Sweden Is Forcing Its Young Boys Into Homosexuality

Remember hearing your local preacher or priest talking about how the city of Sodom and its wicked people digged their own graves at Sunday School? Sweden in a not so far future might end up like Sodom 2.0. Its educators are currently digging their own graves by forcing gender experiments on children, with no right of choice and ability to differentiate from right and wrong yet.

Sweden’s Gender Neutral Schools

Judes 1,7 Even as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

Sweden’s educators claim their aim is to promote “gender equality” in order to create a society in which its citizens wont discern between male or female when choosing friendships or relationships. Educators say their efforts will be worth it, since they claim it will create more “successful” citizens that treat each other as “human beings” rather than “men/women.”

Some of their attempts to social engineer children include forbidding kids from using pronouns, such as “he” or “she.” If a boy tries to call a female colleague by she/her/girl or the contrary, the teacher advertises them to stop doing it. The same rule applies for girls, since it can deconstruct their idea of a “gender neutral society”. They promote everyone to call each other with the substantive friend or “hen”, a genderless pronoun originally from Nordic Finnish.

Other strategies of theirs include making boys more submissive by making them play with dolls, pretend to be cooking in a kitchen, and dress like girls. At the same time, they try to make girls more rebellious and defiant by teaching them to yell , run, dress on their own, and play outside.

During drawing classes, one of the teachers, Ms.Esteka, states that they try to enforce boys into drawing boys with long eyelashes just like they would do if they were drawing girls even if her male students complain “We know its not like that in real life.”

Sweden’s toy makers taking advantage of the gender-neutral trend in schools and society


The state curriculum in Sweden urges teachers to “counteract traditional gender roles and gender patterns.” – Andrea Bruce for The New York Times

Sweden’s toy industry is also taking advantage of this “progressive” trend by creating gender-neutral toys and children’s books. Sweden Educators completely forbid children, especially boys into reading children’s books that would teach them traditional gender roles like Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.

What kind of men and women Sweden will raise with all those experiments that sound batshit insane? Are they trying to turn Sweden into Sodom/Gomorrah 2.0?

Maybe North American and South American Educators aren’t so bad after all…

Brazil is my homeland. It might be a third world country and not as developed as Sweden, but at least we don’t force naive young boys and girls, who have no way of fighting back and are easily influenced, to switch roles like crazy nazi Swedish educators are doing. The repercussions of the social engineering they are doing to those poor children will be terrible and will definitely only bring Sweden one step closer to total collapse.

America’s K12 schools might not be perfect as well, but at least they don’t try to social engineer in a forceful way America’s youth into changing their traditional roles. For now.

I wonder why parents haven’t done anything yet and are allowing such behaviour from people (educators), who were supposed to be teaching their youth about freedom of will and speech instead of forcing children into their creepy social experiments and ideologies.

I’m proud of the strong latin machismo culture in my country of birth and the rest of Latin America. It will sure help South America from becoming so degenerate and gaily as Sweden has. This is just as sad and as disturbing as the atrocities Nazi scientists commited in WW2.

Swedes can laugh all they want about the educational disadvantage American and Brazilian public high schools are when compared to theirs, but at least we are manly and don’t force no one into becoming a tomboy nor a tomgirl. They are basically trying to condition males and females from a young age to switch their roles, behaviour and sexual preferences derived from their gender.

Isaiah 3, 9 The shew of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves.

In short, Swedish culture is reaching a point of no return in which in a few years from now the Cultural Marxists will have successfully annihilated all national identity in that country. I’m no xenophobic but I don’t think it’s morally or ethically right to force anyone into switching their normal biological roles and sexual preferences.

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  1. The “elites” don’t actually want to turn the boys gay, these social experiments are all about breaking the male psyche, make the boys unfit for the bleak future which awaits them.
    Depression, lack of self esteem, subservient attitude, these are the traits they wish to instill on the males of Sweden(Europe in general, actually).

    1. If you are an attractive man or woman and you hang out with less attractive men and women, it is only a matter of time they will start pointing out your imperfections in an effort to level the playing field. “Oh my god your hands are so bony,” (or something like this). This behavior is quite predictable. People are insecure and can become very jealous. Their life will be a constant struggle between gaining confidence, trying to contain their jealousy, playing games with people to break their confidence and playing games in an effort to change the way people think. I think we take for granted just how insecure the average person is. Ha, even good looking people are insecure at times. Now if one of these emotional basket cases became a teacher, what type of behavior would you expect?

        1. Sweden’s ruling Govt is almost entirely Female.
          Women like Jews, are nation destroyers and why they couldn’t vote for the last 1900 years.
          Our Founders were very smart. Repeal the amendment allowing them to vote and assert your dominance or watch it go to hell.

    2. I couldn’t agree more with Warblade. It’s not even subtle any more. It’s a out and out assault on any mental state (male) that might have the strength of mind and character to fight back. Beaten down, physically and emotionally weak men will just do as they are told. I know as I used to be one. A ‘nice’ guy only recently red pilled. It took 38 years of stifling conditioning and a small mental breakdown for me in 2015 to wake up. But woken, I am. And I’m pissed. Really pissed at what I see going on….

