There’s No Need For Men To Worry About Monogamy

The concept of being monogamous has traditionally been associated with women while men have been cast as the villains of relationships, as the polygamists.

As we all know well, barring any unusual circumstances, testosterone is at much higher levels in men than women and biologically we are hardwired to want to have sex with women (like all mammals) to continue the human race.  The indisputable fact is men are biologically different, and as a result of growth from this difference, psychologically different to women.

The PC Bandwagon

An often discussed sense of entitlement has used political correctness to change how female infidelity has been framed. With the media’s only goal being to garner views or sell units, any expansion of political correctness are fully welcomed, as with this expansion comes more opportunities to highlight ‘shocking’ stories of, for example, male infidelity. Because women tend to absorb fiction, these stories are lapped up by them and used to justify their beliefs about male attitudes towards monogamy and in turn, what is acceptable for themselves to do.

The net result of this is the normalization of female infidelity, based on a perception of all male attitudes towards the same subject, dismissing any possibility a modern male may indeed have their own principles on monogamy.  The entire male consciousness is aggregated into a single sweeping presupposition for females to do as they wish. This gets reinforced daily by the media buy in, with women portraying themselves as helplessly buffeted victims of the uncontrollable libido whirlwind of adulterous men.

We see this victim mentality manifested all the time, in every aspect of the media and in our own lives.  Starting from tired entertainment storylines of female focused love triangles, the burnt out clichés of women having extra marital affairs or in the case of no marriage, the disguise of unauthentic behaviour; the effect begins to filter through into our real lives, all the while the pretense being masqueraded as an excuse for women to justify to themselves and their peers that they are not sluts.

If a man is to cheat in a relationship, it is because he is a cold, heartless, animalistic beast; ‘how could he do that to her’, ‘she never deserved that’ etc.  When the roles are reversed however, with the woman cheating on the man, even if there appears to be no substantial grounding upon which to exonerate themselves, women probe for rationale; ‘we’ve been having some problems’, he was working late a lot’, ‘I’ve been under a lot of stress recently’, ‘I just don’t love him any more’.  Anything they can attach themselves too, that alleviates the nagging self acknowledgement they just wanted to fuck someone else, because they think men are doing nothing else but this.

Real Life


I have been fortunate enough to have developed my level of game to a reasonable level; mostly day game through a long learning process beginning a few years ago and I humbly present to you, these real world examples I have personally experienced;

  • A girl I met on a foreign training based course, who had been in a two year plus long distance relationship, who after one date initially hesitated to kiss me.  After this barrier had been passed soon after on our next date however, I was quickly invited for a weekend of sex back in her country, with her having no intention of leaving her boyfriend after as in her own words, she ‘just wanted to be fucked’.  It transpired two other men had recently also recently been invited to this weekend arrangement before me.
  • A woman I’d met who went from telling me how distraught she was over her husband telling her he wanted a divorce earlier that week; so distraught she was fellating me and fucking me that same night to console herself.
  • Another woman who during our first ‘friendly drink’ suggested we have the day before, decided to tell me in detail over two hours how although things were difficult between her and her husband , she loved him and their kids ‘very much’.  Shortly afterwards, she had drove me home, where we fucked in a variety of positions, calling me ‘babe” as she came again.  She then drove home with a smile on her face, to tell her husband what a great ‘yoga class’ she’d had that night.
  • The sudden agreement of a girl to come and visit me from my previous country, after a couple of my previous suggestions to do this were refused on the basis of ‘my boyfriend’ – turns out although they are still together, they’d had an argument and I quote; she “’didn’t give a fuck anymore.’  On arrival, it seemed to be quite the opposite as we didn’t even make it to the bedroom before me being deep inside her.
  • An immigrant girl from Poland I met, who had been single-handedly taught language, assisted in finding a job and provided for / housed by her partner of over seven years, free of charge upon her arrival in the country who; after she told me she ‘hadn’t been fucked like that since high school’, explained to me she did this with me as her friends had suggested to her it’s ‘a good idea’ to have a lover, alongside her saviour boyfriend.
  • A girl I’d met at the gym, who after our second date suggested we go back to my place.  After her 6th orgasm, she let slip; ‘Oh God, what if my husband also wants to have sex with me tonight’ – further questioning revealed she was planning on leaving him but ‘wanted to stay friends as he means so much to me’.  So much I found, she also already was fucking another guy (also married).

I could go on as these are just a selection of personal experiences.  No doubt you’ll have had also seen examples while running game.

The Media Gravy Train


Therein lies the problem for our female counterparts; they are doing what they are told they ‘should do’, rather than searching within themselves for what they genuinely want to do (as every person should).  Part of these unspoken feminist-driven rules is ‘cheating is bad’.  With the help of the media, feminist thought has normalised the popular ‘rules’ of the dating game, amongst which now include;

  • It’s ok to ‘date’ multiple men at the same time (this includes fucking them).
  • You have no commitment to anyone if you are ‘seeing’ (read ‘fucking’) someone – this word intentionally chosen by women because of its ambiguity.
  • If you are in what has been announced as a ‘serious’ relationship, should the man not reach a certain standard in any one area (such as fucking her at the frequency she sets, solely organising original & enough ‘bonding’ activities for the relationship, the man occasionally desiring time to himself or with friends etc), the women is permitted a ‘grace fuck’, whereby should she choose to fuck someone else, the blame shall lie solely with the man in the area of his ‘failure’ and he should forgive her, with the promise of improving in said area.
  • If at any point, the relationship is agreed to be over, the woman may then immediately do whatever she likes with whoever, with the new involvement being given a rationalising label (rebound, shoulder to cry on, etc), where no judgement shall be passed upon her prior efforts within the previous relationship.  Inversely, should a man do exactly the same, his commitment to the relationship shall be questioned to the point of his new involvement being implicated as a cause of failure in the previous relationship, as it is unthinkable the honourable female would not have been entirely committed to the relationship (regardless of who she is fucking immediately after it ends).
  • If afterwards, the man should wish to rekindle the relationship after a break up, he must prove himself with at least double the efforts required by any other man.  During this second dating period (as with any dating period) it is permissible for the woman to continue to sleep with whoever she chooses.  In the event of an official relationship reconciliation, the woman is permitted an undefined amount of time to conclude her sexual dalliances with any other men, which may include departing sexual relations where required.

