6 Reasons For The Planned Obsolescence Of Men

In my beta days, I dated a career girl in a big city.  We dated for two years, it ended poorly, and played a large part in my finally swallowing the red pill. She was a 30 year old career woman, and a few weeks into the relationship she revealed she had never dated a guy for more than a couple of months. I soon concluded this was because she did not have a need for men in her life. Sure, she enjoyed the occasional attention, flirting, and possibly even enjoyed sex, but she did not NEED a man. Here are six ways that you may recognize men as becoming outdated in the modern dating and relationship marketplace.

1. They don’t need a man to be the breadwinner


The girl I mentioned had a nice career as an accountant, and was paid well enough to have her own condo in a good neighborhood overlooking many beer gardens, restaurants, and sources of entertainment for her. She was encouraged throughout high school to pursue a career in whatever field she wished, and in college was recruited by a quota-hiring firm, and likely interviewed by a feminist HR worker who quickly found a cubicle for her where she could begin filling out TPS reports.

She owned a car, a nice condo in a very desirable part of town, a trendy wardrobe, and had a generous budget for entertainment. She can (and probably will—she is approaching the wall) go the rest of her life without needing a man to provide any material things to her.

The days of a man providing a home, doing repairs, giving her food, clothing, shelter, and trinkets, are gone. A woman can graduate any public university (she attended a mediocre school) with the ability to find a career which provides her all the basic necessities. If a woman doesn’t make it into corporate America, there are a variety of special government programs—tailored specifically to and only for women—which will help pay for her housing, food, childraising, and education costs.

2. They don’t need a man to defend them


The West is a quite safe place, statistically speaking. A woman can go about her business, and as long as she doesn’t make any glaringly stupid mistakes, like getting pass out drunk and stumbling around in a miniskirt, or hanging out in the hood after dark, she has a very low chance of any serious harm coming to her. Most crimes are petty crimes, like theft, and with today’s prevalence of credit cards and digital currency, thieves can’t make much money by robbing strangers, other than perhaps scoring a smartphone.

The modern woman has very little risk of any serious harm coming to her, especially as compared to the past, or to women in developing countries.

3. They don’t need a man to entertain them


The level of extremity needed to attract attention about 10 years ago

In the past, being a funny or interesting guy was a huge plus. And yes, clown game can work, to an extent. Women simply are not funny, and are often miserable to talk to, and they are naturally drawn to a man who can tell them interesting, funny, or ironic things, make them smile or blush, or simply pass the time.

But today, every woman has a flat screen TV in her apartment, with hundreds of channels of digital content beamed to it electronically, with a huge variety of entertainment choices at her fingertips, 24 hours a day, not to mention carrying a computer in her purse that offers most of the same content, as well as social media, time wasting apps and games, and attention-whoring programs like Tinder, that are available to them free of charge.

While men struggle to find any program where the male character is not portrayed as a useless idiot, there are dozens of programs created specifically for feminists, not to mention trannies or gays. Also, many women’s friends are also single, and they are perfectly content to go out with the girlfriends and do the same old thing every weekend, no man needed.

4. They don’t need a man to build a family


Many modern women are brainwashed against raising a family. For those who do want children, sex is easily and readily available at any time of day by sliding her finger across a custom engineered and well-designed screen of scratch-resistant capacitive glass approximately one inch to the right. They can turn a hookup into a single parent family, and often can force the sperm donor to contribute tens of thousands of dollars in payments while she gets to raise this child alone. Indeed, according to Johns Hopkins, the majority of children (57%) born to millennials are bastards.

5. They don’t need a man for sex


Almost every woman today has a vibrator at home, that can operate whenever, wherever, and for as long or short, at the perfect intensity, at the touch of a button. And if a woman does prefer the old fashioned regular rogering, she can obtain that through anonymous one night stand sex, where she will beg to be choked, slapped, spit on, or worse, and then can go home, never to think about or call the man again.

6. They don’t need a man for even basic social exchanges


I ran into a female friend this weekend, and told her about a fun event happening that she expressed interest in. She asked for some details and I said, if you want to go, I’ll text you the details later (I am somewhat old fashioned and do not carry a telephone with me 24/7). She replied, “Oh, no need, I will just look up the details on google.”

That’s exactly what she did, and she ended up attending the event. She is an independent, strong “career girl” who does not need a man to even do her a favor of texting her an address, because she literally has no need for men. I should mention that despite being physically attractive, she has been single for as long as I’ve known her, and has expressed interested in artificial insemination because she can’t find the right man, but wants to have a family.

Contrast that with one of my Latina women who regularly message me saying “Amor, necesito tu ayuda” (Baby, I need your help). And I happily oblige.

So what are men good for?

The fact is women today do not NEED a man. When you do not NEED something, you do not value or treasure it. This explains why men are disrespected and ignored in modern society. Game can be used to extract sexual favors from women, or even enter into mini-relationships, but the fact is, a woman who does not need you can never truly devote herself to you.

Patriarchy established clear roles and boundaries for the sexes. The men appreciated and admired the woman’s feminine traits. The woman adored and relied on the man for fulfilling his duties. If you decide to marry, it had better be a woman from a traditional, conservative household, and those are all but nonexistent in the west. Until men are needed again (financial collapse, war, utter breakdown of infrastructure), they will continue to be ignored and disrespected.

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499 thoughts on “6 Reasons For The Planned Obsolescence Of Men”

  1. And the most important one:
    They don’t want a Man to call them on their bullshit!
    Girlfriends and Betas won’t point out she’s full of it.
    Modern women live entirely in a fantasy world (and try to re-create it using selfies on their social media). A Man that points out the fact that their head is firmly implanted inside their own arsehole is unwelcome.
    Better to remain in the fantasy land….

    1. It’s a choice between a fearful America
      that is less secure and less engaged with the world, and a strong
      America that leads to keep us safe and our economy going.”
      Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/3162301/hillary-clinton-criticizes-fearful-america/#H6yBmdYE20dmmY0r.99

      Actually, it’s a choice between facing problems (Trump’s offer) or denying they exist (fantasyland leftist approach).
      There is a lot of this false optimism, this belief that reality is what you choose it to be, among leftists (and women). That’s why the world crumbles when they rule it. They are willingly blind.

      1. It’s a lot like the child’s version of “if I don’t see it, it doesn’t exist”.

    2. Actually I think the opposite is true. They want a Man to call them on their bullshit. Its the men that don’t do this that they despise.

      1. You are so right. One thing ive noticed is, the more “out of control” they are, the more they like to be called out. Their “out of control” behavior is just a shit test that all the men in their lives have failed
        I’m a bail bondsman and I take pictures of all my clients. Had a woman in for keying her boyfriends car. I would rate her a high 7 low 8.
        When it came time to take her picture, she did what they all do. She mumbled something about “not looking presentable” for pictures. I said, “oh it’s no big deal. I’m sure your vanity will survive intact.” She laughed and I noticed a slight little squirm when she said,”wow. It’s been a long time since a guy called me out on my shit!”
        They pick fights but always want to be with the man who can beat them.

        1. I think in part it’s because they know that they are out of control and they know they need a man to keep them in line.

      2. I agree with you. And yes, I know this is contradicting myself, but ’tis a small mind that cannot contain irreconcilable contradictions in itself.
        Both are true.
        Perhaps I should have said their *conscious* minds tell them they do not want this…

  2. In the animal world, when females can provide and protect themselves, the males are just sperm donors and snacks: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/angler
    Let’s face it. Women today have a new alpha boyfriend: the government. The rest of us are just seen as betas and omegas who are as disposable as tampons. Your only option is to rise above the situation.

    1. The fun part is when you point this out to women who will flat out deny it even when you point out their benefits. Additionally, the sooner a man admits this, the easier it is to spot who the government whores are. There are women who aren’t sluts for big daddy government, but finding them is half the fun.

    2. species where male is peripheral is most likely a primitive species. The more advanced a species the more likely it is to be male dominated. Case in point the Male-dominated chimpanzees.
      The more of a limiting factor a female becomes in reproductive the more likely the species will be male dominated.

  3. The reality is that there is no such concept as an independent woman. This is a delusional belief that has been concocuted and perpetuated by radical feminists in their attempts to denigrate and besmirch men of their accomplishments. If one takes the time to observe and look throughout history, then what one will find is that the greatest civilizations and inventions were created by men. From the the greatest medical discoveries to the development of the most advanced technology, it is men who have essentially created all of the luxuries and provided the high standards of living that today’s women benefit from.
    It is rather amusing while at the same time, quite annoying to constantly see and hear the most bizarre rhetoric from today’s modern day women about how they can be independent and that they do not need any men in their lives, when in all irony, the empircal evidence shows the exact opposite. How many multinational corporations and large sized enterprises, were created and financed by women? The truth of the matter is that men are responsible for building and creating the jobs and positions that women are accepting in today’s corporate world. Furthermore, it is men who are also responsible for providing all the of the media formats and platforms that allow women to be able to provide their content to the world.
    The sad fact is that despite all of these achievements that men have brought to our world, instead of being celebrated, men are now constantly disparaged and berated by today’s women. It is one of the most troubling signs of a declining civilization when we are seeing more men being displaced by society and when women really believe in the pretence of the independent woman novelty. When men account for the highest numbers in unemployment, suicide and homelessness as well as not being recognised as the head of the family but rather as the deadbeat father or trophy husband, then all of this amalgamates to produce the worst and negative effects for society. From kids growing up without a father figure in their lives resulting in them growing up to become weak and having no structure and discipline, to men not recognising the traditional gender roles and significance that man plays in the family, all of this can now be seen growing on a regular basis.
    This is why it is imperative for men to continue to recognise the true virtues and values of what it means to be a man. Dressing up appropriately, being there for your children, being financially disciplined, learning the values of respect, knowing the most basic and traditional masculine functions such as repairing and organising, all pertain towards being a responsible man. When men are able to display these functions, then it sets a good example for others to follow and helps to show why society should not abandon men.

    1. >>The reality is that there is no such concept as an independent woman.
      Analysis: True.
      Modern women are some of the most dependent creatures in existence. They have simply replaced men with The State.

      1. Google: Invented and Coded by Men
        Well Connected, Convenient Public Infrastructure: Invented, Designed and Constructed by Men
        Law Enforcement and Army: Weapons & Equipment Invented and Produced by Men, the overwhelming majority of high risk positions also staffed by Men.
        In short, men have voluntarily created a society that gives women the greatest amount of privileges since the beginning of history, and without the constant supervision of men the modern women would be little more than helpless children.
        The problem is not the naturally actualized reality, which as always is ripe with proofs to male superiority of the species, but the false feminist narrative that has been disseminated to the culture to make clueless consumers out of women and emasculated slaves out of men…

        1. Hey, a woman invented White Out for covering and typing over typewriter mistakes. Not long before personal computers were available.

        2. Does this mean “Spock’s Brain” has a deeper meaning?
          Women are the inheritors of a high civilization but do not know how anything functions. To keep their complex running they steal spock’s brain (under instruction from the computers) to operate the master control system.
          Famous line: “Brain, what is brain?”

        3. It was Monkee Mike Nesmith’s single mom. She whipped it up in her kitchen blender. Just looked it up.

      2. This society that makes it possible for women to think they don’t need men was actually created by men and is run by men. The difference is that women are not able to notice that most of the services they pay for only exist because men stablished this system.
        A group of men in the wild can built and run a society, but a group of women can’t barely survive.
        These comforts and privileges women have nowadays will not last forever, and even if they do, women will continue to be miserable. Because careers and goods are ilusions that they don’t need, so they seek emotinal validation in whatever they do and are never satisfied. Only a house with children and a strong husband will provide the enviroment for their proper emotional conformity that is both literally and fuguratively written in their DNA.
        I only hope that western women will someday realize the stupidity they are living, otherwise western civilization will collapse. A society cannot hold itself together without a proper family structure.

        1. Men need women and women need men. It is the only way this species will survive.

    2. The last paragraph you wrote is the most important one. The article makes life seem very bleak but the truth is that while women don’t need us for any of those reasons, they do need us. Why? Because they have no confidence in themselves. If you demonstrate confidence and technical know-how you will have no trouble getting a woman. My problem right now is having too many women, not too few.

      1. “. If you demonstrate confidence and technical know-how you will have no trouble getting a woman..”
        * yawn * ah… no Bob. That sounds like antiquated seduction philosophy from the 1990’s.
        Things are different today….. vastly different.

        1. I think we’re talking about the difference between getting and keeping. Outside of arranged marriages, murdering your competition, or kidnapping your woman, little has changed, nor will it ever, regarding getting women. Keeping them is the whole root of the real issue. And having meaningful, effective relationships with them that produce viable, healthy, socially intelligent offspring.

        2. Now you sound defensive. Look Mori, just because times are hard for you, right now, doesn’t mean they always have to be, for you, or for anyone else.
          You can adopt the defeatist attitude expressed in this article and see where that takes you or you can apply a positive approach. Its your choice.

        3. Don’t worry Bob, I think Mori is a little bothered by something, your success. How many white guys are pissed that a black guy can score without putting in huge commitment or money, even Roosh has taken years to get where he is and he still doesn’t score all the time. Mori probably has issues getting women and is upset, not taking the time to think things through.

        4. I was thinking something similar. I have had tough times myself. During my twenties it was well-nigh impossible to get a woman but literally a few months before I turned 30 everything changed. All that hard work and years of rejections started to pay off.
          Btw, interestingly I have been called both a MGTOW and PUA two days running!

        5. Hey Vidal, do us a favour, nip off and blow your dick off because you obviously have no balls.

        6. My feelings are so hurt right now. You proven to all the hoes that you are the supreme alpha.

        7. You’re so barbaric with that keyboard. Thats how you slay your enemies, have them driven before you and hear the lamentation of the women.

        8. You watched Conan, great, interesting considering you are a feminist male apologist. I know you worship kissing their feet as they walk on you and your mind can’t be changed. You are a waste of my time and Bob’s, Bob is a great guy, a contributor to all things in being a man. Something you will never understand until you get royally fucked over by a woman who does it because she can. I don’t call women hoe’s, you do and you are a waste of time, I’m done with you.

        9. Fck u laughing at… last night I had yo filthy b!tch praying I don’t nut too quick cuz I fcking get up and let her know I be a 10 min brotha for a 2 dollar hoe. U be getting mad and sh!t but I let a trick be a trick you can have that b!tch. Just remember to hit the homies off and pass her all around. Fck her for 4 min and waste no time on that broad.

        10. And where is Roosh, exactly? I saw an interview with him in Romania or somewhere like that where he said he hooks up with one or two girls a month. Is that supposed to be a lot?

    3. Feminism is just a twin of the “sneaker fucker” strategy. It’s a power play against other women.
      If you are a man and a lazy bastard who is incapable or simply doesn’t want to put in the hard work to get ahead, then one option is to lie cheat and backstab everyone around you.
      Of course you could do this if you were an A-plus guy, but it becomes less and less worth it to do the more you’ve invested in doing things fair.
      Similarly by women. If you are twisted ugly piece of human shit that is emotionally incapable or just plain unwilling to put in the hard work, one option is to go the “I don need me no mens!” strategy. this is another way of aquiring power and resources without having to go the fair route.
      Now why is that unfair? Because of the pussy pass, because no woman on the planet is actually capable of competing fairly with other men, and no woman is anything but a disruption to any team of men. She only gets in by virtue of her tits. Hence, it’s just as unfair as the male gamma strategy.

      1. Your observation ‘Feminism is just a twin of the “sneaker fucker” strategy. It’s a power play against other women.’ is they key point in any discussion about the vulgar, degenerate marxism, that is the female ideology that has replaced Christianity for most women. Marxism was a strategy for gaining control over workers and peasants, and killed more of them than any other ideology. The authors of the “Black Book of Communism” estimate that through its various forms, Communism murdered nearly 100 million people. Similarly, feminists desire control, ultimately, over women, as a vanguard party elite.
        Communism imploded for a number of reasons, not the last of which is that there is no rational economic calculation under it. Under feminism there is a similar lack of rational social calculation. I can’t be sure when Feminism will be defeated, but in the process there will have bene millions of innocent lives blighted. Most of these will be women.

      2. Short men havr no choice but to play unfair and lie and cheat sometimes. Because when they work earnestly nobody recognizes it and they never get promoted

        1. that’s absolute BS. You only think that because of lack of confidence. As for recognition: the only recognition that matters is providing value. If your company doesn’t appreciate what you do in a cubicle, grow a pair of balls and start your own company.

      1. I’ve never had a job where there was a complicated problem that needed to be solved and a woman swooped in and saved the day. I have, however, been in countless situations where a woman pointed out the painfully obvious and created an embarrassing silence in the room.

    4. If one was truly independent, would they rub it in everyone’s face? “I’m independent!” Might as well yell out, “I’m insecure!”

      1. ‘independent woman’ is in the list of oxymorons along with:
        +spousal rape
        +parental abduction
        +military intelligence
        +giant shrimp
        +speedy refund
        +resident alien
        +government organization
        +political science
        +sanitary landfill
        +plastic glasses
        +pretty ugly

    5. Is anyone who says they’re an “independent woman” actually independent ever, or by choice? It’s a label that sugar coats circumstances that you would not pick if you could. My life is funded by my dad entirely, I recognize it. Most millenial girls have some man bankrolling them. Especially the attractive ones who are the loudest about being independent. What career can a 20 something year old get into that pays enough for typical hot girl upkeep? Dads, and sugar dads pay the way. But you have to appreciate it, and not act so entitled like you have this car by yourself. Whenever my dad wires money, or buys me something I say thank you. I try to make his life easier because his entire life is based on making my life better.
      I think all the time of how much harder my life would be if I was born male. If I was born male I would probably max out at 5’7 based on genes, and I’d have feminine looking features for a boy most likely. That’s already 2 hurdles, then I would be expected to be a doctor and take over my father’s practice, or if failing that be a lawyer, and failing that business. I would never be able to get away with wanting to be a writer unless I had the great american novel ready to go. There is so much more pressure on men to do everything behind the scenes and not crack. We raise women up at the expense of moving men to the back sometimes. Men and women are complementary to one another, cooperation should be prioritized over petty arguments and you go girlisms. I may never have to depend on myself for money. I may jump from being supported from my dad to a husband like women have been doing since the dawn of time. Or I might do my own thing for awhile. All of it is ok. I have safety net after safety net. IT is a waste of time for women to pretend that they do it all on their own. Maybe a handful do, NAWALT etc, I personally don’t. Men are expected to rely on themselves. Women not as much. If you are a man and you expect some woman to take care of you -unless you’re some type of modern male Adonis, that is far too tall of an order. It’s stupid to claim that there is the same type of pressure to succeed if you are female. There is always big daddy government. But big daddy government can’t compete with daddy warbucks types. Men will still be needed for that level of fantasy life. Unless you are some hideous garbage troll of a woman who has no father there will be some man around to help you eke by in the world.

      1. This is the best perspective from a woman’s view I’ve ever read. Well said and spot on! Great post.

        1. yep they’re out there. once in a while they drop by here and write the undisputed truth. These are the type of women that I would like to be the mother of my children. Not saying I want to breed with Rachel Sacks, but she and others like her are not disqualified.

        2. She SAYS all the right things, but we all know how easily and convincingly women can lie their *ss off.
          AWALT. Deeds, not words.

        3. She ain’t lying. She’s posted before and her comments have been consistent.

        4. Sloot just comes on her and outright says that she’s a spoiled leech and will be a spoiled leech her entire life thanks to beta bucks and we’ve already got a winner who would like her (or the likes of her) to be the “mother of his children”.
          You just can’t make this shit up.

