UK Government Funds Feminist Agitprop With “This Girl Can” Campaign

The latest arm of the UK government to fall under the feminist spell is Sport England, a quasi non-Governmental Organisation (“Quango”) funded by the Treasury and National Lottery and tasked with promoting sport in England. It is running an advertising campaign address the so-called gender gap in women’s participation in sport.

The method used is placing adverts on TV and a series of highly visible outdoor posters showing women doing some sporting activity. Through the obnoxious slogans, the campaign manages to be both alienating to men and patronising to women. Some examples of the outdoor posters follow.

The empowering allusion to violence against male genitalia

The delusion that this is anyone’s idea of hot

The actual hot

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 23.46.34

The fish rots from the head down

The Quangocrat heading Sport England is Jennie Price. She is paid a modest annual salary of £128,333 to oversee the distribution of a £1billion five-yearly budget to different sports projects across England. The rationale behind the decision to give ad agency FCB Inferno a chunk of this money to execute this campaign is given by Price:

We looked very carefully at what women were saying about why they felt sport and exercise was not for them. One of the strongest themes was a fear of judgment. Worries about being judged for for being the wrong size, not fit enough and not skilled enough came up time and time again. We want to address that.

Jennie Price, another smug feminist parasite in a highly-paid public sector job.

Jennie Price, a smug feminist in a highly-paid public sector job.

Price, who peppers her promotion of This Girl Can with calling-card phrases like “gender gap” and “women and girls,” seems to consider women to be mental inadequates incapable of overcoming imaginary mental barriers which prevent them from doing sport. Government must therefore intervene to mollycoddle these women into removing their fat arses from the sofa. Price continues:

This Girl Can celebrates the women who are doing their thing no matter how they do it, how they look or even how sweaty they get. They’re here to inspire us to wiggle, jiggle, move and prove that judgement is a barrier that can be overcome.

What judgement? In my time spent in gyms and dojos, I have never experienced or overheard any judgement of out-of-shape newcomers. When I started training as a novice at a BJJ club, rather than judge me for my incompetence, senior belts went out of their way to show me the ropes.

In sports, an amateur will be made aware of his place in the hierarchy, such as ahead of major competitions. In combat sports, for example, experienced fighters get picky about who they spar with, a fighters vs. non-fighters split forms in the gym, and so on. That’s the nature of competitive sport, and not a reason to take things to heart. It’s not always about you, the special snowflake.

Real athletes direct their judgment inward, to their own performance. If people exist who intentionally give newcomers to the gym, the dojo or the club a hard time, they are not athletes, they are arseholes. Dealing with arseholes is a part of adult life. It is not for government to cajole and mollycoddle citizens who are paralysed by the remote possibility of having to dealing with a living, breathing arsehole.

Full Fat Ahead

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 00.41.49

The worst Shakespeare reference in history.

This Girl Can continues the initiative to shoehorn fat acceptance ideology into UK public discourse. The “I jiggle, therefore I am” spot features an obese female engaging in the notoriously effective weight-loss method of jogging. Kim Gehrig director of the video ads, says she “wanted to make the first advert that ever celebrated cellulite.” Leanne Flinn, a casting director, says: “Our focus was on finding real women doing what they do… rather than adopt the kind of Nike/Adidas take on athletes which, for some, though aspirational is also quite alienating.”

The message is confusing: This Girl Can is a celebration of women doing sport and also a celebration of out-of-shape women. It is an initiative to help women overcome their fear of judgment and also a judgment aimed at women who succeed in their ambition to look good. The latter are, apparently, not “real” women. In propaganda, logical integrity is not a priority.

The impossibility of pleasing everyone

Considering that the standard for what constitutes politically correct thinking seems to change by the hour, it is unsurprising that some feminists reacted negatively to This Girl Can. The flak came from Jessica Francombe-Webb, a career academic with an interest in “body image and identity politics” and Simone Fullagar, a self-described “interdisciplinary sociologist” with “a particular focus on gender and diversity issues” relating to sport and leisure. The pair saw some “serious problems” with the campaign, like women being referred to as “girls.” They also complain about the slogans, which are:

infused with popular post-feminist appeals to individual empowerment – “I jiggle, therefore I am”. This “can-do girl” is happy “sweating like a pig, feeling like a fox” and embracing being “hot and not bothered”.

The TV ads similarly have “serious problems”: they are too similar to pop music videos “where highly mobile, athletic female bodies are performing for a male audience”:

This sits uneasily with our concerns about the objectification of the female body. Research has shown that physical activity in the pursuit of desirability is something women eagerly “work on” under the auspices of the male gaze.

Stripped of the pseudo-intellectual language, Fullagar and Francombe-Webb’s message is that women often try to improve their physiques through exercise for the benefit of the men they desire. For once, it seems like an organisation with a feminist agenda (Sport England) has used heterosexual desire to promote its work. For these two experts, however, this is sailing too close to the wind. To imply that women self-improve out of a desire to sexually please men means to accept innate differences between the sexes, a form of blasphemy to gender feminists.

The scholars go on to bemoan the fact that some fatties will remain fatties: “What is troubling about the hallmark of “have-it-all” femininity is that such identities are not equally available to all or equally desired by all women.” The campaign, they say, is “push[ing] a neoliberal rhetoric of ‘free choice’ to look a certain way, or move in a certain way; yet the choices available are narrow, restrictive and predicated on a narrow version of sexiness.”

Permanent revolution

To this priestly caste of grievance-mongers, no single, static order of things can possibly be acceptable. Women are “objectified” by the “male gaze” causing them anguish eating disorders. The solution to this? Body acceptance. Guzzle down high-calorie coffee products and cake, let your weight balloon and then make men culpable for not finding your repulsive physique attractive.

When heffalumps are clogging up GP’s surgeries and studiously avoiding physical exercise, a new solution is needed: pay advertising professionals to convince them to take exercise. However, you must do it in the right way. If women are motivated to get in shape by the prospect of increased male desire, that is “problematic” to theorists like Fullagar and Francombe-Webb, so the baby is thrown out with the bathwater and the search for solutions begins anew.


A feminist counter-argument might say:

But Gumbril, as a reactionary heterosexual male with a patriarchal ideal of the feminine physique, you should welcome a campaign like This Girl Can because it will create more fit, slim, healthy women.

