4 Examples That Show The Globalists Are Losing Ground

The media is beginning to demonize the manosphere and alt right. Twitter has suspended multiple accounts, such as Milo Yiannopoulos, Ricky Vaughn, and Matt Forney. The Guardian wrote a hit piece against the red pill. The media has called alt-right groups “xenophobic, racist, and misogynist,” despite not pointing to a single piece of evidence.

As anti-Trump rallies continue to rage across the nation, in New York City, Philadelphia, and Michigan, the media completely ignores all of the assaults occurring on Trump voters:

Despite the elites’ attempts to destroy us, we are, in fact, winning this battle. The reasons why are simple:

  • Truth is always more powerful than falsehood
  • We are too numerous to be effectively silenced
  • We don’t congregate on one single platform; we’re a collection of individuals based around an ideology
  • We’re high energy, decisive, assertive, and confident men

Below, I would like to offer the supporters of our causes some signs of hope. Victory is near, and Trump is going to lead the way.

1. George Soros Being Sued For $550 Million


According to Breitbart, along with dozens of other alternative news sites, Dallas Police Department Sergeant Demetrick Pennie, President of the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation, is suing a multitude of individuals for inciting a race war:

  • George Soros
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Jesse Jackson
  • Barrack Obama
  • The New Black Panthers
  • …and more

Some individuals might claim that there’s no way someone can take on this collection of massively powerful and wealthy elites in a single lawsuit, and they may be right. However whether or not this lawsuit is successful, is completely irrelevant.

What matters far more, is that the word is starting to get out there. The President of the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation, an extremely reputable organization, is taking steps to file a massive lawsuit against these individuals. This will, at the very least, do several things:

  • Potentially serve a massive blow to the globalists
  • Show the elites that we will not back down
  • Generate huge amounts of public awareness
  • Show the average gun rights promoting, masculine, traditional American that they have our support.

And best of all? The lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, which means that the outcome will generally be good either way.

First of all, there’s a very high likelihood of them winning due to the case being handled in Texas, a highly conservative state. Second, in the event that the case doesn’t win, it will likely be pursued all the way to the Supreme Court. If this occurs, expect truly amazing things to happen. The reason why? The President of the United States is responsible for appointing Supreme Court judges—and guess who’s going to be President in two months?

2. The GrubHub Crash


After Matt Maloney, CEO of the online food delivery service GrubHub, proclaimed in an email that if you agree with Trump’s politics you should resign, their stock dropped by nearly 10% in just a few days.

Since this time, in addition to his company’s stock tanking, he has received ample backlash on sites of all manner: from Twitter to Facebook to Reddit to independent blogs to major alt-right news centers.

This is what my fellow ROK contributors and manosphere bloggers were talking about when they mentioned the “tangible impact” of Trump voters. Hillary’s supporters lack the characteristics necessary to make change:

This is why we will win, period. The anti-Trump crowd is based around having a massive entitlement complex, a victim complex, not thinking for yourself, and being a blind social sheep. Do people like this ever have ANY political or financial power in the world?

Of course not! Who do you think all of the hard working businessmen are? All of the entrepreneurs? All of the people investing in the stock market in order to take control of their financial future? Hard working, intelligent men, who don’t make excuses, obviously. And do you know what? These are the types of men that voted for Donald Trump.

Why do you think the Dow Jones Industrial Average is at an all time high? Because Trump’s win restored faith in America.

3. Rise of the New Media


The mainstream media has repeatedly shown to be completely incompetent in regards to actually reporting on the issues; they are nothing more than a puppet show meant to distract, entertain, and brainwash the American public.

They have consistently lied about candidates, manipulated the evidence, falsified facts, skewed statistics and polls, and defamed multiple individuals for a mere political opinion; this will happen no longer.

With the rise of the new media, more and more men have begun establishing outlets across all platforms: Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, the list goes on and on.

I firmly believe that the next eight years will be looked back on by historians as one of the most important times in all of humanity’s time on this earth.

America has brought the world stability; we have stood as a symbol and an ideal for other countries to follow. We are a monolith of free speech, bravery, and economic prosperity—and the elites have tried to destroy all of this to satisfy their greedy little egos.

The men of America will not have this. Over the past 8 years (*Cough* Obama’s Presidency *Cough*) we have seen an exponential increase in not only the quantity of alternative news outlets, but also the quality.

Sites that were merely blogs a few years ago have evolved into full-blown news syndicates with live reporting, on-site video footage, and actual news anchors. This is literally the people fighting back; we want freedom of speech, and we will have it.

While the mainstream media draws its final breath, they’re proclaiming that there’s this “new, radical white-nationalist group called the alt-right,” in an attempt to make us look like evil Fascists. In fact, I just had somebody threaten to kill me on Twitter, but was he banned? Of course not.

This repeated favoring of violent, mentally ill leftists makes it very clear what the MSM’s agenda is—total control and a complete suppression of our freedoms of speech. Sorry, but the alternative media isn’t going to let this happen.

4. Massive Boycotts of Anti-Trump Companies


The left’s hypocrisy never ceases to amaze me. Somehow they can completely legally destroy an independent, family owned business for simply refusing to bake a gay couple a cake, but when Trump supporters simply boycott a multi-billion dollar conglomerate, we’re the ones that are hateful?

In response to several CEO’s statements regarding Trump’s “racism,” and “hate,” the men and women who voted for Donald Trump decided to simply boycott them. Despite this completely legal and anti-violent response, the left is up in arms.

