Is Modern Man Becoming A Sexual Scavenger?

With the rise and spread of feminism in the modern world, the options for a man to find a good, virtuous mate have been drastically reduced. Men thus have the following options to choose from:

  •  Learn game to sleep with as many women as possible, and put off commitment as long as possible
  •  To go in for relationships with modern, feminist women
  •  To live the life of a beta/white knight/mangina who supplicate with women for sex and commitment
  •  To choose a life of celibacy and renounce women
  •  To travel to find a “good” woman in traditional societies which have not been touched by the disease of feminism

The last option is a difficult (yet achievable) option for men, who must travel away from existing feminist societies in the western world to achieve that goal. For other men (specifically those who choose the second and third options), these choices carry huge risks of transforming these men into sexual scum “scavengers”.

Scavenger (noun):
1.  An animal that eats on dead plant material, carrion, or refuse.
2.  A person who searches for and collects discarded items.

Even the man choosing the first option—the player armed with game—is choosing to “scavenge” scum at some point in his life, considering that most modern feminism-bred women have morals of scum, especially when it comes to sex. But still, his promiscuity with such women is not actually “scavenging” (the reason why will be further explained below).

Compared to other men, the player still has the option to sleep around with women of his choice even if chances are that he may not always be able to choose whom to have sex with. Armed with game and a developed skill of determining women’s psychology and character by both observation and experience, his greater option lies in being able to choose women of his choice when it comes to commitment, and on some occasions his game also helps to snag a “good” woman.

Yet most of the time, he is socially accused of pig-like sexual “scavenging” (a common feminist derision of non-committing players or sexually active men), without understanding what sexual “scavenging” actually means.

Who’s at risk, and what is sexual scavenging?

The player, who sleeps with sluts, is in fact, not a sexual scavenger. The beta, who chooses to commit to a slut, is in fact a pig-like sexual scavenger. Why?

Scavengers eat refuse and don’t leave leftovers of it. They search for and collect discarded items. That’s exactly what the beta (or any other man) who commits to a slut, becomes. The player—even if chooses to sleep with a slut—does not fall in the scavenger category, as long as he does not commit to her. Sampling a slut is separate and different from committing to a slut.

Commitment thus demarcates male promiscuity from male sexual scavenging.

The average beta often makes the choice of settling down with a woman who’s had her share of men in her prime. But what is he? Isn’t he then choosing to scavenge for life, the discarded sexual leftovers of men who’ve used that body for casual sperm injections before? Thus for men choosing the second and third options mentioned earlier above, the risks of actually becoming a sexual scum scavenger are huge.

The dilemmas for modern men

With the majority of modern women being bred in the scum of feminist ideology, the average modern man in a feminist society who chooses not to learn game to interact and sleep without commitment with typical modern slutty women will often lose sexual access due to his own limiting beliefs. His sexual life is then fraught with greater dilemmas of choosing either to masturbate or scavenge women who’ve been used before (by committing to them) since he won’t learn game.

Players, PUAs or any other men with game or red pill wisdom understand these dilemmas and thus avoid this pitfall. The hypocrisy from society they usually face later is when the same feminist society, which incipiently created a permissive and promiscuous environment of commitment-unworthy sluts around them (while ironically taking no blame for creating these very conditions), later reviles these men by calling them “PIGS.”


And what is their crime to deserve this title? They chose to seduce without committing to these sluts. But realistically, they were often just pumping their wild oats in women—who’d already been programmed by modern feminism—to slut it around and celebrate it.

Why didn’t (or don’t) these men commit?

Modern feminist societies, celebrating the sluttiness of women, have taken away the responsibility of self-imposed chastity and decorum from the shoulders of average modern women, as compared to their predecessors. With the acceptance and rise of female promiscuity, social prostitution and “liberated” sexual decadence in modern societies, men—armed with game, money and understanding of female psychology—have the chance to experience more sex than ever before. Yet with each new sexual conquest, the distrust of the opposite sex ironically increases in the male mind when it comes to the perception of sexual chastity of modern women in general.

Right from primitive times, a man’s woman—in the context of a committed relationship—was a symbol of his inviolable “honor” and, more importantly, social respect. Women were traditionally pursued for marriage by taking into consideration their lineage, beauty, wealth, status and virtue (not necessarily in that order).

In modern times, however, with the destruction of female virtue due to feminism, the “honor” and social respect of men in the context of relationships has itself become undermined and threatened due to stooping levels of typical modern women’s virtue. Men with game or red pill wisdom who are aware of this truth thus choose to sidestep the snare of commitment to these (unworthy) women.

chasing a groom

The slut-wifing beta in comparison

But this undeniable truth is often ignored by feminism-brainwashed, thirsty beta men who are often willing to commit to “save” modern slutty women (or actually themselves from sexual famine). The “savior”complex in relationships (to save sluts through commitment to prospectively save his own sex life), is common among these feminism-bred betas. The result? The slut-saving, white-knighting beta often willingly chooses an unenviable fate for himself.

white knight

Because his dishonorable choice to wife-up other men’s cum dumpsters is what actually constitutes as sexual scavenging, isn’t he then the actual pig? By choosing to mate up with a sow-like woman like her, he actually ends up collecting and having sex with a woman who’s a sexual left-over (discarded sexual refuse) of other men, much like an actual pig eating refuse.

There is nothing honorable in it for a man, for no slut deserves “love” or help—and certainly not commitment. The lesson to be learnt here for men is that when forced to sexually adapt in a typical modern society of feminism-bred, slutty scum-like women, male sexual scavenging is infinitely worse than uncommitted male sexual promiscuity. Opting to choose a life of potential cuckolding and having sex with a slut via lifelong commitment is incomparably worse than having sex with a slut (or sluts) without commitment.

The path of transformation to a sexual scavenger

But in spite of these underlying truths, the defeatist soul of the slut-wifing beta disregards them, nor does it chastise him for thinking that he couldn’t find someone better, thus successfully completing his transformation into a sexual scavenger.


Feminist society, in fact, encourages and lauds him by rationalizing his sexual scavenging as a “noble” deed of “manning up” (and often exemplifying him to other men, with the social goal to similarly provide future partners for used up sluts). It also puts social tusks on his snout like a boar, to target the men who didn’t (or don’t) fall for the same bait as he did. Nevertheless, both these traits are often mutually non-exclusive and found together in these men.

You’ll find a lot of men willingly choosing or subtly forced to undergo this subtle transformation of sexual scavenging in modern feminist societies. Thus, has not the average modern man become—or reduced himself to—a sexual scavenger of scum?

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227 thoughts on “Is Modern Man Becoming A Sexual Scavenger?”

    1. Yeah. That and all the boring comments by Ghost of J and his biker girlfriend Hell Biker are getting really old.

  1. I guess I’ll really never understand what it is that makes so many of ya’ll look down on sluts. I love sluts and I love that sluttiness is encouraged. lMy life had been greatly inhanced by their existence. I mean, in many eras a dweeby guy like me would never have had the opportunity to sleep with a variety of reasonably attractive women with such minimal effort.
    Yeah, men who marry sluts are stupid, but in a time and society where marriage and reproduction to not confer onto a man dominion over his household, marriage to any women is not in the self-interest of any man capable of providing for his own needs and comfort.

    1. Start backwards from the end of your comment. That marriage is not in the self interest of a rational man with resources means that the very men capable of taking society further and leaving a legacy behind have no incentive to do so. It’s a waste of intelligence and drive.
      The men who marry and reproduce with these sluts is only going to mean that clueless men have had children, who will likely grow up to be clueless themselves, having not fallen far from the Clueless Tree. A generation of clueless kids doesn’t bode well for the health and advancement of civilization.
      The fact that dweeby guys can get sex with minimal effort is not what a society that is interested in advancement should strive for or be happy about. Your view is myopic, and does no one any good in the long term, not even those dweeby guys.

      1. I don’t know, depends on what you value. A male population with easy access to sex is much less likely to rebel or be susceptible to crazy ideologies. And yeah, the kids may be clueless about how to deal with women, but this doesn’t preclude them from being engineers, doctors etc. History is filled with such men who’ve made crucial scientific discoveries, created great works of art (some artists even fueled by their lack of success with women) and even led armies. Fuck, Napoleons wife cuckolded him many time over, publicly, to which he did nothing.

        1. What’s the benefit of being an emperor if everybody knows you’re a cuckolded midget?.

      2. and what do i care about the world in which your spawn will live? i plan on leaving nothing behind me when i finally croak. keep your legacies, gents. i’ll party til i die.

      3. Marriage have always been a way to restrain men and drive a wedge between them (divided, they are weaker), especially successful and smart men, harvest the products of their work and efforts for the benefit of their lessers.
        The clueless are the ones who marries whores, leeches that needs to be provided for and pampered in exchange for sex aka marriage.
        Sure they get the sex and an emotional bonding they crave, like meth addicts. Not very good sex, she doesn´t care that much for sex and have Little experience, she also have no reasons to remain thin.
        But eventually they loose that high-paying job, then they discover the “good” virgin wife divorce them and take away his children, wealth and income. A lawyer´s version of Pearl Harbor, lol!
        Emotional bonding = extra emotional and dependent woman, emotions are bad news and eventually goes the way of the Twin Towers.
        Get ridde of these emotions. Rationality is man’s basic virtue, the source of all his other virtues.
        Same thing with women, most virtuous is less emotions, more reason and self-reliance.

    2. You won’t understand until we get to the point where the laws start affecting even normal single men in a dire fashion. They already do, you’ve just gotten lucky not to experience the “two weeks after the fact that I fucked him willingly I now regret it because he won’t call me…..RAPE!” charge. Once you do, you’ll get it.

      1. It can hit guys out of nowhere. We had a soldier (an NCO) in one of my units who was sent to jail for sexual assault.. Five year sentence, felony record and a sex offender…… ruined.
        The truth was that he’d kicked her out of the house and she was pissed about it.

