London Men Investigated By Police For Telling Fat Women They Are Fat

British Transport Police are investigating after women were handed detailed cards calling them “fat” and “ugly” on the London Tube public transport system. From the facts so far, these cards come from a group called “Overweight Haters Ltd”. At least two women, including Essex’s Kara Florish, contacted law enforcement about being presented with these rather lengthy anti-fat person statements. Mind you, this is months after British police said they will prioritize online abuse and “threats” over crimes like burglaries.

Is this anti-fat person behavior on the Tube rude? Certainly. But rudeness and a perceived lack of manners have always encompassed a much broader range of words and actions than criminal matters. Critics of the cards and those distributing them are more than entitled to attack the idea of embarrassing these women. But their rage is selective to the bone. In a country like Great Britain, fully ten to twenty million instances of such rudeness happen every day. From schools to workplaces, on the street to nightclubs, people are humiliated in breathtaking ways.

Here is one of the cards:

How many times have you been similarly insulted in the past and not resorted to calling the police?

Man cuts in front of another man. Second man calls the first one a “fat loser,” which results in a police call. Excellent outcome!

I would hope that most Return of Kings readers, after the copious fitness and self-improvement advice we have given you, are healthy and trim individuals, minus any conditions outside your own control. But perhaps you used to be fat. Did you call the police if you were humiliated at a party because a girl called your overweight? I think not. And being shamed audibly for your weight or appearance is a lot worse in almost anyone’s books than being silently handed a card by a stranger.

Imagine how the police would react if you, a male, had been at a club and some girl you approached called you “a fat ugly loser” and told you to “fuck off,” only for you to respond by calling the police! It’s a fair bet you would be warned or actually punished for wasting police resources.

The same goes for other epithets, like being called a “creep” (basically female parlance for “likely rapist”). Cops would laugh in your face and anyone else who knew about your call to the authorities would regard you as the biggest crybaby on the planet.

There are a plethora of other ways to be bullied as well. Have you ever been excluded from a university or work social circle or, worse yet, been the recipient of insults about your achievements, your family, a disability or something similar? I knew one particularly maligned guy with a very “lazy eye” who found himself the butt of constant jokes, most notably from disinterested girls, for at least two years of college.

While I might be able to have a conversation with 3-400 people I went to school or college with, this poor person would be able to talk with maybe five before the memories became too much for him.

Transport authorities are calling for the wastage of police time

The guy was rude, Kara Florish, but please build your own London Bridge and get over it.

A senior official with Transport for London, Steve Burton, says that all passengers have the “right to travel with confidence,” whatever that means. There should of course be rules for using the Tube, such as the expectation that seats are vacated for the elderly. Transport staff can even justifiably reserve the right to remove disruptive passengers from stations or train compartments for infractions that fall short of criminality.

But it is when Burton advises offended commuters to contact the police over anti-social behavior without restriction that a line is crossed. I have been accosted by many drunks on the Tube during my travels, been abused for my skin color (by minorities) or my accent (by white British and non-white British alike). I don’t take it personally, as I know plenty of others have been in my situation. And these miscreants don’t represent even 5% of the people you see and sit or stand near on the Tube.

Real victims of (violent) crime are being left by the wayside

Politically correct senior officials like Sara Thornton have led the charge for “Twitter policing,” with their policies advising burglary and other victims to email in evidence or not necessarily expect a police response.

Crimes of hurt feelings now trump crimes of (non-sexual) assault and robbery, despite the hurt feelings the latter categories almost always create. This is the end result of savagely politically correct attitudes towards law enforcement and criminal justice. SJWs would be most proud.

Why pursue armed robbers, fiends who terrorize old ladies or vicious thugs when men handing out “you’re fat” cards can be chased all over the London Tube?

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204 thoughts on “London Men Investigated By Police For Telling Fat Women They Are Fat”

  1. This sounds like something that might happen in a day care center. Doesn’t there have to be a crime to involve the police?

      1. Fat Girl: Being fat is hereditary. It runs in my family.
        Man: shut up chunker. No one runs in your family.

    1. Would not even be slightly surprised if it was the fatties themselves who wrote these cards and engineered this whole thing just to have a platform to complain about.

  2. So if the police will respond to simple insults, what’s the incentive to not just haul off and kidney punch fat women in public? I mean they’re going to get the law on you either way, you might as well take out a few of them.
    That’s almost semi-serious actually. If a man is guilty for expressing an opinion and faces legal action for it, where’s the incentive to not go for broke?

    1. They would not punch them because these men are REALLY trying to help these women Ghost. But no good deed from men goes unpunished in the matriarchy.

      1. Right, I get what they’re doing. I’m just speculating that if men are criminally liable for petty things that shouldn’t be legally actionable then the incentive to play nice goes away.

      2. Hey hubert, This seemed like a nice safe thread to contact you on. Can you please help me get in contact with the Melbourne meetup group. I wanted to attend anonymously, but looks like i cant do that now. I turned down a $350 job to attend on Saturday. I don’t want that to be for nothing. intersted in even a drink or 2 with some sane people. my email is [email protected]

    2. There are few things a very good beatdown won’t solve. For the fat, it 1) Burns calories 2) Inspires a desire to be fit for the next encounter by….. yeah, getting fit.
      Recently read of the British couple who conducted a sex change operation for a 4 yr old kid. A 4 yr old kid. Like Albert Neri in The Godfather taught us, beating the shit out of people pays dividends at the end of the road, at the simple cost f burnt calories.

        1. “What doctor would even do that?!?” – still believing in movie stories about doctors being bound by an oath to do no harm, i see. lol
          Time to wake up and smell the coffee. Most doctors are just legal drug dealers. Stop paying them unless you need an actual specialist.

