will not promote a competitor) corporate mobility stagnates for women. Even if, by some miracle, a woman is actually talented enough, the incompetent hack at the top knows that her job is in serious jeopardy if she gives a competent woman a wave… someone competent will ‘raise the bar’ for the fucktrains and force the board to acknowledge her lack of ability.
      It’s the biggest irony that the more women get to the top, the harder it is for every one that follows… add that to the ‘ah hah!’ moment when male executives at places like facebook realize that their new ‘corporate strongwoman’ is nothing but a brainless hack pushing her own agenda with absolutely no loyalty or ability to do her job, the number of women getting to the very top is actually decreasing every year… despite women exceeding men in college enrollment.
      This is called the ‘good old boys’ club.

  48. It’s no surprise that the majority of the comments are made by men who are narrow minded misogynist who grew up believe the ancient ideals of patriarcha society above equality. In simple terms you think women don’t belong in the work place because you’ve been taught by other men who are threatened by women that they don’t belong. This article is all based on one persons experience making it a biased paper about their interpretation of what happened.

    1. Shut up bitch and go get me a sandwich. I was fired after working for an old shrew that became mean and nasty to me after six and half years of loyalty. I got fired because they’d rather keep the old bitch that’s been there for 43 years. She was best friends with the two elderly female seasonal workers and treated me like shit despite my best efforts. SCREW YOU FUCKING FEMALES!! Males HATE you! We just want your pussy and mouth! Other than that-go die you worthless fucks!

      1. To be honest, I really hate what women have become. I am still trying to get rid of my wife’s brainwashing after moving house out of the city.

        1. You’re one of the biggest ahole misogynists I’ve run across in a really long time. You are mentally demented and a total sociopath.

        2. Did your bf piss all over you while you were sleeping after the shag in the tub? You seem to have suffered a minor brain damage. Go check up with a REAL doctor.

        3. I say lots of prayers, and the one I’m saying over and over now if that you drop dead today, and go straight to your hell.

        4. If I survive today, it means that your prayers were unanswered by your feminist god. You will have no recourse but to go to the nearest mountain to pray more intensely. I hope that you will be able to leave behind your government-mandated job so that you can concentrate on this task of praying for the death of an anti-feminist. I pray you survive it.

    2. My, how misandrist of you. To imply that we are all “misogynists” simply because we speak from experience gives a clear indication of YOUR gender related biases.
      Much of what you stated was hyperbole that most Men here have NOT expressed. The irony of using a suppositional charge of “bias” against the article writer despite the undeniable existence of your own will probably be lost on you.

      1. Of all the wackjob feminists who love to throw the the term misogyny around I’m betting less than 10% of them actually know what the word Misandry means.

  49. I will never work for a women again. I was very open-minded in the past and then I learnt after a succession of jobs where I was managed by women that it is the worst thing to have. I don’t have any issues taking orders from somebody smarter or more capable/motivated than me. But the constant back-biting, the making “issues” of non-issues (i.e. she thought all the guys were trying to subvert her when all they were doing were trying to correct some of her errors). Of course, there are women out there that are all about excelling without back-biting, turf wars, conceit, etc. But honestly, I haven’t ever worked for one (and I’ve worked for 5 women; all had issues).

  50. Mr Tuthmosis, i commend you on the sheer brilliance of this article. After working in a female dominated field for more than a modicum of years i have come to one inescapable conclusion: female bosses in general are narcissistic, catty, vindictive, hypocritical, backbiting, petty, puerile, insecure, mendacious, absent minded, addle prone creatures of chaos who are more content with building a “mean girls” social structure (invariably against men) than in building an effective work force that maximizes productivity through inspiring leadership and the promotion of non gender specific morale. To put it succinctly: they are more drama than even shakespeare would have cared to deal with. Having worked in private as well as government industry, for more XX bosses than not, i can conclusively say that this is not simply hyperbole on my part, it is damn near fact.
    I could write a thesis explaining the logic behind my personal observations over the years, but suffice it to say that working under a female boss is an unpleasant experience (to put it mildly) that i wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, or another Woman.

  51. This article hits close to home. I’ll never work for a woman again if I don’t have to. I despise their games, bs, and favoritism.