        1. That’s a shitter, isn’t it? And it’s not uncommon, Beta just hasn’t had it happen yet. With his devil may care attitude though I don’t expect that blissful state to last.
          I had a buddy who was canned because he *refused* to fuck some early 40’s “cougar” from work, and she got pissed and filed sexual harassment charges on him. No evidence at all, the guy was so honorable as to approach being a saint and not capable at all of being a cad, but that didn’t matter, out he went. Career, gone.
          Yeah, Beta here is gonna have to sample some of the joy that comes from letting women be total sluts and the law accommodating their pampered arses.

        2. Doesn’t just accomodate them. Backstabbing, weasely corporate types loves those laws because it allows them to take down rivals that they can’t out perform.

      2. Well, not being an ass towards women that you’ve slept with is a good way to avoid that. Don’t fuck the passed out ones, either. Plenty of ways to avoid that, and as long as you aren ‘t fucking women with access to some vigalante white knight killer, you’re good. It’s incredibly hard to press charges in a rape case without physical evidence, and any friend worth anything will take your side if you deny it.

        1. “It’s incredibly hard to press charges in a rape case without physical
          evidence, and any friend worth anything will take your side if you deny
          LOL, just LOL. I hope you never have to find out how wrong you are the hard way.

  2. replace ”game”with Chad White/Willy Monfret/Jon Kortajerena look alike ”looks”and basic social skills (don’t be an aspie and don’t dig up your butt when a woman is talking to you).and replace feminist ideology with”technological advances allowing women to fuck around like is their nature”and you’ve got a decent redpilled article.
    all this game wizardry and such only works for atleast above average looking men or men with money or some kind of *relative status(This could even be something so simple as a trailer trash white fat guy who uses his race status among sexy Asian/Desi women).
    also women aren’t brainwashed into being sluts,its just their evolutionary just allows them to act on those drives without consequences.most women can’t even spell feminism.
    pumping and dumping isn’t a viable option for most men,most men should get LTRs lasting a few years or even a few months with some escorts on the side.even for a olympian god in terms of looks,chasing pussy gets tiresome.heck after getting the initial validation fo sleeping with many girls and different races if girls,it becomes a useless task you don’t even is not only about sex,as cliche as that may sound.
    women even cheat in afghanistan,somalia and saudi arabia whenever they have the chance,that should tell you all you need to know about women.heck even with my high sex drive and lust,I would not fornicate if the Taliban were threatning to kill me.but women do.its like a annoying itch that must be scratched at all times,the cheating instinct of women.
    its funny how all the negative stereotypes women have hurled at men for centuries are just a reflection of themselves.every last one of them(especially being dirty,insensitive and cold).
    you point your finger at someone and three are pointing right back at you.
    -my man

    1. all this game wizardry and such only works for atleast above average
      looking men or men with money or some kind of *relative status(This
      could even be something so simple as a trailer trash white fat guy who
      uses his race status among sexy Asian/Desi women).

      False. Absolutely false. In fact it’s the opposite, it helps level the playing field a bit for the average height, average looking guy when he comes up against my 6’3″ muscular square jawed “omg! from the women” bulk. I’ve seen very, very average guys use actual “learned it before I earned it” capital “G” Game on very attractive women and have them twirling their hair and giggling and later making out with him in bars.
      Now if you can’t get it to work, that’s an entirely different matter and likely has to do with how well you actually spit Game. In real life though I’ve seen it work so many times that your assertion is laughable on its face. This isn’t to say that a “hot” guy doesn’t have an advantage, clearly he does, but lots of hot betas out there who can’t score higher than a 4 chick, and lots of average guys I’ve seen with HB8’s.

      1. I dunno man…..I’ve got very little respect for internet PUA’s. Almost all of what they teach is feel good internet THEORY that is designed to make desperate young males go out and buy their products and seminars.
        Game in real life is very different from what the PUA types think it is. You can’t just walk up to random girls, follow the magic formula, and get girls. Even Mystery only gets about 1/10 girls he talks to. It takes real experience interacting with people and a lot of work to develop a powerful personality that most PUA’s don’t have(because they’re looking for shortcuts).

        1. Yeah, I know the internet keyboard brigade probably doesn’t apply here, I was speaking about in real life. Whether these guys actually studied game or not “officially” I don’t know, but they sure as hell had the basic principals down pat. Us “naturals” generally learned it through experience and life, and maybe they’re just “naturals” without the overpowering physical looks factor. Thing is though, they seemed to have it going on for them.

        2. meh, travel is much more fulfilling than chasing the local sluts.there is more to life than pussy,like weed,travel,homeboys,learning languages,diving on mauritius.etc
          after you fuck a good number of women of different ethnicities,youve gotten your validation,its over,its now boring and same old same old.
          you realize its a phase.fuck these hoes,I’m all about that money.I’m chasing that money.

      2. ‘My Man’ makes an excellent point about the boundlessness of female projection, especially of their worst traits which they ruthlessly, silently keep covert – and will run intricate obfuscation patterns to ensure that it is in fact kept covert.
        I would not be so quick to say ‘absolutely false’ in this context – because it implies that self improvement isn’t a necessary or paramount thing. It is. Those ‘very average’ guys you saw attracting hot chicks – I’d bet my bottom dollar they had airtight internals. It’s always good advice for a man to improve his internals, outer work, and RP awareness. Always.

        1. The only “false” I meant was directly attached to the italic quote I posted, not to his entire post. Self improvement is *always* a good state to embrace and the rest of his post seemed valid on its face.

        2. oh I am all for self improvement.I am just saying that self improvement should be primarily looks and basic social skills.thats all game can’t create attraction out of thin able to read cues of interest and act on goodlooking enough to get those cues(this is relative per female,per race of female etc black women have the highest looks/dick size/muscularity standards asian women the lowest..inf act I think alot of asian women find muscles disgusting)
          and also be realistic.willy monfret/samuel larsen doesn’t need game.just like rich people born into aristocratic families don’t need to realzie that what you work hard for the goodlooking jock may have discarded as a fuck toy without much realize that the woman youre trying hard to get attention from was thirsty for a guy that had natural goodlooks.just be realistic ,thats all.
          I’m poor.grew up poor.I know that I need to work harder and need to save harder then some suburban kid with a trust it fair?no.but it is reality.

      3. Here we go with the shaming at the nd of your predictable comment.
        I look like a joey Lawrence/chad white hybrid,and I have a natural v taper with very broad shoulders,I am white,I never needed game,even in my nerd/introverted phase I was the most popular guy in school who the(muslim and white) women wanted to date,they went out of their way to get me out of my shell.when I go into a black neighbourhood,forget it,the chocolate honies go out of their fucking way to holla at me,stare at me and approach me.its almost ridiculous how thirsty they are.
        the tough gangsta acting but ugly looking dudes were left with a dick in their hand.
        women care alot about looks.I rather not pussybeg and thus I think most men would realize the value of being able to not pussybeg but have women dickbeg you.

        1. Lol. Ya sound like a real douche bro. Yah, ya can get some nigresses hittin on ya — but you can even put together a fucking structured and punctuated sentence. You know what dude? I’m not that good looking, but I have never stooped so low to chased pussy. I have a great career, my own house, make good money and just got promoted. Im smart, dress well, can speak and write eloquently and articulately.
          Pussy dont impress me for shit.
          Neither do you.

        2. Nobody forces you to read my comments.
          If you think it’s all looks, then why are you in the manosphere anyway, where game is taught and experimented with?

  3. I do agree that men must not wife up whores, but I do not agree that men should not get married – and that doesn’t come from a married guy 52 years old, but from a player who is 23 years old. It looks almost impossible to fight against the degeneracy today, but we HAVE to find a way – the family is such an important structure that it was viciously attacked by the controlling elites… If you searched a little you know what I’m talking about. We NEED to restore the family if our descendants are to have a future other than slaves, the family, the healthy family is the first unit of power to a man. I’m dating a scandinavian girl who was a virgin before she met me, and yes, is hard to give some of your power to woman since most of them are rotten today, but I’m trying to give her small doses of redpill as an experience. I will not go without a fight, maybe this is foolishness of youth. PS: english is not my native language.

    1. Right on. If we give up on marriage and family altogether, the feminists and other ultra-liberals WIN. You see, that’s what they want. They want all of us to just say “screw it” and throw all traditions, including marriage, into the waste bin. I think John Locke once said that family was the first government, long before tribes, city-states, and nations, and that all of these constructs stem from the family. If we give up on marriage and family, the social order, and civilization itself, is done for. That’s why we’ve gotta dig in and take it back.

      1. marrying in the current environment is not winning…it is giving up by supporting a system that is set up to screw you over. The best thing sometimes is refusing to play or play elsewhere. If you want to marry that badly go outside the Anglosphere.

        1. Marrying in and of itself is irrelevant. What they don’t want is for you to raise self-reliant, strong, aware children, because people like that are hard to control.

        2. That’s a better way of looking at it, it takes the legal trap known as marriage 2.0 out of the equation as a factor.

      2. The System has to be taken down and reformed before we can go back to the basics and rebuild the family unit, in my opinion.

        1. I agree that for the most part, marriage is a losing proposition unless you go outside the Anglosphere or be VERY VERY selective about who you pair up with over here. I’m talking about making sure the girl comes from a two-parent home, wasn’t raised by raving liberals, had a father and brothers around so she knows how to relate to men, and engages in a feminine line of work such as teaching or nursing as opposed to working in corporate America as a ball-busting harpie. I agree that the present system needs to be dismantled, but we’ve got to keep the species going in the meantime. A man should leave a legacy behind; otherwise, once we’ve gotten old and gray, who will carry on the fight? It’s gonna take decades to fix this. As for people who wanna just kick back and enjoy the decline, I’m sure a lot of people in Rome decided to just kick back when the Goths started pouring in and thought the mayhem would just pass them by. Guess how that turned out? When societies collapse, EVERYONE gets sucked into the vortex, including outliers who try to ride it out on the outer periphery.

