3 Ways To “Hypnotize” A Girl Into A Sexually Submissive Trance

Have you noticed that in bed, women often climax immediately after you do? This happens because when a girl arouses you, her own arousal increases, too. Sexual desire is a positive feedback loop.

I’ve even had women orgasm while giving me a blowjob. How is this possible? Because for women, arousal is largely psychological. If a girl sees a man become overwhelmed by sexual desire for her, she feels the same emotions he does.

You can use this principle to your advantage in the bedroom, sure, but you can take it a step further. You can make a girl feel intense sexual arousal in public – simply by making her feel that she’s turning you on.

In this article, you’re going to learn 3 ways to put yourself into a sexual state that will ‘hypnotize’ the women you meet into a sexually submissive trance.

The techniques you’re about to learn are what took me from occasionally pulling a girl on a night out, to consistently hooking up with beautiful women.

1. Appreciate The Female Form

Social conditioning teaches us to be so ashamed of our sexuality that we hide it (until we’re in a bedroom with a girl). Because of this conditioning, we fight our natural urge to appreciate a beautiful woman’s beauty when we see her walk by.

To an extent, this is necessary. We couldn’t function in polite society if we blankly stared at women’s breasts while they talked to us. However, modern men are so uncomfortable with their sexuality that their interactions with women are neutered.

Sexuality is everywhere. If you can appreciate female beauty when you go out to meet women, your interactions will have a powerful sexual charge to them. Without this charge, the interactions will most likely remain platonic. With it, your interactions will naturally escalate towards sex.

Society has programmed us to deny our own sexuality: it’s time to delete that program and regain our natural masculinity. To do this, observe women with sexual intent. When you see an attractive woman, appreciate her figure, the way her body moves, and even the feminine look in her eyes.

Let yourself “perv out.” If, for example, you’re a connoisseur of the derriere, make sure to appreciate that particular part of women’s bodies. Of course, use common sense: don’t stare at women in a way that gets noticed as creepy. But do make a point to look at women through a sexual lens.

Even while you’re talking to a girl, you should be able to feel a sexual charge emanate from her eye contact and facial expressions. You should be able to feel her feminine energy wash over you, simultaneously soothing you and exciting you.

It’s very easy to tell if you’re doing a good job at appreciating the beauty of women. Simply notice whether you feel aroused. If you don’t, you’re still holding yourself back from being truly sexual. To put it crassly, just being in an environment with attractive women should be enough to give you a boner.

This exercise is extremely measurable (pun intended). To get the maximum effect, I recommend putting a conscious effort into appreciating the beauty of women until it becomes an automatic habit.

If, after practicing this, you still find it difficult to feel aroused by the women you look at, the next exercise will help.

2. Sexual Visualization

In the first exercise, you simply observed women with sexual intent. Now, you’re taking things a step further by imagining yourself doing salacious things to the women you encounter.

When you see a beautiful woman walk by you in a bar, imagine yourself ripping off her clothes and ravishing her. Imagine what it would look like, imagine what it would feel like. Again, the goal here is simply to get yourself into a sexual state.

If you approach a woman and she feels raw sexual energy radiating off you, there’s a very good chance she’ll get drawn into that energy – this is what puts her into a sexual trance.

To be fair, a good number of the women you approach won’t be open to engaging with you sexually. These girls will reject you regardless of how you approach them. Some rejection is inevitable.

However, when you get yourself into a sexual state, many of the women you meet will be so aroused by your energy that they lose control of themselves.

3. Masturbate Less

If you’ve been practicing the first two exercises, but you’re still having trouble getting yourself into a sexual state, you might be masturbating too often.

Sexual desire is a craving, much like food or water. The longer you go without water, the more you will desire it. The same is true with sex: if you masturbate every day, you’re craving for sex will be weak.

Personally, I don’t recommend ‘nofap’. Completely eliminating masturbation is too extreme for me (I end up getting unhealthily desperate for sex after about a week). However, I do recommend cutting out porn and only masturbating once every few days.

