Feminism Is Literally Killing Women By Telling Them That 3rd World Countries Are Safer Than The West

The night before she died, Danielle had met some British tourists at Palolem.

One of them, Dave Woodruff, 37, said she was ‘free-spirited’ and ‘really interesting’ but that a group of about five [Indian] men ‘would pull her back and say, “You’re with us, remember?”.’

He told The Guardian that Danielle shrugged off the instructions…

— The Daily Mail, reporting on the events preceding Danielle McLaughlin murder in India

Feminism kills. And for Australian Elly Warren and dual British-Irish national Danielle McLaughlin it literally killed them. Years of cultural indoctrination have taught Western women that they are supposedly in constant danger at places like American college campuses, but can “find themselves” Eat, Pray, Love-style in perilous Third World countries. Even with the hazier statistics-gathering employed in poorer societies, we can easily tell that this is an unabashed lie.

Compare this happiness and safety of Danielle McLaughlin in Third World countries to the sheer terror of the History major who fears being raped by one of her male classmates during a 200-person lecture at the University of Vermont.

Danielle McLaughlin’s rape and death by strangulation in India is the most recent high-profile example of a white girl enabled by a self-infatuated professional feminist clique. Because the white male lower middle-class accountant back home, whether in North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, or Australia, is the true embodiment of all evil, women like McLaughlin are encouraged to spread their time in far-flung, poverty-stricken countries where tourists, who live like kings compared to the locals, are prime targets for petty robbery, let alone more painful crimes like mutilation, rape, or homicide.

In a development that will shock no one, McLaughlin was travelling alone. She certainly met people along the way, including the British tourists she saw shortly before she died, but for the most part did her own thing. This is quite remarkable. Here in the West, however, even a woman walking to her dorm at the University of Texas (or any other institution of higher learning) seemingly requires a SWAT team to protect her from fellow students in “rape culture” infested campuses:

In a similarly preventable tragedy, Elly Warren was raped and murdered in Mozambique, which even the leftist Guardian admits has a homicide rate around double that of the United States. And this is based on what we know, as public officials in Third World countries tend to be much less accountable and more corrupt than their Western counterparts. Plus, as I have already mentioned, statistical measurements are far less reliable and crime is probably grossly underestimated in these more indigent states. Authorities actually have an incentive to fudge the numbers, as desperately needed foreign investment, tourism, and aid often depends on the perception that public safety is improving. And far more cashed-up tourists are lucrative sources of income for local criminals of modest means.

Inexplicably, Warren’s body was found in a public change room at a location popular with backpackers. Yes, that’s right, in sub-Saharan Africa. The mind boggles at both the personal thought processes and the cultural conditioning back home in Australia that led her to this incredibly stupid life—and death—decision. Meanwhile, colleges in her native land, like the University of Melbourne, teach female students that an insidious rape culture on campus threatens to take them at any moment.

Who goes backpacking in Mozambique? We should feel for the family of Elly Warren, who was working as a volunteer for a scientific organization, but she threw herself into danger.

Thank you, Eat, Pray, Love!

Elizabeth Gilbert.

The film Eat, Pray, Love, starring Julia Roberts, is both a reflection of and a further impetus for women leaving their “stifling” homes in the West for so-called spiritually-fulfilling adventures in the Third World. It is the embodiment of what Danielle McLaughlin in particular appeared to be seeking. Ironically, if you look at Roberts’ character Elizabeth Gilbert, a stereotypical career-obsessed woman, she blames her American life—and, by extension, an implicit patriarchy—for her unhappiness at the film’s beginning, rather than the feminist dogma really behind her “empowered” but miserable existence as a corporate cog.

The Roosh V Forum has duly noted that Elizabeth Gilbert recently secured a second divorce. She is childless at nearly 50 and now in a lesbian relationship, having spoken of her previous addiction to finding multitudes of men and sleeping with them:

Seduction was never a casual sport for me; it was more like a heist, adrenalizing and urgent. I would plan the heist for months, scouting out the target, looking for unguarded entries. Then I would break into his deepest vault, steal all his emotional currency and spend it on myself.

And Gilbert can add yet another job description to divorcee, late-blooming lesbian, and self-obsessed cultural appropriator: peddler of doom for women who follow her example. Not every woman can come back and write a vapid account of how she became even more narcissistic overseas than when she originally left the West. Just ask the families of Elly Warren and Danielle McLaughlin.

The “Nazi!” effect

Who wore the title of probable “rape culture location” better? This shanty office in Calcutta or the library at the University of Minnesota?

The rise of Donald Trump in the Republican primaries and caucuses, the general election campaign, and now the White House has been greeted with calls of “Nazi!,” “deplorable!,” and “racist!” towards both him and millions of his supporters. And what’s the effect, aside from leftists getting sore throats and beating up people, including from behind and the side like against Richard Spencer? For a start, these epithets become hopeless abstractions because they can be applied to pretty much anything or anyone someone doesn’t like. Still, leftists’ obsession with overgeneralizations has a much longer history, one that intersects heavily with the deaths of Elly Warren and Danielle McLaughlin.

The advent of radical feminism and the idea that all Western men are potential rapists or plain rapists has desensitized women to the true dangers both at home and in the wider world. Through SJWs linking things like a man looking at pornography to “rape culture,” actual rape, where proper evidence shows an egregious crime, becomes rapidly devoid of its true meaning. Such madness has deleterious consequences, like men approaching women in some British metropolitan areas being called “hate criminals.”

Nevertheless, the results of this mind-warping also hit women–and very badly. After being repeatedly told they have more to fear in the First World than the Third, they are primed to meet the sort of grisly ends that found Elly Warren and Danielle McLaughlin.

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  1. There are people in this world that are created for the sole purpose of being killed, raped & eaten by wild animals.
    The western culture wishes to shield itself from this cycle of nature, denying God what is rightfully his(human sacrifice).
    We should commend this women for following their higher calling.

    1. “We should commend this women for following their higher calling”
      On one hand you have a point, as I’ve always felt that decent men have the same effect on women that daylight has on dracula. On the other hand, civilized societies need females to give us our offspring, so they should not be allowed to b raped, eaten and killed.

      1. I wouldn’t want to be born to those feminoids. It’s child abuse to have those semi-sentient beings be in charge of children. U won’t save civilization with those women, I don’t know if it’s even worth saving.

    1. “Feminism is literally killing women…”
      That’s because these mindless Fembots would rather believe the Pretty Lies of Marxism and Feminism, instead of the Ugly Truths of Reality.
      “I’ve checked my inventory — I have no more f*cks to give.”

  2. Hopefully more of these idiots and useless eaters will fuck off to a third world shithole to get raped and murdered. I for one have no sympathy for them. Get your just desserts from all that poison you’ve been choking down like a ravenous pig!
    Good riddance!

  3. Why is the male character in the “SURE walker” advertisement a non-white male?
    You can’t make this shit up! Feminism truly is against normal White men. THey don`t care for statistics or logic.

      1. White men are today’s number on target for misandist hate. Be patient. Your turn at number one will come shortly. But yes, they hate all men, just currently they see advantage in turning non-white men against white men to divide and conquer.

      2. No, you don’t. You can live in peace without us. We can get no peace from you, because everywhere that we are happy, you storm in by the tens of millions. A few thousand of you people can join us without destroying our countries, but not millions.

    1. Femisadism truly is against MASCULINITY and MEN. Although I understand your concern and the context, I have to say that ROK platform is now GLOBAL, for ALL the MEN.

        1. If Feminism (aka Femisadism, Femicuntism etc.) is related to women, then those women are against of MASCULINITY and MEN.
          But hey, if you are referring to CAUCASIAN Feminism, then you might be right !!!

    2. Because feminists want women to get raped duh. Think about it: bring in millions of men from the turd world, teach women to hate white men, tell women to walk alone at night with turd worlders. Doesn’t take a genius to figure it out.
      Also ugly femminist love to increase their SMV (so they think) by crab potting hot women. It’s a fact.

      1. They are also doing it cause they crave a real DOMINATE man’s cock where at extremes, beats and rapes her so she can feel the dominate energy of a man that western women rarely feels today! The submissive gene in women is so powerful where these primitive dominate men give them what they want! We have extreme OH&S and all this extreme safety bullshit to help women feel safe but all they want in the end is the dominate energy of a man to feel safe! Due to her conscious brain which is brainwashed by Feminism, she isn’t allowed to act like a real woman and accept her nature biology!

        1. You make some valid points but in the west if a man stands up and tries to make a woman submit he’ll wind up behind bars unable to find steady work once he’s out as employers rarely hire felons.

        2. Western women aren’t women! You wake up to reality of this when you live in an Eastern country where women are still traditional and look after their man and family first, career second. They are also learnt to respect men compare to western women, they all hate men due to being brainwashed by Feminism. You will see that hate (brainwashing) specially when she is in a bad mood and blames everything no a man.
          Dating Eastern women, we are lucky to have a fight every 1-2 months! I can understand why traditional families are happy compare to western families and relationships don’ work anymore due to Feminism and Left Wing Losers (American Liberals).

        3. Even the “conservatives” in the U.S are vile wretches unable to keep their families intact.


        2. It´s amazing how they can fool people like it´s nothing. I mean,you just have to study their history to see how many times they have lied as a group to achieve their goals. Thomas Jefferson,Pope Julius II,Bobby Fischer,Martin Luther,Henry Ford,etc…many smart people talked against them because of the same reasons. The amount of times they have attacked christianity,white people,european history, european culture and all the other pillars of the West is obsecene. If you study economics you just have to follow the money and you will find who finances all those groups you mentioned and who controls the banks. All that you said is true. I should advise you not to use caps,bro (some people consider that “screaming” when you write). Thanks for writing to me. I´m glad some people understood what i was referencing. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/820ca2f1ac197ef2d78002ade749cdb82158c2c0ef6293e981deeeb5485ed953.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fa9b66e8197eac3a82a14d5e76ba4a271ed7ac8bb9c5514a88f17e5a24c1d4ee.jpg

    3. “Why is the male character in the “SURE walker” advertisement ”
      Could you give me a url to the ad? I’d too would like to check it out – can’t find it.

    4. Rape is an epidemic in India, and yet we keep bringing all these low tier Indians on H1bs to America. For the past 4 years, and still currently, India is the largest growing immigrating population in numbers, and double the amount of China, and quadruple the amount of Mexico coming to the United States. One has to simply google “which is the largest immigrating country to the US?” and see what pops up. It’s India. You have guys like Aziz Ansari who act like Male Feminists, and then only look to bed white blonde women because that’s all they fantasize about. Aziz couldn’t get his way so he had to write a book and a TV show about his frustrations of not getting HB10s white women. America is going to become a bed of real rapists just like Germany and Sweden. Enjoy.

      1. The Indians going to the US are generally high IQ though. While the mixed race muslims invading the EU are low IQ. And the US already has it’s rape infestation in the low IQ black population, and to a certain extent hispanics also.

        1. No they are not. Ever since Indians discovered easy H1b applications to obtain a work visa, even the low IQ ones have made it into the pool. In fact, the high IQ ones hate the blatant scam that is going on because it’s preventing them from getting visas themselves due to the large amount of applications for visas being filed by low tier/low IQ Indians. Rape is not prevalent in the black or hispanic community as it is in the Indian. The numbers don’t lie. Furthermore, India has the second largest Muslim population after Indonesia. So a large majority of Muslims are still coming from India.

        2. You kidding me? Black states have the highest numbers of rape. Congos capital is the rape capital of the world.

        3. So you gave me statistics, what do you think they are saying?
          1. US statistics are wrong as hell, google white criminals and you will see mixed race hispanics and blacks in many/most cases.
          2. Those are the total numbers, which doesn’t change that blacks are OVERREPRESENTED compared to their size of the population. Meaning blacks are more likely to rape, and rape violently.

        4. “Blacks are more likely to rape”? So I’m arguing that Indians are more likely to rape and yet you have a problem with that statement. Sounds like you just hate black people. Piss off.

        5. Well, the statistics you gave me didn’t include Indian people at all. So I was assuming you tried to defend that white people raped more than black people. The statistics you show give very small numbers for Asian/Pacific islander.

        6. Indians are the Weak men of the East, just like the fucking chinaman.
          5000 years of rich history and they eat dogs and live in open sewers. Thats the reward for gay ass demon worshipping.

        7. Other than India taking the lead in false rape allegations most rapes occuring there are by Muslims and not Hindus or Christians.

        8. There are no false rape allegations in India. There are factual rapes that occur in India, and it’s primarily Hindus that are doing the rape. You’re probably a dumb Indian. Regardless of religion, Indians are just bad news and the worst race of their kind.

        9. you’re the idiot. most jobs are going to be taken eventually ….. assuming there’s no collapse.

        10. whatever you dumb redneck trash. its your idiotic flag waving people that are just sitting idly by as invaders from the third world pour in. you gladly send your sons off to join this corrupt system’s military to defend the very ones that are allowing “your” country to be destroyed. what a dumb people you are and no. i am not an indian.

      2. MR – “India ranked 94th in a statistics of reported rape cases in 2010” – Lower than US, Sweden, NZ, Australia, Finland, Norway, Austria etc and so on.
        The way the US has fake SJWs, India has “rape multipliers” who create self hate/ guilt and publicize the “actual number” of rapes. They provide the media narrative that you read.
        You’re mixing too many things in one post without legit facts and acting like a liberal SJW.
        Indians in the US are probably the most docile, hard working immigrants like asians – But, Pakistani/ Musilims &their stats are the opposite. Dont mix it all
        The big problem is these white ladies go and be all free and have flings with young Goan bar boys, at times even getting married to them – Thus creating the image of easy lays – which they are compared to wooing a local girl.
        Please look up the number of cases of Old Rich White lady married to poor goan/ indian beach or massage boy. I just saw one such couple yesterday.
        Its the equivalent of Rich white man getting a poor thai wife, and so on.

    5. Personally, I have wondered what the real end goal of the anti-White agenda is. Who stands to profit, other than niche groups (like people who make books like Eat, Pray, Love; and travel agencies)?

