6 Simple Habits That Make Donald Trump Successful

Donald Trump has certainly been in the news lately. The man appears to lead a charmed life. He has managed to be successful in business and then in the media. He enjoys the company of supermodel quality girls decades younger than him and has promising children too. Now he seems to be performing well in politics under difficult conditions, and may be in the running for being the most powerful man in the world. Watching his political performances from far away, in Australia, it seems impossible that any man could face such opposition and still be a viable political candidate.

In politics it only takes a couple of slip-ups to remove a candidate from consideration, especially if he is an outsider. The usual response is to be extra careful about every word, even to the point of simply reading out pre-packaged speeches. Somehow Trump does the opposite and makes it work. He appears to do most of his speeches and other appearances off-the-cuff. Meanwhile almost every political and media figure is gleefully watching every move and every word just waiting for the slightest opening to plunge in the knife.

How does he succeed?

Sorry, but I can’t tell you how to do it. The man is obviously a master. What we can do is watch how Trump does things and identify some of the easier habits that support his more impressive, hard to match acts.

1. Set out to do big things without apology

Trump tower

Reach for the stars

It seems like an obvious point, but people who set out to do big things are more likely to successfully do big things. Perhaps the main reason people don’t try is the inevitable negative responses from others. Trump shoots for big goals, makes no apologies, and just pushes forward.

2. Lead a clean, healthy life


Is this the next president of the United States?

One interesting habit Donald Trump has is that he doesn’t like to shake hands and avoids it where possible. It might seem like an eccentric quirk, but it also helps to avoid the spread of germs which cause illness, damage, and downtime. He extends the cleanliness habit to his food, not pushing lift buttons, and no doubt many other areas. Trump acts for his health and reports indicate it is excellent for his age.

3. Build a brand


What’s in a name anyway?

Donald Trump understands the value of reputation and fame in making people want to deal with him and be associated with him and his name. Trump has reached the point where people will pay simply to put his name on products and buildings. That’s normal for celebrities—for a businessman it is amazing.

4. Steer clear of degeneracy

Donald Trump

Never used marijuana and definitely not a bit of blow

Intelligence, good judgement, excellent memory and motivation are vital to success. Taking drugs is one easy way to get distracted or damage these capacities. Trump has never taken any recreational drugs, including alcohol and tobacco. He doesn’t have a lot of other known vices.

5. Publicly punish people who try to interfere


I’ll skip your debate and so will your viewers

Trump is famous for publicly hitting back at people who do him a bad turn. It must be a satisfying thing to do but the real reason is to demonstrate that there is a cost to this kind of behaviour. That is why he is completely open and public about it. Over time people in the media and politics have become noticeably hesitant to take him on.

6. Understand the importance of family

trump 111

Some readers will be thinking that Trump succeeded partly because he got a leg up from his father who was also a successful businessman. That is true, but it misses the point. Family cooperation, continuity, and team spirit is vital to enduring success. Trump obviously understands this and looks to be returning the favour by passing that advantage to the next generation. Like Trump they are grasping the opportunity with both hands and running with it. That’s the way to do it.

As for the other things


A different kind of white house

Publicly facing up to a powerful establishment and succeeding politically is not an easy task. Creating buildings, businesses, and brands is not an easy task. Succeeding at the game of celebrity and starring in a successful television show is not an easy task. Picking from a wide selection of supermodel quality girls is not an easy task. To pack them all into one life is a hard act to follow. It seems impossible to believe that Trump could make it and become the most powerful man in the world too and yet…

We can’t all act on the same stage as Trump or on the same scale as Trump. Looking over those six points, though, it is hard to argue that following them to the hilt wouldn’t improve our chances at a successful life too.

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300 thoughts on “6 Simple Habits That Make Donald Trump Successful”

  1. It is just unfortunate that the liberals and leftists never see the positives in people that do not share their ideology. They’d rather set up lies and propaganda against them.

    1. I can appreciate somebody’s habits while still believing them to be a racist, crony capitalist opportunist.
      Edit: Not to mention his love of divorce. Real family guy there…

        1. It’s not like the women who fell for him don’t do it for the fame and money…

      1. “racist, crony capitalist opportunist” – we need a racist in the White House and good luck running any large business in New York without cronyism.

      2. No offense, but the US Christian Church (through their feminization, lack of enthusiasm for repeal of no-fault divorce, and support of frivorce) have little room to comment on anyone’s marital sins.

      3. I’ve never met a person – of any race – who was not at least a little bit racist. And, if you are not living life as an opportunist, there is something wrong with you. What is the opposite of an opportunist? Somebody who lets all the good things pass them by? Crony Capitalist? What does that mean? That he does business with people who he considers to be friends?
        And divorce…if you are a man with that much money, it’s inevitable that a lot of women will try to win the divorce sweepstakes from you.

        1. Opportunist meaning he espouses whatever political opinions are popular at the moment.
          Crony capitalist is a political/economic term meaning that he uses political connections and government laws and regulations to give him advantages not available to others. He doesn’t believe in the free market and does not play on a fair field.

        2. So, having connections and creating advantages for yourself is unfair? Lol. Are you a Bernie voter? Don’t hate the player, hate the game sweetheart.

  2. I don’t like shaking hands either. It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t know for a fact that a large percentage of the local population has disgusting hygiene habits (little to none). Also wash my hands more often than average.
    And yes, family is absolutely important. Anyone who has a good one will tell you that.

  3. I’m so excited for Donald Trump to Make America Great Again. I love seeing the establishment crumble under the bravado of an ultimate apex alpha male who knows how to accomplish what he wants. The rest of the political system is too tied up being careful not to tread on others’ feelings with “political correctness.” Donald Trump plays by his own rules instead, and is admired for it, much to the chagrin of leftist media outlets, Fox News, and Twitter hashtag makers. He only grows stronger with every article, meme, and TV show host deriding him. Trump 2016

  4. For as much as he is under the microscope, I’d like to see the same lens applied to Bernie Sanders and the constant liar Hillary Clinton. Then step away and tell me how evil he is again, please.

    1. Yeah it’s ridiculous that she is allowed to run for president. If he or any other man did what Hillary did they’d be in jail. It blows my mind that there are millions of Americans so dumb that they’d vote for a feminist dike.

      1. Sanders is the only one who really understands the dialectic; the fact that the “free market” system is inexorably dying of its own internal contradictions. Yet the faves are a bitch and a blowhard. Go figure.

        1. Sorry bro, but it would be a cold day in hell that I would vote for a gun grabbing communist Jew for president. Trump or bust.

        2. And how are things on alt.right? Seriously Sander’s record on the 2nd Amendment is pretty good. And as for the “communist” nonsense, you can run from the dialectic but you can’t hide

        3. And yet can’t see the internal contradictions of communism/socialism?
          Pull the other one, please.

        4. No kidding. How stupid would you have to be to vote for Sanders?
          He won’t accomplish any of the good stuff he promises, like free college or sticking it to Wall Street. But you can bet that he will usher in all the negatives of socialism.

        5. It’s not like communist is a slur against him. He proudly admits to being one!

        6. He’s repeatedly pointed out that he’s a democratic socialist, not a communist. Big difference.

        7. The free market system is the only one that has worked for an extended period of time. It has flaws, but crises like 2008 were caused by politicians. Namely Democrats who thought it wise for poor people to have 300,000 dollar mortgages when their salary is 25,000 a year.

        8. “He’s not a communist! He’s a democratic socialist! Socialism isn’t bad! It will be different this time!” —Bernie Supporters

        9. That nonsense about the Community Reinvestment Act has been shot down more times than a Syrian MiG.

        10. I guess have your nose buried in Ayn Rand’s ass is part of belonging to the manosphere

        11. At a bare minimum, members of the manosphere are expected not to support far leftists, life-long political hacks and/or anyone who has never had or created a productive job in their life.

        12. Typical black-white thinking. “If you are against Israel you must be a muslim or a leftist” , “Don’t like Sanders. must be a LOLbertrarian”.
          I am a reactionary. Sanders plan is insane, he promises things that will do no good like raising minimum wages. Things that will hurt the pockets of hard working americans like paying the college fee of some liberal brat. Things that he will not manage to accomplish, like defeat “Wall Street”.
          Typical socialists pipe dreams. We had enough of that stuff. We want Trump’s nationalism and populism and his unabashed masculinity.
          Sanders is a pussy, who can’t stand up to BlackLivesMatter clowns and befriends Al Sharpton.
          Anti-white commies, had enough of them.

        13. It’s insane to me there are idiots who actually believe a socialist who has 65K of credit card debt, didn’t have a real job until he got into politics and has spent the last 25 years collecting a government check, can fix the American economy.

        14. Well. at least “he understands the internal contradictions of capitalism”, whatever that means
          Apparently, the contradiction of capitalism is that a guy with 65K debt and no job before politics can claim to fix the economy.
          If that is the contradiction he understands it very well for sure.

        15. Vladimir Lenin and his Bolshevik pals called themselves democratic socialists. In fact they were the first “democratic socialist” as far as i am concern, a democratic socialist is just a closeted marxist.

        16. Ok, Sanders doesn’t ooze testosterone the way Trump does. Duly noted. But it’s a moot point now. Since it appears the idiot wing (blacks) of the Democratic Party are going to nominate the Goldwater Girl (who also seems to ooze a fair bit of testosterone) I’ll have to vote for Trump. At least he appears to be a populist and may “heighten the contradictions.” Hope springs eternal

        17. Putin is a leftist? Since when? Just because he worked for the USSR government doesn’t mean he is a leftist, it just means that was his path to get into power. Plus, the USSR has been disbanded for 25+ years. Name one leftist Putin policy that he supported as president.

        18. The ‘dialectic’ you speak of is a simplistic Marxist idea that has been proven wrong time and time again. The direction that capitalism moves in depends largely on human intervention, not ‘natural laws’ .

        19. I feel sorry for autistic kids like you. Do your parents send you to a special school? At least you have that little bus to pick you up in the morning.

