Meet Your New Youtube Censors

Not long ago I mentioned how Youtuber Laci Green initiated a witch hunt against Sam Pepper to remove him off Youtube entirely. She was partly successful: Youtube canceled his partnership program which means he will no longer earn money from the site. While the social justice warriors do their victory lap, I wanted to introduce you to four Youtubers who played an active role in the witch hunt. By sharing their ideals, we can better understand what type of thought is allowable to them.

Unless you’re gay, transsexual, feminist, or morbidly obese, your beliefs are unacceptable and are subject to future mob action. The standard operating procedure for these types of people is to aggressively censor and ruin those with a large voice who dare disagree with their lifestyle. I share their formula in the following article: What Is A Social Justice Warrior?

The sad part is that we’re outnumbered and the masses seem to want these people to censor content for them. There’s not much we can do except play defense and make sure we’re not their next victims.

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  1. I’m afraid that we may one day indeed be arrested and go to “sensitivity training” if we have an opinion contrary to the party line

    1. Sensitivity training would be the least of your concern. Think North Korea-style political prison camps.

    2. I predicted just this very thing in late July in an ROK article: “What
      remains to be seen is how those in power will respond. Will we see
      arrests for the newly invented PC term “hate speech” soon? Will the
      government resort to outright censorship in the name of “national
      security?” Will Google and other web companies impose restrictions on
      The latter is now coming to pass. How long until the other two happen?

  2. The White Russians could have spared themselves if they burned Moscow and Leningrad from the start.

  3. Censorship of any sort is almost never good. Even if it is initially targeted at those who actually are dangerous radicals, it can always be exploited by whoever is currently in power to squash the voices of their opposition. Free speech is a mainstay of any functional democracy.
    Already in some European countries, a variety of beliefs are criminalized as “hate speech.”

      1. No democracy in human history has ever stood the test of time. Every democracy has an end point. Although I’m convinced that democracy is the best way to govern people, democracy is heavily flawed and can be easily undermined in less than 2 generations with the ‘right’ social engineering. Germany directly prior to Hitler was a democracy of sorts. Look how that ended.

        1. Democracy is an illusion, the rich always rule, no matter what their ideology. All societies are hierarchical … The plebs have never had rights, just the illusion of freedom. When they are well fed they are happy with their participation.
          Do you really think it has ever mattered who Americans vote for President? It has always been a parade from day one.

        2. That is a correct assessment of the situation. The rich always rule. It has been this way throughout human history, and will be this way until humanity is gone from the earth. Every 4 years they put on a show and we all pretend that we allowed a new leader into the oval office. The phony show is done so that the plebs don’t revolt and destroy everything that the rich own.
          You’d be surprised how many dopes still truly believe that the direction of the largest economy in human history is under control of the common people. Many, many people still bother to vote in this day and age with all the information available…they STILL vote. It’s funny.

  4. Another small step on the long road to the Communist States of Amerika.
    Hopefully people will wake up to this bullshit. But that is doubtful as long as we have our distractions.

    1. “Hopefully people will wake up to this bullshit. ”
      The fact these people are able to amass over a million of subscribers with this kind of verbal diarrhea makes this doubtful, indeed.

  5. Sometimes I’m impressed by Social Justice Warriors. In little over half a century they’ve created a society where the weak of mind and body are given more power than individuals suited to wield it. No where else in nature is this phenomena found.

    1. It won’t last long with us either, reality ultimately wins over the idiocy of ideologues. One day there will be ropes.

    2. Why not? They have their swords of ad-hominem, shields of non-responsibility, shiny armour of delusion while riding up on a male-created charger, the internet.

      1. I’ve just been watching some old Milton Friedman videos on YouTube and you can see SJW having a rational argument and come out on the losing end every time. I think that’s why they switched to ad-hominem and vocal might is right tactics.

    3. Theyre losers though. Can you imagine what your life would be like if you spent most of your free time searching for things that piss you off so you can bitch about it? They have some real self-loathing they need to project onto others. Their “power” is very small and doesn’t mean shit without the internet.
      If you confronted any of them in real life they would run and hide.

      1. That’s feminism today (a non stop bitch fest about shit that they don’t have). It used to be about equality, voting, owning land, etc…now it’s about control, power and getting more shit. It’s about getting “even” with men.
        Feminism is no longer about equality.

    4. ” they’ve created a society where the weak of mind and body are given more power than individuals suited to wield it ” Sounds alot like Christianity LOL

      1. Modern day Christianity but there was a time when even Jesus wasn’t afraid to take names and kick ass.

        1. Well depend on which flavor of Jesus you prefer to quote. I’m personally of the belief that if you sat any of the bibles versions of Jesus with Jesus of Nazareth, they would hardly find a common ground in their opinions, in fact I think Jesus of Nazareth would simply remove him self from the presence of his biblical counterpart and claim: ” I don’t know this man.” But hey, that is just my opinion on the topic.

    5. Said it before, say it again: The current “War” with “Islam” is a war of Alpha Males (Muslims, backwards as you may find them) versus Omegas and Betas (US/Western Allies). Birthrate and the treatment of women (as in, telling them to STFU) wins in the end. Period.

  6. It’s like the entire western world is getting like this.
    Makes me want to die young.
    I have to cut myself from society in order not to get insane.
    We should build asylum for sane people now.

    1. When I think of how the world is getting, and death, together in the same thought, I never have myself in mind.

    2. Soldiers of Islam are loading their guns
      They’re getting ready
      but the Russian tanks are mowing them down
      They’re getting ready
      There’s children in Africa with tommy guns
      Getting ready
      While the Islam armies are beckoning on
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      There’s a burning sun
      And it sets in the western world
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      It’s gonna burn your temples down
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    3. Don’t die young if you can help it. Live long enough to watch it all burn. When shit starts to get real, these clowns will eat each other in short order. The streets will be littered with the bloated corpses of blue-haired, sexually confused freaks.

  7. There is a breadth and depth to evolution that we may never understand but one thing I do know is that the fags, transsexuals and feminists are being selected out of it’s process. This should make all men on this site and in other corners of the manosphere, who wish for a better society, very happy.

    1. How are they being selected out? There are more of them now than ever before. Also, they are made, not born.

      1. The only reasons homosexuals exist is because heterosexuals have pro-created and given them life. It won’t take too long but as the populace of weaker and weaker people continue to pop out these genetically inferior homos they simply can’t pro-create without some miracle of science. And even then, science can’t really produce what millions of years of evolution has in the healthy hetero population.

      2. The only reasons homosexuals exist is because heterosexuals have pro-created and given them life. It won’t take too long but as the populace of weaker and weaker people continue to pop out these genetically inferior homos they simply can’t pro-create without some miracle of science. And even then, science can’t really produce what millions of years of evolution has in the healthy hetero population.

    2. I think its the reverse actually…
      Not only are gays publicly endorsed now but now they can have children through all sorts of non-heterosexual methods (in vitro… surrogate moms… etc).

      1. Part of what you say is valid, with respect primarily to in vitro fertilization. However, in some cases of surrogacy and all adoption cases those genes being passed on are not of the homosexual parents, thankfully.
        I will admit to not being fully informed on the in’s and out’s of in-vitro and surrogacy but I would venture an educated guess that those genes that are passed on in those cases are far inferior to two heterosexual people. The point being that homosexuality is, by it’s very nature, antithetical to life because in order for their genes to be passed on they need some miracle of science to help them do it.

  8. Roosh please stop calling them warriors, they are anything but warriors. They are facists. The word warrior carries a noble and powerful implication that these counterculturists do not deserve.

    1. SJWs aren’t Fascists. They’re Commies, since all they talk about is fairness and equality.
      Fascists believe in none of these things.

        1. Sigh …
          Stop calling them a totalitarian dictatorship!
          Because if that’s what they say they are, that must be what they are.
          (disclaimer; the whole right wing/left wing argument is fucking ridiculous in any case, and a waste of time)

        2. The right is masculine and full of winners. The left is feminine full of whiners.
          Just look at a tall attractive guy over 30 with a decent career and tell me what the chances are he votes Democrat?
          I have always hated the left.

        3. Dividing the world into a binary scale and despising everyone you consider to be on the opposite side to you is the past time of fools.
          Fuck progressives, fuck SJWs, fuck feminists, fuck socialists, fuck the not-fit-for-purpose left/right scale, fuck voting Democrat or Republican.

        4. That is a strawman. The nazi’s were big government socialists who engaged in big Keynesian projects like the autobahn. There is no democracy in north korea.

        5. They are what they say they are. A totalitarian, democratic dictatorship. Just like the US. And Nazi Germany. And any other shithole where being a tax feeder gives you access to more better guns than being a tax payer.

        6. Uh, Hollywood…….
          It’s good you hate the left. Just remember to include all of them. Meaning, all those dumb enough to believe government is some sort of useful institution.

        7. be for real. the last 100 years of the same parties have lost us our constitutional rights and both sides are to blame.

        8. “Democracy is the road to socialism” – Karl Marx
          Don’t forget, the country that was founded as a republic (USA), and mentioned democracy NOWHERE in its founding documents – on purpose(!), has been starting wars around the world over the past 60 years to “bring democracy to the people.”
          The Founding Fathers shudder and slowly roll over in their graves.

        9. Don’t fall for the left-right paradigm.
          It is used by government to
          divide and conquer us and put us into little boxes where clowns like Al Gore, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Rachel Maddow, Glenn
          Beck, Harry Reid, etc. can control us.

        10. National Socialist Workers Party was a left wing party (hence socialist). Every German had a place and a role to play, and every one was expected to help their fellow German, see Hitler’s speeches when he talked about “the glory of giving”. The NSDAP did become more right wing once the Strassers were taken out of the picture, but it was still essentially socialist. The only reason it is refferred to as right wing today is because it was racialist.
          Of course, if you still believe the Jewish atrocity lie and media hoax that 6 million Jews were gassed and turned into soap and lampshades, you will probably still call the NSDAP right wing, but hey, you probably only just stopped believing that the moon is made of cheese.