        2. I hear you. But a typical doctor just dropped 120k to a loan shark called the United Stated Government and is getting hit with their 1000 dollars per month loan repayment fees; so you would be surprised what people will do when the threat of a gun is put in their face.

        3. Disgusting. One of his children is pretending to be black and two look they aren’t his.
          One the ones that looks like it is his is transgendered at 4 years old. Gentlemen, this must be peak beta.

        4. I think I heard a radio program earlier this year where a 3 year old America kid was changing sex. I say “think” because I did the best to block out the details from my beautiful mind. But at the time it enraged and angered me. Literally nothing’s shocking anymore. Journalists beheaded. Music lovers mowed down with assault rifles. Olympic athletic heroes reject their masculinity. 3 year old kid prefers a different sex. USA supports rebel Islamic groups while Russia supports the secular leader. Honestly, the fantasy world of Lord of the Rings or Star Trek takes less imagination to believe than this shit. What would it take to truly shock or surprise you? Serious question.

        5. Witnessing accidental human death still shocks me. My son and I were at the Dayton Air Fair when Jane Wicker was plowed into the ground. We were standing as close as you could get to the runway as a spectator, and actually felt the heat of the flames when the plane popped. Shocked the living shit out of me and him both, and obviously, surprised us. Very, very sad and depressing.
          Cultural things? I don’t know, it’s really hard to be shocked by what’s happening in culture nowadays. I guess maybe an outright attempt at revolution by the Left would shock me, as while they certainly seem to be itching for a fight, they are weaklings and cowards.

      1. Those parents should be up on charges of assault, gross mutilation and sexual battery.

  3. I used to be 20 lbs heavier almost 5 years ago. I was going to an Ivy League Grad School and on one of my nights out, a fat girl in my group called me fat because I was ignoring her. So instead of going to the police I simply said “Have you seen yourself in the mirror?”. She was speechless cor some reason. After that, I was talking to a friend in the same bar and all of a sudden, from the side, I felt a punch to my face. I turn around and it’s the fat girl. I could have slammed her really hard but a lot of classmates were there and I was about to graduate. I left the bar without taking the bait. It was hard to not retaliate honestly but with the SJW climate it was perhaps the smart thing to do. Later I found out that she threw a brick at another friend’s house’s window because he didn’t realize she wanted to kiss him. American women, even in top grad schools, are insane
    Anyway, I lost my excess fat once I found ROK 2 years ago. My notch count skyrocketed too, as well as my self-confidence. Now I have a mini relationship with a slim pretty 20 year old (I am almost 32). Thanks ROK

    1. I imagine she is being fast tracked for a tenured teaching position.
      I saw this happen when I was in grade school. The more far left you were, the more of a departmental darling you became to the Saul Alinsky Army.

  4. Mark my words…some man, at some point, will be sued or possibly arrested on charges that he refused the advances of a fat woman. She will claim that his decision not to get lost in the 45 pounds of used bubble gum she calls a vagina constitutes discrimination and harassment.

    1. Read my comment below. Me and a friend of mine had to face violence from a fat woman because I ignored her and because my friend didn’t recognize her IOI’s

      1. I saw this. But you just wait…soon it won’t just be violence from Pizza the Hut…it will be you in cuffs going down to the station to explain why you refused to get lost in her wizard sleeve.

    2. The sentence will be “re-education” centers where you will be taught how an ass that looks like 15 lbs of mayo stuffed into the back of a woman’s yoga pants is truly sexy and your current idea of beauty is an evil manifestation of Patriarchal rule over the years

        1. Suicide is always an option. I tend towards a certain level of optimism, but I will kill myself before living in a world where I get re-educated for fat love. Also, murder, to me, is never a good option because there is literally no way I will ever spend 5 seconds in prison.

        2. What kind of world has it become where a man can’t even crack a bad joke on the internet?!

        3. Indeed, the more I think of it, the more I am convinced that the fear of death is something that suits the elites. Shaming you for opting out of a shitty life, so that they can keep you working for them as slaves. Or torture you. Death is an easy escape to avoid traumatizing experiences, and yet the stupid fear of hell kinda makes you reconsider.

        4. The only way I could ever engage in working for the government would be as a real life Ron Swanson.

        5. I don’t watch television, but I do have Netflix. A show called Parks and Recreation that my daughter turned me on to. Ron Swanson is an outright libertarian and man’s man, extremely masculine, very stoic, can make anything out of wood or metal, hates communists, eats only meat, drinks Scotch and holds a position in government to, as he says, ensure that no government work ever gets done. I like the character, and in fact my daughter told me that he reminded her of me, which is why she mentioned the show to me.

        6. There is a great Arnold quote in the documentary about body building where they ask him how much milk he drinks and he says “milk is for babies, I drink beer”

        7. The first season he was kind of minor role. Season two they really wrote up his part because it was discovered that almost all people who watched the show thought he was cool beans.

        8. Prison is not a place anyone really wants to go to, but if you’re not in for a long period of time, you’ll be able to adapt and adjust. The guys in for 25-life, I don’t know how the fuck they get by knowing they are dying in there, one way or another.

        9. 25-life is not even thinkable. But I am not even kidding. I will tell you now that I will go very far out of my way to never be in the room when prison worthy shit is going down and if I ever get popped for something I didn’t do, I don’t care if my sentence is a 3 day weekend…I will be offing myself.

        10. Naaaah man you could get through 3 days standing on your head, you just don’t know it. Of course, avoid going at all costs.

