Safe Spaces On College Campuses Are The New Jim Crow Laws

The safe space craze has taken hold at college campuses across America. Students have been raising an uproar requesting that college campuses provide areas where students of color, and in some cases females, can relax and express themselves. They claim they want to connect without fear of being made to feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, or challenged on account of sex, orientation, gender, or race. Some have said that these spaces infringe on free speech. The students respond that the spaces would actually encourage free speech because in other areas on campus, minority students feel uncomfortable being made to defend their ideas or question the ideas of someone they think is smarter than them. And that leads us to the first point.

Safety, Status, And Stupidity


At Dartmouth: Black Lives Matter protesters interrupting a library study session

These students claim that it is an issue of mental safety, but the reality is that it is a reaction to a deep, terrifying, feeling of inferiority.

Some have asked why top schools like Yale, Oberlin, and Brown have been ground zero for campus eruptions. One reason is stereotype threat. This means that students of color and women are afraid of being judged by others and confirming stereotypes about their group. Black students are terrified of conveying a stupid thought and having their peers judge them as stupid.

Moreover, many of the towns in which these top colleges exist have large African American populations. This means that the service workers including the dining hall staff, custodians, and maintenance personnel are mostly black. There are also large amounts of poor and homeless people, also mostly black.

Minority students are just as status-conscious as any other Ivy League snob, and when they see the large numbers of people who look like them in positions of low-status, it freaks them out. As a result, an internal war wages within the black students, “Do people see me as a Yale student, or a black person?” When those two thoughts rub together furiously enough, a fire forms. They displace their anger and confusion they feel about themselves and their identity, and lash out at easy targets. Who are the easy targets? White and Asian students.

time to switch

Math is hard! Time to switch majors.

Another indicator of inferiority is academic performance. Why are so many protests erupting at elite colleges? Put simply, some beneficiaries of affirmative action do not have the intellectual horsepower to compete at elite schools. This has been documented by UCLA law professor Richard Sander, who describes this unintended side-effect of affirmative action policies.

While affirmative action started out with noble intentions, the effect has backfired. Minority students are often selected less on academic merit and more on their ethnic background. Many of these students are smart, and top tier institutions are eager to admit them. However, a sort of one-up problem forms because a student with a decent academic record who should be in a state college gets bumped up to attend a moderately prominent college, and the student with good but not great test scores and grades gets bumped up to attend an elite institution.

A student then finds himself in a class where he has weaker academic preparation than nearly all of his classmates. Oftentimes these students find themselves in a course where the professors are not teaching at a pace designed for them—they are teaching to the “middle” of the class, introducing terms and concepts that can be difficult even for the best of students. A study at Duke found that many of these students end up changing their majors from a hard science or mathematics to humanities or social science.

They found that most of the students who are struggling are black or Latino, and the students who are excelling are Asian or white. How would that have felt to the underperforming students? Would they have imagined that this could reinforce in the minds of their classmates the stereotype that black people are not bright? Time to push that anger outward.

These feelings of inferiority motivate students of color to band together and have private spaces to talk because they’re afraid of looking stupid to smart people. In a classroom or open space where all students are free to engage, students of color are afraid of being called out for offering a baseless thought.

They then request the campus administration officials to clear out a space for them to discuss whatever inane ideas pop into their heads. One interesting thing is that smart students express idiotic thoughts all the time, but because of the inferiority issue I noted earlier, students of color are more afraid of being called out for it.

Safe Space Supporters Want To Separate The Races


Friends of Black Lives Matter

These students want a separate space only for people who are like them. At the University of Connecticut, the college is now offering “blacks only” dorms for students who don’t want to be around other ethnic groups. Dr. Erik Hines, the Faculty Director for this initiative, said, “It is a space for African American men to, one, come together, and validate their experiences that they may have on campus.” He went on to say, “It’s also a space where they can have conversation and also talk with individuals who come from the same background who share the same experience.” Diversity is a strength. Let’s admit large numbers of black students, and block off a section of the dorm for them. What could go wrong?

Another UConn spokesperson said, “We know it’s not an issue of whether African-American males have the capability to excel in school; rather, it is their environment that sometimes inhibits their potential. At many predominantly white institutions nationwide, elements of African-American culture are harder to find, which can make some students experience a sense of detachment from their universities.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 9.15.34 PM

If you are a white supremacist, these campus groups are your allies. If these students of color get their wish of “safe spaces” to segregate themselves from other students, other students won’t have to contaminate themselves by interacting with them. Black protesters and white supremacists are strange bedfellows, but that is where we have arrived in 2016.

Will Safe Spaces Spread Beyond College Campuses?

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 9.10.10 PM

I haven’t had to talk to a white coworker in 4 years!

Civil rights leaders organized and fought for integration, with members dying for their cause. Decades later, students are asking to be segregated again. These progressive movements begin in colleges, but they spread throughout society. Soon enough we’ll see employees of companies asking for a “woman’s safe space” or a place where “employees of diverse backgrounds” can connect without interacting with white people.

Inferiority complex, identity confusion, and the lack of academic merit to compete with their classmates have triggered these students to demand a segregated “simpleton space” to share dumb thoughts with no threat of being called out.

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147 thoughts on “Safe Spaces On College Campuses Are The New Jim Crow Laws”

  1. It’s pretty ironic that BLM are demanding safe spaces for black people but go protest in a library, which is a safe space for all students (in the sense that you go there to be able to concentrate or to talk about ideas with classmates). I think all sane students, of all races, so go protest like they did in their “black cultural center” or whatever they call their “for coloured only” spaces this week.

    1. How can that possibly be!?
      Just looking around will take care of any high expectations you may have harbored for the masses.

    1. High crime in all four areas surrounding my college. Guess who gets housing there? Take a guess.

    2. Notice only white’s are told they have to believe “Black lives Matter”, how many black on black crimes are there? There is certainly a huge amount of Black on Black crimes, but I guess Black lives don’t matter to Blacks.

      1. The black murder rate is over 10x the White non Hispanic rate (2006 FBI and DOJ data). About 6x in UK. Most murders are Black on Black. The reason Whites don’t get killed is they work hard to self segregate as best they can. To be involved is to risk injury and murder for yourself and family. Sad but true.
        I doubt these safe spaces will be used for anything but planning and organising social justice warrior driven attacks against men and white men in particular.