      2. bravo. if a woman, or anyone can see things for what they are then we are capable of getting along.

      3. This woman would still stab you in the heart in an instant without even a queef of thought about you or what you mean to her if she got the opportunity. Yeah you can post on blogs like this and bark and clap like a trained seal, “Oh wow, she understands basic human empathy! Oh man oh wow how unique! A unicorn!” but you’re still a woman. AWALT.

        1. I’m not a unicorn, but I’m flattered. Of course I’m subject to being an inconsiderate bitch, that’s how the world works. It’s silly for me to act like I do everything by myself though. I can think “oh i opened all of the doors for myself my dad doesn’t make meetings for me” but then I have to think deeper, he still funds my lifestyle that allows me to attempt to open said doors, so it’s not really me. I will never have to hustle in order to make ends meet, and I’m very fortunate for that. There will always be some man there to catch me. IF you’re an even remotely attractive woman there will be some safety net in place.

        2. Being a man just kind of sucks, it is a crapshoot entirely. You may be conventionally attractive and normally get women but some women have weird taste. Ive gone out in public with suitors and we get stares from people because they’re surprised I guess. My type is dad body at the level that it is borderline fat, between 5’7 and 5’10, smart at the level of questionably on the spectrum, but treats me like shit somehow. Or as one of my friends coined it “aryan rejects” light hair, blue eyes, has never done a sport in their life. Women are all over the map, you can kill yourself for years doing things that women are supposed to be impressed by and it doesn’t work. I ignore a lot of terrible pick up lines sent to me from dating apps and i feel bad but i don’t engage. It’s better to just not say anything than to engage and lead someone on. Women are bitches and so am I. Fart Stick it’s true, I can attempt to empathize but I will not understand ever.

        3. This is why most feminists are fat, ugly and probably grew up without a father. They are furious that no man has ever taken care of them and that rage fuels the feminist movement. Their “independence” is a burden not a choice, just as it is for men. It would seem that ugly women are forced to live like men and they are not happy about it at all.

        4. “…treats me like shit somehow.” My only curiosity really is if women are naturally like this or if this craving of abuse is somehow related to modernity and the destruction of the family unit by feminist legislation.

        5. I think that it might be natural honestly. It is so easy to get sex as a woman, that guys who aren’t impressed with you stand out. It’s not an achievement for a woman to have sex with someone, when you have to work for it then it feels like you did something. Snagging an alpha or delusional beta who acts alpha towards you feels like you are being rewarded, which would make sense from a natural evolutionary standpoint. You want the man who could do without you and be completely fine and get other women. You don’t want a man who is lost without you and pining after you because that means they have no other options.

        6. Well, I qualify in most of those ways (maybe a tad more than borderline fat, though I prefer to call it beer-related energy storage)), but the only way I treat women like shit is through being a bit of a self-centred dick, and I’m not proud of that.

        7. Of course, all of that is completely correct. They know that their cats are incapable of financially supporting them, so they develop that anger and grind behind their eyes like men.

        8. Hey are you Megan Fox ? No ! well you must be a regular fox then. HAHA did I pick you up ? …

      4. Refreshing to hear such self-honesty and maturity from a western woman. It almost gives me hope I may finally meet a decent girl from my own culture one day. Unlikely still, but you never know.

        1. Yeah, takes a lot of maturity to live off your Daddy and brag online about how spoiled you are.

      5. “If I was born male I would probably max out at 5’7 based on genes, and I’d have feminine looking features for a boy most likely. That’s already 2 hurdles, then I would be expected to be a doctor and take over my father’s practice, or if failing that be a lawyer, and failing that business.”
        Why is being 5’7 bad for a man, or even shorter like 5’4?

        1. It’s a hurdle to get over in terms of conventional attractiveness. There is a reason that men list their height on Tinder. A vast majority of women consider it a deal breaker if a man is under 6′ or shorter than they are. You can overcome being vertically challenged with charisma and game, but you will have to work at it.

        2. Was more out of curiosity.
          I think because I live in Sweden, the women here do not care about height…and there are plenty of tall people here…not one who I have slept with has made mention, that is why I found it weird when you made mention of it. I am aware that it is a huge deal in basketball and tennis, but that is sports.
          I did some research and found that height is infact a big deal in america, surprising to here women are so picky for height…that is like women being picky for race, cause both unchangeable factors.
          Looks like ROK is right, american women are mentally ill.

        3. Height is a huge (haha) deal to American girls for some reasons. I will interpret it as an internal drive to see height as proof of genetic fitness in a mate. It’s an unfair standard because it’s not like you can change your height. I feel like I saw it here that some guy on Tinder asked a woman her weight and she got so offended but she asked how tall he was first. You should be able to ask that, fair is fair social niceties be damned! You can lose 50 pounds but you can’t go from 5’6 to 6’4, and the girl goes up in market value but the man does not. I personally prefer between 5’7-5’11, I don’t like to crane my neck up, no awkward height difference during sex, I don’t need to feel small and delicate because I’m girly enough anyways. But yeah 1 in 4, including me, (see people not a unicorn) what can you do? Western first world problems tend to create absurd levels of pointless misery.

        4. Yeah a truly messed up culture America has, glad I don’t live there. Majority of the women are pretty much mentally ill, even you sound affected by the americna mental illness based on what you said.
          Many dumb preferences that are unchangeable, women getting too fat, SJWs, lots of women being on anti-depressants and women being extremely unappreciative of getting free stuff.
          Another thing I noticed is how sex is such a big deal where as here in Europe, nude beaches are all chill- but women have to watch out for the third world Muslims…those Muslims are rapey.
          How does a country get so messed up, I’ll never know…it even looks like Hillary will win the election over trump.

      6. There is nothing like a free meal. Unless your job is heir or heiress, you’ll have to work for your money. Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, a police officer or a housewife, you will WORK. Of course, you can be a lazy housewife who watches TV and sits on the couch day in, day out. But if you want to make a positive contribution to the life of your husband and kids, then you need lots and lots of energy to keep your husband happy, your kids well-behaved & happy plus your house clean.
        Besides, being a housewife is not THAT safe. Failure is still possible. The kids may turn out bad or your marriage may deteriorate over time. If you plan to rely on men … okay. It’s your life.
        But if I may give you some (really) well-meaning advice: please choose your man carefully. That is to say, try to find a good husband, who appreciates your work as a housewife and who still loves you, once your beauty fades.
        The safety net men might provide for some beautiful women becomes more porous when a woman gets older.
        Life is not easy. For no one.

        1. Oh but it is easy, for her. Her Daddy pays for everything. Shes a spoiled overprivelaged little brat who has never had to work, assumes everyone else has it like that, visits online sites to talk out of her ass and insult those of us who live in the real world.

      7. I pay for my own not girl lifestyle in the big bad city. I am a nanny making $135k and actually out among my fire captain 40 year old bf who makes 120k.
        Shut your mouth you fake sexist person.

        1. I’m 23 years old. This is expected. A lot of strong independent woman types are in their early 20s, I’d say most of them. If you have a 40 year old bf I am assuming you are at least 30 and are a legit person. I was a nanny too, and it’s amazing $20 an hour, the kids are worldly and sophisticated, you order from Seamless. You are an exception, the women that are being pointed out are girls in their 20s who mooch off the government and claim to be independent, or are funded by their dads and don’t admit to it. Your income is baller, and I applaud you.

        2. I an 26 and have been supporting myself since 19. What absurd remarks you make. I’d also wager my life and the life of everyone I know that you are actually a fat 50 yr old man who invented the personality of a young woman to make his sexist friends feel better about their mysoginy.

        3. Always gotta have some backlash on ROK. Not criticizing your life girl. You’re not out calling yourself strong and independent and doing the opposite. Your ability to support your own life speaks for itself. This article is criticizing the jobless women out there mooching off of someone else and claiming to be independent. You are an actual independent woman making your own income, so again, my argument does not apply to you. And no, I am not a fat 50 yr old, you can link to multiple sources that this is really me. I use my real name because there is enough about me out there anyways, and I stand by what I say.

        4. Maybe it has to do with where you’re located, (small to mid- sized northern MI tourist town in my case), but most of the women I’ve heard crowing about how strong and independent they are are single moms in their mid 30’s and up.

      8. Not trying to praise you or send a signal of deep admiration here. But I must exclaim how deeply surprised I am to know that a person like you even exists.

      9. Men can handle it. We are no victims – we are killers.
        You as a woman can never imagine how strong testosterone makes a man’s will and mental fortitude. We are innately independent, strong, and some of us twice as smart(or more) as any woman.
        Men of quality don’t live for women – they are rather an extra bonus – a cake at the end of a meal.

      10. The first time I was told this phrase (posted this on RVF once): “The saddest part of a man’s life is what dies inside him while he’s still alive,” was told to me by my Ex, for whom I have my only child with, a 9yo daughter.
        It’d become blatantly apparent with each passing year that the actual message was;”I’ll kill you incrementally through eventually stealing your life away, in every way available to me, and there’s not a God damned thing you can do about it!”
        I’m really glad to hear you post: “Whenever my dad wires money, or buys me something I say thank you. I try to make his life easier because his entire life is based on making my life better.”

      11. Wow, a spoiled little princess who assumes that every woman in the world has it as good as her. Lovely. Just because you are not an independent woman doesn’t mean that we don’t exist. You know what, I have a Dad too. After he sexually assaulted me at age 14 (or tried to, I wasn’t having it) preceded by a lifetime of physical and emotional abuse and neglect by my alcoholic mother and her psycho husband, I ran away in the middle of the night in Wisconsin, in the winter, was picked up by the police and placed in a group home for teens. Got legally emancipated at 16, got a job, bought my own vehicle, got my GED and went straight to college. Worked my way through school, I now own my own car, pay my own bills, no help from anyone. I would say that’s pretty fucking independent, wouldn’t you?? I’m not ugly either , just learned how to look attractive without being high-maintenece (“hot girl upkeep” doesn’t cost that much if you’re actually, you know, hot). I learned these skills from growing up in abject poverty, something silver-spoon-in-your-mouth overprivelaged people like yourself will thankfully never have to experience. The main thing I can’t stand about spoiled kids is thier complete lack of understanding about the reality of the world, and thier assumption that EVERYONE has it easy. Why don’t you tell a 13 year old sex slave or a widowed mother or a sweatshop worker how easy her life is because she’s a woman. Get a clue sweetheart, or otherwise please keep your mouth shut. It’s good that at least you appreciate what your parents to for you, but your sweeping generalizations are incredibly insulting to those of us who don’t have Daddy footing the bill for everything, who have in fact had to struggle just to survive from the time we were born.

        1. I normally don’t believe in responding to negative comments but here we go. Someone is on the warpath it seems, based on the massive amount of comments racked up on Disqus on ROK. Should not have put my real name on here again, but I think it’s kind of pathetic to bitch someone out and hide behind a pseudonym.
          “Jessie” you are going on about being independent on an MRA website, it’s not exactly the most forgiving place to do that. But if you’re not doing it all the damn time in real life you are getting it done. You are independent by definition, etc. my comment was related to the type of woman that makes us all look bad. And the option is always there, if you’re not hideous you can be rescued. Granted, would you necessarily want to do that, depends on your level of grit as a person or whatever feel good nonsense there is.
          This is a red pill site that acknowledges the ugly truths that you may not personally agree with or want to acknowledge. Coming here means a bit of a shift in perspective, of thinking primally. So much of our opinions are based off of how we have been living for less than 100 years as a species. Think of all of the time before that where rules were entirely different and you did what you could to survive. Being entirely self sufficient was a complete last resort. Times obviously have changed, but still, people are really caught up in this mindset that the universe operates a certain way. Needing to prove to some person you have never met how you are independent and they are wrong is a bit much. There is no point in creating so much negative energy over a discussion. I come here to listen to alternative viewpoints that I wouldn’t normally get with the company I keep.

        2. I come here for alternative viewpoints as well. And yeah I comment a lot sometimes, I love a good debate. I’m definitely not trying to prove anything, just answering your question- Yes independent women exist. You aren’t one of them because you never had to be (which isn’t your fault). My issue was with the generalizations you made about women, because if what YOU have experienced. Your dad will most likely support you until you’re married, at which point your husband probably will. That’s fine for you, but for some of us couldn’t be further from the truth. Coming from a bad background with a lot of trauma and abuse issues makes life hard for even the prettiest girl, it is hard to find a good man who doesnt try to take advantage of you, and who is willing to deal with the emotional problems you have from the past. I agree with you that a lot of women who claim to be independent, are actually not independent. In my opinion if you have family support of any kind, you are not independent. I’ve dated several wealthy men, was even married to one (they sought me out, not vice versa) but living off a man has never been my long term plan. I don’t like the feeling of being financially dependent on another person. It’s a mix of background and personality that has made me this way. I know other women who are the same way, including single Mothers who refuse to take any handouts. Could we coast through life leeching off menthe government? Probably, but there’s a deep sense of pride within us that won’t allow us to. I can’t really explain it to someone who doesn’t have that feeling. I just found out about your modest internet fame in the last hour by the way. I don’t find what you write in them particularly offensive myself, but I think what you don’t understand is that the points you make in your atricles can only be related to by other rich people. To the average American you sound like you are bragging and flaunting your wealth, whether you mean to sound that way or not. That’s why you get so many negative reactions.

        3. That was a very classy response and I’m really impressed. I work in the retail industry now and do manual labor as part of it. I’ve sustained a workplace related injury which has given me a lot more respect for actual hardworking americans who just power through pain their entire lives. I work 14 hour days because I want to. That in itself is a luxury, of wanting more money when you’re being provided for, in order to develop a work ethic.

    6. Good points. Women don’t need men…but they really do.
      Ever notice how many fucking miserable women there are out there today? They have everything that they’ve ever wanted and I see more (and more) of these groups of women drinking their wine, living a fake (virtual) life, making negative comments (about everything) and they all still can’t seem to find “the right man”.
      It’s just an excuse. These bitches are miserable.
      Someone needs to put out a memo addressed to these women: “Look, women, this is what happens to your life when you’re strong and independent – when you don’t need a man. You become a miserable bitch”.
      I think that pretty much sums it up.

      1. Women are like fat people. They are miserable and no matter how much they stuff themselves in their easy lives they will never be satisfied because they will never understand the great feeling of working out.

    7. Green Goblin: (to Spider-man)
      “Well, to each his own. I chose my path, you chose the way of the hero. And they found you amusing for a while, the people of this city. But the one thing they love more than a hero is to see a hero fail, fall, die trying. In spite of everything you’ve done for them, eventually they will hate you.”

  4. Consider this scenario :
    2040, the current governments have survived the Great War against Islam and it has been decided that this conflict was not caused by islamists or immigration but by male aggressivity in general.
    Therefore, all “cisgendered” males, including the war heroes the secular governments relied on, are to be arrested and forced to go through sex change operations.

    1. Don’t give them ideas… Remember, Orwell was writting 1984 as “fiction”

    2. If there is going to be another war, may as well make sure the globalist elites who instigated it are properly dealt with.

      1. The French were correct when they invented the guillotine. I say it’s long overdue for a comeback.

    3. More than likely they would just add some more chemicals to the drinking water, along with the fluoride and residue from the contraception pill and other chemical mood altering drugs.

      1. I’m envisioning that scenario because that’s already what they did after the Cologne rape rage : blaming male aggressiveness instead of migrants.
        In the same fashion , every time there is a shooting or a bombing from Muslims they blame it on “religions” instead of Muslims, because that way they can pretend to actually do something against terrorism and then move on to Christians, which are a much easier target, for they don’t fight anymore.

        1. Amen to that brother. Ho and dont forget that islam is the religion of peace…

    1. Our infrastructure really is third world level in many instances. Airports are worse than most poor nations I fly to. Bridges, roads, transportation, etc. Our train system is laughable. China, who we would have joked about 50 years ago, has built trains that travel as fast as our planes. We do have a decent interstate system, but it is nearing capacity.

      1. chinese-built bullet trains that go 500 MPH? I think Ill take a rickshaw

        1. I hear some of the tracks have right angles- what could possibly go wrong at 500 mph

        2. Well, the trains “only” top 300, but when you factor in the 2 hour security wait, the sitting on tarmac at start and finish, and the travelling 30,000 ft up and down and maneuvering to flight path at low speed, planes end up being slower for all but trans-continental travel.
          Plus if they perfect the maglev or the hyperloop or whatever they invent next, that will be even faster.

      2. It isn’t because we don’t spend enough – it’s because we have allowed so much corruption. New York has the highest taxes in the country and is a complete dump. All that money is just stolen.
        The Third World’s got nothing on us when it comes to political graft.

        1. where does all the money go? everyone knows damn well the MTA has 2 sets of books, and both Christie and Cuomo decided against an audit- where is the money going?>

    2. You mean all that TARP money.. trillions in fact.. never trickled down to maintain infrastructure like Obama said it would? Astounding.

  5. There are barely any Independent women. I would say about 0.001%. There are many who claim to be independent but live from the government or the vaginamony she gets from her divorced husband.
    Women still need men. But men don’t need women anymore .
    If you can cook, keep your house clean , There is no need for a woman.
    Oh and thanks to feminism who killed slut shaming it’s easier than ever to get one night stands. If you have some “game” skills you can even build a harem.
    In our age of more and more emasculating men, women crave alpha men more than ever.

    1. there were some interesting debt levels per household posted on breitbart last week:
      car loans: $27k
      credit cards: $16k
      college loans: $48k
      home loans: $169k (only one that seems resonable)
      Women (and men) are dependent on easy credit

      1. 169k in home debt is not reasonable, many houses where I live don’t even cost that much. Of course just talked to a buddy the other day who has owned his house for 10 years, owes as much as the day he bought it. Most people are dumb with money.

        1. 169k in home debt means you are rich near me. I need to take the photo of the building across the street from me that has the nerve to put up a 30 foot high and 60 foot wide sign that says “Affordable Luxury Within Your Reach: Studio Apartment’s Starting at only 900,000”

        2. LOL- okay. living the dream in NYC metro with a home loan that paltry

        3. Yeah I have a cousin who became a millionaire simply by purchasing a building in NY 30 years ago that became worth a million dollars.

        4. Yea NY is nuts, my Uncle has a modest 3000 sq ft place in Valley Stream that’s off a main 4 lane road that is worth $800k, same, house in Tx is 200k, if that. Almost paid off, gonna sell that bitch and move to Orlando now that all the kids are gone.

        5. it is true about ny for sure. property value in manhattan has consistently tripled over 15 year periods at least and far exceeded that in other areas. So, for instance, if you can find a condo and work the numbers that your mortgage payment plus re taxes and common charges is roughly what you are paying for rent anyway (which is actually not that hard to do) you are basically living in an investment that is free minus the (admittedly huge) down payment. 15-20 years when that mortgage is paid off, assuming you bought when you are 40, you are 60 years old and have a condo easily worth more than 3 million to sell in a very desireable market where condos move very quickly.
          Once you sell you can live the rest of your life in a very comfortable manner. It is the reason that NYC is so desirable for a single man. If you can somehow figure out that down payment by the time you are 40 which is hard but not impossible if you really set your mind to it, you will never need to worry about your retirement.

