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Caligula is a Misanthrope and Sociopathic Narcissist by experience and dreamer by birth. The wayward soul embraced the red pill as a means to cope with society and to better himself. Finding the absurd fantastic and the average boring, he obtains solace in life experience, making music, political theory, reading, and most recently game.

Thoughts On The Red Pill From A 21-Year-Old Student

The younger generation, ranging from seniors in high school to college students, are a sorry bunch. They’re disillusioned with politics as well as politicians, they’re becoming more slutty and trashy or becoming betas, and they have little planned for their futures. As a member of this sub group, it really is beyond sad to look around and see what is happening. Men today are patted on the back by their friends and those around them for being an outright beta. The standard cries of “Chivalry is not dead” and “Another girl just friendzoned me” are common and considered inspirational as well as a part of the status quo. A good portion believe that if they are a “gentleman” (not in the red pill way), they will get the woman (or her pussy)… eventually.

On the other end of the spectrum is the ghetto mentality which is promoted through appreciation of mainstream rap and jail culture. This group believes that all one needs in life is money and that everything will be fine as long as you’re tough and become rich by being a drug dealer, NBA player, or a rapper.  In the end, all looks hopeless and most people wonder why anyone would even try to help these wayward souls, but the truth is that this group has the most potential—they will become the red pill of tomorrow. Sadly I’m not optimistic enough to say a majority will come into our fold, but nonetheless there is still hope. Here is where we stand in concern to availability of information, parenting, and women.


The impetus for this change is information. The ability to get information at the touch of a fingertip is outstanding, and most of the younger generation realizes that their problems are shared among them. Mediums of communication such as forums, Facebook, Reddit, and even 4chan, are available to this group. It is astounding. The progress that has been made in terms of technology is by far the greatest advantage they have to discover what they need. The Internet community, regardless of its negatives, is better than most real life communities in the Western world, especially the United States.

People gather together to share laughs, have fun, and most importantly of all to give solid advice. Browsing on Roosh’s forum and ROK has been one of the most interesting experience that I have had and the logical arguments I have been given in response to my opinions actually make sense and don’t reek of ignorance. I am given solid reasoning and support in terms of an answer to a question, and there is always someone out there to answer. Unless you’re a complete fool with a bad attitude and argue with insults rather than facts, your opinion is generally considered and appreciated.

Since I have talked of the positives of all this, it is also fair to state the negatives. The modern feminist movement (i.e. “the patriarchy is the cause of our problems” and “rape culture is real”) has also gathered notable amounts of support. People have also rallied around other failing prospective ideologies such as communism and fascism.  For every man swallowing the red pill, there are fifteen more becoming greater beta/pussies due to their shared ideals. The importance of this statement though, is that people are gathering and there is indeed a problem and than in and of itself warrants hope.



Mothers of the current generation of children have instilled in their kids nothing of value and have raised their daughters to emulate a partying lifestyle. Most of them cannot cook, and so a majority of the current generation, both male and female, have no real idea what a home-cooked meal is (luckily I was one of the few who has).

Feminism and blue-pill thought processes have been ingrained in this generation’s men at a young age. They were taught to believe that love will all work out in the end and that eventually, possibly at the age of 30, they will find a woman who loves them even if she has ridden the cock carousel for years. Now you may be thinking “Where was the father at?” The answer to this question is simple. He is usually out working most of the day to provide for a woman who is more than likely out shopping with her friends or cheating on him. The blue-pill mentality is expanded in single-mother homes where the young boy thinks their father abandoned him when it was usually the mother who let the father go with nothing, not even his own child.

The results:

On the other hand, those born into a lesser socioeconomic lifestyle clearly see how low value the modern woman is. They usually grow up in broken homes with single mothers. They usually don’t have a solid father figure to guide them in any way at all, and so are forced out into the streets and find meaning within a group setting listening to music which worships materialistic culture. They grow up listening to that, do not find anything of value, and worst of all, if they continue down their path or have bad luck, make the same mistake their own fathers did and jump ship.