        11. Which would in effect make you an Anarchist, which is about as far left of the spectrum as you can get.

        12. Anyone that takes your racially charged view as legitimate, especially in regards to what you shared should have their heads examined.
          “left wing/right wing” are just talking points that spongebob squareminds parrot in order to sound educated.
          Guess you’re a “racialist” as well right?

        13. Guess you’ve never heard of the “right wing anarchists” aka libertarians huh?
          They are neither left nor right, but agree with certain philosophies of both sides. They can be considered centrists in that regard.
          They tend to be fiscally conservative but socially liberal, which is why they identify with both parties to a certain extent
          Best example is ron Paul and and his followers.

        14. Good job dropping some full red pills, because race and sex are both issues that require red-pilling. It’s the only limitation of this site so far–limiting red-pilling to one particular area of life: sex/women.
          Of course, the “blue pilling” were Jewish -isms imposed on White societies, which were a long time in coming (ever since Christ Insanity, really, which was an anti-white doctrine where they made the term “satan” up to demonize Odin–just like they made the term “racist” in the USSR in 1927 to demonize normal White people). It’s really all the same crap, the “equality” crap. Obviously, men and women aren’t the same, and the userbase of this site obviously gets that, which is good. Neither are breeds of people the same any more than dog breeds.
          That WAS the term the SS actually used, “breeds” is the literal translation from the Teutscher tongue. My relatives clearly were very smart people (thank the Gods!).
          The whole history of trying to free yourself from brainwashing is fundamentally trying to free yourself from -isms and -ism-based thinking–thinking that truth is in a book or dictated by some clergy, when it is not.
          It’s no different than the Fuehrer himself. He was not a perfect man, nor was everything he said or did perfect by any stretch of the imagination. His glory, and the glory of the Reich, was in fighting the Rothschilds.
          I think Bob Whitaker lines out extremely well the issue with what we are calling “wordism”–the belief that words will save you. A bunch of guys at a site clearly set around rediscovering manhood surely will understand that actions are more important than words.
          Good luck in waking up, everyone! There’s much more to be done to free our Nations from the Rothschild System of globalism and one-world crap than merely defeat feminism. Reclaiming the home is step #1.

      1. This is correct. The stupidest thing Thomas Jefferson ever wrote was “All men are created equal.” Anyone with half a brain knows that isn’t true. Some people are smart, some are dumb, some are ambitious, some are lazy, some are strong, some are weak, etc. This is a fact of life, and observable in any and every population of any animal. Yet because Tommy reached for this high ideal it’s now the defacto law of the land.
        To enforce artificial “equality” you need to have a very heavy-handed overlord government. That’s why Communism needed a state-controlled media, secret police, etc. Equality is not possible because people are NOT equal, nor do they even want to be equal. (Look at all the status-seeking shit that people buy.) So you need a class of g-men to enforce the “equality,” and they effectively become the new aristocrats, the new elites. The power is taken away from the people and placed into the hands of a few. These clueless liberals are just Commie wannabes. When the real ones show up they’ll line these “useful idiots” up against a wall…

        1. Exactly … Liberals are genetic dead ends. They are the ultimate white night, beta male, and slave moralists. They assert their power passive aggressively. Taxes are plunder, theft, and a from of warfare.

        2. Jefferson didn’t believe in innate human equality; rather, that each man has natural rights bestowed by the fact of being human; ie, life, liberty, property.
          He would have properly laughed at the assertion that every man has equal abilities.

        3. Jefferson didn’t believe in innate human equality; rather, that each man has natural rights bestowed by the fact of being human; ie, life, liberty, property.
          He would have properly laughed at the assertion that every man has equal abilities.

        4. We all are equal under the law. What we aren’t is the same. Those two words are being used interchangeably.

        5. We all are equal under the law. What we aren’t is the same. Those two words are being used interchangeably.

        6. What TJ meant by “all men are created equal” is that they were created equal under God. Neither their possessions, nor their intelligences nor their aristocracy should distinguish them as superior to each other based on that.
          While these SJ people may be communists, the more fitting term for them given the examples provided is fascists, because they are not calling for redistributions of wealth for the “greater good” (as communists tend to do) they are calling for the oppression and censorship of opinions which differ from their own…this is the mark of the chronic fascist.

        7. I can agree with this. I think Leftists have hijacked Jefferson in order to push their political agenda, which is a push towards Marxism. So far it’s worked. Far too many Americans believe that everyone is equal, so if someone isn’t doing as well as another it’s a sign of discrimination, or class oppression. Not so fast. It may very well be nature’s inequality. Some people simply have it and others don’t. Note how Leftists downplay (or deny) biology and genetics in favor of purely “cultural” explanations, when there’s clear and strong scientific evidence that genetics and biology play a huge part in determining who people are.

      2. I beg to differ. All fascists are not communists, even though they tend to share common philosphical grounds. (this is why Hitler’s Nazis and Stalin’s commies orginally held a philosphical detente of sorts, until the snake invariably betrayed the scorpion)
        Communists tend to believe that capitalism is the bane of human existence and that a centralized government is needed to maintain a proper and equal balance between bourgeois and proletariat, whereas fascists believe that the State and its individual autocrats should have absolute power over people in order to get things done and crush those who disagree, usually in regard to progressive philosophy. To put it in modern day terms: commies love the centralized power that the democrat party represents, while fascists love how obama personally uses his position to further their agenda. Both of these are united in their disgust and disdain for all things truly American: Christian, capitalist, conservative and constitutional.
        I ask you to examine the evidences at hand and ask yourself which is the more fitting term? You will find it to be “fascist.”

        1. “Fascism is the stage reached after communism has proved an illusion.” -Friedrich Hayek

    2. These people shouldn’t even be deemed “counterculture.” That was a term used to describe people within a movement that was mainly focused on a just cause, ending the war in Vietnam. The modern day counterculture has been subverted, and now only protests against issues that are irrelevant in regards to strengthening society as a whole. In fact, one could argue, that the goals of these extreme leftists, weaken our nation and society. When our government is angling for the ability to fight endless wars of imperialism, shouldn’t that be the cause of massive popular outrage? Since Barry O was elected, the left has been effectively silent in that regard, yet they seem to have a limitless capacity for taking positions that greatly diminish social cohesion, such as fat acceptance. Millions of a angry, young guys is a horrible thing to have in a society, and that is exactly what is happening as a result of the entirety of the “acceptance” movements. LGBT, obesity, and promiscuity are now “accepted” as the norm, and in the long run this could easily prove to be the impetus for the dismantling of our culture and society.

      1. Cardinal, while i understand your perspective, i hope you understand i was posting my opinion without care or regard for epithet, invective, or pejorative aka trying to state it as logically as possible, and only insofar as Roosh’s identification of them is concerned.
        Were i to delve further into the disturbing motivations of these people, i’m sure i would have came up with much the same vernacular as you did. One cannot help but be disgusted at the things that these moral anarchists represent…which according to the “Unwin effect” will ultimately lead to our downfall, just as it did with every other civilization that promulgated the ‘want equals right” philosophy…

        1. Totally agreed with the original post, and I had no intention of being antagonistic with my reply. Just wanted to state that this class of SJW are an entirely different breed of asshole, cheers.

    3. True.
      Although I feel that his video on Laci Green did not actually show how totally retarded she is by his explanation. This one on the other hand is much better at highlighting how crazy these people actually are.
      The last one did not really show a strong contrast between Laci Greene and Crazy.
      These videos do show the contrast betweeen Laci, super gay, Ms (permanent ms.) fat acceptance, and self shower fondler and crazy. They make crazy look legit.

    4. Call a strong man a “warrior” and you compliment him. Call a weak man a “warrior” and you mock him. “Social Justice Warrior” is a brilliant term of piercing mockery.

      1. A debate could be made that Roosh wasn’t being sardonic when he calls them warriors, especially when he didnt use any quotations marks on the word.

        1. Roosh didn’t invent the term, and it’s clear from context that it’s meant to mock and belittle rather than to compliment. People objecting to the term are just being too literal.

        2. Like I said, I never saw him use quotation marks to identify his remark of “warrior” as sarcastic in nature, so the jury is still out on whether he was being sarcastic or not. Even in the video he uses it and does so in a serious manner. We can agree to disagree but I stand by my claim that he really is referring to them as warriors and not in a mocking manner.

  9. No, Sam Pepper deserved what was coming to him.
    This isn’t about someone’s livelihood or free speech …it’s about behavior that is reprehensible and omega in origin, and possibly criminal. Sam Pepper wasn’t thrown off youtube for what he said, it was his actions.
    As an example, if a gay guy on the street was grabbing my ass as a joke and posting videos, I would not only want him off youtube, I would file charges (if I had the restraint not to break his face).
    I guess Sam Pepper is the Trayvon Martin of alpha keyboard warriors now. Sexual deviants are being discriminated against by youtube!
    Roosh is defending the indefensible.

    1. I really enjoy reading your posts, however you have to agree the whole SWJ needs to be addressed. This sam pepper faggot is just a way Roosh is using to do that.

      1. I agree, I just don’t think Sam Pepper is worth defending and roosh is making a mistake presenting him as a victim.

        1. I agree on that as well, most of the “men” on youtube really are just flamboyant faggots making money by doing stupid shit. No real careers at all.

        2. I agree with you guys.
          Defending Sam Pepper is defending clearly inappropriate social behaviour. His behaviour is a violation of personal space and privacy (assuming it is not staged). If led to its logical conclusion than anyone should be allowed to touch you or your things inappropriately and make a public joke of you while making money for it.
          It is a fundamentally different problem than the ‘rape hysteria’ issue that we’ve talked about. With ‘rape hysteria’ there are accusations involving a lack of consent from the female party when that is impossible to prove. Men are thus unfairly in a vulnerable position because women are a priori perceived as victims and the consequences of being falsely accused and sentenced are severe.
          In the case of Sam Pepper, he is clearly violating personal space without consent… on camera… without even any context other than his own pervertedness…
          If anything, Sam Pepper is hurting our cause by making us look like a bunch of juvenile delinquents.

