Canadian Government Passes Law That Defines “Abuse” As Not Encouraging A Child’s Transsexualism

The Canadian province of Ontario, which includes around 40% of Canada’s population, and includes the capital city of Ottawa and Toronto, ground zero for slutwalks and feminism, has now passed a law encouraging children as young as 5 years old to become transvestites.

A Brave Slutwalk Message: I didn’t realize this was ever in question

The Supporting Children, Youth, and Families Act, 2017 (Bill 89), was passed in June of the Current Year and is a reform to the existing child care laws codified in the old Child and Family Services Act of 1990 (the last sane period in the west).  The new law is comprehensive, with 352 sections. Rewriting a child welfare law is a major endeavor, and this law was done with specific nefarious intentions.

The Ministry administers child aid, foster care, and adoption services for the millions of children living in Ontario.  It aids children who are abandoned or deemed to be at risk, and in need of public support due to lack of adequate parenting by natural parents or other legal guardians.

Two examples would be a child whose parents die without a named godparent or a child of a single mother who is arrested and sent to prison.  In 2016 Ontario provided social services to over 113,000 families with children (approximately 5% of the 2,285,450 families with children in the 2011 Census).  The Ministry provides care via to children up to the age of 16. Let’s take a look at what the new law entails.

1. Increase child age from 16 to 18

The age of protection is raised from 16 to 18 under the new law.  This is the most reasonable provision.  Public school typically terminates around age 18, and it is difficult to be self sufficient in modern society prior to this age, even if our ancestors were starting families and running businesses in their early teens.  However, it is notable that the ages 16-18 are when many children go through puberty, and become sexually active in some form.  This provision is key when combined with the tranny provisions outlined below.

2. More racism against whites

Government will be required to collect racial information on the children that it is helping.  While race is a factor that private firms and individuals are often prohibited from even discussing or collecting, the government will be required to collect racial data and analyze and assist people on the basis of race.  The old government was already required to provide services to all children, regardless of their race, so this component serves no other purpose than further demonizing whites, especially white straight males.

3. Elimination of religion as a factor for placement

The religious background of the child has traditionally been considered in formulating a plan for assistance.  A Catholic girl whose parents were killed in an auto accident would likely be referred to a Catholic adoption service run by a local convent, who would try to find parents that would continue raising the child with similar morals and values as her parents.  A Jewish boy whose mother was arrested for assaulting a stranger would likely be referred to someone in the Jewish community so that he could continue to be raised in that culture.

But under the new law, the child’s religion is no longer a factor in making decisions for his placement or care.  And religious protections which specifically protected a parent’s right to direct the child’s education and religious upbringing are gone.  In its place, the Ministry must now consider the child’s…

…race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, family diversity, disability, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

Courts, which were required to determine the religious faith of the child as soon as possible, will not determine the child’s faith at all.  So the child’s faith and beliefs are unimportant, but his race, family diversity (whatever that is), sexual orientation, and gender flavor of the day, must be considered in assisting him.  Got it.

Will they exist after this law?

Religious groups have warned that while the word “creed” does appear in the new law, asking a child if he has a creed is far different from determining what religion he was raised in.  Language in legal documents is strictly interpreted (hence why “sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and family diversity,” which all mean basically the same thing, are explicitly included in the text, but religion or ordained faith is not).

4. Importance of gender or tranny feelings

In place of religion, we have several gender identity feelings that must be considered when aiding the child.  Since these are codified in law, it means that social workers must discuss sexual matters with children, in order to determine their placement on the spectrum of 72 genders, or if they like to dress as a member of the opposite sex, which would indicate that they are a potential tranny, and therefore must be raised in a manner which encourages trannyism.

These questions will be posed to children as young as 5, who are not sexual in any way, other than possessing a nonfunctioning penis or vagina, as well as teens in the newly-expanded age bracket of 16-18, when hormones are at their strongest, and youthful brains are at their most susceptible.  The mere introduction of ideas of gender fluidity or questioning the sexual diversity of a child’s desires can be enough to trigger young minds to have nontraditional sexual thoughts, which would be fully reinforced and encouraged by the government, schools, and peer group.

5. Government can seize children from families who don’t believe in gender theory

The danger is not limited to the innocent children whose parents either actively or accidentally are no longer able to care for their children.  The new law expands the scope of intervention to any Ontario family with children.  The old law was written to require “the least disruptive course of action” available, with removal from a willing parent as a final resort only.

The new law modifies the phrase “least disruptive course of action, including the provision of prevention services,” which encourages the Ministry to apply preventive measures to existing families, which are not deemed to be disruptive, and therefore can be applied broadly.

Canadian Dad About to Lose His Kids

What this means, according to Ontario Minister of Children and Youth Services and Minister Responsible for Anti-Racism Michael Coteau, is that if a child has certain gender feelings that are not supported or actively opposed by one’s parents (which could potentially mean telling your 13 year old that no, you are not a pansexual attack helicopter), this could be considered…

…a form of abuse, when a child identifies one way and a caregiver is saying no, you need to do this differently… If it’s abuse, and if it’s within the definition, a child can be removed from that environment and placed into protection where the abuse stops.

Sacrificing society’s most vulnerable for sexual degeneracy

Citizen: In the name of Family Diversity, you are being reassigned a new Brave and Stunning Wife

The Minister of Children is charged with the important task of protecting the most vulnerable in society—children that are left without a viable option for a good caregiver.  This vital service is being turned into a political tool to further weaken religion and expand tranny and homosexual beliefs.  What is the purpose of encourage more sexual degeneracy?  Why are Western governments advocating for these types of behaviors while trying to silence or attack those who promote normal, healthy civilized values?

Will raising a traditional family could soon be illegal

Men attempting marriage in the West are already playing a dangerous game, and that’s if they find a conservative, traditional, foreign bride and try to raise a family under the same traditional principles and beliefs of their ancestors.  This new Canadian law further stacks the deck against men trying to have a traditional family life.  More and more, the solution looks like not just finding a foreign bride, but relocating to a foreign environment.

Even if America goes a few years without passing a similar law, the mindset behind it already exists strongly in this country.  In Canada, will it soon be a thought-crime to have a straight hetero family, and governments will force-place some tranny in your home to encourage “familial diversity” and “gender expression”?

(Canadian outlet Rebel Media summarizes some of the changes in this law in a video.)

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  1. Raising the age from 16 to 18 simply allows the government to put further shackles on a person.

    1. Yup, that’s what “lawyers” always advocate – arming yourself to fight legal authority.

      1. You mean lawyers like Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and several dozen other signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution? You know Alexander Hamilton was killed in a duel, right?
        You really are a class-A fucking moron. Obama and Hillary need to take it easier on your sweet azzz – all that smashing your scalp into the headboard is giving you brain damage.
        By the way you never answered – would you time travel to slurp George Washington’s ballz? My first legal opinion was that you would, but on second thought, I think you’d reserve that honor for Thomas Jefferson, cause you probably prefer redheadz. Gurgle gurgle. SLIZZURP!

        1. Yeah, you’re Thomas Jefferson. Good for you, Optimus. I bet you make a lot of money telling your clients to kill police officers. Totally normal legal advice.

        2. I am a fun lawyer. But it depends on what type of legal advice you want. I practice in a pretty specialized area, so unlikely you would need my legal advice. But my life advice on how to be fucking awesome is free if you read my comments.

        3. Fagtard fails again – you know that in several states, it is LEGAL to use deadly force to resist an unauthorized arrest? Look it up retard: John Bad Elk v. U.S., 177 U.S. 529.

        4. She’s more interested in sneer and snark than actual “facts”, hoss.

        5. Who let that mosquito back in here again…somebody should shut the window.

        6. He has a thing for me. Must think I’m cute. He’s like the abused bitch who follows me around for more punishment. Sadly for him, I’m not gay, so he’ll have to continue getting all his pole from his boy Hillary. Word on the street is the teabagzz on his face are EPIC.

        7. All the ones that are illegal. The concept of natural rights is curious to a leftard, but let me help you – the police can’t do anything that they fucking want. Pussies like you don’t know that because you’re too busy worried about when you’ll get another chance to slurp Obamaz hairy nutzzzz. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Tasty!

        8. Yeah, I know. Like most women. I’ll stop feeding her now. No need to derail another thread today.

        9. Great legal advice, “If you don’t think your arrest is justified, just kill the police!!!” Awesome!

        10. Yeah, I don’t know if it sucks or if it’s awesome when you get enough notoriety to start attracting “you specific” type trolls. In a way, it’s kinda cool, but it does get annoying eventually.

        11. I just wish the trolls were a little smarter. You know, it’s so much more satisfying to bitch-slap someone when they make me work for it. But you suffer this far more often than I do. Probably because your avatar is so dashing – it attracts more fagboys who crave that abuse from a strong masculine figure.

        12. we lose porcer and tom arrow and keep this twat….very confusing.

    2. Ahh the South Park movie, back when it was acceptable to make a pro free speech movie.

  2. Canada, dead
    Germany, dead
    Sweden, dead
    France, dead
    The future will belong to the countries that manage to avoid all the gay/transgender AND racial/religious diversity crap. Even if they are poor countries, they will still have their pride and culture intact. And that counts for something.

    1. That would be Islamic countries.
      The West is damned no matter which happens.

      1. We’re pushing back in the States. Not all is lost.

        1. Nobody wants to fight anymore, damn.
          Need to resurrect the old trench policy, words like “death”, “surrender”, or “desertion” are forbidden.
          Things looked dark as midnight for the west more than once, whether it’s Norsemen rampaging, the druids coming back and slaughtering Christians, or the Moors getting deep inside Europe.
          Every time we survived because a tiny minority of our ancestors made it happen. If we think the only way to win is 50% plus 1 of people agreeing with us right this minute we make the same mistake as the left about power and influence.

        2. Nobody wants to fight alone. Nobody wants to be the next Breivik who fires the first shot and nobody joins him.

        3. Alternatively, Breivik might have had others join in if he’d gone after actual enemies of his country as opposed to murderung a bunch of teenage kids.
          I like being edgy as much as the next guy but goddam we don’t need to support child murderers with crazy manifestos and mental health problems.

    2. Germany being dead is still so crazy to me. I was at Frei Universitat Berlin and also Universitat suttgart back in 1996 and Berlin was wound tighter than a top during the day and a party mecca (instead of an actual mecca) at night (I was living in kreuzberg and Stuttgart was a blast with an amazing arts scene and loads of cool people. I know for some of you younger guys saying I was there in 1996 is basically saying I was there before Christ but in the scope of things it really isn’t that long ago.

      1. I was in Germany around the turn of the century as well. Not a tan in sight. Now when I pass through, I’m not sure if I’m going through Germany or India.

        1. Same here then. It was pretty much what inexpecfed. Haven’t been back

    3. Poor countries don’t have their citizens glued to the TV, ingesting poison.

  3. It is time for an armed uprising to return society to sanity.
    But, it will never happen since it might interrupt cable tv service and home pizza delivery.

  4. They are trying to fuck up the next generation, as if the current generation is not bad enough. Western nations are not going to fare well if war shows up on their doorstep 20 years later.
    Think about it. Only White nations are being infected by this disease, while every other nation is either maintaining the balance or getting stronger. They are also pushing LGBT and feminist ideologies into the military.

    1. soft pop control- if you can brainwash more people into thinking they are gay/tranny you can reduce the population a bit. If only 3-4% of the pop is actually homosexual, what if we can socially engineer that number to 12%?

      1. I’m not sure if population control is the main idea. The White birth rate is low enough as it is.
        I see it as a way to further damage masculinity by encouraging any other identity but “Man”. Anything but “Man”.

        1. i prefer the conspiracy that bob came up with. It is simply a weeding out process. If you notice conservative whites are actually having plenty of kids its mainly the liberal whites that arent. Simply weed out the weak liberal guys and have their bloodline /culture die out then have nothing but strong conservative men left.