…and this list could go on.  Although these prior points may seem almost contractual in their nature, this is what the modern man is up against; the end game of consistently self serving feminine emulation of natural male behaviour.

Female Perception

During my own journey from blinded, naive romantic to hardened red pill realist, the one thing I have noticed time and time again is the futility of monogamy; providing you are honest / stealthy enough, the ultimate outcome of your relationship will remain the same.

Regardless of the bravado displayed by some men, there will inevitably be some sort of relationship in your life that has more of an emotional effect on you, wanted or not.  It’s at this point where the small part of you still believing in the concept of romantic love and may begin to make you question your approach to monogamy, whether it be disposing of your harem or even just committing yourself to dating one woman.  You’ll feel inclined to do this, as it’s been subconsciously foisted upon us in society as being a foundation of a successful relationship.

In my experience, most women will officially end the relationship before fucking anyone else.  That’s not to say they won’t have done anything at all with someone else before the officialise the breakup with you, as they’ll need some sort of spur, which the vast majority of the time will be them knowing some replacement cock is lined up, ready to go because they’ve kissed someone or someone has made it patently clear they’ll fuck her.  Because of the combination of the media and modern peer expectations, when it comes to sex, women love it just as much as men, but for very different reasons – it’s the ultimate form of validation & a great way to fit in with ‘the girls’ melodrama.

Counterbalancing Technicalities


Unless you’re fucking oblivious or at best, only beginning to discover red pill philosophy, you may have observed subscribing to this profile of a ‘good man’ tends to result in a unattractive package for men; essentially living as a machine giving away everything you earn, with barely any time to pursue your own interests under duress of being a ‘responsible’ man, whose main interest is those permitted as in line with your partner, minus something innocuous such as a sport, to prevent complete psychosis and /or revolt.

I can state without reservation; do not feel guilty for these thoughts & desires.  Do the opposite and embrace them.  Because whatever you do to yourself in restraint will not be seen or appreciated by the person you feel you are doing it for, as any belief that you may be an individual thinker trying to do what you think is right, will be washed aside and replaced by the tar-brushed assumption that you are ‘only a man’ & ‘all men are the same’.  So go forth and do what needs to be done to ensure you are bringing someone into your life, that adds something more than a pussy into your world.

And if you ever have doubts or need a further spur to take this type of affirmative action for the benefit of yourself, remember that 95% of women are not only scrutinising and comparing you while they are in a relationship, they are always actively keeping backup options as ‘friends’ until the day comes when they ‘just don’t think it’s working anymore’ with you, coincidentally enough when they realised there’s a different cock waiting for them.

When this day happens, do you want to be the person wondering why you spent all this time devoted to this person who has been mentally fucking other people practically since you’ve been with her, or the person who realises they did the right thing by prioritising their own needs over a fallacy of ‘being a good man’ in the eyes of those who are not men, but took it upon themselves to decide what you wanted to be?

I thought so.  So no need to worry about monogamy.

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106 thoughts on “There’s No Need For Men To Worry About Monogamy”

  1. I thought this was an on-the-whole balanced treatment of a complex topic without over-emotionalizing it or demonizing anyone here (too much). Good show, Unjaded.

  2. I realized a while ago that men can find “feminist” arguments to justify all manner of bad behavior in relationships.

    1. It’s funny because “feminists” should be the last ones giving out relationship advice. They are emotionally, spiritually and physically bankrupt and incapable of long-term commitment hence unsuitable for monogamy and successful marriage. A family should be a functional unit that every member contributes and perform expected duties, responsibilities and roles.
      Feminists or misandrists are reaping what they’ve sown.

      1. Their sole purpose in life is to prove that you are worth less than the dirt under their shoes. Yea, kind of hard to build a long time relationship on that..

    1. I’ve got to admit (without trying to sound emotional…lol) that I find this state of affairs sad, too, even though I am red pill aware.
      I think most men still want to and believe in marrying a good girl and settling down with her; however, realizing that such is highly unlikely is what makes many/most men sad about the state of affairs.
      Of course, I believe it’s in men’s nature to want a good woman and a family to protect, and perhaps that’s why it’s so difficult in accepting the selfish nature of women and adapting to the current state of affairs that promote, reward, and protect such behavior from women.

      1. It’s not just women. A deeper underlying issue than blue pill men being naive about women, is their naivete about government. Even many self avowed red pillers still lap up the drivel about government being some sort of useful institution that should in some fashion be respected. Of course, never pausing to recognize that this is what both enables and encourages both the behavior they loathe in women, and their own difficulty in realizing their truest aspirations as men.

        1. My comment extends to what you said, not just the women thing, but gov/society in general. Being only 23 and with the red pill successfully down my throat (at least I think so), it can be a little discouraging to gain the notion that you are being trapped by all sides.
          Game and red pill gave me huge eye opening benefits in terms of inner game, confidence as a man, boundary setting and working towards self-improvement. But then you see the ugly side of the truth, and existence becomes heavier. Maybe I should quit the Camus and Hume.

