The One Problem With Wisdom

The whole concept of wisdom is a simple one:

Tell younger generations about your experiences and mistakes so that you may save them decades of lost effort, not only drastically improving their lives, but also allowing them to discover whole new mistakes themselves that they may in turn warn future generations about, resulting in a beneficial perpetual cycle that will advance humanity into infinity.

In theory, it’s a great idea and if implemented “perfectly” in a “perfect world” it would solve most of society’s problems in a matter of a few generations. However, of the many inherent problems with wisdom, there is one in particular that blunts this cycle—wisdom is really hard to take.

For example, if I, now nearing the age of 40, were to tell a young 18 year old man,

“Dude, don’t bother with the nightclubs. They’re loud, they’re temples of attention-whoring women, it isn’t worth the money, and for a fraction of the cost you can simply purchase a monthly prostitute.”

would the young man heed my advice?

Chances are he would not.

Not necessarily out of disrespect or because he believes I’m lying, but rather because there are so many sociological and psychological factors that have affected him throughout his upbringing, that he believes I’m simply misinformed, out of touch, or don’t know what I’m talking about.

For example society has nearly every 18-year-old man convinced that nightclubs aren’t just cool, but that they are their destiny. Through TV, reality shows, stories from their friends, advertisements, the Vegas DJ scene, and music videos, they just can’t wait to get into the nightclubs. They can’t even think of anything more glamorous or desirable—just try recommending a jazz club to your average 19 year old male and see how many takers you get.

Another example is overconfidence. Movies play a huge role in predisposing Americans to think their chances of success are greater than they actually are. They’re used to always winning. The Guns of Navarone. Kelly’s Heroes. Die Hard. But how many of them have watched A Bridge Too Far? Ergo, a young man could fully believe what I’m telling him, but prefer to take his chances anyway because he thinks he’ll beat the odds.

And then there’s the “I’ll just work harder” or “be more clever” thought. Ha!  That 40 year old fool. Yes, he may have tried, but I’ll try harder and be twice as cunning about it!

But sociological pre-conditioning and overconfidence aside, the biggest reason younger folk have a hard time taking wisdom, the one that trumps them all is;

not finding out for yourself.

At first this may not seem all that convincing. What does somebody care if they don’t find out about it themselves? Why don’t they just listen to their elders? But the reason this is such a deterrent to accepting and digesting wisdom is because if they don’t try it themselves then they will never know if they personally would have succeeded.

If they WOULD have been that statistical anomaly.

If they WOULD have been able to work harder and beat the odds.

This in turn causes (or at least threatens) something arguably much worse than trying and failing—life long regret. It is here I must change from my traditional stance where I normally suggest a course of action toward having no regrets in life.

Yes, take the chance and ask the girl out.

Yes, take the shot and apply for that job.

Unfortunately, not all life’s decisions are costless as merely asking a girl out and firing off a resume. Some are life-debilitating, if not life-destroying and it is here we must find a way to get the younger generations to overcome their psychological conditioning and listen to their elders.

Sadly, all of us “older, wiser men” have to admit we have no way to “force” you to accept and incorporate our wisdom. We cannot guarantee that had you pursued that career in music therapy you would NOT have become successful. We cannot guarantee that had you tried to get into investment banking you would NOT have become a millionaire. And we cannot guarantee that had you tried to become a basketball star you would not have become the next LeBron James. But if we were to switch it, focusing instead of the risks and consequences of you FAILING, rather than what idealistically “may have been,” perhaps these severe costs will make you heed our words.

At first, this may seem intimidating. A “scare tactic” trying to deter you from pursuing your dreams and desires. And given how American society has made you think your dreams and desires are entitlements, you may even get violent when somebody dares to question their feasibility (1:15 mark). But if you can open your mind, take off the horse blinders society has put on you, step back and look around and see what is happening to your peers, or even people just a few years older than you, perhaps you can both see the true life costs associated with making bad decisions (divorce, student debt, worthless degrees, damaged women,etc.) and be able to assuage yourself of any potential “regret” that you heeded any wisdom from us old farts.

The point is wisdom is not meant to rain on your parade or bring you down. Nor is it to destroy your dreams or condemn you to a life of “what if’s” and regrets. It is meant as a warning from more experienced, older men who have been down that path before and genuinely want to see you have a better life than we did. This doesn’t mean you need to implement every word of wisdom handed to you by your elders, but it does mean you should at least listen to it, heed it, and thoroughly think through the consequences of ignoring it. And if every young man did that, the generational cycle of dramatic improvement into infinity would not be so theoretical.

