Major Supermarket Bans The Sale Of Men’s Magazine After “Rape Culture” Petition

Magazines like Zoo promote attitudes that lead to violence against women.

– Laura Pintur, who is yet to provide any figures about how many of the magazine’s millions of readers over a decade have committed violence against women.

Major Australian retailer Coles has banned the sale of men’s magazine Zoo Weekly after a campaign orchestrated by feminist group Collective Shout’s Laura Pintur. Coles is part of the same conglomerate as department store Target, which ripped GTA V from its shelves for the “misogyny” of allowing players to kill women (in addition to about four times as many men). The censorship-loving Collective Shout and its keyboard supporters are now calling for Coles’ rival Woolworths Supermarkets to follow suit.

Pintur and one employee of Coles, “Shannen”, claim the magazine promotes “rape culture,” the most poorly defined and evidentially underwhelming “culture” in human history, aside from maybe David Icke’s “lizard people” conspiracy. Australia is a nation of some 25 million people and (as of writing) under 40,000 people have signed the petition, which equates to 0.16% of the population (and I have spotted many signatures from outside Australia).

Signing a petition is an extremely simple, passive act and there are probably 50,000 “causes” in Australia where you could find 40,000 people willing to non-strenuously sign or sign up for something, especially when badly supported buzzwords like “rape culture” are used to kick up a frenzy.

In a system that is generally two-party, only a few shades less so than America’s, and where elections are fought bitterly between differing, incompatible ideologies, are we seriously going to let such a small minority decide what is or isn’t sold on store shelves? Many popular books, films and magazines could provoke 5% in a population who want to see it banned or greatly restricted for the other 95%.

Censorship has gone wild and Laura Pintur is a mindless hypocrite

“Feminist advocacy” where a petition organizer assiduously promotes herself and her image to get a side career is common, from “model” and false rape threat accuser Aurelie Nix to “click bait” journalist Jessica Valenti. Laura Pintur is no exception.

It’s quaint how Pintur goes after a magazine catering to male sexuality when she ignores publications, where the audience is almost universally female, that shame and talk about women’s body issues for the purposes of pure gossip and entertainment. Before we explore that aspect in a more detailed fashion, let’s do some research on Collective Shout and start to learn how tenuous their assumptions and conclusions are.

An example: this organization will claim that the language of “lads’ magazines” can be juxtaposed with that of “rapists” and few differences will emerge. So how much finer can we slice things? The spectacularly vast majority of men who have never raped before and never will tend to appreciate large, firm breasts, like rapists, so can we establish the favoring of bigger mammaries over smaller ones as a predictive mechanism for sexual assault?

And how do we reconcile films encouraging female sexuality and male objectification, like Magic Mike XXL, with the denigration of male sexuality and so-called female objectification when it appears in Zoo? To artificially justify the distinction, many have claimed that the Magic Mike sequel is feminist and “liberates” the female libido.

Can you imagine an unapologetically sexual film, magazine or other piece of work created for male desires and preferences being described as “gender-equal” or “celebrating the male libido”?

Why not ban Fifty Shades of Grey (which has been sold at Coles)?

You think your girl’s so dewy­eyed she’s never sucked dick before? She knows how it works…. Is your girlfriend a bunny rabbit? A fragile rice­paper arrangement? No? Then how about you let her know she’s being f**ked?… she’ll like you taking charge like a real man.

– A quote Laura Pintur uses to argue that Zoo Weekly objectifies women and treats them like a man’s plaything. It seems she has not read Fifty Shades of Grey or a plethora of other female-centered novels and magazine publications.

Zoo Weekly, regardless of whether you find its language crass at times, unabashedly gives readers some hard truths about the sexual marketplace and female psychology. In a world where typically women choose the dominant alpha over the smart “nice guy,” teaching men to treat women as a gentleman would will largely get them nowhere, unless they have the wealth, status, or physique of a member of the tiny elite.

Because Fifty Shades of Grey is aimed at women, Pintur won’t bat an eyelid or call for its removal from bookstore shelves. What she despises at her very core is a publication that caters to men in its verbalization of these realities. In her mind, the expression of such sexuality can only be condoned when women are the consumersZoo Weekly‘s ethos promotes rape culture, whereas analogous female heterosexual desires constitute female free choice or are left completely unexamined.

“Pro-misogyny” magazines for women are much more prolific than men’s magazines

An entire magazine industry, paid for by female readers and advertising dollars aimed at them, exists to either stalk female celebrities and show the flaws in their bodies, or present usually unobtainable notions of celebrity feminine beauty.

Turn up to most doctors’ surgeries in the Western world or stop near a supermarket checkout and you are immediately accosted by a veritable menagerie of women’s magazines. Three-quarters of the subject matter centers on female journalists (or photographers) taking explicit or implicit potshots at other women for the state of their bodies. Much of the rest of the material concerns the presentation of female body ideals even women in their teens and 20s have no chance of emulating without a combination of digital alteration, professional makeup, and perhaps copious cosmetic surgery.

This magazine industry is a distinctly female phenomenon, much more popular than fat-shaming, the subject of Roosh’s appearance on Dr. Oz this year. The “misogyny” of men fat-shaming women is perennially attacked but the constant humiliation women inflict on each other, directly by those involved in producing these publications and vicariously by the women who pay to read them, is given an unequivocal free pass.

Laura Pintur and her gang of do-gooders are reticent to talk about this. They have also paid precious little attention to the willing participation of tens of thousands of girls during Zoo Weekly‘s history, from the cover girls and other main models to the everyday women who send their pictures in for their own desire to be sexualized. They are simply moderately or hardly known partners-in-crime with truly famous self-objectifiers like Kate Upton.

This is not my first ROK article to point out the inconsistency applied by feminists and other SJW activists in their self-serving campaigns. The presentation of Pintur and Co’s message depends on an easy dichotomy: men sexualizing and objectifying women, rather than the wider issues of women willingly sexualizing and objectifying themselves, or women shaming other women via a proliferation of gossip and “general entertainment” outlets.

Feminist censorship and vilification of male sexuality (and the male gender) will awaken other men

She’s embracing her womanhood, but by ogling her you’re objectifying her. Go figure.

As moronic and selective as it is, the banning of Zoo Weekly from Coles and any other outlets will be a kick in the gut for men who realize that they are being lumped together with rapists. In the meantime, they will see that body-shaming female magazines are applauded and allowed to remain on store shelves. Fifty Shades of Grey will create some murmurs of disapproval from feminists, but never will its readers, overwhelmingly female, be accused of sponsoring rape culture.

Roosh, given his experiences in Canada recently, can tell you about false and defamatory SJW narratives concerning sexual assault. Likewise, the not so subtle implication from Laura Pintur and her supporters is that men who read magazines like Zoo are furthering rape.

Are you a rapist, a supporter of rape or just heterosexual? It seems the distinction does not matter to many feminists anymore.

