The Republican Party Needs To Go Away: Part II

Since my last article on the subject, I have noticed a few things. I have noticed that Ted Cruz renounced his Canadian citizenship. I noticed some conservatives take more than a passing glance at my Return of Kings Articles. I have also noticed people do not understand the concept of breaking up a two-party system by targeting the weaker party. The two parties are quite similar in that they utilize their positions to transfer the  wealth of the people the United States from the U.S. Treasury to their selected confederates. The illusion of choice keeps this political system going while the economic one is unsustainable.

Thad Cochran’s “strategy” in the Mississippi Republican Senate primary is the most recent example of how far the current courtesans of Washington DC will go to keep their grip on power. Utilizing such divisive techniques such as a wedge issues, politicians are quite successful in keeping people voting for them even if they do not do anything on the principles they say they espouse. If people keep giving free votes merely based on party affiliation, no one will work to earn those votes. That is the truth of the matter. A good example of politicians on both sides the aisle not actually giving a shit what the people think is the Troubled Asset Relief Program. The vast majority of Americans did not want this bill passed. They even protested against it back in 2008. However, the solons in Washington decide to keep voting on it until it finally passed.


Why are Republicans the weaker party? They do not do anything to further their cause when they do have power. Recently when Democrats took power,  they were quick to pass the Affordable Care Act. They struck when the iron was hot. Republicans do not seem to take any action unless it has been hyped in conservative media first or certain CEOs of defense companies need a war to boost profits. Their lack of initiative always seems to put them on the defensive, which makes them the weaker party. Remember the Republicans had the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Presidency from 2003 to 2007. They did not really accomplish much aside from making Halliburton quite wealthy and making John Roberts a Supreme Court justice.

The current immigration “crisis” is a good example of Republicans not doing anything with the power they have. Last time I checked the Constitution, it said that all spending bills would originate in the House of Representatives. Also last time I checked, the Republicans controlled the House of Representatives. Therefore, instead of not passing spending bills to force the president’s hand, American people are entertained with political drama on a Kafka-like scale with IRS hearings, NSA spying, and Internet fight videos.

If one party should fall, there will be a power vacuum that would actually upend the current political system. If politicians had to fight for votes, they might actually do something for their constituents aside from scraps of bread and circus.  It would force them to confront issues that are not politically popular instead of kicking the can down the street in regards to unsustainable spending.


Someone brought up in the comment section of the last article the dark possibility: the idea that the Democratic Party would destroy the nation. Well if that is their plan, it does not seem likely that the Republicans would do anything to stop it anyway. Again, this is deciding which of the two is the weaker party, not, which one is more deserving of the other being kicked into the trashcan of history. If the fall of the Republicans causes the demise of the current socioeconomic environment, so be it. A quick death is always better than a slow one. Also the faster something is destroyed, the faster it can be rebuilt.

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  1. I mean, if America went the route of some countries where voters only had one party to vote for, it honestly wouldn’t politically change much from today.

    1. America is a two-party oligarchy. They need to create an illusion of choice between the Republican and Democratic parties in order to distract the sheeple from realizing that they have no real power.

      1. Pretty much. I don’t think that is really “intentional,” its just that consistent principles will ALWAYS lose out to promises and doing whatever is popular to get elected. There is no way to change that.

  2. “A good example of politicians on both sides the aisle not actually giving a shit what the people think..”
    Are you sure that you want the Republicans to do want their constituents REALLY want?
    Because these are the same people who believe that Jesus walked with dinosaurs.

    1. Gross misrepresentation. The religious right is only one facet of the conservative movement. There are boatloads of non-theistic fiscal conservatives who vote GOP, in fact I’d say the majority fall into this camp.

    2. They only say that to get the Religious Right to support them. Their constituents are the banks, and large businesses.

    3. and the other people are idiots who think drugs are good for you
      me personally id like the repub party to fight for the christian right

    4. “Because these are the same people who believe that Jesus walked with dinosaurs.”
      So what? Why do idiots always make this kind of moronic statement? Who cares what they believe in their personal lives. I care about what their POLICIES are. What’s their voting record. Where do they stand on economics of foreign policy?

      1. It’s valid because people with such scientific illiteracy shouldn’t be voting. They are too ignorant to be making knowledgeable decisions on issues involving science. Having at least a citizenship test should be required before someone can vote.

        1. Having at least a citizenship test should be required before someone can vote.
          Hell yeah. That may take out a small portion of the republican voter base, but, my god, that would tear the democrat voter base to absolute shreds.

        2. Bye-bye white trash, inner city trash, illegals, etc. Why would you want someone that is too idiotic to make sound decisions in their own life deciding the future of the country? Biggest mistake this country made was making voting easier. It should be harder than getting a driver’s license at least.

        3. John your such an atheistkult fag. Christians are good at science, and politics involves nearly zero science anyways. Morality is more important than science, and science does not account for morality at all. In essence you are arguing for amoral politicians and policies, or politicies based the the trends and fashions of opinion which usually comes down from the witch doctors and shamans in white lab coats secreted away in their ivory towers.

        4. Someone once said, with only mild exageration, that if the vote was restricted to PhDs after WW2 the result would have been a Stalinist dictatorship. Character, not intelligence, is what counts. This is why HBD is so stupid. The most destructive, sociopathic beliefs are most supported by the upper classes, particularly the educated upper middle class, all those SWPL idiots who don’t have to live in the sewer they create. Christ, look at the lunacy on any university campus and explain why you would put forward such a dubious idea.

        5. You are making a blatant slippery slope argument. Even now PhDs and constitute less than 4% of the US population. Following WWII less than 10% of the population had any college education at all.* Taking it further I believe voter’s should have to pass a citizenship test AND prove they were positive contributors to federal taxes at least once in the last 4 years. Explain to me why someone that is not making positive contributions to the government in taxes should be able to make decisions for the country? Doing this would severely limit the percentage of voter participation rates down to probably what they are in state elections.

        6. Most white trash will not vote. Black scumbags vote in disproportionately high rates.

  3. The Republican Party (RP) needs to go away because its existence is necessary for the progressives / socialists to gain and hold power. In other words, if the RP didn’t exist, then the Democrats would need to invent it to remain in control of the government (and they always control the government even when the Republicans win because they make up 95%+ of the government bureaucracy which is where the real power resides). The RP provides a faux alternative that gives legitimacy to the current power structure by providing a safe and harmless way (from the progressives point of view) for opponents of the socialist agenda to vent their disapproval.
    Without the RP, people (especially the productive class) might actually realize just how screwed they really are, and that would make things messier for the current power elite.

    1. Of course I think most people vote Democrat just so these retards don’t get in power.

        1. Nobody wanted Bush the first time. I recall the 2000 election primaries where there was a decent slate of candidates and suddenly the Bush junta moved in and overnight he was annointed their wonder-boy. The reason he won was because people did the “lesser of two evils” thing, which is a horrible way to vote if you ask me, and voted basically to keep the two Dem clowns from the reigns of power. Problem is, well, we’re taking Dubya here who did a hatchet job on everything related to small government in short order. He is directly responsible for the assclown we have in office right now, IMHO.

    2. Democrats would just move onto hating white people.
      Hell, Democrats still blame WASPs for most of the nations problems, even though WASPs don’t really exist anymore (they left their churches), and haven’t had power since before Kennedy.

    3. Without the RP, people (especially the productive class) might actually realize just how screwed they really are, and that would make things messier for the current power elite.

      Believing that disbanding a political party will cure stupid is at least as stupid as believing obliterating a race that makes 0.2% of the world population will cure the world of all its ills.

      1. Oh I don’t think the RP should be “disbanded”, at least not in some official sense And I don’t think that if the RP went away that it would cure stupid, no, no, no! Rather I advocate simply withdrawing support for either party. The RP (being the minor of the two) would then wither to a permanent state of utter irrelevancy. Then the facade of participatory government would be exposed as the scam it really is.
        By “messy” I mean that with the facade removed, TPTB would have to resort to more openly brutish methods to hold onto power (in the time honored totalitarian tradition) thus hastening their eventual downfall. It will be ugly, they’ll probably drag us into a big war and get a bunch of Americans killed, but it will get us back on the path of a truly free society faster.