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89 thoughts on “The One Problem With Wisdom”

    1. yep. it’s that bone-headed willingness to pursue the dream at any costs that keeps men hitting it out of the park instead of living in mediocrity. It’s also what creates piles of destitute and broken men, but you pays your money and you takes your chance

    2. Between the Joe Weider marketing machine, the Hollywood publicity machine and the political publicity machine, Arnie’s life has been heavily managed from the time he was a teenager. In other words, that’s exactly what he did.
      He might well have accomplished as much, more efficiently, with less risk to his long term health, if he had listened to the wisdom of those who were not using him as their own vehicle.

    3. Arnie was a tricky bastard. He told a fellow bodybuilder that he would mix crushed walnut shell into his food as a supplement. The gullible fool actually did it and his kidney failed. Beware advice. It’s often malicious. Arnies was ruthless.

  1. I like how an ROK article on wisdom is the first one I’ve seen with a cartoon as the cover photo.

  2. One of the greatest tragedies of mankind is that we value primary experience above all else. This is part of the reason we never learn from history. Combine that with a strongly individualist, young centred culture and it is no wonder the kids don’t listen to us.
    I’m 36 next month and while I listened to elders more than most when i was in my teens and early 20’s, sometimes you just need to try things while keeping the experience of others in mind so you are able to properly evaluate your own experiences.
    When I was 18 I had a 29 year old friend who set me straight and offered me guidance at a crucial time when nobody else would. I also had a 50 year old uncle perform a similar role.
    I am eternally grateful for that. Those guys saved me an enormous amount of time, money and energy that I would have otherwise wasted on bullshit.

  3. Meh.
    If some person 10 years older than me had told me what you said there I would have thought he was completely missing the point.
    As a young, strong and good looking man is his 20s I had no difficulties whatsoever finding girls.
    They came to me.
    I went out on nights out for the laughs, not the women.
    I enjoyed the over the top boisterousness of moshing in a pit at a gig or raving for hours on end in a warehouse during my teens and twenties.
    It was vibrant enough for me.
    I even liked Jazz and chilling out from time to time although I generally had too much energy for that.
    Nowadays I’m much more mellow and would find such activities a bit boringly excessive but I haven’t forgotten what it was like to be young.

  4. Big error here.
    As a 40 year old man you are still competing with 25 year old men over women 23-30. If you are a slick old goat you may even be in competition with him for 20 year olds.
    Don’t try to be a dad to another man. He’s the competition. Annihilate the bastard. Unless it’s your own son.

  5. Then maybe you don’t tell the youngster that nighclubs don’t work, you tell him How they work.
    That they don’t work is advice, how they work is wisdom.
    Opinions and Advice are like assholes, everybody has them. A good breakdown of how the world works, like McQueen has written about nightclubs here on this website, that is valuable.
    (Nightclubs work by optimizing hypergamy, literally raising the bottle buying patrons over the rest of the rabble, and restricting the valuable seats to these people — going to a nighclub without paying for bottle service is handicapping yourself, and going with risks your being put on the wrong side of alpha fix/beta bux).
    Understanding the world is wisdom, which is much more than mere advice. If you can communicate how the world works, then the youngster can apply the wisdom to get the best outcomes even in unanticipated circumstances.

    1. This relates to the argument over on the Jackson Pollock thread.
      It’s not a matter of “Modern Art Sux!” when you assess art. Instead look at how it works. That’s for artists, admin, collectors and audience. Pick it apart sociologically and anthropologically. Pollock was an old man fucking 20 year old Gallerinas when he crashed his car. Surely there’s something to it. These collectors are often banging 9 and 10 rated women in the most mysteriously interesting ways. The hypergamy at work in the art world is illustrative.

    2. If you want to know why nightclubs suck, think about why women go to nightclubs. It’s not because they want sex. A moderately attractive woman can basically get sex any time she wants, anywhere she wants. Doesn’t need to go to a nightclub for it! As OP said, it’s purely because of attention. Most of the time, girls go home after the club alone or with their girlfriends. The loud drunken atmosphere of a club is designed to get you think your chances of sex are much higher than they really are. In reality, you stand a much higher chance of getting laid through a starbucks and some good game.

  6. I think it’s a good thing that kids don’t listen that much. Maybe they will change the world. People who never discovered reality on their own would simply be brainwash victims.