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210 thoughts on “Major Supermarket Bans The Sale Of Men’s Magazine After “Rape Culture” Petition”

  1. I don’t have a problem with private enterprises deciding what to sell or not, as long as it is not government mandated censorship, because choosing to not sell something that people want is the easiest way to self-sabotage. Businesses who do this are at a disadvantage and will slowly die out to smaller eager competitors who actually give the people what they really want. The next “Coles” could be a currently mom & pop shop that decided to go to the “Protein World school of IDGAF”.

    1. Some businesses have become arrogant. They seem to believe, since women are driving/dominating consumer spending, they can safely ignore men, so instead they decide to cater entirely to women. As a result, men’s products either get stuffed away into some obscure corner (while women have entire floors/shops dedicated to them), or banned outright.

  2. What’s wrong with pro-misogyny and sexual objectification? If you don’t objectify female bodies, they get uppity. Sounds harsh, but true.
    The only problem I see here is the store caving into a handful of freaks. If you’re ever in charge of anything, never be afraid of a little bad press. Remember that activism by its very nature is powerless. The whiners can’t do anything if you don’t give in.
    Side note: Comparing other mediums to demonstrate hypocrisy is never effective against equalists. Their actions are motivated by ideology and resentment, not fairness or even consistency. Fifty Shades of Grey is irrelevant. Don’t waste your breath – attack the enemy personally and directly.

      1. The self-hating variety. They have those in Europe, too. Usually in positions of power, selling out the futures of those who don’t share their pathology.

        1. Presently trying to dilute the native peoples with fugees from south of the Mediterranean that get on boats 50 miles from the Libyan coast, taken on board European member state navy vessels then transported a few hundred miles to Sicily where they get on the next train outta there for France, England or Germany. 750,000 this year alone in Germany. This is bordering on ethnic suicide…..

        2. I fully expect governments of EU member states to start seizing privately owned property in the near future to house these barbarian armies. Taxes will be going through the roof as well. Natives who aren’t rich will see their assets vaporize, ultimately unable to provide for themselves, not to mention increasingly being confronted with crimes committed by immigrants (which are then brushed away by the media as mere “incidents”).

        3. The irony of the whole situation is that the EU was originally set up to thwart nationalism from causing conflict within the EU ever again. As our governing powers have abandoned the indigenous people of European member states by promoting this ethnic suicide ultra nationalists are again beginning to make headway into voting blocks around the EU. The next 10 years are going to be interesting…..

        4. What they should have promoted was a spirit of pan-European nationalism, not no nationalism whatsoever. Threw the baby out with the bathwater.

    1. Australia is an interesting case. With its convict history, one might expect an anti-authoritarian culture. But remember, who came over with them? Lots of straight-laced British troopers who also contributed to the modern state’s genetic and cultural makeup.
      Australia has been a pioneering nanny state in the fields of seatbelts, bicycle helmets, breathalyser tests and absurd school injury lawsuits.
      Having said that, one might argue that Australians need more laws than other people to protect them from themselves.

    2. Australia,Canada,Norway and Betafied nations like India or Japan are no safe places for men.Here is a checklist:
      Independent and outspoken with no history of white knighting
      Caters to the needs of men
      If the answers to these options is yes,ban,censor,start a witchhunt or something…
      I don’t understand what is the definition of real men,according to these distorted,retarded feminist minds.
      On another note,when men are educated,they become entrepreneurs,engineers,health experts or doctors who focus on self improvisation and building a better society.Provide education to women,they will just whine at websites like or some hate websites like buzzfeed or gawker and rationalize with absurd and freaky demands.
      These women won’t point at Beyonce,the Kardashians,Jenners and so on…because if they show butts and sexualize themselves,it’s woman power but if some man sees them(which I rarely hope as no sane man would look at them),they are sexist pigs or misogynists.Ha…epitome of bigotry…

        1. The problem is not with japanese women.They are highly feminine,cute,conservative to some extent and preserve their culture.Japanese men have ruined things.Those sick japanese cartoons and video games have turned them into betas or worse,omegas.Unlike India where there are tons of ugly women,and Canada where there are loads of hypocritical women all brainwashed by the left,Japan is much better with regards to its women.Yet masculine and game learning men might find Japan inappropriate.

        2. Yep.. Japan is a whole different talk. Their women haven’t been infected with western feminism, but rather their young men have become self-omegafied for some other reason.. maybe it’s their whole WTF culture and anime shit….
          Just as an example, I once heard that in Japanese culture, the more high-pitched the voice of an anime character, the purer and more valiant he is.. (that’s why Goku’s original japanese voicer from DBZ is a 70-year-old lady).. I mean, how can you raise alphas with a “culture” like that?

    1. Exactly. The problems is US NOT FIGHTING BACK. We just bitch about women and feminists instead of doing something in the real world.

        1. I disagree. I think we have to be as out loud, as in-your-face, and as definite about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it as possible. The only way to blunt the effectiveness of the SJW crowd is to make the institutions they harangue and boycott fear us more than them!

        2. Hmm, I hope you mean being fierce and consistant, not rightly outlandish. Use their tactics against them when the opportunity arises without taking shots when the evidence isn’t there and make ourselves look like hypocrits.
          The last thing we need is to be labeled MRAs by the male population( not that there’s something wrong with being one) but that’s a loss of credibility.
          Like Aaron Clarey said in one of his latest podcasts “the bell curve” of right and left wing. We want to at the top of said curve between the feminazis and Virgin MGTOWs.

        3. Yeah maybe or maybe not. It’s a tough call, honestly. Because by doing the ‘shouting, in-your-face’ stuff then you’re kind of playing right into their hands. The left wants that kind of street-shouting, get on TV, pseudo emotion. They want to be attacked so that they can shudder with pleasure on the spot with one of their victimgasms. They want the fight, the chaos, the faux meaning-making, the victimhood. So do you give them that? I’m not claiming to know.
          The only thing you can be sure of is that logic and rational discourse will never hold a candle to their visceral emotion, which is all they’re in it for. So to loudly make your point or quietly make your point hardly matters. They will only hear what they want to hear.
          Another option is to quietly minimalize, save money, get into something that allows mobility and withdraw your resources from them as much as you can. Spend your money overseas. Just quietly go away from the culture and get back to life. Real life—Not life tangled up and obligated to a culture that centers itself on despising you.

        4. We need to ally with MRA (who have a better structure) and miimic feminists and LGBTXYZ tactics: protection of men agans domestic violence, homelessness, “affirmative action”, positive male role models in fiction, etc., etc.

        5. I agree with BiK3_Ch41N.
          Remember, real power always lies behind the throne. And moreover, we’re not part of the majority, as far as I know, red pill guys are not so numerous around the world (otherwise, the world woud be different). As a minority, we should be subtle, until we become a majority.
          We must remain silent, placing men at strategic places, do associations with other groups unofficially, set up short/long term goals together in coordination, and set a good communication plans (pointing something and acting where people don’t look). But you’re right Francis W. Porretto, we need to be out loud. But let’s take useful idiots to do this. We, red pill guys, stand behind and pull strings.
          If you consider this a war, the battleground = our societies, the goal = the future of our societies, we must act strategically , cold blooded and on multiple fronts : culture, political, media…
          Btw, we’ll do what they do, if everybody here agrees that feminism sjw lgtbxyz are the consequences of occident’s decay, we should agree that some groups, some people, orchestrate all of this shit behind.