      1. It’s to create a stratified class society. Couple hundred uber wealthy white/jews sitting at the top of the heap, while they’ve destroyed all their competition and replaced them with tanned livestock. Eventually robots will replace the darkies, and it’ll simply be a cabal. It’s why folks like Gates promote population reduction, while simultaneously creating naturally unsustainable populations in Africa.

  4. I personally know a girl that is doing these kind of reckless solo trips First she picked Dubai and is now in Vietnam. As will come as no shock to any readers here, she is a corporate career girl in HR. Sometimes stereotypes just write themselves.

    1. Indeed. The case i described in my comment fits the profile as well. Good payed marketing director career girl, alone, with three dogs for company…

    2. Did she come back from dubai with fancy new purse/ clothes/ shoes?
      If so, she was a porta potty ho.

    3. Some international escorts work for escort companies that give them titles such as marketing director, PR manager, communication manager and etc…

    1. “No real loss though”
      Not so sure, need somebody there for the betas and white knights to thirst after.

      1. They’re heads are screwed up by Jewish Bolshevism and seem beyond repair.
        But they’re still our kin and own people, they are worth saving because they are our own. Do they need re-education? That is without a shadow of a doubt.

        1. Back when that show was funny, and not just a political soapbox. The kids will watch Studio C now.

    2. That’s why on first date, I wouldnt hesitate to leave any admittance of mudsharking booted from car on any road. Id then roast out the rear of the M3 while tossing her bag out window. Strongest indicator of a brain dead skank.

      1. That’s the spirit, brother. Any woman that defiles herself with colored cock has self-selected herself out of society in my book. You cannot imagine the disgust I feel whenever I see one of our women together with a nigger, towelhead or gook.

  5. The bottom line: women are just plain fucking stupid and should never be allowed to vote nor have any say in local pokitics. Seriously. Quit listening to these hormonal sacks of shit.

    1. Indeed. I’ve come to the conclusion that women should not be allowed to vote and Im waiting to be convinced otherwise. They arent registered for a draft, they dont sign up for military service unless its for the benefits, they’re a smaller part of the work force, they receive a plethora of govt benefits no to mention the pussy pass of having a ton of men, women and organizations feeling bad for a woman done wrong. Homeless man? Get of here you bum!

    2. There was a reason that women didn’t have these rights in the past-learning had already taken place and men were red-pilled enough to realize the truth about woman’s true nature.
      We’re now in societal decline, all because of feminism.

      1. $2k a night… I could live off that for months and these women drop it in a night!

        1. Side effect of high power careers that despite paying $100k / year only provide like 10 days of vacation a year.
          I know people who work pretty lousy jobs as technicians but blow thousands a year on resorts in places like Belize at resorts that cost $1k a night because they only get a week of vacation a year.
          It’s all done by design to fuel the Capitalist consumerist engine.

        2. That’s all well and good, but I’m sure I could find a nice place w/hot and cold running bjs for $2k/night somewhere civilized!

        3. Whenever anyone mentions “Detroit”, I ALWAYS think of this scene!
          (For the benefit of those not familiar with it, this was a scene from “A Fistful of Yen”, a skit ‘movie within a movie’, from the 1970’s satirical skit comedy “Kentucky Fried Movie”.)

        1. The trick is getting it out of your head once you have arrived at your destination.

  6. They believed the myth that places outside the West are somehow more authentic or offer spiritual succor.

    1. The BEST is that most of these pampered closet-elitist twats have hardly seen any of their own country!

    2. And somehow, for them a White male is automatically oppressive, while a really opressive colored male is interesting and manly.
      I have seen a snotty, White-male-hating Feminist bitch jumping to the orders of his Middle-Eastern lover. White men must grow balls, that is the only way out of the Feminist trap. We can order our women around if we try like the best the Middle East can throw at them…
      Time to end this bullshit and put them in their place. Which is in the kitchen pregnant, in a nice White country, not smoking pot with beggars in a filthy Indian hovel…

      1. Send them to some muslim ghettos…They will submit in a second. You are right…western men lost their balls and this is the consequence.

      2. slave morality: in the hierarchy of the oppressed, colored men are deemed victims and therefore anything they do is excusable

        1. And this is why I say Feminists do not give a fuck about women. When their White sisters were mass-raped in Cologne, all they could say was that people like me are outraged only because of the skin-color of the attackers and it is Racism. Pathetic!
          Do you know what the difference is between an oppressive, patriarchal, evil male chauvinist, misogynist straight white male like I am, and a Feminist? That I really love women and want the best for them, and have their interests at heart.

        2. Did you ever notice the silence from the fem-cunts when the topic of honor killing, forced clitoridectomy or Bill Clinton’s escapades arises? LOL. Feminism is a lesbian club for middle class women.

        3. Sometimes you have to go the extra mile to protect women, even when they are actively trying to prevent you from doing so (i.e. Cologne and the Refugees Welcome banner being held by women).

        4. The hell with protecting them anymore — unless I know her personally or am related to her by blood (AND they’re not a Marxist/Feminist man-hater), the b*tch is on her own.
          They made their bed of nails, let them sleep on it.

        5. “Did you ever notice the silence from the fem-cunts when the topic of honor killing, forced clitoridectomy or Bill Clinton’s escapades arises?”
          Remember that, when some delusional Fembot gives the same old BS dictionary definition about feminism “being about ‘Equality’ “.
          I LOVE to point out to them how the feminists either kept silent or actively defended Clinton when past accusations of his harassment and/or rape of women surfaced, to say nothing of his escapades with Monica Lewinsky.
          Hypocritical bitches! Feminism is nothing more than a female supremacist group using ‘victim’ political activism.

    3. Yep…a lump of dirt in Myanmar is really no different than a lump of dirt in Mississippi.

  7. I believe it’s what used to be called “death by misadventure” – like what they put on the autopsy of the Rollings Stones’ Brian Jones

  8. I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t take anything these leftists jackasses say anymore. I see them as nothing but pure comedy for me to mock and ridicule which is the best way to approach them now because arguing with these SJW and feminist freaks will go nowhere. Plus I learned a long ass time ago you can’t reason with the clinically insane which they have demonstrated themselves to be multiple times over.

    1. You have seen the truth and disregard the falseness of the FeMatrix…
      Welcome To The Red Pill, friend.

    2. Tats or extreme liberal views- straight to dumpster. I need legs, no tats, and under 130 lbs.

  9. I had to do a Title IX course for my school. Anyways it was just funny how the “two male heroes” were a black man and a latino, while the two “rapist douche bags” were blonde white guys. It gets worse: the heroes bring up how the white guys are racist and don’t hang out with any non-whites. Never mind the fact that no frat is 100% white or that all the email reports looking for a man who sexually assaulted a women describe the perps as Latino or black.
    In fact a friend of mine who is white was taken to the title IX coordinator for “sexual assault.” Multiple witnesses saw the girl was the one who flung herself onto the guy, and this girl has done this to countless other men. Yet he still had to do community service and one more strike and it goes on his record.

    1. I’ve posted this before. My son has been informed that if he dates a fellow student–all my financial support for his education ends. He’s worked too hard and is too inexperienced with women to have one nut-bag screw it up for him.

      1. The sad fact is that he doesn’t have to interact in any way with a fellow female student: all she has to do is accuse him — and he’s automatically guilty.
        And feminists and their Useful Idiot followers gleefully brag about how there are sooooo many more women who are getting college degrees…

        1. Tell him to pursue a trade school education in the trades, god knows I tried with my sons. If he insists on college, tell him to pursue an overseas university. The education will be better, the indoctrination of feminist misandry will be less, and he might meet a decent woman. No hope of any of that at a university in the US.

    2. Only in movies like 50 Shades of Gray is a rapist some well groomed debonair suave man. In reality it’s a deranged homeless fuck with baked bean teeth hiding in the bathroom stall who holds a knife to a woman’s throat.

      1. They sure love mister Grey…and that tell us a lot of how women think, does it not?

        1. Since the latest movie came out no fewer than 10 girls called me their “Mr Grey”
          When the original book came out it was positively dangerous for me to go to work.
          Is this because I am into kink? No, I’m not. Is it because I’m rich? Nope, not rich. What is the reason? I wear a suit to work and am a generally aggressive person.
          That’s it.
          The rest is full in the blanks (back during the sex in the city crazy girls called me their Mr Big…doesn’t matter who they fill in the blanks) and this is why I suggest being very selective with personal information.
          I am vague about my job when asked. Vague about all details.
          Here is the story. Women don’t see themselves as little whores. The reason they are licking your asshole 2 hours after meeting you can’t possibly be because they are a filthy slut! No way! They are good girls! It must be something else.
          The woman wants you to be perfect. They will try their best to see you as perfect. This way they have justification for their behavior. Give them as little detail as possible and they will fill in the blanks with whatever it is turns them on. Don’t lie. Don’t be who they want.
          Girl: where do you work
          Me: on Madison
          Girl: what do you do
          Me: nothing interesting sweetheart, and why talk about work anyway
          Who am I? Well I am whatever Kind of guy she thinks is perfect. Captain of industry, music business, gangster, spy whatever.
          In the morning her hampster will allow her to justify her actions because I was a once in a lifetime perfect guy.

        2. Women will always fill in the blanks. The want you to be special because if you are special then they aren’t whores. The more blanks you leave, the more they fill in, the better you are the less they are filthy, filthy little sluts. Never give more information than is necessary.
          “DO you know the time?”

      2. Well, you certainly haven’t watched “The girl with the dragon tattoo”, that movie is the most disgusting piece of jewish propaganda I have ever watched.
        The book was written for some communist selfhating swede.

        1. “the only good thing about the remake is this song:the only good thing about the remake is this song:”
          Not quite. I will stick with Led Zep.

        2. Of course. Led Zeppelin is one of my all time favorites, and that cover is a good rendition but never near the quality of the original.

        3. Just out of curiosity, when a movie (or book) came out with the title “the girl with the dragon tattoo” why on god’s green earth did you decide to see it? I mean I vaguely recall when the movie came out and the title might as well have been “lolknee, you will not like this movie”

        4. Shame on these femicunts.
          Tattoo machine/device has been “invented” by a MAN, my dear “ungrateful” pussies !

        5. That’s a good question. I would never see those kind of movies, even if I have been offered free sex !

        6. Curiosity. I read the reviews first (the ones I suggested to Clark Kent) and I said to myself “Let’s see what kind of monster the kikes at Hollywood are cooking”. And indeed, what a fucking Frankenstein they created.

        7. The original Swedish title translates to “Men Who Hate Women”. So, in that title, you would have known exactly what the contents of the book were.

        1. Rapists, like serial killers, tend to be the same race as their victim. But a lot of that has more to do with location than anything else. Most robbers, rapists and serial killers operate in areas they are familiar with and most of the population tends to be their race.
          As most rape, surprise surprise, happens in the predominantly minority high crime areas the rapists tend to be minorities. And it is minority women who are at the highest risk of rape.
          It ain’t the white and minority privileged women attending college.

        2. The actual rape statistics (for violent rape not campus drunken sex) are heavily weighted with minority men as perpetrators. Yes more minority women are the victims, but the probability of a white woman being raped by a white man is much lower than the probability of being raped by a minority man.

        3. BS. like 90% of rapes in Sweden are mixed race muslims on Swedish women.
          They came out with a study just now saying 90% of group rapes are done by immigrants, which is something considering that the other 10% are probably immigrants with Swedish citizenship.

        4. Oh, the only real indicators of crime are low intelligence (IQ) and anti-social disorders. Since darker races generally have lower average IQ they are also overrepresented in rape.

        5. My apologies, I was referring to data in the US vice global. I will concede you may very well be correct on a global scale, I haven’t looked at much data or studies from that perspective.

        6. There is a very strong correlation between single parent homes and anti-social disorders, and it is far stronger than the correlation to low IQ.

        7. Mental health problems are often genetic or enviromental in origin. If your mother drinks alcohol and you get fetal alcohol syndrome for example, you can become a sociopath. There is no correlation I ever read of between single parent homes and anti-social disorders in that sense environmentally.

  10. A former female friend of mine was in to this shit, travelling to third world shit holes in search of adventure. Just recently i knew she is going to make a trip, if i am not mistaken, to 5 or 6 different African nations…like a sort of a road trip with some guide. She already went to India…alone, being India one of the most dangerous nations on earth to western women.
    Its something related with the previous post about feminism, and its many evils. They believe in these stupid trips to search for their inner soul or some shit like that, and many times, pay the ultimate price for that stupid utopia.

    1. Hol UP
      Hol up!
      *smacks lips*
      So wat u be sayin`iz dat
      Men marry these used up sluts?

      1. I doubt that…what they want is excitement (code word for fucking some exotic crocodile Dundee type of guy, believe me) She told me of a friend of hers that fucked this spanish guy that was living in London in one of these trips. Guess what happen?She left her job in Portugal and went to London, just to be used as a fuck tool by the guy that told her 1000 times she was not going to be his woman…My female friend laugh when telling me this…that “fuck me, i want the same, that is so cool” laughter.

        1. I always act incredibly nonjudgmental so they’ll spill the beans. Seek truth and never delude yourselves chaps!

    2. Modern girls like that remind me of the princess in Conan the Barbarian who went to live with Thulsa Doom and his snake cult. Much like that princess, they don’t realize how much they’ve fucked up until the serpent strikes.

    3. India is the safest country for visitors on the planet. The concept of mugging does not even exist in India (or China) or other Asian nations.
      India is not even in the top 100 countries with the max crime *Rate*. Most of them are in Latin America, followed by USA, then Europe.
      In the same 24 time period this one tourist was killed, 500+ women were raped in the USA itself and hundreds were murdered/shot (in the USA itself).

      1. Give me a break. Rape is rampant in india. Witness the girl gang raped to death on a bus. There were massive protests against rape in various cities. Why? Because it is common and police don’t investigate it, hence low official stats. Indian men (except sikhs) are sexist, misogynistic bastards.

      2. No point in arguing with them brother. Let’s just ignore the ignorant. Westerners always had and will have the fantasy of blaming Bharat/Hindustan.
        Few people calling a LION as sheep doesn’t make the LION a sheep.