      3. Whilst you and others are ‘digging in’ I’ll be poolside enjoying the decline.

        1. Agree. Marriage and children is a foolish waste of time. That train left about 30 years ago.

        2. my nigga! finally a semblance of pragmatism amonst all these idealistic goody-two-shoes. yeah, sure, go off and fight your crusade, we’ll be here cumming on your daughters.

        3. I agree that for the most part, marriage is a losing proposition unless you go outside the Anglosphere or be VERY VERY selective about who you pair up with over here. In the latter case, I’m talking about making sure the girl comes from a two-parent home, wasn’t raised by raving liberals, had a father and brothers around so she knows how to relate to men, and engages in a feminine line of work such as teaching or nursing as opposed to working in corporate America as a ball-busting harpie. I agree that the present system needs to be dismantled, but we’ve got to keep the species going in the meantime. A man should leave a legacy behind; otherwise, once we’ve gotten old and gray, who will carry on the fight? It’s gonna take decades to fix this. As for people who wanna just kick back and enjoy the decline, I’m sure a lot of people in Rome decided to just kick back when the Goths started pouring in and thought the mayhem would just pass them by. Guess how that turned out? When societies collapse, EVERYONE gets sucked into the vortex, including outliers who try to ride it out on the outer periphery.

      4. so what if they win? i live my life for my own pleasure, not for others’. i can’t be bothered to care what happens after i’m dead and gone. good luck with your crusade though, i support you, morally and from afar.

    2. “I do agree that men must not wife up whores, but I do not agree that men should not get married…”
      Define “whore”. I have an inkling that your definition is rather lax. My definition is pretty simple: whore; any woman that has sex with anyone other than her husband. If we go by this definition we can see the conflict in what you are saying. Apart from the general whorism in females today, they also don’t possess the skills (and patience) to be good wives and mothers.

      1. Yes, my definition is close to yours, I would give the benefit of the doubt for a girl who had 1 long term boyfriend or (and not and) engaged once in oral sex and not consumed the act with full sexual intercourse. But I think virgins from functional families and your same race is the way to go, I don’t live in America, but I heard this is very difficult there.

      2. That’s a great point. Putting the sluttiness aspect aside, most modern women don’t have the skills or the true motivation to raise a family properly and keep a home. So not marrying sluts is a no brainer, but no guarantee that the “good girl” will be acceptable as a wife / mother either. Plus, the so-called good girls often become sluts eventually, as we all know. As such, no marriage / kids until we can right the ship, so to speak. Alas, some of us don’t want the ship righted because they enjoy banging sluts and not committing and I get that too.

      3. whore is a woman who sleeps with guys for cash/financial benefits/status
        slut is a woman who sleeps around

        1. Every woman in essence does that. Simple biology. A wife isn’t much more then a woman that promises you access and exclusivity to her sexual organs in exchange for provision i.e. money and goods. While your defintion isn’t necessarily wrong it’s too broad. When we define terms we must be very precise otherwise the term loses meaning.

        2. Maybe a whore would be a woman who USES guys for these things rather than a woman who is attracted.
          If a woman is competent, well off interesting and intelligent I do not care if she wants a guy who is wealthy etc. What pisses me off is a woman who herself is a fully dependent, useless leech and still demands a man to buy her stuff in exchange for sex.

    3. I’m 27 and I gotta say I am totally behind your sentiment. I want the same things… I think 90% of men want that in one form or another. I tried gradually sharing red pill truths to my gf of 5 years and while she’d agree to them in the moment it didn’t stop her from trashing years of sacrifice and hard work when she realized that everyone is offering her everything all the time and that it would cost her nothing to betray her friends and family.
      Our society is designed to foster women’s dark side… It would be the reverse if we lived in the opposite kind of culture. Legalized rape… if men got the kids and alimony… If men weren’t such white knights and actually looked after each other… It could be a pretty nasty place I imagine for women. Even though they’d still probably have a roof over their head and food to eat lol.
      I agree with you that I’m not ready to give up just yet… But my advice to you as a late 20s man in a metropolis… is focus on your career primarily… Figure out what you’re good at and don’t take your loyal friends for granted. If it works out for you with this girl… great… if it doesn’t… you wont be starting from scratch like I’ve done over… and over… and over…

      1. More or less good advice. Find your purpose in life first, and women will come to you. It’s all about getting into a “flow”.

      2. Also for finding women, I’d put out that I had relatively little success in urban areas. Every so often I’d meet one with potential but those were flukes and more often than not they’d show their true colors quickly(often inadvertantly, without realizing I’d noticed).
        I had my best luck using speciality dating sites. The best women were invariably those from rural areas who were raised in a large, intact family. Among those the best were homeschooled. Think about it: If they grow up on a farm(for example), there’s little room for feminist bullshit if you want to make a living and if they were also homeschooled that means they weren’t exposed to much(if any) of it growing up.
        For all intents and purposes girls like that might have been raised in another country.

        1. Yep, right on, like I said many times, my wife was a deep rural farm girl. The difference in attitudes and beliefs between her and her urban/suburban “sisters” is still night and day.

      3. Thanks for the advice, I already follow it more or less. I focus first in my studies, languages, nutrition, gym, krav maga, books and game… I have long reach the conclusion that women (and most men too) follow not ideas, which are the highest form of cult, but idols – partially because of their feminine nature and partially because great ideas and values can be just incorporated into a great man – and people feel it. Like I said, what I’m doing is experience, this in fact is my first girlfriend but the 45th women I slept with, and I have to say, even that sometimes I feel the urge for new pussy, most of the time that 45 pussies that I fucked feels like a good experience, but nothing more. I know in the core, most men and me included, are “beta”, of course we have to be “alpha” now to survive the sexual market in our terms because civilization is going down. I just speak by me, but I don’t think a life of fucking girls with burned souls is fullfilling in the long run.

    4. Agree that the destruction of the family is the goal of the totalitarians and that we should not give up on this front. That said we need a very concerted legal effort to get the laws changed. It can happen, and I’ve seen it happen in regards to other topics/rights, but it won’t happen at all if everybody sits around in defeated mopey-dopey “enjoy the decline” mode as we’re subtly being taught to embrace. We need to form PAC’s in real life, finance them and get the ball rolling, or freedom as we know it or knew it is gone forever.

    5. We can rethink committing to marriage and starting families when the “elite” are finally destroyed and their BS is wiped from our social fabric. Not before.

    6. If people had cared more for their country and the bigger picture as much as their families, the current situation wouldn´t have happened.
      There where more important priorities and still are, overthrowing the status quo for example.
      A family is perfectly possible in the current system as long as the husband works hard and makes a lot of money, keeping both his wife and the system happy. Much like the oil industry, it isn´t that the system see it as evil but because it wants its fair share.
      These are not “elites”, they are parasites.

      1. “A family is perfectly possible in the current system as long as the husband works hard and makes a lot of money, keeping both his wife and the system happy.”
        Wrong, you want to risk your entire life’s work and custodial rights to your children on the transient happiness of a woman? This is the number one mistake betas make. This will not only make you more miserable, but give absolute control over the marriage. No system, ever, should be based on the happiness of a woman, let alone people. That even borders on Marxist utopian language. This works when women are limited by law from the destruction they’re prone to causing. You cannot live with a woman on equal terms.

        1. If you get her as an “alpha” and retain that frame, which you should if you’re a natural anyway, never let her assume leadership and keep her constantly in awe of you, it works out fine. It’s marriage for the weak betas that is doomed and crap, but a natural leader of Men can keep a wife in line just fine, laws or no laws. That said, we still need to change the laws, simply because they are anti-patriarchy and unjust.

        2. Exactly, as long as the slave keeps working and doesn´t make or say anything politically incorrect, everything goes just fine for him.
          When the slave looses his job and this is sure to happen given the nature of the system, the chaste wife material woman promptly sacrifies him to the familly courts.
          If he doesn´t want such a gold digging vermine, he can always go for a fattie or an ugly one, all he needs to do is lower his standards. If he wants a family, all he needs is to lower his standards.
          I for one, am not too keen on that and I want others to do the same. It is both out of altruism and self-interest.

        3. That is well said. Its also a good reason not to marry a woman your age or older. Rightly or wrongly, they don’t seem to have the same level of respect for you as a much younger woman.

        4. I wrote what the current deal is, what the reality is today, marriage is still possible but only for a limited time and certain conditions.
          I wish for the destruction of modern marriage and I note that traditional marriage evolved into modern marriage. More complexe but same underlying principles.
          “People” where okay with their country going to hell as long as they had family and consumerism to please themselves and their egos.
          Only happiness that may matters comes from doing one´s duty.

      2. Agreed, but I don’t want to unleash (now) the discussion about white greedy businessman and jews.

    7. or..or…hear me out…don’t have kids and treat this world like the fucking rental car that it is. problem solved.

    8. Were you a virgin? If not., why? Do you think your woman wants a man slut? Don’t be a male bigot as it appears the vast majority of men on this site are.

    1. “Commitment thus demarcates male promiscuity from male sexual scavenging.”
      Pump and dump is the way to go in modern times, till one finds a good woman.

      1. Pump and Dump? What good woman will want you and your sexually-transmitted diseases that you aquired while pumping and dumpng?
        You can’t claim a privilege for yourself that you deny women. There is NO test for men to find out if they have any of the HPV viruses, and some of those viruses are deadly to women.
        Where is the logic?

  4. I love when women pull the “these days, men are just afraid of commitment” line when it’s women’s fault that men value marriage less.
    Remember, back in the days of the “patriarchy”, when men encouraged other men to get married? Feminism erupted, like a boil on the ass of humanity, and told men and women that marriage should cease being a goal and simply become an option. Women encouraged a sexual marketplace where women could wantonly bang themselves silly, without commitment. Now, women are unhappyyyy and have nobody to blame but themselves but still try to blame men. This generation of women should be angry at their mother’s generation for creating the shithole they currently find themselves in.
    The morals of the story are:
    a) don’t marry
    b) if you want to make women unhappy, give them what they ask for.
    c) women don’t take responsibility, they make men responsible
    d) don’t marry

    1. Thats why woman are compared to children. They NEVER take responsibility for their own actions. They blame anyone and anything except the person in the mirror. The question we have to ask ourselves is how we let them delude us for decades into thinking that they are reasonable, responsible creatures?