        6. But, but, we are lowering ourselves to their standards and thus making said rules be the norm. Isn’t that what they want? Don’t get this the wrong way it’s just an idea.

        7. I agree. We are still at a guerilla phase where we are trying to win skirmishes. We must win support from the masses by any means available.

      1. Exactly. That’s what I stated in my post below.
        Fighting back, would be invading political spheres , changing public opinion (in a better way) and doing some social engineering too. Most of us must be intelligent in some way, lucid about the world and what it’s all about. But why are we powerless ? because reading articles and writing comments it’s not enough.
        while we we stand in our corners, doing self improvement, there’s no real social interactions between us (question : who here have met some other commenter in real life ?). Perhaps here lies our biggest flaw.

        1. The problem is that the manosphere despises MRAs. Their goals may differ somehow but they have better structure and organisation. We should start an alliance and mimic feminist tactics: demand positive movie male role models, protection of men against domestic violence, homelessness, etc., etc.
          If we demand the same things as women and LGBTXYZ, the system will go bezerk and stop this whole madness.

        2. I see some problems here:
          1. Going against the gynocentric paradigm/female imperative can often have real world repercussions (such as losing the job, reputation destroyed etc.) this will demotivate a lot of people.
          2. Most men aren’t dark triad enough and are especially lacking in Machiavellian cunning, something which comes natural to women. A lot of men are, however, repulsed by the idea of employing something they consider “evil” (though it is, in fact, amoral, not immoral)
          3. A lot of men will eternally stay nice guys/betas and are unwilling to let go of that paradigm, even when faced with the truth. The promise of “true love” and “companionship” seems to sweet to let go. (in reality of course the only thing they may ever get is a post-wall cc riding slut that will only use them for their beta bux…)
          4. “Enjoy the decline” basically says: “Who gives a fuck if everything goes to shit? As long as I have my share of good fortune/fun/happiness/whatever Idgaf whatever happens to the world/society.

        3. Check this out:
          We are still at a guerilla phase where we are trying to win skirmishes not battles.
          1. Don’t ask them to publicly support us. Just expose the fallacies of the feminist / pro LGBT system.
          2. Highlight the worst issues: men who unknowingly raises bastards, victims of domestic viloence, men who unvoluntarily have sex with trannies, etc.
          3. These betas will get better pussies in EE or SEA. I used to be a beta before my first trip in the Baltics.
          4. The system will change ONLY if it’s on the verge of collapse. As long as the situation is acceptable (and it still is), nothing will actually change.

        4. Well, kudos to you bro. Personally I belong to the IDGAF group. Many men still feel a sense of duty towards their fellow men/society at large. I don’t and probably will never do so (except for my “squad”, i.e. the 2-13 close male friends).

        5. Same here, I used to have sympathy for alot of men until I saw how they reacted when I took the red pill. Betas/white knights will cockblock, gossip, whine, and act like females because they think like females. Hence, their anger and frustration. All the guys I grew up with are in LTR’s with land whales and my freedom pisses them off. I wont spend a single second of my life fighting for beta males. I’ll try to educate them and show them the truth, but thats it.

        6. Actually, the only major non islamist masculine country left is Russia. However, things are changing and women will have to check their privileges sooner than expected.

      2. We fight by refusing marriage to feminists and leaving them to fend for themselves. A woman gets marriage and commitment if she proves to be a submissive, responsible, feminine woman. Its really all we can do. I’m not going to spend too much of my time and energy fighting for a cause, while white knights and betas wife these delusional sluts up on a daily basis. This is not a collective war, save yourself if nothing else.

        1. This. Totally this.
          The fundamental grievance that has attracted most men to the Manosphere is that the current social order (both the legal system and the wider culture) screws over men who comply with the mainstream message of how to be a good man.
          There is no need to fight, all men need to do is to not comply. Be a plate-spinning PUA or a MGTOW or simply extremely cautious about marrying, what matters is not what you do but what you don’t do. Let the harpies choke on their frozen eggs and their peter pan manboy rants. When non-compliance reaches critical mass, the whole social order crumbles.

        2. Very well said. I remember reading a comment from someone here a while ago saying basically that the red pill is liberation, not a social cause. Men want things to return to the “way they were” but that old chivalrous model still meant that men exerted an extraordinary amount of time and energy on women. Men worked their fingers to the bone in coal mines and construction while women sat around drinking tea and gossiping.
          The red pill frees us from the responsibilities of being a patriarchal provider because women have decided to ignore and avoid their duties as woman, wife and mother. Men of the past would probably be jealous of us honestly.

    2. Not gonna work. Western culture does not apply equal standards to dominant demographics.
      Focus on attacking the activist class first, then apply fairness after they’ve been defeated.

    3. Coles sells Rolling Stone Magazine which promotes false rape accusation culture as evidenced by the infamous “Jackie UVA” story. Let’s start a petition to remove Rolling Stone from Coles shelves and strike a blow against false rape accusation culture.

        1. That doesn’t matter, the purpose of grassroots activism is to make inequality mainstream, one drip at a time.
          Any criticism of feminism is welcome, because it will accumulate to critical mass.

      1. They’re being sued by the fraternity. I’ve got a picture of an article from back in July. They’re gonna get it.

        1. serves that rag right. may they get hit and hit hard. hopefully ROK will cover it, since i’ve heard nothing about this in the MSM. it would be good to get some coverage of any repercussions suffered by false rape accusers, rare as such repercussions may be.

        2. cool, although just 75k each for the frat boys seems a bit low. it mentions that an associate dean from UVA also sued rolling stone for 7.5 million, but it doesn’t say what happened with that.

    4. I agree. I think ROK should do what the SJW outlets do but even twice as hard. Once a week ROK should post a mass style petition and have all of its readers sign it and distribute it to other red pill, neomasculine bloggers/websites. Two can play at this game. We are way more united and smarter than a few bluehaired land wales with megaphones. Just one issue once a week and start getting people on their side fired.

      1. You think ROK cares? If you suggest that we pay them a dollar a week they might do it. At the end of the day this is a money making venture by Roosh and friends. Don’t take it too seriously. It’s like the feminists who make money talking about rape e.t.c.
        The best way to beat Feminists and SJW’s is self improvement and ensure that anyone with those sort of ideas stays away from you. ROK don’t care about you or mens rights per se. They only care as much as these issues give them clicks and advertising dollars.
        They are doing a good job though of raising awareness, but petitions are not in their interests.

