Bang It Forward

In today’s article, I will provide you with a recipe to exponentially increase your bangs.


  • 1 Main Male (yourself)
  • 1 Main Girl you are fucking (preferably imported)
  • 2-3 Friends that have game

Preparation Time

Usually 1 – 2 weeks. May be shorter or longer based your skill level and experience in the kitchen.


1. Dress the Main Male with the appropriate clothing. Next, head out and find the Main Girl you will be fucking. Make sure she has not spoiled yet, as continuing to fuck her over the course of several dates will require her to remain fresh for that period of time.

2. Run normal game, peel off the clothes and have sex with Main Girl. As always, some light force should be used to make sure to extract all the juices.

3. Continue pounding Main Girl over the course of a few days or weeks. After you have made her juice a few times, she will be nice and tender, allowing you to ask her about her single friends.

4. Set up Main Girl’s single friends with your aforementioned 2-3 Friends that have game. Be direct and ask her which one of her friends are slutty. She will not punish you for being bold.

5. Friends will bang Main Girl’s single friends, because (1) your Friends have game, and (2) your Friends are “vouched” for by Main Girl [see explanation below].

6. Hand Friends this recipe, and they will now cook for you.

Why This Works

Putting aside this allegory for a moment, there are two main reasons this works and works well. First, if you have correctly wooed the Main Girl, she will be smitten with you and wants to lock you down. Now whether or not you want that is a different story, but her desire remains nonetheless. So how does she do this? By pleasing you. When you request that she set up her friends with your friends, she will not hesitate to do so. The happier you are with her, the more likely you are to stay with her. Additionally, whether on a conscious or subconscious level she believes that as more of her friends and your friends integrate, the more difficult it will be for you to leave her. And what girl doesn’t love to play matchmaker?

The other main reason this works so well is because your friends are already “preapproved” by Main Girl. Her friends — using solely hamster logic — will believe that your friends are more trustworthy, safer, and less “creepy” than the random guy she meets online or at a bar. There is no reason for this logic, but then again when does logic come into play with females? As a result her friends will feel more comfortable going out with your friends. And if your friends have game, sex should follow very soon.

One piece of advice — do not try to flip this recipe right away. What I mean by that is do not try to make your friends be the cook and you the recipient. Give first, and reciprocation will soon follow. Bang it forward. And if it happens to involve a friend with little game or who does not get laid often, you can be sure he will thank you even more.


This is not just a theory of mine.  I have done this repeatedly throughout my life as both the provider and the recipient. Some examples include:

  • From one Main Girl, having my friends bang three of her friends, all on the first date. Including one within 15 minutes of meeting after being set up on the date.
  • From another Main Girl, her friend agreeing to anal sex with my buddy before meeting him (my claim to fame).
  • From my buddy’s girl, me going through several of her friends in a semester’s time.

And so on. As Snoop Dogg correctly points out in his song Ain’t No Fun (which ironically all girls love), “it ain’t no fun, if the homies can’t have none.”  While it may not be as rewarding or fun as a fresh double bang on both sides, knowing I just got a buddy laid with minimal effort on both our parts makes me feel like a genuine philanthropist.  And girls people say I’m not nice…

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41 thoughts on “Bang It Forward”

  1. So your friends bang her friends, then they ask them about their slutty friends, which you bang in addition to the main girl?
    The problem is that those last ones will likely know the main girl too so you may be discovered easily.
    … or you just meant only one iteration of the process?

    1. I think he’s basically saying you ride the train and have everyone come aboard. When the train stops you get off and board another. Brilliant.

      1. I must say it is an excellent recipe. I’ve done similar ones but the difference being, I got one of my girls to bang my friend on command. she desired to please me after pleasuring her and capturing her mind I got her obedience to my desires and wishes. So I told her to bang my friend and we tag teamed her. She’s fun to keep around for sex when I’m bored but nothing to keep permanently. I have to throw her back into the ocean with the rest of the fish eventually for someone else to catch.

        1. ” I have to throw her back into the ocean with the rest of the fish eventually for someone else to catch.”
          that someone would be a beta husband after she decides to be a “good” girl

        2. I would agree whole-heartedly. Unless he has game to control her, she won’t respect him and will walk all over him. There is nothing better than a submissive woman. She is worth her weight in gold.

        3. I would agree whole-heartedly. Unless he has game to control her, she won’t respect him and will walk all over him. There is nothing better than a submissive woman. She is worth her weight in gold.

        4. Tiny detail: submissive to what? and with what leftover? She will have alien habits if not conditioned fear of being so trusting again. I don’t think women stay submissive on the carousel. They harden some rationalization of experience as a safety filter to keep out all the Mr. Wrongs but simply slow down consumption of the same old type of men. Internalizing from beta to alpha is an evolutionary process, and perspective will change with eye-opening experiences.

        5. yep, a good girl who won’t have sex until they’ve been dating 3 months… and under no circumstances will she do anal, because that’s disrespectful to women.