        3. There are a lot of omega males here who think slut fucking makes them alpha.
          That’s the sort of breed that applauds Pepper. Slut fucking doesn’t make you alpha, it’s not an accomplishment!

        4. No one ever stops when they get a taste of power. Now that they’ve gotten Pepper punished, they’ll see that they have the power and start going after people who merely express opposing opinions in their videos, as to an SJW, anything they disagree with is “hate” and “offensive.”

      1. Even if that were the case, Mr. Pepper didn’t intend for his skit to be taken as comedy, he wanted viewers to assume it was real.

  10. I admire anyone who is able to critique Laci Green’s videos because I find her utterly, absolutely unwatchable.

    1. Yes to be able to watch just one of her videos is something of an accomplishment. I feel like going mad after about 20 seconds.

    2. The first time I saw her was on Sargon of Akkad. I thought she was doing a skit imitating a crazy, manic girl who imagined all men wanted to rape her. I then realized that she is that person with the chipmunk manic voice and the non-stop feminazi paranoia. Oh dear!!!

  11. Thinking of Voltaire at the moment:
    “I always made one prayer to God, a very short one. Here it is: ‘O Lord, make our enemies quite ridiculous!”‘ God granted it.”

      1. Best 10 minute video I’ve ever watched. Nice touch.
        He had me laughing out loud again and again.

    1. Im also fond of “i may not agree with what you have to say, but i’ll defend to the death your right to say it”
      If only these SJF’s (social justice fascists) could appreciate that, the world would be a much more pleasant place to exchange insight in.

      1. That’s the problem with the enlightenment values of egalitarianism when it pertains to freedom of speech; People who should be crushed are permitted to spew their anti-human venom all over the internet, because decent people with an understanding and appreciation for natural reality, hieracrhy and order have been conned into believing it is honourable to accept it.
        Fuck that shit.
        Don’t call these faggots Fascists. I’m a fascist. They are disease ridden, culturally marxist untermensch.

        1. Acid Tooth, nothing in the article implies that they are marxists, marxism dealt more with economics than anything else. The word fascist carries with it autocratic implications that, given the impetus of the youtubers that Roosh highlighted, would more appropriately fit.
          I’m not sure if you’re a fascist but, bear in mind the irony of these militants calling for the banning of pepper’s youtube page, while here you are a self identified fascist doing the same thing in regards to them.

        2. I said Cultural Marxists, not Marxists. There is a difference, which someone like yourself, who seems to be politically interested, would probably find quite fascinating (and more than likely disturbing) if you were to look into it.
          Secondly, I can’t help that people don’t know what Fascism is. I assure you I am a Fascist. Read Giovanni Gentile’s ” A Doctrine of Fascism”, if you’d like to know more, it is available online as a free PDF.
          And finally, I am not an egalitarian (a doctrine which has no rational or demonstrable basis when measured against the biological processes of evolution and natural reality), and staunchly reject the “wisdom” of enlightenment philosophy. I do not believe mentally ill people, should be allowed a public platform to promulgate and promote harmful, unnatural practises that are symptomatic of their mental derangement. Should paedophiles be allowed to espouse the virtues of child abuse?
          Also, these extreme leftists regularly use violence and threats of violence as their standard MO to stifle debate and shut down political opposition. We (particuarly white European males) are in a literal war with these miscreants, who are bringing ruin upon our folk and our ancesteral homelands, and I have no interest in advocating their “right” (something else that doesn’t exist as a natural fact) to continue to do so.

        3. And actually, Pepper is a delinquent little shit, and if it had been my wife or sister who’s ass he pinched, I’d have cut his fucking hand off.

        4. We are speaking of the same species of social justice militant.
          “Cultural” marxists are basically fascists and fascists are likely to be cultural marxists. HOWEVER the fact remains that none of the people Roosh mentioned have distinguished themselves as such. You’re attempting to superimpose a populist party label on them using identity politics as a vector, whereas i am simply describing in brevity what the underlying root of their philosopy is: fascism.
          I’m well aware of what a fascist is, and when i mentioned that i didn’t know if you were one or not, i was giving you the benefit of the doubt there regardless of your embracing of the nomenclature in question. I simply thought you were being facetious. After all, how many people want to be considered a fascist? It’s one step below wanting to be considered a Nazi.
          Tell you what. I will read Gentile’s tome if you read “liberal fascism” by Jonah Goldberg. We can even compare notes at some future time, to see which of us possesses the more accurate understanding of the word.
          At any rate, if you are an American you really should take the Voltaire approach in regards to these fascists. Supporting fascism against fascists (while novel) does not accomplish anything more than fighting evil with evil…and history has shown that only pyrrhic victories are gained through such a modus operandi.

        5. That is immaterial to the argument being made here: If fascists are given the right to dictate what is proper and improper and what is good and bad for us the viewing audience to interpret and ergo use that right to deny us a viewing of said material, our constitutional first amendment rights as we know them will officially be over.
          Fascists don’t just stop at seemingly innnocuous things as a youtube video; like psychopaths graduating from the killing of animals to the murder of humans they will invariably strive to garrote each of our constitutional liberties under the sole of their oppressive progressive boot.
          As Voltaire would say “i may not agree with what you have to say, but i’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

        6. No, idiot. Cultural Marxism is an extremist philosopy born out of the, Jewish, Frankfurt School. It combines and applies Marxist critical theory and Freudianism to socially engineer the destruction of moral values held by homogenous populations.
          Fascism is an actual political ideology, based on the economic model of the guild system, pioneered in Italy. it isn’t just a slur that you can band around and attach to things you don’t like, or people that you think are mean. The reason I said read Gentile, is so you would understand this, and stop making a fool of yourself.
          Why would i read the work of a Jew, that titles his work with the moronically oxymoronic “liberal fascism” ? Because from those two words put together, I can instantly tell that one of two things is true: 1) Either the author doesn’t know what he is talking about, or 2) he is purposefully distorting the meaning of fascism.
          It’s like writing a book called “Jewish Islam”…It doesn’t make any sense.

        7. Did you know Voltaire was an anti-semite?
          “The Jewish nation dares to display an irreconcilable hatred toward
          all nations, and revolts against all masters; always superstitious,
          always greedy for the well-being enjoyed by others, always barbarous —
          cringing in misfortune and insolent in prosperity.”
          ”You have surpassed all nations in impertinent fables, in bad conduct
          and in barbarism. You deserve to be punished, for this is your
          “They are enemy of the human mankind.”
          Trust me, Voltaire would agree more with my views than yours. Maybe you should learn another quote to aid you in your desperate attempt to appear well read and intellectual.
          Lets say we apply the Voltaire quote that you use to support universal freedom of speech – So, to be clear, if someone makes a video on youtube espousing the virtues of sexually abusing children, you’d support that?

        8. How does one garrote something under their boot?
          Voltaire would probably tell you to stop inanely quoting him to prop up your own grandiose and horribly muddled, half baked pseudo-political ramblings, and go and read a book that wasn’t written by a Jew.

        9. Would you “defend to the death” that faggot’s right to broadcast a video, publicly accessible, about how he likes to finger his ass in the shower?

        10. I’m an “idiot” because i didn’t spell out the definition for of Cm for you, because i assumed you were smart enough to understand that a cultural marxist and a cultural fascist could be of the same philosophical phenotype? Sorry for making the assumption that you were intelligent enough to understand we were talking of the same type of militant. Won’t happen again lol.
          You’re the idiot if you think fascism simply applies to a political ideology. Just as Marxism had its american offshoots, so too did italian fascism have its own offshoots into western civilization. You call these people” cultural marxists” nevermind the fact that they personally HAVE NOT IDENTIFIED AS SUCH…YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE MAKING THE ARROGANT CLAIM THAT THE Y ARE.
          I’m not making a fool of myself, you’re the one coming on here attempting to make yourself out to be some sort of expert on cultural marxism, a premise which is farcical given that the test subjects in question have not identified as such.
          “Why would i read the work of a Jew”
          Oh and now we can add “anti semite” to your list of intellectual war crimes lol. you’re batting a thousand my friend. If you really can’t understand what the author meant when he joined the words liberal with fascism then you really haven’t been paying much needed attention to the american political landscape. Pathos on you.
          You sir are an arrogant and sciolist anti semitic dolt who thinks he knows more than someone else simply because he slams his fingers hard on his keyboard while typing. You are forbidden from replying to me anymore. I refuse to waste any further brain cells on anything new that you would post so far.
          We do agree on one thing, you do come across like a fascist. Congratulations. You’ve proven to me just how much of a POS you really are.

        11. Voltaire’s purported antisemtism is open to speculation, since there are pro and con points to be made in that regard. Did you just google that, or did someone of equal or greater ignorance tell it to you?
          “It does not require great art, or magnificently trained eloquence, to prove that
          Christians should tolerate each other. I, however, am going further: I say that
          we should regard all men as our brothers. What? The Turk my brother? The
          Chinaman my brother? The Jew? The Siam? Yes, without doubt; are we not all
          children of the same father and creatures of the same God?”
          -A treaty on toleration -1763
          Yes his antisemtism is so rock solid! lol
          “Maybe you should learn another quote to aid you in your desperate attempt to appear well read and intellectual”
          Maybe you should stop trolling me in your pathetic attempt to superimpose your sciolist inclinations on minds far more capable, scholarly and objective than yours.
          “Every man has a right to utter what he thinks truth, and every other man has a right to knock him down for it.” -Samuel Johnson
          I don’t support anyone that supports the view that children should be sexually abused, but in comparing that to the examples of fascism as demonstrated by the people Roosh mentioned, your comparision fails in trying to connect a view that supports a crime with a view that supports an abuse of free speech. It’s not quite the same, so your point there is fundamentally flawed.