Here is a list of companies whose CEO’s have been caught attacking Donald Trump and his pro-American policies:

  • PepsiCo (They own Pepsi, Lays, Mountain Dew, Starbucks, and More)
  • Nabisco (Their brands include Oreo, Chips Ahoy!, Ritz, and More)
  • Netflix
  • Macy’s
  • Ben & Jerry’s

Each and every single one of these companies has either spoken out against Trump directly, has refused to do business with Trump, or has moved factory production outside of the US (such as Nabisco, which has started moving production to Mexico). Some companies, such as Ben & Jerry’s, have even openly supported the terrorist movement Black Lives Matter.

Again, what do these actions signify in Trump supporters? Power. Assertiveness. Courage. A willingness to take action. This is why Donald Trump won—his supporters are grown ups, not little babies who want more safe spaces and anti-free speech zones.

When Donald Trump’s voters get oppressed by the biased, controlled media, or by elite globalists, they don’t whine or cry about it, they just do something. They protest and stop supporting companies that are shipping our jobs away. They speak out in a logical, rational way against the anger and hatred that the left has towards white men.

They take their lives into their own hands rather than relying on a stupid system that caters to cry babies and whiners. They take their health into their own hands, they take their finances into their own hands, and they take their relationships into their own hands.

They don’t wait around for someone else to do it for them—they get it done themselves. This is why Trump got into office, and this is why we’re going to make America great again.

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320 thoughts on “4 Examples That Show The Globalists Are Losing Ground”

    1. If it wasn’t for Trump Amazon would be offering to deliver lingerie wearing orphaned toddlers to your door with a 30 day money back guarantee. Seriously though I hope the FBI pursues this. Pingpong palace does seem to be kiddie-fiddling central for democrats

  1. The globalists might be losing ground, but their low level enforcers might be capable of weathering the storm unless there is a focused effort to route them out. They’re too ingrained in key parts of society. Universities, for example:
    “Time to call for an investigation leading to the expulsion of these students,”
    (Note, not an investigation to determine if a hearing is warranted, but rather an “investigation” intended solely to reach the predetermined conclusion of heresy.)
    “Nixon was throwing pacifiers at the crowd.”
    (Well, it’s not all bad news. Oh, what interesting times we live in!)

  2. PepsiCo
    Ben & Jerry’s
    Thanks for the list. Will boycott. Was already boycotting because all of that is complete junk but will make sure to extra boycott it from now on.

        1. Been saying it for years. They not only collect welfare but use services more than working people because they’re idle and have nothing better to do.
          There’s also a massive bureaucracy that loook s after these “charges” and hell many get “free” or nearly “free” housing subsidzed by many levels of government.

    1. Netflix is useless, its content is very limited. The rest is junk food and a shitty department store.

      1. Every time there’s a movie I want to see, I look it up and Netflix doesn’t have it. It seems like it’s more geared to television watchers.

        1. I really don’t watch too much to begin with. If I watch one old movie during the weekend it is already a lot. This is why I nixed my cable service. There is plenty on Netflix for me and I can use it right through my PS4.

        2. I couldnt find the stephen wright bit on u tube, so here it is
          “I had a crush on my dental hygienist. Every time I went in for a cleaning, I made sure to eat an entire box of Oreos.”

        3. A genius….I had the honor of seeing him live once. and God as my witness I caught him snickering at his own punchline!

        4. Its easy. Just buy a Firestick and go to Youtube and search firestick +kodi. You can watch everything in the world for free.

        5. The image of that horrified hygienist when she sees nothing but black cake on his teeth still makes me chuckle to this day

        6. Wow, will be looking for one of these during Thanksgiving sales. I have been using a roku for the last year, which does the same thing but has the extra step of me having to download torrents first, then the roku streams them wirelessly.

        7. It’s garbage, and so is their original material they create. Amazon Prime Video has an amazing selection of Spaghetti Westerns, old horror, and Eurocrime along with a lot of the same mainstream/Hollywood films Netflix also has (hey, a lot of it WAS good before Bill Clinton’s time in office!).
          And no, I don’t own Amazon stock.

        8. And there are more on there than you know what to do with! Plenty of crime films by the likes of Lenzi and Deodato!

      1. Oreos has a Swedish Fish flavor. No joke. Someone brought some into the office the other week. I had to sniff one out of morbid curiosity. Even my coworkers, typical chubby American office guys, couldn’t stomach it.

    2. A lot of that list is junk food, or chick stuff. It’d be hard to boycott companies I don’t shop at anyway. Although, the netflix, amazon, stuff might be harder to give up. Are there alternative movie streaming companies out there that anyone would recommend, going back to renting blue rays is just such a hassle and waste of valuable time.

    3. Netflix……one of those media companies that put out product that is predominantly left leaning. If you want a good alternative, try vidangel.

    4. PepsiCo was always a purveyor of unhealthy junk. Long standing occupants on my ignore list. Shame about Ben & Jerry’s.

      1. ben and jerry are Vermont hippies. That they have left leaning politics is not surprising really. Get some Graeter’s ice cream instead when you treat yourself to ice cream. I had it recently and it is so fucking insanely good. Hands down the best I have ever had.

        1. Ha, that $9 a pint shit? Always been curious what it tastes like. I will try it out next time it’s on sale. It’s too cold for ice cream right now. Honestly Ben & Jerrys is great but the Whole Foods store made gelato is tough to beat.

        2. Ben and Jerry is like the cigarettes of the ice cream world, with every spoon you feel closer to diabetes.too damn rich and sugary but hella delicious

        3. I have always been a fan of gelato and always will be but this ohio small batch ice cream, if you can get your hands on it….woah boy…good stuff.