      1. Movie is 20 years old but it was the Canary in the Coalmine of how much worse things were going to be after the 21st century began.

        1. Things are not that bad, even in Sweden. It’s just virtue signaling on the part of the author.

    3. Hitler was right. He fought aganist the Jews and cultural marxist to stop Europe from becoming what it is today. Now the world is beholden to the Greater Israel Plan and slaves to Zionist Globalist seeking a 1 world government.

      1. He was right ONLY if he won, which he didn’t. The power that be may knew from beginning or ensured that he couldn’t win. They might even had arrange his uprising and his final demise as counter cultural event to turn the tide upside down, to grow the guilts on all of you white men, to “push” you to concede and suicide. It took generations, but the patterns are there.

        1. So according to your logic Jesus Christ failed because he was crucified? And Mohammed failed because he too died? Hitler’s worldview lives on. The transcripts of his speeches and proclamations can be read today, as can the text from his book Mein Kampf.
          And, in his lifetime, he prevented all of Central and Western Europe from becoming overrun by the USSR. Though, as a European myself, I can’t say that the occupation by the USA has been much less destructive to European life and culture than an occupation by the Stalinist USSR may have been!

    4. For contrast:
      In Memoriam Gunnery Sgt Hartman:
      “If you girls leave my island, if you survive the basic training, you will be a weapon. You will be priests of death praying for war. But you’re puke up to this day. You are the lowest form of life on earth. You are not even human beings. You’re nothing but a bunch of amphibious shit. ”
      Why do the best always die?

    1. Dude, I wish more people knew about the devastating influence Jewish “intellectuals” have had on white societies. Jews, unlike their Arab cousins, are not violent or aggressive, but their ideas have caused more damage to white people than any terrorist attack an Arab could plan (we all know Arabs are rather dumb).
      Final solution when?

        1. Steely Dan, all you are is an armchair warrior. We all know you are not going to pull an Anders Breivik. You’re just a hapless soul seeking attention.

      1. I would say their actions have been extremely violent and aggressive. When you look at the detestation they have caused. They have proven that the pen can indeed be far more mightier than the sword.

      2. Cuckslayer — I would rather figure out how to deal with 10,000 Arabs with AK-47 rifles than 100 psychopathic Jews and their networks.

        1. So, tell us how you plan on “figuring it out”. Are you not a fellow towel head yourself, Arafat?

      3. “Jews are not violent and aggressive” I think some Palestinians may disagree, especially those resident in Gaza. Oh, and a few million who were butchered by the NKVD/Cheka. Oh and lets not forget he millinos deliberately starved to death by Lazar Kaganovich in the Holodomor (Ukraine 1932-33).
        Jews are aggressive in the same way that women and cats can be aggressive: in a sadistic way and only when the odds are stacked enormously in their favour. One doesn’t need to read Theodor Fritsch’s Riddle of The Jew’s Success to see that.

    2. What I find funny about this scenario; “Boys and girls are the same.” *actions that follow remind everyone that they are different. Lol.

  2. “They promote everyone to call each other with the substantive friend”
    Fuck that, why not just go with Comrade?

  3. F***ing disgusting a totally bankrupt government Sweden has become, don’t forget they voted for this so I have no sympathies for them apart from the poor kids. We are not far from the only way to remove these tyrants is by violent means their will be no other means left. Sweden is going down the Shithole a once proud nations with Viking blood in them now a Queer nation, Coming to every Western country near you soon the UK won’t be far behind I live in England and I have about had enough I have yet to make enough money to support myself abroad as I would like to spent at least 4 months of the coming year living in another country at least to get away from the crappy grey winter.

      1. Not sure about that MM,
        Supporting an Asian family in a reasonable lifestyle is nearer $1,500/month.
        I have some single pals living on $500/month, but they are living in one room, which isn’t a great life IMHO. I need a house, wife, beer and hookers.

        1. JOHN
          I wouldn’t know, my wife is from the Thai Chinese community and owns a house/business.
          The cheapest room in Bankok with a toilet will run about $150 a month.
          You can be dead drunk everyday on Chang beer.
          Philippines is a bit less expensive-you can live there for $500 a month.

        2. Living on $500 a month is cool for young dudes but there is a MGTOW/escapism theme going on there. In order to fulfill your manly duties a man needs to go into the cultural desolation and fight the evil of this cultural marxism. If we run away then the disease will spread worldwide. Be a man and fight aganist Boleshevism!

        3. STEVIE
          I’m not about to fight Antifa on the street or even return to the United States. It has really gone to shit since the 90’s.

      2. If Hitler didn’t attack the Soviets and Japan the USA, World War 2 would have ended quite differently as 🇩🇪 was ahead technologically of every nation.

