Sabrina Rubin Erdely Has Destroyed Rolling Stone’s Credibility

Rolling Stone recently published a shocking story titled “A Rape on Campus” written by Sabrina Rubin Erdely. The horrifying details of this narrative roused the nation. Feminists, social justice activists, and the mainstream media led a vicious and hysterical attack on the University of Virginia, fraternity men, and “rape culture.”

Recent reporting has cast the story in doubt. While reviewing the evidence below, please ask yourself the following question: “Can Rolling Stone’s malicious activism be tolerated?”

Rolling Stone Claim #1:

Sabrina Erdely begins by describing the meeting between the alleged victim and alleged rapist.

She and Drew had met while working lifeguard shifts together at the university pool, and Jackie had been floored by Drew’s invitation to dinner, followed by a “date function” at his fraternity, Phi Kappa Psi”


A review of the employee roster for the “Aquatic Fitness Center” pool Jackie worked at in 2012 revealed that none of the pool employees were Phi Kappa Psi brothers (Washington Post).

Rolling Stone Claim #2:

The setting of the alleged incident was a “date function” party at Phi Kappa Psi fraternity house on September 28, 2012.


There was no party at Phi Kappa Psi fraternity that night according to a statement by the fraternity.

Note: Return of Kings has far more journalistic integrity than Rolling Stone, therefore we will call this a “rebuttal” instead of “fact.” 

Rolling Stone Claim #3:

A body barreled into her, tripping her backward and sending them both crashing through a low glass table. There was a heavy person on top of her, spreading open her thighs, and another person kneeling on her hair, hands pinning down her arms, sharp shards digging into her back, and excited male voices rising all around her. When yet another hand clamped over her mouth, Jackie bit it, and the hand became a fist that punched her in the face.


The Washington Post reports that,

A student who came to Jackie’s aid the night of the alleged attack said in an interview late Friday night that she did not appear physically injured at the time.

Could it be possible that “Jackie” would not appear to be physically injured after the violent gang rape described by Rolling Stone? Thrown through a glass table? Punched in the face? Violently raped by seven men in a bed of glass for three hours? You decide.

Rolling Stone Claim #4:

Seven men took turns raping her, while two more – her date, Drew, and another man – gave instruction and encouragement…. As the last man sank onto her…. he told the crowd he couldn’t get it up. “Pussy!” the other men jeered. “What, she’s not hot enough for you?” Then they egged him on: “Don’t you want to be a brother?” “We all had to do it, so you do, too.

There are several incredibly serious accusations made by Rolling Stone here:

1. Phi Psi fraternity requires pledges to rape a woman as a pledge initiation procedure.

2. This plan was orchestrated by Jackie’s date “Drew” as a premeditated plan to fulfill the pledge initiation.

3. Nine men are directly implicated in this alleged violent crime.


Fraternity rushing and pledging processes at the University of Virginia are in the spring semester, not the fall semester in which this alleged “rape” took place. In addition, the Washington Post reports that they have identified the alleged ringleader “Drew” as a fellow lifeguard who is completely unaffiliated with Phi Psi fraternity.

1. If Phi Psi has no rushing in the fall semester, then why would they hold a pledge initiation ritual in September 2012? First-year students would not be rushing until January 2013, and upper-class students would already have secured their brotherhood.

2. If “Drew” is not a brother of Phi Psi fraternity, then why would he orchestrate this “gang rape” to fulfill a pledge initiation?

3. If nine men were implicated in the attack, one of which was specifically identified through a small anthropology class and another as a lifeguard at the Aquatic Fitness Center pool, how did Rolling Stone fail to even privately identify a single one of these men in their investigation?

Rolling Stone Claim #5:

She emerged to discover the Phi Psi party still surreally under way, but if anyone noticed the barefoot, disheveled girl hurrying down a side staircase, face beaten, dress spattered with blood, they said nothing.


There was no party that night according to the fraternity.


There is not a “side staircase” at the fraternity house.


Sabrina Erdely is essentially claiming that college men are so evil that they don’t even care that a barefoot, beaten, bloodied, violently raped freshman woman is walking past them, they just callously go about their evening.

Women at this party and elsewhere at UVA are treated with just as much feminist contempt, portrayed as “lighthearted” social climbers that care more about being invited to the right parties than the alleged horrors endured by a friend.

Rolling Stone Claim #6:

Extensive dialogue is quoted as fact throughout the Rolling Stone story without any qualifiers such as “according to Jackie” or “allegedly.” This is gross negligence without any corroboration. One such dialogue example is an alleged rapist yelling “Grab its motherfucking leg.” Remind you of anything?

Screen shot 2014-12-06 at 12.08.42 AM


At this point in a story riddled with errors, inconsistencies, and blatant falsehoods, the sad truth is that the alleged victim is confusing fiction with reality. It is not uncommon for trauma victims to repress reality and create internal narratives, which is why it was incredibly inappropriate for Sabrina Rubin Erdely to publish as fact the extensive dialogue found in this story.

Rolling Stone Claim #7:

Jackie’s friends are evil.

For the first month of school, Jackie had latched onto a crew of lighthearted social strivers, and her pals were now impatient for Jackie to rejoin the merriment. “You’re still upset about that?” Andy asked one Friday night when Jackie was crying. Cindy, a self-declared hookup queen, said she didn’t see why Jackie was so bent out of shape. “Why didn’t you have fun with it?” Cindy asked. “A bunch of hot Phi Psi guys?” One of Jackie’s friends told her, unconcerned, “Andy said you had a bad experience at a frat, and you’ve been a baby ever since.

Screen shot 2014-12-06 at 3.58.31 AM


The crucial comment here is “Why didn’t you have fun with it?” asked by Cindy, one of the three friends who came to the assistance of “Jackie” the night of the attack. There are three possibilities here:

1. Jackie’s female friend Cindy, a self-described rape victim, acted in an incredibly dismissive and callous manner. Jackie was allegedly violently raped by seven men, and Cindy had the gall to ask why she didn’t have fun with it?  Cindy is a horrible human being.

2. Jackie admitted to Cindy that the encounter was consensual, leading Cindy to (understandably) later question why she didn’t enjoy it.

