Another Whiny Feminist Reveals The Hypocrisy Of Feminism And Social Justice Warriors

Amanda Hess is the author of a prodigious number of feminist rants. Highlights include chastising Stephen Colbert for hiring writers based on his assessment of their talent, rather than affirmative action, and defending a woman who knowingly and repeatedly put the care of her son in the hands of the mentally unstable, murderously violent boyfriend who eventually killed the boy.

In her recent article “Male Allies Are Important, Except When They’re the Worst,” Hess criticizes the way male feminists have tried to help women. She draws heavily from a PhD dissertation by Kris Macomber, as well as a variety of other articles, to create a semi-coherent rant in which Macomber’s views and Hess’s own are indistinguishable. Not quite a presentation of Macomber’s work, not quite an original work of social or cultural commentary, Hess’s article does a spectacular job of illustrating the hypocritical attitudes of modern feminists.

The Attitudes of Feminists

Feminists Don’t Want Real Opportunity

In the beginning of her article Hess mentions the Grace Hopper Celebration, a conference for women in computing. According to Hess:

The Grace Hopper Celebration brought top executives from Facebook, Google, and Microsoft to the stage for the ‘Male Allies Plenary Panel,’ where they were to talk about how high-powered male allies can advocate for women in tech. Too bad the GHC male allies panel spent less time discussing how men can advocate for women than it did instructing women to advocate for themselves by ‘speaking up.’

Advocacy for someone in the context of a high-talent, high-stakes field requires nothing more than being open-minded to the person proving their own worth. Feminists like Hess don’t want real opportunity, the chance to learn the rules of an industry or profession and then to work hard to succeed. Instead, feminists believe that workplace environments need to change to accommodate them.

Another victim of patriarchy

Feminists Believe Male Strength Is Bad

Hess presents another critique of men working to help women when she writes:

Macomber notes that when male allies work to ‘redefine’ masculinity—as in the long-running Men Can Stop Rape campaign ‘My Strength Is Not for Hurting,’ which foregrounded the idea that men are real strong—they signal an attempt to participate in feminism without actually shedding their male privilege.

Hess and Macomber illustrate two things here. Firstly, feminists believe that male strength is “male privilege” because feminists’ view of empowerment is parasitic, wherein people leech off of society and the government. According to feminists, men are only strong if society awards them “privilege” for having dicks. The truth, however, is that men can cultivate strength of body, of mind, and of spirit only through personal effort.

Secondly, Hess and Macomber illustrate that feminism is only nominally about “empowering” women. In reality, feminism is primarily about eroding the strength of men. Accordingly, men could only ever fully participate in feminism (which supposedly is about gender equality) if and when they are weak.

Feminists Think All Men Are Guilty

Hess shares another gem from Macomber’s dissertation, in which she writes:

Male allies often position themselves in opposition to typically sexist dudes in order to find a community inside feminism, but identifying as one of the ‘good guys’ can feel like a denial of their own role in the problems.

This statement illustrates one of the most insidious elements of liberal and progressive thought—the notion of collective responsibility. Because of this, feminists view each man as “part of the problem” because of the advantages of a few, regardless of his own actions or character. Here’s a joke: What does a feminist call a man who gets falsely accused of rape, another man who works 60 hours a week to support his family, and a third man who gets blown up in Iraq? Privileged!

Women Don’t Know What They Want

If only men… uhhh… just started to… you know….

After criticizing the various ways in which men have tried to help feminists, Hess finally asks “So how is a man supposed to act?” For this she offers up Macomber’s view that “the feminist approach to allies could benefit from more ‘action-oriented language’ and ‘very explicit guidelines.’”

Of course, Hess never gives any examples of “action-oriented language” or “very explicit guidelines.” The problem is that feminists (and other SJWs) tend to operate on their feelings. Hess cannot articulate what she wants male feminists to do, because she is not fundamentally concerned with what they do or accomplish. She is concerned with how they make her feel.

Feminism Is Not About Gender Equality

If feminism was really about gender equality, then the input of men would be valued, even if they approached the issue differently. Of course, the input of men is valued (marginally) only when they parrot the views of women in general women feminists. As Macomber points out, in feminism, “men are instructed to listen to women and follow their leadership.”

Later, Hess asks some questions about the future of feminism and makes clear who she thinks should decide it. She writes:

Is feminism most effective as a radical fringe movement or a broad coalition? Should it stay grass-roots or go corporate? Is ‘feminist’ a label that every person defines for themselves, or does it reference specific political beliefs and commitments? Should feminism focus squarely on women, or on gender itself? If you’re a man, don’t answer those questions.

Lastly, if anyone doubts whether feminism is about gender equality, just re-read Hess’s article and note how she refers to men trying to help women as “allies.” For Hess and others like her, men cannot be real feminists because, at its core, modern feminism is not about equality, but about advancing the interests of women only.

Final Thoughts

The general hypocrisy of feminism is nothing new to the seasoned readers of ROK. However, it’s important to emphasize that Hess and Macomber’s attitudes are not just about men in general, but about the very men who are trying to help them.

These are the betas, the white knights, the blue-pill men. These are the guys who need to wake up and see how feminists are using them. Being “a feminist” won’t earn them a woman’s love or respect, because feminists don’t care about them independently of their usefulness to the cause. Of course, feminists feel entitled to men’s help, even though, as Hess shows, they will always consider men to be “part of the problem.” This is because entitlement and ingratitude go hand-in-hand.

My advice to any blue-pill man, beta, or white knight is to do a little experiment to see how entitled to your help a feminist feels. This will give you some idea of how ungrateful that feminist would be if you actually did help. The next time a feminist asks you to help with something like promoting breast cancer awareness, just tell her that breast cancer is women’s problem, and you’re not going to help.

Indignant, she’ll start shaming and will demand an explanation. Here’s what you say:

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165 thoughts on “Another Whiny Feminist Reveals The Hypocrisy Of Feminism And Social Justice Warriors”

  1. Never help a feminist. They use the term allies like they are at war. Men are their enemies. All men, even men who actually take them seriously. Theyre too strong and independent to need any man’s help at any time, yet she holds a conference seeking the help of top level male corporate executives, and then has the nerve to tell them to shut up and listen to them. As if they are the ones who are powerful and successful.
    Girls like this Amanda Hess just need a good, hard fucking to put her in her place. My money says she’ll be making sandwiches after her first night with an alpha.