        20. Speaking of parents, your father should have pulled out of your mother’s putrid vagina. He would have spared the world another effeminate loser.

        21. You must have been heartbroken to learn Trump has small hands. Now you’ll have to fantasize about his small member when you masturbate .

        22. Nowhere near as heartbroken, as you must have been when you realized Bernie had zero understanding of how incentives affect economic decisions, made by firms and individuals. Oh wait, you haven’t figured that one out yet. My bad.

        23. Wise decision. If socialists understood anything about the economy or business they wouldn’t be socialists. You were well out of your depth anyways.

        24. Remember, you can run from the dialectic but you can’t hide. The inevitable is … inevitable. Now you can return to your echo chamber of AM talk radio, Drudge, and RoK, where seldom is heard a discouraging word.

        25. Never followed Drudge or listened to AM talk radio in my life but nice try. Maybe you should stop projecting your phobia of opposing viewpoints onto others and begin examining yourself. You are not on my level.

      2. I can’t fucking stand Hillary. I am currently in college, so many of my female peers are voting either for Bernie for free college tuition, or even worse, the feminists are completely invested in Hillary because “its time for a woman to be president!” They give no shits for what she has done or even much of her actual platforms, just the fact that she has a vagina.

        1. Bernie isn’t offering free college tuition.
          He is saying that because I busted my ass and fought my way to being successful I not have to pay for people to get sociology degrees. Once they graduate the university I paid for they will get low paying jobs as baristas selling over priced coffee. They will be living in apartments where the rent is subsidized because of their low income…so I will also be paying part of their rent.
          The irony is, despite having paid for their useless degree and helping them pay their rent, when I walk into the coffee store that only exists because idiots like me can afford to spend the money on expensive coffee, he will treat me like I am some kind of corporate shill and part of the problem.

        2. Young people really like Bernie because he is very idealistic, but all of those promises are going to be too good to be true.

        3. even if they are true, someone has to pay for it….that someone is me.
          If I was young, stupid, getting a useless degree and had absolutely no way to ever earn enough money to pay off my loans I would be more than happy to vote for Bernie because he will take money from all those jerks who worked really hard to be successful and make it easier for me to study why transdoodles shouldn’t have to obey the law of gravity if they don’t want to.

        4. Same thing is happening in Ontario.
          I worked all through University and carry no debt. I lived a minimal lifestyle to accomplish this and it frustrates me that the liberals are proposing that I should pay for some other random kids and whatever random subject they want to study. Are they going to pay me back for those years of hard work and sacrifice? Nope… Don’t forget I have no debt because of “privilege”. Not because I worked 60+ hour weeks.
          Fuck this gay Earth.

        5. No way would I pay for college. I mean, I did pay for graduate school, but out of my own pocket. Parents paid for undergrad, and I worked for my living expenses. I paid for grad school with my savings. There are plenty of on campus jobs the school gives you if you can’t find your own. But no way in hell I’d go into debt for education. The worst is when you hear about people who wasted thousands to become a licensed, degreed, interior decorator. How many homes do you have to redecorate before you get back $50,000 and 4 lost years of your life?

        6. The really shitty part is that I understand that I pay taxes for a reason. I know it is in my best interest to contribute an equitable portion to the city so they can make and maintain roads, have police and firemen, have parks in the city so there is somewhere to go that isn’t all concrete and yes, give a few bucks to feed the animals who would otherwise pretty much be indistinguishable from Syrian refuges.
          Those fucks don’t rob me by gun point because the city gives them enough. Some safety net is a good idea (problem is it gets abused by assholes).
          Here is a problem though. I pay a lot more than the national average. OK, fine. But while I am paying a lot more than the national average so people in my city can have schools (I have no kids), museums, parks, police, ems, firemen, sanitation, etc. etc., while I am paying this I am being pointed out as part of the problem.
          At one and the same time they are telling me I am evil for being successful and that they want more than I am already giving.
          How about a nice hearty thank you and then they can go on their way and get back to enjoying the fucking fruits of my labor.

        7. Bingo! Welfaretario is in a very pathetic state these days. This is just one example where we reward laziness and punish hard work in the province these days.

        8. He’s not idealistic, he’s delusional. His system of choice has been tried many times throughout history and has never once been successful. Not only that, but it usually ends in the deaths of millions of underclass workers.
          He’s fucking 70 years old and should know better. Dumbass college students I can at least give a pass since they’re too inexperienced to know how the world works. Allowing 18 year olds to vote is asinine.

        9. The voting age laws are a carry-over from the days when men started working at the age of 13 and got married by 18.
          With the man-babies we have today, I’m not sure what age would be more appropriate.

        10. I’d say 35, maybe 30 if you own property or a business. Few people in their 20s have the life experience necessary to make informed decisions, and no one in their teens does.
          Of course it’s a pipe dream because the left would never allow a huge swath of their voting demographic to be silenced. Though they could probably make up for it with all the illegals on the teat.

        11. Good point about the minimalism and the minimalists being docked, taxed and penalized in order to achieve equality with the squanderers.
          ‘Minimalism’ works like this:
          1). Simply don’t spend money on anything.
          2).Don’t buy food. Go to your friends house and eat.
          3).Read yesterday’s newspaper, it’s free. It’s the same old shit anyway in the daily fishwrap. Never buy a new newspaper or book.
          3).Don’t buy clothes, find them. Hell, clothes are hanging on trees ready to pick if you know what I mean.
          4). Read ROK. Never pay for pussy again.

        12. You might want to suggest to these people they should do a simple web search about Bubba and Hil’s transgressions…

        13. I can smell liberal ass-hurt from a mile.
          Because someone cannot live without spending at all, therefore spending LESS (minimalism) is not valid. Liberal logic 101
          Tell me, how does it feel to be enlightened by your own fedora ?

        14. Dude, just create a biz that caters to women when you get out- Im thinking a cupcake factory that uses wheat whisperers to ensure there is no cortisol in the cupcakes. Sounds healthy, no??

        15. Photo id laws are good as well if oyu’re and adult and don’t have a photo ID there’s no way you should be able to vote.

        16. I ain’t arguing against taxes, which are a part of the social contract that I can accept.
          What I resent is that those taxes are often used to buy votes rather than ensure a prosperous society.

        17. The age of consent was 12.5 in the west as well. Before 1st wave feminism (pre 1875) most western females married and were producing before age 14. The ‘old enough to bleed/breed’ mantra is criminalized across the board now in the west. It is criminal to pursue family over a full 12 year public education. In the pre 1875 era, most girls began breeding after marriage at 13.5 yrs of age and were DONE with their baker’s dozen by age 25. They were DONE by 25 and not just getting started at 32 risking down’s syndrome.
          In 1275 Sir Edward Coke passed the first ‘age of consent’ law which set the precident in the west of the ”bleed/breed” principle to be held in cannon law. For 600 yrs until 1875, western women rarely wasted an egg, in some cases even having their first ovulation on their completely legal ‘honeymoon splash’. I can sense feminists eyeglasses fogging up and their blood pressure percolating as they read this, but fuck them. Their sustainence is derived from the bosom of man’s industry. So who’s got dibbs on the bosom now? (eye-bawl !).
          Throughout the centuries preceding 1st wave feminism, women of the white western tribes/nations typically married between 12-14 years of age and churned out offspring like they were stamping out gingerbread cookies and whites exceeded every other race in growth rates until THE FIRST WAVE FEMBITCHES in 1875 who wagered that women must gradually overtake men by increasing their mandatory education while concurrently raising the consent age.

        18. LoL I can see it now. At the end of the next Superman flick, Superman finally gets tired of all of the whiny people of Metropolis and says “Fuck this gay Earth”. He then punches the Earth’s core and destroys the planet.
          Hopefully, Donner can direct.

        19. it’s worse than you think. They aren’t just proposing it, it will take into effect in 2017. It gets even better…Starting September this year in 2016 people with OSAP debt will not be obligated to pay anything back if they did not make 25000CAD in their tax returns. Interest will be paid off by the government using tax money. I thought degree inflation was bad like 10 years ago but this is going to make those days look like the good old days lol. Clarke, I suggest you bail on Ontario after completing your degree. If you earn money in the States or overseas your Canadian tax return will say you earned less than 25k and therefore you will never need to pay it off until you see fit.

        20. Trump has become so popular in the U.S. because he’s giving voice back to those who work and pay taxes. White Working Men in this country are absolutely sick of being shat upon and called RACIST while they’re the ones contributing the most tax revenue to support these liberal wet dreams.

        21. What you have to understand is these degenerates only see through the prism of sexual orientation, RACE and gender. Every election to them has to be an extension of their Womyn’s Studies Class where ficticious social issues HAVE to be front and center. Hillary has certainly made this BS a central tennant of HER campaign simply to get the votes of these brainwashed failures.
          On the other side you’ve got TRUMP talking real world. His press conference tonight was impressive: talking about companies — by name — leaving U.S. because of taxes and regulations. Working people in this country are concerned with the shrinking middle class, stagnation in wages and threat of foreign labor taking their jobs. We’re absolutely SICK of manufactured racism and feminist Fat Acceptance BS being centers of campaign debate when there is LEGIT pressing REAL WORLD issues.

        22. I’m actually happy libtards will finally get a taste of their own medicine. If you think free tuition grants are unfair just wait for the pilot guaranteed income projects coming to Ontario. The feminist dystopia coming will bring Toronto to defcock 5

        23. As much as I hate to say it, I wish we had gotten Hitlery instead Obummer back in 2008.

        24. Many people have stated that if you want to see the left fall, stop fighting them and instead give them everything they say they want; and give it to them good and hard. When everything crashes and burns it will be clear that it was their policies (undiluted and un-amended) which caused the crash. This is terribly expensive and disastrous for individuals now living, but may be the only way to save a shred of our society for the future.

        25. The voting age was lowered to 18 from 21 during Vietnam, not when people were working at 13. The 21 age limit was set when a 21 year old was an established journeyman in his trade, married, with 3 to 4 kids, and about half way through life. I say raise the voting age to about 45.