Set a schedule, try masturbating only once a week or twice a week. Adjust your schedule based on your experience:

  • If you’re getting so horny that you can’t focus on regular life, masturbate more.
  • If you’re not feeling any arousal when you see an attractive woman, masturbate less.

Simply controlling your masturbation habits will help you create natural sexual tension with the women you meet.


Mating is like a dance; one partner must lead for the other to follow. Women will rarely lead the dance towards sex – you must give women the opportunity to follow you there.

Use the three strategies you learned in this article to inject raw sexual energy into your interactions with women. Once you learn to fully own your own sexuality, you might be shocked at the way women start reacting to you.

When I’m in a sexual state, I’ll often end up making out with a girl only seconds after having met her. Other times, women will suggest we find a private place to “hang out” (I.E. have sex in) within the first ten minutes of conversation.

Women make themselves sexually available to me because I show them my own sexuality, first. Anyone can get the same reactions from women I get, simply by making a conscious effort to cultivate their own sexual energy.

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81 thoughts on “3 Ways To “Hypnotize” A Girl Into A Sexually Submissive Trance”

    1. Placebo effect.
      This article is a bunch of hocus pocus.
      I don’t dispute that visualizing goals and masturbating within moderation or not at all may help, but I doubt there is any meaningful empirical evidence either way.
      Being at ease with oneself and having true confidence from actually achievement in life has worked wonders for me.
      Every man has to walk their own path to their goal. You can’t walk in another man’s shoes to get to your destination.
      As an aside, our community really needs to find a way to do some legit scientific studies on these topics…it’s long past time for us to find a way to find rigorous scientific studies to prove these theories instead of by hunches and individual experiential documentation and repetition.

    2. “I’ve even had women orgasm while giving me a blowjob. How is this possible?”
      Because women lie, and you are gullible.
      It’s just a performance dude, nothing she shows you is real.

      1. I beg to differ.
        One of my first gf, after a few months together, started to have an orgasm when I was cuming in her mouth from a BJ. And is not that she told me so, I was watching her tremble, twitching and getting tense all over exactly like when having a sexual intercourse induced orgasm.

        1. Lol, please. Unless, you are literally looking at her taint and vaginal opening and SEE the spasms – just take it as an act and enjoy yourself.
          Rule number 1 when dealing with women, their world is a world of lies. Some benifit you, most are are purely to manipulate you.
          Rule number 2: she may or may not be aware she is lying to you…yes they REALLY do lie that much. It no more than a survival instinct for them. It’s built into the ‘wet works’ if you will.

    3. Non-whites in the Mid East, Africa, and South Asia probably are more violent because they abstain from masturbation. I’m white and if I wait a week to fap, I get very angry and am unbearable to be around. Those regions I listed have a rape epidemic because the man can getaway with forcing herself on a woman.
      With the blatant attacks on white men in the West you might see the US becoming more like 3rd world countries when men go long times without any sex.
      Pertaining to this article, a woman will appear to be aroused from the sex the more hundred dollar bills you show her. I only had one time where a female wanted instantaneous sex right after meeting her. This was back in 2004 when I approached her going out to her car alone in a grocery store parking lot at one in the morning.
      I’m not refuting this article because younger guys today are probably more awake, red pilled, jacked and definitely more tatted up then in 2004. Even if women feel sexual energy off of you, most will not react at all even if they spot your erection.
      And in a Western workplace or a mall with both genders present, it can be embarrassing to have a full erection in public. So, as we become an adult, these feeling are subdued because of fear of losing a job. With the cost of living skyrocketing since 2008, to lose a job, home, car can be very painful and costly for short term arousal.

  1. Very bad advice here on ROK. Everyone preaches no masturbation, no drugs, no fun at all really. Well lets see how rich and powerful people think and act.

    1. Masturbation is a useless waste of vital energy. It depletes Chi and makes a man weak. Best not to do it. Drugs are absolutely something to avoid, unless you hate yourself. They are not fun, they are of no value.