      3. So what about those on the Alt Right you say you are a cuck for race and ethnic mixing?

    1. This isn’t surprising to me. Straight out of university in 2001 I had the misfortune of working for my local council in the UK. I was an admin support guy, and got assigned to the ‘inspectorate’ department overseeing the pre-school and Primary schools in our little unitary authority. Of the five ‘primary’ actions they wanted these places to promote? One was actively encouraging boys to play with girls toys and visa versa. Another was promoting boys in ‘girls’ fancy dress. And visa versa. Among the ‘secondary’ activities, near the bottom of course, was promoting ‘friendliness’ and other areas of basic human decency. I was disgusted. The department consisted of twenty plus women bossing a few dozen nurseries and a handfull of any babysitters around. Mostly sticking to the five main ‘principals’ handed down to them by Blair’s government. It was fucking madness. State promoted social engineering. Oddly enough, I didn’t last too long there.

      1. Seems like the men of England waived the white surrender flag years ago and have completely given away their own country. England is what……. 2o years behind Sweden in the your country isn’t going to be taken over and turned into a whateverStan shithole!

    2. This idea of proud vikings and shit like this is ridiculous.
      Vikings were a bunch of blonde gypsies that created not s single state and lost every big battle, so please dont mention them as something glorious.
      Hollywood is too much obsessed with them it seems.
      England for that matter is probably the most degenerated country in europe.

      1. You are forgetting about Iceland. The Vikings degenerated for sure. But their maritime abilities were second to none. It is fairly guaranteed that some of them settled in what’s now the Eastern USA and became mixed with the Indian populations over time.
        And as for the Norse having “lost every big battle”, you haven’t the faintest idea what you’re talking about. For a start, the NORMANS were Vikings who became established in Northern Fance, and they conquered most of Britain – BEFORE Britain was the land of degenerated sheeple that it surely is now!

  4. I am a father with 2 kids who being from India , due to my situations am currently now stuck in Sweden , with my son and daughter growing up here . It is not a possibility for me to go back to India Now . Even-though I have tried my best to bring up my kids in a very patriarchal structure , I am still finding that it is not working. And I really dont know what to do about this. The kind of degeneracy that they are teaching my son in the swedish schools are absolutely horrendous , I am beginning to think what kind of a world will they inherit ? There are real problems out there that this lame society doesn’t want to accept. All the topics that they want to adress are Homosexuality and gender pronouns. If this country goes on like this it is only a matter of years before Kids from really Macho countries will completely outcompete them in every arena ( This is already hapenning now ) . These feminist politicians are really striking at their very core ( Who Am I ) and doing irreparable damage to them and as a father I dont know what to do about it anymore.

    1. “Macho” countries will out compete them.
      Muslims and Africans in Sweden are helpless children dependent upon the allowance of a government welfare system.
      In the next 20 years that all Swedes are gay the Muslims are going to have no taxes to support them and then the place will look like Detroit.
      In the US whites can move thousands of miles away and take their tax money with them. Swedes can only fail to reproduce.
      But either way the money leaves and the place looks like Bangladesh.

      1. By more Macho countries, I mean strongly patriarchial societies like China and India, You can already see that in the IT sector where I am working in … They dont even select native swedes for openings in companies like scania .. they are directly recruiting them from India . And the kids of these types of parents are Ambitious and strong willed , They find it very easy to outcompete the native kids whether its GMAT or GRE because the native swedish kids are only interested in Gender correct language and homo sexuality.

        1. I don’t find South Indian Nairs very tough or macho. Some Punjabi are and Muslims of Pathan extraction who are essentially Central Asian.
          But South Indian IT Catholics and especially Hindu Dravidians are dorks.

        2. Your average Chinese or Dravidian Nair is regarded as a total dork in the West.
          Show me a completely gay Swede who is intimidated by Tamil or Chinese!

    2. DENNIS
      Most Brahmin are gay weak Mumma’s boys who molest children and they run India.

    3. That’s rich, coming from a cuck culture that allowed Muslims to partition your own country! You my friend are the problem, stay home fix your own country. Bangladesh awaits!

    4. Be a christian Protestant Christian put your faith in Jesus, pray for them while at it take them to church let them have their own relationship with God. That way their minds will be protected. This is a spiritual battle there is no man made solution. The joke is on those who think religion is stupid.

      1. This. When in despair, I try to remember that this is a espiritual battle primarily

    5. “Kids from really Macho countries will completely outcompete them in every arena“ this is exactly what they want. I personally don’t understand this or why anyone would want this but the people of Sweden are completely brainwashed and the thing about brainwashing is they usually don’t know that they are are brainwashed.
      The globalists and multiculturalists are using Sweden as the blueprint on how to takeover and destroy a country from within w/o anyone noticing and no violence and not a violent takeover. Just like how Venezuela is doing the same thing but with completely different tactics.
      Venezuela is the blueprint for how to do it if the people don’t just cuck-out like the SwedishCucks we all know and despise.

  5. so .. Islam is pro-gender/homo and compatible with feminism ??!
    nobody is asking ROK’s writers to be pro-islam, but at least don’t consider us readers as stupid.