      2. The old black community leaders used to have discussions about these issues. They knew that the problems existed and they were always for discussing the problem (and finding a way to fix it).
        Today, it seems as though feelings (feminism) has worked its way through the black community. We can no longer say what the real issues are any longer because it would be racist to call out the real problems. Instead, a new problem is created, personal responsibility is pushed aside and a new boogeman is created (today, its the cops). The fact is more black people are killed in the black community by other black people. That issue is too hard to tackle, we can’t blame “the man” any longer (because the man, the President, is black) so now the cops must be the evil people killing blacks.
        There are bad cops killing people (white and black). But black people need to look in their own back yard, first, and fix that issue. BLM should start in the black community.

  2. What happened to colleges and universities? They were once environments of genuine enlightment and knowledge building, where people would share a collection of different thoughts and opinions, irrespective of differences and dissention. It was the alchemy and combination of great diverse minds coming together to learn and spread their insights into further discoveries and wisdom.
    I remember when I was a student, the university environment for me was a great place to learn as well as socialise with people from different parts of the world, where women were genuine and feminine in their behaviour and manners. I was able to roam around the different campus buildings and libraries freely to read books, without having to worry about a shadow over me. I was able to study and enjoy learning about different topics and develop my intellect and maturity while engaging in great conversations with my peers and lecturers. Now from my observation of what has become of the college environment, it completely disgusts me to see what has now happened to these places.
    An environment of wisdom and learning, has manifested itself into a political playground of intellectual dishonesty, hatred and asinine politics, where a culture of fear has been created with agendas of pure malevolence displaying its true colors. I am saddened to see what has transpired over the years in college campuses across not only America, but also the rest of the Western hemisphere where actual intellectual building and learning has now been abandoned and replaced with horrendous political ideologies of hate, being carried out by students. From the rise of the false rape epidemic where men are now being marginalised and vilified as rapists, to race baiting and encouragement of dividing ethnic groups, college campuses are no longer places of academic merit and true achievements.
    These places have been infested and entrenched with radical left wing ideologies and utter hatred and contempt towards men, where men are no longer choosing to gravitate towards academic studies and are now looking towards alternatives such as apprecticeships and job placements. This is indeed good for men wanting to escape the politically correct inferno known as college, but at the same time, it is sad to see the disintergration of what was once known as a great place to go and learn. All of what is happening in college campuses across America, are indeed, part of the cultural decline we are witnessing and in all honesty, should serve us as a reminder, of what we can expect to deal with in this backward society that we live in today.

    1. Students learned in the 60’s that if they would bitch and complain, the administration would give them stuff. The thing the Left wants most of all is “more.” If you show them that you will give them more stuff when they occupy the dean’s office (trespassing) or protest in the library (harassment) then you are teaching them to do those things more. As much as we knock BLM for this crap, they learned it from White professors who teach ALL students that they need to protest and agitate and do “activism” of some kind instead of just using college to improve themselves. The whole “you are the generation that will change the world” is horse shit because us millennials are just going to change the world in a negative way since we received sub-par college educations. Should have been learning how to think instead of what to think. And probably should have been learning Java instead of Foucault.

      1. We need college administrators like S. I. Hayakawa again.
        But look to the people society has entrusted with the responsibility of running colleges – the trustees. Check out the trustees of elite universities and you’ll find names like Goodyear IV, or the head of some global media company. These members of the elite are the ones who should be closing the door on this claptrap.

      2. And no concession will ever be enough! They are the entitled generation and they believe that paying for their education grants them the right to demand anything they want. They want to be treated like paying customers and the colleges have erroneously allowed it to happen.
        Quite simply; It was a shit test that the universities failed and now the beta education system gets cucked hard

        1. Almost 20 years ago I left academia after a session with my department head where he extolled me to start thinking of the students as customers. Apparently giving bad grades for poor performance, or, heaven forfend, flunking students who did not have a single clue about the subject, was not giving a good customer experience.

    2. It became feminized. What are the two most crewed up systems in this country? I say education and healthcare. Which two areas do women end up in? Of course, education and healthcare. They get in positions and usher in crazy policies that focus on equality, and safe zones, factory-processed diplomas with made up topics like Women’s Studies and Social Media Advising. They messed it up.

    3. Colleges, now, are for-profit aka corporations. Nothing healthy is ever produced by a corporation.

      1. There has been great lobbying from the Ivy League Universities to be allowed to have stock market based share holders, if that tells you anything.

        1. Yep. And due to lowering standards in order to be more “diverse”, Ivy league schools now have remedial summer classes. These guys are going to do anything to make cash on the demise of their schools. Can’t you blame them?

      2. Around here, the “public” universities are doing whatever they can to boost enrollment. More people in = more tuition fees they can collect. Also, while we’ve been in a recession for the past several years, and the prices of most goods has remained stable, the price of a public education at my local college has skyrocketed 40%. It basically goes up 12% a year.

        1. As a teacher with military experience, when asked by parents about college, #1 I always recommend their kids go to Air Force or Navy first, so gov’t can pay and your kiddies can grow up. #2, I tell them to stay away from UC schools and go out of state, and it will still be cheaper and their kids won’t be taught to hate.

        2. Used to be, military service was an almost guaranteed way to man up. Prove yourself. Back when the concepts of honor, selfless service and discipline actually meant something and weren’t just bumper-sticker platitudes.
          Not anymore.
          I could see the change happen right in front of me. And not change for the better… friends and professional associates in sister services echoed my own concerns and observations. Even the Marines haven’t been exempt from the stupidity… now it’s a huge make-work jobs program, social experiment… the entire military has been hijacked. And instead of “protect and defend the Constitution” and this Republic’s citizenry, we’re now literally hired-out mercs – sent to fight proxy wars for those who won’t dare spend the coin or the blood fighting their own fights… O-hole’s Purge of flag-rank officers and high-ranking NCO’s is an ominous harbinger…
          I’m a Legacy. My father served, as did his father. And his before him, etc. I am not encouraging my son to serve. He can make his own choices, but I am advising against it.
          Join up and go into Combat Arms? Fight other people’s wars for them and risk death or worse – coming home a cripple, missing limbs or so mentally addlepated you won’t ever recognize your own family ever again…
          Join up and go into some rear echelon MOS where it’s nice and safe and only for the .gov bennies? Get ridiculed and mocked as a “Benefitter” and a remf…
          And I haven’t even touched on EO ambushes that crush your career, the never-ending threat briefings, idiotic ROE designed to get you killed, box-checking shameless careerists that will Blue Falcon you in a hot second if it means advancing their careers, being rendered persona non grata if you have moral courage and take a stand on your convictions, being sent to bleed and die in some godforsaken sh*thole so some sh*tlord inside the beltway has his stock in Bombs R Us go up 1/4 point…
          Screw that.
          Edit And let’s not forget being enforcers for the Elites – remember NOLA during Hurricane Katrina? US military units going house to house, kicking in doors and unlawfully taking legally-owned, Constitutionally protected firearms from citizens?
          The same Constitution we all took a blood oath to protect and defend?
          The same citizenry we all took a blood oath to protect and defend?
          Guys I know who were there and participated, they were all stoked about actually having the opportunity to do something “real world” and a chance to put all that training to some use… years later, when they realized what they had done – the betrayal of the very people they swore to protect – most had a massive crisis of conscience and went into deep depressions…
          I would spare my son that.