  52. As a woman I wish I could say there isn’t a lot truth to this. But there is.

  53. I have worked for male and female bosses. The worst a male boss ever did to me was lie to me. My current female boss of 6 years has been a micro-managing bully boss bitch. I am one of the few people who have not quit on her and this ticks her off. I hope she dies soon

  54. Guys, it is really discouraging for me to read this article. I have been trying to make it in engineering for past 12 years. I don’t get much help and usually get disrespected or ignored unless I bug them to death. I try to ignore it, thrive and be friendly anyways. But sometimes I just get so discouraged. The truth is – you cannot do all work alone – you need cooperation. Things are working somewhat, but they are so so so hard. If there is anything wrong ever – I am always the one to blame – it’s usually implied that I am a idiot. But I am asked much harder work to do than other people. Don’t get me wrong – I see some guys being screwed too. I am also from another country, so working here is just tough. I was already thinking to leave engineering, but I don’t know what else to do. I never wanted to be a boss – back lash is too strong – I don’t want to tell men full of testosterone what to do – I have enough problems to deal with. I was a team lead once – we all actually worked fine and got along – guys actually asked me if I wanted to be a team lead to help my career – they also didn’t want to take this extra responsibility. It didn’t really help much, but we accomplished our project well, and basically one of the guys on our team was given the credit. The rest were ignored even though the did a lot of work as well. I think guys working under female bosses get stigmatized as well even if they do an excellent job. I just want to sit in my cubicle and quietly do the work, but even that is difficult, because there is not much cooperation, and I get blamed and excluded a lot. I honestly don’t know what to do and where to go and work – engineering is all I know. I just basically work and hope it will all work out somehow. Also, I have never been given an advantage – it took me years and lots of education to get a simple job – they were just hiring guys from this country with lesser qualifications. They see me – and automatically think I’m stupid and incapable of making decisions. They ask me all types of questions – and I am just not a walking encyclopedia – I can’t know it all. All my bosses were male. Some of them were bad. But last few were nice I think. I had a female boss before when I worked in retail – one was super nice, we all loved her – she did everything well. And another one was awful, and was hated by everyone. I just hope that guys in my office do not think like you do, because then I am totally screwed.

  55. I didn’t read this yet… but I just want to say…
    I have been offending my gender for YEARS using the term “penis envy”….
    truth hurts..

  56. This article is spot on, I worked in retail banking at a major bank for almost 2 years and in both offices that I worked I was the only male in the office. (With the exception of the 80 year old dude who had been in banking for 30 years with other banks that was driven out of the office by these cunts within 2 months because he couldn’t take their bullshit.) I had a Teller Supervisor who did everything in her power to bring me down because she knew I was smarter and had a lot more potential that she did. Everything I did was under the microscope, I got written up one time because at closing time one of my female coworkers left the keys to her teller drawer under her keyboard and I didn’t catch it. SHE DID NOT EVEN GET REPRIMANDED and I got written up . . . Unreal. I can honestly say in dealing with over 25 women in the 2 branches that I worked at in my time there I would consider maybe 4 of them to actually be good people. My branch manager at the second branch I worked at only got her job because she was fucking the CEO of the MR. Hero fast food chain and got all their business to the bank. She was the typical manipulative B, all I would hear after being 10th in sales in the region and #1 in customer service scores (The Gallup organization would randomly call customers we helped to ascertain satisfaction) is that I was doing a bad job. I was NEVER allowed to use my personal days, because we were always “short staffed” but if a female coworker had to leave early to pick up their kids from school, take them to the doctor . . . etc they got time off no problem. I was only supposed to work 1 Saturday a month when I got promoted I was stuck working every Saturday. . .
    I have never been a part of a more crooked organization than PNC Bank, they support this kind of behavior in their retail branches. Try to brainwash their employees to speak exactly how they want (which comes off as prototypical FAKE-NESS not good customer service which is why I never followed the template and had the highest customer service scores haha)
    Eventually I got the Teller Supervisor at my first branch fired because she dropped “we need to N***** rig this drawer” she had another instance where we had a customer who would always come in and complain about the abusive relationship his daughter was in. One day after listening to him complain for about 10 – 15 minutes she goes to one of my coworkers (an Immigrant from Ethiopia who was one of the few nice women I met there . . . Probably because she hadn’t been brainwashed by our bs culture yet.) and says to her “and guess what COLOR HE IS, YOUR COLOR”.
    This was all brought to the attention of the branch manager one day when I was being reprimanded for not buying in to whatever new corporate brainwashing they were pitching to us and was being told I was not a good leader. That is when I finally brought up the racist remarks that the teller supe made and the branch manager literally broke down crying because she knew she would have to fire her and would be even more “short staffed”. Really, crying because you have to fire a racist bitch who would talk politics to customers (pretty much cardinal sin in anything retail)?!?!?!?!
    Not only did my personal experience at PNC verify the validity of this article but my family life as well. My parents run a successful jet charter company that caters to mainly CEO’s, Lawyers, Athletes . . . etc. My father spent 30 years working for National Car Rental and was SALESMAN OF THE YEAR 4 times. My little brother was adopted when he was three days old, I was in 7th grade. At this time my father was making about 70,000/yr and my mom making maybe 20,000 working at a company part time in the same industry she is in now. While my mom was on maternity leave people started calling her at home asking her where they could find a plane. My dad encouraged my Mom to start her own business and fronted her the the money to incorporate. The business became so lucrative that my dad ended up going to work for my mom. The company does about 7 – 10 million in sales annually (they only get a small percentage of each trip anywhere from 8 – 12% as they do not own any aircraft they just arrange the trips). With my Mom now as the main breadwinner our family has gone from typical happy middle class family to miserable upper class. I’ve slowly watched my Dad become more emasculated to the point where he is no longer the same man that raised me as a child. This is all due to a woman’s inability to MANAGE HER OWN BUSINESS. She has even told me in the past that she hates the management side of the business and can’t train people providing me more evidence that women are not good bosses.
    It huts me to see what my father has become, he has to walk on eggshells and dodge landmines everyday because any suggestions he makes to her are viewed as personal attacks. Basically the fact that my Mom is the breadwinner now has absolutely ruined our family.