      2. The only race being obliterated is the white one and the .2% are leading participants in that holocaust. Your views on theoretical genocide might carry more weight if you showed more concern about the actual genocide that is going on right under your nose. And part of that concern might be a little critical examination of the .2%’s participation in that genocide.

    1. The Republicans sure like to preach personal responsibility, but strangely they are always up in everyone’s ass and vagina.

  4. Literally anything from the right is controlled opposition. Conspiracy nuts, libertarians, tea partiers, religious right Christian Fundamentalists, big business Romney republicans, and neocon warmongers like Bush all seem to hate each other. But there’s an organization called the Council for National Policy where all these guys meet up and strategize. It’s a secret group with no membership list and no record of their meetings. As much as Ron Paul gave me hope it’s sad to realize that he is well connected with these people.

        1. The NSA speculation in the 80’s forward was based on rather well known assumptions and was utterly plausible before it was outed as truth. Telling us every single left of center movement is controlled by some nefarious force is childish at best. I’m a libertarian, I take no marching orders from anybody, and I held these beliefs my entire life before I ever heard of the label “libertarian”. Never been to one nefarious meeting, and frankly see your accusation as silly to the n-th degree.
          We have enough problems dealing with the current reality without having to invent a new reality out of whole cloth.

  5. Once again,the author ignores the ultimate outcome of giving democrats total and absolute control for the next four to six election cycles. Every bit of feminist dogma would become codified in law, in short order, a man could be arrested for looking suggestively at a woman down walking down the street. Masculinity and “hetero-normative” activities will be outlawed.
    The social justice warriors would get their dream of total wealth levelling, meaning that if you work, even more will be taken to support your local crack heads.
    Homosexuals will get whatever it is that they want.
    I will take whatever bulwark I can get against that.

    1. The more extreme the liberals get the better. People need to see how bad it can get before they will wake up.

      1. The problem with that is that it would affect us directly in a very serious way. We already know it sucks, so I don’t think I’d want to live through what Vagabond outlined.

    2. Whatever bulwark you choose, it will not last. What you describe will come to pass anyway. The truth is much like the redpill. You can take a long time tasting its bitterness and finally swallow it, or you can get it over with quickly and pop it down the hatch. The end result is still an unpleasant truth, but a slow agonizing spiral is NOT preferable to a (relatively) quick one.

    3. The whole thing is on the verge of collapse. There isnt gonna be 4-6 cycles of moar.

    4. Show me a society that is more feminized than the USA (and most countries are politically more liberal) and then I will believe you. I will grant you that both parties in the USA are more stupid than abroad (IE I could actually be a conservative in, say, the UK, because they are more about being traditional and financially sound than being hateful and warlike and anti-science and pro weaponry and believing in the flying spaghetti monster as they are in the US). But it simply can’t get much worse here, and if it does, it will be equally due to the Republicans as the Democrats.
      While it is often/usually unfair to compare the pre-1960s political parties to today, remember that Democratic President Woodrow Wilson was seen by women as “chief opponent of their national enfranchisement” and he was firmly anti-women’s suffrage until he changed his position during WW1 (war destroys much, and often results in great societal change, almost always for the worse). WW1 destroyed much of traditional life in Britain (see: Downton Abbey), and WW2 would continue this and destroy her empire.
      Finally, although I haven’t voted for either a Republican or Democrat in years, as they both disgust me, Democrats have occasionally cared about making societal changes that improve quality of life and improve output, productivity, quality of life, etc. which is fundamentally the purpose of government (
      ) while occasionally standing up for science/reason and protecting our water/land/environment. Republicans seem too focused on gays/guns/immigrants/the war machine and the NSA and opposing things rather than doing anything, and I credit them with the destruction of the middle class. I really don’t care what homosexuals do, they have been around since the dawn of time, and the more they screw each other, the more horny women remain for me. And besides, who gives a fuck!
      They way I look at it both parties are ruining our finances / culture / society, and frankly between the last president and this one I honestly believe that is irreversible at this point and I’d prefer to at least have some clean air to breathe and decent food to eat, although even that is slipping.

      1. I can’t believe I gave you the only up vote. Proof positive ROK has devolved to a bunch of nazi sympathizer and angry marginalized betas?

    5. Right…republicans aren’t perfect but it’s all we got to oppose the Dems. These old Repubs e.g McCain, Hatch, McConnell , Thad Cochran are all OLD for fucks sake. New blood is needed. Libertarian /Conservative/anti-war /nationalist hybrid party needs to emerge..

  6. Party is irrelevant when the entire thing is owned and orchestrated by the interests of Zionists, AIPAC, etc.
    It’s really that simple: your nation has been subverted by a foreign people, and the “Americans” you see carrying out their orders in government are traitors who sold out their countrymen for rank and privilege dispensed by their Jewish masters.

    1. We won’t have any chance of sensible politicians until both the dems and republicans stop sucking Israel’s cock.

      1. Easy. Deport the US-Israeli dual citizen politicians in American to Israel. Call their bluff on the Samson option. Israel is not dumb or insane enough to ensure their own nuclear destruction.

    2. Who is the King Jew though? I hear if we cut his hair he loses his superhuman manipulation and financial powers.

    3. “Owned” by Zionists? Aid to Israel (~ 3 billion annually) is only around 0.2% of the US federal budget (~1.2 trillion annually). Thanks for trying.

        1. No it isn’t. We give far more to Afghanistan.*
          *Source: “Making Sen$e” August 2012

        2. The amount of money we give and percent of foreign budget doesn’t mean shit you fuckwit.

  7. This article is terrible because Douglas is making bad assumptions.
    If the Republican Party goes away, why should he assume that another party will come out of nowhere to replace it. Mexico has a very similar constitution to the USA, and was a PRI one party corrupt oligarchy for 70 years.
    That’s also bad assumption #2. Douglas appeals to the constitution, but what makes him so sure power Democrats give a damn about the constitution? Obama doesn’t seem to care about taking as much authority as he wants.
    Many people feel this way.Israel, for example, is governed by a judiciary that believes that there are higher principles than even political or religious documents and that these principles justify overruling statues constitutions. In the first Gulf war, some judge overruled the constitution, the legislature, statutes, and the army and decided that he alone would be in charge of where o place Patriot anti-missile batteries.

    1. Douglas appeals to the constitution, but what makes him so sure power Democrats give a damn about the constitution? Obama doesn’t seem to care about taking as much authority as he wants.

      Douglas is just a tool; his conformity and compliance with the regime’s ‘correctness’ remain the wellspring of his value to his commissars.
      Given how little the author knows about the subject this article seems pointless. However, watching him attempt to mask his own naiveté and solipsistic world views with sanctimonious posturing is as entertaining enter as it is deceptive.
      If anything, this article outlines the dangers of allowing your children to be raised [or rather indoctrinated] by your TV set.

      1. “If anything, this article outlines the dangers of allowing your children to be raised [or rather indoctrinated] by your TV set.”
        Bravo sir! My thoughts exactly, I feel like this article was written by Lawrence O’Donnel or some other toolbar on MSNBC that no one watches

    2. The point is that we *ALREADY HAVE* a one party system. Look at W and Obama on paper and point out the major differences to me.

  8. The funny thing is people still fall for the left-right paradigm!
    When will you learn?

  9. “George Bush was elected twice.”
    And that, I believe, was the last straw for the GOP. Bush did irreparable harm to the Conservative brand, and the bullsh*t supernova that was the Iraq War sped up the country’s economic descent exponentially. It took Ron Paul to make me realize that I shouldn’t abandon my love for country and Conservatism because a so-called Conservative president was abandoning them. I’ve been a proud member of the Constitution Party for four years now.
    The lack of ethnic diversity in the GOP doesn’t help either. When Leftists claim that the Republican Party is “pale, male and stale”, they’re not entirely wrong.