      1. Because we created the values that deluded ourselves, “equality” and its products are a poison to everything aristocratic and high in the world, you cannot raise the low the high, but you can break the high legs. Being a full man, complete in values, knowledge, physical prowess among others is naturally aristocratic, being a man is anti-equality, anti-democracy and politically incorrect.

      2. that same trait is why you can so easily dominate and control a woman… they don’t take responsibility because THEY DONT WANT TO / ARE UNABLE. – step in a good man and she’s all yours.

    2. I love when women pull the “these days, men , are just afraid of commitment” line when it’s women’s fault that men value marriage less.
      Just to add: according to female logic, I drive Porsche because I’m afraid of: GM, Toyota, Honda, Kia, Chevorlet, etc, etc.?
      I guess George Clooney is the most fearful man on the plant when it comes to women and commitment. What about an 88 year old Hugh Hefner? Or, perhaps it’s just as simple as CHOICE. These guys have freedom to choose, and they’re not choosing over-the-hill, overweight, nagging, entitled, whorish Americunts. I guess they’re just afraid of you strong, empowered women.
      The problem for western women is choice. As you say, men are choosing NOT to give their kingdoms and power over to entitled, do-nothing Disney princesses. Why give the keys to the castle doors to the whore who will open those doors to vandals as quickly as she’ll spread her legs for them.
      Does the same rationale apply to women? Do they watch The Bachelor instead of This Old House because of Domatophobia, or can’t hold down a job to contribute to the family’s financial security because they suffer fro Ergophobia? Do they drop out of school because of Epistemophobia or stop giving their men sex due to Erotophobia?
      Now, do men say women are what they are because of Pantophobia — a fear of everything, or do we just call it what it is — women CHOOSING to be what they are and who they are because they live in a world without responsibility and consequences for their choices?
      I pulled these terms from a long list of phobias. Guess what I didn’t find a term for: FEAR OF COMMITMENT.
      To quote Lucy Van Pelt, famous feminist pop psychologist….
      Well, as they say on TV, the mere fact that you realize that you need help indicates that you are not too far gone. I think we’d better pinpoint your fears. If we can find out what you’re afraid of, we can label it.

    3. To choose a life of celibacy and renounce women
      Sounds more like it’s the females who renounced you blanket boy losers lol

      1. That’s exactly what the engineers of western civilization’s downfall (Jews) want you to do
        Be gay, Bros before hoes …
        We didn’t have these kind of proverbs in the distant past, these are constructed new concepts in my opinion, it is also the reason why we have come to address the women in general with words like “Hoes” and us the cucked and feminized white male as “Bros” .

  5. Men should really look into Genetical engineering.fuck trying to force women to behave the way we want them to,just genetically manipulate them to be how we want them both terms of looks and behaviour/brain wiring.
    Genetical engineering will also make the future generation strong ,tall,handsome and have python dicks.
    its our only hope.

    1. Haha. Nice dream but any technology that comes out will be co-opted by the dominant political class, in our case the feminist-run gyno-tocracy.
      That’s why I think posters here who talk about a future of sex robots or sex androids satisfying our needs aren’t seeing the big picture. If such devices were ever developed, the feminist hoards would insist that replicants be given “equal rights” and be emancipated from sexual slavery. They would insist that the Tyrell Corporation program in the ability for a sex replicant to say “No means no.” to resist sexual advances, etc.
      As long as sex dolls or other male sex toys don’t look “too human” and stay fully inanimate, then feminists probably won’t bother with them. But the minute these things evolved to become a true sexual replacement for human females – then they would stomp down and NEVER let that happen.

      1. They would want “improved men” who have no ability to think independently, completely emotionally dependent on women.
        Personalities modelled after Edward Cullen, Jacob the dog and that Grey guy from 50 shades of gay, get what I mean?
        Funny that this such exact same reason why some claims they want virgin wives, because exclusive sex would make these wives emotionally bond with their husbands and hence remain loyal.
        Yes, exactly the plot of the Twlight books and why it was popular with women.
        Except emotions are the weak link, not the strongest. Relying on them is like dropping a soap in a jail shower and hope the Health Inspector isn´t going to do anything.

    2. seems like you don’t understand biology. you can manipulate genes all day long, but they only code for potential traits. what matters here is upbringing. take the smartest child and put him in a worthless environment where his IQ is left to rot, and what you’ll end up with is another Jim-Bob Nobody.

  6. “for no slut deserves “love” or help—and certainly not commitment” Great article and great quote! Stop the wealth transfer that is marriage to feminist sluts!

  7. Very nice article indeed, one of the best ones here on ROK. Love your synthesized argumentations and there is a red thread following it all the way through. One can never expect a woman to understand this, even when put so logically argumentatively correct as this piece of writing. Whats more concerning is that most beta scavengers will deny these facts as well when faced with. They see their option as the only way, and what society wants them to do. I love beta/White knight/mangina shaming, but i do think that its something they have to understand by themselfes or face the consequences, Ive tried so many times to drop subtle hints to friends/co workers about their beta sex scavening captan save a hoe attitude, but they are always giving me the “haha youre views are stupid bec its not what society expects”, like Im the one whos far out. Also mentioned by the author “It also puts social tusks on his snout like a boar, to target the men who didn’t (or don’t) fall for the same bait as he did” This is the real problem as i see it. Women will always be women, but as men, it scares me when my fellow man has a hard time to realize these false truths he swears to live by. I Wonder what is the best way to convince other men to take the red pill.
    Hell I can even remember I was like that myself, even when a friend offered me the red pill I simply refused to do it. Looking back I think it was tough for me realise that the values, pricniples and ideas I had live my whole life according to up til then was wrong. Eventually I transformed, saw things for what they are, but i kindof had to do it my own way, but thats typically me.

  8. Classifying PUA’s as “men with game” made me laugh out loud.
    In probably 9/10 cases a PUA’s “game” dissapears the moment he gets off the chat board and steps out the front door.

    1. Yeah, it can be a laugh sometime. Had a fellow on another site swear to me up and down that he could “take the woman off my arm” in a biker bar/biker event. Guy was one of those metrosexual types. I challenged him to come to this neck of the woods to try with me at my favorite biker joint, but unfortunately he was just too darned busy. He clearly had no idea of what social dynamics in the context of the presence and image you project meant.
      I mean really man, you’re coming in dressed like a thin office boy and you think that the women in the biker bar are there looking for your scrawny arse? Really? Dang, all hat and no cattle with that boy.

  9. Any man that marries a western women in a western country (and most others for that matter) in our current state of affairs lacks introspection, and you can put that on your favourite rappers grave.
    If you’re married with kids you are walking on a tight-rope throughout the rest of your life, and I don’t think the joy of having children is worth this risk, in fact, most fathers look stressed out and unhappy to me anyway and why wouldn’t they be, they rarely if ever get to do what they want to do.
    Why buy a women for life when you can just rent one until you’re bored, leave marriage to beta providers that don’t mind picking up where other men lost interest.

    1. It gets better once they hit the teenaged years, in a way, as you have more freedom to head out of the house without them. The depressed look you see is generally from men who let their wives dominate them, parenthood probably has little to do with that outside of providing legal chains that keep him attached to her. The actual “kids” part is in fact both fun and challenging, and if you do it right as an active leader in their lives, quite rewarding.

  10. Marriage and the family unit was killed by women. Feminism forced a rupture in the order of things, and today, men are scarred by witnessing what’s happened in the past two generations.
    Women today are hypocritical when it comes to shaming. God forbid you ever show the slightest displeasure at something a woman’s done, because that’s “slut shaming” or “fitness shaming” or similar nonsense. At the same time, if you aren’t lining up to wife up a girl whose been around every block in your city (numerous times), you need to “man up,” “start being a man,” “accept responsibility.”
    You can’t shoot someone every time they reach for a cookie jar, then taze them when they shy away from reaching for the cookie jar.

    1. As a man, you don’t owe a woman or a society a damn thing.
      Always remember to take care of yourself, first. No explanation necessary (when someone tries to shame you or tell you to ‘man up’).
      Tell them to mind their own fucking business.

  11. I like the points raised in this article. Very thoughtfully written and logically correct from an argument point of view, even though the afterthought of it is depressing to digest. But that’s redpill. The current state of men in the matrix of modern feminist societies is really sad.
    The difference between scavenging and promiscuity, the social pressure on men today to man up to marry sluts, the problem of white knights/manginas, and the necessity of virtue in selecting a good wife, why men avert marriage – the points raised are brutally true.
    “Right from primitive times, a man’s woman—in the context of a committed relationship—was a symbol of his inviolable “honor” and, more importantly, social respect. Women were traditionally pursued for marriage by taking into consideration their lineage, beauty, wealth, status and virtue (not necessarily in that order).
    In modern times, however, with the destruction of female virtue due to feminism, the “honor” and social respect of men in the context of relationships has itself become undermined and threatened due to stooping levels of typical modern women’s virtue.”
    – Brilliantly put. The the main reason why men don’t choose marriage today, apart from screwed in divorce courts in feminist societies.

  12. The reality is that commitment to one women has never been a masculine virtue. It is actually a feminine virtue. That’s why have always had the Player-Slut contrast. King Soloman had 700 wives, ever heard or read about a Queen with more than one husband? didn’t think so
    Feminism, like Socialism fails not just ideologically, but in its delusional interpretation of human nature. Virginity is the only way a woman can uphold her honor, anything else is smoke and mirrors.
    Modern man isn’t essentially scavenging but turning shit to sugar. Sure woman of 2014 are irredeemably ruined but what other options are there when this shit(feminism) is spread around the globe? There will come a time when the only thing we can do is scavenge.
    We need a revolutionary ‘Übermensch’. Thats the only hope we have in saving our culture,families, sons/daughters and our very own sanity.