It’s a tempting argument, but insufficient. The promotion of sport is a legitimate aim, but a project like This Girl Can siphons money away from real investment, whilst generating headlines for pharaonic pen-pushers like Jennie Price. Why build a new football pitch when you can fund a team to produce nice posters?

This Girl Can shows us how state-funded feminism works as a jobs programme for bureaucrats and their enablers in the creative industries. The sooner these vanity projects are torn up and the money redirected to tangible things that benefit both sexes, the better. I won’t hold my breath.

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238 thoughts on “UK Government Funds Feminist Agitprop With “This Girl Can” Campaign”

    1. You have it backwards. It is wasted on women IN ORDER to extort it from men.
      Btw, I’m not trying to get conspiratorial with that. I know of much of the conspiracy theory, but I think on a much deeper level, there is an unconcious desire of envy and jealousy that is at work here.

  1. Funny thing is, all they need to do is avoid the sugar and GMO crap and they’ll have hourglass figures, not even need to exercise (though still a healthy habit to have no doubt).
    I think that this program is comparable to the “learning against learning” tactic of religion. Religion was not always what it is now. Before certain periods in human history, Christianity was actually very popular and desirable. The Vikings converted on their own for example. These are not the kind of people you can convert by the sword.
    So what happened? There were people who wanted to destroy it but not by agnostic means, but by turning it into this anti-enlightening churchian “inquisition level” institution full of bullshit decrees.
    What does this have to do with exercise and fat British women? I see a relation: the “alternative” being pushed is to be sweating and grunting and looking like it’s a life of pain.
    I see a similar thing being done to the idea of child rearing. When a typical western woman waits until age 35 to have a kid, and then, because she waited too long, puts on 80 or more lbs to birth an 8 lb baby and then keep 72 lbs (per baby even), it does a “service” to the feminist lie that “Having kids ruins your body”. So the 20 somethings want to be attractive and “have their fun”. But by doing that, they are ensuring they will get hit with a fatocalypse in their 30s.
    (And if a woman does not give you her best years then you do not have to be there for her worst)
    So the mere site of late 30s obese ugly women huffing and puffing after their autistic toddlers (years of epigenetic damage to her eggs ensure a higher chance of having problem children health and mental development wise) is enough to scare the women in their 20s away from motherhood.
    I think this program of which the article is all about is aimed at the same thing, while disguised as a promotional for fitness. In my experience, what you eat is 70 to 80 percent of your fitness. Yes you read that right. The only way you are going to be able to “eat everything you want” and not become a blob is to be one of those people running 12 miles a day or spending 3 hours in the gym. And that’ll go on only so long until the enlarged and probably clogged heart of yours give out.
    A woman can, if she just lays off the processed sugar, GMO food, hormone-filled dairy, and soy/MSG/hydrogenated crap will have a great body and she would not even have to do much more than take a walk every day. Heck if she practices good posture and is not a slouching coffee slurping office troll her “core” muscles in her torso will do their job and she will have a naturally flat stomach.
    And that’s all she’ll need.
    But making women think they now have to become gym rats and making them look like they are having a bad time is going to have the opposite effect. And since a woman can still get attention and sex even while being a big fat slob, I don’t think anything positive will come of this.
    Thus this “program” and the feminists being against it is a show. I would bet all of these women are friends and are laughing at everybody about this ruse.

    1. A woman can, if she just lays off the processed sugar, GMO food, hormone-filled dairy, and soy/MSG/hydrogenated crap
      Exactly. And that applies to men as well. The fattie epidemic is not borne solely by women, lots of fat ass guys out there who are so fat and, as a consequence, estrogen ridden and unmasculine, that it’s shameful. But yes, women especially would be wise to follow this advice.
      Good luck convincing them of that though, taxpayer funded bullshit commercial or not. If it’s not take out, or convenient and ‘easy to cook’ meaning “microwave because I can’t actually work the knobs on my unused stove”, they won’t do it.

      1. Indeed. My reply to being accused of “hating fat people” has always been that obesity is not a standalone problem but a symptom of a greater mental issue. Obesity is the result in the majority of cases. Yeah some people do blow up a thyroid but that used to be rare.
        And when a fatty says “it’s genetic”, that’s the final crown, the cherry on the cake (they’ll eat that too) to their mental issue.
        Overall when a woman is incapable of looking in a mirror and noticing or admitting to herself that she’s fat and must do something about it, if she just puts it out of her mind and then pops some Prozac and then goes to the TV for a reality show and ice cream, then she’s also going to be a horrible person in other aspects. Sick in the head and six arm pits (or three side boobs on each side) go hand in hand.

        1. i’ve never heard a woman say ‘it’s genetic.’ it’s far more popular now to hear these fat monsters say ‘i’m big and i’m beautiful!’ >vomit<

        2. In Generation X the “I have bad genes” thing started. I guess the millenials can be credited for being more delusional.

        3. Also @GhostOfJefferson:disqus I’ve just about had it with the thyroid/glandular cop out fat people use. BULL. FUCKING. SHIT! Straight-up! Because, if there really was such an epidemic of “thyroid issues”, thyroid medicine would be so goddamn lucrative to Merck and Roche and Eli Lilly that advertising for thyroid medicine would be ubiquitous and would dwarf advertising for erectile dysfunction, birth control, cholesterol control, arthritis relief and acne COMBINED!
          Yet, strangely, never once have I seen thyroid medicine advertising…

        4. Genetic is funny and yeah I remember hearing that first during the 80’s.
          “Got a picture of your great grandparents to show me?” often cures that delusion. Because, you know, genetic and family and shit. heh
          Agree on the fat person = person who makes bad choices deliberately, aka horrible person.

        5. the delusion runs skin deep AND psychologically deep. unfortunately it’s ultimately a modern example of the emperor wearing no clothes. when these loud, obnoxious monsters eventually realize they’re only attracting their own kind and gay-men, they wonder if maybe the ‘mean girls’ were right all along and that they’re just plain old fat (with no one to blame but themselves).

        6. Interesting assumption…. doesn’t sound all that unreasonable, but…. if a solution was made available that created a healthier population, that’d lead to less drug sales overall (for myriad conditions attributable to being overweight). That is counterintuitive to your logic, no?

        7. Interesting assumption and not all that unreasonable, but the only bullshit cop out I was referencing was the played-out and trite “thyroid issues” bit. Don’t know about any other platitudes beyond that one that get tossed around as much.