3. As the rest of the Rolling Stone story has been shown to be complete and utter rubbish, it’s also possible that Cindy is completely misquoted and slandered in this account.


There are no winners here. This is bad for everybody. “Jackie” will likely be publicly exposed and humiliated, the University of Virginia has suffered a dramatic loss in reputation, fraternity men everywhere have been slandered as barbaric animals, the administration of the university has been under fire, and legitimate victims of rape will be undermined for years (perhaps decades).

The FBI reports that forcible rape incidents have declined by 24% from 1992 to 2011. The widely distributed feminist claim that “1 in 5 women are the victims of sexual assault” has been repeatedly debunked.

The wildly poetic moralizing by Sabrina Erdely is based on feminist fantasies about how “rape culture” permeates universities across the country, and has no basis in reality whatsoever.  The hysterical fight against this imaginary “rape culture” is a desperate attempt by a dying feminist movement to regain relevance in a world that hasn’t needed their activism in decades.

Sabrina Erdely and Rolling Stone are not just grossly negligent and wildly incorrect in their reporting, they must be pursued by relentless litigation for libel and defamation of character for the institutions and individuals involved in this story.

After reading the claims made by Sabrina Erdely and Rolling Stone, and reviewing the evidence, can their continued existence in a media capacity be tolerated?

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200 thoughts on “Sabrina Rubin Erdely Has Destroyed Rolling Stone’s Credibility”

  1. Never, ever, read another Rolling Stone article again, or anything submitted by the “writer”. Make sure to announce it often and loudly as well. Ruin her career in journalism and ruin the value of Rolling Stone.

    1. Clearly, Sabrina should be working on the next 50 shades. Title it, 50 Shades of Haze, starring “Jacky”. With supporting feminist sidekick, Lena Dunhamm.

    2. Rolling Stone may have been considered “groundbreaking” to baby boomers and Gen-Xers, but what do they even contribute that makes them relevant in our age anyway? Even if you are a purveyor of pop music and Hollywood cinema there are many other sources you can use for news about these, heck even your Spotify on IMDb accounts are better sources than Rolling Stone for pop culture news! This scandal-scam just further cements them as worthless in The Internet Age.

      1. Exactly. Rolling Stone have not truly been relevant since the late 90s or so, and even then the mag was dying. They were a great rock mag in the old days, but they are well passed their expiration date now. The writing is generally much worse than it used to be too.
        I can’t imagine that magazine being all that appealing to anyone under 30 myself, and most of their readers are probably 40+.

        1. Meh, I still get Rolling Stone, and I’m 37. I’m a music fiend. Yea, there’s a significant amount of what ‘passes’ for music these days, but there’s still a lot of decent music being put out. Plus, the political articles that center on government hypocrisy are worth reading in a this-is-gonna-piss-me-off kind of way.
          You want a magazine that’s increasingly hard to read? Playboy. Impossibly beautiful women or not, Playboy could just the the most feminist rag out there. Seriously considering canceling my subscription.

        2. I always thought Penthouse was more cutting edge than Playboy, and thats when I was a kid in the ’80s. Once upon time, Playboy interviewed icons like Malcolm X and had articles on foreign policy analysis. Can’t imagine them doing anything close to that now.

      2. Matt Taibbi even though he is a liberal douche does good work exposing banker criminals.

    3. NOT enough!
      We should learn from the SJW handbook……get a copy of Rolling Stone and contact all their advertisers and shame them…over and over and over.
      Then contact all the Advertising companies that have them as clients… and do the same.
      Find the name of the top shareholders in these companies…..most likely Investment Funds….and do the same.
      Rinse and Repeat.
      Then publish all their names and addresses on a website as “Man Hating” products/companies.

        1. Why not start one here? If we wait for someone to fight for our rights, we may wait a long time

        2. Do it in a smart way though, use technology and automation to make a maximum impact for minimal effort.
          Aaron Swartz did this wonderfully in his campaign to stop SOPA (even though he was a liberal tool box on many issues he did great on SOPA).
          His methods were discussed in this documentary: Today there are even more advanced tools to utilize.

    4. I haven’t read anything by Rolling Stone since they put a flattering picture of a terrorist on their cover.

    5. I’m thinking about writing a fictional novel or two. Rolling Stone would be great material to plagiarize.

    6. She has already been caught out on fraudulent articles, yet since the american attention span is no longer than a Hemingway sentence, she will no doubt continue to prosper as a propagandist….I mean journalist.
      You’ve come a long way, sister. Is there any institution that women don’t pillage, despoil, discredit and ruin once they are allowed to participate? Since 2nd wave feminism forced them into the workplace, the following institutions–once hallowed bastions of the republic–have become the playground of radical ideologues whose agenda trumps any pretense of honor, justice, and discourse;
      1.) Education: their first big win, american universities are now hotbeds of liberal, feminist idiocy that don’t even pretend to be about knowledge
      2.) The media: as corrupted as an institution can be, the Fifth Estate was once considered a functional, reliable, and vital part of any functioning democracy.
      3.) Hollywood: There was a time when great films were an american hallmark–even if they starred liberal nutcases.
      4.) Politics: When only men voted, the focus was on progress and patriotism; even if most politicians were inherently untrustworthy, men were not distracted by fake culture wars, and were thus more able to call shysters and snake oil salesmen out.
      Now, every major american institution is venal, corrupt, and more concerned with pandering to the feminine imperative than with actually functioning for the good of the nation.
      I know, I’m preaching to the choir here

    7. Even the Baby Boomer comedian known as PJ O’Rourke had the sense to flee the scene long ago …

  2. Even though the RS article is a work of fiction, the fraternities and sororities are still being suspended, and it is even possible for that suspension to continue until August, all because of a work of fiction.

    1. some pretty powerful fiction right there. who woulve known? all this time i been trying to be write introspective novels, when i couldve just penned a rape story and change the landscape of a whole university. #hindsights2020

    2. It doesn’t matter if it’s not true they will say, because reality must be like the one described in the article. Feminist logic at its finest.

