The Traditional West Is Man’s Best Civilization

Today, in some corners of our modern society, denigrating and diminishing the glories of traditional Western civilization has almost become a cultural past-time. Indeed, in academia, the media, and the entertainment industry, traditional Western civilization and its history are now routinely portrayed as being something uniquely evil and as being something which Western people should feel overwhelmingly guilty about.

But the fact is, the West, its culture, its traditions, and its civilization, is, from a perspective of human achievement and flourishing, the very best civilization that has ever existed in the history of man. And there is one easy argument that can be made to show that this is the case. So what then is this argument that purports to show that traditional Western culture and civilization—a culture born out of Greco-Roman traditions and institutions, molded by Christian philosophy and morality, and hardened by humanist ideas—is the best that the world has seen to date?

Just one of the glories of the West!

The argument, ultimately, is as simple as it is common. In fact, we use the reasoning inherent in this argument all the time, such as when we pick the best politician from an undesirable lot or when we choose the best alternative from a group of options. And so the argument is simply this: for every type of sin that the West is allegedly guilty of—racism, colonialism, war, oppression, and so on—and for every vile act that Western society has committed, every single other culture, both past and present, has done the very same things, and often to a worse degree, as the West has done; and yet, at the same time, no other culture, overall, has given humanity the benefits and gifts that traditional Western civilization has given it.

Therefore, when a relative cultural and civilizational comparison is made as to which culture has been best at the promotion and advancement of general human flourishing in the wide swath of human fields—such as medicine, law, philosophy, technology, economics, liberty, governance, and so on—traditional Western culture is undeniably the best culture that this world has ever been graced with.

Mongols…not exactly the peaceful type.

After all, and as stated earlier, the fact is that every relatively large non-Western socio-cultural group, regardless of whether it was just a small tribe or a large nation, has historically engaged in brutality, war, discrimination, slavery, racism, murder, exploitation, violence, oppression, and so on, at a scale that was commensurate with its level of sophistication and technological advancement. For example, slave-traders on the African coast received black slaves for purchase from other black Africans. And Arabs and other Middle-Easterners had a thriving slave-trade as bad or worse than that of the West (and there is still on-going de facto slavery in parts of the Middle East today).

Or consider that the brutal Mongol hordes that swept over Asia had a world war going on, as well as a colonizing empire of epic proportions, well before the West had started its own imperial march across the globe. And note that the Turkish Ottoman Empire was one of the greatest colonizers and invaders of the past few hundred years, and Turkey still occupies Cyprus to this day. Furthermore, Japanese atrocities against other Asians before and during World War 2 were as horrid as anything that the West had perpetrated; yet even the Japanese were matched by the horrors committed by Chinese communists against both their own people and other cultures. Or note that the Indian caste system was and is the height of discrimination and oppression. And never forget that the Indians of the Americas were killing themselves and taking each other as captives long before any European ever arrived on their shores.

Thus, we see that everything deplorable that the West has allegedly done, other cultures have done as well. Indeed, the West bears no greater guilt in terms of committing immoral acts than any other culture bears. And so it is utterly clear that the West has absolutely no monopoly on civilizational evil.

The Arab Slave Trade…something not often talked about when the issue of slavery is brought up.

Furthermore, it also needs to be considered that several of the supposed crimes of the West—such as some of the Crusades or the Reconquista—were, in fact, quite justified strategic defensive actions against centuries of aggression and attack from other cultures and civilizations, and so it is hard to blame the West for them.

But now consider that while the West has done nothing worse than what every other civilization has done, it is also disproportionally traditional Western and European culture that the entire world has to thank for myriad cultural innovations. Among these are the rise of empiricism and science, the deep use of reason and philosophical reflection in thinking, technological and medicinal achievements that no other culture can match, ethical and humanistic reflections that gave rise to the idea of human rights, the creation and spread of universities and other centers of learning and knowledge, beautiful art and literature, profound saints and mystics, a humanitarian impulse to help other groups and other cultures, the boon that was capitalism, strong and relatively just legal systems and courts, powerful forms of government that protect individual liberties and which created the world’s most prosperous societies, more respect and rights for women and minorities than other cultures, a culture that is self-reflective and self-critical—in fact, overly self-critical—and so on and so forth.

A book no one wants you to read, for it shows that most accomplishments that have made the world a more prosperous place, have come from Western men.

Now we can debate the reason for why all these good things largely came from the West, but what we cannot deny is that when it comes to creating a society and a culture that has maximized human flourishing to a level that no other culture has, the West, quite simply, is the best.

And so, the long and short of it is this:  the traditional West is the best because by almost any objective metric related to human flourishing, human achievement, and moral behavior, traditional Western culture and civilization fares no worse than any other culture, and yet it is, in many respects, substantially better than other cultures. That is why the West is the best, and that is a fact that is hard to dispute. The irony, however, is that the West has arguably made things so good and comfortable for itself, that it may have actually sowed the seeds of it own destruction through its present embrace of suicidal cultural policies and its fostering of effeminate regressive progressives.

