How Male Dominance Creates Better Sex

There are certain things that are almost universal truths once you ingest the red pill and understand the male vs. female dynamics. One such thing is the fact that male dominance/masculinity/”alpha-ness” attracts very feminine/sexual women, or within already attained females, creates high levels of lust and sexual desire. This result is better and more passionate sex.

Tuthmosis correctly pointed out that all girls like rough sex. Truth be told, they love it. I discussed my dominance experiment in a previous article too, where I pointed out that “women love to be dominated. It is in their biology.” These articles stem from our own experiences with individual girls, repeated enough times to provide substantiation to our theories.

A few days ago Rollo Tomassi tweeted something that sparked my interest.  It discussed how when men take on feminine roles in a relationship (i.e. chores/housework), it kills the female’s sexual drive. Not surprising really. But then I started to wonder however how this plays out across a larger scale. In other words, take out the individualistic analysis of a couple, or one’s experience, or a group of men’s experiences. Rather, how does this play out across a whole nation or culture? To answer that, I thought of some countries I have spent time in and how their girls’ sexual desires and raw passions compare to each other.


The sexual energy these girls give off is remarkable. I cannot think of a country where the girls oozed more sex than Brazil. You have incredibly quick and lustful makeouts, Forró style dancing where you are essentially dry humping standing up, and of course great sex.

So what are the men like? Aggressive as hell. They will not take no for an answer when trying to make out with girls. To the point where they will corner them against a wall until the girl relents and makes out. They are also generally big dudes and very athletic – again a trait of high masculinity. If my theory is correct, then this is not a coincidence.


Yes I know I love Russian girls and talk about them a lot. But for good reason.

At first glance, you see the beauty of Russian girls. But then you speak to them and often times they come across as cold. You hear stories about how they are all gold diggers and materialistic bitches, and perhaps the expression “ice queens” makes an appearance.

But battle through that first layer, and you will be handsomely rewarded. No set of foreign girls—in my experience at least—have consistently been so sexually intense and frankly as animalistically loving of sex as Russian girls have been. They cherish every second and aspect of sex, something you can see on their faces and hear in their gasps for air during the rhythmic coitus.

So then we ask again, what are the men like?

Well if you’e ever been to Russia, the country exudes traditional gender roles amplifying male masculinity and dominance. On top of that, there is no such thing as pedestalizing women there. If one leaves, another will come along—this is the attitude Russian men harbor. In America, men seeking to do well with women are essentially urged to adapt a Russian man’s attitude, i.e. be objectively indifferent and aloof.

I’ve traveled a lot. Is it a coincidence that the girls I’ve found consistently to provide the best sex come from a land where the men are arguably as alpha as they come? Maybe, maybe not. But it’s hard to ignore the coincidence.

On The Other Hand…

You have American girls. Sex is the last thing on a lot of their minds—after Facebook, brunch and sadly their careers. Yes they are slutty and fuck quickly, and yes they act like pornstars in the sack. But it’s contrived and fake. Just as girls are brainwashed into thinking they should be feminists, they are brainwashed into thinking they should act like complete cum guzzlers in the bedroom. There’s a huge difference between being “a lady in the street and a freak in the bed” and “a bitch on the streets and a human toilet in the bed.”

And again, I do not think it is a coincidence that American girls are like this given the majority of the male population has become emasculated “men,” drifting ever so quickly into these neutral gender roles.

Sex is the purest and most raw form of passion, emotion, feeling, and desire two humans can naturally have with one another. So to maximize this, the man and the woman have to put forth their most natural forms.

Men are the leaders. So when men are actually men, women will want to actually be women. And where you have this acceptance of the natural state, as you do in some countries, you have the closest thing to what sex should be.

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150 thoughts on “How Male Dominance Creates Better Sex”

  1. Yes. Team Red Pill wins again.
    My boyfriend is very Red Pill and we have a Cato and Inspector Clouseau approach to sex.
    As in he does it whenever he wants to and if he wants to suprise me then all the better.
    Last week I climaxed so intensely I passed out.

      1. No, no, you don’t want that. Trust me.
        Do the math on this one:
        Makes ‘Pink Panther’ references.
        Knows who Kissenger is.
        Conclusion: Hit the wall harder than the train in her profile pic… 25 years ago. You’re gonna get fried eggs nailed to a board with a side of liver spots, bro.
        Addendum: Attention whoring is forever.
        Thanks for sharing your private moments with us, grandma. Yech.

        1. “Addendum: Attention whoring is forever.”
          Seen 60+ women at work wearing stilettos and high skirts….
          So Jenny……Pancake Tits or GTFO…..just kidding spare us the nightmares.

  2. The Obama-Putin picture is an outstanding choice. Putin the Russian über alpha and Obama the effeminate American president.

    1. True but as P. J. O’Rourke pointed out Russia is just a big version of Bulgaria with nuclear weapons.
      America doesn’t need an overt alpha to make the world stand in awe of its greatness.

        1. America is about to become oil self sufficient.
          They also have B2 bombers, 726 Class Subs, MIT, the worlds biggest financial centre and are leaders in the arts.

        2. whatever, jenny. i don’t intend on hijacking the comments to this article with a sure-to-follow patriotic shitstorm, so we’ll agree to disagree. have fun with your spiralling foreign debt.

        3. Well said, it’s just paper.
          It’s also just the federal government, not the country. And the federal government is not nearly as important in America as it is in other nation states.

        4. You’re both right. The USA would be a lot better off without the Fedgov albatross around its neck.

        5. forgive my ignorance of american affairs (i’m european), but if the federal govt defaults on its debt, won’t the whole country be neck-deep in shit?