      1. I guess there are a few people that feel that playing with themselves isn’t pathetic. Well, what can I say. Alphas?

      2. After a weekend spent on EDM festival on ketamine nonstop I can assure you that drugs are fine and fun.

      3. Drugs are great ! I do drugs all the time! We’re in the process of legalizing! Drive-thru Pot-Shops on every corner ! Your friend JT

    2. Funny is wolf never masturbate, only fuck plenty of women. You saw this movie or not?

    3. It’s a fucking movie for Christs sake. Anyway nothing wrong with drugs is you have the self control to use them for useful purposes and not slide into degeneracy.

    4. Of course the serial con artist J-E-W would make a movie aimed at goyims telling them how great the J–E–W–Z poison is. I bet he is not telling his kids to jerk off and do drugs.

  2. “listen to me you little filthy goyim! you will forget the spirit, you will revile the spirit, you will worship at the altar of the flesh! you will drink and dance and go round and round and round and sing the praises of fornication and of spectacle and of matter! there is nothing else! do you understand? the spirit is a fiction. we are determined by circumstance and that is it! you get it? now go and worship gold and whores and keep quiet!”
    ” yes massa! yes massa! i understand massa! don’t beat me massa! i love you massa.”

    1. You could cut the whole article down to just #4 basically.
      Big wallet to woman is big titties to man. Period. If you are good looking that helps, but is not required.
      You can also be good looking w/ no wallet but she will trade up for the loaded guy any day of any week. If he is a beta herb you will be her fuck toy, nothing more.

      1. a hot 23 years girl in a club can have all the big wallet guys. they’ll wait in line for her. she will go for the handsome stud, he trigger her reproduction buttons.
        I remember a 34 years old czech woman (living here in Paris) who was still going to clubs and be attracted to hot guys. one of them was so stupid, she told me she want him just to chut up and keep looking at him.
        .. and while we’re at it : it’s not about muscles. it’s the opposite, muscles means low status (gym rats..) unless you’re a famous athlete (in this case you’re not even chasing), hence low value.
        I think money is still a big leverage, right in second position after look.. but it’s not middle class or even uper middle class. in a big city, earning 50K or 150K give you access to the same girls. things start to get real around 5 figures a month, which means a solid business and probably some visibility.
        the best solution for an average man today is to forget about women, to consider them just like a good thing in life, like riding a nice car.. it’s “cool” but you can live without it. you need a project though (a book, a business to build, a travel.. something).
        second best is to find a traditionnal wive from a serious country, beyond 27 and physically below 7 (otherwise she’ll vanish few years after coming to west)..

  3. I’m sorry man , but lusting after random hotties in the bar and sexualizing every encounter is highly unproductive. I realize the point of the article is to adopt the sexual mentality and I think that is a crucial aspect to having intense experiences with women in bed, but looking at the entire world with a caveman appetite for boning is recipe for disappointment and social rejection. Seriously there is a lot more to a women than her body. Her beauty is like the wrapping on the present. In other words the pornographic model of arousal you are touting is just plain fantasy.

    1. I disagree with your post as I tend to think this type of encouragement toward sexualizing interactions helps men who are too polite / shy when it comes to those encounters. I personally find the advise useful as girls generally respond positively when you are not too timid to show your sexual desires (in a subtle way) However, your post was very well written and thought-out. Cheers

    2. A thoughtful post from SirPsychoSexy and a polite and intelligent reply from Eric.
      I like this.

    3. I sexualize women, as the article suggests, been doing it for years, and I can say that if you have high standards you’re only sexualizing maybe 5% of the girls you see. The rest of them are invisible. So that’s only 2.5% of my day (since 50% of the people I see are men) “being a caveman.” That sounds like a healthy balance.