More people are looking around and searching for the source of the problem as well as solutions. The first step to stopping a problem is awareness, and that awareness is key in getting society to change as a whole. I may be beating a dead horse when it comes to this example, but lets go back a 70-80 years. Nazi Germany was the pinnacle of the world. Head of the scientific community (to the point that both the U.S.A. and U.S.S.R. employed their scientists after the war), surging economy, and one of the strongest military powers the world had ever seen. A good portion of the U.S.and Europe were sympathetic to the fascist cause, and notable people such as William Joyce and Charles Lindbergh received wide acclaim for supporting fascism even while World War II was occurring. All it took for that widespread admiration to go away were the news of German Concentration Camps for Jews, which was exposed during the Nuremberg Trials. All it took was awareness of what was really happening to completely change public opinion. Here is today’s awareness:

pig fatty

Women & Society

Finally, we come to the root cause and issue of the entire mess. The modern day Western woman is beyond a reasonable doubt the monster that caused all of this. I think RoK has done an exceptional job giving the reasoning behind this problem, but I’ll try my best to relay it from a younger standpoint. The modern Western woman is obsessed with the smallest and most idiotic of things, and they have the constant belief that they’re the most beautiful and wonderful thing that has graced the face of this world regardless of how morbidly obese they may be. They rationalize with their hamster that all the guys they have boned and sucked off are the issue, and they deserve a “real man” who will love them forever. When prompted as to what a “real man” is, the standard is usually someone like George Clooney or Ashton Kutcher whom they view as idols and whom would somehow love them.

Recently, I was walking to a girl in English class, and the topic came to life goals. When I asked her what her life goals were, she simply responded with: “I’m going to marry into a rich family and if that doesn’t work out I’ll become a stripper”. The fact that a semi-intelligent (I say semi-intelligent because she was in an honors course)  and fairly attractive girl could say something like this so frankly still boggles my mind. Society has deteriorated to the extent that it is socially acceptable to have something like being a stripper or gold digger as a life goal and even express it out-loud.

Women like this are everywhere and are even the norm. We live in a society which has amplified the problem and allowed for such deterioration to occur. The mainstream media and the social media have amplified the female, and enabled her to get a steady supply of beta orbiters who are more than happy to compliment their camwhoring selves to get a steady supply of attention regardless of what kind of woman they are.


The question now is: “How can the modern Western Woman become more like their Eastern counterparts?”. Well the truth of this is that the solution to this problem is already in progress. It is human nature in and of itself. Men will obviously be attracted to the more attractive female, and with the advent of easily accessible porn as well as models posting pictures of themselves repeatedly the bar is raised for women.

Women will need to provide certain amounts incentive to be more preferable than masturbation, and the truth is even the girl I mentioned in the story above knows how to cook. One thing that the feminist movement has unintentionally accomplished is that they have proven that women bring nothing to a long term relationship. They constantly highlight the ease of obtaining pornography, the cost of raising children, and that we as men don’t like fatties or sluts. Women, especially those hitting the wall, have realized that they themselves need to compete with these newly exposed societal factors.

Women themselves do not find feminism attractive, regardless of what they say on their Twitters or on Facebook for the world to see. Sure RoK received backlash for fat-shaming week, but women themselves slut-shame and fat-shame all the time. Being fat or being sexually promiscuous are still negative labels. Feminism tries to make being fat attractive or being sexually promiscuous acceptable, but the 99% of men still don’t see that as attractive, and, due to instincts, women themselves attempt not to exhibit those qualities.


I wrote this to confirm that the red pill is spreading. Young or old, black or white, Deist or Atheist, whatever label you happen to give yourself, we all stand together and it is our duty to educate people on what truly concerns all of us, life. If a man comes to you or to this community in hopes of bettering themselves, regardless of labels, it is in our best interest as fellow men to help educate them about today’s culture and help guide him towards a better tomorrow.

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