5 Shocking Things I Learned From Working In The Mainstream Media

After spending over a decade working in medium-sized cities for different television affiliates of ABC, NBC, and CBS, I came to the conclusion the industry does nothing but spew corporate, government, and Marxist propaganda nonstop. I was not content to spout this propaganda any longer, and I had to get out.

I went into the career with quite a different illusion. From childhood, growing up in the country we believed in the illusions the puppet masters in the “big city” media were creating. The media’s vision of the world and of our government led us to believe it was all truly a shining city on the hill, and journalists were wonderful people serving the public interest and looking out for the little guy.

Growing up a poor kid, with no connections, no race or gender card to play, and no money, landing a job as a news anchor seemed like a far off fantasy. Many in high school, including my teachers believed I could never make it. After driving off to college in a broken down car with $800 in my pocket, hitting the ground running in a different state 500 miles from home, often working two jobs, I pushed harder than the other kids at my school and landed an on-air position while in college.

Further hard work and sacrifice landed me another job and then another in a highly competitive field. Meantime, I could have been out doing blow off a whore’s ass instead of studying calculus and other tough subjects, effectively sacrificing some of the best years of my life, but I figured the payoff would be worth the sacrifice and pushed through.

However, I began to lose respect for the media once I found out the truth about who works in it, how it operates, why it operates, who it operates in the interest of, and how it was treating me. Here are five reasons I grew to despise the mainstream media before striking out to do my own thing. After all, I’ve learned it takes very little to make a man like me happy.

5. The Entire Industry Is Based On A Paper-Thin Illusion

Carrot dangling is a good metaphor for the fantasy of becoming journalist fighting for truth and justice and a decent living, the reality is low pay and exploitation

Many television stations are located in the bad part of town, relics of the Golden Age of America and the Golden Age of Television, and a good number are dumps with broken down buildings and shady management. The most arrogant, duplicitous men I have ever known are two former supervisors of mine.

In my final year, a former supervisor pulled me aside into the conference room to dissect email replies I had sent him, one of which included a complaint of his about a sesame seed in the floor of our office. His other purpose was to threaten me for not using the proper tone in my responses to his nattering emails. This man had a sterling image in my mind up until that day. Then I saw who he really was, and as I had seen from day one other talking heads were not living up to their nice guy public image, either.

But that was only one more in a long series of letdowns. The smiling faces that greet you each morning, noon, and night are put-ons. As Shakespeare said, the world is a stage and we are all actors upon it. That famous quote is a perfect description of the television news business.

Then there is the dark underbelly of the industry. Turnover rates are high, morale is low, and people who work in the industry are often the most evil, vicious people you will ever know, but who know how to convincingly hide it under a smiling face (just like politicians!). Furthermore, many in the industry are unhappy and lonely, sometimes to the point of being suicidal.

A Weather Channel employee’s January suicide, sadly, was not surprising to me and seems typical of an Omega male rampage that we are seeing more of in today’s debased society. The news report stated:

Nicholas Wiltgen died from major head and brain injury after deliberately driving through a concrete wall. Weather Channel meteorologist Nicholas Wiltgen committed suicide, the Fulton County Medical Examiner in Georgia said Tuesday. According to a statement issued by the medical examiner’s office, Wiltgen died Sunday from major head and brain injury, the result of an intentional act of driving a vehicle through the concrete wall of a parking deck.

The industry is often a meat grinder, especially for beta and omega males who drink the Kool-Aid of the Anglo American cultural narrative. Not surprisingly, management and women step all over smart betas and omegas.

Forbes just ran an expose on the April suicide of another television news personality.

This month a young television meteorologist took his life. Meteorologist Eric Sorenson posted a very stirring blog empathizing with Russell Bird and framing how his situation was very similar to many young broadcast meteorologists: in an unfamiliar place, low-paying starter job, and few local friends. This is a side of the glamorous TV world the public doesn’t see.

The reality of the industry does not fit the gleaming image it broadcasts to the world. Since corporate consolidation, six corporate Goliaths now own 90% of the media, working conditions have deteriorated and the news turned into a cookie-cutter product. TV Spy, a news business gossip rag, used the Bird suicide to shine some light on the low pay and low morale that is the reality at most local news stations.

In his post, Sorensen said, “Small-market TV still employs editors, photographers, reporters, and anchors who make less than cashiers at Walgreen’s and cooks at McDonald’s,” says Sorensen. “And I know for a fact that in Rockford, answering phones pays more of the bills than directing an Emmy-award-winning newscast.”

The duplicity of the spinmeisters never ceases to amaze. The official statement lamenting Russell Bird’s suicide reads:

Russell was a graduate of Ohio State University and had been with us since last July. He’s remembered as a great weather scientist, and mostly as a great friend to all of us at the station. We will miss the joy he had, on and off camera, every day. We will miss the passion he brought to his work. Most of all, we will miss the man, and everything he was to us. Russell Bird was 27.

First of all nobody is a great friend when you work at a TV station, everyone is out for themselves and treachery is the norm, not the exception. Being forced to smile and put on a happy face every day is the “joy” they speak of. And the “passion” one has for his work is totally disrespected and not valued by the bosses.

Low pay (a friend of mine made minimum wage at his first on-air TV job, with a degree) was brought up by some members of the media as one contributing factor to low morale, as are contracts which stations use as tools of indentured servitude to keep you locked in for as many as five years at a time. Clauses in the contracts also keep successful people from going across town to work for a competitor for more money without getting sued. And, I personally know of one television station whose pay was so low for staff members that they were seen in the community using food stamp cards. After a public outrage, what was the solution from corporate management? Give these staff members a tiny raise, just large enough they would be denied benefits.

Before quitting, I was told bluntly my education and credentials did not matter by management. The illusion of the media sold to society been shattered, not only for those of us who dedicated a good part of our lives to it but for the public as well.

4. Since The Internet, Nobody Believes The Talking Heads Anymore


Credibility is everything, and the mainstream media has lost theirs

Since communication has become decentralized thanks to the internet, nobody but grey-haired oldsters, dupes, and Kool-Aid drinkers believe anything the talking heads say. Today, commoners like us have a voice equal to that of the once invincible “on-air personalities” at your local news outfit. They can be, and frequently are called out on their lies, half-truths, and misrepresentations. RT, which ironically tells more truth nowadays than any of the American corporate media, released this telling survey:

A survey of more than 2,000 adults showed that trust in the media has dipped to dramatically low levels. About 52 percent of respondents said they have “some confidence” in the press, while 41 percent said they have “hardly any confidence.” Only six percent expressed “a great deal of confidence.” “Over the last two decades, research shows the public has grown increasingly skeptical of the news industry,” the report from the American Press Institute reads.

This does not keep them from further muddying their image with drama over everything from vivisection of local political squabbling to fear mongering in a thinly veiled attempt at creating social hysteria every time there is a thunderstorm in the neighborhood.

3. Sensationalism Is What The Industry Runs On

Gossip TV news operates on a business model that draws heavily from the playground gossip model

TV news operates on a business model that draws heavily from the playground gossip model

The media has to create problems to create profit. The industry runs on finding a problem anywhere it can, then exploiting that problem to the max, no matter how many lives or careers it destroys all while looking over their own numerous faults. Most stations would be more appropriately named your “drama” station rather than your “news” station.

Understandably, when an industry has to cater to an audience that is 75% female and majority liberal, the message skews towards pedestalization of women, materialism, consumerism, and Marxism.

The people who populate news rooms are typically case studies in hypocrisy. A perfect example: A news room I worked in used to love to roast local pillars of the community or anyone of note who got arrested for DUIs. However, when a prominent member of our news team got arrested twice in a row for DUIs, the entire issue was swept under the rug. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. If people would scratch the surface of many of these journalists, they would find out most of them live in glass houses and yet these deeply flawed news personalities love throwing huge stones around.

2. The Agenda Is One Of Cultural Marxism

Once vehemently denied, the Marxist agenda of the mainstream media has been laid bare in the Internet Age

Once vehemently denied, the Marxist agenda of the mainstream media has been laid bare in the Internet Age

Conservative or common sense views are shouted down at morning news planning meetings. The echo chamber from the elite media in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta sets the tone of what gets covered, how it gets covered, how the issues are framed, and who gets attacked when the talking heads do one of their infamous drive-bys.

Even conservative-minded news directors have to bite their lip, bow their head and kowtow to the Marxist agenda being pushed for fear of losing their job. Not only has the remaining television audience been conditioned to only accept ideas which conform to leftist ideology, but the “journalists” have also been conditioned by the education system to skew their reporting towards enforcing this cultural narrative.

What’s more, instead of the cigarette-smoking, hard-nosed, no bull type of journalists the country had in the 1950s and 1960s, the new generation of interchangeable corporate cogs are young, inexperienced, indoctrinated, and usually mushy-headed blondes or those with a chip on their shoulder who are out to strike a blow against middle America and its evil Caucasian overlords. The accepted politics in news rooms ranges from overt Marxism to Socialism lite. If you do not comply to hivemind groupthink, you risk a Social Justice Warrior swarming, firing, and excommunication from the industry.

The manosphere and its steady stream of government and corporate suppressed information is a development in response to this closed circuit communication model which has divided the population into either useful idiots or thought criminals.

1. You Quickly Learn To Watch Your Back Around These People

The higher you go on the pyramid, the fewer friends you have

The higher you go on the pyramid, the fewer friends you have

The newsroom is a huge groupthink shark tank, filled with vicious co-workers who will anxiously throw you under the bus if it means 15 minutes or even 15 seconds of fame and glory for them. Most are Social Justice Warriors or those who conform to leftist ideology. They will swarm and destroy anyone who does not conform to their opinions, such as: Barack Obama is god, the government will bring about heaven on earth once the Evil White Male is destroyed, and anyone who has a grievance against the WASP middle class represents The Superior Virtue of the Oppressed and cannot be questioned or challenged on any of their positions.

Time magazine ran an article confirming what anyone who has worked in this dying industry already knows: media talking heads hold two of the top 10 places for careers with the highest number of psychopaths.

Never Again

My new life plan includes a lot more pleasure and a lot less bullshit

My new life plan includes a lot more pleasure and a lot less bullshit

In the last few years, 60 hour weeks have become the norm with 40 hours of pay (thanks to employers abusing salaries), verbal abuse by management is common, there is no such thing as a personal life in the city you work in because of social media, and hoping for any future with your employer has become as farcical as the metaphorical carrot and stick. Add to that a bunch of nihilistic, often miserable and duplicitous co-workers and you have quite a toxic stew.

Additionally, while this will never be admitted, one need do nothing more than turn on the television to hear evil white male propaganda being disseminated on a daily basis. But that is only the outward reflection of an industry that now actively looks to hire and promote anyone except white males. It is well known, even if it is only whispered, that people are regularly hired and promoted based on nothing more than the ability of managers to check off a box on an affirmative action form. Of course, I was persona non grata because of this.