    1. I don’t even want to help any women anymore. The only way I will do it is if I think there is something in it for me. Even girlfriends: They won’t remember your kindness or generosity.
      I’m tall – 6’4″ – and sometimes women ask me to get stuff from high shelves in stores. Ten years ago I would do it because I simply am a good guy and I like to help people. Five years ago I would do it but resent it.. A year ago I would fuck with them, arguing about whether it was the right product. Now I just ignore them.
      It’s sad but women brought this on themselves.

      1. I feel you. I do still help little old ladies and women who are still grateful for a man’s help, but since taking the red pill I’m better able to “sniff out” when a woman feels entitled to free assistance or is actually grateful.
        I remember the times over the years when ive had a car break down, was in a difficult spot, etc. The majority of the time women would cruise by, oblivious to my situation, glued to their phone and never offered assistance like a man would.
        Now I realize the folly of being the eager-to-help-a-gal-in-distress naive young man I was. I only help those who deserve it now, not these twits.

        1. Careful- there’s a good chance those little old ladies were turning up their noses and calling your fathers “male chauvinist pigs” a couple of decades ago.

        2. I’m sorry to hear those women were oblivious to your plight.
          But I know that if I stopped to help a dude my Dad would probably call me names.

        3. That is unfortunate. I’m all for common sense when offering help to others, definitely not raising daughters to ignore others.

        4. It’s a safety issue. Obviously the research doesn’t totally back up the cultural narrative that a lone man is far more likely to assault me than a lone woman.
          But Dad has the responsibility to protect me so I need to respect his concerns.

        5. Honestly I don’t buy it. I’m sure in a few cases it’s true but I generally live by the premise “the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. ” And in this case, that one is as I’ve learned, often today’s women just don’t give a sh*t about someone in trouble.
          A woman who pretends not to see a well dressed, clean cut man in broad daylight who obviously could use a hand clearly has no interest outside of her own.

        6. Of course, well dressed and clean cut.
          But in my part of the city I’m usually the only white face around and the men around here don’t match your above example. Gangs, drugs, police raids, helicopter chases are part of life here.

      2. Indeed. One of our secretaries came up with a list of men to take turns replacing the Arrowhead water. I’m thinking “fuck you”, but to stay out of trouble, I told her that she was strong and independendent so you do it. I love seeing their jaws drop.

    2. Never help a leftist
      It’s funny because left alone they can’t do anything except conduct ideological purges

      1. I really think alot of feminists are women who have never had any alpha attention and they are pissed, hence their hatred of masculinity. Its hard to believe a girl that tries so hard to look like a man could hate men.
        After seeing this pic, I don’t think any rogering will be happening anytime soon.

        1. I’d have some deep-seated hatred too if I favored Gollum. The correlation between attractiveness and level of feminism is really unavoidable.

        2. Lol. Wtf is with that face she’s making. Crazy fucking dumb bitch. The thing that sucks is this sack of shit has a voice people listen to. Very fucking stupid people but nonetheless.

    1. I knew a girl who told me I was intimidated by her because she was a strong woman. She was on benefits, had handed her baby to her mother to look after and wanted me to pay to get her car back after it was towed.

      1. You didn’t actually do it right? You know, paid for all of that aftter being “the 1000th lucky customer” who gets to pay for her crap did you?
        I am at the point where I would take one look at that and just walk away never to return or call. Before I would have at least given the benefit of the doubt. But unlike the concept of men who stupidly beg for change and stuff for ten hours a day, before hopping in their lexus and driving off to their mansion; most of these women actually do live comfortable lives on the government dole.
        Section 8 housing.
        Free college classes with day care, meals for their children, and can drop and retake as often as they want.
        Child support. Nuff said.
        Free healthcare.
        Free consultations and advice on a whole host of topics most will never use. From business start-up, to how to get out of debt. Dummies, they fail to realize she is on the family court debt relief plan, essentially, keep taking daddy back to court, and having TANF pay off her finger hut addiction and credit cards.
        The list is just too long. How does society survive with so many parasites?
        When future paleontologists, and sociologists look about the corpse of our society, what’s left of it anyways, will they say that it is historically accurate that the society that first went to the moon, absolved itself of it’s darker days, took down most of the greatest monsters in it’s history, and revolutionized the world; was taking down by it’s own kindness, and failure to stop blindly assuming the creatures it’s heart bled for were the very reason it died?
        I have failed to keep caring.

        1. I let her deep throat me and then directed her to a website where she could get a bank loan. Unfortunately, she got refused and had to get some other sucker to pay to get her car back.

    2. HAHAHA!
      I’ve developed a twitch from hearing the “strong and independent” bullshit all the time.

    3. “I think they like getting an equal share because they are inferior.”
      –Callicles, Plato’s Gorgias

    4. Women are strong and independent in their alternate universe where feeling govern physics of their existence. In their universe everything from the orbit of the planets to the kitchen light operates on feelings and emotional energy. Their general theory of relativity is expressed as: emotion equals a female’s mass times her cluelessness squared — as you may have gussed, e=mc^2.
      In such a universe women are by design stronger and more independent than rational man bound by the laws of the physical universe and universal truths.

    5. “And keep the government out of our bedroom, except when you’re subsidizing what I do there.”

    1. No way the bottom bitch is the whore with the most respect. I don’t thing male feminists get any respect from anyone.

      1. A whore with the most “respect” is just under the illusion she’s doing something for the greater good. Feminist don’t respect Obama yet he’s herald as the ideal man all men should strive to be.

  2. The “Feminism” espoused by Hess and her ilk boils down to this:
    They demand for themselves, unjustifiably, the “privilege” that they deem men to have. In other words, they want the reward, without the work.
    Coincidentally, with her weak chin, bulbous nose, ghostly skin and sad little boobs (you can search on images, but I don’t particularly recommend it), she is also a pretty good example of “Feminism: It’s For Unattractive Girls”.* We don’t get to pick our factory specs, but it’s evident that she’s not really trying, either.
    À bientôt,
    *”But…but…but I’m *smart* and I’m funny and I have opinions about stuff….WHY DON’T BOYS *LIKE* ME?!?