      2. Well, I guess it could be a good idea.
        But, when I see, how, at ROK we treat fellows, I seriously doubt it.
        My previous account had been banned form posting here, without warning, without explanation and moreover without answers to my request to fix it. As if I were a fucking female or feminist or something. This is, gentlemen, how some ROK admin treat a red pill fellows.
        I suspect that it’s because, I critized an article about “female being like orcs” few weeks ago (which is plain bullshit. I repeat : plain bullshit. period) and some butthurt motherfucking LOTR fan must have report me as inappropriate to be here.
        So, here, it’s appropriate to let people criticize sponsored posts like mike chang’s, kratom etc. but no way you have to raise an opinion on a bullshit article. Here, we let people bites the hand that give money to the site (sponsored articles). no problem. Strange isn’t it ?
        So first, before stating that we could be a force to fight back sjw,feminists, leftists and all that shit, we should see how truly “united” we are here at ROK. As BBOYB stated below, ROK doesn’t care about the followers, I know something trust me. But, self improvement doesn’t make all the stuff.
        Here, we come, get entertained by articles, we bitch about female etc. and then, each of us go back in is corner do self improvement. End of story. Is there any meeting of red pill community somewhere in each country ?
        Never heard about that. United we are bitching here, divided we all come back to our lives after.
        On the other hand, feminism have people, lot of people, show business drones, political persons, associations, public opinions, magazines on their side. And us ? Just a bunch of web sites whose admin can’t stand criticism (and act like the average female cunt) and shun people without reason. Congratulations.
        We’re far from winning this game, gentlemen, if we stay just here bitching about the world turning against us.

    5. No, we shouldn’t. We should be masculine and advance logical arguments without being pussies and kitty cats.

      1. It won’t work. You can not oppose logic to people stuck in emotion and spouting emotionnal responses. It’s like trying to discuss with a guy who has already hit you. Do ya think he will calm down and come back to discussion ?
        It’s the basics of mass manipulation : Logic is being trumped by emotion. each. fucking. time. (See Gustave lebon “manipulation des foules”) You want to do social engineering ? play on emotion. That’s what sjw, feminist etc are doing every time and it works every time.
        By the way, playing on emotions is far from being pussies or kitty cat. It’s just acting in some way to trigger proper emotionnal responses in a specific purpose which leads to a change of mentality which leads to a collective change which leads to a society change.

        1. The problems we face are precisely because every two-dollar schmuck thinks that they can fix society for the better, and thinks they can manipulate the little people. I said what I said precisely because I don’t want to do social engineering.
          You’re nothing but a SJW.

        2. mimickering people doing that (triggering social change by triggering emotion) succesfully (leftist, sjw, lgtbxyz, etc) doesn’t make you like these people.
          Intent make someone a SJW or not.
          The point is to use the same tactics as our opponents. And as far as I see, they are just stronger than us. We are nothing but a minority and with only a so-called almighty logic, we will still be a grunting logical minority.

  3. Roosh, they are going for your source of income by trying to ban your books, to them you are a roach, a threat, that must be stamped out. They can’t risk any men poking holes in their tissue thin arguments. You put yourself out there, this is not a surprise.

  4. What kind of sexist culture prevents attractive women from earning a living by modelling in their smalls? Are these women so infantalised that they cannot be trusted to make decisions for themselves? Perhaps the ‘rape culture’ zealots, having put their targets out of work, expect them to instead don ugly tracksuits and toil in the home as docile housewives.

    1. 65% of all college attendees are female, yet the vast majority of them are majoring in arts and social sciences only to complain that they aren’t hired for high tier jobs. No matter how many grants, freebies and advantages they get they keep choosing the easy route. Women who try to attain merit are a rarity compared to women who ride their intrinsic value until they hit the wall.

        1. Yep and the luxury of tits, ass and pussy is that you don’t need to work a day in your life if you don’t want to. Nowadays even complete sluts can marry some beta cuck that will provide for them. Society holds zero standards for women.

      1. They expect to be just provided with these high tier jobs (not seldomly succeeding, I might add). In today’s job market, we have affirmative action, quota, special grants, subsidies, and the like, to help facilitate this. Of course, if you happen to be a man, then you’ll have to start at the bottom rung. No shortcuts for you, and certainly no special perks.

  5. This is a perfectly reasonable, logical thing to do. I once read this magazine and was overcome with an irresistible urge to go out and rape as many innocent women as possible.

  6. Yet another example of feminist hypocrisy. Why Australia and other Western countries even take feminism remotely seriously I can’t understand.

      1. Is it much worse over there in Canada, man? I was thinking about moving Vancouver or Montreal from my home city, Melbourne.

        1. From what I understand and experienced in the past those can be good places to live. Keep in mind Vancouver has a very high cost of living and Montreal has a brutal Canadian winter.
          I mostly have beef with Toronto, and I’ll say that most of the prairies (Manitoba and Saskatchewan) are full of drug addicts.
          Vancouver rains a lot but has the rocky mountains, less brutal winter, beautiful nature + the coastline. Montreal has a European French vibe with an open and developed social life.
          Toronto in comparison is overall a cold expensive city. I just met a PUA crew that is somehow making it work for them, but they are going hardcore on that stuff. There is no chill normal life… These guys are putting real effort into carving out a lifestyle in a place with no lifestyle. I commend them for it but I’d prefer to live in a place where a healthy social life can grow more organically, rather than be this huge project.
          Overall Vancouver has a lot of feminist ideas and it seems from Roosh’s world tour that Montreal is going in that direction as well. Montreal has had the reputation of the best women in Canada, and I saw this for myself when I was there just two years ago. Dunno if things have changed in that short period though.

  7. This is the exact reason as to why I am fed up of living in the West. The double standards and hypocrisy of the feminist movement never ceases to amaze me. You have all of these feminist complaining about mens magazines and promoting a rape culture, yet if you go into the supermarkets or grocery stores, what you will find is that the vast majority of magazines are aimed for women, with articles focussing on sex tips and advice for women on how to seduce men and get pregnant, ways to wrap him around your finger and the how to get him to propose to you. All of which can be interpreted as sexually assaulting and entraping men. On top of that, the feminist driven publishing industry loves to write garbage about sadomasicism and aim to sell them to other women. Where are the feminists in regards to this?
    As long as feminists keep complaining about men, then it is by their duty and obligation, to complain about women doing the same to men. Afterall, feminism is about “equality” between the sexes? Right? Oh, wait…thats right. It was never about considering men and their feelings. Which is why I always have preached and advocated as to why feminism is more to do with female supremacy and not caring about the issues which affect men. Men account for the vast majority of the unemployed, the homeless, the suicides. But will feminism ever raise this issue? No it won’t because it does not reflect their interest, which is to influence and encourage a matriarchy and gynocentric society, where men will kowtow to the whiplashing of female supremacy.
    Just as feminists have a passion to oppress and dismantle masculinity and treat men like second class citizens, I believe that the manosphere should continue to have the same level of enthusiasm to expose these feminists for what they truly are- hypocrites at best.

    1. I’ve been toying with idea of starting a a digital men’s magazine that can only be bought with crypto-currencies. Do ya’ll think it could work ?

      1. Just use hard cash! They can ban magazines from stores, they can’t ban them from being downloaded or direct mail. Playboy started as direct mail.