        4. they make a black cherry with chocolate chunks which is probably the best iced cream I have ever tasted in my whole life.

        5. Cincy stuff. Fucked one of the Graeter nieces years ago, Indian Hill material. Dumber than hell because she never worked a minute in her life, but very good looking and nice full dark blonde bush. It was the early 90s.
          B&J are you know whats, go figure.

        6. Never heard of it? Better than Haagen-Daaz? Not sure that’s possible, at least if we’re talking about Swiss Choclate Almond.

    5. Nabisco – NAtional BIScuit Company.
      Some troll should play a leftist globalist and say they will boycott them until they rename the company to:

      1. actually that would be a brilliant move by the globalists. Forget the petro-dollar, SDR etc I want the cashless society to happen because the International Biscuit becomes the only true reserve currency.
        I hate the NWO, but I will support the NWO with all my heart if and only if the Rothschilds give way to the McVities family and Jaffa Cakes becomes the new gold (between a delicious sponge and dark chocolate covering) standard.
        I want conspiracy theorists to be claiming that there are no jaffa cakes in fort knox because that fat cow Janet Yellen has eaten all the orange bits

    6. over in UK, add virgin to that list
      also I note B&Js have been selling 1/2 price everywhere over here for months. Maybe they’re hurting

    7. I walked into Ben and Jerry’s last night, and the idea passed through my head…”I bet these cucks are anti-Trump.”
      Ban has been employed. I can always eat Haagen Daz.

    8. Add target / Starbucks / anything Hollywood. I’m still astounded Macy’s dropped Trumps ties…idiots. I’m waiting for Macy’s parade to join half their stores. No bailouts for these tools.

  3. I’m adopting a wait and see approach, give him three months into his first term, say April.
    If he is still following through with the policies he stated in his campaign and is able to enact them, then the sky is the limit.
    Remember one key element in all this: human behaviour will invariably go back to its norm once nefarious influences are removed.
    No one wants handouts. No one wants a meaningless Government job. No one wants to have shallow fleeting relationships.
    Men want to build, women innately want to bear children and raise families. Our true nature, once the globalist influences diminish, will likely quickly go back to their natural equilibrium.
    But as I just stated above, at this point we need to wait and see a little.

      1. I was initially annoyed to see Sabra in there, but it turns out they just announced a massive recall of all their hummus products a day or so ago. Seems consumers are biased against Listeria.
        So it all worked out in the end.

    1. Wow. You’re so repetitive that you’ve actually started taking screenshots of the same comment you keep spamming over and over again. Do you ever have anything different to say?

  4. BTW, do you have any handful of degrees of separation from Trump?
    I know people who know Peter Thiel, for example, and he spoke to endorse Trump at the Republican Convention. Then I read that Oklahoma’s governor Mary Fallin had a meeting with Trump, possibly for a job interview in his Administration. It turns out that Fallin’s chief of staff, Chris Benge, is my cousin – we have common grandparents:

  5. I disagree that truth is more powerful than falsehood. If that were the case, no innocent man would ever be found guilty, and OJ would be a convicted murderer. No man would ever have to fear a false rape accusation.
    Just ask any liberal: Did Stonewall Jackson have a black cook who was with him when he died, who so mourned this Confederate General’s death that other Confederate officers feared he might die of depression?
    The mere thought that a black freedman might mourn the death of a Confederate General is so abhorrent to a Social Justice Warrior it evokes an allergic reaction.
    Being allergic to the truth is a common malady among SJW’s.

  6. You could tell the elite’s TV news channels were losing ground when they started featuring hot women in skirts who spent the entire program flashing leg. At this point, their only chance would be to have those hot women strip naked. And even then, most viewers would simply hit the mute button.

  7. Very good points you make here John Anthony. I would also add take a closer look at other companies, as some may not outright admit but may indeed donate large sums of money to leftist PAC groups. For example, I work for one of the major logistics companies, in their finance department and was recently surprised to find out that the bulk of there political contributions in 2012 was to the Democratic party. This is why I ask is it possible to outright boycott every company that has ties to the Democrats, absolutely not, but more importantly as us guys stand up for truth, gradually these companies will have to revert back to traditional ways.

        1. I agree, and I kind of hate the politicizing of businesses. I don’t want my local pizza shop to support Trump, or laugh at SJWs. I just want them to make a tasty, affordable pizza. I don’t know my plumbers position on immigration (haha actually I do, he’s a loudmouthed redpill asshole of a guy so ok my electrician). I just need him to fix stuff.

  8. “Why do you think the Dow Jones Industrial Average is at an all time high?”
    The Euro has dropped 5% vs the US Dollar since the election. Sitting in budget meetings all this week and the issue of FX Impact is a big one. It doesn’t help your foreign subisidiary who grows sales by 4% in local currency when their base currency devalues by 8%. Shareholders meetings are going to be rough next year. LOL.

  9. The globalist scumbags really did overplay their hand. Now, I can only hope we can take advantage of their dismay and confusion. I know many of us are skeptical of women in politics, but I hope all of you who are men of faith are praying for the success of Marine Le Pen and Frauke Petry.
    Trump’s next challenge will be to avoid being absorbed into the Neo-Con establishment that fought so hard against him. Men who viciously attacked him are lining up to bend the knee, but you can be sure they’re hoping to return to the good old days when they could appease their base with some pious speeches and sallies against abortion while pursuing Globalist policies.
    Today, Trump is meeting with an anti-establishment Democrat, Tulsi Gabbard, which I am hoping is a good sign. Read the Wikileaks email where the DNC thugs are threatening her for not supporting Hillary sometime. Amazing how it got zero (((media))) coverage.