    1. …and this is why I don’t like hiring guys under 30. “Sure, you’ve been doing this job for 20+ years, and have dedicated yourself to safely ensuring that every man under you comes home safe and has opportunity for advancement, but stop trying to indoctrinate me with your ‘experience,’ man.”

      1. Well, I grant that courage and innovation, are different from stupidity and recklessness

  7. I’m not a Christian. My religious path does not cleave to Faith, it follows the path of Wisdom. A good working definition for Wisdom I use in my spiritual work is this:
    Wisdom is the art and science of doing the right thing at the right time.
    It is both an art – an expression of individual will and feeling – and a science: a series of practical, pragmatic skills that can be learned with application and repetition. A smart man learns from his own mistakes. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others. It is a quality that must be self-developed and cultivated through dedication and introspection. It requires observation, perseverance, and a willingness to avoid self-deception, all powerful masculine abilities. Wisdom is the essence of the Red Pill, a praxeology for living your every day life. It might not be as theologically sexy as following an ancient book, but it has the benefit of producing tangible results. Wisdom, like Game, works. That’s why we do it.
    If we’re wise.

  8. It’s how you share the wisdom:
    1. Never give advice for free. People do not appreciate free things.
    2. Do not tell people straight what to do or not to do. Let the youngster arrive to the wisdom by himself but guided by the wisdom.
    Philip of Macedonia said to his son, Alexander:
    It’s never easy to escape our mothers, Alexander. All your life beware of women. They’re far more dangerous than men.

    1. Wasn’t that a veiled warning that he was about to dispossess his own son by legitimizing a competing wife/son he’d just acquired? Phillip got himself killed with that cryptic warning.
      “You and your mother, I’ll hang you both.”

      1. Alexander took his father’s, Philip, advice seriously. Notice how Alexander conquered the largest empire the world had ever known up until that time. Alexander also never returned home alive to his own mother, and would you call this an escape from his mother? I would call it the best escape ever. Alexander was accused of plotting to kill a middle age man who could more easily defend himself and it was never definitively proven that Alexander was guilty of any crime. Contrast that with how Alexander’s mother played with dangerous man killing snakes for amusement with how Philip saved Macedonia from being torn by civil war as well as conquered by its neighbors, ILLYRIA(modern Albania), Thrace(modern Bulgaria),various Greek City states(modern unified Greece) unifying Macedonia, building the finest Army up until that time, and conquering his European neighbors. Notice that Alexander did not kill his greatest enemy’s, Darius the Emperor of Persia, wives and children when he captured them, but his 2nd wife Roxxanna of Bactria(modern Afghanistan) with her son walked up to Alexander’s 1st wife with her son and proceeded to stab both mother and son and feed them to death to imprisoned cannibals after Alexander died. Then Roxanna went with her son to live with Alexander’s mother in Greece who loved Roxanna and her son in spite of the fact that her other daughter-in-law and other grandson were killed by Roxanna. IT SEEMS PHILIP WAS RIGHT!!!

        1. I’m not denying that Philip was planing to have Alexander killed as he threw a spear in a drunken rage at him once. But I believe but can not prove Alexander and his mother were planing to have Philip killed.It seems Philip lost and Alexander won when Philip died first.

    2. Too bad he didn’t heed his own advice as he came across Roxana. Must have been that swarthy magnetism at play there.

  9. Millenials are the perfect storm of people who can’t handle anything harsh or reality in general. They were engineered ahead of the orchestrated collapse of society.

    1. As a Millenial I have to agree. All through high school I was subtly fed leftist ideology. Not so subtly when I got to college. It’s no wonder that sites like Reddit, with a user-base of mostly Millenials, are overwhelmingly left leaning.
      When the collapse happens all these leftists are going to look to government to save them.

      1. I’m a Millennial too and seems like EVERYONE around me is left leaning! I’m a bit left leaning too, but not remotely close to the thin skinned, crybaby libs in my area.

    2. I was just explaining to someone (the other day) the difference between being negative versus being disciplined.
      Many people confuse theses two things. A manager holding employees to a certain standard is not being negative…he is disciplining his employees to follow those high standards.
      I hear too many people put a spin on something that they don’t like (or want) to hear as being “negative”.
      It’s not negative if someone is trying to make you better. It’s bullshit and it needs to stop.

  10. Baby Boomers, the worst generation to ever live, have much wisdom to offer us. Pay less attention to what they say and more to what they did. Don’t do those things.

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  11. Any fool can learn from his or her mistakes. Only a complete moron does not.
    But a wise person learns from the mistakes of others.
    Wisdom is not something you can impart. The best you can do is impart knowledge. Wisdom comes to those who seek her.