        2. Some truths once seen can not be unseen. Continue the Camus and Hume as continuing self improvement. But branch out and have some fun. Don’t look back; look forward.

  3. You nailed it. This is exactly what this society expects of men: “…essentially living as a machine giving away everything you earn, with barely any time to pursue your own interests under duress of being a ‘responsible’ man, whose main interest is those permitted as in line with your partner, minus something innocuous such as a sport, to prevent complete psychosis and /or revolt.”
    If that’s what it takes to be married, I guess I never will be.
    I see men living like this all around me. It’s a terrible way to go through life. Essentially, men who do this are transforming themselves into a worker bee to try and please the queen. But the women I see them with aren’t worthy of being a queen. Everywhere I turn I see men settling for dumpy, ugly, deranged, and/or malicious females, and putting a ring on it. The women get a free (or heavily subsidized) ride through life, and in exchange the men get to become a slave, all in exchange for occasonal use of the female anatomy. (Incidentally, I read a report yesterday that said 60% of couples have sex just once or twice a month, and 20% of people don’t get any at all! So, the exchange is even more lopsided in favor of the female than it would seem!)
    Women today can’t even fulfill their biological and marital roles as part of the deal: having kids, raising them, and being a good wife that takes care of her husband.
    It’s no surprise that these men are usually miserable. Worse, you can’t tell them that you’ve figured out a way to escape this insanity, because they’ll quickly move to pop (more like stab with a bloody dagger) the bubble you’re living in and try to drive you out of it. It’s a great example of Crab Mentality in action. (If I can’t have it, neither can you!)

    1. These men still believe in the fairy tale fantasy that they’ve been raised to beleive. Years and years of conditioning is difficult to overcome.
      As red pill as I am, I sometimes slip back into my blue pill ways, always regretably. Maybe it’s because blue pill life is easier and more comforting. Who knows. But I remember a post here on ROK that showed a survey where men still want to get married in today’s PC climate where everything’s stacked against men.
      The thing is men still yearn for settling with a woman even though it’s not in their interest to do so. And perhaps that’s so because of natural inclination or deep effective social conditioning.
      And I agree that red pill wisdom will not be accepted by blue pill men. So it’s best to keep your mouth shut.

      1. Men yearn to settle because their ancestors with genes predisposing them to yearn to settle, was more successful in rearing progeny than men of a flightier genetic makeup.
        Settling, allows you to focus your energy on something more materially, hence over time militarily, beneficial than gaming women or constantly fighting other men over them. Your kids are fed and raised by your woman, as long as you manage to provide sustenance and security. Of course, all that goes to hell once you decide to unilaterally lay down your arms, because some yahoo with a government title claims he “is going t take care of you.” Which, of course, is newspeak for squeezing out of you everything you’ve got, now that you are no longer in a position to effectively say no.

      2. In my experience, Blue Pill Betas are just as vicious as the cattiest females. It’s almost as if they’re more chick than dude, at least, in their actions. They’ll put the dagger in your back fast.

    2. I think this Crab Mentality (“if I can’t have it, neither can you”), is in part responsible for the draconian criminalization of male sexuality in the US.
      I suspect, these pathetic miserable married chumps, get a kick of throwing a 17-yr old boy in jail, because he had sex with his 16 yr old girlfriend. The frustrated losers can’t stand the idea that some kid is getting some, while they are too fat to see their own dick, and their whale wife barks at them all day long.

      1. You’re absolutely right. That, along with a streak of Puritanism and misandry explains most of it. It’s amazing how much this culture seems to hate men.

        1. You mean, how much this culture hates Alpha Men! Well, it hates Betas as well, but that hate is usually masked under some sanctimonious abortion masquerading as love.

        2. Yah, its just sooo hard to be a man, especially a white man! i mean its a miracle any of us made it through all the hardships and managed to overcome all the obstacles. if only we could be women, than we’d have it easy…(heavy heavy sarcasm)

  4. Good post here. Confirms a lot of things I see creeping up in conversation with women I know, behavior I see, etc.
    As much as I enjoy catting around with a few chicks at the same time, I think – if I’m really honest – I’d like to have a badass monogamous relationship instead. Just not sure how possible that is, as these halcyon days pass us by.

    1. You’re not the only one. You know, it’s almost cute, to see articles like this one crafting exquisite edifices of rational arguments against Western women and their sad state, only to conclude that, for all the alpha talk and the post-masculine posturing, we all are looking for somebody who “adds something more than a pussy into (y)our world”.
      To which, dear man of Anglo-Italian descent (the OP), you may well say that men should not feel guilty about not wanting to be monogamous. Indeed, may a high tide of the “WTF is wrong with me” sense of guilt engulf any man of sane mind and good heart who hasn’t found, at least once or twice in his life, an excellent reason to go monogamous.

      1. Actually the article was aimed at those who may feel guilty with such feelings, and shouldn’t, because of the extreme lack of people who believe men may in fact be individual and have their own opinions on such things.
        The intention is to illuminate those who may not see the current situation and then, change themselves to take full advantage of it.

      2. Actually the article was aimed at those who may feel guilty with such feelings, and shouldn’t, because of the extreme lack of people who believe men may in fact be individual and have their own opinions on such things.
        The intention is to illuminate those who may not see the current situation and then, change themselves to take full advantage of it.