      2. Exactly,… For men to get a body worthy of a magazine cover or catwalk, they have to pay their dues at the gym for years, eat expensive protein like a lion, cut out the sugar/carb crap.
        Girls just have to cut out the crap.
        Don’t get my wrong, I would never trade in being a man for a woman. But if the average woman cannot even be bothered implementing the most simple nutrition for the sake of her own health, then an expensive ad campaign to convince her that she is awesome because she gets up off the sofa…. is just an utter waste of money, that could be better spend on ..say.. prostate cancer research.

    2. I’m a competitive body-builder, and I can say, without a doubt, this is completely accurate. hell, to get “cut” for a show, all I have to do is remove dairy and wheat products. (I wouldn’t be caught dead eating soy in any form regardless). The old adage “Abs are made in the kitchen” is completely and utterly correct.
      You may be fat and trying to loose weight, but if you are so lazy that you won`t change what you eat, you are pathetic. Its is a simple remedy to an issue that does not even need to exist.

      1. Indeed. In around 2006 I took high fructose out of my diet and lost 20 lbs in 1 month and my strength went up. I still eat stuff with some sugar in it – though not refined sugars or “white death”. Were it up to me that stuff would be classified as a toxic substance.

      2. Dairy in moderation is acceptable. It sounds like from your experience – not for competitive bodybuilding physique but Ive found for a healthy regular form it doesn’t hurt. The wheat on the other hand will , if ingested daily, blow you up fat.
        Regarding dairy – I only eat organic, preferably grass raised and my milk is always consumed in raw form. Its the healthiest way that I can think of for eating dairy

        1. I used to be a raw milk advocate as yourself but years and years of research, trials and error led me to this conclusion – milk is for babies! Heck even babies have problems digesting milk – they get colic.

        2. So you do judging by your name. lol
          Cheese is mostly protein – casein. It’s name come from the latin word for cheese caseus. Casein is a very sticky matter. Most of the furniture around you was glued with casein glue.
          I’ll leave it to you to make the conclusions.

        3. Dairy from good grass fed cows works wonders for building up. I would say though that younger athletes benefit from it better from older ones.

        4. Being from the Canadian Prairies, that is all we have. No corn-fed crap up here.
          And there are studies that the fats in raw/full fat milk actually help to burn white fat cells. (CLA etc)

        5. The thing with wheat is that it is a carb, but the problem is really what wheat is paired with. Bread – Sugar. Pasta – Sauces. Cake – Lots of sugar. the list really can go on.
          Wheat in and of itself is not much different than oats or barley, which are eaten as a whole grain. If we were to consume wheat as a whole grain it would be far less demonized.

        6. The other factor is that the wheat of today is not the wheat of your great grandparents era. Its a bastardized version .Come to think of it the same could be said of gender dynamics. Wheat Belly is great book that explains this fully

        7. Wheat Belly is also the book that convinced all the hipster retards that they are celiacs….

        8. Cows are ruminates they’re not made to eat a consistent diet of grain. When they do they get the runs and then have compromised immune systems – requiring additional inputs of boric acid, supplements etc.. to make them “healthy”.
          Grass fed Jersey’s or Brown Swiss – thats the way to go. Happy, healthy cows with high butterfat content in the milk

        9. Depending on the farm, they have access to oats, barley, alfalfa, and all sorts of grasses…so lots of that stuff is covered. Also, hormones and steroids are illegal in Canada, so they tend to be really good tasting, mature pieces of walking steak, not rush grown bloated poop.
          God I love Beef.

      3. “Abs are made in the kitchen”. An excellent quote.
        Reminds me of what one of my bodybuilding mates used to tell me.
        “The easiest calories to burn, are the ones you don’t eat”
        “Don’t enjoy your workouts, enjoy your gains”.

      4. Random question: You cut out dairy? How do you get protein? (I mean, what do you mix protein shakes with. Water tastes like shit.) Would you be willing to give some general nutrition advice? I’ve been lifting for years, and I have a pretty nice upper body physique, but still have a beer gut.

        1. Cut alcohol consumption, stop eating fruits. I take whey isolate protein, but the majority of my protein is good ol’ beef. Eye of round for cutting, and anything else for bulking.
          To be honest, (and I hate to say this) the best advice that I have come across is from Muscular Development magazine. It’s pretty honest with a lot of stuff. Also, (non-crossfit/”fitness”) bodybuilding forums, like is a good place to start.
          And as always, lift like yo mamma is gonna beat your ass if you don’t.

        2. Damn. That’s the thing about the internet. So much contradiction. I just want to feed my body the best foods. I was told fruits are needed.

        3. Berries are good. A lot of fruit is selectively bred to be big and sweet, that’s the problem. I’d never say fruit is UNhealthy, but veggies will give far more nutrients.

        4. Cruciferous like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale. Anything green and leafy! And don’t believe the juicing crap, they need cooking to reduce goitrogens (Substances that can interfere with the thyroid gland)
          Potatoes are good if doing HIIT or weightlifting, otherwise be moderate with them, but don’t eliminate. Lots of potassium.

        5. Well, you should balance that out with a respectably approached amount of more complex carbs… especially after waking. after a workout, feel free to have some sugar-based carbs. (simpler is better for rapid absorption into the bloodstream for muscle regeneration/repair.)

    3. Disagree here: women need to exercise to look “hot” just like any human being. A woman will look “okay” if she follows your avoiding sugar, et al. So will most men, assuming calories aren’t off the chart. We are a creature whose body needs physical exercise to be in shape. Think of childhood even, those who “ran” and “played” were in shape and looked good, those who didn’t (but didn’t consume a shitload of calories) looked ok, and those that ate like shit and were sedentary looked like shit.
      I’m not saying girls need to pump major iron or anything like that. They do need physical activity to have the muscle tone holding the bits in the right place.

    4. ‘all they need to do is avoid the sugar and GMO crap and
      they’ll have hourglass figures’
      Can you give me some good sources on this? I’d like to know.
      I’m not being fruity, trying to call you out, I know you’re right, I’d just like to gen up on this.

    5. I think they should make a new movie called “The Planet of the Fatties” to shame fat people. Maybe that will be helpful

    6. Some very good points. The problem I see with this particular “public service announcement” is they don’t mention anything about it being good for a woman (for her health). It all has to do with “how she feels” bullshit.
      Many women were interviewed and not one of them mentioned how it was unhealthy or they didn’t feel healthy?
      It’s all about god damn feelings (and of course…it’s the man’s fault).