Combine these facts with the list of five things I learned presented above, and it’s easy to see why I walked. It’s also easy to see why I have no respect for 90% of the people that populate this industry. I can count on one hand the number of people who were decent human beings, and all of those were members of the old school of broadcasting who somehow have survived to 2016. The Social Justice Warrior generation is a toxic waste dump of inhumanity and vanity.

It should come as no surprise to know that I, and a number of former colleagues of mine, have collectively said, “Never again!” to employment in this industry. Now you know some of the ugly realities behind the pretty face business.

Bring on the bitches and blow, I’m going to live the youth I sacrificed for nothing.

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323 thoughts on “5 Shocking Things I Learned From Working In The Mainstream Media”

  1. So I guess there is truth to the movie “Network” after all….

    1. “Network” is without a doubt red pilled, the main monologues are particularly revealing; “when the twelfth largest company in the world controls the most awesome God-damned propoganda force in the whole godless world, who knows what shit will be peddled for truth on this network?”
      I wait for the day when I hear “”I’M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!” being shouted out of every window.

      1. No need to shout. Just turn off the TV or don’t read the Leftist websites.

        1. You’re preaching to the choir bro, I was referring to the normies sat in their armchairs, busy learning the latest PC opinions about contemporary issues… gotta know how to react to men in female bathrooms unless they want to be “on the wrong side of history”.

    1. I’d love to say that women are by and large trustworthy. Seems we’re both in somewhat of a predicament.

  2. The veil has disappeared. By and large the majority no longer swallow the spoonfed bullshit of the MSM. Nevertheless the Elites need their mouthpieces so what’s to come of all this? How long before they entirely dump the charade and just start running pure propaganda? Oh wait that’s already happening…

    1. Not only they’re making their voices absolute propaganda, they also forbid any other message from being publicly conveyed, if it doesn’t fit their propagandistic precepts and aims. In Europe, cases like Galliano remember us how dangerous it is to say anything outside The Narrative™. Even your dog’s pictures (http://www.kitsapsun.com/news/378854591.xhtml)

      1. That video is freakin’ hilarious. I mean INSANE that he got arrested over this, like Orwellian nightmare insane, but I mean a pug saluting to Sieg Heil and getting excited over gassing the jew. Colour me impressed.

        1. Yup. A guy plays with his dog’s ability and gets arrested. A known artist gets drunk in a bar and says the wrong things and he is fired 6 days after that.
          But this is not only the anti-nazi paranoia. Even less controversial things, said by “mainstream” opinioned people like Stephen Fry, are ruthlessly persecuted. He had to apologize for this interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJQHakkViPo

        2. When you have two fags sitting in a room agreeing that political correctness is a crock of shit… you know we’re in trouble.

        3. Exactly! What’s next? They are already fighting each other, eliminating the moderates. We’re in for a hell of a ride…

        1. I think its all a Dog and Pony show. We are not leaving just like Scotland didn’t leave. More to the point, the natural progression, given technology and free markets is towards smaller and smaller areas of governance. The EU is a socialist scam which will inevitably collapse, just not this Summer.

        2. The EU could well take the Continent with it by the looks of it.
          I think you’re right with media on side and it’s totally one sided coverage the average sheeple will not take the Red Pill and the accompanying leap of faith but rather be seduced by hollow state platitudes like “diversity” never mind the reality of the EU..

    2. That reminds me of a film I saw as a kid called “Radio Days” by Woody Allen. After WWII breaks out he noted how his favorite shows on the radio quit having gangsters as villains and switched to Germans and Japanese spies.
      Having said that, what’s also noteworthy is how the media corporations were able to make the switch during the 50’s and 60’s to television from broadcast radio, yet have failed to properly adapt to the internet medium.
      The companies know their time is running out, the question is how will some of them adapt or fade.

    3. Nobody gives up power easily. I’m waiting for them to start stronger policing of the internet and sites like ROK all in the name of stopping “hate speech” or some other bullshit.

      1. They will simply “de-platform” us that is the end goal. Only websites that are pro fag, refugee, Obama etc is all they want.
        This is easier.. Some law will be quoted and hosting/ server companies pressured not to host the site. I think that would be more likely.
        The idea that free thinking men, often small business people (myself), church going types and gun owning (US) call their whole system from education to politics a complete pile of shit and back it up what evidence is incredibly dangerous and frustrating for these Libtard socialists c****..
        The solution is simply to remove our ability to express our opinions freely and pass legislation attacking everything we believe in. Thus fag marriage is being promoted a lot these days: because we’re against it. Ditto for refugees.
        Thus the end goal: you’re left with a bunch of puppets that all think the same and think their free because they can write about what they had for dinner on Cuckbook..
        These can be easily placated with state welfare and shiny platitudes like “we’re all equal.”

  3. You did not excel in the industry because you did not sell your soul to Satan like the others did

    1. This. Being a well-balanced human being who is not a narcissistic psychopath will only get you eaten by the sharks in this industry. By the end, I was making $50,000 a year but the toll my on life and mental health was not worth it. A man can become a paranoid schizophrenic being around the people who populate newsrooms. Not a healthy environment.

      1. Hey not all narcissistic psychopaths are terrible people, some of us are ‘wicked’ fun.

        1. I’m a product of my upbringing. Without a strong core of family values and a normal family structure I believe I would have turned out very differently.

        2. Well said. It saddens me to think this younger generation (“millenials”) could have had the resources and knowledge to advance civilization and be great Men (and Women), a perfect generation we so much deserved after the 20th century’s misadventures.
          They aren’t, and they’ll never be like that. But how can we judge them hardly, if most of them never had a healthy family, a good school environment or a reasonable social environment?

        3. The ones I judge are the men of my generation (millennial here sadly) who have all those advantages and still embrace cultural marxism, gender as a social construct, all this fucking bullshit people are just accepting as truth these days. Those people are the truly blind who barring a true epiphany as a result of tragedy will happily march into the flames with a smile on their face.

        4. Sometimes I try to debate things with typical millennials and it’s like caressing a hedgehog. They become furious as soon as the entitlement feelings are tingled. Their reasoning skills are as agile as a brick wall (they repeat the same thing over and over again, for different questions). Invariably, they resort to dogma and insult. In fact, that is why they were so well indoctrinated. The Narrative will hold only if none of its premisses is questioned.

        5. That always pisses me off. Raised with the most “privilege” and wealth of any generation in history and yet they frame themselves as somehow this huge victim class. Fucking pisses me off.
          “Buh buh buh I don’t get hired directly as a vice president so I’m giving up, life sucks, fuck you previous generations, you’re handing me shit!!!!”
          Yeah, shut the fuck up.

        6. I’d say some of the millennial gripes are quite legitimate. The job market is terrible, the price of education is criminal, the housing market is ruined. Its the solutions they hammer for that piss me off, socialism, welfare, more government.

        7. The job market is terrible if you’re looking to become rich as a Whole Foods floor clerk. If you’re a computer programmer you can put out your resume at 8 am and have three interviews lined up by noon. I know this for a fact.
          The price of education is terrible, but how much value comes from education now anyway? And the solution I hear from most Millenials to the issue? “Make if free!” Which is about as myopic and idiotic as one can get.
          Houses are houses, you’re not going to move into a nice house at first. My first house was run down and the ceiling collapsed in one of the rooms. It was thus cheap. I fixed it up by hand over 5 years then sold it and moved into a nice place.
          Shit has to be worked for.

        8. I agree with the premise of your points, but in my country the housing market is well and truly ruined. You can’t even buy a shithole in the middle of nowhere for less than 300k. Inflation in the last 30 years on housing is something like 700% compared to median salary. That’s quite a hurdle to overcome.

        9. I understand your view on this, but we must treat adults as adults and kids as kids. I blame them for being unable to figure out their lives, but I can’t just pretend they knew better than this.
          I grew up watching Schwarzenegger’s movies, I aimed to become a strong, fearless, adventurous, travelled man. And I am like that. I had a mother and father. I knew what was hierarchy, even if I sometimes loathed it, I knew it was good for me.
          What can Millennials look up to? Their single mothers? Lady Gaga, Bieber and Tokyo Hotel?

        10. Bullshit.
          I just did a quick, as in less than five minute, search in my area and houses start around $25k on the low end. Then we have home auctions where you can snag real estate *really* cheap, and of course, “distressed homes” meaning usually where a crime was committed. And foreclosed homes. Cheap.
          If you’re low end is $300k then you’re living in the wrong place, honestly. Not picking on you directly I know you’re on the same team I am, I just find that there are “generally accepted” bullshit stories in the Millenial generation that they never examine.

        11. Australia, mate. You can buy a studio apartment in the far outer suburbs for about 250k. I wish this was bullshit

        12. If they’re approaching 30 now, and most are, and still don’t “know better”, in the internet age, then that’s on them. I’m sorry but I just don’t accept excuses. This is the most information rich society in human history and they “brag” at how tech savvy they are, so hey, I know, open a real estate app and find a cheap house and stop bitching. Get an online degree, cheap. Fucking do something with these resources besides playing on Facebook.

        13. Then move. I mean seriously, move. Don’t accept the circumstances of your birth, pack up and walk away. It’s what folks did during the Great Depression, they just uprooted and moved to where the jobs were. So do that. This is also the most mobile time in history. If a person is not actually being physically restrained, or blackmailed, then I don’t accept excuses.
          Besides, Ohio is a much nicer place to live. Heh.

        14. Hearing that housing started at freakin 25k in your area has certainly started the cogs turning to consider it. At the moment its not a smart time to move for me, but by the end of the year I should have tied up some loose ends and be in a lot more open position in regards to planning for it.

        15. Well there you go then! That statement from you is something I *never* hear from most Millenials. Usually they just go back to repeating the same dogmatic points and getting upset that their world view was disturbed, or somebody dared to suggest that they make any sacrifice or change their way of life a little. Heh.

        16. GoJ I’m sure you’ve seen enough of my comments to know that’s certainly not me, and I know your tough love, school of hard knocks kick in the ass method comes from a good place.

        17. Yep, like I said, I know we’re on the same team. I was criticizing the points because I hear them a lot here in Ohio too from Millenials. The real estate one especially ticks me off at least in these united States. Shit goes cheap if you know where to look, as I linked, and yet there will be some dopey bearded man child bitching about the price of his apartment rent. Well go buy that $25k house and your monthly payment decreases 90% if you take out a 15 year mortgage. Problem solved.

        18. You may be right, but like it or not, they will slowly replace us. If they are the total abyss, what’s our future, then?
          I still have some hope they will “mature” before it is too late (read “before they command Society”). Even if they could BE doing better NOW. Even if you have more evidence than I.

        19. I’m noticing a schism in the Millenials. The “older” ones, the ones approaching 30, are utterly slackers and losers. The ones coming out of high school right now seem to be much more right wing/conservative. I think this *might* be because the youngest are being raised by GenX, who seemed to have reverted more to the 2 parent household than the previous tweener/Baby boomer types. Plus they don’t live in a world where “before 2008” exists in their memory so they’ve grown up watching their parent(s) be far more frugal than people were prior to 2008. Just a hunch.