    1. That’s why have always had the Player-Slut contrast. King Soloman had
      700 wives, ever heard or read about a Queen with more than one husband?

      Catherine the Great comes to mind. Although there are jokes about her… royal slut-shaming, if you will.

    2. Except that commitment is really like meth on an emotional level.
      A woman´s “honor” is not being a fully dependent (money) leech demanding that a man buy her stuff in exchange for sex.
      Wife material? Yes, the idea that a man works hard and earn money so someone else does not need to work and stay at home…

  13. Speaking of discarded refuse, I briefly dated a chick who, a few weeks in, revealed to me how many men she had been with (some distance North of 10). I can’t tell you how repulsed I was by that. I dropped her so hard she bounced.
    Discarded is entirely the right word.

    1. ” I dropped her so hard she bounced. Discarded is entirely the right word. ”
      Comment of the thread.

    2. Perfect, Bob!
      And I hope you let her know why too. These women need an education, that they can then share (however unintentionally) with younger women. Sure, they’ll bitch and moan about it being your fault, but the young virginal daughter listening may pick up on the “Wait, that guy was looking for a virgin, not a whore” and take something positive from it and apply it to her life before it’s too late.
      Shame them hard, shame them often, but always shame them.

      1. Thanks man. Strangely she was not at all interested in knowing “why”. Didn’t even ask, as if she knew that getting bounced was as inevitable as the passage of time.

  14. Great article! I’m sure a lot of men on this forum have made the mistake of committing to a cum-dumpster at least once. If another man’s semen was inside her or on her, ever, she’s not suitable for marriage (widows and true rape victims don’t count). For some reason this simple facet of marriage/commitment did not need to be stipulated to our forbearers. It was simply common knowledge that a woman’s role was either whore or wife. The fact remains is that men no matter how good looking or well-financed, have to work for sex, thus game. Women can easily give it away, even women on the lower end of the spectrum still could easily give it away.
    I really didn’t want to get into the politics of it, but this is exactly what the enemies of Western Civilization wanted, to disenfranchise men, to make the passing down of their patrilineage and wealth almost impossible. In fact I have to say feminism, is the most successful revolution in history, more so than the French Revolution, Bolshevism etc. In one fell swoop, this movement destroyed, the church, virtuous women, lowered the birth rates of the dominant ethnic group, destroyed the moral fabric of its targeted nation states and more importantly, destroyed any semblance of patriarchy, all without a shot. Even more sinister was that it was great business for the carrion birds who did this to our civilizations.
    I think I may take one blogger’s advice and start my blog with the apt title of “Welcome to the Wasteland.” When we start using terms like scavenger, left-overs and refuse meat, “cum-dumpsters,” then we officially live amongst the cultural wreckage of a former civilization and nation. The buildings remain, but an edifice is no more good than the people it’s used to symbolize. I don’t know how most of you keep your anger from showing. When I read articles like this, books such as “Enjoy the Decline,” really does hit a nerve.

    1. “When we start using terms like scavenger, left-overs and refuse meat, then we officially live amongst the cultural wreckage of a former civilization. The buildings remain, but an edifice is no more good than the people it’s used to symbolize.”
      – We’re living in a wasteland indeed. And a thought-provoking, clinical, brutally written article indeed. The quality of women in the Anglosphere suck beyond hope. Men truly are forced to “scavenge” – even if they don’t want to – as the author creatively put it. That’s what we are forced to become by the feminazis.

    2. “I’m sure a lot of men on this forum have made the mistake of committing to a cum-dumpster at least once.”
      – Possibly why some men still defend sluts.

    3. It’s like a freaking nightmare. I can’t believe I’m reading this, but it’s the truth. A few weeks ago, I was in San Diego, thinking the same thing. I was driving downtown at night, watching all the sluts walk by in herds and heading for the bars, then I thought to myself is that something I want to marry? “Ping” civilization is dead..all we have are the buildings. Then I drove home.

    4. Brilliant analysis, and 100% true. The CIA and Gloria Steinem et al. helped mainstream feminism in ‘Murica. This is the problem I have with conservatives and “patriots.” The government of this prison camp is NOT your friend. That said, we all know what a cancer liberalism is. Political atheism is the best choice for the modern Red Pill man.

  15. The quality of these articles’ are now making it iron-clad clear – “do not throw your pearls before swine” Matt 7:6 and for those that are still doubting please (ignore the advice of those that you can see that have succumbed to the matrix and that – includes beta fathers) frolicking in debt and false dreams.
    Although the author doesn’t mention this I would like to add that we are not animals, we are humans (the Apex predator). The options as ranked are still unfavorable to our psyche and anything to act otherwise would be to take on the behavioral aspects of a ‘pig’ – 1 Cor 6:16 “And don’t you realize that if a man joins himself to a prostitute, he becomes one body with her? … “The two are united into one.”
    Ignore these women entirely, the point is the only way I can see to salvage “family”, and to protect the last areas is that we have to be far more territorial and each man needs to adopt a higher value-added system (Christianity) just look at the USSR vs US today.

    1. “Do not throw pearls before swine”
      Betas who marry sluts become swine themselves, by marrying these sows (sluts).

      1. I agree hence the second quote…you can’t marry a prostitute and expect her to be a wife…its the other form of white knighting that does so much ill…

  16. I have fucked some married women. I used to feel guilty when I did that. Some morals from the previously civilized world that linger in my memory would bubble up and nag me. I would also feel like I done another man wrong and it wasn’t fair for me to do that.
    Now, while I still remember the morals from my grandparents’ world, I no longer feel any sense of shame for fucking another man’s wife. I do not feel like I have done that man wrong. In fact, I feel like that man deserves it. I know he is a beta because he has no control over his wife. He probably goes around white knighting at his wife’s behest. Thus, he has contributed to the fall of civilization and deserves to have his wife used a cum bucket.
    Mind you, I don’t go out searching for married women. It’s just that there are so many of them out there that want a wild ride in bed. Almost every one wants to be used like a bowling ball. When I want something fast and easy, I figure, may as well.
    Nowadays, in fact, I find this fairly gratifying. For example, there is a “columnist” in my local newspaper that writes utterly beta, white knight progressive crap. He is a perfect example of why our civilization has collapsed with little near term hope of recovery. He is married and has 2 kids. I take great pleasure in knowing that, most likely, other men are using his wife as a cum bucket.

    1. You may want to get your Will in order, as well as your morality. That beta schlub whose wife you fuck for fun while laughing at him may well turn out to be a combat vet who owns lots of big nasty guns and a pleasantly blood stained K-Bar and who has a strong streak of PTSD going on that short circuit his ability to control his responses to your actions. In short, he’s going to hunt down your ass and terminate you with extreme prejudice and not give a shit about the consequences. Maybe kill her too, just for kicks.
      Also keep in mind that women cheat on alphas too, given the opportunity, they are wholly unaccountable creatures. You’re playing with fire kid, and eventually you will be burned, maybe even literally as his glowingly mad eyes and Gary Busey insane smile gloat on at your suffering. Don’t take my word on it though, just pay attention to the news. Hell, there’s a whole class of murder reserved for these men (3rd degree, act of passion). If you don’t realize this then you deserve what you *will* get.
      It’s always shocking to me the manosphere types that go on about fucking other men’s wifes. It’s like this beneath the surface desire for self termination.

      1. Life is a gamble, but yes key to a long life is minimize risk. Live by the sword die by the sword. However, I would say you are in more danger driving to work every day than getting killed by a disgruntled husband. Also, just because he is a vet doesn’t mean he can’t get shot in the face or stabbed in the neck…

        1. Guys that go around fucking other men’s wives generally are not the hardened vet types (yes, I’m saying that they’re yellow, weasel type cowards by and large), and there’s a pretty good chance that the PTSD cheated husband isn’t going to give him an opportunity to respond or give long speeches or challenge him to a fistfight. I’m talking about the insane type of man here, not the sobbing beta idiot who will beg his wife to come back and blame himself for her cheating. All it takes is one clever but messed up guy with hard battle experience to snap, and the weasel is dead. Why take that risk, you don’t know the guy and are gambling every time?

        2. I don’t hunt for a ringed finger and if it so happens to be it’s a pump and dump situation. Hell you can even get into this situation simply by her saying she’s not married. Even worse develop a sort of relationship while hubby is deployed, now that is getting into a bad situation…
          No difference between sobbing and snapping. Both are going full emo over a slut.
          Bit insane and messed up myself so it’s all fun and games, haha

        3. Noted on the “she won’t tell you”, but if he knows (as he indicated he did) then that’s not applicable.

        4. I generally don’t get or give that much information. But if I knew a woman were the wife of a guy in the military, I would not take the opportunity. I personally think the military code of conduct should applied to women married to men in the military as well as to any civilian men that get mixed up with that woman. I’ve heard enough horror stories about men coming back to women that have moved out, are pregnant with another man’s child, etc.
          I don’t know why these men serve in the military, because this country does not respect them. But, some do. The don’t deserve to be screwed over by me or anyone else.
          As for the rest of your rant, it’s fantasy.
          Have a good day.

        5. As if any fucking body here would wanna fuck some used up ex-combat vets dried up hosebag. LOL. Gimme a break. These fat old vets and their big guns blah blah blah hahahaha. Seriously.

        6. Good on you for not fucking military wives.
          As to fantasy, well, obviously you’ve not seen it in real life yet. Move close to a military base and read the newspapers for a year or two, then get back to me about “fantasy”.

      2. “Also keep in mind that women cheat on alphas too, given the opportunity, they are wholly unaccountable creatures. “…
        “By the way, married here, been such since the very early 1990’s. Working out great thus far. It’s still possible.”…

        1. No contradiction. They are unaccountable creatures, and I don’t define alpha solely as some guy who snags pussy (though that’s part of the definition). A woman who knows that her husband’s SMP value is more than hers may not cheat (older 30+ couple, or one where the guy is a clear 9/10 on all counts), but some 24 year old chick married to an Iraq War vetran who is red pill may still think she can upgrade and not think it through.