      3. Really! Can you cite your source(s) please? I highly doubt India has really good reporting of rapes and murders of anyone since they still live in the stone age

      4. Its not what i have heard and seen. I doubt a hot western women can walk alone without being molested in some parts of the subcontinent.

    4. “They believe in these stupid trips to search for their inner soul or some shit like that, and many times, pay the ultimate price for that stupid utopia.”
      C’mon man these hoes just want a buffet of dark dicks somewhere where nobody from back home can see them. The inner soul and shit like that are bullshit excuses women use to “fool” us.

      1. If that were so, they’d be taking trips to Newark or Baltimore or South Bend … no one would know

        1. and if it were purely sexual, why would women be traveling to Thailand? Thai men aren’t exactly renowned for their sexual prowess or powers of seduction …

        2. The furthest from home the better man. As sexually promiscuous as the western sluts are , they still care a lot about their reputation. You know they need to play the good girl to fool the beta provider when they are 30+. No wonder the anti-slut defenses are off the roof.

        3. Do they care about their reputation? I thought most Western women were pretty unabashed and “sex-positive” etc etc

        4. besides, who’s going to see them in South Bend Indiana or Memphis Tennessee if they’re from Minnesota or something?

        5. I think it’s psychological man. And yes bitches start to care a lot when as soon as they hit 24-25. They still fuck around just as much but not that openly.

        6. There is no point, as in you get no white guilt compensation points, for taking a selfie in downtown Detroit.

      2. They crave excitement, and there they go, out of their depressive lives in the west, with their cats and dogs, and their ultra privileged life full of “you go girl” logic…Those dark dicks you mentioned, have none of this nonsense and would fuck them to the death…sometimes literately.

    5. The CONTINENTS blood centers survey you about visiting prior to giving blood. Smart

    6. “being India one of the most dangerous nations on earth to western women”
      Wanted to give a perfect reply to what you said/commented but didn’t want to argue. Ignorance, be it !

      1. Ravi, India is a shit hole when it comes to women being safe. Rape is endemic, to native women and to western women, if possible. Dont try to tell me that if a blond hot girl goes alone to some ghetto in Calcutta, that she will not the harassed or raped. She will.

        1. So do you mean that the West is shit hole when it comes to MEN being safe !? Rape is endemic everywhere, every continent and every corner. It’s not about the Country, Race or Culture, it’s about the LUST for opposite sex.
          I wonder how you are comparing rape & Bharat ! What happens to a Asian pussy when she goes alone to some ghetto areas in ALL the states in this Country !? Don’t tell me that she will not be harassed or raped. She will.
          Why !? Common sense (although not-so-common). Minority vs Majority.

  11. Lol, look at these dumb bitches smoking some shit with the mud people.
    How progressive!

  12. To be fair, last I knew the University of Vermont campus police had a bit of a cynical view of the “progressive” policies, despite having to enforce them.
    But that was years ago, so…

  13. White women must understand that males from colored out-groups will behave with them differently than males in their White in-group.
    They think they are untouchable and their bodies are sancrosanct, because White males subscribe to such in-group rules. They think that will be the general approach everywhere they go. Nope.
    Common sense.
    This is why Feminism is a giant shit-test, and it is past time we draw the line in the sand and call their bluff, passing the shit-test of Feminism with flying colours. They will be happier if we give them a tribe and leadership. Left to their own devices, with power in their hands, the poor little things will commit our civilization to suicide, and it will be our fault, because they do not know any better, and we should have been protecting them from this.

    1. If we give them a ‘tribe’ . . haha. But true they need to return to their tribes and abide under the divine order of patriarchy. In some senses, empowered women form tribes of their own. Look at any liberal city and their city council is a coven of empowered feminist witches. Look at any sanctuary city across the land and the approving city councils are stacked with fat feminist slobs that unanimously pass the sanctuary designation for their city regardless of the native citizen’s wishes. That’s just what stupid femicunts in positions of authority do. They all need removed.
      Trump published a list of sanctuary cities to defund today I believe and was mentioned on Brietbart. What gets me is how the femcunts will vote for sanctuary regardless of globalist pressure. They don’t need globalist pressure. They’re dumb bitches and fools on their own. They’re just stupid femcunts.
      GET A LOAD OF THIS femboob, mayor of Knoxville, Tn who joins the many other traitors across the land who want to team up and buck Trump’s orders to shut down sanctuary cities. THIS LADY the fat one in center and her brood of empowered scrough want to inject somali blood and who knows what else, she could care less obviously, into Knoxville which today is still whiter than the three other large Tn cities of Memphis, Chat and N’ville. Knoxville is almost 90% white and she obviously has a problem with that. What a ‘tribe’ of women, all empowered femtwat and all duped by their own selves in group herdthink.
      Read her speech. My gawd it sounds so out of a can doesn’t it:
      “Keeping hearts open to immigrants”
      Explanation?? Is she jew? Nooo she’s Roman Catholic but what else can you expect from any empowered woman out of her place? We know she’s a piece of shit Dem party machine cog and wants to defraud the election process as usual with the wetback vote, just like Hitlery.
      She won’t be re elected that’s for sure. She’s outta there. But Knoxville is just one of many many more cities still dictated over by a handful of planted shitlib tyrants that never represented or had allegiance to the homeland. Put on the steam MAGA folks – – TRUMP – TRUMP – TRUMP!!! WE ARE AMERICA!

      1. This old woman should be at home, playing with her grandkids, instead of holding any power that can fuck up the lives of everybody else. Just like Angela Merkel of Germany. Cca. the same age, the same BS. Men with balls should send them home, men with balls should not allow women to hold any political power over them at all.

      2. More proof that in the west, white women are our achilles heel. They have no sense of race, culture, our country, and will help “diversify” our societies until we are 2nd or 3rd world countries.
        Not all of ’em, but WAY too many, with their effed up version of empathy.

    2. I would suggest that all Western Liberal Women go backpacking alone in Turd World Countries. Perhaps Darwinism is the best, last hope for the West.

    3. I think many women think that way. A lot of western women think that their “no” is the final word and that’s that. It never occurs to them that the reason their no means anything at all is because most men agree to respect it.
      They are totally shocked when they find themselves alone with an aggressive man who won’t take no for an answer and she’s on her own.
      One thing that puzzles me is that today, women seem to be so much more physically aggressive towards men in public. They’ll argue and fight with a man publicly, but yet you hear that most rapes have a hard time being prosecuted because the woman has no injuries.
      And she has no injuries because she won’t fight back and usually just submits. Why would women as a whole be so combative against men in public, but in private, when it’s time to defend themselves against a date rapist, suddenly they become so passive?

      1. The reason for girls agressive behaviour towards men is in the Grrrl Power propaganda, like the Feminist-inspired movies when a petite blonde heroine takes on multiple men in combat and she puts them down.
        Young girls take their clue from this BS, so they speak disrespectfully with males, who being betas, swallow it. And as men generally try to avoid hitting girls, they mistake their kindness for weakness, and pursue their agressive behaviour long after a man in similar situation would cease, knowing that violence is inevitable if he continued this way.
        The internet is full of videos where girls do not desist, and after soaking up the abuse finally the guy loses it, and smacks the bitch. Then comes the big surprise and the crying.
        As for rapes, real-life rape situation is not the Grrrrl Power fantasy-land, in the case of rape the initiative is with the men from the get go- unlike in the previous situation when it was with the agressive female – so the raction is just the shock and the submission.

      2. Remember the anti rape video put out by Finland? the video showed Finnish women how to stop rape by holding up their hand in a halt gesture and saying no in a firm voice. It showed the potential rapist (who had done nothing but tap her on the shoulder to get her attention) cringing in terror at her NO.

        1. LOL. Read Judges 21
          Judges 21New International Version (NIV)
          Wives for the Benjamites
          21 The men of Israel had taken an oath at Mizpah: “Not one of us will give his daughter in marriage to a Benjamite.”
          2 The people went to Bethel,[a] where they sat before God until evening, raising their voices and weeping bitterly. 3 “Lord, God of Israel,” they cried, “why has this happened to Israel? Why should one tribe be missing from Israel today?”
          4 Early the next day the people built an altar and presented burnt offerings and fellowship offerings.
          5 Then the Israelites asked, “Who from all the tribes of Israel has failed to assemble before the Lord?” For they had taken a solemn oath that anyone who failed to assemble before the Lord at Mizpah was to be put to death.
          6 Now the Israelites grieved for the tribe of Benjamin, their fellow Israelites. “Today one tribe is cut off from Israel,” they said. 7 “How can we provide wives for those who are left, since we have taken an oath by the Lord not to give them any of our daughters in marriage?” 8 Then they asked, “Which one of the tribes of Israel failed to assemble before the Lord at Mizpah?” They discovered that no one from Jabesh Gilead had come to the camp for the assembly. 9 For when they counted the people, they found that none of the people of Jabesh Gilead were there.
          10 So the assembly sent twelve thousand fighting men with instructions to go to Jabesh Gilead and put to the sword those living there, including the women and children. 11 “This is what you are to do,” they said. “Kill every male and every woman who is not a virgin.” 12 They found among the people living in Jabesh Gilead four hundred young women who had never slept with a man, and they took them to the camp at Shiloh in Canaan.
          13 Then the whole assembly sent an offer of peace to the Benjamites at the rock of Rimmon. 14 So the Benjamites returned at that time and were given the women of Jabesh Gilead who had been spared. But there were not enough for all of them.
          15 The people grieved for Benjamin, because the Lord had made a gap in the tribes of Israel. 16 And the elders of the assembly said, “With the women of Benjamin destroyed, how shall we provide wives for the men who are left? 17 The Benjamite survivors must have heirs,” they said, “so that a tribe of Israel will not be wiped out. 18 We can’t give them our daughters as wives, since we Israelites have taken this oath: ‘Cursed be anyone who gives a wife to a Benjamite.’ 19 But look, there is the annual festival of the Lord in Shiloh, which lies north of Bethel, east of the road that goes from Bethel to Shechem, and south of Lebonah.”
          20 So they instructed the Benjamites, saying, “Go and hide in the vineyards 21 and watch. When the young women of Shiloh come out to join in the dancing, rush from the vineyards and each of you seize one of them to be your wife. Then return to the land of Benjamin. 22 When their fathers or brothers complain to us, we will say to them, ‘Do us the favor of helping them, because we did not get wives for them during the war. You will not be guilty of breaking your oath because you did not give your daughters to them.’”
          23 So that is what the Benjamites did. While the young women were dancing, each man caught one and carried her off to be his wife. Then they returned to their inheritance and rebuilt the towns and settled in them.
          24 At that time the Israelites left that place and went home to their tribes and clans, each to his own inheritance.
          25 In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit.
          Now, these women who were captured as wives likely did not give their consent . What the Arab invaders are doing in Europe is nothing new. They are from a part of the world where women were treated as property for thousands of years.

  14. >”Here in the West, however, even a woman walking to her dorm at the University of Texas (or any other institution of higher learning) seemingly requires a SWAT team to protect her from fellow students in “rape culture” infested campuses”
    Bad example. A freshman named Haruka Weiser was raped and murdered on campus at UT last year while walking home. Isolated incident and your point is valid, but still, UT is probably not the best university to use as an example here.

    1. I remember reading about that case.
      You get one guess the race of the perp lolz

    2. Or how about the recent case of the NYC jogger Karina Vetrano – she was an instagram model and could have had 5 willing beta males accompany her but chose to pretend to be wonder woman and went for a jog in needle park and encountered diversity

        1. you shouldn’t tell women to avoid the ghetto at night, you should train father’s not to be racist.

        2. Fortunately I’ve had a discussion with the cartridges I have on hand– they don’t care what color/nationality/religion a rapist happens to be, they’ll kill any and all of them.

      1. yep, “freshman” who were 18 and 19…why were they even placed in a HS??

        1. Maryland and the democrats love illegals. Felipa and Juan were 18, but the girl they dragged into the bathroom stall was a freshman.

        2. I fucking hate these people being so willing to sacrifice others on the altar of their compassion. The whole virtue signaling thing that costs them nothing, but ruins other people’s lives.
          If the girls relatives kill those two assholes and I was on the jury they’d be walking. And I’d vote for the Maryland politicians to go to jail as accessories to the rape.

        3. German woman (90) was raped by migrant (19).
          Yes, you heared right, 90!
          These migrants are so needy they literally fuck everything they see.

        4. They are unaccompanied minors. Clearly children in need. Send them your money you racist piece of shit.

      1. I was searching for places to live a while back. Anywhere that used the word Diversity was crossed off the list.

      2. The big cities in Texas are pretty dangerous. I can’t speak for the other big cities, but in Houston at least, there are large swathes of “gentrified” areas where there is basically a constant police presence, where most of the white people live, and where most of the money is. It’s funny to me how most of the people my age (20s yuppies) are still huge liberals, whine about how racist the police here are for profiling, but then are perfectly fine with it when it keeps their neighborhoods safe. Hypocrites.

  15. Women need the protection and control of the tribe. A solitary woman is as a solitary zebra – easy pickings for the lion without her herd. In a group of women she is safe from the lone predator, but not from a pack.
    In a tribe, where men provide both boundaries and protection, she is much safer. Feminism has broken tribes, so not only do women lack the protection but they actually think they don’t need it.

      1. Not ideally. The cockblock is a natural defense against stupidity and predation, though its efficacy does vary quite a bit.
        That’s right, folks! I’m in favor of cockblocking to protect the women of my tribe. When I’m looking to attract a woman of another tribe it’s a pain in the ass, but I’d rather my sisters/female friends/cousins leave the bar with her unattractive friends than a man who I cannot vet and hunt down if necessary.

        1. Why are they at a bar? Like most cucks you have confused modern slut behavior with taste.

    1. I’m not going to protect and white knight for some dumb broad even if she is blood. As far as I’m concerned we could do with less idiotic genes.

      1. I can understand that. I’ve got a sister I basically let go for more or less that reason.
        But there are women I care about who generally have decent taste, but are subject to bouts of emotional foolishness. I take it upon myself to look after them, as I look after my men and they look after me.
        I’ve had many leave the tribe. I lament their sufferings, but when they left my tribe they left any help and protection I could provide. Tough shit.