        26. I love Winston Churchill’s quote where he says” Anyone under 30 who is not a liberal doesn’t have a heart, and anyone over thirty who is a liberal doesn’t have a brain”.
          Sums it up pretty pretty preety good! Lol

        27. Youy can say that again. I still can’t understand how anyone could vote for Orville Reddenbacher!

        1. If not being a criminal was a requirement for public office, most public offices would be vacant.

      3. Well hell Obama has summarily executed Americans without trial and Bush started an illegal war. You can’t find enough paper to write down all of these people’s crimes.
        Btw, are you aware that Hillary enabled Bill’s constant raping and actual sexual assault? Bill Cosby has nothing on Bill Clinton.

    2. John Oliver and society can rip on Trump and his dirty laundry all day long but why not Sanders or Hitlery?
      Since the media shit-storm surrounding Roosh (and all of us wanting freedom of association) I’ve pretty much lost all faith in the media. I’m open to criticism of Trump, but certainly not from these clowns.

      1. John Oliver makes me want to puke. If I see one more kid on my campus showing off a “hilarious” video of him ripping into Trump I will go insane.

    3. The Mainstream Media and Liberal Media control the direction the microscope points.

  5. If Sanders doesn’t get the nomination, then I guess I’m voting for Trump. ABC (Anybody But Clinton)

  6. Donald Trump also made his kids do the “shit jobs” in his business before handing the keys over to them. A very wise move, considering that in most situations where the first generation builds the business, and the second generation (himself) builds it up vastly, that the third generation, usually being spoiled and not knowing life without wealth, almost always squanders it.

    1. Yup, that’s the way it should be. My father was a very successful business owner who started from nothing & worked his balls off for everything he had. He made it clear to us growing up that there’s no free lunch. We had to shovel snow, do yard work, wash the cars, clean out the garage, vacuum the pool, dig post holes, painting, etc…. He made it crystal clear that just because he ended up a multi millionaire did not mean us kids were entitled to anything. Flunk out of school – kicked out of the house, get a tattoo or earring – kicked out of the house, disrespect your elders – get your ass kicked. Start a fight at school, bully other kids we would have gotten our asses kicked even harder. Know what is right & wrong, be respectful to others, & always do your best. It was like growing up with a drill sergeant, but as adults, we cherish the upbringing we had. So many young men (& women) today are lost, because they had no guidance or discipline growing up, no decent man in their life to look up to. Which is why the most fucked up kids come from the absence of a good man in their household. Every time there’s a news story of some young man committing a crime, doing bad things, first thing that comes to mind is where is the father, & what role did he play in this kids life (if any). Chances are, the father is not around or a fuck up himself…

      1. My favourite reader’s post today! You indirectly explain why — if one has kids — a real man must be the central column of his united house.

      2. At the age of 22 now, I am starting to realize how my father has helped in raising me. Before this I hated him because I saw him as strict and such .

    2. His kids are very impressive. Whenever Ivanka or Trump Jr speak, you can tell they’re hard working, educated/ well spoken and highly professional. Trump’s children were instilled good values and it shows. Kinda sad this isn’t a highlight of the campaign. Instead it’s celebrating Single Mom’s who made poor choices as “Heroic.”
      We have a family friend who is on air for News Talk Station in Portland, Maine. He was in Manchester for NH Primaries. He personally isn’t a Trump Fan but he interviewed Trump Jr in NH and flat out said: he was one of the most impressive young men he’s ever met.

    3. That bit about not pushing lift buttons sounds like obsessive-compulsive disorder to me. I understand having a good standard of hygiene (like washing your hands before eating) but that’s taking it a bit far.

      1. No, it isn’t, unless you like to finger-mingle with the sperm and urine of thousands of men. (Have you ever seen a cleaner wipe off the buttons of an elevator or the door handle of a public restroom?)
        You’re right, though: Your body can take the bacteria. But it’s the idea of what I just said that doesn’t sit well with some of us. OCD or not.

        1. I have definitely seen a cleaner wipe off the elevator buttons. But dude, you should stop breathing. Do you know how much crap you’re inhaling?!

        2. Push the button with a finger knucle then lol. Not with the pads of ur finger.

    4. My Father was an angry and trapped, dominated blue piller under a narcissistic wife. I learned a lot from that situation, but my work ethic comes from my Great Uncles.
      They worked hard. They showed me how to work hard and take a beating until you succeed.
      They were of that generation that survived the Depression and WWII.
      Trump strikes me as that type of spirit even though he had more advantage starting out.
      A school friend of mine had a grandfather who had that same work ethic. He built himself up and eventually managed to purchase an 15 acre in town estate. His son was entitled and somewhat lazy. My friend, the grandson, was completely worthless and lost everything. He had no motivation, no self respect, married a 400 pound domineering monster and lost everything. Including his life. He died of cancer and his wife left him while he was sick. Even sued him for support.
      I worked hard. I saved. I fought.
      I now have that 15 acre estate.
      I may be land poor, and in my 50’s, but I respect myself.
      My admiration for Trump is great. We need him as an example.
      Enough of my babbling.

    5. This is the right thing to do . People who have struggled up the proverbial rags to riches path are highly motivated, even obsessive. But at the same time their children completely lack that drive ….. They are usually better at spending the accumulating money. Whereas grandchildren are probabily the biggest spendthrifts. The best way to go forward if you have already made a fortune is to create Trusts. That way the next generations cannot just spend it the way they want to ,
      These sites can also probabily give you some tips :

  7. Agree with most of this article, but I’m in sales and if I didn’t shake a prospect’s or client’s hand I would not do well. I suspect he didn’t start that practice until he was big enough for most people to put up with it.

    1. When the ADL and SPLC comes after you, you know you are doing something right.

    2. Trump has balls. He’s taken on everyone at this point, the media, the Republicant establishment, and the democunts; and he’s still standing and ready for more.
      Will he be better than the other idiots vying for the spot? I don’t know. Will he be any worse? Not possible.
      I vote balls, at least it will be entertaining.

  8. Family is vital. My next venture in life is entirely family based, and at this stage looks the most secure and sure way to build wealth over time. If the plan fails then at the most basic level I will be on the property ladder, which for a mid 20’s man in the west in this day and age is a success.

  9. Another big thing is the language he uses. This is really more important than anything on the list above. He talks in clear, everyday, Queen’s English. It makes every one of his opponents sound like lying assholes, because normal people don’t talk the way politicians do. He is clear, confident, talks slowly and uses clearly defined language, without weasel words.

    1. Ted Cruz is the worst. Everything he says sounds completely inauthentic or contrived. Always get the urge to punch him in the face.

  10. all of this is great with the exception, I believe, of SOME (not all) of #2. My record here is pretty straight forward with my strong belief that a person needs to take care of their health…however, when we start not shaking hands, washing constantly, avoiding pushing buttons in an elevator, etc. we have gone to a level of neurosis that I think is more consistent with mental illness than it is with health and hygine.

    1. Just to clairify…I am not suggesting donald trump has mental illness issues, just that that level of OCD isn’t healthy….we all have aspects that aren’t healthy to us, but suggesting someone ought to strive for a compulsive disorder is probably not great.

    2. Back when europeans never bathed (because we considered it unhealthy) the japs were doing it daily. The vikings were actually considered to be neat freaks for bathing once a week. The japs greet eachother by bowing which may owe to the different historical hygiene habits. Both kinds of greeting serve the same basic purpose, so it comes down to preference. Myself, I prefer greeting people with a nod.

      1. The greeting is one thing and if you prefer one that is ok. However, you really ought to keep, I believe, to the standard practices of the place you are in. That is the least of the issues. The stuff about not touching door knobs, pushing elevator buttons or obsessively washing hands seems to worry me.
        As you say, it might just be a stage of evolution I haven’t caught up with, but obsessing over germs always strikes me as odd. When I see people who constantly use disinfectant like Purell I wonder how shot their immune systems must be.

        1. I don’t use disinfectants, that’s over the top to me. But being aware of the existence of bacteria does keep you healthier, without unduly affecting your immune system.

        2. Aside from all that, it’s pointless to not touch doorknobs or buttons. Germs are airborne, so they don’t give a shit if you use the Force to levitate yourself down a hallway or run your tongue along the wall.

        3. What are you implying? Bacteria read your mind and because you are aware of their existence, they choose not to infect you? You can use the power of your mind to strengthen your immune system against bacteria? That’s about as crazy as a wireless electromagnetic heart stopper, mate! Where’s your tinfoil hat? Maybe in Trump’s colon when you had your head jammed up his ass?

  11. Let’s be honest and get real here, gents. Trump is a douche bag just like all the current elite are, regardless of nationality, religion, age, color, gender or hair style. He’s invariably done things that would make a Billy Goat puke in disgust. He’s firmly entrenched into agendas that are all aligned to promote our demise and misery. He wouldn’t have become a Billionaire otherwise. That’s just not how America and other nations work anymore.
    However, he’s been given a script by the Controllers to read that’s meant to resonate with all the angry “patriots” and “conspiracy theorists” who are starting to boil over with rage and worry said Controllers. As such, the thespian character we all call Donald Trump is meant to placate our growing hostility, discharge our energy towards revolt, misdirect us from the true enemy and give us false hope.
    Trump is meant to temporarily appease the growing force of men who have the ability to see through the ridiculous “Matrix”, expose it to a wider audience and then ultimately burn it down. The Trump character is also acting to “out” the patriots and conspiracy theorists on various blogs and social media because he is meant to be so polarizing and draw comments from you. And don’t think the Controllers aren’t paying attention to who’s pro-Trump. It’s a very small jump these days from being labelled pro-Trump to being classified as a domestic terrorist, according to the letter of the law.
    Watching the drama unfold on the stage can be interesting and educational, but never take it at face value. Sure, I laugh and agree with most of what comes out of Trump’s mouth these days, but I’m wise enough to know it’s all a script. Fear-porn, hope-porn and patriot-porn for the gullible masses. Jesse Ventura served (and still serves) a similar role. Alas, Trump will be no better than Barry the Crack Head in the end, who was no better than George the Clown.