      3. Yeah I don’t think he is fucking anyone, let alone wives, his name sounds Asians which means is probably some chingook alien with a small dick, effeminate looks and no shred of masculinity. The only thing he is fucking is probably his right hand, chingerboo Asians don’t get women since their race is the complete antonym for that. You wouldn’t have trouble hunting his ass and shredding him too pieces.

        1. Yeah, that’s right. I’m an Asian with a tiny dick and a very clear complexion, masturbating 20 times per day.

      4. Your wife has cheated on you?
        As I said, I don’t look for it. It’s just there sometimes and very easy. I suppose these women are passive aggressively getting back at their husbands somehow. Check out Las Vegas.
        As for the risks – maybe, but I doubt these are guys that have guns. They are more likely men that are anti-gun rights. In any case, the odds are low because this is not something I do every weekend or every month. Just win the pickin’s are easy and there don’t appear to be other options.

        1. No. Don’t try to play cheap pop psychology, it’s not your forte.
          Take your chances as you will, and if fate meets you one day, accept it as what is due for services rendered.

      5. There is no “Morality”. There is legal and illegal.
        Is fucking a married women illegal; will you go to jail for it?
        “a combat vet who owns lots of big nasty guns and a pleasantly blood stained K-Bar and who has a strong streak of PTSD’”
        Fuck him. First, it does not matter how many guns you have. You can only use one at a time. Secondly, there is not a man on this planet how is tougher than a hollow point. Live like a trayvon and die like a trayvon.

        1. If you were military, you’d know. If you understood “search engine”, you’d know.

        2. Whether you reject morality or not is not my concern, by all means, live as an amoral serf.
          The rest of your post is so full of “I really have no idea what I’m talking about” that there’s no need to really say more.

        3. So you’re a douche, yeah? Thanks for letting us know.
          Here’s the thing, pal. A military man might be beta as fuck with women, but if you pick the wrong one to screw over you’ll be dead before you know you’ve got a problem.
          Whatcha gonna do when the beta chump 3 tour combat infantryman gets a tearful story from his wife about how you raped her when she was drunk because she’s afraid to tell him the truth? If you’re lucky, you’ll just get shot. If you’re not, well, have you seen Law Abiding Citizen?
          No man is tougher than a hollowpoint? I’ve seen a whole platoon roll up on a bar to take care of business because a single member of that platoon was fucked with there. How do suppose a man’s squad will react if he asks them to help find the cocksucker who raped his wife? You’d disappear without a trace and probably have an extremely painful, prolonged death before being buried in a deep hole in the desert and not a single fucking man in that squad would ever talk.
          I’d never kill a guy over some wench if she cheated on me, but if she convinced me that you raped her, well… Personally, I’ve always preferred to just kill someone who needs it and get it over with without making them suffer, but I might have to stray into the darkness in that case.
          You’ve been living too long in a pussified culture where 95% of men never even throw a punch. If you start screwing with the very small population of men who have been very intimate with death and have killed in combat and found that hey, killing is really no big deal, you deserve what you get.

        4. The greatest douchebag is the man who kills another man OVER a wench.
          What if she IS a wench, and she manipulated you into killing a man whom you wrongly believed to have raped her? That’s when you don’t become a pig, you become a BOAR.

        5. “The greatest douchebag is the man who kills another man OVER a wench.”
          What the fuck does that mean? I fully understand that women are masters of manipulation to the uninitiated, and that’s the whole point of my post. Men are hardwired to protect women, like it or not, and if a girl thinks there’s a reasonable chance she’ll get a flag stuffed down her throat for cheating on her deployed husband (actually happened, friend of a friend), she’s going to manipulate her way out of it. If she gets her husband to go kill the other guy, hey, score! Husband goes to prison, other guy is dead, she gets a divorce and benefits, fucking jackpot.
          There are times I would absolutely kill a guy over a girl. If I’m witnessing my wife or girlfriend getting attacked, it’s not just he-said she-said, so game on. And yes, I carry a gun everywhere legally, so it’s not like defending myself or my girl with lethal force is difficult.
          Unlike practically everyone here, this shit isn’t hypothetical for me. I literally saved my ex-fiance’s life by breaking into her third floor apartment via the fire escape and stopping a guy who was attacking her 7 years ago when I was on mid-tour leave. She’s my ex fiance because she cheated on me when I went back to Iraq. LOL! That’s gratitude for you. Whaaat a cunt.
          Women are fungible. I’ve fucked quite a few girls with boyfriends and while I’ll admit I have an asshole streak that makes me enjoy taking a woman from another man, I’d not fuck the wife of a man who I think will violently confront me. Even if I win the fight, I still lose when I get sent to prison for murder or manslaughter, or because the wife suddenly decides to start accusing ME of rape after I hurt or killed her husband. I’m not James Bond, I can still get hard when a girl isn’t wearing a wedding ring, and at 28 I’m not ready to throw my life away over some forbidden pussy.

      6. yeah, he could conceivably be some uber-hardass. statistically though, the odds are way in your favour. me personally, i wouldn’t lose any sleep over the possibility of retribution.

    2. “I no longer feel any sense of shame for fucking another man’s wife. I do not feel like I have done that man wrong. In fact, I feel like that man deserves it.”
      Dude, lay down the bong. Of course you are to blame, you’re contributing to the denigration of our society.

      1. oh no, poor society! put down the poetry book, you idealistic fairy. even if you were to somehow change the world – an improbable event as can be! – you would still die long before seeing any visible improvements. so i should bust my balls for the benefit of others’ offspring? fuuuuck that.

    3. To each his own but I will never do this. I have turned down many married women, both ones whose husbands I knew and ones whose husbands I did not.

    4. me personally, i wouldn’t fuck anything over 30, but i do admire your pragmatism. not like these fairies, prancing around here talking about saving the world.

    5. The worst wives are the ones who seem to have it all (and they are at home, bored).
      The husband is out working to support their way of life and she is bored at home (with or without kids). So, she takes up a new hobby…finding men in person, on FB, etc…to keep her entertained.
      A damn shame…but the real question for women….where are all the good ladies (women)?

  17. I think we should promote a principle called “bellum in familia nato” (Birth during the war against the family). There will be so many bastards born and have been born since 1968, because their fathers were too scared to commit for the financial and legal burdens and/or the mothers were just whores. Because of the wide-scale epidemic of whoredom and feminism, these children, under special circumstances should not be characterized with the term bastard but under certain ecclesiastical and moral principles be deemed a children during the era of “bellum in familia nato.” In financial terms, you have “risk exposure” and any man who’s worth his two cents, who wants to have children, knows you can lessen this risk exposure to women by only impregnating them but not marrying them. If you have to expose yourself to anything, let it be your children, especially sons, the carriers of your Y chromosome and lineage. We need to start thinking outside the box in every facet. A complete war on all fronts.

    1. You lost me here. The solution is to completely eliminate the family structure? How is that not the stated and intended plan of the Left? Or did I misunderstand something (quite possible)?

      1. Not marriage, but modern marriage. Marriage is no longer an instrument of the church and patriarchy, it is a vehicle for the enrichment of women and the enslavement of men. I am all for marriage and the nuclear family, but we don’t live in those times anymore. This is not a premise, this is reality. I want the collapse of modern marriage, not traditional marriage. We need to make special provisions for those children, especially boys having to suffer under these times.

        1. How about instead we get laws changed? It’s possible you know, seen it done in other arenas where we all assumed that we were ‘beaten’. Beats falling in line with the Left’s long stated goal, don’t you think?
          Once we have no families, it’s beyond over, expect a nuclear termination event, or perpetual tyranny. I don’t want my son and daughter to live in either one of those outcomes, personally.
          By the way, married here, been such since the very early 1990’s. Working out great thus far. It’s still possible.

        2. You’re the last of a dying breed, but could you possibly in all morality recommend marriage to a man of my generation? Men who are 21-30? We’re on the same page, we just have different means of reaching the same objective. The goal remains the same, the strategies just differ.

        3. Not currently, but I believe the way to address it is through setting up lobbying groups and special interest organizations in real life, funding them, recruiting more to the cause, and forming unified voting blocs that carry out threats. Think of, for example, the NRA. Cross those bastards where the NRA constituency is strong and you’re kicked out of office, just ask Al Gore.
          But yes, in a sense you’re right. Things need to change legally and *then* we need to re-form families, imo. Agreed on being on the same page. Just being older as I am, I’ve actually seen victory over time for “lost” causes, whereas a lot of you younger bucks haven’t. It’s possible though, believe me.

        4. Marriage is for idiots.
          I dont listen to a fucking word married men say. They are my enemy.

      2. we have got to protect family…otherwise there won’t be “any other” place to travel to where feminism has its claws.

        1. don’t worry, feminism won’t reach every corner of the world during our lifetime. might mean you’ll have to go to a village in belarus in 30 years to find a decent woman, but still that would be prefferable to fighting an unwinnable war

  18. Only a chaste, virgin woman would ever entertain the thought of you as a man and be willing to stay with you?
    I have been pretty depressed myself over where we are going and all that but never to that point!
    Oh and if you think that being the only man she ever knew will keep a woman loyal, with you not you facing familly courts sometimes later? Good luck with that!

      1. You neckbears and beta pussies only wish you could get a slut to marry you.
        I on the other hand bother to think, understand that she would have little motivation to marry a guy who is independent and intolerant of her BS when she can play the good wifey, get a beta provider to buck 12 hours a day while she have fun with her alphas. You know, as a stay at home mother, hahahaha!
        Enjoy your chaste women, read plenty about them from husbands who married them.
        They have no reasons for staying thin. No reasons against whitholding sex to have more money spend on herself.
        Virginity or not, she will still grow disgusted with her beta husband and betray him to the familly courts, virginity will not save the beta´s marriage, nor his feelings and money.