Let us thus hope that the West can right its present regressive course in order to stay the best, for if it does not, then the world will soon become a much darker and harsher place.

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191 thoughts on “The Traditional West Is Man’s Best Civilization”

  1. When the West rose, Asia was there. When the West falls, Asia will still be there.
    Weakness and ignorance are not barriers to survival, but arrogance is a fatal poison.

    1. I’d almost argue the opposite.
      The Chinese have maintained their civilization in part because they revere their own history.

      1. But arrogance IS the root of all downfall. We were not arrogant in our accomplishments. We were arrogant in our denial of God and the true nature of Man, as a soul, not an ape. You can track the fall of the traditional west first to Darwinism, and then feminism. The science of Darwin led The West to venerate the material and spite the immaterial. When The West rejected God, that was the beginning of its arrogance and we are now reaping what we have sown. If The West can learn humility before God, whatever form or philosophy He takes going forward, it can rise again.
        China may revere its history, but in its current form, don’t ask them to revere Buddhism or any other spiritual tradition. They have persecuted Tibet for this long because a return to China’s SPIRITUAL roots is a direct threat to the aging and corrupt Communist party. Tradition has been preserved because they did place an emphasis on veneration of ancestors (Confucius). We never had that, so we lost our veneration of the past. But I would argue it was our arrogance in believing man came from an ape that cut the ties to our ancestors. By believing this lie, Man became nothing more than an animal – worthless and nothing but dust. No one venerates the dust he walks on.

        1. I agree that arrogance for the accomplishments of our ancestors will bite us in the ass. It will make us lazy and weak.
          But Westerners have been so completely detached from their history, that a bit of excitement at discovering the majesty of the ancient West, and its development through history could help them rediscover a masculine identity.
          I think alt-righters are looking back to WW2 for inspiration almost entirely because that was the last time Western men had the opportunity to fully express a raw masculine nature with true conviction.
          I like your comment above, that says that what we are seeing is the return of Man, capital M. I agree that the death of God was the beginning of our downfall, but I don’t believe that what is re-emerging is only a spiritual vision of life. I think more fundamentally we are seeing the unleashing of the caged and pent-up male psyche.

        2. Leftists have no internal logical consistency:
          1. Humans evolved from animals and thus we are animals without rights
          2. Humans were created
          You can’t talk about “god-given rights” like the right to liberty or love or fulfillment if we’re no more than apes who learned to use a straight razor.
          It’s one way or the other.

        3. I think it will lead to spiritual revival in short order. Even patriarchs need gods to function.

        4. Yes, the last sentence is what the cult of Kek is about. Smug Pepe is the mischievous male who messes up the ‘mummy knows best’ setup. Kek Rising is the return of the masculine principle into the West.

        5. BTW I love the 4-chan girl dancing in the HWNDU camera. She gives me hope for the future.

        1. And yet we still don’t see young Chinese girls holding up signs that say “Refugees welcome!”
          You guys are right, but the Chinese still managed to hold onto something that we didn’t.

        2. And I tell you, being in STEM, it’s the Chinese women who are always the smartest, deepest (they will have real talents and hobbies outside of work), friendliest.

        3. They replaced their old culture with a dumbed down ethno-nationalism, the only thing able to keep the edifice from blowing up since their cultural heritage was either rejected or destroyed.

        4. Even the ravages of the Cultural Revolution weren’t enough to destroy the roots of Confucianism. The Party-State is communist but it knows that if it destroys patriarchy it itself no longer has an excuse to rule.
          This is why China is going to throw out Marxism-Leninism at some point. The ideology is simply inimical to continued existence.

      1. I listen to a live version of Bach’s Saint Matthew’s Passion on Good Friday just gone. Its pure sublimity and resonance beyond the merely empirical and mundane concerns of the everyday world, marks in my mind, one of highest pinnacles in western sensibility, namely, the nexus between the sublime and the divine. Unlike Islam it doesn’t “proclaim” and want to convert through force people to the idea of God. How much we have lost since this time in the west and how much Islam could learn, if it had but ears to hear.

        1. I think the truth lies in that both cultures should never have mixed. I can grant that Islam does have a more militant nature (as did Christianity in days past), to be sure, but it too has its sublime side. It saddens me to see it so marked and denigrated by the ignorant and CIA/Saudi sponsored Sunni / Wahhabism that has taken over the heart and soul of Islam.
          I think the best that can happen is for the deep state forces behind this madness in the ME to finally get what is coming to them. That Saudi Arabia falls and Wahhabi Islam is crushed, annihilated and wiped from the face of the earth. Assad in Syria is the ONLY thing standing between Christians and ISIS head choppers, a secular Muslim state (much like the west once was when it was still Christian, but secular). Islam and Christianity can live side by side in spirit and communion with God, but that truth is about to be wiped out with yet another regime change in Syria very shortly.
          The real sad truth of our time is that God, or spirit, or anything sublime, has been relegated to being something childish, immature and not intellectual by the godless, atheist, materialist masters of our culture (education and media). Our young have been raised to believe there is nothing to believe in, so they drug themselves to death in a desperate, Nihilist search for meaning that Man’s soul will always yearn for if not given a source of sustenance.
          I pray that the times we are living in are closer to the end of our troubles than the beginning. I don’t believe in any end of the world that God wills, but I do believe that if Man stops believing in God, he will end the world and himself in short order, and God will be blameless for Man’s action against himself.