        3. So what do kids these day do then? The military seems fucked. Most colleges seem fucked? Hows one get ahead in the world and make themselves a better person at the same time? I think it’s either start your own company, go to a trade school or go to the military or college/university anyway, just with your thinking cap on and trying to ignore as much of the indoctrination as possible while making sure you get out of it what you need.

        4. Yes Unis have no link to the economy or the real world. Fees and tuition goes up always higher than the rate of inflation. You should see what these profs make too. 6 figures and up and don’t even work that hard…

        5. My son has expressed a desire to go to trade school and become a machinist. He is in a unique position, being a dual-national with a good command of both languages – and because of his dual-national status, he is permitted to attend school in either country (and has family in both, so there is a support network).
          If he follows in my footsteps, he will inherit a turn-key business that he can step directly into. He won’t get shatteringly wealthy, but he will never want for work and – because everything will already be paid for – he will have very minimal overhead. I set to creating this for him before he was born. It is there if he chooses (and I hope he does – am doing everything I can to encourage him).
          Universities are where one gets credentialed, not educated. And, given that an entire generation of our kids have already decided that “college is a right” (or some nonsense like that), there is a vacuum in the trades. Ever call for a plumber or an electrician? You get some duffer older than Methuselah who shoulda been On Golden Pond years ago… or some kid who looks like he’s 14… nobody in between.
          Means anyone in the trades can ask for – and get – anything they want so long as their work is top shelf and they are competent.
          My father told me a long time ago that the secret to life wasn’t riches, but contentment – pick one thing you really like doing, then be better at that one thing than everybody else.

        6. I don’t disagree, but there aren’t better options out there for the younger generation.

        7. Yes, there are Mike.
          Unfortunately, it involves leaving and making one’s own way.
          I’m the most enthusiastic flag-waver I know. Well, used to be anyway. Using that as a metric, you get an idea of how bad I know things have gotten for me to actually say it and advocate for it.
          I won’t go into some lengthy flamethrower screed about bad things have gotten. Bad as they are, worse things wait in the wings… You and I both know this. It’s not “if” anymore – it’s “when”. The halcyon days of the “American Dream” are extinct – if they ever existed in the first place.
          Bleak? Yes. But realistic, I think. The younger generation has got to come to grips with the fact that no, a college education is not a ‘right’, that the world does not have a need for “Social Justice Studies” graduates and yes, they better find something productive to do rather than be one of the chattering classes… Make something useful that will contribute to the greater whole.
          Choose an occupation that will be useful to people in the future, find and earn the training for it and make your own way – wherever that may be. You won’t get rich doing it, but you’ll eat well, you will be able to provide for you and yours, and you won’t be useless (I can think of no worse living hell than to be without use – that nobody needs you for anything. At all. Nothing to validate your existence).
          Example: My father-in-law is a cobbler – a shoe and boot-maker. The genuine article. When was the last time you saw one? He never wants for work, makes enough to provide for him and his, owns his own little shop and enjoys a good reputation in his community as a fair businessman and a craftsman of considerable talent. One might even say ‘artisan’. There is a quiet dignity in hard work, and not a little respect.
          Of course, this deals with much deeper things – the Calvinist work ethic, Lockean philosophy, etc… do they even still teach anything about the Enlightenment thinkers anymore?

        8. I considered going into academia. While I have a great love of history and philosophy, those teachers are paid about half what the business school earns. I talked to a business school professor a good bit about teaching. She was a good mentor, taught an ethics class that combined philosophy and business and the law, and gave me some good insights. Bottom line: The administration is awful, the kids don’t care about learning, and the work environment sucks.
          But I agree, the hours and pay are ridiculous. At my smaller second tier local public university, where the average wage is around $40k, business school professors make 6 figures. And business school, with the exception of finance, is all terribly easy stuff. It’s basically the same thing that happened in the real economy, our capitalist system has rewarded financially the best and brightest to go into fields like finance, playing with numbers and computer screens all day, which does a whole lot to increase the wealth of those individuals, but nothing to benefit the society as a whole. Hence, the generation of everyone out for themselves. You can’t really blame them.

        9. Most of what academics do as work is invisible to the public. We went with the Prussian method instead of the British method long ago. Here the emphasis is on research and publishing. Prestige in the University system is derived from what gets in the journals. Teaching is an irritant that is best done away with the least trouble possible. However, getting published is a herculean task these days. You will work your ass off and none of the students will benefit one iota from your labor.

      3. Don’t agree. When profit rules the day, incentives for exploitation and greed abound- as well as economies of scale and innovation. When NFP’s and NGO’s rule, PC is the order of the day, with no accountability whatsoever. Look at the technologic improvements and relative costs of provision of goods/services under capitalist economies vs. socialist, and it’s a no-brainer.

    4. Where the hell did you go to university? Doesn’t sound like any university I’ve ever seen, much less attended.

    5. Education has always attracted leftist personalities because it fosters an environment of youth and nuture
      Same reason women and children are more drawn to the left
      Whatever intellectual advantage they may have over the religious countryside conservative is quickly negated by their own dogmatic beliefs in equality
      This was probably true even during “good times”. What we’ve lost now is the understanding that college kids (and many professors) are still just mental children. They need to be dealt with like children, not some kind of brilliant visionary

    6. >What happened to colleges and universities?
      We stopped hunting communists. Now they have tenure.