  6. Decades ago Scandinavian countries with their homogeneous racial makeup and relative seclusion had some of the highest standards of living in the world, unique aesthetic culture, peace and a very well educated healthy populace.
    Like the Germans great success after succeeding the (((weimar republic))) and essentially removing control and gaining independence from Zionist usury.
    These countries were shining beacons in complete contrast to the globalists planned cesspools of multiculturalism and globalist governed hellholes. If they were to exist they could threaten their great world dominating plans as the great unwashed would eventually conclude that the Zionist/globalist way of living is far inferior to those that rebelled or stayed autonomous.
    The globalists had to crush them, as they did Germany. Sweden has taken a full assault and is now I would say beyond the tipping point. Don’t think for a second your country isn’t next or well on its way.

    1. It’s weird how you and l think the same exact thing, l mean l felt like l had written your post myself, that’s how closely aligned our thoughts are on this topic. So my question is – why the hell haven’t the millions of people and in particular, why haven’t any of the millions of men in Sweden and in Scandinavia realized this!?!

  7. Brazil isn’t far behind, as the seeds of its destruction have been sown in white Knights and feminists. Surprising considering it’s a population of violent mystery meat (redundant?) but evident none the less.

    1. Brazil size and a veneer of masculinity will prevent total collapse in Brazil. But I do see groups like O Sul é Meu País gaining traction and this part of Brazil becoming a independent territory or even a separate nation.

  8. The first two pictures of the article have nothing to do with the content of the article. So, right off the bat I surmise the author is intellectually challenged. The article itself was dry and unedifying.

  9. Wow!
    Racial integration and bestiality…..just a few short steps apart, eh!
    It’s all so obvious….
    Goodbye R of K.
    Glad the quality of your articles has declined so rapidly (grammar included).
    Glad to know your shop is closing down.
    You do not deserve my time.

    1. I think you are meaning to comment on the slippery slope fallacy, which indeed is a logical fallacy. Just because we’ve legalized gay marriage and allowed for gay people to adopt children does not all of a sudden guarantee or suggest the legalization of bestiality or worse is next. Though if you do look around at the last decade or so, one can only wonder what’s on the agenda next or who’s going to be the next target.

    2. @Windmillsofhismind or should I call you Mr William Shakespeare? If you think you can do better than me why dont you write an article and submit it to ROK instead of wasting your time commenting on my article?

      1. Hello.
        I’ve popped in to have a look if there were any replies (I disabled the notification option).
        ‘ If you think you can do better than me why dont you write an article and submit it to ROK…’
        Sadly, I am conceited enough to think that I could indeed do an awful lot better than the above.
        I won’t be trying though as it is…ahem…it is beneath me to engage in a forum where bestiality and ‘race mixing’ are considered essentially the same thing; separated only by a few short steps.
        That’s why.
        ‘… instead of wasting your time commenting on my article?’
        A waste of time?
        I would say, however, it gave me a little satisfaction to be able to finally ‘peg’ this website.
        Gently stepping over the Antisemitism was tiresome enough.
        The bestiality/race connection was the clincher.
        Cheers, H. Roark.

        1. Not an argument.
          All I´ve seen above is Ad Hominem style attacks to me and the rest of this website with little to no proofs to back up your claims. Come back to have a civilized chat with me. When you decide to use logic and rationality instead of emotions to back your claims.
          Bla Bla Bla. If you can ” do an awful lot better” then just do it instead of talking. As I said before all I´ve seen above is you and your big mouth saying how much better you are than me. But you have yet to provide me and the rest of the community proof of your “claims”. I would like to see you write an antithesis to back your claims. But you are trying to run away from it big boy…
          I´m no xenophobic Mr.Windmillsofhillsmind, but Sweden is going downhill because they want to “save” as many people as possible as they can by giving refugee status, citizenship and permanent residence to everyone that gets in there. The problem is their country and economy cant handle that influx of migrants in such a small period of time. I´m not against immigrants. What I´m against is allowing such a big amount of people into your homeland without them making any effort at all to integrate and assemble in your culture. I´m all for hard workers who are looking for better lives in another land and will definitely be productive citizens instead of what Ayn Rand would call Second-Handers/Parasites.
          Well Mr.William Shakespeare(Windmillsofhismind). I´m waiting for you to send us an antithesis to prove to all of us how much better and civilized you are than me.

      2. Not an argument.
        My post was not supposed to be ‘an argument’ but instead an explanation.
        The two are different.
        Though it could be that you are simply repeating Stefan Molyneux’s ‘not an argument’ catch phrase without really understanding what it means.
        Who knows?
        All I´ve seen above is Ad Hominem style attacks to me …….’
        No, you have not.
        I have never personally abused anyone online.
        Further, my post was directed at ‘R. of K’.
        It was not even addressed to you, personally.
        That is not an ad hominem attack, nor is it in the ‘style’ of a personal attack.
        Again, it’s possible you do not know what ‘ad hominem’ actually means, I suppose.
        …and the rest of this website with little to no proofs to back up your claims..
        Your reply is making zero sense.
        ‘No proofs’?
        I explicitly cited THE EXACT REASON I wrote what I wrote.
        Look, from my post…….
        ‘Racial integration and bestiality…..just a few short steps apart, eh!’
        It wasn’t difficult to identify why I wrote my post was it?
        It is inexplicable that you could imagine there is ‘no proof’ for what I write.
        Look above at the illustrations to you writing.
        That’s where ‘racial integration’ and ‘bestiality’ are placed a few short steps apart.
        This is an ugly and crude form of racism that deserves to be criticised.
        I stand by my assessment of any website that prints such nonsense.
        I have no idea if you would defend the comparison.
        ‘I´m no xenophobic Mr.Windmillsofhillsmind,… ‘
        ‘Xenophobic’ and ‘racist’ are different things.
        They are different words that describe different things.
        Somewhat similar on occasion, but clearly different.
        No-one anywhere has mentioned ‘xenophobia’ except you.
        ‘Racism’ ?
        That is explicit in the illustrations accompanying your writing.
        If you do not wish to be associated with such drivel, then do not blame honest and restrained commentary on your work.
        It’s your fault.
        I didn’t read beyond your above sentence as you were not making sense, but I see you have written below.
        Let’s hope that’s more cogent.