        11. Naw. Just stuff a bra, claim you’re transgender, sign up for benefits due to all the discrimination/mental torment you’ve suffered from white males, secure your monthly check and head to South Asia then bang away until you can’t. Then smoke stogies until you’re sore and old. Then smoke weed then die staring at the sunset in an imaginative fog truly your own and absolutely acultural. But don’t kill yourself.

        1. There is the joke about how bars were discriminating against pieces of rope. There was one piece of rope who wanted to go out for a drink but every time he tried to go in the bar the bouncers said “we don’t serve your kind”. So out of frustration he ties him self up and tears his top end apart.
          At the next bar he goes to the bouncer stops him and asks: “Hey, are you a piece of rope?”
          To which he replies, “No, I’m a frayed knot.”
          And the bouncer lets him in.

    3. Expect a “nacht und nebel” type directive in the future where men who refuse the advances of a fat woman or refuse to be cuckolded simply “disappear”.

    4. Spot on. It starts with forced cultural tolerance (who cares if you want to be fat, live and let live).
      Then comes forced cultural acceptance (there’s nothing wrong with being fat, stop shaming them) .
      Then comes forced cultural approval (celebrate their girth!……I don’t hear you cheering…..).
      Then comes criminalizing non-tolerance (if you pass out shame cards, you’re going to prison buddy, that’s hate speech).
      Then comes criminalizing non-acceptance (if you ignore a fat woman, and hurt her feelings, that kind of insensitivity is a form of micro-hate).
      And lastly comes criminalizing non-approval (if you don’t date, sex-up and marry a land-whale, you’re a hateful person, and we have no room in this society for hateful people (probably because of all the fat people)…….off to prison with you!)
      This is what happens when we allow women, and their feelings driven mental processes anywhere near a position of authority. They’re natural authoritarians.

    5. If that ever comes to pass then health and safety regulations should mandate that she have a suffocation warning (like the ones you find on large plastic bags) tattooed on the inside of her thighs. That way you know that you risk asphyxiation from the smell or a roll of fat smothering you if you have to go down on her.

    6. “some man, at some point, will be sued or possibly arrested on charges that he refused the advances of a fat woman.”
      Almost happened to me.
      I was over to female friend’s house who had a fat friend. It was a group of us sitting and watching movies. The fat girl had made it known that she was interested in me, but I had made it known (politely even) that I was not interested in her. The fat girl kept making advances towards me and I kept ignoring her. Finally, she starts trying to forcibly remove my clothes. I give her a firm push and then she jumps on the couch where we were sitting and wants to fight.
      Two other friends had to get between us. She moved to other side of the room and sulked. I finished the movie we were watching and left.
      This was a few years ago, but if the fight had come to fruition I’m sure the police would have been called and your friendly neighborhood ninja would have been arrested for refusing the advances of a fat girl.

  5. We truly live in an age of unimaginable narcissism.
    14 people were gunned down in California and 130+ in Paris in the last month and still face the threat of attack again in the west and we have chubsters wasting police resources to tract down meanies who hurt their feelings.
    I mean my parents covered this ethical dilemma when I was five: “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”
    If your so truly hurt by a ridiculous card some asshole handed you on the subway then it means you are aware that you might have a weight problem and might want to considering fixing it.

    1. God, i know – bravo for this post. What type of world do we live in where being offended by someone is now a punishable crime? You hurt my feels, I am calling the cops! If that is the case I want the entire class I graduated with arrested cos none of them were nice to me and in fact just arrest all high school classes from 90-96 cos I got shit from everyone even classes lower than me when I graduated.
      It’s articles like this that make me not want to live anymore.

      1. Discrimination is a crime. its essentially hate speech. What kind of world do you live in where you dont get that?

        1. Discrimination is another one of those flexible words. Discriminating, just means that you make judgments about someone or something, based upon a certain criteria. If we judge people according to merit, we are discriminating on the basis of merit. To say we don’t discriminate on any basis, is to mean we don’t distinguish between anything or anyone on any basis whatsoever. Which is impossible.
          And it’s only a crime in the private sphere (in the US at least) in certain circumstances, e.g. employment or public service accommodation. And only there, under certain narrowly defined terms.
          As far as “hate speech” is concerned, it is a noxious concept. It does little more than criminalize whatever the person entrusted with defining hate speech wishes that it should. It’s a concept repugnant to anyone who values the right to speak his own thoughts. Could there be a more intrusive, oppressive action by the state? It’s a concept that belongs to the Soviet Union, not to any free society.
          I don’t know where you live, but we live in the free world. Where bad thoughts and hurtful words aren’t grounds for imprisonment. Comrade.

        2. For discrimination, you need to hang your hat on a “prohibited ground”. In the case of fatties, they claim it is a “disability”. This falls more under “harassment” which is basically anything that anyone doesn’t like where the target is politically protected and the perpetrator isn’t.

        3. What claim did she make? how did she provoke anything except for existing. The woman int he pictures isnt some huge whale who looks totally unhealthy needing to be craned out of her house and buried in a piano box. She was sitting on a train and some dickhead handed her something that was pretty fucking insulting.

        4. I didn’t say she claimed anything, but obese people will claim that their obesity is a disability rather than state of choice so that they can benefit from human rights laws that prevent people from “discriminating” against them (ie. not giving them what they want).
          I pointed out in another post that she doesn’t look THAT fat, and we can agree that handing out cards like that is rather insulting.
          However, you don’t seem to disagree with my other point: fat chicks are politically protected so insulting them requires a police investigation and no doubt heads will roll if the culprit is caught but if a woman was doing the insulting or if a man was the target of the insult, then nothing would come of it.