        20. That’s what I plan on doing. Texas has a Texas Veterans commission and if you’re a Texas military veteran who’s achieved an honorable discharge you can purchase property at a discount from the state. Most purchase houses in the suburbs but I’m planning on buying property outside of the big cities away from the I-35 Corridor.

        21. Prices in Australia are crazy. I stayed in a $600,000 place on Airbnb that is smaller than my $130,000 American home. It was tough to find dinner for less than $30. I loved everything in Australia except the prices and the government. It’s the most expensive place I’ve been to by far (note: haven’t been to most of Asia but much of the rest of the world). Get out, you can live far cheaper elsewhere.

        22. This may be bias talking (because of what I did in life) but I think this is some of your best advice ever.
          I moved away from “home” to work in what would be considered a high paying job in the state I was born, but was low-mid pay when compared to the cost of living in that other state.
          It was rough, but I managed to put back the bulk of it until I had around a million in ten years, then I moved back to my home state. There, that amount of money will buffer me with an extra $20000 a year for the next 50 years. Like winning the lottery.
          Add to that a mid-high pay job (for here anyway) that covers all my insurance and puts into retirement for me that I could just up and walk away from at any time, plus giving exclusive self-defense courses, and I live a very comfortable life for my current needs. Also, after only 3 years saving now I can pretty much finish paying off a 1600 sq ft. house built in 2008.

        23. The bubble here with housing is a serious problem. Rent is almost as bad, If there was 25k real estate here I’d probably be just as indignant as you to the complaining man-children, the median for rent is ~20k a year here.

        24. The money I’m laying back in Ohio since I’ve been in the job market, which is basically forever, will go a billion times further when I move out to Wyoming. And Ohio isn’t an expensive place to live (rural and suburbs I mean). Local economies are a wonder.

        25. Yeah my folks paid that for their first home 30 years ago. Hearing how cheap real estate is elsewhere is like hearing you can buy a new top of the line PC for $50

        26. I don’t see how people live with such exhorbitant housing costs. Especially in the information age. I could literally move to a third world country (with wifi) and do most of my job, while paying maybe $200 a month in rent. So why do people choose to stay and pay thousands a month to live in the cities?

        27. More than a simple hunch I’d say, but then your hunches…
          Think a lot of our problems arise naturally from the lackadaisical bourgeois-style complacency/mentality that prosperity and especially excess/decadence brings about.
          People who have to work hard don’t squander and instead appreciate their gains, they don’t have time to “keep up with Kardashians” or worry that a mental patient gussied up in women’s clothes got his feelz hurt.
          Hopefully though, their reaction to the crisis won’t be to go the same ways as FDR with more government programs and dependence, and raising a new generation to “have what they didn’t,” that’s a theft of the worst kind, to rob someone of character.

        28. Well, this is anecdotal, but the trending thing at my daughter’s high school right now are pro-Trump campaign buttons. While you and I know about the fleecing going on, to them they see a strong alpha male right winger and like it. But talk to a 25+ year old Millenial and they can’t cum on your face fast enough on Bernie Sander’s behalf.

        29. Or a jet-airplane for a grand.
          I’m in a similar situation as you. Tying up loose ends and finishing my education before I leave this overpriced liberal shithole.
          It’s not the corrupt bureaucratic government and insane prices that even gets to me at this point, but rather that the people on the ground around me actually buy into the propaganda.
          “It’s the current year” is actually a well-accepted argument where I’m from.

        30. Stupidity.
          For instance, my sister worked in a bank for years and I asked her why the price in our area for housing went from between $50k-$75k up to $110k-$160k. You would think more houses would mean more affordable housing, since there was an increase in properties available. She gave me some b/s excuse before I interrupted her and simply asked, “Is it because they’re suckers and the housing loans office is willing to sell it off to suckers to inflate their numbers?” She stammered and that’s when I knew the whole housing market was a scam.

        31. Ghost, the job market IS shit for my generation, even if you have a “good” degree. Many of us, myself included, would love nothing more than to work a trade, but our parents force us to go to college, since they refuse to acknowledge that a degree has for the most part become worthless. As for buying houses, most of us will never own our own homes. Most of us can’t even afford an apartment. Unless serious changes are made in the next few years (euphemism for non-Hillary presidency), things will only get worse.

        32. I don’t blame you for leaving. I’d be getting the hell out of Dodge as well.

        33. Yeah, but go-getter types aren’t going to live in Ohio. Face it, if you want to make it big in tech, media, law, finance, you’re going to to have to move to a major city, most likely NY or SF. Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Phoenix, all cheaper options but it’s almost impossible to become an industry titan when you’re not living in a city. Best places to live are probably Chicago or maybe Dallas for the combination of COL and networking opportunities.

        34. Ok, here, let me help.
          C# 2010, Murach – cost $54.00
          Sharp Develop, a free C# IDE to learn C# with so you don’t have to spend money on Visual Studio.
          2 months time to learn the ins and outs of C# and, if you’re wise, also ASP.NET (which basically uses C# with an HTML front end).
          You are now qualified to walk into a joint and sit down at a, minimum, $50,000 a year job or do moonlighting programming from online moonlighting pay per job sites to get resume experience, THEN go to the brick and mortar for that $50k starting.
          Ta da.
          I already posted the super low housing in my area. I live in a nice area. You can find better deals in other places if you look.
          Stop this victimhood spiel. There is no excuse. Yeah, your degree is worthless most of the time, welcome to reality as it stands today. And nobody forced you to go to college, when you’re an adult you chose to go because of whatever social pressures you felt were compelling, but YOU chose.

        35. The truth is more and more children come out of public education without the ability to think critically (or at least not without turning it on its ear for the “causes”), the ability to objectively analyze, or come to reasonable conclusions through logic or deduction.
          They are almost completely reactionary to the strongest social pressure in their sphere, terrified of leaving that comfort zone to experience the world as it is unfiltered, and utterly convinced that they are vastly superior. Everything old is new, and it breeds more of the same cycle and how many will gleefully follow the frauds hastening us to the mandatory self-destruction part thinking they have found a way out of the hamster wheel?

        36. Yeah, so anyway, I can retire today if I wanted to and I’m not even 50 yet. Columbus is THE white collar capitol of the midwest, we have a huge amount of white collar HQ’s here. We also have a huge finance industry here. If you can’t make it big in “tech” or finance here, you’re probably not looking.

        37. Can confirm difficulty. As an engineering student, I was either ignored or rejected for 50+ internship opportunities every year (based on my application rate). Though, I’ll admit, I usually knew the people who got the spot – they were better connected.
          Once I was able to demonstrate my skills (projects, one semester of graduate research into security topics, etc.), I got a few quality offers, but it was a bit disheartening at first.
          Skills and persistence win every time. Obstacles are only challenges to be overcome.

        38. That’s just an example, divvying it up evenly by that amount without considering any kind of investment or even interest.

        39. I beg to differ with the last paragraph, I certainly wasn’t adult enough to make that kind of decision at age 18. Hell, I didn’t even have the ability to discern between different colleges and make a rational choice, and I was a national merit scholar (I had no idea why a small college would be better or worse than a large university, or a rural setting vs. city, etc.). And when you factor in how coddled and babied millennials are, you can’t expect them to make such life long decisions in their teenage years. They have no experience or responsibility by age 18.
          It’s easy to say you are a fucking idiot for borrowing $60,000 to study social studies, but that’s what the parents, counselors, government, and society are pushing them to do these days. I say realize you were lied to, welcome to the red pill, now do something independently about your future, and build the life you want for yourself.

        40. Yeah, in fact, when they become adults I remove all Free Pass cards from their deck. I made stupid ass mistakes at that age too, but I learned fast that I owned them and learned from them. I even made a pretty stupid financial mistake. I hated myself for it, but by making the mistake I learned responsibility. What I didn’t do is sit down and cry that I was a victim of my upbringing.
          Like I said, this is the internet age, the truth is right there at our fingertips 24/7. Use it.

        41. Personal issues, but I hate C#. It’s better than Java, but not by enough for my taste. It’s mostly relevant for web application design, which I perceive is a flooded market.
          Learn SQL and Python or PHP. That’s a foot-in-the-door for database and security work. Bonus if you get certificates in the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Python/PHP/Perl) – that gets you web server management.

        42. Well sure, heh, I was just picking C# because that’s one of the ones I do. It’s also used a lot in middleware, at least in the financial segments around here.
          SQL can get you a great job as a data report writer, that shit is always in demand.

        43. I think one issue is young people don’t really understand the negative consequences of debt.
          Hell, we have huge national debts and I don’t even really understand the tangible negative consequences of those either.
          So what if the US debt goes up another $1 trillion, does it even matter?
          Plenty of people my age with money in the negatives going about life like everything is totally normal.

        44. There’s also a strong correlation between housing prices and financing. So when mortgages became commonplace after the 50s, house prices shot up. When down payments dropped from 25% to 20%, prices shot up. When they dropped to their current level of around 3% (not exaggerating) then prices skyrocketed again. Because you are exponentially increasing the number of buyers of homes. The number of people with $3,000 to purchase a $100,000 house is orders of magnitude greater than the number who have $50,000 cash who could buy the same house outright, if the market didn’t involve credit. It’s artificially creating demand for housing (demand is both the ability AND the desire for a product).

        45. Agreed. For me, debt is a choice. There is nothing that I *need* that I must use debt for. I could *choose* to buy a boat, upgrade to a nicer house, buy a vacation home, etc. and I would need to use debt if I wanted those things today, but I don’t need or use debt for any of my *needs*.
          However, for people living in a land of $1.2 million homes, debt is an integral part of life. You MUST use debt in order to function in that society. That’s seriously fucked up.

        46. Right?
          My wife’s uncle was stating that the housing bubble was going to come crashing down way back in 2000, as well as big finance going to shit. He was right, but he didn’t anticipate the “bailout” where multi-billionaires fleeced the public to the tune of 1.7 trillion dollars and all we got was a lousy t-shirt.

        47. Well, not technically, but I hear that it’s in the mail.

        48. That was why I asked my banker sister about the prices. Something was fishy since I left for basic and came back six months later to see the change in prices for houses and properties in my area. Even then I knew better than to suddenly purchase a house, regardless if my steady pay as a soldier could cover the basics.

        49. I’m not saying that there aren’t job opps in Columbus (althought I think Chicago is clearly superior) there’s good amount of corporate HQs, a lot of them food or retail. One mid-level banking company, two mid sized law firms, a few insurance companies. But if you really want to hustle, you need to get near the top moguls, the cities with the most IPO deal flow (NY, Chicago) VC funds (SF, Austin), etc. I’ve found that Chicago is a lower cost NYC for finance/law, Austin lower cost SF for tech, Miami good spot for international business and exporting. You can go F500 pretty much anywhere though.

        50. Well I waste my time reading comments on RoK. Its time well spent, since I feel like the only sane man in the world when I read my facebook wall some days.