    3. H. Roark writing is good enough considering this author is not a native English speaker. You try writing a similar article in a foreign language then you can criticize.

      1. Nope.
        Connecting ‘race mixing’ and bestiality is ludicrous in any language.
        You cannot choose to express yourself in a foreign language and then expect decent people to ignore the ugly stupidity of your ideas; just because you write inadequately.
        Communication does not work that way.

        1. Not an argument.
          More Ad-Hominem Attacks and little to no proof to back your arguments.
          Where is your rationality and logic?
          Tell me Windmillsofhismind if you are such a cultured and civlized men of the “Western World” have you ever heard of the Socratic Method or Aristotle’s Rhetoric?
          I suggest you to read those and a few more books about philosophy to make your brain grow a bit more, because its in a seriously need of more knowledge before it goes into decay.
          Otherwise you will keep making yourself look like a fool by writing Ad Hominem attacks based on your fallacies and world bias.
          Come back after you become more cultured and learn how to back your claims Mr.Windmillsofhismind

        2. Not an argument.
          Oh, you are a Molynuex fan.
          Yes, I like him as well.
          ‘More Ad-Hominem Attacks and little to no proof to back your arguments.’
          Now I’m convinced you do not know what the phrase means.
          Again, look at what I wrote….
          ‘……the ugly stupidity of your ideas.’
          Precisely correct and NOT directed at YOU as an individual.
          Yes, ‘race mixing’ is not the same as having sex with a horse.
          The suggestion is stupid.
          Certainly, that is self evident. Well, to some of us at least.
          ‘Tell me Windmillsofhismind if you are such a cultured and civlized men of the “Western World”…..’
          Obviously, I never wrote anything to indicate that was the case.
          However, it is interesting that you invent such a supposition.
          It’s almost as though you are ashamed of the ‘race mixing/bestiality’ connection, and you presume a ‘cultured and civilised’ man would object to it.
          ‘…have you ever heard of the Socratic Method or Aristotle’s Rhetoric?’
          Again with the Stefan Molynuex references?
          ‘I suggest you to read those and a few more books about philosophy to make your brain grow a bit more,…’
          A bigger brain?
          Are you sure it will fit?
          ‘Otherwise you will keep making yourself look like a fool by writing Ad Hominem attacks based on your fallacies and world bias.’
          Fallacies AND world bias?
          For whatever reason, you seem a little annoyed by my post.
          Why not either defend the (distinctly unpleasant) illustration I criticised, or distance yourself from it.
          Suggesting that I read more philosophy and complaining about non-existent ‘ad hominem’ attacks on your good self appears weak, to be honest.

  10. Sweden – taxpayers paid information booklet regarding public as well as business recruiting of new employees: get rid of the white male. Keep on hiring the feminist lesbian, immigrants, pensioner and handicapped.
    Bonus – from 2017 – a collage of Swedish official view on immigration and sex. Official booklets and more:

    Sweden is going down. Feminists, soyboys and traitors running the show. A Swedish sayings amazingly is going like this: The Swede man rather goes with his hand in a fist hidden in a pocket – than speak out load.”

  11. These attempts by social engineers will only “succeed” in part, even in Stockholm, because only those who are already very weak will be susceptible to these silly and inverted ideas. Masculine males and feminine females will only conform to this tongue in cheek or play along to not upset anyone, but in real life boys will be predominantly men and vice versa. But it will affect some for sure. Ironically, those who ought to downplay their machismo the most, Africana and Middle Eastern migrant males, will often be the ones that will ignore these ideas the most. They already have Islam and/or gangsta culture.
    Of course, discussions about gender is interesting but it should be based on facts, nuances and not imply that the social engineers impose ideas and opinions on their subjects of study, small children in particular.
    For example, the machismo ideal is kind of stupid and only for people with less than 100 IQ. But the diametrical opposite is neither beneficial. What girls/women and boys/men need is a balanced “gender identity”, linked to biology, reality and proper ethics (which sometimes includes the same ideals for the both sexes, such as to be conscientious and at least moderately agreeable); not some kind Cultural Marxist mumbo jumbo.

  12. “State-enforced homosexuality.”
    Sam Hyde predicted it would happen… and now he’s been proven right.