  5. Cliff notes of a true story:
    I was at a Naples, FL Applebees late one night in 2011, after hiking for 4 days in the Everglades.
    Wearing a wifebeater and raggedy shorts I struck up a conversation with two ridiculously sexy 40+ year old(shocking, but true) women at the bar. Both with bodies as tight as any 20 year old(yep, I still don’t believe it-no drunk glasses on-I wasn’t even drinking). Before they leave one starts kissing me right there at the bar and I follow them outside into the parking lot towards their hotel. We don’t make it into the hotel and start having sex right there in the lot. At one point DURING, the blond tells me that I should teach her husband how to fuck. I’m mortified and end it right there. Find out one is married with kids and the other one is only married.
    That’s game over for me. I have better things to do than screw married women. Karma and all.
    The kicker and the thing I will still remember on/in my death bed/ditch? I’m walking back to their hotel after I stopped and one asks me if I’m married. I tell her no and they ask me if I have ever been in love. Once again no, and they seem very upset.
    They are upset, I realize the next day, that……………….wait for it……………………..that I have never found my one and only who will fuck some random guy in the parking lot of an Applebees on a whim. Bitches have absolutely no idea what they are which is the driving force to make me go my own way.

    1. Too bad it was the next day, answering “Married? So she’ll fuck random guys in parking lots?” would have been awesome !

      1. The response to that could have been epic, whatever it would have been.
        I can tell you though 100% that there would have been 2 dead hamsters.

    2. Dig deeper, man. They were upset because the evening was a complete, utter failure, from their perspective. They were judged, shamed and rejected – everything a woman hates. They were trying to salvage some sort of validation out of the situation. “Oh, he’s in love with somebody else, can’t blame me for that!” or “Oh, he was married to a cheating whore, no wonder he’s so sensitive about that.”

      1. Correct. They were seeking validation from cock. “I’m still hot. Men still want to fuck me.” They derive all of their agency from their attractiveness to males nad they panic at the notion of that power evaporating.

      2. Upset in the sense they felt bad for me….”Awe poor baby”
        An idea was hatched at the hotel entrance that I get a room at the same place, order a bottle and wait for them. I nixed that too.
        It was funny-they said before I left that I “never should forget them.” I replied immediately that it is they that never should forget me. They both looked at me like are you f’n kidding us? I looked right back as if to say I’ve never been more serious in my life.
        They looked a bit confused to say the least

      1. Dear Penthouse,
        My story happened outside in the back of an Applebee’s on a hot spring night. I was initially concerned that people would walk by or cars would drive by, however……………….

    3. I’m going to pick up on something you mentioned in passing yet that is important re: the current fucking/dating scene. While you don’t mention your age, from the way you speak of it, it seems that these 40+ women were older than you. This, my friend, should be a no-go for all Western men–fucking older women. Now, I’m a generation x man, 37, and I notice that millenials seem strangely drawn to older women at a far greater rate than guys of my generation. I don’t know if it’s momma issues, or what, but it’s time to cut this shit out. You are sending the WRONG message to these older wanna-be sluts. In every country where MEN are actually men and are not pussy-whipped, they date younger women, as their biology naturally prompts them to do. Only in Western countries (or highly Westernized cities in Asia, Latin America, etc.), where all too often women are running the show, do we find the roles reversed. Notice on online dating sites all these 40 year olds looking for men from 20 to 40….Now, I understand that some older women have nice bodies still, and that some young guys just want a guaranteed easy fuck, but think about the bigger picture–in America, every time a 25 year old man bangs a 40 year old woman, he is furthering their power in this already deeply fucked up (women’s rampant obesity, unchecked materialism, overblown sense of their own hotness, etc.) “market.”

      1. Only a loser cares who total strangers are fucking. What’s wrong, the 40 yo women here don’t want you either?

    4. Dude Ive had married men tell me the exact same thing. Men have been at this game for ages. Welcome to equality, bitch! Lol

  6. The problem is that the girls who don’t reject your advances are pretty much the worst of the lot. If it’s that easy to get them to agree to “see you”, it’s going to be just as easy for anybody else. The ones who will be faithful are the ones who don’t hesitate in cutting you or ignoring you or even running away from you for even daring to speak to her without first being introduced. I think girls from good families are taught by their parents to be naturally unfriendly to strange men. The ones who have suppressed that instinct or are lacking that instinct are the ones you need to be careful of, since they’ve probably dealt with a lot of strange men to be able to do so.

    1. “I think girls from good families are taught by their parents to be naturally unfriendly to strange men.”
      I know a decent amount of good girls from good families* and they’re almost all friendly. They weren’t going to put out on date 3 but they were friendly. (I know plenty of sluts from good families too and they vastly outnumber the good ones)
      *They’re all married and most are popping out kids

      1. It’s not really the good family bit you should be paying attention to. It’s how they treat strangers. Wariness around strange men is a positive trait in a girl, because it shows that she’s not comfortable with dealing with unfamiliar men or even men in general, which by extension means that she’s probably not a loose woman.

        1. Women have just as much right to be loose with their sexuality as men do. They do not deserve to be called sluts just for participating in the exact same behaviour that men are applauded for. How do you people not see the double-standard?

    2. That’s a nice tidy little equation that unfriendly = chaste …. but life is not that simple
      Like Bullitt says, there are many “good girls” — the type who want serious relationships and wait until date 6 for sex — who are quite courteous and friendly toward talkative men.
      And there are many sluts & whores, who will be very unfriendly to most men and not respond to anything most men say — unless she considers the guy in the top 5% of attractive men and unless he has a lot of value in her eyes.
      Sorry to shoot down your little mental shortcut.

      1. If you want fidelity where you aren’t prepared to reciprocate, I suggest you date down. Ugly women don’t have as many options.

  7. This is a great expose. But I wish the language could be toned down for the benefit of people I wish to share it with. For Blue Pill men, the strong language undermines the article’s credibility.