        12. When someone is speaking figuratively, such as me saying you should go “to the ends of the earth” and like Diogenes try to find someone of particular significance to be enlightened by, which in your case would be a quest to find an ignorance and arrogance to rival your own. Don’t be surprised if you die never having fufilled your quest.

        13. I wouldnt defend his right to broadcast a video because technological expression of speech is not a right. I would prefer instead that youtube ask him to keep his controversial speech limited to an audience of legal age. He can be removed from youtube just as easily as you or i can from ROK . Still, i would defend his right to say his mind in the public square, even if i disagree with it. Unpopular speech/disgusting speech is not a matter for you or anyone else to censor. That is unconstitutional and the Founders would not be in favor of that orwellian approach.
          Btw having to inject invective into your commentary (as well as the profanity you are becoming infamous for) only serves to emphasize how little in the way of intellectual consideration you bring to philosophical arguments.

        14. Point by point:
          1) You didn’t define Cultural Marxism because you
          don’t know what it is. What you did was confuse Marxism, with Cultural
          Marxism, and tried to debunk me. You failed. I politely suggested you
          look into Cultural Marxism. Here I made the mistake of believing you had
          a sincere interest in politics. Now I know you simply use cliched
          quotes, and parrot crap from what is probably the only “political” book
          you’ve ever read. The mainstream reviews of Liberal Fascism by the way,
          are overwhelmingly negative, with many characterising it as showing a
          lack of historical understanding and ultimately being nonsensical – The
          exact reasons I gave for not wanting to read it. Go to the Liberal
          Fascism Wiki page if you want to see these reviews for yourself. Even
          the positive reviews suggest that the author plagiarised others work,
          call it “flawed”, and state “he strains and pushes his evidence too far
          to convince the reader that
          these paragons of liberalism can be called fascist in any sense of the
          term.” …Yes, these are the POSITIVE reviews, and they agree with my
          intial assesment, which i made simply from the title of the book. So,
          it’s bullshit for superficial idiots. It’s written by a Jew, and it’s
          promoted to historically and politically ignorant Goyim like you,
          through the Jewish New York Times, to turn a quick buck and confuse you.
          Then, when someone like me offers you primary source material on
          Fascism, or suggest you investigate Cultural Marxism, you don’t want to
          know, because it isn’t trendy. What a hipster faggot you are!
          “cultural marxist and a cultural fascist could be of the same
          philosophical phenotype?”…No. Cultural Marxism (notice it is a
          capitalised pronoun) refers to a very specific ideology. Cultural
          Fascism, is not used as a descriptor for a specific ideology. Infact,
          unlike the term Cultural Marxism (I would say Google Professor Kevin
          Macdonald…but, what’s the point), it isn’t used at all by any academic
          I’m aware of . The closest thing to it may be the term Neo-Fascism,
          which doesn’t relate to CM at all.
          3) Fascism does refer only to a
          specific political doctrine when used correctly. When used incorrectly
          it is used by morons to describe something they just happen not to
          like. Interestingly, according to the Wiki page, Liberal Fascism
          apparently discusses this misappropriation of the term, which makes me
          wonder whether you have even read the book yourself, and if so, how much of it
          you have actually understood.
          4) Are we really down to this level?
          by your logic, all those dudes in prison need to be let out of pretty
          damn quick, they don’t self identify as guilty, so they can’t be can
          5) “Intellectual War crimes”…hmm…
          6) Yes I am an
          anti-semite. So far you have demonstrated insufficient cognitive
          ability, and political and historical awareness, to merit trying to
          explain this to you.
          What I will say is before you quote Voltaire again, perhaps you should do a bit of a study on what he had to say about the Jews.
          (I’ve noticed you now want to dispute Voltaire’s anti-semitism…Dude, there is quote after quote from Voltaire about the kikes. Or maybe you’d prefer to read what Mark Twain, Benjamin Franklin, Martin Luther, Diodorus Siculus, Henry Ford, Thomas Aquina, Franz Liszt, George Washington, Richard Wagner, Friedrich Nietzsche, or just about any other great man of history had to say about them…It will make interesting googling, of course, you won’t do it though will you?)
          Lol, forbidding me from replying? How is that working out for you
          dickhead? Also, isn’t that a little hypocritical? Isn’t that the sort of
          suppression of speech you critcised me for advocating?
          you the big free speech champion, Mr ” “I disapprove of what you say,
          but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” ?
          So basically dude, your dumb.
          kinda pissed I had to spend this long addressing a retard, but you just
          got so much wrong, and mischaracterised my argument so badly, that it
          had to be done.
          Of course, if you had a pair of balls, you’d have
          admitted your own ignorance, and this could have ended in a civil way.
          But…obviously not.
          Lol, whilst typing this,i’ve just seen that you’ve replied to my other messages. Man, I can’t rip you to shreds over those as well, this one took me too long. You go on your merry way, throwing your quotes around, from people you’ve never read, about things you really don’t understand…A fool is happy in his ignorance.
          Take care cupcake.

        15. 1: No i didnt define it because i didnt think it pertained to the people Roosh highlighted. And allow me to correct you on something else. You didnt use the term “cultural marxists” to identify them, you said they were “culturally marxist” which is not exactly the same thing. You were essentially referring them as marxists, just those who have a cultural appeal. The words area ambiguous enough so as not to trigger an immediate belief that you were referring to a specific term. You did NOT call them CULTURAL marxists which would have told me you were specifically referring to them as the western offshoots of european marxism. This is why i thought you meant they were simply marxists, because you didnt use the term specifically as it related to the offshoot philosophy. Your other mistake is assuming that “liberal fascism” is the only book i’ve read on the subject of american bred fascism. Your next mistake is not realizing that liberal fascism is referring to the political ideology of liberalism that in modern day terms behaves in such a militant fashion that it can only be described as fascism. The rest of the profane banality you inject here only serves to emphasize how little in the way of actual iq you have. Here’s a news flash: when you have a strong argument you dont need to inject profanity into your arguments in order to emphasize some point. You are a poor excuse for a debater and a sorry excuse for a thinker.
          2: My only mistake here is assuming you understood the use of the word “phenotype” when i used it to link CM with CF. It’s apparent that you don’t. This explains your pedestrian understanding of how the two exhibit similar approaches in regards to their particular militant viewpoints.
          3: Oh i see…so fascism is only used correctly when describing what, the italian ww2 type? Lmao how farsical of you. I mentioned earlier how you were confusing philosophy with party and here you are proving my point. Your argument is tantamount to saying a person shouldnt call a democrat a conservative because conservatives are only republicans lol. Get a clue junior. While fascism can be used in regards to a party it is not strictly limited to a party…which is why people who behave in fascist manners can indeed be considered fascists (like the people Roosh highlighted) bcause their actions demonstrate that they believe in totalitarianism…the philosophy that the State should have absolute authority over people to punish those with a differing opinion(s). NONE of the people Roosh highlighted have stated that they believe in Marxism, cultural or otherwise, but by their ACTIONS they have identified themselves as fascists, because they believe that people should be punished for having opinions that differ from their own. I tried to offer you an olive branch by saying they could possibly be cultural marxists as well, but your ego and arrogance wouldn’t allow you to accept it. Does that spell it out for you, or should i draw you a map?
          4: Nothing but banality here…moving along.
          5: Yup.
          6: It’s pointless to have an intellectual exchange with someone who bases their ideals on prejudicial influences. This is like trying to have a cultural conversation about the merits of the harlem renassaince with a kkklan member. Let me guess…the holocaust was “made up” too right?
          For the record i never said i was a fanboy of Voltaire, i merely mentioned his name as a quote from him as a means of agreeing with SOMEONE else who did the same..that’s it! So why are you getting all flummoxed over my feelings about V when A: I mentioned him in brevity and B: It was simply to offer a quote that i agreed with? I dont give a flying feces what you think of Voltaire, my only point in regard to your contention about him (which i will again state) is that given his work, his antisemitism is open to speculation and is therefore not “rock solid.” That’s it! Are you that much of a narcissist
          that you absolutely have to have anyone agree with you? You’re as bad as the people Roosh highlighted. Get lost, go find yourself a page where your abrasive banality can be better appreciated, ASSID TOOTH.
          7: lol i figured you’d reply with a pavlovian comment like that. What’s the matter..can’t take a little humor? Don’t get all butthurt over it. I was merely asking you in a farcical manner to stop trolling me, since it’s obvious you don’t have anything more to share than banality, epithet and a narcissism that is completely unfounded. You’re a waste of brain cells and conversations with you are the equivalent of a lobotomy.