        2. “Simply weed out the weak liberal guys and have their bloodline /culture die out then have nothing but strong conservative men left.”
          Wait… You’re telling me that the globalists actually have our best interests at heart?!?!?!

        3. That’s the theory. It has some legs to it if you think about it. White right wingers are reproducing at way above replacement levels, whilst leftists are literally going down a “we refuse to have babies” route with their careerism, feminism and LGBTSSFRE isms. They are proudly cutting themselves out of the gene pool.

        4. to be honest i dont know. I really dont care that much. At the end of the day i will live my life the best way i can possibly live. I just thought that it was interesting theory that Bob came up with. It actually makes some sense as well. Pretty much letting the weak and people that are easily susceptible to brainwashing live the life they want while not breeding.

        5. You’re right. It’s always the liberals who opt out of marriage and kids.
          It’s the same even in India. Liberals delay marriage into their 30s; conservatives get married before 24.

        6. His theory makes sense when you come to see that a lot of companies, big ones even (not all of course) are run by conservative white males. They seem to be pushing the memes that will guarantee the extinction of the weak minded over time. Which really, puts an optimistic spin on the entire cultural devolution if you ask me, lol.

        7. I have never seen a conservative white family with more than 4 kids.
          I have seen black, pakistani, indian (etc) families with 7 kids.
          Even our high breeders are not competitive. I guess if you consider orthodox ashkenazi jews white, they can have 8 kids each routinely.

    2. Only getting stronger in their limited way and sometimes not even then.
      They’re not getting smarter and are frequently wrecking the advantages they have.
      I also see a lot of men of the west saying and doing things that would be unthinkable 10 years ago.

  5. Just in case you guys ever wonder why I sound more and more like a crazy person as time passes

    1. Dude, gun up. You Canadians can still arm yourselves pretty well. By the way, those “reduced capacity” rifle mags can still be resurrected if you remove the pin. If anyone came to my house to take my kids, that would be the line in the sand where I would no longer be willing to honor th social contract. Be prepared to hoist the black flag.
      I’d be more than happy to provide a list of suitable and “non-restricted” tactical firearms to Canadian readers on here. Your gun laws were written by morons.

      1. People have their kids taken from them, temporarily or permanently, all the time. For the sake of police officers and social workers, I’m glad that the vast majority of the parents involved don’t respond with deadly force.

        1. people have their kids taken from them bc they wouldnt let lil 7 year old Johnny cut his pecker off? This happens “all the time” in your world?

        2. Way to totally skirt the context of the article.

        3. Why bother responding to me? We both know you’ll run off again when I put you in your place.

        4. Oh, where did that happen? The MSM must have hidden that story from me.

        5. You really don’t seem to have anything to offer here but sneering do you? I mean you literally just come in and snark and sneer and pretend to be superior, but have nothing at all to actually contribute to any discussion. This is consistent with your posts that I’ve seen the last few days. Is this how you get off, being a bitch to anonymous people you don’t know? Does it make you all wet and shit, sugar? How sad.

        6. Yeah, I know. It’s a pretty open door thing here except for, apparently, Porcer, which I still for the life of me don’t understand at all.

        7. Case in point.
          I’ll give you credit for consistency and proving my point for me though.

        8. I’m a bit fuzzy on the policies here as of late, to tell the truth.

        9. Haha. When I read that, I though this must be the last thing he heard from Hillary after she jizzed on his face this morning and walked out.

        10. She really phones it in doesn’t she? “Sneer. Snark. Condescension. No actual topic.” It’s nearly like a script or something.

        11. To be honest, I like this place, but getting banned would hardly ruin my life. Kinda like being kicked out of a really cool strip club frequented by interesting dudes – I’d miss the guys but there are other clubs. It’s just kind of bizarre how certain guys get a free pass to basically deride, emasculate, and hurl invectives at authors and commenters alike, and somebody else does something way, way less abrasive, and gets threatened with a ban, or actually gets banned. That doesn’t add up. Whatever it is, it’s very odd.

        12. Just block the cunt. I did. There’s enough stupidity in this world without having to tolerate it here.

        13. That’s usually because a writer thinks he is being personally attacked. Once I was joking (I thought) with the writer of an article but due to paranoia from his insecurity he thought I was insulting him. Anyway, that writer is long goe. In your case you are so well liked I can only guess that a writer either took your sense of humor the wrong way or he felt he was being upstaged by your brilliance LOL

        14. Maybe the writer was having a bad day…who knows. Water under the bridge most likely.

        15. “I’m glad that the vast majority of the parents involved don’t respond with deadly force.”
          And this is the MAJOR problem here. No wonder they have now reached all out TO SEIZE ALL OUR CHILDREN.

        1. Yeah, just make sure you follow all the laws inherent in your country’s gun laws, as these are simply loopholes.
          AR-15s are restricted, but an IWI Tavor or Robinson XCR (same ammo and magazines) is not.
          An AK-series rifle is restricted, but a VZ58 (Czech-designed AK alternative, firing the same round) is not.
          In addition, you have the Norinco T97 (civilian copy of modern Chinese service rifle) along with older, but no less potent battle rifles such as the Norinco M305 (Chinese M14 clone) or the venerable SKS rifle. Keep in mind that there are magazine restrictions for your country, and I’m fairly certain you have to abide by licensing and storage conditions to remain legal. Otherwise, it really isn’t that hard for a Canadian to obtain modern firearms.

    2. I often complain that here is a cesspool, but at least this country doesn’t have laws encouraging children to become trannys.
      Canada is basically the Soviet States of Canada now.

    3. It is a shame, I always wanted to visit Canada and always thought it would be really chill. My French isn’t top notch, but passable and I used to hear great things about Montreal…how much fun, beautiful women…this is all what, 10-15 years ago. Now my desire to see anything in Canada is absolute 0

      1. Montreal might be the last big city in Canada that still has any unique local culture.
        Whatever good Toronto or Vancouver might have to offer you’ll find much better quality in New York.
        The few times I visited New York in the past, people on the street will actually talk to you. Here people mostly stick to their little ethnic cliques.

        1. New York is actually incredibly friendly contrary to what some believe. The problem is that we have a very strict code of social rules…where and how to walk etc and they are vocal about yelling at people who get it wrong.

        2. Haha. Dude, I love this shit. So true. I was visiting a buddy who lives up there a few years back, and we were tying to hail a cab, mid block, when two faggots – literal faggots – cut in front of up the block and stole the cab that was pulling up. My buddy went apeshit and started yelling at them. Of course, he’s my bro, so I back him up. One of these fags turns and yells some lispy snark at us over his shoulder. We charged the cab, and it was hilarious to see these two clowns literally scramble to lock the doors while screaming at the cabbie to “Go, go go!” Afterward we were joking about it, and I said something to the effect of, it’s probably better that they got away so we didn’t get arrested. And my buddy was like: we wouldn’t get arrested for shit – cutting in line for the cab is a serious thing, and if we were talking to the right cops, the fact we slapped around a couple of fags who did it would just be a bonus.
          Fucking hilarious to me whenever I get mixed in with the NY social code. I wouldn’t want to live there, but I have fun when I visit, and some of this type of shit is right up my alley.

        3. never ever ever insult a NYC tranny. They tend to get very very angry(and potentially stabby)

        4. I can see this playing out. It is really so funny. I saw a family (with 2 kids around 10) crossing in the middle of a bike path in central park with the guy on a bike zooming by, not slowing, not turning, just screams “get out of the fucking way you stupid cunt” lol. New Yorkers will be ultra polite and ultra helpful but if you are walking the wrong direction on the street expect to be screamed at. I really think this is 100% the reason for the reputation of being bad tempered. I have yelled at people looking up at a building “you think rush hour is the best time for you to be a fucking asshole” We feel it is our god given right to enforce unwritten rules with as much vulgarity as possible. This is because there are 1.7 million residents and over 1 million tourists mulling around about a 20 mile area so where you walk actually matters. lol.
          I can understand people not wanting to live here, I really can. I was born here. When I see transplants I always think of Bane to Bats:
          Oh, you think the darkness is your ally, you merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see the light until I was already a man; by then, it was nothing to me but blinding! The shadows betray you, because they belong to me.
          So to me this is just home. I am uncomfortable elsewhere. Next time you visit let me know, first drink is on me.

        5. Haha. Yeah, I’ve hear that shit, but you had to see these two pecker heads to understand. Picture the most effete, lispy, spaghetti armed bottom fag you’ve ever seen and multiple by two and that’s what we were up against. These guys were basically women who have always expected someone else to fight for them. Not stabby at all.

        6. Haha. Shit man, that sounds like a good deal. I’ve been keeping all those steak places you told me about in mind too for my next visit!

        7. you know, I have lived here in NYC my whole life and have yet to see a tranny.

        8. they tend to keep butcher’s knives in their “cleavage”

        9. that sounds dangerous to the knife wielder and unsanitary for the meat.

        10. come on by and we will hit up the Harvard Club and game all the high class bishes.

        11. “And my buddy was like: we wouldn’t get arrested for shit – cutting in line for the cab is a serious thing, and if we were talking to the right cops, the fact we slapped around a couple of fags who did it would just be a bonus.”
          In the right circumstances, I think slapping around a homo could be a pretty good management tool.
          And when you’re young and broke, getting a friend or two and rolling ’em for beer money can be lucrative. I’ve only been told this.

        12. Haha. Nice. I’ll have to play wing man. Wife won’t be down with anything more, but secretly, even the wing man role will turn her on. I’ll have to be careful or I’ll end up with a fourth kid!

        13. Some old comedian did a bit about the crazies on the streets in NYC who you identify when you see them walking around and talking out loud to themselves. They were saying there should be a law to pair the crazies up so they look like they’re talking to each other. Now with bluetooth earpieces and smartphones though you can’t tell the number of real crazies apart from the 99%. A shopping cart or bare unwashed feet may be a giveaway unless they’re wearing a karate ghee or if they’re vending carnival trinkets and hats.

        14. one of my favorite games, when Bluetooth first got really popular, was “Crazy or Bluetooth” it almost totally replaced “Gay or Jersey”

        15. I remember a comedian doing somewhat of a similar bit. There was a brief phase when the “homeless” look was kind of a fashion trend… expensive designers actually designed very high priced clothes to kind of look trashy and homeless. He was railing on about walking down NYC streets and not being able to tell who paid $1000 for their outfit versus who got it out of a trash bin behind the Salvation Army.

        16. Yeah, we call that “the 1990’s” and “grunge”. Fuck Kurt Cobain.

        17. LOL! I just remembered this:

          Looks like what you’re telling is true, but I’ll pass, man. I can’t imagine living around people like that.

        18. Well, as always, I celebrate the capitalist spirit of the designers who suckered these fools out of as much of their money as possible. Stupid people with money are the lifeblood that allows the intelligent and strong a pleasant life.

        19. To me all of North America is the same. I liked Australia, while its being flooded with Leftist culture many Australians are actually very conservative and politically incorrect. Talking to Aussies, its clear they are not afraid to speak their mind. Still its not Eastern Europe, but has beautiful weather and locals are actually approachable.
          Only places I liked in North America are out of the way places in the Midwest and Southeast, as well as some Mountain region states like Utah. The big cities are all horrible. although Chicago has amazing food, real American style stuff not all that ethnic crap, especially pizza, steaks, and beef sandwiches, don’t eat that kind of stuff regularly but once in a while its not bad.

        20. Toronto is still a fun city to visit. All of my coworkers who go there for conferences rave about it. I go occasionally, but largely it angers me. In 6 years since I left it has turned more and more South Asian. It is starting to look like a cross between Beijing and Delhi downtown, demographically.
          really good food, by the way. I think perhaps the best in north america, and the price point is great.
          Vancouver is now a chinese city. Super expensive, and people are decidedly unfriendly. The most overrated and arrogant white women in north america, on account of their scarcity.