    1. I knew a female who dressed like a dude and was feminist but wondered why the dudes she dealt with dropped her for more feminine women and the ones that stuck around were pussies she didn’t respect. To quote rapper Killa Cam “dumb b!tch, men don’t like strong independent types and women hate betas.”

    2. I find it absolutely bizarre that she writes about sex. Who in the world would have sex with her, except maybe a man who’s secretly a gay pedophile and in denial? I don’t know, I guess there’s always a thirsty beta out there who is desperate for any stinky warmth on his knob. And she claims to get rape threats. Really? She looks like Link from Legend of Zelda.
      I watched an interview with her and I could barely listen to her talk. She has that flat, nasally, way of talking that tells me she’s from the Northwest (i.e. somewhere between San Francisco and Seattle). Terrible accent. Oy.

  3. “Men Can Stop Rape campaign”
    While I endeavor for a non-aggression principle in getting what I want and avoiding conflict at all possibilities, considering the disaster feminism is wreaking on civilization a day may come when I may be observing an active rape gang in my rifle scope.
    I’m not going to help. I’m going to save my ammo.

    1. She for one does not need to worry about getting raped. No one in their right mind would do that.

      1. Maybe a gay rapist, in a drunken stupor, might mistake her for an effeminate male or a “twink”.
        It presses the limits of the definition of ‘female human’ to say that she looks like a woman.

  4. This attitude feminism has towards they’re male allies will turn more of them to our side ,I once heard a story of a former mangina who saw the feminist go to far and the red pill as a result.

  5. I don’t mind the idea of feminism if feminists actually wanted to be equal on all levels instead of preferential treatment. Do what a man does to get what a man gets. So simple.

    1. Buffalo Calf Woman, Gertrude Ederle, Beryl Burton, Shauna Hogan and Chrissie Wellington just about complete the list.
      Note that one of these is an ocean endurance swimmer, two of them are endurance cyclists and one of them is a triathlete (which combines ocean swimming with cycling). Their wins were also notable exceptions rather than the rule, with most of their performances being in the “pretty decent” category.
      Only one was a warrior.
      I could throw in Danica Patrick, but that doesn’t really change things much. One win in a more stylized, “non-contact” form of her sport. Otherwise, “pretty decent.”

  6. When a chick starts using the phrase “rape culture” casually in conversation, I quietly and quickly divert her calls so it appears my line is always engaged …
    “Strong and independent” can similarly go chat with my voice mail.
    I see no difference in the case of feminists between “an ally” and “a Vichy mangina” when the person in question is male.

    1. The other night my boyfriend showed me something on imugur (sp?) It was a screenshot of a tweet that read something like “Men don’t realize you don’t have to touch a woman to rape her” #rapeculture #feminism
      I think I had a small brain aneurysm.

      1. “You don’t have to touch a woman to rape her”
        Wow. I think I felt all my already depleted respect for feminists go into the negative zone…Such blatant stupidity, who the fuck believes this shit?

        1. Afraid of their tails ( Aleister Crowley ).
          Its primarily white, middle class uni educated women. Caused by a failure- not of men, but by our culture to adequately come to terms with adolescent female sexuality, provide a place and framework for girls to understand what that is in total, before using it incorrectly.( accord to my source.)
          This has been a issue thru the ages, which is why cultures have had strictures to channel this into.
          I believe it is only now, with superior knowledge of science, better understanding of both behavioral and interpersonal psych and men regaining their Manhood- in a entirely new fashion this time( due obviously to, well, times changed ) that men, as fathers and teachers- will be able to help solve that centuries long issue. Rooting out the start of the rot.

      2. They dont realize biology either, or they wouldnt stoop to such yahoo tactics as trying to subvert urges that scare them, into ideology.
        They dont even realize men who follow sites like Return of Kings and such, actually make it easier on women by allowing acceptance of proven fact. Which applied, women can do what they want, and its easy enough to understand what they expect if one desires more than autonomy.

    2. You men should start a tips page, on the younger guys sites on these tech to avoid psychos. Then someone like myself could just go there, for defense tactics for our nearest and dearest, younger friends.

  7. Ignore all evil
    I know this sounds odd, but give evil room to grow and it consumes itself
    Studies show bacteria continues to grow and grow until it cant live in it’s own shit
    Similar to yeast, Once a certain concentration of yeast shit is reached, fermentation ceases, the yeast simply cant live in it’s own shit, (around 10% for most wines).
    Now, by trying to be mr.MoralJoe , all you are doing is helping the evil, giving it meaning, by slowly filtering it, and actually promoting it’s growth!
    Be a contrarian
    Look at society, its a shit heap, Do the opposite if you want to succeed.
    When others try to be clever , You simplify. Reasoning: They are cluttering their minds and being less efficient.
    Skip Breakfast , others eat a massive one. Reasoning: Insulin sensitivity and caloric restriction is a biological adaptation that will give you an edge on high calorie bingers(improved iq, norepinephren, immune cell recycling etc)
    Let all “isms” grow: Reasoning : once everyone has joined such “ism” there will be no more opponent, and therefor the “ism” shall cease
    When others are fearful , be greedy. Reasoning: Overhype and excitement causes inflation, and poor value, When something is unpopular, and therefor in low demand, it is more likely to be a bargain,
    Do not push yourself as hard as you can in the gym: Reasoning: You cause micro tears in your heart, which will age it( you also slow recovery and raise cortisol) more crap for the body to deal with
    Do not take vitamins like everyone else: Reasoning, If you tell your cells there is a large supply of nutrition, it decides to age the hell out of you, if you supply anti-oxidants you down regulate natural, better ones
    Do not make massive organic plant shakes like everyone else who thinks they are out-witting their biology. Reasoning: Plants make their own cyto toxins and carcinogens,
    This whole comment is bullshit . Reasoning: Make your own opinions!

    1. “Do not push yourself as hard as you can” . . . on the treadmill . . . “in the gym”
      Reasoning: It is race pace efforts sustained for more than an hour that create the permanent scaring and malformation of the heart by micro tears and hypertrophy.
      A 15 minute full body HIT workout creates minimum micro tears which heal and hypertrophy normally without scaring or distorting the ventricles.