    1. If they can’t handle this because of the language, they are not ready and they are not men yet.

    2. The main takeaway that I think was valuable, is the over-dramatization of male infidelity, when women are just as guilty. Women cheat all the time and yes, they get to blame it on the guy without anyone criticizing them. But at the end of the day, I can’t get behind the idea of monogamy being outdated or pointless. I never plan to cheat on my boyfriend, I can safely say I never will.

  8. I think this was right on target. I am old. In my forties and divorced and I can say that this behavior only gets worse as everyone wants a seat before the music stops but no one wants to pick a chair in case a better one becomes open. Especially divorced ones who dont want to make another mistake or not get the hunky millionaire they were promised in the romance novels.
    Works in your favor if you can overcome the notion that you “must” have a committed relationship to be happy, so to speak.
    Maybe that is so, maybe not. Up to you decide what you want and like. Just saying from where I sit I see the percentages of that being successfully accomplished dwindling by the day in our times. I’ve shifted primary focus to just enjoying chicks, having fun and not taking any of it serious. It’s just girls, not life or death. If something more comes up, I’ll decide then.
    In regards to prior married life, I was with her about fourteen years and was on the receiving end of all the drama, heartache and outrageousness that gets written about. Do I feel like a dupe for being faithful and dependable? Sure do some days. On the whole though, I played it according to my personal standards and I walked away with clean hands. (And emptier pockets). Wouldn’t do it again, least not involving the state or the law. I took my hit for the team/society, now I’m all about me. Though I can do that and still be compassionate to people and “do no harm.” Self interest doesn’t mean you have to be destructive to others, even retards and sluts.

  9. If someone tells you “it’s the right thing to do!”,
    you should ask yourself who would benefit from it. Is it you, or is it “society”, aka. women.
    cui bono.

  10. A player attracting slutty women, then saying “See? I told you all women are sluts!”
    Really isn’t logic.
    It is like-seeking-like…
    There are men and women like this everywhere…
    Am I disgusted by it? Yes.
    Do I think every single man and woman are afflicted with this?
    No, absolutely not.
    If you go looking for theses men and women, you WILL find each other.
    For every one of these women the author made it back home with, there were 10 that didn’t even glance his way…
    But that wouldn’t make a very interesting story, now, would it 🙂

    1. If you never take the trash out, it doesn’t take too long before your place start stinking. And then, before too long, before trash fill up your entire place, and there is room for nothing else. In our dystopia, you’re hardly even allowed to take the trash out; since the only scum still decently armed, legitimizes themselves by claiming to be in the trash protection business.
      In any society with any claim to be even remotely civilized, no man would have any obligation whatsoever towards some whore plying her trade in some Applebee’s parking lot. With him expected to foot the bill. She obviously no longer loves AND honors him; hence it’s not just his right, but also his duty to those around him, to ensure the “love and honor until death does us apart” vow still applies. And to recognize that all those preventing such elementary religious practice, are exactly why Jihad type doctrines were revealed to at least some prophets.

    2. “If you go looking for theses men and women, you WILL find each other.”
      It’s quite the opposite actually, faithful nice guys are far more likely to get cheated on than bad boys.
      “For every one of these women the author made it back home with, there were 10 that didn’t even glance his way…”
      Should we praise those 10 for that? If not now, 8 of them will do it later, and happily rationalize it afterward.

      1. I wouldn’t praise the 10 for being faithful…
        To me, that is what we are expected to do.
        And I know that this is what the article was about (rationalizing away infidelity), I was pointing out that these 10 women are ten that WON’T stray.
        The point I was making is that the men looking for the loose women WILL find them. The world is filled with both good and bad.
        Go looking for either and you are sure to find it…

        1. “I was pointing out that these 10 women are ten that WON’T stray.”
          Then you’re still pretty naive. There’s not 10 completly faithful women for 1 unfaithful one.
          “The point I was making is that the men looking for the loose women WILL find them.”
          Problem is, being a loose woman is socially accepted, so the numerous “loose women” convince the few remaining good girls that it is okay to act like them.

        2. You are right, I don’t know the ratio of faithful to unfaithful women… I was making a broad generalization about the other women the author would not have met.
          One point I want to make very clearly is that loose women do NOT convince the nice girls that it is OK to act like that…
          For me, as an example, every time I run across a “friend” who shows lose morals like this, I quickly disassociate with her or him.
          I’ve had friends in high school who did drugs, and never said to myself, “well, I guess I should do drugs then.”
          Instead, I disassociated with them.
          As my mother always said, “if so and so jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge, would you do it too?”
          No, our values are set early in life, hopefully, and seeing some PUA or slut should not turn “a few remaining good girls” into sluts…
          They should only make us more and more determined to speak our peace in forums where we get any chance at all…
          To talk to our young ones we can influence all we can about how vile the Jersey Shores, Teen Mom, etc are for us…
          More than anything, to show by our own behavior…

        3. Actually there are some numbers on it, I’ve seen at least 2 different numbers on infidelity, both above 50% for women. One of the reports:

          – bear in mind also that these figures tends to be underreported, as people still feel infidelity is “wrong” (- it is, btw..), so numbers are more likely higher.
          So in short, we “all” have ample anecdotal evidence, now also supported by scholarly reports and studies, to support the statements that a majority (above 50%..) of women WILL cheat on you.
          My first post here ever btw, funny thing, as I am happily married (15 years), and am 99.999% sure my wife has never been unfaithful (but also recognize why that is).

        4. Where exactly are you getting these numbers from that you seem so certain about? There may well be 10 faithful women for every 1 unfaithful, However, since you’ve conducted no studies you really can’t say either way can you? As for the ‘loose women’ this is pathetic, you are on this site because you want to pickup women, you want them to go home with you and then what, you turn around and call them sluts? For giving you what you wanted? And why is your loose behaviour above reproach? pathetic.

