How To Survive The Late Empire Period Of Your Civilization

Journalist Glenn Greenwald partially broke ranks with his media cohorts to express the dirty truth about why it is hard to survive now, especially as a young man:

The grim fact is that not only is the USA in “late empire” stages of collapse, but all of Western civilization is heading down the toilet. This means not just the USA, but Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand will feel these effects in parallel. If you live in one of these societies, you are in for a rough ride.

But fear not. This collapse has been going on for several millennia. What we think of as “society” today is a pale and degraded imitation of what went before. Now we have technology, but how long will that last without people to keep the power grids, internet, water supply and food system going? The vaccines and iPhones will disappear quickly.

The ancient Greek philosopher Plato pointed out how long the collapse has been ongoing by referring to events centuries or millennia before he wrote, 2400 years ago:

When discord arose, then the two races were drawn different ways: the iron and brass fell to acquiring money, and land, and houses, and gold, and silver; but the gold and silver races, not wanting money, but having the true riches in their own nature, inclined toward virtue and the ancient order of things. There was a battle between them, and at last they agreed to distribute their land and houses among individual owners; and they enslaved their friends and maintainers, whom they had formerly protected in the condition of freemen, and made of them subjects and servants; and they themselves were engaged in war and in keeping a watch against them.

This psychology—a view of the world based in the distribution of wealth by convenience, not to those who merit it—is the cause of our decline. It has taken it many centuries to reach its present state, where crass commerce and popularity with the herd rule over all aspects of life.

Every era has its golden age; that is because for most of a civilization’s life cycle, its best days are behind it. It reaches a peak early on and coasts, like a successful business, for most of its lifespan. At the end, it pays the cost for having coasted—ignoring the need to rigorously maintain itself—when it declines.

In other words, a civilization enters the process of downfall by succeeding. At that point, it enables those who are essentially fools to grow numerous, and then they take over. When you notice that idiots rule your society, and morons are most of what you see, your society is in the “late empire” stage. Here are some ground rules for surviving the collapse of a civilization:

The decline does not resemble Hollywood’s version


The news and entertainment media makes its money by entertaining you. For that reason, the first rule of media is that any result must be entertaining. Truth takes a back seat. Hollywood and the mainstream media love stories of peak oil, asteroids hitting earth, climate change and the Zika virus wiping us out.

The reality is more prosaic. Every society exists somewhere on a scale of health from ideal to “third world.” When a civilization declines, the collapse comes slowly and from within. Institutions become less effective, corruption spreads, and people become insane trying to adapt to it. Soon you have a typical third world society: social chaos, tyrants for leaders, lack of effective hygiene and infrastructure. You might think of it as humanity returning to the state of the ape-like ancestors from which we evolved.

Third world societies are frustrating because you cannot do much in them. First, your options are limited by the lack of infrastructure and people who appreciate quality; second, any healthy and sane activity will be opposed by the others around you, who will see you as competing with them with your fancy new ideas, and they will try to tear you down and destroy you.

At the end, the former first world will resemble “Brazil 2.0”: a few rich people ruling over a mixed-race herd which cannot control its own impulses and so lives in the equivalent of favelas, or disorganized slums.

Everyone is in denial

denial head in sand

Civilizations die because man takes over from nature by starting civilization, and then people become accountable to human rules, which are more social than realistic. This process, known as “demotism,” means that whatever is most popular becomes the accepted truth. You can see this manifest in commerce, democracy and social popularity itself.

Neoreactionary writer Mencius Moldbug gives us a workable definition of demotism:

Any system of government in which the regime defines itself as representing or embodying the popular or general will can be described as “demotist.” Demotism includes all systems of government which trace their heritage to the French or American Revolutions – if anything, it errs on the broad side.

Because civilization has become its own determiner of what is true, or what is good or bad, it exerts a Darwinian effect and weeds out those who are realistic about what is actually true. Society has become a popularity contest and only those who flatter the illusions of others will succeed. Some call this “utilitarianism.”

You were born at the tail end of this process. You will hear nothing about it because everyone is in denial. As they say in addiction recovery classes, the first and hardest step is admitting that a problem exists. People will resist doing this with all of their might.

It is convenient to blame our leaders, the media, the rich, the Jews™, etc. for our problems. A more realistic view sees the origin of the problem in the behavior of normal people. They will avoid any notion that their society is in decline, and instead flock toward ideas that tell them this decline is actually just society succeeding.

If you wonder why every definition used in public discussion appears “inverted,” or to mean the opposite of its logical meaning, this is why. People will not directly confront the issue of decline, so they have to re-style every definition as its opposite so what we have appears to be good.

This extends to your social group. Yes, the mainstream media is preaching lies and insanity, but so are your friends. Most of them get their opinions from television, or from “intellectual” sources like The New York Times or Salon, and they parrot that back to you in an attempt to appear smart, cool and together.

You will be surrounded by lies


Remember that people are rewarded for saying what makes others feel good. Every person wants to feel that he, personally, is doing well. Having a society in decline would contradict that, so he will never admit that his civilization is failing. Instead, he will try to explain that failure as a form of success and will reward others who do the same with his attention.

This means that every public figure is lying to you. They will not admit the obvious, and will invent a distraction or excuse instead. If they did not, they would not be public figures; they would not be popular. Those who are willing to tell the truth never get promoted to these roles.

It also means that every person you meet on the street is lying. Life is a competition for success. They want to appear successful, because part of succeeding is to look the part. As a result, they will not only refuse to admit the decline, but will claim that such ideas are nonsense.

They must keep up the illusion of doing well. This is why decline is so hard to reverse: not just the average person, but all but a handful of people, will bless the decline so that they may get their share of what is left. If you think of robbers fighting over the division of the loot, you get the idea.

Most people are parasites


When there is a goal to civilization, like in its early stages, people can work together toward results. As the decay goes on, the rule becomes “every man for himself.” This means that every other person out there is trying to use you as a means to their own success.

In social terms, this means that most of your “friends” will be fair-weather friends. They will keep you around as long as you provide some role that flatters their self-image. Usually this consists of them affirming your social status, or importance to the social group, as lower than theirs. That makes them look more important.

Others will use you for what you can do for them. They will see your band perform only if you go see theirs. The problem with this is that soon you are living entirely for other people. You spend all day at work doing stuff for other people, then spend your free time doing the same. At age 65 you will wake up with both job and friends gone and wonder where your life went.

With women, you have to keep in mind that their goal is to subvert you in order to make them look good. When your magic is gone, they will discard you. A woman will adopt you as a lifestyle accessory to make her look successful. She will then demand you conform to her lifestyle. At that point, your ability to be “magical” for her will be gone. Exit you.

With business, this means that all products become parasitic over time. This is necessary to pay for all the parasites who start working at a company once it succeeds. This is why you should have no brand loyalty.

Jobs are a waste of time


In a society where every person is flaky and irresponsible, workers cannot be counted on to do much more than show up and go through the motions. Employers have responded to this by making each job a simplified role where the worker can be easily replaced. This even extends to the professions at this point, except at the highest levels, and even those elites seem to have dubious judgment.

As a result, most of any job consists of “pro forma” activity, or tasks designed to keep up the appearance of being productive. The actual job is a few hours a week where your input is actually needed. The rest is designed to make your supervisors, and her managers all the way up to the top, look good because all the workers appear engaged in “important” activity.

Remember that being successful entails looking successful. Creating “important” tasks makes people look successful, so they do it to their underlings. This is why you will work all night on projects that never see the light of day, or spend hours each week filling out forms that no one sees. Appearance is more important than reality in dying civilizations.

The only antidote at this point is to own your own business. Many of these businesses are of types looked down upon by the “college-educated” crowd, but owning your own plumbing business, HVAC, farm, gun shop or auto repair means you are not replaceable. This benefits you as things go further south.

Every institution is corrupted


Collapse is a state of mind. It replaces realistic thinking with the idea of pleasing others with illusions. As a result, it has no headquarters or center. It infiltrates everything because ordinary people use it as a means of advancing themselves.

Every institution that has people in it will have been affected by this mental corruption. This means that whatever institution — government, private or charitable — that you interact with, you must expect it to be parasitic and lying to you. When these institutions tell you something is truth, look for what they are attempting to conceal.

This should also remove any residual guilt you have about deceiving institutions or depriving them of what they consider their due. Ignore charities and “feel-good” products, including Girl Scout Cookies. Pay as little in taxes as possible by having a business to deduct life expenses and realizing some income through barter.

Everything is fake


In order for a collapsing civilization to appear credible, it replaces all truths with lies. This includes making fake versions of everything that you know to be true.

Think of fast food. It is a replacement for the real deal which costs less than twice as much. Instead of a real meat hamburger, you are eating soy mixed with Grade-Z meat on a bun made out of Grade-Z flour with sugar added to mask that fact. Collapse gives every idea, habit and object the fast food treatment.

For an example of how this happens, consider the redefinition of masculinity:

To put it more accurately, we can say that men are pressured to conform to what we might call ‘low masculinity’ (drunkenness, lack of restraint and intelligence, picking on those who — through size or numbers — are largely defenseless, etc.), just as women are pressured to conform to what we might call ‘low femininity’.

In a dying time, every ideal is an imitation of a higher ideal, but it has been “democratized” so that fools, idiots and morons can participate. Real masculinity is difficult, but buying a sports car, drinking watery soda-pop beer, and flattering stupid women in nightclubs is easy. Easy = popular = “successful.”

When you think about “difficult” and “easy,” consider that you are referring to mental state. It is difficult to change yourself through self-discipline and realistic thinking; it is easy to engage in a thoughtless habit.

The fakery extends to women. The definition of woman has been inverted so that we do not notice we are getting the fast food version. This is why most women act like men: their sexual openness and aggressive outlook is designed to conceal the fact that inside, they are a mess. They did not take the difficult path but the easy one.

All of the opposition is controlled or insane


You know that the official institutions are corrupted, but what might come as a surprise is that the unofficial institutions that claim to be an alternative are broken as well. The same idea of demotism has infected them and made their message into a fast food version of what it could be.

Consider white nationalism. The sane idea would be that in each society, the founding ethnic group should be the only group and should act in its own interests. Instead, white nationalism becomes pointless bashing of people for the mere sin of being non-white, and incorporates a whole lot of liberal ideas to make it popular with people who are accustomed to decline.

The same is true of any “movement.” Environmentalism changed from trying to save the world to defending third world immigration and supporting big businesses, if those businesses adopted Left-tinged ideas.

The original corrupt opposition is the Left. Their idea—that all people are equal—was designed to create a distraction from the real question, which is “How do we stop our civilization from declining?” Their entire political platform is based on a distraction, but it succeeds because it flatters people to consider themselves equal, because that way they can never be wrong.

Your first task: become sane by recognizing reality


Take stock of your situation: you are living in a dying civilization where every truth is a lie and every person is an agent of destruction. Your first task is to escape, but not physically. You must escape first in your mind. You achieve this “exit” by becoming sane, and the only way you can do this is by paying attention to reality in place of the lies.

You can recognize reality by paying attention to cause and effect. What was intended, what was done, and what were the results? This approach is the basis of the “scientific method” and you can use it to look at your life, find what works, and by paying attention to that, see where society is doing the opposite.

For example, many men (and man-boys) attempt to gain sexual favors from women by white knighting. Have any of them actually experienced intercourse as a result? And if so, was it a woman you would give the time of day to? Their failure shows you that their method is not realistic, but pathological. It is formed of pleasant human notions that do not work in reality.

You can extrapolate from this. How much of politics is white knighting? How much of office politics is the same? You will see the same patterns repeated time and again in different ways. By recognizing how reality works, instead of the social ideas that most people act on, you can begin to escape the insanity.

Your goal is to weather the storm and prepare to rebuild civilization. What exists now, that seems so solid and unshakeable, in fact adopts that appearance because it is weak and already falling. Help it along if you can. But most of all, gain sanity so that you do not carry it within you like an infectious disease.

Form networks with other realists. Exchange information about real life stuff, even if it is just as prosaic as gardening and car repair. As civilization loosens its grip, these informal networks will form the basis for what comes next.

Beware of the soulless people

In a dying civilization, most of the people will give up their souls because to have a soul is to care about the consequences of one’s actions, and that requires noticing reality. In turn, noticing reality requires becoming aware of the collapse and then feeling less successful as a result. People will do anything but face the abyss of terror, doubt and ambiguity which that opens.

Friedrich “Fred” Nietzsche wrote of a type of person he called The Last Man:

Alas! there comes the time when man will no longer launch the arrow of his longing beyond man — and the string of his bow will have unlearned to whiz!

Last men are people who care about nothing but their power over others through social means. They see no world beyond personal “success” in the dying civilization, and have no values. They cannot form true friendships, will never fully love another person, and are parasites that will sap your time, energy and direction.