  2. The posters here seem very obnoxious especially the first. It is good to promote exercise but the poster, especially the first one, is man-hating and yet is ‘completely acceptable’?! That’s retarded!

    1. The people who created those posters are obnoxious people. Look at the photo of the smug idiot in charge of this waste, one glance tells you volumes of what a rotten person she must be.

        1. That quango bureauacrat is hardly a good advertisement herself, for womens heath, nutrition and physique.
          If Maria Kang was running the show, it would have some credibility.

    2. Imagine if the veterinary industry was concerned about the shortage of qualified vets, and to promote this as a career choice, put up posters of some guy smirking while patting a cat, under the tagline, “I like pussy, deal with it”.
      The feminists would be howling for blood.

  3. ”The worst Shakespeare reference in history.”
    I thought it was a reference to Descartes Cogito Ergo Sum ”I think, therefore I am”.

    1. Given the number of words Shakespeare is credited for introducing into the English language, I wouldn’t be surprised if “jiggle” were one of them.

  4. They can’t even engage in naturally beneficial behavior without squandering the benefits on pointless politicicized jargon. Just work out! it’s good for you. Either that or the fattest nation in Europe’s women can’t be encouraged to do anything unless it’s somehow ‘feminist’

    1. True, but at least its a start. You have to begin somewhere.
      Maybe, just maybe, they are starting to realize that fat=bad.

  5. Many fat girls could potential be somewhat attractive if they just lost some got damn weight.

    1. Saw a woman on the ferry last week and she would have been gorgeous if she were not a big fat blob.
      Yes, big fat fucking piece of shit now ugly blob.

    2. Tragically though, a chick’s skin is often pretty damn stretchy it seems… If she loses say 50-100 pounds… She is going to look like a popped balloon.
      Don’t ever let your kids get obese… The physical and mental scars will probably last a lifetime.

      1. why not? they can always get a lap band procedure. Grantly, it makes it harder for you to absorb nutrients from food, but so what? your kid will be skinny- ish.

        1. I dated a girl like that. She was mad hung up about being seen naked. She was fun and sexy and all the rest… But she clearly had body issues that weren’t going anywhere fast. She’d fuck like an animal but after sex would not sleep unless she was wearing a sweater.
          Your body image and your actual body are not the same thing.

      2. I knew a fellow in the 80s who was fat and lost it all and he used to do a rubberman trick with the skin on his torso that would really have people amazed let me tell you.

    3. There are plenty of photo montages of women who were fat, really fat, who went thin. They go from a 2/3 to an 8/9 like magic.
      But no, “Love me for who I am” says the unwashed, stinking fat warthog.
      No thanks.

  6. Can’t believe that fat old hag is on almost 130k a year while creating nothing of value. That’s over 200k in U.S dollars.

  7. Fucking joke what falls under government remit these days.
    The complete abolition of personal responsibility is almost complete.

  8. Good grief. So, how’s this go? Its okay to be as fat as you want (fat acceptance) and anyone that tells you (as in, even vaguely suggests) that you should be anything else, ahem, such as working out or living a more healthy lifestyle is fatphobic or a hater, worthy of censure and punishment. And then we have this?
    What is it? Fat or fit…make up your fucking minds.
    UK women really irk me…I’m sorry but among the women in the world these creatures are just flat-out inferior. Having to see this level of propaganda is sickening. Moreover, “I kick balls” ???…okay, question for women and feminists why…why are you so fucking weak that you have to resort to taking shots at men in order to motivate yourselves? Its not men, or their balls, that prevents you from being fit or for your feelings of inadequacy and frankly if you have to stoop this low no amount of male bashing is going to change you. Either you can change yourself or not…its that simple. And if its the latter, then guess what, too bad so sad, you suck and you’re really not that great, wonderful, sassy etc after all. Only pathetic weak people derive motivation by insulting others.
    Also, in other news a recent survey found that 4 out of 5 UK women don’t bathe regularly, to include not washing their asses and many don’t even brush their teeth. Oh and on top of that, now there are harpies saying its oppressive to dress professionally!
    This is “strong, empowered, independent”…wash your ass it smells and you smell like fecal matter. No, no, I can do whatever I want and not enjoying my feces is oppression because I’m too lazy to do it. And you feminist wonder why women are too lazy to work out?

    1. Good gosh these swine are disgusting. Rape culture ? Are you kidding me? Who could even get it up , drunk or not, with the stench emanating from these human egg rolls.

    2. They already get men’s tax dollars to fund this, but they still need to “kick balls”? Why this constant need to attack men? And why isn’t this a “fitness for all” program? No. You have to have a cunt.

      1. The constant need to attack men is because everyone hates a winner.
        People who truly know inside that they are better than someone else don’t go around constantly pointing it out to everyone who will listen.
        They keep working on making themselves even better so they can surpass those who are currently above them (and who they usually admire). Now, does that sound anything like feminism?

        1. BINGO! That’s it right there. And, when you know that or, moreover, live that you see all these women carrying-on as though they are “winners” but by way of feminism acting like total losers at the same time. ??? And its that paradox, which creates an even bigger loser/fraud quotient. Not to mention just how obvious the whole fucking festering mess is to real winners. We’ve got a guy that posts here that occasionally says that feminism has been great at exposing the inadequacy of women not that other way around. So true. This is one of the biggest issues I have with feminism…you say you’re a “winner”, oh okay, so why are you acting as though you’re jealous of that other person, that’s must mean you’re a loser? Answer: You hate women!

  9. BTW gents hate to drop some more bad news and apologies for being off topic, but, in the u.s. we’re creeping towards the FCC regulation of the internet. If this shit goes through, I think its all over.Someone argue against me because I’d love to hear it. For me, the free internet will disrupt the progressive dominance on media and therefore culture and therefore society. But, if the “government” takes over…might as well move to an island.

        1. Yes!
          It might be worth our while for someone who is very technical-minded to develop a Tor equivalent of the forum.
          Unfortunately, I am not that man.

        2. You don’t need a tor capable forum, there is a redistributable package you can get from TOR that has a modified Mozilla browser in it, automagially Torifies you and privatizes you.
          The beauty of tor is that it is site independent. It’s onion routing on steroids, no special site formatting required.