        6. good for him- valley stream(and most of lawn guy land) is turning into shitholes

        7. Only thing is I think if you live in NYC until you are 60 you will be bored shitless anywhere else. I visited my cousin living in Central Park South in the same building as David Letterman back when I was a freshman in college. I saw her husband once in a week. He worked for Goldman and usually worked until 8 pm every night.
          I’m a fan of hard work and had a job since the age of 16, and a steady retirement fund. But at the same time I don’t want to be a slave to some corporation. I decided I’d rather skip the 6 figure income and be a little more calm and easygoing and relaxed by taking a slower life elsewhere. I was afraid the NYC lifestyle would turn me into an asshole if I stayed there too long. It’s a coin flip, though, pluses and minuses. I’ve done pretty well financially down south. Almost debt free and with a big retirement account, though I’m not even halfway through my working years.

        8. its not worth the price of admission anymore- avoid. subways have never been this crowded before, rents quadrupled in 15-20 yrs, most people I know now work the “bankers hours” til 8pm, I assume the new bankers’ hours are til midnight.

        9. it def turns a person into an asshole…..quod est demonstrandum…but for all my bluster about never wanting to live anywhere else still have almost 20 years to go until 60 and I can def see living in the Carolinas, having a little boat I can work on and a motorcycle, complaining about tourists, maybe skipping town for a few weeks in rainy season.
          I am a total corporate slave and every day I wonder if taking the other path wouldn’t have been better. I imagine from the other side you wonder too. IN the end it is all pluses and minuses and we leverage our talents and avoid our shortcomings in hopes to maximize our happiness. Some people say there is no wrong choice….I go the other way and say that, frankly, there is no right choice so which ever you do you will be wrong and it is just a matter of doing it wrong as best you can.

        10. want to know how nuts is…I look at 3000 ft^2 for 800 and I think “cheap!”
          I couldn’t go to lawn guy land without melting like the wicked witch. I need to get paid to go south of 57th street, need to get paid a lot to go south of 14th, absolutely refuse to go to the financial district and would literally rather be beheaded by isis than leave the island. The very idea of going to LI is abhorrent.

        11. I have lived in ny all my life and I am only vaguely aware that it is east of me. Couldn’t tell you how to get there or what to expect when you find it.

        12. lmao, I get the same feeling when I come by, I have to make a trip to the city and walk around for hours to clean LI off of me before I fly out, every single time.

        13. Their love of Boars Head, Billy Joel and dilapidated houses is really horrible. I actually wrote the definitive long island dictionary where I defined all the names of towns in long island.

        14. it is a vile substance which is using brand recognition to sell terrible food. I will give you an example. When I was younger I lived near a deli. Every morning they roasted a fresh roast beef, a fresh turkey breast and a fresh ham and used it for coldcuts. People would come in, demand boars head over a fresh roast beef out of the oven, then leave when they didn’t have it. Eventually the guy stocked the boars head which wound up being over twice the price and business started doing better. It is an odious, chemical and salt laden semi food. If you want to know the difference pick up an inexpensive roast and cook it very simply then slice colt cuts and taste it against boars head. I wound up buying a mini deli slicer for 99 bucks at bed bath and beyond. I will make a boneless turkey breast when it is on sale and get three pounds of cold cuts for roughtly 1/3 the price boars head cost and it actually tastes like food.

        15. It is about as easy as possible. Let me know which one you want to do…ham, turkey or chicken and ill send over my recipe.

        16. What area do you call that really? I have a friend in Chelsea and also Brooklyn. I’ve passed through that northern area on the way to the Cloisters but I’m not even sure what neighborhood that is.

        17. sure, I have in a folder on my home computer. will do. All super simple and mostly involve about 10 minutes of prep time and an hour of passive time.

        18. cloisters is up near Ft. tryon and is truly one of NYCs last remaining hidden gems. If it wouldn’t take me an hour to get to work every day I would def move there. Chelsea is in new jersey afaic. and I am from Brooklyn….damned if I am ever going back.
          Roosevelt Island is a small island on a wheel chair.
          And while I don’t know what a valley stream is, I am pretty sure that a Hauppauge is a maneuver with pants around ankles usually performed in search of toilet paper post shitting or upon realizing you drunkenly went to bed with a fat chick and need to get out of her house immediately…something that happens frequently on long island

        19. no, mine is based on a deep historical look. However, I believe the map you have here would be accurate to anyone from long island. However, since I don’t really consider them human…..

        20. Well it’s also a matter of preference. I lived near NYC for 10 years and couldn’t get out to the country fast enough. Fishing, hunting, mountain biking etc. are more than enough excitement for me.

        21. dang, Mish’s economic site doesnt use js-kit anymore. up/downvotes galore… loved seeing a comment with a -43 rating

        22. It’s funny when people think commercial deli-turkey is healthier than commercial deli-ham. They’re both complete garbage, and are one of the bigger culprits ruining children’s health.

        23. that is correct….and both of them are about as healthy as a mcdonalds burger. Good advertising. Bad meat.

        24. Not really ego breaker, if one commented on say, the infamous ‘rape article’ and pissed off 87,000 SJW/mangina/losers who applied the downvote button, that tends to make one’s day.

        25. 169k debt is like $750/month + ~200 for taxes & insurance. Roughly $950/mo for 3 bd/2.5 ba including $250/mo in princ paydown. That’s around 20% of median household income. Seems fairly reasonable to me on average considering the median house is over 2k sq ft.

        26. That goldman job till 8 will eventually pay $400-$500k. Do it for 10 years, save a ton, and then retire down south at 40.

        27. Agreed. Although it’s pretty damn risky, putting all your eggs in one basket hoping it pays off. Goldman does lay off people, you know. Then you’re SOL.

        28. Key to corporate America is know when you’re on the way up, when you’ve flat lined, and when you are risk of getting Xed. Should bail long before you are risk of a layoff for another firm. Always know what’s going on with your firm, your industry, your department’s positional power in your firm and your career trajectory. There are thousands of financial institutions to go to.

        1. The only debt I have is a few credit cards to boost my credit score. And that’s not even over $1000 between 7 of them.

      2. This need to keep up with the Joneses is more prevalent to women than men. Women love to inflict envy upon others, it’s like a drug to them. They are so concerned about how people judge them, they go to great lengths to portray that image and shield themselves from people discovering their true selves.
        This is why the level of debt per household is so high. If one would just have the “fuck it” mentality, then you live a minimal life and not incur such high level debt. Debt is slavery.

      1. love the logic on the poster: “I dont have a penis, so I cant go topless?” She needs to put a bunch of rocks and bricks in her pockets, and immediately walk into the pacific ocean

      2. why are we raping the planet? For the same reason we rape anyone. Because they asked for it…what with all those delicious carrots, diamonds and oil inside her.

        1. I’ll admit, this vids pre-pic confounds me on a certain level.
          It says “Here is a wantonly naked redhead (my personal weakness) with her mouth held open in a perfect circle! (icing on the carrot cake as it were)”
          And yet I feel like it’s right before the starter’s pistol for my own three-legged race and I really need to run for all I’m worth.

        2. Besides, look at what it’s wearing, all that greenery and minerals.

        3. When she gushes black lube, she’s ready to groove. (Halliburton fans will get this)

        4. a tangentially unrelated note: I assume the most fun night ever was the night before people sacrificed virgins to the volcano. I mean, can you imagine? It’s like…oh, ok, tomorrow is the day virgins are sacrificed to the volcano. It is not even close to enough that you aren’t even a virgin. You need every many woman and child in that village to know full damn well you aren’t. Many what a party.

        5. oil as in the Oil Well analogy proferred by Roosh… it will eventually dry up but you have to keep Frame so you don’t self hypnotize into Disneyesque caring
          hey guys, program note: I’m getting a 2 minute delay before I get to enter a comment. Hopefully it is just a screen by ROK first, but otherwise concerned its SJW hackers… am I paranoid

        6. No, the woman with all that stuffed in her orifice is probably a junkie shoplifter at the local bodega market.
          You can’t fool Mother Nature.

        7. Do you have some spare Kratom, it makes a mundane rape into something rapetastic.

        8. KRATOM is behind this – anyone scores some lines of Kratom, even the Crack of Dawn isn’t rape-proof. (She asked for it, by the way)

        9. The festering fauna was picked up at the sauna from some landwhalez gonha picked up milking a thirsty beta spawna’

        10. Kratom as plant leaves works, as powder, does not work. So in effect, your rape will not be rapetastic unless you have the leaves. This is not the case with the coca plant as the powder is far … wait never mind.

        11. Obviously, a numbing substance, though it may stiffen the probing apparatus, would tend to dull the sensors, thereby being quite counterproductive.
          Game, set and match to Kratom – as always.
          By the way, Kratom makes one hell of a fuel-additive for the internal combustion engines, but careful in jet fuel or you might find yourself, oh – nevermind.

      3. The chick at 1min26 : “I’m a playboy model”. I googled her name out of curiosity… She’s a fricking porn actress ! Bwahahahahahaaaa !

        1. Yeah, she mos-def is. I Googled her name, too…or rather, I used GoDuckGo (a private search engine)

      4. lol…he ran into a bunch of attention whores is all.
        These women didn’t make the cut for the titty bars or Hooters so they are Plan B free agents..in the hunt for a team.
        How much you want to bet these girls have daddy issues?

        1. ALL of them. The sad part is, I suspect none come from single parent homes, which makes it even more pathetic.You’re failing America.

    2. “Oh and thanks to feminism who killed slut shaming it’s easier than ever to get one night stands. If you have some “game” skills you can even build a harem.”
      It’s really quite amazing the hole feminists have dug for themselves:
      “We want to be sexually liberated and not shamed for it!”
      “Don’t sexually objectify women!”
      “Men treat all women like they’re sluts!”
      “Men only care about my looks!”
      “I want to wear as little clothes as possible! Don’t judge me!”
      The contradictions abound.

  6. The woman in the article had all the nice things. A condo, career, and car. You can bet that those are never enough. She’ll want the bigger condo or house, a more luxurious car, and a better job. She will never be satisfied. The man that she wants could not meet those standards because she would never marry down. As the pool of desireable men dwindles, her own SMV is dropping as time goes on. Later she will grow old and alone, and be completely miserable. She will blame everyone else but herself for her pitiful life.

    1. Especially women in their 30’s want to know if their decisions to break up a LTR was a good one. You haven’t heard from her in months, or years. But she will send you a message eventually. Or she bumps into you somehow, or you find out she’s been spying on you. Or you find out she’s been asking about you. Women will always want to know how their ex-bf are doing currently. You be damned if you graduated and have a nice life. You having a family and her living the cockcarousel catlady-lifestyle must be torment for a woman.

  7. Roscoe has it round the wrong way. It’s these women who are obsolete – living in lonely apartments, working meaningless jobs, living meaningless lives. They don’t contribute to the world and they aren’t a part of its genetic future (aside the odd bastard here and there). Men might look at these women and decide they’re obsolete… or they might realize the women are loser sluts and then keep looking.
    There’s women who want and need you in SE Asia. Look there and you’ll find a wife and have some good kids, and you’ll carve out a place in the world’s future that those obsolete career sluts will never know.

      1. If you’re not into Asian girls then just watch Chinese Kung Fu movies until you think the chicks in them are hot. It seriously works. People naturally dislike unfamiliar features, but once you’ve familiarized those features then that wall breaks down. I didn’t like Asian girls when I was a teen, but 30 Jackie Chan and Jet Li movies later…

        1. I used to love those films as a kid too. In my case, not being into Asian women right now is not due to under-exposure… it’s OVER-exposure.
          I guess deep inside on a sub-conscious level I yearn to “keep it in the family”.

  8. I can see your points, but I’m honestly getting sick of these kinds of “women dont need us, we have no value” kinds of articles. We’re the inventors, builders, and protectors of society, and women and society will always need us. And if you carry yourself like a man, women won’t just want you, they’ll need you.
    We here know better than any blue pill fag or pixie cut slam pig what our value is. We need to stop with this kind of self-deprecating nonsense and build ourselves into the men we want to be. As we do, the women will follow.

    1. Women may not need men on the individual level anymore, but society as a whole certainly still needs men, and women still need them on a broader level. After all, who started most of the businesses that women today work for and made the various toys that keep women entertained without their own personal clown boy? I may not need a man of my own, but that’s because of what’s been set in place for me by many men I’ve never met.

      1. Most of the non-hoes I know have no interest in a clown. Even the girls who fuck clowns still crave a real man on a limbic level. I’d rather be what I want and have my choice of whatever woman I want. Inner game is where it’s at. Fuck the clown bullshit.

  9. That is, until a Children of Men scenario where women are infertile potentially happens, then I wonder what happens next.

  10. I am fortunate to be married to a woman who comes from a traditional conservative background. I snatched her up at a music store i worked at and we have been together since. She was home schooled and started to get into the mainstream west while she was in college. She is beautiful but as we all know, beautiful women are crazy. She now stays at home with my boys and does whatever i tell her to do.

    1. “a music store”- anyone under 20, this wont compute for them. Had to have balls to ask a chick out face to face

  11. Women don’t need men…up until the point a guy “stare rapes” them from across the bar. Then they need a bunch of male cops, a male lawyer, and a cucked male judge to ruin your life.

  12. It’s a good article, and I am already reading “it’s not men, it’s women who are obsolete”. No, both of them are.
    Unemployment statistics
    There is a whole generation (and those following) who is expected to be unemployed their whole lives. Living in parents’ homes, or on government money.
    Automation, immigration, anti-birth policies (abortion, homossexualist promotion, etc.) are all aimed to find alternatives TO YOU. You are expected to be excluded from economy (cheaper “refugees”, robots), culture (where are white men in movies/tvs/whatever, these days?), society (affirmative action). In a word, from power. And, if excluded from power, you will be eliminated by your enemies.

    1. If someone is currently not within the top 20% of all income earners in the USA and also will not be at that income level, within a planned 10 year period, guided by a WORKABLE strategy (age doesn’t matter, just that they have a realistic plan) than they have ABSOLUTELY no reason to follow “The Social Contract” from here on out. I really mean it, people whom have no chance to be in the top 20%, of all income earners, have ZERO incentives to listen to ANYBODY. The Elite consider those below the top 20%, as nothing more than a form of slave labor or at best an indentured servant with middling pay, so, it really is pointless for regular people to follow any “request” or “behavioral guidelines” issued by those same Ruling Class Elites.
      Taking into account everything that I have said, it should be blatantly obvious to everyone, why the government wants to limit gun ownership among regular people and why they have militarized local police forces. There will be consequences when a BIG chunk of the population can no longer earn wages to buy food or shelter. Most folks are not Rambo, they are not the leaders or members of a private militia, nor are they master survivalists.
      A Regular Joe will not survive, IF, the lower classes are driven to desperation, caused by a long term, high, unemployment rate of low skilled laborers. However, contrary to current popular beliefs held by many posting here on ROK, decreased population has historically proven, that wages will increase and those whom need to purchase labor will have to pay those higher wages, due to market conditions favoring laborers.
      The economic system in the USA is set up as a “Rent Seeking” platform for those that control the majority of its wealth, PERIOD. To believe any differently is nothing more than mental gymnastics, used to justify why we are strongly coerced to live the way we do. (note, many simply call these people the “Elite”, but lets face facts, they think they OWN us, like indentured servants, so, I refer to them as the “Owners of Capital” in my below posts)
      The “Owners of Capital” want wage slaves DEAD before turning 60. Best case scenario for them, is for someone to work 60+ hour work weeks from ages 16-60, put all of their money into a 401K, cars & home mortgage, neglecting to go to the doctor for decades and then suddenly drop dead of a heart attack; all before they can drain their 401K’s and start using earned social security & medicare benefits (note, some ROK posters, in the past, have said that the “Owners of Capital” want to extract ongoing fees from “lingering, uncured, illnesses in the elderly”, however, that only applies to the top 10%-20% of all earners. The rest, that are below such a level of income, the “Elite” want dying on the job because those below that income level do not have enough retirement savings to pay for such care. Which is why I use the term “wage slaves”).
      Due to the way our current economic system works, we CLEARLY have too many people being born and not enough desire on the behalf of the “owners of capital” to employ them for the sake of having a stable and safe civilization. In the United States, for example, its clear that the “owners of capital” have chosen NOT to employ people on a large scale, preferring “tent cities” and “jailing the homeless”, INSTEAD of providing more “make-work employment” arrangements.
      Up to the 1940 a person could get just about any job with an 8th grade education, but today you need a BA or Masters for entry level.
      Because the government & big business figured out a long time ago that populations would certainly increase over time, but due to technology advancements, the availability of jobs would not expand to meet that population growth. There is a DEFINITE reason they don’t want people dropping out of high school and then at the same time, encourage those same high school graduates to attend junior college, then a 4 year university and finally a Masters degree or PhD. Government strong-arms this concept because it DECREASES the amount of people looking for full-time employment at the SAME TIME, chasing after jobs in a market that CANNOT provide employment for everyone whom is looking, able to perform, qualified for and willing to work.
      Machines could put more than half the world’s population out of a job in the next 30 years:
      Look at it this way, when people could get a job with an 8th grade education, they went out and did it as soon as possible (opportunity cost). Then jobs got scarcer and the minimum requirement became a high school diploma, adding 4 more years of people NOT Looking for jobs within their cohort. Then jobs got even scarcer and the minimum became a 2 or 4 year college degree, adding an additional 2-4 years of people NOT looking for jobs within their cohort. Now jobs are really scarce and may require a Masters or PHD, adding an additional 2-7 years of people NOT looking for jobs within their cohort. Basically due to the way the economy has been structured TODAY, we are looking at young people within their cohort whom are NOT looking for full-time, career type, employment for 4-15 YEARS, beyond K-12, all while they finish more school!
      This has been done ON PURPOSE, to keep the number people seeking employment lower. In 1920 after 8th grade everyone who was able, went out to look for work and typically found it. That’s simply NOT possible today under any circumstances. Easily accessed welfare will soon add another 1-3 years of people within a cohort, to those “not seeking employment”. Note this will NOT be to the specific detriment of society, but as a means to continue to mask the illusion that jobs and upward mobility are still available. So, if someone gets a graduate degree and collects 1-3 years of welfare on top of than, that’s ONE less person competing for scarce jobs. The extra years of welfare are then acting in the same way to the larger economy, as the previously increased minimum education levels for employment. The real goal is decreasing the number of able-bodied applicants out on the job market at the same time, but also not decreasing the supply of “potential workers” who’s mere existence drive wages down for EVERYBODY. Keep in mind this cohort of people “not pursuing full-time employment” also includes those in Prison, Government pensioners/SSI and the disabled on government assistance. The reality is if everyone needed to go out and “get a job” or “start their own business” TODAY, as many “capitalists” and “entrepreneurs” suggest these days, we would ALL be making 0.25 cents a day. THIS RACE TO THE BOTTOM EFFECTS THE SELF EMPLOYED WAGES AS WELL.
      The “owners of capital” have already decided, FOR US REGULAR PEOPLE, that there are going to be LESS jobs available in the NEAR future, due to increased automation and modern corporate labor, cost-cutting, strategies. These measures eventually will affect and include ALL contract work, ALL self-employment opportunities and ALL small businesses, NOT JUST payroll laborers. Its easier to “pay less” or “nothing at all” to contracted or indentured “labor” when there is another willing laborer/slave, waiting in the wings, to do the work for less or nothing at all. In the past when there wasn’t enough money to go around to pay both wages & PROFITS, the “owners of capital” simply brought in more indentured servant immigrants (Irish, Italians, Chinese, etc) or flat out used slave labor (Blacks, Native Americans, domestic prisoners, POW’s, etc). The only difference between now and then is the “owners of capital” can’t LEGALLY have slaves or indentured servants. The mechanisms today that replaces slaves and indentured servants are the following: longer than needed formal education for basic employment, off-shoring of labor, forced retirement, prisoners and welfare
      The largest “recorded” wage increase to happen in history, for non-land owing, wage-laborers, post the introduction of fiat currency, was after the black death pandemic, in the 14th century, especially in post-pandemic England
      But, how was that possible?
      Because “the owners of capital”, post the black-death-pandemic, still needed wage-laborers, but there was a HUGE shortage of able bodied people. So, in order for ANY work to get done, they had to pay the peasants and other undesirables, more money, SIGNIFICANTLY MORE. This principle is still at work today, when you take the time to recognize that sizable portions of the population are actively discouraged from participating in the full-time labor market. This is easily done, by throwing people in prison, forcing them to attend formal school longer and allowing more people to claim themselves as disabled or collect long/short term welfare
      After the Black Death ran its course, in the 14th century, a Peasants Revolt was triggered by the “Statute of Labourers 1351”. By 1381, the sustained wage growth for non-land owing, wage-laborers was rising so quickly that the English parliament, a few decades post the Black-Death, under King Edward III, introduced the “Statute of Labourers 1351”. This statute was used by the “Owners of Capital”, as an artificial means to drive down the wages of non-land owning peasants. Despite market conditions signalling the need for increased wages
      The Statute of Laborers; 1351 (“Statutes of the Realm,” vol. i. p. 307.) The Statute of Laborers; 1351 (“Statutes of the Realm,” vol. i. p. 307.) http://avalon.law.yale.edu/medieval/statlab.asp
      Think about that for a minute, the MARKET signaled that wages should have been higher, due to actual labor shortages caused by the Black Death, but the “owners of capital” still didn’t want to pay it, so they wrote a law saying why they didn’t have to conform to demands of the market. That’s where we are today, a form of Neo-feudalism, driven by Fascist ideology and practices. Remember the USA a former “slave owning nation”, that fought “tooth & nail” to maintain the legal right to own slaves; even turning indentured servants, whom by contract, were set to be released in 7 years, into indefinite slaves through legal loopholes.
      Newborn babies, legal immigrants and illegal immigrants destroy the wage negotiating power of the 99% and the 1% know this. Children born today, WILL be both jobless and skill-less labor in the near future. People should be discouraged from making more people. When there are no more legal or illegal immigrants and no more “newborn biological DNA babies”, Americans would see both increased wages and a reduction in prices for vital goods & services, due to decreased demand (assuming the supply and demand principle is actually true within the USA economy). Regular people have run out of options, we must now actively choose to stop feeding the “industrial complex” with more bodies, ready to labor for less and less. To believe any different is simply naive. Millennials despite having no real-world experience, instinctively know this is the answer. What we have in 2016, is an overabundance of labor on the market. The 1% use this fact to artificially drive down the wages of the 99%.
      Exponential Unemployment:
      I’d argue that both Millennial men and women see this current economic trajectory, VERY CLEARLY.
      Are they more self absorbed than previous generations and a little naïve about their ability to influenced political change? Yes. But make no mistake, they know exactly where our country is headed and at the very least both marriage and children appear to have no place in it.
      Opting-out of the system by any means they can imagine, seems to be a viable choice, despite thier having little real-world experience. Millennials and young X’ers have essentially chosen a solution to their problems that requires no changes in current law and no support from the politicians running the current system and as we can all see, most of the older Elites hate that solution and are displaying early signs of panic.