The average person created by the transition to third world status of a dying civilization is: of mixed heritage, without religion or philosophy, very social and super-dedicated to his job, and has no higher joys in life than eating, shallow socializing, drinking, shopping and “entertainment.” This is the human ruin in which you exist.

Your enemy in this time is fatalism, or the belief that nothing you do can have any positive results. Fatalism is the counterpart in the individual to decline in a civilization; it means giving up on reality and having standards higher than “it’s all good man.” Last men specialize in disguising fatalism as virtue.

To work around last men, treat them as salesmen. Everything they tell you will be said only to make you purchase a product, which is usually them. They want you to support them socially and in their careers. Unless there is reward in it for you, it is best to politely listen to the sales pitch and claim you will think about it and act at an indeterminate later time.

It will end, but only when the morons are beaten back


Civilization decline has happened many times in the past. In fact, all of the third world today consists of remnants of once-great civilizations. This means both that civilization collapse is usually inevitable, and that it is escapable. People have done it in the past. Rome was founded by Greeks fleeing their dying society for a new hope. Europe may have been the creation of horsemen from the East who fled a dying civilization there.

Since Earth is fully colonized, and there are no more empty places to escape to, the new society will rise up in place. A group of people who are the most forward-thinking among their kind will, like during the American Revolution, overthrow their government and depose all who supported it.

Unlike Brazil, places like Europe and the USA have clear groups of founders and strong values inherited from those. These values will guide the new society arising from the ashes of the old. But nothing will happen until power is seized and the morons are beaten back.

This does not mean seizing power in the present system, although that will be a useful method toward unifying the group. It means a rejection of everything this society stands for, most notably equality (which benefits morons—everyone else is already equal or better by ability) and the subsidy state, which sponsors morons.

Whether or not this happens in your lifetime, the only way to discover your masculinity is to work toward goals that even if far off are inherently good. Replacing Idiocracy with a functional civilization is a start, and by working toward it, you can regain the self-esteem stolen from you by this broken era.

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

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274 thoughts on “How To Survive The Late Empire Period Of Your Civilization”

  1. I dont think you’re dishonest nor do I think this post is bad, however… Did you really link to an article where Roosh argued about white nationalists not being libertarians and not caring for interracial relationships?
    Roosh himself has written article after article about how sexual behavior must be controlled.
    The only difference between him and white nationalists in this scenario is the racial dimension. Which is the most important to anyone with a cursory understanding of human biodiversity and race realism.
    As exemplified here, without this knowledge, no eugenic system is possible
    Moreover it is consistent with your own statement of what is rational for ethnic nationalism.
    As a Hispanic poster in the comments section of the article on the Alt Right said, he’s not hated by the alt right and they know he’s hispanic. The prohibition on mixed marriages is merely necessary to ward off genetic extinction due to the extreme recessiveness of white phentotypes and characteristics. Hardly racial hatred.
    Another example would be Jaymans, the Human Biodiversity/race realism blogger. Jay is Jamaican.
    I dont wish to derail the entire comments section any further (as racial dicussions do) so I will merely link Greg Johnson’s response to Roosh and let other commenters decide what to think.
    Edit: this has been edited a few times as investigating dispelled some assumptions I made. None were too crazy but still distracting from what points I wanted to hit
    Also, dont say the argument that “women are gonna choose who they choose.” We all know that female behavior is contingent on how permissive society is.

    1. “As a Hispanic poster in the comments section of the article on the Alt Right said, he’s not hated by the alt right and they know he’s hispanic. The prohibition on mixed marriages is merely necessary to ward off genetic extinction due to the extreme recessiveness of white phentotypes and characteristics. Hardly racial hatred.”
      It’s the fact that multiculturalism is being mandated in native countries that is threatening Europeans.
      i don’t think it makes them bigots.

      1. Is intelligence a recessive trait? Someone mentioned this a few weeks ago, and youre the science guy

        1. That’s way too complex for me to comment on reasonably.
          Intelligence is likely an aggregate of many different traits… And cultural influences…
          I haven’t read The Bell Curve, and haven’t looked into that kind of research specifically.

      2. Especially not when restricting sexual choice is already agreed upon to be okay AND they’re actually being principled (a white man can pick foreign brides with impunity, white women lose values when they do)

    2. This. The author’s linking to Roosh’s strange alt-right article left a bad taste in my mouth. Roosh cherry-picked a few Twitter posts (which could have been shills or trolls) to judge an entire “movement”, which is essentially nothing more than an amorphous blob of frustrated individuals who see problems with both the liberal and conservative/cuckservative paradigms.
      If you agree that nations should be built for the benefits of the ethnic group that founded them, then there will be some cases where other ethnic groups just Have To Go Back if they can’t adapt. That’s not bigotry or race-hate, just the truth.

      1. Keep in mind that by doing so, he got many in that movement to think about what their actual goals are, versus pro forma “symbolic” activities.
        I think he handled the whole thing well. 1, he did not cuck and apologize; 2, he stood up for everything he has done, and pointed out the overlap between Rooshism and Alternative Rightism, and 3, he showed them their ass (colloquialism) and urged them to improve themselves.

      1. I like the cat, a good artistic decision. Will read and reply later. On my way out now. Thank ye.

    3. I’ve commented on this topic several times from a Biblical prospective. Hardly anyone realizes that in the Bible exist laws against race mixing, national racial integration, etc. while at the same time there are laws that protect “strangers” and give them equal treatment under the law. The exact opposite of “bigoted” and “racist”, these laws represent what is best for every race to prosper and thrive.

  2. Yep – I’ve thought we were sliding downhill for a while. Too many similarities with the Roman Late Republic insanity along with the decadence and corruption of the Later Empire period.
    I agree with what the collapse looks like – Mexico, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Argentina, etc… All formerly rich places that once had great opportunity. Now corrupt, crumbling crap-holes.
    Last year my wife and I earned far more than ever before. Just got the tax bill – ate up my entire bonus and then some. I had more spending money a decade ago when we were making half as much. The game is rigged here. All the people I see driving to work in newly leased luxury cars aren’t saving or investing a dime. They really are mortgaging themselves to look prosperous despite all the evidence to the contrary.

    1. I hear you about the tax situation. There is no longer an incentive to work hard and make money. The more you earn the more the state steals it in order to fund the cops, the army, the liberals, the media who in turn promote feminist agenda against you.
      Your tax dollar works against you, so why work at all?

      1. The biggest federal outlay – WELFARE in all it’s various forms. They are taking over 40% of my incremental income to dole out to the sick, lame, and lazy (and their bureaucratic overlords).
        As I sit in my boss’ office to hear what my bonus will be, I automatically divide the number by 2 in order to estimate what the check will actually be. The parasites get the rest.

        1. Imagine if all the assholes over the past 25 years had just left the Reagan tax rates alone and indexed them to inflation.

      2. I have to claim 4 (I am unmarried, kids are adults) to make ends meet. Learning the tax credit game but still owe buckets at year’s end. I am not wealthy. The Fed is easier but my State is a publican supreme. When I think about what my (stolen) money pays for…arrrrgh!
        Must master the game.

        1. “Just move out of the city. They control the cities, but not the country”
          Respectfully, But that’s what the farmers in the country of Russia thought just before the Bolsheviks seized the country.

        2. “Puerto Rico? No income tax for US citizens”
          No income to be made their either. Bot an wasy thing just to up and leave

        3. Farming has been under assault since the end of ww2. In Canada family dairy farms have been run under by the introduction of inflationary farm debt. “the palaces of kings are built upon the ruins of the bowers of paradise”- Thomas Paine 1776 Also the Harper government sold off the Canadian wheat board to a saudi/american foreign national corporation when the farmers themselves had raised more money to buy out the monopoly which has been dominating them. McCains food in NB has dominated potatoe farmers, along a similar vein, small forestry operators and small mining contractors have been squashed out of business by the conglomeration of vertically integrated business models, ie totalitarian non-democratic collections of power that bypass democratic process. Look at Lavoy Finnicum’s murder by the FBI for standing for his constitutional rights, the country isn’t safe. Eventually they will convince those in the cities that we in the countryside have to be wiped out via drones because we are using up their air and water.

      3. My tax bill is, by far, my biggest expense every year. If you add up everything I spend on my house (mortgage, maint, improvements, etc), cars, boat AND put into my 401K, it’s still less than my tax bill. Simplistically, the means I’m pay for my lifestyle twice, once that I get to enjoy, once that gets pissed away. I just got my return back for last year, after all that, i still owe them another 4K.
        People who say “tax the rich” have no idea what the “rich” actually are paying. And, “tax the rich” really means “tax everyone making more than me”. Only taxing the “real rich” (those making 5M+/yr or with over 50M in assets) wouldn’t do shit, even if you taxed them at 100%. They would either figure out a way around it, or they’d leave the country. Also, there’s not enough of them, even if you tax the fucking shit out of them, to make a dent in the total tax burden.
        What burns my ass even more is that 50% of this country pays 0 (or less than 0). Here I am, buying a fucking few nice cars a house a boat for the government, and most people aren’t paying a fucking dime for it.
        And you don’t even get a thank you card in the mail. Or a “get out of a bullshit interaction with the cops” card. Nothing at all. You just send that money in and it’s fucking vaporized.

        1. Yup. 3 tickets last weekend, $300, my city parking permit which I paid for, didn’t match my registration. They can’t just rob you once.

      4. Because I have to. It fucking sucks, and I hear guys fantasizing about “going galt” all the time, but even if i was taxed at 95%, my life would still better if I worked. We wage slaves don’t have a choice-we need to work and hope the government leaves us enough to feed ourselves.

    2. Same here with the money and taxes, I work in the oil field putting in 80 to 120 hours a week sometimes and most if not all my overtime went to taxes because I wasn’t married or had dependents. I’m actually in a conflict with the IRS right now over certain write offs I claimed. According to them for what I made as a single adult I owe 43k a year in taxes before you deduct my write offs which they don’t want to accept. It really doesn’t help that much to work your ass off if you don’t have the write offs to offset the tax bracket you put yourself in.

      1. I have a friend whose wife quit her job to raise the kids and home school them. She was a CPA and earned a good living. My buddy said after you account for the taxes and child care expense, they are basically breaking even financially with her staying at home. Plus she and the children are far happier. Don’t bust your ass working for the man. It doesn’t pay off, plus it only feeds the beast. Be part of the majority that does not pay income taxes (only payroll / FICA).

        1. I was explaining something like that to a buddy cause he didn’t realize how much babysitters and child care cost and unless the women makes good money, which it turns puts you in a higher tax bracket like you explained, then they are really just working a senseless job to pay someone else to be a mother for you. I’m also going to look in having an llc for work expenses and write offs. It’s helped a few friends of mine that weld and do contract work and one buddy from Kansas doesn’t even have to pay state taxes as an incentive the state gave to bring in small business. I just needed to learn more about the system years ago to save myself the headache now

        2. I read a great big book at the library that helped me do this.. It was something like tax minimizing strategies from someone who used to work at the IRS. I would also highly recommend anything small business related from Nolo Press. Book should cost $20-$30, and you will save thousands your first year.

        3. I’ll look into it cause I haven’t filed for last year yet till my audit gets settled so maybe it’ll help with that but I’ll take whatever help I can get for the future, I appreciate it bud

        4. I’d talk with a CPA about it too, because he will give you a realistic view of how it will work in your certain industry. I pay my guy $125 a year to do my taxes, and he will sit down and answer a few questions included in that fee. My field is very entrepreneurial and lends itself to part time work / self employment which makes it very easy to do. Your may be more difficult.

        5. I have a CPA that does my taxes but the IRS had a dispute about the way he tried to claim certain things and since I didn’t have the right paperwork I’m assuming that’s the problem, I have a tax attorney who is a retired IRS working trying to straighten it out then hopefully it won’t end up me owing a lot

      2. Sounds like you hit the AMT (alternative minimum tax) like I did. At some point, it magically phases out all deductions against salary. Doesn’t hurt the truly rich, but those trying to climb out of our station in the lower-middle-class get crushed.

        1. Yea it really makes you realize putting in all those hours isn’t always worth it depending on where you are and your situation. I mentioned in the above comment just now about looking into a llc for myself and being able to write more off through that like a few of my friends have. It’s highway robbery that the government would force businesses to pay overtime as a reward to the hard worker just so they can come in and take that by force.

        2. Back in the 90s’, when America still had some industry, my blue collar friends would refuse more than 10 overtime hours week because they knew anything more went to the feds. They would take comp time if offered (rare), if not they would simply refuse the extra over time. US industry went overseas driven not because of NAFTA (as many claim) itself, but the ultimate fiend was federal US income tax polocies. Have they changed? No. Has blue collar employment changed in the last 20 years? Hmm.

    3. Some of the parallels are fascinating: debasing the currency, influx of immigrants, embracing womens rights…I believe the Romans developed a trade imbalance with Asian countries as well

      1. Huge military with bases spread out all over the world.. meanwhile the country crumbled from within and eventually was defeated by low tech barbarians.