    1. Exactly, where are authentic conservatives supposed to support? We don’t have a party and if the collapse of the GOP brings about a truly conservative party I would be all for that. I just don’t know if that would happen.

    2. Brown trash support whomever promises to steal the most from whites, nothing the Republicans can do about it. Herman Cain was blacker than Obama, but he would never have support of the ghetto blacks like Obama. And the Republicans collaborating with the Hispanic invasion are only getting votes today so they can be voted against in the future

      1. Dont count on it…Hispanics are natural Republicans…but the GOP just cant help themselves when they talk about things like electric fences on the border, and deploying the army, and drone strikes on immigrants, and on and on.
        Im a builder in California, and to a man, every Latino I work with busts his ass to get ahead, and is a natural conservative. Wants to make money, protect his family, watch sports and drink beer on the weekend. If the GOP could stfu with the immigrant bashing, they’d be a lock.

        1. The GOP “stfu” about immigrants during the Reagan years, when amnesty was granted. Guess who didn’t turn out in droves at the polls for the GOP afterward.

        2. lets get this clear. they are not immigrant bashing. they are ILLEGAL immigrant bashing. illegal. they are bashing something that shouldnt even be argument worthy.

        3. So what? What does “illegal” mean? It means the law is written against x,y, or z. Change the law, poof, they’re no longer illegal. Other things that are illegal: drugs, prostitution, speeding. There is no moral equivalency between what is illegal and what is wrong.

        4. Why do the “natural conservatives” vote for democrats? Why is their country run by socialists?

        5. I don’t really give a fuck if they are “natural conservatives” or not. They are turning this country into a third world shithole that will be unrecognizable 20 years from now. They should be stopped at the border with a bullet in the head.

        6. All in the eye of the beholder bro.Every time I’m in the south I see allAmerican white people living in what I would call a third world shithole. Seems to me were already there.

        7. No they are not. You are a fucking naive moron or a minority huckster yourself. Wake up asshole.

        8. You sound like a liberal. These Mexicans are invaders. They do not wish to assimilate with whites but to replace.

        9. I am awake. Awake and aware of the fact that the country is changing demographically. And it doesn’t bother me one bit. California has always been heavily Latino, as anyone with a grasp on basic history knows, so maybe it’s more distressing when you’re from corn-pone, dairy queen America.
          If you had your shit together, you wouldn’t feel threatened by desperate lawnmowers and house keepers. All your hand waving about Immigrants taking the country “down the
          tubes” just highlights the fact that you are an emasculated,
          marginalized loser, unfit for competition on the global stage.

        10. Keep on hand waving! Never mind that I’m of Irish and English heritage. You just keep on keepin on…eat your red-pill. I’m writing the matrix.
          Here’s a little hint for you: middle-american white trash such as yourself will not be successful in the years to come. But you can come on here and spew your vitriol, every keystroke is another mark on your confession.
          Maybe if you’re lucky you wont just be liquidated, maybe you have a strong body we can lash to some sort of generator, so you will keep getting your calorie rations.

        11. The general reasoning behind making something illegal is that it sets a code of conduct that is in the best interests of the general public of that specific body (for the duration of this argument, the U.S. is the body in question). Following the code of conduct is believed to be helpful to the vast majority, and disobeying the code is believed to be to the detriment of the vast majority – that’s why it’s there. Obviously things are occasionally wrong, or corrupt politicians put into place something that is in their own interest, but this is not the case for illegal immigration.
          Large amounts of undocumented people entering a country has been proven to have a host of detrimental side-effects. The most important of which are:
          1. A reduction in tax revenue
          2. Currency being siphoned off into the illegals’ home-countries
          3. Large increases of low-income, uneducated, and easily manipulated people in the general population (and subsequently, higher levels of crime)
          4. Out-competition of legal residents who expect decent salaries for the work they do
          5. Lack of group cohesion (large swathes of illegals tend to not integrate with the regular population well, which tends to lower productivity and general well-being)
          6. Once citizens of poor countries realize there are relatively little consequences for illegally entering another country, a positive feedback loop occurs where as more and more illegals are let be, more and more people illegally immigrate.
          #6 is the kicker, because 1,000 illegals don’t matter. 5, 10, 30 million illegals start to matter. When millions of people are cheating the system in a big way, the system starts to fracture. Large numbers of illegals literally have the potential to bring a country to its knees.
          To finish this off, “…It means the law is written against x,y, or z. Change the law, poof…” You’re absolutely right. So change the law, don’t break it. If the masses don’t abide by important laws, we might as well be living in anarchy. But regardless of if undocumented workers are legal or not, they are a net drain on a society.

        12. Good god, ChestHair. You may have done the unthinkable: changed someone’s mind in a political discussion on the internet. Bravo for a well reasoned, well articulated rebuttal.
          I agree with #2-6, but i’d want to see more evidence about #1, I suspect that most immigrants pay plenty of taxes (sales tax, gas tax, vehicle reg, etc) but collect less than many suspect. They are not eligible for medicaid or SS, and at least in California, they are not eligible for general welfare either. Most immigrants are not, contrary to many expressed opinions, collecting a bunch of welfare. They live in the shadows, on a cash basis. After all, welfare checks and food stamps require bank accounts and social security numbers. They DO use ER’s and stick the hospital with the bill, and that is a law that needs to change: if you fuck the hospital once, tough luck next time. But they arent standing in line at the food stamp office, they are standing on street corners hoping for day labor from contractors. The food stamp/unemployment/disability types are blacks and poor whites in my limited experience.
          One thing we haven’t addressed, and I’ll agree this problem goes WAY
          beyond immigrants: we have created this vast creaking entitlement state
          that requires endless young labor to keep functioning. I’m convinced
          this is why politicians talk tough but do nothing: they know that
          without those hungry illiterate workers, there will be nobody to keep
          our shitty hamburger economy going.

        13. I was about to say that illegals don’t pay income taxes, but as I thought more, they probably wouldn’t anyway since most low income citizens in the U.S. pay no federal income tax. It’s possible that they’re skipping out on state, local, and healthcare taxes, but I’m not sure how individual states work out those taxes. So you’re pretty much 100% right on #1 and I’m going to have to stop using that as an argument lol
          I definitely agree that we’ve created an entitled society. I personally think that the source of the problem is the healthcare/welfare aspect of our government. It applies to too many people that don’t deserve any help for the hole they’ve dug themselves into, and similarly, it’s too easily manipulated. This causes large numbers of young adults to ignore pursuing a fruitful life because being poor and sticking your hand out is easier. This coupled with modern medicine keeping old and ill people alive for much longer has created a large population that needs to be supported, but a small population to do the supporting (not saying modern medicine is bad, it just has a big unintended side-effect).
          It’s also probably more along the lines that politicians know there would be nobody to keep THEIR shitty hamburger economy going. Today’s politicians have no place in a properly informed society.

    3. Libertarian for more years than I can remember, here.
      As to “pale, male and stale”, well, if you cannot convince minorities that independence and self reliance are better for them than getting lots of free shit from other people, then how precisely do you intend to get more than white (mostly) men to support you? The GOP isn’t exclusionary they let anybody in, there is no “no minorities allowed” sign on the front door of the RNC and there are in fact plenty of black/hispanic Republicans. The problem isn’t white/minority, it’s cultural, which the GOP has little control over, given the current MSM climate.

    4. Lol. Well the war was a mistake. However the blacks browns and Asians and Jews have no reason at all to ever side with whites in any issue and they never will. The war is on YT.

  10. Compared to vermin like Obonehead, the Rethuglicans look pretty good. The author is truly delusional if he thinks that putting Dumbocrats into uncontested power would be good for anyone except their core voters like gays, feminists, manginas etc.
    You must have fallen and hit your head on the concrete if you write this:
    “If one party should fall, there will be a power vacuum that would
    actually upend the current political system. If politicians had to fight
    for votes, they might actually do something for their constituents
    aside from scraps of bread and circus. It would force them to confront
    issues that are not politically popular instead of kicking the can down
    the street in regards to unsustainable spending.”
    Put down the crack pipe, and then put the door back on the microwave.