    1. Please, write an article about Trump deception and submit it for a publication here. Somehow I doubt it will get published though.

      1. I’ve written articles on many topics, but ROK editors seem more interested in petty criticism and generating $$ than publishing thought-provoking pieces. They want me to pay (sponsor) my posts, but I have no interest in that.
        Red pill is certainly much more than understanding modern women and the gender war. It’s about understanding who’s been directing the ship into these shallow and dangerous waters over the last 250 years (or more). I laugh when ROK posters claim the Patriarchy is dead, SJWs are in control and feminism was a movement started by women!! The Patriarchy is very much alive, but it’s exclusive membership now excludes all well-intentioned masculine men who value justice, liberty, peace, freedom of speech, etc, etc. Essentially a much smaller “evil” Patriarchy overthrew the broader and much larger “good” Patriarchy — their major coup d’etat in this country occurred in the 1960s following the JFK assassination.
        The Patriarchy currently running the show on most of the planet are still old, fair-skinned men — rest assured. But they are now of a particular tribe who has boundless profound hatred for the rest of humanity. They’ve thought up, planned, funded and directed every movement that ends in “-ism” in the last 100-plus years. Their worst flaws aren’t being a little bossy, chauvinistic or condescending like powerful men of long-past generations were sometimes accused of by women. Instead, these beasts are pure psychopaths who seem to love and glorify everything dehumanizing and soul destroying. Although lighter skinned themselves and with roots to regions we now call Eastern Europe / Western Russia, these powerful men are fanatically anti-white, anti-WASP and anti-Christ. Doesn’t mean to say they are pro-black, pro-gay, pro-Islam, pro-woman — they’re certainly not — it’s just that they know the only group that can properly identify them, plan and then execute their downfall are strong, heterosexual men of European decent who have at least a vague sense of traditional Christian morals, ethics and values, including “an eye for an eye.”
        Trump is simply a marionette used by these dark-hearted Patriarchs.

        1. Agree with everything up until the last sentence.
          I hope that Trump is the real deal. If it turns out he is just another in a long line of tools for the Israel-Firsters, then I will be sorely disappointed. But, at least then, we will understand that we have no real hope within politics, and it’s time for the fighting to begin.

        2. Really, they made you sponsor your articles? Somehow, I am not surprised.
          We seem to be on the same wavelength. There’s an article I’ve read recently that you might find interesting – some incredible information that it is rarely discussed. Send me an email to [email protected] and I’ll send you a link.

        3. Oh, you will be disappointed profoundly, sorry to say. The Controlling Elite were actually expecting a major push back after they killed JFK, but none really came (much to their relief), despite the most popular politician in the world being shot in the head by establishment traitors.
          Compared to the mid-1960s, do you really think people of today are smarter, more motivated, more organized, more willing to fight the beast??? Apathy, stupidity, lethargy and cowardice have never been more rampant. We have to look for an external savior now. Who will it be? Putin and the Russians? The so-called White Hats of China? Little green creatures from planet Zorf? It sure as fuck won’t be Americans, gent.

        4. In the 1960s, all newsmedia was filtered through a tightly controlled zionist lens, through a small handful of vast conglomerates.
          Today, there are dozens of independent news networks online that boast millions of visitors. The information is available in a way it never was.
          But most importantly, the naivete of the American Sheeple has been largely stripped away over the past 30 years. Sure, people are still idiots, but they are cynical, angry, untrusting idiots.

        5. That’s a good summary.
          Cynicism of mainstream politicians brought even moderates to Trump’s side.

        6. IMO, you have it backwards for the most part. Mainstream media outlets (TV news, newspapers, magazines / books) are in the hands of the few currently, whereas ownership and control was much more widespread and diverse in the 1960s. This is clearly verifiable, gent. As well, many organizations made and distributed leaflets, pamphlets and newsletters that provided “alternative views” in the ’60s. Lots more freedom of speech back then.
          On the other hand, we now have the internet, which has exploded the alternative stuff, but the mainstream media has become heavily consolidated. Lots less freedom of speech and lots of infiltration into the alternative realm also.
          In terms of the American people, they were more trusting in the 1960s (not naive per se) because the leaders of industry and politics were more trustworthy. Currently, I don’t think Americans have ever been more stupid and confused as they are now. Yes, we are angry and cynical, but most are distracted and filled with destructive propaganda. Most are apathetic and completely unaware.

        7. I (think) sent you the email but let me know if you’ve got it as the program is playing up.

    2. Doesn’t matter. Just the fact he is making the global media shit its pants is more than enough reason to support him. I don’t care what happens after that or what he does because it can’t be worse than what we know any of the others will do.

        1. Well sure. He may be the best douche bag currently paraded in front of us because he is scripted to say things that push your “patriotic” and “common sense” buttons, but that’s a FAR CRY away from being the best hope we’ve got. He’s false hope.

        2. He can’t. There isn’t and will never be.
          The secret organizations with Trillions of dollars who are not published in Forbes are behind every single manipulation, ever. They have heart chips implanted into potential leaders, a technology invented in the 70’s. If Trump goes against him they will remotely activate this bomb hidden in his son’s heart and so Trump will never cross the secret elite’s line. They will always control everything ever. They have controlled it for millenia. In fact right now a heart bomb could be hidden inside you, an you would know nothing.
          If you think I am joking, he claimed something in this vein in one of his comments below.
          It’s useless, He will claim secret elites, which he cannot point to, but they are there, control everything ever, so everything is useless, ever. Everyone is a marionette.
          These type of people can’t be converted.

        3. That’s my point, gent. NONE OF THEM ARE GOOD! Trump and all others. None will prove to be beneficial for the American people. I’d vote for you if you ran for President, literally.

        4. God help me. This ranting overwrought fool thinks he’s trying to convert me!

      1. The global media is also being scripted to respond to Trump’s script. There is no true outrage. The media is not autonomous. It’s just a silly, albeit very well funded, circus for the masses. Don’t get sucked into it, gent.

        1. I’m outraged you think the feigned outrage on Huff Post is real outrage by actual people! My rage must be true now, eh? Should I add a few more exclamation marks to further prove my outrage? (!!!)

      2. They are “shitting their pants” because they’re told to go on TV and shit their pants — then they collect their fat paychecks, get some blow from their dealers and then have some underage sex slaves sent to their penthouse apartments. Rinse and repeat. That pretty much sums up the talking heads on TV who we call the media.

      3. That’s the thing. I don’t think he’s going to change much because what can one man do, even if he is genuine. But he is putting the fear of God into the media, SJWs, and cuckservatives, etc.
        And it’s fucking entertaining as all hell to see them squirm for once.

      4. Yes. Yes it can be worse. Someone could kick in your door in the middle of the night, black bag you and you’re never seen or heard from again. Think it can’t happen? Ask a Syrian in 2006 if they could imagine what would happen to their home in just 10 years.

        1. ” Someone could kick in your door in the middle of the night, black bag you and you’re never seen or heard from again.”
          That’s exactly what will happen under Trump … if you are an illegal border hopper.
          For everyone else, things will be pretty chill.

    3. I would be tempted to agree with you, but I have never in my entire life seen the establishment on both sides of the partisan divide so filled with terror and desperation. The supporters of the status quo have joined forces and rallied against Trump with everything they have got. Their fear of him is far too real and passionate to be manufactured. I strongly believe that he is the one single candidate that the elites fear, and this is why they are absolutely scrambling in desperation to figure out a way to stop him.
      Trump was never supposed to become “a thing”. This was supposed to be Hillary vs. Jebbie, with Jeb taking the win. Their plan was upset somewhere along the way.

      1. I see your point, but getting rid of Trump is actually child’s play from the point of view of the Controlling Elite. They have many ways of physically, psychologically and emotionally disposing of him. I mean shit, merely a believable threat on his youngest son’s life (made to look like an accident, of course) would make The Donald do absolutely anything.
        On the other hand, triggering a heart attack or stroke with a wireless device was perfected back in the 1970s by the intelligence community. Killing men is easy to do if threats, blackmail, bribery, extortion don’t work.
        As such, Trump is just a polarizing character, no different than what you see in poorly written and acted soap operas. He’s a marionette, regardless of his perceived wealth and power. The puppet masters above him have 100x the money and power, although they’re never talked about in Forbe’s magazine of course!

        1. This is the best the anti-Trump crowd can come up with.
          Need I say more ?

        2. Agreed. As much as I admire that man, my gut feeling is telling me that he’s another puppet presented by the elite.
          Sure, you can do many things independently when you have $4.5b , but we are talking about being the President of the United States, the leader of the world. No one can reach that place on his own.

        3. Do link to a description of your mysterious murder device.
          Look dude, you are a hack. Nobody buys what you are selling here.

        4. He’s presenting something to think about.
          Contradicting views on topics are essential for a healthy community.
          Otherwise we would be nothing but mindless sheep, ha.

        5. He’s here to troll. But since you seem to be on his team, perhaps you could link to his mysterious murder device in his place.

        6. “Contradicting views on topics are essential for a healthy community.”
          I agree, but I am just asking for some references or evidence, His arguments are based on some secret societies and devices I have never heard of. I would consider his position if he included some proof or reference.

        7. I’ve never heard of a device being able to trigger a heart attack, let alone being able to proof it.
          But the point of his view is that eliminating one guy is easy for the guys at the top.
          Then again that’s his view. But I’d definitely consider it might be true.

        8. I might consider it. But he is claiming ASSUREDLY that it is that way. If someone is that sure that Trump is a moarionette he could probably bring slightly less cryptic arguments.
          I myself am open to criticism of Trump. But so far I only see poorly substantiated claims.
          There are so many crazy theories to consider out there, that it is not practical to consider EACH and every one. It would take an infinity to do so. I would rather look into better argumented criticisms.

        9. Well, no, it can’t be said assuredly. That is because no one has a clue as to how powerful / rich the elite really is.
          That in itself is frightening, to be very honest.
          Therefore it’s also hard to indicate where exactly Trump stands in relation to the layer of the elite.
          So, yeah, I have to admit it doesn’t get much further than just speculation.