    2. Yeah. Actually The Onion must really be sweating things these days. Kind of like when the Cold War ended and Yakov Smirnoff was dead in the water. Kind of.

  6. Obesity should be misdemeanor offense like public intoxication. The obese are endangering other people on the sidewalk and public spaces.

    1. Agreed…or at the very least people should have to pay a yearly tax directly related to the difference between their body and a healthy body to cover the excess cost.

      1. Make it a Federal Felony Offense, and a dash variation of the Three Strikes Law for every BMI over a certain limit

        1. BMI’s a pretty lousy way to calculate ‘obesity’. I’d stick more with a fat percentage of body weight or maybe just the painfully obvious physical measure.

      2. Obese person pays for 1 fare on the subway and occupies space for 1.5 persons. Not to mention the risk to other passengers should they knock them down when scrambling for seats.

        1. This drives me crazy. When I get on the uptown subway to go home after work at rush hour I am packed in like a jew in Poland in the 40’s. Sometimes I have to wait a train or even two and even then when I do get in physically push against someone to get on. The fact that I am fairly large and have a commanding presence is the only reason I can bully my way on at times. I look out and think — forget about being fit….if everyone was even overweight but not obese then it wouldn’t even be crowded.

        2. Yep now its ok for feminists to accuse men of manspreading, but its “abuse” or “harassment” to call out a fat woman.

        3. Technology exists to scan with camera every passenger who walks through a turnstile. An algorithm could estimate the persons height and width and get approx number for being height/weight proportional. The turnstile could then be programmed to lock down until they have paid more fare. Feminists would piss themselves when 50% females had to pay extra fare. lol

        4. At the groceries check out counter, you sit on a scale that feeds the computer your weight and charging you an extra fat tax for everything you’re buying that has calories in it (same algorithm you mentioned, hehe). That fat tax goes straight to fighting malnutrition around the globe. You think any liberal would be against feeding the hungry? The liberal heads would actually explode while evaluating such a proposition. One stone, two birds.

  7. What’s really sad is women like Kara Florish would be considered “average” in america now, thanks to fake doctors on tv who say its psychologically damaging to tell them to lose weight.

  8. Sara Thornton
    Serious question, is that a Tranny? It looks like a real life man, with lipstick and long-ish hair.

  9. You just gotta call things what they are.
    Policemen came to my flat and took my computers away. I called them assholes. They charged me with insult. I came to their station and made my written statement: I mean it and I do not regret saying it a little.
    One of the cops I had insulted sat in there while I was making the statement. He looked into my eyes and asked: Am I an asshole?
    I looked back and said: You took my stuff. Yes, you are an asshole.
    When I was leaving the station, he had quite a guilty look in his face and tried to be friendly.
    Just stop taking shit from people just because they call themselves officials. YES, you are fat. So what? You can tell the whole world I called you that. I will tell the whole world you are fat.
    Stop hiding.

    1. Charged you with insult?
      What the fuck? There’s a crime for insulting people where you live? Seriously?
      I’m fighting the curiosity as to why they took the computers because I suspect I that really don’t want to know.

      1. Yeah. Actually, we have these two ways of addressing people. Formal and informal. ‘Du’ or ‘Sie’. In some places, you can even get charged with insult when you address a police officer with the informal ‘Du’. What counts is that the officer feels insulted. It is such a common law here that I did not think any place could go without it.
        My old boss charged me with stealing and deleting his customer database. These idiots did not even ask for evidence, just took my stuff. I looked it up and it actually never happened. Just some 500 server error that made this fucktard think ‘his database was deleted’. I wrote about it:
        Just hope they will not find my child porn.

        1. Right, I know about Sie and Du, as most Indo-European languages have the formal and informal you (as did English at one time, which is You and Thou). Didn’t realize the Germans had that much of a stick up their ass that they’d actually charge a person with a crime for incorrect use of a personal pronoun. Good gravy.

        2. That is crazy. When I lived in berlin there was some serious social rules on formal for familiar. If I would say, for instance, Wie Gehtz instead of wie gehten einen to a bus driver I would get a nasty look. And forget the bank tellers. Using ‘du’ with them seemed like it would be the end of days. However, I hadn’t realized it was codified in actual law.

        3. Never happened to me. But one police officer who gave me a ticket for biking without lights on a well lit street told me that he could charge me for it in some places. He was the one who said that it is important whether he feels insulted. I told him: Oh, poor boy.

        4. Yeah, that seems plausible. The only ones who seem to not care are the Arabs. They just use the ‘Du’. Some use the ‘Sie’, but can kinda tell that it does not really suit their temperament.
          Fucking hate all of it. All that politeness shit. To give respect to someone just because he has some official position. Actually, most of the officials are the greatest morons and assholes ever.

        5. I’d have a hard time staying out of jail in such a country. My middle finger reflex is almost auto-activated without any conscious effort on my part when dealing with “authority”.

  10. How many women being investigated for false rape accusations? I swear women can just valuable time like it’s air.

  11. Okay, but why would these guys care? Fatties don’t even register, they are invisible to me an I want nothing to do with them, not even to troll them. Such a waste of time and emotion.
    But I am sure B&E artists couldn’t be happier.

    1. But see they aren’t invisible to you. Yeah, you can ignore them on the street or whatever but they are creating higher food costs, higher medical care costs, they are exerting pressure on government and on culture for acceptance and all if it is paid for by you. Do you pay into a health care system? I pay a lot for my health insurance. I am about as healthy as anyone my age. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I eat healthy and work out regularly, I am a healthy weight, my BMI is good and my body fat % is low. I don’t live a life style which is conducive to danger. Why do I pay so much even though, other than my annual check ups and a back injury, I haven’t been to the doctor in years? BEcause some fat fuck needs to have all their medicines and procedures covered by the same insurance company who can’t drop them for being fat. So not only do I get shamed for not wanting to fuck these land whales, I also have to pick up the tab on all their medicine and deal with all the space they take up.

