What Is Virtue Signalling?

Virtue signaling is an attempt to get into the good graces of an individual or group by taking a political stance that attempts to show moral superiority. It allows someone to cheaply gain social status—and sometimes money—through comments or displays that are easy to make in place of genuine activism or work.

Such politically correct “holier than thou” empty gestures by ordinary individuals are silly but innocuous. By the powerful, though, this can have real impact on pushing agendas. More disheartening is when it happens by politically notable figures, for instance the “I’m not an extremist, unlike this guy a little to my right” routine. What’s quite troubling is how common it is for corporations, celebrities, and the ultra-wealthy to jump on the virtue signalling bandwagon. Many corporations have enthusiastically embraced affirmative action policies, put on gay pride events, ostentatiously celebrate diversity, and so forth—a clear endorsement of these things.

If you’ve looked at the terms of service for any number of social media companies and content providers, there will be verbiage disallowing politically incorrect speech. These are generally written broadly enough to get anyone banned they don’t like, and such bannings are often acts of virtue signalling (i.e. “Their speech is bad and immoral according to our standards”).

At first glance

There’s a lot more to it than just that.

Virtue-signaling by celebrities tends to resemble groupthink and trendy blather. By corporations, it seems like spineless pandering. It’s easy to see how people insulated from the real world by their limousines and gated communities would behave that way. Still, the picture is more complicated than that. The rabbit hole goes pretty deep.

Sam Francis wrote extensively about virtue-signaling before it had a name. (That covered corporate varieties, though celebrities and politicians are a problem too.) He listed several examples; here are a few:

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, it ought to be obvious that the dominant powers and authorities in the United States and other Western countries are either indifferent to the accelerating racial and cultural dispossession of the historic peoples of America and Europe or are actually in favor of it.

And this:

In Grutter v. Bollinger, the 2003 Supreme Court ruling that upheld the University of Michigan law school’s affirmative action policies, 65 corporations filed amicus curiae briefs endorsing the school’s admission policies that discriminate against white applicants.


Large businesses, foundations, and universities are in the forefront of mandatory “sensitivity training,” multiculturalist indoctrination, and efforts to portray white racial and cultural identity as a source of pathology, extremism, repression, and violence, and to instill feelings of guilt for white, European, Christian civilization and achievements.

Now this one is just weird:

Some years ago the Budweiser company sponsored a series of advertisements that helped popularize and legitimize various myths of Afrocentric propaganda, such as the claims that the Semitic Carthaginian general Hannibal, various kings of ancient Egypt, and the last Macedonian queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, were all Negroes—claims known to be preposterously contrary to historical fact.

Why would promoting Afrocentric theory—a screwy academic fad by leftist professors—be in their corporate agenda? Wouldn’t a less goofy marketing campaign, like a celebrity endorsement, do just as well to boost sales to Black customers? A more evocative question is, did they consider whether in-your-face distortion of history might turn off their existing customers?

The article then discusses the nature of power structures; it’s a lot more than just who won an election. Politics is downstream of culture, and Francis argues that those who hold the reigns of opinion-forming institutions are more powerful than elected officials. Then he discusses motivations, of which I have some further observations.

Some of them really believe it

“Human rights, anti-racism, globalism” – the messages are everywhere, and it’s all the same

Let’s consider the interesting case of Martine Rothblatt (formerly Martin until transitioning at age 40), CEO of GeoStar and Chairman of the Board of United Therapeutics. According to the Wiki page:

In 2004, Rothblatt launched the Terasem Movement, a transhumanist school of thought focused on promoting joy, diversity, and the prospect of technological immortality via mind uploading and geoethical nanotechnology. Through a charitable foundation, leaders of this school convene publicly accessible symposia, publish explanatory analyses, conduct demonstration projects, issue grants, and encourage public awareness and adherence to Terasem values and goals.

Through her blog Mindfiles, Mindware and Mindclones, she writes about “the coming age of our own cyberconsciousness and techno-immortality“ and started a vlog together with Ulrike Reinhard on the same topic. She also created Lifenaut.com as a place where thousands of people could go to backup their minds.

Rothblatt contributed $258,000 to SpacePAC, a super PAC that supported her son, Gabriel, who was running as a Democrat in Florida’s 8th congressional district but lost. Gabriel is a pastor for the Terasem Movement.

Although one might quibble with this individual’s politics and odd hobbies, clearly Rothblatt means it and has a personal stake in it.

For some other examples, several well-known Hollywood figures have gone far beyond the call of duty. Perhaps the Powers That Be require conformity, condoning politicized Oscars speeches and punishing off-message utterances harshly. while giving a free pass to degenerates.

Still, some celebrity antics are difficult to imagine unless personal conviction is involved; method acting only gets you so far. Music industry figures are also well-known for political poses, odd personal choices that ostentatiously display their politics, and the like. In any event, if something goes far beyond perfunctory declarations of solidarity for trendy causes, that’s a good sign they really believe this stuff. When that happens, it’s not merely virtue-signaling, but rather propaganda and—in some cases—social engineering attempts.

How sincere are they, really?

Sam Francis goes on to say:

One of the major differences between the theory of elites [by Mosca and Pareto] and simpleminded conspiracy theories is that the latter almost always postulate hidden groups of conspirators who do not believe in the ideas they use to gull and manipulate the masses. In elite theory, political formulas tend to become ideologies that take on a life of their own and push behavior of their own accord, without conscious or deliberate fraud or calculation of interests by those who accept them.

Although a good number of champagne Socialists and celebrity airheads really believe their claptrap, I wouldn’t so quickly dismiss callous cynicism by many others. The boundless hypocrisy of leftists would make even a televangelist blush. Either way, the practical results for society are the same. For that matter, how much does a celebrity who hasn’t tasted tap water in years, or a billionaire CEO, really feel for the common people or relate to them?

Still, Francis was spot-on about ideologies taking on a life of their own. Cultural Marxism did, in fact, start as a Communist conspiracy by the Frankfurt School to weaken American society. This spread through academia and the media, creating the crazy 1960s counterculture. By the 1990s, cultural Marxism memes permeated society and became politically correct orthodoxy, even though Russia was no longer Communist by then. Now, it’s taken some very strange directions, going well beyond what the Frankfurt School expected to accomplish in wrecking society.