    3. A common theme in the trashy romance genre is a virginal heroine who is unceremoniously raped, especially in a degrading way. Whether this is meant to be erotic by the author, just a source of conflict in the story, or both is debatable. The fact is, it’s a common theme in those types of books, and the RS article was written in a similar tone.

    4. Doesn’t matter. It’s only the accusation that matters. The men’s lives post-encounter don’t matter. Perhaps it has something to do with morning after regret? Women seeking attention?
      Remember the fallout from the Duke University Lacrosse ‘rape’ case? Kobe?
      I can’t help but wonder if the same thing is happening with Bill Cosby. That guy’s been famous forever. I can’t think that, if he had wanted some poon back his heyday, he would’ve had to work very hard for it, much less rape women.
      Either way, go RP about it and learn from it: cover your ass after every nekkid encounter.

  3. “This is bad for everybody.”
    Not for those who are pushing a rape culture narrative, who are still grasping at bogus studies to prove that mass rapes like this really happen every hour of the day and make American campuses more dangerous than a South African ghetto. You can sense their utter disappointment that Jackie wasn’t really brutally and horribly raped.

    1. I do agree with this comment. What is very morally offensive is that those who are of the type you describe will have absolutely no remorse or concern for the destruction of lives, reputations, academic & work careers, relationships, and much more that are often permanent at the hands of false rape accusers and the “lynch mob” mentality public.
      It is sickening and depressing at the same time. What will be next? Where will it end?

    2. Made up rape cases are a perennial thing, it’s part of the false rape culture that runs rampant on college campuses.

    3. But Roosh, this episode, while it may not be true, has started an important conversation about just how shitty men are. I think we should all focus on that instead.

      1. Indeed. Amid all the back-peddling, the new narrative emerging is that “this could have happened here”
        “I am drained. I am confused. But I keep returning to one question. If everyone here believed Jackie’s story until yesterday — a story in which she is violently raped by seven men at a fraternity house as part of a planned initiation ritual — should we not still be concerned?”
        Of course what *DID* happen was seven men (only one of whom was identified to RS) were falsely-accused of a heinous crime and a witch-hunt ensued, b/c the SJWs were only TOO WILLING to believe the false narrative.
        If anything is “concerning” it’s how quickly there was a rush to judgment. Furthermore, if anyone is hurting *actual* victims of *actual* rape it is the False Accuser. This should be obvious.
        À bientôt,

        1. If everyone here believed Jackie’s story until yesterday … should we not still be concerned?
          Indeed we should be concerned that the mainstream media, the education system, and the turncoat churches have disarmed the minds and souls of the populace to the point that idiotic claims are swallowed without a hint of critical thought.
          But, like I said, the tide is turning. They are asking for a mass spanking and it’s coming.

        2. If anything, this incident of a false accusation leading to a ‘rush to judgement’ is the latest example of how misandric American society has become, and how all MGTOW are MORE than justified in their decision to Go Their Own Way.
          Let it collapse, and let it burn.
          “MGTOW: because some societies just are not worth saving.”

        3. I understand the sentiment, but OTOH, I like pussy and home cooking. 😉
          À bientôt,

    4. Disappointment and embarrassment. Hopefully they won’t be so quick to blame in the future.

  4. I’ll end rape culture tomorrow. All women will wear burkas and leave the house only with a trusted male escort. All courtship will be chaperoned and officially sanctioned by the family. All repas must be immediately reported to the police. Non-reporters will be prosecuted for helping to perpetuate rape culture. False rape claims will also be prosecuted.
    Expected feminist response: “wait, you mean I can’t just fuck anyone I want to and decide later if I want to ruin them in kangaroo court if I don’t get attention, cash and prizes? Uhhhhh….”

    1. ^^^—- This. Fucking First World Problems, YET AGAIN. I am starting to become a bit of a nihilist and actually -want- the wheels to come off entirely so these idiots and their fat bodied male sycophants can see how quickly they’d be culled from the herd in places where ‘rape’ may or may not include removal of your clitoris sans anesthesia, and or death by your own father’s hand.

    2. That’s exactly it. What women are trying to do is make something that is inherently unsafe (female promiscuity) into something that can be regulated to be safe, which is simply impossible and undesirable.

    3. The thing to remember is that feminists are NOT interested at all in ending ‘rape culture’ — their only interest in ‘rape culture’ is USING IT for their own nefarious ends.
      As a man, the most infuriating thing to me about all this is how women, society, and the media are such willing “Useful Idiots”.

  5. The men at Phi Kappa Psi need to be careful when they bring in a female into their house you never know when one of them will cry rape to dish out social justice and also if i had a son that attended UVA i would get him to transfer. You never know how bad the feminist mob will react in retaliation as they have been dealt a heavy blow. I wouldn’t want my boy to be caught up in something that could ruin the rest of his life.

  6. one of the most annoying things about these high profile false accusations is that even after they are exposed as utter bullshit you still here air heads like Jackie’s friend Alex Pinkleton coming out with bollocks along the lines of “well even though there was some mixup over the exact details, this story still draws attention to the very important issue of rape on campus, etc…”
    Well no it fucking doesnt, this story doesnt do shit, if anything this story has cast a light on the extent to which some women will go to get attention and have others play along with their paranoid victim delusions/fantasy.

    1. What an incredible new era this might be;
      You can create a crime from scratch which is justified because the appalled
      reaction to the imagined crime validates the lie.
      “Well maybe he didn’t murder anyone but just look at how terrible it would have been if he had. I think drawing attention to the horror of murder more than makes up for the fact that it was all a lie. Are you saying that you don’t think murder is wrong? Shame on you!!!”
      Talk about a perfectly self-correcting mental device. That’s straight up gangsta-hamster. This whole episode shows the utter, total, complete lack of concern for males in our culture. Even now that it has been disspelled no one is addressing what a nightmare this is for the victims. The Slate writer goes into a legal expertise show-off mode. The feminists don’t care. No one cares about how terrible this was for the male victims.

  7. Rolling Stone used to be a very cool magazine. Now THEY SUCK THEY SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK……
    I think you get the picture.
    That said, Rolling Stone is losing readership fast.

    1. they gotta keep up with the times. every media outlet has become PC to keep young fans, most of whom are liberals. it’s good for business. this one just backfired.