        16. To answer your questions (from another thread);
          Yes I am a racialist (or racist if your
          prefer, though that term when applied to me, by defintion, i.e. someone
          who holds an unscientific view of race, I would argue,is a misnomer).
          Yes I am a “Holocaust Denier”.
          Again, your demonstrated refusal
          to critically investigate opposing views to your own, renders any
          attempted justification of my position on the subjects of race and the
          “Holocaust” entirely pointless, so I will leave it there.
          is a powerful linguistic tool. Though I agree profanity is often used
          in place of rational and well reasoned argument, I did also address your points.
          As far as your
          word “phenotype” goes, it wasn’t the case that I didn’t understand what
          you were trying to convey with the usage of the word. Rather, the
          context in which you used it was utterly bizarre, and suggested a desperate
          attempt to appear more intelligent than you are. Still, I addressed your
          point, and purposefully didn’t address your persistent peculiar usage and misusage
          of words, so as not to be pedantic.
          I think the problem is you confuse Fascism with oppressive militarism, totalitarianism and authoritarianism.
          Any adherents to an ideology can incorporate those attributes into the outward expression of that ideology, whether it be Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Marxism, National Socialism etc.
          can’t keep going over this, because you lack the intellectual honesty
          and humility to concede that maybe you are wrong (and you are), or even
          explore an alternative view point. Instead you fill your writings with
          verbose and superfluous terminology, and have turned the conversation into a meaningless and self indulgent excersise of intellectual masturbation.
          However, I’ve been thinking about this free speech issue, and I will concede that you may actually be right.
          Perhaps people should have the right to say whatever they like, but this total free speech should necessitate that others have the right to discriminate against them based on the content of that speech (or for any other reason for that matter – which is the essence of free association).
          So, if a gay man wants to talk about fingering his butt on youtube, then fine. But, people should not only have the right to offer an opinion as to how dispicable his perversion is, they should have the right to not employ him, not sell him food, not provide him power, not come to his assistance should he be victim to physical assault (note I am not advocating physical assault), deny him medical treatment, and so on and so forth.
          So, actually, I suppose I am the ultimate Libertarian. You don’t want to allow white people into your bars (as many Japanese don’t – which I respect them for), then you shouldn’t have to. You don’t want to give a black man or a white racist a job because you don’t like black men or white racists, then you shouldn’t have to. You don’t want to allow gays in your church, then you shouldn’t have to etc.
          And it should cut the other way too.
          If you only want to hire whites, or gays, then you should be allowed to. You want a black only school, then fine, or an Asian only sports club, go for it.
          But most people actually don’t want the responsibility of living like that. They want to have their cake and eat it. They want to shape society according to egalitarian principles, in a reality that is determined by natural laws and organising principles are fundamentally unegalitarian.
          So the problem is that they fail to see an “egalitarian” society can not exist, because society is not removed from the mechanism and consequences of those unegalitarian organising principles.
          So I concede, you are correct, free speech is the ideal. However, it is only possible in a world of total freedom, so before you advocate total free speech, consider whether you would be happy to live in a world where you could lawfully be denied a job because you are not white?

        17. Thanks for hijacking the comment sections of this article with your mutually pointless, pseudo-intellectual argument about nothing, assholes.

        18. You can thank the acid tongue troll for that. I’m just defending myself.
          And if you think we are adding nothing to the article, then what do you think you’re adding by attacking us?

        19. Whatever you want to call yourself, race is something that should never influence your position or particular viewpoint in regards to other people. Given what you just said, would you state that you hold the same views on race that Darwin did?
          Since your opposing view about the holocaust is the minority one, i would thank you to provide me with more evidence than your virtual verbiage on which to go on. You can’t tell me I’m not willing to research something when you are clearly not willing to provide evidence to support a view which is fringe, to say the least. That is lackadaisical debating.
          Profanity is the intellectual path of least resistance in that it allows someone to make a point using an exclamation point without bothering to make a point in everything before it.
          You don’t strike me as a total ignoramus, so i find it pitiable that you resort to these kinds of polemics to get your perspective across. Debate is the fuel which feeds the engine of the mind, but profanity is like sugar in the tank in that regard: It doesn’t further higher discourse, it only distracts and ends up sabotaging it. Take it from someone who has engaged in hundreds of debates for almost 2 decades with minds far more capable than yours. If you want people to take your POV seriously, give your conversation the legitimacy it needs by being civilized. There is no rule that says self identified fascists have to be a-holes, especially when we seem to agree that the people Roosh highlighted are a used condom stain on the bedroom floor of America.
          The word phenotype is defined on google as “the set of observable characteristics of an individual resulting from the interaction of its genotype with the environment”
          Genotype itself is also defined as “the genetic constitution of an individual organism”
          When i used the word in my correlation of fascists and cultural marxists, i did so to indicate that (philosophically speaking) their superficial actions are similar because their motivations are similar. How is that “bizarre” to you? You take my usage of the word as a means of trying to impress you, when nothing could be further from the truth. You give yourself more credit than you deserve. A simple read through my many comments on here will tell you that i enjoy utilizing a sophisticated vernacular as a matter of habit, and not to impress anyone, including you. Perhaps you should have researched me a bit more before you made such an obviously sciolistic remark.
          I’m not confusing anything, I’m using the word “fascist” to describe fascists and you seem to be deriding me because I’m not using it to describe Italian fascism, as if my usage was somehow inappropriate and worthy of derision.
          A simple scan across this website will point to ROK authors who also use the word “fascist” to describe people who behave in oppressive manners, which is what these SJW/F’s that Roosh described are prone to do.
          You may disagree with my usage of it, but it doesn’t make your view any more correct than mine.
          Finally, your latter comments are not constitutionally compliant. The civil rights act of 64 bars any such activity that you seem to favor, excluding those you involved homosexuals in. In regards to them, your views run the risk of turning them into martyrs for their cause by furthering their belief that theirs is a civil rights crusade just as it was for Blacks. Given your views earlier, i am sure you would not be in favor of this.
          I took you for a libertarian earlier, but perhaps that may not be correct. When you say people should have the right to not sell to homosexuals, or to only employ homosexuals, how exactly could this come about, if not by government mandate?
          Libertarians typically don’t want government telling them how to do or not do things which are a part of social environment (drugs, prostitution, homo marriage and so forth) and since you oppose homo marriage (i think) and homos period, the term libertarian doesn’t seem to fit you. I would say you are operating on some sort of religious fundamentalism but that too seems inappropriate, since you’ve made no indication you possess faith nor that you are basing your views on theological grounds.
          So what then to use to describe you? I’ll leave that to you, since I’m not in the business of labeling people without doing the necessary research first. I prefer to take existing labels and expand on them further. Your self identification of “fascist” is the only thing i am going by, and given your particularly unpleasant manner in addressing me,
          i used that to expand further on my perspective of you.
          I will say this, the people who “want their cake and to eat it too” are those who operate similar to the lotophagi of old: they want to believe they are making a cultural impact for the better, when in reality their chronic ignorance is helping shape a world that can only serve to collapse in on itself as a result of a shoddy foundation. They believe that fairness in all things can come about through populist persuasion and government force, and if the government involvement is lacking due to the government not being large enough, they want to feed the beast in order to get the results they want. This is why these SJWFM’s (social justice warrior fascist marxists) vote for people who believe in expanding government, not realizing that these very same people once in government will live by the phrase of “what the government giveth, it can also take away.”
          They operate under the narcotic haze of ignorance that the bigger government political Dealerships get them hooked on.
          but i digress…
          I never said i wanted a world of total freedom. Even something like freedom must be balanced on the scale of self restraint and constitutional compliance, otherwise you run the risk of inviting an atmosphere of anarchy where only the lawless would flourish.

  12. Has anyone recently seen all the threats Matt Forney has been receiving?
    My God. These degenerate feminist assholes are really giving their own sex a bad name. ROK simply points out the flaws, and somehow, we are the bad guys?
    Fuck those shitheads. I can’t wait for the final economic collapse. When the Titanic sinks, its not going to be every woman and child, but every man for himself.
    Then we will see how these degenerate women in today’s society will survive.
    For too long men have been pushed around. Women can never lead or survive. That is why society is going to fully collapse in the future.

    1. That’s not the way I see it.
      I think our beta daddies and grand daddies gave away the farm to women because it was momentarily beneficial. The beta male never had it so good after WW 2 with easy access to high paying labor and young women. A beta male father is the one who teaches his son how to interact with women and he is also the one who passively accepts feminism so long as he still has a job and access to a warm hole.
      The beta is the most greedy … he expects stability and rewards which exceed his own merit …. but he will not defend the state from feminism so long as he is protected.
      Fuck 75 percent of American men. I support the elite.

        1. Thanks, I’m more of a Platonist who accepts Nietzschean morality though. Rand fetishizes economic productivity too much.
          My father was/is a beta provider … I know the mind of these men so well … Seething with resentment under the facade of a smile. They will throw you under the bus quicker than any woman.

    2. Holy shit that article has over 2400 comments…wtf happened? Can anyone summarize ? I’m guessing bunch of behemoths from jezzble or some shit came in dry?

      1. The article went viral after which angry women and their eunuchs (who clearly couldn’t handle the truth) invaded and polluted the comment section.

        1. A good number of the accounts were fake.
          It was driven by two feminists using the same IP from minnesota. Named lacy and melinda.

        2. Haha that’s hilarious. Bunch of fat cunts, you never see people from ROK go and waste their time on their shit website.

    3. I just visited the Forney page…
      I just gotta say… the constant influx of chicks and their scripted banter is absolutely hilarious. I’ve never been on the forum of a viral article but the responses are jokes.
      I just wanted to give 1000 props to Aadrianno for literally calling every single poster on that thread a slut… The man is on a rampage at the front lines and its hilarious XD

      1. Forney had to fly to Asia for sex. It’s so ironic that he’s getting attacked by women he couldn’t score with.

        1. There is already shaming of men that go abroad to find good women. “He’s taking advantage of her!”, “Creep!”, “He can’t handle an independent woman!”.
          These are all quite silly really… By bringing them the higher value of the dollar, he is actually doing them a favour financially. If anything, these feministas should be thanking him for helping women out around the world… Its more than they’ve ever done.

        2. I believe we should slut shame and omega shame.
          I won’t consider what Forney is doing to be omega, but there is an element of pathetic-ness if the only reason he went is for sex. What roosh does is different, because he can get laid in America. I think the racial component of the fat white guy going to Asia to screw poor Asian girls a little depressing and creepy.

        3. Oh, those second-rate, bargain basement Asian girls. Poor Matt Forney. Water finds its own level, right?

        4. “He can’t handle an independent woman!”
          no man or anyone for that matter should even attempt to handle an independent woman lest that independent woman will end up less independent. independent women must be left alone and to their own devices, any woman claim to be independent and still need a man other than for material gain is basically a liar or simply a moron who can not put 2+2 together.