      1. a sub 40 year old can probably get away with high intensity training, but to train like a 25 year old when you are 40+ with an aged heart is playing with fire, the reality is your heart is not 25 years old.. , its this american culture of “build more muscle” “train faster” totally ignoring the biology, going from a society which doesn’t do enough to all of a sudden a society that overdoes it
        instead of being fat, it’s racing fitness apps, and dumping bottles of vitamins down your throat and eating a lb of any vegetable you can think of, with a gallon of fish oil, lol
        bodybuilding is essentially you using your body as a dumpster for excess calories and excess contaminants in the food,
        than ontop of that you train like an animal further punishing your body into using all of its repair mechanism resources than you eat more , so your insulin is always high, your heart is always strained, and your body is running full octane , than you add caffeine to further strain the adrenals,
        most people i see at gyms look aged, there is a high price to pay to have muscles and price that gets exponentially higher the older you get
        Than, after 6 months to a year of not training your back to square 1 so you damaged your heart and muscles all that time and wasted all that energy and money on supplements and other crap for nothing
        That isn’t a clever approach to fitness, that is a suckers game, creating a huge problem for yourself consuming all your time and discipline and leading to long-term ruin in the end anyway, what a futile and stupid idea of fitness most people have, and all to impress people who secretly hate them
        The point is to make your heart last longer with conditioning so that it has an easier life in your rib cage, not to punish the hell out of it into submission like a mad man, you defeat the purpose.. Signal your heart not to be a lazy but don’t over-drive it
        by 2025 we will see who is right once we have bio-feedback devices which see inside of us with an app on our phones, unless you can see inside you are speculating and so
        as i say, this entire comment is bullshit

    2. “Studies show bacteria continues to grow and grow until it cant live in it’s own shit”
      Yeah, but the host is dead at the time as well so..

    3. Disagree with vitamins. Ortho molecular nutrition may be a newish science, but it makes up for serious deficencies in factory farming.

  8. “This is what you want, this is what you get …”
    Public Image Ltd — “The Order of Death”:

    Yeah, she’s up there in that tower, she’s protected, she has everything she needs … she doesn’t need YOU.
    Anyone else remember the movie “Hardware” from the early 1990s?

  9. “Male allies often position themselves in opposition to typically sexist dudes in order to find a community inside feminism, but identifying as one of the ‘good guys’ can feel like a denial of their own role in the problems.”
    This sentence set the world record in self-contradictions. She (the author) has no idea what she wants except to express her confused “feelings” that can never be satiated.

  10. Feminists are a group of people who’s superiority complexes are almost as massive as the amount of cognitive dissonance.

  11. How many resources are extracted from men to be given to women ?
    How much significance has the participation of women in our society ?
    There are things people don’t need to know, as those contradict this fallacy: equality.
    The state is the intermediary. It controls the money, it controls morality.
    The state has replaced the role of the alpha male, while attacking real men.
    Many benefit from this, like women and low status men. There is no true hierarchy, not since long, there is no consciousness and gratitude for those who work hard for us but earn little. Women can get these and many benefits derived from men, but they do not have to see men with respect, but the opposite.
    Masculinity/dominance is a problem now.
    Our natural order is totally broken to support the political system.
    And what is the state? Corruption, lies, manipulation, etc, omega and beta behavior.
    We may focus on feminism but feminism is a symptom for a more severe disease.

    1. One of my mens rights teachers ( twitter- Equal justice for men/ Peter Nolan ) who has kindly included me as someone worth educating, informs me that he also finds a severe lack in male support. Two efforts- to set up a mens defence fund ( for divorces, and he has a kicking forum for this in Oz ) and another, despite logic of it- hes been roundly refused any monetary support ( very minor sum as well ) as it seemed gen concensus that he should be doing this for free, to benefit others- which hardly takes into consideration the time involved to do such properly vs having to make a living.

  12. Jesus Christ. Put these people in middle of Africa and let natural selection take care of these idiots already. How the fuck were these genetically inferiors born in the first place?

    1. dysgenics. That is the increase of defective or lower quality genes.
      Think ‘Idiocracy’ and its opening scene of the two couples: one profesional, the other a trailer park stereotype.
      It’s prescient and it’s true.
      Our country pays the worst people to breed like rabbits. And when you subsidize something, you always get more of it.
      I could only afford 2 kids. My cousin(by marriage not blood) who lives in a trailer in MS, has 5 kids and he doesn’t pay for a goddamn thing. He doesn’t work. But keeps popping out little versions of himself (with different sluts) on the .gov dime. And my uncle and aunt enable him by helping to raise them.
      now the oldest of his kids are now doing what? Popping out more like him again, on the government dole.
      Watch Idiocracy if you haven’t.
      It’s more like a documentary than a fictional film.
      We are so fucked.

  13. Men need to let these “strong and independent” women go to be on their own. They don’t need or want any man’s help…so don’t give them a fucking thing.
    Women are professionals at bitching and they all say they want equality. I say give it to them and always remind them….they are equal, strong and independent.
    Let them call the government if they need help. I’m not a good guy (remember)…I’m an asshole and part of the problem (I pride myself on it).

  14. The question isn’t if these kind of ideologies win, the question is how much harm they do before crumbling away because of their inherent and very obvious contradictions.

  15. Are these women delusional or just sick in the head? They have the exact same rights as men and receive more benefits and preferential treatment for being female.

    1. Maybe, but being a victim is a social bonus these days
      Look at all the attention they get, they can’t wait to be “harassed” by some evil men

  16. It really comes down to attention. These beasts of lore live pretty secluded lifestyles, and the best way they can fulfill their need to be recognized is through antagonizing other people–not just men, but also other attractive women.