      1. I have to say they lost credibility with me in a major way when they put up one of the Boston bombers on the front cover done up rock-star style like Jim Morrison. Reputable papers don’t do that shit.

  8. What goes around comes around.
    If once again history proves to have a thing for the Law of the Pendulum, in the coming years and decades the West is going to see a rise in machismo and actual discrimination against women on a scale that will make the Muslims shit their pants.

    1. Feminist rhetoric almost makes me wish society was as misogynist as they imagine
      I wonder if their heads would explode

      1. I have no doubt they’ll actually adapt to it and prefer it. Their frivolous hysteria is just their clumsy way of unwittingly asking for a mass spanking. And it’s coming.

        1. Ironically it serves their interests in some ways right.
          I’m pretty convinced that feminism is a national shit-test.
          They want to see which men will finally say they’ve had enough and either walk away or stand up and show them who is boss.
          They also want to see which men are the most predatory and willing to take advantage of other men (chicks dig psychopaths). So right now white-knights, manginas, corrupt businessmen, etc are having their hey-day (and its still gaaaaayyyy). We’ve completely annihilated all ideas of honour, loyalty, and community building (many people are just living off the inertia of our civilization) but once things actually get tough… those men will be in high-demand.
          No matter what, gangs will form, and the strongest gangs will be those that stand their ground as groups… think mafia…
          It serves their interests because the women are trying to stir up shit to see who are the real men worth breeding with… But for many of them, the ship will sail before they get their chance.

        2. Amen.
          Just a little detail: by ‘national’ you must be referring to a nation that encompasses the entire West and then some, closer to planetary actually.

    2. I get the feeling there is an element of desire for that exact outcome, built right in to Feminism. More than simply aggrandizing all things female, more than vilifying masculine behaviour, or even shredding the family.
      Feminists used to commonly say feminism was ‘deconstructing society’ in order to realize a better future. They never said which sort of ‘order’ would emerge from the chaos (at least, not openly, but read feminist fiction and you will get an idea), and many dismiss the rhetoric as fantastical and empty.
      But then, what used to be Radical Feminist theory, laughed at as preposterous even by mainstream feminists, is now considered common knowledge today – for instance, the idea that ‘men oppressed women’, which was ridiculed right up until the late 1980’s.
      Fit what is going on socio-sexually in with the Geo Political scene (immigration is justified by falling birthrates, which is caused in part by family breakdown, which in turn is in many ways laid at the feet of feminist ‘reform’), the weakening of the political ‘west’ via sex war, race war, and class war – not to mention the manufactured ‘Left vs Right’ clash, and it begins to look a lot more deliberate.
      People are far too quick to label Politicians stupid, in my view. Therefore, assuming this is to some degree a desired outcome from The Powers That Be, one must then ask ‘why?’.
      Things are coming to a head, I think. I do not look forward to what I see on the horizon.

      1. I do look forward to what I see on the horizon: an age of spanking reaction against all this frivolous hysteria.
        Today’s youth should not yield to despair, I’m convinced very exciting things are coming. This current nonsense has its days numbered.

        1. Milennial women are approaching 30, their fun and arrogance are near the end of the arc. They have nothing but misery to look forward to.

        2. But it’s not just that generation of women who’s about to hit The Wall, it’s the entire feminasty dogma.

        3. I’m in my early 40’s and the women I grew up with are the first generation raised in the stink of feminism to collectively hit the wall. I can tell you, anecdotally, through my experience of dating women in my own age range, that they are fucking losing it, and collectively fucking insane, the whole lot of them that have remained unmarried and childless.

        4. The ones who got married and have children are also often insane. I think aging hits feminists (women) very hard because for the first time in their life they are running into some cognitive discomfort that can’t be blamed on men somehow. You can’t blame the patriarchy for aging. I’m not saying they don’t try to blame men for aging, they certainly do, but it won’t do anything for their cognitive discomfort. They don’t want to get older. Try to blame men somehow but guess what? You’re still getting older. It’s pure cognitive discomfort for the first time in their lives and it caves their brains in. Boys have to deal with cognitive discomfort shit from age two onwards.

    1. I have to respectfully dissent. Unfortunately things like facts and logic do not matter to hardcore feminists. Look at how UVA is *still* suspending greek activity on campus even though this story is a work of fiction.

        1. Neither is justice.
          The left continues to parade the idea that rape should be presumed fact, and “rapists” presumed guilty, even if there is overwhelming exculpatory evidence to the contrary.

    1. Be careful how you doxx. There is still a hint of doubt it may not be the same person – not to mention there’s some reports flying around that this Jackie wasn’t even consulted for the article – in which case the allegations from Rolled n’ Stoned are coming from Erdely more than anyone else. If that’s the case – and I’m not saying I’m certain either way – then Erdely deserves to never work in journalism again. She might not have produced as many falsehoods as, say, Stephen Glass, but the extent and the consequences are on par.
      Oh, and fun fact: Rolling Stone was the first rag to take Glass back after his plagiarism was discovered and he couldn’t find work anywhere else in “reputable” journalism.

      1. Better to go after Erdley, rather than the manipulating journo. The girl sounds 20 years old, unstable or at least impressionable. Targets should be chosen carefully

      2. Here is the thing. Glass was a he. Erdely is a she. Our society will most likely forgive her like a child.

      3. I read that Erdely and Glass were colleagues in some Philly paper; and when he was ousted for his fabrications, she wrote a scathing criticism of him. Wish I had links, but it certainly wouldn’t surprise me

      4. The bad reporting is on Rolling Stone but it all started because of a bogus story that doesn’t add up. Whether this is due to malice or insanity, I’m not sure but I wouldn’t be protecting her.

  9. The sad part is, if such a thing had really happened, the vast majority of men, including many of us here I assume, would be shouting for these guy’s heads.
    Why do feminist do this? They only make future rape allegations look fake and harm actual victims of rape.
    New hashtag: #feministsloverape
    Needs work. Could be interpreted as “Feminist Lover Ape”

      1. At this point, should anyone be surprised it “Jacky” turned out to be a fictional character?
        À bientôt,

  10. Journalists and other media figures and talking heads who push the SJW agenda will be held to account. Rolling Stone can’t hide behind this accuser’s skirts to shield itself from accountability for pushing a false rape agenda. Rolling Stone displayed a reckless disregard for truth.