The culture-destroying agenda

Following a discussion about the transition of power from the old American elite to what James Burnham called the managerial class, Francis describes the type of world the globalists want:

The culture the managers seek to build places more value on individual achievement and “merit” (defined largely as the ability to acquire and exercise managerial and technical skills) than on family inheritance, on sexual fulfillment than postponement of gratification and the breeding and rearing of children, on social mobility and advancement rather than identification with family, community, race, and nation.

But in addition to the family, the managerial class simply does not need other traditional institutional structures to maintain its power— not the local community, not religion, not traditional cultural and moral codes, not ethnic and racial identities, and not even the nation-state itself. Indeed, such institutions merely get in the way of managerial power. They represent barriers against which the managerial state, corporations, and other mass organizations are always bumping, and the sooner such barriers are leveled, the more reach and power the organizations, and the managerial elites that run them, will acquire.

So this is why they favor rootless cosmopolitanism and anti-family policies. These are goals that they have in common with cultural Marxism, though for their own reasons. This new version of leftist ideology fits their agenda quite well, and (at least in practice) it’s not too concerned with vast extremes of wealth, quite unlike old-school Socialism. So globalist plutocrats naturally latch onto something that lets them feel good about themselves and what they’re doing.

For some, this may be a strange form of atonement. Those who practice predatory lending, crash economies with funny money stock trading and forex schemes, promote crazy consumerism, and sell products that are unhealthy, overpriced, shoddy, or made with planned obsolescence at least can pat themselves on the back by gestures showing that they care about “social justice”.

After that, Francis details what the globalist agenda involves, a rather chilling picture. Then later:

[T]he new managerial elite rejects and destroys the mechanisms of the old elite that excluded other ethnic, racial, and religious groups, such groups are often able to permeate the managerial power structure and acquire levels of power unavailable to them in pre-managerial society and to advance their own interests and agendas by means of the managerial instruments of power.

Well, we can see where that one is going. It’s remarkably short sighted of them to wreck the society that brought them unprecedented wealth. Those who do so clearly aren’t as smart as they think they are. It didn’t have to be that way. They can have constructive cooperation, or they can have mutually assured destruction. However, they can’t sink the ship they’re on and expect not to go down with it.

What can be done about it

The only reason elites have gotten away with giving the middle finger to the very population that founded the USA is that we lack the solidarity that has been aggressively promoted to others. (That itself is a greater problem.) Thus, not enough of us have spoken up about it or refused to do business with companies like that.

Everyone should be able to express their opinions freely, but in practice, it doesn’t work that way. Conservative business figures and celebrities are expected to remain silent lest they become targets of wrath. (The effort against Chick-Fil-A backfired spectacularly on the SJWs, but they’ve intimidated the owner and others with similar opinions from expressing their views in the future.) Well, two can play that game. If we send the message that virtue signaling hurts profits and ticket sales, then corporations will go back to focusing on selling products, and celebrities will focus on singing and acting.

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186 thoughts on “What Is Virtue Signalling?”

  1. The best thing that can realistically happen would be for the college debt bubble to crash. No more government money for impressionable kids to spend 4 years being radicalized by Marxist doctrine.

    1. Actually most universities and colleges should be closed and new ones be opened with tightly regulated curricula and the ability to remove the guys that find them too demanding for cultural reason or too exclusive, if they want african curricula they should go to Africa and learn about black magic!

      1. Universities should be strictly STEM.
        Did you hear of the movie “Hidden Figures”?Hollywood will have you believe that obese black women put man on the moon. In reality, it was a Nazi scientist named Wernher von Braun that designed the V-2 and Saturn V rockets.
        Meanwhile, there are still African tribes that still don’t know what a wheel is.

        1. Look at all these obese black people at Mission Control during the Apollo 11 touchdown!
          EDIT: Yes, there were some black female mathematicians at NASA. Yes, some of the most significant people in the history of the computer were women (namely Ada Lovelace).
          No, they weren’t the whole story. It was predominantly white men, many German and many from Nazi-era Germany, who worked without cease to make the impossible dream a historic reality.

        2. There is a need also for some scholarly courses… But the the 1 hundredth of the ones we have (only philology, philosophy and Theology). The reason is so that stupid ideologies won’t rise again, the universities managed to stop this, except in France, ’till they got entried. The reason is we need to produce thinkers that will be able to sustain our knowledge, character, mind and thoughts.

        3. I think we should probably put a hiatus on college courses on those philosophical disciplines, as well.
          I’ll never forget my illustrious professor, heavily published and widely regarded as an expert, who asserted to the class that Aristotle was basically irrelevant.

        4. No, one of the reasons why we are in this situation is because we stopped having a classical education. This education helped think, the left removes more and more of it so that it can create zombies that can believe anything. It is no coincidence that modern philosophical courses only deconstruct the older ones, the fact that we cannot construct buildings with it does not remove it’s usefulness. If you ‘d like I highly suggest aristotle’s rhetoric or the metaphysics it will open your mind.

        5. Truth. You got to love how the Moors who are E1B1B2 Caucasians were somehow E1B1A1 Negroids that gave Europe the gift of Renaissance!

        6. It’s a true pity we only have incomplete record of Aristotle’s work. What we have is amazing.
          I do believe we’d be better served teaching Philosophy in all schools than, say, literary analysis. But it needs to start in infancy and proceed throughout, starting with fables and parables and proceeding into the realm of ideas and inquiry.
          Science makes no sense without philosophy, particularly that field of logical inquiry pioneered by Aristotle.

        7. I think the liberal arts programs are only as good as the individual teaching. Unlike STEM, these fields are highly subjective. Civilization will have an eternal need for STEM, and I think our emphasis should be there.

        8. We got the Renaissance because the Byzantine monks fled their homelands (which were decimated by the Muslims and finally conquered by less-than-honorable Crusaders) for the West. They were genetically a blend of Semitic and Japhethitic peoples (what we would now blanketly call “white”).
          I can believe but not understand how anyone could think otherwise.

        9. We’ve got much the same problem in theoretical STEM courses, as well. Once we surpass the realm of observation, we enter the realm of philosophy, and yet even most professors and researchers fail to understand this simple truth.
          I believe T&E are highly distinct from S&M.

        10. This generation of liberal arts teachers were anarchists and Black Panthers during the 1960s. Now they have a podium to give their views legitimacy to impressionable young students… When the college debt finally bursts, they’ll be the first to go.