  17. I believe in equality.
    An evil man will steal from you, beat you physically or murder you. We see violent murderers and rapists for what they are: monsters. Male evil is infrequent but direct, visible and explosively violent.
    An evil woman will attack your character, undermine you socially and encourage other men to do violence against you. Female evil is constant but indirect, hidden and low yield so we don’t recognise it for what it is.
    Feminists are the female equivalent of rapists and murderers. The are just as emotionally and psychologically damaged as their violent male counterparts, and over time, the effects of their evil add up to be equally as damaging.
    If a bunch of ex-cons politically organised to change laws to make it easier to get away with murder and theft, men would fight them. When feminists do the same to promote female evil, we listen to them because we don’t recognise the horror.
    You use violence to protect yourself from evil men and you use shaming to protect yourself from evil women.
    When a women declares herself a feminist, ask her why she wants to kill babies who can’t defend themselves. When she counters that it is her body, her choice, ask her why we don’t let anorexics starve themselves. When she says they are hurting themselves, point out that most women regret having an abortion and not regretting abortion is a sign of pschopathy. Ask her if most feminists are psychopaths or just lying to cover their shame.
    When a women declares that the Patriarchy keeps them down, tell her that women hate to have female bosses so it is probably other women keeping her down. Ask her why women undermine each other so much. When she says that society teaches them to be like that ask her how we can trust women to lead companies if they won’t act in their own interests for fear of social pressure. Won’t they just sell out the company as soon as they face criticism?
    When a woman mentions the pay gap, ask her why women doctors quit their jobs in such high numbers in their 30’s. Women are supposed to have greater empathy and communication skills and medicine is a well-paid and respected career – shouldn’t women excel rather than quit in droves? Ummm, could it be that the job is just too tough for them?
    When she complains that society tries to control women’s sexuality, ask her if she worries about average women being used as sexual playthings until they are old and ugly by attractive men who won’t commit. Tell them that you think it is a shame that they end up on anti-depressants like one-third of American women over 40, fucking their cats.
    Show no mercy, relentlessly criticise, attack and undermine the social status of feminists. Unless they are hot, in which case, fuck them and when they look for commitment, tell them that during the last monthly meeting the local chapter of the Patriachy made a new rule and from now on cis-gendered white males can only marry virgins. Then buy her a cat to soften the blow.

    1. True, they use their vanity as a psychological mind control mechanism on naive men and it works very well, they don’t have physical strength like males or the high levels of testosterone which causes motivation for survival purposes and enhanced brain power and creativity hence men creating advanced technologies, as an evolutionary balancing act, men have a “sucker” and “romance” mechanism which allows them to be duped and manipulated by the female, unfortunately, we exist because of this “sucker” mechanism because on paper commitment and offspring are an economic disaster for a man,
      Marriage only makes sense if you have a few million, that way, if it doesn’t work out, you still have a million left so the loss is not as bad, but for a middle class male, you risk complete ruin and good luck recovering from that, you end up with 50% of you paycheck gone in taxes, 25% in lost income and the other 25% to live on while you grow increasingly tired with age
      men punish themselves harshly in a mental sense when they do not have economic resources to give to the female or impress the female, this is the matriarchal aspect to capitalism, most males crave money not for themselves but because they want to impress females with their resources either knowingly or unconsciously, and also to under-cut other males as much as possible, this accumulation then gets taken through divorce, males who are good capitalists feel entitled to a female naively assuming their success in one arena will lead to success in a relationship
      We can’t blame them for being opportunists, in this undermining dog eat dog culture, use whatever edge you have to your advantage, strategically speaking, an attractive female would be clever to feather her nest well before her looks fade, and for genetic reasons
      there are 93,000 flights a day, and 500 million cars running combined with all sorts of toxic air damaging pollutants daily, what do you think this does to your DNA? Depression, Cancer, Genetic abnormalities, 1 in 100 schizophrenics( a horrific disease), ADHD disorders, 1 in 5 taking anti depressants and pissing it into the water supply ,
      the water supply gets increasingly contaminated every year, think a tiny pill can cause on effect on a 180 lb 70% water human body
      and society thinks its increasingly clever to replicate at later ages when the DNA has been damaged, it is well known sperm quality deteriorates with age
      We as a species have only cluttered our increasingly dumbed down minds with more and more information as we become increasingly stupid, you think this is a good strategy?
      studies show multi-tasking further damages the attention span, we are living in a world we are not designed for and trying to compensate chemically
      Then there are the optimist speculators who claim:
      -When technology advances further, the fat receptor gene will be switched off, as it has been done in mice, and there will no longer be any fat women, then, technological applications for facial restructuring will appear on the market and come down in price, hence there will be a larger supply of genetically viable women which will create an over-supply of attractive women on the market and hence the 1 in 10 attractive women will now be 9 in 10 diluting the power of vanity sociopathy practices, which are culturally acceptable, and this will create an over abundance of vanity scarcity, combined with coming virtual reality simulators, since thirst will cease, taking advantage of it will become gradually more difficult by sociopaths
      IN the near future you will be able to design a woman similar to a videogame, in the character selection of most MMO’s, and it will get increasingly realistic

    2. Apparently, psychologists( according to ” Bitch” – some of which has some good points, others which I find ridiculous ) the author states, that girls about 8-10 learn to use complex techniques to sadistically control other girls. Which is retained, and refined thru life- to get control.
      I missed out on that. Thankfully, except as the recipiant. I have cause to speculate, escaping many foul traits of most women is from the same reason NLP does not work on me. Either Its ten % which it cannot snare, or some disabilities really do have their benefits.

  18. Feminism: Rationalizing whatever emotions they have at the moment, even if its contradictory in the future.
    Feeling #1: Fear of normal masculinity

  19. The way she talks about their “male allies” makes me think to what the french writer Alain Soral said :
    “The problem with submissiveness, is that there is no end to it. You’ll never bow low enough for them.”.

    1. The problem with submissiveness (from male “allies”) is that women *hate* them for it. Rather than the approval they seek, white knights and manginas are met with contempt and wonder why.

        1. In the spirit of full disclosure, it’s worth mentioning that the author of “Why do all my friends want to murder their husbands?” is married to notorious homo Piers Morgan and to be fair, I know few people who don’t daydream about killing that scumbag.

        2. “It’s about men’s consistent failure to live up to our expectations,” insists Amanda later that afternoon, as we watch the subjugated LA husbands playing with the kids in the shallow end of the pool.
          Lots of women failed to live up to my expectations. I just wanted to dump them. I didn’t realize I should have been fantasizing about killing them.

        3. The husbands fail to live up to the wives expectations by being the simpering little man-boys that they are. 5 minutes of alpha > 5 years of beta.

        4. If one plays (or so I am told) a bar game called “Fuck, Marry, Kill”, one quickly discovers how brutal and ruthless women are toward betas.
          To paraphrase the famous dictum about Germans, “Women are either at your throat or at your feet.”

        5. Isnt this pathological??
          There must be something deeply wrong with any woman who thought this rather than just bit the bullet and got divorced if its so terrible to her??