        51. Yet you have so much free space down under. Property prices are a joke nowadays.

        52. Nothing wrong with that, heh. I mean that if they’re so tech savvy then they should realize that they have the resource treasure of the ages to solve any fucking problem in life, right at their fingertips.

        53. I learn more from blogs and repositories than I ever learned in school. It’s disheartening to see that willful ignorance pervades in such an information glut.

        54. Everything is clustered around the coast. Vast swathes of land are just arid bushland and desert. There’s a reason the brits decided this would be a great place to dump criminals.

        55. What I’m saying is that I have for all intents and purposes “made it big”. Am I Gordon Gecko at the height of his fictional movie career? Fuck no, but I don’t want that anyway. Only 0.0001% of everybody will become a mogul, the rest of us don’t. I figure I would hate that way of life anyway, so I make a great living in places other than blue zone hellholes and am much happier for it. Not everybody wants to be Captain CEO, and they are who my advice is aimed towards.
          Chicago is one of the murder capitols of these united States, it’s crowded and they are so controlled by their corrupt government that I can’t even consider that a serious option, at least in regards to living somewhere. It’s all a balance to me, I like my liberties, and those big cities *don’t* respect them. So I make good bank in Columbus AND get my liberties. Seems like a good way to live that doesn’t require putting up with all the bullshit of LA or Chicago or NYC chasing a dream that likely won’t occur and that I’d hate if I achieved.

        56. Indeed, it’s like the opposite of what I think we thought was going to happen when HTTP first hit the scene. We didn’t get smarter, we instead became dependent on the internet for entertainment.
          Not wholly of course, there is a lot of good coming from it too. I’m just amazed at so many “victims” who have a huge array of tools to solve their problems right at their trust fund fingertips, if they’d just stop whining about being a victim for ten minutes and get busy.

        57. I read that the Australian scientists really hope global warming is real, because they believe it’ll bring more rain to the continent.

        58. The tools are there, but to paraphrase MikeCK, the mindset is not there. My observation of current culture is the discouragement to have a mindset to solve problems on your own. One must go to authority figure to handle the problems, or we get in more trouble do so. The problem for humanity right now is the so called experts are fools basking for attendance than seeking and imparting knowledge.

        59. Makes perfect sense, I was referring to those who want to be Gekko/Gates and aren’t concerned with local politics. I know Chicago sucks in the aspects that you state, but you can’t really bounce from hedge fund to hedge fund in Columbus like you can in Chicago.
          I’m actually sucking it up in NYC right now purely for networking purposes. I plan on jumping ship to a Miami/Dallas once I get a downpayment and a certain level in my career.

        60. At some point, we voluntarily gave up the idea that we could be experts and authorities. We ceded all our thinking and reasoning to those who claimed authority, and we suffer for it continually.
          I found a chap who questioned the universally-accepted Theory of Relativity, because he noted that we conceive of motion in relation to time (dx/dt), but motion through a time dimension would be self-referential and meaningless (dt/dt=1).
          He might be wrong, but he made a rare effort.

        61. We got scam with the idea that college degree was pathway to a good job. Instead we find it has become a way to get money and time for the students to pad administer’s salaries, and way for companies to screen applicants after losing the ability to give IQ testing to applicants. Look at Mike Rowes’ website about need for certified mechanics for CAT machines, welders, and so forth. We are told to do one thing, when in reality we have multiple option to do something.

        62. Right, well, lesson learned, now go out and make the right choices.

        63. I know of a few janitorial openings in Colorado that pay around $40k/year. None of the job seeking kids I know will take it.
          I have a cousin pulling down six figures as a plumber. He owns a few hundred acres outright, raises horses for fun, and self-funded a few country-western albums. And none of the job seeking kids want to be plumbers.
          I have an uncle who designs power grids, based on a two-year degree at a small technical school. He works a grand total of about seven months per year and spends the rest of his time hunting and fishing all over the country. And none of the job seeking kids want to be electricians.
          Why are trades out of the question for these kids?

        64. I think you’re referring to the El Nino/La Nina phenomenon. But I could be mistaken. What no-one will ever tell you because its ‘racist’ is that 30,000 years ago Australia was mostly rain forest. The aboriginal inhabitants relied on flushing out game for hunting via back-burning. One problem – the eucalypt is one of the most flammable trees in the world. This backburning eventually wiped out a lot of these forests, killed off all the megafauna and altered the climate leading to the deserts we have now. The Australian aboriginals were the only race of people to never develop the bow and arrow, which tells you quite a bit about their development as a race.

        65. Perhaps that is what I mean. It was years ago, so I only dimly recall the headline.
          There was something in there about more water collecting in the (warmer) atmosphere and being released over the central areas. Perhaps mountains have some impact on that – I’m no meteorologist. What I do understand is that the area suffers drought conditions, and some scientists were hoping that a general increase in temperatures would produce more rainfall, hopefully rendering the areas more habitable.
          It’d be great to discover a method to reclaim desert areas – so much of Australia and Africa would open up.

        66. No prestige associated with them and discouragement of the blue collar jobs. In my opinion, pride is the major issue for me and lot of people these days is the need to get job in the field we invested time in. For example, I went to get a degree in the biology and want to work in field associated with that. Unfortunately, companies are looking for people with experience in the field instead of fresh college graduate in the biological sciences.

        67. There was a drought that lasted 17 years in Australia. I’ve lived 2/3 of my life in a drought.

        68. Asshole Consulting has started insisting that biology is a worthless degree, for exactly the reasons you suggest.
          Applied skill (experience) trumps education. I hope things go well for you, mate – it’s a hard degree to get.

        69. shit I remember first day of registration, credit cards companies were right there to sign us up- and this was the mid 90s

        70. because the guidance counselors in HS are majority women???

        71. u coulda bought australia from the aborigines for 250k in 1800

        72. Thank you. I went to get MD in the Caribbean. Now I have to compete with everyone and their mother to get residency spot after the paying a large sum of money for testing. Medicine is mess in terms of education and practice.

        73. Yikes that’s fuxked up.
          Might as well strap a mortgage onto a five year old.

        74. It’s not considered cool by the hivemind, you can’t do the work in skinny jeans, you might ruin your manicure and you have to be off of social media for hours at a time (gasp!) in order to use your tools.
          A week or two ago, some millennial was here on ROK snarking about how it was such an anachronistic waste of time for someone to actually know how to work on your own car. This generation has been totally brainwashed into being nothing but easily distracted consumers. “Making Stuff” is hopelessly outdated and working in the real, physical world is frowned upon. I guess they are waiting for the Singularity?
          When the Great Reset occurs, it’s going to REALLY get tough for people who don’t know what the claw end of a hammer is for and get physically ill at the sight of a firearm.

        75. We desperately need to slack the regulations on the medical profession. Surgeons, etc. should study longer – I don’t want a twenty-two-year-old cutting me up all willy-nilly – but primary care physicians don’t need all that study.
          If my grandmother can diagnose and cure most common diseases, surely you don’t need so many years of schooling and residency to expand the set.

        76. I’m glad I missed that kid. Basic maintenance in all its forms is simple, takes few tools, and saves you tons of cash. And it’s fun, manly work.

        77. Yep, I even pointed out to him that no one is expecting him to be able to rebuild his motor, but he should be able to do simple things like change a tire, swap out the battery, replace alternator, etc…
          He was appalled…

        78. Still a bigger place than Britain. The fertile cost of Australia is huge

        79. I speak Python.
          -stole that one from some IRC archive site, like bash.org or similar.

        80. One of my articles in progress is on our co-op program at my work. 7 kids last time around, 1 white male. This is in the midwest, where the whole damn plant is 95% white male. Shit is fucked up.

        81. Regulations are killing the medical field a slow death. The reason for increase cost in medicine is the rules and regs impose by the government, and the third party payment which removes the cost from the patient to Medicare or insurance. The bigger problem is the lack of power that doctors have in the field. Doctors are cogs in the machine that can replaced anytime and gouge of earning for the numerous certification, exam, and insurance to ready a practice. This makes medicine a realm where big government and insurance companies are becoming the decision makers in patient care.
          As for training, schooling is issue to due cost and long time to be school. A streamline approach to our education as doctors is needed, since you lose the best years of your life in schooling. Surgeons are train for 5 years before moving out from their own practice with specialty training a couple more years. The problem I see in the US is not enough OR experience for a surgical resident to get experience due to litigation risk.
          As for diagnosing illness and treatment, is not simple. This is where medical training and experience comes into play. You go to doctor for his experience and judgment when you are sick. It could be something simple or something much more complex.
          In my personal opinion, a doctor is scientist and healer. We have deal with person body, mind, and soul. Its tricky thing to do.

        82. well, at that time, we all got a card in the 500-1000 dollar range. My how times have changed. I got two card solicitations about 10 yrs ago- each with a 10k limit. I thought to myself:”Holy shit! I can buy a BMW if I put it on these cards!”

        83. You use debt as a capital to get something that will generate greater return.
          Companies borrow money to get raw materials to produce an order. Once the invoice is closed, they pay back the debt and made a little profit. Next order, you won’t need to borrow and save on the interest.

        84. Good info there, Ghost! I’m surprised that US-based programmers are still in demand, what with the H1-B visas and all that buuullshit. I had a good time doing some programming in C/C++ whilst getting my AS in Electronics. Sadly, never found use for it since. And, oh yeah, I’d relo to Ohio if a half-decent opportunity arose, based on what you’ve posted elsewhere…love that state!

        85. It’s amazing the amount of men who are scared to swing a hammer. My father told me that 25 years ago and used to install bathrooms and kitchens as a side job. I learned some things and took industrial arts classes in HS and have helped friends over the years who couldn’t do basic house or car maintenance. Bizarre.

        86. From my business acquaintances in the midwest, who are brining jobs and Investments with them, they tell me the hardest thing they face is getting enough blue collar workers who can pass a drug test and criminal background check.

        1. I never liked that term. Is it paranoia if the shadows chasing you are real?

        2. Yeah … I was in the nuthouse and told them I was afraid of them, because they bound me to a bed for days and forced me to take medication I did not want. Logically, I was paranoid for not realizing they just wanted to help me and were acting in my best interest.

        3. When you don’t follow the narrative, they classify you as a schizophrenic or social outcast. They’ll do anything to discredit you.
          It’s so interesting to read “1984” and thinking to yourself that the fictional world that book portrays would never happen, yet we are seeing it unfold before our very eyes…after swallowing the red pill.

      2. Same shit in academia.
        “Yes anal sex is more important than the future of our children”.
        Can’t do it.
        I can only imagine that media businesses are even worse.

        1. I’m not sure about the media being worse than academia, Clark. Academia is ground zero of all the degeneracy encountered in -and pushed by- the media.