        11. Frankly, that can be arranged in two simple policies:
          1. Government will no longer fund universities who have liberal arts programs
          2. Government will no longer service student debt, and will severely scale back all university funding
          Almost instantly, the liberal arts programs will vanish and the price for the rest will drop drastically as they learn to do more with less. My dad could afford to go to college on a typewriter repairman’s salary because the Government wasn’t there to help inflate the bubble.
          EDIT: If I remember the numbers right, he paid at most $100 for textbooks and $400 for a semester. Adjusted for inflation, we’re looking at about $1100, all inclusive. At the same university today, it’s about $2500 for the tuition alone.

        12. No, basically teaching philosophy to children is a bad idea. The same with adolescents. You need a maturing mind so that one may understand it. The problem with philosohpy is that it requires a developed personality to be able to work, a child or reactionary adolescent won’t be able to read it correctly, or it will project his will through it. In the end the introduction can happen only during the last school years the very earliest or at post-graduate classes.
          The problem with me is not what we miss from Aristotle but what we miss from what we have from the Byzantium and middle ages, these people matched the ancients in their thought and built upon them their concepts on duality, that one thing may have two contradicting natures at the same time were only hinted by the ancients, and it is quite a loss that we lose so much from what we have available, or the fact that no one pays attention to the German school of thought or the Russian one (influenced from the German school but has the orthodox theological twist, it is an intriguing mix but sadly you need to know Russian) while the worthless Frankfurt (Deconstructivists), Marxist (’nuff said), Idealist (too abstract), Linguist (they have only one argument) and Positivist (too abstract and they are lost in their one argument, only good thing avout them is David Stove only for deconstructing the deconstructivists and modern Idealists) schools are being celebrated.
          The problem with teaching philosophy too early or too much is that one might selectively read everything and simply justify his own behaviour, too late and too few and it will be of no use. The need of philosophy is sadly more needed for scholars who will be more able to use it to steer the masses in all the right directions and keep the knowledge and the high standards of our civilization.

        13. I am copying from Taignobias here: “Science makes no sense without philosophy”. I paraphrase, add and say that: science and life cannot be understood without philosophy.
          Civilizations need both of STEM and scholarship, never has managed to be an absolutely technical civilization and the one that is closer to being one is under threat from everywhere. Without will that is generated from thought and sustained through spirit what use can there be for science?

        14. What is taught in youth must be different but related to what is taught later. During those formative years, little nuggets of truth are key to further development later on.
          That’s why I talk about fables, in particular. Kids lack the development to fully grasp the philosophical concepts of equity and ethics, but they can and do receive that same kind of wisdom from fables. They start asking “why?” at a young age, and that impulse can be channeled and nurtured or it can be crushed.
          My dad had a habit of challenging my “why?” with another question, in the vein of Socrates. It made all the difference, because I had to then formulate a reply which would itself be challenged. In this way, even at a young age I was primed to receive philosophy. By contrast, I knew many who would hear “because I said so”, which teaches aversion to inquiry.
          This is the sort of thing that I mean when I say philosophy must begin in infancy. While kids are developing, they are most vulnerable, and so we must take care how we teach them. Because if we do not teach them, they will still be taught, and the other teacher may not care so deeply.

        15. Up until the Clinton administration the government capped college spending at $2500 per year. I’ll have to find the bill and post a link, but it removed the cap and the proliferation of college expense perfectly coincides with this bill.

        16. There seems to be a lot more room for interpretation in the S and M fields. Within T and E, which is more math based, you are either correct or incorrect

        17. HMmm…
          Look the closest to fully putting philosophy to children is to teach them Aesop’s fables. Although this is not philosophy it is inspirational writing that wants to teach trough example.
          I agree with you, there is a small problem: this needs to be done by the family, the school cannot show so much care to each individual child. It is to my mind that only few people can be taught ful philosophy and most people won’t develop an inclination to it, still having some very basic knowledge of it will do good because their mind will never be really void, and a bit of theology so that their spirit won’t be ever really void.
          What you’re father did does not suit all children neither all fathers, still it is commendable, but remember most people will only be tired if they are challenged intellectually and will demand things ready and chewed for themselves. Though what one should know always and what philosophy always can manage to do is to know one’s own affinity situation and standing to a basic standard, that is the place that most people should know philosophy, because otherwise they’ll use it to justify themselves.

        18. Personally, I think the role of teaching philosophy, ethics, and morals goes to the male provider of the household.

        19. At the end of the day, no matter how much theory you ply or how cleverly you twist the variables, the LED will turn on or it will not.
          This is the heart of engineering. We don’t care just how neat your idea is if, at the end of the day, my LED doesn’t turn on.

        20. I disagree about Universities being strictly stem. There is nothing wrong with having a liberal arts curriculum. The problem is that people need to be realistic and realize that those degrees have limited job prospects.

        21. “EDIT: Yes, there were some black female mathematicians at NASA. Yes, some of the most significant people in the history of the computer were women (namely Ada Lovelace).
          No, they weren’t the whole story”
          I am guessing that is what the movie about the black woman who worked NASA – she indeed worked there but I’m sure the movie will seriously overplay her importance.

        22. Civilization clearly has an eternal need for liberal arts too. You think Shakespeare’s plays survived by accident?

        23. Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics has never been improved upon. His Politics is great. And he literally wrote the first book on story structure, Poetics.
          Your professor was correct about his natural science which was a joke. But so was all science before 1600.

        24. We don’t need universities to preserve Shakespeare. We have the books, anyone can read them or re-enact them.

        25. Liberal arts programs are an integral part of a man’s education. They’ve existed for thousands of years — look up “trivium and quadrivium”. It’s the height of arrogance to say that studying great thinkers, and discussing them in Socratic dialogue with really sharp non-PC professors, is worthless. Besides, you don’t hear people like me saying that engineering is worthless.
          Both can coexist.

        26. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of fathers I’ve known who were capable of teaching anything more complex than “Do what’s right.” Let’s admit it: most of us men just aren’t that educated.
          Let the professional teachers do their jobs–as long as they’re not crazy leftists.

        27. I’m getting the sense that nobody here has ever participated in a strong classroom discussion about the nature of theodicy in The Brothers Karamazov.
          Get back to me when you have. Then you’ll understand the value of a good liberal arts education.

        28. It has tremendous value, else I would not study it myself. However, the RoI for liberal arts degrees approaches zero as cost increases toward infinity.

        29. as shitty and subpar as my father was he did an elite job of instilling me with a moral code. Everything else? subpar, below average, embarrassing and even disgraceful.