    1. I’m into marine a la pen
      reminds me of a former paris-ian girlfriend – except she was young, hot, thin, rich, and doesn’t give a shit about politics.

    2. however, the globalists don’t give a shit. it’s their useful idiots – feminists and sjws and lgbt-ians that are in “dismay and confusion”

  10. “America has brought the world stability”
    hahahahahaahaha…jesus didn’t laugh that much since Laci Greene’s last video.

    1. Well, we have brought the world obesity. You can’t deny that! And obese people are heavy. Can’t deny that. And that which is heavy tends to be anchored in place….can’t deny that. And that which is anchored in place is stable. So, in the sense that we have exported being a fat ass we have brought the world stability. USA USA USA

        1. hey, I need to do something with all these degrees. I am sitting here like a thermometer

      1. Prevented the south from rising again (or standing up for prelonged periods of time) simply by getting them fat.

  11. I like your enthusiasm, but I’m not sure historians in the long run will have much to say about America. It was a brief, 250 year experiment in democracy. It failed. What will we leave the world? Serious question. There’s space exploration. But we don’t even do that anymore.

    1. Hasn’t failed yet. Work in Progress. And despite our often inept government we’ve still managed to invent and or perfect a bunch of cool shit.

        1. dude, their bots wont have sex with you. every other perversion under the sun? sure. actually sex? nope, pass her that glass filled with spunk and she ll drink it

  12. we can expect more degeneracy from HBO and other channels openly supporting LGBT and SJWs values. They will go full speed under Trump.

  13. I just got banned again by those Alternet faggots lol (it’s me, Drifter). All I have to do is change my handle and avatar again, then go back to give those SJWs more grief. They’re so depressed after Trump’s victory (I love reading that some of them came down with shingles) that it shouldn’t be hard to push them into early graves.

  14. Hey, there is another plus here. Sports betting will soon be fast-tracked to go nationwide. Trump’s Taj Mahal (currently shuttered), will come back from the dead as a result, as will all of New Jersey’s casinos, which have been operating in the red for quite some time now. It will spread like wildfire and you’ll be able to bet on the Patriots, to cover the spread (as every patriotic gambler does, unless they’re a wise guy), in every saloon and bar in the USA. Now, that is right up my freaking alley. God bless America. And god bless Donald J. Trump, who will spread sports betting far and wide, on behalf of the mob. Brings a tear of joy to my eye, it surely does.

        1. Not hard for me because:
          1° I’m an ass-man, not at all into big boobs.
          2° She has a very pretty face and eyes.

      1. Trump’s sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, is a senior judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. (Which happens to include New Jersey – a coincidence there, no doubt about it.)
        Trump will appoint a new justice of the Supreme Court who is pro-nationwide sports betting. And that is something you can definitely bet on…and take to the freaking bank.

        1. Can you imagine being the guy who lost to Marion Barry? I mean, how fucking terrible of a campaigner do you have to be when there is actual video of your opponent smoking crack with prostitutes in a cheap motel room and you still lose?

        2. Hey. Let’s get this straight, right here and right now. That in no way means that politics is corrupt, or that politicans are owned by the drug-dealing mob. And I want to make that clear (cough-cough-cough, sorry, that crack hit I just took went down the wrong way)…

        3. I just wish there was video like
          We go now live to the headquarters of so and so where he will formally concede defeat in the DC Mayoral election and make a short statement……

        4. Daammnn! All this time and I didn’t realize until now that The Donald’s sister is a crackhead black guy.

      2. I am of the belief that every appointment should be some form of B list celebrity with a catch phrase like trump himself. It would be so great.

        1. That is great. Supreme court rulings because stone cold says so. If he gets a second seat it would be Judge Fudge who would be awesome even if he couldn’t make it to session….he would be far too busy………being delicious

        2. William “Refrigerator” Perry for Immigration Office – Ain’t Getting Through This!
          Robert “Legal Eagle” Shapiro for Atty General – No Bail in this Jail
          Rudy “Crossdress Friday” Giuliani for Women’s issues – If you’re Bleedin get to Breedin
          Chris “Cross” Christie for Health Department – Jump Around!
          Woody “High as Hell” Harrelson for head of NASA – Space is Far Out!
          Bob “Stickyfingers” Coen for IRS commissioner – You can pay me now, or pay me later
          Pat Riley as Defense Secretary = The Best Defense is a Good Offense!
          Alex Jones as Press Secretary “Just Shut Up!”

        3. He guarantees it.
          Also Sy Sperling….I am not just the director of homeland security I’m also a client

        4. He’d be perfect for secretary of education- just use the telestrator to explain stuff, X’s. O’s, lotta squiggly lines drawn to other shit

        5. It’s a damned shame we no longer have Rowdy Roddy Piper to fill in a major cabinet position. And the passing of Leslie Nielsen marks a sad point in our history. He could have done so much good.

        6. Yes…piper would have made a great sec def because he came to chew bubble gum and kick ass

        7. We’d be at war with FREAKING EVERYBODY. And proud of it as we smacked them down like Brutus The Barber Beefcake.

  15. I keep running into the trouble that I have been unintentionally boycotting all the companies I would like to punish for politicizing everything.
    – I haven’t paid for a Disney film in years (people took me to Star Wars on extra tickets)
    – I don’t watch the NFL or any of the sports channels
    – I already don’t buy the poison of Pepsi-Lay
    – I’m gluten intolerant, so I skip Nabisco
    – Ben & Jerry’s always seemed like the Starbucks of ice cream (and I have gelato)
    – Macy’s is cost-inefficient
    – I never watch the “real news” channels or read “real news” blogs
    – “Hamilton” is a bad musical. I heard some of the tracks and swore off it, even before I knew about the racist casting call and their cancerous fanbase.
    Now, I do watch Netflix, but I use a borrowed account, so they’re not exactly getting my money, either.
    Living my life the way I want to makes it hard to change just to punish companies I don’t like.