  12. I know this might sound strange, but some of us go to the club because we actually like to get drunk and party with half naked bitches. This shit is fun. Taking a slut home is just an added bonus.
    I always listen to the OG’s, they actually been thru the fire and back. But even they tell us to enjoy our youth. Just be smart, be a real man who will be respected by other men, and don’t play the game like a sucker.

    1. What you are really saying is be fortunate through sheer dumb luck or through wise, persistent and hard work especially in GAME to be in the top 25% of men women desire. Remember that all men can improve themselves through GAME but INDIVIDUAL RESULTS WILL VARY. If you are in the bottom 75%, it is waste of time to go to clubs to get women. Remember, with hypergamy, women and the modern Sexual Market Place that in order for someone to win at least one other if not multiple others have to lose. The losers would have been better off certainly financially and physically and perhaps emotionally had they gone to whores like Captain Capitalism suggests because they might have spent less money to get sex, would have been more certain to get sex, and less likely to emotionally shut down after too many rejections thereby becoming involuntarily celibate. Not everyone is emotionally, financially and perhaps physically able to learn GAME. Keep in mind that even though I advocate that men try to improve themselves through GAME and try to avoid prostitution because self improvement should be everyone’s goal, it has application away from sex, teaches one how to deal with women, one is less likely to arrested and listed as a sex offender and if you run out of money you are less likely to run out of poosy, even I admit that the overwhelming majority of men get can better looking women, more kinds of sex acts and more interesting sex acts with less chance of crazy bitch drama and sexually transmitted diseases by going to legal licensed brothels with legal licensed prostitutes and to a lesser extent to escorts where it is illegal. There are also better places to GAME women without as many BITCH SHIELDS & COCKBLOCKERS as night clubs with less financial and emotional pain. Why do you think more men are interested in DAY GAME OVER NIGHT GAME? Even Roosh wrote an article about it on his other site, and Roosh is easily better than 90% out there.

      1. I also forgot to add that a man is more certain to get laid by paying a whore than GAMING a woman. Learning GAME can take months if not years to be proficient. It’s a better learning experience, but it is not the surest path to success certainly in the short term and maybe not in the long term either. Nearly every man can get better looking women and more of the kinds of sex acts they want through PROSTITUTION. However, GAME feels like conquest and PROSTITUTION feels like mercantile exchange so I advocate GAME, but I recognize not everyone may agree with me. Therefore I oppose anything which prevents consenting adults, especially men, from getting laid be that legal, financial or social punishments. Do what you want to do behind closed doors as long as it has consenting adults and noone especially me gets hurt, I say.

        1. Some men are process guys and others are results guys. Younger men tend to be more likely to be process guys than older men. Also process guys tend to love it more when they get rewarded well enough and quickly enough to their own personal tastes, but are more likely to become results guys when they aren’t being rewarded adequately enough or quickly enough anymore. GAME men tend to be process guys and PROSTITUTION me tend to be results men. It all depends on what you want, love and desire more; PROCESS or RESULTS. There is a sliding scale between being 100% process guy and 0% results guy as well as being 100% results guy and 0% process guy. No man is completely one or the other but every man is more one than the other.

      2. I get what you are saying. But that can be applied to everything in life. You only get out what you put in. Being self made is hard, but more respectable and rewarding than having your lot in life just given to you.
        In life, for people like us to win, somebody has to lose. Better them than us. If you are going for a night out, and your only reason for doing so and only goal is to get laid — You won’t. The chicks will sense your desperation. So in that aspect he’s right.
        But I was just simply saying that, me and ppl that I fuck with, actually enjoy the environment. Actually enjoy the energy. Enjoy seeing chicks wear as few clothes allowed by law, get high and drunk, and do shit that you only used to see in movies in these clubs. In short some people just like to party, chicks see you havin a good time enjoying yourself and that shit is contagious. They wanna wanna be seen having fun with you too. Half the work is done then, all that’s left for you to do is fuck it up and cheat yourself out of an easy fuck.

        1. Fair enough. If you love to party at night clubs whether or not you get laid, then continue to do it. I’m happy for you. If you get laid, then it is a bonus.

        2. “But I was just simply saying that, me and ppl that I fuck with, actually enjoy the environment.”
          Extroverts do. Introverts don’t like high-intensity, over-stimulating environments like that, which is why they are better off leveraging their strengths in other ways such as through online dating.
          There is no ‘One size fits all’ strategy. For people that don’t genuinely enjoy the nightclub environment, they’re better off going elsewhere to a place that they have a better chance of ‘winning’.