    7. At my school there are no whites in the Associated Student government. They are hispanic, black, asian, and (1) native american. In the student recreation building where the student government also has their offices there are signs explaining the “rules” of the building. Number 1 is “Use inclusive language”.
      The recreation building is an amazing place. It has foosball and ping pong tables, couches, chairs, often times free pizza and… 2 giant screen TVs with Super Smash brothers constantly being played. The entire building is always full of the nerdiest guys or bronies, including their ugly female “nerd” friends who seem to have a constant orbit of 5-10 guys each.
      I never see anyone ever studying on the tables, it is always games, articles, Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Every guy down there looks like a hard core white knight. Even in the library you will walk past 90% of students who are on their phones, watching movies, or playing games. There is very little desire for learning for the sake of learning or intelligent discussions between peers. Most men look like dorks or bros and the women dykes or sluts.
      The passion for social change and social justice however rages strong. Everywhere you go are posters and flyers about this club or that promoting safe spaces and cultural awareness. A prominent club on campus regularly posts flyers denouncing the illegal acquisition of America, calling the land “stolen” by native americans and mexicans.
      I think that this behavior stems from the nihilism and hedonism that the liberal professor preaches. To them there is no afterlife and so the life here on Earth must be a time of rampant splurging into one’s vices and pleasures. In order to keep from feeling empty by this moral abandonment they prescribe a liberal dose of activism and social change. When you are in Elementary and middle school you are encouraged to strive to “change the word” enact “world peace” and make “the world a better place”. Instead of mainly focusing on the well being of yourself, family and community, you must find things wrong with society and seek to aggressively change this things to correlate to your manufactured world view.
      They don’t realize that their world view is manufactured by the elites that profit from them. They don’t realize that by heading toward the path of computerized globalism that the human spirit and soul will be utterly crushed. Or maybe they don’t care. Nihilists. Hedonists. SJWs.

    8. Reading your second paragraph I had to choke back a sob. I will never have a chance to learn at a university the way you did.

  3. Degradation of the highest institutions perpetuated by ushering in the lowest common denominator. Who woulda seen that coming?

  4. College students are 18+ years old…supposedly adults. Yet they act like immature children. What kind of grown person needs a safe space? That is beyond pathetic

    1. Blacks never grow up. Neither do women of any race. That’s the problem.

      1. Feminists understand that women never age mentally beyond about that of a 14 year old. That is why all sex is rape. That is why women can never be held responsible for their own actions. That is why they are never considered equal to men in sentencing for their crimes. Feminism is the idea that women are perpetually children. They’re always too young to consent. They’re too young to be considered adults.

      2. I have to disagree with you on the first part, friend. I have conversed with my black and Latino friends regarding these “safe space” students and we all equally find them whiny, weak-willed students who can’t cope with the rigors of their Ivy league education. For the most part, if you can afford Ivy league schooling, its safe to say you are in the mid-upper to upper class. They have never had to work while in school, support family or deal with issues that plague their poor counterparts ( like me and my friends).
        Therefore when they go into college, they can’t adjust as well or as fast as possible. Combined with the fact that people tell they are unique snowflakes who can do anything, you see their psyches crumbling.
        My first year in college sucked (in comparison to most) because it was the basic courses (gen bio, chem, calc, physics) that my school simply didn’t offer on an AP level. I busted my ass and pulled off a B average. The next years, when we were taking advanced courses, I found them easier than most people simply because I was already used to working hard. Some people in my first year I thought smarter than me ended up failing and dropping out simply because they weren’t used to hauling ass.
        Again, all a matter of perspective, friend.

    2. College students are 18+ years old…supposedly adults
      I know 28 years olds that I wouldn’t dare call adult let alone 18 year old teenagers.

      1. Some live in their mom’s basement. This the worse thing an adult can do. In their case, they are an adult child because their umbilical cords are not completely cut off.

  5. Of many places, the decline of our civilization and how far low the West has sunk is most apparent on University campuses.
    Once institutions for the best and the brightest to meet, learn, share ideas, conduct research and shape future leaders of society, Universities have devolved to Marxist fuck-fest playgrounds where anyone and everyone is admitted, brainwashed into believing they’re smarter than they actually are, pile on a ridiculous amount of debt, and in the end, given a useless “degree” literally not even worth the sheet of paper it’s printed on.
    The collapse of the depraved University system is something we should all look forward to and more “average” men need to be taught to avoid University. Instead, learn a trade in College, get 5 years experience and then start your own business and become self-sufficient. This is a much better path for most men.
    University education only makes sense in specific cases: if you’re studying STEM, elite University, full scholarship, have connections, etc.
    The market value of most other University “education” in itself is zero/negative.

    1. It all started going down hill once the opinions of women were given the same Merit as the opinions of Men. Safe Spaces, Nanny States, feminism, rape culture, misandry, out-of-whack SMV’s, Normalizing Obesity , Slut culture/Promiscuity in women, feminization of Males, Favoring security over Freedom … all ideals that stem from the Matriarchy, and all could have been avoided if Men of the west decided to not give women rights, or thought the opinions of women were no different than the opinions of Children…and clearly “Safe spaces” and other Ridiculous ideals that stem from matriarchy proves that women have a mental capacity no greater than a child’s.

      1. Western elites subverted Western civilization for their own selfish ends.
        Any civilization that cedes too much moral agency to women is ultimately doomed.

    2. Poppycock. Universities were centres of learning only in the Middle Ages. By the 18th century at the latest, universities had become little more than finishing schools for the sons (and later daughters) of the idle rich who lived off the work done by tenants, tax-peons and slaves. It was the place you went to make connections with sons of other rich idlers who would be useful to know later in life. Precious little actual learning went on. (Remember the “gentleman’s C?”)
      Any rich man’s son serious about reading Plato could do so on his father’s estate. Few had the time or inclination.
      Certainly nobody went to university to learn a trade—nobody who needed to work for a living went to university at all.

    3. These moves to integrate everyone into high end, Ivy League schools reminds me of how other professions are being forced to integrate women. Firefighters have a new standard, now, so that women can join. The military has changed its standards as well so that more women can be accepted.
      We’re trying to force people into places where they shouldn’t be in the first place (not a good fit). Think of all of the “almost qualified” men who just missed the firefighter exam. Now, these exams have been lowered so that women can join (I’d be pissed).
      We live in a society where we can’t be honest any longer. If a student can’t cut it at a university than he (or she) shouldn’t be at that school (white, black or other). We need to get back to honesty…the truth. I know it hurts but some people are smarter than others. If you’re black (or white) and you’re not making the grade at Yale then maybe you need to attend another school. Those are the issues that are no longer debated because they would be deemed “racist” (especially a recommendation towards a black student) versus common sense.