        2. Academia is the fetid sphincter from which the lies dispensed by the media are extruded.

      3. It’s all the feminization of our society.
        Sell product based on feelings rather than function. Gossip is the basis of sensationalism for this very reason: women get off on drama and will
        fabricate it where it is not. Humans are social creatures at their core and seek acceptance, large swaths of men follow suit.
        Appeal to emotion rather than reason. Look at these socially acceptable “victim” class folks and how “normal” they are, never mind whether our soup tastes good, is fairly priced, or has nutritional content. Who cares if children are more well-balanced coming from a nuclear home, empowerment for her now, abortion, children are commodity (and so are you adults, but we’re not going to admit that).
        Corrupt those you may to your cause. Men should get behind women and prop them up in the workplace and in consumerism. They need to earn money because we can more easily convince them to part with it and buy into our bull. And look how much easier it is for you if you take on “non-threatening” behaviors. Soften your voice, shrink your posture, and never speak unless spoken to first by your betters (welcome to man-children).
        Marginalize those who say otherwise. Small wonder it is men here, especially straight men because the family unit prevents our insidious influence from acting so quickly or successfully. We can have both work for us and controlled through two different yet equally effective methods. And whenever it overlaps, it’s still to our advantage. Plus, we can create new “discontent” industries to sell even more product and lock even more people into consumerist chains. Hey, how about some television shows about raising kids?
        It all ties together perfectly, and the ignorant masses of herd mentality/conformity walk right in line. In academics we are taught to live and breathe it, when we get home the media spouts it non-stop, but we’re addicted to the stimulation so we keep tuning in. Every single thing we hold against women when we are analyzing their poor and childish behavior is used against us every day, literally.
        So, just shut up wear your dress, drink your kool aid, and be miserable, (there’s an app for that).

        1. It’s getting to the point where people who join cults to get away from this will actually be the normal ones.

      4. And 50k isn’t even that much if you want a family with a traditional stay at home wife and more than 2 kids.

      5. It’s said that, on Wall Street, you may not be a sociopath, but your boss certainly is one. No one else thrives in that industry.

    2. Isn’t that true for most industries these days? Many are afloat in a sea of lies, fraud, backstabbing, nepotism, affirmative action, favoritism, false accusations, etc. It’s a job in itself to keep your head above the water. Really, in the current climate, it’s a wonder anything gets done at all.

      1. Politics is often a problem at work. A guy just wants to show up and do a good job. But sociopaths won’t let em. You gotta be a freaking social study to learn all their games in order to stay afloat. I don’t like digging through my employers history to find dirt with which I can blackmail them, and it never would have struck me as a requirement, but sociopaths made me this way. I just want to do my job but every once in a while someone thinks they can pull one over on the quiet guy that keeps to himself. Unfortunately they have to be destroyed which requires proper prior planning. Walk softly but carry a big stick

        1. That would make an interesting book. Beating sociopaths at their own games just so you can eat.

        2. “..they can pull one over on the quiet guy that keeps to himself.”
          Be it a bar or a boardroom, from my experience those guys tend to be the most dangerous.

  4. “The Social Justice Warrior generation is a toxic waste dump of inhumanity and vanity.”
    I work in an entirely different field and I can subscribe 100% of this. I liked reading the article, because one is always curious about HOW MUCH media workers soak in their own fantasies. The fact that they are phonies to us is no news (no pun intended).

  5. Over 10 years ago I was doing computer work, and they sent me to swap out some hard drives at a news station. I saw them do this fake interview with John Travolta about his new movie. He had recorded some answers on tape and then the local news person asked him the corresponding questions and when they played his taped answers it appeared to be a live interview but of course was just something Travolta shot and mailed out to hundreds of stations to do the same stunt. Maybe not that unethical but it did make me see how everything on there is fake and distorted.
    And then you see what they did with Ron Paul. A good documentary is Outfoxed, an expose on Fox News. They would get directives saying to talk about this a lot today, or spin this fact a certain way. They would also use certain phrases to introduce bullshit that was totally false, like “some people say” (when in fact no people were saying it). Example: And some people say Donald Trump has a history of mood swings and may not have the temperament to be president. What do you have to say about that, paid political hack #1? They also use “BREAKING NEWS” to get your emotions going off stuff that is totally unimportant. Emotional manipulation.

      1. I *loathe* “scientists say” or “a new study found…”. No details given at all other than what the report wants you to believe. It’s utter bullshit most of the time.

        1. And even when the research has been actually done, it is usually skewed towards meaning what they want it to mean. Show me a TV man who knows the difference between “correlation” and “causation” and I will show you a flying elephant.

        2. “The Muslim says, “If Allah wills it.” The Christian says, “In Jesus’ name.” The liberal says, “Studies have shown.” These are the sacred words that establish the authoritative truth of whatever ruinous mischief the liberal is about to propose.”
          Lawrence Auster

        3. It’s powerful stuff, though. One of the core aspects of my real life shitlordery is to establish rapport, then inject subversive ideas with phrases like, “I’ve heard that _____”, or “Lots of people are starting to realize that _____.”
          It’s classic NLP, and it works in the real world because everyone is just a little bit dumb.

        4. I’ve been reading a book on NLP. I am going to have to start using this stuff to my advantage. Of course, it works far better when the tv people use it, because most will just say “Oh, it’s on tv it must be true” but can still be effective one on one.

        5. NLP only works when rapport has been established. The more distrust you have for the media, the less effect any of their communications will have.

        6. Trump says that crap all the time. It’s effective at seduction and sales but it’s no way to lead a nation. I want statements of fact from a leader.

        7. I’d argue that it’s the only way to lead a nation. The only difference I see between a conman and a leader is whether they’re leading you toward your doom or your improvement.
          Facts and figures are important for proper decision making, but very rarely does logic persuade. For that, you must employ effective rhetoric, and Trump has that in spades.
          Of course, rhetoric with logical elements is most powerful. That’s why our memes continue to work – cuck hits them on the rhetorical level, but is based in truth. SJW hits them at their core cowardice. Trump’s “shivs” – “Lyin’ Ted”, “low energy Bush”, etc. – work because they use rhetoric to shine light on observable facts.

        8. As a social experiment I think I’ll try this with a 23 year old chick who is obsessed with me right now but her head is full of so much propaganda and craziness. Haven’t known her very long but I’m going to build some trust and then see if I can get her to change her dress, habits, language etc. with this. She told me the other day she likes to insult men when she flirts so I’m going to flip that around and turn her into Ms. Pleasantville.

        9. Name-calling is just a fallacy, nothing more. Rhetoric, however, is the art of persuasion, based on syllogistic reasoning with the middle part (assumption) removed.
          In a representative democracy, our leaders typically use more logical communication than fallacious communication, e.g. State of the Union addresses. Elsewhere, leaders use fallacious communication, e.g. Castro, North Korea, etc.

        10. You’re going to love the results of your experiment. A woman will bend in three different directions to be what the man she likes wants.

        11. A logical fallacy, true, but not necessarily a rhetorical failure.
          It is a mistake to assume people respond well to logic. The reason logical fallacies are so prevalent, even in the hard sciences, is because the rhetorical tools work. Even our leaders, who you claim employ primarily logical communication, use rhetorical tools throughout their communications.
          For example, Obama has made any number of factually and logically inaccurate claims about the GOP. In particular, he blames them for failing to compromise with his demands, despite decades of total capitulation. It may sound like a dialectic remark, but it’s pure rhetoric.

        12. If logic and reason worked in politics, Ron Paul would have been a 2 term President long ago.

        13. I didn’t say people responded well to logic. Aristotle taught us that two thousand years ago — ethos, pathos, logos, in that order.
          I am saying that using logic to persuade is the most respectful thing a leader, once elected, can do for his people.

        14. What do politics and respect have to do with each other?

        15. To paraphrase Aristotle, a very small percentage of people can be properly reasoned with. The remainder (“Slaves by Nature”) must be approached with rhetoric alone.
          Rhetoric laced with truth is strongest, and the best thing a leader can do, as it targets both the logical and the illogical people.

        16. There is no truth in rhetoric. There is only probability, which is arrived at through demonstration of ethical character, appeals to emotion, or syllogistic reasoning.
          FYI, I have a master’s degree in rhetoric. Does it show? lol

        17. Some might wonder how one can spend six years studying a topic and have less overall comprehension than Scott Adams and Mike Cernovich.
          Truth is truth. The method of conveyance is irrelevant.
          Whether you learn that people have inherent natures through Aesop’s fables or through statistic evidence, the truth remains. Whether you approach the Red Pill due to an emotional reaction to feminists or sound analysis of the data, you have gained the truth. Whether you acquire game through studious observation of what works or through social pressures, you have gained the truth.
          It is foolish to assume that there is no truth in rhetoric, as it is foolish to assume all dialectic arguments result in truth. Both can be false when the premises are false, but both can be true when the premises are true.

        18. I had this argument a hundred times in college with my mathematics and analytical philosophy major friends, who were horrified by rhetoric because it is quite explicitly NOT about the search for truth, but rather the effect of public statements upon listeners.
          If you want to understand rhetoric better, start at Wikipedia — the entry is actually pretty good. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhetoric
          Keep the insults to yourself. Please remember you’re speaking to someone with a lot of expertise in this.
          Meanwhile, this is probably boring everyone else, lol. Let’s get back to the girls.

        19. I note with some amusement that the quantity of rhetoric in your replies has escalated over the past few posts. The only mechanism by which rhetoric may be countered is further rhetoric.
          You are absolutely correct in your assertion: rhetoric is not the search for truth, but a mechanism by which ideas might be conveyed. Whether those ideas themselves are true is another question entirely.
          I’m content to let this chain die here, per your suggestion. It was fun, mate.

        20. It wasn’t a proper debate – that implies an exchange of dialectic, when we were engaged in rhetoric.
          Still, thanks for the vote of support!

        21. That’s why I hope to see the constitution used to crush the left. I won’t tolerate cuckservatives screeching “constitution!” when it’s time to make the left miserable like they made us. I will tell them that the referendum on the constitution happened in 2008 and 2012 and they voted against it. Now they cannot be cucks and get all constitutional when dealing with people who spent the last 8 years shitting on it. .It’s dead. The only way to survival is to crush the enemy

        22. Name calling is name-calling. Nothing more. It’s only a logical fallacy when you say “what he says is false because he’s an evil doody-head”

        23. F****** right! Typical headline here:
          “Study Finds Trump Presidency Would Be Bad For Canada.”
          Can some Liberal c*** please tell me what methodology allows them to see into the future and see exactly what Trump would and would not do..
          I actually want a president hostile to our Prime Minister to expose what a tosser he is..but that’s besides the point..

        24. Of course, I have noticed that almost no one seems to notice that the entire political apparatus (both right and left wing) are based on the most destructive logical fallacy of all: Argumentum ad Verecundiam.

        25. Actually, if all the idiot liberals who say they’re going to move to Canada if Trump is elected actually move to Canada, that would be bad for Canada, but good for the U.S.

        26. We’ve got enough useless refugees and lazy POS’s up here we don’t want anymore!
          Especially Rosie Odonell, “Da bitch ugly!”
          A better promise is if they’ll kill themselves by jumping over Niagara Falls, on the US side, this will be better for both of our nations!