        1. Bloody madness. Absolute bloody madness.
          The UK is quickly following China’s censorship route, with the US looking to catch up fast.

    1. This is scary shit developing, to be certain. And you cannot find a Millenial or leftist who doesn’t think it’s the best thing in the world. They have a list of talking points (they can’t actually debate, are you kidding me) and by God, they will get their Net takeover. All hail the benevolent, kind government.
      If and when it happens, you can start counting the days until this site disappears.
      It’s not because of the manosphere of course, but it IS because of all alternative media now. They lost their monopoly, and we are starting to wake up. You can smell the naked, raw desperation in them with attempts like this.

      1. And the merging of old BBS concepts with wireless tech will begin. For 80 bucks you can field a Tor node with a Raspberry Pi. When the bridging from BBS to BBS is using strong synced AES or even PAD key handshaking it won’t be cracked.
        The “controlled” internet where everything goes through easily watched channels will be no more. It will be a polyglot patchwork distributed system of which total surveillance will be impossible. I look forward to that day. All free net will be Darknet.

        1. I gotta ask you man- doesnt using TOR make you stand out from the herd, in a bad way? I dont remember the book, but it described avg joe’s easily monitored data as red As, and TOR makes your activity look like green Bs(encrypted, but because of this,you stick out like a sore thumb, they think you have something to hide, so you screw yourself by using this).

        2. Maybe. So what?
          Enough people do it and they won’t have enough hours in the day to track it down.

        3. Great reference, darknet, wasn’t aware that too many people knew about it.
          As it happens, I do have a Raspberry Pi. Miniscule power sipper that can run…um…things….like for example as you mention…TOR…not that I would ever condone that. heh

      2. All governments pretend to be benevolent and kind. Words and actions are very different things, but most people are too dense to realize this because the promise of free goodies is too tempting.

    2. Yup, and the GOP is too cowardly to stand up to the rogue Executive branch making its own legislation.

      1. They’re all in it together. When will people finally wake up and see that?
        Republicunts | Demonrats = Good Cop | Bad Cop
        It’s just a dog and pony show run by oligarchs behind the scenes.

        1. I really am not sure whether it’s time to start a new party for conservatives or if the GOP can be saved 2 years from now. I really thought that they’d ACTUALLY STOP Obama, instead of just letting him get away with stuff like this.

        2. The “let’s see if the GOP can be saved” thing I’ve heard since at least the late 1980’s after George Bush I got elected (to the shock of all reasonable people).

        3. Agree. You’re dealing with one big group.
          Has anyone heard about any politician on the hill who has “lost it all” or even a portion of their wealth due to the 2008 financial crisis? Any of these politician doing any worse (financially) since they’ve left the hill (for the private or public sector)?
          No. These people live a totally different world. They’re all politicians, first…keep that in mind.

  10. “I kick balls. Deal with it.”
    Cool. “I don’t talk to fat girls or girls over age 30 or girls over 5’8” or girls who pretend to be “all about my career” or girls who squawk “I’m independent!” over and over or girls who smoke or girls with short hair or girls who play lesbian/bisexual just for cheap attention from schumcks in a bar or girls who pretend to love pro football or girls that watch reality TV or girls who post an obnoxious amount of selfies. Deal with it.”

      1. I don’t understand what these women think they’re accomplishing by acting all “tough” and “#dontneednoman” and all that crap. No man under The Sun is impressed, aroused, intimidated or the least bit amused by ANY of that shit!
        You know what kind of women men like? Feminine women.

        1. Deep down they know its repulsive, its a defense mechanism. “If I create a personality thats unattractive to men, I dont have to deal with real rejection.”

        2. The ones that pretend to love pro football and take selfies with a jersey on do a fine and dandy job of that for me!

        3. I agree but they want the good things about being a man but don’t wanna have to deal with the bad things that a man faces.

        4. Whenever I see tinder girls with pictures of them deadlifting, rockclimbing, shooting (never with their own guns obviously), I instantly go for no. Do these women realize we don’t want a woman that does tons of random manly things? If I go sailing or boating with my future wife, I want her to enjoy it with me, not steer the boat.

        5. Why would you be looking for your future wife on Tinder? You’re scraping the bottom of the toilet.

        6. Youre right I know better, but in reality they dont and they and this is them trying to snag a quality guy. They are actually trying to pawn themselves off as quality women by saying “look i do all these cool things, not just dancing in the clubs like those sluts”. But in reality their hobbies dont turn me on either.

        7. Yeah none of that is attractive, ever. And it’s funny how it’s all the same pictures and bios across the nation. Women really do have a herd mentality, are boring and uncreative, and have absolutely nothing interesting to offer besides a vagina!

        8. Also @disqus_9rRVyA945k:disqus Hot girls don’t use Tinder because they don’t have to. They have ample schmucks at their auxiliary every single night of the week. When they do use it is when they’re out of town so they can get bombarded by Right-swipes from schmucks then pick whichever one they like best according to their “criteria” to wine and dine them as they dicktease them all night long.

        9. I don’t know why they think a man cares about their “credentials”. We don’t even read their bios on any site they leave one on.
          All we care about is how hot you are and how old you are.

        10. Opposites attract, and women never get it. They get their validation from thirsty betas, who will respond to anything with tits, from their brow beaten fathers and from the “you go girl” attitude of the society. Everybody seems to be in a sort of denial.

        11. Their daddies told them how real men love strong, independent women, and if any man doesn’t he is a hateful bigot. She can do, nay she SHOULD do anything a man can, and it is every man’s responsibility to pop up a raging boner when he sees her doing these manly things. You Go Grrrll!

        12. Next time I will post pictures of myself trying on high heels, cuddling with soft toys, and painting my nails, like its supposed to be sexy for women. In fact I will post these pictures on fb and ask women to rate me how sexy I am, and them shame them for being bitches for not finding me hot! In fact I will go on a rant that a man can do whatever a woman can, and that real women like soft, cuddly, wimpy, feminine, and humiliated men with homosexual tendencies

        13. I certainly hope not. They’d have better luck bringing the dead back to life than getting me the least bit aroused with that “tomboy” behavior. Yes, please describe yourself with something that has the word “boy” in it, that’s such a turn-on!

        1. I get kicked, I slap her right in the tits, and have a three way with her best-friend, and sister. Then call her mom to brag about it.
          Deal with it.