    1. Same here. I’ve purposely avoided Ben & Jerry’s for years because of the communist cucks whose names are on the brand. And all you have to do to understand Netflix’s worldview is browse its documentary section: nothing but LGBTWTFBBQ and anti-Palin/Bush/Trump/Romney films.

      1. Netflix worldview that you should not leave your couch again, but sit there for reprogramming as long as possible

    2. Now that I come to think of it, very little of my money is going to them as well. Not that I’m impervious.

  16. 1. Soros will have to go through “discovery” and maybe testify or give a deposition.
    2 and 4. Black Friday is coming #BoycottMacys – and others who are enemies of Trump.
    3. Most have had to spend their time dismantling the bombs the MSM has thrown into the path – first with the actual falsehoods – the 10 women that popped up to accuse Trump when their stories could not survive a few minutes on Google if fact-checked – and then with comparisons like Benghazi (the |-|> is silent), Clinton Cash, etc. to show “unclean hands”, and the beyond slant, the cliff that the MSM drove off like Thelma and Louise.

  17. Donald Trump on the topic of sports betting in New Jersey, 1993 (1:36 in length…much shorter than Donald’s schlong, no doubt about it).

  18. Globalists are losing ground yes so their next move is getting rid of the masses.
    “Wouldn’t it Be simpler in that case if the government Dissolved the people and Elected another?”
    Berthold Brecht

  19. They’ve been giving Trump a hard time the last few days because he has so many white men as cabinet members. Imagine that, someone getting a job because of their qualifications instead of their diversity.
    Also heard a lot of talk of right wing violence against minority’s and women? Where?When? Where are the videos? Police reports? All I see are left wing protesters causing violence in the city’s and the ones protesting the pipeline in North Dakota.

  20. the globalist may be losing ground but unfortunately they will come out on top. They will use our own successes against us.
    Think of the current rise of populism and nationalism. All over Europe it’s slowly happening. There are many European elections next year that will be key. And obviously trumps victory in the states. These are all positive and monumental wins. But realize we are going against trillions of dollars in influence, the bought out media, purchased politicians, global think tanks, all while race riots are brewing.
    Why does everyone suddenly think soros is the key evil player? Guy has been around decades. The real players don’t have their names published, that’s 101 stuff, don’t you know that by know?
    My hypothesis is this:
    Nationalist / populist movements will continue to gain a foot hold world wide. Right when it seems to be working, the economy will be systematically imploded , as has been planned for years now.
    The media will say ‘see! Nationalism doesn’t work. It’s why everything collapsed! We need globalism to function!’
    They will blame the collapse on people’s rejection of globalism. The public will buy it and they will in turn beg for more globalism than ever before. And they will get it. The one world government and currency will be welcomed with open arms in the midst of an economic collapse. It will be begged for.
    If you disagree let me know why

    1. When things turn to shit the Chinese will buy up or confiscate by force vast swathes of the worlds resources and real estate…… watch Black Pigeon Speaks new vid on YouTube…..

      1. I’m kind of happy that China is emerging as a world power as well as Russia, will help to balance out the elites world government ambitions..

    2. Exactly. Soros is part of the equation, but you don’t get to his position without permission. People need to look into his masters; i would wager they are part of the Astor bloodline, some part Rothschild bloodline and Rockefeller. Maybe even Warburgs.

      1. Soros is ready to croak. I doubt he even cares that much. £550 million is the kind of money he was probably planning on giving away next thursday

        1. Soros is ready to croak.

          Revelation 16:13-16
          13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.
          14 For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.
          Tongue in cheek of course.

        2. well spotted. Unconscious kek themed humour.
          I do sometimes think that the reason Revelations etc should be taken seriously is less to do with God and more to do with the fact that it is a powerful meaning system which the powers that be can use to direct our attention. The people who came up with Pepe / Kek – are they Christian / religious? I very much doubt it, but that doesn’t mean to say they are ignorant of the revelations verse you quote (16:13) about unclean spirits like frogs from the mouth of the dragon, and if they are not, then they might even be deliberately referencing it. The bible, with 2000 years of acting on our collective (un-)conscious can work as a script that the canny can exploit to suggest and influence people.
          other than that I’m fine with Soros identified with a demonic spirit from the book of revelations or whatever

    3. “They will blame the collapse on people’s rejection of globalism”
      I think you are probably correct. Just like with Brexit they want people to see ‘what happens when they make their own uninformed (non-elite) decisions’. The NWO is at least in part a technocracy, making the case that the world is too complex to be run by ignorant dumbasses, hence the need for them to make the real decisions. If Brexit produces chaos; if Trump produces chaos, then they will have created the conditions for creating order, or rather offering it to a people who they will have been so stressed out, they will ache for strong elite rule.
      Just a theory, but it’s important for them that we ask. The devil needs to be summoned
      PS I’d also add that Soros is being offered up as a lighting conductor for discontent against the globalist elites. Either that or he is being scape-goated because one faction of the elites has won out against the other (I just doubt how fundamental any such division might be)

    4. Too much global leftist thinking is also a threat to Israel, a some what alt right nation on steroids.
      The only time I have seen college/political leftist events, protests and the like cracked down on and receive media condemnation is when they begin to criticize Israel or support Palestine. I believe it is why a lot of Zionists are abandoning the leftist ship and perhaps hoping to create a new ‘right’ to serve their interests.