        2. Thank you Maximus, it’s really warming to read an intelligent, sensitive and measured comment. I bet you are european, you seem to have a wide knowledge of others.
          Salutations, si tu es français ! En espérant que ROK prenne petit à petit une ligne plus nuancée et plus équilibrée !

  2. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
    Let the scoffers be damned.
    Social justice warriors, communists, leftists, socialists, journalists, guilty whites (?), anarchists, Marxists, Jews, BLM sympathizers, feminists, Republicans, Democrats, bureaucrats, racists (of every shade of skin), (poets, priests, and preachers. Rabbis,too), illegal immigrants who refuse to assimilate, George Soros, Muslims;
    and apologists for this-and-that strewn and scattered across these United States of America, main stream media, academia, Barack Obama, Hollywood;
    read this post and share it with your friends.
    What is there to debate?

  3. I see a ray of light in the darkness with the Berkeley riot. The return of the traditional
    west is a return to patriarchy, period. It does not have to be Christianity, nor Islam, nor any religion. It is a return to Man, capital M, as the authority and leader of home and state. And I think it is on the horizon.
    While God and Christianity once underpinned the traditional west in upholding patriarchy, what I see happening in a big picture view of western culture is that instead of God and the Bible, it will be science and fact. The true nature of both men and women is now so overwhelming in its proof of difference – intellectually, physically and psychologically – that there will be no argument against the coming patriarchy that can refute it. That is all the feminists/left had… a hatred for the God of Christianity and its patriarchal ‘oppression’ of women.
    Well… they got their wish. God and Christianity are dead in The West. What they are going to get in its place… is biological certainty of the superior genetic advantage of patriarchal men over women. Women will have a role once again, that of wife, mother and partner/helper to men. The patriarchy of Christianity will give way to the natural patriarchy of Man, capital M. I dare to dream this is the future because all men, not just in the west, are finding their natural strength and authority once more.
    In the end, feminism will be seen as a blessing. It allowed women to have full control of society, politics and culture, and it will be seen that doing so only proved what the ancient Romans and Greeks already knew – women ruin everything they are put in charge of. This was woman’s chance, and she blew it. It is even happening in Asia, of all places.
    South Korea’s Gender Wars – 101 East explores misogyny and murder in South Korea as men’s rights groups and feminists wage a war against each other.
    Read between the lines of the AJ propaganda, and it is clear that it is not just western men in revolt, but the entire male population of the planet.
    There is no stopping it. Power and authority has always rested in men’s hands, and the Berkley punch heard round the world has now confirmed it. Women… have power and authority… at the benevolence and grace of their men. If men take that power and authority back, there is nothing a woman can do to stop him from doing so.
    I don’t know what role any religion will play in the future of Man, but Man himself is on the rise. This will be the final patriarchal revolution and once again, it is western men leading the charge.

    1. Yes.
      Women controlled the vote-and destroyed the west.
      Whether muslims, asians or western europeans gain control (of the west) is irrelevant.
      Nobody will allow women to vote again…

      1. You’re quite the optimist. Fast forward a thousand years after the coming Islamic dark age and some bitchy woman will go up to her husband, put her hands on her hips and whine like a six year old that “women should vote too! ” And that guy, having forgotten history, will briefly look up from the space news And say “meh, fine, whatever”. And then decades later 6D smellovision films will be made about how the poor oppressed women fought against unstoppable odds to cast their first vote.

        1. Women never learn from their own mistakes: few of them, sorry I correct: very few of them can do that. In reality they’re pretty close to children. This is why traditionally men did trust other men with their daughters: because they were passing the role of the punisher (I use the Greek meaning here: guardian of honour) to them. They never trusted their girls. They trusted the husbands, to be adults and keep everything in line.

        2. I hope that you are correct my wise bretheren! Let’s fight the good fight, the only fight worth taking: Saving the Western civilization! For without it there is no more worth to the human species!

        3. Nothing lasts forever. The best we can do is delay it as long as possible. For me, 1000 years of patriarchy is good enough.

        4. I’ve had nearly 10 fantastic years, I’ll be happy with another 10.
          But if it ended tomorrow, I’d not feel let down. My life before SEA was entirely valueless, wish I ‘d come over 5 years earlier.

        5. “Hours and days and months and years go by; the past returns no more, and what is to be we cannot know; but whatever the time gives us in which we live, we should therefore be content.”
          ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

        6. I think the new west will be central and south america. Some of those countries are growing fast, and western men are having a blast relocating there.
          If they keep catholicism strong, and learn from the US mistakes, some of them have the ingredients to be great.

        7. Thailand and the Philippines,
          I like trekking and cycling in the jungle, the warm climate, and the easy sex with small slim women. The sea is great in the Philippines, and dirty in Thailand.
          Both the cultures are ones of greed, I ignore the culture, and the people as much as possible. Plenty of white men to interact with.