  57. I have two girls that share a large desk with me. They fucking chat all day about mundane bullshit. ‘My cousin came over last week….my dog did cat…myfriend…’ and then start giggling for stupid shit. Nobody gives a fuck about your silly stories. Shut the fuck up and do you job. If you feel the need to socialize. Go to the coffee room and chat for an hour, then come back.
    The one that sits on my left is a nice girl and smiles and nice to me. The one that sits opposite to me is a bitch. I found out she is 28, owns a house and is controlling. She talks to me like, i am a piece of shit and then there are times when she is nice to me and all smiles (passive-aggressive). We are asked to share rides most of the time and she has a rental car. I offered to drive a couple of times, but she would never let me. She likes to be in charge all the time. I believe some women just don’t know how to be good leaders (inspire people to do a better job, to go above and beyond your current role and bring out the best in yourself and others around you)
    Does anyone here think Hillary clinton will make it to president? how will that turn out?

  58. Female bosses run the gambit from treacherous overlord, to outright bad bitch. Males are just so different than women in terms of their approach to leading that women stand out as trying to be bad.
    Most women as some people know get away with dressing half naked, sleeping around, cheating all their life, getting free drinks, males showering them with attention.
    Women crave constant emotional upheaval. My mother does, my ex’s do, female bosses of mine, even strangers who are women they have one thing in common.
    They will bad people until their death. Read the fine print about white females in America. They have no intention of being good people.
    America has too many crazy white females. They are full fleged lunatics and bad.
    Some act nice. But that changes.

  59. Agreed on all points, they are spiteful and intimidated by men deep down inside and at every turn will cause you conflict. Most of the world has it right keep them in the kitchen where they belong. My Mother was very happy!

  60. I am a woman and I am on your side. 12 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child, my husband and I talked about whether or not I should stay home or hire a nanny and go back to my corporate job. You see, I made 6-figures in that corporate job. The women at work insisted that I needed to come back to work because my talents and intelligence would be squandered. However, even before our son was born, I was thinking that I wanted to get the hell out of corporate work and the hell away from the female, bitchy, backstabbing, petty team in which I worked. I did end up staying home and I do not consider it to be a situation where my intelligence or talent is squandered. After all, who is going to raise the next generation well if that generation is raised by only nannies who spend the day on Facebook while ignoring the child.

  61. I’ve had two female bosses and they went out of their way to act like fucking bitches for no reason. In real life I’m very easy going and love the company of women. But the second they get into a position of power they turn into cunts!!!FACT!!!

    1. Thats because they give 20-somethings jobs as managers, and they can’t manage anything.

  62. Working for a beta male who has an alpha female underling on the same level as you, organizationally—is just as bad. The beta male basically defers to the alpha female- and he doesn’t mind if you or others are unhappy. She does her work, bosses him around, the unit’s work gets done, so he comes off as a good manager- and YOU are left fuming.