        1. Were you cheated upon by a chaste woman? Why do you hate them so much? A chaste woman is any time better than a slut/hoe. When men begin to celebrate sluthood and sham virgins the way modern feminist women do, you can’t blame these modern bitches for deriding men, and limiting the options for modern men. We need to celebrate virgins by marrying them, and choosing to spew our wild oats within sluts.
          Your language of speaking up in favor of sluts/whores is definitely of the scavenger category.
          “Feminist society, in fact, encourages and lauds him by rationalizing his sexual scavenging as a “noble” deed of “manning up” (and often exemplifying him to other men, with the social goal to similarly provide future partners for used up sluts). It also puts social tusks on his snout like a boar, to target the men who didn’t (or don’t) fall for the same bait as he did.”
          Not that we are accusing you of being one. Men could do better by encouraging fellow men to choose to commit to virgins, instead of defending sluts/whores.

        2. What pisses me off is a woman who herself is a fully dependent, useless leech and still demands a man to buy her stuff in exchange for sex.
          I usually say that women are either sluts or whores, and I prefer sluts, if a girl likes me because I appear “hot” I prefer that over a girl who is with me because I provide, I consider that a huge turn off.

      2. He’s probably married to one of them (sluts) – that’s why the scavenging language. All scavengers support marrying sluts.

        1. LOL, I leave marriage and the emotional dependency to the beta bucks like you.
          You only wish you could get a hot slut to marry you and have to disse those getting what you want.

  19. I think what makes real sense is that in the modern world, sampling a slut (having sex with a slut) is indeed different from committing to a slut. Feminism brainwashes men to think that sampling sluts is dishonorable (by calling them pigs), while forgetting that modern women are like sows themselves, willing to be mounted by as many men as possible. A slut who walks down the aisle of matrimony will continue to slut it around after marriage. So men fucking married women should actually not be blamed, as the gate to sex is held open by the married woman (slut) herself. Beta men (typical white knights) fighting men who fuck their wives should actually fight their own sluts of wives instead. The present is indeed an environment of pump and dump. Committing to a slut is wearing the hood of a pig (scavenger) for life.

  20. More to life than squirting some body fluids into a wet crotch.
    So many men get f-d over financially and emotionally by manipulative pussy.
    Old school integrity, self-improvement, and standards keep some of the grief away.
    I watch 95% of men walking behind their woman like a dog on a leash.
    When is my next pussy feeding dear…..

  21. You’ve got to be a man enough to accept the slut as Jesus did. Remember what he said:
    Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.

    1. ….but he most importantly said to the woman “and sin no more”….(remember) lol

        1. That she became one of his disciples.
          It was his impeachable personality which brought the “change” in her.
          Are you Jesus, or is the modern man Jesus-like? Can you bring a change in modern women the way Jesus did? For that to happen, modern women must first BELIEVE in Jesus. Modern women live a satanic life – so sinning no more is out of question for them. They WILL continue to sin – because they follow the herd mentality. The fallen woman whom Jesus forgave was a single woman in a patriarchal, purer time. There weren’t other sluts around her to encourage her whoredom, the way a modern woman has.

        2. You are so correct. The behaviour that used to be considered shameful, where even other women would look down on the slut, is now not only OK, but commended by her girlfriends.

  22. Nice!
    If only the drones would stop rationalizing like bitches why “their” particular slut, is somehow magically something more than a common cum dumpster, this Dystopia of ours may actually be on the way towards something….

  23. The fact remains that modern men will still choose to become ‘scavengers’ (as this article labels it). We live in a overly sexual, sexually permissive time in humanity. You see women around you wearing slut yoga pants, thongs hanging out of the top of their trousers, and half naked women leaving nothing to imagination. Go to Latin America, Eastern Europe, Thailand, anywhere it’s the same. A man will naturally listen to his dick and less to his common sense. An average man will always choose the hot slut for marriage, instead of the chaste average looking woman. Looks always win, and sluts often win in that department over other women. It’s very difficult to find a beautiful virgin these days. An average man thinks he could get a lifetime of porno sex with his hot bod slut girlfriend, after he marries her. Sluts bait sex all the time to get commitment.
    Men can’t live without sex or women. Feminism, exploiting this weakness, has succeeded in transforming men into pig scavengers after all.

    1. ” an average man will always choose the hot slut for marriage, instead of the chaste average looking woman”
      Actually, the average women looks-wise is MUCH worse and more more lascivious because she requires twice the approval of an attractive woman. You have to work just as hard for them as you do the hot one, they have self esteem issues, and even though they are average , they are always on the hunt for a better deal than you, if it takes 1 year or 5, eventually they are gonna get game from someone better. Also a hotter woman knows that she can get any male in terms of looks so she is probably more relaxed. All women are sluts, average women pretend they are chaste to seem more valuable than a more attractive women but it’s an outrageous LIE. The dating market does not operate like a bargain bin, you pay the same price for the low-quality. Especially in the long run. I’d rather have a short relationship with great sex than a long one with an averager. One leaves me with good memories, the other leaves me with grief. If all you can do is average, Work harder!

      1. “All women are sluts, average women pretend they are chaste to seem more valuable than a more attractive women but it’s an outrageous LIE. The dating market does not operate like a bargain bin, you pay the same price for the low-quality. ”
        Perfectly True.

    2. “An average man will always choose the hot slut for marriage, instead of the chaste average looking woman.”
      A sane man.
      The whore bait sex all the time to get commitment and the difference is pretty damn important if you value your money instead of dreaming of emotional dependency.
      Only man needing a virgin woman for a stable marriage is a beta pussy anywhay, OP is the real scavenger and beta.
      Being virgin before marriage won´t prevent her from being disgusted by his betaness and just like chris-chan, she is likely virgin for a reason…

  24. Scavenge if you must, just don’t date feminists. Let them have the skinny, hipster white boys until their low fertility rates puts their kind in the extreme minority. Then we traditionalists can surround and attack.

  25. “The player, who sleeps with sluts, is in fact, not a sexual scavenger. The beta, who chooses to commit to a slut, is in fact a pig-like sexual scavenger.”
    Patently false. Those who pump and dump are the harbingers of the decline of Western Civilization.

    1. Most of the big players I know were in committed relationships at one point. How is this the case? Committing to a woman in a society that protects her promiscuous interests is a losing game.

    2. The pump and dump scenario only began when women began to act like sows, dimwit. You mean to say players “steal” sex from sluts? Women are the gatekeepers to sex. She chooses who will pound her holes, and which hole too (her mouth, her asshole, or her cunt). If you blame men who pump and dump to the be “the harbingers of the decline of Western civilization”, then you must first blame the sows and bitches who allowed them to pump and dump their vapid holes. These men didn’t rape those cunts, they fucked them, and the cunts enjoyed them. When women are corrupted themselves, you can’t blame men to go for the pump and dump approach.

      1. Nope, the corruption began with men. Remember, we are the builders and destroyers. Try harder next time.

    3. you say it like the decline is a bad thing. fuck it, let the waters wash away this shithole. i’ll be dead before shtf anyway.

    4. western civilization is itself pump and dump now, with the state becoming the husband for single moms.

    5. Only a weakling beta who have to rely on a woman not knowing any better to keep a marriage would wants a virgin anywhay.
      Too bad he is fucked anywhay, she will still grow disgusted by the stench of betaness (unless she shot herself with a nailgun as a child).

  26. I made a mistake that I will not make again. I started learning game a couple months ago and have been seeing moderate success. I have a long way to go. One thing I remember reading on here is to game the 6s and 7s before you go for the tens. Well, I met a girl on tinder who looked to be an eight, but unsurprisingly when she showed up at my place she was more of a 5. Like described here, this otherwise attractive cum dumpster was sloppy as shit, but no doubt still having her pick in the sexual marketplace because of thirsty men. In addition, she was an apathetic bitch and not at all feminine in behavior. I took a minute in the bathroom almost furious at her deception, but then I resolved to teach her a lesson. I fucked her with almost zero LMR (in a way that I couldn’t see her face, naturally) and finished, but there was a catch- I made sure that she wasn’t done yet. I walked back in the bathroom to dispose of my condom and when I came back, the skank was ready for round two, but I had other plans. I told her “You’re done, you can get out” Her face was priceless. This piece of shit had no problem deceiving me and so I gave her what she was worth, jack shit. she screamed and cussed but she was out the door in minutes. Though it felt good to teach her a lesson the fact of the matter is I shouldn’t have validated that slut in the first place. Learn from my mistake and improve yourself by gaming the higher echelon of broads, and don’t validate these women, they’re entirely inferior

  27. This article makes out that unless you marry an Armenian peasant girl virgin you are basically screwed….
    This is not the case… in fact where a girl has had 1-2 LTRs and a couple of ONS, before hand and has a notch count of perhaps 3-4-5, in many ways some of her hard edges have been knocked off…
    She’s been through a break up or two, so she’s not quite so demanding… it often takes a loss to value what you have in better perspective.
    She’s felt dirty from fucking a guy only once and or she’s been messed about by a player or a married guy that used her for sex.
    Buying a brand new car is nice, but sometimes one with a little mileage on the clock works out cheaper and easier.

    1. “She’s been through a break up or two, so she’s not quite so demanding… it often takes a loss to value what you have in better perspective.”
      I disagree. The mistake you’re doing is confusing “demanding” with “clingy”.
      Women who’ve gone through breakups actually don’t “value” what they have in better perspective. Most of the time, they just don’t care – all they care is for companionship to avoid loneliness. Even if it means, acting like a easygoing partner for their man. But since they don’t value relationships, they won’t value the emotional side of sex (the bonding), and neither the loyalty factor (the more dicks inside, the more she can separate between love and sex).
      Virgins are the real bet for marriage. You don’t have to marry an Armenian peasant girl, you can still find virgins in parts of developed Eastern Europe, Asia or Middle east. And a few in the Anglosphere. Men who marry virgins know better. I’ve seen my friends who’ve married virgins; and how their wives are brutally devoted to them. The thing is that a woman’s first sexual experience is never forgotten (even if it may be lousy), so the virgin bonds deeply to her man. Used women couldn’t bother less – their loyalty is more a practical decision on their part, and not an emotional one. Let’s not forget women are emotional creatures, so emotion based loyalty will always triumph over practicality based loyalty.