        2. yet, kicking men in the balls is presented as the ultimate joke in movies, without realizing how painful it can be, both physically and psychologically. It could take away one’s ability to father a child. But women and ironically men will laugh it off. If one retaliates knighty men may gang up to teach the evildoer a lesson. On the contrary if you are the initiator of violence, and the girl retaliates, everyone will be like, “You go grrl!”

      1. Yep same. For me the red pill has been hard to accept and with everything I’ve read and see now through my post red pill eyes, it’s time to go my own way. You boys can game these women all you like they’re all yours.

        1. Same here. I’m going my own way. No profit of wasting your money and soul on worthless women. Build a business, lift weights and increase your intellectual potential, and live your life smirking on the beta men involved with his broken woman.

        2. Yeah, just be careful fella. Everything you claim there is a huge waving flag for bishes everywhere to come running to take advantage of your extra wealth. Then promptly kick you to the curb when convenient to take that wealth with them.
          You will eventually want to date.
          Game, unfortunate sometimes I know, is inevitable.
          You can’t remove all women. Nor should you, or will you always want to.
          You have to learn to roll with the punches.

    1. What feminists can’t seem to get into their heads is the fact that acquiring “equality” to men also means forfeiting the entitlement to the chivalrous treatment they used to get.

      1. Let me know how it all works out after you’ve hit the wall at 40, then. Make sure you save your best football jersey and gym spandex selfies for then, God knows you’ll need them. And the really attractive pictures of shooting guns, too. Gets me all hot and bothered!

        1. Things are working out just fine, thanks. Really couldn’t give 2 shits about getting you all hot and bothered

        2. Good, then when at least see eye-to-eye on something. I wouldn’t want to waste the 59 seconds I MIGHT charitably invest in servicing you anyway. Because the fact remains, it’s only as good as I ever allow it to be, period.
          Honestly, why are you here? Do you always take a knife to a gun fight? This is our safe place to get away from black widows like you and you muscle your way in and lower the tone? Don’t you have selfies to post with a bunch of impromptu hashtags for your brigade of schmucks to Like and inflate your ego so you can act more entitled? Or a “killer workout sesh” (Ha!) that you’ve been into since New Year that you can status-brag about? I am sure somebody is “harassing” some poor little snowflake walking through your neighborhood by simply smiling at her and saying “Have a nice day!” Quick, go rescue her from the “creeper”!
          For the love of God, go find something better to do. This is our house!

  11. Why are white western countries so PC and all for fat acceptance? In the middle east, people are very blunt and forward…if you’re fat or getting fat, people will tell you you’re getting fat. If a girl is fat, people will tell her she needs to lose weight if she wants to get married because no man wants a fat wife. And it’s said so nonchalantly. It’s just stating a fact…. you’re fat. If you get offended by someone calling you fat, then maybe you should try not being fat. That’s like me getting mad if someone says “hey man, you’re bald”. That’s an obvious statement, I am bald, so I can’t get mad at that. Just like fat people shouldn’t get mad if someone calls them fat.

      1. I was actually unaware of Dubai’s obesity problem but I just read up on it. Very interesting. Seems the oil wealth is making its citizens eat a lot more and get lazy

        1. I’ve been there many times. Whilst not as bad as the USA or Australia, it certainly has an obesity problem.
          1. Not much of a gym/exercise culture. Esp amongst the women who suffer from reduced freedom typical of an Islamic state.
          2. Sufficient wealth to ensure any physically demanding work is done by the imported filipino/indian slaves.
          3. An ubundance of food, which is becoming more westernized to cater for the expats, and well as developing markets for the junk food industry.
          4. A bunch of guys who don’t really have to try to hard to win over women, because their parents will arrange one for them.

      2. Dubai isn’t the entire middle east. That’s like pointing at the UK and saying ‘look how fat European women are’.

        1. True, but it is a reasonable sample.
          Having been to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Riyadh and Bahrain. I would suggest that Dubai is quite representative.

        2. Yeah Dubai was the only one I could verify. That’s why I said Dubai and not ‘the entire middle east’.
          Details, dear boy. Details.

    1. No idea man. Didn’t used to be this way. A mother or grandmother would usually advise a woman to keep herself thin to keep prospective boys interested. Now? “You goooo ggggrrrrrrrrrrlll!” is the norm.

      1. And its this whole “you go girl” shit is, apparently, a meme to provoke girls towards excellence. Because, as we all know, girls would be achieving excellence if only males didn’t “keep them down”. That said, how is being fat or not bathing or having to rely on affirmative action remotely excellence? Once upon a time, we had role models that set the standard and feminists got jealous because, turns out, it was mostly men setting those high standards. So, since that’s been deemed ist or some kind of a phobia the feminists have cried their way into being the new high standards of excellence and its produced…what? A big fat land whale on the doll. ???

      2. Feminism is a race to the bottom though, and always has been. You need to realise the origins of feminism. It was a movement started by fat, ugly women who were jealous of attractive women and men, and seething that they were seen as being the skid marks on the toilet bowl of society. Therefore, they started a movement not to improve themselves, but to try and drag all other women down to the sewers where they reside.
        Sadly, you gotta admit, they have been amazingly successful.. every time I see a fat, tattooed slut with a bull ring through her nose (which is a regular occurrence in Australia), I just want to puke.. why do they insist on making themselves look as unattractive as possible? What happened to feminine women?

      3. What I find deeply disturbing in my neck of the woods is the number of times I see a 15 – 16 year old fattie with her in shape hot mother of 40 +/- a couple. Nature was never intended to go that way.

      4. Agree…and that’s what is missing today. Women can shout down a man calling it misogyny if he mentions it but if more mothers and grandmothers (like past generations) did it then they’d have no power at all.
        Women kept other women in line when it came to their size (and their health). Today, women can ignore all facts and science, balloon up to over 200lbs and call it “freedom to be who they are”.
        They haven’t gotten the message (yet) that being a lazy, fat, unhealthy, overweight cow isn’t what most men are looking for in a women.
        It’s easier for these women to keep on eating and to continue living in a delusional world.

    2. Because western countries are white-dominated, but not white-homogenous. It’s no coincidence that countries where multiculturalism is most prevalent is where feminism is most radical.
      I’m not even white, though I’m from the U.S. Im one of the few minorities that accepts that he’s a minority. You wouldn’t go to Asia as a white guy and complain about lack of representation in Chinese cinema. Same principle in the West. If you don’t like it then get out, as I did. And I ain’t ever going back. Fuck the West.