    1. Their apology is actually a disclaimer to head off legal ramifications. similar to the little signs on gravel trucks claiming “Stay Back At Least 50 Yards, Not Responsible for Broken Windshields”.

  11. In a just world there would be libel suits already in progress. Rolling Stone was clearly negligent in their basic fact checking, if not outright dishonest. Unfortunately, the only parties not covered by anonymity would be the University and fraternity themselves, who’ve both clearly suffered reputation damage from the false claims.
    Given the pro-fem culture UVA is espousing, I can’t imagine them opening themselves to claims of victim blaming or tolerating rape by using the legal system to justifiably defend their reputation. The fraternity might be tempted to, but I feel certain the University would threaten to withdraw their charter if they did for the same reasons.
    Rolling Stone knows this, and it no doubt influences their editorial rigor before publishing poorly substantiated pieces that play in to a desired narrative. For shame.

    1. Fuck I really hope youre wrong. There’s gotta be older alumni financiers who realize the damage that story does to their frat name. I can’t believe they are taking these lies seriously.

  12. I could be missing something here (it was a long week last week…) but wasn’t there already an article on ROK that walked through this case, based on other reports and the actual trial?
    Rolling Stone completely ignored that this had been tried, it was found that the “victim” was not raped (predominately female jury too) and the the single named “rapist” ended up having to pay her some foul amount of money because he let her get drunk?
    The actual trial testimony showed that there was no group of men, it was her and the guy, she asked him to stop and he did.
    And that was all before the Rolling Stone article was published.

  13. One of the most glaring oversights by Rolling Stone is that they apparently did not even corroborate this story with the three friends of Jackie!!! As if it wasn’t bad enough that she hardly reached out to any of the fraternity men, you would expect that at the very least she would verify the story with Jackie’s own friends. Pathetic.

    1. The article has confirmation bias written all over it. She didn’t verify those things because she wanted the story to be true.

      1. This is what happens when we allow women into professional fields. I may sound like a sexist asshole, but journalism started its rapid decline into irrelevance when it started allowing women to work as editors or bureau chiefs (or even writers for that matter). There have always been corrupt yellow journalists, but only after feminists invaded the news outlets did once-reliable bastions of truth sell out to the culture wars

  14. As far as I’m concerned, Rolling Stone is just another yellow journalism. Do enquiring minds want to know?

  15. Sabrina Rubin Erdely, another Jewish Woman out to slander and destroy the lives of hardworking and honest White Goy Men. Much like Hanna Rossin, Lena Dunham, and many MANY others.

      1. Too controversial even for Return of Kings.
        It’s a sad state of affairs when only far-right, racist sites like Stormfront dare to speak the (partial) truth – albeit with a huge dose of irrational hatred and violent subtext.
        If and when white men at large in the Anglosphere finally do wake up and realize they have been subjected to brainwashing and tribal warfare for 60+ years by another ethnic tribe (who control media, law, government, banking…) – the results will be horrific and sad, sweeping up many innocents in the process.
        And, btw, I am non-white myself but it makes my blood boil to see these machinations against whites in their own countries. Brainwashing everyone in society, including white females, to view white males as privileged, rapists who need to be pushed aside from all aspects of society through sexual control, reverse discrimination and dilution via mass immigration.
        I fear a massive shift to the far racist right, as history only tends to repeat itself. I hope that doesn’t happen. It never ends well for anyone.
        Check out a bit from this video, where a tribe member openly and brazenly states that her tribe is responsible for mass immigration into Europe, with an emphasis on Sweden:

        When people do eventually wake up, “good immigrants” like me and my family would likely get swept up in anti-immigrant hysteria. Oh well.

        1. I fear a massive shift to the far racist right, as history only tends to repeat itself. I hope that doesn’t happen. It never ends well for anyone.
          Already happening in the parts of Europe who never fully drank deeply of the cup of the poisonous West. They -see- what happens if you do and their eyes are wide the fuck open.
          Hungary– Jobbik party more or less openly ‘names the Jew’ and they are winning elections in massive numbers. You can see similar ideologies through Eastern Europe. They wish to cut the serpent’s head off before it can poison their women as well.

        2. It will be interesting to see how such movements develop.
          If the Jobbik party actually took over Hungary, you could bet your bottom dollar that the country would be kicked out of Nato and then subsequently bombed into the stone age based on some flimsy excuse or another. That’s just the way the system works.
          The only thing the system is not prepared for is mass, peaceful, information based activism – in other words a true awakening of consciousness. A half-dozen European Gandhi-like figures, operating on the web and in live protests, could break the cycle within a generation and restore sanity.

        3. Sadly, you may be right; while I don’t feel an irrational hatred for jews, they not only have documented history of manipulating a free nation into a socialist hellhole (see USSR), but have WAY too much influence on american affairs via hollywood and the media (one and the same, these days).

    1. I agree that jews are most probably behind pretty much ALL problems befalling the “West”, as they are the known origin of a whole mountain of bad and incredibly destructive ideas, feminism among them.
      Still, I’d like to appeal to everybody on this point: RoK should not be made into a central for bashing them, as this could cost everybody involved with this website dearly.
      Instead, learn about them: find out as much as possible about them, read whatever you can, know everything about those who live in your neighborhood, city, county … understand their culture, language, customs etc. and educate your peers about what you find.
      You will find that this knowledge will give you far more power than hating them and far more satisfaction than bashing them, about what they do not care.

      1. I agree. I would also add that it is really only a small subset of Jews that are responsible for this mess. Most Jews are themselves victims of their own elites who brainwash everyone, Jews included.
        While I am no fan of David Icke (some of his ideas are just plain wacky) he does nail it in this video:

        1. Seconded… it is quite a thin line and a tight rope to walk between rational observations about an incredibly small minority of people who wield exponentially higher influence through education, media, finance, etc. and going full retard with the blind seething rage of Stormfront or VNN whose readership have never likely set foot outside of the States much less the South.