        10. The user “Allister Collins” mentioned that he had already submitted few article here but they told him to self-sponsor them if he wants them published. I guess they didn’t comply with the RooshV party line which for now is a full endorsement of Donald Trump.
          To understand the things he’s talking about takes a lot more than just a comment.

        11. Just use your sense. Trump is super rich. You don’t get there without strong connections and favors by men from the establishment.
          If he gets elected Trump will have to repay these favors. On top, he’s hungry for money, fame and power – a prime candidate for corruption.

        12. Ok, present a link to dropbox with a text document, or a file sharing site.
          Videos, photos, articles. He could link to his articles somehow.
          If his arguments are as “backed-up” as his comments, than I understand why they are not published.

        13. Then tell us who your pick is, so we can criticize them. Every candidate has undesirable elements about them. It is about choosing the best of the lot, not finding perfection.
          If your argument is that voting is a farce because the shadow govt pulls the real strings, you won’t find many strong arguments against that theory, but still, may as well vote Trump just on the chance that he’s the real deal.

        14. You’re likely a child, at least in mind, if not in body also, so why are you so surprised not to know some things understood by men on this forum? I didn’t come out of the womb all knowing! Far from it. I’ve spent years reading / researching / pondering. I only woke up and started to really dig into things well after I spent 9 years in University getting formally educated. But yet, all “conspiracy theorists” are lazy, you say. Fuck off. I exercise my mind more in 1 day than you do in a month, mate. It’s obvious some pearls were thrown at some swine today on this blog, and the pigs are still squealing about it! Grow up and DO THE WORK FOR YOURSELF. Don’t you see the irony in calling others lazy because they don’t list all the references that you should study??? Good night, mate.

        15. Is it sooooooo hard to image a wireless electromagnetic device can disrupt the electrical functioning of the heart? You can clearly restart a heart with certain electrical frequency, but you can’t fathom stopping it with a different frequency? Is that just a completely implausible suggestion for you people?? And then some of you think that such a device will be sold on eBay and I should provide a link to such?? My god, pearls before swine without a doubt.

        16. “You’re likely a child, at least in mind, if not in body also”
          I’m writing this from kindergarden.
          “so why are you so surprised not to know some things understood by men on this forum?”
          What do I not know ? No one seems to know what you know, except a guy or two. Look at our conversation, outside of Thraex almost no one agrees with you. You are not talking for the whole comment section, speak of yourself.
          ” I’ve spent years reading / researching / pondering. I only woke up and
          started to really dig into things well after I spent 9 years in
          University getting formally educated.”
          Good for you
          “But yet, all “conspiracy theorists” are lazy, you say. ”
          You don’t properly outline your ideas, you can’t clearly and concisely claim what your ideas are, outside of claims that there is a secret elite that can kill Trump’s family anytime, and that there are devices invented in the 70’s that can cause a heart attack at distance.
          “. Fuck off. I exercise my mind more in 1 day than you do in a month,
          mate. It’s obvious some pearls were thrown at some swine today on this
          blog, and the pigs are still squealing about it!”
          I’m not worthy, oh great one.
          You should probably have also spent a few years learning to properly pitch your ideas instead of writing cryptic stuff and pretending everyone agrees with you.
          Nothing but smoke and self-aggrandizement.

        17. ” Is that just a completely implausible suggestion for you people?”
          Suggestions do not mean reality. I could claim someone is doing human cloning right now somewhere. I could also claim someone created a cold fusion reactor somewhere.
          POSSIBILTY does not equal CERTAINTY.

        18. Not really, there is this one guy throwing his pearls to swine by telling us we are immature unless we believe in secret TRILLIONAIRES with RADIO-WAVE HEART STOPPERS ! who control everything, out to kill Trump’s family any moment now.

        19. I don’t want or need you to believe in anything I say. Search for the truth on your own path, mate.

        20. Not me. I think AJ is a ridiculous shill who has outlived his purpose. He’ll soon lose it all from a divorce, by the way. His Jewish wife found out he was fucking one of his cute assistants. True story and couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!

        21. I would suggest both of your claims are quite possible, according to my research and simple use of logic and deduction. And saying such does no harm, does it? Those topics merit more discussion, not immature BS, which seems all you’re capable of. I know more about certain topics than you, and you “likely” know more about others. However, there is a more civil way to bridge the gap between ideas — you’re just ignorant of how to do it.

        22. Likely is not certainty, I base my beliefs not on the infinite possibilities out there, but at the ones which have most support behind them.
          Radio-wave heart stoppers are less likely to be real than Donald Trump being honest, according to my assesment.
          Unless you bring some arguments to your side on why your theory is more likely to be true than just claiming that you know because you are smarter and TRILLIONAIRES with secret technologies, than arguing is pointless.

        23. Nope, we’re just independent thinkers who have come to similar logical conclusions. I’m sure we’re both unhappy about how the world works politically and economically, but no point in marinating in self denial.

        24. I’m not anti-Trump, man. I’m just questioning some of his claims.
          That being said, I’m not American, so I won’t be voting for anyone, anyways.
          But let’s assume you and SomeRandomFellow are right. Let’s assume that the elite/jews are shitting their pants, and that Trump cannot be influenced and is as independent as he says he is.
          In that case They will turn to his relatives. And if that doesn’t work, they will turn to any connections that Trump has ever had with people throughout his life.
          Someone WILL talk.
          And this is only if we assume that Donald Trump really is The Donald.

        25. Trump’s age is a factor. Ronald Reagan campaigned with wit and character but left office lobotamized, dropping things and forgetting while Bush sr, the top notch security clearance ‘administrator’, secured the following term.

        26. Can we all remember that Ivanka is now a Jew and converted? Or do all of you want to casually forget that fact?

      2. But this is exactly the double Game they play and fooling people like yourself (no disrespect). The same scenario was played with Hitler, who was a double agent himself.

        1. Exactly. That’s the most difficult thing for people to grasp about the WW2 era — Hitler was also a marionette. He was given a script to read that had to contain lots of patriotic and economic truth to fool the discerning German population, but he was a puppet nonetheless.

        2. “The same scenario was played with Hitler, who was a double agent himself.”
          What ? A double agent of whom ? ZOG ? I actually heard one crazed dude claiming jews put Hitler in power to justify zionism, but that’s retarded.
          Sorry mate, but you better come with solid evidence if you want to claim he is a double agent.

        3. “Exactly. That’s the most difficult thing for people to grasp about the WW2 era — Hitler was also a marionette.”
          Of whom ?

        4. I have seen no leads, just gibberish.
          Why is no one willing to present a well-articulated argument on how Hitler was a double agent ?
          You can’t just claim something like that and then say anyone who is skeptic is a blind sheep or something.
          I am open to the idea Hitler was a double agent, but I would first need some proof or reference or anything.

        5. the satan-worshiping zionists!, satan speaking through the jews remember god said to the jews “you are serpent people”.

        6. If you are right, it means all is lost and there is no hope. May as well vote Trump for shits and giggles. At least his presidency will be fun.
          If I’m right, it means Trump is our last chance to save America.
          Either way, the sensible move is a Trump vote.

        7. Damn, a $32 paperback! I would love to read it but hopefully it’s in pdf somewhere.

        8. How much longer or more solid does the evidence list have to be before you get off your lazy and righteous ass and examine it??? Take off your fucking rose-colored glasses and read all the evidence that has been accumulating for over 100 years — since just prior to the Federal Reserve was established. You won’t even let us spoon feed it to you, you insufferable hypocrite. You seem to know just enough to mock us with certain terms, but not nearly enough to actually engage us in intelligent discussion / exchange. You’ll eventually come around, sooner or later, but prepare yourself for some real gob smacking cognitive dissonance, mate.
          PS Why do the British always sound so fucking pompous before they truly grasp anything? Is it something in Earl Grey tea?

        9. Do the investigation yourself and stop whining about nobody holding your hand, mate. It’s out there at the ends of your fingertips, on some web pages, buried in the internet. Go find it.
          PS No, you’re not open minded, pal, far from it. Just go back and read your own posts, for god’s sake. You sound worse than my gay uncle who can’t think himself out of a wet paper bag. Always just emoting and flapping his hands.

        10. Well fuck, there’s also a book entitled, “Hitler was a British Agent” by Greg Hallett. Are you able to actually conduct a Google search, mate?? Some kooks out there for sure, but lots of really clever and diligent people have dug up lots of interesting info on Hitler / Nazis / Zionists / WW2 that would be considered “alternative to the mainstream.” You’ll have enough reading (most of it for free) to last a few years at least.

        11. I don’t know how you believe Trump will save America. Save it from what? Mexicans? Are you going to get out in the field and pick tomatoes for $5/hr? Save America from ISIS? A bunch of guys running around in Toyotas 8000 miles away? Save America from what? Russia? N.K? This is just fear-mongering.

        12. “Save it from what? Mexicans?”
          Yes, illegals who should stay in Mexico.
          ” Are you going to get out in the field and pick tomatoes for $5/hr?” .
          Without immigrants competing with the local population the wages will go up, or the job will be automatized.
          “Save America from ISIS?”
          No, he will make sure not to create anymore groups like ISIS. Which are Israeli-US fronts meant to be used against those who do not tow the internationalist line (*cough* *cough* Assad).
          “Save America from what ? Russia ?”
          Donald plans to befriend Russia and prevent WW3, unlike Fiorina and the rest of GOP
          “This is just fear-mongering”
          Your comment is ignorance-mongering.

        13. We are obviously at cross purposes since you have a vested interest in staying in America, taking advantage of the benefits it affords you. I have a vested interest in preserving the country my forefathers built, protecting it from parasites and predators.
          Even still, unless you are an illegal yourself, you should recognize that the vast illegal labor market makes things worse for all the rest of us, and something should be done about it. Your trope about picking tomatoes tells me that you toe the typical mainstream leftist party line on that.
          Trump has said he will pull America out of bad trade deals and renegotiate deals that are favorable to Americans. That alone is good enough for me. Anything else is a bonus.