      1. Fuck ’em, speed it up so they off themselves in their 50’s. In my country the overwhelming majority of the. Health care costs go to keeping 85 year-old dementia patients alive for one more week or one more month, while they slowly die in excruciating pain, alone, because they don’t know any of their children anymore. I intend to be one of those dementia patients, so I want more money for me. Fatties should keep doing what they’ve been doing so they can all kick off of heart attacks in their late 40’s

  12. And in her reply she notes that “beautiful” is misspelled, so also a deliberately obtuse fat grammar Nazi trying to divert attention from her size. They didn’t misspell fat, gluttony, or selfish, and since that was the entire point…hey! Look over there!
    Who wants to guess the number of cats?

    1. Just saw that photo of the girl in the forum. She looks like she has an image of Little Debbie snack cakes icon on her arm.

    2. She’s not that fat but she’s definitely got that slutty porn star look about her which is why she’s getting tonnes of messages. But what really puts me off her is all those hideous tattoos.

  13. This is fucked up. UK police prioritize monitoring internet remarks over investigating real crimes? Sheer madness.
    As someone from Eastern Europe, I used to envy Western Europeans for their standard of living, more freedom etc…. Now it seems we on the eastern side of the continent have retained a bit more of sanity and common sense.

    1. Sometimes I think it would have been better for the West, if the Red Army had been allowed to go all the way to Liverpool.

      1. Thing is.. if people had self-respect and self-control, they wouldnt be fat. Soooo… remind me whos fault is it that people are being mean?

  14. So police have time to investigate just feelings? Sounds like rape isn’t really the problem it’s billed as.

  15. UK is officially fucked. UK at one point had so much respect, prestige, and power. Being the masters at conquering multiple continents and ocean in the 18th and 19th century to now reduced to this garbage. Soon you might as well end up in jail for not accepting a fattie when she proposed to you. Soon it might even be a law to enforce men to marry fatties. This is how ridiculous and out of control politically correctness and sheer insanity gets. When insane people allow insane shit like this to happen.

      1. I don’t think America is going to go down that easy like UK. I mean just compare the UK police to American police. Even that should tell you right there. Sure we have a lot of weak effeminate boys and fags and SJWs but on the other hand, we got READY to DIE gun owners who wouldn’t allow shit if shit hit the fan in worse way. I just don’t see it. On the coastal side (east and west coast) and major city in the US, there are a lot of political correctness but once you go to midwest, deep south or any countryside of America, people are WAY MORE different.

        1. It may not be exactly the same (as Jonah Goldberg pointed out in his book “Liberal Fascism”, every nation has its own version of progressivism), but it will certainly rhyme.
          “On the coastal side (east and west coast) and major city in the US, there are a lot of political correctness but once you go to midwest, deep south or any countryside of America, people are WAY MORE different.”
          True, however, again, as people ‘vote with their feet’ fleeing the dying progressivism and migrate to the decent states (like parasites leaving a dead body in search of a new host), they bring their old voting habits with them. Colorado, Nevada, Western Idaho, the SW (Arizona, New Mexico) and the major cities in Texas (eg Austin) are good examples of this.

    1. It is not political correctness. That’s the surface. If you look deeper, it’s much darker. It’s about resource transfer. Pussy for money, like it’s always been. Problem is these pigs are having a hard time selling their pussy. No sane, accomplished man would touch those cows. So pressure must be applied one way or another for the resource transfer to continue. May it be shaming, legal ways, whatever the fuck the society comes up with to force men into compliance. Why is it that no outrage happens when a man is being called out on his fat? Because it doesn’t matter. It has nothing to do with the above mentioned transfer.
      Problem is though, because 10% of men fuck the majority of human like looking women, the rest of the 90% will have to somehow get it on with the pigs. And, due to this skewed ratio, the average pig is still getting it somehow, and so they have no incentive to stop eating.

  16. The whole thing sounds manufactured by the fattie in question. I honestly have to question if “trolls” truly did this or if there’s some hidden agenda for 15 minutes of fame. Aside from some fattie crying about her feelings there’s very little evidence to suggest otherwise.

    1. Yeah, I wouldn’t be suprised if fattie cooked up (LOL) the whole thing as a big exercise in “Look at me, look at me!!!”

  17. What kind of person goes to the effort of making cards to hand out to fat people? Its just fucking stupid. there is no defence for stupidity.

        1. Well, in my estimation, when you have a society where no one bothers to tell a person who is making choices that are harmful to themselves as well as to others, either out of fear or apathy, problems will arise, and lives will be hurt, which could have been entirely prevented. In such cases, more forceful, or at any rate, more “extreme” measures are needed to drive home a point which could have been made more tactfully by someone else, much earlier on.

        2. What business is it of yours to tell a woman sitting on a train anything about her appearance or lifestyle choices?
          i see your point but they don’t have a right to harass strangers because they dont like something.
          There are far bigger fish to fry, and these guys are the ones who have wasted police time because they’re so fucking stupid, the woman has every right to be angry and make a legal complaint about it. She was harassed in public. As would a man, if a female did a similar thing to him. that shit again.
          i mean the name of the organisation itself, defines itself as a hate group, which is illegal/discrimiatory/inflammatory etc etc etc…
          If they were genuine about helping people lose weight the leaflet would have links to websites or diet tips. Not just say “you’re fat, i dont like it, we’re gonna tell you that you’re fat”
          if these guys are anything over 20, i hope someone pummels the fucking shit out of them and hope they never breed.