        2. May you please name names, while you’re at it? I rather see the ones who did the damage to own up instead of getting the entire group “guilty by association”.

        3. See the video posted above. Many current names specified, though Icke is focusing more on monetary and military control, not feminism, which is yet another subset of the overall agenda.

      2. “Instead, learn about them: find out as much as possible about them, read whatever you can, know everything about those who live in your neighborhood, city, county … understand their culture, language, customs etc. and educate your peers about what you find.”
        This; I have learned on my own how even England is having a field day of using the Jews, to the point even England suckered a couple of countries in the UN to vote in favor of Balfour 1917, post-WWII, made the Euro Jews act British (Assimilation Act, to the point even Euro Jewish women are acting like Gwenhwyfar, much to everybody’s horror), to name a few.
        What else? Blame game (read: “Blame the Jews” from 2nd Millennium has a 3rd millennium version called “Blame the men”), and even then, most Euro Jews tend to look at the English culture they assimilated with rather low opinion.

    2. If you truly want to get revenge on Ms Erdely and other members of her tribe, support the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement against Israel. The BDS is quietly growing popular on college campuses. It is not about being pro-Palestinian, but holding Israel to the same standards the Jewish left holds to the West. Two excellent web-sites are and If Americans Knew. Org. If I were in that maligned frat, I would hang a Palestinian flag and have that fatuity’s national organization call for the recognition of a Palestinian State or one-man one vote in a multicultural Israeli-Palestinian state.

  16. Seems to me, Phi Psi should sue the shit out of Jackie, Rolling Stone and UVA for slander. The only reason false rape accusations continue is because there are no consequences to the accusers.
    Shit, if I was allowed to try and steal a car and the only consequence was, “Ha, nice try!” I wouldn’t stop, either.

    1. So true. If I led the UVA I wouldn’t be quiet either.
      Then again, there is some poetic justice to the fact that it was the universities who started to vomit the feminist dogma upon our society and now they are beginning to discover that not even they are safe from their own nasty creature. Like I said, what goes around comes around.

      1. Agree with the sentiment, yet one of the reasons that Sabrina Erdely chose the University of Virginia is that it didn’t have a “thriving feminist culture”. There are a few articles online about how she looked into the Ivy League schools to try and find cases like this at Harvard, Yale, etc. Yet in the end she chose UVA for the reason cited above, and also because it was a “southern” and “genteel” culture.

  17. The kind of harm Ms Erdely has caused to individuals and organizations through her deceit and fraudulent story goes beyond financial restitution. She should spend time in jail.
    There has to be very real consequences for this type of thing.

  18. Back when i used to look for one night stands i would always try and make it a solo just her and I thing. Way less guilt for her and much less hassle for me. It’s always other people who put things in women’s minds later on, trying to guilt them trip or make them feel like you used them. If you answer a text pass 12am saying that i can come over you know you only have one thing in mind and it aint cuddlin

  19. The man falsely accused of raping Lena Dunham has set up a legal fund to sue her for libel
    Donate if you can (or want to)… can google many articles outlining how he has a strong case for libel based on the bullshit in her book. (copied from other poster)

  20. Did that Che-worshipping, Al Gore-worshipping Church of Global Warming rag ever have any real credibility?

  21. Rape-culture-culture: because it’s easier than admitting that white women are disproportionately raped by black men.

  22. The war against the last hold-outs of male spaces is still going strong. Title IX has allowed feminists to demolish just about every other male bastion and the last holdouts, the fraternities must now be brought to heel.
    Hopefully, the fraternities will repel the onslaught of the feminists and their mangina, Uncle Tim and SJW enablers.

  23. I didn’t realize Rolling Stone had credibility in the first place. Just look at their music reviews.

  24. I wonder how many women masturbated to the Rolling Stone story. They must be so disappointed that it wasn’t true.

  25. Interesting how the “rape” took place in Virginia, a hotbed of the old confederacy. The article makes it look like the college students there are all aristocratic ditzes out of touch with the human condition.
    The rest of the nation will not stop shitting on the South.

    1. Interesting take. UVA rapes story is a leftist /feminist /SJW wet dream. It has all the elements. White males, rich vs poor and as you astutely pointed out THE SOUTH

      1. Kinda like the Duke lacrosse case? The witch-hunters are desperately searching for some witches to burn.

    2. To be fair, as a grad-school Wahoo myself, there are a fair number of out-of-touch ditzes in the community. In my classes around me I had former NFL players, sons of well known politicians, and siblings of famous movie stars. I was lucky to get there on scholarship, because UVA does have a rep for being a bit high end not just in cost but in terms of social elitism.

      1. Since it was founded by Thomas Jefferson himself, that’s not surprising at all.

    3. Absolutely. Erdely is on record describing how she looked into Harvard, Yale, and other Ivy league stories to write her blockbuster piece, but ultimately settled on Virginia as it was “genteel”, southern, and elite.

  26. Silly white men with your silly white privilege, don’t you know that a rape accusation isn’t about rape? It’s about her feeeelz! And something as important as a woman’s feelz don’t need to be fact-checked!

  27. The top 5 schools for sex complaint filings are almost all small, well endowed, New England, liberal arts colleges. Swarthmoor, Amherst… Shit like that. The men there have Fallopian tubes. Which makes the stats rather funny.

    1. Insert “WHITE” into your list of adjectives. Can you imagine , for real, a rape crisis at these all female colleges?? It’s not possible. Do you think for a moment there are men , dressed in Ninja suits , sneaking into Mount Holyoke or Vassar and raping these ladies?? It’s nuts to the point where I now actually believe in the theory of “rape projection” . That these bored gals have rape fantasies. And as you , astutely pointed out there are no men in those areas ie “chicks with dicks”

      1. Implicitly white, probably with a black track team. A few black wrestlers spreading HIV…that sort of thing. Yes.

    1. Before anyone misreads this… I’m pointing out how silly it is that Amherst is some sort of rapeout college.

  28. In my eyes, Rolling Stone had no credibility to lose. All publications perpetrating the progressivist fraud are the same. One might think that the more established and influential a publication is, the more professional and careful they are. But among Marxists, it works the other way. The more entrenched they are, the more they know they can get away with. In part that’s because over the decades they’ve bought friends everywhere, and their function as gatekeepers to public awareness makes them valuable allies.
    Case in point: Consider the Duke lacrosse witchhunt. It’s difficult to imagine a more thoroughly-discredited and de-bunked scam. Prosecutor disbarred, “victim” in prison for murder, police disgraced. Despite all that, a book appeared last year insinuating the lacrosse players really were guilty of important forms of cultural, moral, social, and sexual offense. A book like that should be radioactive, but not to the Left. In an effort to salvage the rape culture and social justice narratives, The NYT threw its weight behind the book. Not coincidentally, the NYT had also previously hyped the Duke lacrosse investigation before the case collapsed.
    The facts don’t matter to the NYT, and or to Rolling Stone. That’s why I wasn’t disappointed by Rolling Stone’s non-apology… it was exactly the sort of strategic ploy I’ve come to expect from their political tribe.