        1. I read ancient Mesopotamia had child support collectors- wonder if that is legit?
          Humans: doomed to repeat their mistakes

        2. The Romans also extended citizenship to non-Romans. Government types did it for their own power gain at the expense of the Empire. Same stuff, different year.

        3. A. That simply isn’t true. B. During the American Civil War, about 20% of the Union’s total recruits were foreign born. Currently it is around 7%.

        4. “The majority of new recruits into the US military are non-citizens.”
          You have no idea what you’re talking about.

        5. Second paragraph of this article. A grand total of about 35,000 non-citizens are in the US military. Doesn’t sound like a majority. Rather small %, in fact.

          Plus I was in 2 different branches, totaling almost 15 years, so I knew your claim was way off-base. Didn’t even need to go to the Daily Mail link. Nor do I understand how anyone could *possibly* have thought our military recruits are now mostly non-citizens.

      2. True. Silk was a main driver of those trade imbalances. While the Romans had a pretty good idea about the origins of silk( eg the domesticated silkworm) they had no suspicions about the problems it caused. Roman women lusted after silk to the point where huge outflows of gold and silver went towards the middle east and along the Silk Road. Note, the silk obtained by Roman women was often gauzy and see through, thus revealing to all Romans that woman’s body and inviting moral absences. Silk was literally worth its weight in gold and it was this economic drain that let to the Romans attempting to ban silk, albeit unsuccessfully. Roman women and the men that supplicated them lusted after silk.
        Yes, there were commodities that the Romans sent East towards the Parthians and China including glasswork, but it was silk that caused the great trade imbalances for the Romans and saw much of their wealth move East.

        1. Yeah when the Parthians controlled silk road in the middle east they had bursting coffin s with gold.
          Coincidentally the Roman Empire existed during the time

      3. Earliest example, even before that, is the Trojan War. The history behind the whole thing was Troy controlled trade in that region, was immensely rich, and fell victem to the problems mentioned. Then the Greeks organized and took it’s place, and then when Rome ascended, they too fell apart.

    4. At this stage in the game, consider combining households with parents, if they’re worthy.
      That means you jointly purchase a property, invest in it for the purposes of generating income (small biz, small farm, rental, etc.), and then have them transfer interest to you over time through gifting, etc. while retaining lifetime tenancy.
      You will need accounting and legal professionals for this.
      Yes, this requires trust, common vision, and a determination to make the priority the prosperity of the family and its descendants.
      You can add trusts, corporations, LLCs, etc. into the structure for asset protection, etc. A trust is probably the vital piece, as it will keep the asset from being clawed back by medicare or taxed away by the inevitable increase in estate taxes.
      This is not an “enjoy the decline” plan. It’s a plan for rebuilding, while minimizing the bite .Gov takes.

      1. Tough plan for most people. Even if your parents have the money, I’ve seen enough families worth millions who left their kids nothing.

    5. I am seriously considering working as little as I can for the rest of my days. I used to be a go-getter, stay after my hours, and strive for “success” (ie, the carrot that is always just a little further from my reach).
      Now I’m thinking about just making enough to survive, and live even more minimally. What do you all think?

      1. Aaron Clarey would agree. I would recommened doing a side business for cash or barter only. No receipts.

        1. Aaron Clarey is mostly where I got the idea. I was wondering how others also feel. As for the side business, I do do Ebay, but it isn’t big enough to be the full gig. Plus I’m not much of an entrepreneur. I’m still working on that. Thanks for the comment.

        2. Nah. It isn’t worth it. I fucking hate Clarey’s whole mentality. Don’t buy the whole “enjoy the decline.” Trust me, his life sucks. The gov “only” takes 25-40 points total, you can still make money in America. Believe me, in this society, if you have no money, your life sucks, so suck it up and work for the man until you have that fuck you cash.
          Don’t enjoy the decline-profit from it. Short the Euro, short the S&P, invest in gold and payday loan companies. You can make money in any type of economy if you try. Your life is not going to be any better if you have much less money.

        3. Aaron’s analysis is spot on, but his over all attitude is defeatist. Giving up is the easiest thing to do and the current culture is ample evidence of that. Having a stake in a future you will never live to see (children), gives you agency in the present.

        4. Thank you for the perspective. I’ve never needed to take out a loan, so I didn’t even know there was a payday loan industry!!

  3. There’s one difference. Before, when one civilization fell, there were others able to fill the gap. Our current civilization has co-opted or wiped out all others, and it’s the first to give its master class the option of destroying the human spieces in a few hours rather than reform. Once they go down—and they will—they’ll see to it nothing remains. Any Remnant will have a tough job rebuilding a functional civilization in a nuclear winter.
    We’re all riding this tiger. Don’t count on getting off alive.

    1. I agree. The wages of globalism are that we all go down together, and those of us who understand the reasons for the decline must oppress the others who do not — and ideally, deport them to far away.

  4. This is astute observation, but alas mostly just universal truths regardless of decay. I think even if we were peaking, the same points could be made about human nature. E.g., “They will keep you around as long as you provide some role that
    flatters their self-image…Others will use you for what you can do for them.”

  5. All of the opposition is controlled or insane
    But Trump is an exception of the rule, right? wink, wink

  6. Excellent but very depressing article. Indeed even those who criticize the current state of affairs – those who claim to think outside the box can also be full of shit. Alex Jones, who makes a lot of valid arguments about whats going on is also a ‘salesman’ who has his own agenda as well.
    ” Real masculinity is difficult, but buying a sports car, drinking watery soda-pop beer, and flattering stupid women in nightclubs is easy. Easy = popular = “successful.””
    Exactly. True heroes are ignored today unless they can be turned into celebrities.

  7. Excellent article.
    I would recommend everyone interested in this topic to read “Julius Evola’ final major work, which examines the prototype of the human being who can give absolute meaning to his or her life in a world of dissolution – Presents a powerful criticism of the idols, structures, theories, and illusions of our modern age – Reveals how to transform destructive processes into inner liberation The organizations and institutions that, in a traditional civilization and society, would have allowed an individual to realize himself completely, to defend the principal values he recognizes as his own, and to structure his life in a clear and unambiguous way, no longer exist in the contemporary world. Everything that has come to predominate in the modern world is the direct antithesis of the world of Tradition, in which a society is ruled by principles that transcend the merely human and transitory. Ride the Tiger presents an implacable criticism of the idols, structures, theories, and illusions of our dissolute age examined in the light of the inner teachings of indestructible Tradition. Evola identifies the type of human capable of riding the tiger, who may transform destructive processes into inner liberation. He offers hope for those who wish to reembrace Tradition. ”
    I see Julius Evola as possibly being a kind of precursor of Neomasculinity more than 60 years ago…
    Remember: no matter what you do first and foremost learn to RIDE THE TIGER, it befits a King.

    1. I need to get this book.
      Went through many bookstores to find it in my native language (french), I could NEVER find it. Some guys smiled to me when I asked if they had it, they probably knew what I was looking for.
      If someone has a french edition and wants to sell it, I’m here!

      1. Effectivement, il est très difficile de trouver une copie de ce livre en français dans le commerce à moins de payer des sommes exhorbitantes. Par contre, il es possible d’en trouver dans les bibliothèques universitaires… En tout cas, si j’arrive à me procurer une version digitalisée en français je vais te le dire. Entretemps, lis-le en anglais, il est disponible même en ligne. Ewig Unbewegt…

  8. The question is how to rebuild after collapse. In answering this question, you must recognize a universal truth: universal suffrage is a cancer. All societies that collapse start to care what morons think and allow them some say, by whatever means, in the decision-making process.

      1. Instead of fighting it, lets leap in with both feet. Only retards can vote. The world may be destroyed, but it will be shiny!

        1. Nastiest bathroom on earth. Im having a panic attack from just referencing it….now CBGB is a bunch of crappy overpriced condos

        2. Damn, when di it close, around 2002? I remember my friend landed a gig at a now defunct indie label in the late 90s, all my shows were crammed into 1999 I think…Dinosaur Jr, Pavement…

        3. Hi Dinosaur Jr. that brings back money. Yeah, early 2000’s I don’t remember. I stopped hitting places like CBGB, The Continental and 1 Bond Street before the 90’s were over. Best show I saw there was The Business. Going to that show was a straight up commitment to getting your ass kicked.

        4. at the time I lived in alphabet city….this was when tompkins square park was still known as heroin park and the hipsters wouldn’t dare come down there. I would go to CB’s every sunday when the amateur bands would line up for 30 minute sets. It was a great afternoon. Saw Fugazi there too…great show

        5. Ah, youre a patient boy, youwaitanwaitanwait. to let the guys know how out of control rent is now in nyc- how much was your apt in the 90s?

        6. hahaha, ok…my rent in the apartment on Ave B was 275/month and it was not the cheapest place in the building. It was on 4th floor so that was a plus and was an actual 1 bedroom and not a railroad or studio. A quick look shows a comparable apartment being offered on craigs list for 2500/month

        7. I was young and scrappy and could afford it…but yeah, it was a dicey area. Between C and D there is a dead end called Szold which still has a really rough housing project there. I didn’t get into too much trouble. The truth is, the people causing trouble down there knew that living there meant I was in the same shit bucket they were in. It was the tourists, long island druggies looking to score and kids from NYU who wandered too far who found the neighborhood dangerous for the most part.

        1. oh yea? Hope you wear that button on your lapel when you hit the bars- great convo starter!

        1. Capitalism seems to value capital over labor and land. I’m not sure I would advocate capitalism per se. A free, unregulated market (which I find more often in foreign nations than in the USA) on the other hand, is fine.

        2. When I travel, I often come across countries that have less red tape and regulation than the US does. IE it is easier to start a business there, you don’t need to be licensed, etc. That doesn’t mean those countries are capitalist, however. Anyway, I’m not sure pure capitalism exists in any country today. Perhaps Hong Kong would come closest, but I have no experience there.

        3. Costa Rica was the most recent.. Tacos on the street. Mama comes out at dusk with a portable grill and cooler and table and sets up shop. No business license, no storefront, no taxes. Delicious, cheap tacos.

        4. Oh the place where the toilet paper is has it’s own separate bin because “recycling”? LOL
          Those spanish speaking are progrestive politically

        5. If that were the case they’d have better living standards than us. They however have it better than the surrounding countries

        6. It’s not that simple. You can’t just get rid of laws and *poof* you’re richer. There are a lot of other factors, not to mention the debatable tradeoff between level of regulation and societal factors.
          Somalia has been without any real government or regulation of any type for years. That doesn’t make it a stable or even wealthy place to live.

        7. Wealth creation is caused by risk, tackling the unknown.
          It’s already been mapped out and proven by history; For example Great Britain the first country to introduce Free trade became the center of trade of Europe and took over 20% of the world.
          Somalia has been without any real government or regulation of any type for years. That doesn’t make it a stable or even wealthy place to live.
          That right there is a popular myth, Somalia actually has 7 different Governments controlling the country but the UN chooses to recognize it as a single country.

      2. Absolutely! We also need to restrict the multinationals and large corps that thrive on immigrant labor should have their vote taken away too and their donation abilities limited. It is them who bank roll and whip up the lumpenprole welfare recipients.

        1. Not just immigrant labour, but outsourcing also. The company where I work is outsourcing all its professional jobs (engineering mostly) to India and the Philippines. This is exactly the same as just importing cheap labour from these countries.

  9. In other words, a civilization enters the process of downfall by succeeding.

    Indeed. This is a special case of a general rule of all things: success breeds failure:

    “A penny for your thoughts?” Conway said.
    “Hm? Oh, sorry, Kevin. I was woolgathering there for a moment.” She scowled. “My mentor liked to say that success breeds failure. You tend to repeat your old, successful moves because they worked, while your enemy is developing a new one to clobber you with. I guess he had a point. Got any suggestions?”

    Alternately, as the Chinese of an imperial dynasty long past would have put it, “And this, too, shall pass away.” This is apparently as integral to human societies as the drive to prosper and reproduce is to individuals.

    1. This is the counter-intuitive one. I never understood why kings kept so much of their population in comfortable near-poverty until I saw this. Success breeds repetition of successful acts, which then become irrelevant, but the mob does not know this and so it celebrates the imitators. At that point, society runs itself into ruin. Looks like a fun book.

  10. The new world order. To turn first world into third. In corrupt south america it will never be revolution. Because they are textbook proles. The elite will never lose control there. But they fear the white man, white man values and culture. Those white man that turn shit places into good places (colonialism), they can not allow that.

    1. It’s a never-ending cycle, unfortunately race seems to crop up quite commonly. Aryan India is an ancient example, South Africa and Rhodesia are more modern ones. The whites colonize a new frontier, build agriculture, roads, hospitals, infrastructure, cities, and more. For a long time the darker races are kept under control, but eventually they are allowed to participate in the society out of kindness and liberal beliefs. The darker races then outbreed the whites, consume all the resources including welfare, vote in greater numbers, and fail to maintain the civilization that they are given, then everything collapses and falls into third-world chaos.
      I know that whole paragraph is “racist” but it happens far too often throughout history for me to ignore it.