        8. We’re on the brink of smellovision now, but if the Islamic anti science culture takes over, it may be a million years before smellovision.

        9. A feminist relative once tried to coax me into letting one of my daughters visit her over the summer. I said hell no. Once she travelled and visited my place and tried to get my wife to show her around and ‘explore’. Again hell no. Now she divorce raped her own hubby and screws random guys on his bed. She instigates a conflict or fight and uses the lawhammer excessively to remove her johns. I should have just thrown a monkey wrench between her eyes when she was 12 feet away. I knew she left a path of wreckage in the blessed west. I witnessed it. She’s an incurable ‘educated’ feminist who spouts off about everything being the fault of the ‘patriarchy’.

        10. Quite…only 10 million Germans are in their 20s(and that figure must include New ”Germans”.)

        11. How come the Greek culture is almost similar to Hindu/Bharat culture !
          PS: I am using the names “Bharat” or sometimes “Hindustan” for my Home Country, not because I want to promote; but to avoid confusion of identifying myself as “Indian” !!

        12. Honestly, it is the very first time that I hear this!
          Due to us having been conquered by the Ottomans for 400 years our culture has moved to that of the Middle east. A thing that I have though to underscore: Greek musicians of the 50’s to the 70’s used to copy, sorry I meant outright steal, music from Bollywood films! The reason for this occuring could have been that while we wanted some more eastern sounds we didn’t want to recognize them for Turkic.
          Also, something that I have noticed during the Bollywood craze in Greece that took place between 2010 to 2012, our pedestalization of women is quite similar. This has to do mostly with how our celebrity system got introduced but also on the psychology of most Greeks. In short when one here speaks of day game, that is known and practiced in Greece from the 80’s. It is called ‘Greek Kamaki” (kamaki is a spear for catching fish, but requires high skill and is unreliable) which basically means that you fall on every girl you see in front of yourself. This is the reason why Greek girls are notoriously difficult: they are being hit on by many drooling men to the point of absurdity.
          The general idea I take of the similarities between Greece and India are the result of some similar outlooks but different causes. Mind you that your comment started to make me think on it.
          Now I am sorry but I cannot give anything further. The reason is that I do not know anything about Hindi/Bharat culture that is NOT confined to films… or inside the Kama Sutra and 1.5 half works by Vishnugupta Chanakya Kautliya (I am at the half of the Arthashastra an interesting book). For the rest of my Hindi/Bharat library I will only say that I have the three tomes of a Greek translation of Mahabharata and the Ramajana looking menacingly over me from my library… for the time being!

        13. Cool. Ramayana & Mahabharata are great Epics (and realities !), rest assured that they are not “menacing” !!

        14. It was a reference to Mahabharata’s size! The two main Greek epics (the Iliad and the Odyssey, I have finished the first I am at the one third of the second) together are as much of the Mahabharata! I believe that I’ll be enthralled.

        15. Thank you, very interesting indeed! As I was thinking it, we as peoples, are very close to the original indo-european culture. This might be why the similarities are so striking!
          This: they both have a god for everything, reminded me of the Theogony (god-birth) epic of Hesiod, in which for every thing you can name there is a deity that is that same thing! For example kleia not only is the deity for the virtue of honour but is the virtue herself! The word Kleia did mean that same thing but the change of the language in the millennia eliminated from the Greek Lexicon.
          Anyway, I can say that my interest on your ancient civilization got rekindled! Thank you for that!

        16. “my interest on your ancient civilization got rekindled! Thank you for that!”
          Mention not ! Same is the case with me.

      2. “A shifty, fickle object is woman, always. (Varium et mutabile semper femina.)” ― Virgil, The Aeneid

      3. Dear Sir ! Not sure about muslims, but rest assured that nobody in the Asia (again, not sure about Chinese) want to gain control of the West or any other part of the world !
        Asians (especially the Indian sub-continent; other than “majority” of muslims) have immense respect for other people, cultures, religions and traditions.
        Let me tell you one thing; in the beginning, I am here to work hard and make money ($1 = Rs.64/- !!), but later, I continued here because of the Living Standards, Opportunities and Healthy Competition.
        Sure, exceptions are everywhere and there are wicked people among Asians, but in general, not up to the level of looting, rioting and/or destroying the Host Country !

    2. I don’t think Christianity is a truly patriarchal religion. Rather, it seems to be a collection of patriarchal and gynocentric concepts held in an uneasy truce with each other. Western Christianity is built on the gynocentric concepts, and Orthodox Christianity is built on the patriarchal ones. The difference between them is easy to see today.

      1. i dont see how that could possibly be the case… Western Christian theology is much more stringent,harsh,and more black and white than eastern Christian theology… granted,western Christianity has been dumbed down by liberal televangelists and stuff. but in its purest form you can see the concept im explaining clearly…look at the traditional catholic church,look at many independent fundamental baptist churches,and even some traditional Presbyterian and Lutheran churches…

      2. Lol no.
        Western Christianity is fully patriarchal. But if you’re talking about Protestant heresies – borne from an English king who couldn’t keep it in his pants, and a German priest who went to a convent to screw nuns, you may be onto something.
        Roman Catholicism though? Not a chance is it historically “gynocentric”.