  16. The closest I’ll ever get to visiting Africa is playing mini golf at Congo River

  17. Muslim society: women can’t walk down the street to the corner store without a male chaperone
    Western society: teenage girls are encouraged to go abroad and traipse down the back alleys of Marrakesh alone

    1. Marrakech is pretty safe. Like a king I walked down every dark street and alley. I met some normal Spanish girls who did not dare, though, and I have seen many examples of females that protect themselves by taking precautions. Many smarter either plan their trips in order to minimise risks, or stay with their boyfriends 24/7. But frivolous sluts is another story.

  18. If I had money to travel, I’d go somewhere like Rabbit Island:

    Not House of a Thousand Curry Eaters

    1. There’s a whole lot of Curry in Japan. I think it’s now one of their nationally recognized dishes.

  19. Maybe something is wrong with me, or with society, but those stories give me a real deep and warm feeling.

  20. Here’s a travel suggestion for all feminists out there. Go to Cat Island … and stay there!

    1. This is a consequence if their crazy games shows.
      If they were normal and watched the price is right, theyd have known to spay and neuter their pets.

  21. Seems like these two chicks did society a favor. God knows we don’t need any of their mentally deficient offspring running about.

  22. Most women don’t go to third world countries for fun. I’m sure everyone here agrees. We see these stories and roll our eyes because from a survival perspective it’s the exact opposite of a smart decision. These idiots traveling abroad to third world shitholes are uber-hippies and neo-liberal-feminists who aren’t satiated anywhere or with anything. Let them go. The world loses nothing from stupid people throwing themselves willingly into the snake pit.

    1. It is near suicidal behavior. Like the tranny who goes to the nightly bathhouse without condoms.

    2. You forgot the local shit hole bars and neighborhoods they go to for fun when getting black out drunk or to get high.

      1. true, but the neighborhood bar doesn’t have the same flair as the 3rd world bar in Addis Ababa. They are trying to piss off their parents and whoever else is supporting them.

    1. Sex and gender roles play a big part on this isis madness. Jihadi men who go there, are, in many cases, betas in search for easy pussy, and women go there for excitement and submission. The thing is: its submission, jihadi style, not mister Grey style.

        1. She said Samra had tried to flee several times and after the last attempt she
          had been beaten
          with a hammer so severely that she died from her injuries.
          When the girls fled to join ISIS last year 15-year-old Sabina allegedly
          tweeted: “Here I can really be free. I can practice my religion. I couldn’t
          do that in Vienna”

        2. Yes, that pussy was ravaged ad nauseam…Nature does not tolerate stupidity on these quantities.

    1. the author doesn’t know basics about Somalia either. Somali pirates are not “mujaheddin”.

      1. Mr. Makow is a few bricks short of a load, although his assessment of Amanda is not far off the mark.

    2. Yes, her sole accomplishment in life appears to be doing something stupid and getting kidnapped.

  23. Mozambique has a drawing of a AK47 on it’s flag. What would inspire anyone to think that’s a cool country to visit? I like guns and everything I just don’t think the US should change the flag to include the AR15.
    Why would any westerner want to backpack across any African country? These girls are beyond stupid. I’ve met my share of American women who have worked overseas in third world shit holes. I guess they feel better about themselves for doing this. These sub-Saharan African countries are riddled with disease, not to mention have high rates of rape and murder. These are no places for a western woman or for that matter most western men.

    1. South Africa is #1 on the world rape list. S Africans believes having sex with babies and virgins cures AIDS . Albinos are hunted as they believe their body parts have potent magic… Insane for anyone to go unless it’s one of those super expensive Abercrombie &Fitch type safaris…

        1. If anything it was probably Egypt, I don’t see how Libya qualifies. I guess it could also perhaps be Tunisia or something.

        2. No. I was referring to the reference that S. Africa was the most civilized country on the continent (Sub-Saharan Africa).

        1. What do you call crossing the street in the middle of the block, against traffic? Jay walking. What do you call crossing the street at the corner, in the cross walk, with the lights? No name needed as it is the norm. Hence no pedophilia in Sub-Saharan Africa as it is perfectly acceptable behavior.

      1. and by hunted let everyone here understand that they are eaten after they are killed. To get the magic you have to eat the magical albino.

    2. Unless you are in the military, in any other government job, as a civilian contractor, as a reporter, volunteer, medic, or just doing some good ole capitalism, STAY THE FUCK OUT!

      1. Never got stuck there, but knew more than a few who did. Nearly all of them absolutely hated it.

    3. Sub Saharan Africa was a lot different 50 yrs ago, much like America’s urban centers.
      Downtown Detroit 1950s:
      And doing a jog across Africa, you would cross many white homesteaders. If you were lucky you might stumble upon the likes of these two, both 19, Angela Moorecroft and Yvonne Hulley, both contenders for the 1961 Miss Rhodesia and Miss SA respectively.
      Or Corinne Prinseloo, crowned Miss Rhod 65:
      Miss Rhod 76 is decent:

        1. It all went downhill once we let those niggers in. America belongs to the white man.

    4. Now as a indian i must comment that girl must be drunk or something because even the dumbest indian knows that you should not go into slum with a couple of strangers especially if those strangers are poor and even more especially if those guys look like a couple of pickpockets

        1. I have to agree. I feel sad for her loss of life as she seems like a kind soul but it’s beyond stupid for any woman leave along a white woman to be out with these scum at that time of the night. RIP sister.

      1. The image of AK-47 appears on the flag of Mozambique as well as coats of arms of Zimbabwe, Burkina Faso (1984-97) and East Timor. The Kalashnikov rifle is also present on the flag of Lebanese militant organization, Hezbollah.

    5. ” I like guns and everything I just don’t think the US should change the flag to include the AR15.” Of course not. If we’re going to add a firearm to the American flag it should be a Winchester. ;–)
      Love your avatar by the way. Bill “the butcher” Cutting is both my favorite Daniel Day-Lewis character and my favorite Martin Scorsese character.

      1. Mine too. I was cheering Daniel Day-Lewis during the entire movie, he portrayed a both charming and ruthless person who loved this country.

  24. As someone in location (Colombia), I can ratify the comments about mudsharking. White women (european or american) travel here basically for 2 reasons:
    1. Fucking niggers and mongrels.
    2. Do drugs.
    The Eat.Pray.Love thing is just the rationalization behind the craving desire to fuck animals and snort cocaine.

      1. The spanish have a saying: “tio que folla, macho; tia que folla, puta”, the translation is something like “guy who fucks, man; girl who fucks, whore”. We as men can fuck around without losing our virtue, women can’t.

        1. Maybe it has to do something with the fact a 6+ female can get a billion cocks on demand.

        2. Unfair to women, yes perhaps. But then again, sluts don’t have to make an effort. So that’s that.

        3. Not unfair at all. It’s easy to be a slut, it’s hard work being a player. Conversely, it’s hard for a pretty girl to protect her vagina and easy for a guy to end up a loser

        4. I love all those little Spanish sayings. “The river sounds because it has rocks”

        5. The original is “cuando el rio suena piedras lleva”, the most accurately translation is something like “when the rivers sounds stones he carries”. Usually spanish sayings have rhyme, and that’s very difficult to translate.

        6. Chill out on using “niggers”. There’s no need to degrade the quality of the conversation with terms like that.

      2. Don’t forget Brazil. Mind you, some men do go there to exploit vulnerable young girls. But more often than not, these guys did run the risk of getting played. But at least they won’t get murdered or raped.

    1. Yeah but blacks aren’t exactly rare in the United States … why aren’t women traveling to Detroit or South Bend or Memphis or etc etc at a fraction of the price of a ticket to S America or Africa?

        1. I piss on those people who voted (in huge numbers) on semi-communists last week’s Dutch election. The party called “green left” has all kinds of environmental idea’s. Restricting car-use, taxing energy, pro-immigration blabla. The one thing I never hear from those “green people” (wherever they are) is restricting population growth. There is nothing more polluting than putting a child on this world. A child who will also buy clothes, cars, shoes, use energy and water etc.
          You could put a can of paint trough the drain and go on holiday flying 2 times a year and that would even be more “green” than having a child.
          You know what helped the environment? The Chinese one-child politics.
          Result: 400.000.000 people not born.

        2. That in itself I consider racist, but that’s only because it makes them look like a bunch of conceited and pretentious Yankee assholes. Like “Look at me, I’m helping these poor black creatures cause they can’t afford things like us whites can!#blacklivesmatter”

        3. yep, these white do gooders are actually being very patronizing
          Universities have initiatives where engineering students travel to Africa and build some junky medical device … so patronizing / condescending … they have sky scrapers in Lagos and Nairobi … they don’t need charity …

        4. The point of view Marxist people have of black people is also quite disturbing and above all a lot less honest. I just see an excess of people that, for the benefit of their parents, never should have been born. Marxist see “helpless” people that should be pampered because they are poor, because they are black and in Africa.

        5. Yes. And they need vasectomies. Let’s make a calculation. If you have a doctor that does 8 vasectomies a day. 250 days a year that would make 2000 vasectomies a year. In his career from 25 to 65 he could have sterilized about 80.000 people. Knowing an African man has like 4 or more children, that would have prevented more than 300.000 children being born. No “doing green” can top that. Really!
          We could also fund a drug that can do this for us and administer it to people in return for food and money. It still would be voluntarily of course, but it would help the Africans tremendously.

        6. “Look at me!! Look at me!! I’m bringing health to this poor things that don’t have any veterinarian close to their lairs”

        7. Well technically, they can’t afford things like us whites over in Africa (dictators aside). But still, yes, it is pretentious.

        8. No different than animal populations, you feed too many of them, the population explodes in an unsustainable way, and the only choices you have are to keep feeding them, which keeps exploding the population, or to do the humane thing and let them die back to sustainable rates. But that’s too meanypants…

        9. Something I agree with the globalists on, unfortunately they only want to limit population in our in-group, so they can breed us out and replace us with cheap ethnic slaves.

        10. They love to help starving kids in Africa so:
          1) They can grow up and have more starving kids and;
          2) They can end up coming here and rape local women.

        11. 3) These white women just hate their white countrymen. They have an utmost lack of respect for their own nation and heritage. It’s that simple. They get expensive degrees after having studied medicine on the taxpayers cost, then go abroad to help Africans as the new white mother Teresa. White guilt plays a large part in this. And women are, because of fickle hormonal imbalances, most susceptible to those ideas. We can only combat this by being blatant about it. When you can disapprove of cosmopolitanism, do it.

        12. “Look at me, the gutmensch I am, the angel from the west. Now praise me for I am doing the work others won’t” And for good reasons. This should be the ladder of people you help:
          1. your own blood a.k.a your children.
          2. your husband or wife
          3. other relatives.
          4. your countrymen.
          5. foreign people that share your values and are alike.
          6. Some person from a different continent who has nothing in common with you.

      1. Somebody may see them and tell the tale. The furthest from home the better. Simple logic sluts use.

        1. I once thought of a trip through Africa. My intent was to screw lots of African women (Sub-Saharan, and black as the ace of spades). Why go there when there are a large community of blacks down the street as it were? Because American Blacks hate American Whites. You can get a cheap black prostitute in the US, but if you are white she will hate you and do her best to cheat you, steal from you, or otherwise hurt you. African Blacks don’t seem to hate white people at all (at least the African immigrants I have known here in the US).
          BTW, I was dissuaded from this trip when a friend came back from one and said AIDS was so bad there he was afraid to take the condom off to take a piss.

    2. It makes the skill of questioning a woman’s past mandatory. Always watch out for sentences like: “I wanted to discover myself”, “I wanted to be free at that time”, “I traveled”, “I slept in a hostel”, “I made new friends abroad”, “I partied a lot” or even more innocent ones like: “I had the time of my life”. A big red light should go on.
      In actuality, you shouldn’t trust women for one bit. Because for them, what happened in [dirty country] stay in [dirty country].

      1. No need for revealing statements. The only statement a woman needs to make to show she traveled to try foreign cock is, she traveled alone, or only with a girlfriend. Absence of a male escort means it was a cock hunt, just like all girls nights out.

    3. How dare our women disrespect our beautiful society and manfolk by taking in all that nigger and brown cock. We need to keep those filthy subhumans away from them.

    4. Outrageous! How dare our women disrespect our beautiful traditions and menfolk by surrendering their bodies to these niggers! We need to keep any man that’s not white away from them. Subhuman apes all.

      1. I have no problem with a white woman finding an individual black or brown man attractive, on his individual merits. I do find it disgusting when white women have a black skin fetish and shout it out proudly. She self selects herself as unfuckable (should be unfuckable even for the black guys, but I understand eating a half rotten hotdog out of a dumpster if you are starving.)
        I think that often it is nothing more than the white bitch (and most of them are) has her bitch shields set to max, and no guy can get through them. Then a black guy comes up and her white guilt and desire to virtue signal means she has to say yes to the poor oppressed black man.

  25. No comment on this, white whores have been doing this for decades now, but it seems to be ramping up as a further part of killing our people off in one of the many hundreds of ways the globalist zionist marxist bankers have planned.
    It’s her own dumb fault. You can blame men for being weak and coddling and beta but it was the liberal traitors in politics that enacted the undoing of all traditions and disabled functions of a patriarchy with their nancy laws.

    1. I’m inclined to think it’s NOT a racial thing as to why white women travel to these “exotic” locales. Blacks aren’t exactly rare in the US – if it were a racial thing, women could get the experience in South Bend Indiana, Detroit Michigan, or LA, or Newark or Gary or Baltimore etc at a fraction of the price.
      I think it’s more they ascribe some sense of “authenticity” or “spirituality” to these places…

  26. Hahaha, this hits home with me.
    My mom and sister are flying to South Africa on sunday for two weeks.
    Freakin’ degenerates.

        1. Whatever was their excuse? All one has to do is go to google street view and look at how bars and razor wire cover everything.

        2. ‘Muh, wild animals and nature’ was the excuse.
          My mother also worked at a refugee center so it’s business as usual for me.
          Every person in my family is ultra-leftwing.
          I’m a full blown Nazi on the other hand.
          I have not forgotten that three of my great-grandfathers died in WW2 for the Drittes Reich.