    1. Also- when you go to the beta male to complain about alpha female’s bossiness and “im the boss” attitude- he just nods in apparent agreement – but does NOTHING. The sad, empty eyes say it all. He has got a “work wife”. He may even play victim himself, all to your face, of course.

  63. I’ve been looking for a job and the process has made me think about my previous jobs in retrospect. I’ve realized that of all the jobs I’ve had, the ones I grew to hate had a female boss involved. And after googling a bit of the subject I come to this page and wow, so true. it was quite a revelation for me.
    I had a job interview two days ago, with a female manager who would be my boss. She fits the descrition given here like a glove. She was telling me how she was proud of the fact that a department was given to her to surpervise a year ago, then she turned the interview into a self complementary fest. She also said that it was surprising to her to see how many of those under her supervision just didn’t quite make it. Red alert right there. By the end of the interview, just the thought of working for her really made me uncomfortable. Now, with all that I’ve realized and from what I’ve read, no way I’m going there if I get an offer, which is very probable.
    I was happy in my previous job, and now that I think about it, I started to hate it the moment some changes were made because some women boss up the ladder thought she could fix something that wasn’t broken. Now, when I talk to some of my ex colleagues who are still there, it’s sad to know how miserable they are. So from now on, whenever I get an interview, this will definitely be something to watch out for and consider.

  64. White men, you inflated their egos and made them think they are better, smarter, and more deserving than men. You all let your women walk all over you. Black men are assertive, comfortable in their manhood and certain that they will get another woman. they have the confidence to let a toxic woman go. For all of your spoiling your women, they still secretly fantasize about black men. I know, my white coworkers admit to this. Women are attracted to strong men. When are you guys going to accept that and be that man. Now, these spoil, ego driven, over hyped women have turned the workplace into junior high school. You cant really ignore them because they form such a large, cohesive alliance. They should have never declared women as a minority group. We are half of the population, yet a minority group. Ridiculous. Men dont let power and authority inflate their ego and thereby decrease their reasoning skills. Women are too emotional for higher levels of mgmt. I would even argue even mid level mgmt. This is the atmosphere and work environment my 18 year old son has to look forward too? Jeesh!

  65. Let’s talk about something and make it really simple. You say all women are terrible bosses and leaders? Ok, well I hope you remember that every so called “great” empire/civilization that has ever existed has often been ruled by men, and has fallen (don’t pull some nonsense about how the ancient Egyptians fell while Cleopatra was reining, Egypt had already suffered from a lot of internal conflicts before she came into power. You can’t take one example of a time when a female failed to account for an entire sex of individuals). I do not think that a world where women and men keep bickering back and forth about which gender is better is a good one, I’m just merely pointing out that male leaders are not as perfect as you have painted them to be. Remember that the Mongol empire, often seen as seemingly great, survived for only around a century because the empire became too large and had weak rulers who could not consolidate power. The Timurid empire that succeeded the Mongols after it fell, was even weaker. Actually, many empires around the world, from Rome, to China, to the Aztecs, etc. have fell due to weak rulers who were all male. I am not saying that male rulers are inherently weak, yet women were often never given the opportunity to lead their countries simply because they were women.
    Everyone should be given equal opportunity regardless of race, gender, sexuality because a member of a minority could exist that would be fit for an excellent leader, but was not allowed this opportunity simply because of biological conditions outside of their control. You may argue that no, people of the lower class could not rise to power so couldn’t they have been a better ruler? But it goes deeper than that. In the Mongol Empire, Ghengis Khan rose to power and gained respect in society- and a women would have never been given respect by their male counterparts. In China, the Ming dynasty was created by a peasant in the same way- by gaining respect. Societies in the past were too intent upon keeping old-age oppressions in place, and it may have weakened the validity of their rule.
    Overall, I am not saying that men were never fit to rule a society and rather than women. I know that being the boss of a company is much different from ruling a country/ empire. Yet, you take the evidence of having a few bad female bosses (or never even having a female boss, and decide to perpetuate your hatred for women by creating lies about them) and use this to marginalize an entire gender of individuals. I can easily use the same amount of evidence as you have , or perhaps even more, to argue that men should never hold a position of power. But I won’t do that. Because I believe people deserve equal opportunities.