      1. I am the whitest white man you will ever see and I agree with this sentiment completely. GTHO of the west and stay out, what ever color you are.

    3. Well, they should get mad, at themselves. You can’t change being bald, so for you, it is what it is. These fat fucks can lose the weight but choose not to. And I agree with how the rest of the world views fatties. My buddy is first gen Dutch American, and he gained some weight a few years back, started to date some fat chick. He told me after his mother met his girlfriend, she started to dig into him about how fat she is and how she can’t have a kid because she’s so big. Then she started into her own son, telling him he needs to start respecting himself and by dating this land whale it will only enable him to become more of a fat shit. Harsh words from a loved one, but fuckin a, it worked.

    4. You can’t help being bald but you can help bring fat. Western countries have becoming obsessed with not hurting people’s feeeeeeelings that’s why truth is considered hate speech in The West

    5. The difference is, it’s not your fault if you’re bald, but it’s their fault if they’re fat.
      It just seems that it’s OK to mock men for something they have no control over, yet telling a woman she is fat, which is something she has total control over, is heresy.
      Western society’s double standards.

      1. Yep. The same chick who won’t date guys under 5’10” sees no hypocrisy in bitching about the guy who won’t date girls over 150.
        Every dating site has a field where men are supposed to specify their height. The only thing they ask about weight is “body type” and we all know “about average” = “30-40 pounds overweight”
        How about equality, ladies? Put your actual, numerical weight as of today.

    6. Yup, same thing in China. Even random strangers will tell you if you’re getting fat

  12. Some questions for UK men:
    Do UK women have high rates of obesity, or least physical un-fitness?
    Are marriage rates there very low?
    If this is the case, do you think this might be an attempt to goad women into becoming more marriageable by improving their physical appearance?

    1. 1 in 3 children in the UK are obese.
      The UK is close to the USA for obesity levels. I haven’t seen any recent figures.

  13. When it comes to fund the research of the killer prostate cancer which kills numerous men every year, the government’s funds dry up. Yet, funding for baseless whims of wimmin continues. Way to go!

    1. odds are youll die from something else before prostate cancer spreads(it tends to remain confined to the prostate for many many many yrs). They are even admitting the PSA tests are horseshit now. My gramps drank smoked, aint poorly, never went to the dr, and succumbed to it at 80 (dr said he had it for close to a decade).

  14. Sport England’s posters are nothing more than an advertisement for the organization itself, as an argument for continued public funding. It has to justify its existence and salaries somehow, so that means high-visibility pseudo-campaigns. As the SE website declares:

    Sport England has a statutory obligation to produce an annual report and accounts and lay them before Parliament.

    So, there has to be something to put in that report. Preferably something feminist. That way, any politician advocating cutting its subsidy can be accused of attacking women.
    Because SE is commissioned by government to spread around significant Treasury and National Lottery funds, it can buy supporters and intimidate doubters. IMO, the solution to that Gordian Knot is UKIP. No other political party has the sack to start dismantling the UK’s vast, parasitic progressivist infrastructure.

    1. The shit that SE is pulling reminds me of the same shit the Soviet Union pulled “back when”.
      Propaganda on TV, posters displayed everywhere…it’s the same tactic.

      1. Yep. Take a bunch of fat dudes and fat chicks, shave their heads and put them all in smocks you won’t be able to tell the difference.

      1. Complaining via text about her boyfriend not treating her like princess snowflake… while sitting on the sofa, with a tube of pringles stuffed between her non-existant thigh gap.

  15. Sadly, the only solution for Western nations like the UK is financial bankruptcy. in Sri Lanka, Jennie Price would be selling oranges on a street corner. Or, draining the testicles of rich businessmen at the local brothel. At least in those jobs, she would actually be providing a service of some value.
    It’s sad when the average Englishman can reflect on the German bombing of London during WW2 and say, “Ah..those were the good ol’ days!”

  16. “I jiggle therefore I am” is an embarrassment to the thoughts of Descartes, not Shakespeare. When acting indignant, I find understanding the nature of the offense to be a prudent predicate to such behavior.

  17. Men will help other men in the sporting arena and try to encourage them to improve on the field or wherever. Women like to bring other women down. How many times have you heard some tart say oh my god I can’t believe how much weight she has put in or her dress was awful. In fact entire magazines have a business model run on this.

  18. If you wont work out and better your health and body because you are afraid of being judged, you truly don’t want to be healthy. Who gives a fuck if someone in the gym doesn’t jive with the way you lift, how much you sweat, or the way you look when you’re working out? Who are you doing it for? Get a fuckin grip ladies.

  19. This is just another push by feminists to have more females than males in a pastime that traditionaly has more males. Yet funnily you never see them pushing for more males in pastimes or jobs that traditionally have a higher female participantion.

  20. Want to encourage sport – shut down all media outlets and disable all smart phones and similar devices.

  21. I don’t think I will ever own another REEBOK product again, Their ads look exactly like the Pictures above.

    1. theyre just trying to sell more clothes and shoes to women. Something like 70-80% of all advertisements are directed toward women because theyre more impulsive than men. Within Reebok there is a man in charge of it all.
      Keep in mind, women in 3rd world countries make those shoes for $1 a day so the fat rich white feminist woman can feel ’empowered’ lol

      1. True But it’s to obnoxious for me to get over, seeing the latest Ad where the Tough chicks are doing cross-fit and carrying dudes it’s just over the top.

        1. oh I didn’t know they were carrying men in those. lol that is pretty retarded.
          Maybe they can show white house security cam footage of when the intruder knocked over the female secret service agent.

  22. UK women: A blood line of scraps that the Viking’s left over when they Raped and Pillaged What would later become England.

    1. Having lived in both countries, I would take a british girl over an aussie anyday.
      At least the british have some vague clue when to shut up with their feminist bullshit, and pretend to be feminine.
      Aussie girls lost this skill long ago.