      1. Well structured comment. You raise a lot of good questions and leave some loose ends.
        I like your demographic correlations, and how you interpret the statute of laborers in today’s reality. I am short of time, right now, but I will be back here, and I hope this comment gets more attention on ROK.
        Thank you.

      2. However, contrary to current popular beliefs held by many posting here on ROK, decreased population has historically proven, that wages will increase and those whom need to purchase labor will have to pay those higher wages, due to market conditions favoring laborers.

        Only if that labor is “needed”. That’s the whole reason behind automation. Even if the population and young people pool decrease, only a select fields would see an increase in their wages…

      3. Interesting points, I must say this is not an angle I had approached the subject from yet.
        Nice write up, if a little hard to read in parts, but thanks for laying it out in such detail.
        I don’t think this is the only or the major play going on right now, but it does certainly seem that there is both a historical and current day series of events demonstrating the mechanisms that you laid out at work in societies.
        So the question should be what will be the event series that brings about a shift in the wage trends that we have now?
        The other thing I have noticed is that from an employer side there doesn’t seem to be a surplus of labour available, the company I work in is recruiting constantly and having problems filling positions that have no other requirements than decent command of native language, and knowing how to use a phone and computer. To the point where for these positions we even have various incentives for recruiting as well as for the hires, and we pay more than minimum wage obviously. The job is indoors in an office environment.
        So the market being kept artificially seems indeed to hold true.

        1. You raise interesting points. However here is the conundrum: excluding a mass die off, stop having babies will just ensure the extinction of the culture that engages in such action or its future irrelevance.
          Most likely the only real solution to the problems we are in is the opening of a new frontier: the space. However it’s unlikely it will happen, all the technologies in development are geared towards control…hence instability and possibly war are the most likely outcomes…

        2. @Corkscrewcaptain, I’ve answered this, in some sense, previously.
          Keeping up with the basics in terms of education and on-the-job work skills won’t be enough for jobs requiring future-tech, contemporary labor market, skill-sets. The poor and even the middle class (not the upper middle class) will simply NOT be able to keep up with the skill demands for future employment, which will include REQUIRED PAY-TO-PLAY, CERTIFICATIONS, STATE LICENSING, etc., while they also somehow try to earn wages AND keeping a roof over their heads all at the same time. In the VERY NEAR future, these very high costs skills that will be needed to stay “relevant” in ALL labor markets, will only be affordable to the rich, or, possibly, to a VERY far forward thinking middle class families, willing to sacrifice everything financially, while pooling resources to keep their offspring competitive in the larger job market.
          I will begin with the usual assertion I hear in regards to the impact of these, soon to be real, “future-tech jobs”, which contrary to the beliefs of some, includes the trades and the accompanying “proprietary tech” that will not be repairable, only “replaceable by a certified/licensed tech”.
          “Someone has to get paid to fix the robots!”
          I often hear this above noted rebuttal to mass automation and current labor cutting measures, in the modern workplace, BUT it misses a subtle point that ONLY the children of the wealthy will have the opportunity to become TRUE experts in such fields. Let me clarify, through the prior 20th century, a poor kid who studied hard could become a lawyer, accountant, even a doctor sometimes, with the right combination of hard work, savings, scholarships, family support, etc. or simply started a career by going directly into the trades, learning on the job, with pay. HOWEVER, in current engineering and technician curriculum’s today, times have changed, to favor kids whom have had access to expensive software and hardware to “experiment” with and “practice” on before entering college or into their chosen training program. So, when these kids finally get to college or to their apprenticeship, those whom have had lots of “free time” to “play” with robotics and programming, outside of class, WILL CERTAINLY outpace their less privileged peer who flips burgers part-time, to pay rent and school expenses. In the recent past, being self-employed or owning a low-skill small business could partially solve this problem. Those days are LONG GONE because of greatly improved market efficiency (in fact, Roosh wrote an article on this very topic).
          Before 1990, 40% of teenagers had part-time jobs while in school. This is a relevant statistic because today only 20% of teenagers in school have part-time jobs. Teens at one time made up a sizable portion of the workforce and such changes in employment practices have shifted away from this, meaning, poor kids do not have any opportunity to build jobs skills of any kind, both before, during and even after college.
          Although not my primary point, I do think there is plenty of evidence that teens today do not have the opportunity to get part-time jobs, BUT the wealthy kids are beginning to develop advanced skill-sets that COULD be MORE helpful in their future adult careers, than say, “working at a taco stand after school”. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are very good, EARLY, examples of people who made excellent use of their free time and access to money, without the need to labor for part-time pay. During that free time they developed specialized skills that could not have been learned at a MINDLESS part-time job or even in formal schooling. In the end, they leveraged that free time learning and tech access, due ENTIRELY to having wealthy parents, into long term careers.
          In a sense, one of the biggest issues causing unemployment is that employers simply will not train anyone under any circumstances and what’s even worse is that K-12 education is so bad in the USA that the employer offered training needs to be even more remedial than most employers can begin to fathom. They still believe that such remedial training is unnecessary, however, in time, I believe that they will have no choice but to start doing it or close up the business. Here is a modern example of a company with a big contract to fill and absolutely no “will” to increase wages to attract experienced personnel, nor the desire to train inexperienced ones on the job, while paid. Instead they put out a story on the web bellyaching, silently hoping for access to more migrant workers:
          In the link below this paragraph I have posted an example of what I believe to be a young person, from a well off family, who majored in robotics at USC. She doesn’t appear to have had any unrelated part-time jobs, in relation to her major, while in college. She also seem to have had access to “experiment and PLAY” with technology in her spare time, earning a masters degree back-to-back to the bachelors AND at the end of college, got a job offer at a University sponsored dinner party for robotics majors (NOBODY I went to college with, EVER, got a job offer at a university sponsored dinner party). In contrast, I’m sure many Ivy league and top 10 school graduates do get job offers at university sponsored dinner parties. My point being, these future “robot repair jobs” are going to require smart kids, with desire to advance, whom also went to good schools, had lots of spare time and money to play with the tech outside of school AND got their jobs offered at dinner parties (some of which will be non-paying internships at first, further selecting for children of the wealthy).
          These 21st century job offers will not be gained through sending out blind jobs applications through Linkedin or company job boards, as has been done up until now. Basically what this girl is doing for Disney will, in the near future, be more like what a plumber or electrician does today, EXCEPT you won’t get trained on the job, in a low-pay apprenticeship, when at “entry level”. In fact, to even be considered for these “future-tech jobs” in the first place you’ll need to have good academic pedigree, lots of unpaid hobby experience and 1+ years of unpaid internships. Can kids outside of the upper middle class do the same thing as this young woman? I think not!
          Here is her story, readers can decide for themselves, my opinion is that this is what a career for a plumber is going to look like in 15+ years:
          Guess what she is doing these day? Any guesses?
          “Homemaker”, she basically wasted a great opportunity and squandered a training spot, that another more dedicated person could have used and gone VERY far with.
          Those whom are going to be rendered jobless by automation/robotics/tech are going to be the least likely to be able to pick up these pieces, in the coming era of traditional jobs destruction. Its going to IMPOSSIBLE for the poor to go back to school, get a masters degree in robotics, in full-time only engineering programs. Contrary to what MOST laymen believe, these programs strongly discourage their admitted students from taking part-time jobs, while favoring students who have both the money and free time, whom have NEVER worked at an unrelated job to their majors and also have the ability to buy expensive robotics hardware/software, to experiment with, outside of class.
          Mark my words the future labor market in the pursuit of “maintaining robots” or some other tech is going to be the sole domain of rich kids, with advanced degrees, from good schools because NO ONE is going to hire and aculturate any applicant perceived as lesser, in that kind of job, WITH PAY.
          To continue my above point, I believe “rich kid” job mobility is going to be a bigger problem for regular folks, living in the West, beyond what the previous “rich kid” pedigree typically brought in the 20th century. This unfettered access to endless money and time to “explore” academics and do hands-on work, with no consequences, is going to END job mobility of any kind for the lower and middle classes, even for those whom have met the typical required higher education and work experience standards.
          Its a superstar only job market now, with no room for middle of road folks and there is going to be hell to pay when regular people figure out how this shell game really works, with even REGULAR jobs, in the future, being reserved only for the wealthy and well connected.

        3. Interesting perspectives but not absolute, and I know of quite a few exceptions to this idea that high tech jobs and academics are only for the rich. Maybe in the us, but certainly not in Europe.
          I do agree that access requires lots of free time to play with the latest tech but that is quite accessible these days. I know by virtue of being in the field and having friends in academic circles as well.
          Talent and intelligence are e selectors for the top end job types you are talking about. But it becomes very specialized at the top end also, simply due to the sheer complexity of the systems in use today, and it will only increase in the future.
          It is true that the difference in pay these days compared to minimum wage is a lot smaller than it used to be. Nowadays it’s common in Europe for an engineer to earn about maybe 180% of minimum wage where this figure say 20 or 25 cents years ago was more like 5-600%. So their relative value is much lower today.

        4. Yes and even relatively low paying industries require you to update your qualifications every 3-5 years that you have to pay for to keep a shitty job. Why? Because there is a line of people around the corner that are prepared to work for less.
          What’s become typical now is for companies to screen for qualifications without having any intention of paying for them. At the last private educational organisation I worked at, they expected candidates to have a masters in teaching/education and my boss always complained that there weren’t enough suitable candidates. What he meant was that there weren’t enough highly qualified and experienced people prepared to take a massive pay cut and no benefits to work a shitty casual job. As unemployment rises and desperation mounts, these places will eventually benefit and have no reason to increase wages.

        5. @Corkscrewcaptain, It may not be a worldwide trend, as we speak, but I am certain that my outlined scenarios will become a reality for all laborers in developed nations, in the very near future.
          I have relatives that live in Europe whom we visit regularly and what you are describing, while still true, specifically in Germany and Switzerland, is NOT the trend in the USA currently and its only going to get worse, as Americans move foward, just as Jios has pointed out in the above comment.
          In fact, the Elites in Europe hope that by allowing an influx of “refugee muslims” into thier borders that the overall effect on wages will be similar to the effect that illegal immigrant latinos have had on driving down US wages.
          Hence, my earlier reference to “The Statute of Laborers 1351”, basically the current unchecked importation of excess labor, such as, H1B visas and the unmolested free movement of illegal immigrants is a kind of stealth “Statute of Labors”.
          To sum it up, crappy jobs are expensive to keep in the United States and with time the cost to just stay employed will contiunue to get higher and higher.

        6. If you pay well, there can be no shortage. The incentives must not be there.

      4. @momosgarage:disqus
        You raise interesting points. However here is the conundrum: excluding a mass die off, stop having babies will just ensure the extinction of the culture that engages in such action or its future irrelevance.
        Most likely the only real solution to the problems we are in is the opening of a new frontier: the space. However it’s unlikely it will happen, all the technologies in development are geared towards control…hence instability and possibly war are the most likely outcomes…

  13. I don’t know about this list.
    1. The talented, hard-working ones may not need a man to earn a living for them, but men sure seem to drive most of the action in the companies I’ve worked for.
    2. They don’t need a man to defend them on the street because men like me have done too good a job defending them from a distance. With them inviting in Muslims and South American “refugees”, that will change – and it will be their problem, not mine.
    I don’t really care about the rest although I sure seem to get a lot of honey-do lists.
    When the robot sex-maid hits the market, it’s women who will be obsolete.

    1. Add a detachable artificial womb to that and it’ll be robots 1000000 – womynz 0 hahahahaha

    2. I reckon when too many Arab immigrants commit sexual or violent crimes against women, instead of turning to you they’ll just hire other Arab immigrants as street security, then you’ll be standing there biggest face-palm ever. LOL

      1. Sure – because I have nothing better to do than wait for that big chance to white knight.

  14. Sometimes I really feeling like saying screw it, quitting my job renting out my house and just living out of my car as a bum. I’ll have all the free time in the world to do what I want however money will be tight, but all society can offer these days is vanity. What I mean is that everything has digressed to the lowest common denominator things that were simple and easy are now burdensome and tiring offer little pleasure and lots of headaches. It’s not that I don’t feel needed its that I feel like society now has nothing to offer me, the state of women coupled with marriage/family laws make having a family a contract of slavery. The value of money is less and less and even what it buys is generally valueless. Sometimes it just seems like the best thing to do is to check out of the system.

    1. Find something you would like to do. Ok live out of your car…..a motor home would be easier. Travel, explore, learn to use firearms, self defence, get out there…. good luck if you do…..

    2. Like Marshallaw eluded to, travel. Pack your bags for Thailand or somewhere, man, and relax for a bit. Don’t throw in the towel altogether and go bum, but.

  15. I don’t really agree with the above. Oh, the analysis is correct in the main, but it assumes that choices necessarily follow from necessity. Of course they may well follow from necessity. A woman will seek protection from a man, where she is physically at threat, resources from a man, where she has none of her own, or is capable of generating such resources etc. But what this does is reduce attraction to necessity, and misses a critical factor in female psychology, a factor which alone can explain almost everything that is happening that isn’t down to technological progress, or perfidious behind the scenes social engineering (and may partly reflect that too), and that is female pride.
    Firstly, technological factors that determine relationships based on necessity will always change in any society, and to get worked up about them is equivalent to what theologians have called the god of the gaps. Such a god exists in power and plenitude only while science can’t explain something, but as soon science advances, the ‘necessity’ for God reduces, and the consequence is that God appears to be less and less necessary. As you should be able to see whether you are religious or not, that is not the very best basis for religion for it becomes permanently defensive, seeking always to stave of ‘progress’ that will reduce its necessity. The physical necessity for men in the lives of women retreats in the same way as technology advances, or at least that has been the trend over the last century or so. Yet, that is also one of the reasons for bad relationships: dependency is an impoverished basis for any kind of relationship in either direction. The male will despise the female who uses him (as we frequently opine) and the female will despise the male for her dependency or the ease with which she manipulates.
    This leads us to the present juncture where the female is no longer dependent on the male, thanks to daddy government. There is some truth in the idea that women may not choose to be with someone if they don’t have to be with them. But what we have here with feminism, is 95% female pride, mediated and amplified through by feminism, and the forces of government and capitalism whose main function is to flatter the feminine ego, and to tell her that she can do anything, is independent, as good as any man etc.
    Most of that is pure fantasy, but it is true that women don’t need a man in the traditional sense, and for the time being women have the opportunity to be irresponsible, stupid, and if they so choose (they so choose) to bring society to its knees through making largely anti-social choices. Yet while feminism, and corporate and state blandishments of the feminine are far from over its highly likely that at some point women are going to start realising that female prides goes nowhere, leads to them an economic, psychological and spiritual dead-end. We are currently at the high point in the absurdity of feminist psychosis, and state-corporate sponsored social engineering, and while vast numbers of women are still entranced by this system an increasing number are becoming hugely disillusioned by it, that is by the vacuousness and unfilling nature of a life based almost entirely on the pursuit of unadulterated pride and selfishness.
    What I am saying is, let them work it out of their system. They are as you say not about to become physically or economically dependent on men again, unless of course they choose to do so (by mutual arrangement and in circumstances where this economically viable). Female pride has yet to run its course, but at some point women will grow weary of wearing strap-ons that look profoundly stupid on them, they will grow weary of being treated like men – after all men actually get treated like dirt most of the time and the penis envy at the root of feminist pride has always been to a large extent a misplaced ambition.
    This is actually potentially a good thing. Those women who pass through the fire – or if you prefer the demonic slut matrix – will be better for it, because they won’t be there because they have no other choice.
    In the meantime sites like ROK will unbeknownst to them be providing the only essential service left: holding up a mirror to women and society that does not lie.

    1. That was a painfully boring read. Anyway, I also think a lot of current problems will eventually work themselves out. I mean, we’re all looking at the Islamic invasion of Europe thinking all hope is lost, but suddenly European voters are swinging rightwards! That is to say, maybe feminism will go the same way and just as it looks like feminists are about to destroy the world Trump will win in the US and shake hands with Putin and masculinity will begin its resurgence? Let’s hope so.

      1. “That was a painfully boring read.”
        haha, that’s funny, probably because it’s true. Trump may be Flash Gordon to feminism’s Emperor Minge, but you forget though that not a few women are converting to Islam and it’s not because they are compelled to do so. It will be interesting to see how things turn out

        1. Personally, I acknowledge what’s going on (red pill), but avoid thinking in collective future scenarios. Pessimism leads to despair, optimism leads to unreasonable assumptions.
          We must contribute to better things (and spread truth), but, at an individual level, recognize they are beyond our grasp.