        6. Isnt this a product of the same frame of mind that cant cope with the reality – rape is a crime of violence, but also a fantasy of sex? Instead, of using science ( for the foundations of which any woman, scientist or no should be grateful to the entire male gender-let alone all those men who made the Enlightenment possible ), having some humility, and cracking down to work ( alpha males proof of why they make more money in many sectors ) , they’ve gone back to the Dark Ages with the whole original concept of Hysteria ( The wandering womb causes illness ) manifesting before our very eyes.

        7. Telling women who complain never finding a decent man ( cant understand that whatsoever ), that perhaps they look at the men who are nice and pick one- is met with disgust.
          They cant cope with being told that there are nice men, who are bad boys – but its something not so apparent in public ( mmm nice men, are so nice! ) Nice men are fun, from what I know of my male friends ( lucky me, male friends 🙂
          Im not sure, but it seems to me- you can get alpha behavior that isnt so obvious, as its manifested in sublty ( which of course, this type prides himself on .)?? My lover is this type. But hes also pretty damn odd in general.
          I will laugh myself sick if this is true. Would not surprise me.

        8. ( not trying to invade this site. Just would like to be taught, so I can pass it on. Anyone just tell me to fuck right off, if needed- ok? Men need their space.
          Just that my friends have always been male. Women dont like me. So no place for females needing info to fill intellectual deficit without invasive 🙁

      1. Anton laVey, in ” The Satanic Witch ” ( and nothing like it sounds, believe you me )- tells about basic personality types ( according to him, from his experience, DO correspond to body type.
        These so called dominant women ( body type- larger shoulders or breats than hips to round )always attract sub men ( body type- pear shape )which fustrates them as what they want is to be dominated. Which most of them never learn or perversly deny.

  20. This is a good and important article. I’m sure there are plenty of white knights and manginas lurking around this site snooping around. Once they read this article, hopefully they’ll get the idea that they are useful idiots for the feminazis and can wake up from their own stupidity.

    1. Few will change. White knights will always believe that being a white knight will someday get them laid.

  21. Disgusting. Very informative article, but I had to force myself to keep reading, cuz these femınazı cuntz just pıss me off. I need to take a break from readıng stuff lıke thıs.

  22. For a minute I thought she was a clown, that haircut, the nose, the thin, plucked eyebrows, all she’s missing in the big red lipstick. Because she feels so helpless in the big bad mans world she bitches about the men that are the “problem”. Her own inadequacies are floating up to the top. It’s so noticeable with women, well the ones that are fuked in the head of whom there are many in my experience. Blame the men for the ladies low S.O. Can’t fix the leaky tap? It’s the patriarchy
    goddammit! Stranded on the side of the road with a punctured tyre? Why oh why did men invent the internal combustion engine? Women were repressed! Its just fucking mental…….

    1. It astounds me that ive got a communication disability, but even a idiot like myself can figure out women were only repressed by their own biology.
      Men are actually and always have been, treated as the disposable sex.
      Very good you tube videos on this.

  23. Feminism will bring the west to it knees. No society can survive 50% of its population turning into leaches. Only one who benefits from it is apple and tinder.

    1. I do believe you are correct. Feminism is going to ruin this society. It’s already done a lot of damage.
      I read a great thread on Reddit yesterday. The thread was from 8 months ago, but I stumbled across it yesterday. It really struck a chord with me because I had similar memories when I was a kid. Unfortunately, I won’t get to experience the same thing from the adult perspective. Those days are gone, at least for my lifetime.
      Was a good read, though

      The decline of the modern women, Feminism has utterly destroyed women and society. from TheRedPill

      1. Feminism is only one of the tentacles strangling this society. It is one of the stronger ones however…

      2. Most people come from broken homes. Ive never had that either. But I got lucky raised by a Dad, alone – who knew womans weaknesses and tried to train me in ways that could sidestep them. Very clever man. I hope he realizes how grateful I am for his being so sensible.

    2. Cultures go in cycles. Whenever the rot of degeneracy sets in, eventually something happens that makes the current system collapse so a new healthier one can emerge from the ashes, just like the great fire of London was a blessing in disguise for clearing away a lot of the rot so that the city could be rebuilt anew, better and healthier. We can see it as a rebirth, and it will be inevitable. Mankind will always do what’s necessary to survive.

  24. I’d support feminism if it were really about equality. Men are pushed down and shut up in work and relationships as women ascend to the top, often without merit. As a woman, of course I want the opportunity to work my way up, meaning I don’t want to be held back or miss promotions simply because I a woman. That’s it. Don’t deny me a position because I am a woman but also don’t give me a position just because I am a woman. To me, that is idealistic feminism. Just advocating for equal opportunities (the chance to rise or fall) based on merit instead of gender. Not a war against men.

    1. Why haven’t I seen women trying to work their way up the scaffolding, for example? It’s all men doing the hard work and men even are willing to work their way down the mines. Never women!

      1. I can’t account for the whole of women but personally that’s never been a desire. I’m pretty petite and barely have the strength to change a flat tire. It seems a lot of men also find construction and mining undesirable, since they’ve chosen other fields. Maybe you should conduct a study.

        1. Oh you think men desire to go down the mines! Haha
          And I don’t need a blooming study. It’s obvious – women are inferior to men.
          Women should just do what comes naturally to them: give birth to babies, look after them while they are young, cook food from scratch for the whole family, tidy up the house and please the man sexually.
          There are no other opportunities for women. No working your way up, no voting rights. All modern women’s rights are artificially supported by the state, they are unreal. Without the state (created by men) and without men, women would die out from starvation and cold. We made a mistake thinking you could be equal.
          Women have now crossed the line and men will just walk away until you come back to your senses.

        2. Im 5’3 and weighed 90lbs, and let me inform you- women can do more brute labour than it is assumed. They just need weight training.
          Ive hefted more huge objects than anyone thought someone the size of myself, could lift. Because I was forced into it.
          No man choose brute nasty jobs because he wants too. He does it because he must. It sucks.