    5. No, don’t agree. Falsehoods will not triumph over truth when word gets around. If there is a major economic collapse which is likely, it will only enhance people’s distrust of the elites for disconnecting currency from gold standards, ending hundreds of years of banking traditions by turning banks into speculating money making businesses instead of the boring but safe and secure organisations they used to be. The distrust is too strong, the only globalists left after such an economic collapse will be the inner city LGBT, BLM and other kinds of dysfunctional minority fruitcakes.

    1. So you never sit at home and just relax?
      I’m about the ladies, but dude, sometimes you gotta chill. Books are great, that’s my main respite from the world, but I do enjoy a bit of Breaking Bad or Vikings now and again.
      We’re not done destroying the Cable bullshit, let’s give society a bit of a chance to catch up.

      1. Yes, I also do. But there are alternatives to Netflix: independent movies, documentaries. If we want to shut down cultural marxism we need to first disrupt their revenue streams: boycott.

        1. I had an account. The documentaries I am interested in are no way in Netflix and most of them are free. I just don’t want to pay a video platform that promotes SJW material and contribute to a company that has so much power.

  21. You crazy Americans. Clinton is as corrupt as they come, but what will happen if Trump doesn’t do what he said he will? I am anti-globalization and hope for manufacturing to return to your country but let’s face it, Trump is short-term self-interest focused who thinks nothing of telling porkies if it benefits him. A man should always prepare for EVERY eventuality, be it Trumps 4 or 8 year term finishing. He could be an unmitigated disaster and then the left will rise. Think about it and prepare for various outcomes.

        1. Islam can fall in the same way that Christendom did. It is just a matter of masculine men not giving it up on women.

    1. “Demographics is key” I so much agree. Have kids, teach them traditional values, teach your neighbors. Let them abort themselves. Be wary of SJW activities in education and media.

    2. All your points are agreeable except for expel all non-whites. You are exactly what fuels the left and their MSM propogandizers. You do realize that many non white nationalists are part of the red pill manosphere right? Or are you one of those stormcucks (actually asking)?

        1. “Is Nigeria diverse?”
          Yes, actually. Nigeria has multiple ethnic groups.
          I think you’re on the wrong site, buddy. A friendly reminder that Roosh V is an Iranian/Armenian man who fucks Slavic women…

        2. “White” is not a race, or an ethnicity.
          If Iranians are Caucasian (which they are), so are other middle easterners.

      1. Could possibly be someone posing as their opposition to make them appear stupid and discredit them.
        There is even a tactic to strengthen your position by creating fake multi accounts to make weak/laughable arguments for you to crush.
        Trained shills are very good at this.

      1. Ok. It goes down to cultural marxism exploiting differences in people to impose equalism. I ackwnolege that the inclusion of that item in the natality list is confusing.

        1. The overwhelming majority of people marry other people like them. Any fear of being “outbred” in this regard is simply fear-mongering.

        2. If you just limit immigration London will still be 45% white.
          With current levels of nation destroying EU mandated immigration, Muslims double every 10 years. Slowing that down a bit is not a solution.
          You either have a demographic majority or you don’t have a nation any more.

        3. A young white man can’t afford to support a family any more. Women marry up so men don’t become eligible until much later.
          A young white woman is told she needs to work ASAP for the profit of the corporation instead of marrying, having children, being involved in raising them then going to work full time. Feminism is a form of sterilization.
          Marriage is poisoned by no fault divorce, alimony and biased custody lays.
          Kids are being taught they’re not men and women anymore, they’re gender fluid ecosexual trannies.

        4. Perhaps more important measure is no longer giving immigrants welfare. If they can’t make it on their own, they go back.

        5. If this really is the eleventh hour for whites as the alt-right says it is, I think the time for worrying about feminism, marriage laws and the rest is past, no? Man up, marry those western sluts and shell out as many white children as possible before she goes barren or divorce rapes you, whichever comes first. Put up or shut up.
          I see very little of this happening, though…

        6. This might sound like an odd question given the context, but I’m actually serious – I have a real reason to ask. Are you white, yourself?

        7. Sweden is lost. Civil war will happen there.
          France is on the brink. You now have police protests and marches because they’re being asked to keep it the diversity under control with little support and taking too much risk.
          I don’t know enough about the UK. Maybe it can deport some, integrate the ones who don’t follow Islam.
          The government who cuts off migrants from welfare will need to deal with mass rioting in cities. And Islamic jihad on an unprecedented scale.
          Governments generally take the path of least resistance. You need a true patriot in power and the people behind him to save your country.

        8. There’s a fine line too. Because of feminism many women won’t look at older men either which means even if you have money you’re screwed unless you’re wealthy from the beginning. Which is also a form of control.

        9. I agree with you on Sweden. Sweden is dead. I bear the Swedes no ill will, but I call it as I see it.
          France I believe still has a chance, but if Le Pen is not elected, they too will go the way of Sweden.
          The UK has generally speaking been better than other western European countries in terms of quality of immigrants. They have their problems to be sure, but their situation is not nearly as bad as France or Sweden’s. I think they’ll be fine so long as they follow through on Brexit.

        10. Actually I don’t believe any European country is dead. Not even Sweden.
          By lost I mean it will take civil war, mass graves and a lot of blood to recover.
          If (when) France reaches that point, it will be especially bloody.