        3. If it’s any consolation, my wife (Russian) and I (American) would vote AFD if we were allowed to vote in German national elections.

        4. The national elections are already over. (((Martin Schulz))) has been chosen as the new zionist dictator of germany. There’s no need to vote.

        5. I actually wonder if there will come a time when people carry out terrorist attacks as a form of “revenge” for the wrongdoings of WW2. I can imagine a scenario in like 2045 where some Japanese guy whose great great grandparents were firebombed in Tokyo carries out some attack. I’m sure other people hear the anguished screams of their ancestors in their minds…

        6. Ah. I dated a white girl from Jo-Burgh a decade ago (she immigrated to Europe). She told me as a white woman in Jo, it isn’t a question of “if” you will get raped, but when. Her younger sister left first and she followed.

        7. So they figured out how to avoid then. God for them. If we (The US and the West) didn’t back the murderous terrorist Mandela, they never would have been in that position.

        8. It’s called ‘Inter Generational Trauma’. Here In Australia left wings groups use it to excuse Aboriginals for everything because Europeans landed here over 200 years ago.

        9. wow, look at these evil creatures, what the bloody hell are the German men talking about when you sit in your famous beer halls drinking your famous beer?

        10. I cannot stand Schulz. Even Merkel would be preferable to him.
          Maybe Soros and his friends in the U.S. deep state, NATO and the EU will succeed in provoking Putin into war — and lose. Even a Russian dictator would rule Western Europe better than the current crop of traitors…

      1. Thank you sir, for cleansing my visual palate from the previous garbage.

  27. I’ve said it before but I will say it again: if you want to at least have a good (ish) chance at at a successful Ltr meet a girl with zero wanderlust. Travelling broadens a man’s mind and a man gravelling solo is alpha as heck. But it is feminine and natural for a woman to want home and masculine/feminine polarity best in Ltr.

  28. I’m inclined to think it’s NOT a racial thing as to why white women travel to these “exotic” locales. Blacks aren’t exactly rare in the US – if it were a racial thing, women could get the experience in South Bend Indiana, Detroit Michigan, or LA etc at a fraction of the price.
    I think it’s more they ascribe some sense of “authenticity” or “spirituality” to these places.

    1. I think it is more of their innate need to flip off their parents and civilized society. They are behaving like spoiled brats.

      1. You get to cloak your deranged baser instincts behind pretty photos. Tammy slinking off to the ghetto to collect dick is a disgusting slut. Tammy exploring the world(‘s flavors of cock, on daddy’s money) is both stunning, brave and execeptional (and a great way to spit on daddy).

    2. Now see, that’s sensible. I actually think that your observation is quite valid in this case. You’re right, there’s no shortage of “brown folk” to offer the vagina too, it has to be something else.
      I think Jim may have added onto and expanded your point a bit. Good observation.

  29. India isn’t a negroid country. It’s half Aryan (*Indo*-European) and half Dravidian and neither half is very prone to violence.
    India is the safest country for visitors on the planet. The concept of mugging does not even exist in India (or China) or other Asian nations.
    India is not even in the top 100 countries with the max crime *Rate*. Most of them are in Latin America, followed by USA, then Europe.
    In the same 24 time period this one tourist was killed, 500+ women were raped in the USA itself and hundreds were murdered/shot (in the USA itself). More murders in 24 hours in Chicago than in the entire country of India, of 1.2 billion people, in a whole *year*.
    Killings/murders are vanishingly small (.001%) in India, given it’s 1.2 billion people and the few that do happen stand out much much more, precisely because they are so rare and out of the ordinary.

    1. “India is not even in the top 100 countries with the max crime *Rate*. Most of them are in Latin America, followed by USA, then Europe.”
      Have you heard of this continent that is called ‘Africa’?

      1. The Mozambique example is very on point, whereas Goa and India are a bit misguided when we consider the statistics. But it fits the general argument of women often being unable to take personal responsibility, so I have to say that this article makes good points overall.
        Someone my sister knew from university loved black snake and even went to Nigeria (Lagos) to work as a volunteer. The Nigerians asked: What are you doing here? Why are you here? (Like if she was a total idiot.)
        She was not killed or raped but the combination of feminism, xenophilia and pathological altruism can lead to many questionable decisions.

    2. I dont think her mother gave a rat’s ass about the statistics. The fact is the woman placed herself in a dangerous environment, saved her and had her daughter scorn her for not being better prepared in case of being kidnapped. Women always find a way to turn on one another.

      1. She tried to get her mom to drain the account that was set up for the ransom of both her and her little buddy.

    3. Yes, it is pretty safe. One must distinguish between different countries and/or cities and regions. For instance Karachi in Pakistan is very dangerous but not India (apart from some particular regions). Always compare crime rates, especially rape and murder statistics. The worst cities in the U.S. are pretty bad, even globally. Only Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America beat St. Louis and Detroit. Europe is nothing compared to these. I have considered writing an article on murder statistics.
      The point in the article is good in a way, but many travellers are not that stupid – not even the largest share of females, it seems. The most risky persons appear to be Western men, who show up literally everywhere. Even El Salvador and Honduras.

      1. “Even El Salvador and Honduras.”
        In 2006 one of the girls from the sales swung by my office and made small talk. I asked about her summer holidays and she told me she was going to El Salvador with her language group for 3 weeks to better her spanish. My jaw dropped. I mentioned El Salvador isn’t the safest of places especially for a pasty group of Germans. She laughed and dismissed my American bigotry.
        Six weeks later I see her walk by my door and I called her over and asked how did her Holiday go? She was distraught. She related that after a few days of class time, one afteroon her class broke for lunch just to got robbed at gun point in broad daylight. No arrests.
        I had a smirk on my face while asking “do tell?”
        A womans faith in her own understanding of the world is a dangerous thing.

        1. Yeah. I had a Communist friend from high school who went to Guatemala and Honduras in 2003 and was robbed like 50 times in 3 months. But he felt bad for the poor youths so he gladly gave them cash.

        2. “She’s a colored woman from Harlem. She has no money. She has a right to steal from us.”

        3. She could have chosen Costa Rica or even Cuba. At least comrade Castro would have take care of her. But no. They have to pick the dangerous places. Partly, I suspect that they know, short of sending in the Marines, their parents, boyfriends, their government, etc., will be looking for them vigorously because as it turns out, they’re not that empowered and independent. That is, assuming they don’t end up as shark bait like Natalee Holloway.

        4. No offense, but every time I hear stories like these, I sigh and tell myself “Fucking gringos.”

        5. Tingles. I get it. But most female Europeans are two dimensional and really believe the state programming. They live in such a sterile environment and are gullible to the hilt.
          I would readily suggest Chile, Argentia, Uruguay or even.. Spain, but El Salvador was really cheap (for a good reason).

        6. And apparently, they are college grads, ergo smarter than you and I. They would have realized why El Salvador is so cheap, or why families, or for that matter, girls, flee that place.

        7. I hinted, but it was dismissed. I find that when you start contradicting a womans worldview they take it personally instead of enquiring why you hold a contra opinion.

        8. NO…”fuckin’ IDIOTS”.
          “God is not on our side because he also hates idiots.” — Clint Eastwood as ‘Blondie’, from “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”

      2. You guys should really check out the article on the karma sutra for the weekend.

      3. How do you know what the crime rates are?
        Countries seeking tourists hide the numbers.
        Murder stats mean nothing when the local police report most deaths as accidental.

  30. “When someone abandons himself to being a victim, he’s gonna have to be one.” – Ed Kemper

  31. I’m not even sure why these women bother to travel or work overseas, they are miserable once they realize their SMV is significantly lower than back home.
    “On the other hand, single white males are the hottest, rarest item on the menu. Suddenly, the guys who weren’t considered attractive in their home countries have women of all cultures vying for their attention. The white male transplant, a cunning species, plays this truth to his advantage. He doesn’t have to try — he can let the women come to him. One night, I remember standing at a bar with a friend waiting for a drink. I look over my shoulder and spot a relatively attractive man ten feet away from me. He smiles. I suggest to my friend that we go chat with him and his buddy after we get our drinks. No more than three minutes later, I turn around and this man has five girls swarming him. I didn’t even have a chance.”

    1. You’re high. Their SMV in most of the world is through the roof. I used to work around interns and study-abroads. 3-month long cock-fest. An entire summer of shame-free orgying and hedonism. Explore the world on the end of a dick.

      1. I believe the only place white women’s SMV is lower is East Asia: Japan, China, Korea.

        1. Pretty much. Most places with a light tan or beyond, the men will slit their mom’s throat to get with a 4 because pale.

        2. The locals like them because they fuck for free.
          Sometimes the white girl will pay the Asian guy’s bar bill (or more).

        3. Russian hookers do very well in Seoul & Busan. And they like to relax at the saunas, too.

    2. Don’t confuse decent Asian women with Asian prostitutes.
      I am also surrounded by prostitutes in clubs (and I’m over 60).
      But I wouldn’t have spoken with you, your SMV is way less than any Asian hooker.

  32. Come on guys, dont label my entire birth-country as rapist. they happen everywhere and sweden exceeds in rape cases far more than India

      1. hey bro I am not triggered or anything but these connotations hurt us Indian dudes too ( I live in states btw ). just sayin politely. I mean I havent raped any girl

    1. Indian police can’t be trusted to investigate rapes. The number of rapes is way higher than the official statistics, hence all the anti-rape protests. Indian men are generally misogynists, save for Sikhs.

      1. I think you’re trolling. Majority of rapes are reported and even then the country doesnt even crack in top rape-prone countries. and the non-white who do commit rape in Europe are muslims, not Indians. and I can similarly say that all western men are cucks. how does that feel bro

        1. Indian guys get less sex than white guys. Probably because you’re all broke.
          Always fun seeing a group of 5 or 6 Indian guys trying to negotiate a deal with one Thai hooker, while sipping from one coke bottle with 5 straws.

        2. Oh god this site is being infiltrated by basement dweller fat losers trolls. Listen, fuck you, fuck you mom and fuck your existence ( because you probably have no game and dont get laid at all, thats why your here) hoping roosh’s teaching can get you somewhere. fuck off. BTW I got money that can feed your entire next generation ( which there will be none )

        3. I’m 6′ tall, weigh 75kg and have 5 children so far. How about you?
          PS. You’re here………

        4. I am 5’10 and 80 kg with 14% bf. look if you meant it as a joke then its okay but you’re directing hate speech then bring it on but your profile pic doesnt check out with what you’re telling. seriously Anime ?

        5. I am 5’10 80kg and 14%bf. are you just joking around or are you seriously directing hate speech ? because there is a difference buddy. Plus your profile pic doesnt check out with your story. I mean seriously, Anime ?

        6. You don’t sound very Indian ……… You write like you were educated in the USA (ethnic Indian rather than native Indian). I’m just wondering if you have ever been to India?
          It’s the Buddhist (male) influenced version of Kitsune, messenger of the gods and trickster. I think it rather suits me.
          “Other common goals of trickster Kitsune include seduction, theft of food, humiliation of the prideful, or vengeance for a perceived slight.”

        7. I live in Oklahoma dude. Plus I was born and raised till 14 in North India. I.e Haryana. The state with most masculine culture. I get there are thirsty ass indian dudes out there ruining everybody else image. But trust me, we are not even 10% of the savages muslims are. India is a giant ass country and I think its unfair to label every Indian dude due to couple of incidences.

        8. Might wanna check out Krishna while you’re at it. The original PUA in our religion

        9. Hare Krishna …… Hare, Hari Hare …….
          My wife is a worshiper of Kali (as one of the faces of Buddha)

    2. No problem with India, mate. With a country of many many millions of people in it, there is bound to be a few bad apples here and there. It is not as if rape was legal there or something.

      1. And every other religion in India doesnt like them. Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians all hate those bastards. Ever heard of christians fighting hindus ? No right ? I would rather live in KKK territory in west virginia than any muslim area

        1. Well, you all better do something about that, and fast. Apparently if current demographic trends continue, India will be majority Muslim by 2050.

        2. Current prime minister Modi shows some promise about that. and the rise of RSS ( Hindu Confederation ) should curb that. btw I live in Red neck Oklahoma bro

        3. I know (that you live in Oklahoma.) Just saying that India has a lot of problems and they need to fix it. Unfortunately, I have very little faith that this will happen.

  33. The girls in the picture below are dead. Read why:
    In the Netherlands these two girls topped the news for weeks. They went to Panama to “learn Spanish”. (why not go to spain, 2 hour flight from Amsterdam, but whatever) Now, it’s because they are women (the one more attractive than the other) that lead to their headlines in the newspapers. People wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about two guys who got lost. What a losers, right?
    What happened with these broads? Were they captured, raped? It sure looked like it. Everybody fantasized about kidnappings “Taken” style. Being put to work in a brothel or something.
    But in the end, these two girls thought leaving flat Netherlands and going hiking in the jungle was liberating. They got lost, payed a heavy price: their lives. The jungle is no playground. Break a bone, dehydration in the daytime, the freezing cold in the night will kill you. The jungle and it’s creatures will decompose the body withing two weeks. The end.
    They later found a couple of shoes. One had a foot still in it, the other bone was a pelvisbone from the other girl (DNA confirmed) The jungle had eaten both. Chances these girls would have died this way without the “go girl” mentality, 0,00%
    Go play cosmopolite, “world citizen”. Go get HIV by fucking Mugabe’s grandson, raped, mugged, shot and tossed in a shallow ditch, get an accident in the jungle, severe food poisoning. So liberating.

      1. That was exactly what I thought. Everytime I see white women hugging some African bushman they are “in looove with” I shrug. You know the televisionshows (borderless in love, or something it’s called here) Everytime I hear women talking about traveling here and there (far awat fcourse), I shrug. Go play cosmopolite in South Africa, but don’t cry when you get gangraped by eight negro’s in Jo’burg with your pale skin.
        Especially white women don’t know how good they have it in western Europe. They think the world is a playground. Every woman should see the filmserie “Taken” as a warning.

        1. that may give them the idea that a handsome caring strong badass man (Liam Neeson) will come to their aid.