        3. well, seeing that I’m an INTJ personality type, I will have to disagree with that. I love time to myself and I don’t talk to every person who crosses my path, but I enjoy strip clubs and parties. I like to celebrate. I like bottle service. Life is good.
          again, I was speaking for the people who actually enjoy the nightlife and aren’t spending the money for a night out just in hopes of getting laid. as I said before if you are just going to the club with the only expectancy being to get some pussy, you may as well just go on backpage — you’ll get a better return on your investment.
          Personally, I can bag a bitch in the club, the strip club, or in the toilet paper aisle at target if I want to. But in each of those situations, I am not on the prowl just looking for my next lay. I can attract a chick, I ain’t really worried about that. I just like to enjoy myself and they like to enjoy me while im enjoying myself. 100.

  13. To me, this article highlights one of the primary aspects of the failure of Western society.
    Wisdom and learning are important things to pass on to younger generations. Among the men reading ROK, consider some of the things many of us have learned. Now, consider how hard media and “culture” work to tell people younger than you the OPPOSITE of what you know to be true. See the problem? What you have learned from hard experience is very hard to pass on because society (feminism) does not want you to pass it on.
    What are some things many of us know?
    – Women have low value except for procreation and homemaking
    – Women have peak SMV in mid 20’s then decline rapidly
    – Men has peak SMV in mid 30’s then decline slowly with value even late in life
    – Marriage in the US is the dumbest thing a man can do
    – Being a pussified mangina gets you nowhere
    – Nice guys do not advance in life
    – A man should focus on himself, improving himself, pursuing his own dreams
    – Women are dream killers
    – …. etc.
    Now, think about how hard media, culture, government and educational institutions work to tell everyone the opposite of what we have learned and know with certainty.
    There is obviously something very fucked up about that. Still it is the reality that we live in.
    To pass on wisdom, you will have to work hard. Best to focus that wisdom on one or two younger men. Trying to pass it on to large numbers results in your message being diluted and thus dying in a sea of misinformation.

    1. There are two explanations.
      1. Men happily collude in the disinformation for selfish purposes.
      Deliberately giving bad advice to competition is good for the disembler. Men could innocently go along with this to avoid an earful from their Hausfrau.
      2. Society is governed by a hostile minority. Journalists are hip to it. Going along with the Meta message is like breathing in and out for such traitors.

    2. Adding to the list of contributors (media, gov’t etc.)
      –Men who fell for it all and can’t handle that you didn’t. Then they shame you either overtly or subtly, absolutely toeing the company line of the gynocracy.

  14. I think you are getting something wrong about wisdom. Wisdom is not the experiences of the older generation complete with color commentary, that is a form of knowledge, and a pretty bias one at that. Wisdom is the ablility to take away insight and understanding from knowledge for the purpose of forfilling one’s goal and then applying it so that it lays the foundation for your next goal. If it sounds complex, it is because it is. It is, I believe, an unaquireable mindset that can be easily called ambition, but it not just the hunger but the methodology in which one eats. Think of ambition as a never-ending level of frogger or tetrus and the wise man as the player who is able to plan the most move ahead. There are many ways to advance, however just because you get to the next stage or delete that line or two doesn’t mean you are in an advantageous position to keep moving forward. Wisdom allows you to parlay instant gratification for multiple times the glory as well as to take small guaranteed victories instead of betting it on a chance. It is the balancing act on that duality that makes one wise, and its pretty self evident to anyone watching when someone consistantly makes wise decisions or is even in the process of executing a wise decision. So when I read that you are not able to beat a young man over the head with wisdom, it make me wonder why an elderly wise man doesn’t know how to lead a young man when he has spent all his life managing his peers in the accomplishments of his goals.