        21. Only decent place in Canada is Calgary. Montreal being French has a giant Muslim population of Middle Eastern people.

        22. Sounds like you were about to fuck up those faggots… uh… in a way a faggot wouldn’t appreciate.

        23. Cobain… Isn’t he the guy who cleaned out his brain pan with a high powered pressure washer?

        24. Trannies generally don’t have much regard for the sanitation of their meat.

        25. In fairness, my buddy was way more pissed about it than I was. But he’s from NY and was more in tune with the social norms there. So I was following his lead.

        26. I disagree about New York too many third world foreigners there, it’s like LA with bad weather. Just like LA most people are fake and don’t speak English.

        27. Good friend of mine says the same. He came down to the deep south and we saw 3 trannies in one afternoon and he told me “I lived in Chelsea for 3 years and never saw this many trannies”

        28. Yeah, and I don’t even go to Chelsea lol. I keep hearing all these stories about these freaks and they are always from places I would never imagine them and meanwhile I hardly see it here at all

        29. Are you through?? What exactly! I finish my meal when I’m done! There are very few big cites in the world which are unfriendly to outsiders, it’s the nature of big cities to be tolerant to the non-natives.
          I was there recently, it’s a shame its become so run down, in fact, the infrastructure in the States is mostly crumbling these days. No major investment since the mid-80s and it shows.

        30. That’s not exactly true. There are literally over 50 new buildings going up (I’m building one) we just had a major renovation to the subway and a new upper east side line added, the highline has been completely redone. It takes time but New York is spending billions on infrastructure

        31. Hipster fags keep settling these small coal towns and bringing all their tranny friends with them. It’s easy for them to just get up and migrate to these small towns because they’re either trust fund babies or live totally off of welfare. Within five years I saw my home town go from the most red neck city in the USA to little San Francisco. I wish these tree hugging useless fags would get the fuck out.

        32. Thankfully I get along well with them. Hopefully they will spare me. I should probably find a traditional hapa waifu fuardai to be honest.

        33. “Whatever good Toronto or Vancouver might have to offer you’ll find much better quality in New York.”7
          Toronto has become such a shit hole in the last 20 years. It’s also become the bane of the rest of Ontario that votes for the likes of Orvile Reddenbacher…

        34. I went to my convocation yesterday to pick up my diploma and the faculty speeches were about Trump, colonialism, and the LGBT… I shit you not… Everyone was clapping and cheering so sanctimoniously but I just sat there like Vince Vaughan during Meryl Streep’s speech.

        35. and then when they handed you the diploma you grabbed the mic and said:

        36. Did happen to me number of times while trying to access ATMs and getting into the Cab. And majority (9 out of 10) “arse holes” were pussies !
          Out of context but in my experience, majority (7 out of 10) chain smokers were pussies, majority (8 out of 10) of “red signal crossers” were pussies, majority (8 out of 10) of “mobile phone users” while driving were pussies !!!

        37. non-stop shutdowns of the subway and the commuter rails over the past year or two…its gotten quite comical how bad the infrastructure has become

        38. Headed NYC way in October. Only a week (F’n hella expensive!) but is looking more and more like a reconaissance mission. Taking a business seminar there to relaunch an old biz under new branding. Briefly thought of Toronto, but them remembered Roosh’s classic post on the city. Day by day… this wonderful country they once called Canada is slowly becoming hell for traditional heterosexual men.

        39. I find I have more in common with the landed Muslims and Chinese than I do with fellow Canadians, and sadly I’m not even kidding.
          Hope you have a good trip.

        40. Ditto. It is the single most disorienting aspect of being a red pill Canadian male. There is literally no one to talk to that is of this nation/culture because of you tried… and spoke plainly… you would be labeled an enemy of the state and shunned. This is why I try to get some readers to at least look at Islam, as a religion, not a culture. I have also talked to many Muslims and almost married an Iranian girl. (Well… not quite, but too long to go into here.) They get it. I swear to God, if every ROK reader here would just go to a mosque, with an open mind, and just TALK to Muslims… normal Muslims… they would be shocked at how much they have in common with them.

        41. It’s actually really true what you’re saying here imo. I also had a strong connection to an Iranian girl I was seeing a couple years back. On a very basic level she was content to be a woman and let me be a man. I’ve had this dynamic with female Muslim friends as well. It pains me to admit but it’s true.

        42. “Montreal might be the last big city in Canada that still has any unique local culture”
          What about Quebec City?

        43. Quebec has some nice architecture but nothing too exciting as a big city imo..
          Can’t tell you if it’s been diversified.

        44. It’s becoming hell for everyone, full stop. I won’t bore you with the details.
          But boy was it ever great in the 80s. Not exciting like the USA but cozy, prosperous, and SANE. I travelled quite a bit back then and whenever I would return to Canada it was like entering a place where you could completely relax and let your guard down. There was an emergent identity then too.
          All that’s gone now.

        45. I attended the new years celebrations downtown for the first time in probably 20 years. Everywhere I looked, and I mean EVERYWHERE, I saw nothing but (and I don’t mean to offend) south Asian people. EVERYWHERE !! This is just unacceptable. That a city that in my youth was around 85% european would be transformed into Lahore in the span a few decades is horrifying. And no, I have nothing in common with them and they apparently had no interest in me either. My disgust for the politicians and bureaucrats who stood by and let this happen grows by the day.

        46. It’s scary to read a strangers experience with my home country Canada and then realize just how much it has changed. I agree with you. The 80s’90s did see an emerging Canadiana…. a real beginning to true patriot spirit N of the 49. Then…. feminism/LGBT took over and our current Prime Minister is the Queen of that transition and represents folly the loss of what we once had.

      2. Montreal is a gorgeous city and somewhat reminiscent of actual cities in France. The French there is a bit vulgar (in the sense that English is vulgar in the States) but you can understand it easily if you have the language already. The people were generally thin and beautiful, although I must state right up front that the last time I was there was 2003 or so, so maybe this may no longer be the case.

        1. I was surprised at how shabby the shabby side of town was- reminded me of Philly. wasnt expecting that

        2. yeah, I heard most of that, but I am not planning a trip. I really have settled into my limited travel space until retirement. NY, LA, LV, MIA and French Civilized Caribbean. On the list of places I wanted to visit, Montreal played heavily as did Reykjavik and Tahoe but it is all totally off limits. Even Vail, Co which I thoroughly enjoyed didn’t make the list.

        3. I just found out Iceland is considered a stopover/layover to Europe- you can stay a few days then hop on back on a flight. Im considering it

        4. I cannot finish my life without seeing, at least once, Reykjavik. It was on the docket this year, but we’re doing an Old West tour instead, and setting Iceland for next year’s destination.

        5. been seeing that advertised for a while now. Maybe after I retire when I make my return to france I will spend a few days.

        6. My current plan is in North Carolina but I have another 20 years before that happens. If possible I would retire right here in NY but I don’t know if it will be feasible $ wise.

        7. I am looking at a vacation town called Beaufort. However, a lot of this is theoretical at the moment.

        8. I will never live in the country side. The idea of not being able to walk to a restaurant gives me panic attacks.

        9. I can’t imagine being wired so differently. Just how it is, but I have literally no context to understand your mindset regarding a lot of your neurosis type things. I’m sure the same applies in reverse regarding your view of how I’m wired as well. Yin Yang. Strange world.

        10. You should consider looking into Soviet Russia. There, restaurant walks to you.

        11. Been there ( Iceland) GOJ and yes it’s cool. It’s a summer destination obviously. Never gets completely dark . I rented a car and saw a lot of the cool waterfalls etc. Roads are great . Easy to get around as there is only one highway that circles the island. What is hilarious is all the MONSTER TRUCKS you see in Iceland . That’s right monster fucking trucks..I mean they have these absurdly lifted trucks with these enormous tires for trekking out on the glaciers and backcountry. It’s like you’re in texas or something…You’ll dig it..

        12. Iceland is the one that’s green, right? And Greenland is the one covered with ice?

        13. Sounds perfect. Throw in Scandi-Irish mixed girls and I’m thinking that this is a pretty near approximation of Heaven.

        14. Asheville NC ?? It’s a “big small town” AND it has lots of lesbians..

        15. I looked at Asheville. It is tricky and I often wonder if I will ever really be able to pull the trigger. There is no way I will date down there. My dream is to be finished with sex and grow hot house tomatoes. We shall see. It is all still very far off. With any luck I will figure out how to simply stay in the city and travel in the winter

        16. indeed. I could absolutely never live away from the sea and never live outside a major city and, like I’ve said, I would not even visit a place in America that is not a major city.

        17. You do understand that the residents will refer to it as “Byew-fert” and not with a French pronunciation right?

        18. I typed that out originally actually, then removed the two “e”‘s.
          I think that the south is funny. The only place in the world where the word “hat” has three syllables.

        19. And Louisiana becomes “lou-zan”. Such a fun way that they use language. Too bad like 80% of them are severely overweight now, I’d love to live in a place where people talk like that AND are fit and purty. The South in the 1980’s was really cool and the refined, gentile Southern belle types used to be among my tippy top favorite kind of girls.

        20. Camping? No, I don’t even go to a place without a concierge

        21. The purelain french women are quite attractive. However, they have a fertility rate of 1.1 per woman. In a few decades there will be none left.
          In the 1960s the catholic churches were abandoned in mass. They went from thousands of worshippers each to hundreds in the space of a few years. There are books on this.
          Montreal’s culture is no longer French. The immigrants are starting to dominate, and it is becoming more anglophone all the time. Even Quebec City, which is maybe the most beautiful in Canada, is starting to see immigration by third worlders.

        22. Hot house tomatoes… I am SO close to figuring out what this is a euphamism for……

        23. Looosana used to have an awesome independent streak to them, when they still had a drinking age of 18 and told the feds to go get stuffed whenever they tried to strongarm the state into changing its laws. Now they are closing many of the drive through daquiri places and you hear less and less French as the place is slowly becoming homogenized just like the rest of the nation but it is still a pretty cool spot.
          Last time I was down there the local newspaper, the Times Picayune was bought out by a bunch of yankees who turned it into an online clickbait rag, and the locals were all threatening to boycott and start up their own paper with the same journalists. Of course that never panned out, as this was mostly the ramblings of a bunch of passionate drunkards at 2 AM, but still gotta admire that spirit!

        24. English is vulgar in the United States? Meaning we actually enunciate words instead of sounding like we have a mouthful of dicks like across the pond?

        25. Rory B. Bellows: “I got a sweet life here. The sea air is cleaning my lungs.”

        26. Well, they have to keep busy somehow as to my knowledge they’ve contributed even less to humanity than Africa.

        27. There are still drive-thru daiquiri places around here. I don’t drink daiquiris so I can’t tell you where.
          I hate to agree with you this time, but sadly you are right about Louisiana. I always say it properly.
          State sold out by crooked politicians.

      3. Don’t worry about your french, theirs isn’t top notch either lmao.

        1. Very true. In Montreal I get asked if I learned in Paris, in Paris I get asked if I learned in the countryside, lol.

      4. It is in fact quite a shame. The good news is that Toronto encompasses dozens of smaller cities surrounding the major core and there are still millions of conservative folks. If you drive an hour or 2 outside of the major cities it’s pure Whiteyville and none of this bullshit occurs.
        Still when I found out about this law I almost had a coronary. How fucking Orwellian of the State to presume they can commandeer the upbringing of children. Thankfully all of the youngsters in my family are sane and my sisters are as red pill as women come. This is a disease that inflicts major cities only.

        1. Yeah, I did want to see Montreal but I have checked it off. I am not leaving NYC to take a look at Toronto and I have 0 desire to be anywhere outside of a major city unless I am on a Caribbean island and even there I stick to the cities such as they are.