        1. One more time.
          How are non-whites preventing YOU from having white children.
          Man up and start fucking those western white sluts, or shut the fuck up. There is no middle ground.

        2. What is there to argue? Telling me to shut the fuck up and fuck white sluts is juvenile and indicates a sever lack of understanding and ignorance. Essentially you are not worth the time to delve into such a complex topic.
          Further, My personal breeding is irrelevant. Implying the fate of European race/ethnic group is dependent upon it is just dumb.

        3. What is so difficult to understand? The only way to save the individual European ethnicities is to have children with women of those ethnicities. Going to eastern Europe, east Asia and south America does not do anything to stop demographic decline of the west. In fact, it only makes things worse. You can’t complain about western women being sluts and lament about western decline, while at the same time going elsewhere and doing nothing to stop that decline. Put up or shut up.

    3. In that case, then you should shame white men going to Asia and breeding hybrid kids. Stick to the harpies with the rainbow colored hair and size 14+ women here.

        1. Going for greener pastures means you’ve ditched the women here and left them for others to take care of. If it’s our fault as you say, you should take care of it. You can’t do that if you’re away pounding foreign poon.

        2. The problem is that they’re basically too far gone and we have a government that actively works against us. We’d have to either wait several generations or introduce some type of reeducation camp.
          I shouldn’t really say government per say, more corporate interests.

        3. Quite right.
          So if you want to save your nations and ethnicities, fleeing the west to east Asia, eastern Europe and south America isn’t exactly helping the situation, no?

        4. The thing is, I see very few men willing to man up and marry those western sluts, when logically that is the only way to save their ethnic groups and their countries.

  22. If you think the left is unorganized and is on the verge of giving up because of Trump’s victory, well, respectfully you should think again. You can already see signs of how they will fight the culture war over the next four years, regardless of whether or not Trump’s presidency brings stability to the nation.
    I guess my point is to not underestimate the left as a bunch of cucks/SJWs/etc. They infiltrated every institution of this country over the past 50 years, subverting the family unit and basic morality in the process.
    Conservatives had best step on their collective necks while they’re down. Either way, victory is not at hand, because the war against leftism is eternal.

    1. I notice the lgbt and even some Muslims are already trying to co-opt the Trump movement and move the right’s Overton Window further left. They are aligning themselves in the victorious new right movement, only to infiltrate and push out anyone who doesn’t accept them. Hopefully the U.S. will adopt Russia’s style of dealing with them, such as banning homos from giving propaganda to kids.

    2. Leftism / socialism / equality is clearly part of the collective unconscious, but needs to as you say have it’s neck stepped on so it doesn’t grow.

  23. Meanwhile in Canada, Bill C-16 passed. If someone refuses to use a snowflake’s preferred pronoun; and directly/indirectly, intentionally/unintentionally offends an lgbt (jokes included); JAILTIME and/or FINES!! It’s like no one cares. Maybe someone could write an ROK article on this, to start?
    twitter -> /jordanbpeterson/status/799806822278369280

    1. There are some good folks in Canada, unfortunately Canada itself has been a draconian leftist shithole for some time now.

  24. I’m not going all Debbie Downer here but consider this.
    1 year ago we were all, with a few exceptions, saying “God, this shit is endless, the Left took everything, let’s all just sit poolside and enjoy the decline”.
    Now, look at today.
    Luck is a fickle mistress. One day you’re at the ledge of the window about to jump, the next you’re on a ten million dollar yaught smoking fine cigars surrounded by HB10 bikini models.
    Moderate your responses accordingly. The highs and lows come and go, never lose sight of your ultimate goals in either situation.

      1. this is an important lesson to most guys.
        I spend much time during the summer near extremely wealthy lifestyle of the rich and famous.
        Mega yachts, such as Fountainhead, 50 million dollar mansions on the beach.
        float planes landing at Beach house docks, helicopters landing on mega-yachts, etc etc…
        all around me…,
        trust me I’m a limo driver.
        However, mostly lonely old guys with some ball busting shop-a-holic stretched face bitch…
        game trumps everything…
        the wealth is good and fun… but game is the key to happiness…

        1. You need to see Dubai, and places like Monaco or Saint Tropez.
          Not that your conclusion is wrong, but there are a lot of different ways to enjoy “wealth”…

        2. I’m mostly in the Hampton’s -> wealth, celebrities etc…
          The point is most of these massive capital items are empty, or very low key.
          Only see one yacht regularly go out with dancing girls on deck…probably due to paying a promoter.
          This is what I would do if I had the cash.(and not enough game)
          Because the women do not automatically flock to a mansion or mega yacht…
          Point is have game can meet women anywhere — then bring them back to a hovel or mansion – doesn’t matter..
          Now I am in NYC. and everyone whether barista or Billionaire is on their own walking down the street…

        3. You’re putting me in a difficult angle, here. I’m not saying you’re wrong (actually, I mentioned your conclusion was right), I am just saying “wealth” can buy different things/experiences in America than it does in Riviera, Hong Kong, or (if we’re going straight to the point) in SouthEast Asia, the Emirates or (non paleolithic) Africa…
          A substancial amount of my clients are rich. They are indeed (well, some of them, not all), living lonely, uninspired existences . But not (necessarily) because they couldn’t buy the boat+easy hotties experience. More seriously, they had it and then they put it aside, as tedious and even disgusting.
          The fact is, the only thing making dreams true dreams is their intrinsic unattainability. Once you live them, they’re memories, and those, are convertible only in nostalgia or regrets.
          A good life requires a rigourous equilibrium between comfort and expectation. If imbalanced, one will destroy the other, as we were “designed” to fight for a better life (but not for HAVING a good life, heh). Noone will start a run after crossing the finish line.