        2. If she isn’t praised for helping poor little niglets she will get the rape-victim interview in magazines and newspapers. She might even write a book about it. For women everything is a source of possible attention and understanding. It’s time us men start calling this going abroad to the slum shit for what it is: BS. No respect for it.
          “look what I have you won’t be able to pay for your whole lifetime”

        3. “look what I have you won’t be able to pay for your whole lifetime”
          Isn’t that the truth! Sure maybe a few actually give a damn, but the vast majority I’ve met that do the “charity” crap in poor countries are doing it for the Look-How-Caring-I-Am image.
          Actually it’s pretty sick if you … waste a few seconds thinking about it. 🙂

        4. It is strange. They come there to help as a good Samaritan, but deep down they do know that those people are less intelligent. They are like helpless puppies to them, that should be kept down so they can “do good” for eternity.
          If those slumpeople knew they are only a Marxist prop, they would go insane.

    1. “Look at me! I’m like totally in paradise! YOLO!”
      In all fairness, Panama in itself doesn’t sound to me like an overall dangerous place. The more likely scenario is, they disregarded instructions, probably from the locals no less, to not go to certain places. Maybe a jaguar ate them. Maybe they met a gang of charming yet mean thugs. You get the picture.

      1. These girls wanted to work in a children’s home in Panama. Why did wanted to, when they knew that in their own country there was also enough they could do to help people is a moral crime against their countrymen.

        1. They’ve likely been indoctrinated since they were toddlers to hate Whites and Western civilization.

    2. The Darién Gap which is the jungle separating Colombia from Panama is extremely inhospitable. Very few Panamanians have ever crossed that jungle into Colombia. I would be willing to bet that these two girls tried that trek and died abruptly.

      1. Jungles are dangerous all over the world, especially at night when the snakes and predators come out to play.

      2. Yep darien gap is one of the most dangerous places on thw planet.
        The jungle is a massive killer, zero help coming. And rebel fighters about.

        1. All you have to do is ask any local in Panama about trying to cross the Darien Gap and they will warn you not to. No Panamanian even tries this trek it’s not worth it. There is no path and no road. It’s just Jungle you need a machete to chop your way forward.

      3. Yup. Something like that. One thing sure is that they were unprepared for a hike like this. Probably too little water with them. If you get lost then, with no good clothing for the nighttime… Add some panic to that, great mix for a disaster.

    3. If two dutch guys went to Panama to “learn Spanish” and ended up dead in a jungle, most likely the nobody will care!

      1. Nope. They wouldn’t get a front cover on the national tabloid like these women got (multiple times). The idea that it’s a loss when stupid women like this die is a big questionmark to me. They should’ve been at home with their boyfriends, cooking for them and watching a movie or something like that.

        1. I highly doubt that women like these know how to boil water, let alone how to actually cook. “Cooking is ‘demeaning’…I know that because the feminists told me so!”

  34. Let them go. They’re all 5 or 6s and they’ll be weeded out of the gene pool. The only thing their deaths do is worsen the male to female ratio thus increasing male thirst.

  35. I don’t feel bad for the victims of rape when they put themselves in dangerous situations.
    I do feel bad for the unsuspecting men who end up marrying these rape victims. I’m sure these women don’t disclose their histories. And then these guys will end up with HPV or penile cancer as a result.

    1. No, probably she will tell him about it. But he will have to play amateur shrink and the sex will be non existent because of her trauma.

      1. Her self-inflicted trauma, you mean.
        Men need to avoid women with mental problems. My brother married one, and it made his life hell for twenty years. He finally divorced her when she cheated on him because he was working a lot, and “she got bored because he left her alone”.

        1. And did she think cheating was not such a big of a deal?
          I’m always astounded if people accept their partner cheating. Like it’s something you can fix with enough counseling. I would delete her ass so fast, like in 5 minutes she’s gone out of my life. Her pictures deleted, her gifts put on ebay and her clothes in my house thrown in the trashbin. No person with character accepts cheating. Male or female, old or young.

  36. They’ll never learn and those stupid fat dykes teaching women’s studies will eventually be raped and murdered in the West due to the 3rd world being let in. If these savage Arabs and Africans are willing to rape 90 year olds, what makes you think all women aren’t a target?

    1. dont you mean 9 year olds?
      EDIT: my bad didnt see comment below about a rag raping a 90 year old German woman.

  37. Tijuana is fun too. I went there in 2006 and I was like: What the fuck is this?

  38. Women have no sense of reality after growing up brainwashed by film and TV to think that they are tough, independent and strong, and that grrrrrl power and feelz can conquer all.
    Reality is cruel and brutal, and doesn’t give a shit how empowered you think you are.

    1. Even the No Excuses mom got her ass whooped at some reality show hosted by John Cena on FOX. A reality show, true, but it is telling.

  39. This is a good piece of writing, with nice juxtaposition of 3rd world romanticism and “rape culture” ritual hysteria. The thru-line from young women being indoctrinated to loathe western men to late-life lesbianism is something that in have seen play out among my academic colleagues. So often, in fact, it has actually become predictable now.

  40. “Give me one pull-up, and you can come with me.”
    Said to a woman who asked why someone got to go to a third-world country, and she didn’t.
    Reasons given that she couldn’t come along:
    “I lift more weight than you every week.”
    “I lift weight that is heavier than you every week.”
    “When your number is zero, is easy to do more pull-ups than you every week.”
    “I run more than you every week.”
    “I run for longer distances than you every week.”
    “I run run faster than you do every week.”
    “I spar with big guys every week and you don’t.”
    “My body fat percentage is less than half of yours.”
    “Give me one pull-up, and you can come with me.”
    No pull-ups were done that day by this woman.

  41. I have a very rich, very spoiled cousin who spends easily half or more of her time on these kind of trips, mostly to the Middle East and Latin America. I, and the rest of my family worry a lot about her, since being a Hollywood actress/model and an undergoer of multiple very dramatic boob jobs, she has quite a body to boot, and as seen in all the Instagram pics she posts, goes to a LOT of effort to show it off on these trips. Nothing has happened, thank God, but this type of behavior in third world nations is definitely playing with fire, and it’s too bad that we’re not allowed to warn girls against it without being accused of “victim-blaming.”

    1. dude she’s most likely a top paid escort who stays in highly secure locations and works for a reputable agency that provides her with trusted customers. don’t worry about her. she’s safer than you and the rest of your family.

  42. Feel bad about what happened to these girls.
    Feel bad for the families.
    If you look closely at the pictures in the English newspaper link…
    The NOSE RING says it all!
    Simply not raised right.

    1. Why?
      I mean seriously, why do you feel bad for the girls? The families, sure, but the girls? They lapped up every feminist leftist theory under the sun. It’s on them.

      1. GOJ, you could also say the mother and father BOTH need a good arse kicking for not raising their “super intelligent” silver spoon in mouth sloots, i mean daughters to be smarter.

      2. It is their responsibility all right.
        If there is a scientifically devised trap, which was planned so, that 99% of people can not avoid it psychologically and physically, and a person falls into that trap, is it her fault and should we not feel sorry for her? That trap is Feminism and Multiculturalism.

        1. Free will means that you don’t have to believe what others tell you and that you can question assumptions willy nilly.

      3. “why do you feel bad for the girls?”
        I suppose the same way I would feel sorry for a retard if he walked train tracks and got hit. No big loss, but not so nice nonetheless.

  43. A white person is 20x more likely to be die in Thailand than in the West.
    Every Thai knows that a woman must never travel alone on public transport in Thailand, yet I find young western women wandering around in the Jungle alone.
    The person in charge of this country has publicly stated that any white girl that wears a bikini on a beach deserves all she gets (Shortly after English girl Hannah was raped and murdered).
    The 3rd world is not the place for ‘entitled white women’ to be alone.
    Nobody will protect you, not the police, not the government, not your embassy.

      1. Freely available to citizens, almost every Thai male I know carries concealed. Totally banned for foreigners.

  44. Non-whites are cruel, cowardly, retarded, ugly and evil by nature. That’s why White women and girls have been the disproportionate victims of the jew’s genocidal, anti-white, forced diversity, mass immigration, forced integration agenda. But, revenge is the most primal of all human emotions so soon, all over the world these genetically, innate, inherently evil non-white vermin will be hunted down and mercilessly eradicated. 14/88!!!!

      1. I’m a tall blue eyed White human man who can trace all of his ancestors back the Spartan region of Greece. So, why would I be anything other than a White European?

        1. Strangely, I don’t know any White Supremacist groups that allow Greeks to join.

        2. This attitude lost Adolf the war.
          Treating and mass-killing the Slavic Ukrainians as Untermensch, while they were ready to take up arms and kill every last Communist up to Stalin. Huge mistake that cost them the war, and cost us the present situation.
          See, I am Hungarian, proud of my Asian roots, and I can only laugh on the snotty Nordic/Celtic White Supremacists. If they are so cool and Über-everything, please explain the present situation in Sweden, Germany, or the US. Be convincing!!!

        3. Adolf’s fault for letting so many leave before he started killing them.
          The whole Global Marxist cause is a Jewish conspiracy.

        4. Yeah, some of them look great once you shaved their mustache off.
          Mind you, so do some Thai and Filipino guys … a close shave and a nice dress works wonders. Think I’ll pass on the Greek women, in preference to the Asian guys.

        5. What do you mean, letting them leave? The Ukrainians were, you know, just there. They did not went anywhere, they were the locals. They cheered on the Panzers, they were ready to pogrom all the Jews and the Communists, they were ready to take up arms and help the Wehrmacht till it marches to the end of Siberia and back. And what did idiot Germans do? Massacring their natural allies. Sad!

        6. Sweden, Germany, and even the US all excel at one thing in particular. Sweden especially is so good at this one thing, it leads the world!! Just about every new day has another example for us that Sweden is the best….
          …at being stupid.

        7. The present situation in the U.S. isn’t the same thing. First, because we aren’t a “traditional white homeland” and have always had brown people, of sort and second, because while the globalists tried to flood us, we’ve already taken steps to roll that shit back and are getting visibly vocal and upset and light trigger finger about it all.
          Whereas Germany and Sweden are on a willful suicide course and couldn’t care less.

  45. Don’t forget the real rape culture of the Peace Corps. Young women have been getting raped throughout Asia and Africa for years working for this useless organization. The Peace Corps covered up the rape and assault stats for years and finally some former members who were rape victims started speaking up. Its basically a buffet of young American women for third world apes to rape. Trump should end it if he can.

    1. Seems like a culling mechanism to me. The Peace Corps isn’t some impartial neutral party, they’ve been a Leftist icon since its founding. The kids going into it are the epitome of the anti-military, smelly hippy. Let’em rot.

  46. Unfortunately, stupidity needs to be made painful.
    “Stupidity cannot be cured. Stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death. There is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity.” — Robert Heinlein

  47. Elizabeth Gilbert

    Jesus Haysus Marama, she’s “almost 50”?!? She looks like she was rode hard and put away wet by ten different cowpokes. My wife is in her late 40’s and looks decades younger than this haggard, nasty beast. I’d never seen a picture of this broad before, she did her husband(s) a favor by leaving. I can’t even imagine waking up next to a masculine square jawed “dude” like that, let alone accidentally seeing her/it when she/it gets out of the shower.
    Of course the Left is entirely divorced from reality, and you know what, they don’t care if it costs lives. Their Dogma is infallible and complete, if there is a failing in execution, it’s the fault of the victim who foolishly believed it, and it’s not in the dogma proper (that would be heresy).

      1. The first guy gets something of a pass because the first driver of a car doesn’t know it’s a dud until he drives it. But she literally publicly cucked him in her book and humiliated him as a man. The second “husband” was a total fucking loon and deserved his fate.

  48. Women don’t have to go to third world shitholes to get raped. All she has to do is walk through any European city where the third world mud has now come to them. Heck, if she wants a bit of an experience she can volunteer at her local rapugee camp if she doesn’t want to actually get on a plane.

    1. Well, that was their goal all along. Import the shithole and its denizens to home.

  49. A fine article, very fine. Pointing out the screaming about “rape culture” and then trotting off to darkest dark continent. Certainly working in an inner city in your own town just doesn’t have the same cache to these special snowflakes.

  50. I never understood these women traveling alone through the 3rd world. I grew up understanding what bad neighborhoods are and how your skin color can get you jumped if you enter the wrong one. Or even decent neighborhoods where the residents beat up obvious outsiders. So this idea of just traveling alone, unarmed, willy nilly without any care baffles me. Not knowing the lay of the land when traveling bothers me. I like knowing where the lines are.
    I suppose nothing of significance happens to most of them and possibly because there are no taboos anywhere about attacking men they are a bit safer because of such widespread social taboos. But still they’ll travel to countries where unaccompanied women are considered open season.
    It’s just baffling or maybe the ‘it won’t happen to me’ feeling is very strong except for when it’s to push a political agenda.

  51. It doesn’t matter how many Western women go to these countries and get raped and murdered because it’s never a womans fault for not taking responsibility for her personal safety.

    1. That’s because Western women are taught that “responsibility” and “accountability” don’t apply to them; besides being ‘dirty words’, responsibility and accountability are the job of rotten, sexist men — women should only be interested in their rights, benefits, and privileges (just don’t call them ‘privileges’, because ‘privileges’ are what rotten, sexist men have and for which they should be insulted, nagged, and hated).

  52. My cousin got a hankering for stupid stuff like this, but thankfully she got talked into doing missionary work for children and “battered women” (IE; hookers, sex trafficking victims, and beat up wives) Why pay your own airfare when the church will send you, and you get to “do good things for women in neeeeeeed!”
    -She got chaperoned and escorted heavily. No sneaking off or out like an idiot before learning how and why doing so is a horrifically bad idea.
    -She got red-pilled fast and hard on the fact that some cultures are plain trash.
    -She knows that she ain’t Wonder Woman, and that Wonder Woman would probably be tied to a tree and gang-raped to death in Thailand by a horde of toothless men and 12 year old boys.
    -She has a whole new appreciation for American men who don’t take box-cutters to their wives faces when dinner ain’t done, and who don’t rape and murder 14 year old girls for the lulz.
    -She knows that sport-fucking leads to dying in a hospital bed from diseases you can’t pronounce.
    -She got to listen to a hundred dozen hookers talk about the dashing silvertongued Romeo who stole their hearts, and suckered them into a life of swallowing semen in exchange for drug money.
    -Jesus as Lord and savoir? Try Jesus; the only male figure in a 5000 KM radius you can trust.
    -She learned that half these chicks were suckered by, and pimped by, other women. She learned that women can be just as bad as men, and in some ways worse. There are some women for whom men are just another tool in the toolbox that they use to break and torture younger, prettier, dumber girls.
    -She learned that the road that leads to a bloody death in a dark alley is paved with romantic Feewings.
    6 month tour and done. She has no desire to go back, go abroad at all, or even leave the state, much less CONUS.
    Her goal now; find a nice, strong, safe man who’ll love and protect her and give her babies and stay with her forever.