        6. Indeed. Who knows, without the Federal Department of Education America could someday possibly aspire to a literacy rate as high as Bulgaria.

        7. “In addition to all that President Obama has executive powers to have the building you are in leveled by a drone attack.
          That’s pretty Alpha by any standards.”
          No it isn’t. Executive power doesn’t make you alpha in itself. When we talk about alpha we talk about character traits. If this would be the case Obama would be one the worlds biggest alphas (as well as white knight dr. Phil). An even you don’t believe that considering your agreeing reply on my statement that Obama is effeminate. In short you are contradicting yourself at this point.

        8. I don’t think so, no.
          It would be a crisis and a period of bankruptcies of the more parasitic parts of the economy, with much of the healthy bits not having to laugh much either.
          But after a while the economy would recover and be more strong than ever.
          Think what would happen when alcohol would suddenly disappear from the earth. I guess there are a number of people who won’t be of much use for a couple of months – but they’ll be better of in the long run.

        9. Unfortunately, I’m not convinced that this would be the first department to be closed. It’s also pretty cheap compared to social security and pension expenses.

        10. The government is just some buildings and some people with certain badges on them.

        11. “. . . President Obama has executive powers . . .”
          And “handlers” to tell him how to use them.

        12. A claim to attract investements but it is a hollow one.
          Not only that oil is not as profitable as Saudi oil, what is happening is that less oil is being bought, people are significantly less wealthy and more in debt than 10 years ago.
          Situation is the same as Japan in late 89, USA in 1927. Yankees are lucky thou, Britons are utterly screwed, Island can´t feed the population even if governement and people had flawless discipline and organization.
          28 Days later, except the “zombies” have guns (gun.-control laws only disarmed non-criminals).

        13. Meanwhile, NSA can wiretap anyone of us at any time, Unnecessary wars are still being fought, the debt is at an all time high, unemployment is still a problem, police corruption is rampant, the U.S is still wasting a ton of money on the war on drugs, and the majority of the world hates us. Not sure if this is pretty “alpha”, especially the fact that drones eventually will be able to spy and bomb us in our home-soil.
          Only one person could’ve stopped all of this. I wont even say his name, you guys should already know.

        14. Rome used to have the most power military in the world. Political corruption and decadence did them in.

        15. Britain’s been feeding itself successfully for thousands of years. Did something change recently?

        16. * pushed for women in combat roles
          * faggots in scouts
          * endorsed same sex marriage
          * wants to see football less violent
          * despises traditional masculinity
          * administered more incentives and loans for single mothers
          * appointed a manjaw to lead the secret service
          * pushed for loans to people with bad credit
          * an effete socialist
          * sh!ts on the constitution
          * completely unenthusiastic and disrespectful toward his countries service men and to a lesser extent national anthem. I’m surprised he even stands up
          * more concerned with posturing as a hepcat “niqqa rockstar” and dancing with lezzo’s than running a country
          ALFA TO THE MAX!!

        17. No it hasn’t. The Brits had to go into resource-rich, temperate climate countries, plunder from them and learn how to farm and even produce textiles from them because they had nothing and could do nothing on their own.
          East India Tea Company

        18. This is very funny. You make it sound like Britain was a hunting and gathering society in sub-Saharan Africa.
          First of all Britain is in the temperate climate zone and had plenty of resources. Britain has been farming since the times of the Saxon and Viking invasions. Presumably you have heard of sheep and cows, of which there are lots in the UK from which you can make… textiles.
          Which temperate zone countries are you suggesting they “plundered”? And how did they manage this plundering since they could do “nothing on their own”? And how is it that these resource rich, well fed, and well equipped countries (with all their wonderful textiles) were unable to defend themselves against these apparently pathetic Brits?

      1. I wasn’t revering to the politics, only commeting on their personalities. Isn’t your first sentence an admission that a nation can do pretty well with an alpha president. As you quoted: “Russia is just a big version of Bulgaria with nuclear weapons.” If this is the case Russia is doing very well for a mediocre country. Russia – at this point in time – is, politically, the most influential country on the face of the earth, after the US.
        “America doesn’t need an overt alpha to make the world stand in awe of its greatness.”
        What do you mean when you say “alpha”?
        For instance, many people wouldn’t say Kissinger is alpha (i would, he is very alpha).

        1. Not him, George Soros is.
          He is kinda old but despite political differences, gotta “say “he is still a mastermind and a working one.

      2. Maybe not, but having a pansy like the Obowel movement in office does show that America is heading down, not up.

        1. I disagree. I think Obama does a great job of keeping us out of stupid wars in places that don’t matter to us (i.e., the Middle East) and, based on his flirting in front of his wife with the Danish Prime Minister, he may indeed be a master of Game.

        2. Yes such a great job not fighting an air war which resulted in a Libya becoming the Somalia of the Mediterranean and causing a resurgence in Islamic militant activity in neighboring nations…

        3. So what? Let the Europeans and the Arabs manage these issues. Why should we spend blood and treasure “white-knighting” these countries? And before you point out al-Qaeda and OBL, that came about because we were intervening in political affairs in Saudi Arabia. Nothing good comes from that part of the world.

        4. oh please we need wars so we dont get weak (should be taking weak little cunts out of college to fight wars that will man some people up anyone who resists interminte or death camps)

    2. Yes, but fortunately, America is lead by administration, not Obama. And administration is full of macho careerists, scumbags, wealthy fucks and patriarchs.
      So you are still in good hands.