        30. “Look, my test scripts ran over the data, and it looks like most of our wasted cash goes to stupid people. It’s not efficient, so we’re going to sell you to China as sweatshop workers. The rollout will happen over the next few weeks with an expected load of 50% of maximum capacity for each sweep.”
          “We would apologize for the inconvenience, but we’re busy switching the Red Phone to VoIP.”

        31. Wow, you have read The Brothers Karamazov and discussed it in a class. Well done! I’m sure that will help you lead a productive, creative life. What job did that land you?
          I’d rather know how to design and construct buildings, farm foods, or manufacture tools parts using CNC machines than try and compensate for a lack technical skill by elevating books and an abiltiy to debate ethnics. It is bullshit and you know it. Anyone with an IQ over 110 can read a book and think about its meaning, in their leisure time. It is just a book on ethics; it isn’t Riemann’s differential equation.

        32. You’re an arrogant prick. You’re only denigrating liberal arts because you don’t understand them, and you’re scared of them.
          Do you even know what the liberal arts jobs are? I suspect you don’t. An economist is a member of the liberal arts. So is an archaeologist, so is a book editor, so is a teacher. These are all real jobs, with real training … and they’re immensely useful.
          Yes, technical work is great. Liberal arts work is also great, though it’s harder to get, particularly when young. You have to persist, and not many people have the strength to do so.
          As someone who makes an above-average living in the liberal arts, let me advise you to shut your mouth before you continue to embarrass yourself.

        33. “Yes, some of the most significant people in the history of the computer were women”
          May be and that’s obvious ! But how those females became “significant” in first place ?
          Almost everything (toilet paper to disqus) was Invented, Innovated and Pioneered by MEN.
          All those females had to do is; use the already available knowledge, tools, resources and facilities (99.99 % courtesy of MEN).
          I am an expert in Java technology, but, that doesn’t mean I can “compare” myself with and claim more “significant” than James Gosling !

        34. The university system is filled with awful problems, yes. So, we reform it– we don’t destroy it like the left is very sincerely trying to do.

        35. Also recognize that liberal arts is part of becoming fully actualized person. A huge amount of what we discuss here on ROK *is* liberal arts. Those NASA heros in the 1960s didn’t reach for the moon because of their great STEM educations. They did it because they were humanists. As it says on the plackard left on the moon: “We came in peace, for all mankind.” Sounds pretty liberal artsy to me.

        36. Ada was brilliant, there’s no disputing that. Her work is seminal in the transformation of computers from simple adding and shifting devices into the workhorses we now employ.
          But she and her ilk are more anomalous than the propagandists would have us believe. For every Grace Hopper or Frances Allen, there are dozens of Dennis Ritchies and Brian Kernighans (to those programmers who don’t know these names, shame on your teachers).
          It’s a factor of IQ, as observed in works like The Bell Curve. Women cluster around the mean, but men are more spread out, so we find more geniuses and morons among men than women. Consequently, women in technology are almost certain to be roughly “average”, while men who make it that far are more likely to be either average or above-average.
          Celebrate everyone who makes a great impact. I personally hold Lovelace and Hopper in great esteem, though I would hesitate to say I hold them in any higher esteem than von Neumann, Kernighan and Ritchie, or even Stroustrup (though I have my quibbles with him over his programming language). By understanding them and their work, we can stand on their shoulders to achieve even greater things.
          (As an aside, I hate Java for a number of reasons I personally find to be valid and great. Nothing against you as a Java programmer, but my experiences developing and maintaining OOP languages in general, and Java in particular, left a very sour taste in my mouth.)

        37. Without Aristotle, I doubt we’d have the scientific field we have today.
          What transpired in the wake of the Renaissance was a formalization and adaptation of the work of Aristotle and those who came after him. It took the work of those like Descartes to combine his logical theory with the burgeoning field of numeric mathematics to produce a reliable and testable system of measurement and experimentation.
          His natural science actually isn’t that bad, either. You need to do some translation, and he was mistaken about a few things, but it’s more than many would suspect. It’s especially impressive when you realize that his work was all basically new, and he was basically the only one in his field.
          Even the greatest physicists of today can’t make such a claim.

        38. I hesitate to mention it, but the liberal arts jobs you mention have a few things in common. The first is gatekeeping – I was editing and grading AP English papers in sixth grade, but without a Masters in English Literature I can’t get my foot in the door at major publications. Much the same is true of teaching (you need 16+ years of education to teach first graders addition in public schools), or economics (great work is done by uncredentialed hobbyists, but their work is often ignored), or archaeology (though it’s kind of a niche thing that takes substantial funding to do properly, so I’ll happily give it a pass).
          The second is they’re very niche. Archaeologists, editors, and economists are really only trained and credentialed for particular work in particular fields, and it is easy to flood those markets. By contrast, a degree in computing translates well to work in dozens of possible fields, which increases the RoI of such a degree as it is much easier to have a more-or-less constant stream of quality job opportunities.
          The third applies to all higher education, but liberal arts most significantly: there are ways to get the same enrichment outside the academic setting. Look at us, discussing concepts of philosophy, economics, and politics at various levels of detail on a site that once hosted “fat shaming week.”
          This is the root of the discussion. It is nearly impossible to argue that we would be better off without any of the liberal arts in our lives, but to what degree should we encourage it at a secondary-education level? Given that the current setup has produced a supply of credentialed youth that far outstrips the demand for their credentials, it behooves us to discuss both the value of such credentials and the methods by which we can disincentivize idiot kids from spending enormous sums of money and years of life on what will most likely be, for them, entirely useless scraps of paper.

        39. Liberal arts are for those with lower IQs.. This civilisation owes far more to people like me with technical proficiency that wannabe smart asses like yourself. Archaeology, your example, is for hippy drop outs that like brushing mud off old stuff. I can design and machine tool any product used in any industry from any period in history for any purpose. I can cnc and mill gun parts and create a well equiped army of right wing death squads. Your sophistry can’t match that level of real world value.
          Liberal arts are hobbies.