    1. That is the most misconstrued and ridiculous comment on here. ALL kingdoms rise and fall. It is an unchangeable fact, TUBER(how can anyone take your opinion serious with a name like TUBER?) They rose because of male leaders and fell for numerous reasons and certainly not because the leader was a man! Women leading armies in the middle east in biblical times? hahaha, stop, you r killin me. It had nothing to do with gender, BUT all of those kingdoms were great and had great leaders as well..MEN!

  66. Madeline Allbright. Margaret Thatcher. Angela Merkel. All were successful, which far from refuting this article, brings us to a sobering truth. The only women who can be even semi-competent in male dominated positions of leadership… are women you’d never want to fuck in the first place.

  67. There’s something that most men forget about when it comes to competitive successful productive businesses. It’s a little thing that can happen among a group of men that can move mountains. It’s called: comradery.
    You see, placing women within a group of men ruins the dynamic of men. Women as a whole cannot achieve comradery amongst themselves. They are incapable as a group. Men have this ability, and when it’s 100% men working together, a magical thing happens that they can get completely fired-up as a group and completely kick ass. Move mountains. So regardless of how “smart” a woman is, she has no place at all amongst men. Put a woman in charge of a group of manly men, potential for comradery will be destroyed.
    What women do not understand themselves, is having a woman tell you what to do is like have a child tell you what to do. Why? Because an adult can literally kill or beat a child if they wanted. A child is physically weaker and smaller. Therefore, no one wants to be bossed around or told what to do by another little human. Same goes for men. A man can literally kill a woman with his bare hands. So it is instinctive for a man to not want to be bossed around by a little female that he could kill with his own bare hands if he wanted.
    If I owned a company and there were no affirmative action EEO laws, I would have a policy of no women allowed. Period. They’ll turn your workplace into a high school.

  68. I have worked as a manager in Bank in India for nearly 32 years. Much of my career I had male bosses and female subordinates except once a female boss. . The culture in our Bank was quite different. Here we all work together and I had never come across any bitchy problems. In India are there more than half a dozen of banks which are lead by female CEO’s. The biggest bank of the country State bank of India is also headed by a woman. I think India Psyche is quite different because it was lead by a woman Prime Minister efficiently and ruthlessly for nearly 10 years. had never come across woman bullying woman.

  69. If you’ve worked with female leaders you no doubt by now know how mentally ill they are. They are disorganized, they don’t listen, they are always taking extra vacations, they don’t do much work, they do not listen. I’ve literally had nightmare interviews with female managers. One such nut scheduled an interview at 3:00 pm. When I arrived at 3:00 pm, she said I’m not kidding “I’m going out to dinner during your interview time.” This is proof that women are not mentally stable enough to be leaders and need to quit their job. Like Debbie Wasserman Shultz who was running a prison asylum with her fake craiglist campaign targeting trump.
    Further women are not intuitive or smart. There is no place for female managers. Or professionals. They rarely do a reasonable job. Ever.
    Many of them sexually harass people the very first time you meet them. One more than one occasion have female co workers spoken graphic sex in front of children. Or have bragged about feeling up peoples asses.
    It’s like they literally crazy women out of the prison into the real world when men were asleep.
    I can’t tell you the number of times that women pretend that they’re listening during interviews. To find they don’t even remember what job you applied for. Then make up something that isn’t real.
    Don’t ever believe that Hilary Clinton can run this country.
    If your a man don’t vote for her. She’ll destroy this country.

    1. There are smart women, but they don’t get the manager jobs. It’s hell for women, too, to work under women bosses. The women bosses I have had, are untrustworthy, and have no problem with lying. It’s all about how they look, their nails and hair, their office, etc.

  70. It would be good. If men could sleep with their female bosses. But my guess is it doesnt work that way

  71. Almost ALL of the leadership positions at the Veterans hospitals and clinics in Texas, are held by women, and they have been listed as the WORST rated V. A. facilities in the country. The V A problem has grown so bad that the top personnel(women,imagine that) had to be called before a congressional hearing as well as the social security administration women leaders , because of the total incompetence and lack of management. How can that be misconstrued, and not proof enough?

  72. I have a theory… I think female humans, generally speaking, tend to be more empathetic than their male counterparts, a trait that may be admirable in a friend but can be a liability in the professional world. To be an effective boss, you can’t be everyone’s friend, and you have to impose your will onto others. In order to do this, females try to silence the empathetic part of their brain, which can lead to coldness and cruelty. But to be a good boss, male or female, you have to strike a balance between empathy and authority, which is no easy task.

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