        1. No in Team Murixa its the kosher nostra Zionist Illuminati money changers who run it all. Check out and both Jew guys who say New bankers run America and most of the World (except camel land which is why the are orchestrating a genocide over there now- if the Fishfinkels in Manhattan can’t control it they’ll send Billy Ray Po dunk Gi Joe to go kill it for them and they’ll make money whe their white trash heels do dirty work for their banks too- go team Murcia! VIPs of half ass loco despotism garbed in philosophical double speak.

      1. Still in good hands? More like my anus has moved on from chafing to near bleeding at their uninvited and unwelcome intrusion.

        1. Well, it’s like your anus is high on their priority list. They are concerned about global power, reach and domination of America. You as a civilian can take what is granted to you, are take a a passport and go somewhere else. Atm, in terms of economy, not so many places are better to stay than in USA.

        2. That’s a very totalitarian point of view. Let us rob you or go somewhere else to robbed worse. Make sure you return your papers before you leave, slave.

        3. Well, that is true. One should not forget that people chose that over anarchy. It’s market, if there are buyers, it will sell.

      2. Armchair – – – are you serious?
        No Ob*ma fan on this end, but if the man thinks it, utters it or shits it suddenly it becomes law. King Ob*ma.

        1. I’m not saying any of that is good or natural. I’m only saying it is unfortunately true atm. Government in USA pays people who had best education on planet to calculate things like that. What do they need to do to keep people calm and obedient, what do they need to do to attract workforce, etc… Those problems are not solved anymore by ideology, but mathematics.

    3. I guess the entire Russian population is just thrilled having an “über alpha”
      president, and not a single bit concerned and pissed off by the fact that he is
      flushing the nation’s economy down the toilet, spending billions and billions
      on showing off instead of bettering the average populations life situation. If
      Putin really is what you define as the perfect example of alpha that every man should try to resemble, well, improving society is obviously not your goal
      number one. Or number two, or three (etc, etc).

      1. I never said Putin is an example, or expressed favourable views about his politics. I simply stated that the guy is über alpha, that’s it. Alpha doesn’t necessarily mean ‘of high moral character’.

    4. Even if you decide Putin´s image is just an image, that it is all an act, at least he is putting up an act.
      He isn´t trying to drag others down in the toilet bowl, like feminists and their orbiters would want to.

      1. I think Putin is pretty hardcore. Lifetime in combat sports, 16 years in the KGB and he runs Russia like a mafia don. Its no image.

  3. Last night, I heard these two girls (one of whom was married) talking about how their “men” were doing all the female domestic duties, except for the fact that the second one’s boyfriend didn’t know how to cook. They seemed to think men doing women’s housework was cool. But I wonder, for how long…

    1. Waite till a war start with Iran (after computer virus attack similar to stuxnet attacks US infrastructures) happens and draft is reinstated.
      How many will volunteer? How many can even do 3 push-ups?

      1. Iran is a pissant country on the other side of the globe that is not anything close to ever threatening America. The best they could do would be to politically dominate Saudi Arabia, and America is self-sufficient in oil these days.
        They’ve sent their best shot already – a supply ship and a clapped-out British destroyer from the 70s. They’re on their way to the Atlantic, with a hunter-killer submarine following them all the way. Wee-woo. The destroyer already had a 500-pound bomb put into it during Operation Praying Mantis and was spared by the USN though they could easily have finished her off.
        The draft? What the fuck? So we’re going to raise an army of blubber computer gamers to go and, what, invade Iran? Why? That’s their dream scenario, the entire country would unite against us whereas right now everyone hates the government.
        Please stop posting here, Internet Tough Guy. We don’t need people like you on our side. You make us look like idiots to the outside world.

        1. Huh, did I state that Iran would launch an attack using warships or submarines? That Iran (or even the US governement) would be responsible?
          Nah, I mentionned a computer virus attack, sabotage that can be constructed as an act of war if used against computer-controled infrastructures.
          The thing is, the international Community is offically supposed to care for the whole nuclear deal, that a nuclear-armed Iran would be unacceptable. They do that for no reasons?
          It works the other way around too. Remember, after 9/11? Bush´s support soared. After Pearl Harbor, support for Roosevelt soared also.
          Think people are too smart?

          Outright invasion and occupation? Not necessarily, hard to “say” how things exactly play out in such circumstances.
          LOL! How I am an Internet Tough Guy? Because I question how many feminists would volunteer? Sorry, not same thing as stating I msyelf would.
          I wouldn´t assume you need any help with that.

      2. Americans will head for the exits en masse if that scenario comes true.
        I call it now.

      3. we take on roman straitges send in the weak to take bullets then the ones who can actually fight to mop up the rest

    2. Men who are able to do housework while living alone are coolcool or if their woman is not feeling well (properly sick). But men who do housework while their wife hangs out with friends or drink wine are sad.

  4. Spot on!! No argument on this article at all! Good article. If you want women ….be a MAN, not the little emotional beta bitch boy America has turned some men into

  5. It is not male dominance, it is male performance, still is at least.
    If I tried sex-tourism or bride-mailing, stupid enough to fall for or some other such websites, well, that would really be my own fault for getting materialistic gold-diggers.
    Brazil: Yep, those two types goes very well along, self-evident again.