        3. You’re new around these parts, are you not?
          I’ll say at the outset, I don’t really agree with what they wrote. It could have worded differently, and still achieved the same desired result.
          That said, I don’t know what country you live in, but in my country, neither “hate” nor “inflammatory” speech is illegal. And rightfully so. Hate after all is a very fluid concept, the precise definition of which curiously tends to correspond with the values of the people in power. Funny that.
          What’s more, if one says “I hate people who litter,” I don’t think we should take it literally that the person’s heart burns with a passion against litterers. It’s hyperbolic rhetoric. And even if the feeling were genuine, in my country, we wager that speaking our minds, is a far more important part of being human, than the “freedom” of not having to hear someone say something discomforting. The later is rude, the former is the mark of tyrants.
          Perhaps we have different definitions of “harassment.”
          A passing comment does not constitute harassment.
          And in a larger sense one important thing must be remembered.
          We don’t exist as islands. The personal “choices” we make, affect others in ways both seen and unseen. As a consequence, the rest of us have an interest in influencing the decisions others make. That usually doesn’t involve the government. In the not too distant past, it usually involved our family, our friends, our church (if applicable), our community, our co-workers,our schools, as well as the other numerous social institutions, and the broader culture. When these elements go silent, and leave us solely to our own devices, we will unfortunately make choices which may seem pleasing to us, in the moment, but which end up being harmful to others and even to ourselves in the long run. Actions having consequences, the burden of those consequences will in many cases then be borne by others. That’s not freedom. It’s license.
          And you can hardly take the position of morality and justice, if you then call for an offender to “have the fucking shit pummeled out of him.”

        4. No im not necessarily new. I have my own mind/opinions, sometimes i agree with what is said here, sometimes not.
          in this case, i think its pretty silly to be surprised that the police would get involved when a group of dickheads goes around insulting strangers on public transport.
          Some people just dont care about being fat, others do. You don’t have the right to discriminate against them directly because you dont like it. It the same as if someone was handing out material sating “we dont like niggers, we think they stink and they have weird hair…”
          Its not exercising free speech to be hateful. The american right to Free speech has more to do with preventing polical/corporate corruption than going around saying whatever comes to your mind. Its in place so the media and journalists can write about things without fear of being prosecuted. Its not a right to be a cunt. All though you yanks dont seem to understand that.

        5. I only ask about your familiarity, because you seemed surprised by the general belief here that censorship of this sort is not thought of well on this site.
          For most Americans, yes, having the police be called because somebody felt “insulted” would come as quite the surprise. As it would have anywhere in the English speaking world, prior to the day before yesterday.
          I’ll set aside arguing the difference between being black and being fat, and just focus on the free speech issue.
          It’s true that the key focus of the 1st Amendment’s free speech clause is on creating a free public discourse relating to governance, (not so much corruption political, let alone corporate), rather than saying whatever rude thing comes to mind. Though I have to say that the Left seemed quite willing to destroy obscenity laws back in the 1960s when it thought such laws stifled free expression. Not that I support obscenity laws, but the Left’s new found love for them is striking.
          But the ability to speak your mind freely, without having to fear being thrown into prison if you say the wrong thing, has a value separate and apart from mere political discourse.
          I don’t know what country you’re from, but as a “yank” I’ll say I’m quite proud that our tradition errs on the side of freedom when it comes to speech. The prospect of giving someone in power the ability to throw me in prison because I said something that supposedly makes someone feel bad, is a damn sight more frightening than the possibility that someone might be rude to me on the bus.
          That those of you elsewhere warm so easily to authoritarian oversight of your mere words……is bone chilling.
          At any rate, the whole concept of “hate speech,” is nonsensical. What exactly is hate? It’s extreme anger or hostility. That’s it. So we’re criminalizing extreme anger? Clearly not, as you support physically assaulting people who say nasty things. So that can’t be it. What it really means in this context, is that the WRONG kind of extreme anger or hostility will not be allowed to be voiced. Or rather, extreme anger or hostility directed at the wrong target.
          It’s not about “hate,” in the general sense of the word, it can’t be. It’s about the viewpoint being expressed, regardless of the manner in which it’s expressed. To hold the wrong ideas or actions or people in contempt, is what’s deemed “hateful.”
          And in a world where everything is political, and the police are being called to enforce these hate speech codes, how does this not involve the political world?
          “Hate speech,” is a shameless condemnation of unpopular, unorthodox, non-conforming viewpoints, precisely because they’re unpopular viewpoints. It’s authoritarian doctrinal enforcement, cloaked in a veil of consideration for the sensitivities of the public.
          Yes, of course accepting an American view of free speech also gives cover for people to behavior poorly. To be nasty for no reason save for the pleasure of being nasty. But there are other ways a society can deal with that kind of behavior. Namely, the social shaming of bad behavior. Shaming. Not imprisonment.
          Let me repeat that. Shame people. Don’t imprison them.
          But I guess that’s the “yank” in me again. Hard to shake this darn reluctance for authoritarianism.

        6. Im Australian.. I do see your point because when i get in moods i like trolling and being offensive, so to be punished for it, would be hard to deal with, however, if i was directing at someone specifically, in a somewhat organised manner, which these guys have done, it is pretty offensive. I guess at the end of the day, these guys are idiots for doing what they did and the women should just throw the leaflet in the bin and forget about it. Everyone involved has acted pretty poorly.
          It depends what you value more i guess, someones freedom to be a bigot or anothers freedom to exist without being bigoted against. if you catch my drift.