        2. “Still when I found out about this law I almost had a coronary. How fucking Orwellian of the State to presume they can commandeer the upbringing of children”
          I used to have the highest regard for Canada – but I agree with you it’s disconcerting to say the least.
          What comes to my mind is the famous science fiction short story “Examination Day” where a child was exterminated by the government because he scored too high on an aptitude test.

        3. It’s not so bad I guess. The agitprop is irritating but aside from that Toronto is actually a great city to live in. Also this nonsense is redpilling more people every day. Protests are becoming more frequent. Furthermore, leftist women are whores and easy to bed. 😀

        4. I’ve never had much respect for Canada.
          EDIT: To be fair, I’m sure Canada feels the same about me.

        5. I’m not familiar with it, but it sounds horrifying. I still don’t quite understand what the end game of all of this is. I’m thinking the gay/trans propaganda is being used to power a depopulation agenda, but that theory is laid to waste by the hordes of Islamic migrants. Can this simply be incompetent politicians caving in to pressure?

        6. haha good call. I don’t know if I’m quite at your level of gaming just yet. More of a relationship guy than a player. Perhaps in my impending old age I’ll become bored of the constant effort they require and start playing the field a bit more. Cheers to the future.

        7. Wait, I just realized that you can upvote your own comments. I’m going to go upvote the shit out of myself.

        8. also, when ben casey meets kildare that’s a paradox

        9. So says the sciz gendered white male.

        10. Only if you hate meeses to pieces.

        11. Some theorize that the globalists want to do away with white patriarchal christians, so what is going on now between letting the sharia apes through their borders and allowing children to be trannies – this works their evil plan nicely.

        12. “ood news is that Toronto encompasses dozens of smaller cities surrounding the major core and there are still millions of conservative folks”
          Brampton. Called ‘bramladesh’. Pakistanis to the hilt. Sikhs, Indians. ‘conservative’ if you mean conservative muslim and hindu.
          Markham, now Chinese. The whites have fled. The chinese are creeping north into Newmarket, Stoufville, etc.
          Scarborough. Chinese and Muslim/Hindu. I had real problems there with cars of muslim males harassing women at night, including my girlfriend at the time.
          Whitby/Ajax, etc. Becoming browntown as well.
          Richmond Hill, heavily Chinese.
          You have to HUNT for places with whites and conservatives. Hamilton… left wing. Guelph, left wing and turning brown slowly.
          Note that hockey programs are closing in these cities because the new third worlders are not interested. Our culture is being wiped out.

        13. funny you mention the upcoming death of hockey- they have been converting baseball diamonds to soccer fields here in NYC for years. Hockey is dying, and I think baseball is next up

        14. The endgame is to marginalize and destroy heterosexual masculinity. That should be very clear. It is part of the same program that includes:
          Fat acceptance
          Lesbianism/ feminism
          You go girl – ism
          … And all forms of male self sabotage that lead to white knighting, self hatred, and apologizing for one’s existence.

        15. I’m aware of the birthrate issue. And yes the suburbs you mentioned are no longer white majority. There is still Bolton, Woodstock, Gormley, Newmarket, Stoney Creek, Ancaster, and in fact the overwhelming majority of the nation far from major cities that is still strongly white majority. And the province of Alberta which is conservative majority. Sadly this will change, probably beyond our time here. No debating that unless whites have a baby boom in the next 50 years or so. Possible but unlikely. Hopefully the ever growing redpill movement will reach a critical enough mass to enact political change.
          Sad thing about the hockey programs. I wasn’t aware of that. My nephews are currently enrolled and it seems to be a great environment for the kids. You’re obviously from the area. Do you know of any live meetups of people who share our sentiments in the region? No need to post publicly, perhaps you can send me an email?

        16. Oh it’s certainly clear… It just doesn’t make complete sense. Fat acceptance charges the government more money in subsidized health care which eats into their profits, LGBT nonsense lowers birth rates which eats into their tax dollars and robs them of newer generations of consumers and people to control, male sabotaging will negatively impact the strength of their one world military. It seems for every perceived tentacle of the leftist agenda, there is a price they will have to pay. I’m trying to put the puzzle pieces together but it doesn’t quite fit… Any thoughts?

        17. but at least they study and work hard … I don’t care how industrious these fuckers are. They can go be little industrious bees in their own shitty countries.

        18. Oh if you only knew how deep the rabbit hole went.
          Do you know who loves to play basketball? Not just the nogs but the Asians as well. Do you know that among the Chinese students, they play basketball only with other Chinese students and that the Chinese girls will actually dress up as cheerleaders to cheer on their men during a game? (and the game is just for fun like intramurals). I have seen this at multiple universities. Think a white woman would EVER do such a thing???

        19. The military? A fat sob with cheetos in his beard can launch a drone strike remotely.

        20. Not a bad point actually. But there still needs to be some level of discipline and skill in the ranks. Many military jobs can’t be done by a machine. Special ops and all that jazz. I suppose there will always be some portion of the population that’s up for the task. But if their way of life is under attack, what would be their motivation to devote their life to the corps?
          I’ve been thinking for a long time that this is all somehow planned and orchestrated. But other times I think it’s simply a series of unfortunate events. College liberal ego trip of telling everyone how they’re doing everything wrong, career politicians that care more about their paycheck and re-election than what they are being charged to do, Hollywood morons that want to feel smart because their screen personality is all they have going for them, and media moguls pimping the agenda for ratings and status points.
          Sometimes it seems like the latter is just as likely. Just a bunch of leftist morons, sensationalist media, and cucked politicians that can’t act under pressure all packed into one giant shit blender that is our current society.

        21. Individual freedom, self determination, and independence are masculine in nature. The feminization of culture feeds the growth in state power, which speeds the feminization of culture, which deepens the level of state power, which fosters the feminization of culture… and so on.

        22. Go one step further. You destroy heterosexuality itself, then “procreation” becomes a Darwinian, state controlled breeding program. The opening sequence to Man Of Steel was not fiction.

        23. “Do you know that among the Chinese students, they play basketball only with other Chinese students and that the Chinese girls will actually dress up as cheerleaders to cheer on their men during a game?Think a white woman would EVER do such a thing???”
          Funny you point this out.
          About 8 years ago, I was doing an odd job on a construction site. I noticed every day at lunch about 3 or 4 women would bring lunch to the men. Mexican men. Mexican women. And I’m not referring to the “roach-coach!”
          Well, you know how men are. Some of my crew constantly boasted of their sexual prowess and conquests.
          So one day, we are having lunch, sitting in the sun because it was a cold day.
          All the Mexican men gathered where the girls were and the girls served lunch to them all. Everyone of them.
          I pointed it out to my crew.
          “You guys with all the girls,” I said. “Have you noticed those Mexican chicks bring lunch to the men out here everyday, no matter what the weather?”
          The men didn’t say shit.
          “Where are your ladies bringing you lunch? Hell, where’s my girl with lunch?
          Guess it shows our bitches don’t care shit about us, huh?”
          And the women never charged the Mexican men a penny.
          Now, some of my crew was black. Black bitches didn’t show up to feed us either.
          Immigrants have a support system. It’s indigenous in their race. Or so it seems to me.

        24. “The military? A fat sob with cheetos in his beard can launch a drone strike remotely.”
          LOL…That’s so fucked up it’s funny! Funny as shit.

        25. Today’s state bureaucracy does not look to military might/discipline to symbolize and enforce its power – it looks to federal police, and federal lawyers with the power to derail a citizen’s life with an accusation. The source of Canada’s political power today is it’s twisted, violent, and perverted “human rights commission.”
          The current western state apparatus is not focused on mitigating threats from without to its citizenry. It is increasingly focused on mitigating the citizenry’s threats to the state itself .

        26. Good point. Now the question is whether that supportive male/female dynamic is due to the fact that they are “Strangers in a strangeland” as immigrants and are hanging in together or something endemic to Latin / Asian culture.
          To determine the answer:
          1. Look at Western expats abroad: do expat men and women in Thailand or Japan help each other? I don’t think so. if anything, male and female expats stay away from each other.
          2. Look at life in Latin American countries: I think the women there still may bring lunch (or prepare lunch) for their men.

        27. ..while the likes of you stand by and do and say nothing about it. I’ve talked to my MP and let her know how I felt about it. She abruptly terminated our conversation, turned on her heals and walked away from me in mid-sentence. That’s O.K; at least she now knows that there is some resistance to their immigration policies out there. I write constantly about it too. If more people would do the same then we might have a chance to preserve a bit of our old Canada. The problem: canadian apathy about discussing anything ‘serious’ and controversial or that might offend combined with a deep aversion to taking action to rectify problems. Canucks would rather cogitate and ruminate over problems than take decisive action to fix them. We’re natural laggards, not leaders. The americans are our leaders and we follow them (like sheep).

      5. I went years ago! Men are betas as shit while the women are act like dykes and muscular. I had my friends holding me back cause I was going to smack out these hoes for being respectful to me and my mates. Same thing happened to me in Thailand when I engaged a Canada hoe! Love Thailand!! Laws there allow men to discipline women there if they are disrespectful! That Canada hoe woke up in hospital and hopefully acts like a woman now!

    4. Well, we can always look the other way. That’s the future, I guess.

    5. This current timeline is a fucking nightmare, if you told that any of this would happen a few years I couldn’t believe it, it’s crazy. But it’s a crazy world and will go further to insanity and idiocy.
      Anyway 1984 is here, but somehow it sucks even more.

      1. When I first came across Julius Evola’s writings on the concept of the Kali Yuga, or the period at the end of a civilizational cycle where all truth and traditional values disintegrate, I shrugged it off as superstitious and occultist thinking.
        Now I’m pretty convinced the guy was a genius.

  6. This is astonishing- I cant believe this passed. I wouldnt have even heard about this unless a commenter on this site mentioned it a few weeks ago. Who pushed this thru? The PM who happens to be a lesbian? People better start thinking long and hard about who they elect to office

    1. Yeah kinda weird it wasn’t discussed more.. I didn’t know of it until this article. It’s all ISIS all the time on mainstream media.. gotta keep em in fear!

      1. yep, focus on whats not important, shine no light on things like this…good ol misdirection

    1. Not too surprised, most of the Brits I know are cucked into oblivion and almost seem a little inbred with how dense they are…..

      1. Yeah. Even if everything goes perfectly, it will still take around 2 years for Britain to leave the EU. The Conservative Party said nothing about immigration, so you can imagine how many people are going to get it during this time. Things are looking bad for UK.

    2. She’s lying.
      She was AGAINST Brexit.
      She called the election in an attempt to crush the labor Party.
      Claiming it was to gain a better Brexit deal is a Party/MSM tactic.
      If they’d won the election?
      They could have been magnanimous and ‘bargained from a position of strength’.
      If they did not win?
      They can say the country obviously does NOT want hard Brexit, and begin to move towards a second referendum.
      See how that works……..

  7. Bruce Jenner is the single best argument for Nuclear Disarmament across the West.
    If this were an isolated tribe deep in the Amazon rainforest that still used stone-age tools that had weird ritual to turn men into women and women into men, and punished members of the tribe who didn’t accept this sort of nonsense, no one would care.
    But we have a civilization that has nuclear weapons doing this sort of insanity…

    1. I’m not exagerating when I say I see these tribal civilizations as more advanced than modern society every day. If only I could do without air conditioning….

  8. I will be filing a law suit.
    Lolknee v ROK
    I demand recompense!
    The photo of “brave and stunning wife” caused me to projectile vomit destroying a computer. Further, I spent the last 20 minutes sobbing uncontrollably and the resulting dehydration has caused kidney failure. Worse than this my penis has LEAPT off of my body, tied a handkerchief to a stick and is currently on the road living a hobos life under the name Boxcar William or Willie the Box

      1. Yeah, she is definitely in the “WB” slut slot.

        1. Respect. Lol. Yeah, like that is ever going to enter the equation, heh.

        2. How did you not just repeat what I just said?

      2. Yea….. well, given the whole article includes transgenderism, I’d wait until I got through the inspection after the “panties down” signal.
        You can never be too careful.