  6. If they want a real safe space, they should just lock themselves in a fucking broom closet and never come out.

    1. Or a Kitchen, I’ve always thought that women would have been so much more comfortable staying at home in the Kitchen, awaiting their Husbands return, but no, women were brainwashed by feminism to believe they wanted out of the kitchen, and ever since then every place that used to be a Male Space has had to under go renovations in order to make women “feel” more “comfortable” in them, and how do they Make women more comfortable in Male spaces? By telling Men to curb their natural instinct to pursue women, and completely reinventing how women and Men interact( notice Men have to make Sacrifices to accommodate women’s insecurity’s) ,…and that is the Major casualty that feminism has dealt, the very interaction between Men and women, has become totally flipped on it’s head, and according to feminist , it is something that is unnatural…think about that, the very interaction that Produces so much joy in normal circumstances between a Man and a woman, and an interaction that is responsible for Procreating the species, and an Interaction deemed Right by God, feminism believe it is unnatural…It’s time men start discrediting feminism in western nations, and start reestablishing Traditional Gender Roles.

    2. That shows a terrible lack of empathy with the inner feelings of all those guys. I support their claim to have “only blacks” safe spaces.
      Of course, for the sake of equality and in fair correspondence, other people should have “no blacks” safe spaces.
      We could have “only blacks” and “no blacks” safe public transport, for example, and so on. Why not to give people what they want? There’s an old proverb that says “be careful with what you wish for it might come true”, but in case blacks are so stupid to ask segregation laws back, why not fulfill their desires?.

      1. Because it will work for them and against us. This is not a white culture anymore.

  7. Enterprises that have to support themselves out of accounts receivable, earned by providing a valuable good or service at anight affordable price, have no time for nonsense like this.
    With very few exceptions, universities live off endowments or tax dollars—and the value of both these things depends on white working-class men’s being willing to work to support themselves and others.
    Once men start going their own way in earnest, safe spaces will quickly follow universities into the dustbin of history.

  8. Cultural Studies teaches this at universities across USA and Canada. A worthless, no-skill-having degree that teaches spite, hatred and disruption as an ideology. These programs are always led by demagogues that are minor league celebrities due their appearances on 24 hour news channels and talk shows like Bill Maher.

    1. Tough. The class war is real. So is the race war and the battle of the sexes. And the bad guys are winning all of them.
      You may not be interested in the fact that very powerful, very wicked people have it in for you and others like you. That doesn’t change the fact that they’re very interested in you.

      1. Yeah, no use in naively believing that we’ll eventually join hands all across the globe and sing kumbaya. That’s just not happening. But I think of the “us vs them” mentality in a different context, meaning that nowadays it’s the average guy vs the average guy while the elites look on and just laugh away. The people in power seem to be interested in divide and conquer tactics when it comes to the easily influenced majority, and we are left with today’s infighting between the left and right-wingers of the “common man” and we’re gonna get blindsided by the real issues soon enough.

  9. Selective segregation based on the terms of one group. We want our own space (because of our history of oppression) but don’t you dare tell us we can’t come into yours.

    1. That is really the irritating part of it all. The shaming for decades because of the past. Everyone bends to get along. Money is thrown at the issue. We create new opportunities so that others can join in. It seems like the more that is given, the more that is taken. And in the end, it’s still the same…you stay in your group and I’ll stay in mind (dictated by them).
      I’ve been around that long to see this thing go full circle. Life has become too easy for too many. You know this because many are creating issues in the world where there really are no issues. All Americans have had it pretty good in life for the past so many decades. There are been bumps along the way but more or less it’s been pretty good. We are seeing the results of what happens when things are too good for too long….people start to produce problems that don’t really exist.

      1. “We are seeing the results of what happens when things are too good for
        too long….people start to produce problems that don’t really exist.” – Could not agree more. Your entire second paragraph was last night’s dinner conversation.

        1. I’ve had many of those conversations (over the years)….especially the shaming issue. It does seem that the more people try to understand (and bend a little) the more they are taken advantage of (and the complaining never stops). I say, now, do what is best for you, your family and community. If that makes you a racist, then so be it.
          Every other community sticks to their own and looks out for their own…I think the white community needs to start doing the same.

  10. This is very much like buying that noisy, alcoholic couple down the street, who are constantly arguing and bickering at all hours of the day and night, a gallon of Jack Daniels and a handgun for Christmas…I greatly admire this insidiously clever plan, and I applaud its architects.

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  12. what a joke. im glad im not a student. The obvious hypocrisy here is that feminists have safe spaces men get nothing because apparently they can never make others uncomfortable. I would never want to be trapped in a room with them. My worst nightmare

    1. Yeah, I can’t imagine having to socialize, work with, or even bang them. You know it’s shitty when even American college girls aren’t appealing to you anymore!

      1. This is *fantastic*! Never heard of this dude.

        1. The character was a staple of the Conan Obrien Show.. I mostly remembered his punchline, which was childish but really funny as a kid.. “For me to poop on” but he’s hilarious, especially with the one-liners. Robert Smigel–he’s an underappreciated comedian with a long resume. He did the TV Funhouse stuff for SNL.

    1. Lol.. Hispanics in Maine? That’s one of the whitest states.. maybe #1. hah. As usual, the complainers were undoubtedly NOT Hispanic, but feigning outrage on behalf of unknown Hispanics everywhere.

  13. “I may have a middling GPA in a soft major, but what really sets me apart is my passion for SOCIAL JUSTICE!”

  14. Only in America would such a distorted and ridiculous notion be taken seriously! You Americas of all colours and creeds need to grow tougher skins and stopping living in your own little constructed boxes of race and sex. It’s all so trivial, narcissistic and pathetic and “oh aren’t we so special because we’re black or female”…sometimes I think if the Japs had actually occupied half of America during the 1940s, it would have given you a greater “worldview” and appreciation for the values your forefathers bestowed upon you.

  15. I just owned a guy on Facebook on blm, safe spaces, and “white racism”. bada bing bada boom! The self hating jew deleted his entire post. I ruined his whole f*cking weekend!

      1. Is that codespeak for “I need a new IPhone, a Coach purse, and a travel sized pack of tampons?

      1. Exploiting? The girls are out advertising for suckers, and they’re the ones being exploited?

        1. If anything, I would refer to it as “mutual exploitation.” Keep it fair and square you know?

        2. Back in the olden days we’d call this a mutually beneficial relationship. Back when we were adults that minded our own business and stuff.
          The language of the Left is everywhere, meh, it’s an infection in our culture.