        5. Its such a huge Catch 22 for a man nowadays its ridiculous…
          Just a couple days ago I notice on my FB feed this girl I’ve known for years announcing “New Boyfriend!”
          There is absolutely no mention of the guy she was with for the last 5 years last I checked about a month ago… Her ex boyfriend, a hard-working engineer, basically funded her completely to live with him for all those years… she hasn’t held down a steady job since I’ve met her. Financially he had to move out of Toronto to be able to afford everything… And voila! Now she is with some goth-dude who lives in Toronto.
          This isn’t what really bothered me about this situation though… Even though that alone (and the countless examples similar to that) are enough to make one question if you should invest yourself emotionally and financially into any woman at all. What truly bothered me… was all the girls on her Facebook replying to her proclamation with… “OMG So Happy For You!!!”, “He better treat you like gold!!!”, “Just stalked this new boy, he’s really cute!”
          Not one of these women mentioned her previous boyfriend… AT ALL. Not one of them wondered if he was ok or what his fate would be. His function was purely to provide extended residence for said girl… He could end up dead and no one would give a shit.
          This is the reason as a young guy I’m totally confused as to what to do… Do I allow myself to get fucked by the system just to reproduce? Or do I bank on carving some kind of alternative path? The alternative path seems awfully lonely and hard… But I think I’d end up killing myself if I sold out completely to an unjust system… Basically I can’t believe how utterly bleak things seem to be… And worst of all… If you speak of these things openly you get accused of Thought Crime.

        6. Women don’t give a shit because the feminist narrative is about control and power (not equality). Once the old boyfriend was out (no longer of use) it didn’t matter to her (or any other woman) what happens to him.
          You have to love women, today, for of their bullshit. Yes, stay away from women in the west because they truly are entitled.

        7. I love this quote from Rollo tomassi “Men love idealistically and women love opportunistically”
          As a man i have found out that not just women but society in general does not give you sympathy thats just the way it is and i have come to understand and accept that. When i decide to have children and continue my bloodline i will go in with both my eyes open and take measures that will help insure my physical well-being as well as my mental and financial.

        8. No sympathy for the chump. Never cohabitate. What an obviously stupid idea to play house with a chick who’s not your wife. Either she’s marriage material and you get hitched, or she needs her own damn place and sleeps there all but one night a week. Non-negotiable.

        9. I wouldn’t until you can speak your mind in this country without getting accused of thought crime. Unaccountability leads to mediocrity, idiocy, dishonor and destruction. Why take a chance with that put into human form.

  13. The only way you can be a “man”, and still be accepted by these freaks, is to either suck dicks or vote Democrat.

  14. First off, damned. Talking to feminist after feminist after mangina after misandrist is tough as heck! I fear I lost some IQ points going back and forth with a few of them. What I did observe is this, there are cowards. Was it Batman who coined criminals are a superstitious and cowardly lot? Same as a social justice warrior. Their biggest weapons are their voices and crowd mentality. Get them alone or stare them down it becomes apparent they stand for nothing and hope the crowd will back them whenever they utter anything. Now fighting them on the internet, there is no way to win. The floods will come, and they will come for hours. They are mass cloned arguments and very little. A fool will bring you down to their level and win every time.
    I think the tools to stand our ground were in one of the past arguments addressing the crowds cowardice. We need not convince them of anything. Just be firm as a person, respect their opinion the whole way through, and point out their inconsistencies. Like hunting, separate them from the herd.

    1. Once they start attacking you instead of the argument, you have won. IF they stay on point, which doesn’t happen usually because they are arguing from a place of delusion or moral bankruptcy, they may have valid information… maybe. If they get a bunch of sock puppets to inundate you with attacks means you really scored a point!

      1. I couldn’t agree more. Very interesting experience. It was the outrage that got them to start but when the emotions subsided, they had little to nothing to say. I guess there is no point in asking a feminist what they are fighting for. Maybe it is all just an outlet for hidden emotions.

        1. They all have the same insults all across the internet:
          “I cant believe men like you still exist. Dont reproduce. Misogynist pig. Go to hell idiot. What if that was your mother/daughter. Wow, just wow. Little dick and live in your mothers basement. Mommy issues”
          Its like they have a script theyre reading from. No logical arguments. Its not just women either, too many white knights take the same role. The comments section on this site is a rare place on the internet where guys can argue without it turning into a bitchfest.

        2. They all have the same insults all across the internet:
          “I cant believe men like you still exist. Dont reproduce. Misogynist pig. Go to hell idiot. What if that was your mother/daughter. Wow, just wow. Little dick and live in your mothers basement. Mommy issues”
          Its like they have a script theyre reading from. No logical arguments. Its not just women either, too many white knights take the same role. The comments section on this site is a rare place on the internet where guys can argue without it turning into a bitchfest.

        3. I noticed that too. They also seem to not know how to think. Far too often some woman would ask where is this article, or who approved this study or even dance around initiating logic into a discussion. Revealing stuff.
          One thing I will say, I never realized how much dealing with other masculine guys meant until I dealt with all of those women. I’m sure publicly I could excuse what they were saying but without a face as a filter, watching their arguments was like watching a rat going through a 3 turn race. There was only so many moves they could make and clearly not worth watching
          I forget the person but at one point a white knight came in to say something about appreciated homosexuality and you could smell the mangina on him. I could only pray I was never so bad

        4. Yeah seriously… Even when someone proves me wrong its amazing to experience a moment of making sense.

        5. I saw that you got attacked and I read as much as I could stomach before clicking out. So much hamstering going on, they almost prove that people with tattoos have a mental illness by wishing someone eternity in hell because of an internet comment.
          I dated one of these feminist SJW’s in college and her and all of her friends were all nutcases. They all had therapists and popped antidepressants and anxiety pills daily and were all sluts. So obviously their biggest cause was anti-slut shaming. Thats why I bet almost all of the warriors that attacked you have some tattoos that they think make them unique and special. Hearing that they are really just common and generic, exactly what theyre trying to run away from, must hurt them to the core.

        6. That was a mess! I’ve never been so angry at such a large group of people. Not even in the you’ve invoked righteous indignation sense but the how can you have such a hive mind sense. After a while it became quite easy to smell ‘bitch’. Not sure if that brought on a different level of alpha, but in my head rang one thought, I’ll be damned if I’m slut shamed into apologizing to anyone over my beliefs. Especially with how vile and ignorant they were.
          On the plus, got a better look at feminist America. Wonder how many men who went through WW would be turning over in their graves over the bitch made sons in America today.

        7. you haven’t been here long, have you? It turns into a bitchfest quite frequently, despite liberal banhammer application.

        8. Surprised about the white knights?
          A white knight(what we call a “symp” in the real world) is just a man who has been so badly feminized it’s a wonder his balls haven’t shriveled up into two ovaries.

        9. You forgetting the most common insult used by them and that is you’r a virgin. It’s like for a man being a virgin is the equivalent of a female being a slut, both bottom in the desirability of their respective sexes.

        10. I take it you never had the opportunity to have a guy respond to you before? Men, or shall I call them “men”, who have zero intelligence just regurgitate “white knight”, “phaggot”, “snowflake”, “sloot”, “cock carousel”, “mangina”, or any number of meaningless little buzzwords created for collective zombie-thought. I’ll take the feminist scrip reading over the dudebros’ douche-speak, Dad.

    2. Notice that never ever come at their ‘enemies’ alone? Rather they come in with a huge horde of people behind them or they never come at all. Which is the ultimate proof that they are cowards. Even with a massive grope behind them all they can manage to do is troll and throw around 3rd grade insults as if they were original. A very sad a pathetic group of people.

      1. What scares me most is if it were off line I’m sure I might have been attracted to one. Were women always so vapid? Seems like raising kids around that may bee horrifying.

      2. “Notice that never ever come at their ‘enemies’ alone? ”
        It’s the obverse side of united we stand, divided we fall. Prey animals run in herds. Swarming is their only offensive tactic.
        “A very sad a pathetic group of people.”
        They’re rabbits. They only think they are cape buffalo.

      3. Huh? Do you openly talk about your pro-Roosh views at work or in a public forum with your full name on display?

    3. Agree. A one on one debate means you’ll eventually end up at a logical conclusion (your side) and a ridiculous, endless loop (her side) because there is no logic.
      I’ve had plenty of these conversations with women and it all comes down to “just because”. That’s it….just because? Fucking hilarious.

      1. Damn true! My head is still reeling from debating with them. I can probably talk with more but I feel like I need a mental break. I posted my final thoughts on this whole thing in a response to Nana Bu. I think her name is reference to a childhood taunt. Either way, check it out.
        With regards to the arguments, it is designed like a battering ram as opposed to a lock picking. If your boundaries are solid you will. They are only using pitch forks and torches. That does nothing to iron and steel. If you have wood for boundaries, it’s all kindling. Best believe you will see them coming long before they attack. It is the assault to be mindful of. Because it doesn’t stop

  15. Its times like this that I embrace God and death.
    I know there will never be a solution on Earth, but I thank all of you men on this website as a reminder, that I am not alone.

    1. Same here.
      I can’t point put my finger on it, but in times like this, after reading such depressing articles, I become confident there is something “up there” bigger than everything, and will put an end to this mess. Call this “reality” or God,, or absolute, it’s the same thing. Funny thing I was raised an Atheist, but my mind can’t feel but being attracted to the Biblical texts now…

  16. I am a pre op trans-centaur and I DEMAND to be referred to as such!
    Pronouns: They, Gerbil or Centaurkind

  17. This will all have to collapse under its own weight at some point. Body positive gay hypersexual post-op transmollusks cannot run a functional society.

    1. I wouldn’t be so sure. They make great useful idiots for totalitarian regimes, which tend to dominate the globe.

      1. Any system will go bust with enough internal and external pressure. A whole generation is about to come of age raised in post 9/11 America on third wave feminism and anti-racism. All this progressivism promises a better tomorrow but if it doesn’t come people will lose faith. The victories are few and far in between for the left; how triumphant can they be about gay marriage being legalized and for how long? What about women earning less than men but only writing about it and advocating quotas? No more big “victories” are coming in a country and culture in decline. The pendulum will have to swing. And that’s when the mindset will start to change.

        1. Too many brainwashed people. The Western world is going totalitarian before it collapses, many decades from now in a similar fashion to the Soviet Union. The framework is firmly in place for a relatively smooth transition to authoritarian govt. The Millennials will accept it without a fight at all. They will be the last generation in the US to experience civil rights.