    1. agree. The GOP is the lesser of the 2 evils . Vote GOP if nothing for the Supreme Court . Also I think the GOP is evolving and trying to improve and getting rid of the GOP fossils e.g Thad Cochran of MS . The current civil war in the GOP is good I think. There are some GOP hopefuls like senators Rand Paul, Mike Lee

  11. It would benefit Americans to have an ACTUAL party that believed in the constitution and smaller government. The GOP pays lip service to those causes but in reality pursues policies of larger government and violating the constitution for different purposes.

    1. One huge problem is that you will hear blowhard politicians talk about their love for the “constitution” which as W correctly stated is “Just a Goddam piece of paper” but rarely or ever do they talk about just or unjust, right or wrong, good policy or bad. The founders of our country were above average and had some good ideas, but this is not some holy omniscient document that lays out all laws for society. It was simply a way to run a government, and one that has somehow failed to protect our basic civil liberties and societal behaviors. And honestly the end result of it is not that different from how society is run in most nations throughout the world.
      In most European nations, their history is much, much longer than their current “constitution” and thus you will hear debate about what to do and why, but you will never hear them referring back to the crutch of “what did this old document say or not say”. Let’s talk less about this old piece of paper and more about how to lead or operate society a certain way and why.
      These parties that say they love the constitution think it’s perfectly OK that 9 of the 10 bill of rights in said constitution are violated. (We don’t really quarter soldiers, but we do tax the shit out of you to give them free housing all around the world). Both parties seem to universally praise but violate this constitution in the same breath. In answer to your question, the Libertarian party does believe in small government.

      1. I know. That is why I vote Libertarian whenever possible. However, the idiots in this country are too mindless to support anyone not a Democrat or Republican.

      2. I am a fan of the “old piece of paper” . It was the first document of it’s kind that limited govt power ie negative rights. I don’t at all take any advice from the Euros . European history is a bloodbath. Fucking Euros have no room to lecture anyone. Let’s just start in modern history: WW1, WW2, Holocaust, Stalin (gulags, starvation) Ceacescu, Franco, Mussolini, Cold War, Balkans (ethnic cleansing/rapes) .
        Crickets chirping?? Yeah I thought so…

    1. Put another way: freedom vs. totalitarianism. The left-right paradigm simply opens different doors to the same palace.
      Awesome comment, Brian.

    2. Agreed, it’s really a 2 dimensional matrix.
      On the left side is individual freedoms which is divided North/South between anarchism and libertarianism. On the right side is the state which is divided north/south between “conservative” and “liberal.” Both State government promoters believe in big government…just their way of big government.

      1. Exactly, that’s the problem with the two party system, both are pro-government in different ways, so there’s going to be more government interference either way. The Right wants government to interfere in people’s private lives, and the Left wants government to interfere in business. Regardless of who gets elected we’re guaranteed more government.

        1. Its laughable. No matter what the subject, the nazi youth respond “JEW DID IT”

        2. I have no idea about Jew culture or past but I’m pretty sure if there were never any jews, the world would still be just as fucked up

      1. The Jews are struggling to defeat teenagers with nothing but rocks. They can’t be that powerful. They are losing near all international sympathy while fighting an enemy who kills women and children mercilessly. How good can their PR team really be a secret mind control cult when at large the international community condemns Israel. 2+2=5. The Zionists are not some Orwellian Puppet show. Not saying the Jews don’t cause trouble but just not all the trouble. As a white I see it all the time the way whites work to destroy their own race. With no help in the process by Jews.

        1. Agreed. It’s white liberals who are causing most of the problems in this country. Every time I debate one they resort to every logical fallacy in the book. Ada hominem, strawman, appeal to emotion, anecdotal, and red herring are some of their favorites, especially if it’s a woman.

        2. Oh shut the FUCK up. ONCE AGAIN, it is not LIBERAL VERSUS CONSERVATIVE, BOTH SIDES ARE AT MAJOR FAULT, this is not ABOUT US VS US, it’s US VS THEM, don’t be a fucking TOOL.

      2. It’s called ethnocentrism. It happens in every country with people that resemble each other or share a culture/religion. The UK, Japan, Germany, Scandanavian countries, ect.
        They are more successful because the success of diversity in America is a myth. The biggest in-group always works together to take control and make money. The top 20% of Jewish people who are raking in this wealth aren’t willingly sharing it with the bottom 80%, even of their own group. Jordan Belfort is a prime example. If he wasn’t Jewish he would most likely be on a street, homeless by now. Instead he had a sweet movie deal based off of his book, that he was encouraged to write by Tommy Chong.
        It’s no conspiracy, it’s simple biology.

    3. You still need gov’t regulation of business to combat crony capitalism (in addition to the gov’t maintaining infrastructure, defense, and providing a minimal safety net.)
      This is where the Libertarian viewpoint fails.

      1. False re-framing of the debate. This is not about libertarianism. This is about overreach and subsequent destruction of the status quo, which you attempt to buttress.
        Finally, it’s tough to have crony capitalism when there’s no effective government to hand out the bennies.

        1. Lol, are you saying a gov’t is necessary for conspiring businessmen to exist? Ok

        2. Crony capitalism is using government to gain advantage in the market place. Limit government powers and $, and that ability is limited. That, coupled with MAJOR tort, patents, and IP reform, would drastically reduce the size a company could reach in capitalism.

        3. Probably should. I only read the synopsis. Basically boils down to how monopolies cannot exist without government lobbying and cronyism.

        4. Crony capitalism is where your buddies in government hand out the bennies to their buddies in business. Businessmen can conspire all they want, but it’s not much good without a gun to enforce it.

    4. The Republicans will do well if they have Rand Paul/Ron Paul type libertarians and not crackpot neo-conservatives like Ted Cruze/George Bush or even worse Democrats in red like Mitt Romney/John McCain. I think brand association is important and it’s hard to start a new brand all together. You just need to call it diet Republicans “all about trimming guvmint fat” and the public at large will eat it up.

      1. Libertarianism is the future, I hope. Unfortunately, there’s a giant smear campaign from the left who want to kill it before it grows. I constantly find people seem to confuse Libertarianism with anarchy. Libertarianism is “minimal government,” the way the USA was originally established by the founders, not “no government.”

        1. I hope so as well, but that hope is a dim one. The one major flaw in libertarianism that I see, is that for it to ever work it assumes that the populace at large have the ability to separate short term personal goods over long term societal ones. I for one don’t think most people possess that ability.

        2. I think so too. The problem is that the public is irrational. They want lots of free services, but they don’t want to pay for them. (Of course, who doesn’t want free stuff??) Hence why our debt is $17.6 trillion. Obviously this isn’t sustainable. Mainstream politicians don’t want anyone thrown under the bus, but sooner or later that’s going to have to happen, and the longer they put it off the worse it’s going to be. The strategy at this point is to kick the can down the road and make someone else make the hard decision and be the bad guy, because (let’s face it) whoever does that is going to be ruined politically forever. It’s basically a flaw/bug in our system of government, and it will probably be our undoing.

        3. You really do not at all realize what’s going on. This has NOTHING to do with politicians, far BIGGER things are happening. The debt ceiling is a fucking LIE. You think you are aware to give you that PERCEPTION that you know what’s going on, when in reality you know nothing.

    5. Almost right:
      The State + Corporate power vs. You
      There isn’t a real ‘left-wing’ media or ‘right-wing’ media: the media is corporate. The media is what sells ad space: bread and circuses.
      The State protects the interests of itself, and it’s biggest backers, the corporations and extremely moneyed.
      Can’t have ‘small’ government either, that’s just as easy to bribe (if not easier) or manipulate. Just look at Texas, plenty of corporate protection there that’s on this side of psychotic. Since that one fertilizer plant blew up, they’ve slowly been changing laws. One of the latest makes it even harder to know what the local place might be storing on-site. Heck, I thought the market was about transparency! How can I decide where to buy a safe house if I can’t even know what’s being stored nearby!???!