      1. I wonder if in a thousand years the hypothetical replacement civilization will look upon the derelict mega structures in our major cities as modern Egyptians look at their pyramids.

        1. Unlikely for two reasons. First, those mega-structures are going to collapse quickly into heaps of garbage. Second, they are not going to revere that which failed before it could achieve world domination or other great deeds.

  11. If humans evolved from apes, as this article implies, then maybe we should transform into flying space tigers who eat light particles sooner rather than later.

  12. What bothers me most about the societal decline is the “recipient class” that have either paid no taxes or received thousands of dollars in benefits over the years will be the first taking to the streets when the money runs out. The mob mentality is “give us [BLANK] now!!” not “how can we all work together to fix this?”.
    This will necessitate the seizure of private property, tax of assets simply on deposit, and the liberal elites will NEVER acknowledge that their policies and beliefs have lead to this. The “conservatives” will never acknowledge that their desire to be “liked” and retain their shallow power contributed to this. Man it sucks.

    1. I’ve always looked at it as paying tribute to the barbarians at the gates. You pay tribute, or the barbarians sack the city. Either way, you pay. People will kill before they starve

      1. The barbarians sack the cities, not the countryside. Tainter wrote that the Roman countryside saw it’s standard of living rise after the collapse of Rome because the tax burden was lifted.

        1. We can see further evidence of this in the 20th century. During the Chinese civil war there was widespread famine despite having acres an acres upon acres of fertile agricultural land. What happened? Chang Kai Shek’s nationalists and warlords taxed the people so much that it was less burdensome to just walk away from the land and let it lie fallow than to work the land, and pay oppressive taxes only to have the fruits of one’s labour seized anyway.

  13. Also for the other readers and the authors, with so many lies out there, where do ROK folks recommend RP men get news? I mean, we still need information?

        1. constructive suggestions? Er….construct a flux capacitor?
          If you want a really constructive suggestion, forget the news…make as much money as you can, have no steady woman, make no children and have as much fun as you can…make sure you don’t live to see the total collapse or 70 years old whichever comes first.

        2. Already working on those mi amigo (except for the fun part). Still need some information now and again to make important decisions.

        3. total self destruction.
          The day that I can totally sell everything I own, and burn through it in a Caribbean paradise living a life of leisure and last 7 years I am going.
          First purchase will be a handgun. The handgun will go in a safe in my room. I will then drink and whore my way through every penny I have. When I have spent my last dime I would have one big drink of over proof rum, take out the gun and be done with it.
          Quality over quantity.
          Best part: the wars and struggles and news of the outside world would have no effect on me.

        4. Yeah he had a gun in a safety deposit box in case of societal collapse or “it all became too much”. Plus he drinks a lot.

        5. Oh, it has already became way too much for me. I am jsut saying that 7 years of having an amazing fun time and a quick death will beat growing old in this shit stain of a society.

        6. The most important component of the capacitor is an 84 DeLorean. Good luck sourcing one

        7. And here I just plan on packing up, buying a ranch in the Old West, spending my days hunting and fishing near majestic mountains, and enjoying the company of grandchildren when they come to my house. Come my day of dying I’ll just put on my shoes, strap on my knife, some tinder, flint and steel and walk into the mountains looking for a bear or mountain lion.

        8. Sounds very bucolic. I wish you the best with it. I am a fan of a good concierge though.

        9. Let’s go to that ranch together and you can be my bear x😛😛😛😛😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜
          Will you show me your Flint and steel? X

        10. 🍂🍄🍄🌿🌵🌻😍💐🌴🍁🌜🌼😜🍃😍🌻🌾🍃🍃😛🌵💐😜🌲🌱🍁🍂🍂🍂🌴💐😛🍃🌞🌳🌝🌜🌹🍂🍄🌿🌵🌻🌲🌺🌹🌜🌼😜🍃😍🌾🌿🌺🍄🌹🌝🌳💐🌾😍🌞🌼🌹🍂🍄🌲💐🌻🌾😘😝🍄🍂🍂🌜🌝🌼🌼😜😜🍃🌻😛😘😝🍄🍂🍂🍁🌼🌲🌞🌻😍🌞🌳🌼🍁🍂🐩🐞🌱🌴🌵🌿🌺🌺🌿🌵🌱🌱🌜🌻🌲🌼🍂🌾😛😛🌵🌵🍁🍄🌳🌳💐🌝🌴🌜😍🍂🌱🌺🌳🌳🍁🌞🌵😛🍄🌳🌺🌱

  14. I guess it’s just inevitable. The question is what will the collapse actually be like? Will a Caligula seize power, will the barbarians take over, will the west fragment apart more or less peaceably and form smaller nations? Of course, as has been said by another poster, every other nation on Earth has been corrupted in one way or another by degeneracy, so there’s really nowhere to run to or to take over once everything turns to shit. Also we have to factor in the existence of nuclear weapons which can turn everything to ash in a matter of hours.

    1. ‘every other nation on Earth has been corrupted in one way or another by degeneracy, so there’s really nowhere to run to or to take over once everything turns to shit”
      Thats a good point. At least during the times of the Roman Empire one could go elsewhere and be in a totaly autonomous culture, say south America. Might have been more dangerous, but at least you had that option. Today globalization is everywhere, there are less and less places where one can go and feel that they are in a culture that is not being controlled by globalist puppet masters

  15. Good article Brett. Very good points to consider and digest.
    Like Daniel commented below though, the self-interested attack by Roosh on those concerned with miscegenation and white dispossession is weak. Roosh, whom I support and stand with as a brother against the enemies of the West, is very obvious about his self-interest and preservation when it comes to this topic of white demographic preservation.
    That said, every group has it’s crazies, and WN certainly has its overzealous share. But HBD and other studies connecting genetics to human behavior and culture can’t be ignored. Some miscegenation can occur without too much damage to the tribe, but if it becomes common you get something new that replaces the former. As an Italian, I want Italy to be for Italians (odd to say as we don’t have a nationalism or patriotism like you boys do in the States). Nothing wrong in wanting to preserve our various tribes over others…but that does mean limiting a certain degree of intermarriage to keep us intact without devolving into ME levels of intra-marriage.
    I can empathize with Roosh, and I see the error of those WN mentioned in the article by Roosh, but it’s silly to pretend their isn’t a clear bias by him on this. You see it in the Neomasculinity outline and in the Patriarchal Nationalism outline. Sorry, race matters. Magic Dirt theory is cute but it’s the same shallow thinking mentioned in the article above. We can take some, especially those like Roosh who are weeboos (sic?) who like and want to adopt our values and cultures, but we can’t have an open pro-melange stance…that stance is destroying Europe and Anglosphere already.
    Speaking about Patriarchal Nationalism, there seems to be a disconnect not just with demographic preservation, but also natalism with this crowd. So many here just want to advocate for sticking their dicks in any hole that is wet and avoid pregnancy and child-raising. This is a very immature stance. Patriarchy by it’s nature requires men to become fathers and for them to then pass on their patrimony and the process repeat. This community, which advocates on its platforms natalism and ending government support for the female imperative that leads to female destruction needs to get logically consistent, because you cannot support that and support rampant banging of every woman out there, regardless of race, society, genetics and culture.

    1. Unfortunately the majority of white women have been irreversibly damaged in the west, and the degeneracy is rapidly spreading in the east. It just doesn’t look good for the white demographic. I’m half-white, so I have no dog in this race anyway, but I don’t know how you guys can realistically get out of this mess without a relatively large amount of interbreeding. And regardless of what some might say, sheer force of masculine will cannot take a woman who’s slept around with 10-20+ guys and turn her into a sweet, caring and feminine housewife.

      1. I found a good white woman. Virgin, religious, loyal. They exist. Your fatalism, as mentioned in the article, leads to solutions that seek the easiest course.
        Degeneracy exists in all races. Western culture encourages it. I agree that on a personal level, don’t marry a slut – regardless of race. But to say all will be fine via cultural obliteration through demographic erosion is merely a rationalization for a self-interested decision. Yeah, marry a good Latina if that is all you can get, but don’t lie that doing so contributes to European decline.
        Also, things can change very quickly. Changing the culture would change the women, as they are like water and they take the shape of the vessel they are poured into

        1. They may exist, but they are an ever-decreasing number. And I will not deny that degeneracy exists in all races, that is true. But it seems that white women have fallen for feminism more than any other race of women. As for cultural decline, Western Europe has sealed its own fate, and there’s really nothing anyone can do about it at this point. Eastern Europe may be moderately better than western Europe, but if they don’t get their shit together soon and start having more kids, they’re just going to become like the west. The US, I don’t know. It looks like people are starting to wake up, but even if nationalism wins all it may succeed in doing is buying us a little more time.

        2. This is defeatist. Study history and you will find “there is nothing new under the sun”. “White” people have experienced the same consequences, for the same sins, since the very first white people. That includes demographic catastrophes and civilization collapses. If Caucasians were going to be taken out by race mixing, it would have happened millennia ago. Whatever your personal beliefs, there is unarguably a genetic “pruning” process taking place over the history of the human race. When people return to God and embrace His Kingdom here on earth amazing things have always happened. Even one person, plus God, equals an automatic majority.

        3. Defeatist, yes. But accurate. It’s not race-mixing that’s the problem, that is just a straw man that white nationalists like to blow out of proportion, the problem is the sterilization of white women by feminism. What’s more, unlike biblical times we now have weapons which can obliterate the entire planet within a day. This is unlike anything that has ever been seen before. The elites are not going to go down without a fight, and if they do lose they very well might decide to just take everything with them.

        4. “..(western) white women have fallen for feminism more than any other race of women.”
          The most pampered women in the history of mankind. They also have the biggest media complex catering to their egos. It won’t last.
          There are non-western women who hope they don’t get raped or murdered by the end of year, but their plight doesn’t sell newspapers or perpetuate the leftist narrative in the west. Hence they are ignored. Unless it gives them an opportunity for cheap PR.

        5. I agree with you partially. Sterilization of white women via feminism and race-mixing are both problems. Race-mixing differs in that it produces offspring, who over many centuries of reproducing can become an entire “race” with ambitions/grievances of their own against other people. Mexicans are just one example. They are a mix of the White Spaniards of old and aboriginal Native Americans. The culture and nation they produce reflects this. Today, they want the benefits of a civilization/society they themselves cannot create or sustain, have invaded ours, and are out-breeding Caucasians in the land our forefathers left to us.
          On the other hand, past our northern border, is a nation of European descended people like us whom we get along with just fine. Even so, human beings tend to find plenty to fight over even when they’re racially homogeneous. Adding more race(s), including by race mixing, multiplies strife and conflict. Globalists know this all too well. I agree they aren’t going down without a fight and they have terrible weapons capable of greater destruction than ever known. Biblical times had their “worldwide” threats as well, though. It’s just that known civilization then, ancient history’s equivalent of what we call “Western Civilization” today, was much smaller. Arguably, easier to completely wipe out because of that and because of the lower population of “Westerners” back then. Didn’t need nukes to do it just huge armies.
          Many feel things will get worse before they get better. Whatever happens fallen man’s plans never succeed. Everything goes wrong just right and the globalist will, eventually, reap what they’ve sown.

        6. Remember that race-mixing produced the “white race,” and that wherever two populations share a border, they mix. Latin America is in many ways a unique example when it comes to racial mixing.

        7. The white race isn’t a mixed race. What races do you think mixed if you believe whites are mixed?
          It’s generally true that, to a lesser or greater extent, people sharing a border will mix. It all depends on the moral border and the physical border that separates the people.

        8. All races of humans except for sub-Saharan Africans have a certain percentage of Neanderthal DNA. Hence, race-mixing between Homo Sapiens and other human groups.

    2. Last time I was in Italy I saw Lega Nord graffitti. You might also try checking in with local movements. In Sardinia, there’s a great band named Infamous who frequently circulates information about local groups.
      Regarding WN, I think it’s important to stand for principles instead of ideologies. Not only are ideologies a liberal thing, but they’re misleading, and allow the inclusion of lower quality thought because you have to “support the scene!” to be a good guy. Screw that; do what is right and sensible. You do not need a label.
      When you think about it, in a time dominated by liberalism, the most common screwup will be not escaping liberalism in your thinking. Most white nationalists are way too liberal. They think that if we remove some of the Other and beat back the Jews, everything will be just fine — which leaves the real culprits of civilization decay, loss of culture and democracy, un-addressed.
      Even worse than no solution is a bad solution, and that includes partial solutions that obscure what really must be done.
      Our task is not crushingly complex, and fortunately the solutions are made blatantly obvious by history, but if it was as simple as what “white nationalism” advocates it would have happened long ago.