      1. That’s an old gem!
        I could never remember whether it was King Missile or Missile King (2 different bands!)

    1. I can’t help but assume she’s confined to the cave beneath Jabba’s palace. Honestly, she’s right vulgar.

      1. Yeah, with slacious crumb running around the rolls of fat

        1. (further) OT: I cant get on that other thing today, so tell that guy who has that thing later I said good luck and to not take shit from nobody!

        2. And with that short, deeply encoded transmission on a public message board, 3 nation-states were surreptitiously destroyed, ravaging the economy of half a continent.

    2. To save that wang, quick, full immersion in a 20:1 h20:kratom solution. NO MORE than 30 seconds.

    3. Indeed, we need some -god forgive me for the expression- trigger warning or ratings, you know:
      -This will probably cause permanent erectile dysfunctions and/or your junk leaving you
      -This will give you nightmares for weeks
      -This will raise your blood pressure for the next 2-3 days
      And so on, and so forth…

    1. isn’t that what they call the bouncers at Canadian bars?

  9. And Canadian men continue to bend over and allow this to happen.
    Where are the protests *against* this trash?
    You’re dropping the ball here Canuk Dudes.

      1. Did he….really….say that?
        Please tell me this is a meme and not reality.

        1. It’s very, very real. He also said this:
          “Deficits are a way of measuring the growth, the kind of success that a government is actually able to create.”
          LOL! I’m not surprised by this tranny law at all. It’s about what I’d expect from a deranged lunatic.

        2. How can somebody be so literally retarded and worse, how can so many people vote for somebody that literally retarded?
          Oh, right, women vote, forgot, and “he’s so dreamy!”
          1920 needs a serious time machine intervention if you ask me. Or whenever it was that it happened in Canada.

        3. Oh, right, women vote, forgot, and “he’s so dreamy!”
          After the Manchester child slaughter, the Labor vote soared by 9%, this was all driven by women voters.
          The MSM actually tried to explain this as a sexual attraction to Corbyn (Labor Leader), ie ‘dreamy’.
          They won’t or cannot explain it honestly.

        4. Well get to it then man, get these idiot biddies out of positions where they can exercise power. Take back the vote.

        5. If everyone walked into a job interview like george jefferson, the UE rate would be 0%

      2. seriously ? i always suspect that something was wrong in this guy since the first time i saw his face. Moron !

    1. The problem is that conservatives operate on a more individualistic mindset. One guy martyring himself will either result in a hate speech fine or his kids stolen, and sadly this will just feed into the cycle of fear for all the other individual conservatives rather than inspire them.

      1. I suggest we start understanding that there is value in teamwork, but not let it devolve into the same collectivist mindset that the Left holds.

      2. ‘…..and sadly this will just feed into the cycle of fear for all the other individual conservatives rather than inspire them.’
        Fear of what?
        Being called racist?
        Fear of what?
        What is there to ‘fear’ when perverts are after your children?

        1. The fear is that the perverts now have the government and media on their side.

        2. The Government would not exist without it’s millions of voters.
          The MSM would not matter if not for it’s millions of supporters, handing over their money and their minds.
          No-one invaded us.
          ‘We’ did this to our own civilisation.
          ‘We’ are to blame, without admitting that, this will just keep going on and on…

      3. That’s why men should form actual groups that can watch each others backs and advocate for each other in situations like this. Why don’t we have this?
        And where are the guys who you can trust to do it in the first place?
        If we can’t even do that we are never going to get anywhere.

        1. The problem is the co-intel pro will shut us down like they did to Roosh when he organized his meet ups. Were lucky we even have sites like this anymore.

    2. Yes, there is no excuse for the lack of protest, and I’m sure plenty of good men are still living in these areas. But one should also note that these types of things are typically passed in anti-male areas like the capital city, which many masculine men abandoned years ago. Then it spreads. They don’t even have to fight the redpill men living in Montreal or whatever, they just indoctrinate their kids and wait until the parents die out, then it spreads over the next generation. Current generation kids these days are fucked, spawn of present company excluded.

    3. I could ask the same in the USA.
      Where are the red pill organizations of men who actually do things?
      Where are the men organizing and protesting the replacement of their wives and families with video games and porn?
      For once I am going to hand it to feminists. They are way more successful than we are.
      We have a feminist movement, but we certainly don’t have a men’s movement.

  10. The sad thing is, most Canadians will respond to this with a very polite “Gosh darnit” or two…and then, “Lets go get some poutine, eh?”
    (FYI, I am sick of the video ad at the bottom of the Disqus comments queue hijacking my screen and yanking it down to the ad, over and over and over…Jesus H. Christ…anybody else having this happen?)

    1. Sad for their children, to be born to such parents.
      No wonder the degenerate State is announcing it’s plans.
      They know full well the parents will offer up their children without opposition.

        1. Then act all ‘shocked’ when their children suggest ‘assisted dying’ in about 25 years.
          ….then sign the necessary papers…..

        2. Oh, yes, Bingo all right.
          Who is leading this charge towards our Brave Future?
          Which country is the most advanced?
          Holland (with an honorable mention for Sweden).
          So, logically, we have already got………
          ‘Female Dutch doctor drugged a patient’s coffee then asked her family to hold her down as she fought not to be killed – but did not break the country’s euthanasia laws’

          She’s so professional, so caring, so sensitive, so empathetic….just don’t accept a coffee from her….that’s all…

        3. The article said the elderly patient had dimentia but didn’t say what stage of the condition. They could fight back. The ‘family’ holding her down was a charge led by a female family member and also a female witch of a doctor administered the euthanasia. Both females, one actively killing her own mother, the other assisting.
          SO THE CASE was part pussy pass as well. The dimentia wasn’t spongeoform or Altzheimers so it was likely caused by the cholesterol eliminating statins. Many people who take statins as a side effect will have a dimentia like syndrome because the brain needs good cholesterol to function. Patients with the pseudo dimentia syndrome returned to normal when they stopped taking the statins and ate a diet containing good cholesterol (fish/eggs).
          SO it’s looking like they killed grandma in cold blood when she merely had side effects from her medication that could have easily been cleared up by switching diet and dropping the statin medication.
          Will the doctor or the sorry daughter ever remorse? Of course not. Women can’t internalize anything they do wrong as their fault. Otherwise people would be kicking them for being stupid forever and a day and the women know it.
          Netherlands is no longer a tribe friendly or life friendly place for its own founding tribes. This is because globalists and semites have agitated the women into leaving the hive in lieu of dominating the territory. Essential feminine functions have stopped.
          Jesus another civil war for the schedule and an order for chopping blocks like in Can, US, Sweden, Germany, on and on. How many heads are going to have to be rolled before this shit subsides? If we have to roll heads, let’s keep our humanity this time so L Ron Hubbard can come in and say “the west is all cleared now”.

        4. Hi.
          With you up to ‘….and semites….’, though I respect your right to point fingers just wherever you want to.
          You are well informed re diet and ‘Altzheimer’s’ symptoms.
          Two things.
          The ‘story’ was given publicity so as to codify the killing as now publicly acceptable.
          That was the only reason for the ‘investigation’.
          Regarding this rise of the exterminist female spirit in the West. Exterminating the culture and, in this example, the people themselves, it runs very deep and is not the product of ‘politics’ or ‘policy’.
          Here’s some interesting data from pre-pill, pre-slut culture even pre-women’s votes.You may find it interesting.

    2. Bob, I don’t know if this will work for you, but… I pretty much solved all my ad problems by switching to Linux Mint & installing a comprehensive host file that blocks practically every ad server out there. You may lose some convenience & functionality, so be forewarned. And you can edit out any servers you want to keep. Just a thought…

        1. That may be a good alternative for folks that need to stay with Windows. Of course you can set up your host file to accomplish the same thing in Windows as well. I went with Linux to get rid of Microsoft and not have to worry about anti-virus software any more.

        2. Yes you CAN theoretically set up a host file to do essentially the same thing, but the neat thing about the router method is it has a list of thousands of prohibited ad sites, and they are updated automatically every day. That would be ridiculous to do manually.
          Also one of the main advantages of the router method is blocking apps from my tablet. I’m shocked at the intrusive ad banners I see on the majority of apps when I access them away from home.

        3. Oh you’re absolutely right! Trying to do that from scratch would be a real beyatch, no doubt. No, there are various sources for host files with the literally hundreds (if not thousands) of servers already listed, for those of us without routers. But your point is well taken!

    3. Firefox + AddBlockerPlus plugin. Mandatory.

        1. I have zero pop ups on ROK and most sites. That Deus Vult thing did evade it for a while but that’s went away too. It’s a great thing.

        2. You guys are a bunch of pussies. A Real Alpha like me just endures all those pop-ups and advertisements. A Real Man supports his favorite website by watching and clicking on those ads to generate revenue for his tribe.
          This post was brought to you by Dickie’s Happy Fun Time Land. Have Happy Fun at Dickie’s Happy Fun Time Land!

        3. Popups are gay.
          Or they don’t exist.
          Take your pick.

        4. Yeah. One those ones that makes noise, but can’t be seen. Flashpop.

  11. Canadians have ALWAYS been a mess. Why back when he was in college the kneeman used to do snakebite shots which were Yukon Jack (over proofed Canadian honey liquor) and lime juice. If anyone has ever had snake bites or drank any Yukon Jack and happens to be a vociferous reader they may have read the back of the Yukon Jack bottle which reads:
    Yukon Jack is a taste born of hoary nights, when lonely men struggled to keep their fires lit and cabins warm. Boldly flavorful yet surprisingly smooth, there is no spirit like Yukon Jack
    Why, even the frontiersmen of Canada were out having “hoary nights”
    Side note, college age kneeman used this line on college girls many-a-time. “Honey, have a snakebite shot…this is a drink for hoary nights and I have a feeling tonight is about to get as hoary as it comes”
    Ahhhh to be young

    1. Kneeman, did you hit on grannies back then? A little diversification is important, but…
      1 : gray or white with or as if with age bowed his hoary head
      2 : extremely old : ancient hoary legends
      I actually had to look that one up.

      1. ha, no, back then I dated only two types of women. I did social climbing dating with the rich and affluent girls at my school and, because I worked in a topless bar during college, strippers. It was a nice mix. My play on words with “hoary” was about the girls getting drunk and becoming “whorey”
        It’s funnier when you are a 19 year old college student with abs.

  12. ‘A nation of sheep will be ruled by wolves.’
    We should recognise these will be sexually perverted wolves obsessed with your lambs.
    We’ve all seen this advance of the insane, perverted wolves, for years.
    It’s everywhere.
    ‘ No more separate boys’ and girls’ toilets at primary schools in Glasgow to help pupils who are ‘confused about their gender’
    Parents who still pretend to be ‘shocked’ at what they are handing their children over to, are the real problem.
    They have NO RIGHT to ignore this abuse of their own children because they are ‘too busy’ or too cowardly to protect them.
    Imagine if people get what THEY TRULY DESERVE in this world?
    This is what it would look like.

    1. I saw a werewolf drinking a pina collada at trader vics. His hair was perfect

        1. I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand Walking through the streets of Soho in the rain He was looking for a place called Lee Ho Fook’s Gonna get a big dish of beef chow mein

      1. Was that the same one that I saw walking with a Chinese menu in his hand?

        1. If you hear him howling around your kitchen door Better not let him in Little old lady got mutilated late last night Werewolves of London again

        2. He’s an admitted nihilist…he’s brash and sarcastic…but he’s our lolknee…and we like him just the way he is…

        3. He won’t go changing to try and please us, he’s never let us down before.

        4. you’d like to meet my tailor.

        5. I definitely want a shot at promoting your personal line of clothing – “Wear Wolves of London – Paris – New York – San Francisco”.