        27. Oh man, you will feel like God if you are successful. I went through a phase in my younger days of manipulating younger women. My first taste of that addictive power was when I turned a professed lesbian, into my personal slave. There was NOTHING she would not do for me. From sex, to offering to have my child, to sleeping with others upon my request.
          The thing I miss most though, is her uncanny ability of learning and then ensuring exactly how I liked my food and then making it or ordering it with perfection for me when I worked night shifts. She would even bring in my whopper, unwrap it, then cut it in half for me in front of everyone. All with out being prompted. She was the perfect 20 year old embodiment of latin femininity.
          And to think, less than a year earlier she was the crass, athletics obsessed, butch queen of the squadron. I had that chic wearing lipstick, heels, dresses, coming to work off shift to ask what I thought of her new hair style and painting her nails in no time…Complete 180!

        28. Fuck that I’ll take my Syrian refugees over Trigly Puff any day! The former will scare our sheep the later will cause a shortage in my favorite Cheetoz!!!

        29. Unfortunately with American women, all you have to do is put them down and in their place and they will love you forever. They dig assholes. Thats why I only date smart foreign women. Overall, they are much more interesting and secure in who they are.

    1. Ha! The “some people say” bit was a huge joke among me and a few friends of mine, all of which were the off air guys. I never trusted the on air people enough to say anything beyond PC pleasantries to them.

      1. I banged a hot young reporter, a 22 year old 9+, one of my easiest lays ever, she was paid I think $28,000 a year or so. I heard the top local reporter made high six figures, like over $150k. If I were the boss, those salaries would have been reversed. But I dunno, the demographic for local news is probably the elderly who doesn’t want to see hot young snatch.

        1. ha ha ha. She was quite an introduction to the depravity of woman. True and utter narcissist. Totally shallow and hollow. Last I heard she switched stations and was banging the new manager, who was more than twice her age.

      2. The Wikipedia version is “some argue.” Same purpose– to attribute your (usually unfounded) opinion to nameless “others.”

    2. True story: When I worked at Major Newspaper X on the East Coast as a young lad, I watched the guy who lays out the front page look up at me one night and say, “This is entertainment. We’re making entertainment.”
      I also learned that, years earlier, the editor-in-chief had killed a story about GOP presidential candidate Bob Dole getting his mistress to have an abortion. The reasoning went like this: He’s going to lose the election in the fall anyways, so let’s not drag his name through the mud. Some said this was old-school, respectful genteelism. Others said it was hypocrisy, and that he should’ve been blasted. Either way, the public never found out, and Bob Dole is happily retired in Kansas.

      1. And reports on Obama or Hillary are nearly non-existent IF they are not glowing and happy.

        1. Au contraire: I learned a great phrase at Major Newspaper X about print media’s attitude towards politicians: Give ’em a nice welcome, give ’em a nice goodbye, and give ’em hell in between.

        2. How is that contrary? They’ll give right wingers hell all the live long day. Meanwhile I know almost jack shit about Hillary’s multiple investigations outside of what I read on the internet and *maybe* an occasional story on Fox.

        3. Dude, all media outlets have covered her email server scandal. It’s the FBI that decided not to pursue it. Point your ire towards the FBI, if you want.
          I wonder about Bernie Sanders. There doesn’t seem to be *any* dirt on him.

        4. That’s a good point… Then again he is old and comes from rural Vermont which is VERY different from the rest of the nation, and came from a different time but still, I would expect everyone in D.C. has some ugly secrets.
          The media story with Sanders is how he keeps winning but they portray him as the loser. If they were actually critical of Clinton and portrayed Sanders as the popular guy, the way they typically refer to Trump, he would have the nomination wrapped up.

        5. Let’s see if Obama gets charged for obstruction of justice. I don’t doubt for a second that he has any influence in this.

        6. Yep, can’t have two candidates who have anti-establishment platforms. It’s against the “paper or plastic” narrative.

        7. Other than vacationing in the Soviet Union and (I think?) Cuba during his honeymoon, and being an avid Red? That itself should be enough to disqualify him from holding any office higher than county dog catcher.

        8. Im pretty sure he was the deciding vote for audit the fedforrealz or audit-lite. We had a a magical flash crash that afternoon, he cast his deciding vote for the watered down version at the end of the day. But Im sure its all a coincidence and he really isnt spineless at all

        9. Rumor mill is that FBI want to drag her into jail for the emails. Its Obama administration and DOJ that are preventing such event from happening. Sander’s wife just bankrupt entire college according to Heatstreet. Berine maybe clean because he bumble socialist.

        10. That sounds like a pretty viable philosophy for a lot of things, actually. Hope you don’t mind if I cop that from you.

        11. Only in the Canadian media have I seen this reality commented on at all.
          She’s stumbling across the finish line while Sanders seems to be gaining momentum and seems energized.
          She looks like hell and defeated.
          Without Obama, her husband’s connections and the friendly Liberal Media her goose would be cooked.
          I still think some funny business will defeat Trump in the end.
          I mean if they’re giving healthcare and education to illegals I have little doubt the haven’t been given the vote as well.
          The media is really stepping up to the plate for HRC as well but since many of us are not stupid enough to buy it anymore I think this just looks “desperate” and helps Trump..

        12. “Without Obama, her husband’s connections and the friendly Liberal Media her goose would be cooked”
          Don’t forget her woman card

        13. That’s not a surprise. I be HRC realizes that if she doesn’t win this election through the usual trickery there a strong possibility of a grand jury style indictment..

        14. Re: Education, education is paid for by property taxes. If you are living somewhere in America (ie you are not homeless) you are paying property taxes. If you don’t have a citizenship, but are renting from a landlord, and are paying the same property taxes a white boy is, so I don’t really care about that. As for healthcare, I don’t know as much about it, I just know the health care system is a racket in this country. I have to buy a private health policy from a for profit company or else my government fines me $1,000. It’s a racket. As for free health care? That’s only available for the very poor, and I think only citizens qualify.
          But yeah, Shillary, I can’t even stand to hear her talk. About anything. She is universally disliked and would be nowhere without the media. I did think her husband was a good president though.

        15. Hate to break the bad news for you but 170,000 illegals just got it for free in California.
          Since 2013 they can apply for financial aid for college.
          I think the next step is to let them vote..
          If it makes you feel better we’re bringing 50,000 mostly useless Syrians here who although being given all of their needs still complain how hard they are done by being here in Canada.

        16. Agreed Bill Clinton was a very savvy politician. He did balance a budget or two if I recall..

        17. See, I can disagree with his politics (Or not, whatever) but the fact that he went that far to indulge his beliefs shows him more a fanatic than real fighter for change. I think his honeymoon was in either Cuba or the USSR, and vacations in them also. Now, what the hell does that have to do with real life here and how you’re going to affect things here? Nothing. If he’s the populist he claims to be, he’d spend time in the Appalachias or inner cities.

      2. The media also ignore Danney Williams, who claims to be Bill Clinton’s biracial son and bears a striking resemblance to him. The word is he fathered a son with a black prostitute who Hillary threatens. The issue has never been given the attention it should, as with many of the Clintons’ shady dealings.

        1. Yeah. Her saving grace is that their shenanigans were mostly Bill’s fault, and they all occurred thirty to forty years ago, and they’ve already been aired back in ’92. I can’t see too many of these sticking.

        2. Clinton willfully throws women under the bus in order to further her political aspirations. That is not Bill’s fault, it is hers and hers alone. And this is not about being able to pin anything on her…she’s even more Teflon coated than Trump. What this is about is removing HRC’s most potent weapon “The War On Women” from the field of battle. It has done exactly that.

        3. Ridiculous statement–Hillary’s illegal activities are off the chart and as current and on-going as the money funneling going on with the “Clinton Foundation.” And if you want to learn of the depths of pervert Billy’s depravity, then google “Jeffrey Epstein/Bill Clinton and you’ll find massive evidence of Clinton’s involvement in a pedophile, sex slavery ring—the mainstream media barely touched this.’

      3. The funny thing to me is that I always watched the news for its affect and I ultimately stopped watching the news because I wasn’t being entertained enough (it started to anger me rather than shock me, terrify me, humor me, or edify me). It began to piss me off, and while seeing me pissed off could possibly be entertaining for others, I don’t find it entertaining or funny one bit.
        Specifically, the things that angered me were the hackneyed stories and forced narratives, which I found to be un-newsworthy. Nothing was new again; and the stagnant, mosquito infested bog became so offensive to my tastes that I stopped watching.
        I’m pretty sure that this change was brought about more from a change in my perspective on the news rather than its actual content. In other words, the more I learned about life, people and history, then I became all the more disinterested in what’s new. Watching it became a lot like a torture session where I was forced to study the dried paint on a wall.
        I will say this though, I fondly remember two news reports in particular that have shed some light on my own humanity. I consider myself a caretaker of these news stories in some regard because I believe that no one else really cared or paid them much attention at the time, at least not to the degree that I have memorialized them in my own mind.
        The first story demonstrated to me something that I had long forgotten but that’s eminently worthy of remembrance. The paraphrased story is that a woman was hiking alone on a mountain and some rogues had cornered her near a cliff face, whereby they presumed to try and rape her. Rather than allowing herself to be raped, she apparently made the choice to leap to her doom. This dignified display of self-sacrifice and her eminent concern with the preservation of her virtue has been an inspiration to me. This type of grit in the face of an assault on the things one holds most dear could inspire us all.
        The second story is a constant reminder to me of the tragic yearnings one faces with the loss of innocence. The paraphrased story is that a family was flying together in a small turboprop, which crashed. When the rescue crew found the wreckage, the only survivor was a toddler. The dead included the pilot (her grandpa), both parents and her brother. The toddler was described as “crying out for her teddy bear.” this type of world-altering event is extreme, but I think we can all relate to the desire for some basic palliative that has been lost in the process of understanding tragedy.

    3. dude I think everything on the news is fake. I even doublecheck the weather and sports reports

      1. A wise man once told me the Soviets or Chinese would lie directly to their people but the American media mainly lies through omission. Although they are doing more and more of the former, also.

        1. Yeah, it’s going from omission to anything that supports narratives that will help sink their political opponents, like the “war on womenz.”

        2. Bingo. There are millions of potential stories out there; just choose the ones that fit the narrative, and bury the ones that don’t, and you don’t need as many obvious lies…

        3. It used to be called the spike. That was a real spike on the editors desk that he impaled copy on that wasn’t going to run. The power of the spike is massive, but is slowly losing out to the internet which removes the prominence of the intermediary.