      1. “When you think about it, in a time dominated by liberalism, the most
        common screw-up will be not escaping liberalism in your thinking. Most white nationalists are way too liberal.”
        Agree. It’s well past time to except that Liberalism as an experiment from the Enlightenment failed…either as a workable idea or that it is now well past its expiration date. We need to review what worked in the past while looking at the future to see what needs to be done next. And we need to except that Liberalism failed.
        As to WN, I find it weird honestly. I understand Italian pride or regionalism pride (I’m Abruzzesi), but Italians are different than Germans, French, English, etc. I understand uniting for a common stand, European ethnics being the global minority, but after that, I don’t just want zero Africans in my country, I don’t want Spanish or Germans either….though they aren’t the worst if you do allow some in.

        1. I think that’s the essence of sane nationalism. It’s not that other groups are bad, but that they are Other, and this alone disqualifies them from being in your nation.
          Liberalism is so old, and so failed, and yet they repackage it anew for the credulous quite cleverly, every time. And then the mob cheers… just as surely it did for the deaths of Socrates and Jesus.

  16. A society of people who cannot exert internal discipline will, by necessity, require external discipline.
    We’ll be lucky if all we get in the West is just a collapse. Violence is far more likely, because it’s easier than repenting.

  17. The key in declining times is to insert yourself in the main veins of the economy so that when things start to head south your still viable as you provide an essential service.
    My means is to collect rent. Besides eating shelter the next most important thing. No matter what people must have a place to live. I’m always trying to up my door count.
    even if my local economy collpases I’ll still be economically viable..
    Those that rely on the state to feed them hand to mouth, the elderly, sick, etc collecting some sort of government benefits especially, minorites on welfare, will be the most expendable.
    If the state becomes a dictatorship because economy collapse (or vie versa) those that are of no use to that state will be in great peril as they consume resources and their votes are no longer needed.
    History provides many exmaples.
    Practical skills are and will always help in declining times. Trades, mechanics, welders, military, fire arms farming skills etc that will always be needed in any society no matter where it’s at economically.
    The Manosphere is good psycholical and physical preparation for these times when govenrment services will be withdrawn and brute force may rule..

  18. The deluge of (easily recognized) lies; lazy ignorance; lack of honor; and blank-faced non-comprehension when presented with inconsistencies, improvements, and child-level reasoning flaws are maddening.
    I’m mainling red pill and spot b.s. immediately, often Before it occurs.
    A kind of kid-on-Christmas-Eve, ‘super-power’ shit-testing, and man amongst children vibe keeps me afloat during my gradual prepping toward readiness but: despair, anger, pity, apathy, disdain, sweaty-fist-making-anxiety, etc. are common daily occurrences.
    Ignorance IS bliss. I’m 100% intolerant of idiocy (subtly) and am increasingly ‘an army of one’. Don’t like it. But it is what it is.

  19. I have mixed feelings about this article. It has a few good insights, but also seems to completely lack any understanding of the Elite’s mindset and how they intend to run a contemporary society. I know some have tired of my re-posting of old comments, but again, I have found it necessary, due to this articles naivety regarding the true motivations of what I call the “Owners of Capital” (note, many simply call these people the “Elite”, but lets face facts, they think they OWN us, like indentured servants, so, I refer to them as the “Owners of Capital” in my below posts)
    Keeping up with the basics in terms of education and on-the-job work skills won’t be enough for jobs requiring future-tech, contemporary labor market, skill-sets. The poor and even the middle class (not the upper middle class) will simply NOT be able to keep up with the skill demands for future employment, which will include REQUIRED PAY-TO-PLAY, CERTIFICATIONS, STATE LICENSING, etc., while they also somehow try to earn wages AND keeping a roof over their heads all at the same time. In the VERY NEAR future, these very high costs skills that will be needed to stay “relevant” in ALL labor markets, will only be affordable to the rich, or, possibly, to a VERY far forward thinking middle class families, willing to sacrifice everything financially, while pooling resources to keep their offspring competitive in the larger job market.
    I will begin with the usual assertion I hear in regards to the impact of these, soon to be real, “future-tech jobs”, which contrary to the beliefs of some, includes the trades and the accompanying “proprietary tech” that will not be repairable, only “replaceable by a certified/licensed tech”.
    “Someone has to get paid to fix the robots!”
    I often hear this above noted rebuttal to mass automation and current labor cutting measures, in the modern workplace, BUT it misses a subtle point that ONLY the children of the wealthy will have the opportunity to become TRUE experts in such fields. Let me clarify, through the prior 20th century, a poor kid who studied hard could become a lawyer, accountant, even a doctor sometimes, with the right combination of hard work, savings, scholarships, family support, etc. or simply started a career by going directly into the trades, learning on the job, with pay. HOWEVER, in current engineering and technician curriculum’s today, times have changed, to favor kids whom have had access to expensive software and hardware to “experiment” with and “practice” on before entering college or into their chosen training program. So, when these kids finally get to college or to their apprenticeship, those whom have had lots of “free time” to “play” with robotics and programming, outside of class, WILL CERTAINLY outpace their less privileged peer who flips burgers part-time, to pay rent and school expenses. In the recent past, being self-employed or owning a low-skill small business could partially solve this problem. Those days are LONG GONE because of greatly improved market efficiency (in fact, Roosh wrote an article on this very topic).
    Before 1990, 40% of teenagers had part-time jobs while in school. This is a relevant statistic because today only 20% of teenagers in school have part-time jobs. Teens at one time made up a sizable portion of the workforce and such changes in employment practices have shifted away from this, meaning, poor kids do not have any opportunity to build jobs skills of any kind, both before, during and even after college.
    Although not my primary point, I do think there is plenty of evidence that teens today do not have the opportunity to get part-time jobs, BUT the wealthy kids are beginning to develop advanced skill-sets that COULD be MORE helpful in their future adult careers, than say, “working at a taco stand after school”. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are very good, EARLY, examples of people who made excellent use of their free time and access to money, without the need to labor for part-time pay. During that free time they developed specialized skills that could not have been learned at a MINDLESS part-time job or even in formal schooling. In the end, they leveraged that free time learning and tech access, due ENTIRELY to having wealthy parents, into long term careers.
    Here is a modern example of a company with a big contract to fill and absolutely no “will” to increase wages to attract experienced personnel, nor the desire to train inexperienced ones on the job, while paid. Instead they put out a story on the web bellyaching, silently hoping for access to more migrant workers:
    In the link below this paragraph I have posted an example of what I believe to be a young person, from a well off family, who majored in robotics at USC. She doesn’t appear to have had any unrelated part-time jobs, in relation to her major, while in college. She also seem to have had access to “experiment and PLAY” with technology in her spare time, earning a masters degree back-to-back to the bachelors AND at the end of college, got a job offer at a University sponsored dinner party for robotics majors (NOBODY I went to college with, EVER, got a job offer at a university sponsored dinner party). In contrast, I’m sure many Ivy league and top 10 school graduates do get job offers at university sponsored dinner parties. My point being, these future “robot repair jobs” are going to require smart kids, with desire to advance, whom also went to good schools, had lots of spare time and money to play with the tech outside of school AND got their jobs offered at dinner parties (some of which will be non-paying internships at first, further selecting for children of the wealthy).
    These 21st century job offers will not be gained through sending out blind jobs applications through Linkedin or company job boards, as has been done up until now. Basically what this girl is doing for Disney will, in the near future, be more like what a plumber or electrician does today, EXCEPT you won’t get trained on the job, in a low-pay apprenticeship, when at “entry level”. In fact, to even be considered for these “future-tech jobs” in the first place you’ll need to have good academic pedigree, lots of unpaid hobby experience and 1+ years of unpaid internships. Can kids outside of the upper middle class do the same thing as this young woman? I think not!
    Here is her story, readers can decide for themselves, my opinion is that this is what a career for a plumber is going to look like in 15+ years:
    Those whom are going to be rendered jobless by automation/robotics/tech are going to be the least likely to be able to pick up these pieces, in the coming era of traditional jobs destruction. Its going to IMPOSSIBLE for the poor to go back to school, get a masters degree in robotics, in full-time only engineering programs. Contrary to what laymen believe, these programs strongly discourage their admitted students from taking part-time jobs, while favoring students who have both the money and free time, whom have NEVER work at an unrelated job to their majors and also buy expensive robotics hardware/software to experiment with outside of class.
    Mark my words the future labor market in the pursuit of “maintaining robots” or some other tech is going to be the sole domain of rich kids, with advanced degrees from good schools because NO ONE is going to train anyone else perceived as lesser, in that kind of job, WITH PAY.
    To continue my above point, I believe “rich kid” job mobility is going to be a bigger problem for regular folks, living in the West, beyond what the previous “rich kid” pedigree typically brought in the 20th century. This unfettered access to endless money and time to “explore” academics and hands-on work with no consequences, is going to END job mobility of any kind for the lower and middle classes, even for those whom have met the typical required higher education and work experience standards. Its a superstar only job market now, with no room for middle of road folks.
    The economic system in the USA is set up as a “Rent Seeking” platform for those that control the majority of its wealth, PERIOD. To believe any differently is nothing more than mental gymnastics, used to justify why we are strongly coerced to live the way we do.
    The “Owners of Capital” want wage slaves DEAD before turning 60. Best case scenario for them, is for someone to work 60+ hour work weeks from ages 16-60, put all of their money into a 401K, cars & home mortgage, neglecting to go to the doctor for decades and then suddenly drop dead of a heart attack; all before they can drain their 401K’s and start using earned social security & medicare benefits (note, some ROK posters, in the past, have said that the “Owners of Capital” want to extract ongoing fees from “lingering, uncured, illnesses in the elderly”, however, that only applies to the top 10%-20% of all earners. The rest, that are below such a level of income, the “Elite” want dying on the job because those below that income level do not have enough retirement savings to pay for such care. Which is why I use the term “wage slaves”.
    Due to the way our current economic system works, we CLEARLY have too many people being born and not enough desire on the behalf of the “owners of capital” to employ them for the sake of having a stable and safe civilization. In the United States, for example, its clear that the “owners of capital” have chosen NOT to employ people on a large scale, preferring “tent cities” and “jailing the homeless”, INSTEAD of providing more “make-work employment” arrangements.
    Up to the 1940 a person could get just about any job with an 8th grade education, but today you need a BA or Masters for entry level. Why?
    Because the government & big business figured out a long time ago that populations would certainly increase over time, but due to technology advancements, the availability of jobs would not expand to meet that population growth. There is a DEFINITE reason they don’t want people dropping out of high school and then at the same time, encourage those same high school graduates to attend junior college, then a 4 year university and finally a Masters degree or PhD. Government strong-arms this concept because it DECREASES the amount of people looking for full-time employment at the SAME TIME, chasing after jobs in a market that CANNOT provide employment for everyone whom is looking, able to perform, qualified for and willing to work.
    Look at it this way, when people could get a job with an 8th grade education, they went out and did it as soon as possible (opportunity cost). Then jobs got scarcer and the minimum requirement became a high school diploma, adding 4 more years of people NOT Looking for jobs within their cohort. Then jobs got even scarcer and the minimum became a 2 or 4 year college degree, adding an additional 2-4 years of people NOT looking for jobs within their cohort. Now jobs are really scarce and may require a Masters or PHD, adding an additional 2-7 years of people NOT looking for jobs within their cohort. Basically due to the way the economy has been structured TODAY, we are looking at young people within their cohort whom are NOT looking for full-time, career type, employment for 4-15 YEARS, beyond K-12, all while they finish more school!
    This has been done ON PURPOSE, to keep the number people seeking employment lower. In 1920 after 8th grade everyone who was able, went out to look for work and typically found it. That’s simply NOT possible today under any circumstances. Easily accessed welfare will soon add another 1-3 years of people within a cohort, to those “not seeking employment”. Note this will NOT be to the specific detriment of society, but as a means to continue to mask the illusion that jobs and upward mobility are still available. So, if someone gets a graduate degree and collects 1-3 years of welfare on top of than, that’s ONE less person competing for scarce jobs. The extra years of welfare are then acting in the same way to the larger economy, as the previously increased minimum education levels for employment. The real goal is decreasing the number of able-bodied applicants out on the job market at the same time, but also not decreasing the supply of “potential workers” who’s mere existence drive wages down for EVERYBODY. Keep in mind this cohort of people “not pursuing full-time employment” also includes those in Prison, Government pensioners/SSI and the disabled on government assistance. The reality is if everyone needed to go out and “get a job” or “start their own business” TODAY, as many “capitalists” and “entrepreneurs” suggest these days, we would ALL be making 0.25 cents a day. THIS RACE TO THE BOTTOM EFFECTS THE SELF EMPLOYED WAGES AS WELL.
    The “owners of capital” have already decided, FOR US REGULAR PEOPLE, that there are going to be LESS jobs available in the NEAR future, due to increased automation and modern corporate labor, cost-cutting, strategies. These measures eventually will affect and include ALL contract work, ALL self-employment opportunities and ALL small businesses, NOT JUST payroll laborers. Its easier to “pay less” or “nothing at all” to contracted or indentured “labor” when there is another willing laborer/slave, waiting in the wings, to do the work for less or nothing at all. In the past when there wasn’t enough money to go around to pay both wages & PROFITS, the “owners of capital” simply brought in more indentured servant immigrants (Irish, Italians, Chinese, etc) or flat out used slave labor (Blacks, Native Americans, domestic prisoners, POW’s, etc). The only difference between now and then is the “owners of capital” can’t LEGALLY have slaves or indentured servants. The mechanisms today that replaces slaves and indentured servants are the following: longer than needed formal education for basic employment, off-shoring of labor, forced retirement, prisoners and welfare
    The largest “recorded” wage increase to happen in history, for non-land owing, wage-laborers, post the introduction of fiat currency, was after the black death pandemic, in the 14th century, especially in post-pandemic England
    But, how was that possible?
    Because “the owners of capital”, post the black-death-pandemic, still needed wage-laborers, but there was a HUGE shortage of able bodied people. So, in order for ANY work to get done, they had to pay the peasants and other undesirables, more money, SIGNIFICANTLY MORE. This principle is still at work today, when you take the time to recognize that sizable portions of the population are actively discouraged from participating in the full-time labor market. This is easily done, by throwing people in prison, forcing them to attend formal school longer and allowing more people to claim themselves as disabled or collect long/short term welfare
    After the Black Death ran its course, in the 14th century, a Peasants Revolt was triggered by the “Statute of Labourers 1351”. By 1381, the sustained wage growth for non-land owing, wage-laborers was rising so quickly that the English parliament, a few decades post the Black-Death, under King Edward III, introduced the “Statute of Labourers 1351”. This statute was used by the “Owners of Capital”, as an artificial means to drive down the wages of non-land owning peasants. Despite market conditions signalling the need for increased wages The Statute of Laborers; 1351 (“Statutes of the Realm,” vol. i. p. 307.)
    Think about that for a minute, the MARKET signaled that wages should have been higher, due to actual labor shortages caused by the Black Death, but the “owners of capital” still didn’t want to pay it, so they wrote a law saying why they didn’t have to conform to demands of the market. That’s where we are today, a form of Neo-feudalism, driven by Fascist ideology and practices. Remember the USA a former “slave owning nation”, that fought “tooth & nail” to maintain the legal right to own slaves; even turning indentured servants, whom by contract, were set to be released in 7 years, into indefinite slaves through legal loopholes.