  25. The list above mentioned some of the very companies to which I’ve not deliberately boycotted, but have done so inadvertently because they produce nothing but pure cow shit, anyway.

    1. Yeah, Trump knows how to get it done. He’s locking up the younger vote for the re-election cycle this way.
      Don’t worry, the conventional media will be quite happy to watch the YouTube video all the same, and distort it as usual for their own diminishing audience.

  26. As Roosh said “People will do what they want to do”.
    Globalists will only lose ground with the older generation.
    The younger generation has gained access to the whole world and will fight to keep it in the future. Even if it were to lead to a collapse.

  27. “The anti-Trump crowd is based around having a massive entitlement
    complex, a victim complex, not thinking for yourself, and being a blind
    social sheep.”
    In a nutshell. This is how “stupid” and “arrested development” can gain momentum and become an overwhelming swarm of evil when it erupts en masse. A simpering pile of defeated egos attempting to rationalize and sanctify their frustration, which spills into a volatile admixture of internal and external violence. We see weakness masquerading as “strength” here. The rotten stench of ignorance will not be lessened by a group hug.
    We go strictly hardline on these reckless, intellectually-barren nitwits.

  28. Nabisco, which has started moving production to Mexico) Well, let’s hope so that they can convert to making Tacos for mehicans ??

  29. While anti Trump mobs chimp out as their nanny state suckling baby mommas watch from balconies above and while gay pansies parade around like it’s a shitlib college paper front page audition and while the judiciary dwaddles in its obscolescence, ignoring mass nationalization breaches over haggling over the award amounts to plaintiffs who can’t find a bakery that makes gay wedding cakes, the nations roads and bridges are falling into disrepair.
    HOW HARD CAN IT BE to arrest the decline, to prosecute the sellouts and make America work again? Our infrastructure is still largely intact and repair is ten times easier than rebuilding from scratch. Reviving a civilization after it has reached a state of total ruin can take a long long time before the conditions are right and the spark of progress is rekindled. We’re on the verge of embarking on mass cultural and civiliziational suicide if we allow another soul to turn into a negging little complaining bitch.
    THERE WAS NO ROOM for detractors, cultural despots or idle nay sayers in civilizations that were ‘on the build’. There was only energy, vision and burning drive to build something greater, to contribute oneself to the collective progress. Shitlibs, sjw’s, feminists had no place. Unable to make themselves marketable, they would have been fed to the dogs. Civic projects needed working engineer minded men with muscle and the homesteads needed working TITTIES.
    REAL SOURCE COLOSTRUM and calcium for the teeth to chew the meat that feeds the strong bones and muscle that lifts the capstones and the brains that calculate the angles. The TITTIE MILK that nourishes the man THAT BUILDS
    And to think sjw’s whine and bitch because they have nothing better to do. Back before the combustion engine, they would have had plenty to do. Fixing our roads and bridges is a piece of cake compared to the labor of the ancients. Trump is here. No more room for chimping out and no more huffing fairy dust. No more for profit bung ape prison hell holes and no more war of drugs. No more swamp creatures dictating globalist liquidation orders. The people are fired up and the idle parasites too will have their fire tolerances tested soon. You can’t compete against a fired up people. You can only join them. MUSCLE ON FIRE will rebuild and make America great again.

  30. We gained a small foot hold, barely a D-Day landing…..
    Now we need to leverage to max and make as much noise as possible until the walls come tumbling down.
    It’s a long way to go !

  31. “Who do you think all of the hard working businessmen are? All of the entrepreneurs? All of the people investing in the stock market in order to take control of their financial future?”
    Sorry to play advocate of the devil here but erh, George Soros, Warren Buffet, Pepsico’s CEO/stakeholders, Netflix’s CEO/stakeholders etc.

  32. Who is the damned idiot fool who thought posting a Trump as Pepe the Frog was a good idea? Great way to alienate any readers with an IQ above freezing. I’m hoping this site doesn’t turn into a hangout for NPI types and Dickie Spencer wannabes.

  33. well I am relieved that there are still real men out there that will not allow western civilisation to crumble….although as a woman I am offended by some of the stuff I read here, I am red pill enough to want you back in charge rather than the cultural Marxist/ feminist / globalist elite that are destroying everything you men worked hard to to achieve for centuries (with our help don’t forget- you all have a mother after all!).

  34. I really don’t want to be a killjoy, there are overt positives. Just I don’t want to be the idiot that was basically crying tears of hope / change / forward when Obama got into office. If we think liberals are delusional, what would we be doing the same thing inverted? Gonna buy red ball caps and all be captains of industry? Someone has to mop the floors.
    The kind of trends needing reversal get one JFKed. Yeah I’m happy, just generations of normalized into a shit pile = nuke the place then maybe something better comes out of the ash. No fault of Trumps, or anyone here ( that’s not a troll ). Sigh, the liberal / Obama legacy worked wonders on me.
    Anyhow, love you guys…it can only get better…..how could it bloody not LMFAO we were about to send an army of transgenders to beat up big bully homophobic Russia. Collage kids that need safe zones, fucking crying war with Russia isn’t a thing. BooHoo Hillery isn’t going to draft my fake lesbo ass cry cry cry.

  35. Avoid Target!!!
    Not only do they sell all of the stuff listed (including an on-site Starbucks)
    Target also is a complete safe-space where only liberals are allowed to be.
    You have been warned.

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