    2. Men have to realize that women shouldn’t be allowed to way in on matters of importance, when the emotional random chaotic sways of women are allowed to be taken seriously in society, you get what all the 1st world countries are experiencing right now.

      1. Exactly. Women shouldn’t be able to vote. Neither should the majority of men. I consider myself unfit to vote. I’ve probably got more political knowledge than 70-80% of all other people, but still, that ain’t enough. I’m all for returning to the democracy of ancient athens.

        1. All correct. Females need more restrictions and controls on their behavior because they are largely incapable of limiting their actions or seeing others as persons.

        2. Only people who have run a business successfully, (with a profit) for at least 10 years should vote in my opinion.
          That way you get voters and politicians who understand that there is a price for being wrong, and who acknowledge that wealth has to be created before it can be spent. It would disqualify me, but so what!

        3. “I’m all for returning to the democracy of ancient athens.”
          You want a system where old pederasts with little practical knowledge would be the only ones allowed to vote?

        4. I think he means that all propertied men can participate and public offices are held for 1 year with term limits. . .or something like that.

        5. I think people who have jobs and Own Property should be allowed to vote. Section 8 housing residents or any Government assisted social program recipients don’t have the right to vote, unless they leave the Gov Plantation.

        6. Didn’t work in Athens either unfortunately. Actually I think Democracy has run its course and it is time for civilization to evolve.

    3. There is an important under-current here that we all need to be aware of. This is a classic example of pre-crime (punishment in case something “might happen”). Any kind of pre-crime punishment will immediately restrict your rights to a greater or lessor degree.
      It begins with something that appears reasonable (such has punishing speeding or drunk driving) and then onwards to trivia (you may not walk down the street with your pocket knife in case some other guy with a pocket knife stabs someone). Now we have arrived at thought crime. You may not read Zoo, in case, as a fully grown man, you lose complete control of yourself and rape a woman.
      It is not required that we prove that reading Zoo will brainwash you into becoming a rapist. It is only necessary that we argue rightly or wrongly, that in the realms of possibilities, that some man, somewhere, will read Zoo and rape a woman. Since no one can deny this as a possibility, in order to keep women “safe” we must remove the risk that this “might happen”.
      Note also the other trend revealed here. Since the government has stepped in and claims to “keep you safe”, men are now no longer responsible for keeping themselves or their women safe. And so, this is another step in the emasculation of men and his removal from relevance in women’s and children’s lives.
      Fight against the tyranny of safety my brothers.

  8. I really hate to see how things will be if Hillary gets elected because it looks like it will be like Nazi Germany where they burn books and lock away anybody not serving their agenda. You’d think that it would wake up all the men but I know some who are so emasculated that even a society so down in the dumps would still be a gender utopia and any opposition would be considered villainous.

      1. Unfortunately, Americans are so stupid that they would blindly support anything with a famous person’s name on it. Hillary will most likely win with all the spotlight she’s been getting.

    1. I watched an old commercial yesterday for SCUM which apparently was a feminist movement meaning start cutting up men. The commercial showed some giggly girls sneaking up on a man reading the paper and then shooting him in the head. Afterwards they begin dancing and licking the blood off his head. As gruesome as this was my first question was “who’s the fucking idiot guy that decided they would support this?!?”
      One day we’ll reach a critical mass and the true men will fight back. At that time the feminists and sjw dicks will cower because they do not know what to do when shit gets real.

        1. So apparently SCUM is based on a feminist manifesto from 1967.
          It was initially taken for what it appeared to be (i.e., a thought-experiment/satirical work). It wasn’t taken very seriously until there was a murder attempt on Andy Warhol in 1968.

          When can we stop pretending that women are the more delicate sex and evaluate them as individuals?
          It’s fucking sad eh… Give women freedom and they devolve into impulsive children. I can’t blame the MGTOW crowd for avoiding society altogether when I see stuff like this.

        2. That’s insane. I suppose if you looked hard enough you could find a few men in the world who hated women simply for being women, but I can’t imagine them putting together a work of fiction where they go around murdering innocent women. And yet these women make such a video and there is NO word of it anywhere but ROK.
          The snuff film is bad enough, but at the end when they are LICKING THE BLOOD OFF THE SKULL of this murdered man I was shocked and outraged. It takes a whole lot to make me outraged. Not even one of the “terist” groups in the middle east piss me off that way, but this is truly vile and disgusting and dangerous sickness.
          The delicate sex indeed! It takes a twisted soulless person to brutally enjoy killing a person in that way, perhaps even moreso to depict it in a work of fiction or “art.” Seeing this, I am surprised that there are not more female serial killers.
          Incidentally, the first line of their manifesto lists goals of: “overthrow the government, eliminate the money system, institute complete automation and eliminate the male sex”.
          Can you imagine how marginalized women would actually be if the government and monetary system went away, and automation replaced their busybody jobs??

    2. “…because it looks like it will be like Nazi Germany where they burn books and lock away anybody not serving their agenda.”
      Most definitely. In fact, the FEC tried doing that on Hillary’s behalf in the Citizens United case:

      During the original oral argument, Deputy Solicitor General Malcolm L. Stewart (representing the FEC) argued that under Austin v. Michigan Chamber of Commerce, the government would have the power to ban books if those books contained even one sentence expressly advocating the election or defeat of a candidate and were published or distributed by a corporation or union

    3. “looks like it will be like Nazi Germany….”
      You mean there’ll be no unemployment, debt, abortion, homosexual agenda in your face and broadcast to small children, Islamic terrorism, race replacement, ethnic minority crime waves and rape epidemics etc etc etc??
      We can’t have that now can we

  9. Don’t you guys get it? The directive is RAISE THE WOMAN ABOVE THE MAN. It is a conspiracy (driven by powerful men). They are all at it. It’s a coordinated attack on men and civilization as a whole.
    All white collar businesses are swamped with women. Recently, the famous rapper Dr. Dre apologized to all the women he’s hurt (after he became a billionaire, of course). Very soon USA will have a female president. In Europe women have almost completely usurp the administrative powers. Women are getting richer than men (yet not paying bills in restaurants though). The educational system is tuned for the needs of girls and most teachers are now women. Despite all the equality, men are still doing the dirty and dangerous jobs. Women are encouraged to be promiscuous whereas men are shamed for trying to be masculine.
    So what a man to do?

    1. And at the same time as this is going on, a foreign power hungry patriarchal culture is being imported to the allready weakened western cultural structure, to good a coincidence to not be by design…

      1. With the above post and your post there is a disconnect between the two, yet both are happening. It begs the question, not to the end game, but to the stategy, which seems to contradict itself. Unless western leaders have been secret Muslims for quite some time. Of course the other hand of this is to create war, leading to totalitarian contorl.

    2. “The directive is RAISE THE WOMAN ABOVE THE MAN. It is a conspiracy (driven by powerful men). They are all at it. It’s a coordinated attack on men and civilization as a whole.”
      Why, what´s the purpose of a bitch, fag and muslim dominated society? Doesn´t make any sense from a jewish point of view.