  16. So what happens when special black snowflakes go out into the real world? Do any RoK readers have real workplace stories to tell about having to work with these affirmative action hires? Not just women but male co-workers that HR gave special hire status to?
    Tell us your story.

  17. So Americans still segregate themselves by race? Holy shit. I’m so shocked!! 😮

  18. Can we lobby fo “safe suburbs”, “safe cities” or even “safe countries”?
    Statistics shows that if I walk amongst black people, I will conform to a stereotype…. A stereotype of a victim of racially motivated black violence.
    Hence I ‘deserve’ a safe space, be it a suburb to live, a city to conduct my day to day life, or a country to call my own.

    1. Whites are not allowed to have safe spaces, even if they risk being murdered. Ask the whites in South Africa. Meanwhile, blacks can have their safe spaces when they are the group committing violence against others.

        1. It’s good to see Africans getting back to their roots of tribal dancing around an open fire. When Negroids (proper taxonomy) here in America want to hyphenate their citizenship with their ancestral origins with the prefix, “African,” this is what they’re aspiring too. And, if they let the media and SJW’s insist on dragging their race back to mother Africa with the term “African-American” this is what they are associating your race with. Well done!
          But that’s all too much devilish white contrived reason for you. I understand the evil of the white man’s books of knowledge and wisdom, which have only enslaved your people and taken you away from your ancient ways.
          Where’s Oprah when you need her? She needs to found a new non-sexist academy that serves both male and female Africans through education in, and by way of the authentic African ways; A school without white man’s evil books!
          But in the meantime, if you’re not happy with the devils writings, then why not return to your Nsibidi inscribed tablets of stone. Unlike the devils books which burn, your tablets will survive longer than Moses’ 10 commandments. However, dancing around the fire with a couple of these in your arms is going to tire you out pretty quickly.
          As for me and mine, we’ll stick to good ‘ol books and the Internet for our devil knowledge.

  19. “Safe space”, the place where black bullies and racists can congregate.

  20. Because I am a WR and am white… Do I get a scholarship while I run a 4.7 forty? Don’t I get a safe space on the football team and in the lockeroom?

  21. Welcome to the new reality gents. These kids don’t even have the insight or historical perspective to know how absurd they are. They are clueless. Not so long ago BOYS went off to war (WW1,WW2, Korea , Vietnam etc..) and now these dipshits are afraid of words. Women want to be in combat yet scream for safe spaces , trigger warnings. BLM use racism as a strawman for underachievement of black college kids…

  22. Hasn’t anyone thought to file a federal civil rights lawsuit against these racist school policies? Give them a dose of their own sickening medicine!

  23. Also in Namibia, a country in Africa of 2,5 million people with about 100.000 white people. Here, a 99,6% majority of black / coulored people in 1998 introduced the Affirmative Action Act in relation to employment to protect itself against the apparently very serious threat of a generally well-educated tiny and dwindling minority. That law is in 2016 to be followed now by an “empowerment” law for the black majority (check NEEEF Bill), essentially authorizing the forced participation of black people in all private enterprises. In the bill before the Namibian parliament, the black majority is legally defined as “racially disadvantaged persons” (sic!). So, there seems to be consensus now amongst black Namibians that they are somehow inferior by virtue of their race, thus need protection against the tiny white minority by law. I can assure you that this bill will be passed by parliament together with this revolting definition. Black victim mentality and self-pity is alive and well, even where they are a solid majority and in charge of their own destiny. Now all we need again is a “Race Classification Board” as existed in Apartheid days. What is this world coming to?

  24. What’s the problem? This serves us but only if we are strong enough to let it.
    Every time a person screams “let the state intervene to help me”, they grow weaker. Our attention must be focused on picking up the slack they create to maintain a strong Western society and become powerful at the same time. Two things seem inevitable here; more inequality and more hard work for us. Rise.

  25. Quote:
    “… This has been documented by UCLA law professor Richard Sander, who describes this unintended side-effect of affirmative action policies.”
    **unintended**!?! Fer sherrrr!! Ya, “unintended”! So you choose people for a task/position/job/etc NOT based on **merit** and qualifications … not on talent and aptitude … but simply allocated on the basis of gender, race, and if they’ve recently cut their dick off and now wearing panties, i.e. the new “trans” fad and all-the-rage, even better!
    So, a blind, black, former-male, half-cripple, half-retarded, one-armed rap DJ, or “brotha”, err, “sista”, will automatically get a spot at the engineering department at MIT and Cal Tech over dozens of qualified Asian kids, and a few whites, with perfect gpa’s … because, you know, he’s, err, she’s, so “courageous” and “inspiring”, as if being a cross-dressing degenerate, a vulgar scoundrel, will help you solve those pesky differential equations or add new insights into the Riemann hypothesis.
    “unintended”! … fer sherrr!!!

  26. I have a safe space, it’s called my home. Fuck colleges and universities, those overpriced hawkers of worthless degrees who strain to maintain the peace in their social justice romper rooms filled with emotionally-stunted grown children who resort to mayhem and violence to get their way.

  27. Yeap, they should be given what they wish for.
    We had same stupidity after the war in 1990’s – parts of serbian population wanted their diplomas written in cyrillic alphabet, and street names in their villages also in cyrillic – they got it. Result? After graduating they couldn’t find the job, neither in Croatia nor Serbia, because they openly segregated themselves. Same went with the business in their villages – no one wanted to have business with segregated people. So, those students, if they can not deal with real life, and get real life results, they should lock themselves and live in their fantasy world – but also pay for it, not expecting social or government help. No vampirism please.

  28. Also in Namibia, a country in Africa of 2,5 million people with about 100.000 white people. Here, a 99,6% majority of black / coulored people in 1998 introduced the Affirmative Action Act in relation to employment to protect itself against the apparently very serious threat of a generally well-educated tiny and dwindling minority. That law is in 2016 to be followed now by an “empowerment” law for the black majority (check NEEEF Bill), essentially authorizing the forced participation of black people in all private enterprises. In the bill before the Namibian parliament, the black majority is legally defined as “racially disadvantaged persons” (sic!). So, there seems to be consensus now amongst black Namibians that they are somehow inferior by virtue of their race, thus need protection against the tiny white minority by law. I can assure you that this bill will be passed by parliament together with this revolting definition. Black victim mentality and self-pity is alive and well, even where they are a solid majority and in charge of their own destiny. Now all we need again is a “Race Classification Board” as existed in Apartheid days. What is this world coming to?