  4. Holy crap, that top pic girl and the bottom pic girl has TONS of fakeup on ….ewwww.

  5. This article is rubbish, written out of a state of blue pilled ignorance .
    If you’re a self actualized red pill man, women will instinctually pick up on it and feel attraction – thousands of years of evolution have honed that intuition for her.
    If you’re thinking about how to hypnotize a girl, you’ve already lost. When you are in good condition in a goodlocation, things will likely naturally fall into place. If they aren’t: keep self improving / move location. It’s best to keep things like this simple, no need for new age mumbo jumbo

  6. In other words … putting women on the pedestal.
    Since Adam men have been falling and falling …

    1. What? Not concealing your innate sexual desires is putting women on a pedestal? It is the opposite… guys who would never dare look at a woman in a sexual way because it would upset their sensibilities and seem as piggish are the ones doing that. The comment section of ROK has an absurd level of douche bags/MGTOW, perhaps even challenging that of Reddit.

  7. I’m on day 84 of no fap. The only thing I have noticed is harder erections and return morning wood. The no fap super powers are placebo effect. I’m only doing no fap to cure my porn induced erections dysfunction hopefully by day 90 my PIED will be cured. I think porn and fapping is fine in moderation.

    1. @ BBG
      I do not even remember the last fap.
      Escorts 3 to 4 times a week does the job for me.
      TBH, I only fap when I have a bad cold/flu and can’t go out.
      I do use porn to “charge up” though. It’s good for that purpose.

  8. Black British Guy,
    I’m doing a no fap I’m about 28 days the longest ever I can honestly say I have not seen much difference. Their are many Red Pill Sites out there who all say go no fab they give the impression that you will end up as some type of super fly guy or some mystical Zen master I think its way over hyped. I have stopped doing it as I think its just dirty and a waste of energy that’s all, no super powers yet (LOL)

    1. I never understood how jacking off is supposed to be bad but fucking women three timed a day is good. The physiological result is the same, busting a nut. Psychologically it may be different but for the most part I think nofap is BS.

        1. Your body can’t tell the difference but the mind certainly does.
          Seriously guys your sex drive will reduce when you get older, make the most of it in your peak years, by whatever method you have available.

    2. I did a 18 day nofap streak recently. By day 5, I had superpowers and I was chatting up girls with magical energy. By day 7 or 8 the superpowers had gone and I was just kinda normal, until the evening of day 18 when I was come upon by the feeling that I would be seriously ill if I didn’t release some pressure. After that, it was just back to normal routines.
      The problem with nofap superpowers is that I was TOO KEEN. If my goal was just to empty my balls, great. But if the goal is to find a suitable girl with whom to build a long term relationship, a more balanced and less desperate mindset is needed.

  9. “Because of this conditioning, we fight our natural urge to appreciate a beautiful woman’s beauty when we see her walk by.”

    Is this a real point, or is it false?
    I don’t see too many guys fighting this urge unless their GFs or wives are nearby. It might not be the smartest thing to do in this day an age, you may have to defend yourself for doing so, but the back-channel of instincts is so strong that men aren’t quite “shielding their eyes” to appease PC culture just yet. We’re just not that obedient.

    1. It doesn’t rot, the body reabsorbs it and makes more. No need to masturbate, no true Alpha disgraces his manhood that way.

  10. The first point is important IMHO although it is not inspected in depth.
    Male sexuality is hammered out of us early on in a subtle manner through female solipsism and social control. When you openly show what you want from a woman, you’re labeled creepy or a pervert unless she happens to fancy you. Even if she fancies you a bit, you’ll still have to ride her script for a while before you can metaphorically and literally whip your junk out or you’re back to square one of being a ‘pervert’.
    You can think of female and male interaction as a mountain where the man is climbing up with a rope and a woman is standing on top of the cliff with a concealed knife. As the man climbs higher up the mountain, the woman grows more and more validated with his efforts (compliments, good game, tingle inducing body language, status display, funny jokes and cool stories etc.) but the challenge is thus; if the woman gets her validation meter filled out before the man makes it on his two feet on the top of the mountain, the woman will severe the rope and the man will fall down and not get anything at all.
    This is how most female/male interaction works; the woman gets validated to a greater or larger extent and the man almost always falls short of his goal. Even the player ends up validating many women before he gets some back. Women believe that the man must do the whole routine, every link of the chain, and wanting something for himself from the start is a nasty shortcut and an insult. In our culture, however, it is okay for the woman to lead and string him along while maintaining a veneer of deniable plausibility where she pretends not to recognize that the guy might have needs too.
    As lame as that is in a way, I think the american-western european model of “men and women are the same” is still better than the alternative, which is that of constant violent jealousy (falsely termed “alpha”) and medieval provider game.