      1. @James, Here is the article link:
        Nerds Will Rule The World posted April 11, 2014
        Also, here is an important excerpt from that article, that mirrors my interpretation of the current market conditions:
        “The story of Sam Zemurray, titan of United Fruit, is an illustrative example. An uneducated immigrant, he got his start by noticing unwanted bananas on the New Orleans shipping docks. He bought them at a discount and began hustling them to nearby cities via train. A few decades later he was the most powerful banana man in the world. If he was born today, would he be able to duplicate his success? I think not. Businesses based on shipping and physical commodities have been optimized and consolidated. A young man walking through the docks today is more likely to be threatened with arrest by aggressive security guards than to get his inspiration for a successful business.
        In daily walks through your city, are inefficiencies in commerce obvious to you? Are their consumers wanting a product but unable to buy? This is sometimes the case in developing countries where there is ample room to start a restaurant or import/export business, but even then you’d have to search hard to find any gaps. In America, nothing short of massive investment is needed to start such a traditional business. Even opening a basic coffee shop in America will cost over $50,000, and for your troubles you get to face severe competition from giant multinational corporations”

    1. This type of socialist thought is part of the decline. If you think inequality is the problem, you might want to track back a few steps from there. Leftism is mentally easy but not realistic.

      1. @Brett Stevens, its not clear what you are trying to refute, nor what idea you are trying to convey. Are you saying that you support modern laws similar to the “The Statute of Laborers; 1351” (“Statutes of the Realm,” vol. i. p. 307.)?
        What do you expect to happen when the USA eventually has 50% unemployment, due to automation and optimum labor efficiency, heck even 20% in the earliest stages? Do you think your home will still be worth anything? Do you think you will still have a workable retirement solution? Do you think your means to earn a living will still exist, self employed or not? AND, even if you do find some way to stay afloat financially, do you think those who have nothing will just let you be at peace OR will they try to physically take what you have? Like it or not, make-work jobs are a means to keep YOUR personal property safe from an exponentially growing horde of desperate, unemployable people.
        Machines could put more than half the world’s population out of a job in the next 30 years:
        Exponential Unemployment:
        Taking into account EVERYTHING I HAVE SAID, it should be BLATANTLY obvious why the government wants to limit gun ownership among regular people and why they have militarized local police forces.
        However, I am aware that there will be consequences when a BIG chunk of the population can no longer earn wages to buy food or shelter. You are not Rambo, you are not the leader of a militia, nor are you some kind of master survivalist.
        A Regular Joe, LIKE YOU, will NOT survive, IF, the lower classes are driven to desperation, caused by a long term, HIGH, unemployment rate of low skilled laborers.
        Re-read my post and THINK about what I said. I merely pointed out that a decreased population has historically proven, that wages will increase and those whom need to purchase labor will have to pay those higher wages, due to market conditions favoring laborers.

  20. Everything that’s wrong with modern governments. Bastiat boils it down to less than 100 pages:
    – Bastiat Frederic “The Law” (1848):
    – Jewish involvement in the promotion of ‘hate speech’ laws, multiculturalism, mass immigration, denationalization, subversion of traditional values, and related items.
    – Practical Idealism. The Racist and Supremacist Roots of the Ideology behind the European Union

      A Guidebook to Dealing with America’s White Problem
      Everyone recognizes America still has a white privilege problem to
      this day, but few in the younger generations understand just how hard
      those brave individuals who came before fought against racism in
      America. Brave people like Mark Rudd, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrne, and
      Kathy Boudin fought to do what needed to be done to bring down racist
      white supremacist America. Today’s young people don’t appreciate the
      measures needed to bring about real change against racist America.
      Mr.Rudd really lays it out, “the world consisted of two kinds of people:
      Us and Them, the Jews and the goyim.” In many ways the American Left
      has become too docile and soft, which has allowed the rise of vile
      fascist Donald Trump to within striking distance of a run at the
      presidency. As Mr. Rudd says, ““White people are pigs. This whole
      society has to be brought down. We have got to defeat white-skin
      privilege At that point we had determined that there were no innocent
      Americans, at least no white ones.” I appreciate this level of honesty
      from someone that was there on the inside. Someone that has gazed into
      the face of evil white America and chose to fight rather than back down.
      I think the brave Social Justice Warriors of the past have much to teach
      the young people of today. In those days battles were waged in the
      streets, with guns and bombs, rather than on campus with signs and
      trigger warnings. Ultimately the great work of these legendary heroes
      go unfinished. Ultimately we must all unite to carry out the final
      solution to America’s White Problem, as Mr. Rudd himself states,
      ‘…killing white babies is inherently revolutionary, since all white
      people are the enemy.”

      Why have so many of Barack Hussein Obama’s White house appointees
      admired Mao Tse Tung (Mao Zedong)? From Whitehouse Communications
      Director Anita Dunn, Manufactoring Czar Ron Bloom, and Ex-Green Jobs
      Czar Van Jones?
      Maybe it’s because Barack Obama’s admires Maoist loving murderous marxist Communists like old friends and early mentors Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, who were part of the Weatherman terrorist group.

    1. Woman with the receding hairline said Mao and Lenin were capitalists???? “She did her research”.

      1. I hate to break it to you, but I think the “lenin was a capitalist…i’ve done my research” woman with a receding hairline was actually ….. not a woman.

        1. I have no problem believing this. I remember when I first realized how much soy was in “protein bars” and just what soy does to the human body.
          That was some years ago and I have gone as far as possible out of my way to avoid soy products.
          It might as well be an estrogen precursor.

      2. I so wanted to repeatedly punch in the face the pale creature with black hair and glasses. Especially when it insults the old man. And then a headbut to one of his low I.Q goons with unintelligent eyes, whose language I don’t understand.

      1. US national elections are always a revealing time for me. I am introduced how intellectually and morally bankrupt some people are and also how obtuse many present and former associates are regarding economics and history.
        With todays shifting political definitions, everyone will be Adolf Hitler for 15 minutes in their life time. Cripes.

      1. The blm supporters are spouting some kind of racialo-marxist rhetoric if I understand them well.

    2. Alex Jones does some good work. I do not listen to him much any more. But more than any other pop culture icon, it was probably him that moved me from left to right wing.

  21. Fuck it.
    I have seen so many blue haired, gender fluide fairies, who constantly bitch about everything. Society is racist, sexist and we are all terrrible evil because we cannot accept those fabulous polyamorous unicorns.
    Western society is becoming a giant kindergarden. I am 20 years old and I am embarrassed how many adult people acting like toddlers. No other society would tolerate this people.
    Millions of people would cut their arms off to have their live and they keep acting like victims because we don´t celebrate their mental illness.
    Some people just don´t see how lucky they are.
    Let´s see what they do if reality kicks in.

    1. Goes to show that maturity is malleable to a certain extent with younger people being more mature for their age and vice versa. And does not magically show up when a person turns 18.
      ”Let´s see what they do if reality kicks in.”
      Either as bodies floating facedown through the river or as skeletons after they have long starved to death.

  22. “Every era has its golden age; that is because for most of a civilization’s life cycle, its best days are behind it. It reaches a peak early on and coasts, like a successful business, for most of its lifespan. At the end, it pays the cost for having coasted—ignoring the need to rigorously maintain itself—when it declines”
    Excellent point. Societies rise and fall; this is the normal cycle of things. What is happening today is nothing new, it is simply the time and place where we exist is unfortunate.

  23. “In the countries of Arab tradition, a folktale says that, in the most ancient times, men were only distinguished from each other by knowledge and spiritual realization. Later, they judged each other by birth and ancestry. Later again, wealth became a mark of social superiority. Then, in the last times, men are merely judged by external appearances. One easily understands that this tale describes the successive predominance, in descending order, of the points of view which specifically belong to each of the four [Hindu] casts, or of the natural hierarchy to which they correspond. Mere custom and fashion are but external appearances, behind which there is nothing; conform to them so as to take into account an opinion that only respects such appearances—that is properly the way of a Sudra.”
    René Guénon, /Initiation et réalisation spirituelle/, chap.4.

  24. Excellent article! well written and very encompassing.
    I have been an advocate for men to begin learning skills that may not seem vogue now, but will offer them a strong sense of independence and integrity.
    Awhile ago I read the book World War Z. There was a chapter that was discussing what the human survivors were doing to begin reclaiming their country from the zombies. It describes lawyers, marketers and hedge fund managers being asked to pick food in the fields because they had no real world skills in a post collapse world. Whereas the engineers, plumbers, carpenters, nurses and fabricators were highly sought after and were given preference in the rebuilding of the world. Thus began the re-education in my life from corporate bitch, to learning several real world skills, of which one I am employed and practicing currently. All thanks to a sci-fi book.
    I have mentioned this before in other posts but it bears repeating:
    In the short term young men should focus on the trades, spending as little possible on college tuition; Plumbing, Wielding, Carpentry, Masonry, Fabrication, Electrician, Mechanic…etc etc
    In the long term and for a strong sense of independence I suggest the more, post collapse arts; Lock Picking, Tactical Training including SUT, Surveillance/Counter surveillance, Gun Smithing, Tool Craft, Weapon Craft, Emergency Medicine, Melee Combat. Horseback riding, Small game hunting, Orienteering, Tactical Driving, any form of survival / outdoors training. etc etc
    As the article mentions, only those who face the real truth will have a chance of survival in post collapse America.

    1. “As the article mentions, only those who face the real truth will have a chance of survival in post collapse America”
      Yup. A reality slap followed by a reset is due.

    2. Love World War Z. Modern society embraces specializations and encourages people to become the best they possibly can be in their niche. I would rather be a jack-of-all-trades as it is much more secure in the long run. Sure, I might not reach the top of my field, but I have more options available to me in case my field has a bubble burst. On top of my computer skills, I have writing, basic agricultural skills, martial arts, survival/outdoor knowledge and many more. Every man should branch out and learn something new, even if it’s just a rudimentary knowledge.

      1. Indeed, as you grow older you begin to realize that putting all your eggs in one basket career-wise is fatal. Having several employable, marketable skills is necessary for survival going forward. You can be working for someone else with one skill, while making supplemental income with another.
        I know I’ll catch flak for saying this…but if you younger guys just put away the video games and elected to learn new skills, you’ll find a sensation of control in your life and its direction. Video games are a distraction, we can’t afford that anymore in our current culture. Time spent gaming is time wasted in the new era.