        6. hahaha excellent. But let’s make it New York-New York-New York.
          I have long contemplated getting like 5 identical newsroom white dialed clocks and hanging them on my wall in a row news room style with plaques underneath that say Upper East Side Upper West Side Murray Hill Midtown Soho and have them all set to the same time.

    2. We don’t need parents, we need strong men. That’s about our only hope for survival.
      The whole table collapses if you remove the cuckold legs it stands on.

      1. Strong/real men generate strong/real women, thus, real parents.
        The real parental unit has been attacked by the State and those who vote for State power.
        The ‘legs’ will never be removed as men are programmed to work for and protect women.
        Thus, enough men will never withdraw their labor from the current degenerate society.
        Mores the pity.
        In the absence of that easy and simple, quick, solution, it might work to convince men/women that men/women are what they both need.
        Not the State.

  13. That’s ok, this will be revoked once Canada is a Caliphate, which at the rate Trudeau is going should happen in less than five years.

    1. Won’t be revoked, that’s not the plan.
      Instead, the ‘M. Areas’ will have their own laws.
      The tax producing areas will be ruled by their own degenerates as long as they provide enough tax income to provide for the large and expanding immigrant areas.
      Thus, the tax producing (whiter) areas will be encouraged to continue spiraling downward forever and ever.
      Homosexuality, trans, anti-racism, equality in recruitment, inter generational love, green energy, Ariana Grande concerts etc etc

        1. They’re flexible.
          That side of town?
          Self governing tax producing slaves. If people are going to provide their own children for the above via-Government, why not provide their own children for a Rotherham in every town?
          This side of town?
          …a different story.

  14. I am a Canadian living in the US and I am not aware of what’s going on “up North”. The foster system is a mess in Ontario. Our jails are full of the victims of the foster system, our graveyards are littered with the bodies of its tiny victims. Imagine a confused 11 yo. being told it’s OK to grow boobs, cut off your penis, or get hormones to grow a beard. My head hurts just thinking about it. This is ALL directed by women and gays. Anyone opposing is immediately disposed of, out the door, gone. If they have to lie to get rid of you, so be it.

      1. I have a working theory that he and Mike Pence are ass buddies on the DL

        1. depends on how many Asian cocks you count as equaling one real cock

        2. oh man, I knew a girl with a tattoo of two swallows on her back that said, underneath, on a scroll thing “Swallows”

        3. If you get a handjob from a deaf girl who uses sign language, does that count as a blowjob?

        4. Only if she makes “the noise” while doing it.
          Yeah, you know what I mean.

        5. I recommend any guy who gets half a chance… fuck a deaf girl… just for the noise alone.

        6. I saw one in a coffee shop last year that was really cute. I was waiting for her friend to leave so I could approach but it didn’t happen. I know I would be 100% shot down by the jealous vocal corded friend but I am eagerly awaiting the next opportunity.

        7. Wonder what that would sound like.
          “Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Ommagum. Ommagum. Huh? Huh?”

    1. Not being DIRECTED by women or gays at all. They are the dancing puppets being directed by a psychopathic elite who are men. Many of these men claim to be Jewi$h, but it goes much deeper than that. Best to simply think of them as Satanists, who love to defile children, destroy families and turn everything good upside down. Are these elite Satanists literally demon possessed? The Catholic church (when it was a force for good) certainly thought so.
      Women and fags are empowered by the psychopathic elite men to enact and carry forth their agendas because their emotions can be easily manipulated and directed. That’s why we see soooo many ugly women, dykes and fags in politics currently. They are directable and blackmailable. Their shame is used against them.

      1. Don’t overestimate them. They are just human beings like the rest of us, and they bleed and die too.
        Although they’d love for you to think differently of them.
        They are only successful due to the absolute stupidity of most people.
        Big fish in a small pond.

        1. Well sure, their bodies or “meat suits” bleed and die. But, many more people are starting to question what exactly is our enemy and how it can manifest / spread. For example, if a demon possesses a Rothschild and directs his actions and formulates his agendas, does it matter if the flesh and blood man dies? Furthermore, if you had most of the world’s money and unfathomable tech, why can’t the “mind” of the man live on in a different meat suit via some sort of electromagnetic transference — as portrayed in some sci-fi movies? Why not cloning?
          Many are starting to connect the dots between ancient peoples who were able to contact (contract?) “demons” for material benefits on Earth to those elite who run the world today. Contacting and making deals with demons is what Satanism is all about. Judaism is actually quite “mystical” also, as evidenced by the Cabala, which is a book or collection of writings about using symbols, numbers, words, music, sound in efforts to contact spirits / demons / entities for material benefit on Earth (money, power, fame, beauty, etc.). As such, it’s not just about THE JEWS we’re dealing with, but rather an ancient cult that discovered ways of communicating with entities outside of our 3-D realm — which has been discussed for thousands of years by virtually every culture on Earth.
          Supposed “demons” can only be contacted by certain (very specific) symbolic rituals conducted by trained people. For example, standing in a pentagram or hexagram while reciting certain phrases or sounds is important, as is the sacrifice of life and flow of blood because demons feed on fear / negative emotions and the life force that dissipates from live blood as it spills from arteries and veins of creatures. Once possessed, a person is driven to create as much fear / terror and death around them as possible because that is the demon’s sustenance. As such, is it the “Jewish” person who strives for such cruel chaos, or the demon inside? Why has child sacrifice and drinking blood been associated with Judaism since ancient times? What really animates these “evil” people? Is it actually pure demonic evil, as thought by the Catholic church??
          In point of fact, the old Catholic church not only recognized and documented this, but developed very effective means of combating it, which they called exorcism. Reading the non-fiction exorcism accounts of Catholic priests of old is fascinating and gives great insights as to what we’re REALLY up against. So-called “Jews” really are the chosen people — that is, chosen by hidden entities who’ve been contacted. This was pretty common knowledge many hundreds of years ago, which explains why many Jews were thought of as magicians / sorcerers / Devil worshipers etc. Strange, but true and food for thought.

        2. That’s very interesting, but I don’t know if there is any truth to it or not.
          It’s quite a claim after all.
          It’s not something that is within my comprehension.

      2. Jews.
        Catholic Church.
        Psychopathic elite men.
        I gotcha!
        “Cinder Ella we want you to be a bull dyke lesbian”.
        Cinder: “Uhhhhh, don’t think so!”
        Agreed that some people are easily manipulated. Plenty of people are mentally ill and go what for what will accept them. The rot and indoctrination is very deep. Resist!!!!

  15. This is scary shit, because all it will take is an in-school psychologist / counselor / whatever to meet with a male student – say in kindergarten or first or second grade and convince the boy that he might be interested in entertaing the idea of being a girl, and wallah! The boy’s parents will be informed that little johnny wants to be janey. The parents will have no recourse.

    1. It’s only scary if you resist.
      No-one in the degenerate west is resisting anything.
      Hence, they don’t ‘fear for their children’s future’.
      See how that works…

    2. Gotta get em ready when they’re young. Do little boys still find little girls icky? Or is the only form of playing doctor a proctologist?

      1. What I have observed regarding this trend of young boys wanting to get a sex change is that these boys notice that girls and women are getting better treated by society and government, while men and boys are treated like shit. And if the boy grows up in a family of only sisters and a single mom, he feels really out of place. This type of environment can easily prompt a boy to want to get his genitals cut off and put on a dress.

        1. Ghetto life single moms are especially under the eye of the nanny state snitches. Other female residents in the subsidized projects will rat out their neighbor for letting their boy play unattended on the balcony or playground. The lady not only loses her meal ticket when the socialist service goons come with ’emergency’ kidnapping papers, but the child risks ending up on the market where kids disappear and become legally untracable.
          What often happens is the single mothers will keep their boy(s) indoors, subdued with medication prescribed by school counsellors and there is a hyped up fear of being snitched on if your boy is seen outdoors or alone without mommy. This destroys the young males.
          For a well to do homowner, a brush with the state child snatchers is a considerable legal blow, something like 50 grand to file special motions and have a case thrown out. Kids can be bailed out of their clutches like bailing out and expunging a DUI. It’s just like bailing out someone on trumped up charges only there’s no refund. Many financially strapped working families have been destroyed by the socialist services kiddie/women’s protection racket. Forced and coerced divorces, you name it. Still that’s like a mugging or someone stealing your 50 grand BMW in plain sight. Who wouldn’t snap. I would lose it on a typical street mugger or carjacker. Who wonldn’t?
          When a child protection shill comes to your doorstep dressed like a catholic schoolgirl clutching a clipboard and swinging corkscrew from side to side, it’s a cutsie honey trap to let them in. They’re only there to generate a case that is hyper enforced and proceedings are hyper secretive. Yes they’re brokering live human meat. It’s all a cover. Never let them in. Politely shoo the cutsie away so she slips with a neck injury elsewhere. It’s good to be tight with your neighbors. I like how the neighbors in the movie ‘Southern Comfort’ defended their zipcode against uninvited outsiders. The socialist services would never come enforcing cross dressing ‘abuse’ laws there.

        2. In bechdels “fun home” the author clearly demonstrates her alienation in her childhood home and paternal disregard to gender norms resulting in “monkey see, monkey do” degeneracy.
          But I betcha dollars for donuts that a kid doesn’t come up with the concept of gay by them self: there is an outside influence, like George takei’s childhood rape or more covert means.

        3. You are on the right lines.
          I have relevant professional experience of this phenomena.

    3. Hell, my mom threatened to cut my dik off, but that was for pissing in the litter box….
      As an adult, I now see her side of things in that matter.

      1. Meaning you hadn’t grown tall enough to piss in the sink. At least it’s not on the floor. I hate people who do that.

    4. I hear that real story somewhere, The counselors and teachers conclude that Micheal was a girl trapped in a boys body, but did not inform the parent and he was treated as a girl in school. Gays should be worried because imagine if the kid was at risk of only end as homosexual, We all knew that sissy kid that end as a faggot, but now this kid will end as a trans instead of a fag, they want them to become the opposite sex. where is the Gay outrage?, is not homosexualism considered normal? Then why they want to cut a penis of a “normal” gay kid. Where is the gay protest of leave our normal Gay children alone?, So this could be considered anti gay too. the kid was denied the privilege of sexual experimentation, now his penis is cut and the progressives put him on estrogen, How this is not considered Homophobic? Trans>Gays

  16. Transsexualism is a mental disorder. It is morally wrong to encourage mentally ill people to live out their delusions. It is socially bankrupt to embrace and promote a mental illness. Just imagine a government doing the same thing with schizophrenia or PTSD.
    Depression and suicide rates among transsexuals are sky high, and they kill themselves just as much after “transitioning” as they do before. They are people will serious mental issues, and they need actual, real psychological help.
    They are not just allowing these mentally ill people to wallow in their own suffering and destroy themselves, they are actually promoting it, pushing their children to engage in it.

    1. …..all facts in the public domain.
      All well known by anybody who is interested.
      All blindingly obvious, yet look!
      Look what’s actually happening, what people are submitting to, what they are handing their children over too.
      Pointing out the madness and cruelty isn’t working…..

    2. Nah. Fuck ’em. We should encourage them to off themselves and that’ll help the population try to cleanse itself.

      1. Most of them aren’t born this way, they’re taken advantage of when they’re young and can’t defend themselves with independent thought. And now their parents aren’t allowed to defend them either… These are our children. Notice all the trannies on TV are white too- it’s primarily white children under assault by this!

  17. WTF, ay? Shoulda seen it coming with a closet fanny bandit like Justin running things. I wonder how many dresses he has.
    This whole thing about sexualizing kids is fucked up on so many levels I don’t even know where to start.