  13. These attempts by social engineers will only “succeed” in part, even in Stockholm, because only those who are already very weak will be susceptible to these silly and inverted ideas. Masculine males and feminine females will only conform to this tongue in cheek or play along to not upset anyone, but in real life boys will be predominantly boys and girls will be girls. But it will affect some for sure, and not for the better.
    Ironically, those who ought to downplay their machismo the most, African and Middle Eastern migrant males, will often be the ones that will ignore these ideas to the largest extent. They do already have Islam and/or gangsta culture, hence don’t need dolls to play with (unless they rape real dolls, so to speak).
    Of course, discussions about gender can be fruitful but it should be based on facts, nuances and not imply that the social engineers impose ideas and opinions on their subjects of study, small children in particular.
    For example, the machismo ideal is kind of stupid and only for people with less than 100 IQ. But the diametrical opposite is neither beneficial. What girls/women and boys/men need is a balanced “gender identity”, linked to biology, reality and proper ethics (which sometimes includes the same ideals for the both sexes, such as to be conscientious and at least moderately agreeable); not some kind Cultural Marxist mumbo jumbo.

  14. SWEDEN YES!!!!
    A ella le gusta la gasolina
    Dame más gasolina!
    Como le encanta la gasolina
    soooooo tolerant.

  15. The elites don’t want want their native populations breeding. First they poisoned relations between the sexes by promoting hypergamy and destroying marriage. Now they’re speeding up the genocide by encouraging native born men to be homosexual while opening the borders – and their native born women’s legs – to be bred by Mohammadan invaders. The only thing that will save Europe now is civil war before the Muslim population reaches a number that is too high to fight.

    1. Devilhoc
      France ha nuclear weapons and the whites control the military because the Muslims have bell curve IQ’s. Militarily they would be wiped out because whites own the military etc.
      Muslims can throw molotov cocktails and that is the extent of it.

      1. You’d be surprised what you can be coerced to do at the point of a scimitar.
        They don’t need the IQ to launch. They simply need the BALLS to cut off the head of those who can launch. Ditto for all western nations that are overrun. Sweden especially. You don’t need to have an IQ to run the country. You simply need to have all the men too afraid of you to NOT run the country.
        Basically, a nation where even the men are women. Which is what Sweden is trying to produce now. Muslims, Afghans especially, like homo-sex with boys so a cucked Swedish man is like another wife basically.
        France with its massive muzz population will also be slaves of a caliphate. The war will be fought between eastern and western Europe now. Hungary, Poland, etc. and Russia on one side with the only whites left in the world willing to fight. And all of cucked Western Europe fighting for the Muzz.

  16. Yes goyim teach your son to be softer and more feminine while their invaded by savages

  17. For Sweden read: Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, U.K., etc. All treading the same path. All fucked. Fifteen per cent immigrant populations, five percent Muslim. Crime rates soaring, even those that aren’t covered up for politically correct reasons.
    From my own country, the U.K. and the national scandal of the ‘asian’ paedophile-rings wasn’t one. 90 per cent of the population knew it was going on fifteen, twenty years ago. They were just ignored or threatened with prosecution themselves. We have been sold down the river by metropolitan elites who have made themselves guided cages in Kensington, Islington, etc. I’m not sure there is any going back. Working class, middle class Britain has been beaten down and impoverished into submission.

    1. Several years ago, in Norway, the Family Services Office bureaucrats took a Polish family’s daughter away and put her in a foster home because the teachers had complained that the little girl seemed unhappy and lethargic at school. And that was reason enough for taking such an adverse action against them, when the girl was still just adjusting to the new environment and country. Then, by law, the parents had to pay 1k euros a month to their daughter’s new guardians. They enlisted the help of a Polish private investigator, who used to host his own show on TV, who rescued the girl in a carefully planned and executed stunt where the 9 year old had to descend on a rope from a second storey window at 1AM, into her father’s arms. The team than made their way to Poland in different cars. It took some planning, and the girl got a GPS fitted doll from her mother during one of the visitations when she was still in the care of the Norwegian government, this was paramount because the government gives the kid a new identity and soon all contact with her real parents is impossible. It made big time news, Polish papers were writing at the time that the Scandinavian child protection system is corrupt and ridden with abuse, that kids are put under the care of junkies, homosexuals, and people from the underclass who then get money for every kid they’re raising , on a monthly basis from the government, and that the bureaucrats also get their piece of the pie. The Polish public TV showed a short doc about it, unfortunately there are no English subtitles.

      1. Sickening stuff. But morons will continue to hand over their rights because why would the tv, government and big Corp lie to them. That’s tinfoil conspiracy stuff!!!

  18. FUCK YOU SWEDISH MEN. I don’t often say this but you really should kill yourselves for letting this happen. You’re a disgrace to men worldwide.

    1. Our own countries are full steam ahead on a similar disastrous trajectory. Would you recommend the same for yourself. Blaming the victim is letting the (((culprits))) off Scott free. Unless of course that was your intention…

    2. Another Internet tough guy. Why don’t you actually show us your true feelings by directly confronting Swedish men and post here the unedited video here.