        14. I can’t conduct a search on stuff you don’t mention. You talk about some obscure stuff and then expect everyone “to just pick it up”. Be more proactive.

        15. “Do the investigation yourself and stop whining about nobody holding your
          hand, mate. It’s out there at the ends of your fingertips, on some web
          pages, buried in the internet. Go find it.”
          Jesus, you conspiracy fucks are lazy as hell.
          If someone asks me to prove that Jews are behind liberalism I point to books like “Culture of Critique”
          If someone asks me to prove that the wage gap is a myth, I point to Thomas Sowell.
          When you guys claim “Hitler is a double agent” you never present anything and expect me to take such nebulous claims seriously, but do my own research. I can’t do research on every crazy claim. I need a good starting point to make it worth it.

        16. Warning : The first time I use caps in my life
          “How much longer or more solid does the evidence list have to be before you get off your lazy and righteous ass and examine it???”
          “read all the evidence that has been accumulating for over 100 years — since just prior to the Federal Reserve was established. ”
          ” You won’t even let us spoon feed it to you, you insufferable
          You seem to know just enough to mock us with certain terms,
          but not nearly enough to actually engage us in intelligent discussion”
          Sorry for the caps to everyone else.

        17. Again, your heart is in the right place, gent, but you’re woefully naive. Better sleep on it and regroup in the morning when you have a clearer head.

        18. “Again, your heart is in the right place, gent, but you’re woefully
          naive. Better sleep on it and regroup in the morning when you have a
          clearer head.”
          How about instead of condescending you clearly outline your ideas ?

        19. Do I actually need to give you search words to use on a search engine, such as Google??? Are you that lazy, uncreative and/or illiterate? Surprising for a Brit… Probably don’t have your A levels though.
          Well, start by searching for the term “Google” and learn that it’s a search engine for information on the internet.
          Then, type in the words… wait for it… Hitler — double agent — Zionist puppet. See what pops up but be prepared to look past the first page of results. Report back in 1 month. Good luck and good night.

        20. I am aware of conspiracies theories claiming Hitler was a Zionist puppet. I have looked into them and have not been convinced.
          You could have just said you believe Hitler was a Zionist puppet, but instead you just claim he was some random “double agent” and I was supposed to dig through massive heaps of theories on who’s double agent he was.
          How lazy of me.

        21. Why don’t you read Prof. Anthony C. Sutton’s excellent and well-documented “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler”?
          … and stop using the term “conspiracy theory”: you wouldn’t be able to define the term if your life depended on it. A statement is either true or false. If substantial valid evidence can be provided to back up a claim, then it’s true. If not, the claim is false. Simple as that. No “conspiracies.”

        22. You should be lucky you even get the reference, chap! It could be the start of your awakening.

        23. I’ve read Hallett’s book. It’s a fascinating read but it could be a bit too much for a newbie to digest.

        24. Don’t just rely on website articles. Read some books where the whole picture is better presented.

        25. Yes, true enough. I have all Hallett’s books and have corresponded with him in the past, although I lost touch with him when he embarked on “overthrowing the illegitimate Windsors of England” campaign of his. He’s quite a character, but of the hundreds of non-fiction historical-political books I have read, “Hitler was a British Agent” ranks in my Top 10 due to it’s refreshing approach of truly exposing the esoteric craziness, deviance and compulsions of the Elite. It may not all be completely accurate, but the theme is totally on target.
          Would the archives of Henry Makow’s website be too much for a newbie, in your opinion? Lots of gold nuggets there, especially in the last 2-3 years. Blends the issues of feminism with the “NWO” quite well.
          Red Ice Creations is a great radio show / website. Henrik does a great job in Sweden and he has really come around to the heart of the matter in the last year or two.
          TheTruthSeeker.co.uk has had some ups and downs over the years, but still a tremendous resource that doesn’t pull punches.

        26. Even if only 10% of what Hallett wrote in that book is true, it is enough to completely change one’s perspective of the world for ever. But I agree with you, he became a bit too obsessed with the British royal family. It’s a shame.
          I recommend Henry Makow’s work to anyone who wants a genuine information especially about the subject of Feminism and its connections with the Illuminati.

        27. “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler” and other similar works usually mention how American companies, like IBM, collaborated with Hitler, so did Hugo Boss.
          I am aware of foreigners investing in the Third Reich early on.
          Yet, nonetheless Hitler later has went significantly against the international monetary tycoon interests, so they tried to shut him down.
          How that makes him a double agent is beyond me.

        28. Yes, that coin was printed when Hitler relocated a few jews to Palestine.
          What is your point ?
          I am aware Hitler cooperated with some jews, especially before the war started and he started sending civilian jews to intermittent camps.
          Because he cooperated with some jews before the war, does not mean he was LED by them.

        29. The end result was a hell strom for the German civilians and the creation of the state of Israel, so maybe he was …

      3. Trump is in no way threatening the establishment. He IS the establishment. Everyone who went against the State is dead or holed up in Russia. The government that we see is only the tip. The shadow government would not let anyone rise who even remotely threatens their feed bag.

        1. The way Trump differs, he wants to negotiate with the establishment, Hillary is more like a whore for the “super entity”, she will sell her herself because she has no clue how to run things. Trump will need to deal with the “super entity” and make negotiations that benefits both parties, it’s being in bed with them but getting a ‘deal’.
          ‘Super Elites’ run these financial institutions :

      4. Bagel-Loving Media has been trashing him non-stop for several months. They are afraid.

    4. The anti-Trump crowd is grasping at straws already.
      Trump is still a marionette !!! Despite triggering hate from both Republicucks and Dems and being attacked in all (((liberal))) media.
      His defiance is just a script !!! A script for what ? For rise against political correctness and the raise of proto white racial consciousness ? That’s a damn good script he’s pushing. If only we had more puppet masters to push such scripts.

      1. You poor fool. Your heart is likely in the right place, but you’ll come to the necessary realizations with time. We all do, you just came to the party a little late I guess. Probably a reflection of your age.
        BTW, I’m not anti-Trump. I’m anti-corruption, anti-fascist, anti-elitism, anti-bullshit. Trump is playing the role of the anti-hero currently, nothing more. But, believe what you like, gent.

        1. What is your argument ?
          You come up here claiming over the top stuff, like wireless technology that causes heart attacks, and secret Trillionaires but present no evidence. At least another poster linked me to a book. You provide nothing.
          Then you claim to be a wise sage telling me how I need to grow up to understands platitudes about how everyone ever will be controlled opposition.
          Claiming Trump is controlled opposition DESPITE all of the attacks on him, and all the moves he did to damage the internationalist multicultural narrative, which do not benefit the elites IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER is ridiculous.
          Why would open border elites push for someone who promotes : banning muslims, stoping useless wars, befriending Russia, not apologizing for extreme statements, not disavowing racist supporters, etc. ?
          This is the exact opposite of the elite’s interest, Trump is their greatest enemy. He is damaging their narrative and interest. Why would Soros & Co. support him ?
          You are just mudding the waters. Please state clearly, who the elites are and why do they benefit from Trump ?
          Let me guess, it’s not the zio-multiculturalists like Soros, it’s some invisble Trillionaires and “globalist nazis”.
          InfoWars is that way pal ————> infowars.com
          Notice number 25, “Doing a David Icke”.
          While you are not a shill, your argumentation style is the same. Talk about nebulous “Illuminati” and call anyone who disagrees “not grown up yet”.

        2. Well well… I just replied to this comment 30 minutes ago, but the ROK moderators have decided to remove it because of the reference.
          Now I see what Allister meant when he was told to self-sponsor his articles.
          Anyway, sorry bud, but looks like I’m not allowed to refer you to a certain read to support his or my claims. ROK’s directors are entirely behind Donald at this moment.

    5. I too believe this, as much as I admire what the man stands for. So the list of allies grows thin.. Who is there to trust out there, if everyone in the money bucket is in it for themselves with a leery eye out on their own ilk? If all the money is fake anyways and the rich are not really rich but just successful proponents of a century-long ponzi scheme then what illusions are keeping the forces of human nature placated in this ‘matrix’?
      What is fate meant for, if we are just squandering our existences over food, shit, and sex?

      1. You are not supposed to think that far. Just enjoy the pizza, the nightlife and entertainment, and consider yourself very lucky not to have been born in Africa. Don’t ask any more questions! 😉

        1. But I was born in Africa, in what was once Byzacena to an Italian ex-patriot.
          Lol, you know the truth as well. What does it matter to the imperative that a few humans who know reality slip through the cracks of their faulty suppression? They have millions of human cows to milk already, they aren’t losing anything by a few escaping the death system.

      2. The sooner you get rid of your illusions about democracy the freer you’ll feel.
        The system of democracy is flawed and it never elects the best possible person for the job. It elects the biggest mouth. Trump certainly has one. I am amazed how he can talk about for hours and disorderly jump from one subject to another.

        1. Just throw in the food that the masses want to take in.
          He says EXACTLY the things that they wish to hear, even though he’s never lived the sort of life that the majority of his supporters are living through.

        2. A whole lot of Trump voters were prepared to give up on democracy before he came along. If he fails or if he breaks his promises, then we will know for sure, that even the most promising candidates can’t get it done. At that point it will be clear what needs to happen.

        3. Our choices are:
          Trump, a highly successful and charismatic businessman who promises to bring jobs back to America.
          Sanders, a communist Jew who wants the taxpayers to provide free Women’s Studies degrees to any lazy kid who would rather slack off for four years than get a real job.
          or Godzillary, a woman so screechy and repugnant that even her most ardent feminist followers can barely stand the thought of voting for her.
          So what’s YOUR plan?

        4. The monitor public opinions closely and select a candidate who fits with the moods of the day. If Trump fails, they’ll find another who fits with the current mood of the day.