    1. Don’t skirt around what happened here. The institutions You mentioned are full of hostile tribal members.

  29. Is Teresa Sullivan one of the most stupidest university presidents ever? Someone intentionally slandered the university YOU preside over nationally regarding such a heinous crime that did not happen, and you STILL claim that this is “one of the most difficult and critical issues facing higher education today.” which includes YOUR university. How do you expect people to want to enroll there?
    Here is an opportunity for you to change people’s perception that your university is really safe and provides an excellent environment for higher education. Proof is right there that no rape actually happened. Do you want people (especially women) to avoid enrolling there?
    I don’t get it?

    1. That’s why you don’t put women in charge. Government and Academia are eager to have women in ‘show’ positions of power where no real skills are required. I agree, the board of trustees should fire her immediately.

      1. The cognitive dissonance of watching the diversification of campus and pretending it’s a white problem must simply blow the minds of the trustees.

    2. Because as a woman, she doesn’t give a shit about such frivolous things as truth or economics (even though her job demands it). All that matters is toeing the feminist line. The board of trustees won’t fire her, because they would be subjecting themselves to a media shitstorm for ‘attacking’ a strong woman who was only trying to bring attention to campus rape…after all, millions of women are raped on campus every day in the U.S.

    3. I don’t get it?

      I shall interpret for you.
      Ahem. “Pander, pander, pander, pander…”
      She’s in full covering-my-ass mode.

  30. TheFederalist did a good story today, albeit brief, which shows a bit of the Sabrina Erdely’s history of sensationalized “journalism” (link below). Very interesting. She also had an another sensationalized article in defense of a transsexual (Cece McDonald) that murdered a white man (in self defense). Same trend found of dialogue presumed as fact and extreme activism.

  31. Is there a psychologist out there who could devise a multiple choice test that weeds out the worst psychotic female attention whores who’d attempt to shit stir by making false claims? It must be predictable. A blend of borderline persona/pyschopath/bipolar. A frat could have a girl screened first.

  32. There is of course a rape (abduction/brainwashing/heroin/intimidation) crisis brought about by migrant pimps/takeaway restaurant owners/mini cab drivers/kebab makers/Somali refugees …. But reporting on that would mean blowing the narrative about immigrant crime. Can’t be having that. So some evil white Sophomore or Senior must be punished.

  33. I encountered this sort of feminist revisionism in a couple of my undergrad classes at the University of Georgia.
    We read the work, I, Rigoberta Menchu in a comparative literature class. It’s the story of a poor Guatemalan woman who suffered unbelievable atrocities at the hands of greedy, evil men in power, etc., etc. She won several awards in the early 90’s for her harrowing tale of male abuse.
    Turns out it was all a load of crap. None of the events happened as she described them to a French journalist eager to publish her story.
    No matter, said my professor, that these specific events didn’t happen to this woman; these events did happen and do happen in the real world even if there is no documented evidence of them. Men are evil (especially those in power), and so women suffer all over the world, and we must listen to their voices even if the particular events aren’t what we might consider “true” in the classical sense. They are “true” insofar as the women believe the narrative.
    Yeah, ok. I tried taking that logic into my science classes, but the professors didn’t buy it. “Hey, there’s no evidence that the moon is made of cheese, but it fits a narrative that people have believed for centuries. It must be true.”
    A few of the females in my class objected to this feminist garbage and got slut-shamed by the prof for buying into the hetero-male myth.

    1. That’s because universities are infested with Marxists. The whole “evil rich man” vs “exploited poor” is pure Karl Marx. Most people don’t know this because they’ve never actually read Marx.

  34. Apparently, this Jackie character was failing 3 courses. When the Dean of her department was having a meeting w/ her and her mother, Jackie told them–I’m sorry, she ‘shared’–the rape story. This was the first time mom or the dean heard anything about it. Weird. UI guess ‘the dog ate my homework’ was getting kind of old…

    1. Jackie’s dad is 61 and he is defending his daughter’s claims.
      He grew up in a time when general integrity and social standards of ‘lady’s behavior’ had at least some measure of respectability.
      Little does he know his little snowflake wanted a train run on her and regret it afterwards (IMO).
      That’s almost the new standard of slut; we often think of a girl who has ‘hooked up’ with many boyfriends, but now its a question of how many times she’s had the train run on her.

      1. From some of the stuff I’ve read, it seems it wasn’t penetrative sex, but rather her giving a round of blowjobs to 5-7 guys. While it’s possible that she was forced to do so, I highly doubt it. What kind of idiot demands a blowjob by force? Seems more likely she was soaking up attention (and jizz)in the only way she knew how.
        Gotta feel bad for her father, though. Poor guy grew up in an America where this type of shit didn’t happen, because the rapists would get a visit from him and his brothers/sons, and their friends Smith and Wesson

        1. If your version is true, one of the dudes wouldve gotten an attorney and come forward by now. Thats what makes me think its all fabricated.

        2. Agreed. It’s totally fabricated. One of the men would have cracked. Cops know how to break these cases down.

  35. I say it’s all bullshit. I say it’s a set up. My bet is that this is all some kind of editorial hit meant to take the men of fraternities down. There was no rape. The Leftist Feminazi propaganda mouth pieces can’t find evidence that college men are a bunch of rapers so they concoct this steaming pile of crap to stir the pot. It’s all lies. Every single word. Total and absolute FICTION.