        2. that’s true. I think any kind of fixed or inflexible position right now is misplaced, as there are too many variables. The future will go to those who can ride the surf, but also at a deeper level work out how to direct the waters. The only thing we can know for sure is that there’s little point in looking backwards

        3. “Ride the surf” is like a recent idea of mine to withdraw from high-stakes social contention and focus on individualism. I’m still ready to do my part communally and I’m switched on about it, but until I get the signal for what precisely that part is I’m just going to play it lone wolf and “ride the surf” wherever it goes.

        4. yeah, pretty much sums where I’m at too. There’s no point just doing the same thing because you did it the day before

        5. by “read” she meant “look at key words”
          Also, I am officially adding “Emperor Minge” to my list of euphemisms for vagina.
          Don’t mind her, she just wants attention and possibly a good shift.

        6. thanks. Actually I think LBP is actually a guy despite the avatar. You are of course welcome to use minge the merciless as you see fit

        7. what a waste of clever assholery
          And I was going to offer to impale her emperor ming with my warrocket

        8. my war rocket, naturally, being called Ajax for this purpose.

        9. That’s one of my favourite lines from the film, along with anything with Brian Blessed in it, oh and that line where Minge says “I’m bored with Clit”
          Or maybe it was “Clitus, I’m bored.” One or the other

        10. ha, I could have sworn it was ‘i’m bored with clit’. Great film that.

        11. the amount of fun it must have been to be involved with any ridiculous movie in pretty much any capacity between 1960 to about 1990 really must have been something.

        12. Man, I had the chance to be on the Dukes of Hazzard movie 10 or so years ago, the one with Jessica Simpson. A buddy of mine is best friends with the comedy group that did that film, and Super Troopers. He is permanently broke, I offered to pay his way to the set if we could hang out there for a week but I didn’t push it enough and he didn’t think I was serious.
          Can you imagine what the cast parties for Eyes Wide Shut were like? Kubrick was a weird genius.

        13. flash gordon was one of the last great camp films. I don’t think Hollywood can do camp films any more. It’s a great loss

        14. yeah, I can see that…but I am talking about the insane fun of absurdly campy shit where the actors just know. For instance, the live action Shazam! tv show from the 70’s

        15. no, it takes it self too seriously. I remember seeing campy movies and thinking they were fun. There was no message, nothing built in…they were fucking terrible…but they were fun.

        16. yep, message movies will be the death of cinema. You might as well go to a lecture with a powerpoint presentation as attend a movie these days

        17. 2 words for that…..the writing room for Superfriends.
          Holy cow I can think of no more hilarious place to be.

        18. “The characters are teenaged twins, one turns into a monkey, and the other turns into a tray of ice cubes. the monkey-boy then throws the ice cubes at lex luthor. No, I am not high, why do you ask?”

        19. ever read sean baby’s super friends page? If not google and read immediately. Like seriously…this second.

        20. They are ‘serious’ despite being stupid. This is as true for oscar bait as it is for modern blockbusters. Same shit, different smell.

        21. Either:
          1) you are stealthily trolling, or
          2) you are unaware that in UK English minge refers to the female genitals
          I am going with no. 1 because no. 2 smells fishy

        22. Every woman I’ve met who’s converted to Islam ‘willingly’ (usually it’s at the request/demand of their man) tends to be the weakest, most pathetic and pitiful, self-loathing spooge that can be found in humanity.

        23. the superhero? I don’t really know anything about him…. but having googled his image, yes, that’s pretty much the image I’d like to evoke

        24. Nope, my mistake; thought it was an accidental mistake on your part. Never heard of ‘minge’ before…

        25. never heard of minge before either. To quote Eurotrip
          “You guys are on a whole ‘nother level of swearing over here!”

    2. “but at some point women will grow weary of wearing strap-ons that look profoundly stupid on them”
      Had to quote this again.

    1. They’ll soon be taught/convinced that it’s because of their “white/European/Christian privilege”

  16. They also don’t need a man to protect them from hordes of invading rapefugees. Remember that.

    1. Reminds me of a damsel in distress situation I saw once (At least, that’s how the girl saw herself). I’m standing at the city bus stop and a young artistic college girl is sitting there smoking her cigarette as a random guy walks up and asks for a light. He’s obviously either dimwitted or mentally deranged, but still clean cut and coherent enough to ask her about her work. She looks uncomfortable and starts giving me the “Save me!” look which I ignore.
      Moments later, her bus arrives and she practically runs on the bus as fast as her fat legs can carry her.
      An older guy asked how come I didn’t help her and I simply said, “Not my wife, sister, cousin or mother. Therefore, not my problem.”

      1. “Damsel in distress” or “strong independent grrl?”
        (see video)
        Have to admit I’m of split opinion here, one wants to hold the door open for her (in this particular case only), the other is convinced I’d be considered oppressively patriarchal (/sarcasm) for daring to think she needed any assistance, and the last is completely apathetic towards her yet wants to break many skulls present with impunity (leaning mostly toward this):

        1. Whenever they give me shit for keeping the door open, I slam it in their face. If I crack their skull in the process that’s a bonus.

        2. I have no limits on which women I will throw shit back at; it’s almost a game to me. My wife was having a bitch fit while we were out shopping for a few odds and ends the other night. She finally turned around and said “You’re an asshole.” I calmly replied, “You’re right and as an asshole, I am not obliged to carry this big bag of dog food OR this large thing of diapers. Here!” She carried all the shit through the store while I played on my phone. After we checked out, I picked up the stuff and proceeded to head out the door. She was following behind me and started muttering some smartass remark. I immediately turned around and said, “What?” with the look that I was about to dump all the shit we just bought back on her shoulders again. She immediately shut up and didn’t say another word the rest of the car ride. Strong, independent women….right.

        3. I always thought it was “Denzel in distress” you know like when out of time or antoine fisher comes on and you are like “NO! Denzel! You can do so much better than this! You are NOT kevin Cosner! I must come to your rescue”

        4. Hmm. But wearing a Republican candidates name in an elections year and the leftists feel free to assault you. Just like why most GOP supporters do not put bumper stickers on their car– it will get vandalized. This is going to end in bloodshed.

      2. When I go out dancing with my coworkers, the females will get mad at me if I don’t ‘intervene’ when a guy they decide isn’t attractive enough attempts to dance with them.

        1. That’s not surprising after you think about it. There are numerous examples that women have been told where they should expect a man to help them. Now men are opting out of doing that sort of thing unless it’s a blood relation and they hate it.
          What they fail to realize is that it’s not our job to be Captain Save’a Ho and we owe them nothing.

      3. “Not my wife, sister, cousin or mother. Therefore, not my problem.”
        I gotta remember that one.

    2. They don’t need a man to protect them from rapefugees, because they welcome the rapefugees in with open arms (and possibly open legs, too).
      We have seen it happen in Germany.

      1. The ugly feminists don’t need no man to protect them from rapfugees because their ugliness protects them from being raped. No one would want them.

    1. that is a hypothetical and not a categorical need.
      Further, even if they want to engage the hypothetical need they wouldn’t need a man for the process.

        1. right…and if Chinese people and eastern Europeans stopped being poor. And after that, they will just get a dog. Ask AV Vader…they love that shit…and if that fails they have vibrators, social media, beta chumps….I am with author…there are exactly zero things that a woman needs a man for any more.

        2. But take out just one cog and the whole thing falls apart. What happens if you take out the social media or beta chumps? I think we’d see a yuuuge turnaround…not that it will ever happen. Social media and beta chumps are like death and taxes.

        3. sure you wood. And if my grandma had wheels she would be a wagon. I honestly believe that there really is nothing. We are all suspended over a bottomless pit. There is no meaning, no reality, no good and evil, no right and wrong, just simply nothing. That is until man comes along and creates it. He created in in such a way that he set himself up as provider and woman up as nurturer. As everyone on this site knows, the series of events that took place from then until now lead to a place where this article is relevant. One invention leads to another. Meanwhile, there still is no meaning, there still is nothing important. But man has become totally obsolete which is why masculinity is dead. Masculinity gave us meaning so we crave to have it back but for this world that isn’t happening. She there are people, especially on this site, who wind up being oddballs in the world in that we still resemble a masculinity of a bygone era. Where does this leave us. For some it leaves us parlaying that masculinity into breaking into the lizard brain of women and using them for sex until we bore with their lack of substance. For some it leads them to try and recreate that old world in a small bubble for themselves with mixed results…some miserably fail and some wonderfully succeed. Either way, even the ones who pull it off only manage to control a very small corner and even that will fall apart in time…years? decades? whatever….
          I am sure that what is now will be supplanted by some unholy and as of yet unseen fuckery that grows organically out of it just as the current fuckery grew unseen our of what was in an organic way no one could have predicted.
          Things change. Things die. Things replace them. It is the way of the world. Just glad I won’t be around to see the next stage. This one is bad enough.

        4. ha. This is where I feel my outlook differs. I find all of this incredibly uplifting.

        5. You can’t take away the social media just like you can’t take away the smart phone. What has been created now is, at least until it evolves.

        6. there is a whole fetish about men who anonymously donate to women on the internet. They don’t even want to sex, just to see their seed walk on the earth. Quite sick, and full of legal risk.

  17. So yeah, I think this article should be published every Friday morning. It is so good, so true and explains not just the phenomena of modern women but the reason behind it perfectly, succinctly and does it without complaining just as matter of fact. 10/10 WRR

  18. I like the article but would suggest a title change:
    Six Reasons Women Believe They Don’t Need Men
    There is no way you can convince me these women don’t live on the precipice of a complete breakdown. They try to fulfill their relational and emotional needs with material goods and constant stimulation (booze, parties, random sex, vibrators, etc.), but every one of them without exception is going to hit the wall and come crashing down.
    Try a little experiment. Vocationally, I have to hang out in nursing homes. If you have a relative or friend who lives in one, ask them to point out the woman who had been single all her life and go observe her from afar.
    Welcome to Hell. Nobody comes to visit her. She is alone and has nothing in common with the married elderly that are there. Nobody cares about her needs or thoughts and all the money she had accumulated was gobbled up by Medicaid, the very government she used as a husband-substitute. She is an emotionally bitter woman and it is the end result of the life she has chosen.
    My mother is in the final stages of Parkinson’s and is in a nursing home and she lived as a traditional housewife. She has three sons who see her all the time, she has much in common with the other residents, and if she has a need, the nurse calls me (as I’m the closest son).
    Down the hall from her is a woman who, though married, made it clear she did not need her husband and he died young and she never remarried (no time) and never had children (no time). In her heyday, she made money hand over fist with hundreds of people who hung on every word she spoke. She was an international traveler and successful business entrepreneur.
    I asked the nurses how many people come to visit now that she is in her senescence. The answer is zero.
    The women in the article think they are having a ball, but everybody grows old. It’s inevitable. And then it will be too late to forge a family for the support they need in their old age and the child they raised out of wedlock will be too selfish, having seen it modeled from his/her mother, to even care. Tragic story, but I see this everyday vocationally.

    1. My mother was a nurse who spent a few years in ER than went to work over 25 years in a nursing home. She told me the same thing. People are the biggest assets in your life, so don’t dismiss them for a life of supposed comfort and security.

    2. Your comment is an answer to the question “why do Western women fear aging and hate to grow old?”

    3. I observed this myself as my Grandfather saw out his final days in a nursing home. I would also warn men to pay heed. Build a strong rapport with your children and family lest you spend your twilight years in a prison of loneliness slipping into insanity.

  19. When I arrive at my favorite South American destination and update my Facebook status, my messenger lights up. I have many fine ladies telling me “quiero verte, bb”.
    They definitely want to see me and, and I feel the same.
    Fuck the gringas.

  20. Man, I wish Sam Kinison was still around. He would have called this kind of women’s behavior out for what it was.

  21. A woman might not need “a man” but she certainly needs men. her home is heated because of men in coal mines, her computer works because of men who dangle off live wires during storms, that box of cornflakes was shipped by a train from one end of the country to the other (ever been in a rail yard at 4 am when it’s – 25 and you have to physically adjust air brakes on an 11,000 foot long diesel train – not too many women about then). The corn in her cornflakes was grown and harvested by men, the public transport she gets around in would collapse without the efforts of men. I could go on and on, but you get the point
    Feminists have done a great job of planting the seed of resentment into women. They are loath to say “thank you” to an individual man for anything he may do. They are trained to be like resentful little children who hate their daddies and stomp their feet because “it’s not fair.” They concoct all kinds of flimsy philosophies where the starting point is that “men are bad.”
    It would kill many women to acknowledge the efforts of a man, so instead they collectively and anonymously pick our pockets so they can obtain the fruits of our labour without ever having to

    1. They are trained to be like “ungrateful” little children who hate their daddies and stomp their feet because “it’s not fair.”

    2. Well said. So true, I don’t think I’ve seen this stated more clearly than here.
      I’m inclined to think it’s jealousy deep down, and a feeling of inadequacy stemming from women having forgotten not to compare themselves to men.
      Women like to ignore the actual fundamental differences and make it into a gender equality thing, which is ludicrous at best.
      The feminists should go to the source, hehe I want to see them doing protest marches against Mother Nature for being a misogynist. That would be something to watch beer in hand.

    3. Yes, the men provide the labor then the cartels of our world distribute the goods according to quotas.

    4. Women make no god damn sense. It’s like listening (or arguing) with an 8 year old. You’re right…women will launch into this nonsense that they don’t “need a man”…except for: fixing things, building things, picking up trash etc….everything that helps her in life.
      That’s how stupid many of these large 8 year olds are when they speak this nonsense. And the state is only going to do so much for them.

  22. How the hell do you continue to sneak these article onto Roosh’s website that discredit his precious neo-masculinity? Keep it up, Mgtow is the future gents.

      1. That’s right buddy, keep charging up that hill under a hail of gunfire, with absolutely no chance of survival, because you are a “real man.”
        In honor of your sacrifice, I and all the other defeatist will fuck your girl like a “real man” in your absence….at least until we find something more entertaining to do.

        1. We do not. Have you ever cold-approached women? It’s not so hard to get them naked I can tell you. But you have to invest.

    1. MGTOW is forfeiting sex. Deluding yourself you don’t need pussy. You do. You want sex, you should get it.. for free that is. Now, if you are 50 years old and don’t care about sex anymore (because you had your share) go ahead. But a guy, 20, 30, 40 years old should hunt. Period.

      1. A) Not all mgtow give up sex. Hell, one of leading figures, barbarosa, openly says he has a girlfriend.
        B)No I don’t NEED pussy. FYI: giving in to your base urges, does not make you more of a man. Why hunt when I can farm.

  23. Good article!
    I do think it’s quite true in the west, the good thing is that elsewhere in the world there are still women who want to have children who are not bastards, and understand that without a man at the helm, a family will be an utter debacle.

    1. Won’t stay that way much longer if things continue on their current trajectory.

    2. Women who are like those that you describe are either quickly married after graduating high school, or become ‘Like That’ after she pushes out a couple of 18-year annuities, or are damned liars. And a man pays too high a price for being wrong.
      They want to make marriage viable again, then they need to bring back ‘fault divorce’, and no excuses that they don’t have the power to do it.

      1. Well we need to remove No Fault divorce I think is what you mean, with this I agree.
        But we need to kill the whole system of alimony and shit like this. The man invests far more in a child borne in wedlock than a woman does. And therefore the child should stay with the father. That alone would make a massive shift in society.
        Thing is, in first marriages with children the divorce rate over the growing up time, so up to 18 of that child was 31%. While this is higher than I’d like, the same for other marriage was 56%. http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1993/04/dan-quayle-was-right/307015/?version=meter+at+4&module=meter-Links&pgtype=Blogs&contentId=&mediaId=&referrer=http%3A%2F%2Ftwentysomethingmarriage.org%2Fthe-great-crossover-the-why%2F&priority=true&action=click&contentCollection=meter-links-click
        That is a damn sobering read.

        1. In western Europe welfare states are already under great pressure and downsized on government handouts for decades. The system will not collapse, it will erode. Decade by decade.
          The irony of MGTOW.
          If only enough men turn into single prospering men, feminism will ensure that governments will create new taxes to combat this new lifestyle which disadvantage women.
          Who cares about divorce nowadays. Less and less men are getting married anyway. Not because men don’t want to shackle a woman in what they think is a binding situation. Women themselves feel too liberated to marry. With the approval of gay marriage, marriage lost its believably altogether.

        2. I decided not to give a shit about where Europe is going, and I’m now living in NL with my Asian wife and we are doing OK. She thinks feminists and leftists are mentally ill and I always start to laugh when talk to her about them.
          I tried to tell her the Eveland story and she just went back to I think an angry birds game. She thinks western women are gigantic idiots… Because they have the best men and don’t want them …

  24. There is no going back. We need to accept these facts as red-pilled men.
    -Traditional gender roles are dead.
    -Patriarchy is dead.
    -The family is dead.
    There is no way things are going to go back to the way they were. Technology, especially birth control, has shown that. Bubbles are just that, bubbles. We can create little enclaves, but we are still vastly outnumbered. We can’t win this fight, so let us have our fun while we still can. Eat, drink and be merry.

    1. Very much agree. The world was never perfect anyways. Eat, drink, get some pussy, save some money, travel and just enjoy the ride.

  25. I’m already feeling a bit nihilistic today, this is definitely pushing me further in that direction. Our world has gone mad and I’m sick of it

    1. I also wonder what we men can do. But I’m not more creative than: “pump ‘n dump”. I don’t believe in democracy, so what else is there to do. That movie Elysium. That is how earth will look like in 200 years. Back to the dark ages.

  26. Women are creatures of the moment, so while they may think that they don’t need men right now, the wake up call is coming. Everything women use to get by in their day-to-day lives was designed, built, and maintained by men. Who is going to do all that after a generation of emasculated men grow up with no skills and more crucially, no motivation?

    1. I dare you to remember women to tell them that they use the inventions of men from dawn till dusk. Everything women use is also maintained by men. The transportationsystem, the infrastructure, fuel-delivery, energy. “But there are women in construction too”. Yeah, but less than 5%. More likely 2%.

  27. Christ, I am in my 40s and I know a couple of these women. They might even own their own home or flat in a nice neighborhood, etc… and what ends up is usually a cat lady with the place smelling like kitty litter. The last one I spoke with admitted chasing married men as she hit the wall and none of the single lads wanted anything to do with her. Just checked– yeah, she is 42 now, single and still plugging away at the same place she was 12 years ago.
    “…has expressed interested in artificial insemination because she can’t find the right man, but wants to have a family.”
    They say this or start looking into adoption and go into full panic mode as the big “40” looms closer. They really are a f*cking train wreck and woe to the poor child attached to the woman “who wants it all.” They end up getting pawned off on relatives so she can continue climbing that corporate ladder or riding the carousel.

  28. “The modern woman has very little risk of any serious harm coming to her, especially as compared to the past, or to women in developing countries.”
    This made me wonder why my country had spawned the most organized and homogenous strand of the Feminism virus known to man. Then I heard the “If I Were The Devil” audio clip by Paul Harvey and I got it: if you want your message to resonate, you climb to the top of the Beacon on the Hill and shout it out from there.
    If Satan really wanted us to destroy ourselves from within, he had few options better than 3rd Wave Feminism.

  29. Make a drink, kick back, go MGTOW, and enjoy the show. Historical forces are at work and cannot be overcome. There will be a catastrophe of some sort. It is anyone’s guess about the details, but it is coming. Feminism and collapse of the nuclear family are merely symptoms, not the cause. Time for my date with Jack Daniels.