    1. If voting were effective it would be illegal.
      And end of the day, no matter who you vote for, the government always wins.

      1. I’ve shut down the “Everybody wanted Obama” argument with the stats.
        230 million eligible voters in 2008
        Of that, only 130 million voted.
        Of that, Obama got 52 percent of the vote.
        That’s not “everybody”.

      2. “Should one, to destroy the parliament, walk into the parliament to hollow it out from the inside or should one carry out this fight from the outside, as an attack against this institution itself?
        One walked in and came out beaten.”
        – Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler

    2. Voting for Democrat or Republican is like choosing the dick that’s going to fuck you.

  12. I hate the Republican party because outright enemies (the Democrats) are not as vile as false allies (the Republicans) who pretend to be on your side but aren’t. Nothing is worse than a false friend. To me, there is no discernible difference between the parties, but at least the Democrats are totally open about the hell they wish to bring.
    In terms of strategy, and trying to prevent this ship from sinking, I fear that all is already lost. We’re past the point of no return, and our society will only start to heal once it has hit absolute rock bottom.

    1. Lol but if you’re a minority the Democrat’s aren’t your enemies at all. Just ask Douglas or Athlone 🙂

      1. Tell that to the minorities who die by gunshot every year in the U.S. All the Democrats do is sustain this nonsense and people are too stupid to realize it.

        1. The reason 72% of black children are raised in a single parent home is because Democrats promise to pay for all their children via their “safety net.” From an evolutionary perspective, the reason men started sticking around to raise their children was to improve their progeny’s chances of survival. However, if you can trick another man into raising your children then you don’t have to stick around, and you can potentially father many more. That’s exactly what’s happening in the black community. Democrats are paying black men to knock up as many women as possible and bailing. The only real solution is some good, old-fashioned Darwinism. The so-called “safety net” assumes people are inherently good and won’t abuse the system, but people aren’t inherently good, they’re inherently selfish. The whole system is built on the backs of hard-working people, and that population gets smaller by the year. This is the #1 thing that liberals don’t understand. The Communists didn’t understand it either, and that’s why their economy collapsed. Since people were guaranteed a job they would just go to work drunk and not do anything. Incentive, incentive, incentive. There’s no incentive unless you danger their feet over the flames.

        2. This is an example of why racists are idiots.
          Democrats are paying black men to knock women up, democrats are paying black women to drive their men away.
          You are so racist, you have to blame the men.

  13. Real simple. Around 50% of this country pays NO (as in 0) income tax or, get’s a refund beyond the amount they paid in (as in a NEGATIVE income tax number). Those people, of course, are in the vast majority, going to vote democratic, there’s no reason for them not to! Of course more services/bigger government is a great idea when you’re not the one paying for it.
    Everyone in this country who’s over 18 should, IMHO, pay something in income tax, just so they have a stake in the game. Even if it’s a pittance, knowing that they are “paying for it” will change mentalities overnight. As it currently sits, I think we may have the permanent democratic super majority until the nation either fails or has an uprising.
    Here’s the thing; asking most people to vote R is asking them to vote against their own self interests. The R party needs to rebrand themselves as the party of hope and upward mobility; vote R today because, someday in the future, you’re going to have money/opportunity that wouldn’t be there if the D’s were in power.
    Also, the R party needs to drop the bible thumping. It’s honestly embarrassing for some the leaders in the party to get up there and talk about how the earth was made in 7 days, and other obvious biblical BS (that a child can see through at 5 years of age).
    FWIW, I’m a libertarian. I vote for less tax, less government, and less moral crusading. I’m also an isolationist, I think we should pull back our military and only attack those who directly attack us.

    1. The American Revolution and fight for Independence was partly based on the principle of No Taxation Without Representation. Surely that should also mean No Representation Without Taxation and a removal of the vote from those that do not make a net contribution.

    2. Federal income taxes are only one part of the tax picture. Everyone who works pays the ~8% Medicare and Social Security tax, and everyone pays sales taxes, property taxes, and so on. Those who don’t pay federal income taxes include a large fraction of retired people. The situation is not as dire as you have presented it. Most people work, and everyone who works pays taxes.

  14. I don’t care what Invisible Sky Wizard the GOP believes in, or if they deny that there are billion year old rocks on a 4500 year old planet, or if Brontosaurus should be renamed “Jesus Horse”–they hold the line on tax hikes and without them, people who actually work and create wealth in this country will get a wallet ass-pounding like you wouldn’t believe b/c someone else (preferably dark-ish and/or illegal) “deserves” the fruits of their labor more than the people who actually produced it.
    Furthermore, I contest that the GOP is the weaker party. They’re going to retain the House. They may even take back the Senate, despite being hampered by the fuck-tards in the Tea Party. The GOP has lost at least four seats (DE, IN, NV, MO) b/c of the Tea Party, and would only be down 2 going into this election cycle. Who knows how the 2016 race will come out. Sure H-Rod is “supposed” to win, but she was “supposed” to win last time. If the GOP puts up someone who projects as a Responsible Adult, they might have a shot.
    À bientôt,

    1. I believe the author believes the Democrats are stronger not because of election results, ut because they are willing to act.
      What exactly did the Republicans do when they controlled the Presidency and Congress from 2001 through 2006? Do we have a flat tax? Lower spending? Less government and regulation? They didn’t DO shit.

      1. And the alternative is? The GOP held the line on taxes (which is important to me; I don’t give a crap about the rest, mostly because I am a lawyer and can adequately defend myself from any PC twattery at work (none, so far).
        You and the author are missing the point. If you somehow, magically, get rid of the GOP, you think there’s going to be some Glorious Libertarian, Pro-Man Revolution? Wrong. We’re going to get Liberal Dystopic Fucktaridstan in spades, where everyone is Entitled but no one is Responsible. Third parties don’t do well here, b/c the system is stacked against them (if we had a parliament, ok, but we don’t).
        Meanwhile, we have lower taxes because of the GOP, dating back to Reagan, when the top tax rate got lowered from 70% to 50% (under Kemp Roth), and then lowered again to 28% (under the Tax Reform Act of 1986). You think that would have happened with Dems in control? I’ve got news for you, if you make money (particularly if you’re and Evil White Male makes money) the Dems have it out for you. They are going to take everything you have in the name of “fairness” and prohibit you from protesting in the name of “fairness” and when you’ve had all the “fairness” and “tolerance” you can stand, you can look forward to getting free room and board on the state for being delinquent in your vagina-money and/or child support (if you were stupid enough to get married and/or have kids with the Wrong Woman), or (ultimately) daring to speak out in opposition of the Great Multi-Culti LIE.
        The problem that Douglas (and by extension, you) have, is that the “cure” is worse than the disease. The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend–and be clear, the liberal crazies in the Democratic Party are your enemies (especially if you commit the triple crime of being white, male and successful). If you want to enjoy the decline, fine, but don’t hasten it.
        À bientôt,

        1. Lower taxes? We have the highest corporate tax in the world, some of the worst regulations, and a top personal tax rate that can exceed 40% in some states.
          They have done a terrible job “holding the line” but you are missing my point. They had they chance make real changes and did nothing. Being a “hold the line” party is a losing strategy.

        2. Riddle me this: what do you think the upper tax rate would be WITHOUT them? Hint: A lot fucking higher.
          A real losing strategy is killing our (relatively speaking) friends rather than our enemies. In fact that’s a Dem strategy, where they go after friendly nations (Iran under the Shah, South Africa and Somoza’s Nicaragua, while ass-kissing our enemies (Castro, Sandinistas, etc.) to prove how much (fake) integrity they have.

    2. Another falsehood propogated by the GOP is that they are low on taxes. Look at this taxation graph and you will see that federal taxes have basically averaged 22% since 1979. The exception is the credit card out of control spending of the W administration, which went to war “off the books” and cut taxes at the same time, which I have been unable to find another historical example of.
      Taxes are the income of the government. Programs are its expenses. If you cut your income while boosting your expenses that is idiotic. Would you come home and say, well, I’m cutting back from 40 to 30 hours at the office, but I’m buying this new car and a bigger home. That’s idiocy. Both parties spend at the same astronomical rate, but the Democrats seem more concerned about balancing income with expenses, while the Republicans seem ok with borrowing, which is a death sentence for future generations.