        2. I already posted this aldous huxley quote, but I think it’s worth posting it again because it’s exactly what we”re living :
          “A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the
          all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of
          managers control a population of slaves who do not have
          to be coerced because they love their servitude.
          As political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom
          tends compensatingly to increase. And the dictator will do well
          to encourage that freedom. In conjunction with the freedom to
          daydream under the influence of dope and movies and the radio,
          it will help to reconcile his subjects to the servitude which is
          their fate.”

  18. This is alerady happening everywhere. People are so scared to be vocal about their opinions anywhere. It’s sad really…

      1. I often wonder why that is. Maybe he receives funding. Or maybe he knows that people are programmed from birth to white knight for them. Or maybe he just doesn’t know

        1. I saw someone post that conspiracy theories are beta.
          Hehe. Yea, I guess some plebs think they have it all figured out. Chug that beer and eat that hamburger.

  19. Roosh, pick yourself up man. They are not the majority, nor are they all-powerful warriors. I thought your “bowing down” was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, but your demeanor in the video tells another story. Collectively as a society, not just ROK readers, we have to start stamping out this ridiculous agenda that’s being rammed down our throats by those select few who control the media. If each guy on this site neutralized / exposed / enlightened just one of these deviant, deranged extremists, then the world would be a tangibly better place within months. These people are just sad little victims in the end, likely abused and shit on when they were kids, so no need to elevate their abilities beyond which we can’t mitigate. Agreed?

    1. they’re not the majority, but they do have the most echos in the echo-chamber. I’m sure that can be changed

    1. HAHAHA! So true. There are millions just like him in every rotten corner of this country. I’m glad they are all scared of guns, otherwise they would be a real force.

      1. I know, what I meant was there is a clear difference in mentality between Western European countries such as Belgium, France or UK and Eastern Europe such as Poland, Ukraine etc.

        1. fair enough, although its a difference that’s getting smaller IMO. I am currently in eastern europe and it doesn’t seem as eastern as it used to be

  20. Everyone go to Matt Forney’s twitter and read up on all the asshurt comments he is getting from them. He re-tweets all of them so you can see them on his twitter page. Is everyone with tattoos that narcissistic and immature? They are too dumb to realize that traffic they are sending here they are just making website bigger. In fact, i had to wait all afternoon today just to get on here.

    1. One afternoon? Hell, I’ve been camped out in line for 2 days to get in. Those feminists crashed the comment gate like it was Woodstock and now the fat fools won’t climb off!

    2. Social degenracy has exploded. I got accused of being a cancer and even gay. LOL.
      Degenerates everywhere. My head spins.

  21. Who’s that fa**ot in the caption picture with purple hair? I can hear his grating, lisp-y voice right now.

  22. Roosh, please remind ROK readers to not watch feminist videos because often people are paid for each view. Hate clicking is still clicking.

  23. My local butcher at the supermarket said to a couple of the guys who worked there “hey ladies” when they rocked up to work, just having a bit of a laugh. Some feminist bitch complained to supermarket management about how degrading it was.
    I give Australia a generation at the most and feel sorry for the poor old guys who fought for this decaying pile of human filth.

  24. You can be as fat as you like, however, when you are hospitalized, wipe your own ass. Don’t expect me or others to do it for you unless you are in a coma you tub of lard.
    Yo Roosh, are we having another fat shaming week?

  25. The game isn’t lost by a long shot. These sjw’s only have some façade of power as long as the lights are on and the society keeps functioning in its present degradation. It is the heterosexual, masculine men that build the roads, harvest the food, keep the electricity flowing, invent the machines that make modern western life possible. They are taking the slaps in the face day by day, but there is only so much they will take before they either rebel or walk away from this merry-go-round. Look at the blue hair on that weasel…. these people are a bad joke that is being taken seriously by many people. Its fucked up but if history teaches us anything its this shit can’t go on!

  26. Alternatively we could develop and use a different utube type site. This is the eventual step that needs to occur. They will keep doing this until we have control over our own content. If there was a site created run and owned by rp people it would be immune to this type of bs

  27. Sorry, but Sam Pepper was/is/will probably continue to be, an asshole. If he grabbed my wife, or daughter, he’d have had his head handed to him. You can call this mob action, I think YouTube has a business interest in preventing perverts from using YT for their fucking thrills.

    1. Was just a prank, nothing wrong there. You’d do this in the Czech Republic nobody would give a f.

  28. These other guys and gal/guy/whatever are a bunch of slime. We’re going to need another YouTube.

  29. If you guys want a good laugh, go onto Youtube and watch that tub’o lard Kendall Rae blabbering about her “eating disorder”. She also states that she has “medical problems” but will discuss them in another video posting. Lack of self control and not pushing the plate away is obviously a medical problem. No wonder these young women are so large.

  30. Nothing we can do? I know exactly what we can do: Kill every fucking SJW out there. Do you think “Alpha Males” go on the defensive? Do you think they appease these degenerates? They wipe out their enemies who would see them dead. Damn the fucking morality! This is about survival!

  31. To be fair, Pepper was assaulting people, and videos of committing a crime are technically against Youtube’s policies.
    Not to excuse the supercensors, but I’d have forced the video down too.

  32. “I love trying new things. So, these are fruit snacks that we’re going to try now” – Some American broad

  33. The way that guy dances and claps in that video…I almost threw up.
    Jesus Christ, how did men end up like this?

  34. “That diet is not working . . .”
    She loads up on cookie dough protein bars before she goes to bed so that she doesn’t live off her body while she sleeps.
    I’m not sure she understands what losing weight is.
    Roosh: If I have any major criticism of your videos it’s that you have a billiard table flat affect. It results in a double plus ungood uncanny valley, as you clearly are human, but come across as a synthetic.
    It was good to see you get the giggles over this clueless wonder. Do that some more.

  35. Sorry, but I do not and will not “bow down” to any of these severely damaged people.

  36. That picture… reminds me of something someone posted on facebook. It was in Europe where Nationalists were protesting and progressives were protesting right back.
    Guess which side had dyed hair and generally looked like grown children?

  37. Internet vigilantism is on the rise. So far, digital avengers have more or less limited their activities to shaming and exposing pedophiles, con men and giant douchebags. However, one can easily see a future where the moral-minded folks dish their harsh citizen justice out on anyone who steps outside the tight parameters of their idea of acceptable behavior.

  38. well, the 1st amendment protects ALL speech INCLUDING UNPOPULAR speech and the 2nd guarantees that those that understand the constitution can back their words with action. the group mentioned above does not understand the bill of rights in its entirety especially when the LGBT (MOUSE, i can’t keep up) decided in it’s ‘wisdom’ to politicize their sexuality and demand more false rights than the bill of rights cover.Oh please, don’t call me a hater. I am much much worse than a hater to them I am….apathetic.

  39. well, the 1st amendment protects ALL speech INCLUDING UNPOPULAR speech and the 2nd guarantees that those that understand the constitution can back their words with action. the group mentioned above does not understand the bill of rights in its entirety especially when the LGBT (MOUSE, i can’t keep up) decided in it’s ‘wisdom’ to politicize their sexuality and demand more false rights than the bill of rights cover.Oh please, don’t call me a hater. I am much much worse than a hater to them I am….apathetic.

  40. Feminist Logic:
    –“Gender is a social construct.”
    –“Homosexuality is genetic.”

    1. Great observation. I’ll add this as well:
      –“Have fun with your right hand/masturbating your whole life is pathetic”
      –“Two men boning each other in the ass, spreading HIV is beautiful love”
      –“All you do is jerk off in your mothers basement you are a loser”
      –“it’s MY sexuality and I’ll be slut and do whatever I WANT without being shamed!!!”

    “Lacy Green… who’s thinking is just not… careful…”
    Said with your own ***utterly*** careless thinking.
    I’ll take you through it, since you seem too dumb to see it yourself:
    1. The witch hunt did not censor YouTube; YOUTUBE ADMINS censored YouTube.
    2. B/C the video was in clear violation of YouTube standards.
    3. To which “Freedom of Speech” does not apply.
    4. Nor should it.
    5. Or else things like beheadings, hate-propaganda, porn, rape, snuff films, etc. would be able to be posted too.
    6. Your whole argument about “be careful when posting your beliefs” is a severe distortion of reality, b/c
    7. This guy was not posting videos of “his beliefs”
    8. He was posting videos of himself committing petty criminal assault.
    9. So your use of the word “beliefs” is awful careless thinking.
    9a. (Verging on the delusional.)
    10. And once again, you demonstrate how to be stupid while sounding smart.
    Wolf in sheep’s clothing; you’re a coward and a prick.

    1. You can find many videos of street fights, muggings, security footage of robberies etc on you tube. Since fighting, violent assault etc are illegal and much more serious than what Pepper did, why aren’t those videos removed as well?

      1. B/C the videos of the other crimes aren’t posted by the criminals, so the criminals aren’t profiting off of ad-shares on their crimes.

        1. Um, in many cases the “criminals” involved are, in fact, posting their crimes and thereby profiting from ad-shares. So that logic kinda fails.

        2. Then if YouTube Admins were made aware of those, they’d be pulled too. Happens all the time.

    2. Youtube admins only canceled Pepper’s status after the SJW’s initiated their mass reporting campaign. They are responsible for what Youtube did.

      1. No, they are responsible for making Youtube Admins aware.
        YOUTUBE made the decision, and easily could’ve left it up if it were legit.
        If you’re the man you claim to be, you’d better believe that the only one responsible for something is the one who made the decision.

      1. How did these clowns get traction in our culture?? How do they have any influence at all. I watch these videos and they are absurd. Initially I thought they were a joke, some sort of YouTube parody skit.

        1. I disagree with your statement very. Homosexuals are empowered because of their wealth and resources. Same with Jews and Asians. Quite frankly, gays don’t really don’t need the State to empower them. Same with sjw or white feminist. Sjw and White feminist come from mostly upper middle class backgrounds.