    1. it is true, 100%. Still I just like so say the same but with MGTOW Plus. It is MGTOW with effortless wickdipping of whores as fun little squeak toys.

      1. Whatever floats your boat. That is what MGTOW is all about, but with the caveat that you don’t give them access to your wealth or put yourself in a position where they can sic the government on you.

  30. Roosh touched on this in an article a while back – look not for a woman who NEEDS a man, but one who WANTS one. There’s still a few left in EE and SEA, and possibly Latin America. But the window is closing fast.

    1. It mirrors my philosophy on LTR. Women say they want a man who needs them, but they really don’t. A man who “needs” a woman is weak and pathetic and the woman will become disgusted with him. A man should want the woman, but never need her. That is the ultimate compliment a man can give a woman; “I stay with you because I want to, not because I need to.”

    2. “Roosh touched on this in an article a while back – look not for a woman who NEEDS a man, but one who WANTS one. There’s still a few left in EE and SEA, and possibly Latin America. But the window is closing fast.”
      But even if you do meet a decent chick in a decent culture – if you wife her up she will still turn to shit if the culture turns to shit. My friend was harping on this a while back talking about the fast westernization of once decent cultures etc…. in my opinion being married to a chick when a culture goes bad is worse than simply having a girlfriend in a culture that goes bad.
      Some serious ugliness awaits us and unfortunately this is not the era to be getting married and playing “house”.

      1. “unfortunately this is not the era to be getting married and playing “house”
        Just wanted to quote that again.

        1. Thanks.
          I’m finding it ever increasingly difficult to game any hormonal driven beast knowing what is over the horizon. I’m just too preoccupied with the geopolitocal shifts and war to care what Sally Jane Rottencrotch thinks.
          When the big house of cards people refer to as the Western world collapses, we will see women singing a different tune. They will become “nice” again and civil, and of course may decide to spread their legs for white knights at that point. Some men, over burned and fed up with having been treated like shit for so long could very well turn their backs on women; they would have valid reason to do so.
          But when it all falls, the new game will be the ability to shoot a rifle and a pistol and the wilingness to terminate other lives in self defense.

        2. “But when it all falls, the new game will be the ability to shoot a rifle and a pistol and the willingness to terminate other lives in self defense.”
          Besides self-defense, we will also need the will to terminate the lives of the traitors and hypocrites who got us in this mess in the first place. Not accepting weak and flimsy excuses will be part of it.

        3. “Besides self-defense, we will also need the will to terminate the lives of the traitors and hypocrites who got us in this mess in the first place. Not accepting weak and flimsy excuses will be part of it”
          So true. All politicians and elites got us into this mess – they should be the first to go. Then we might see a bunch of cheese dick hipsters start singing a different tune and start to grow balls and jump ship to be part of the liberation process.

  31. Life is just a battle of wills, either your will wins, or your opponents will wins. The victor dictates , and the loser obeys.
    Feminism is victorious and has been dictating , and society has been obeying. It doesn’t have to be this way, but feminism has had the will to make it happen , and society remained neutral and the consequences is a feminist society. Masculinity is on the rise, and soon a battle of wills , will take place. If masculinity is victorious then it can dictate , and feminism will disappear.

        1. Change is the only constant (paradoxal as it sounds) in life (along with death and taxes), so I would not despair. Societies that diminish men tend not to last long.

        2. Indeed. Europe stopped having kids, so they import supposed “refugees” to be future mules for socialism.

      1. I agree and always assumed men would rise up and sweep away toxic feminism. But now I have my doubts. Have you seen the millennial male? They are pathetic, absolutely pussified. Girls that age are so much more confident and assertive. It is because of the toxic PC culture that pushes girl power and attacks masculinity at every opportunity

  32. Google: Invented and Coded by Men
    Well Connected, Convenient Public Infrastructure: Invented, Designed and Constructed by Men
    Law Enforcement and Army: Weapons & Equipment Invented and Produced by Men, the overwhelming majority of high risk positions also staffed by Men.
    In short, men have voluntarily created a society that gives women the greatest amount of privileges since the beginning of history, and without the constant supervision of men the modern women would be little more than helpless children.
    The problem is not the naturally actualized reality, which as always is ripe with proofs to male superiority of the species, but the false feminist narrative that has been disseminated to the culture to make clueless consumers out of women and emasculated slaves out of men…

  33. If she is attractive (even into her 40s), there is a near endless supply men who are willing to pay for stuff and supplement her lifestyle.

    1. Even if she has it all, she is still unhappy. Having a good stable family of her own is what brings her happiness, but feminists have brainwashed younger women that it is slavery and oppression.

  34. Oh, another reminder of Anglo female ingratitude.
    1. …yet, they still need sugar daddies for extra expenses.
    2. …yet, they STILL expect men to “Catch a Grenade”, a la Bruno Mars.
    3. …yet, an overwhelming amount of all the contributions in the modern world are from men.
    4. …yet, they spread this broken ideology and NOT mentally adults.
    5. …yet, still thirsty for cock; just in denial. Seriously, the modern Anglo woman is so loose, she wants a Viking (too bad for her, it’s no longer pre-Crusades England; black guys are nice substitutes).
    6. …yet, men knew that’s a myth all along.

  35. What we need is a good ole fashioned, cities burning, rape and pillage war. Good luck with your unit of women against a unit of men, they are going to lose and lose badly. USMC studies have shown women only and mixed units under perform. Maybe when some Russian or Central American army is gang raping these feminists in the streets of Anchorage or San Diego feminists will realize they needed men all along.

  36. These powerful, independent, busy Western women will be the demise of the West. They are too involved in themselves to reproduce, and men are becoming less and less inclined to serve and protect them. There’s no real upside either personally or socially in service to a group that disrespects everything about men. They believe that a personal, co-dependent relationship with Big Daddy/Big Brother government is all they need. And their male children will be programmed from birth to believe they are second-class defectives who deserve such status based on their gender alone. Troubled times are nigh.

    1. “Troubled times are nigh”.
      Depends on how you approach it. I have no problem being the neighborhood war lord and yes, other communities will have to pay Danegeld for my “protection.”

    2. And their male children will be programmed from birth to believe they are second-class defectives who deserve such status based on their gender alone.
      Here is where the conflict starts. She believes in that feminist ideology to apply to every male, except her own son. When her son grows up and is treated with disdain from society, she gets defensive and can’t even admit the lie she was fed all her life. If her son is falsely accused of rape, he’s innocent because she believes him. If another man she doesn’t know is accused of rape, he’s guilty because the victim said so.

  37. “The level of extremity needed to attract attention about 10 years ago”
    I remember reading about those guys in the photo. What a fuckin’ clowns den. Times have changed.
    “6. They don’t need a man for even basic social exchanges”
    So true. Today’s skanks don’t even say “hi” in passing, or even acknowledge a man’s presence in the room. Look, I certainly do not expect women to be all talkative and eye contact me, and maybe it’s me (but I doubt it even if I objectively evaluate myself) but one can’t help get the impression that one is invisible in the presence of today’s females.

    1. That’s the fuckin truth. It used to bother me, make me worry that I wasn’t good looking enough or dressed right or something, but they’re not even paying attention. Men will make eye contact, acknowledge the presence of another human being, often nod or say hello when I’m passing by, where the woman with earplugs shoved deep down her eardrums shuts everything out of her world.
      I saw a girl I recognized from yoga class recently. She had a nice body, and she was out with some girlfriends at an outdoor bar. I said hello to her, but she didn’t hear, so I tapped her shoulder, and she swung around with a bitchy look on her face, clearly pissed that I had interrupted her private moment in a public space.
      I said “Hey, it’s Spicy from Yoga” and when she looked at my face and recognized me, she immediately turned into a smiling, happy lizard and introduced me to her girlfriends. She was hostile and angry to a stranger, but because we had some obscure social connection where I had seen her a couple of times before, she turned into a “sweetheart”.
      But God forbid I was a stranger who just wanted to say hello to her, that would have pissed her off. I was immediately disgusted at her personality and walked off.

      1. “I saw a girl I recognized from yoga class…” thats a 24 hr ban right there

      2. “That’s the fuckin truth. It used to bother me, make me worry that I wasn’t good looking enough or dressed right or something, but they’re not even paying attention. ”
        Exactly. But the positive thing to come out of the current state of affairs is that it has made things much simpler: i e. do not even bother with ’em because females could care less if men live or die.
        Just going up to a chick you don’t know is almost illegal today. You’re lucky she remembered you. Still, she probably forced her kindness (not a reflection on you) to appear civil.
        But females who do not know each other will acknowledge each other while turnong their heads away from any male.

      3. The more people she knows in a venue, the more secure she will feel. If some other guy she didn’t know would irritate you, she and her pack would always have you to fight him. Look at it like that. You were being used, now you are aware of what happened, but millions of other men…

    2. Mystery always was a clown. The whole pea-cocking thing was not adopted by all PUA’s because it backfired a lot on most of them. He was the personification of a dancing monkey with all his magictricks.
      But then again, I get it. Mystery focused on nightgame. It’s short attention-span game. It’s also directed at a specific type of women (barflies) who like a thrill.

  38. Women rely on men (collectively), but at a remove. They don’t rely on a man (singular), because we men have no standards and we are willing to negoiate with women on a line item by line item basis.
    We men willing allow ourselves to piece meal what we offer women. She need a dick for the evening? We give her the D. She need walked to her car? We do it.
    We fail to demand recognition as human. We allow ourselves to be a sliver of a human to satisfy a woman’s whims.
    A man cannot be shamed without giving consent.
    A man cannot be a utility without giving consent.
    A man cannot be marginalized without giving consent.
    Woman cannot use us unless we play along.

    1. Women view men as a tool like we see a wrench or drill. Once the tool is used up and not as efficient or effective, just get a newer, better one.

  39. I tell men in my parish this; that women, thanks to the State, do not need men anymore. However, that doesn’t mean women, in general, don’t want men; we’re an extra source of income from which they have been brought up to believe that is theirs by the mere act of sex. Women, when they were little girls, dreamed of having a family. So, they want us, but we have to start making demands from women.
    Before ever getting into a relationship, you have to know what you want out of a woman. If you don’t know, you’re like a mark in a con-game, because then she, in a “force of nature” way, will become like a mad dictator, always demanding you always change to suit her moods from day to day. You have to take control of the relationship from even before it begins by knowing and standing firm on what you want out of a woman. Do you want her to be a housewife? Do you expect loyalty from her? Do you want her to raise the kids and you earn the money? Do you want her to be of the same religion as you, or convert to yours? What are your deal-breakers? These are all important things to consider, beyond mere looks, which will fade over the years.
    To this end, I also tell men something they do not want to hear: They must not have sex anymore prior to marriage.
    I realize this doesn’t sound realistic, and I don’t expect every man to comply with that. However, if you decide on this, you will be in a much more powerful position than the itinerant fool who can’t control his urges. By taking sex off the table, you will get her attention. At first, she won’t believe it, and she may even attempt to tempt you to see if you’re serious. If you succumb, you have been revealed to be a chump, but this is salvagable if you mean never to do it again. But if you don’t, you have revealed to be a man she would come to worship. Because women are intuitively looking for powerful, strong-willed men who will bring order to their chaotic lives. Taking sex off the table also focuses your efforts; you’ll be less prone to wasting time with her, and you’ll be talking about important issues and evaluating her for marriage, which is the ultimate goal of dating, isn’t it?
    By imposing expectations on women, you will become needed in a way she won’t quite understand. If she doesn’t comply with your expectations, punish her with verbal chastisement, and withdraw affection and attention from her. If she still doesn’t comply, cut off provision and protection, and ultimately break the relationship. Put her in the doghouse.
    If she commits a deal-breaker, that means she’s done something or has demonstrated she is completely and irrevocably unsuitable for dating you, let alone marriage.

    1. This is good advice; unfortunately it leaves most guys in the west lonely, as it’s hard to find a girl who they can even tolerate long enough to get to the “molding them” phase. Girls here are progressively ruined with each month that passes.

      1. Definitely. Technology fuels hypergamy so much, I see it all around me. Young women have absolutely no doubts of finding another specimen. Just an afternoon sitting in her pyjamas, farting on a couch with a bag of potatochips and of course her smartphone and she’s off to the races. No need for that difficult Photoshop either, there are dozens of apps to smooth skin and fix blemishes. Order a dick, delivered within the hour. No costs.

    2. whoa pastor – you are spot on… this is what you need to do to Screen
      however, men’s urges being what they are, there were loose women even in Jesus day… if there are low hanging fruit, why not pay back Eve for losing eternity for you (Man) back in Eden? There however, men must disallow their hearts

      1. I suppose the answer would be satisfy your urges, but not with a woman you consider wife material. So basically, cheat on her, if you must, just be careful to A. not get caught B. not get attached to your sexual outlet(s) C. be prepared to stop once you are married

        1. A solid gal is tops, the trick is golden ratio, dread game
          I’ll choose orbiters but wouldn’t cheat if that. But I’m OldGuy

      2. Actually, I’m in seminary right now, so I’m not yet a priest or a deacon.
        You can’t hope to change the world, but all you can do is change what is within your own personal control. Because the dynamic is such that having sex prior to marriage nowadays is even more dangerous than ever for men (meaning the legalities, but the physical aspects are not unimportant or to be ignored), it is best to abstain from sex prior to marriage. I cannot advise you to do anything that has you committing a mortal sin anyway, but there’s no real downside to strict abstinence.
        I don’t have any illusions about all this; I know even the men and teen boys in my church will do what they want, hormones and loneliness being major instigators. But here’s the thing: Good women are out there, and I assure you that not one of them ever dreamed of being a prostitute when they were little girls. Every one of them dreams of having a family and a man to help provide and raise her children. But, every woman also knows that men out there expect her to put out sex before marriage, and while she may want that, it does also put her in a risky position. She doesn’t know you, you’re not bound to her legally, and if you want you have more of a power to leave her in a lurch. So if you tell her no sex prior to marriage, that changes her entire perspective about you.
        Her mindset right then and there changes. Some women, good or not, may friend-zone you immediately or break off the relationship; because they will find this behavior of yours weird and maybe a bit anachronistic, in spite of the fact that just a few decades before it was considered normal. If you hold firm, you will gain a measure of respect from her, which is important. If she doesn’t respect you, it’s because you’re really not behaving as worthy of respect.

        1. Every woman in the West expects a Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet. They marry and live happily ever after in the kingdom. Well life doesn’t work like that. There are daily chores and events in life that they don’t consider. Prince Charming does take a shit and farts that can make paint peel. Also kids.
          The whole Princess Diana story is a real life fantasy and that’s why girls love her to this day. We do see from her fate what really happens even to a real Princess.

        2. There is truth in this. Feminism, combined with a very hedonistic and ridiculously enabling pop-culture has bred an entitlement mentality in women that is astounding. It’s so ingrained in them that they cannot ever countenance the idea of not having a wedding ring, when that’s a very new thing, only about a century old. You try telling women that they can’t have a wedding under $10,000 sometime, and that’s just unthinkable to them. Because they’ve been raised to dream of the wedding, but not of the life thereafter. The wedding is the fulfillment of a woman’s dreams.
          Women ask me why men don’t share the same enthusiasm for a wedding as they do. It’s simple: A wedding, for most men, means an end to their dreams. If they haven’t fulfilled their dreams in life, marriage pretty much ends the prospects of those dreams. We don’t dream of tuxedos and vows and such; when we’re little boys, we dream of being fighter pilots, astronauts, mountain climbers, race car drivers, athletes, warriors, and so on. Marriage makes achieving those dreams very difficult if you’re not making enough money to support a wife and family. For women, this is an eye-opener, but being women they see no reason to adapt.
          Which is why I say to men it is up to us to change, and demand expectations from women in our lives, to take charge of relationships, and to be Kings. Women want that from us.

        3. Princess Diana died because she was too stupid to wear a seat belt.

        4. Yes, but I was referring to she living the dream all Western girls desire, and goes and destroy her marriage to a British royalty. She had it all, but it was not enough.

        5. I understand now; completely agree with you. The reason that Diana was so popular in the first place was because she was living the fantasy and dream of every Western female.

        6. pilots, astronauts and such. Yeah ok. But most men want modest things that are difficult without focus. Studying is the most important one. And what about playing in a band. History has proved that single men have been the best philosophers and inventors. Women are dream-killers after all, but the smell of pussy also makes creative.

    3. Although it is difficult, refusing a woman sex (or being indifferent to or shunning her) is taking away her only power: sex (or the promise of sex), which is both her favorite weapon and ‘power tool’.
      That is the reason that women HATE men who MGTOWs or are willfully celibate, and is also why women fear aging — a man who doesn’t want to have sex with them is a man whom they can’t manipulate or control.
      ***Just had a thought: this is also why women so desperately want a man to marry them when they begin to age out of the ‘dating market’ — when men no longer want to have sex with her, she LOSES the only power that she has. When she gets ‘old’, she will need a man who will stay productive that she can leech from.

      1. Bingo. That is true. The only reasons women have power is because of us. Our natural urges and the restrictions we put on ourselves (in the name of being civilized of course)
        But eh, surely your mother will hate you if you forswear her the joy of having grandchildren, but I doubt that women in general will sob about a small group of men who are to incompetent to get laid and thus go celibate.
        If you want to punish women you should exploit them. Take sex and don’t give commitment and attention back. Dangle money/commitment in front of their noses.

    4. “we’re an extra source of income from which they have been brought up to believe that is theirs by the mere act of sex”
      Isn’t that just prostitution?
      New ROK article: All women are intrinsically prostitutes…

  40. My question is, when the shit hits the fan in the West and women come running back to men once Daddy Government can’t take care of them, how many men are going to tell women to go fuck themselves?

    1. If they’re all huge land whales with rainbow color hair, it’s quite easy to point and laugh.

    2. Sadly I’m guessing not many. Most men are very thirsty betas and will happily take the women back in if it means a whiff of pussy.

      1. And these wimps will get what will be coming to them, when the danger passes and the women revert back to their feral selves.

      2. I agree. I was in a store today and a guy had his shopping cart in the way… I never seen someone apologize to me like he committed a national offense against me…. I am thinking- dude; if your that way with your wife; I pity you.

      3. Not sure betas would survive whateverpocalypse…
        And happy about that!

  41. That is why men today must create more than ever; when has a women ever been revered to the same magnitude as Plato or even seen in a negative light as Hitler. None, only man can be known for the extremes while women are in a passive state of being, this is reality. Women are objects of inspiration, but only a man can create something beyond himself. Create and you will be a God.

  42. The truth is the exact opposite: Men dont need women.
    1. Sex? with the breakdown of sexual morality in the West, getting laid has never been easier. The explosion of online porn has also made the so-called dry spell easier to bear.
    2. Relationships? why would a man want a relationship with a creature who is as unlike himself, as he is to a tree? At least a tree has some intrinsic use. most women make poor friends, and the proper friend for a man is another man.
    3. Money? the primary reason many men are poor is because they allowed their excess energy to be drained away in the pursuit of a family, which is, as we know, only the emotional noose around the neck of men that women use to elicit money and favors.
    The fact is, men dont need women, beyond procreation and sex. Women cant help with heavy lifting, fulfilling our emotional needs, or anything else. Men dominate every field of endeavor, when we choose to engage in it. Women use the only power they have, pussy, to coerce men to give up their independance, security, and wealth for the benefit of females.
    If even a small part of the male population withheld their benevolence from females, women would melt into puddles of helpless goo. Stop propping up their delusions; stop helping them out. Let them suffer the consequences of marginalizing men for a change.