  18. Paedofiles run the show from behind the curtain.
    Some people like D. Ike have been talking about this for years.

  19. Looks like were gonna get some Canadian immigrants.
    Seriously though, my dad made trannies a joke when I was a kid and whenever i or my brothers acted wussy would call us such (in the jovial gruff way fathers do).
    I can just imagine thr hell this legislation would make rural Americans reign in protest…

  20. At the risk of losing “Cred”…
    Can I say that the Brave and Stunning wife has a nice face, and she’d probably be attractive if she dropped like 200 pounds?

    1. Ive noticed that many fatties have delicate bone/facial structure underneath the blubber.
      Physiognomy is a whole other matter…

      1. Yeah, I was staring at this obese asian college girl yesterday. It certainly confuses the brain when one sees a cute face on the body of a whale.

        1. It’s somewhat common if they grew up in America. Otherwise, you’re right.

  21. You should have seen this coming, only recently the US allowed for gender free restrooms, allowing men who believe they are women to use women’s restrooms. Apparently one chain of gyms expanded upon this to allow men to use women’s locker rooms. You really think the men are using woman’s facilities because they believe they are women? No, they are perverts trying to get a peek at women in an intimate state.
    You also have large profitable companies run by open homosexuals such as Apple and Chipotle.

    1. Well real transsexuals are like .02% of population, But Pervert population is like 200 times more big than that, so who benefits? Only the Pedophiles, the real rapists, the voyeuristic and all the bill Clinton and podestas.

    2. Chipotle? Eeew. Jimmy Hoffa was last seen alive entering a hot dog factory in NJ accompanied by two men in striped suits. I will surmise what really goes into an Oscar Meyer wiener. Of course the company customer service response is “we don’t know and if we did, we ain’t sayin” what really goes into their product.
      BUT what really goes into your Chipotle? I don’t want to know. I’ve never eaten there and definately never will now knowing that a ‘boardroom’ full of ass packers and jizz eaters run the company. That yellowy brown chipotle sauce they put on everything, I don’t want to know their secret.

    1. “My country is dying before my eyes. I don’t find this funny anymore”
      I hear ya. At one point in the early 1990’s I was considering moving to Canada. I always held Canada in the highest regard – nice people, clean cities, etc, but now I’m absolutely both appaulled and taken back on how Canada became what it is today.

      1. Australia and New Zealand are better, still women there are very feminist, but they have a large Asian population and legal immigrants from other parts, so it is not a desert for women. Noticed lot of Aussie dudes go for Asians or other immigrant women.
        I also think Uruguay, Chile, and Argentina are good too, especially for single guys. Not as dangerous and unstable as the rest of South America.

        1. “I also think Uruguay, Chile, and Argentina are good too, especially for single guys”
          It’s not – Roosh was in all three countries and didn’t have much nice things to say about them. Argentina is one of the worse countries to meet women.

        2. I’ve never heard anything bad about Uruguay. Never met anyone personally who has been though, its a small country.

        3. Compared to the US those three South American countries are better.
          Roosh mentioned on his page there was one city in Argentina that was good, it wasn’t Buenos Aires.
          Those three have lower crime than Colombia and Brazil. Women in those two are considered among the best in SA but high chance of meeting other bad things.

        4. Australian men may go for Asian women but Asian women do not go for Australian men.
          Why would they?
          Would would an Asian woman choose an Aussie guy with a high school education over a Chinese man with a Masters in engineering or an MBA. Who will be able to afford a condo in Melbourne or Perth?

        5. Why should foreign women go for men who’ve already lost control of their own native women?

        6. I was mainly talking about everyday living. Australia does not have the same social problems as the US. You don’t hear about mass shootings there like you do in the US and now in Europe.
          Not many black gangs shooting up Sydney like they do in LA and Chicago. Last I checked nearly 3000 people were shot in Chicago.

        7. I can understand it from a personal perspective, it just kind of irks me though I guess because I feel like this kind of mindset is holding us back from every really doing anything about it. I think we have way too many personal solutions but not enough collective ones.

        8. If most feminist countries opened their doors to female immigrants who are from traditional cultures it would be a good thing.
          White Euro nations are importing Muslim men, the mainstream media are ignoring the sexual aspect of why white women welcome Muslim men. They are competing with white European men. Large numbers of European women lust after dark men from the Middle East.
          Why not throw it back at them and bring trainloads of Asian women?

    2. I am sure all the guys who welcome the collapse and reset will say the same as it nears. Fun to dream about, but when it becomes reality, they will be singing a different tune.

    3. It’s still a decent place for a single childless man to hunker down and wait for the states to explode into their second civil war. Then when the dust settles said childless man can head south and make a living helping to rebuild while Canada then goes through its own collapse.

  22. Well won’t be traveling to Canada anytime soon then, such madness, Canada RIP.

  23. 16-18 are when many children go through puberty, and become sexually active in some form

    Eh? Children complete puberty by 16 and if you don’t think that they’re sexually active by 14 you are seriously naive.
    And raising the age of childhood from 16 to 18 is a serious mistake. That just means the State has your children for two years more.

    1. ‘And raising the age of childhood from 16 to 18 is a serious mistake. That just means the State has your children for two years more.’
      The real objective is to remove them from criminal responsibility.
      Thus a 17 year old cannot be a rapist, for example.
      Horrific, eh?

      1. There are economic issues also, rendering them and the parents dependent on the State. So a 16 year old cannot get a proper job.

  24. This is child sacrifice. It is child sacrifice, pure and simple, no different than the ancient Carthaginians.

    1. I think it’s best to just turn on some porn and forget about it.
      It can’t be that bad, right?

  25. Makes me want to support islamisation. If I have to chose between 2 evils I won’t hesitate long

    1. Sometimes I wonder if that’s the plan. To force us to accept fascism in one form or another. It’s working.

      1. As Plato once wrote, democracy always ends in chaos and then people will beg for a strong man to end the insanity

        1. Was that in The Republic? I have been wanting to read the original source material for a while, just not sure which work to start with. I’d say we’re well in the phase of chaos-lite right now. I don’t really see it turning around. Has Trump done anything in any way to stall more chaos? I don’t think so.

    2. Yeah, I’d sooner just have sharia and pay the jizya than fund this degeneracy.
      Or maybe Putin will finally snap and put an end to the West’s nonsense…

    1. S’worse.
      It faces the prospect of a population that seems happy to live under a Cultural Marxist dictatorship.
      Poles and the rest fought back.
      Canadians will not.

    2. They already have one now.
      The masses made a deal with the devil and sold their souls.
      They sold their families and children for a few shiny trinkets.
      Hope it was worth it.

  26. Canada was always a shit hole of a country! I didn’t think it could become a worst piece of shit!!

    1. The western part of the country in BC is beautiful. Some of the best geography around with better climate than the east or Goose Bay. A smaller populated country needs to be armed more like Finland, SA or Switzerland and have strong citizen militias. Canada does not have an artificially bloated indigenous population like SA but Canada’s urban centers pour outrageous resources into white population replacement in tandem with the war being waged on native youth, destroying unborn natives and ramming the gender scrambling of the culture. Some argue that monarchies are needed in the west, but the qwine’s court has sold Canada down the toilet like she did Rhodesia. Blue bloods are not like us and never were. Canada needs a move for independence from the cuck royalty/globalists and no more of that bitch face on their currency.
      Some smaller states in the US with the strictest gun laws too have become overly tyrannical pushing the social reengineering.

      1. The problem is that the majority are incompetent idiots and of the few competent people, the majority of them are either evil or have been turned to it.

  27. Honest question to Americans / Canadians / Whoever has this transsexualism fad in their countries, from someone who -thankfully – doesn’t have it as much in his:
    How in the freaking nine hells people believe that a CHILD, who hasn’t even hit PUBERTY yet, can make informed and/or “””insightful””” decisions about their sexuality.
    And about those things regarding expressions, let me remind you of an old George Carlin strip about language:

    Not only that, but also the whole “The language always gives you away” thing that keeps ringing true after all those years. And it is not a new idea, oh no, it goes back to Ancient Greece, and the history of the thirty tyrants, as documented by Thucydides:
    “To justify their actions, they even changed the meaning of words.”
    I am getting really tired of all that things. First they seemed funny, then frustrating, now I just lose my faith in humanity little by little.

    1. It should be a crime to discuss any sort of sexuality with pre-pubescent kids, at least until the 8th grade sex ed classes that warn you about pregnancy and STDs. Really, really sick.

  28. This is terrible. If a child believes herself to be a cat or a unicorn does that mean that we also have to comply with her identity wishes? Is it not the parents’ job to guide children and to teach them? Sex is not separate from gender and the mentally ill who have pushed this agenda are committing a crime against humanity. I would argue that indulging all of the whims and fancies of a blissfully ignorant little child is gross negligence, and indeed abuse.

  29. Ontario has ever increasing percentage of mostly conservative minorities – how will they take all that Leftist garbage that their kids are fed in schools? A few years ago Muslim parents in Ontario were protesting against sex-ed. Once Canada becomes majority-minority, I believe, most of those degenerate policies will be rolled back.

    1. No. As someone else posted, the degeneracy will be reserved for white students while minorities will be exempted or sent to madrasas or yeshivas.

      1. This has been the policy for YEARS!
        I’ve worked in Muslim schools in London.
        Letmetellya…… ‘gay’ anything.
        None, and there never will be.

  30. “All right guys, let’s pass a law that eliminates religion in the deciding process when it comes to adoption”
    10 minutes later:
    “All right guys, let’s make an exception for the Muslims”
    Fuck this country.

  31. It’s bad enough when the state already has rights to your labor and income. But now they also have rights to your family too.
    What the hell are men left with?
    Just “game”, casual sex, porn, a feminist regulated workforce / careers, sports, consumerism. We got nothing left. They stole the most important thing we ever had, which was wife and kids.
    And game and casual sex appeal is not a sufficient substitute in my mind.
    Everything is fine as long as you want to jack off and play video games and work your feminized job in your feminized work force and nail used up sluts and pay your taxes. But god help you as soon as you want a wife or family.
    Males are not males anymore. I don’t know what they are exactly, but it’s something new than whatever they used to be in the past. We no longer have any rights to anything except consumerism.

    1. What the hell are men left with?
      Just “game”, casual sex, porn, a feminist regulated workforce / careers, sports, consumerism. We got nothing left. They stole the most important thing we ever had, which was wife and kids.
      And game and casual sex appeal is not a sufficient substitute in my mind.

      …And mine.

      Everything is fine as long as you want to jack off and play video games and work your feminized job in your feminized work force and nail used up sluts and pay your taxes.

      Exactly. It’s a society for unthinking hedonists. It’s not fit for sane men.

      1. I’m thinking about this alot and I think that’s the whole problem in the first place.
        We get caught up in so many distractions and false adversaries like male vs female, white vs black, republican vs liberal, christian vs islamic, vanilla vs chocolate, whatever.
        It’s more like sane vs insane.
        Our problems aren’t stemming from our “losing” a conflict, it’s our nature of conflict in the first place.
        Because people can’t just be reasonable and ethical. So thus it becomes a matter of force.
        Additionally all it takes is one violent party, to force everyone into violence.
        Because even if you are peaceful, if another is not, then you are forced to choose violence yourself.
        Imagine a world where we could just discuss things and figure out the best solutions for all of us and just say “oh yea, that makes sense”. Imagine a world like that.
        Instead it’s just a continual circus sideshow of bizarre conflict, insanity, and constant struggle for power.
        And to me by the way, the elites represent the ultimate form of this. They are the master pot stirrers. For whatever reason they go after power and control at all costs, even if they have to destroy themselves and humanity, to do it.
        We already have enough problems in nature, we don’t need more from each other, even if we arguably enjoy dominance and conflict to an extent.

    2. Huxleys brave new world. A life of comfort and materialism and hedonism and meaningless sex, but absolutely zero passion for anything.

      1. Have you ever heard the statement “you can’t cheat an honest man?”.
        There is a price for all this, most people are just failing to see it, before it’s too late.