        40. No further comments about “I hate Java” ! It’s comes down to personal interest, comfortability, choice etc. I started by career as a ‘C’ Programmer (in 1996) on SCO Unix/Solaris, and moved on to C++ and Java; …just a second, I am sipping hot cup of Coffee !
          Coming to the your statement, “Ada was brilliant”. In my previous comment, I was not talking about brilliance; I was talking about “reality”.
          She was a mathematician, OK, understood, but how did she became a mathematician !? Did she invented Algebra or Geometry or Calculus or Number Theory or Combinatorics or Probability or Analytical Engine or etc. etc. etc. !?
          She studied & learned something that’s already been Invented, Innovated and Pioneered by MEN ! That’s the whole point ! I am not saying that females are not intelligent or brilliant or whatever; I am just saying that 99.99% of what we are using now (sorry to repeat), tissue paper to disqus, are by MEN.
          Here a link (about the over exaggeration and un-due credit !):
          Meanwhile, I will try my best to think about the whole story “without” a MAN called “Charles Babbage” !!

        41. Ada’s contribution was modest, lending her famous family name, editing papers of others. She did no programming, or nothing original, but she did see some of the possibilities early enough to be talked up as a pioneer.

        42. You white nationalists love trying to claim Moors and Egyptians as members of your own race…
          It’s a form of cognitive dissonance really. You know that you can’t simultaneously disparage all black/brown/mixed races as sub-human while simultaneously acknowledging that they were responsible for some of the greatest advances in technology, literature, agriculture, art, etc.
          So instead of coming to grips with the gaping holes in your flawed world view – like a child, you put your fingers in your ears, perform this huge feat of mental gymnastics, and evade the mountain of evidence that says otherwise.
          The truth is simple… You are weak.
          To all of the other white guys reading this message: don’t fall in this trap of white-male victimhood. It’s just as pathetic as feminism, BLM, MGTOW, and all of that other pussy-ass bullshit.
          As a white man, be proud of your race, culture and history. Stand up for yourself as a man and advocate for your rights.
          However, your position of blanket “white superiority” is just a verbal manifestation of your inferiority complex and inherent low self esteem.
          You are not a victim. Go build a business. Join a sports team. Shoot some guns. Work on your car. Get some pussy. Get off of the internet crying like a lil bitch.

        43. Awww…. I work in a genetics lab. E1B1B1/B2 are Y linked Caucasian chromosomes. E1B1A1 are Y linked Negroid chromosomes. [Science is so racist]

        44. “Get off of the internet crying like a lil bitch.”
          -Says the guy on the internet crying like a lil bitch.

        45. The same way I view someone like Margaret thatcher. She herself hated the ideology of feminism. No wonder she is never talked about positively in msm

        46. Tuition for my first year at a state university would have been $600. I went into the military instead and got my tuition paid for by the state. Of course, that was long ago.

        47. You make a great point, but one that is irrelevant to today’s liberal arts. Today you would never study those dead white men’s opinions. They are anathema because they were white. Clearly they are racists, sexists, and islamaphobes (however most of the Greek philosophers were far from homophobes).
          You are trying to protect and defend something that died decades ago. So long ago that even the rotting corpse is gone.

        48. I am truly sorry for you. The system is so corrupted that it can’t be saved. It is like trying to save a cancer patient where the tumor has metastasized and spread to every part of the body. It can’t be saved or reformed. It is terminal. They have abandoned academic inquiry in favor of PC Cultist fanaticism.

        49. I have zero need to know about cis-hetero male bias in video games to be a well rounded fully actualized person. That is what we are talking about aren’t we. We are not discussing how Aristotelian thought affected western culture, are we?

        50. Please, please stop. You are not discussing the reality on modern western campuses. When you argue for liberal arts you lump in what is going on today as liberal arts. It isn’t it is a mish mash of various anti white, anti male, anti western civilization hate course.

        51. There are no professors on American campuses that are not crazy leftist. I know, I used to be a professor on an American campus. If you don’t toe the crazy leftist line, and do everything you can to exceed it every day, you will be purged.

        52. Nothing is more rigorously rational and fact based, with proof of every step, than mathematics. You do realize that the M in S and M is Mathematics?

        53. Last I looked the School of Economics on every western Campus is not in the Liberal Arts college.

        54. Yes, this. Liberal Arts stopped being a classical education generations ago. Why are you defending Liberal Arts as it is now, as if it were a classical education?

        55. The people involved are not compromised the degree that we are all assuming. There are fewer of these insane assholes than there are quiet academics just trying to survive without being brought up on ad hoc charges for failure to conform to PC dogma. As with all leftist strategy, the method to destroy the university system is to take it over administratively, and silence the majority of teachers who actually do care about helping students meet the genuine challenges of life.
          And don’t lose sight of the fact that destroying the university *is the goal* of leftists. Because losing it diminishes our culture, our humanity, and our (critically) independence.

        56. With respect, you are engaging in abject sophistry. Cis-whatever has no meaning as these are nonsense words, created and promoted by unserious women. Don’t talk to me like I am on the other side. We are indeed discussing the impact of Aristotle on the human story, and other matters of importance. You *do* need to know about Aristotle, and Schopenhauer, and Shakespeare, and Adam Smith, and Kant, and Chaucer, and a hundred others– and you should learn from people who dedicated their professional lives to the preservation of that knowledge.

        57. You are another brother from a different mother. Nailed it. STEM is okay. The social sciences and humanities, burn them down.

        58. B.S. Let the social science and liberal arts fund themselves. There is no Socratic dialogue at 90% of the campuses today. Hell, you might get arrested for trying.
          Market forces. They work.

        59. And when Nazi Germany fell, it was a mad dash to grab up those brilliant German minds. The commies got half, and the US got the other. The most influential being Mr. Von Braun.
          If Hitler had gotten those V-2’s perfected, we might have been looking at a vastly different Europe today.

        60. The Socratic method was abandoned in favor of critical theory, that’s how we got to 76 genders

      2. nice to see a woman embrace white nationalism. I will occasionally show my mom pro white youtube videos (jared taylor vs. jorge ramos) and i have trouble convincing her to see things from our perspective.

        1. Why does black magic always need a virgin sacrifice?
          You’d think by now such cultures would deflower their young as soon as physically possible.

        2. Virgins are pure in body and in normal times also in mind.
          Such cultures persists only due to the mania of modern whites TO PROTECT AND CURE SAVAGES OF THE DISEASES THAT THEY NORMALLY WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN ABLE TO CURE BY THEIR OWN MEANS!!!
          In fact during the 19th century and the beggining of the 20th many even said that such cultures would have become extinct, with their peoples, by he year 2000…. Oh God!! How could they be more wrong!
          The answer to your question, they keep them virgin for as much as they can because if they don’t they won’t be able to marry them, also the victims of the afforementioned rapes aren’t killed and from the bleeding they take the disease, for this reason South Africa has an AIDS epidemic, I think around one in five people suffer from the disease.
          On the subject of virgins: you have the best case scenario that they won’t abandon you or divorce you.