        1. What´s the purpose of a limited or completely erased western civilization? Planet of the Asians and Arabs?
          Doesn´t sound like the plan of rich white men.

      1. No. Invading the system by placing red pill guys at strategic places is the key. rebelling would lead nowhere in the long run.
        If you don’t like a system, you have not so many choices :
        – escape the system. good luck.
        – fight back the system. good luck.
        – infiltrate the system and make it change by the inside. tedious, long but reliable in the long run.
        guess which is the best way (and which way has been done succesfully by leftist, feminists, sjw )?

    3. Social Engineering is the way to deconstruct this shit. But we have to be united, have a lot of money and red pill people occupying strategic roles/places in media,political spheres…

    4. last thing I want is that cunt Hillary to be president…..She will take this country to the lowest low.
      Donald Trump for president!!!

    5. I have to agree with you here. I am getting tired of seeing women take all the high paying jobs which were given to them by preferential treatment, rather than through meritocracy and accomplishment.
      I remember many times throughout my life, when I could not even land an entry level job despite scoring full marks on the online tests and aptitude tests. But instead, these jobs were given to women, whom I seriously doubt, could have achieved those positions because of meritocracy.
      The West is no longer a safe place to live for a man. More men are becoming unemployed and suicidal, turning into trophy husbands, sitting in the passenger seat while the woman drives, makes the income and basically has now become the man.
      A disgusting freakshow.

      1. The women STILL want all the benefits like the guy paying for meals, saving their asses when they fuck up, be the knight in shining armor, etc.
        Train yourself to see an image of Jabba the Hut from Star Wars every time you see a hot female professional.

  10. Good article. Hypocrisy must be exposed. Same lame old duck nonsense trying to correlate men reading “skin magazines” to women being raped. Thanks for pointing out the double-standard of women’s magazines shaming and objectifying females.

  11. If I were there, I would organize men to stop shopping at Cole’s. Apparently that retailer doesn’t want men among their customers. They should have had the balls to tell Laura Pintur to go have sex with herself.

    1. your right. The only argument they are likely to see is the economic argument. The SJWs are listened to because their pockets are deeper right now, not necessarily directly, but in terms of how they can leverage the economy in terms of potential fallout. That can be reversed but not easily. We have to work on being able to create the bigger fallout

      1. Youre right- the only way we win is if we more mindlessly out-consume women.
        How do we do that? It does not compute for men

        1. I honestly don’t know, but some kind of leverage would be necessary that would amplify the effect. The fear of bad publicity is what it’s driving at the moment

        2. Say what you will about Donald Trump, but he may be the harbinger of the end of “fear of bad publicity”.

      2. The leverage is that men essentially make up the majority shareholdings of Coles Myer corporation. Buy some shares and start lobbying the other shareholders to remove any board that panders to these feminists.
        Shareholders are logically motivated by profit not emotional feminist rhetoric. I believe far more damage can & will be done by pointing out the potential costs of pandering to feminists to said shareholders…

        1. Good points. That’s probably how it would have to work, but as things are it could be a while before that kind of strategy yields fruit

    2. Agree. Men, also, need to make sure that Cole’s is doing its part to remove the other magazines that promote that culture (Cosmo, all other women’s magazines). They should make sure not to sell Fifty Shades of Grey, either. We want to be equal, now…and we don’t want them promoting rape culture.

  12. The subject matter of articles like these typify the mindset of aimless, rudderless, 20- and 30- something women.
    If these women were married with children, you’d watch their entire mindset change. I’ve seen it firsthand(Im sure most of you guys have as well)- women become conservative once they have a kid. I know many former progressive-minded women who change their tune once the first kid comes around. Single women are a menace to society…

    1. Not really. When it comes their own kids, all common sense goes out the window when the kid gets a cold. Conventional treatment does not apply. It applies to every kid except her own.

    2. I think it is more about being married. For instance, Romney had 44% of the female vote in 2012 but 53% of married women. Married with children overall was similar with 54% support for Romney. However, women with children only had 43% support for Romney compared with 45% of women without (which is pretty much within the margin of error).

  13. I didn’t realize Roosh got ambushed on Dr. Oz for fat shaming. People like doctor Oz are more dangerous than shamers like Roosh because they give people an excuse not to address their issues despite detriment to their health. If we follow the same line of logic as them, then you can make the arguement that we should leave alcoholics and drug addicts alone. In the case of obese people, they put themselves real in danger, and not just to their long term health. We are talking emergency situations where you have to run away from said danger.
    Hot off the presses: FDNY rescues East Harlem woman weighing close to 1000lbs from second floor apartment
    The photo says it all

      1. He didn’t get eviscerated, he wasn’t allowed to speak, Oz and the audience had it all set up , but they only embarrassed themselves.
        There were entire segments where they had prepared and scripted 4 land whales.
        The receptive audience whooped it up at every word from the whales, same old stupidity,” I am beautiful as I am ” nonsense.
        There was nothing he could do, he was overwhelmed.
        It didn’t make it right what the women were saying though, they are still fat and gross, and anyone normal can still see that.
        They didn’t win with logic or reason, they just shouted him down with harmful celebration of the fat women.
        Jesus Christ, those women were horrific, and they were also stupid.
        Who wants to celebrate being the size of a house?

        1. nobody will listen to their crap in the real world….so they have to do it on shows like Dr.Oz
          This faggot called Dr.Oz has already been under scrutiny for selling crap products as medicine and weight loss pills.
          This guy should be in jail.
          I would have spat on that guys face and walked off.

        2. I think what Roosh should’ve done during the show was to switch gears and point out the health dangers of being fat. Direct his attention only at Dr. Oz and point out that he is a physician and why he would not encourage people to live healthy? Remind Oz that he took an oath as a physician to promote the health of his patients. It puts the shame back on HIM.

        3. he is not even a real doctor I heard…
          besides he did try to divert attention to dangers of being fat.
          they already had an agenda set as to how they wanted to portray Roosh…
          rest would be upto the editing team to present it the way they want to

        4. Roosh admits he was a bit overwhelmed and just shut down in the face of the onslaught. He could have been more assertive and gone on the offensive. That might have worked against him in the mainstream media follow up about how much of a bully he was. Can’t really fault him. About 99.99% of guys would not have faired much better. I’ve been a trial layer, public speaker and debater: I don’t know how I would have reacted to such hostility in a one-sided set up like that.

      2. Oz is either a hypocrite and/or a mindless panderer: promotes anti-fat shaming, body positive, land whale glorification while at the same time offering diet tips and plans.

        1. Because if solutions are offered, Dr Oz won’t be able to pedle his snake oil. He NEEDS unhealthy people.

    1. From the comments:
      “Maybe she can get professional help now that she’s away from the enablers helping her get pallets of junk food.”
      So now it’s a man’s fault again.

  14. Such idiocy. Notice the front page headlines an article “Top 20 Sex Tips” provided by a woman no less…because apparently the rapist readers are concerned about their victims having orgasms too. Smh.