  11. People used to take responsibility for themselves, but now that
    the US is a socialist police state, Americans have given up.
    Why do anything if everything is illegal and hard work is punished with
    regulations and taxes while laziness is rewarded with welfare?
    Why be careful or protect yourself when the state is your mommy?
    The collapse of the USA is disgusting. How can Americans sleep at night
    or look in the mirror now without feeling ashamed?

  12. ” If you’re getting so horny that you can’t focus on regular life, masturbate more.
    If you’re not feeling any arousal when you see an attractive woman, masturbate less.”
    Advice of the article right there.

  13. This is great advice, for thirsty men who don’t have anything else going for them besides chasing and pedestalizing bar whores.

  14. This is so gross and insane, please do not take this advice. As a girl, if I knew that a guy who approched me thought like this, I’d be repulsed!

    1. 99% of women don’t know what they really want. Valentina, I guess you fit into the 99%. Women are such hypocrites when a hot Chad is paying them attention. Their legs open up without them consciously deciding. Not your fault, but don’t pretend otherwise.

    2. Valentina, EVERY guy who has ever approached you, talked to you, asked you out or walked past you and given you eye contact has thought about getting sexual with you (assuming you don’t have the face of a horse and a body of a potato).
      Deal with it.

  15. Good solid advice. AWALT so you could have the classiest lady in the classiest place or the most self hating chick in the lowest place, they all still appreciate a guy appreciating them (or at least imagining it). With that being said, I personally never ran into a decent looking gal with her boobs uncovered regardless of her type but when I do run into a gal, its kind of a habit of mine to glance at her hips or closer look at her heels/shoes during conversation then either continuing the conversation or changing to an that’s somewhat related to her body like working out or food. In fact, it could be anything physical like moving the conversation towards dancing. Asking about what she is wearing (footwear is also a good idea if appropriate).
    They almost always seem to get a bit more life in them with these quick “micro” observations judging by their eye dilutions in combination with their smiles or what have you.
    I would say the nofap helps tremendously with picking up chicks and I’d rather have the problems (which I view as good problems) associated with it, like frequent boners and wet dreams that you’ll have to deal with. There’s just something about nofap that changes your demeanor. The quality of my work improves, posture imroves, I think better, more nonchalant and direct, my environment is better controlled. It’s a good feeling.
    Still haven’t done ninety days yet but yah, I can see why it’s important to have pretty much unlimited access to pussy and/or some kind of fap routine to drain your tank when you can because these drawbacks are annoying but hey, problem solving which is all about getting stronger, faster, and smarter.

  16. another recent piece that brings nothing new to the table; this is basically kindergarten-level “seduction”. how did this possibly meet your standards for RoK-worthiness, Roosh?

  17. Sex is for married people.
    If you pretend to be married, you’re gonna have a bad time. One way or another.
    Some of you think it’s worth it.
    No matter, all of you guys are the best.

  18. Women don’t get orgasms. Boom! The ones that teach women and men how to get to orgasm are only better mentally skilled. Yes! The woman orgasm is a mental process, not a physiological process.

    1. As a woman, I feel obligated to point out to you, that if it was a mental process, I would imagine many of my fellow women would shun physical enhancements like dildos and those tingly lubes in favour of simply thinking their way to orgasm.
      As it stands, it’s my understanding that the sex toy industry is still managing to do quite well in a time where a lot of retail outlets are going into administration and closing down.
      If you must know, the female orgasm is a physiological response to friction. ie, the sensation of things rubbing against parts of our anatomy.