  15. I have the benefit of sitting on the Northern sideline here which seems to allow me to get some perspective from off the field.
    It strikes me that the RP actually shot themselves in the foot with their Gerrymandering to ensure they would have RP stronghold voting districts that are essentially unassailable by the DP. In doing so they made themselves vulnerable to extreme ideological attacks by the Tea Party due to how primaries work in those districts. So it seems that even a more “workable” version on f the RP will now perpetually get hijacked by fairly extreme views, that have trouble gaining traction on the floor of the house, namely they take such Right views that the Dems will never meet them even “close to the middle”.
    North of the border we have a three to four party system and it also has pluses and minus for sure. I hate our “first past the post” electoral system as it grossly distorts the “electoral will of the people”. But at least with three parties the likelihood of getting an outright majority is frequently reduced and it forces the party in power to at least have major legislative discussion with other parties in some degree of good faith. In short it prevents legislative gridlock as you guys are unfortunately experiencing now.
    I hope you can unlock your assemblies South of the border to allow for Some kind of action, ANY kind of action, because while it may be fun to point at laugh at the dysfunction of your congress, it affects everyone far and wide, including your chief trading partner in the world, namely us.
    Good luck to you all, for all out sakes.

    1. Before the 1990 Gerrymander, Republicans cut a deal with the blacks to group all black people into black districts to give republicans a better chance at winning and get more black legislators in the legislature.
      Previously, the House was a Democrat institution. Previously, many 35% black districts were governed by white democrats who could count on the black vote and attract enough whites to get to 51%.
      This deal has been good for the Republicans, who have had house control most years afterward, and good for black legislators, but bad for the country.
      Today the Democrat party cravenly racist, and the reasonable people who had to appeal to both races to win elections are gone from both parties in the House.

  16. 1. The Republican Party supports traditional conservative values and is opposed to change. That is why all leftists movements (radical environmentalists, socialists, feminists, gay marriage proponents) ally against it.
    2. It is true that as the country has declined, the Republican Party has increasingly turned liberal itself. The Bush Administration was a fail. There has not been a true conservative President in office since Reagan.
    3. The solution is to reject turncoat, establishment Republicans like Chris Christie and Jeb Bush, but continue to support real conservatives like Ted Cruz, mentioned by the author. Cruz never voted for Obamacare and has led the fight against it, and is perhaps one of the biggest true conservatives in politics today, along with other members of the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party.
    Ultimately, the Republican Party is nothing but a label. What really matters is the specific politician in question.

    1. Cruz is not a real conservative, he’s a tool of Israel. And Breitbart, although a righteous dude, was of Jewish background. It’s no surprise that plays up the insignificant differences between the parties while ignoring the fact that they’re essentially the same.

      1. One of these days us Jews will eradicate gutless turds like you. I cant wait for your hate filled blood to flow in the streets. You know its coming. I can see how much you fear us in your posts.

        1. There’s only do much the host can take, me old China. Then you get roasted, again. At least the Israelis act like a real ethnocentric nation. You lot are just vampires.

    2. Republicans support traditional values and national sovereignty…in israel. For America, its immigrant labor and the gay agenda, and don’t forget to sign up for the draft, we might need you to die for security off the uh..Middle East.

    3. And the RP supports marriage 2.0.
      Traditional / conservative moves with the generations when it is without a link a working long-term value system. Don’t fool yourself that the RP has one.

  17. Hey guys I just read this and thought it was a balanced article about modern relationships.
    Basically talks about how alpha males just don’t want to date women who act like men.
    Made me think of rollo tomassi’s well known SMV graph.
    What shocked me is that it was written by a woman.

  18. The GOP is a bought and paid for tool, that’s no secret. But the dems have become nothing short of genocidal Marxists. If things keep going the way they are, the only new party to stand up will be full-tilt Nationalist.

  19. …and I dunno much about Cruz’s stance on anything, but how are you gonna bring up his Canadian dual citizenship without bringing up all the Israeli dual-citizens among the democrats?

      1. Yeah, every member of the GOP is pretty much Tel Aviv’s man in DC. I’ve never seen any of those clowns scream louder than when they’re squeezing out benefits for their AIPAC donors.

  20. The next 2 years will be a battle for the heart of the Republican Party. If a Rand Paul / Ted Cruz type (Libertarian leaning conservative willing to actually take action), the party may survive. If another crony like Romney and Bush wins the nomination, the party is dead.
    You are right about the action thing. When W took office in 2001, I was stupidly expecting real tax reform (maybe a flat-tax), and real spending cuts. Instead we got free drugs for old folks and massive spending increases.
    It will be interesting.

  21. The Democratic party is more foolish and quests Quixotically for utopias, the Republican party is more dishonest and protects the interests of entrenched money. But the two parties boil down to economic self interests, both being informed by who pays the bills, lots of little guys on the Dems, and fewer big guys on the Pubs. Welcome to real life. A third party is needed, as the middle is getting squeezed.

  22. A brief review of American political history demonstrates the following phenomenon in regards to national politics:
    There are only two major national parties (Andrew Jackson’s western coalition and the Bull Moose party, notwithstanding).
    A new major party only evolves after a previous major party disbands (Anti-federalists, Federalists, Whigs, etc.).
    The party that disbands is the weaker of the two existing parties. Numerous commentators have highlighted the futility of supporting a third party due to the above phenomenon.
    If one wants to change the current political course, disbanding the Republican party is the first step.

  23. “Someone brought up in the comment section of the last article the dark
    possibility: the idea that the Democratic Party would destroy the
    nation. Well if that is their plan”
    No fucking shit Sherlock. The *intention* is to destroy the nation. The Republicans are merely the “good cops”

  24. I was registered as a Republican for many years, but last year I re-registered (unregistered?) as an Independent. I have also decided that I am done voting in federal elections. Obviously it won’t make a damn bit of difference, but I refuse to legitimize the farce with my participation, however small. I urge everyone else to do likewise: stop voting in federal elections.

        1. I live in southern CT, where if you are a Democrat you basically have to be convicted of child rape to lose an election. And maybe not even then. Connecticut is on many lists of the top ten worst states to do business in. I think the only reason it hasn’t met the same fate as Detroit is because of its proximity to Wall Street and the fact that lots of uber-rich cronies live here.

  25. Douglas, you should have a look at the “don’t vote’ campaign in Mexico. A friend of mine was involved with starting it and it was quite successful….
    The premise is basically that any vote validates the winner and if no candidates are any good, then why vote at all.
    Rather than persuading people that this or that goon is the right psycho for the job, instead campaign for no one to vote.
    When the participation rate drops below 50%, the result is arguably not valid.
    When we get down below 30%, the vote is totally bogus.
    Much easier to get 20% of voters to boycott the vote, than try and get people to vote for this or that goon.

    1. I like that – you can sign me up for the “Don’t Vote” campaign 🙂

  26. Maybe the republicans need to go away…but right now if it weren’t for conservative opposition ….the county would be irreparably fucked. Thing is….the country probably already is. Look at what Obama has done; put the word out through his immigration peeps that people who cross the border are going to be given citizenship or work….hence the current crisis on the border. This is entirely Obama’s making.
    Number 2. By pulling out of Iraq completely and making a big deal of it, ISIS and other terrorist groups have gone on killing sprees and as of this morning seized 100 lbs of uranium….which may end up within the next 3 – 15 years blowing up somewhere in the USA. Again….totally Obama’s incompetence.
    Number 3. Obama insists on the government taking over 1/6 of the American economy ……..via Obama care. then, what does the genius law do? It puts Obamacare in the hands of an army of IRS agents to regulate and enforce. Yippeee that’s going to work well….much more freedom.
    Number 4… you want me to go on? Okay…I will….Number 4. Obama’s IRS targeted conservative groups with tax and IRS penalties. Say what you will about the tea party….but when a president allows his IRS to target political allies… might as well have Nazi brownshirts beating up jews with truncheons as the next logical step in this tyrannical process. THEN…..when a committee goes to investigate this blantant disregard of the law by the IRS….the IRS claims to have lost all emails. I’m so sure that excuse would work if the IRS was auditing you, a private citizen for tax returns 3 years ago. “but Mr. IRS agent….I lost my emails.” IRS agent” ” Un huh…..penalties are mounting til you find them as I bring the full force and power of the federal government down upon you , you private citizen peon.”
    Obama has fundamentally transformed the USA into a terrible country. Now that I think about it. The Democrat party has to go….not the Republican one.