    3. Spengler’s Universal Law of Gender Parity, the men and women of every place and every time deserve each other.

  11. Fuck it, make 20 mil and leave for over man, game more problems..thing is how to get there..hmm..

  12. > You’ll feel inclined to do this, as it’s been subconsciously foisted upon us in society as being a foundation of a successful relationship.
    You realize when you write stuff like this, you’re sounding just like the feminists with all their “social construct” talk.

    1. Bullshit.
      When feminists spout their nonsense, e.g., that the preference for slim women is purely a “social construct”, science disproves them.
      When this article mentions that society pushes monogamy, the data backs him up (search Lexis-Nexis and see pop-culture chick flicks). And the author also DOES NOT make the claim that monogamy has no biological basis.

  13. I’ve been saying this my whole life it feels like! Scandal is the number one show for women on television and the entire thing is about a man and his side piece basically no matter how you attempt to “class” it up. I can’t really blame the people that make these shows because they’re in it for the money and women will keep on with their horse shit which is why it’s important for men or take control of our own lives and be a little selfish. We’re constantly told to think in terms of “we” and “us”. From marriage, kids, heck even work. This article is a well articulated piece of advice!

  14. Man, I wish I had found this site years ago….
    Reading this article has really highlighted a lot of my mistakes in the past.
    Before I go on, I will share that I am married (happily), to a woman that didn’t give me the time of day in high school (at least not sexually.. we were friends). Two kids later, i’m good enough for her. I understand that while she claims there are other reasons for this turnaround (learning what she actually wanted, some changes in me, etc), one of those reasons for wanting to be with me is the fact that I am willing to be a father to her second son of a previous marriage. I love my wife, and (adopted) son, they are wonderful to be around. I am quite fond of my stepson, frustrating as he is. My wife is one of my best friends, and I am glad that I get to be with her. But do not take this as justification of keeping my eyes closed… I know that if my wife had never had her two children, she wouldn’t have given me a shot. I know that this is probably not the best basis for a marriage, but I couldn’t face the truth…
    I took the blue pill.
    Now before people start shaking their heads, know that I have my own issues. I validated my existence (as the media has defined for us) by whether or not I was married. If a woman wanted me, and allowed me to sleep with her, I was someone to be desired, and in turn someone who could like himself. I spent every day until I was 21 wanting to be with someone romantically. I did this so much that I would outright IGNORE opportunities for meaningless relationships or one night stands. I’m only now realizing my mistake.
    I know this is getting long, but here is the cliff notes story of my first relationship.
    I fell for a younger girl (4 years to be exact) who was just getting out of high school. She was really into me, and we fucked a lot. I felt like I was a real man then, not just some boy pretending. I did what any man was supposed to do, or what I was taught that they do..
    I gave her everything. I cut myself off from all of my female friends because she was jealous. I spent less and less time with my closest male friends because she didn’t like them and wanted to spend all her time with me. I spent ridiculous amounts of money (that I should have been saving) on restaurants, gifts, gas, dates, and any other thing I thought would make her happy. I became a willing slave to her desires because I had it in my head that I was defined by what a woman thought of me.
    Naturally, she fucked a random guy on spring break and shared his picture with a bunch of people at a club the next week… She validated this by saying “we were having problems”, as above. And bragged about how “hot” this other guy was…
    I told her she wasn’t worth the oil it would take to burn her alive, and she put a restraining order on me. See, the judge agreed that statements like mine were dangerous. I mean, i’ve never lit anyone on fire before, nor have I suffocated them after claiming they weren’t worth the air they were breathing, but in our modern society it doesn’t matter. I’m a man, I am bad.
    She went to the judge for one reason… because she now had proof (at least in her eyes) that I was irrational and abusive. Every time someone asked why we broke up, she could point to the restraining order and garner the sympathy she wanted while glossing over the other man’s cock inside her. It’s been 7 years since this took place, and i’m over it. But every now and again I think about it, and a familiar pang hit me. That feeling of being worthless, or garbage, because someone that I allowed to validate my existence cast me aside. It is the folly of man to seek refuge in the embrace of a woman.
    So learn from my mistakes all you younger, hopefully wiser men. I’m glad to see there is someone out there calling bullshit.

    1. A story that is much more common than people will admit. If this is not MY story, it’s because I barely dodged a bullet through fate. A girl (sexy Mexican/Irish) that I was “in love” with for two years in law school showed no interest in me, until she contracted genital HPV, THEN she fell in love with me. Yah, no thanx. Another one that I was crazy enough to propose marriage to turned me down because I had not passed the Bar yet and was broke (although she claimed she still loved me). She married someone else and I hear she is making his life miserable. It’s through the sheer lottery of life that I discovered Roosh and the Red Pill community just in time, so I cannot point fingers or throw stones.

      1. If you’re not a virgin, you have HPV too. 90% of the world has it at some point in their lives.
        The only reason you’ve never been diagnosed with it is that there is no male test. I’m sure I have it too.

    2. Isolation is a common prerequisite for gaining psychological control over someone. A lot of chicks try to do this, unconsciously even. I believe it has to do with her lizard brain attempting to monopolize the man’s resources and resource potential for herself and future offspring. Hence chicks also press heavily for marriage at a certain point, and get baby rabies later in life.
      This is not all chicks though. Sure they all want resources and in their thirties get the baby rabies, etc. but there are a number of women you can meet that are not sociopaths that will attempt to isolate you from family and friends.
      They will still use you though. But that is not necessarily bad or intentionally malevolent on their part. Men get resources for themselves, but throughout most of human history women have received resources through their men.
      In the grand scheme of things we all use people for the things we want. I use my friends for companionship. I use my employees for labor. My kids use me for providing them sustenance. However this is not harmful using as each provides something to the other in return, be it a fun time fishing, a paycheck or hugs. It’s only harmful if there is no reciprocation of equivalent value over time.
      Things go south when you are not mindful of this balance. When you offer much and ask for little you position yourself to be taken advantage of by an unscrupulous woman. I think most guys learn this lesson once or twice the hard way.