  6. Lotta Russian tourists where I live now in Thailand….never really encountered them before back home. The women have to be seen to be believed. I’m in awe. The men however seem to be everything counter to what’s discussed on these and other manosphere pages. It’s like I now live in an alternate universe where guys who lack any semblance of “game”, “fashion” or self improvement walk hand in hand with the most amazing looking women….speaking with a fellow Aussie he commented how these guys would be single forever back home. What makes them Alpha? They don’t seem to have a particularly dominating aura or mindset that I can identify…Or is it simply lack of choice and the fact that their women know little better. In Australia it’s tall, muscular, rich, good looking men that have to settle for the dogs and scraps….Russia is the bizzaro opposite. I’m fucking perplexed….

    1. Ya ever notice that the people who live in Bizarro land don’t know that they live in Bizarro land? It all looks perfectly normal to them.
      I’m not making an analogy with the Russians.

    2. I agree. the Russian males that run around here (and there are more than a few of them) are flabby, crass and inbred looking. The women are fierce and glorious.

      1. Someone in counterespionage should translate Neil Strauss’ “The Game” into Russian and go and mess things up there. Before that shit came out, I was living in ignorant bliss. Seems like the Red Square denizens are doing just fine without all this Red Pill nonsense.

        1. i think what you are looking at is raw masculinity that doesn’t need to be dressed up in designer labels, have it’s hair coiffed, or put on a big show for anyone.
          it’s the silent male type, the guardian that’s there, says nothing and only raises a hand when necessary…
          you have no idea what the psychological male – female relationship might be like between these hottie russian women and their dorky looking men… when the lights are dimmed and the door is closed, they probably fuck them like they just escaped from the gulag. that’s all you need to dominate a woman in reality.
          fuck her brains out, takes on a whole new meaning.

        2. That may be, but I also know they are trying to escape in droves. Maybe its the poverty, or maybe its cause they can’t stand the vodka swilling cretins with the closely spaced eyes and puddy faces.

    3. In their own countries, they take what they can get. I agree, my brother in Russia was once attacked by a group of white knights after he told off some bitchy girl, so they do appear to be very beta, and Putin appears to be an exception.
      The one advantage Russian guys do have is indifference to women’s good looks. Which brings me to the UK/Ireland/Aus/NZ, which is the polar opposite of Eastern Europe. British Isles men are considerably more alpha than Russian men — which is why Russian women like them — but unlike Russian guys, they (usually) melt when they run into an attractive woman, and otherwise let women walk all over them. Because of this confidence problem, they tend to end up settling for fatsos and fugs.
      The effect on the women, meanwhile, is to make British Isles women very skeptical about the alphaness of any man they run into, even if he appears alpha on the surface, meaning they are bitchier (and fatter), with sharper shit tests, and more likely to dismiss a man as “creepy” etc., whereas Eastern European women are more likely to take apparent alphas at face value, since Russian guys tend to be ugly and beta, but are unimpressed with female looks.

      1. uk men are definitely in awe of beautiful women, simply because there are none in the UK.
        i lived in the UK until I was 21, and as teenagers we were always referring to the ugly girls as ‘dogs’, and the ratio was at least 3 to 1 dogs to hotties.
        then i lived in italy with my first LTR and moved to Australia where there are many more californian style blondes, ethnic groups from middle east, east europe etc. and wondered what happened to the dogs… i thought younger women must have been born more beautiful or something…
        then i went back to the uk 12 years later and ran straight into the dog problem again. alot of british women look like they stepped straight out of the peasant village in Game of Thrones or the Tudors. Even british actress Natalie Dormer has one foot in the dog camp, her face is just dogish… and you look at Emma Watson posture… it’s appalling, she stands like a neanderthal.
        english women have no dress sense, they mix and match strange garments and wrong colored shoes, their hairstyles often suck or are non existent, they have no poise or posture, they can’t even walk without looking like cave women, hunched shoulders, walking from the waist not the hips, and the drawn in chin line that just looks medieval peasant.

        1. Haha yes English women are indeed the worst on the planet in every way conceivable. Similar to Australia, the guys are actually half decent however.

        2. When watching The Hobbit part two, I remarked to a buddy how the humans in Lake Town were uglier than the dwarves, and it must be because they’re English.

    4. Have you talked to these Russian men? They don’t look like much, but the masculinity is there. Be careful about making generalizations without a closer encounter. You’re merely executing your American program that focuses on outward aesthetics.

      1. The language barrier makes for some difficulty, but as mentioned above, I’ve had nothing but positive, friendly interactions here with the men. The women openly eye fuck you on the street, but are closed and cold when you approach them in the clubs. I’ve started taking Russian language classes this week because the whole situation intrigues me to be honest and I want to learn more.

      2. Explain further how they are so masculine- what do they have say or do that makes them more masculine than American men? What exact behaviors or habits do they have that make the these bastions of masculinity? I mean I’m very big,strong, heavily armed and am a Brazilian American- am I an Iris meadow compared to Boris and Ivan? No!

    5. Vince,
      russian men make Australian men looks like the pussies they are. I have worked in russia a couple of times. My driver always carries a weapon and by that I mean a concealed gun not a slingshot.
      When I was there in 2006 I was told to be very careful as I could be killed for my shoes in Moscow. I am told it is getting better….but russian men are very dangerous men. There was a russian guy here saying that things are improving in Russia….but I talked to my fav#1 from the Ukraine this weekend and she tells me things are MUCH worse in the Ulraine than the mainstream media is letting out….colour me surprised.

      1. LOL! Spoke to your mate Tobin lately … you will be well advised he doesn’t seem to be happy with you!

      2. Same deal with the Thais. The news here is like watching – some dude with his throat slit and killed for his gold chain. A 27 year old girl with her head blown off by a jealous boyfriend on the street….cops posing with pics of the splattered corpses….gruesome shit.