    1. 1) The flood of Central Americans is actually quite modest compared to how many Mexicans were coming over the border and evading capture before the Great Recession hit.
      2) ISIS is not our problem. And I should point out that the only reason we’re involved in that craphole known as the Middle East at all is because of the evangelical Protestant Zionists who run the Republican Party and their fanatical support of Israel. (I don’t actually blame Israel itself, they’re just acting based on how they’ve been buttered up all these years.)
      3) Obamacare simply reflects the entitled attitude of the population. You hate Obamacare? Blame how the majority of Americans think.

      1. Even if it is quite modest compared to then…which I would need to verify…that doesn’t refute the fact that the current border humanitarian crisis is due to Obama’s either incompetence or ….more probably….his calculated decision to get more Mexicans in the US so the democrats can have a healthy voting bloc going forward.
        You say ISIS isn’t our problem….again, that does not negate the fact that many many people are now dead who wouldn’t be….AND these terrorists have seized uranium ….again due to the fact that Obama “proudly” pulled out of Iraq….creating a much predictable vacuum that resulted in this. Incomptence and lack of foresight.
        On your last weak point…..First, it is not how the majority think. Totally incorrect….before it became law, poll after poll verified the majority of the US public disagreed with Obamacare and thought it should not be passed into law and that it should have been debated much longer. So….you’re just wrong there. Even IF you were right that the majority wanted it….which again is incorrect…..just because the majority of the country of low information , cheetoes eating, ignoramuses with no understanding of history, doesn’t mean the president should agree to give them what they want if it is so patently bad for the country, economy and direction of the quality of healthcare.

        1. There are indeed far too many Marxist mouthbreathers infesting the country — Obama got elected twice, after all, although I will concede that McCain was awful and Romney was Obama-lite — and even if they claimed to not like Obamacare, they were demanding single-payer instead. In other words, Obamacare wasn’t socialist enough in their opinion.

        2. It’s not socialist enough, lining up everyone who works for the insurance industry in front of a ditch and loosing the machine guns so the crows can eat their remains would be socialist enough. All civilized societies provide health care for their members without gouging and profiteering on others suffering.

    2. You were on the right track until you mentioned brownshirts beating up jews, at which point half the ROK readership looked up from their tv dinners and went “UH, whats wrong with that?”

  27. The European Union disagrees with the sentiment that leftists being the dominant political power will destroy them from within.

    1. This is the same group of nations that gave us two world wars and countless lesser wars for hundreds of years, right?
      Just curious.

  28. When something gets large enough it moves “beyond” its mass. This is the breaking point from which all that energy finds release. What is that energy? It is what made that creation grow big and powerful. In my own personal political philosophy, I call this “political entropy”. I apply it to everything social and political, because it applies to everything in those two categories specifically.
    As the Republican party becomes marginalized, as it will, so the power of the Democratic Party grows. It will be a beautiful thing to witness. The Democratic Party is just as in trouble as the Republicans’ with one big difference: it is racially, religiously, and culturally segregated. Where the Republicans can’t unite on one issue, the Democrats can rally against white voters and their social values.
    With America’s demographic alteration to minority-majority white so comes that release of energy in the Democratic party. Those energies that swelled it will become the ones that dis-spells its making. As white voters are no longer a threat to power the forces that made the democratic party one will break, splinter and crash against each other vying for power.
    I predict violence and break away. Ultimately the end of America as we know it. Nations are biological organisms as is the nature of their constituents. Nations die. All we want to know is when and how.
    Nice article.

        1. Most of those liberal whites aren’t dumb, just brainwashed. IMO, intelligent libertarian-type whites will have their ears as the shit starts to hit the fan.

        2. Liberal whites who are actually involved in making policy aren’t dumb or brainwashed. They’re protected.
          White women are actually the most anti-white men. They’ve got white men by the balls and I don’t see that changing in the near future.

      1. We won’t, unfortunately. Civil War 1 is a good starting point. Europe WW2 is another. Individualism is a double edged sword.

  29. Great article – I had almost created a blog a couple years back on these subjects, but you boiled them down into one succinct post. (clap clap).

  30. All too true at the federal level in DC, but many aggressive and courageous Republicans in state legislatures where they’re in control. Consider, for example, Michigan, a union state nonpareil, which under GOP leadership is now a right to work state. Talk about hell freezing over. Or Wisconsin, where the Dems had to resort to fleeing the state in a pathetic attempt to torpedo Gov. Scott Walker’s magnificent public union reforms. Or New Mexico, where Gov. Susana Martinez is bravely standing up against a Dem legislature running amok. Or North Carolina, where the legislature is bravely holding the line on unemployment benefits.

  31. A third major party would be a start. In Oz the rise of the Palmer United Party is interesting to watch. A billionaire who launched his own party two or three years ago already has 13 percent of the vote. The Murdoch media that dominates Australia will go after him to keep the status quo and the machine to keep going. Unlike other enemies in the past though he has a whopping bank account to fight the slander thrown at him. His popularity is continually growing and IMO only he will be prime minister of Australia in a decade.

  32. Republi-con, Demo-rat: two sides of the same coin, two wings of the same bird.
    Any “differences” between them is just window dressing for a gullible
    public who believes that their vote gives them power and choice.
    It’s a scripted false dichotomy that has obviously fooled the author.

    1. If they’re two wings of the same bird, that bird can’t fly so well with only one wing.

  33. Destroy the Republican party right now, and what you’ll probably get is a one-party state. Democrats already control the media, the schools, and many other sources of power. Is it really wise to hand them a virtual dictatorship by making them even stronger? Do you really think Democrats, with the Republican party out of the way, will allow third parties to flourish? Before destroying the Republican party there needs to be something able to replace it. Otherwise Democrats will take EVERYTHING.

    1. The Republican party might as well be out of the way. What significant initiatives have they actually stopped? It almost seems like they’re complicit in these matters.

      1. Ever occur to anyone that the GOP, as idiotic as they may be, are the final thin red line between us and pure leftism?
        Take this as a sign that we better come up with solutions before that thin red line disappears.

  34. The parties are interdependent and neither will go away leaving any vacuum. They will evolve, devolve and the game and rules will morph with time but the stadium on both sides remains filled with betas eating bread as they find their virtual comradery at the circus. Their women attend by their sides as showpieces and do the real guffawing and tit-flashing keeping ‘their’ men silly and ball-camped. Who is it that makes up the shit that gets a man fighting with his nextdoor neighbor, spoiling the fidelity between men who should otherwise be like neighbors, friends, brothers or powerful ALLIES. Who is it that wins either way in a parking lot cockfight? Or ANY cockfight? Or collectively usurps the vacuum of power at the base level on up after bloody war? From the lowest level of ‘woman playing man’ sends manginism dominoing to the top and authority flips its coat back down to the bottom. Our celestial father warned us NEVER LET YOUR WOMEN RULE, not in the home, not in the village, not in the senate, not in the CASTLE. Only YOUR MOTHER rules you as a suckling. The boosm of a powerful woman is foul.

  35. Nice article. I’ve gotten rather tired of seeing neo-con propaganda on red pill websites.
    Social conservatism is beyond stupid. In the 20’s, some people thought dresses that showed ankles were scandalous. Today nobody gives a shit. In the 60’s people thought it was sacrilegious for stores to be open on Sunday. Today nobody gives a shit. Social issues are ephemeral.