    3. The fact that human beings are alone is a myth. Humanity is a one big organism. What we are seeing right now is a destruction of the disease by it’s own white cells.

    4. that video was a nice find. Feminism has caused a rift between men and women, even in South Korea. around the 8 min mark you’ll see this petite woman- she is a captain in their marine corp(wtf?)
      What is Lil Kim waiting for? Or are his groundtroops too malnourished to fight?
      A bunch of kratom-infused MREs for his troops, and I bet the North could take the South

      1. Jeez that Baghdadi clown that was backed by CIA/Mossad and was handed a bunch of money to ruin a region. The West is digging it own grave as we speak, every other nation right now completely despises America to its core. Why didn’t Trump just use the MOAB to wipe out ISIS in Syria? He already threw tomahawk missiles of which a measly 39 hit and the rest missed. Even the ones that hit barely did much damage. Oh that’s right they are on the same team.

    5. Any white man worth a damn should be seething with resentment for progressives and minorities.

      1. progressives and minorities: disgusting words.
        parasites and beggars: accurate words.
        Let us call all by their true names and by these let us conceive the world as it is!

        1. “progressives and minorities: disgusting words. parasites and beggars: accurate words”
          Agreed. I know many a black folk who are productive and are not jumping on tops of cars and setting them on fire.
          Likewise I know people who are not alt-right but absolutely abhor extreme left views.
          It really comes down to specifically welfare shitheads who are draining the system, and those who feel they have the right to tell you what to think and do, and hijack your rights.

        2. I don’t mind people taking advantage of the welfare state, it’s free money. The problem is the middle-class cucks who support the welfare state with their taxes and votes.

      2. “Do you know the hallmark of a second rater? It’s resentment of another man’s achievement. Those touchy mediocrities who sit trembling lest someone’s work prove greater than their own – they have no inkling of the loneliness that comes when you reach the top. The loneliness for an equal – for a mind to respect and an achievement to admire. They bare their teeth at you from out of their rat holes,thinking that you take pleasure in letting your brilliance dim them – while you’d give a year of my life to see a flicker of talent anywhere among them. They envy achievement, and their dream of greatness is a world where all men have become their acknowledged inferiors. They don’t know that that dream is the infallible proof of mediocrity, because that sort of world is what the man of achievement would not be able to bear. They have no way of knowing what he feels when surrounded by inferiors – hatred? no, not hatred, but boredom – the terrible, hopeless, draining, paralyzing boredom. Of what account are praise and adulation from men whom you don’t respect? Have you ever felt the longing for someone you could admire? For something, not to look down at, but up to?”
        “I’ve felt it all my life,” she said.”
        ― Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

    6. “God and Christianity are dead in The West. What they are going to get in its place… is biological certainty of the superior genetic advantage of patriarchal men over women. Women will have a role once again, that of wife, mother and partner/helper to men. The patriarchy of Christianity will give way to the natural patriarchy of Man, capital M”
      BS. Men are easily controlled by women. Men gave women the vote and all the misandrist laws. Biologically, Women are the scarce resource and men have too much testosterone for our own good. The biological default is matriarchy.
      Only a patriarchal religion can keep men from destroying society to please women. All patriarchal societies have had a patriarchal religion. When a man does not worship God, he worships Pussy.

      1. Agreed. Im christian, but i can respect the cultural impact of all religions. I just told a saudi girl “. Look, we are enemies. But if you want to have a happy family, go back to your country. Here you’ll only get caught up in promiscuity and you’ll have no value for a good arab man.”

    7. “But the degradation of the women was avenged in the men and degraded them also, until they sank into the abomination of boy-love.”
      ― Friedrich Engels, The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State

        1. Being telling that for years, Hollyweird always have some child star being sexualized. Hollywood lost interest in Dakota Fanning once he grew up.
          List of sexualized kids and teens:
          Brooke Shield
          Dakota fanning
          Jennifer Connelly
          Natalie Portman
          Cloe Moretz
          Drew Barrymore
          Ellen Page
          AnnaSophia Robb
          All Disney Kid Stars (Selena Gomez, Britney spears etc)
          All nickelodeon Dan Schneider girls (Victoria Justice, Miranda crossgrove etc)

      1. Christianity is done, and deservedly so. The progressive church ladies took over and ruined it. And I love girls in yoga pants.

        1. About 1 in 5 women wearing yoga pants look great in them. Another 1, maybe 2, look not horrible. Then there are the remaining abominations that make you want to burn your eyes out with soldering irons.

        2. Humm.. I’m maybe too old to watch girls in yoga pants ?? Watch what ?? The camel foot in front ?? Nahh.. Yoga pants, tattoos, nose piercing, attractive to you ?? Forget it ??