  15. I by no means seeks to discredit the work done by older generations. There are a ton of older people with tons to offer the younger generation in terms of business savvy, learning, and wisdom. I, like many people, was not raised by such people. As you’ve pointed out and as I have experienced, was raised in a dysfunctional household. Dysfunctional is putting it lightly. Father was a pushover, mother was a tyrant. Pretty standard for the millennial generation though. I agree on a micro-scale, but on a macro-one this cause a colossal disaster. The last thing we need is another generation of bluepill, simp fathers and overbearing, manipulative, and narcissistic mothers. In fact, for myself, I want the opposite of what my father had, I don’t want his job, I would never want a spouse like he had, and I would never want to live his life.
    Theredpill for most people is the father that was never there to teach them about how the world really stands. The greatest generation did their best to try and create a new generation but failed colossally with the baby boomer generation. The last thing I would want for any man is the super high mortgage, debt, bitchy wife, awful kids, sky-high property taxes, no real vacations, no trips, very little enjoyment that most baby boomers suffered through. It was the baby-boomers not listening to THEIR elders that really fucked things up. If anything one should try and seek guidance from very old people, or the handful of success stories in the baby boomers and gen x. Whatever you do, think critically about all the information you’ve gotten and received.

  16. Young guys are blessed with good health; unfortunately that can lead to a “superman” complex where they think they’re invincible and either don’t need their elders’ advice or they are strong enough to recover from any mistakes they make on their own.
    Then reality hits, and the body starts breaking down…

      1. Philip of Macedonia and then this. Got murder on the mind today? Roll a fattie bro 🙂

    1. I will be interested to see how much “breaking down” happens with this current generation of men in their mid-20’s obsessed with running and/or weightlifting and eating well.

      1. As a mid-40 something who has always been a gym rat/physically fit, it’s turning out great so far. There’s a lot to be said in keeping up one’s physical fitness. Too many guys pump iron in their twenties but give it up by their thirties. When you get to that stage and are thinking “Man, I have better things to do with my time”, my advice is to take that part of your thinking and remove it with a scalpel. You will not be sorry to have continued to lift, believe me.

  17. When you know nothing, you say a lot. When you know something there is nothing to say.

  18. But if we were to switch it, focusing instead of the risks and consequences of you FAILING
    Actually this is my problem, I focus too much on failing and risks.

  19. You can tell people that fire is hot but most of them need to get burned by the fire before they’ll understand

  20. George Clooney actually says something (thanks to screenwriters) close to this in a movie for once…

  21. I bluntly teach my son (19) the gritty red pill truth about women and have for several years. Fortunately, his mother was such an irresponsible, selfish, batshit cunt that he knows a lot of this from his own personal experience. He currently has a girlfriend with her own batshit selfish mother.
    I also tell him: by the time you are my age (55) and have screwed more than a 100+ girls, including numerous hot ones of every color and shape and scent, you will slowly realize how self-centered, chicken-headed, manipulative, parasitic, shallow, thoughtless they are, along with their feeling-following and vicious tendencies towards blame, revenge, cattiness, mercenary acts, and cruelty and the shocking casualness with which they will hurt or abandon their own offspring — so vile are these vapid creatures, lacking in any sense of morality or justice or fairness. You will begin to associate fucking with all of this distasteful, time wasting chatter and idiocy, and you will limit your interactions with all but the rarest and select anomalies among women.
    Here’s some wisdom: enjoy the thrill of screwing these creatures before you begin to “know too much”, which removes a good deal of the pleasure of bedding them.

    1. So you are basically applying a novel variation of the Ludovico technique on him. Interesting…

    2. So true. I too am a single dad. My boy is only 11. I have slowly been exposing him to the red pill. (some issues are still too deep for him) I wish someone taught me this stuff when I was young!

  22. People for the most part don’t seem to become organically “wiser” with age. We don’t all have grandfathers or uncles like Warren Buffett, for example, whose value doesn’t reside in his ability to write you a check, but rather in his ability to tell you how to make your own fortune. He could probably tell you how to solve a whole lot of other practical problems as well, because the ability to make billions of dollars through decades of careful saving and investing doesn’t exist in isolation; it has to work in cooperation with a lot of other practical abilities, like how to read people and assess social and political situations for their dangers and advantages. You could probably go to Uncle Warren to talk to him about a problem with your girlfriend, and he could suggest a feasible course of action to make your situation better.
    For a more typical example of wisdom failure, I got to know three of my grandparents well into my adulthood, and while they seemed like basically decent people, I could tell even as a child that they didn’t have much going for them. They lived in poverty (understandable for rural white Southerners who had the Great Depression piled on to their other disadvantages over the course of a life); and while growing up, it just never occurred to me that I could go to one of my grandparents for advice about anything.
    I don’t know if anyone has studied wisdom from the viewpoint of human development (I’ll have to look into the cognitive science literature). But if we could figure out ways to nudge people towards acquiring wisdom instead of leaving it to the haphazard, I think this technology would tend to make the world a better place.
    In other words, we need something analogous to teachable Game for the people who can’t figure out this wisdom business on their own.