      3. Being macho with a gun is as easy as eating a bowl of grapes- any jerk can do that. All the combat sports champions are Latin or black for the most part. I doubt anyone’s going to call combat sports unmanly as that would be illogical. Your Slavs would get annihilated by Brazilians in a fight.

    6. True, in comparison most russian men are very average looking but it is not their looks that count. Their attitude is so different. One moment they can be nice, shower their girlfriends with gifts and compliments. One misstep from said girlfriend later and they turn feral over something as mundane as a forgotten drink…

      1. Which doesn’t really sound like “emotional mastery” – the cultural hallmark of all Alphas whatever the geographic context. The Russian guys I’ve encountered so far have been very friendly, polite and oddly deferential. I’ve always heard that they’re rude and brusque. Maybe they’re different in holiday mode, but again this is in stark contrast to how Brits, Australians or Germans operate when vacationing.

  7. If you think into it logically, a woman’s body is already dominated by her sexuality.
    Her breasts, her hips, ass, her softer skin etc. make her the embodiment of sex.
    Take it a couple of steps further, she has a period once a month, a messy, dirty business at the best of times… and beyond that if/when she gets pregnant the baby totally dominates her, not just during incubation but also for at least six months after birth and longer if she breast feeds (also a fairly messy, invasive and dirty business.)
    Giving birth is an incredibly messy experience where the baby decides it’s time to come out and momma has to balance this pain, release, push and relax – to birth naturally she has to give herself over to the birth process, or it all gets into a jam and she needs a pile of meds and doctors with stainless steal tools up inside her….
    when the baby comes out, then (unless she’s back to work the next morning like a good little feminist), she has this incredibly emotional experience of bonding with the child she carried inside her for all those months, I don’t think any man can fully comprehend what that might feel like.
    So sex to a woman is an expression of the whole pregnancy / birthing process… thus it’s no wonder she wants to be dominated, likes pain, gives her self up completely, moans and screams and is not that phased by having your fluids shot up inside her.
    It’s also in her best interests to be fucked silly, to help her build more muscle control and open her up for a potential birth… human births are not as easy as cattle for example due to the awkward nature of us being bi-peds…. so sex plays an important part is getting her ready.

    1. “I don’t think any man can fully comprehend what that might feel like.”
      Right dude. If it was THAT bad — all the she-boon beasties wouldnt be ploppin’ em out every 9 months for the extra food stamps would they?
      Another fucking myth. I dont believe SHIT any woman says.

  8. I concurr with the issue about sex with american women. They tend to make ridiculous screams, and fuck quickly and energically but it all is fake. They think they are pornstars, using your dick for their pleasure as per the feminist imperative: men are tools to be used. They fail even at that. (Objectively, most noises cumming out of woman at porn movies is utterly unnatural and fake)
    Other women may not scream or be so animalistic in bed, but they are genuine and their passion is raw.

    1. ” There’s a huge difference between being “a lady in the street and a freak in the bed” and “a bitch on the streets and a human toilet in the bed. ”
      Human toilet is the new American women standard.

  9. I think this article is accurate – especially about Brazilian women – but a couple of points have to be understood especially about the points related to Russian women.
    Russian men, as rightfully pointed out, are aggressive and dominating. But they are not real alphas. A lot of it (aggressiveness/dominance) includes threats of violence and posturing that Russian men often exude . Russian men won’t hesitate to use force/violence/beatings with Russian women, which makes Russian women keep their toes in line.
    Secondly, the attitude of Russian women is partly but PRIMARILY responsible for the attitude of Russian men. Russian women are slutty and whorish – don’t mistake that ever – American globalization has already brought out the closet feminism that most Russian women secretly harbor in their minds. Russian men’s aggressiveness/dominance is an evolutionary cultural male response to the whorishness of Russian women.
    Russian men understand that (the closet feminism and whorish attitude of their women) very well.
    That’s why they have the fuck-it attitude towards their women (“if one leaves, another will come along”) – BECAUSE they actually understand the TRUE nature of their women. Not because they are more alpha or aggressive, as compared to Russian women. Roosh had correctly pointed in one of his earlier articles that rejection has a strange way of making both the genders (male and female) more masculine. In the case of Russia and Ukraine, it is not rejection, but dejection. Russian men are dejected about their own women, and know they are untrustworthy. This moroseness, general apathy/indifference, skepticism towards life and dejection can be seen in the general attitude of the people in that part of the world. But it is not Russian men to blame, it is the women there who are the real cause of it.
    The aggressiveness/dominance posturing in Russian men is primarily a posturing reflex which is brought about the whorish attitude of Russian women. Russian men know that whores can only be controlled through money or force (authority), just like how a pimp uses money and force (authority) to keeps his broads in control.
    Foreign men should observe that closely to understand it.
    Russian men understand they cannot be lax with their women. An easy going Russian man will receive the same shitty attitude from his closet feminist modern Russian woman, as an American man would receive from a modern American woman. But Russian men are more proactive to deal with this situation as compared to American men. They have evolved in much better terms to deal with the whorishness and closet feminism of their women, than how American men are dealing with American women. American men should learn from Russian men, both in dealing with both American and much importantly, Russian women.
    The reason why foreign (American) men get burned in relationships with Russian women is because they follow the same American equalizing feminist role relationship model with Russian women, which actually brings out the worst in not only Russian women, but any woman.
    Foreign men tend to be stunned by the beauty, “femininity”, and sexual expertise of Russian women, often ignoring their true whorish and slutty nature. Russian men, in fact, know their women very well, as they have first hand experience of this, and know that whores are meant to be enjoyed and passed among fellow men. They understand the demographic situation in their country. They don’t have the “oneitis” mindset, because they know their women well. Most Russian men tend to travel to neighboring Belarus to seek wives, but not before sowing their wild oats among many Russian women. Foreign men could very well learn from that.