    1. “She knows that sport-fucking leads to dying in a hospital bed from diseases you can’t pronounce.”
      That’s not actually true, but western government anti-sex propaganda.
      How many women do you know that died of a STD and weren’t junkies?
      If it were true, you would know loads of them.
      I know many prostitutes, none of them have the problems you describe.
      Junkies working as prostitutes …. different game, usually nobody to blame for their life but themselves.
      I can fit the prostitutes I know into roughly 3 even categories,
      1. Party girls, they like the never ending alcohol and drugs.
      2. Sluts, they enjoy having sex with a LOT of different men.
      3. Lazy, they need money and this is the least effort for them to get it.
      Don’t believe all your church tells you, they have an agenda.
      None have any diseases, if they fail their weekly STD test, they don’t work.

      1. These are the cards in the deck a young lady may draw if she decides to eat pray fuck in countless shit-hole Nations and cities.
        Don’t mistake first-world escorts sucking sugar-daddy dick for college textbook money, with some 15 year old child turning tricks so her family can buy a sack of rice and a quart of cooking oil.

        1. It really isn’t that way in the 3rd world countries.
          I’ve been offered a few 15 year olds, normally mom/dad is thinking I’ll set them up in an apartment and pay for their high school and maybe university fees (free education ends at 15 in Thailand).
          That’s what happened after I purchased my wife, I paid for her high school, and now she’s a second year university student.
          I also paid for her younger sisters high school education, she graduated last week.
          Nobody needs rice, they all have farms and grow plenty of food, it’s cash for TVs/phones/education/scooter they want.

  53. In the eyes of feminists it makes no difference where these young women were murdered – In the third world or in the western world.
    Blame it on that nasty ‘patriarchy’ that brainwashed feminists hold responsible for everything that happens to a woman from rape and murder, to being forced to wear high heels, to farting sideways.

    1. Girls when they fart, get this, (a nasty girl classmate explained this to me in elementary school), when they fart, they spread their ass cheeks apart while they sit at their school desk. That’s why you never hear girls fart in class. See, the ass cheeks when they’re squeezed tight together like in a boys pants, the fart compresses and releases like the flue in an air horn – “BOOYAAHPF”. But back then girls wore dresses so the ass cheks were free to wiggle side to side and spread apart. Notice how the girls in class sometimes wiggled from side to side occasionally? I believe their proper moms taught them to do that. So the girl farts were always like “pfffff” – like a whisper. And there you have it.

  54. I’d like to ask these people ‘do you believe that feminism is capable of creating a magical bubble/force shield where you’re impenetrable to the evils of the world?’ No. It’s not possible. People out there are scum bags, don’t be an idiot. Don’t walk around late at night alone expecting for people to behave themselves because of your personal ~enlightenment~ and ~self actualization~ and other nonsense. Take responsibility.
    You don’t go to sub saharan Africa alone and expect to be safe. Read a newspaper, read a book, research that shit. Ask people who’ve been to Africa before what not to do. It’s just thinking you’re so special that it would never happen to you. It’s not about YOU. It doesn’t matter how you act, people will take advantage of you.
    My boyfriend and I encountered a man in NYC tonight just plastered face down on the sidewalk. He stopped to ask if he was ok, and if he needed someone to call 911. He said no and showed a “Fall Risk” band to him. But all of these people walked by, and did nothing. My boyfriend said it made him sick and I said that honestly if I was alone I wouldn’t stop. As a woman you can’t really take a risk, and this is on a crowded street mind you (E. Houston). Being passed out on the sidewalk could be a new mugging tactic, and if this guy was really having an episode, or messed up he could absolutely overpower me in seconds. Taking responsibility for your own safety is what matters. People can absolutely attack out of nowhere and be some fucked up serial rapist. But it’s not very likely if you’re just about minding your own business and not making yourself an obvious target. Being the lone white girl for thousands of miles, you’re fetishizing yourself and being a huge target. This is why you travel with dad.
    Some random man in Cuba started touching me out of nowhere in the street while I was with our big group and my dad yelled at him in Spanish and pushed him away. If I was alone, god knows what I would have done. I don’t speak Spanish, I had no phone in Cuba, I couldn’t really fight him. Feminism can’t undo thousands of years of cultural permissiveness and other degeneracy. Other country, other rules and standards.

    1. “Feminism can’t undo thousands of years of cultural permissiveness and other degeneracy.”
      Completely wrong, feminism can’t overrule the forces of nature.
      Women are weak, men are strong …… try to understand that.

      1. Well said. Should have added that on. Feminism can’t change biology, physics, the behavior of other people, etc.

    2. “Other country, other rules and standards.”
      THAT is something that was drilled into our heads when I was in the military and my unit was deployed overseas.
      Yet, one of the maxims of the Left is, “all cultures are equal”. Dumbasses.

  55. Part of the problem is the way these girls dress.
    India and Asia have very different (and far more conservative) dress codes than the western world. Showing your uncovered legs, shoulders, midriff, etc. body is considered an invitation to local men. In Thailand, even prostitutes do not appear in public places with their shoulders uncovered. It’s actually against the law for a woman to go out without wearing a bra and/or underpants.
    As my own general has publicly stated, white girls who wear a bikini in Thailand deserve what they get and will receive no sympathy from the authorities.
    This featured dead girl, video of her walking around in short dress, and reports of her hanging out with local gang members. Really, what was she expecting to happen?

  56. Rest assured any commentator in the mainstream media that raises the overwhelming point that she should have taken more care, listened to her peers and elders, and ignored the logically fallacious feminist baloney that got her in to that situation in the first place will be punished severely.

    1. The one that tells the truth should be punished for it. That is quite normal in Marxism. For it is to begin with, unethical.

    1. Wouldn’t make it in another culture. Am far too damaged – or what some might call – ‘dangerously awoken’. Some say ‘tomato’ – while others say ‘tamato’.
      I’ve a plan – and have been saving for it for quite some time – but it doesn’t involve moving someplace in which women are more amenable to men. I came – I saw – and now I’m leaving. Am going 90% off grid in another year or two – and as far away from the insanity as I can physically get.

      1. Don’t forget, wherever you go, you need good internet access.
        That’s how I decide where I live.

        1. Yeah. That’s an important one. Have given it a ton of thought. Love to read. Think I have that covered for about 70% of situations. Will have a DeLorme inReach Explorer Satellite Messenger for emergencies, too.

        2. I could live without women, or friends.
          But I couldn’t live without, movies, tvshows, books and music that I can get free through high speed internet.

        3. Yeah. Have thought a lot about that one, too. Will have to sacrifice high speed access to a large degree. I’m not too partial to music or TV shows however. Don’t have a TV subscription now either and am very picky about what I watch. As long as I have low speed access to surf for good reading materials and can get the must-have TV series on DVD from time-to-time – it’ll be good enough. Will need a small but good collection of books for when I’ve no access for longer stretches however. Like most – have grown accustomed to a constant need for new information.

        4. Yifi and RARBG torrents fulfill all movie/TV requirements.
          Mobilism.org for books.
          Music, the sites change from week to week.

      2. Another loser so overwhelmed by the pressures of modern life (where living has never in history been easier) that he’s become a complete wimp!

  57. It is not only Feminism that caused the tragedy of these girls, but that other Cultural Marxist BS called MULTICULTURALISM is also responsible!

  58. Someone said to me the other day that the feminists who “support” Muslims and Sharia have yet to have their clitoris razored and then to be stuffed in a burlap bag and kept ignorant at home as an orifice should be sent there to have the true experience. That really made me think about it. What do you think?

  59. If these Turd World Countries are so great, then why are all their people heading to Western Countries? If these White Western Women want to experience extreme poverty and become culturally enriched then I suggest they hang out in U.S. Inner Cities.

    1. The wages are shit, but if you have a pension of savings, you can come here and live in pussy heaven.

      1. It’s something that I’ve thought about. But the one question that always gets me is what happens if you get sick? I wouldn’t want to put my life in the hands of some Turd World Doctor.

        1. If you have a chronic illness …. you’re fucked.
          But for minor shit, it’s generally very cheap.
          Broke my jaw hitting the tarmac 6 months back.
          Hospital for stitches, then dental hospital for my upper jaw to be splinted and two teeth rebuilt. Around $150 for the complete treatment (5 dental visits, 2 hospital visits.)
          For citizens (Thailand and Philippines) it’s all free. So your local wife and your kids pay almost nothing.

        2. USA doctors medical/insurance is (mostly) worse than most 3rd world.
          Long story: I was run over while riding in USA. carbon bike broken -major surgery required -got arrested…
          After much recovery -traveled to Thailand.
          Picked up 5th hot dancer in 24 hours. Literally picked her up – and re-injured my shoulder.
          Went to private hospital. So clean/white/like science fiction movie. Filled out forms – they spoke perfect English (unlike USA). Sat down.
          Nurse came over and apologized doctor is stuck in traffic and will be 10 minutes – lol – expected to be there all day.
          cortizone shot, x-ray, anti-inflamateries (given to me not prescription and go some where else)…
          The orthopedic surgeon went to NYU (New York) and specializes in Hip replacements (medical tourism)
          All for about $30??
          Is much cheaper than 1st world but much better. However, for Europe/Australia you have to pay – but is not much.$$$..
          One time I went to emergency room in Miami – to get prescription (which was wrong) $1200 for non-English imbeciles and attitude…

        3. Public health services are medieval style but private clinics are good and cheaper than USA. Tijuana is full of clinics and dentist, they all speak English, Americans travels hours to get surgery in Mexico and dental implants. Dentist and doctors in San Diego can´t compete they were whining that everybody goes to Mexico. The Turd World Doctor is a myth you can get premium services if you are willing to pay, the problem is that USA have expensive health services that when they travel they believe that premium first class medical services are cheap in shitty countries when in fact is not. Is the other way around you are paying extremely high prices for shitty medical services when for the same money you can have a first class hospital made for the rich in a third world country, Remember most of the richest people in the world are from shitty countries (Carlos Slim). Where do you think the rich elites and narcos goes when they are sick?

        4. I’ve used the government hospitals in Thailand many times, good service, but you have to queue all day if you’re not a paying customer.
          My son was born in a Thai government hospital, generally better service and care than the NHS hospitals I previously used in the UK. The biggest surprise is the staffing levels, plenty of nurses and doctors around all the time. They don’t send sick children home, high fever then in a hospital bed for the night, very good child care, All totally free for citizens.

      2. there was a rumor that British men would not get their pensions if outremer?? any more talk on this?

        1. That’s Australian and New Zealand.
          No problems for Brits, no pension increase in Thailand, but pension increase In Philippines.
          Lucky I live in Philippines and visit Thailand so no problems.

    2. I’ve always said – want to give to charity – give to the handicapped homeless guy you see on the street.
      Most charities are run by people who seem to be rather wealthy. Shit I know many in NYC. part, party, party every night…
      And all billionaires are (self) labeled as philanthropists – ha!

      1. Here’s an example of how the cultural left is like the firebombing of Dresden. Here’s a former bank available in Trenton, NJ:
        Yes, that’s a classic building available for $350K. 4000 square feet! But…
        Trenton even now is a pretty good location in theory. Situated halfway between the job filled districts of NYC and Philly, about an hour’s ride by train, It was once a center for commerce including the nearby workshops of Tesla, Edison, and nearby Princeton where Albert Einstein taught and researched!
        Somehow, it became a welfare state/inner city hellhole and now drives away the middle and working class effectively via violence that’s covered up by the media. Liberals that remain in the city (one of them my childhood friend) remain in denial.
        Trenton is the capital of New Jersey but a third world hellhole. Richmond, Virginia is similar. The reasons are obvious but… politically incorrect. Camden also: About the time of my birth, Camden was a lot like Brooklyn: A middle class suburb of Philly just across from the river with classic homes. My Ukrainian church was located in Camden and then after the welfare state made it into a war zone, the whole church (including parishoners) were relocated to Cherry Hill.
        So let’s review: The left and right both transformed what had been (and still could be due to location), thriving metropolises of commerce and manufacturing into third world hellholes. It generated suburban sprawl and then griped about how cars burn gas even as their own cartels dismantled the streetcars and white flight generated sprawl. H-1bs seem like cheap labor, but they do bad work and since they drive real estate prices up (along with driving living standards down) in formerly livable cities such as San Francisco and Seattle, oligarchs need to hire more of them and pay more simply for them to live in conditions little better than where they left.
        What a mess for everyone concerned.

  60. Feminism is Marxism. Marxism doesn’t mind breaking a few eggs to make a shitty omelet out of America.

    1. And in return, all countries that can be called “brown” or “black” are a no-go for me. Doesn’t mean I hate non-white people. I would go to China, or Japan. But the Philippines or an Islamic country? No way.
      2 minutes after the picture was taken, it was uploaded to facebook for the whole world to see how politically correct she is. Not a picture to be proud of. It screams: Please “like”. The local watches into the camera lense: “I’m nothing but a prop to serve for her smug” he knows.

      1. No trouble for white men in the Philippines at all. Guys and girls all friendly and speak English.
        Thailand is different, the Thai males are very touchy, offend them and they’ll give you a gang kicking (rare but worth a thought). Not a problem, you just don’t interact with Thai males, unless they’re wearing a dress, then they’re OK.

        1. I’ve seen pictures from the Philippines and heard stories about slums and dirty people there. It’s a poor country. And I’m not craving their women so.. I wouldn’t want to go there.