    1. Women also need the power of government, to forcibly extract money via taxation to the programs which benefit them ONLY. Men need to continue to ‘Go Galt’ and work less so that they will be less vulnerable to tax theft which benefits only arrogant, ungrateful women. Men can get by on much less than women, as they don’t have the unhealthy materialistic ‘needs’ which women have — such as ’emotional shopping’ to fill the holes in their psyche and their souls.

  43. I believe that men are needed by women in one aspect……..attention. Remove that element from their lives, and everything begins to crumble. Even with attention from betas and many of a woman’s female friends, they crave more. Usually much more.

    1. They’re not called ‘attention whores’ for nothing, you know.

    2. Anyone who denies that women crave attention need only look to Facebook, where female “selfies” outnumber male selfies, oh, I don’t know, 1,000 to 1? They scream “Hey everyone! Look at me! And be sure to leave a comment on how hawt I am!”

    3. Agreed. The job ops, technology, money, trinkets, and attention from betas are not filling the bill like it’s thought that they would. This is creating an ever widening chasm.
      According to feminist dogma, women should be happier than ever now. But it isn’t working out that way.
      Like eating empty calories to quell the hunger only to find oneself even hungrier a short time later.

  44. I think woman need men than vice versa. I certainly can fly down to costa rica if I get lonely. Is it really worth 15 minutes or so with a chick to put yourself through anything remotely resembling their ideas? don’t think so. take what you want and if they don’t like it- next.

  45. Why should I care about people who say that don’t need me?
    And patriarchy is dead.

  46. If humanity has descended from 80% of women and 40% of men who have ever lived then this has always been true.

  47. The graph in #2 shows a spike in WOMAN VIOLENCE in the year 1994 which is coincedentally the same year VAWA was passed. As women reached their peak violence, also remember this is the same year Lorena Bobbitt was getting fanfare in the talk shows as well.
    BITCHES WERE agitating like never before in ’94 and the rising trend in woman violence actually began in 1990 according to the graph. HEY that’s the same year VAWA was drafted, 1990! It passed in ’94 right as Bobbitt was chopping off her USMC husband’s dick as he slept.
    WHO’S ZOOMIN’ WHO? Women becoming MORE violent require an act against ‘violence against women’ that persecutes more men?? As I remember back in the 60’s the civil rights acts were passed as an appeasement for blacks who were rioting. Then it was followed with a decades long program of race mixing propaganda in MSM and advertizing and mandated forced busing. At first during the racial riots, Governors and President Johnson would order out the water cannons on the rioting mobs. Rioting mobs would roll down the streets like a power wash.
    MAYBE THAT’S what Bush sr/Clinton should have done. ORDER WATER cannons on the bitching feminists and jews drafting and lobbying for the VAWA act. Hell women were cutting off guy’s dicks for Pete’s sake. ”get the fire hoses and extinguishers out!!”
    all soggy . . .

  48. Very well put, this is a topic that has made me laugh for years and years. I will not repeat what you said because you said better than I could have. My mind immediately goes to this topic anytime I read about some of the greatest inventors; Tesla, Edison, Benjamin Franklin, da Vinci, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, the Wright brothers. No women on that list, ohhhhnthats right they were oppressed. Which makes absolutely no sense. Before the 70’s and hundreds of years prior, countries were starving and in need of inventions. Now that we have it all, I guess it’s okay to turn it into one big sloppy mess, what a disgrace.

  49. I’m not saying dumb women don’t exist, but if this is how the author sees the world, then I feel bad for him. He probably gets no pussy lol .

    1. You should probably brush up on the Boilerplate Insults thrown around here by your kind, before you go and post them unthinkingly while believing that you’re being witty.

      1. I think you need to get out more bro. Life isn’t so bad once you learn to be happy.

  50. Who wrote that dumbass meme underneath #4? Should be the possessive “your” in its second usage.

  51. The vein of truth running through this article & the comments makes me very sad for my culture. The SJWs have twisted it beyond recognition or repair.

    1. So you can’t even support your family without your wife’s help?

        1. Well, alrighty then.
          Anyway, if you don’t have kids I can understand you putting her to work.
          Enjoy Spain.

  52. I’m in my mid 40s…and I can tell you upon banging dozens of women in their 40s…ALL OF THEM WANT AND NEED A MAN!
    The career chick in her 40s is a desperate, pathetic and sad human.
    I actually feel sorry for them as I treat them as old and always search for younger and better…..when I do the fade away….it is because they are old…I don’t tell them that though…they’d kill themselves.
    In their late 20s and mid 30s, if they fail at making babies…they become depression bombs. They will deny this…but they just don’t know it yet…life in their cubicle is a sad existence. The 1000 cock stare grabs a hold of them and never lets go.

    1. From my experience with the older women, you are spot on.
      After the initial “honeymoon period”, if you even give off the slightest hint that you’re not willing to wife them up, or at least let them move in, they disconnect very quickly unless you’re offering other resources or host activities like taking them on your travels and holidays or opening them up to your social and professional connections.

      1. Imagine these older women wanting to travel with you? I’d rather travel with my buddies or alone…there are young women to bang when I travel….why would I bring sand to the beach…especially old sand!
        A lot of these older women are looking for travel companions…the horror, the horror!

  53. I don’t understand this. A modern girl would be clowned for being even so slightly dependent on a man. Men actually like helping us?
    I thought they hate it and love the new modern independent woman so they can be left alone to watch their football and spend their money on themselves…

      1. I enjoy reading it and other ROK articles because I agree with most of them.

  54. Western civilization has literally been infiltrated and taken over by cultural marxists of whom are financially backed by the most powerful banking families and organizations. Via central banking, fiat currency, and domination of the illegal drug trade, they have been able to finance politicians and lawmakers to create laws and legislation to give women an unfair advantage in society. Marxists have infiltrated and taken over everything from the mainstream media to the public school system to create artificial realities in people’s minds. On top of this, we have numerous job functions today that don’t require any physical labor (sales, law, accounting, managerial, teaching, analysts, advisors, dentists, most service jobs) that women can fill, and therefore have had laws created in their advantage so they are guaranteed to get one of those jobs after college and receive top dollar. Yet, women who have been put into positions that earn excellent salaries beyond what most of their male counterparts will ever earn, actually believe they truly earned the position and that they are better than men rather than just “equal”. I work for a large corporation that places women into $100K + management positions all the time. Yet, for every female they’ve ever placed into one of those positions, I can easily point out 10 other men that I know for sure can do a better job than that female. It was all accomplished through affirmative action. The females never realize this, and they all jump up and down for joy realizing at age 26 or 27 they’re going to be making a midwestern base salary of over $100K plus bonuses. I’ve witnessed this so many times, and it’s downright sickening to see it. Giving opportunities like that is nothing else than redistribution of wealth from men to women.
    This will all come to a crashing end one day, because it is artificial. And this artificial monetary system is about blow one day, it’s on life support. I am way beyond sick and tired of this pro-female anti-male society.

  55. Oh, they need men, all right.
    We’re the ones who prevent the infrastructure and financial systems of Western societies from collapsing, and keep them from being defeated in wars by savages who would be only too happy to teach them manners.
    They have been told they do not need men by people who, frankly, see anything resembling a patriarchal nation as a threat to their rule to be destroyed at all costs. They’re the ones for whom white Christian and Jewish men have become far more trouble than they’re worth even as slaves.
    The only reason I can think of that women could be turned on their fathers and brothers so utterly was that the women knew in their hearts that they were the ones who had become a bigger burden on society than they were worth.

  56. If the primary Libertarian strategy is to cause decentralization, the primary Neomasculine strategy must be to fight the planned obsolescence of men. We need to organize events outside of the internet-or at least off the internet at large. We need to make sure that we control our communities, and fight the atomism and excessive safety which places the individual in a bubble of safety. Most of all, we need to eliminate the doling out of welfare money, and all other expressions of centralization.

  57. Men are good as a spermdonor and as a walking wallet. That’s it. They are robbed of their money so the government can play husband. That’s our society.

  58. Men will be needed and respected again when we pass the Natural Marriage and Reproduction Act that rules out transgender reproduction (males gestating babies, females providing sperm) and protects the reproduction rights of marriage, and voids all same sex marriages. Men won’t be respected unless we do that.

  59. #6 is possibly the funniest thing I’ve read online this year. So, in an ideal world, women would pretend to be stupid to make Max Roscoe feel better?

  60. The world is your oyster. Knowing all of this makes your options as a man that much simpler. Stop giving into your Disney programming. Live your life for you ! Not some ungrateful bitch who is parasitic at best and cancerous at worst. Fiercely guard your precious currency. Your sperm, your time/labor/money. They belong to you.

  61. Women need men to repair things. They may not need a lover/husband to do it, but when it breaks, they will in fact call the local handy man, because basically girls are mechanically and technologically inept to the n-th degree and always will be, the few “grrl powwrrr” types you see on television notwithstanding.

    1. I redid a toilet in my mom’s house last weekend. While I was working on it, she was watching me and I said to her, “This is nothing that you couldn’t do.” The kit came with clear enough instructions to follow and one just had to think about it. Maybe it was beyond her, or simply that they’ll use a man to do the unpleasant work because she’s too busy with email, TV and the phone? Fortunately she had a son I’d say…

  62. They do need all of these. Their rejection and ignorance of this combined with the lack of real men has resulted in the shit state of the West today.

  63. At work, for the last 4 days, I watched a 23 year old girl text her friends and check out social media non stop during her free time. She’s got all the attention she could ever want right at her finger tips. Very parasitic in nature. Absolutely enthralled with whatever stupid conversation she was a part of on Facebook. I can only imagine what was so attention grabbing. I’m sure you can too. I am an airline pilot and I can’t tell you how unimpressed women are by what I do for a living (in regards to brainwashing society into believing men are just a bunch of fumbling idiots, women and white knights alike). They actually go out of their way to act unimpressed rather than give you the courtesy of an “oh, that’s neat.” “Ok, Queen of Sheba, what did you do all day? Dare I ask if you’re even good at anything?” Women are shameless during a conversation like this. Making sense and arguing is pointless in a diseased society. Today female flight attendants are audacious enough to feel like they “run the show.” When the door closes, we laugh at them but every once in a while there’s a cuck in the other seat who seems to be numb by it all.

  64. Whilst in most agreement with this article. I havent seen any articles on here which delve into why the women bought this ideology in the first place. My theory is that there were some legitimate grievances women had that the feminists/ marxists took advantage of. The unequal opportunity to become a professional was one (poor women always worked). I get it, most women didnt want to or could do the job as well as men and so thats how it was, but every now and then there are women who can compete and provide real value. It was those outliers who made every other female think they were important. That they were the same on mass as men. There were also some silly laws that stopped women who were able to live alone if needed.
    The balance could of been kept but here we are. Im sure some articles have been written

  65. Hmmm. What is interesting is that when the first EMP hits and all their electronic toys sop working, then what? How many know that a truck or car produced before 1975 will still work just fine because it is devoid of computer chips? How many know how to survive when there is no electricity. I suspect men who know things will raise in value
    quite quickly when that happens… and a cursory glance at history says it always does eventually.

    1. An interesting doomsday concept you have there.Indeed,history has shown that at times of chaos and destruction it is the men who have taken charge.Women should have never bought into the ideology in the first place.

  66. This just makes me sad.
    The fact is, however, that it is MEN that keep this society going. SO MANY women seem to take it for granted that it is MEN who invent things. nearly every little thing we have was/is invented by a man or men, in general. Not to mention it is MEN who do all the grunt work. It is MEN who do the sewer work and repairs, it is MEN who are the electricians, the miners, the construction workers, and on and on.
    Without you blokes, this society would crash and burn, in less than a year. Yet very few of us (women) seem to be aware of this simple fact…
    Another simple fact is… WE DO STILL NEED YOU. But the majority of us are just too f***ing stupid to realize it…!
    God, I’m sorry, it’s come to this.

    1. Each morning I notice that in all of the work trucks on the road, including who it is that shows up to a home or office building to build or repair, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be men.

  67. 50 years from now, there will be millions of lonely single adults (men and women) in retirement homes. Nobody will visit them, they will not have any children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews. Yes, they may have an independent life for which they may of had fun up until about 40 (rather than being interdependent, like adults should be to have a full life). Have fun watching Oprah and playing with your I phone.

    1. Naw. If things were to continue as they are, but they won’t. Why would the brown people we’ve outsourced our reproduction to take care of us in our old age? You might say money, but why not just take the money? What are a bunch of senior citizens going to do? Most of them will be lucky to have the future you envisioned.

      1. Could be.
        I am working on genealogy. When I get back into the 1800’s, I notice that it was pretty much a given that the grandparents move back in with their kids as they get old. Now that there are so many without kids, what are they going to do?

  68. When the infrastructure fails or their car won’t run, they most definitely will need a man. I know few women who won’t be frantic when the electricity is out for more than an hour or there is no water.

  69. On a slightly trivial sidenote, has anyone noticed how Game of Thrones is pushing the “empowered” women a bit too far ?

  70. Who would women complain to and pretend their “independence” to, who could they villainize, who could they make responsible when they fail, who would be the supplier of their consumption (average flow is from men to women) without men?

  71. The Japanese are pretty much that way now. The attitude is that the husband is for making the children, then you just share space. They lead separate lives after that.

    1. That’s exactly right that’s why half the marriages in Japan a sham

  72. I’ve always avoided the “gorgeous girl” and settled for the borderline “average girl” ,they are much more appreciated for the man they thought unattainable ,sex is awesome ,they tend to YOUR needs,of course this should be a reciprocal relationship,always, and the suspicion radar is diminished greatly.Of course this scenario is not foolproof ,but it has a good personal record (get them a hot sexy wardrobe and they can go from a 6 to a 8 ,i promise you).

  73. This is quite an easy fix. Just Nuke everyone. And natures law will creep back up. .

  74. This is the most deceiving article on this site – women destroy themselves without men. Most Western women today are broken, deep into dysfunction, addiction, and mental illness.
    A woman must absolutely have a strong father growing up and a strong partner in adulthood to keep her sanity.

  75. The system serves the women, we live in a matriarchy. You don’t like your husband? Divorce him and get the half of his money without even lifting a finger, find another sucker… rinse and repeat. Got pregnant from badboy chad, leaving your ass behind? No worries the goburment will pay for your living expenses and your bastard spawn/s.
    No they really don’t need us, it isn’t a meme but a reality, we are redundant to them they don’t need us as caretakers, as husbands or as fathers, the real MAN is the goverment and it will take care of her.
    Whatever mistake she will do, there will always the system that will save her hide with our tax payers money. No consequence for any actions, whether in life or in personal matters, all is forgiven and rewarded.
    Matriarchy, the death of civilization and society.

    1. Every person of significance in the world today and in history is/was a man. Women have very little power over the world of men; they don’t even understand it; they live in their own world.
      There has never been and will never be a matriarchy.

      1. There was, but that’s after all the great men have fallen. And they were pretty shitty and usually comes up when a civilization is about to fail.
        This is why its important for men to have strong frame. Never give them an inch to encroach or they will just keep on fvcking things up.

        1. Women are capable of dominating interpersonal relationships, but very little else. You have to keep a strong frame against women to stop them from controlling the relationship, but this doesn’t apply to the world of men.
          Women are very behind in anything that doesn’t involve themselves and their feelings. All else that exists is man’s – we are the true sons of God – if he is a creator, he built little creators in us that directly mimic and expand his powers. We create things that surpass nature’s capabilities – we are and will forever be the jewels of the universe.

        2. We are also the destroyer of it. We as men have done the culling in the past. Woman are too soft for it, they’ll get a man to do it.
          A woman creates pleasantries when things are going good, but men must be willing to destroy the status quo once it gets out of hand.

        3. Those men capable of destroying civilization are not unhappy/supressed. Revolutions happen only when the innately strong and smart are given an impossible road to power. That’s clearly not the case today.
          I intensely dislike articles like this one because they portray a reality that doesn’t exist. Women are difficult — of course they are and it’s up to you to outsmart and control them. You’re certainly not risking your life in battle every year like men in the past have.
          Each one of us has the ability to create a better reality – in the end you’re responsible for everything that happens to you.

        4. But the civilizations end and we can’t go on forever. There’s a certain threshold that we will eventually reach and we can’t do anything about it. Maybe we expand to the cosmos but this home of ours will always bound us to her laws.

        5. We will see what our limits are: the limits of what men can do are yet to be seen.
          Women’s potential is pretty much non existent – they’re the ones that should be sad. They can only hope to produce a powerful, innovative son or be wife to such a man.

        6. And that’s why they are unhappy unless they are mothers. Because motherhood gives them a sense of purpose, they are able to create, mold, children for the future.
          Men have gone through so much worst shit collectively that we can say that fvck it, I am happy the way things are.

      2. Open your eyes, the system is clearly stacked against men. You would be a literal retard to state otherwise (which you are). The disease of feminism hasn’t spread everywhere but has gripped the western civilization vice like grip… you can see the “fruitful” results clearly in the present day.
        The system fucks the men over and gives the benefits to the women, IE divorce, and other legal matters. It is easy mode to live as an woman in western society you get all the boons and more, you can’t do no wrong. This only accentuates the parasitic behavior within women, and nothing more.
        Tell me furry, would women easily divorce their for easy money, 50 years ago? No, by doing so they would risk their livelihood and financial status. Would single moms stay single or get bastards 50 years ago? No, because without a husband they would perish, simple as that.
        Things are not different, if socialism would disappear all these stronk indenpendant womyn would be left in dry without their gibs me dat money. They also wouldn’t be prone to divorce if they didn’t get the half of the money. Nope, there is nothing to exploit, without the laws.
        As fucked it is, the women have more rights, opportunities and boons than us men, not because of their skill, or talent (hahaha) but because of the system. You may call it whatever you want to call it, it is matriarchy in process thanks to feminism and other liberal filth. It will only get worse as the time will go on. It will.

        1. Women politicians are simply playing mother to the people instead of having kids of their own. They have no ability to change things or to challenge a male leader.

        2. Merkel certainly changed Germany, for the worse, by inviting everybody else in.

  76. So around 1800 was just enough technology make life easier but not so much to create discord?

  77. What the Fuck is wrong with you! I thought that this website is one of the rare masculine websites who men go to for comforting and empowering themselves and you come up this independent women shit! From your article I can see that your full of ignorance in this area,according to what your article says;as if you’re trying to emasculate.somehow I think all articles like this are trying to emasculate! Anyway look:women are not fucking independent they never been and never will be. Why? I’ll tell why! It’s because it’s a fucking MAN’S WORLD!! men role the all the governments the markets the kingdoms the countries the international companies and much more! And the jobs and other social means and entertainment means and internet means are all provided and produced by MEN! That means that women are fucking DEPENDENT NOT INDEPENDENT! They will always be! Don’t think for a second that I’m triggered! I’m Just pissed off! I have the right to! Because this article is soo untrue! It’s anti patriarchal and it’s anti-sexist yes this website is sexist because we men are fucking superior! No matter how intelligent and strong women may become there will always be always! Men who are much stronger and much smarter because we are the fucking superior sex! God chose us to be, and nothing ever is going to change that.

  78. As long society is a ‘black box’ she don’t need to understand to be able to use, she don’t need a man.
    Well, just shut electricity for 24 hours and suddenly, she would need a man.