  19. Congratulations Sweden and other Anglo-Germanics, you are only +1000 years behind Finno-Ugrics in the development of neutral language. No wonder even Estonians are running circles around your kids in PISA tests.
    Here in Finland we have already taken the next step in language development… OBJECT-NEUTRAL language!
    In colloquial Finnish, it’s completely acceptable to use “se” (in English: “it”) to mean not only animals and tools, but also other objects such as women. Here are some examples how to speak in modern object-neutral Finnish:
    “Se kakkasi matolle” = “It (a dog) pooped on the rug”
    “Se räjähti yhtäkkiä” = “It (an Apple phone) suddenly exploded”
    “Se vei kaikki rahani” = “It (a woman) took all my money”
    And unlike Sweden’s pathetic copycat “hen” experiment, to use “se” is not in any way controversial. In fact in everyday speech it’s so normal to use “se” for a person, that using “hän” can often sound archaic and overly formal.
    Take a stand for real equality – start using object-neutral language today.

    1. “I’m From Buenos Aires and I say we be individuals and let the aliens rape us in the ass, Hail Libertarianism!!!…freedom is about being a coward cuck who believes he is a magical individual disconnected from the world and invincible” – Libertarian.

  20. Sweden’s plane seem to be:
    1. Masculinize native Swedish women and make Sweden the Saudi Arabia of Feminism.
    2. Feminize the native Swedish and make make them as gay as possible
    3. Invite the hyper-masculine savages from the Muslim world to invade them
    4. Get raped by the invaders and reproduce with them
    5. The new dominant group now will be a hybrid offspring of hyper-masculine Muslims and hyper-masculine Swedish women
    6. This dominant group, now with better genetics and hybrid vigor imposes Sharia
    7. They kill off all the gay native men
    8. Sweden becomes Saudi Arabia of Islam, Northern European edition.

    1. nick
      This happened in the colonial US. The English males killed all the male Indians and fucked the squaws. Within a few generations they were gone.
      1. Masculinize Swedish women. This is not hard, they look like Nick Nolte as they get older.
      2. Feminize the Native Swedish. So much for their compulsory military service.
      3. Invite Hyper Masculine Muslims to invade. And do what? Most of them have such a low IQ that anything more than sweeping streets is beyond their intellectual ability. Not everybody can sell heroin. So then what happens?
      4. Get raped by invaders. Since only gay Swedish males work or pay taxes then who will support these children? Not the Africans or Muslims.
      5. Hybrid vigor. This sort of works with races of different ethnic groups-Irish marrying Swedes in Chicago or Angola slaves marrying Gambian ones in the South-but once different groups intermarry they do not seem to have any “vigor”. Black Americans are usually 20% white, for example. Mexicans are usually about 30% Native American. Did not do much for them.
      6. Kill off all the gay Native men.

    2. Yes. And there is nothing you can do to stop this event from happening.
      Is that why you are so angry, bro?

  21. I am currently dating a cold as ice Swedish woman, who works as a tech recruiter (cold Swedish HR bitch!) here in Silicon Valley (she has been here for 20+ years), just as an intelligence gathering exercise, to find out first hand about WTF is going on with the Swedish and in their fucked up heads. Some gems I have found out so far.
    1. She is over 40, with no children and she is outright contemptuous of people with children
    2. Amazingly, she agrees with me that the 50s were the golden age in America and Western Europe
    3. She mentioned immigration for the failing welfare state in Sweden, but quickly tried to de-emphasize it as a problem. I have not yet broached the subject of Muslim invasion and refugees yet.
    4. She refuses to become an American Citizen even after 25 years, because the thinks Sweden and Europe is superior
    5. She told me that if she gets in a foreign country like Afghanistan (actually mentioned it), the Swedish government will help, but the American government will not?!!!! This was one of a few really dumb reasons for her decision.
    5. She thinks Americans are stupid. Actual statement. A typical attitude of most Western Euro immigrants to the US

    1. nick
      “Americans are stupid”
      Swedes have exported a handful of bands and actors. They on the other hand consume nothing but Hollywood films and culture right down to Levi jeans and STARBUCKS.
      “Over 40 no children”
      Good, we do not need more homosexual males spreading AIDS because they were raised by single mothers or rogues running around feral-both the result of being raised by single mothers.
      “Failing welfare state”
      Who can support the welfare system when nobody is employable? Sometimes a windfall exists like oil like Norway has. But more often the country becomes like Detroit-all welfare no taxpayers.
      “She refuses to become an American citizen”
      That is ideal-no welfare or taxes wasted on her despite what she has paid into the system.
      “50’s were the Golden Age”

    2. NICK
      “She thinks America is stupid”
      That is why she has been there for 20 years because a socialist country like Sweden has so much more opportunity.

  22. I used to play with dolls and I turned out alright. Id make He-Man fuck the shit out of all my sisters Barbie dolls. The blond bitch had a thing for short, meathead dudes that would rip off her clothes and bang her agressively up and down her dreamhouse (some choking may have gone down). Sometimes Skipper would join for some pre-teen, ass training.
    Good times, freaky bitches.