    1. This blog is dedicated towards social issues facing men and advocating for more social conservatism amongst females.

    2. Neo-con is essentially Trotskyite colonization of the GOP. Social Conservatives are the real deal.

  36. The Republican party should go away…right…so Hillary can become President and expand this bullshit even further.

    1. Honestly, and this may sound weird, but I don’t think Hillary will expand the bullshit spiral our society is going down. She’s ruthless, sociopathic, and pragmatic. She knows that she can afford to do with her constituents what the GOP has done to theirs for years: completely shit on them. Hillary can shit on her voters and still get re-elected because they so fear the very idea of a GOP president that they will still line up to vote. Even Bill said that his greatest regret was when he pushed the 1994 assault weapons ban. Hillary won’t make the same mistake. Feminism? Hillary won’t do shit for feminists. They screech about the glass ceiling, or whatever bullshit, and it will fall on deaf ears when you have a president who stands as an example of its shattering. Pay gap? She’ll talk the good shit for it, but any legislation pushed will be bullshit that does nothing. Social Justice? Hillary couldn’t possibly care less about transexual furries with autism.

  37. Your one party plan already seems to be in place just not this country. It’s done wonders to wake up the North Koreans. I can’t wait till we start the process yes let’s all vote democrat show the people how bad it is just like the North Koreans have been learning.

  38. Most Americans are oblivious to the fact that Jews play a disproportionate role in academia, the media, and the Democratic Party. As people become more aware that the Republican party must rely primarily on white votes to win elections, will they also realize that this “Sailer strategy” will also increasingly pit Gentiles against Jews?

    1. The problem with that hypothesis is that most evangelical Protestants, who form the core of the Republican Party, are adamantly pro-Jewish.

      1. I accept that critique. The Christian Zionists are a mysterious factor in American foreign policy. But not as mysterious as you make them out to be.

  39. The GOP: invade the world invite the world
    The Dems: shiv whitey
    The outcome is the same. Think about who, how and why.

    1. Republicunts and Libtards should try to work together instead of wailing their arms and acting like crybabies.
      Unless unbiased, moderate (centrist) progress can be made, Murka will fall within this millenium.

  40. You guys have NO IDEA what’s actually going on in this country, or even in the world right now, do you (and I’m roping the author in on this as well)? The author doesn’t even understand that the Republicans are not in fact CONSERVATIVE and have not been since after Reagan.
    Stop seeing it as “republicans vs democrats” and instead start seeing it as “voters versus political machines”. The two parties are really just one entity: the Political Class. This guy here spent some time during the 2012 presidential election giving a great deal of insight to how things work politically in the US. I would strongly suggest reading what he wrote on this topic (he goes over quite a bit of history). And it’s based off of this that I state the following:
    Nobody is paying much attention to what is happening in the UK or Europe lately, have they? There have been massive upsets in the political class in those countries because you are seeing an enraged electorate rallying behind parties or individuals that actually represent their interests. In the UK there is UKIP and Nigel Farage as their frontman. A major commonality that I see with UKIP and the people that they are putting into office is that they are not of the Political Class but are of the People. These people live in the same towns and walk the same streets as their constituents. They also have experience functioning in the real world and have had to work, have run their own businesses, and are typically laid back, down-to-earth, and passionate in regards to their country and fellow citizens. Farage himself has successfully run a business for years and has great economic and financial insight into how the world really works.
    In the recent elections UKIP basically curb-stomped the Liberal Democrats and then captured significant numbers of voters from the other two major parties, and mainly on two issues: Unregulated immigration, and getting out of the European Union. In observing these events lately, I’ve noticed some commonalities with over there, and here in the US:
    1. The Political Class is scared shitless of UKIP and have done everything it can to vilify and cast the party in a negative light. Something major I noticed was the media and other parties were doing everything it could to smear UKIP by calling its members racists constantly. This has recently backfired when on election night recently Winston McKenzie accused the BBC and other media outlets of abusing “racism” so much that it means nothing. UKIP also had a recent candidate win a position (can’t remember for what) that is homosexual so any attempt to claim the party as being homophobic has now backfired.
    Likewise here in the States, I recall the Tea Party being vilified and collectively referred to as racists, bigots, and homophobic. Considering that both Dems and Repubs actually hate conservatives and that the Tea Party actually represents conservative voters who don’t actually have a party, this scares the Political Class here because these people are basically not going for either party, but are instead trying to vote in people in a similar fashion to UKIP (working class people or people that have had to work in the real world).
    2. I very strongly suspect that what is happening in the UK and in Europe in general with the Euroscepticism is portending the future of the US. The Tea Party/conservative voters are not going anywhere and are going to continue to be a thorn in the side of the Political Class. Back in 2012 things hadn’t gotten really bad (they’ve still got a ways to go before it gets really, REALLY bad in this country), so the conditions are not yet ripe for the kind of surge we’ve seen in the UK or in other parts of Europe. I imagine as things get worse in the US you’ll see a similar surge of nationalism and anti-Political Class voters manifest in one group (could be another Tea Party hijack of the Republicans, or something new). Furthermore this will probably manifest in the more financially prosperous parts of the country as they try to repel federal legislation that hurts their economic prosperity at all levels. As more people flee more Democratic parts of the country you will see the powerbase in those areas weaken. You’ll also likely see growing backlash against Political Correctness (as we’re seeing in the UK and abroad). I think one can argue that the Manosphere itself may be a budding flower, one manifestation of this coming to fruition as it regularly butts heads with PC thinking and the welfare state.
    3. What’s really brought this to a head in the UK and Europe is the EU and open borders which is affecting the citizenry at all levels. Their wages collapse, the indigenous population can’t get work, they also get put last while immigrants get benefits first. There is also the growing danger of radical Islam that is also being experienced by the citizenry. This is a serious danger that the Political Class in these countries don’t have to live with, so do not care that their citizens do. As a result you are seeing a massive resurgence of nationalism and rage towards the established parties. Geert Wilders of the Netherlands has to live in safehouses and attend debates wearing bulletproof vests because of the threat of Islamic extremists in his country.
    It is only a matter of time before these issues come to a head here in the US. They will not manifest all at once, I imagine, however I do think that circumstances will eventually force this change. The Civil War was about the Industrialized North versus the Feudalistic South. Today the “South” and certain other parts of the country are on the rise while the North is deteriorating rapidly. While things are going to get, much, much worse before they get better, it will eventually force a clean sweep in the Political Class in this country. In the meantime, go where the money is, and make sure you are financially free. Then you don’t have to concern yourself so much with these matters.

  41. In reality, we are the ones to blame. By that statement, I am saying that we the people need to wake up and get all of them out the door. What worked back in the good ole days, will not take us into the future.
    When you see these politicians get into trouble-
    Do they really get punished? No.
    Do they go to jail? No. (If so, not for very long and they get the penthouse suite too)
    Are their ill gotten gains, redistributed to the poor? No.
    Are they taxed more for being a crook? No.
    However after they get into trouble-
    Do they go for other posts of office? Yes. (Sometimes its a higher office or a lower position or title with the same pay and benefits)
    Do they get other jobs in other administrations? Yes.
    Do they write- “Pity Me”, “How I went nuts” or Cook books? Yes.
    Do they get on television and make money commentating? Yes.
    No matter how you spin it, we are looking at some rough times ahead. Due to red tape, policies made 20 years ago, fine print and a law/spy/1984 machine out of control we will have a hard road to travel in the future.

  42. This is why I’m Independent. Conservative values, just chose not to conform to any political group.

  43. I understand where the author is coming from, but I think it’s a mistake to assume that a total leftist takeover will lead to a quick collapse. It took 70 years for the Bolshevik revolution to undo itself. And the Chinese Communists, while no longer fire-breathing Maoists, are still ruling China with absolute power. North Korea remains a Stalinist nightmare.
    Just something to think about.

  44. Fuck the 2 party system. Fuck democrats and republicans. Replace it with third party ones instead then maybe this stupid ass country will have some hope.

  45. this guy is a biased liberal. seems they make their way into every single blog or online forum these days. I hope rok fires him.

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