      3. I just can’t go into craft stores any longer. They have crayola boxes………with……okay….I’m going to threaten my safe decolonized space……..they have white crayolas ahhhhhhhhhh waaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh I’ve been colonized wwwwwahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

      4. Holy shit….. but this is why these retreads are being supported by Soros and other globalists – the globalists effort to not just do away with the white race, but replace the population with lower primates who dismiss science and instead use black magic.

      5. Animism, science, same shit. Killing your kid because he has a cleft palate, thats science in action. Having twins is bad luck, so kill one. Science talkin here!!!

    2. US govt will print free money and fly over in helicopter and drop it on whatever banks need it. Crash 2008 is precursor of things to come.

      1. And what’s after that crash becomes survival of the fittest. One side owns all of the guns and the farm land.

        1. We had a Japanese teacher for college level thermodynamics. He told everyone in class that the material he was teaching us was taught to 6th graders in Japan.

        2. Very good point. When migraints from Eastern Europe come to the west with their families, their kids are usually grade skipped, they are seen as gifted.
          Former communist countries have an old-school method of teaching.
          It’s shameful what has become of historically great western universities.

        3. Shit, that would be cream. I always felt born in the wrong era. To till the field and prepare for the winter. If you don’t work, you starve.

        4. Old school method is superior: in the 1950s high school students were taught calculus, Latin, how to fix a car engine, and basic financial budgeting. If they acted up, the teacher would distribute corporal punishment.

        5. “Very good point. When migraints from Eastern Europe come to the west with their families, their kids are usually grade skipped, they are seen as gifted”
          I think that might have been true up intil just after the Wall fell, but it is my understanding that education in EE is suffering quality wise.

        6. The drop quality wise in Eastern Europe came about somwhere between 2004-2008(when EU got involved), only in prestigious schools will you find relics of the old teaching practices.
          Eastern european education was destroyed by reforming the system every 2 years, their excuse being “the school system is too primitive, we need to bring it to the european standards”.
          Even so u’ll never find teachers & professors that spew the sjw bullshit that u get in the west. Social sciences manuals cover the usual equality, diversity points that u get in the west, but the teachers avoid focusing too much time on them.

        7. They are not insane, they what things used to be not long time ago before the massification of universities.

        8. By insane I meant a tongue in cheek variation of how amazing it was they got a western style economy established. Didn’t Mr Hitler praise em for being the ultimate cultural appropriators?

        9. “Eastern european education was destroyed by reforming the system every 2 years, their excuse being “the school system is too primitive, we need to bring it to the european standards”.”
          Which is a code word for “we need to teach progressiveism and anal fisting”

        10. They were willing to kamikaze in WWII, so they need to pick a few brave engineers to kamikaze themselves and fix that fucking radiation leak

    3. I can all but guarantee that the bubble will burst after the bulk of millennials are finally ejected out into the cold, harsh world to work for a living. Speaking from experience, I’m one of a rare few who escaped college without debt (after working 5 jobs, making over $40000 in scholarships and joining the military) and I can tell you that almost all of those my age or slightly older have crippling debt loads that they can’t even comprehend paying off. I’d put money on them not encouraging their kids to attend college, or they’ll live in fantasy land until their debt crushes them and they’re tossed onto the street.

      1. Good for you man. Bravo. It is a “bubble ” as you say. I don’t see Millenials donating monies to their school cause they are broke. Shitty retail jobs aint gonna leave much left over for donating to your alma mater..

      2. I can tell you that almost all of those my age or slightly older have crippling debt loads that they can’t even comprehend paying off.

        The biggest cause of this problem IMO is that so few young people have an understanding that debt in general is bad, and there doesn’t seem to be an effective way of explaining to them at a young age that a large college debt can be very crippling.

    4. “The best thing that can realistically happen would be for the college debt bubble to crash”
      I hear ya … or perhaps the entire monetary system.

      1. end the fed. we as a society can collectively agree to use various forms of currency so then create our own basket. Silver, gold, barter, bitcoin, other crypto, gift cards. The list is endless. diversification is key.

    5. Just a matter of time. As student debt is over $1.3 trillion in the US and personally cannot be dispatched through chapter 7 or 13 (personal bankruptcy), how is this not indentured servitude? The govt. has garnished over $1 billion since 2001 from social security payments to pay back old folks student loans.

      1. It’s the often repeated theme of failure of centralized resource allocation. Roughly 1/10th of our debt is college education which went to degrees that will never pay themselves back…. The problem is, what politician wants to be in charge and pull the plug? The fallout of a trillion dollar industry is guaranteed political suicide.

        1. An insustry fueled by debt is short lived. It will collapse under its own weight. I have spoken with alot of people who lived in the soviet union and everyone one of them said the same- we never saw it coming.

        2. Better sooner than later. I’ve watched several of my buddie’s younger siblings leave for Berkeley and come back overweight, drugged up, tatted freakshows that think white men are the devil. It’s hard not to give into being racist when entire segments of the populace are taught that you’re the walking anti Christ.

        3. Scapegoating never goes out of style as it easier than truth and effort.
          My reply to that marxist pablum is “you don’t know what evil is. If you did you wouldn’t be making such obtuse comments and making unnecessary enemies.” But the educational bubble needs popped. No doubts there.

      2. “How is this not indentured servitude?” Brother, the peasant class of the medieval Plantagenet dynasty paid 10% of their annual earnings to the English crown. “Free” men today pay 33%+ to the government. Indentured indeed.

  2. Virtue signaling is nothing more than the expression of the societal need of a person to be seen as good. The Ceasar’s wife, that she needs to not only be virtuous but also appear as virtuous, virtue signaling is not a bad thing as long as one has the virtue he so much shows he has. In our modern times that is not the case.
    In the end modern virute signalling is the only way by which the modern, void and decadent man may show himslef to be good and have virtue. How much one can take Madonna or Miley Cyrous as virtuous people when they speak for “refugees” that they will throw to other citizens to deal with, while at the same time their conduct would make a prostitute blush?
    This is the only way by which the modern man may hide under loose and near-transparent garments the body of a life that is devoid of all meaning. The man that equiates himself to animals and throws himself to their standards, removing from him all the civilization that his ancestor’s gave him and attaining only to the needs of his stomach and genitalia, foregoing his mind and soul.
    That is one more symptom of the “Nihilism” of our time. Hopefully in the end of a long tunnel there can one spot some glimpse of a light, the election of Trump shows that people are starting to be tired of their virtuelessness and demand first and foremost the destruction of the institutions that made such virtue signalling possible.