    1. Aren’t you guys one of the countries in Africa which isn’t drenched in poverty?

  29. They want safe space, we require thicker skin! These kids should suck it up!
    Fvcking retards man.

  30. If blacks want to segregate themselves, that’s great. You conservatives that pretend to get so offended about “jim crow” don’t seem to be in any kind of rush to move to Detroit.

    1. No, if she was alive today, she’d be asking for safe spaces on buses.
      She would ask if blacks can sit at the back of the bus.

  31. I’m beginning to wish the Southern segregationists of the 60’s were smarter. Their ideas of separating the races within a common society are being echoed today by the people they intended to segregate. If they had responded to Yankee/Commie pressures with more political sophistication, we might have avoided much social disorder.
    Their prescriptions were unfair to the bright and hard-working blacks, the positive tail of the bell curve, but on the whole they allowed family stability and a black middle class.
    I went to segregated schools as a child and remember the “white only” water fountains and movie house seating, etc.

  32. Here is a prime example of low intelligence with black lies matter.

  33. Is it strange that the people who demand safe spaces are usually the least deserving?
    Make no mistake though, safespacing began with white girls cloistering themselves under various victim labels. Blacks and other minorities are just latching onto the trend. The whole thing would be better solved if your politicians devoted themselves to reforming academia. Purge egalitarian programs and the activist types will disappear

    1. I can see a need in the future for private schools (no public funding) in which the school can choose who attends (and who doesn’t attend). This selection process is how it used to be “back when”. The problem is when public funds come into play…then you have to let everyone in.
      That is the problem with these schools, today. They are supposed to be a higher learning institution…not an adult daycare center.

  34. This kind of segregation is occuring in Australia as well.
    An excerpt from “Racial stoush erupts over QUT computer lab” – The Australian Feb 4, 2016

    …. Ms Prior, who did not return The Australian’s call yesterday, was an administration officer in the Oodgeroo Unit at QUT’s Gardens­ Point campus, near state parliament. She claims she has suffered­ “offence, embarrassment, humiliation and psychiatric injury­”, as well as ongoing fear for her safety, because of the actions and comments of the students, staffers and university.
    The case was triggered after three students, who wandered into the university’s computer lab at the Oodgeroo Unit in May 2013 looking for a place to use a computer, were asked by Ms Prior “whether they were indigenous”.
    In legal documents filed in the Federal Circuit Court, Ms Prior says she told the three they were in “an indigenous space for Aborig­inal and Torres Strait students” and that there were other places they could use computers.
    Ms Prior, a Noongar woman from the Ballardong nation in Western Australia, said: “The three men told (me) that they were not indig­enous.”
    She asked the students to leave the unit and they went away. An hour later a Facebook page, called ‘QUT Stalker Space’, featured a post from one of the students, Alex Wood: “Just got kicked out of the unsigned indigenous computer room. QUT (is) stopping segregation with segregation.”
    There were no signs warning visitors that the Oodgeroo Unit at QUT was off-limits to non-indig­enous students. It is understood that the university has expressly rejected the suggestion it condones racial segregation.
    Another student, Jackson Powell, wrote on the Facebook page: “I wonder where the white supremacist computer lab is.”

  35. And has anyone else noticed that when women enter retail in companies like Home Depot, they are pretty much useless? You walk up to them with a simple inquiry and they mostly turn around a look for a man to help.
    Off topic, but relevant in that these affirmative action students should have their own schools, as far away from productive society as possible.

    1. Love the large black women employees roaming the plumbing section or electrical sections.

    2. Affirmative action doesn’t work because it is targeting people based on their gender or the color of their skin. This in itself is racist and sexist, and it causes a lack of qualification for college, jobs etc. Really, affirmative action should target poverty only. They say that sexism and racism has created a poverty stricken world for minorities, so they should just target poverty itself, not race or sex. If it were really true that sexism and racism has created poverty for specific groups of minorities, then targeting poverty would statistically target minorities in the process. I think the only reason that hasn’t happened is because it would prove what feminists preach is wrong, and they couldn’t have that now could they?

      1. But if they targeted poverty only, then straight white Appalachian males might receive some help.

    3. Nice one. “Where are the hammers?”….the woman: “what’s a hammer?”.
      I had to laugh a little at that one. The really sad part is the younger men who have no idea about tools. Gentlemen, please take a few minutes in your day to teach these young men about tools if you get a chance. I shake my head when young men don’t have a clue about using tools or tools in general.

      1. One of the saddest days I had in the Army, was when I recited the simple “Righty tighty, Lefty Loosey” and the young male soldier looked at me as if I had spoken grand wisdom from on high, because he had never heard it before.

    4. They do. They are called traditionally black schools, and they exist all over the country but mostly in the south. Blacks can go there in total safe space mode since there are virtually 0% whites. Black cultural norms are acted out. Of course most blacks don’t want to go to these colleges because the diploma is worthless.

  36. Blacks can withdraw from alleged white racist oppression, but they can’t escape their own inadequacies. Those stay with you forever.

  37. How did black people get into Dartmouth?
    Shouldn’t they be getting on their collective knees and praying to the affirmative action Gods?
    Which White kid or Asian kid lost his spot for a few magic Negroes?

  38. Blacks who are pureblood have something very special, the SICKLE CELL trait. The sickle cells work with the hemoglobin to fend off various TROPICAL DISEASES like malaria. Caucasian explorers who ventured in the Amazon and central africa often became ill whereas their guides were resillient against the host of tropical diseases.
    It is said that the lion is the king of the jungle, but that would have been before the advent of humans. . BLACK MAN is the true king of the jungle. His pigment and biochemistry are taylor made to survive and thrive in the environment. Colder northern and far southern climates are otherworldly compared to the sub trobics. Who the hell in their right mind would advocate the migrating of blacks into the ice belt industrial cities like Detroit and Stockholm? In Detroit, blacks were as far and alienated from their natural habitat as could possibly be achieved, and there they worked as wage slaves in the automotive foundries and sweatshops while temperatures outdoors dropped below zero for long periods.
    Blacks are not cold weather people. THEY WERE PUT HERE on this Earth to keep the order and the natural balance within the jungle. The lion is not king of the jungle. It is BLACK MAN’S kingdom!!