      1. When the wife and I are strolling through the city with kids in tow… she gets alot of nasty looks from the feminazis. She ignores them, but once said it is hard to hate them when they look so pathetic (and envious).

  15. The problem isn’t feminists. Feminists are mindless, spoiled brats. The problem is men not standing up to these freaks.

    1. And the even bigger problem are the white nights. These are the enablers. These are our actual enemies and they have to be destroyed everywhere you catch them..

  16. Liberals are total Idiots. ‘Rape Culture’???? Banning a few magazines with girls in skimpy bikinis ‘Rape Culture’ is not going to do anything about Rape. Restoring the old ‘Puritanical’ Moral Values Liberals work so hard to destroy and bringing back Harsh Punishment such as Castration or Execution for defective males is what is needed to deal with rapists.

  17. So if “Bang” had been written in third person (and perhaps a subtler name for the title) , Roosh might be making Hollywood adaptations right now instead of fleeing for his life in Montreal.
    amazing world we live in.

    1. Based on what they did to the RSD guy in Melbourne (deported and banned from re-entering even though he did nothing illegal), I’d say it would be a repeat of the Canada treatment for Roosh.

  18. I’m glad to see a disappearance of men’s magazines. That shit is toxic and is basically just an expensive verbal lecture of cuckoldery.

    1. Wrong. I’m a woman and I love to read men’s mags. Contains good info. No, I don’t wanna know about gamin women, but other info. is good reading and informative health stuff.

  19. I already boycott Coles and Woolworths for what they do to Australian farmers, small business, the land and all the poisons they sell.
    The attack on anything productive/spiritual/normal/civil/fair/gentle/equal before the law is very intense. Our “culture” is syphilitic, our “discourse” 100% controlled. The blood curdling hatred of anything masculine or provable is historically unprecedented.
    I know just as many takers as contributors. The takers have so much time to go around destroying everything (and never stop attacking) while the contributors are working 60 hrs a wk just to not lose their golden cage.
    The corruption is becoming on all government levels endemic, we have bloodless coup’s, international think tanks control public policy, our unlit are degenerates.
    We are nothing but an outpost for the Sweeqajablablintians.
    Just having the “festival of dangerous ideas” in sydney and i was joking with a friend saying that it should be re named the festival of controlled opposition, the subjects and speakers are the who’s who and what’s what of the social justice wart crew
    First we have to……..:)

    1. Lordy lordy Australia is getting bad. We need to get a ‘Sweden job’ initiated and blast the sirens and blow the lead sjw fish out of the water there. It sounds like it’s becoming like Sweden down there. Aussie is the Sweden of the south now. We need to do a workover of Australia and spotlight the sumboogers pulling the strings there. A lot of the moves by politicians and councils to legislate is motivated by pressure, protest and petetion by a small handfull of ‘progressive’ cultural marxist scrappers. BLOW THE AIR SIRENS – It’s time Australia got a ‘SWEDEN JOB’ workover – and by that I’m not referring to the blonde bee-hive bun ‘hair do’ either.

  20. These cunts all spew their disgust towards “short” men (read: under 5′ 8″) all the time. How is that okay to do, but not heckle fat women? Which is begotten, and which can actually be controlled?
    Oh wait, the vast majority of these women have “thyroid issues” that makes them fat, oh yeah. Who would’ve thought a thyroid epidemic would suddenly manifest?
    Note the sarcasm, for God’s sake!

    1. Agree. I’m flat out telling women today that I don’t date short women. You should see the look on their faces….priceless.
      But I think they are more aroused by getting the rejection….it’s funny.

      1. Short women were my bread and butter. The shorter she was, the more she seemed to really paen after my 6’3″ hide. There has to be some kind of biological explanation, maybe some primal urge to raise her own genetic legacy out of short-ville? I don’t know, perhaps it’s cultural, but I rarely ran across a girl under 5’4″ who didn’t immediately put herself front and center in front of me unbidden.

        1. I agree and I can see it happening on a daily basis. You’re right…probably something to do with wanting off spring that aren’t ‘Hobbits’. I really went after the taller women with a nice frame (all around) and long legs. Many men were afraid to even talk to these type of women but I had to trouble finding a little conversation with these types. They respond well, too, because I believe it’s the confidence factor (and probably true how many men wouldn’t approach them). I’ve always been the type to swing for the fence so if I saw one of these types out and about….I found a way to make a little conversation. Worked out well.

  21. I guess feminists would also promote the banning of women wearing bikinis on the beach and around swimming pools. Ban sexy lingerie too. Keep in mind it’s women buying bikinis and wearing them to show their goods.

    1. Funny….they only ban this shit if it’s in a man’s magazine. There are plenty of these women (and famous women) in little to no clothing in Cosmo or other magazines…perfectly fine…no problem.
      You can’t make this stupid shit up.

  22. I once sat waiting in the waiting room at an accountant’s office and just happened to browse through a copy of Cosmopolitan out of boredom. My gosh, the graphic sexual details this magazine sells to teenage girls was appalling! Pure mental porn if you asked me.
    But did I protest and petition to have it removed from all the retail chains? No. I just don’t buy it.

  23. Before the feminazis used the “sex object” argument to ban and censor things. Now that there are multiple magazines and books with sexy men in them aimed at women, they changed their propaganda to “rape culture” so they can continue using arguments to ban and censor things.

  24. It has nothing to do with trashy content folks. Zoo, Maxim, and Cosmo all print the same trash. All the feminazis do is harness the same naivete that Satan did in the garden of Eden.
    Their trash is better than our trash because another creature with a vagina that has been elevated by the mass or alternative media says so.
    For those that don’t follow a logical thought process, this is all that is needed. .

  25. And they sit there and wonder why they’re called feminazis?
    Australia, man up an take control. Enough of this shit. They took your guns and you didn’t say a word, at least stand up and defend your right to look at scantily clad bitches.

    1. There are fewer and fewer hot women left there so the women there are all jealous of a magazine getting most of the male attention.
      Imaging that! Being jealous of a non living thing!

  26. Big surprise there- more godless, pandering media. Looking like the upcoming Star Wars will feature a shoehorned-in “strong female” lead. The originals had such a classic father-son theme. In many ways, watching it with my own father marked the start of our bonding and the end of being under mother’s wing. Well so much for that shit, it’s just one more ‘male space’ soon to be gone. Nerd or not, that’s depressing.

    1. The original Star Wars did have Princess Leia having a cuntish attitude, like the modern day feminist. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the original Star Wars saga, but after taking the red pill, I can now see that even Princess Leia is only good for pump and dump. Definitely not wife material.

        1. Han was after the money as the reward. He chased Leia just to get his dick wet even when she gave him several last minute resistance. I guess he can now be classified as a rapist and register as a sex offender.

      1. Sure, but that was more in the spirit of “the shrew that needs tamed”, and tame her Han Solo did, to the point that she risks her own life for him.

  27. collective shout is also behind the campaign against the rapper tyler the creator.
    target ofcourse is also known for removing “gender based clothing” for kids.
    it’s why the kebabs will win, deservedly so.
    feminism, democracy, welfarism: the cancer that ruined the west. islamization is a consequence, the cause was egalitarianism.