      1. …how can folk take themselves seriously and NOT understand your advice?
        Who do they think SHOULD protect THEIR children?

        1. The problem is that the government is using underhanded tactics to make this effectively illegal, even though they are not doing it “outright”.
          Understanding this concept is extremely important, because I can see how people would easily find my statements on the surface to be strange.
          But when you look at the situation in detail, yes, this is exactly what is happening and I could easily explain it to anyone who would listen in very simple factual terms.
          You have to think deeper than just what is on the surface.

        2. ‘The problem is that the government is using underhanded tactics to make this effectively illegal, even though they are not doing it “outright”.’
          THAT’S not a problem!
          Did you expect a sign over the door reading ‘You Children Are Ouuuuuuuurs Now!’
          ‘…people would easily find my statements on the surface to be strange.’
          Same people who support ‘trans’ and abortions and vote for mass immigration parties?
          Those people?
          ‘… I could easily explain it to anyone who would listen in very simple factual terms.’
          Achieving nothing.
          These ‘other people’ are not your responsibility.
          Your children are.
          What country are you in?

      2. That’s exactly what we are discussing.
        That we need to act and how to move forward.

  32. Canada is a prime hellish example of the socialist/femenist paradise that all evil Bosheviks aim to achieve. Complete diaster!

  33. I don’t think that Muslims are going to accept that their kids become gay or tranny? Or these rules are only going to be forced against whites?

      1. Well white’s should actively start becoming “Unsafe” targets, just start a full on revolt against the govt and western woman…they will get the message.

        1. These muslims aren’t revolting. Just a normal day at a western mosque during a kid’s activity where kids have fun pretending to cut heads off infidels.

          And whites can’t have fun like that? It’s the snitch culture infecting white westerners and the immodest white western women with big mouths that learn to be loud and voiciferous and speak their mind and to snitch on the man. They learn it from watching jewess actresses do it on TV.

        2. ‘Unsafe target’?
          Surly it would be easier to just stop voting for these degenerate policies?
          Perhaps stop funding the agenda?
          Why not refuse to even hand your own children over…..failing that, why not TALK TO YOUR CHILDREN for ten minutes?
          I mean, even the unsafest target still VOTING FOR and FUNDING this agenda will fail, no?

        3. For that you would need actual troops.
          Elites already made sure to handicap men long before they pushed anything like this.
          If they had done this in a culture of strong men with rights to wife and family those men probably would have done just that.
          That’s why they took their time over decades to gradually eradicate men like that, because those men are a serious liability to successful government control.

        4. That’s the problem though. Look at the quality of the people who are voting this in, in the first place.
          You’re only focusing on the voting, but whose voting it in to begin with?
          Do you think that maybe that population was intentionally developed for this purpose?
          Emasculation is an art form and apparently we have some Michelangelo’s and da Vinci’s running around.

        5. Makes you wonder how come the left didn’t target American Muslims?
          We have 3.3 million of them, so surely they are a legitimate group to go after in terms of oppression.
          Instead they went after places like ROK and Roosh.
          I smell a rat.

        6. ‘You’re only focusing on the voting, but whose voting it in to begin with?’
          In a peaceful society, under law, with fair representation; voting is the most violent/effective/powerful thing we can do.
          It’s never ‘only’ voting.
          When our fellows use their votes to destroy society, they are guilty.
          It’s entirely their fault.
          Don’t let ’em off.
          ‘Do you think that maybe that population was intentionally developed for this purpose?’
          Yes I do.
          However, ‘developed’ is an interesting word.
          Those who won WWII are still, just, walking around.
          A different breed.
          Just how powerful can social conditioning BE to reduce us to this is about 20 minutes flat?
          WE are not ‘developed’ yet we are subject to the same conditioning.
          If I’m right and people are mostly responsible for their votes & actions & adoption of pc language & where they send their children to school & the films they show them & the food they feed them & all the rest….
          They need t be told as much bluntly to their faces by those who are not degenerate.
          Otherwise it really is over.

        7. I don’t want to let them off, but I’m being practical.
          I think it’s more than just social conditioning too.
          I think have actually been radically biologically altered in addition to psychologically.
          I don’t think men have the drive, passion, intensity, or aggression anymore and I don’t think we will get anywhere unless we start addressing that in a significant fashion.
          I think the elites always give a cheap substitute for everything they take from us and a pacifier for what was stolen.
          They have one both for men and for women.
          Western men don’t have the sufficient vital life force anymore to maintain and create a high functioning civilization.
          Without that, extinction is inevitable, and men will fall prey to the cheap shiny distractions of the elites.
          To destroy a society, you must first destroy it’s people, rather than the other way around.

        8. Yes, yes, yes….
          Estrogen is in the environment.
          20% reduction in white men’s testosterone in the West.
          I take all that into account & it is a part of the ‘data’ I use to come to my conclusions.
          There are many other factors as well.
          Not too many to number, but my point is about the actual, active political ACTION that society is taking; of it’s own volition.
          ‘ When our fellows use their votes to destroy society, they are guilty.
          It’s entirely their fault.’
          They could just withdraw support for the system by not voting.
          How easy would THAT be?
          …..but no….no, they instead vote FOR these horrors and that is inexcusable.
          ‘To destroy a society, you must first destroy it’s people, rather than the other way around.’
          The more accepted version of this, from my reading; is that the elites get people t destroy themselves.
          To imprison themselves.
          To denounce themselves.
          To steal wealth from each other and regard each other as fodder…..
          That’s how this works, if not the elites would already have erected their NWO.
          They need spiritual and then physical compliance.
          When humanity acts like animals they have the right to treat us like animals.
          As of yesterday I’ve told an old friend I won’t be talking politics with him any more.
          I’ve explained if he continues to support The Agenda, the is simply zero reason for us to discuss anything political.
          THEY need our approval, attention and indulgence, never the other way around.
          When did you EVER care what a lib/progressive thought about you and your values?

        9. They might be guilty the question is just, what are we going to do about it?
          If people won’t listen anymore, if they can’t reason, the only remaining recourse is action.
          I’m even happy to leave them to the consequences of their own bad decisions and to destroy their own lives in their own space, the problem is these jackasses are infringing upon my rights and my space, so I have no choice but to respond.
          It’s one thing if someone else is an idiot, but when their mistakes affect me, their stupidity is now my problem.
          If the people vote to raise taxes, then I have to pay them too, not just them.
          If the people vote to make how I raise my children the control of the state, then I have to follow those laws.
          If the people vote to force me to provide my labor and livelihood so that women can be whores, then I have to follow that decision.
          Their decisions are my life. They are my wife. And they are my children and family. They are my home and my nation.
          I think it’s easier to keep giving up freedoms and rights, than it is to fight for them tooth and nail. But before long your back is up against the wall. One small transgression today, becomes the complete control and tyranny of tomorrow.
          It’s not just them that’s on the line in my mind. It’s me, and even more importantly my wife children and family.
          What man won’t fight for his family?
          If a man won’t fight for that anymore, what will he fight for?
          If they can’t reason anymore, and are also attempting to infringe upon us, what other solutions do we have left?
          I am tired of turning the other cheek.

        10. OK.
          We started with my post…….
          ‘Surly it would be easier to just stop voting for these degenerate policies?
          Perhaps stop funding the agenda?
          Why not refuse to even hand your own children over…..failing that, why not TALK TO YOUR CHILDREN for ten minutes?’
          …when the suggestion was to make ‘whites unsafe targets’.
          Before I address the question of ‘action’, itself, what would/are we acting against?
          I do not agree with ‘Black Pigeon’ re his sexual liberalism (homosexuality) however, he is orrect when he points out..
          ‘….this is what the voters of Europe want,’

          Please see the presentation from around 12mins 30 secs, if you have not seen it already.
          WARNING, it is truly disturbing. Honest.
          THIS is what ‘we’ are being attacked by.
          THIS is where the madness is coming from.
          …from the voters.
          Lots of detail, but bear with me…..
          No-one is forcing anyone to vote for Hillary and rapid mass immigration from Mexico.
          No-one forced my friend to vote for May, who voted AGAINST the Control Orders (a sticking plaster measure, a form of House Arrest) that would have (possibly) stopped Manchester, when she was Home Secretary about 18 months ago.
          Theresa May put the Human Rights of admitted, obvious, avowed Islamist terrorists before the right to life of English citizens.
          Now, a few dozen of those English citizens are butchered.
          May has REFUSED to reintroduce the Control Orders and has refused to suspend the European Convention on Human Rights.
          When she was Home Secretary, she oversaw the TWO LARGEST EVER YEARS FOR MASS IMMIGRATION into the UK.
          EVERYONE in England knows full well that every year, more arrive and the country becomes more dangerous.
          Everyone knows the death toll will rise and rise.
          So, those who call themselves ‘right wing’, they go out and vote for Theresa May.
          If you wanna ‘fight’ someone, fight her supporters.
          Nothing else will ever matter.
          The State is importing more each day than will ever join a militia.
          These same ‘elements’ in Canada are attacking children’s innocence because they are as sexually perverted as culturally cannibalistic.
          They are importing these elements BECAUSE they are dangerous, not despite the fact (though they may not consciously know it….yet).
          While this is the situation, I respectfully suggest talk of physically fighting back is not helping.
          The enemy is the state and it’s millions of dangerous voters.
          ‘…. the problem is these jackasses are infringing upon my rights and my space, so I have no choice but to respond.’
          How can that be successful?
          Leave the country/area.
          It will only get worse.
          We aint seen nothing yet….it’s 1933, this is Germany and WE are the Jews.
          Our enemies are NOT retreating, see election results in France, Canada and now my home land, Britain.
          Failing that, organise with Doctors/teachers/plumbers/carpenters etc and create your own micro-state community because……
          Your children?
          Talk to them and home school.
          Protect them from television.
          Protect them from the children of ‘progressive’ households.
          Explain to your wife/family what you are doing and why.
          Anyway, I’ll stop there as I’m becoming prescriptive and I don’t know your circumstances.
          Lots of ways to fight back.
          However, this is not a physical battle.

        11. I don’t think we need a physical battle.
          However, we have to learn to think the same way elites do.
          “Voting” is low level thinking. Elites recognize and understand how to work in a much larger matrix than that.
          So is working within the confines of government.
          I am saying we need to think deeper, to why do they vote that way in the first place and how did they get manipulated to that point. And then further, how to counter manipulate them.
          The tactics are the same, it’s just are you using it for good or for evil?
          The only force that can go toe to toe with the elites, is another elite.
          Unfortunately the mass majority of individuals with that level of capability, will choose to join the current elite rather than oppose them.
          The only way to beat them is not only to use their own tactics against them, but to be even better at it than they are.
          I don’t think they are actually especially capable, however they do have the system circumstances and environment already stacked in their favor. I think the typical reaction of people is to idolize them and over think them, which is exactly what they want.
          Additionally I think we need to be careful to keep our efforts focused on them, instead of common distractions, such as their front line zombies, like liberals / antifa.
          To make an analogy, if the CEO is corrupt, then you should go after him, instead of get caught up with his lowest level employees. Because no matter how much you succeed against them, the business itself will keep on running.
          It’s a distraction from the real threat and evil pulling the strings.

        12. the difference between muslim and us is they are ready to die for what they believe.
          maybe we should also be ready to pay the blood price for what we believe.

        13. ‘However, we have to learn to think the same way elites do.
          “Voting” is low level thinking. Elites recognize and understand how to work in a much larger matrix than that.
          ……..I am saying we need to think deeper, to why do they vote that way in the first place and how did they get manipulated to that point.’
          I addition to you research, I’d suggest ‘Secret Weapons For A Quiet War’ is absolutely essential.
          Sure to be on the web.
          No need to dive into all the diagrams.
          It will explain this democratic phenomena.

  34. The rot and putrescence of our society is deep, and either will take generations to resolve, or will simply continue, or will require a swift and ruthless solution. This is the hardest question.

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