  39. There was a time when only smart people with agency and accountability went to college.
    Now they encourage everyone to get a degree, even non homo sapien sapiens.

    1. And orangutans. Heck, the orangutan would be better than an adult child who does not know shit.

  40. My college campus, which is super leftists, wants to claim one of the lounges in the main building as a “safe space”. Really, I couldn’t care less about what dipshits want to do in their emotionally protected bubble except they are removing the bible studies club from the whole building to promote the safe space. The bible study takes place in that lounge, and there are very few members, and I only go when it is convenient with my class schedule. Because this club is really conservative and usually goes against social justice warrior bullshit, the campus no longer wants it to take place in the main building. Really, they want to make a ‘safe space’ for the minorities and sensitive hipsters to feel like they are ‘not under attack’, but in doing this, they are removing opinions that are against them and are attacking the conservative clubs, which there is only about 4 that state their opinion out of the 120 some other liberal clubs.
    Anytime I try to bring this up with any of those who are trying to promote the safe space, they just shoot me down saying some bullshit like how “we have to focus on the problems of minorities and women because they have been oppressed!” Yes, because somehow someone else having issues historically makes current issues invalid? They can’t even see the hypocrisy when I try to be logical with them. The club is actually moving closer to the building my classes are in and makes it easier for me to attend, but the fact that SJWs on the student council decided that opinions that make people uncomfortable should just be moved away from where most of the campus population goes just pisses me off. Myself and my club members have to move halfway across campus because the bible and our opinions on modern society make people “feel unsafe.” I have tried explaining my argument to student council members, and I only have one on my side but she doesn’t want to be hated by her peers, so she doesn’t argue aloud. With the rest of the student council, I feel like I am in that movie “Idiocracy” trying to explain why you don’t put Brawndo on plants. I guess you can’t fight stupidity.

    1. People have often wondered why as a non-smoker I kill time at the smoke shak at my college campus. I let them know because by being at the ‘leper colony’ of the smoke area I can say whatever I damn well please. Especially since many of the opinions I hold would hurt the feelings of the sorostitutes that skank up the student union and most of the rest of the campus, and it’d get me kicked out. At least if some whiny bastard went to cry to the dean, he’d kick them out for smelling of smoke long before giving 2 shits about what hurt their feelings.

  41. The various college athletic departments in the USA knowingly and willingly recruit black thugs from the ghetto to play football and basketball. This always results in a major spike in property crime and violent crime at said colleges (well, unless the student body already consisted of a high percentage of blacks).
    So it’s very interesting that nobody ever thinks about filing a lawsuit against the universities who knowingly, willingly, and maliciously, engage in this practice. I guess they don’t teach critical thinking at the university level (but we are overstating the obvious here)…
    Upon closer examination it become patently obvious that the crux of the whole plan here, is to have a “safe space” for blacks on campus – but no safe space for anyone who might want to get away from their natural proclivity to behave like violent animals.

  42. Maybe the original segregation wasn’t a bad idea then. They voluntarily do it to themselves. Only difference is this time they want to use segregation to their advantage and flip the script on whites. This coupled with out breeding whites will turn us into slaves.

  43. Haiti can always use a helping hand , with all this energy and fervor why not devote yourself to a worthy cause . And stop disturbing people who need Peace quiet so they can study , for the love of eve !

  44. If you had a good husband life for a housewife could be full and great. If you married an idiot your life could be miserable, though I think this was actually very rare. I think the miseries from poor choices are far worse now. Feminism looks an awful lot like women trying to compete for high ranking men in the workforce as well as some independance from a poor marriage.
    My impression of feminists is they are disconnected or disappointed in their fathers. Feminist Germain Greer remembers meeting her father for the first time after he demobbed from the Army and thinking he was old and unattractive. They either think their dad is either a bully or a weakling. In one case a man (whose daughter was a friend) that was seen as hen pecked and soft by others were described as having a terrifying anger simply on the basis that they lost patience once upon a time and shouted.
    My advice is get a dog and training from a top grade animal behaviourist. The consistant and clear but firm communication required to produce a obedient good natured and happy dog is good practice. Flipping out with sudden anger when you loose patience is way to hard. it’s good advice for both sexes in fact.

  45. So safe space used to be the kid sitting in the corner with a dunce cap on? I can see that.

    1. What in the fuck did I just watch?
      Talk about your Participation Trophy situation, good gravy.

    2. Apparently that is not a unique phenomenon. What the hell is going on in US colleges?

      They sound a bunch of asthmatic retards. How can anyone figure out what the hell they are saying?

  46. This is such an incredibly smart article. It is very rare that I read an article that presents an idea I never considered and at the end of it walk away with the feeling that the ideas presented in the article are so self evident that it is my fault for not having seen it in the first place.
    Exceedingly well done sir.

  47. I say fine, let them have their safe spaces. Give them a confined area segregated from the rest of the campus where they can “express themselves”. And then tell them that their safe space is the ONLY space where they’re allowed to do it. Any one of these morons caught outside their safe space “expressing themselves” gets expelled from school. Problem solved.

  48. How about they go back to Africa… Or Mexico, or Cuba, or Iraq, or India, or Pakistan, or Jamaica, or Uganda or…. or…. OR!!
    Grow the fuck up and get with the dam program!! Don’t like it here, then go back to wherever you came from that is apparently so much better than the racist USA so you can have your “safe space” and live in your “diversity” delusion there surrounded by people just like you.

  49. It seems to me, more often it’s the smaller groups that generally self segregate themselves out of the larger group. Be it race, class, or sub-culture. Then they claim to be ostracized when left out of the big game. Hypocrisy is hard to avoid apparently.
    My advice. Be a social butterfly. Hang out with all types. And then when you’re approaching 40 like me, you realize you just want to be left alone by everyone, because everyone sucks in their own special snowflake way.

  50. I remember when serving in the US military they would have black history month pictures showing the old all black units of WW2, which were something to be ashamed – no, wait – proud? of….. I could never quite get whether or not they were displayed as something favorable or not.
    Recent trends suggest they will want “safe space” all black units in the military again.

  51. Probably be best to send your kids to college overseas if you want them to get a useful education.

  52. You soon will have (or it maybe already exists) two kind of students:
    1) The ones with wealthy parents that can afford send them to top universities abroad where there are far less “safe places” and “Triggers”. These students will get an excellent education and good jobs abroad or in the USA when they come back.
    2) And for the students in the USA political correctness, safe space and triggers will hinder their education so much that they will find it difficult to find a good job.

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