    1. you make some excellent points…. going back to a recent article on ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’, my initial take on almost all eastern european women i’ve dated and come across is they are all egoist trolls… they put on a front and a very good one sometimes, but underneath is a simmering sociopath that will stick a knife in your back….
      you’ve just summarized my own subconscious intelligence which was starting to be swayed by so many articles on the ever lasting vitues of eastern european women…
      i reckon wife material is probably more easily found in latin america due to very traditional roles, less industrialization / militarization and also the massive influence of catholism and ‘sin’.
      even latin europe might prove a better hunting ground and at least you don’t have to learn one of the most awkward languages with it’s own clumsy alphabet….
      at the end of the day it all depends on the individual woman and generalizations are misleading, however the cultural mask that is laid over the top of a personality from that part of the world, must surely be taken into account.
      latin europe and latin america, india, sri lanka, parts of africa (if you like chocolate flavor), and more progressive parts of the middle east – even Israel… these are the places where family values are still upheld, largely by religious ideals, more rural lifestyles and because family units still survive kids into adulthood.
      north america, uk, north europe – all feminist / divorce enclaves, where kids see marriages are made to be broken…. while eastern europe is still tarnished by the entitlement of communism (i’ve yet to meet an eastern european that has any idea of customer service, despite the fact that the UK now has some 2 million polaks, largely in customer service jobs.)
      and worse, the aggressive, gold digging, money hungry and us against them attitude in women from EE.

      1. I largely agree with your opinion of Latin American and Israeli women. I kept a cute little Mexican girl as a fuck buddy for about 6 months and enjoyed some of the best sex I’d ever had. She hadn’t been brainwashed into thinking that a man shouldn’t dominate her and she practically begged to be dominated. Also, I don’t consider myself an expert in the sack, but she made me feel like a goddamn pornstar with all her moaning and back scratching.
        Also, Israeli girls are HIGHLY underexposed on this site, maybe because Israel is such a small country. I was in Israel for a month last year and I can promise you Israeli Jewish girls are ridiculously hot. Also, the men they have to choose from are terrible (nerdy, lanky, subservient Jewish guys) so when a decent looking foreign guy comes along that exudes confidence, teases them, etc., they literally melt into a puddle of lust. Even better, a lot of them tend to have an inferiority complex when it comes to their appearance, probably because virtually all of the girls there are 7s and above. So unless a girl is drop dead gorgeous, she feels average and insecure about her looks. I don’t know how good they’d be for LTR or wife material, as I wasn’t interested in that when I was there, but any man should make a point to visit Israel at least once in his life. Not only for the beautiful cities (like Jerusalem) but the insanely hot women.

        1. Are you smoking free base?
          Don’t you know joos stick with joos. They’ll bang cattle/goyim/what they call non joos for fun but come marriage time unless they want to be cut off from inheriting their trust fund they must hatch seed from their cotribalists. As far as nerdy Jew guys- thy are the ones who own you from writing the massive philosophical works all the chump bloggers discuss endlessly to the upper echelon in technology, media, law, medicine, finance, and yes intelligence (call up a bar mitzvah pal to grab some hot info for their latest strategy). Those nerds are pimps with personal libraries, massive connections, fleets of lawyers, and trust funds there Aristotle.

        2. You write like you’re stoned out of your mind. If you actually knew anything about the “joos,” you would know that Israeli jews are not American jews. Most of them live in poverty and can’t even get jobs because they devote their entire life to studying the Torah and Talmud. They’re barely able to provide for their families and basically live off the government. I’ll even provide a link to an article that talks about the staggering unemployment rate among the Hasidim in Israel, but I doubt your crackpot, conspiracy theory filled mind will bother reading it.

        3. If your reading Israeli media often its highly probable you’ve got some loxmwiththose bagels. The only reason you attack my thoughts like all you Masonic-Zionists do is to discredit the truth from leaking out more- it’s not a conspiracy if it explains reality. Edward Bernays (another joo) is the father of all brainwashing propaganda media today and all mainstream media including your Jewville paper is exactly that. Michael Hoffman breaks down the Talmud well my fellow cattle- dont listen to this Kosher retort above me by James.

      2. “you’ve just summarized my own subconscious intelligence which was starting to be swayed by so many articles on the ever lasting vitues of eastern european women…”
        Possibly those articles were by Law Dogger. He has often extolled the “virtues” of women from EE (specifically Russia)…
        Whereas the actual reality of EE (Russian/Ukrainian) women is completely different. Sex and beauty is not everything, a sincere personality also counts (which unfortunately Russian/EE/Ukrainian women often have none).
        Russian women often say things to men what they know men want to hear. Among all women in the EE, they are the ones who have perfected the art of gaming men, with their “femininity”. So your subconscious intelligence was right, if it did not have a good opinion about the ever lasting virtues of EE (Russian) women. A lot of other men share the same realistic view of EE women (specifically Russian women).

        1. Is that white knighting for whores now? Is a man, even if he is foreign, just a wallet or an ATM? Seems like Betas with money better immigrate to Russia.
          However, one trait distinctive with men who have a fetish with Russian women, is that they often justify the whore-like transactional nature of Russian women.