        7. “..they don’t have a right to harass strangers because they dont like something.”
          Not quite. It is the UK where people pay for the NHS through taxation. Fat people have a higher rate of heatlh issues where others are forced to pay. The fact the state extracts money from other citizens, indicates fat people’s “life style” choices effect them where it is most important– the pocketbook.
          Most people don’t care what individuals do to themselves– fat, druggies, gays– but it is immoral to force other people to pay for their freely chosen stupidity.

  18. Lmao. Oh man. Good thing we have freedom of speech. Women like that in America might get a media moment, but they’d get fined for wasting police time. Plus our fatties are much fatter.

  19. The UK has really fucked up anti free speech laws. You can basically go in jail for mean tweets over there. It only applies to white people.

    1. They would be allowed to say whatever they like, but they chose to harass the public who were commuting to or from work. HUGE difference.

    1. Feminists cant get away with this can they? Every online dating site has profiles of women claiming a dating “preference”. How many of the female students at this college could get suspended for that? Another fake feminist double standard. Cunts.

      1. Private college, so…yeah they can. Sad to say.
        This is really where it’s at. And it’s only gonna get worse.

    1. The folds indicate she’s lost 150 lbs or so already. She’ll need the skin removed & tucked. She’s only 1/3 of the way there. By the time she’s 125 lbs and able to put her feet behind her ears, still her age factors in and by then you’re looking at at least a quarter million dollar investment in her rehab. She’d better be treating grandpa right. If she’s a divorce rapist, hell I’d throw her into a big turkey pot pie machine. I don’t know her so I can’t judge.

    2. 300 years ago this abomination would have been burned at the stake, exorcised, or locked in a dungeon. All three sound good to me, rofl.

  20. There are plenty of wonderful and insightful articles on this site that offer prudent advice on self-improvement and cultural ideology, but then people go and agree with this article and I wonder how many people actually get it.

  21. Recently I started hanging out with a new group of friends.
    The fatty of the group started hitting on me very quickly, I stayed cordial but dismissed her advances.
    The next day, of course her friend come to me, telling me their (fat) friend really really likes me. I was tipsy and said “I’m sorry I don’t date fat girls”. The girl was shocked. It’s incredible how it’s OBVIOUS for everyone, yet they’re shocked when they hear it. And of course, cherry on top, the (non fat) friend INSTANTLY asked me “Do you think I’m fat?”, which shows how everything evolves around their own self.
    Next time I’ll be more subtle, the result being the same.

    1. “Do you think I’m fat?”
      Good opportunity for kino. Pinch her gently on the waist and look her straight in the eye an ever so slight look of disapproval. She’ll be putty in your hands.
      Edit: Also don’t say “I’m sorry” to the start of your response. Just say “I don’t date fat girls”.

      1. I concur. I don’t apologize to women for anything anymore. I didn’t do anything wrong. I work with a writer who used to be a model and stripper for several years. Very hot. However i can tell she’s used to men just giving her whatever she wanted. She’ll throw little temper tantrums at me when she thinks it’ll get me to agree with her. But I don’t move an inch and hold my ground til she backs off

        1. Correct. Holding frame and standing your ground makes her respect you. Folding is the worst thing you can do. Next time she throws a tantrum talk to her like she’s a little girl and say “Awww. Do you want a lollipop?” or something similar.

        2. Had something like that happen today on facebook. One of my friends sent me a random message cause I follow a certain political figure. She got all pissy with me asking why I could support someone that is a “Supposed” bigot, misogynist, and racist. I told her first of all it was none of her business who I follow and I don’t discuss my political views over the internet. She then unfriended me. A few minutes later she says that she can’t be friends with someone with such widely different political views as her. I just told her good bye and good luck.

  22. I remember working with this dude who had a paralyzed arm. Boy did we give him shit, calling him “gimp” and “rain man”. That was a few years ago.. today, he holds 3 world records in disabled sports. Imagine if instead of giving us normals a big “fuck you”, he went and blabbed to HR or the police that people are being mean to him. He’d be just another little bitch instead of a legend in his chosen field.
    Oh and BTW, considering how squeezey it gets on the Tube during peak hours, and considering how men are obliged to sit with their knees clamped together.. why should fatsos who take up 2 normal people’s space get off scott-free.

  23. Fat bitches call the pigs for no valid reason on men. Fat bitches are man hating lesbians. Fat bitches work behind desks at the courthouses. Fat bitches divorce rape men. Fat bitches work behind the plexiglas window at the tax office and the traffic ticket brusar’s office. Fat bitches live in the public housing projects and screw local motherfuckers everytime they’re in heat. Fat project bitches produce the majority of bastard children. Then they kill them in the bathroom and feast on their bones. Fat bitches bitch and threaten to hurt children if they don’t get treated to greasy gmo fast food. Fat bitches spend all their pathetic food stamps on pathetic retarded junk food. Fat bitches fill half the retard classrooms. Fat bitches are feminists. Fat bitches can’t cook for shit and when they do cook, it’s some greasy disgusting shit that you wouldn’t feed your dog.
    Now I’ll be honest, some skinny chicks do some of the same shit fat dumb bitches do, but from my own experience, the fat ass ones pig squeal and call the pigs out on the man far more that the skinny ones. Feminism is also linked somewhat to fatness. It’s easy to spot a fattie but harder to spot a feminist sympathizer or turncoat pussy. Fat bitches also waste their virginity, throwing themselves at bums and even their own relatives when they’re in heat. They have no control over most compulsions, eating being just one.
    The USA and Canada both need 50 million of the ‘fattie’ cards printed up and distributed pronto. It’s not a direct hit against feminism, but fat shaming has a peripheral effect on one of the by products of feminism.