    1. Agreed. And judging by the fact that these fraternities on UVA are NOT being allowed to resume operations, I’d say it worked.
      Yes, because lying females lying with lies beats out innocent men accused of crimes they never did. Shut down their fraternities!

  36. I lol’d when I read this. I knew Rolling Stone was toast as far as investigative journalism. I’ve said as much to friends, but they look at me like I’m nuts. Now all I have to do is show them this. Damn biased journalists don’t realize they’re actually SJW’s who are kidding themselves until a lawyer taps them on the shoulder and says, “You’re making us liable, shut up.”

    1. WTF is Rolling Stone even doing investigative journalism? They’re a music and culture mag. They have zero business doing it at all and this proves that in spades.

      1. I think it’s debatable whether or not they’re even doing journalism, let alone the investigative kind.

  37. The feminist rationalization hamster is in full sprint. Be on the lookout for these.
    Fallacy: Ad Hoc Rescue
    Description: Very often we desperately want to be right and hold on to certain beliefs, despite any evidence presented to the contrary. As a result, we begin to make up excuses as to why our belief could still be true, and is still true, despite the fact that we have no real evidence for what we are making up.

    1. The way I once heard it described was this: suppose you’re told by someone that there’s a chest of buried treasure in your back yard. On the strength of that belief, you then proceed to bust your ass for three days digging up your back yard in a fruitless search for the treasure. When you confront the person who told you this lie, they then say “Yeah, I lied, but at least you got fit!”
      Does anyone really see this as intellectually honest?

  38. Unfortunately, it’s reached a point where if you’re not in a court testifying to what happened to you, I don’t care very much.
    Get in a courtroom, tell your story under oath, present whatever evidence you have and we’ll see if it’s credible. No more of this accusing people on Twitter or Facebook, and in magazines and such.

    1. Im starting to strongly think this girl completely made up this story.
      The idiots believing her say shit like ‘well howd she go from happy to sad, something mustve happened!’ They keep changing the story I dont think there is a male perpetrator of any kind. its in her head
      The girl might be schizo or depressed or whatever so she conjured up this tale

    2. Same. This social media crap is basically the same thing as the “circle confessions” that the Communists used to make people do, except now it’s 24/7/365.

  39. Interesting find in Claim #7. A girl is gang raped. Take her to the hospital right away and arrest the fuckers who did it. Instead: “Whaaah? You didnt like it? A bunch of frat guys too?”
    This seems very similar to the crazy Day Care Panics of the 80’s. The result is a lot of innocent people hurt by a mob who wants blood. Whatever gains the feminists got in the last 3 decades is now swimming down the poop chute in one fell swoop of a false article. And then there is a Lena Dunham…..

    1. Not really, unfortunately. You ALWAYS have the ‘True Believers’, plus the old feminists from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s who can’t do anything but deny reality and play semantic games: “They’re not REAL feminists and what they’re doing is not REAL feminism”.
      Just more damned “Useful Idiots”.

  40. I’d hate to beat this thing to death by comment, but:
    Reading through other website’s comments (some non TRP sites, which is infuriating beyond belief), it seems most men and some women see this story for the bullshit it is. What really grinds my gears is the latter’s (and some of the former’s) claims that the article was so ‘well-written’ that it sucked them into the experience, as if Erdedy is some latter-day Dostoevsky with prose so powerful that it moved them to tears.
    This idiot ‘journalist’s’ writing is amateurish at best; in fact, it’s more like sensationalist tripe, devoid of any quality other than **feels**. I can’t imagine anyone other than avid 50 Shades readers would pronounce this claptrap admirable…yet this Erdedy character has somehow managed to win awards (awards from questionable sources, but awards). Not surprisingly, every article of hers (its) that I’ve perused has been about rape, te wimminz, or gays.
    That’s modern wordsmithing for you; skill, talent and some measure of truth are so yesterday compared to sojusting

    1. They’re rationalizing. They weren’t fooled by her prose, they were fooled by their own confirmation bias.

  41. Man, I stopped reading Rolling Stones (and Spin, and Details) back in the late ’90s. They still publish that shit? And people still buy?

  42. It seems the attempt to create such a toxic atmosphere at western universities that men will simply choose to avoid going to university is being met with zero resistance on campus. Why is this so? A part of me wishes the Islamic colonisation of the west would just hurry up and happen. The western parasite will soon find out the full meaning of patriarchy and she will deserve her chattel status.

  43. I’m not a member of Twitter but a boycott rolling stone hashtag would be interesting to gage societies take on the whole thing.

  44. Claim #n: seven twenty-something young men raped a woman for three hours, about twenty-five minutes each.
    Rebuttal: Twenty-something young men are finished in two minutes. Three, tops.

  45. Ask yourself another question. Was Rolling Stone set up, to “punish” it for articles exposing Wall Street fraud such as those by Matt Taibbi?

  46. Rolling Stone was never credible! It serves up canned rebellion to young and impressionable tweens. Wenner was and will always be garbage.

  47. This is bigger than a reporter’s unethical behavior and laughable incompetence or how a particular rag is in its death spiral.
    Old media is dead. It is totally irrelevant. Nothing they print is of any value. The content is mediocre and the credibility is nonexistent.
    The liberal narrative being vomited forth from outlets on “both sides” of the issues only disagree superficially, there’s an amazing cohesion to the overall narrative. Stalin would be proud.

  48. A lot of incredulity in the comments. “How can they not care about the lives they ruin???”
    Did you just wake from a coma? These plugged in SWPL/SJW/feminists/Marxists are not even human.
    Some even have high IQs but a fast cpu and lots of memory doesn’t help if their no upgradable firmware is defective from the factory.
    These individuals are the scum of the earth. To be one of them is to be dead, to have no soul, no identity.
    Why is anyone surprised by their degeneracy?

  49. To think that this will slow down the feminist steamroller is naive. The Duke Lacrosse case didn’t. Why would this? In the future, if anyone brings this incident up as a reason to be skeptical of a rape claim, the Feminist Hate Machine will simply target and attack that person until our cowardly society gives in and punishes the person.

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