        3. Wouldnt it be lovely to be able to do so 🙁
          We are all in deep with the worlds economy getting so dire.

        4. Mens brains are uniquely suited by reason of biology, for extreme abstract focus. Testosterone also is a key in the highly competative business world.
          Youve only got to look at the superior examples of how men have used their collective forces to create civilisation, to see this.
          It seems highly noteable to observe in the single generation of women’s lib- its has only resulted in the mess we observe now. Surely, if women were as comparable to men in the same aspect, they would have got far more accomplished by this time.
          Even if men do have a better brain for doing the main tasks that build civilisation- power and science, why should it make any woman feel inferior?
          The power behind the throne is nothing to sneer at. The Kings are the ones who got murdered. A mans world is a very hard place. Just assuming its on on intellect alone based, is to be dreadfully naive.
          Of course alphas will laugh.
          Its the major reasons why women HAVE been protected thru history.
          You need to study some history of warfare. As well as the neurological diff in each sex, according to hormones.
          Women are MADE by nature for oxytocin bonding. We thrive on it. Our brains are made for understanding social complexities.
          Raising children is a very complex and difficult task. Hormones are made for this.
          You want to take that biological makeup and go compete in the outside world, your going to learn the hard way. Men already know about the hard way. They have had centuries of being war fodder, pawns of power and the second, disposable sex.
          Every great society men have created, for other men ( and men alone, christ cant women give men some damn space, without their interferance )- to better other men, in the face of what is a huge and faceless result of being mammals down there somewhere.
          You cant slot women in, like another colour lego.
          Its not like men havent picked up some wisdom thru the centuries.
          Your just getting the short version.
          Take it from a woman then.
          Dont spurn your own gifts. You will end up like those hags, alone and bitter.

        5. I hope my truly flawed arguement makes a tiny bit of logic.
          Hard not to use Rhetorical pathos. Badly I might add. But ive on the occasion, got thru after you gentlemen have done all the hard work, so its not my skill.

    2. Lack of money and opportunity is how society correctly deals with your vaginal impulses. the more status a woman attains the more stuck up she becomes. In short you can’t handle equality because you will treat men equal or beneath you like shit.
      Such is the reproductive nature of woman.

      1. It’s interesting you draw that conclusion from my statements:
        “I’d support feminism if it were really about equality. Men are pushed down and shut up in work and relationships…” The tone and context here suggests this is wrong.
        “Don’t deny me a position because I am not a man but also don’t give me a position just because I am a woman.” This does not show a sense of entitlement or being “stuck up” but rather a simple and reasonable statement.
        I also suggested that [feminism] should not be a war against men.
        you said I “can’t handle equality because [I] will treat men equal or beneath [me] like shit,” yet nothing I’ve stated validates that suggestion. Furthermore, my home life and professional life prove that statement untrue.
        Your response is disheartening because it seems your experience has reinforced your beliefs, and I can’t argue your point at large because I do not represent the whole of women. I can only hope and pray you realize that people, both women and men, should be judged individually.

        1. Yup you are an individual, Delores.. an individual who starfucks. Which means that the more Dolares you get (whether given or earned) the more men you will sexually dismiss.
          Now I know you like to represent your pussy as the epitome of egalitarianism, but we all know that ain’t the truth.
          You are full of shit.

        2. I’m unsure what you mean when you say I will “sexually dismiss” men. Do you mind clarifying?
          Also, I want to clarify what I meant when I mentioned equality since you are lumping me into the whole of egalitarianism. When I say equality, I mean equal opportunity, that no person be denied (or granted) opportunity solely because of gender. I don’t believe every person is equal. Within both genders there are varying degrees of intelligence, experience, talent, or lack thereof. I’m sure you recognize that, just as not all women are incompetent, not all men are competent. If you believe this makes me full of shit, then ok. You are entitled to hold that opinion. But I hold fast that my belief is logical and true.

        3. The only thing you need to clarify is who is sticking their dick in you. All the other shit doesn’t matter, woman. Got that?
          Tell me about the men you have let fuck you.

      2. Ive never been promoted in my life ( because of ADHD) so perhaps never will. But I will look for this. Thank you. Its something that needs to be adressed by women, perhaps to other younger ones who can be taught.
        Ive had a lifetime of sidelined mammalian politics watching, and women frighten me the most.

  25. One of the best articles I’ve seen here in a long time. Well done. The author clears up, previously inchoate thoughts in my head, with the very intelligent analysis:
    “Firstly, feminists believe that male strength is “male privilege” because feminists’ view of empowerment is parasitic, wherein people leech off of society and the government. According to feminists, men are only strong if society awards them “privilege” for having dicks. The truth, however, is that men can cultivate strength of body, of mind, and of spirit only through personal effort.”
    Again…excellent work.

  26. “It seems a lot of men also find construction and mining undesirable
    since they’ve chosen other fields. Maybe you should conduct a study.”
    Wow. Just wow.

  27. Slate pays a comically low fee to its writers- fifty cents per word. Her opinions just barely cover her dry cleaning bills.

  28. Oxen are strong. Does that mean they have privilege? Not when that strength is expect to be used to benefit everyone *but* the ox himself.
    Ugh, why even bother countering this shit? It just means we are agreeing to their terms, jargon and rhetoric. They set the discourse and we stumble into their trap.

  29. “Firstly, feminists believe that male strength is “male privilege” because feminists’ view of empowerment is parasitic, wherein people leech off of society and the government. According to feminists, men are only strong if society awards them “privilege” for having dicks. The truth, however, is that men can cultivate strength of body, of mind, and of spirit only through personal effort.”
    – this echoes loudly a truth i’ve always known without actually articulating it. This is why feminists are so deluded. Something so grounded in reality escapes them. Its why feminism’s destiny was always going to be failure

    1. That’s a money quote right there. The idea of empowerment these feminist bitches have is that others should do stuff for them, instead of trying to better themselves as we do.

  30. Feminists should be avoided – this is the ultimate male “shit test”. If you are with a woman and she has feminist friends – tell her you dont like that she is hanging out with bigots. She will dump them in a second. If she doesnt, dump her and at a minimum, you avoided a bullet.

  31. Glad to see we are all in agreement. Hess, and I’d be willing to bet Macomber – need to be fucked senseless. Hard to have deep feminist “thoughts” when they’re high on the euphoria of a solid pounding.

  32. I’ve been wondering what’s driving some of my reasonably intelligent female friends to feminism all of a sudden, like within the last year or so. Then it hit me yesterday-they are all either single and bitter or married and bored out of their minds. Actually the married ones are even louder and more obnoxious than the single ones. They’re obviously very angry about….something. Their husbands are all “betas” I guess, and they treat their husbands like children. It’s kind of disgusting. I’m in a wonderful relationship with my husband where we are equal but I take on the more feminine role (cook for him, dress sexy for him, etc),and we have an amazing, passionate sex life…So I just don’t have this chip on my shoulder about masculinity or men. I love his masculinity. I wouldn’t be attracted to him without it. I wonder if this is what they’re missing from their lives?