  2. I’ve been reading this site on a near daily basis for a few months now, even sharing some of the articles with different people (from my baby brother to encourage him to get off of his ass and improve his game; to my mom to help her understand why virtually none of the women I’ve dated in the past several years have been American; to my feminist friends to piss them off [ironically, a few of them have fessed up to agreeing with much of some of them, including Matt Forney’s much beloved/hated piece on self-esteem on his own website]…. as a random fyi, a feminist friend told me last weekend that, ideologically speaking, she’s supposed to hate me, yet she finds me to be irresistibly charming. I then referred to myself as “the most charming chauvinist you’ll ever meet” 😀 )
    All that aside, while I love introducing my Guys Friends With Game to hot girls whom I know, this article, to me, is shit. On any given week, I generally meet anywhere from 2 to 5 new women (generally either Latina or Eastern European; for some reason, I almost always get along well with them, and I’m many times the only American in their social circles), such where it’s become a running joke with some of my friends where the question each week is something along the lines of, “What new women have you met, and what countries are they from?”
    All of that aside, I have never–ever–gone out with the intention of meeting women or hooking up. It has never been my deliberate plan to do so. Yet I still, on a general basis, have far more success than failure. I swear I’m not exaggerating when I say that I could up and travel to anywhere from the coast-to-coast in the US (NYC, DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, Atlanta, New Orleans, Seattle) to a plethora of countries in Latin America (Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela) to Western Europe (Finland, Germany, France, Spain Netherlands, Italy) to Africa (Moroccao and South Africa) to Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, Slovakia) and meet up with women whom I know. Not all would be romantic, but, so long as their single, I know that it’s a virtual done deal.
    While I agree with and appreciate most of what I read on here and similar websites, I surmise that the secret to my success despite actually going out with the intention of doing so is that my mindset is more laid back and thus genuine.
    A recent example from last weekend: I was hanging w some dude friends whom I hadn’t seen in ages in a swanky bar. We didn’t go out of our way to meet women as we wanted to catch up, yet much of our conversation was focused on sizing up the gals in the bar (“She has bitch face”; “Those girls over there are likely looking to score”; “I’d go talk to her, but I’d bet my bank account that she’s either a flagrant golddigger or has an std”….). Despite our keeping to ourselves, we ran into one of the groups of girls outside as we were leaving, and I talked 2 carloads of them into joining us at a late night afterparty on the other side of town. They agreed and one insisted that I ride w her in her friends car (her friend, the driver, freaked out when I climbed in the backseat, asking who I was. “I’m Viggo Mortensen”, I said in my best fake foreign accent).
    Turns out they were stuck-up, entitled jackasses, but so be it. I didn’t spend a dime on them, got a free ride to the afterparty, and they even paid my admission. As much as I’m sure they think I’m a dick for not treating them like princesses, I can almost guarantee you that if I see them again at that same bar where we met (which I frequent), that they’ll go out of their way to say hi to me.
    tl/dr: I only give a shit about whatever morals/ethics I ascribe to, and beyond that, I don’t give two shits about much. I also never cruise for women, yet I meet pushing a half-dozen new ones on any average week, and thus I find the over-the-top deliberateness of this article to be worthless, at least to me.

      1. Reading this took me not even 3 minutes, less than watching some cat videos on youtube.
        Writing “TLDR” is cool and all, but don’t complain about bitches nowadays and their attitude if you’re part of the problem.

    1. So basically you wrote this 7 paragraph digressive ego-stroke to say you don’t like the article. Cool bro.

      1. I make no apologies for being verbose; and, of course I’m boasting that my game isn’t so lame that I have to resort to being disingenuous to reap positive results on a regular basis.

        1. Their displeasure is justified: posting low information density walls of text is annoyingly self-indulgent. Be happy they’re complaining. That means they want to read what you’re writing, homes! Don’t be a bitch. Be concise, respect your readers.

      1. I wrote it to demonstrate that not everyone in the so-called manosphere embraces articles espousing lame-ass methodologies such as that above.
        We know what we’re doing well enough that we don’t need some bulleted checklist of sorts to help us bang a girl who, by any reasonable standard, is easy to begin with.

        1. One of the primary staples of this site is discussing game. If you think it’s an irrelevant topic because you “already have it all figured out” then why visit.

  3. In order to try this, I have to unplug my friends & convince them to cold approach so that they can learn game. Difficult. I need new friends.

  4. I’ve been doing this some at my college! It makes me supremely happy to see this information put into writing. I shall forward this article to all my bros with game.

  5. And it was just a few months ago that I got roasted for suggesting (in response to the “Don’t bother trying to teach your friends Game” post) that guys can influence girls to bang their friends.
    Glad to see that our thinking continues to evolve here.

  6. This historical progress of Game:
    Tactics (one-liners)
    Battle Strategy (inner game)
    True Strategy (meta-level organization)

  7. pffft, what? I hope you guys get locked up if you don’t get consent first. Remember, the default starts at “no”.

  8. Too advanced for me (for now) and most readers, I dare say, but brilliant. Total alpha advantage in a feedback loop. Not sustainable, but who cares? Patriarchy is so natural from the countermovement to women’s lib. The strategy reminds me of sharing via a Bittorent swarm, but no direct sharing (the way I’d like it, but maybe I will adapt, who knows?). Do we need a name for this? “Bang it forward” is pretty funny. Formation Stacking? (pilots/wingmen + spinning plates)

  9. All my friends are too cowardly to approach any women. They resort to Facebook poking. For this to work, I will have to find new friends.

  10. This strategy ONLY works if your friends have major game, and the chick has single friends worthy of one’s friends (i.e. they are at least a 7) who are single. Otherwise, a lame post on the part of the author.

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