      1. Beautifully written, and the damn truth about how we are as human beings. Wish I could give you more votes on this one.

    3. Great tell-all my friend. Good to see you are in a great relationship too.
      I see a lot of parallels in your story and I can think of many cases where I didn’t “take advantage” because I didn’t want to complicate things. I know a lot better now.

  15. I tried to read this article on my phone until a drunken girl rang me telling me she still wants me sexually, despite seeing someone. Hilarious.

  16. “I was dating him for sometime, but at some point did not have sex for a month, I was horny.”
    “Then I went out and found a man to satisfy my needs”
    “Why not fuck your boyfriend?”
    “He did not deserve it”
    “And the unknown guy in a bar did?”
    “Oh that is different. That sex did not mean anything”

    1. That woman may be a sociopath. I promise there are lots of people of both genders who don’t behave that way, but she should be very ashamed of herself.
      It’s one thing to have a moment of weakness, it’s another thing to be unrepentant.

  17. God, I want Roosh to fuck my hot young tight pussy and make me SCREAM in orgasmic agony!!!!

    1. If you ask God for these things in church there is a 37% increase in the chance that your wish will come true. Take yourself to the nearest house of worship and on bended knee while holding the pastor’s hand make your request out loud three times and wait for the magic to happen.

  18. So one time a few years ago…. I fly up to Canada to see a girl…. we were introduced through a mutual friend and kept in touch online and by phone over many months……. finally I had time to travel and nothing better to do … so we spent Christmas and New Years together…. It was a fun trip…. she was great in bed and a good tour guide….
    So one night…. She’s busy telling me how much in love she is with me, how she knew I was the love of her life, and how she’d been waiting patiently the past 3-4 months for me to come and visit….
    A couple of days later, she is out, while I am hanging in the hotel room getting some zzzss…. she calls me up to get some phone number or something from her laptop that she forgot…..
    I was digging about on her laptop … can’t find it….. she recalls it must be in her email… .so gives me the login and password to her email (before the days of smart phones and unlimited data packages…)
    So I am digging about in her email folders, trying to find this stupid phone number….. and I come across all these recent emails from some guy named Pete… his folder is right next to the one for me, labeled with my name…. hmmm….. a few photos of her with this schlep flash up as I am flying through the emails…. I say nothing…..
    Finally…. I stumble across the number she needs, give it to her over the phone and she hangs up…..
    Well I am going back for a second look…. why not…. the truth is always worth having….
    So turns out… she’s spent two weeks in early December prior to my arrival in Canada… doing the exact same sight seeing trip,.. with some other guy who she was fucking and had a full online relationship with…. he’s begging her to come back to the US with him and she’s dumped him the day before I arrived in town, literally cutting him off cold, and not answering his emails…. so she can spend time with me…..
    Better yet… some of the photos she sent me before I flew up to Canada, were taken on the days she spent with this guy… probably by him…..
    Now I don’t care what she does when she’s not with me… that’s her own business… it’s not even the fact she hid it from me… it’s the fact she painted the picture of this sweet innocent girl waiting for her shining prince… when really she was more like an unpaid escort getting free vacations and trips from whoever showed up, whenever they came……
    I carry on digging about, and then I see some emails she sent to her ex boyfriend just recently…. (she assured me she was all broken up with him….)… but there she is …. recommending him to use the same calling card service I’d told her to use for cheap international calls…. (I worked in telecoms at the time….)
    The girl was a full time player……
    Women are dishonest, manipulative and fickle as cats…. NEVER THINK OTHERWISE

    1. Yet a man would be celebrated for this sort of behaviour, dubbed a player, and would brag about it to all his friends. Preposterous double-standard, women can be sexually adventurous too, there’s nothing wrong with it. We will never have gender equality if beliefs like this persist

  19. “go forth and do what needs to be done to ensure you are bringing someone into your life, that adds something more than a pussy into your world.”
    That is the very definition of what PUA’s say is having an aloof inner game. Look straight into your eyes in the mirror and tell this to yourself everyday. Internalize it. Then no woman will be able to hold you hostage with her pussy.

  20. Women of our era are a lot like rental cars. Pick one up that smells new, but once you get in and ride it a bit, you realize the odomoter has rolled over and scratches and dings line the doors and fixtures. Many other dudes have driven it over speed bumps, spilled sticky stuff in it, and just generally banged it up. I have never gone up and punched the guy that gets into it after me. And most guys don’t say, “boy I love this car so much, I am going to offer to buy it from Hertz!” And neither should you boys. Kudos author, good article.

  21. Man i wish i didn’t want kids, to be a father i have to be a slave and if the relationship ends she gets custody so i’m basically not a father anymore.
    Wish it was as easy for men and it is for women, if they want kids but don’t want a partner they can just go fk some random guy and never tell him.

    1. Maybe adoption? Surrogacy?
      Does being a father mean you don’t really have to take care of them?

  22. I’m currently fucking a slore that had a “brief relationship” with a married man when she went overseas to the US on a 6 month working holiday. I asked her if she was aware of his status, she was. I asked her why she did it she said “I knew it wouldn’t last and it was a short-term thing” she also took another 10 cocks on those 6 months there. She cause a huge fuss since I called her out on her actions saying I’m “so mean” from that point on, I’ve fucked a few girls on the side since i can honestly not take a slore with no integrity seriously. Oh I regularly get “Good morning baby, I love you!” from her in the morning, once I was waking up next to another girl when I read that text and chuckled to myself.