      1. Exactly. British women are more charming as well.
        Compared to other Euro women they are jokes though

  23. In Australia, the public service is absolutely loaded with overpaid, butch feminists. They are a massive drag on the whole economy. And who do you think funds them? The poor schmuck betas, who also cop having an ’empowered’ wife at home thanks to the non-stop feminist taxpayer funded propaganda!
    This UK campaign is another example of what is wrong with ‘grrrrrl power’ – seems girls MUST be told how amazing they are (in a VERY expensive way), even when they are doing what men do everyday with no recognition and without giving it a second thought.. and we wonder why they are so unbearable?
    Let’s face it, if feminists wanted REAL equality, they would find the concept of men’s and women’s divisions in sport as degrading, and highly sexist. After all, women are just as good as men, right? Well why not put them in open competitions for tennis, basketball, running, swimming etc etc? That would be fair (gives everyone a right to compete against everyone), but if that happened there would no longer be a single female professional athlete in the entire world. That would be truly fair and equal, so of course feminists don’t want a bar of that..
    I think it is absolutely criminal that women get paid the same as men tennis players, for example, even though they play 3 sets and men play 5! What a fucking travesty. The women are REWARDED for being INFERIOR! It is basically communism – taking from the best and giving to the weak. Of course, all of a sudden, they say this is fair, because ‘men and women aren’t physically the same’ (they only admit this when it serves their purpose!). Well you know what, I think it is unfair that midgets want to play in the NBA but can’t because they were born that way. Why should they be discriminated against just because of how they were born? There needs to be an NBA for midgets, and they need to be paid at least as much as Kobe Bryant and co.. see how ridiculous that sounds feminists? Well that is what you sound like when you say women tennis players should be paid the same despite being genetically inferior to the real thing! Feminists need to make up their minds.. You are either as good as men physically and mentally, or you aren’t.. and if you aren’t, you don’t deserve to get paid the same. It can’t just be changed according to what circumstances give women privilege…

    1. Some good points.
      Being from Australia myself, I agree wholeheartedly about the poor schmuck betas. I’ve seen a number of mates get whipped into this state.
      But in the end, it is their own fault for not fighting against, and questioning, the matriarchial propaganda that tells them their proper role in life is to enable some pog aussie career-bitch to take years out of the workforce(ie, supporting herself) to punch out kids.

  24. They keep complaining about treating women being an object, yet who do you see on the front cover of the most popular women’s magazines? Yup. That’s right! Beautiful and feminine women. Do you think men (for the most part) buy and read these magazines? Fuck no! It’s women. They objectify themselves. The editors know that the girl on the magazine cover will help sell the magazine targeted to… (drum roll please), women.
    I just wish they would just STFU!

  25. Incredible – I honestly thought the “I Jiggle therefore I am” was a parody you made up.
    Goes to show women in power are prone to waste the nation’s time and resources on “tolerance”, “niceness” and other useless things

  26. I’m afraid of being judged = I know damn well I’m not going to put any real effort into exercising for any real amount of time and I know everyone else is going to know it too.
    Being judged for getting fatter is better than being judged for improving myself. This is what we call “woman logic”, by which I mean “maximize victim potential”.

  27. This hag should get sued by Planet Fitness. She totally ripped off their “judgement free zone” marketing campaign. Sounds like UK females are getting just as obese as US women. Sad.

  28. *facepalm* “I jiggle there I am” is NOT a Shakespeare reference. It’s a Rene Descartes reference.

  29. Once again proving that women don’t belong in a man’s world. Now why don’t you girls go and “jiggle” back into the kitchen and learn how to cook properly for all the kids you’re meant to be raising? Girls can definitely do that.

  30. They do this all the time. Use “soft money” from the state and lottery etc to push their extremist ideas. There’s nothing wrong with women wanting to be feminine, it’s natural. But an extremist gets into a position of authority and suddenly is allowed to waste money on this sort of thing to push their ideology. They depend on normal people not speaking out, not organising campaigns etc. While by contrast the SJW extremists and mad feminists have all the time in the world as they work for “charities” on “campaigns” to push this stuff. It’s a sickness in the modern west and frankly I’m not sure how we combat it as they have infested so many parts of the establishment. Ordinary people know in their gut that what is being said is strange and wrong but don’t know how to speak out.

  31. Good to see this island, my home and birthplace, sinking further and further into the sea of shit at the hands of yet again another useless, moronic government, complete with ‘smart’ initiatives like this.
    Rule Britannia, I think that’s what we used to say, anyway…

  32. Congratulations. You have managed to miss the point entirely and turn it around into another rant against women. Oh well. Never run out of subject matter that way do you.

  33. Ironic, isn’t it, that in the first pic all the fatter, less attractive ones are either in the background or blurred out while the attractive one with blonde hair and a nice figure is center of focus.
    You go girl indeed. If that’s the message they’re supporting I’m all for it: blur out the fatties and keep the ugly chicks in the background.

  34. It seems that what they hate most about competitive sport is the competitive and sporty aspects of it. Being all afraid of “judgment” is simply a way of despising excellence.

  35. Maybe “This girl can” but none of the pictured girls can. These broads can’t do shit. The most feminine man could kick their sorry asses. They aren’t hot, they aren’t even “not”. They’re just propped up cunts.

  36. So i think il start a business that recycles carpets.
    “I munch rugs” will be its slogan.

  37. Actually, call me crazy, I think that this campaign might even result in the INCREASE of obesity in women. Think about it: losing weight is the result of diet as much as it is of exercise(I would even say, it is more important than exercise), most entitled and spoiled women who exercise just because of proving their superiority over men and coolness and nothing more(the type this campaign likely targets, because otherwise they would not have to be encouraged to do so by some random feminist loser, they would just exercise themselves) will most likely binge themselves in kilograms of sweets and junk food the moment they step their enormous feet from the cardio machine after barely doing 10 minutes of what basically amounts to “walking” or “light jogging” at best.
    “I totally deserve that cupcake!” “Well, I exercised didn’t I? Time to reward myself with some Oreos!”, “Some chocolate won’t hurt after that hard running!” Of course, any exercise beyond that stupid cardio machine will be beyond them and in the end the result will be that their entitlement, lack of will and some tiny hunger pang will direct them right to Starbucks and Pizza Hut to “refill” themselves after “strenuous” exercise.

  38. This is exactly why I don’t care about millionaire footballers, actors, musicians etc. avoiding taxes. The government clearly has more money than it has sensible things to spend it on… or at least it thinks it does. If I were in their position, I’d happily let an accountant play his little games to cut my tax bill to it’s legal minimum.

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