    1. You have to remove progressivism from society, which is actually easier than it sounds (it’s an artificial construct created by the elites and cia).
      I’m sure your impovershed, disadvantaged grandparents had something going for them most people don’t, however: the possession of common sense.
      It’s simply a matter of learning to think for yourself. If we can bottle and sell de-conditioning, we’d be set, but guys like Roosh and the red pill shrink (last month’s ROK sponsor) already have a leg up on us.

  23. We as adults have brains too large to pass through the female womb. We were born with small brains that lacked the maturity to allow us to walk and feed unlike many animals. Part of the necessary component to grow into maturity does not exist inside of the DNA in our cells, but outside of it. That is knowledge and wisdom of our masculinity. It was necessary for men of the older generation to bestow this upon the boys so that they would grow and prosper, much like women feeding infants breast milk. The wisdom was passed through stories, rituals, and initiations. It was all part of the culture. In modern feminist civilization this knowledge and practice has been lost and forgotten.

  24. The 40somethings created the mess and have proven themselves to be.fools, knaves, or both. Why should a 20 something beleive one word?
    Some sackcloth and ashes should precede anything else. But finding one folly that proves a fool doesn’t thus make a fool wise. It.only diagnoses the disease. Curing it requires more.effor and pain.

    1. 40 somethings created the mess? Not the boomers? Here’s some advice;
      Get a library card.

    2. You actually think that the generation who graduated in 1990-95 are in control of things? Well fair enough. We can’t get the boomers to retire. These post war hippies won’t die.

    3. And again, melmoth is spot on the money. 40-somethings are the generation of Curt Cobain (in fact, he’d be around 46/47 today). We haven’t gotten our hands on the reigns of power yet, that spot is still reserved for boomers and the in-between generation (in-between boomers and genx, such as Obama).

  25. I’m middle age and remember being 19 or so and I was craving any kind of advice from older men. I rarely got it but soaked it up when I did. I learned a lot from listening to anyone older. Learned how to eat right, lift, avoid American women. I’ve since started crediting myself with it but looking back, there was always an older person who started things off.
    I think the millenials simply don’t see older people as sources of wisdom. I think there are two reasons, mainly;
    —The internet. They want to know something, they google it. The internet taught them and raised them, not older people. So they have virtually no instinct for looking up to older people. Older people are just less tech savvy, therefore stupid in the eyes of millenials.
    —Excessive self-esteem engineering in schools which has led to comic levels of self-satisfaction among millenials. I have been flat appalled with the arrogance of the millenials I’ve encountered. The supremacy complex is extraordinary and I think many of them wouldn’t listen to elders just due to the deep-seated belief that they (millenials) are simply of superior intelligence.

    1. I think the answer is for younger people to always listen to advice and then weigh it up and then decide for themselves. You have to take into account that some advice is much better than others and also it is worth taking advice from some people much more than others. There are a lot of people who like to give out advice despite the fact they are relative failures themselves, although even these people have useful info sometimes.
      On the level of confidence issue – i think it’s good that people have confidence. As you get older you learn that confidence is a very useful attribute, and that many people are successful on confidence alone. Whether this is still the case when the majority of people are confidence – many without substance to back it up – I don’t know.
      Two interesting points on this. I have read in Scandinavia that there is a problem with depression in young men because after being told for twenty years how amazing and intelligent they are, when they go out into the real world they find they are normal and not destined for the greatness they have been promised over the years.

      1. My second point on confidence was some research that was done in Harvard or some American University. They asked students of today the same questions that were asked in the 1960’s. The found that when students were asked to assess their own intelligence and skill and knowledge they rated themselves way above average while in the 60’s the students on the same course rated themselves much much closer to average, when compared to their peers.
        In both surveys they asked how many hours a week they studied. The students of today were found to study and works about half the hours of those in the sixties.
        So, because of over confidence they feel they are above average despite actually studying less and being less knowledgeable than those students in the past.
        I think this confidence comes from ongoing high levels of praise from parents, school teachers and lecturers etc…even from their peers who praise each other in mutual appreciation. Maybe as the article says, they also are fed on films and tv and computer games where ultimately every one can be successful.
        There could well be alot of depressed ‘geniuses’ in the future as they find they are just normal or even worse. This is when you get students complaining they have to work in a coffee shop instead of using their media studies degree.