          “Russian Girls Are All Whores”

        2. No, that is the thing, no need to Whie Knight for whores, results are the same! White Knighting is for little mama boys who want good girls.
          The truth remains thou, “beta” bucks, Alphas fucks, as it should be.
          Little “betas” seeks nice little wives in eastern europe, in the belief they will be alphas on account of their money but they are still little “beta”.
          Even when when have the money, they are still crying, still weak, still bullied and so on.
          Even more, they are surprised when their antics cause even more disguste than among yankee women.

      3. Bascially they have men in their country but most of these men doesn´t have much of an income.
        There are not that many well-paying jobs for women either and there is not that much welfare and gender affirmative-action.
        So the only major reason they are left with for dating a foreign man is his wallet, no surprises if things are not working out.

      4. LawDogger’s articles tend to be predictable in the sense that they often white knight and “pedestalize” EE women (especially Russian women). It’s an unmistakable trend to be noticed in almost each of his recent posts.
        I think that would be a wrong direction RoK would be heading to. It will only add to mislead men into believing Russian women (or EE women) as the ideal. And we would lose sight of the fact that Redpill does not pedestalize any woman from any race, irrespective of their “virtues.”

      5. It’s not East or West-
        It’s just white women in general. I’m from the red neck South in America and Even I’d say black women are outshining white women now. Latin women are good good good though. Traditional family oriented none of this psychology “family court” Oprah watching cuntishness we know see amongst the cracker sisterhood globally.

    2. No, that is Islam.
      The weak feminism in Russia comes from both Russian women and men not accepting its horseshit, rather it is seen as an unaffordable luxury of spoiled people.
      Russian woman, uppon discovering feminists, told that these creatures needed to be dealth with in the same fashion as Vlad III of Wallachia dealth with turkish prisonniers and lawbreakers.
      Put simply, with the shits storm of the 1990s, pretty much zero well-paying jobs outside of organized crime and goivernement (not much difference) and people even starving, it was hardly avoidable that a lot of women would sell sex in great numbers and that many would see an opportunity in that.
      Effeminate men and homosexuals are still frowned uppon by everyone.

  10. This pretty much proves that patriachy is the only functioning system that works for both sexes.

  11. Most of these betas aren’t going to get the girl that they want because they doubt themselves. Self-doubt and self-hate is the worst thing you can do. You doubt yourself? Then you deserve no confidence from other people. You hate yourself? Then you deserve no love from anyone else. The red pill lifestyle prioritizes oneself over everything else.

    1. The same thing goes for girls. Most of these American girls don’t respect themselves enough to stay fit, stay intelligent and smart (not the same as educated), and pleasant. If they don’t respect themselves, why the fuck would we? Simply put, no love for them thirsty hoes

  12. problem is other countrys are watching american media abd is slowly influencing their behaviuor. those countrys should cancel american shows and watch russian and brazilian media. at least this way veiwers learn to be and stay as men(espically young boys).

  13. Females are sex/nature personified.The vagina is designed to be penetrated by a penis. Her entire body is an object of sex and the ultimate source of sexual pleasure. Psychological females are also passive, submissive in both mind and body and want to submit to the greatest source of masculine authority possible. Females need a stable environment so that she can find so that she can fulfill her naturally role as mother and nurturer. Which is why females are hopelessly attracted to masculinity and hate weakness in males(i.e beta and omega males like male feminist, MRA’s, MGTOW and other mangians). It is no wonder why females wanted to dominated both physically and psychological by MEN.
    Their is no such thing as “gender equality”. The above explains why feminism will always fail to make women happy and why females revolting against it. You can never defeat nature.

    1. “Females need a stable environment so that she can fulfill her naturally role as mother and nurturer. ”
      Yes, that explains 56 millions abortions.

      1. Abortions are for grown female children who don’t want to deal with natural consequences of their own slutty behavior.
        It doesn’t change the fact that the female natural role is still mother and nurturer and always has been.

  14. There’s a huge difference between being “a lady in the street and a freak in the bed” and “a bitch on the streets and a human toilet in the bed.” classic

  15. Putin’s cool. Berlusconi was cool when he was Putin’s age and not the cosmetic surgery freak he is now. Medvedev is a puppet.

  16. The guy in the middle of the three Russians isn’t even Russian, Its Berlusconi, but he still pretty bad ass though,

  17. People are a product of their environment, women acting the way they do is a result of what they have experienced in the past, especially with men. Men must change, and women will follow.
    P.S. I’ll take Obama over Putin any day. A dictator is not a sign of strength.

    1. Putin is a black belt in Judo and Kyokushinkai Karate and holds a high rank in the KGB.
      Obama is an outstanding basketball player (lol) and an employee of The Federal Reserve. He once smoked pot.
      You are joking, right?

  18. “But battle through that first layer, and you will be handsomely rewarded. No set of foreign girls—in my experience at least—have consistently been so sexually intense and frankly as ANIMALISTICALLY loving of sex as Russian girls have been.”
    Hmm…Law Dogger’s fetish with Russian girls is pretty obvious.
    MashenkaS/Mia/Maria the Russian troll could never been much happier.
    But battle through that first layer, you’ll be handsomely rewarded – WITH THIS

  19. As a fan and participant in combat sports Inwould add that look at all the Champions in the UFC or pro boxing- are they not Latin (Jose Aldo, Cain Velasquez, Etc) or Slavic (Fedor Emilieanko, Klitschko brothers). The Brothas also have ample representation there as well. I can’t think of a more masculine activity other than war than combat sports. Brazilians really own MMA- this is well know. They are some alpha dudes.

  20. Hmmm….Japanese girls are ultra freaks in bed and their men are among the girliest…how does that work?

  21. I’d bet Ob*ma was eye’n Putin . . . . he should put it pout of his mind.
    Putin is a man’s man . . . unlike our fearless leader.