    6. perhaps, but he’s the asshole most likely to damage the left
      at this point that’s already better than any of the other candidates

    7. This would be a better argument if Teh Elitez were not pushing 100% to try and keep Trump out of the White House.

      1. Exactly. The odd-ball Trump conspiracy theories are pathetic. No one has taken as much heat as Trump. Hillary should be in jail and she’s experienced little to no resistance, in comparison to Trump. Hell, the “Conservatives” are working harder than the Socialists to keep Trump out of office. If these idiots can’t see that Trump is the real deal then they’re beyond help.

      2. But you don’t understand. You are betrayed by naivete.
        The REAL elites who lurk in the shadows, have TRILLIONS and can cause heart attacks by radio waves are the one’s behind him. You can’t see them (the REAL elites), but he is a part of their diabolical plan or something. If you don’t agree with me you have not grown up yet !
        That’s basically what they are claiming.

    8. Completely wrong. Watch what happens when Trump takes the White House – I can guarantee there will be a wall going up on the Mexican border.

      1. And the Mexicans will pay for it. I bet you wait for Santa to come down the chimney too.

        1. Mexico wont pay outright. He plans to levy taxes on imports from Mexico. That how the wall gets paid for.

    9. Ventura was a good governor. This is despite what you are saying being absolutely true.

      1. Define “good”. He wasn’t a disaster and talked a good game. But he never truly solved, stopped or defeated any of the “conspiracies” he constantly talked about. He, like Trump, speaks lots of truth but he’s just a safety valve for patriots. Allows them to let out steam and maintain hope in the American political establishment. Ventura has never done anything to right the ship, has he? His background was in entertainment and he simply remains an entertainer to this day.

    10. So you think Trump is doing this because the establishment is making him do it? But why? Trump already has his money, why would he be going through all this just to please his masters? He does not need to do this. He can just take his money and go home if he wants.

  12. I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” ~ Donald Trump on Jeffrey Epsteinm a famous Jewish billionaire and a pedophile

    1. “Yeah, she’s really something, and what a beauty, that one. If I weren’t happily married and, ya know, her father …” Donald Trump on his own daughter.

      1. It’s a poor man who can’t see the beauty in his daughters. Blood is blood, but a pretty girl is still a pretty girl.

      2. REMOVE SANDERS remove sanders
        you are worst president. … trump greattst presidaent

      3. Pathetic. For the first time in decades, we have a real shot at putting an unabashed, unapologetic alpha male in the white house. Yet, an alarming number of “men” are responding to Trump like jealous females.
        I mean, the MSM tied him to David Duke and he essentially told them to fuck off. He quoted Mussolini and he still told them to fuck off. WHO EVEN DOES THAT??? Answer: Trump does that. Literally, EVERY other “conservative” would and broke down and begged for forgiveness before the cathedral.
        If you don’t like Trump as a candidate, fine. Vote for one of the other cuckolds, who’ve already proven they won’t keep their word but the bizarre claims of pedophilia only prove your lack of character.

        1. An alpha animal does not care for anyone else but himself. That’s why he’s strong and independent.
          So why do you think it is a good idea to have an alpha president who would expected to care for the people who elected him?

        2. The federal governement is not designed to “care” for people. Its only real reason for existence is to provide a common defence and to regulate commerce between the states. My hope is that an alpha man like trump can reduce the role of the federal government and to eliminate the massive debt. Beyond that we dont need a governement to “care” for us. We have to take care of ourselves.

        3. By caring I meant serving the interests of the people who elected him and not the corporations. But in Trumps case as someone who is a big corporation already he would not serve you the little man’s interest.

        4. Because it isn’t the government’s job to care of you. Take care of yourself and stop looking for another grown men to look after you. Otherwise, vote for Bernie Sanders.

        5. Spoken like a true red pill man. Well done.
          So what’s government job then? Taxes?

        6. The government’s proper role is to protect rights. Not provide security or collect taxes.

  13. Carl Frampton – latest World Boxing Champion – Irish!
    Tyson Fury – Heavyweight World Boxing Champion – irish/English
    Conor Mcgregor – Cage Fighting World Champion – Irish
    Andy Lee – Recent Middle Weight World Boxing Champion – Irish/English
    The Irish boys – born and raised in the West – as tough as any men from the East – if not – tougher!

  14. Trump, like all the other candidates makes lots of promises he will never deliver. And the stupid electorate will believe the bullshit. And no I’m not bashing you Americans. It’s just as bad here in the UK.

    1. You’re line steppin you habitual line stepper.
      If theres one thing that Americans find absolutely intolerable its people from other countries telling us how we should run ours, or telling us whats really going on here. One may opine about the subject, but we really dont want to hear it.
      Here’s an analogy: You neighbors have family issues. You’re pretty sure whats going on. You may know the answer to fixing it, but you sure as hell dont bring it up to them and you tread lightly when bringing it up to others. Just saying.

      1. Haha, then stop meddling with the affairs of the 3/4 of the world and we’ll stop paying attention to you. How’s that?

    2. Even if reality is less than what Trump has promised, he at least knows that you don’t make your final offer the opening bid (like most politicians).

    3. The other candidates aren’t even promising things that the people want. So even if everything Trump says is a lie, he is at least bothering to tell us the lies we want to hear. That shows that he understands his future constituents better than any of the current career politicians.

  15. Being non-white, I’m not among the group Trump is targeting and I won’t vote for him. However I respect his charisma and his courage. The man has no political experience and yet he’s stepped into an unfamiliar environment and completely made fools of seasoned rivals. We may not like each other, but I can respect another man who commands a room.

    1. “Being non-white, I’m not among the group Trump is targeting and I won’t vote for him.”
      A straight Hispanic male who is a legal citizen isn’t even a full notch above his “white” counterpart. Indeed, a Hispanic will be immediately labeled “white” (and his skin might even be whitened in MSM images) upon any negative encounter with a higher caste, ex. Zimmerman. There’s nothing to lose for any man of any particular race in voting for Trump. What’s the worst that can happen? Every other ethnic group gets put in “their place” beneath “white men”? Things revert to the way they were before Civil Rights? That’s way better than being beneath your own women, sodomites, and any random foreigner.

    2. I agree with you on the charisma. He is a guy who has studied and mastered the art of presence. However, the presidency should be more than about charisma. Even his most fervent supporters couldn’t tell you what his plans are beyond the populist “build a wall”. You can tell they just reverberate whatever their hopes are on the man, and when you hear him debating, apart from the obvious charisma, it becomes clear that Trump has no intellectual depth. “I’ll get the best plan”, “I’ll hire the best people” just doesn’t cut it.

    3. Yes because each race needs to have its ego stroked and government money thrown at it. Maybe a pity story too. I thought we were all Americans.

      1. Some are obviously more “American” than others. Only a certain group is described as “all American”.

        1. Oscar De La Hoya, Will Smith, Michael Strayhan, George Foreman, all of the above would be described as All-American

  16. 7- Get a loan for a few million dollars from dad and dont fuck up the investments…
    Dont get me wrong- Rubio saying he inherited 200 mil was laughable…

        1. That’s because the Donald is all man and not some beta-cuck mangina bitch.

    1. 1. Eminent domain
      Who gives a shit. It’s bad, but it is the issue #2345, far below protecting American borders from illegals and opposing PC culture, protecting gun rights and far more pressing issues.
      2. He said he would date his daughter
      He said if he was young and NOT her father he would date her. That’s stupid shit parents say to their kids. My mom used to say any girl who doesn’t like me has bad taste, that I will be a bomb with girls and if she was my age she would date a boy like me. It’s the same shit all parents say. He obviously has no sexual feelings toward her, stop taking it out of context.
      Some women also claimed assault and then retracted. Oh sure, tell the manosphere of allegations, we’d sure love to hear about that
      3. Trump scammed some kids, claiming he will teach them to be master businessmen, who gives a shit
      4. He recruited foreign labor, wow, that’s it guys, this does it ! … not really
      5. He suppressed a documentary about his seedy affairs. And ? We know he was a New York estate businessman. That’s how they do business there, it’s not a sceret and he isn’t even hiding he “cheated” in the past. He talks about it in the open at his rallies, about how he bought politicians, etc. We know this shit already.
      STATUS : Trump still not stumped.

  17. #7: Looking And Acting Professional Are More Important Than Being Professional. Bill Gates is a far better businessman than Trump but Trump knows the importance of creating a professional image that say “invest a lot of money in this man” even though Trump has his business failures.
    #8. Learn To Listen And Sell: Trump’s success in politics is actually listen to people’s complaints then basing his speeches on what he can do about it. His speeches are straight-forward and to the point. He uses short sentences and repeats his points as opposed to others who use fancy-sounding, long speech that bore everyone.

  18. Trump makes bold promises as he knows he won’t have to fulfill them. His role is to get Hillary elected. It will be Trump vs Hillary on the final line.

    1. Your theory has legs. I voted yesterday. Nice day so I rode. Took my helmet off because while I don’t know if my state has motorcycle helmets off in public spaces laws, why take the chance of rumbling jimmies? The guy who checked me in gave me a ration of raw rude tude, maybe because that “R” next to my name signified to him that I’m a racist, sexist, low-information, holy roller, white, POS. It was tiresome.

    2. Yes, that appears to be one of his main functions. So it’ll come down to two seemingly polar opposite candidates, but it’s remarkable how much they have in common when it comes to Israel and being connected to the establishment.

  19. The winner of the presidency tends to be the one with the best hair (thank kennedy for that one). Also notice Trump is the only serious/critical one, confronting the lens head-on.