    8. “I see a ray of light in the darkness with the Berkeley riot. The return of the traditional”
      We still need to be vigilant here. Trump is getting on board with the globalists. To his credit he probably entered his presidency with the best of intentions to make a difference, but then was paid a visit by the Deep State and was threatened with his finances, his life and the life of his family unless he falls in line.
      Whereas it was tonic for me to see a bunch of progressive cancerous retreads get their asses kicked in, can’t we fight with a more serious demeanor? Seriously. This shot from the recent conflict looks like a really shitty Road Warrior remake:

    9. “The TRUE nature of both MEN and women is now so overwhelming in its PROOF of DIFFERENCE – intellectually, physically and psychologically – that there will be NO argument against the COMING patriarchy that can REFUTE it.”
      You nailed it, on the spot !

    10. “I dare to dream this is the FUTURE because ALL MEN, not just in the WEST, are finding their natural STRENGTH and AUTHORITY once more.”
      Damn IT ! I want to write a “stealth add-on” for every other web browser, to FLASH the above paragraph and freeze the screen for at least 30 seconds !!
      Thanks for saying “ALL MEN”; so nice to hear !

  4. It is well documented that an Indian physician performed rather advanced surgeries in 6th century BC.
    The Chinese had a pretty accurate seismometer in 1 AD.
    The Abacus calculator was used since 2700 BCE by the Sumerians.
    A 3000 yo optical lens was discovered in Irag.
    Dry electric cell was invented in India about 4000 BC.
    Just saying …

    1. It is well documented that an Indian physician performed rather advanced surgeries in 6th century BC.
      Name of the Indian, and the surgery performed.
      The Chinese had a pretty accurate seismometer in 1 AD.
      You know who invented a better seismograph? Straight White Males.
      The Abacus calculator was used since 2700 BCE by the Sumerians.
      When the Sumerians put a man on the Moon, we’ll talk.
      A 3000 yo optical lens was discovered in Irag.
      So what?
      Dry electric cell was invented in India about 4000 BC.
      Bull Shit.
      Even if all those things were 100% true, no one did anything with those inventions. In the West, inventions were made, and people actually did stuff with them.
      It’s not like Rudolf Diesel invented the Diesel engine, and that was it, people put those engines on Submarines. It’s not like someone invented penicillin, they actually told other people how to make it themselves and use it. It’s not like the Wright Brothers invented a plane and no one else tried to do the same, other people came along and improved on that design. Only in the West, specifically the civilization heavily influenced by Christianity for centuries, have advancements in technology been made in recent centuries.

      1. Indeed, and why are they still hiding the fact that it was aliens who told Franklin how to prove lightning was electricity? And gave him bifocals?

    2. Let all due respect be given to the great minds and hands that have earned it, across culture and time.

    3. Of course they were and are as smart as any other group. Their social and economic structures failed them.
      Among other things people were seldom allowed to profit by their discoveries, which were taken and monopolized by rulers. Another factor is that discoveries weren’t made public, only their end results; with techniques kept secret in small groups a plague or a massacre could make them vanish.

  5. I would not say that Western culture, as it is commonly thought of, is the best culture to sustain a civilization in the long term. Western culture is great for a civilization looking for short term material prosperity. Due to its gynocentric foundations, Western culture places fewer checks on female materialism than other cultures do. Thus, it is no surprise that the West is the most materially rich part of the world today. Of course, much of that prosperity has been achieved by stealing the physical capital of other parts of the world. Western “conservatives” are quick to point out that every part of the world has its own sins, and this assertion is true. However, the West has clearly done a better job of looting and pillaging than other parts of the world considering the fact that a disproportionately large amount of the world’s physical capital is in the hands of 0.0000001% of the global population, most of whom are Westerners.
    Western culture can be though of as a building with the Immaculate Conception as its foundation. Over time, other sections have been added to the structure (e.g. medieval chivalry, modern chivalry, the waves of feminism). Due to having the Immaculate Conception as its foundation, Western culture evolved in a very gynocentric direction. It is now in the process of collapsing from its own internal flaws. Western culture is simply not capable of sustaining a civilization in the long run. The West was a backwater place after the collapse of the Roman Empire up until the Early Modern Period started. It was due to a combination of historical luck and the fact that Western culture places fewer checks on female avarice and materialism that made the West materially prosperous. However, Western culture is now close to its expiration date.

    1. Westerners control a disproportionate amount of the world’s resources?
      Isn’t Africa sitting on a King’s ransom of diamonds?
      Isn’t the Middle East floating on a sea of oil? People in oil-rich countries like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia don’t have to work. Each citizen gets something like $100k a year to sit on their ass. They import Westerners or Indonesians to do the work they don’t want to do.
      As a White man, I have to literally invent new shit to be given the money to afford food and shelter.

      1. Agreed.
        The west’s greatest natural resource, the X factor that gives us advantages that all others lack is this: freedom of speech. Which goes hand in glove with freedom of thought. Which gives rise to ingenuity. To rebellion against convention. To creative destruction. To the advancement of individuals, communities, and all humanity.