    1. Really? Are you ready to go without electricity? The longest stretch that I’ve shit in the woods has been 35 days, and I was glad to see electricity when I got back. I’m willing to bet that most men will take what society has to offer over shitting in the woods. Besides watch “Naked and Afraid” then you’ll see that after a few days without a bath you really wouldn’t want to have sex with a woman. It would be just the basics none of those fancy tricks we’ve come to appreciate. Learn some game and you can have sex with women who take baths.

        1. 24 hours would not accomplish the change he desires, and notice I’m not saying he’s wrong. Do away with society and men will regain superiority, It’s simply one of those “be careful what you wish for” things. Most people wouldn’t do away with modern conveniences simply to be on top in the gender wars. Besides, in that Mad Max world, what makes him think that he’ll get a woman, instead of me getting two stinky women that haven’t taken a bath?

        2. Now you are construing his comment also to be about “destroying society just to spite women” (quoting you) just as you accused me of wanting this in another comment.

        3. Read the comments. Lot of guys are close to adopting a scorched earth policy. Can you deny that vibe in many of these comments, and no I don’t include you. You don’t seem particularly bitter. I’m just trying to be the voice of reason. They will not like shitting in the woods.

        4. Why not respond directly to those scorched earth comments? (If they are recent; seems odd to me to respond to a one year old posting so I don’t even bother reading those.)

        5. Honestly, I didn’t notice this was one of the recycled articles. LOL, but I’m not the first guy to get caught by those.

        6. “Why not respond directly to those scorched earth comments”
          I did. I replied to tout venant not you, but you wanted to chat, so I did.

        7. Okay, I chimed in because I thought you over-exaggerated his original post.
          He might just as well have said, wait till she gets a flat tire, she’ll need a man (for many), but actually nowadays there’s a smartphone app that summons help to your GPS coordinates.

        8. Yeah, I find it strange that it’s mostly a whole different crew of commentators. There’s a few familiar names.

        9. You mentioned that you aren’t into game and are here mostly for the politics, and this site like others has transitioned more into politics. I’m sure that’s created a lot of churn in commenters

  79. Concerning #2 try telling that to the women of Germany and especially Sweden aka the rape capital of Europe..

  80. Women, like water, seeks its own level. So-called independent career girls wouldn’t exist without men’s open and/or tacit support and approval.

  81. I recall a few years back my bro and his ex wanted to move in together, but her parents (being religious) disapproved to the point of dragging the two to a priest to … discuss… the matter. They had been dating 4 years.
    Ex is still single and cut her hair short.
    Now my bro is with a she-twink.

    1. Oh my, as George Takei might say, however I’m a bit unclear on the causality involved. Is it that the she-twink puts out more

      1. He did upgrade from a homemade loft bed to a foldout couch. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
        Although I probably won’t ask ’bout it. He’s… well… once I made a joke, then had to explain what a titjob was.

  82. If a girl does not submit then shes out the door so fucking fast,I don’t tolerate arrogance from woman anymore. As for British, American, or other western woman they can die with there 10 cats for all I care, the cats will hopefully eat their rotting corps since no one will find the body for weeks because they will be bitter lonely sad old cat ladies. And when the muslims rape themto death or puts vales on them…I will be far far away…I will not hear the screams…and I will not leave my beer drinking session to save them. Feminists will be the first to die probably, one way or another nature will find a way to remove the disease from society.

  83. All this can be fixed with a simple manifesto:
    If ALL proper men went on strike for just one week, this whole feminized excuse for a civilization would collapse and ALL women will be on their knees begging to be saved.

    1. How about men just stop going to work for 1 day?… that would fix them real quick. Like we have a men’s day without work in protest of the oppression, call it “Do it your fucking self day”

    2. In Philippines Divorce is illegal, and I force my wife to have 3sums and gangbangs everything with me, I slap, I spit and I fuck her like a slave, she loves it I fuck other pussy anytime I want, she cooks, cleans, and looks after my son…beat that. These western white woman are just out of control and need to be put in line.

        1. Because sexually it is never enough for him (kind of like nothing is good enough for a gold digger). He does not respect his wife if he is doing the above things like three sums and gangbangs. Even a muslim man with four wives will take them one by one privately. Divorce in the west use to be a more serious thing. For example in the early 1900s a woman have to go to the judge over serous stuff like her husband trying to get her to eat his poop, a abusive alcoholic etc. You get the picture. In his case legal separation may be granted if one spouse can prove physical abuse, drug or alcohol addiction, homosexuality, infidelity, or abandonment. I do not know how the Philippines court would view gang bangs and 3 sums etc.

  84. I mean try telling the men working down in the mines that they are privileged and not valued, its fucking ridiculous, and I don’t accept that.

  85. TBH, do you really wanna be the breadwinner in today’s society? Do you really wanna defend and entertain them? Is the juice worth the squeeze?

    1. I would never get married unless divorce is illegal, that’s why if I get married I get married in Philippines or somewhere like that.

  86. Ban welfare & female suffrage. Everything will fall into place.

  87. Chosen single parent parenting – of any child – is the most widely practiced form of child abuse.

    1. So true about single mothers. A little spanking would have prevented 90% of mothers who flake out and “go it single”. Single mother parenting is abuse definately, but it’s not all intentional abuse where the mother is solely at fault. Most single mothers were steered or manipulated into being single under threat of losing either their children or their benifits by aggressive socialist service caseworkers who FORCE their clients hand to sign orders to detach the father from the family unit. Other women in the higher productive stratas of society where the patriarch fails to discipline them will indipendently navigate their way awry without patriarchal guidance and wind up pursuing the vagabond woman single mother pipe dream. Both groups above comprise 89% of families that become atomized. The remaining 11% of defunct families producing atomization and child bastardy are unexplainable, perhaps due to the effects of the full moon. But the majority of bastardy and atomization occurs by design and by belligerent anti family forces outside. Most families and individuals don’t simply self destruct and self atomize. They have assisted suicide operations being performed on them externally.
      Government welfare systems were innocous at first when they were proposed during the New Deal as a way to provide for war widows and their children. But it’s strange I’ve never met a war widow single mother, not a one. Every EBT card pusher I ever saw had baby daddys that were still living. So the justification for the welfare system falls flat. With the unseen .01% invisible war widow mothers, a coffee can donation jar at the 7-11 stores would be sufficient to cover all of them. We don’t need and never did need no stinking government nanny state program to aggressively and violently supplant fathering across the board.
      The non war-widow single mothers whose sires are still alive are largely coerced into their atomized situation by social marxists employed by the nanny state bureaucracy which has a proven heirarchy of leftist feminists and secular jew suits in its administration. And people in general oblige the bureaucracy without question.
      The public has been fed steady ‘compliance’ and ‘obedience’ bullshit to where most people cooperate with any authority. At a traffic stop, people impulsively play possum and sit there like a potted plant or they bend over politely and smile while having their anus rimmed by a rubber finger at a checkpoint. I think I would abruptly turn like a pitbull and BITE the finger – not that I would ever find myself in that predicament in the first place without violently losing a fight first. In the end you go out BITING son!!
      Even before preschool, kids are taught this same death culture behaviour of unquestioning compliance to authority from their own parents who are beta brown-nosing system whips.
      This is wrong. No one should EVER oblige authority completely. You always challenge, compete and spar with it to some degree. If you never challenge authority, you never usurp it and you earmark yourself on the dying end of your culture. If you eat what authority spoonfeeds you, then you fast track yourself to the bottom, to the sewer jettison beneath the founding pillars of your civilization where there is no power but the force of brown sludge pushing you farther downward. You bottom out if you don’t do your share to beat and bludgeon the rusty crusty scab of dying or dead authority away from the hull every so often. And every teacher or administrator needs punched once in awhile too. Otherwise their authority devolves to a skeleton mission to self perpetuate for perpetuation’s sake alone and long past the time when they needed undone and their constitute needed to be unwritten. In other words the bloody chopping slab needs fired up now and then for culture and bloodlines to evolve foreward beyond caps placed by archaic authorities with proven dead ideologies which continue to regulate and strangulate healthy growth.
      The movie ‘Compliance’ (a Sundance independent(indy) film) tells the true story of the famous Mcdonalds strip search hoax that highlights people’s blind cooperation with ‘authorities’. It falls right in line with the ‘Millgram’ experiment where subjects thought they were shocking people to death as per orders of authority. In the Mcdonalds incident, the McDs middle aged female manager orders a younger 18 yo female employee to undergo a strip search in the office. The (police) crank caller orders the employee to undress and do ‘jumping jacks’ to shake out any contraban. No contraban falls out and the manager is busy with Friday night business and has to return to the kitchen floor. The ‘officer’ on the phone tells the mgr to allow the Mgr’s 47 yo fiancee (the bald guy) to come and watch over the girl meanwhile. When the lady mgr leaves the 18 yo girl with her fiancee alone, the officer on the phone walks the man through a series of finger vagina searches to stimulate the ejection of the sought after contraban followed by spankings for lying and finally sex.
      So did the girl enjoy her strip search as some of the comments noted on the more hard to find uncencored clips? One clip shows the girl engaging with the Mgr’s fiancee, stopping to cover-up with an apron and resuming the cavity probes several times as the Mgr walked in and left. The sex was occuring in intervals at that poing before the final act when there was a lengthy time alone. I haven’t seen the deleted youtubes of it but comments below the deleted ones mention the 18yo playing with herself (speculatively to org) near the end and after the spanking session. The young girl still won a multi million dollar judgement and all parties were legally advised what to say and what not to say. The prank caller, a prison guard from Florida was eventually acquitted.
      So in light of ‘authority’ instructs, the 18 yo girl’s hand was forced, yes, just like most cases of divorce or separation where the social marxists force and coerce married mothers to divorce rape and alienate the father. While down in the lowly welfare ranks living on public assistance, the hard sell to sacrifice the father is extremely strong and pervasive. Jew and fem workers in the bureaus are more than eager to make bad things happen, albeit extraneous things, to a mother or a couple that directly refuses the ‘services’ being pushed to atomize the family. In other words clusterfucks of govt and ngo anti family fems lurk everywhere unhindered by law and protected extra legally in fact. The nanny staters are a real terrorist bunch, in league with kangaroo family courts and every local swat brigade, party machine and tax office and the best defence is avoidance and rever entering their crosshairs.
      With a family, the marxists can lurk and attach themselves anywhere through mandated reporters, schools and through false claimants. Sometimes a woman is pressured by a female acquaintance to play a game of taking graduated steps to dissolve the family by an associate, and all have the backing of the big guns of the system especially with the blind compliance ethics that are embedded into the current generation of westerners. Today we have an authority mesmerised “join em” culture.
      It IS possible to have a unified family these days, but the family’s protection is in your hands alone. The state is hell bent on atomizing the arrangement. You have to be prepared like a cold war to retaliate against the much bigger enemy. The more people who retaliate against the agressors in defense of patriarchal family can right the scales either in increments or in leaps and bounds. To sit there like a potted plant and allow your family to become a casualty of the larger ‘agenda’ to atomize will bring steady increaces in force from the enemy when no resistance is shown. The elites are on a timeline to vacuum up the last pockets of family units and finish atomizing the west. Think of the enemy as a mexican cleaning lady vacuuming your carpet and your culture is the carpet. If fleas jump and bite her shins, she has to stop vacuuming. But she’s on a timeline to speed up and finish the job like a demon. So bite the bitch everyone. But as with any fight, a big smack back against the enemy doesn’t always precipitate a truce. First the enemy steps back and announces “wait, wait, let’s negotiate”. It’s a trick though. Keep the line hard until you hold a knife to the enemy’s throat, where they don’t dare flinch or make another anti-family or anti-patriarchal move. That’s called a power equilibrium where their aggression stops.
      Most families and bloodlines that succumbed to the system and became atomized followed after an event or events where the woman or women needed spanked but weren’t spanked. Most women in eras past were righted by a spanking when needed and everything was rosy thereafter. As with a child not spanked and corrected, the unspanked grown woman only becomes more empowered and belligerent. She’s a shoe in for deserting her nest and consigning with the demands of the system to atomize. If a woman DOES recieve her spanking and if it falls under the radar of the western system, then system forces are summoned with the nastiest rules of engagement. Spanking equals swatting by the feminist accords. If Jack spanks his wife, than that equals being Jack being swatted by bullets and left in a puddle of blood on the front poarch of the house that Jack built and paid taxes on.
      So don’t spank her and she becomes more of an untamable monster. Spank her and you’ve declared war on the system. If you can’t win for losing, prepare to go out biting.
      (Mcdonalds incident – ‘Compliance’ trailer)

  88. I think the author is over exaggerating. A good woman will find a good man someone that is great to have in her life. I am not saying something in our culture did not happened where wives saw prostitutes or mistresses were getting better gifts, or learned a guy can not be relied upon. Do you really want to be responsible for everything? I am all for supporting family life but maybe some critics that say your views would make men and women miserable might have a point. Not all men are cut out to be men with their act togeather and the idea of most woman serving a cheating husband has gone out the window for the most part. Most men probably should learn manly things like house and car repair. You have to decide what you want to do with your life. You may be cut out for being something like a doctor etc. But if you do not want that at least learn valuable trades that require your hands. Electricians, home repair, mechanic, etc.

    1. “I am not saying something in our culture did not happened where wives
      saw prostitutes or mistresses were getting better gifts, or learned a
      guy can not be relied upon.”
      Are you insane???
      I will only speak for myself here, but I think many other males will agree. I go to prostitutes because that is the ONLY WAY I CAN BANG HOT YOUNG GIRLS!!! I have always been a decent, honest, intelligent, quiet, hard working fit and trim male. I am in 93rd percentile for salary and net worth. And attractive females have never shown one milligram of attraction towards me. So in order to bang the females I am entitled to (yes, ENTITLED!), I pay them! The ones who do not accept payment would rather bang loud, obnoxious tattooed jerks and thugs than me. Guys who most likely take their money and beat them. But God forbid they end up with a boring “icky” guy like me, when so many “bad boys” out there to slut around with.
      And to answer your question before you ask it, NO, I have never considered being with less then a 7 or a female over 30. Males should be judged on their abilities as a provider, females on their youth and beauty. If I am in the 93rd percentile for salary and net worth, I should be getting 9.3s, minimum. And I do. For $$$.

      1. If you’re as smart as you say, then why don’t you simply figure out what women want and give it to them, and save that cash. If you learn game you won’t have to spend more than a bag of skittles on a woman, and after all isn’t that why you’re here?
        It seems to me that you feel entitled by your income, and position in life. You refuse to learn, just why it is exactly, that you must pay an attractive woman to sleep with you. You wish the universe to conform to you, and are attempting to force it into submission, instead of developing an understanding of how things work. You’re just another stubborn guy who spends his days yelling at the world because it isn’t organized in the manner that he thinks it should be, and in the end you’ll have nothing to show for it other than bitterness.

        1. “You wish the universe to conform to you, and are attempting to force it
          into submission, instead of developing an understanding of how things
          work. You’re just another stubborn guy who spends his days yelling at
          the world because it isn’t organized in the manner that he thinks it
          should be, and in the end you’ll have nothing to show for it other than
          – Jeez…you’re good at this. As I have to admit, that’s me to a tee. Are you a psychiatrist?
          – Also, as stated above, I have figured out what the type of females I am attracted to “want”. But I am not willing to be loud and obnoxious, to get tattoos and to take steroids. I am not kidding here. I do believe if I were willing to to those things (especially the juice-head part) I would be able to bang the girls I am attracted to without $$$. For a short while anyway. Until I started growing breasts and getting shrunken balls from the steroids.
          – BTW, I was quite drunk on cheap whiskey when I wrote the response to Amanda last night. I am not usually such a jerk, especially when sober.

        2. We can smell our own. Learning to accept iron clad laws of the universe instead of trying to convince the world to change to suit me was/is my red pill.

  89. Actually those women who do not need a man will simply die out. Those women who do will reproduce. Up until now material needs alone were enough of a purpose to enable those women to find mates. Since that has been solved the next generation will consist of those people who had a deeper need for a mate than just material, sexual or emotional gratification.
    The pretty woman who intends to be artificially inseminated will likely not produce children who wish a mate. Her sons will, as all bastards have little to no loyalty to other males, and will do less well than males who can bond with other males. Her daughters will probably take the same route if even that.

  90. Is it a lack of need or an over abundance of men? If something doesn’t have scarcity then it has no value. For example, air has no value, and yet the lack of clean air will kill you in a few minutes. Men have no value to young pre-wall women, because they are as abundant as air.

      1. Isn’t that simply another way of saying that those women don’t need men, or don’t need the average man?

        1. I understand it as female hypergamy was under control in the 50’s. Scientists figured out that at some point back in history 80% of the females reproduced and only 20% of the males. Thanks to feminism/modern society we’re back to those primitive times.

        2. What’s your point in all this? Do you imagine you’re going to convince the world to change by commenting on the internet? The 50s are gone and aren’t coming back. You’re more likely to get a global caliphate than recreate the 50s. This site use to be about game, not destroying society just to spite women.

        3. What’s your point in commenting on the internet?
          I started coming here for criticism of the “Syrian refugee” invasion and then alt-right discussion. I’m not so interested in game, but those articles have been helpful in my understanding of how women operate. I guess my point is to red-pill people how corrosive feminism is and has been, just as I was red-pilled.

        4. I’m not directing this comment at you, but toward many of the guys commenting here, who seem to have a similar back story to yours. Get interested in game, and drop the bitterness. You’ll be happier.

  91. Men have always been disposable in human society, but in this era women think they don’t need men, but if the men vanished overnight I give modern society three days before it falls apart and the women start fighting each other over the remaining resources. Modern women have simply become used to having men invisibly keeping things going. They don’t see it, they don’t recognize it and they aren’t grateful for it. They just complain that too many fields are male dominated but it’s not like more than 1 in several thousand women would go into these fields and I am being generous. Anyways if men disappeared it would be much like Stewie’s experiment:

    Modern women wouldn’t even be able to keep a “Spock’s Brain” type society going.

  92. Just as one poster on here said: “Modern women are some of the most dependent creatures in existence. They have simply replaced men with The State” <–bingo, true.
    BUT, most most most people still do not see the bigger spiritual picture (assuming they are Christian). Scenario: A liberal single mom dies and is standing before Christ to be judged:
    Christ: Hi Lisa the liberal, have a you lived a good life? Why should I let you into heaven?
    Lisa the Liberal: Sure I’ve lived a great life, I was a compassionate liberal.
    Christ: Have you ever engaged in thievery or stolen anything from anyone?
    Lisa the Liberal: Of course not, I was a good little liberal that voted for Obama and helped fight against the oppressive white man.
    Christ: You collected welfare and other perks from the state, and even had an affirmative action job given to you at one time just because you were a female. You gladly accepted all of the welfare payments and gladly accepted the job that paid you more than any white male working at the same company with the same job responsibilities as you. This is thievery. All of that was only possible via thievery by the state in which a portion of income is taken from people via taxation and redistributed to recipients for welfare and also to create laws for affirmative action and EEO policies so women can have guaranteed jobs. The beneficiaries of this system (females) are participating in this thievery. Therefore, you will go to hell to spend eternity with the rest of your liberal female girlfriends. Be gone, for I say to you, “I do not know who you are”.

  93. The fact most of us technology-addicted modernists don’t want to admit is that all of those reasons are linked to technology. We literally made ourselves obsolete to women in the name of progress. Never have we been so comfortable and miserable at the same time.

  94. Women are more invalid than men. What use do they have? I don’t find reproduction necessary

  95. The movie Transcedence is when a man becomes a god of human ingenuity (he comes a supercomputer AI that controls everything and can do everything that his girlfriend wanted and shes still not satisfied

  96. “Independent woman” is a euphemism for a doomed woman in a dying society.

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