  24. If the police ever come to your door about this then just play dumb. Although it is best to exercise your right to not answer any questions.

  25. As an ex-fat guy, I really feel I can shed some light on this situation. The truth is that fat is intimately linked to someone’s personality and I would actually agree that attacking someone for being fat is attacking them personally. However, I don’t agree with getting the police involved, the police should laugh off these cases. If the London police spent as much time harassing white men who I think have good intentions, as they did with Muslim rapists, they just might prevent the next shooting.
    Fat is a blanket to cover emotions like depression, anxiety, and emptiness. Usually 95% of diets fail in the long run, well mine succeeded. And the reason it succeeded is that I got to the base root of my fat, which was poor social skills. It’s an incredibly hard thing to admit as a man, that you’re not good with people, especially women. In order to tackle being fat forever, you have to stop using food as a shield to keep others away. Why do you eat 8 oreos for breakfast? Because I don’t want to deal with reality.
    I applaud their efforts but don’t think it will change anything. Kicks in the ass definitely also helped me lose weight, but most people aren’t like me. And the attention I got from losing weight was a real eye opener for me, I never felt better or looked better. It was actually overwhelming at certain times, especially after I bought better fitting clothes.

    1. No, being fat is just turning into an animal, not being able to control your eating. All because you like the taste, and the satisfaction that eating brings. I wish people cut the excuses, like the ones you mention.

      1. “All because you like the taste, and the satisfaction that eating brings.”
        Which again confirms my initial point that people eat for the feeling that it brings. The feeling that can put off and hide those other feelings of depression and anxiety, the psychological impact of the food they ate.
        ” I wish people cut the excuses, like the ones you mention.”
        And I wish people were smart enough to understand my point. Again something like 95% of people who diet fail in the long run, again because they come in with that, “No excuses, I’m going to do it right this time!” attitude. Again they fail in the long run (5+ years) because they don’t have a good relationship with food or what caused them to overeat in the first place.

        1. Lol, feelings of depression. No dummy, you really think everyone that is fat is depressed? ROFL, depressed people stay at home. They dont go out in public. People with anxiety stay home, they also avoid the public. You are just a moron.

  26. Benjamin Disraeli and Cecil Rhodes have certainly left the building. The Duke of Wellington is rolling over in his grave while degenerates like Oscar Wilde run rampant through the streets of London.
    Robert Peel’s Bow Street Runners have been replaced by the Twit Street Sods.

  27. what is it with the UK and the word “anti-social”? Is that some kind of terrible thing over there?
    Because anti-socialness falls within a healthy, and necessary range of human behavior. Most first world countries suffer from too much pro-social behavior instead

    1. Brit here: a couple of decades ago, ASBOs (Anti-Social Behaviour Order) became a thing. ‘Anti-Social Behaviour’ is basically being an arsehole in ways which fall just short of actually breaking the law – stuff like loitering outside someone else’s house/business, spitting in public, using the local children’s playground as your personal outdoor nightclub; doing crap which in the USA would get you a well-deserved arse-kicking. But any Brit giving an adolescent shithead a well-deserved clip round the ear would find himself sharing a cell with Big “Don’t drop the soap” Bubba, so it fell to the police to deal with low-level arseholery. An ASBO is a court order saying “Cut that shit out or we’ll have you picking up litter around the M25.”

      1. Is community service still a thing? I swear they put an electronic bracelet on your ankle and tell you not to break the law otherwise you go to the big house.

        1. Yep. I got this young man (just turned 18, so technically no longer a boy) nicked for shoplifting and criminal damage. Since my shop is CCTV’d up like it’s 1984, he had little choice but to plead guilty. His sentence was payment of costs and a fine (totalling about £1,000 – £300 to repair the window he smashed, £200 for the court’s time, £100 for miscellaneous costs [such as £50 victim surcharge and £20 value of the stuff he nicked] and a few hundred on top as a fine), a restraining order preventing him for coming within 20 metres of my shop (which meant he had to cross the road to walk through the street where my shop is) and a couple of hundred hours of community service. Whether the community service part of his sentence was enforced or not I do not know. I never saw the £400 or so I was supposed to get off him but I did get him fined another few hundred (which went to the government, not me) for breaching his restraining order.

  28. Too funny. You can, now, be arrested for pointing out the obvious – she’s fat.
    Yes, it’s truly a sad day when facts become the enemy.

  29. So it was wrong to sit between the college campus female dorms and the class rooms with 12″x12″ rating cards? (One dude had an “empty set” card…{}.) I feel terrible.

  30. I followed the link and looked at the one complainant’s picture and thought to myself, “well, she’s not THAT fat”. Then I read further down and she says that she is less than the national average and not exactly fat. Then I realized, holy shit, after a few years in China I have been brainwashed into thinking white chicks being fat is NORMAL.
    I got curious so I looked into the Toronto Transit Commision’s take on this. They have a harassment and discrimination policy, but it does not provide for any actions to be taken against passengers, although it says that if one passenger harasses (bullies, insults, etc) then that is a violation of the policy. TTC Bylaw 1 says that ” No person shall display, offer, distribute or place handbills, signs, notices or any form of written or printed matter on or in TTC property without authorization.” Furthermore, ” No person shall . . . behave[e] in a manner which would interfere with the ordinary enjoyment of persons using the transit system.”
    It says that they can refuse you passage if you are likely to break the bylaw. If you do break the bylaw then you can be kicked off and fined as a provincial offence.

  31. This is pretty funny. I laughed out loud at the first paragraph.
    Hopefully these chubby women will use this as a type of motivation towards self improvement.

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