  23. There is still some good girls around who is faithful and loyal to her guy. You are just justifying reasons for guys to fuck around. Such bad influence.

    1. Girls are faithful and loyal as their options allow them. Hypergamy can’t be reasoned with.

      1. People say the same thing about men. I’d respectfully disagree on both counts. Many people are able to turn down anonymous sex when they have a moral center, and care about their partner. Not to be obnoxious, but I’m a skinny, young, long-haired, big-boobed girl, and I get a decent amount of offers regularly. I don’t cheat on my boyfriend, and I wouldn’t do it even if I knew he’d never find out. I would feel way too guilty if I did something like that. I feel guilty for even speaking to other men, who he doesn’t know. And no, I’m not kidding.
        If you don’t want to be monogamous, then sleep around…but don’t drag someone else down with you who will wind up getting hurt (male or female).

  24. After reading this, I see 2 possibilities:
    1. You sleep around with loser girls, which would make you a loser guy.
    2. You’re full of BS, and you’re only sex partners are your right hand, and your left hand.

  25. After reading this, I see 2 possibilities:
    1. You sleep around with loser girls, which would make you a loser guy.
    2. You’re full of BS, and you’re only sex partners are your right hand, and your left hand.

  26. I normally like this blog- I’m not an anti-feminist or feminist, more of an “equalist” and I’m bothered that there are so many double-standards against men that you can’t address without being called a sexist (As a woman, I feel like it’s my duty to address these things, since no other women will). I’d say the amount of men and women who are having affairs is the SAME. I don’t know why men unfairly get blamed for it. But I can’t endorse having affairs, regardless of gender. If you can’t trust any women, don’t date women, just have one-night stands.
    I have old-fashioned values (the very thing feminism fights against…) and I believe in monogamy. I don’t think it’s for everyone, so the people who are not monogamous should stick to one-night stands and not get into relationships. But if you make a promise to be in a relationship, don’t sleep around!
    I would forgive my boyfriend if he drunkenly kissed someone else, or flirted with someone else, but I couldn’t forgive an emotional or sexual affair. I would never do that to him either. Even if I knew he’d never find out, the guilt would drive me crazy.
    There are good men/women out there. There just aren’t that many.

  27. By the way, this is my article on monogamy:
    It doesn’t talk much about cheating- more about the equally harmful practice of using sex as a way to manipulate your partner–who you promised to be faithful to. Monogamy is also about being sexually available for your partner at all times, barring physical injury/illness. Many women don’t realize this, and go years without having sex with their husbands.

  28. Women do not see cheating as cheating in their child minds. A few years ago I was servicing the Czech au-pair in our shared house in London on a regular basis. Her fiancé was working abroad in Germany and she had no apparent guilt about our relationship – she genuinely enjoyed sex and begged for it routinely. One night she got a brief text from her fiancé and she immediately suspected he was cheating (no evidence, he just sent a shorter than normal text). She was storming around saying “I bet that ***’s cheating on me!”… to which I replied immediately “You mean like you are on him?”. The look of total incomprehension followed by complete hatred was quite amazing to behold. It was like I’d just wiped my butt on her wedding dress. I guess in her selfish female mind I was just a walking dildo and it just wasn’t the same!!

  29. It does not make sense for you to be agitated with these loose, adulterous women you had sexual relations with in your personal experiences you wrote about in your article- & to not fully acknowledge your own often repeated choice to have sexual relations with these women that were married without the same agitation & attitude towards yourself.

  30. Wow, this site! This fucking site! Where the kooks come out to play. So, Unjaded, you don’t like double standards, huh? I’d hate to shatter your fragile little innocence and explain to you that this site, and all others like it, are replete with double standards, alongside multiple examples of Ad Hominem, straw-man fallacy, petitio principii, and every other kind of fucked up, twisted logic known to man.
    But, hey, you write for Return of Kings, so the world can already see that you have a brain with the size and reasoning capability of a potato. Might as well let insecure, delusional man-children like yourself live in your self-constructed fantasy land, where women humor your stupidity instead of kicking you in the nuts for it.

  31. I have been reading and writing a lot about rights for women and women who don’t want relationships and how things have changed for women. This was definitely an interesting read and the comments are interesting as well. Someone said that men feed into a fantasy too because of what they are taught and I never thought of it that way. I always saw that women are taught things and taught to expect things and then are disappointed but I guess it would go both ways. Also to the author, did you ever think that maybe attracting the women you did, who were cheating, has something to do with you? If I keep attracting assholes, I have to, at some point, look at myself and ask why. Just a thought…

  32. I read through some of the comments, and I must say something. I just feel sorry for you guys. It’s not a wonder why you are not in fulfilling monogamous relationships. You are literally doing doublespeak here. You go out, acting like a promiscuous man, looking for promiscuous women, and you successfully find someone to have sex with. Now all women are promiscuous and this delusion is so upsetting to you? Then, you use this delusion to rationalize your promiscuity? I mean what the actual fuck? You people are not intelligent.

  33. I noticed you did not stop the activities when you found out they were with another man. A bigger man would. your loyalty to your fellow man is low in itself. Perhaps there’s a psychological disorder within yourself that you are connecting with these types of women???

  34. Who else gets the impression that the author of this article gets way less pussy than most average men? The stories all sound so false, guys who get laid regularly don’t feel the need to talk and brag about it.

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