        1. I don’t think it’s greed.
          Most of the greatest Western scientists, inventors, poets died penniless.
          Didn’t Edgar Allan Poe literally die in the gutter?
          Tesla died broke in a cheap hotel room.
          I think there’s a deep rooted inability to be content in the Western White male mind. People in other cultures are more able to be content and enjoy life.
          It is dissatisfaction that drives progress.

        2. there’s a reason why Polynesians or Hawaiians never invented shit. They live in a tropical paradise where every day is a fucking vacation.

        3. Much “discontent” today is due to the constant teaching of self-hatred during the last century into this one.
          It’s not so much observation of reality as repetition of phrases.
          Geniuses aren’t necessarily well rounded; they can be accomplished in some things and personal failures in others due to character flaws, not culture flaws.

        4. No real need to invent anything beyond thatched roofs, and basic implements for killing animals. Fruit drops from trees. Virtually no competing tribes to war with.

        5. “But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.” William Butler Yeats

        6. That’s finished now. We don’t have any freedom of speech, nor can we dissent against dominant scientific theory.

        7. Me too, despite being of Germanic ancestry, I have no desire to do or invent anything. I just sit around drinking beer and playing with LBFMs. Later I might pick a mango off my tree, or go for a swim.

        8. No, it’s not finished. It was never safe. It was never guaranteed. It always had to be fought for.

        9. This is powerful. I see now the differences in different races of people. Europeans probably have more sensitive dopamine receptors, that chemical realeased when you achieve something.

      2. Nearly all of the world’s diamond mines are controlled by the DeBeers company, which manipulates the supply in order to keep the price high. Westerners keep buying the diamonds though because they fall for DeBeers’ marketing tactics.
        The oil-rich Middle Eastern countries are either being bombed into oblivion or have elected to become American patsies (i.e. Saudi Arabia).

    2. We didnt steal from other cultures as much as they wanted to join our monopoly game. When you are the game inventor, and the banker, its hard for anyone else to progress. Anytime they want , they can work toward nationalism and self sufficiency, and invent their own game with their own rules. But they’re addicted, like monopoly is at 3 am after 5 hours breeze by!

      1. The rest of the world did not have much of a choice after the Western monopoly really got going. The only other choice currently is to live in total poverty.
        I am not 100% innocent myself since I make use of the West’s wealth to survive. The only other choice is poverty. Makes obe realize that most of our choices are not freely made in the absolute sense.

    3. traditional Western Culture is NOT gynocentric… much of it is based on Western Christian theology,which is almost 100% patriarchal.
      you realize that the puritans punished women with stocks and pillory for “scolding her husband”? sounds pretty patriarchal to me…

      1. Western Christianity is built on very gynocentric foundations (e.g. Immaculate Conception). Gynocentrism in Western Christianity is somewhat like a cancer. The West seemed fine for a certain period of time while the cancer corroded Western Christianity from within. Now the overt symptoms are showing themselves.

  6. Every nation has a blood on it’s hands. That’s a fact we have to accept.
    By the way. It doesn’t matter which regime is in charge. History as a subject in school is always greatly manipulated by state.

  7. Just fuck off with your White/European/Western supremacy bullshit. Just because White/European/Western countries are currently the most advanced, doesn’t mean they are the best in history
    Civilizations rose and fell for the past 7000 years. Europeans have only been dominating for the past 300 years and all Western countries are already declining. 300 years of supremacy is nothing. And if Europeans were really superior, then why didn’t they dominate for the 7000 years?
    Europeans simply built on the foundations created by others, because they were very easy in copying foreign concepts and discarding their own systems.
    What do you think? Christianity is European? The decimal system is European? Pythagoras was the first with his formula? Knowledge went from East to West, not the other way around.
    Sure, Europeans contributed a lot, but that’s because other parts of the world were destroyed by Mongol and Muslim invasions and were basically idle for the past 1000 years.

    1. You are wrong. Read Niall Ferguson and Ricardo Duchesne, or just Charles Murray. The West became materially dominant in the 15th century onwards. That is not 300 years. The greatest thinker, Aristotle, is obviously Western. The 18th century and forward, British, German, American and Swedish inventors have dominated. Also France, Austria and Poland have contributed a lot to science and culture.

      1. Thumbs up for everything but aristotle. I f’n hate that hack….he knows why

        1. Well, I was mainly referring to Murray’s metrics. According to that he is the biggest inventor (taken into account both his proto-scientific works and philosophical ditto). Personally I love the guy, although not every word, of course.

        2. No doubt everything you say is right, but his cover up of the mysticism of the pre socratics was a great crime in my opinion. It’s a personal difference. Aristotle’s greatness is not up for debate, he an I must have some unfinished business

        3. In his misguided attempt to codify philosophy as a science he very selectively cherry picked what bits and pieces of the pre-Socratics would be saved for posterity. In essence, Aristotle invented contextualizing shit to fit a desired narrative and ignoring all the pesky details that contradicted it.