  23. The Natsis would of never have supported this garbage, these are communist atrocities.

  24. And yet 80% of men in that country are white ethnic Sweds…what are they doing? OH, they are being faggot individuals, worrying just about themselves, probably looking for a way to move, worried about how much taxes they pay, and probably angry at “du government” der der der. Liberalism is a mental disease of a decaying society. It is essentially de-tribalization, cowardice, and selfishness mixed into one big bag of bullshit. “BUT BUT BUT I’m just defending muh freedoms”…ya, say whatever you want, cowards are experts at making excuses. Who knows, maybe they will get a Jordan Peterson or Ben Shapiro to tell those Swedish men to just focus on improving their own lives and to just help the immigrants integrate and fuck their women more peacefully. You know, colonization through capitulation and peace…right?

  25. Canada is going this direction as well. Justin Trudeau’s tyrannical gouverment would love nothing more then to do the same thing with our schools. Hopping we can still turn this around.

  26. I’m swedish and I agree.
    Swedish women are so hard to deal with here. They hate traditional roles and young girls are brainwashed to believe that “just being a mother” is something bad.
    They proclaim that they hate masculinity and strong men. But deep down it’s just what they want.
    Swedish media treats men and fathers like crap and always makes fun of them.
    In almost every new swedish movie or serie, women can get away with anything they do while men always tend to be the really bad one or weak one. Never a truly good man who believes in himself.
    Girls and boys NEED a feminine mother and a masculine man!
    It breaks my heart when I see fathers that doesn’t take the lead in his family and both his kids and his wife are making fun of him.
    But can you say that outloud? No, because media will portrait you as an conservative, homophobic idiot.

  27. “Other strategies of theirs include making boys more submissive by making them play with dolls, pretend to be cooking in a kitchen, and dress like girls. At the same time, they try to make girls more rebellious and defiant by teaching them to yell , run, dress on their own, and play outside.”
    Okay, this site continues to provide slews of amusement for my husband and I as we laugh at the pigheadedness of the writers on here. This one’s a real gem. I love how the author laments that the teachers are MAKING boys play with dolls, kitchens and dress like little girls. We have two sons. They’re both into cars, trucks, dinosaurs and fighting with sticks outside. They also both love giving their baby dolls a cuddle, pretending to make food out of Play Doh and trying on my necklaces and shoes. No one’s ever MADE them do any of it, it’s simply that no one has stood over them arbitrarily deciding: “NO. THIS PLAY THING IS NOT FOR YOU. BECAUSE… PENIS.”
    Oh, and girls aparently never usually run, yell, dress on their own (the fuck? lmao) or play outside? That’s hilarious. I don’t think the author of this very insightful piece has ever actually spent any time at all with a child.
    Fun fact, I teach toddler music and sensory classes. Today we dressed up. Several of the boys went straight for the tutus, and they loved dancing in them, as much as they loved roaring like wild animals in the jungle themed session we had last week.
    I could go on about how gender specific toys are mostly a marketing strategy to make people spend more money and children used to be dressed gender neutral for the majority of human history, but why bother. You all have your minds made up already.

  28. “crazy COMMIE Swedish”
    FTFY, cuck.
    Antifa are real fascists and (((cultural-marxists))) from (((Frankfurt school)) are real national-socialists (“nazis”), right?
    “This is just as sad and as disturbing as the atrocities Nazi scientists commited in WW2”
    Oy vey, good goy.
    What atrocities? Like eugenics? Eugenics is present in everyday life. NS scientists just brought it to another level with available knowledge of that time.
    What about Jewish commie/bolshevik atrocities commited in WW2? Goyim know, shut it down.

  29. Sweden is becoming a shithole country. And I will fight a muzzie invasion, Sweden is so cucked that even Mexicans can invade it. But oh well sweeden will collapse and be a shithole country.

  30. This is a real problem. I used to be completely straight until one day a teacher handed me a doll during playtime and suddenly I got a craving for penis.

  31. Funny thing about Sweden and other countries that push hard on gender equality. Men and women are more likely to chose tradional roles than less “equal” counties.
    Turns out the more you give people the choice to do what they want, the more they behave like traditional men and women.
    Here’s an article on STEM, but other areas show the same pattern.

  32. Ordinarily I am an “Islamophobe” but considering the Swedish people have done this to themselves voluntarily – in this case I think the invading Muslim hordes need to stop being slackers and get on with the job. Seriously as much as I hate to see anyone living under sharia law – in this case they are the judgement the Swedes need to have! Really Sweden just needs to be taken behind the shed and put out of its misery.

  33. “we don’t force naive young boys and girls, who have no way of fighting back and are easily influenced, to switch roles like crazy nazi Swedish educators are doing”
    No. Not “nazis,” but the other side. Look up (((Magnus Hirschfeld))) and his Institute of Sexual Science, for one. Who put him out of business again?

  34. How exactly does one go about change their sexual orientation? Science is very clear that it’s a futile endeavor.

  35. Do you have a citation for the quote from the student remarking ““We know its not like that in real life”?

    1. Check the first hyperlink in my article. You can find it by in the first paragraph of my article in the word Sodom 2.0. Click on it and you will find your reference

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