  20. All the other stuff is solid advice, but I don’t agree with the stuff about not shaking hands, not pushing lift buttons etc. Germaphobia is something I’d usually associate with squeamish women who use it as an excuse to avoid doing any dirty work (cleaning toilets etc) and to feminise their sons (No, Junior, you can’t play rugby – you’ll get covered in mud and contract Tetanus!). The immune system needs practice. Why do you think a growing proportion (much higher than in the ‘Good Old Days’) of the population suffers from allergies, hay fever, gluten intolerance etc? Because deprived of real work to do, the immune system starts targeting innocuous stuff like pollen. I’ve never been overly concerned with cleanliness – yeah, when it’s needed I’ll wash my hands or shower but you won’t catch me opening the door of a public convenience with a tissue wrapped round my hand like some people apparently do. The result? Despite coming into contact with hundreds of strangers a day through my work (owning a shop) I rarely fall sick. In the last year the only illnesses I’ve had were 2 colds – from which I recovered completely in a day or 2 and which were so minor that I didn’t even need to take any time off. A couple of paracetamol and a strong coffee was enough for me to carry on as normal.
    Also – the only allergy I have is to Penicillin, which isn’t something which affects my life to any great degree – it just means that on the very rare occasions when I need antibiotics (rare as in once or twice a decade) the doc will prescribe me something other than Penicillin. No ‘intolerances’ to gluten or what have you. No hay fever. No asthma. Nothing.

    1. People nowadays get lots of allergies because of the antibiotics. There are plenty of germs in the air we breath to exercise the immune system.

      1. That “There are plenty of germs in the air we breathe” kind of backs up my point – why waste your time washing your hands every 5 minutes to get rid of a few germs when you’ll be breathing in millions a minute regardless?

  21. As a foreigner living on foreign lands, it seems to me that America would be less of a pain in the world’s ass if he was president, rather than Clinton. He is however a clown and an idiot of epic proportions.

      1. I’m curious as to why you’d assume I can’t be anything else. But yeah, I’m french.

        1. I did have a third option – French Canadian.
          I’ve been around people like you a lot. I have heard those words enough out of French (or German) mouths to recognize the source.
          Of course, I realize there are people in countries all over the world who don’t like stuff about america. There is something about the way you do it, though…

        2. It’s possible we don’t make a lot of efforts to conceal our contempt. But I like a lot of stuff about America. Definitely not its foreign policy though.

        3. The contempt is a two way street. I find my French colleagues adolaration of Hollande and the socialist party as insufferable bobos.

        4. The contempt I was talking about (with, may I add, a bit of irony) was aimed at your government and other general stuff (like that article : the mindless idolatry for successful people and the ape-like way of mimicking their every move, and thinking it’s gonna magically attract success – “aw lookit that, Trump wipes his buttocks with the right hand! I’m ganna do the same and I’m ganna git rich like him and have lots of wymin!”) .
          What I would never do is judge a particular person based on his nationality, his religion, his gender or his race before making his acquaintance. Because even if there are generalities, you can always come accross an exception. That is to say my remark wasn’t to be received as a personal insult by any American reading it.
          Now concerning your colleagues, I don’t know in what field you work, but by now Hollande is propbably the most unpopular french president in history, as he managed to alienate even his own party. So I’m afraid your dear colleagues are an exception among french people, not the rule.

    1. Mrs. Clinton was a Goldwater Girl way back when, and is notoriously hawkish. If you want more war, vote for her. As for Trump, he’s an example of Newton’s Third Law of Motion applied to politics.

  22. Trump is great. HRC’s cheerleader Warren Buffett says market forces will render people with certain skills unable to compete. They’ll need government assistance to live. That message is death and hopelessness. You’re not capable of providing for yourself, here’s a government check, now go watch TV. Trump represents increase, optimism, and a can do attitude. We can control the boarder. We can bring jobs back. We can rebuild the military and the infrastructure. We can support the police and veterans. We can fix the VA. We can have affordable health care.

    1. We’ll have to dial back automation thought, or else no one will be able to solve the problem of persistent unemployment amongst the “lumpenproletariat.”

      1. I catch your drift. Anther way to look at automation, both members of the household won’t have to work. One member could stay at home with the kids. That person could prepare meals with natural ingredients purchased from the local market. The kids would be happier and healthier at home eating fresh foods than at a daycare, medicated, pushed in front of a screen. Maybe everyone working 40 hours a week shouldn’t be the ideal. Maybe we could have jobs were one person could support a household with 32 hours of work. That would give me much more time to comment on ROK threads.

        1. Then that breadwinner working 32 hrs/wk. better be paid a decent wage or it’s EBT time.

  23. It’s interesting that even in faraway Australia (although not really that far culturally), the ’16 presidential race has polarized people as much there as it has in the US. I was talking to a girl (sorry: “young woman”) who was dumping shit all over Trump. She topped off her screed with, “You know what? I hope the Americans do elect Trump.. then they’ll get exactly what they deserve!”
    I retorted with this. Let’s see now: One guy has a father and brother who were president, and now the idiot kid brother wants a turn. One woman has a husband who was president, and whose campaign consists mostly of bullying everyone with a vagina to vote for her. What is this, the fucking Roman Empire? The Habsburgs all over again? As for the rest, they can spew all the “common man” and “social justice” bullshit they want, but they still rely of hundreds of million in campaign donations, chiefly from a very few “interested” parties. Say what you want about Trump, but he’s playing the world’s most expensive game all on his own ticket.
    The chick didn’t have anything to add. Needless to say, her opinion was in large part was given her by the left-biased media dickheads which Aussies and Americans alike will be familiar with.

  24. The family one is very key. You’ll notice that libs have no problem with the wellfare state coddling the losers of society, but, I’ve noticed a trend where liberals will try and emasculate or otherwise call out anyone who lives with their parents into young adulthood, or who inherits any wealth/opportunities from their family.
    I am one of these individuals. I still work near full time hours, own my own car, cook a lot of my own food (outside of family meals), but, I stayed home because my family was supportive and allowed me to live cheaply while saving money to pay off school before moving out.
    Liberals talk like I’m some kind of baby who is being coddled by my parents. But this reaction is simply a way to try and tear down strong family (and community) values, which are linked to things like nationalism and free market capitalism. The last thing liberals want is families supporting each other and their neighbours, because that means they don’t need to be reliant on the state. The less people become reliant on the state, the less desire for liberals to even exist.
    So if you’re in my boat, don’t let liberals sell you on the idea that moving out and diving headfirst into debt is the best way to “be a man”. And especially don’t let them make you think that building on the foundations of your family (in the form of an inheritance) is a bad thing or makes you “undeserving” of your wealth/success. It’s a continuous cycle. Your parents inherited from their parents, built on it, and passed it down to you to do the same thing. Only liberals could be so pathetic as to believe you have to reinvent the wheel in order to be considered truly successful, all the while pandering to people who will never get a leg up no matter how much of our tax dollars are funneled to them.
    Just don’t be a deadbeat freeloader, that’s all. Use your time at home or your inheritance to save, learn, invest, and eventually move out and take the world by the balls. Don’t become reliant on the wellfare state by rushing into debt under some phony pretense of “independence”.

  25. Trump is my hero. A real American patriot, success story, and proud father and grandfather.

  26. Donald Trump doesn’t shake hands ? I’ve seen him at rallies shaking hands and hugging people from the crowd. Being healthy is one thing, being an OCD eccentric who is afraid to open a sink or push an elevator button is the hallmark of being a loser (or an inbred Jew).

    1. ” or push an elevator button is the hallmark of being a loser (or an inbred Jew)”
      Speaking of jews and buttons

  27. Pretty stupid to have the first picture you see of him to be in front of his failed airline. Kind of hard to talk about him being a successful businessman when you count up all his failures. Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka, Trump magazine, Trump university, and the all time best is Trump Mortgage that he opened in 2006 and said it was a great time to open a mortgage company, it failed in a year. So keep on praising Trump the trust fund baby, but can’t seem to make a business work that wasn’t handed to him

    1. If you are going to post here, at least have the decency to stop, think and maybe even put in a little research.

        1. For starters, you are communicating that the definition of success is having never failed. You are wrong – I am sure with 30 seconds of thought you would come to the same conclusion.
          It is actually very easy to refer to him as a successful businessman. If you can’t see that then you are just lazy or being a little girl about it with your emotions.

        2. The guy has never built anything from the ground up that was a success. I hardly believe being gifted millions of dollars and not blowing it all the definition of success. What I showed is the products he tried to build himself that are failures.

        3. Right. Like I said, something is obscuring your view of him. I am not saying he is some kind of messiah, simply a successful business man. What is it that he has recently said that hurt your butt?

        4. We all fail on occasion. We don’t all make failure a consistent pattern. Therein lies the difference.

  28. He’s a true alpha-male, and a total winner. He’s going to be a great president I really believe that, one of the best in fact.

  29. He flipped on H1-B slave labor visa scam, buying in the lie that there is shortage of skilled workers. There is a shortage of companies wanting to pay the going rate for skilled workers. They all want cheap slave labor. If is so bad that foreigners trained at our so called ‘elite’ universities have to leave the country, stop issuing student visas to foreigners and give these admissions to US citizens.

  30. When Trump began his ascent in mid-July, I had my doubts about whether he could succeed. It wasn’t until the first debate where I saw him destroy Megyn Kelly’s vicious shit test that I realized we were witnessing a MASTER of game at work. From that point on, his success only increased, yet pundits and members of my family not at all familiar with game kept crossing their fingers and desperately wondering how and whether he would succeed. Being that I have studied and applied game for the last 4 years, I had no such doubts about his prospects. I saw the way he was responding to the media’s and other candidates’ brutal shit tests and how he kept his frame like an oak tree. I saw how he NEGGED the entire establishment with cutting remarks from a frame of amused mastery and disappointment.
    And his value (ratings, poll numbers, delegates, votes, etc.) have only gone up as the establishment’s value (Jeb Bush, Rubio and the hundreds of millions they invested in them, Fox’s absence of viewers when Trump skips a debate) has only gone down.
    THAT is game.
    I chuckled to myself as others I knew spent hours discussing whether he could keep it up. And I wasn’t alone in my thoughts. My game-savvy older brother and people like Chateau Heartiste began remarking about Trump’s mastery of “game” and applying them to politics and life in general.
    Unless he is shot, Trump will have 8 years in the White House.
    Happy days are here again!

  31. a guy cannot control what he may inherit…….but he has all the control over what he does with it……good or bad

  32. 6. Understand the importance of family
    He’s been divorced a few times and said he’d want to bang his daughter. Not sure if he wins in the family department.

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