        1. Identifying with our differences rather than our similarities makes us dangerous to one another.
          I know that in my everyday life, it’s the principles of humility, kindness, empathy, patience, manners that are valued the most. The quality of my spiritual connection on any given day is reflected in how well I express these principles during my day-to-day interactions.
          How interesting that the further away from “us” our “leaders” get: Left-Right or In-the-Middle, the less they tend to express those principles.
          Our Founding Fathers knew these days would come:
          “There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.”
          ― John Adams, The Works Of John Adams, Second President Of The United States

        2. “Identifying with our differences instead of our similarities makes us dangerous to one another.”
          What stupid Marxist gobbledygook poster did you pull that from?

        3. “In politics as in philosophy, my tenets are few and simple. The leading one of which, and indeed that which embraces most others, is to be honest and just ourselves and to exact it from others, meddling as little as possible in their affairs where our own are not involved. If this maxim was generally adopted, wars would cease and our swords would soon be converted into reap hooks and our harvests be more peaceful, abundant, and happy.”
          ― George Washington

    1. “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.”
      ― Thomas Jefferson

      1. “Give me control of a nations finances and I care not who makes its laws” – Mayer Amschel Rothschild

      1. Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed—not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed.

        -(((Noel ignatiev))) former Harvard professor.

    1. I heard a vicious, but believable rumor that Trudeau could be the son of Fidel Castro.

        1. When Trudeaus father was in Office, it was widely known by taxi drivers in his city that his wife was a whore who would pick up guys and take them to hotels (in taxis).

        2. Quotes and pictures from his mom show that at the very least, he gave her a good dicking-down more than once.

    2. There once was a marxist cuck named Trudeau
      A leader in the far north land of enduring snow
      He never met a man whose skin wasn’t light
      To whom he wouldn’t give his wife for the night
      For he’s a true doughty Canadian don’t you know!

    3. And he’s got a whole wardrobe full of virtue signalling clothing to match whatever ethnic group he’s trying to appease. A muslim gown, a Chinese robe, etc.

  3. Over the years, they’ve done a good job convincing us that everyone around us has the nonsensical ideology they espouse. We have long feared retaliation from everyone around us if we speak truth, so we have lied (virtue signaled).
    Now, though, we are starting to realize that we have always been in the majority. Most of those who regurgitated the rhetoric around us did so because we also regurgitated the rhetoric, and for the same reason (fear).
    This is why the recent voting efforts around the West have been so pivotal. Not only are their policies those that the majority thinks should have been in place before, but that same majority has come to realize how very in the majority they are.

    1. That is a very, very important observation and a very important thought.
      Indeed that was the case.
      It is like the 23rd of October 1956 was for us Hungarians. It was a Jewish Communist dictatorship, where if you said what you really thought, you lost your job, you got imprisoned or killed. Everybody parrotted the party line, and everybody was afraid of everybody else around them. And then came the day and they all were out on the streets, and discovered that everybody else around them of whom they were afraid of were thinking exactly the same thing about the system… The rest is history.

  4. “claims that the Semitic Carthaginian general Hannibal, various kings of ancient Egypt, and the last Macedonian queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, were all Negroes”
    Wrong vid.

    I think he’s actually ranting about a revolt or something.
    But still funny as hell.

    1. When I was deployed to Africa, our engineers had to explain to the local government why building a septic storage tank upriver from where the locals bathed was a bad idea.

    2. Youtube ASuperEgyptian and 7phoencian7 for more of the same debunking the negros and their fantasy history.

  5. Again, it’s just another example of Group Think/Group Identity which is the hallmark of the millennial generation. Their groups are so banal, the informal chumminess, the in house jokes/gossip, interspersed with zombie like expressions, you see in their gatherings in Starbucks, while they giggle about the latest like or dislike on the facebook page is about the only level of virtue their minds know. And that’s only the men!

  6. How bout a RoK or general Manosphere wiki/glossary.
    Maybe create a list of terms, and have a competition/collaboration for best definitions.

    1. ROK used to have something like that. It was cool manosphere site before stormcucks killed the vibe.

      1. To be quite fair, there were alot less racists before the previous president decided to militarize an entire population against the Anglo male.

        1. When stormcucks express themselves like impotent cucks its not really about race now is it? Stormcuck game.

        2. New definition for manosphere dictionary:
          stormcuck game = game for impotent white cucks.
          Seig fail !

      2. What’s this stormcucks BS means?
        Do you mean people who pont out that the people who devised those Cultural Marxist doctrines that wrecked the lives of all straight white males in the western world, pushing PC and Feminism etc… just happen to be Jewish, as luck would have it?
        Or those who say that black and brown people will not treat you as one of their brothers, no matter how un-Racist you are? And that white christian people should stick together, because unity is strength?
        Pray, where should we the people discuss important things, if not on the Manosphere? There is only so much you can talk about women and sex before you get bored.
        If you think we are goose-stepping crazies with swastika tatoos, typing from our parents’ basements, then you are sadly mistaken. Please understand that we are a reactionary movement, this is white (and christian) identity politics. There is a cultural war here, and we are on the offensive. It is not about negativity, and it is not about hate.
        If you are as Red Pilled as you claim, then why do you keep on interpreting normal people with honest opinions on Race and white identity the same way as the Mainstream Media does? These people are no enemies of yours. They do not hate you, they do not look down on you nor insult you.
        Why, then?

        1. …and white women are still rejecting you. Politics is no solution for impotent white cuck game.
          Seig fail !

        2. I am not getting it.
          This is the same shit done by SJWs. that YOU are basement-dwelling crybabies hating women for rejecting you so you revert to your “Manosphere” thinking somehow you will be “cool” and girls will fuck you if you learn “Game”, which is of course a total delusion.
          So, what is the fucking POINT, please explain.
          Do you have actual arguments?

        3. Because identity politics clouds judgement; even though Men’s Rights is an important issue, we risk becoming like our enemies if we nurture our precious collective ego to the point of overripeness.