        1. Agreed. I use to have a bad gaming problem…still play some apps on my phone when life slows down a bit, but I’m not dedicating hours to MMORPG’s or the like. Would much rather prefer training in martial arts or conversing with others. The only game I currently get excited about is Magic:The Gathering. Yes, I’m letting my nerd side show a bit, but it gives me a chance to hang out with some friends, have some laughs, and play a game of strategy and wits.

        2. As a wise man (long dead) once told me, learn a trade and go to night school for the degree. When the economy slumps and you are no longer employed for the white collar world (college degree) you can still feed yourself what you learned in the trades.
          I would also recommend to young ment to suck it up and do a hitch in the marines or the army. When you are done with your enlisthment most of your tuition is paid for.

      2. A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly.
        Specialization is for insects.
        -Robert A. Heinlein

        1. He was one hell of a writer. Even the things he wrote that I had issue with, he presented thoughtfully.

        2. They didn’t get the attention they felt they deserved. Ignoring them works wonders. The ones yesterday stuck around for a bit but, without validation, even negative validation, they sputter to a halt and don’t know what to do. Boring people, truly.

        3. I cast a spell on him with white magic so that his dreams will be nightmares and keep him awake forever more. I felt it was the least I could do.

        4. I would never leave you Jeffy! I’m here and I’m queer, just like you, and I’m never going away! You still haven’t confirmed if you’re a bottom or a top? xx
          Love you babes xxx

        5. The least you could do is get back to me big boy, don’t leave me hanging 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

        6. I’d like to change your diaper I’d that’s what you’re into Jeffy. Want to play adult babies? 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

        7. Did you get to read all the hell-fire and brimstone on Roosh during the firestorm? A lot of the same trolling stuff.

        8. 🌹🍃😝🌿🌾🌻🌞🌳🌺😛🍄🍂💐🌴🌼😜🌞🌞🌻🌲🌿🌝🌴🌹🍂🍄🌵🌺😍🌳🌾🌻🌲😝🍃🌹🌹😝🌲🌾🌻🌳😍🌼🌴💐🌵🌱😍🌳🍁🌜🌝🍃💐🌝🌜🌾🌞😍🌱🍄🌝😝🌞🌻😍🌺🌝💐💐🍂🍄😛🌞

        9. Still going strong toots x

        10. 🌴🍁🌿😜🌼😛🌵🌞🍃🍄🌝🌱😘🍂🌜🌻💐😍🌺🌵🌞🍄😝🌱🌱🌴🍁🌿😜🌹🌼😛🌵🌺🍃🍄🌝🌱😘🍂🍂🌜🌻🌳💐😍🌺🌵🌞🍃🌝🌱😘🌴🌴🍁🌿🌲🌹🌼🌵🌵🍃😝🌝🌱🌾🌾🌻💐😍🌺🌺🌞😝😘😘🌴🍁🌿🌲😜🌼😛🌵🌞😝🌿😘😘🌾🌜🌳💐🌺🌺🌵🍃🌱🌴🌲😜🌹😛😛🌞🍄🌱🍂🌾🌻😍🌺🌵🌵🌼😝🌴🌴🌱🌲🌹🌵😍🌳🌝🌱

  25. The near future will look like a combination of Soylent Green and Fahrenheit 451. Not the eating people part, but a society ruled by a small clique of ultra-elites and masses of unemployed. The remaining few with jobs will be too scared to challenge the elites because there is a literal horde waiting to replace them. Fahrenheit 451 is basically here albeit in soft form: large screens everywhere, inescapable media messaging, the encouragement of Ignorance and punishment of thought crimes. The rise of ebooks and cloud computing will be the final nail in the coffin of free thought. Control all access to knowledge and you control everything.
    I hope I am wrong.

  26. Rome wasn’t founded by Greeks. Europe wasn’t the creation of horsemen fleeing from the East. Civilizational collapse has never been reversed. You’re not going to eliminate the Idiocracy and found whatever comes next. You are going to die, and you will be a mere historical footnote to your great-great grandchildren, if they think of you at all. Proceed accordingly.

  27. Awesome read. One of the best I’ve come across on here in a long time.
    “The grim fact is that not only is the USA in “late empire” stages of collapse, but all of Western civilization is heading down the toilet.”
    “And He was also saying to the crowds, “When you see a cloud rising in the west, immediately you say, ‘A shower is coming,’ and so it turns out. And when you see a south wind blowing, you say, ‘It will be a hot day,’ and it turns out that way. You hypocrites! You know how to analyze the appearance of the earth and the sky, but why do you not analyze this present time?” (Luke 12:54-56 NASB)
    The autumn is definitely here. Spring does not come until winter has passed.
    “This psychology—a view of the world based in the distribution of wealth by convenience, not to those who merit it—is the cause of our decline. . .Because civilization has become its own determiner of what is true, or what is good or bad,”
    That’s a huge part of the cause of decline. Isaiah is more accurate, and the reason for civilization declining is always the same:
    “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes And clever in their own sight! Woe to those who are heroes in drinking wine And valiant men in mixing strong drink, Who justify the wicked for a bribe, And take away the rights of the ones who are in the right!”
    “Therefore, as a tongue of fire consumes stubble And dry grass collapses into the flame, So their root will become like rot and their blossom blow away as dust;
    For they have rejected the law of the Lord of hosts And despised the word of the Holy One of Israel.” (Isaiah 5:20-24 NASB)
    Rejecting Holy Law is the same as rejecting the law of gravity: there will always be a splat at the end.
    “You might think of it as humanity returning to the state of the ape-like ancestors from which we evolved.”
    “But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh. . . for we know that the Law is spiritual. . . (Gal 5/Rom 7)
    Evolution is pure fiction:

    “It is convenient to blame our leaders, the media, the rich, the Jews™, etc. for our problems. A more realistic view sees the origin of the problem in the behavior of normal people.”
    Everyone is responsible for their own deeds. However, when you have people, organizations, and institutions based entirely on willfully and knowingly misleading people, they are much more accountable:
    “And whoever receives one such child in My name receives Me; but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.” (Matt 18:5-6 NASB)
    “Others will use you for what you can do for them.”
    “But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power; Avoid such men as these. For among them are those who enter into households and captivate weak women weighed down with sins, led on by various impulses, always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” (2 Tim 3:1-7 NASB)
    “You must escape first in your mind. You achieve this “exit” by becoming sane, and the only way you can do this is by paying attention to reality in place of the lies.”
    “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.” (Romans 12:2)
    Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.” (John 14:6)
    “Your goal is to weather the storm and prepare to rebuild civilization.”
    “Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them, may be compared to a wise man who built his house on the rock. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and slammed against that house; and yet it did not fall, for it had been founded on the rock. Everyone who hears these words of Mine and does not act on them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. The rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and slammed against that house; and it fell—and great was its fall.” (Matt 7:24-27)

    1. In the Bible, we find human nature described very clearly, to our shame. To my mind it has always been an important goal to overcome our monkey state. Whether or not evolution is strictly true — a complex calculus — or whether it is a method used by the Divine, we can see the mathematical effects of evolution-like processes in daily life. If you ever grow tobacco or another crop by re-seeding each year, start taking your seed from the best plants and watch what happens after five years even.

  28. “Your enemy in this time is fatalism, or the belief that nothing you do
    can have any positive results. Fatalism is the counterpart in the
    individual to decline in a civilization; it means giving up on reality
    and having standards higher than “it’s all good man.” Last men
    specialize in disguising fatalism as virtue.”
    Early Christians called this acedia or dejection. It was one of the eight evil thoughts which eventually became the seven deadly sins.

      1. Not sure what particular concepts parallel Hinduism here. But I am confident that basically every religion is a subset of Hinduism. All bases covered. Father/Son/Holy Ghost, Brahma/Vishnu/Shiva. More or less the same.

  29. Great article. The sad thing is that the NWO or whatever you want to call it are quickening our collapse. The have the framework for their dystopia in place ready to turn on once the current way of life dies out.

  30. Good article, but I would say that we’ve been in the decline for a long time. Nihilism, existentialism and the hippy movement were all different expressions of the same great rejection of society. However they all failed and only ended up producing the perennial and flawed self indulgent “anti-hero” personality (like James Dean).
    What can arrest this? Perhaps the answer lies in having a superabundant belief and confidence in the powers and excellence of our humanity once more, rejecting the left wing/State sponsored femininity that sees us as victims who are simply to be treated like docile, emasculated sheep during our earthly lives. It’s about reverting to the old masculine values of exploration, risk and the disinterested pursuit of excellence.

  31. History doesn’t repeat, however it does tend to rhyme. We’ve never had the convergence of technology, engineering, and science before that we have now. We need to prepare not so much for a collapse as a a convergence.
    Within ten years, we could be able to render most current jobs nearly obsolete. This is going to mean a lot of unemployed people, for whom there will never be jobs again. When we reach that point as a society we need to be prepared to accept a socialism that is not built so much on the backs of men, but on the backs of machines. The real problem I see is this, many of the jobs that machines will be able to eliminate are jobs that are mostly men are involved in. It’s going to be an interesting societal trend when, at least for one generation, women will be far more employed than men.
    Don’t give me a collapse, I want the universe.

    1. “..many of the jobs that machines will be able to eliminate are jobs that are mostly men are involved in.”
      So having a large swaith of the worlds population, and prone to violence, unemployed and unable to purchase products is the future? Call me a cynic, but that world won’t last long.

      1. What will happen is that the race will between engineers and socialist will be won. I just hope the engineers get to the finish line just ahead of the socialists. It may mean they will be freed to do truly great things, but I do not deny that our society will necessarily have to be greatly changed.

    2. I think like you do. Even if there is a “collapse”, a decent centralized government could still provide food, shelter and leisure for everyone. The chances of revolution are every time smaller and smaller.

      1. But with population change over time, the U.S. could have a “mexican” government, become entirely corrupt and incompetent, and not be able to take care of anyone except a small cadre of government thugs. Europe will have the same thing, only a Muslim version.

        1. Mexicans and the average Middle Eastern or South American are very similar in ethnic composition and average IQ. It is why Arab nations struggle against Israel, which has a much higher average IQ. Applied eugenics could even this out for them, or a caste system if they want the gentler version.

    3. Or did humanity once have the same convergence and we just don’t have much of a record of those civilizations?
      I remind people that we don’t know history beyond about 6000 years ago and on top of that the record is pretty barren until about 3000 years ago. But, we have artifacts of what were probably great civilizations. Who we think built some of these monuments like to pyramids (found throughout the world) is largely just speculation and not baed on any written records.
      Were references to gods, giants, mythical beasts, etc. which are largely thought to be myth and legend really hint at the existence of an advanced race that existed in antediluvian times? The answer is we don’t know, but it is certainly possible. And if they did exist however their collapse came it pretty much deleted them from the historical record entirely. I wonder if that will be our destiny…

  32. It may be an unpopular opinion but I believe Western civilization can still be saved. We can’t give up just yet. Come on men let’s fight and try to save this thing.

  33. thank you ROK. thank you Brett Stevens. thank you everyone here. thank you for caring, and thank you for contributing something worthwhile to the collective consciousness.

  34. I really do have to give it to the banksters and technocrats on this one. I figured the collapse was coming 2008-2009. That there was no way out and we had finally sold the farm after raping the economy for generations of using (and abusing) fiat currency. Man was I wrong. The Elites have done a decent job keeping the international economy stumbling along on fumes.
    I am starting to believe the school of thought that thinks this “end” is going to be a long slow burn lasting maybe another generation. I just hope it comes while I still have some youth and vigor left in me.

    1. I thought 08-09 would be the end too. So did a lot of bloggers whose writing I used to respect, but they couldnt have figured the powers that would rewrite the rules of the game literally overnight (Goldman became a bank holding co overnight, shoulda disappeared, AmEx, GM, and other non banks getting bailouts, and it was illegal to do so before).

      1. Yep, right there with you goys.
        Most didn’t think they would actually print money for the elites at zero interest – ZIRP,etc.
        I have come to think the system is maintained by the cowardice of the average working man, who still shows up to feed the system no matter how bad things get, apparently.

  35. Unbelievable writing. Spot on in all aspects. I especially liked the “most people are parasites.”
    Everyone I’ve ever been close to has been about themselves, and fuck everyone else. When I lost my job, my family ditched me and I was homeless. Unconditional love my ass. You are your wallet in this world, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Now that I have some career success, they come crawling back. If my career really takes off, I assume they’ll be hitting me up every day. My best friends from HS and college all live close to me, but they can’t spend five seconds to send me a text. Only one has visited my new apartment, and, disappointed that it wasn’t nicer, hasn’t called me since. No one looks out for each other in a civilization decline, especially if said civilization worships at the unholy altar of individualism. Every one of my recent hookups has treated me like a used tampon at some point, bleeding their sexual fluids and emotions on me until I am no longer of use. I’m just another cock in her massive orbit, albeit one who managed to enter her.
    So despite being extremely social and non-combative, and presumptively doing close to everything right socially speaking, I have no family to speak of, my friends are mindless glorified acquaintances, and my females are disposable degenerates. This is what the social atmosphere looks like in a declining individualist nation.
    As you can tell, I’ve become extremely cynical regarding the state of human relationships in certain environments.