        2. In latin america, they will outcasted and won’t survive an inch in real life…for real.

  42. Roosh’s best video yet… I love you… I couldn’t stop laughing when you said that.
    This was mentioned in a comment below, and I have commented on articles this exact sentiment, but fat shaming week desperately needs to return. The situation calls for way more than one week a year to combat this problem. The left would have you believe that obesity is a disease, and if so would truly be an epidemic of the greatest proportion. To assist in this fight, I propose not just certain weeks of fat shaming, but a weekly series that is penned to lead the charge.
    “This Week In Fat Shaming”
    One day a week, one article, intended to promote positive health in society. This would draw in like-minded men to the manosphere, and incite rage in those who stand for the extremist ideologies of the left. Possibly, a huge draw for RoK, and the spreading of this gospel. Our generation has been lost, but this is for the sons of the men who have been duped into fatherhood by this unchecked generation of succubi.
    All of the contributors to RoK, just consider this idea. If this would prove useful for just one girl, in regards to obtaining ladylike dietary habits, it would be worth it.

  43. At the end of the day you could almost feel sorry for these pathetic creatures. You would only need to just go under the upper surface of these degenerates psyches to realise they are in fact scared little primates on the inside. All this blue hair, advertising how they stick fingers in their assholes is really just one giant act to try and mask their fear that they will be found out for who they really are.

    1. the ‘end of the day’ is not today. today, they are our overlords. a protected class. soon you’ll be doing time for calling one of them a ‘transqueer’ instead of a ‘queertrans’.

  44. Hmm. Does the guy in the top photo have “gay face”? I can’t decide 🙂
    Probably time to reread Anthony Burgess’ novel “The Wanting Seed” about a dystopian future with a homosexual dictatorship.

  45. When did “being nice” become more important than anything?
    They kicked some anti-feminists off Twitter lately, and these were civilized people (unlike me). The western world needs to shake itself from this stupor. The freedom to offend is much more important than the need to feel comfortable.

    1. The “need to feel comfortable” is just a ruse so that the international raiders/invaders feel comfortable subverting their host countries. YKW I’m talking about?

    2. soon the federal ‘czar of womenz feelings’ will jail us all for making one of them feel bad about their tattoos.

  46. It is not their disgusting lifestyles that are important. It is their ability to normalise the censoring of free speech and shut down dissent. That is why they are so important to the political elite –

  47. Laci Green = spoiled white female with nothing better to do, and therefore believes activism is important

  48. I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinions, and the men on this site are merely expressing theirs. That’s cool, they should be allowed to, but you men surely, have to understand that many people regard Sam Pepper’s video as offensive, because it involved groping unsuspecting women. You couldn’t get away with that in a proffesional environment such as an office. Secondly, it’s 2014 now, we’ve become open minded enough to be able to accept people who are gay/transgender/prefer to be bigger. Isn’t that a good thing? Everyone has the freedom to express who they are, even people like you who many disagree strongly with. To me, this entire website is as riduculous as me saying ‘I think men with beards are evil,’ and then personally attacking you for that. Thirdly, I live in Europe to, and people like that certainly exist, and I’m glad of it. Fourthly, it’s not gay if you put a finger up your own ass, it’s your own ass. Lastly, I know you won’t take my opinion seriously because I’m a woman and I should know my place, but I don’t know my place, so fuck you.

    1. “Secondly, it’s 2014 now, we’ve become open minded enough to be able to
      accept people who are gay/transgender/prefer to be bigger. Isn’t that a
      good thing?”
      No, No, and 2014 sucks. I don’t understand this magical queer obsession with 2014. This decade sucks by objective and subjective measures.

    2. “You couldn’t get away with that in a proffesional environment”
      “Thirdly, I live in Europe to”
      Hope you can get a refund for whatever overpriced, useless college degree you have.

    3. I think you should of just said “I don’t know my place, so fuck you”. The rubbish leading up to that was useless vaginal discharge.
      Have a nice day! 🙂

  49. You guys think this is it? They got a whole horde of followers! For ie look at this poster and yet how much shit he gets.

      1. Marriage has been nothing more than a three party contract between two individuals and the state, that is to say a “Civil Union,” for more than a century already.
        Anyone who still sees it in some other light is seeing an illusion.

  50. so pulling a fairly harmless prank (don’t even bother to tell me these women are going to be traumatized/mentally ill or any of that shit because of this) is worse than being a fucking degenerate i guess.

  51. Any volunteers to make comparisons and parallels between this quartet and Joseph McCarthy (McCarthyism)? Anyone?

    1. That’s easy. Joseph McCarthy got the state to use its coercive power to not only silence but outright punish those who ascribed (or were thought to ascribe) to certain ideological ideas. When the state and the government do it, it’s a violation of freedom of speech.
      Youtube is not the state nor the government, nobody has any established right to say what they want on it without getting censored. Just like Return of Kings is within its rights to prohibit women or gays from commenting.

  52. Look at this Youtube video. Look at what the media pushes as legitimate and normal behavior in our society. Do you need any more evidence that the goal of our enemies is to completely demoralize and humiliate us?

  53. That fag with the blue hair & polka dot shirt looks irresistibly punchable…I’m not sure I could restrain myself from assaulting him just for being that way. Not very tolerant, I know.

  54. My Dear Roosh,
    It is indeed a sad commentary as to how far the world has fallen to see defective people decide for the rest of polite society what is right and what is wrong.
    The truth of the matter, and what should instill the rest of us with hope, is that these creatures are a vocal majority and have the power only in the internet universe.
    The rest of us, who are the majority out in the real world, still look upon with disgust when we lay eyes upon the brain dead feminists at a man-hating protest. We scoff at blue haired, unemployed, alcohol drinking confusexuals as they flamboyantly over exaggerate their speech and mannerisms. One thing that Social Justice Warriors will never change in the minds of normal people are the looks of disgust that most of us in the real world make as we recoil in horror upon seeing an obese female parade herself around in clothing two sizes smaller than they should be allowed to legally wear.
    To summarize, these people are winning numbers to their cause, but they only have real power amongst themselves, online. Those 6 million subscribers are amongst the church of the already converted. I have yet to meet anyone in my social circle that has changed their minds and accepted queers, asexuals, finger-fucking shower masturbatory deviants, nor have I met any self-respecting male that would consider a land whale “sexy”. The internet does not influence those who have strong convictions and were brought up in a traditional manner.
    Rest easy Mr. Roosh.
    That is an excellent strategy you employ my friend. To mock these Societal Equality Soldiers by taunting them into getting you banned. Their millions of subscribers will, no doubt, bring a wave of traffic to this site and as they say, bad publicity is still publicity.
    I applaud your efforts and have enjoyed all of your articles that are published here.
    I agree with the way everyone around here thinks and I hope to be a part of this revolution as it awakens young male minds as they become better men, real men, by accepting the Morpheus Challenge and choose the right color of pill to take.
    Again, we are the majority in the real world. They are only relevant in Psyberspace.

  55. “I’ve been living in Europe too long, because, guys like that…people like that…dont exist”
    Like how the United States used to be. Sounds nice.

    1. And there are still Americans who think that USA is better than France, Sweden, Belgium or Denmark.
      Feminism and Multiculturalism harmed you to the point of no return.

      1. It was a compliment. I would love to live in a place where people like that don’t exist.

  56. Women have made society weak where people get upset over the smallest things.
    In the future if Feminists continue with their bullshit, it will be against the law to have a sense of humour just like in the movie ‘Equilibrium.’

  57. Start using liberal’s tactics against them.
    Remember when the Liberals rejoiced in the fact that Don Sterling’s livelihood was ruined by an illegally taped private conversation? You can do that to your enemies.
    The next time some faggot, nigger or cunt SJW posts a “Fuck the white man, Christians are retards, down with America” bolg or Youtube video, down load, take screen shots of it and save the link. In most cases, when they’ve used their real name, it’s easy enough to to find out where they work. Send their words to their HR department and ask the company why they tolerate such open “bigotry”.
    Recruit allies. Share your info with like-minded people- possibly from ROK maybe from Stormfront.
    Destroy them. Just like they’d destroy you.

    1. What’s wrong with the complete moral destruction of America?
      The nationalists won in Ukraine and gathering more supporters in the Baltic region. So, the white nationalists really need to start talking openly about deportations of immigrants, blacks/arabs, feminists, political opponents outside of their european countries… But where to send them?
      The answer is – USA. After takeover of at least 3 countries by Nationalists, America will turn into a huge deportation point for the “unwanted”.
      American white nationalists, there is no place for you in USA. Return to your motherland and help your comrades to build National Socialist Future. Let USA rot.

  58. They basically succeeded on getting Sam Pepper blacklisted on youtube, and because random women made youtube videos accusing him of rape among other things youtube basically laid the banhammer, removed his ass grabbing videos, removed him from his network, and removed his partnership, and Laci Green still isn’t satisfied, and she won’t be until due process is abolished and Sam Pepper receives mandatory sterilization for making videos about grabbing women’s butts, and for faulty accusations of rape and sexual assault.

  59. I just wanted to let you know that in order to transition from one gender identity to another you do have to see a psychiatrist. It is a requirement. You have to see a psychiatrist and live as the gender you want to transition to for a year. You have to have a letter from the psychiatrist stating that you are of sound mind and that your decision is actually what you want and that it doesn’t stem from something other than your actual feelings. So when you put on your video that we need to send trans people to psychiatrists they’ve already been to at least one. Educate yourself before you make statements about things that you obviously know nothing about. And when you’re on a diet, some people have cheat days. Also, have you ever seen Marilyn Monroe? She was not stick thin and she got modeling deals all of the time. It actually wasn’t until Audrey Hepburn/Twiggy that super thin models were the ideal. And, since you brought up that women have to work for their bodies and modeling contracts, I’m curious how you think anorexia and over-exercising represent “working hard” for modeling contracts.

  60. Laci Green?

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