    4. Fake news is nothing new to MSM. Here’s a prime example from CNN when they broadcasted content unencrypted to satellite downlink stations before it got edited and distributed to the ignorant masses. https://youtu.be/1LK9a8AT2b8

      1. It’s a very entertaining film, Dustin Hoffman is excellent. And the message is spot on.

      1. So Bieber getting arrested is more important than a congresswoman speaking about the NSA spying on Americans

        1. So they want to get rid of illegals and yet they can’t get rid of Justin Bieber. Canada, please take him away.

      1. It was so important that she couldn’t even FINISH HER SENTENCE about government spying on citizens before they cut away. I don’t even know if they cut because she said something controversial and anti-state, or because those media hacks love tabloid drama so much, they couldn’t wait to get to Beiber.

    1. The general public has become more aware due to the MSM treatment of Donald Trump. Just watching the talking heads being gapped mouth at Trump’s winning is a sight to behold.

  6. “First of all nobody is a great friend when you work at a TV station,
    everyone is out for themselves and treachery is the norm, not the
    exception. Being forced to smile and put on a happy face every day is
    the “joy” they speak of. And the “passion” one has for his work is
    totally disrespected and not valued by the bosses.”
    i’m not sure how different this is from any other job anywhere in corporate america. almost every white collar job i’ve had in the US has been like this.

    1. Pretty much the same for me, except when I get to work from home, which I’ve been doing for almost a year now. It’s pure bliss to not have to deal with that any longer and yet still collect a paycheque.

    2. Relampago Furioso is a hypocrite, he just moded my comment out of existence because I asked if he was in the SAG-AFTRA union.

      1. Dude, I never touched your comment…saw it, and moved on. To answer your question, no I’m not in the union and I’m finished with show business. Too liberal and too crooked for me.

        1. Where did it go then? If not you then someone marked it as spam. Regardless, since you are the mod here simply unmark it as spam and let it be read by all posting here

  7. Nice article, thanks. That official statement about the guy’s suicide is really just the kind of bullshit I experienced myself, putting on smiles and making it shiny. Reminds me of my old job a little where we also published a magazine. They wanted to print a photograph of the team and wanted to have me on it. In the end, they chose a photograph without me because I did not put on a happy smile, but rather an indifferent face. It was a boring cubicle type office job for everyone, but when we wrote about it, it sounded like “a happy relaxed atmosphere with young, flexible and dynamic group members who integrate greatly” and blahblah. One of the most typical ways for my old boss to determine whether something was fine to publish was the “housewife test” where he would show it to the girls and women in the office. If they liked it, it was published. If they did not, it was not. Reason and arguments against that decision? Landed on deaf ears.

  8. You could take all this oncredible information and ability and start your own youtube/blog based reporting. Figure out a business model to earn a living and a lot of people will be very interested in what you are saying.
    Alternatively yiu could use your background to write some incredible reality based fiction
    The media are like the eyes of a body. Information on why the eyes are damaged can be interesting to a person,

  9. I’ve honestly never believed what’s spewed out by the propaganda machine we call the news. Having met a few when I was a kid and watching them in action in Iraq, I came to the conclusion as a young man that lawyers and merchant men from bazaars are far more trustworthy.

    1. I just got canned after 4 weeks. Not retail but the healthcare industry. You know, loving, kind, tender helping hands. All women and betas.

        1. Fuck no. I was working in a county jail. Talk about the stepford village!! The hillbillies weren’t use to anyone asking questions. What a story!

  10. Oh, The Weather Channel… Lots of people who own corporate jets are afraid of flying and get freaked out about adverse weather. I have one such boss. During the winter most of my time before a flight is spent trying to deprogram what he’s watched on TWC. Part of my job is reading the weather right from the NOAA site or from the various aviation outlets. Often I look at the weather and I see it as no big deal. Then my boss shows up or calls before he gets to the airport worried about the flight. He’s in the movie industry and one day while trying to calm him down about the “big storm” where we were going I finally asked him about what he saw on TWC. I asked him what was in between the segments. He didn’t get it at first. I said “do you think they’re trying to sell advertising?”. It was like a light bulb went on.
    What pisses me off is the media trying to become the story. It’s narcissism at its finest.

  11. Seems the MSM is desperate to retain viewers. Funny how internet costs you $70 a month but cable is just $10 more. Because no one wants it.

  12. I figured this was true regarding the news. I’ve noticed the same anchors will stay for years on end. I figure there must be a lot of attempts at coup d etats on these anchors. Speaking of, Relampago Furioso, what’s your take on last year’s shooting in Virginia that left one reporter and one cameraman dead?

    1. I was not surprised at all, unfortunately. There are a lot of disgruntled people who are used and abused in the industry and others with major personality disorders who flock to its bright lights like moths to a flame as a way to feel good about themselves and/or superior to others.
      I thought of including that incident in this article but it was getting too long.

  13. Not surprised by any of that. I used to program in the video game industry for a number of AAA companies, and I got out for similar reasons (entertainment is entertainment, whether it’s local news, a film, or an Xbox title).
    News is a sinking ship because of citizen journos, and because the “real” journos are willfully stupid. Look at the fiasco around the White House press corp, which are a bunch of 25-year old know-nothings who were easily duped by the administrations purposeful lies on the Iran nuke deal. If you even heard about said fiasco, of course, because no major news outlets will report it, lol.

    1. Since you’re an international relations expert, please enlighten us on the “fiasco” that is Iran nuclear deal. After all, you must know something that the best diplomatic minds in the world don’t.
      Here’s some background to get you started: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-33521655
      Be sure to read the third to last paragraph, starting with “Should”.

        1. He deserved it. Using the word “fiasco” to describe a major diplomatic breakthrough with literally the most dangerous actor on the world stage — well, he must know something we don’t. And I’d like to know what that is.

  14. “grey haired oldsters…………… (who) believe anything the talking heads say”. Sorry but I’m one of those grey haired oldsters who knew that these media whores were lying sacks of shit before many of you here were even born! Hell, I remember my grandfather watching Walter Cronkite (The CBS Evening News) shaking his fist at that professional liar while shouting bullshit. That was by the way, the late 1950’s. There are many geezers out there who have known this for decades. My 90 year old dad really got pissed off at the news media because of its clusterfuck coverage of the tragic Viet Nam War from 1964 to 1975. Keep in mind many of us over 60’s are a hell of lot smarter, wiser & more savvy to the modern world & its inherent evils than most under 30’s because we have lived through it. By the way, each generation inherits the mistakes of the previous ones, so none of this blame game nonsense.
    Make note of that, please.

  15. Jim Puplava, who has the Financial Sense website said the same thing. Years ago, he would work for news outlets but could not do a story for example how car leasing was a fucking scam because the station had advertisers selling leasing plans. He now has a pay as you go podcast where he can say what he wants.

  16. As I read this, I thought about the Don Henley “Dirty Laundry”song from the early 80’s.
    “We all know that crap is king, give us dirty laundry”.

  17. About 15 years ago when I was going off to college, I knew quite a few people who were working on their Journalism degrees, then, a few years later, working on their Master’s in Journalism. I remember at the time there being a push to go into Journalism, with the industry selling a false bill of goods. So many students accumulated all sorts of student loan debt to get these supposedly prestigious degrees. Now, not a single one of them works in that field. After college, they accepted crappy service industry jobs because they paid better than working for news stations or newspapers.

      1. Exactly. It was a last ditch effort to get a bunch of suckers to pay for those worthless degrees just before they went out of style. And a bunch did. Now they’ve got a useless piece of paper and a crappy job to show for it.

    1. I have said journalism degree, but never took a job in the field (my current job is indeed in communications, but not journalism). I worked for a paper unpaid for a year in prep for my bachelor’s and that was enough. #2 and #1 are spot on. One girl I knew ended up becoming a news anchor in a major city, but she was not a nice person, to put it mildly.

      1. I’ve interacted with some people in that industry (I was a witness to a crime). They were extremely friendly to me, but it was over the top and came off as fake. They just wanted to get the juicy details of what I witnessed and exploit them. One of my friends with a journalism degree got a nice job (not within the industry), but it took a while to get to that point.

      2. I knew a co-anchor on CNN Berlin who I befriended on a ski trip years ago. Saw her on the TV now and then in the late 90’s. She said CNN sucked and the pay was crap. High turnover there as well. She quit and returned to California.

  18. The first time I discovered the media propaganda and half truths was during the mid term election in California where Schwarzenegger tried to get shake up the state government with propositions against state employee unions. He was vilified in the local news media. Once he caved to the big unions, he was then called a great Governor by the news outlets. I got my taste of the lies from mass media by listening to talk radio “John and Ken Show” that exposed truths and what the media was doing.
    This was before I took the red pill.

      1. Yeah, but Limbaugh kow tails the Republican party. Even if Bush was a major fuck up, he still was not critical of Bush’s stupidity.
        No wonder he had to take drugs.

      2. There is nothing wrong with having a bias. Everyone is biased towards what they personally like, from people to politics to what the had for dinner last night.
        What is wrong is when journalists deliberately begin misrepresenting truths or outright fabricating lies to push an agenda.
        The modern media lies more often than it tells the truth. That isn’t simply a bias. It’s propaganda.

    1. You mean the same dude who plowed into the ugliest looking troll that I’ve ever seen and spawned a kid with that thing???? That Arnold?????

  19. Excellent well-written insider essay that confirms what most of us have long suspected.
    “The industry runs on finding a problem anywhere it can, then exploiting that problem to the max…”
    In a way we all run around doing this : allowing our mechanical brains to create problems for us to solve. It’s a real challenge to recognize and thwart this tendency. The news media is simply making a buck off this human behavior and we participate by off-loading our problem creation to them.
    The internet is killing journalism and that is a good thing as it has gotten so phony and pretentious over the years. Problem is nobody wants to pay for good independent journalism.

    1. Which means that “journalism” relies more and more on government and corporate press releases…

  20. Just watch “The Running Man” with Schwarzenegger and Richard Dawson. The news media from that movie is eerily close to the way media is today with reality shows, etc.

  21. White people should stay the fuck out of non-white countries. Don’t come here with your toxic culture. Stay in your own country and solve your own problems. Only cowards flee to other countries.

    1. Suppose Europeans did that instead of coming to the New World where all those “non-white” Indians were. People leave tyranny, oppression, and lack of incentives.

      1. Interesting how the vast majority of non-white (and I should strongly emphasize, non-Muslim) people who immigrate to the First World are happy and grateful to be here. It certainly isn’t the other way around, as HerodCaligula’s post would suggest. People vote with their feet.

        1. 30+ years ago, I would completely agree with you, but is seems lately, many non-whites come here for the opportunities we offer but despise the country anyway.

    2. Yet oddly, it’s y’all who are invading our nations. So hey, pot, kettle, black and all that.
      Yeah, our toxic culture, he says, typing on a computer invented by our cultures using electricity invented by our culture.

      1. Western culture did bring a lot of good to the world, this cannot and should not be denied. But today, the west is the biggest purveyor of degeneracy, and because of western hegemony over the world we are spreading feminism and cultural Marxism to the rest of the world. As such, the “greener pastures” which are so championed here are rapidly disappearing. He isn’t wrong when he says white (mostly western) culture is toxic.