  36. I take it you agree with the US constitution as you say it has a good set of moral principles for the ‘civilizations’ of the future. Then why do you disagree with equality?
    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…”

    1. All men are created equal, but it’s through our choices and actions over our lives and what we make of ourselves that puts some men above others.

    2. They are talking about equality of soul. Not biological equality.
      The original American Republic was an aristocracy. Not a democracy.

  37. Anyone find it the least bit ironic that a homosexual, Glen Greenwald, is calling-out the collapse of civilization?

  38. Get ready to take back our country. Pretty soon, the sh1t’s going to hit the fan and someone will have to take charge if we don’t want to be completely overrun by third world hordes during the chaos. How we’re going to do that, I don’t know, but we start planning now.

  39. “With women, you have to keep in mind that their goal is to subvert you in order to make them look good. When your magic is gone, they will discard you. A woman will adopt you as a lifestyle accessory to make her look successful. She will then demand you conform to her lifestyle. At that point, your ability to be “magical” for her will be gone. Exit you”
    Serious sage advice, bro.

  40. Yeah that’s pretty good for an amateur historian but no, America was never an Empire. Democracy has stages and the last stage is where the stupid and weak outvote the productive and deplete the treasury causing societal collapse. This phase is always followed by a Ruthless Dictator to purge the corruption with naked force, replenish the treasury by culling the weak and unproductive and restoring order and morality with penalties of public executions or torture. Every time, always, as in not Trump but Pinochet, Hitler, Mussolini or Wrath of God if you prefer. Trump isn’t ruthless enough to right this sinking ship. You need Conan or even Ghenghis Khan at this point to deal with the monkey madness going on right now.

    1. An empire by proxy, perhaps. We have the petrodollar system, which allows us to have what are, essentially, vassal states in the Middle East, by only allowing oil to be traded in dollars. Israel is a vassal state, too, but for different reasons.
      We have reserve currency status, which allows us to “trade” with other nations, by giving continually devalued dollars for real goods and allows us to maintain the largest public debt in history, by far.
      We have 662 overseas military bases in 38 foreign countries (according to the Pentagon). The countries are geographically diverse, allowing us to flex our military muscle anywhere on earth.

  41. Agree with much of this. However, the parasitism in humans is for the
    most part created in the post apex period of your model; and this occurs
    when certain predatory in-groups form sub-culturally. The most obvious
    of these in Western Civilization is of course the very Jews you deny
    having a major share in the downfall. Whether they are instigators or
    there just for the ride is irrelevant, as this model you have created
    operates outside of such cultural factors, and more upon socialization.
    If you are indeed correct in your premise, then, we have no hope; unless we create a society that willingly reads “Thus Spake Zarathustra” every day of their lives and uses it a societal mantra. And of course we DID have a culture that existed like this once, but we murdered it. Its last vestiges can be seen getting gang raped by sub-Saharan migrants in the market squares of Lower Saxony…

  42. The Bronze Age Collapse is what Plato may have been discussing….an event only matched by the fall of the Roman Empire 1500 years later. 1500 years later….is now us.
    Its odd we eventually reject the successes simply for the sake of change.

  43. Really good article. Only disagree with one assertion — that late stage workers are super dedicated to their jobs. My observation is that late stage employers no longer feel any responsibility to their employees and will fire a 20 year career man in an instant if it saves them a nickel. Employees are not stupid, see this very clearly, and so no longer feel any obligation to their employers. A great example of this trend, if a bit offbeat, can be found by looking at American professional sports. A generation (or two?) ago, a player generally spent his entire career with the team that drafted him. Now he spends maybe 5 years and is always looking for ways to trade up. His general manager is doing the same thing in reverse, and the same thing is going on in corporate America eight days a week, IMHO.

  44. Good read, and squarely faces reality on so many aspects of the decline. I found myself ticking off the boxes on many of them. I think most of us recognize our societal decay, but it’s hard to not give up, and go Galt, because that “dark age” period could last several hundred years.

  45. As a brazilian, It pisses me off when I see a gringo looking down at my country, but what really pisses me off is the fact that everything is true. I can’t deny or defend myself or my country.
    Looking at reality is hard.

  46. Great article and read, I’ve already started “holing up” and keeping my associations limited to those who I judge to be substantive.

  47. This may be one of the best articles I’ve read on this site. Boy, does this ever confirm my seclusionist/isolationist bent. At least I now know that I’m not the only one to suspect that the ‘success’ of our society would be it’s undoing.

  48. Started so well but then you misinterpreted fatalism and came up with a bull crap happy ending. FYI Fatalism isn’t thinking there is nothing you can do to achieve a positive result. It’s recognizing that you will die and that your time is short so you should be making the most of life or on the flip side worrying about what you failed to achieve in life. Nice writing though! Enjoyed it as much as I could considering the subject!

  49. The trick is to succeed but to also build in a deeper cultural mindset that survives even after the death of individual states. Christianity was relatively good at this, but it became sissified by liberal ideas. Also, Christianity ended up being overly tied to the state which, as this and other articles suggest, are in danger of deterioration and disintegration.
    Contrast the Western situation with Chinese history and you find the unifying cultural mindset that the West lacks. In Chinese society, despite all the evils that communism has brought it, an individual’s worth is still largely based on how well he can contribute to his family, that is, the tribe. Even after massive civil wars and rebellions, the family concept has always survived and been scaled up to produce kings and emperors who rule on the same philosophical principle.
    The Chinese state, which many religious and philosophical thinkers recognized as something that came and went in a cyclical manner, did not occupy the same role in determining popular identity or meddling in religion the way it did in the West. Buddhism, China’s most direct equivalent to Christianity, had little to do with government even if many emperors were devout Buddhists. It is interesting that throughout most of history, Chinese people didn’t need to think of themselves as one nation or even one race, but simply as subjects of the same emperor. Chinese civilization and Chinese states didn’t care what language you spoke or about your regional identity—if you could follow orders, they could mobilize you, and if you could write and think, you could do bureaucratic work.
    The Chinese were always able to separate the fundamentals of their civilization—that is, survivalist patriarchal tribal life and religious and philosophical study—from the fate of individual regimes. ROK seems to be trying to lead men towards the reconstruction of similar foundations in the West.

    1. “an individual’s worth is still largely based on how well he can contribute to his Family”
      Fair post, but China has problems brewing under their thin canopy of calm. The one-child policy has f*cked China so bad that they have indacted to maintain continued growth they will need to import 100,000 skilled foreigners annually. Whats the current ratio of women to men? 100:130 IIRC. It just may become the biggest gay society since ancient Greece.

      1. Yeah but unlike in the west the Chinese aren’t going to go for democracy or social welfare, so those who lead…”alternative” lifestyles that don’t beget children will end up dead and dying by their 50s. As for the rest, well, I imagine that China is going to have some violent turmoil in the next generation or so. Not an extinction level event compared to past civil wars which sometimes halved the existing population.

  50. I think it’s dubious when anyone wants to compare our collapse with collapses of previous empires. Empires in the old days collapsed due to a number of reasons. But I doubt the reason was ever dysgenics and the peoples not reproducing themselves. We are in a unique situation that we will most likely never recover from.

  51. Great article, BUT note that Glenn Greenwald is ironically one of those responsible for the decline of Western Civilization.
    His constant defenses of Islam, sympathizing with its supporters, and his collaboration with those who would behead gays and Jews (which he is both, by the way) is part of the disease of Leftism.

  52. Empires break into natural parts either based on earlier societies or forged by various processes from portions of the empire. Join with people who see this and work toward independence; wait till the imperial government is too weak to do anything and you’ll have plans and people in place. Continuity but independence will be preserved with minimal strife and loss.
    This has happened to more than one empire.

  53. Pretty much true. Ancient historians showed how countries and societies grew and declined as their choices of leader influenced the succeeding generations of people. Right now the entire world is pretty much a combintation of plutacracy/oligarchy. There’s no real societal rules being followed by those who consider themselves “the wolves.” Watch the movies “99 Homes” and “The Big Short.” What they show you is that the majority of people are constrained by concepts and the imagination that they live by certain normalities. But then, hey, take the Red Pill and look at the world around you and you can get out of your rut.

  54. Fellow Red-Pillers,
    The coming “collapse” you speak of has already happened – it was called September 11th 2001
    It was a spiritual ritual that was “performed” as a salute to Aleister Crowley and it opened the spiritual gates to hell on earth.
    What we are seeing now is the aftermath – not the gradual declination.
    The entire WORLD POPULATION are practicing satanists.
    Heck, I’m even one too as I foolishly believe paper money that I slave away for has any real value. I am guilty too.
    We Are Already In The Apocalypse!
    Further research: “The Most Dangerous Book in the World: 9/11 as Mass Ritual” by S.K. Bain

  55. Your error is in part 2 of this statement: “Since Earth is fully colonized, and there are no more empty places to escape to, the new society will rise up in place. ”
    Nope, “the new society” will not rise up. The old society will call itself “new” and increase the level of tyranny as technology makes centralized data gathering a better tool for total oppression. Dissenters will be labeled “intolerant racist homophobic bigots” and will be economically driven to powerlessness. I have lived under Castro’s communism, I see the USA more than half way there. The thought police, such as social media bans by feminists on twitter and facebook, Google censoring and the complete PC takeover of all educational levels is here already.
    The new society is coming, but only after the complete devastation, including biologic and nuclear warfare of the old ones. Do you honestly think that the growing list of Islamic countries with nuclear weapons can long coexist with feminist secular ones? Thermonuclear devices have maintained a truce since their introduction in 1945. So long as a very few and mostly rational Govts had them this “MAD” arrangement kept us at a cold war level (MAD=mutual assured destruction). But now you have Pakistan, South Korea and soon Iran with the bomb. Do you honestly think MAD will work in the hands of madmen?
    Yes, behead the Christians in the east, take their children away by force in Germany and Scadinavia, and close down our livelihoods in the USA because we can not celebrate the LGTBQRSXYZ lifestyle by baking cakes for giving licenses for what we view as immoral. Sure, get rid of us, we will condemn any of us who resist with violence and continue being peaceful. Violence by us was set aside by Jesus Christ, as the theocracy of Israel was also abolished. Yes, there have been plenty of Christians that have ignored the commands of Christ and done evil. Nowhere near as horrible as what secularists OR Islam have done when they have held power (Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot racked up a higher body count than all religious wars in history combined, no religion is as horrible as atheism). But yes, Christians do not have a spotless record. Still, Judeo-Christian values built western civilization, and it has been the best at any category of human rights, freedom and advancement of all civilizations. But now you turn from you bedrock principles and dream of pagan days…
    After you get rid of us Christians, I will watch, popcorn in hand, as Islam and Secularists burn the Earth to a cinder. I have no worries, a New Earth will be made, and a New Society will come down from Heaven without my having to fight for it.
    JR, a former agnostic

  56. You are right as for the presence of a decline comparable to Rome’s, but never forget that the decline that began in the time of Nero or even as the Republic gave way to the High Empire was to last FOUR centuries in Rome and 10 centuries more in Constantinople, the new capital. The reason was that amidst the trend towards oblivion that is insuperable in the long run, there is always a chance of remission : right at the time any observer would conclude the Empire was to collapse into a grand catastrophe back to utter primeval savagery within one generation or one and a half at most, lo a new dynasty of philosophical emperors arose, like the Flavians, then the Antonins, then the Christian Emperors. The fall of Rome at Alaric’s hands was actually more the side-effect of a change of capital in favour of Constantinople, the empire of which was undergoing a phase of expansion. America may be falling towards Argentina’s state for a few years, undergo a serious civil war, and then start out again with a different political constitution, more like Japan’s maybe. America may be stuck with a world empire against its will because of the world’s demand for it. America may also extend over new territories like Mexico or Brazil that prove more willing than America proper to build a new protestant and technologically developed society, and use a former sea resort such as Acapulco as its new capital city. A new religion stemming from Asia may also give America a big unexpected rebound. And also, never forget, some countries are far more delightful to live and useful for the rest of humanity in their decadent states than at their heydays, that was the clear case with the Athenian Empire and later on with the Venitian one.

  57. “It will end, but only when the morons are beaten back”
    The liquidation of libtards and progressives? Might not be a bad idea. When generation STOOPID is given the full reins to the country, the USA has had it.
    At the very least there should be a zone where professives and libtards are placed where they will be removed from sane society.

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