        4. First: we are a reactionary movement, we ARE identity politics for straight, white males. We must be on the offensive in the cultural war.
          It has three levels:
          1. Individual level is self-improvement, learning Game, fucking girls.
          2. Group level: Men’s Rights, but I would rather call it reclaiming Masculinity and bringing back the Patriarcy.
          3. Western Society level: white nationalism, making Europe white, Christian, and Judenfrei.
          All three is important and inter-connected.
          And there are no enemies to the right: not heeding that is playing right into the hands of the communist Salami-tactics employed by the enemy.

      1. Glossary would be cool though. I’ve seen so many brilliantly articulated definitions and descriptions in the comments section here, would be great to have them all in a red-pill handbook

  7. the mothers at my daughters school allow the 10 year old girls to walk on street alone.
    I don’t want my kid to.
    My crazy ex-girlfriend says its fine only a couple of blocks…
    they all also believe — all men are rapists…

  8. I’m kept abreast of kookoo politics thru crazy ex-girlfriends on social media(they are all crazy feminists after being pumped and dumped).
    My favorite serving of tripe:
    “USA is 26th in the world rankings, now with Betsy Devos, do the math, we are going further down”
    shit lord of the year:
    “if they could do the math, we wouldn’t be 26th”
    post deleted.
    cray-crays shrieking…

    1. It’s more about the split in math education. 5% of American high school students get premier math education, the best in the world, equal to anything in East Asia. The other 95% is getting shitty teachers and suffering as a result.
      Like many other things in the U.S. right now, the middle is shrinking.

    2. American high school system is near the bottom. American college system is near the top. Lots of foreigners consider american college diploma high value, and not just third world students, asian and europeans from advanced countries taking classroom seats.

    3. “Pardon me for being dense, but I don’t see what difference it makes how the Chinese kids are doing on their math tests…Do you really think that we’re going to become a third-world nation because the Chinese kids are doing better on their math tests?…Explain it to me, as if I was an idiot…Cutting-edge scientists, yes, but that’s a different problem. Owing trillions of dollars to the Chinese because we’re spending money we don’t need to spend is a serious problem that will impact the lives of Americans if we don’t stop it. Education is not an Olympic competition…Falling behind in some imaginary competition is not a serious problem, and please stop assuming that it is.”
      Bill James (the baseball stat guy), February 2011

  9. I can’t imagine there’s a big overlap of Henry Makow readers and ROK; a recent article of his sort of ties in with virtue signalling:
    ‘A local Anglican Church built a shrine to a panhandler, a woman essentially a nuisance and an eyesore. To my mind, this exemplifies the Judaizing of Christianity.’ *
    ‘Cabalists neutered Christianity by substituting a Jewish message of “helping the less fortunate” for the essential message of Christianity which is to perfect oneself. “Be ye therefore perfect, as your father who art in heaven is perfect.” (Mathew 5: 48)’
    ‘Helping the unfortunate is a great way to avoid becoming a better person. You can help the downtrodden and still be a bastard. The Illuminati is full of “philanthropists.”‘
    ‘In a satanic cult, which our godless society has become, values are inverted. Instead of models of health and strength, sickness is cherished and celebrated.’
    * Makow is a Christian of Jewish origins, so he offers a unique perspective.

    1. I believe Makow still identifies as non-secular Jewish; he’s just not a Zionist / Frankist / Sabbatean. But yes, ROK readers would hugely benefit from reading the articles on his site.

      1. Oops, you’re right, not a Christian:
        ‘I am a non-observant Jew’ &
        ‘I am not speaking from a Christian or Biblical perspective. I am from a
        secular background. The difference is that I recognize, in secular
        terms, that God is the magnificent moral and natural order governing the universe.
        The prevalent Illuminist denial of God is a satanic rebellion that ultimately cannot be won.’ &
        ‘Until the age of roughly 50, I was another mass-produced Luciferian Jew –Zionist, liberal, socialist and feminist.
        Luciferian Jews are “revolutionaries,” – people who deny and often defy God by overturning His design, the natural and moral order of the universe. They have defined the modern world,which is built on the ruins of religious “superstition.”‘

  10. I worry we won’t have any businesses to patronize as my list of boycotts grows.
    If you want to see a fully converged, embrace-the-poor-rapefugees, Israel sucks, suck face with swarthy foreigners, virtue-signaling/feelz commercial from Expedia.com (boycott the fuckers), check this out:
    Thank God the online travel services field is JAM packed with competitors, so I don’t have to ever use Expedia again.

  11. I really hope you have a script to do all this spamming for you. If not, you’re really wasting too much time on something none of us will ever click.
    I’d go with Python. Any scripting language can probably do it, but Python is pretty easy to get started with, and it has a lot of plugins that can make spamming forums like Disqus much easier for you.

  12. This has nothing to do with virtue signalling, but, I was listening to a really interesting program on the radio the other day. You know there is likely to be a whole different kind of volcanoes called cryovolcanoes?
    Get this, instead of great mountains of earth ejecting hot molten rock they are towers of ice that erupt slushy ice water, ammonia, and methane from vast underworld oceans. Sadly, they don’t exist on earth, but some of the moons in our solar system, like Europa, likely have them. https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/cassini/media/cassini-20081215b.html

  13. Some dates you need to take a girl out before you consider getting serious:
    Have her make dinner for you
    2 or 3 times, you volunteer at a retirement home, or cleanup work. It will take that much to make sure she isn’t just putting on a show.
    A strenuous hike.
    Shopping. As lame as it sounds, see what her spending habits are.
    Visit her family. Apples don’t fall from the tree typically.

    1. Where? I am a over 60, medically diagnosed as obese (working on it), man with severe osteoid arthritis and heart trouble. I would very much like to make some side money as a stripper.

  14. The truest understanding of the current situation is by the one who knows the least coming in.

  15. Pretty brilliant. I hold a Ph.D. in sociology and before seeing the light, rubbed shoulders with many of these hideous archetypes. Now I marvel at their hypocrisy and lunacy. Something to behold.
    Solutions: Boycotting can be effective, pulling the funding from “higher” education helpful, and Alinsky type politics turned against Leftists can work.
    But bottom line is better do something. Fast.

  16. It’s called emotional manipulation, and somewhere over the rainbow, these guys figured out how to bend society to their will.

  17. A most excellent article, Mr. Albrecht!
    Thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Thank you for sharing.

  18. Hahaha, you do laugh when you see the extremists on the far right talking about “Virtue signaling.”
    But the far right dropkicks dog whistle everything, about life and the universe, of which is beyond their grasp of understanding.
    The hypocrisy of their diatribe and propaganda, is just hilarious.

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