      1. spot on, my good sir. i would never commit to a used-up woman.
        n = 0 or else i’m pump-and-dumping

    That’s how women will understand the value of chastity. I have seen it in parts of Russia. The sluts are never married, but just passed about among men. The virgins don’t care that their men pumped and dumped these sluts, on the contrary they rub salt in the angry sluts’ wounds by sticking up the wedding ring on her finger in the sluts’ faces. That’s the reason why their culture still survives, and ours is destroyed.
    We support sluts, they fuck their asses and dispose them. Places where virgins are valued are where patriarchy and family values still survive.

  29. Just to summarize so far these are the choices:
    n=0, otherwise revert to pump and dump creating 2 tier system
    n= your “notch” count. In which case you can put up w/everything till your fill. This would normalize the beta world out there for sometime.
    or n= [fixed amount] or n*(till they find God) but then we have seen that open to abuse so both require checks and balances.

    1. I dont think you can legally marry 8 year olds, which is probably a good thing
      what isn’t a good thing is that once an american girl reaches the double didgets she will have lost all purity / virginity and become a degenerate spoiled stuck up queen-bitch who’ll go out with some jackass and then wonder why she gets treated like shit. HAHAHAHAHA

    1. “Modern women – after being knocked up”
      – In the wasteland of 21st century society.

  30. The funny conclusion one derives from this article is that if men are actually becoming pigs if they ‘scavenge’ sluts, it’s because modern women are actually SOWS. I felt this was a satire on modern women and their sow-like natures. Truly, men who marry sow-like sluts of modern women are really pigs.

    1. A sow looking at a pig mounting a sow.
      Welcome to modern women and the 21st century.

  31. It’s ironic to note that our culture puts so much emphasis on male dick size, male sexual prowess, male ejaculation time, etc, and on things like hitting a woman’s G spot, cunnilingus, and various sexual positions. No man can know all this unless without practice, as no man is sexually proficient from birth. Practice makes perfect. Men, biologically programmed to spread their own seed, are even more burdened by modern society to display sexual prowess. Not to mention generations of sluts created by feminism who know the difference between good sex (gangbangs, anal, etc) and ‘lousy’ sex. Our forefathers never relied on Viagra and all that shit what we see in modern times. With women becoming sows, men naturally have to fuck about to become the dong that they want. No man is a natural pornstar. So if men will fuck about, you can’t blame them if they don’t want to marry if they can get the milk for free, in their pursuit for sexual prowess. Feminism has scarred men and destroyed women. Let ‘scavenging’ be left for Beta virgins who don’t want to game women, nor improve their sexual skills.

    1. That’s what society has become. I don’t care what women think even if they call me a pig for fucking about; because women are sows today. I couldn’t care less.

  32. Reading some of the comments on this great article, I find some men criticizing other men who fuck married women. I wonder why? Cheating or fucking is not the same as raping. It’s a consensual decision between the man and the woman. A woman always controls sexual access to her holes. Men killing or fighting the ‘other man’ who fucked their wives are the biggest white knight pigs themselves. In a modern world, if a man cheats on his woman,it is the man’s fault. If his wife cheats on him, it is again the man’s fault (the lover who ‘hypnotized’ his wife to fuck her, correct? Or the poor husband who could ‘satisfy’ her enough). Fuck all this bullshit of white knighting
    slutty wives. The cheating wife will mercy fuck her husband after he begs her,
    while propping herself on all fours eagerly to get pummeled in her ass by her
    lover. Women are the real enemy in the cheating game, not men.

    1. In a men hating society, men must stick together not stab each other in the back.
      A band of brothers is needed to push back the supremacist lunatic feminism.

  33. After reading this article, I think Mark Driscoll served as the inspiration for the slut-wifing Beta for this article.

  34. Maybe but are ‘sexual scavengers’ such a bad thing for society? I always kind of looked up to guys who were so in love with a woman that they would raise her kids as their own. Such is the power of the pussy. This is definitely not a new thing either, just imagine back in cave man days… an alpha of the tribe dies taking some crazy risk in a hunting expedition, leaving hungry mouths to feed.
    With a very finite number of potential mating partners in a tribe, it’s not going to be long before another male member of the tribe starts sleeping with her and providing for her kids.
    Sometimes I feel like manosphere/PUA bloggers are hypercritical of ‘provider/beta’ males which my father, grandfather and stepfather could definitely be categorized as. I contend that ‘provider/beta’ males are essential to the functioning of society.

  35. This Post is about Rodger Elliot, I know is not exactly related to this article, but Rodger Elliot was also a guy who wanted to get laid and couldn’t get any.
    I just finished reading his Manifesto (more like an autobiography) and here is my analysis of the situation:
    The tragedy that happened in Isla Vista was a combination of a number of factors, not just one or two conditions: 1) was the fact that Elliot Rodger had a mental condition that would prevent him to make social contacts or friends, such as dissociative or avoidant personality (he himself says so… the only 2 o 3 friends that he ever had were childhood friends and later they abandoned him, and later in Isla Vista he could not make any new friends), and what than means of course is that is even harder to talk to the opposite sex.
    Factor number 2): He had a very high sex drive (again, he himself says so in his manifesto, he was always thinking about sex) that happens naturally at that age but the other problem or undoing was the fact that he was only into very beautiful blond girls, he was into 10s only… in general most guys would rank them first or very high on their list of women we find attractive but most of us found our place and know who we could and who we couldn’t possibly date, Rodger Elliot thought he really deserved the best, most beautiful kind of women.
    The third 3) issue at hand here is that he also may or may not suffer from Narcisistic personality, his manifesto is full of entries about how he is better than anyone else, how he is part royalty from England, and how he is the perfect gentleman who deserves all the girls in the world…. which is also a condition that stems from factor number 1) social isolation, if you read a psychology book you’ll find out that the most common result of social isolation is a sense of delusion of grandieur, meaning that when you are alone for too long in an urban setting you tend to believe that you are greater and better that anybody else, and since you don’t have any friends to tell you otherwise this condition exacerbates to the extreme, this happens from lack of human contact and social interaction… and finally…. factor number 4) Bullying… since he was a very young kid he was bullied by the most popular and bigger guys (in his manifesto he describes how they would take books and stuff from him and make him chase them but that he couldn’t keep up because of his weak physique).
    This last factor I believe is the main cause that this case turned from a typical scenario of a kid who doesn’t have friends and can’t get laid and became a mass shooting, the cause of this is that he would always see couples of the beautiful blond girls that he admire the most with the big, tall popular guys that he despised and hated the most because they would always bully him, and since his narcissistic personality would tell him that he was better than all of those guys dating hot blond girls, that would enrage him to the point that he would cry on his room for hours and hours on end (this happened countless times, according to his manifesto). That is the cause that he would blame the entire feminine genre for his sorrow and at the end, he decided to punish all the women (notice in his manifesto he never talk about shooting the guys) this shows you that he lack any sense of reality and he thought all the girls were to blame.
    Rodger Elliot’s manifesto is repetitive of instances where he goes out, sees a couple of a hot, blond girl with a tall, popular guy (the same type of guy that he despises for bullying him when he was younger) and he goes home and cries for hours. But my favorite moment in his entire Manifesto has to be when he goes to a party in Isla Vista surrounded by beautiful women and in a suddent act of rage, being that nobody would talk to him, he proceeds to attack them and tried to push them of the balcony, and when the guys around them punch him and beat him up, on his way home he wonders why not one of those beautiful girls offered to take care of him, look after him, and have sex with him to make him feel better… right after he tried to push this girls off the ledge!, that just goes to show you the extent of Rodger Elliot’s narcissistic, fantasy world full of hate and spite against women for not selecting him, a perfect gentlemen, as a boyfriend… is sad but is true.
    In conclusion: His manifesto is a very important piece of evidence because it contains everything that we need to know to decipher this tragedy, this four factors combine to cause a mass shooting, is a unique situation but, unfortunately, the same factors have been seen in other mass shootings, most importantly Bullying, 90% of the mass shootings in America have this factor in play, and is important that campaigns against it are put in play in every high-school and even pre-schools.
    Elliot Rodger case is to a certain extent, unique, because it shows us a world of people that no one thinks about, they go by the name of “incels” (involuntary celibates) which are people that for one reason or another (not just mentally but physically) can’t make significant connections with the opposite sex, or to put it bluntly… can’t get laid, and they all want it because of a high sex drive, most forums about incels talk about how a guy how is too skinny, too fat, too ugly, too weird, is ignored by beautiful women and how angry they get, I believe some of this people have narcissistic conditions because most of them talk about how they deserve beautiful girls and how they never talk to them, not one of them stops to think that maybe if they joined a gym, loose their hating attitude towards women or how if they just try to be nicer, women would talk to them more often… and for the record, very good looking women are not always looking for a perfect 10 in a guy, they;re the first ones to tell you, they just want a guy who is nice and make them laugh, being an incel is a self-perpetuating situation because they hate beautiful girls because they don’t talk to them and the girls won’t talk to them because incels are usually awkward or dismissive of women.

  36. “The average beta often makes the choice of settling down with a woman who’s had her share of men in her prime. But what is he? Isn’t he then choosing to scavenge for life, the discarded sexual leftovers of men who’ve used that body for casual sperm injections before?”
    Yes but doesn’t this mean you are partly responsible for all the “leftover” women out there? If you advocate “sampling sluts” then you are making those women “leftovers”. You can’t complain later when you want a virgin and can’t find one. And supposing the virgin does not want you? What if the virgin wants a virgin man?
    These are all very important considerations!

  37. The comparison with someone like me who collects scrap metal to sell as a way to make money on the side is a bit unfair. At least you can turn a heap of aluminum can into a brand new can, or old copper into new functional electrical wire. Sluts, meh, not so much. And you make money with scrap. With sluts, you lose money.

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