        1. Well, as a partial excuse, most of that is (((Western culture))), not Western culture. I must admit, it did give me a little bit of a warm feeling inside to see how Obama was received when he tried to promote homosexuality in Africa…

        2. Whether there is a huge Jewish/Zionist conspiracy to wipe out white people or not, none of this would have happened if white people had not been so receptive to these ideas in the first place. I truly hope Europe will be able to survive what’s happening to it, but if Europe were to fall I think the rest of the world would learn from Europe’s mistakes.

    3. You are partly right. However, at the same time non-white countries should take your advice and solve their own problems without having massive amounts of people fleeing to white countries or groveling for help from them.

    4. Yes there are lots of non-White countries accepting White refugees, and supporting them with government (taxpayer) money, like _____?

  22. There was a recent story where some ‘journalist’ at a prominent outlet in Germany (you can google it) said casually, “oh, at least half of our news content is given to us by the CIA.” If that’s in Germany, imagine the percentage inside the USA…
    I have heard rumor from reliable sources (not confirmed) that the largest line item in the CIA’s black budget (never revealed, congress can’t even get the numbers) is for media manipulation. They definitely pay people to write books and articles. I suspect they subsidize films and tv shows as well. There have been multiple ‘outings’ of people doing this stuff.

    1. Germany is probably the worst case of all. I used to read the Bild and the Frankfurter Allgemeine every week… Now, only FA, and once in a month or so. Let’s not even talk about tv stations…

      1. Don’t worry, those US troops are still there, 70 years after the war, for the Germans’ own good. And a few million more Third World Muslims are just what they need…

  23. I have to admire the businessmen who runs these liberal media h3llholes. they play everyone like puppets. hire idiot millennial ‘journalists’ who think they’re changing the world when they’re just pushing a fantasy agenda they don’t even understand. You profit and pay them sh1t and they don’t know any better.

    1. The Jews play everyone like puppets, yes. It’s what they do best.

  24. ”Lorraine’ Needs Our Help: How and Why Local TV News Tries to Scare Women’
    “The content of any newscast is designed to drive female viewers to the shows. Whether you have a woman delivering the news or not, it’s more important that the content drive her to the newscast and keep her coming back. Think about it, what are the stories that fit in virtually every opening segment of a newscast? “High chairs that could kill your baby!” “Toys from China that could destroy your life!” and “Are the walls in your home safe?” With intros like those, you would be an unfit mother if you didn’t stay around through the break and watch the next segment. Child Protection Services may be knocking at your door if you grab the remote and turn to Judge Judy.”

  25. I haven’t watched the news in years. It’s hyperbolically negative, nothing but TV click-bait. I’ve recently given up on talk radio as well, though I’m sure I may turn to Limbaugh now and again if I happen to be on the road.
    Spend your life watching those actors (I mean journalists) and you won’t have a life.

  26. If the cute black chick in the pic is indeed in your new life plan, then you have my blessing…..

  27. Threw away the TV in 1998, never looked back. (Except Seinfield and Simpsons). We will watch a movie off vidangel once a week or so. As far as network TV though, I never seen a Kardashian or a reality show.

  28. I unsubbed to RT because I found it unashamedly anti-US, anti-Israel, and anti-West in general. But then I thought, how are they worse than our own homegrown media again?

    1. They’re far better on Syria, of course, and provide a needed corrective to the standard US narrative on Ukraine. Less pozzed In general, too. The important principle is to realize that EVERY media source is biased, and to try to identify and correct for that bias. Then you have to realize that bias applies, not only to how they slant stories, but to which stories they cover, and which they ignore..
      That’s the real reason to check alternative, “enemy” sources. If they put a different slant on the same stiry, it can be tough to tell, but if other media sources cover a story that seems newsworthy, and the US legacy media is uniformly silent on it– it’s important.

  29. I lived in Rhodesia as the child of missionaries. In the mid sixties there had been a riot of sorts in Salisbury. One of the London newspapers sent down a couple of reporters who did some “fact finding” and took some pictures. There was a park, called Cecil Square after Rhodes, where a lot of Africans would go for lunch breaks and take naps on the grass. One of the pictures published by these reporters was of this with the caption “Bodies lie in Cecil Square”. They were bodies, all right. But perfectly live ones. I have known that reporters are lying sacks of excrement since I was a kid. It has just taken everyone else fifty years to find out the truth.

    1. And when actual atrocities happen (Rwanda, Cambodia, etc..) the media ignore’s/ ommits them and contiues talking about their narratives and agendas. There is a reason trust in media is at an all time low in the west.

    2. But at least Black majority rule has turned the evil racist country of Rhodesia into a paradise in earth, while it continues in its role as the breadbasket of Africa, right?
      Take a look at what happened to Father Coughlin’s radio broadcasts when he was interfering with FDR’s efforts to get the US involved in WW2…

  30. Democracy always leads to malevolent dictatorship. This is every industry now. The people running the show aren’t the ones actually running it, but the people who have the worst psychopathic and nepotistic political tendencies.

  31. Thanks for the insight. So now working mainstream media pays minimum wage? I heard similar about the wages for airline pilots, and many doctors are not doing much better when on considers the fuck load of hours they put in. Is everybody now getting paid peanuts? I can see now why working at Starbucks is more inviting thsn almost any other job because at least the responsibilty is much less in comparison to the wage.

    1. With the government milking 30%, 40%, 50% of GDP out of western economies these days, genuinely productive people cannot earn much anymore. In my view gov spend should be 1% to 5% of GDP in which case wages would be double what the are now. First, we would keep what was taken away, causing an immediate increase. Then there would be a liberation of productivity as gov constraints are removed. This would really boost productivity and wages.
      I believe a century ago a single digit ratio of government spend to GDP was normal. Families were strong and patriarchal and there was no need for welfare.

  32. Most of this was pretty much what I would have expected, but “…elite media in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta…” Do tell. What’s with “Atlanta?” CNN? Seems like a fairly random location, otherwise, compared to NY and LA.
    Broadcast media has been leftist ever since FDR shut down Father Coughlin, of course. It’s also not surprising that the lower levels of TV “news” are ill-paid, with poor working conditions. What happens to the average girl who goes to Hollywood with dreams of becoming a star? Same principle. There will always be more people who want to be on television than there are places for them, which leads to a situation where people are ripe for exploitation. I have no explanation, however, for why so many local TV news readers are fat and/or unattractive. What’s up with that?

    1. CNN feeds and reports are used at the vast majority of local news stations in all 210 or so television markets. Local stations download them then broadcast them as their own. So yes, Atlanta.

  33. The truth is coming out straight from the horse’s mouth. Good. Now, there is a huge attempt at controlling and manipulating the Internet as well. Even here. Sometimes articles and comments look like someone is trying to poison the well.

  34. Ha! The newspaper industry was much the same way. Even the Washington Post admits its bias. Google “Just 7 percent of journalists are Republicans.”

  35. In 2010, I was an intern for a major station in Dallas (number 5 out of 200). I hated it. Four years later, after a stint in South Korea, I decided to get into the “real world” and try working at a station again. This time I wanted to work in creative. I “had” to work as a production assistant to be able to do so.
    I thought to myself, “I thought I could do that since I had a degree?”
    “Wait six months” they told me. Sixth month came and they let me make commercials for the station….while still making minimum wage. After the third project, I told them to move me to creative. They said “Nah, we’re going to keep you right where you are.” I said fuck this and left.
    After teaching myself business and reading sites like this, Danger & Play, Bold & Determined, and Good Looking Loser, I decided to come back to Korea to build my own media. I’m reading your site Relampago Furioso. Keep it up, brother!

  36. Well that makes my job look a little better. I don’t have to put up with any of that corporate shit. I don’t know how people do it.

  37. About the affirmative action thing in newsrooms – this sort of thing has been happening everywhere for a long, long time. Years ago I was a contestant on “Wheel of Fortune”. After my appearance on the show, I got to know the production manager. And he told me that they had to take a certain percentage of black contestants, even though most of those black contestants couldn’t even pass the written test. (The way it worked back then was, contestants would take a written test in groups of 100 people. You had to be in the top 20 in terms of your test score to make it to a second audition, which consisted of judging your appeal and personality.) I was stunned when he told me this, but eventually thanked him, because one of my competitors, the first day of three that I was on the show, turned out to be black. She ended up with $0 and I smoked the other contestant, eventually winning a hair shy of $80,000 in three days. But despite that, the affirmative action thing is ridiculous – not to mention dangerous. Yeah, put that semi-retarded nurse in a critical job in the ICU at the local hospital and let her kill people due to incompetence, just because her skin color qualifies her for the position. Uh-huh. What a murderous ripple effect the whole thing has…

    1. Congrats on the winnings.
      “Yeah, put that semi-retarded nurse in a critical job in the ICU at the local hospital and let her kill people due to incompetence”
      My mother was a nurse for 30 years and retired awhile ago, but stated that younger women coming into nursing are killing people. She blamed what was being taught (or not) at nursing school and the drop in standardds, but she failed to see why.

  38. The infighting is vicious because the financial rewards are small. You see the same phenomenon in liberal arts departments at colleges. But, in the STEM and Business/Economics department, much less, as teachers in these disciplines can get real jobs elsewhere if they want. Increasingly, the value add provided by the legacy media is continually declining. Competition has reared its ugly head and no amount of efforts by the World Controllers can put it down.

  39. I was a broadcasting and film major in community college, and got some on-air time. It was right around the time the FCC mandated hiring quotas, so as a white male, the doors pretty much slammed in my face. To this day, I am glad this happened.

  40. Working in the media is office politics and nest feathering to the extreme. Even the owners and top managers of media companies know that they’re pushing b.s., and employees are just getting what they can and trying to not piss somebody off and lose their jobs.
    In college I had to read a book called “How Washington Really Works” and it had a section on the media and how easy and often it’s manipulated. Definitely there’s nothing you can believe on the news; it’s there to entertain between ads and to manipulate emotions.

  41. I am glad the internet is exposing the mainstream media. No longer is it able to be portrayed like all the roses and chocolates it used to be. In the past, liberals had a very tight socialist agenda. The majority is still left leaning, but the cracks are starting to show.

  42. Great article, But I do take exception to your lumping grey haired oldsters in the clueless category. These oldsters have lived long enough to see the denigration and destruction of society from a front row seat. If you took some time to discuss contemporary topics with them you might find insights and understanding that could only come from people with experience. Otherwise a well written article.

  43. The media pushes white supremacy and feminism. its anti Blackmale if anything.Who do you think runs the media .

  44. Nothing new for the unplugged. Just the fact that entire manosphere is totally ignored by MSM is evidence enough. It’s one giant bullshit show.

  45. To understand the emasculation agenda of the elitists and why they want men feminized and questioning their sexuality, check out Unified Code Theory: Kubrick’s CRM 114 He coded the fear agenda in all his movies. The code CRM 114 appears in all Kubricks films and this video explains how fear and emasculation is used by the leitists to program citizens to conform to their agenda.

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