  33. Generally, I think it only makes sense to be dismissive of “male privilege” as a discussion topic. If you consider it at all, the most rational reaction is to be thankful that you’ve been blessed by whatever put you where you are when you are that you’ve been born with the privileges granted. As a middle class white male born in America, I’ll readily acknowledge that I’ve had fewer barriers in life than either a woman or minority man born in otherwise similar circumstances.
    That being said, 1. there’s nothing I can do about that, and 2. the gap between me and either a woman or first world minority man PALES in comparison to the gap between all first worlders and the life privileges experienced by many born elsewhere in the world.
    If I were to spend any effort trying to shed my privilege for others’ benefit, it would have to be for the far greater number of far more disenfranchised people who don’t have all the first world perks these shallow minded fools take for granted.
    #MalePrivilege = #FirstWorldProblems

  34. “The next time a feminist asks you to help with something like promoting breast cancer awareness…”
    I simply ask what they have done for Prostate Cancer, which kills more people than Breast Cancer does. Then I ask one simple question: “If you don’t care for a cause that is important to me, why should I care for one that is important to you?”
    That’s usually when the so-called “equality” breaks down and the name-calling begins, and I exit stage right.

    1. I do the same thing. Called out a group of hens cackling on about wearing pink and “why aren’t you wearing it” (this was a corporate environment). I mentioned prostate cancer awareness and got nasty insults that, somehow, men dying basically was less important than women dying and who the hell was I to even bring up such a topic.
      I laughed and walked out of the room. Haven’t spoken to this gaggle of old hens since. No doubt it will at some point come back to bite me in the ass, and I really don’t give a flying shit.

  35. Feminists hate meritocracies. Which is why they attack any business/industry/company that is started, nurtured, and made profitable by men. If they were that talented, they would either a) start their own business and make it profitable, or b) get noticed and move up the ladder at corporations.
    What does it say about the skill set of whining Feminists when Western women are the most coddled, overprotected, and pampered group of people and still many of them are not getting ahead in the business world?

  36. “If you’re a man, don’t answer those questions”
    That line blew me away. She has the audacity to ask for help, only so that she may act churlish once said help arrives? She asks men to take on positions and views for her, she knows that man will be judged for those views….yet she scoffs at the ones who try to help her. Ungrateful, selfish, unfounded, idiotic concepts. Somebody teach her the expression “never look a gift horse in the mouth”

  37. Sadly, breast cancer is actually the problem of anyone with breasts. That includes the male of the mammalian humanoid.

  38. I’m sure that men who become male feminists (manginas) do so only to score fembot pussy. But their reward is to get kicked up the ass for their efforts.

  39. All feminists — and females — are beset by problems to which they come up with “solutions” by blaming men and demanding some inane and nonfunctional legislation or social customs that result in problems to which they come up with “solutions” by blaming men and demanding some inane and nonfunctional legislation or social customs that result in problems to which they…..

  40. I’m glad women focus on feminism, the rape culture, bullying, etc……helps to leave me alone.

  41. You are absolutely right. Feminism has absolutely NOTHING to do with gender equality, and that’s why it’s completely illogical and actually serves to undermine women who want equality. Two female reporters in Montreal were recently the targets of the “FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY” prank. They both wrote articles on the good ol’ government funded CBC expressing their outrage (kind of ironic, given the recent allegations about their biggest cash cow). And here’s what I have to say both of them:
    Dear Ms. Birckbeck and Ms. O’Neil Yates:
    To begin with, this is a prank that started on the internet (with male reporters) and has also been pulled on male reporters in real life. Yes, it is very shocking and embarrassing for the “victim”. That’s sort of the point.
    Ms. Birkbeck: do all us women a favour and stop making a ridiculous prank into a war against women. You make us all look weak, and I haven’t worked as hard as I have my whole life to have you undermine my well earned equality with your pathetic whining. “On two separate occasions on the SAME day, men sabotaged my reporting by saying bad words. Everybody stared at me. I felt so violated” Frankly the fact that it happened twice on the same day and you didn’t clue in something was up speaks volumes about your reporting skills. Remind me never to rely on you for the “breaking news”. You make a mockery of the women’s movement, and any woman who has ever suffered from physical and/or sexual violence. Don’t like being stared at? I suggest you try a different career path.
    Ms. O’Neill Yates: “Only the most diseased and depraved mind would think this up.” Impossible, you fired THAT GUY a month ago 😉 Seriously? This is the worst case of misogyny you’ve ever seen in 20 years of reporting? Wow. Slow career I guess.
    A male colleague showed me this meme while at work months ago (an American MALE reporter was the target). It also caused me a good deal of discomfort. Namely, I nearly peed myself I was laughing so hard. Now THAT would have been an embarrassing moment at work.
    But I also find farts funny.

  42. Horrifying. As a woman, raised by a man, outside ANY privilege ( unacknowledged disability/terrible problems resulting ), I was unexposed to feminism as I could not attend Uni.( Or even go outside, or read, at one point. So, blank slate there, guys.)
    When, later in life I start learning what pretty much should have been learnt 20 years earlier ( no time like now ), filling in gaps in self educated book reading – plus internet, I am appalled.
    These women have no classical discourse ( meaning, WTF, Im sorry,no logic OR reason ) and even I, ADHD mutant have more sensibility.
    Literally, the Dark ages.

    1. Honestly, silver lining to being isolated/alienated/separated from society-
      No forced indoctrination from these witches. Male witch hunt.

  43. The betas don’t need to “wake up”. They are betas because they selfishly gave up on autonomy, and stab each other in the back every chance they get. I’ve wasted far too much time with betas, they are worse than useless. Every last one is a selfish envious coward who loves ignorance because only in ignorance can they maintain the selfish fiction that they are actually good and brave.
    So no, betas don’t need “waking” tey have what they need, which is an excuse to continue being cowards. what we need on the other hand is a different story entirely.
    Because that is what feminism actually is. It’s a giant excuse for men to jerk off.
    (I’m exaggerating of course)

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