    2. Actual lady here! I was naturally born with a large clitoral growth, and the only way I can get an orgasm is by stroking her with a custom sex toy. But I cum every time, so I’m ahead of most men in that category. 😉

  19. > We are looking for our true daddies, basically – the idealized daddies that we never had – somebody who can see through all of our false fronts and call us out on our bullshit and put us in our place. The problem is, those type of men are very few and far between.
    This is the real gem of the article. It’s also the hardest thing for a man to do. To see both the illusion and the reality. Consider this 4-way matrix:
    Child sees parent: Zero sexual attraction, but also unable to see their faults.
    Beta sees female: Sexually attracted, can’t see her faults.
    Gay man sees female: Zero sexual attraction, sees all her faults.
    Ideal man sees female: Sexually attracted but not overwhelmed. Able to appreciate, and utilize the sexual energy, while seeing her as she is, and loving her as is genuinely best.

  20. Fellas, this is nonsense. After 45 years of marriage, women don’t ever have an orgasm, gang. They lie is what. All they want is money to buy a BMW and get their hair teased.
    I like to masturbate, but I’m a force to be reckoned with. I can still compete with the best of them at work, and have a lot of insight. It brings me vitality. I have at least two girlfriends who are 27, but I just give them my money. I can’t always get it up, sure, but there are still ways for me to make it feel good.

  21. So girls only orgasm AFTER a man comes? I swear my f-buddy starts cum-jerking long before I let go.

  22. Hint: if a woman climaxes “immediately after [you]] do”, she is FAKING IT. [This from a woman who knows and studies female sexuality]. Dudes, listen if you care to read better advice: it’s called the clitoris, and she wants YOU to pay as much attention to IT, the source of HER sexual pleasure, as SHE pays to YOUR PENIS. What an idea! That her clitoris gets as much attention as your penis does! Women REQUIRE CLITORAL STIMULATION TO ORGASM. Women DO NOT ORGASM FROM GIVING YOU A BLOW JOB. Don’t listen to this horse shit! If you want to stand head and shoulders above ALL OTHER MEN SHE’S BEEN WITH, who, chances are, are sexually selfish, and/or learned “all about” women’s sexuality from porn [just being real here], do one simple thing. Ask her what she likes, and do it. She should come first [because unfortunately with most men, she doesn’t come at all]. On behalf of womankind, I thank you for your attention! 🙂

  23. This article is abusive crap. It simply preys on women’s need for affection and encourages taking advantage of them sexually and emotionally. Most respectable girls will reject you because you are a walking STI and a worthless manwhore but I guess you can have the ones that are really starved for love and acceptance/the really slutty ones. While all you want is to get your cock sucked. Many kill themselves because of your preying. Just remember that you fucktards.

  24. And also remember that no amount of being perverted will help her get into ”a sexually submissive trance” (wtf) if you are an ugly, vile, insecure male who needs such articles.

  25. ”Women make themselves sexually available to me because I show them my own sexuality, first”
    Maybe it looks that way to you but you are a simple pathetic fucktard. These are not ‘women’ but sluts and they will make themselves sexually available to you regardless of what you do. The rest won’t even notice your ‘awesome libido’.
    What a load of bollocks altogether

  26. Do you know what sexually arouses some women? bloody RESPECT
    But you would rather have it the easy way I guess?
    Fuck her for a bit then move on to the next
    Don’t fool yourself that this is because of what you do
    It is just the kind of women that you bed that most men wouldn’t touch with a stick
    Or those that would do anything to get some attention
    This is the sad truth about the society we have

  27. ”Women make themselves sexually available to me because I show them my own sexuality, first”
    Hahahaha, you wish 😀

  28. Kira sadly you are not right about the blowjob thing. Sometimes even a thought is enough. The rough and plain stimulation of the clitoris can be nice but isn’t anything compared to the ‘other’ orgasm with the man that you love. But most of you here have literally no idea what that means. You have no idea of the nice things you are missing out on by fucking your way through life. This article shows that men have no basic idea of how to make a woman fall in love with you. And – surprise surprise – this is the secret to great sex.
    And if she DOES fall for you, you use this to get sexual favours out of her, keeping her attached emotionally while she rewards you sexually. What a cool little arrangement.

  29. It’s so sad to think that a lot of women feel so devalued they would rent themselves out to someone for one short night of male attention.

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