  26. The simple fact of the matter is a man that risk nothing gains nothing. The goal when imparting wisdom isn’t to convince a person not to do something, it is to help them better understand the risk vs. reward. And then let them make the determination.
    Jeff Bezos was on a talk show a long while back and he was talking about how he started Amazon in his garage, and when he was selling his parents on investing their retirement in him, they told him “It sounds like a good idea for somebody else, but you have a good job now”. Which is basically, them saying don’t forget what you are going to sacrifice to do this. Fortunately, for him, and them since they did invest in him, he didn’t listen to that. Or at least felt the payoff was going to be worth the cost.
    In the case of going to a club, you are only out a couple hundred dollars and an evening, but the upside is sex, and the jackpot is a couple months of regular sex. Sure the odds aren’t in your favor but you can’t win if you don’t play.

  27. I think that the author fails to distinguish between wisdom and advice. Advice can be good or bad but wisdom is always wise. Personally, I think the advice to tell a young man not to go to clubs is bad advice and not at all wise. I had some of my best nights ever going to clubs and I still occasionally go. Not only that, they are not all expensive. Good advice would be to tell him to go if he wants but be careful about how he spends his money. As there is good advice and bad advice, there are good clubs and bad clubs.
    I don’t think young people have a problem taking advice just a problem taking unsolicited advice that is forced upon them, such as the advice given to them by schools. The young men at my martial arts school have no problem taking advice because that’s what they’re there for. In this case, context is important. But also, it takes a wise man to heed wisdom regardless of where it comes from.

  28. Yes, I remember being in the frame of mind that my elders didn’t know nothin’ about nothin’, especially my father, young fool that I was. Now I’m an older fool and I see the same mind frame in my own son. “There is nothing new under the sun” as stated in Ecclesiastes.

  29. Sounds to me like yet another boomer trying to tell people how to live their lives without realising they’re responsible for pretty much every problem my generation is suffering or going to have to pay for.
    Do us all a favour. Kill yourself and at least two other boomers.

    1. He’s not a boomer, moron. So you’re a hotshit millenial who can’t even do two minutes of clicking around to find out who the guy is. Your generation is ONLY tech. You all bring nothing else to the table and yet you can’t pull off a triple click search to find out who the guy is.

    2. Melmoth basically summed up my view on your idiotic words as well. You can’t even marginally function in the only thing Millenials are good at doing, which is a google search. Yet you come here smug and condescending all the while displaying thirty shades of idiocy.

  30. I just read the first paragraph and got “you haven’t been missing out by not going to that nightclub and yes, it’s a waste of money like you thought.” BAM! This article was worth reading.

  31. The author is soooo right!! My Dad, a decent and truly good man, who as a youth, knew what hunger was in war torn Europe, but never let it destroy his basic love of people, would always try to impart his “wisdom” into my brain, but to no avail, in most cases. He died a relatviely young man at 51, but realized that I’d simply have to experience life in most cases to really “get the wisdom” from “it”. So he would always say later, you haven’t experienced it yet,etc. He was dead on right.

  32. Professor William Teller, one of the great intellects on both physics and mind, as it relates to human life, as said, “When we don’t listen and try to learn the lessons of life by doing some hard thinking, then we have to go through all the crap to learn the lessons”. YEP.

  33. If a night at the club costs you a couple of hundred dollars, and you do not see the lunacy of spending that kind of cash for a momentary whiff of pussy, then I as an older man am quite happy to allow you to continue down the path you’ve chosen. You see, I’m probably the club owner behind the scenes and am more than happy to let you give me all of your money and drive yourself into eventual poverty chasing tail. You gain experience and eventually wisdom (if you’re bright) and I gain the contents of your wallet. It’s a win win. Heh.

  34. The wisdom of the ancients:
    “If Sauron is defeated and Aragorn made king, and all that you hope for comes true, you will still have to taste the bitterness of mortality…
    He will come to death, an image of the splendor of the kings of men, in glory, undimmed before the breaking of the world.
    But you will linger on in darkness and in doubt…Here you will dwell..until all the world is changed and the long years of your life are utterly spent.”
    Then Carpe Diem? Carpe Diem? Not according to Kierkegard via Slavoj Zizek

  35. The fool does not learn from his own mistakes but the wise man learns from the mistakes of others.
    Keep in mind that the statistical deviation for a sample size is infinite. One person’s experience has little relevance to another unless they have several points of connection and similarity.

  36. Aaron, some shit is a rite of passage, and this is true when it comes to men learning about women. Men have to experience the bullshit games, underhanded intentions, hypergamy, the pussy farts from females to truly grasp the true nature of women.

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