        2. So don’t go into the slums.
          The locals levels of housing is generally fairly low, corrugated iron, bare concrete, wooden huts. I would walk through the slums from the airport to the bus station on every trip. It’s not for everyone, but generally isn’t a problem.
          If you don’t want to see it, stick to the nicer areas and gated communities. The girls are generally slim and pretty. I didn’t crave the girls either, until I went there, then WOW!

        3. When my Russian friend emigrated to the USA about 30 years ago, he broke down in tears after landing at LAX and seeing what LA really looked like as compared to Baywatch and the glamourized version of the states that had been pitched on popular TV shows.
          Imagine… what that USA would be like without 3rd world immigration and the welfare state. Back in the 1950’s, Popular Mechanics had covers showing a future of today with flying cars. In Back To The Future, we’re supposed to have Mr. Fusion units in our homes.
          So yeah, while the Philipines can be criticized for its slums, we have our Detroit, Newark, Camden and even much of Washington, DC. Even so, at least in the Philippines or even Ukraine, people are usually quite industrious and working to better themselves. Poland had severe poverty problems about 20 years ago and now has one of, if not, the top growing economy in the EU. I’d rather go to a Philippino slum than Southeast DC.

  61. I am an Indian who lives in India. I know how harsh the Indian Society can be. Either having strength yourself or living with an individual with strength is very important. Otherwise you suffer. Although some major cities are relatively safe, but the small towns are a jungle, where only the strongest survive

  62. Here the new poster-boy for stupidity in third World: Giulio Regeni, an italian researcher for Cambridge University, who wanted to introduce trade/labor unions for street sellers in Egypt… Got himself abducted, tortured for days, then left dead in some ditch, cause he was investigating too much and someone thought he was some policeman or spy.
    Perpetrators are unknown, now the motto for fellow stupid leftist is “Truth about giulio regeni”…

  63. A friend of friend – Art History University Professor. 52 years old, female, frail.
    Traveled to Haiti to help build houses.
    WTF? don’t they have big strong men that can build their own houses? perhaps another reason besides the fake virtue signalling.

    1. I used to work at Dulles Airport in Northern VA and would see these do gooders returning from third world hell holes. They were so proud of themselves for building a house for some random family. I would ask them wouldn’t it be cheaper to send one man who is a skilled foreman, with his tools and a generator. He could either hire the locals or call for volunteers to help build a lot of well constructed homes. These girls (it was usually girls) would just look at me and say no their way was better.

      1. ha.
        also heard that the locals would repair the “work” the womyns did during the night.

      2. Or, and I’m just throwing this out here, why not work for Habitat for Humanity and build homes for the poor and downtrodden here who need the help?
        Basically this entire “thing” is based off of a deep hatred for their own country.

        1. Great minds think alike and yours is also faster than mine. Congrats. I’ll go one further for you:
          Imagine if they went to a poor, WHITE neighborhood and helped the local “ignorant bigots” in trailer parks improve their lives?
          The left is truly the ideology of scumbags: they mock the disadvantaged whites as losers and then refuse to help them because they’re “privileged.” It’s like this scene out of a Clockwork Orange that sums up the thinking of the “inclusive” left:

          “One thing I could never stand is to see a filthy, dirty old drunkie, howling away at the filthy songs of his fathers and going blerp, blerp in between as it might be a filthy old orchestra in his stinking rotten guts. I could never stand to see anyone like that, whatever his age might be, but more especially when he was real old like this one was.”

      3. Hello fellow NoVAer. I overheard two leftists jabbering at SpaWorld back in October about how “Trump voters” were the last gasp of lower class white men and how they were now irrelevant. I wish I could have gone there the day after Nov 9th and licked their tears but I was too busy getting rip roared drunk celebrating…
        That being said, wouldn’t these do-gooders do the best by transforming “ignorant” red-staters into blue-staters by “educating” them and improving their standard of living? Go visit a trailer park and perhaps spend the $900 on air fare to go to Haiti instead on building a community college to get the rednecks on a univerity track and building up the local regions to become new Silicon Valleys?
        We both know why they aren’t interested in doing this…
        In the meantime, the ability to blow a few grand a year on smug rescue missions overseas is drying up as the average millennial has little spare pocket change after paying for an overpriced DC loft…

        1. Smug pretty much sums up the entire purpose of rich white girls building houses for poor third world peasants who are more than capable of doing it themselves.

    2. I’m sure a part of them genuinely wants to help, but I think a lot of it is a cheap or free trip to an exotic location plus an epic insta photo op.

    3. A woman that “traveled to Haiti to ‘help build houses’ “, likely means that ‘she sat around and ‘supervised’ all the men that actually did the work’.
      Just like the vast majority of women nowadays.
      How many Art History University professors actually do something that is real ‘work’?

  64. It seems ironic to me, but many of the stupid cunts who would foolishly dare tread where angels fear to go, would judge me, or any man, who (legally) carries a gun as creepy.

  65. Brainwashed western women who have retards for parents and a worm of a man for a father. Onus is on them

    1. That’s assuming that the father wasn’t forced out of the family because Mom “wasn’t happy anymore”.

  66. I have a former friend who traveled to a central American country with her husband, before divorcing him, and went to work for the non-profit which sends people to “help” those in other nations. 5 years later, her teenage daughter is whoring it up in high school and her teenage son is smoking weed rather frequently. I am certain that she pays no attention to her kids well-being and lauds herself as someone who cares.

  67. Since white American women despise their males so much, why don’t they go marry Mexican, Indian, Thai or Russian men. See if these men will buy their feminist shit…

  68. Good job another filthy nasty harp removed…with the death of these filthy animals society is much better off.

  69. Similar thing happened to a girl from my high school class three years after graduation. After joining the Peace Corps, they found Emily’s nude, raped, murdered body in the brush in Costa Rica. Life is the best teacher, though sometimes the lesson is fatal.

    1. Thailand…Koh Tao backpackers murdered…another example of these stupid wenches ending up raped to death.

        1. I wonder how many of these girls do this type of thing against the wishes if thier families. Sadly though, they’re probably off at college and their dads can’t do a thing about it.

  70. Those fucking monsters. Who the fuck does this to people? They’re living people! What the hell are people in these countries thinking? Who the fuck is letting these girls go? Suppose dad (if there was a dad) told them they could make big-girl decisions now? A lot of fucking good “support of friends and family” does when you’re half a world away getting raped to death by fucking woman-hunters. White girls. May as well wear a big old sign. “I’m over here!” “Defenseless.” What a waste. Fucking devils, man.

    1. The people in those countries are thinking, not my daughter, not my nationality, not my religion ……… not my business.
      Generally people in 3rd world countries don’t have the feelings ‘all humanity are one’ in the same way white folk are taught. They see other nationalities and races as competition for limited resources. Not to mention the white girls inappropriate behaviour and clothing does often encourage unwanted attention and rape.

      1. In the Navy, I did usually encounter locals who’d tell me what places to avoid. Often voluntarily if you mentioned planning to do something off the beaten path.

    2. Reminds me of Groucho Marx tag-line from the game show he hosted:
      “I could go on talking to you kids forever, but it’s time to play ‘You Bet Your Life’.”
      You can talk to some people forever about the risks they’re taking– but you can’t make them actually listen and understand. A lot of these folks were probably warned by the locals that they were about to do something incredibly dangerous and stupid…

  71. Liberal women should all spend some time helping and living on site in a refugee camp to get the full experience of cultural enrichment.

  72. I do not know why she had to go to india. India is not a place that I desire to see. I know in America you can eat curry or celebrate the Holi festival and not leave the states. I have no doubt it is the same way in the UK. After reading the article you linked I feel bad for the farmer that found her body. I also do not know why people want to go overseas to help the poor while they have poor in their own country. I knew a single mom who went to Mexico to build a church. She and some other women cooked the meals etc for the men who built the building. When she talked to me about it I got a very negative view in my mind. She told me that the church expanded the orphanage from the children. Most of these children were born by unmarried girls that were fourteen years old or younger. The girls would rest up and after the child was older would heave the child at the orphanage. I came to the conclusion you do not go to cancun Mexico (for example) to see the locals.

  73. I laughed at the line “she was ‘free-spirited’ and ‘really interesting’”. It basically means she was down-to-fuck

  74. Very important to note, statistics in 3rd world countries are not reliable. The government and law enforcement there are beyond corrupt. Also when they list rape it’s real rape like man grabs woman beats her to the point she can’t move and then the real raping happens. And again they won’t list out every rape because they won’t classify it as rape and that she wanted it or even deserved it

    1. Statistics in first world countries (especially large cities) aren’t reliable either. London, NY, Chicago, and LA have all been caught ‘cooking the books’ to show lower violent crime rates.

  75. I thank Zeus that most attractive White women reject feminism outright. And, more and more White women are coming out as pro-White. 14/88!!!!

    1. The rejection of feminism is what makes them attractive. Nearly all women have that potential

  76. Yeah good luck making $5k competing with all those Indian and Bangladeshian’s online who bid at $5/hr for those freelance jobs.

  77. I’m in my Nutrition class and I’m literally sitting next to a girl who is researching volunteer opportunities abroad. I asked “are you travelling alone?” When she said she wasn’t sure, I showed her this article. Now she’s looking at New Zealand instead of the 3rd world. I may have saved a life.

    1. She must have sense and sanity to head your warning. You did her a favor in more than one way. She can help poor people in her country and if she plans a trip it should be a place with beauty and a place that is a different experience. New Zealand has beaches, is a green island with beautiful scenery, waterfalls, mountains, and a Polynesian culture. I hate to see how much going to New Zealand costs but I know it is a beautiful place.

  78. kinda off topic but it seems like abc news is really pushing sexual/moral perversion with full force. In the last 5 days they have had their ‘Nightline’ show pretty much pushing polyamory and transgenderism. Look up Nelly Reeves story on nightline. One of the most disturbing things I have ever seen

    1. I looked him up, and I agree. I just got to the part about his mom letting him wear a dress to the store! Yeah, the daughter mom always wanted. One question, where was his father?!

      1. father spoke for less than a minute… The embodiment of emasculated betafication. Anything that would make her happy, he said. smh. These situations are popping up all around the US

  79. And here’s my level of empathy:
    Sometimes you just have to let stoopid run it’s course.

  80. I love it how these STUPID women go to dangerous countries and get raped and beaten and if they survive, they come back and made a hero!! I’m thinking to myself, you stupid fucking bitch, you deserve it!

  81. I am appalled at this crime, not just this one but the incidence of these crimes at such high rates in Goa. As to the ones saying India has a high rape culture, parts of India does yes. Especially the Northern parts of India are some of the most backward ones when it comes to equality of genders etc.
    I come from the Southern part of India and things are way better, we in fact detest those Northern Indian barbarian scum that indulge in these practices as our name gets dragged along with theirs. I have been on H1B in the past and not all H1Bs are job stealers. However, I do agree with the fact that in the past 5 years or so, a large number of H1Bs that have come through are totally useless and have no place in the US.

  82. Aside from the article, notice how sluts’ cultural appropriate in the sexual market place too? They think they are in tune with these third world cultures but would only bang other white tourists. News flash to you “empowered” individuals – you ain’t shit, beneath the level of the dog shit locals of some shanty town. You should be honored to have them even acknowledge you. We know who the real racists are.

  83. Actually third world countries are a lot better for women.. why?
    Unlike White American liberal men who are afraid of putting their “hands” on women … Brown, yellow and black men are not afraid of putting their women back in their place.
    It’s only sex suppressed liberal white men who had had enough and go on shooting spree because he couldn’t get sex (i.e. George Sodini).
    Women feel better and better behaved in third world countries unlike “rich America” where 25 percent of women experience mental illness because their men would rather fuck their women to get fucked by other men in gangbang and watch and jerk off.
    Start shaming your own women in public.

  84. If you listen to feminists a US college has more rapes than Sweden. The 1-in-6 became 1-in-4 and is now 1-in-3. Soon it’ll be 1-1, where they insist that every single woman is ritually raped in the admissions office on their first day. Sometimes twice.
    It’s to be expected. The same people writing the feminist rape myths also lied about the Holocaust. They love making those numbers bigger and bigger. They can’t help it.

  85. Had something very similar happen to me. My ex-girlfriend just came back from a 6 month teaching experience in China. She was revelling about the whole trip…”oh, I would love to here, everyone is soooo nice there…it’s sooo dangerous in America anymore.” REALLY? China is runs through communist policies, internet censorship, and most people are dirt poor. Folks, universities are brainwashing people not only women on leftist propaganda. As a male do not back down and withhold your views to women when they are gushing over liberal horseshit. We cannot let this happen, by no means.

    1. It is true that when compared to other third world countries the Chinese people are nicer. Yes, their government is strict. They even ban porn. I am sure there are pick pocketers in China. Also, your girlfriend was probably with a crowd of Chinese who were more economically independent. She may have had a different perspective if she saw dirt poor people.

  86. NFG. They, and they alone, are responsible for their fate. There is no patriarchy, so men can’t protect childish women from the consequences of their narcissism and stupidity. Hope she enjoyed her last night with those 5 lovable brown men, that Buncrana lass.

  87. It is clear to me that many women are no longer acting in their best, individual interests. Quite a herd-mentality here. This is so bizarre and bogus, it cannot happen naturally. It must be enemy action.

  88. The main AIM is to indoctrinate women, to give them a STRONG sense of self grandeur, “Forcing” them subliminally away from white educated healthy males and steering them through powerful delusion to be powered to the point of thier own demise…
    The “other” males then take full advantage of this mentality and rape them… Its like stealing candy from a baby, but it remains a shocking epidemic… And it’s on the rise.
    They hate white women… Especially educated white females who happen to have inflated ego and who have been used to “pushing white men aside, feeling powerful to some vain extent !!
    Buy they only want to rape those white educated women, they want to defile them, put thier DNA In them and make soulbonds with them.
    Feminism is firstly a demonic creation, created by a select group of very false people to destroy the normal growth rate of white expansion.

  89. Feminism is killing STUPID women, and that’s not a bad thing. The gene pool could use a cleaning.

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