      1. And why is that? Kebab and manosphere seem to be in general agreement about what’s wrong with contemporary Western culture.

      2. the reason kebab is here because of the issues i also mentioned. unless those are dealt with, the roots of the problem remains intact.
        and islam is far superior to equality and democracy.

    1. When will these retailers stand up to these freaks and say a boy is a boy and a girl is a girl? If you don’t like it and is offended by it (don’t know why anyone would), then shop elsewhere. Are they now trying to promote transvestite-ism or what?

    2. “feminism, democracy, welfarism: the cancer that ruined the west. islamization is a consequence, the cause was egalitarianism.”
      Most people just use the shorthand…..jews….

        1. most people are not talking about all those issues buddy, most of the ones who are know it’s the damn jews.
          You are in an odd position, just good enough at critical thinking to identify the problems, not quite good enough at critical thinking to know that behind them, is the jews.

    1. The few times I brush up against sociology or anthropology in university courses, the leftists were always gushing about the Trobrianders because they were the one exception among thousands of cultures that supports their looney theories.

      1. Trobrianders get me wondering how hard it would be to influence them as a test model, reform them to patriarchy and do it as a test exercise in preparation for the bigger challenges which are restoring Sweden, Australia and the rest of the west. The peace corps has had campaigs to ’empower women’ in remote aboriginal tribes and has been slipping the feminist poison to their test group guinea pigs for years. ‘Working’ a remote island would be similar to working a college campus or large cosmo area in the west. Or even a club. 1).Identify the ‘den mothers’ who cockblock 2). carefully note their ‘mood shift’ control manipulation of their men 3).proseletize their men with red pill like we do on ROK, this place is an all you can eat feast of red edibles. 4).Introduce beta shaming (like fat shaming). Not all betas are bad or unworthy, but wholesale shunning of beta mindset must be blitzkreiged on them to move the mass and get the pendulum swinging the other way – the patriarchal way.
        A razor’s edge divides a society between whether it is matriarchal or patriarchal. ‘Razor’s edge’ means there’s no stable middle ground. Usually a cataclysm separates the two states. Once a slide or shift over the edge begins, it must be given inertia and the entirety of the society quickly converts to patriarchal. What follows then will be generations of selection of non-large and naturally feminine women who end up breeding instead of working cubicle and the patriarchy will thus become increasingly revealed and expressed by the deepest layers of our DNA.
        All hail the patriarchy!! :]

        1. Feminists have no problem with bringing their toxic ideology to Asia or wherever, but they would have a complete shit hemorrhage if some red pillers parachuted into Trobriand territory and started chatting up the guys to get them thinking.

      2. What were their theories exactly? That female run societies never progress beyond the loin cloth, mud hut, saggy titty stage? Looks like they were right, but if anything this is a good case for patriarchy

        1. I honestly don’t remember the details as it was 20 years ago but it seemed like every time I encountered a theory that struck me as counter intuitive the Trobrianders were trotted out to justify it.

      1. They do make a lot of noise, especially with change.borg involved.
        It helps push bans through… by displaying huge amounts of special interest minority support without taking into consideration the high majority who can’t be bothered with such things.

  28. The rape culture people did object to 50 shades, all you have to do is google 50 shades and rape culture .

  29. Just disengage. Doesn’t mean don’t fuck them, but don’t marry them and for the love of god, don’t have children with them. Sit back and watch the worm turn.
    Women desire children the same way that men desire sex (perhaps more so). If we just stop that process; stop knocking them up, and, even more important, stop funding their offspring (child support/alimony/wifeing up a single mom), it’ll bring their little feminist paradise crashing down.
    Bonus points if you can do things in your day to day life to help bring about the capitulation more quickly. Are you a plumber? Good, charge single mom’s more because it’s a PITA to deal with them. An accountant? Same thing. Because, lord knows, if the shoe were on the other foot, they would do the same to us (perhaps even hit you with a rape charge if you didn’t pay the inflated bill fast enough).
    Just sit back and relax; men have the ultimate power here, women are just pretending because we’re coddling them far too much. Take a step back from your desk, take a breath, and get ready to watch it collapse.

    1. This is exactly what I do. I have my own small business and the services I provide are something all of us are required to do but most women are simply unwilling and unable to do themselves. I’d say a good 60% of my clients are female, and a healthy 10-15% of them would consider themselves staunch feminists based on the things they say to me and what their social media accounts convey.
      So guess what? I often charge these feminists more than I do my other clients (males and non-feminist females) because they are too stupid to know the difference and would never be able to figure it out anyway due to the subjectivity of my fees. That gross single mother who man-bashes at every opportunity on Facebook? 10% premium. The filthy, disgusting self-boasting “proud feminist artist” hippie who can barely put two dimes together yet desperately needs a professional to take care of what’s required from her? I hiked hers up 15% this year. That “Women’s Studies” college student who tweets rape culture articles every other day from Jezebel? Let’s tack on an extra 20% for her.
      Payment is always required before I complete my work for them, of course. If I get too expensive for them, good riddance.

  30. Pintur says it “promotes rape culture” and “teaches boys that girls exist purely for their sexual use”.

  31. So Ms. Pintur is implying that women are NOT a “man’s plaything?” What fantasy world is she living in?

  32. “An example: this organization will claim that the language of “lads’ magazines” can be juxtaposed with that of “rapists” and few differences will emerge. So how much finer can we slice things? The spectacularly vast majority of men who have never raped before and never will tend to appreciate large, firm breasts, like rapists, so can we establish the favoring of bigger mammaries over smaller ones as a predictive mechanism for sexual assault?”
    Likewise, all rapists breathe air, therefore all air and breathing should be banned for perpetuating rape culture.

  33. On a side note, Kate Upton is ridiculously overrated. I’m betting her ass will double in width, and her tits will settle somewhere around her belly button within ten years. That’s my contribution to today’s discussion.

  34. I’m an Australian living in the UK, and I’m saddened to read this. I still view my home as somewhere I look forward to returning some day, but it seems SJW-ism is rising steadily. Not good.

  35. This is the contribution of too many women in society – bitch about your skewed view of the world. Then, force everybody to change the way they walk to an abnormal gait.
    There is no advancement of humanity via science, technology, or abstract thought.

  36. “In a system that is generally two-party, only a few shades less so than
    America’s, and where elections are fought bitterly between differing,
    incompatible ideologies, are we seriously going to let such a small
    minority decide what is or isn’t sold on store shelves?”
    No, we aren’t. Deciding that is the prerogative of the company that owns the store shelves and sells the stuff. You frame the issue as if it were a public matter to decide. What are you, a communist commissar?

  37. I think all these stupid sexist magazines should be sold by subscription only, and I mean the women’s magazines also. I agree there is a huge double standard and women’s magazines are the worst. They promote ridiculous standards and expectations. At least zoo is clear on the content, women’s magazines disguise the agenda.

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