  22. The president of Brazil is a woman you fucking idiot.
    I like a lot of the things posted on this page and I’m a anti-feminist/player myself; however, this proves to me that a good chunk of post are written by ignorant cunts who can’t cash the checks they write.
    And a little info – I’m Brazilian. Brazilian women are not easier/better than American sluts. Or any other girls from different parts of the world for that matter. Most of the people on this page experience the ‘foreigner effect’ when they travel to foreign countries and game. Meaning, if you have game it’s easy to capitalize on that impression.
    However, none of you inbred American idiots have grown up in any of these countries. And even if you manage to live in any of your glorified cum holes, you wont ever fully understand the culture or the women there. Meaning, you all are highly presumptuous and pedestalistic about your perceptions of women in foreign cultures.
    I am not saying that US is any better – I am saying you don’t know shit about what you are talking about.

  23. In São Paulo / southern Brazil the situation is not that. Feminism is more present than ever, as well as the gay dictatorship.

  24. I think we need to start turning things around.
    1. Women should not be able to choose a man.
    2. If a man chooses a woman, she should be required to go out with him. (“First Dibs Rule.”)
    3. If another man wants another man’s woman, the men should fight about it, and the woman should go with the woman.
    4. If the woman is no longer attractive to her man, he should let her go to be with another man if another man still wants her (“Damaged Goods Rule”)
    5. If a man wants to have sex with a woman, she should have sex with him unless her man can beat the other guy up.
    Men should have complete say in all relationships. It doesn’t matter if a woman is attracted to a man, wants to have sex or is in the mood. The only thing a woman needs to do is be compliant and at the most wait for men to battle over her. If they don’t want to battle over her, she should take up knitting.

  25. The body language of Putin and Obama says many things in the picture. The fact that they aren’t looking at each other, both men have their feet firmly planted on the ground and have their legs splayed to create more personal space. Obama also has his fingers interlocked (while Putin is either interlocking his or fidgeting with it) These two are ready to stand their ground against one another or they really don’t like each other.

  26. Another tough SOB is Bibi Netanyahu….PM of Israel. They don’t like each other either….Check out this pick of Bibi and Obama at about the same age when they were young. Who do you think the badder motherfucker was/is?

  27. You’ve not travelled enough to make these sweeping universal generalizations, Law Dogger. For example;
    “The sexual energy these girls give off is remarkable. I cannot think
    of a country where the girls oozed more sex than Brazil. You have
    incredibly quick and lustful makeouts, Forró style dancing where you are
    essentially dry humping standing up, and of course great sex.
    So what are the men like? Aggressive as hell. They will not take no
    for an answer when trying to make out with girls. To the point where
    they will corner them against a wall until the girl relents and makes
    out. They are also generally big dudes and very athletic – again a trait
    of high masculinity. If my theory is correct, then this is not a
    All this tells me is that Brazilian culture is highly promiscuous. They may have some degree of traditional gender roles but their sexual culture is anything but traditional and more akin to a post-sexual revolution society where anything goes – with anyone, at any time, any where.
    Same with Russia.
    You would do well to travel to countries where the people are truly traditional in terms of their sexual morality and sexual behavior, not just in superficial things like who cooks dinner and does the dishes.

  28. “All women enjoy rough sex”….do they? What a backward point of view, and by backward I mean chronological as well as intellectual. The man who is intelligent, the man who is strong, the man who is not afraid to treat a lady like a lady is the man women want. The provider, the protector, the lover is desirable, the man who is smart and capable not some knuckle dragging, slow witted, walking cock. Women don’t want to feel like they are one of many or that they are nothing more than a collection of holes. A real partnership between a real man and a real women not the caricature that this article portrays is what women want. Personally my preference is more traditional and my Husband shares that point of view. He is protective, he provides, he makes me feel like I am the only woman in the world. He is very masculine but doesn’t need to behave like the picture you paint. He is a true ‘Alpha’ Male, absolutely secure in himself so he doesn’t have to spout the crap you do or treat women like slabs of meat. Perhaps that’s the reason he married a model with an IQ of 152 and a successful business ….and you write articles like this.

    1. I agree with your sentiments but wish you’d stop lying. I actually have an IQ of 145, and your vocabulary is inconsistent with anything over 120.
      I married as a virgin to a virgin, and have 37 years of a traditional marriages where I rule, but in love with respect. Totally disagree with this multiple partner crap, but your post is a lie.

      1. I have little reason to lie, especially to people who have no direct bearing in my life…what would be the point?
        As for inconsistency in vocabulary with regard to intelligence quotient- don’t be ridiculous. One uses a vernacular that fits the capacity of their audience which, if you have a reasonable 145 IQ count, you should be able to comprehend. The fact that you felt the need to single out a comment from a woman who not only equals you intellectually but exceeds you, tells the world more about you than it does about me. All of this being dependent of course, on the fact that I give everything you’ve written the benefit the doubt…….

    2. Even if you are right, who gives a fuck. Men are not two ends of different extremes, so yes there are men which are intelligent, quick witted, handsome, and independent. And they like it rough and most of women will play along.
      Most of men doesn’t even care about unicorn like you even when they meet one.

  29. Ive always wanted to get fucked by brazil guys, they seem so big and ready lol very hawt, im also jelous of Brazil girls for being naturally sexual, im American and i suppose im rather fake and behave like a barbie doll, also act a tad bitchy, not enough.alphas out here for us =[ lately i do put off guys for my school work, darn it. Amazing artical.

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