        4. Ah. Haven’t read any of his works since college, but I honestly found his texts a long slog to get through.

        5. Reading philosophy, especially Aristotle, requires training. It is a different form of reading. When they teach it in college they give it to students to read the same way they would read a novel and it seems impossible. It is technical writing closer to reading scientific findings and most students don’t know how to do that

        6. I am a french Muslim and I have to give my opinion. You are all too much ethnico-centred. It is a sign of ignorance to place all of civilisation under the realm of european genius. Yet the indian guy falls in the same trap by saying that creativity went from east to west.
          He also speaks by hatred when he says that muslim and mongol invasions destroyed previously rich regions. I know you guys are american, thus pretty ignorant and an ocean separates us, but both muslims and mongols had flourishing places. 800 years ago, the most intellectually and technologically flourishing cities were Cordoba (Spain, where I have ancestry) and Baghdad which was a huge intellectual center.
          Of course, as you do not interess yourself to other cultures, you don’t know that many things were invented by numerous islamic cultures, who participated to the elaboration of the civilization. Mathematics, sciences, law, etc. were also hugely developed by arabs and persians, and they were the most advanced civilization before europeans took over. Who knows here that government subsidies for children where invented in the 7th century by the first muslims, or that you speak arabic everyday ? Alcohol, Algebra or Algorithms are arabic words.
          What you need to understand is that your race does not make you great. For sure, no one can denegate the fact that some ethicities are, for a given period, more degenerate or more positively masculine than others. The article is right, all the bullshit about how europeans have been bad is non sense, we have all been like this. But equally we must say that indians, chinese, arabs, and some others all participated in the building of civilization.
          Good canons could not have been made without the german engineers, who could not have made them without the chimical processes designed by the arabs and the turks, who could not have made it without the invention of basic non military powder by the chinese. It is all exchanges and individual genius. Europe has a geographical advantage, a very rich continent, and we must say good genes as well, forged by hardship and numerous wars. But intellectual probity would not tolerate a biased point of view of human history.
          Sorry for my english guys

        7. That’s because he threw away the retarded shit.
          We’ve benefitted immensely since.
          But sure, in your privileged existence, go find some of that alternative stuff to regress with.

        8. Your culture had zero intellectual innovations until they raided former Persian and Roman territories.

      2. I agree in essence with AryaVarta, however. While I love Western Civilisation (I’m Roman Catholic), I’m not white.
        To me, “white people” (i.e, people of descent from the Germanic tribes) are the lucky descendants of the barbarians who had no friends but Jesus, and subsequently usurped the other arrogant societies from the Middle Ages onward.
        If you want to know what white civilisation looked like toward the end of antiquity, look at Western Africa (oh, you think they are a bunch of savages who in a million years wouldn’t ever be leaders of a future civilisation? Congratulations, you’re thinking just like how the Byzantines thought of white savages.)
        Your beginnings essentially begin with Charlemagne onward. No, it does not include Aristotle and the pinnacles of Greek and Roman civilisation; that is arguably traced to the Byzantines, who wanted nothing to do with filthy white Germanics until they got raped by the Saracens and were subsequently dismantled. You finally got the Greek inheritance around the 12th century, but you fashioned it into your own thanks to people like Albert the Great, Thomas Aquinas, and Roger Bacon.
        Now your arrogance is costing you, the same as it had done to civilisations past.
        No, the west will not regain its supremacy. No civilisation in history has ever regained power. It passes on from region to region. For those who are Christian, there is a theological reason for this, and for those who are not, I shrug my shoulders and say good like trying to figure out why white people will never return to their glory days.
        But hey, look at the modern Greeks today. They’re in the dog shit but they still love life. It’s not all doom and gloom.

        1. Aristotle is per definition Western and the greatest thinker based on Murray’s metrics. I simply state facts. No arrogance at all.

        2. The only time I’ve heard this sentiment was from afrocentrists pushing the black Athena myth. Ancient Greeks and Romans were white.

    2. This.
      “Just fuck off with your White/European/Western supremacy bullshit. Just because White/European/Western countries are currently the most advanced, doesn’t mean they are the best in history”
      Specifically this.

  8. I’s not the entire West: Murray’s book “Human Accomplishment” shows the nations that contributed to discoveries, inventions, literature etc: post-Renaissance, it was Germany and Britain at like 30% each, France and America with like 15% each, and everyone else in the remaining 10%

    1. should have been out with me today pabst. Such a nice day. Might have changed your mind on the culture around you. What do you say next weekend bike ride in central park?

        1. Come on pabst. We live in the same neighborhood and have two very different views of it. Come let me show you my view. You might even enjoy yourself

    2. Most of the British inventors were of Germanic origin.
      So one could consider the Germanic people to have invented 55% of all inventions.
      If you then consider the ethnic origin of the American and French inventors it would more likely be 75% of all invention due to the Germanic tribes people.

      1. Except by the time Britain contributed to western society, they were very distinct in culture from the continent.
        It’s one thing to go on the internet and read about how the old white tribes spread around western europe over the centuries.
        It’s another to actually go to those places and see how the centuries, or even millenia, have made even people in close proximity vastly different from one another.
        I love history, and I’ve travelled both the UK and Germany. They’ve been aliens to one another for about 1500 years in thought and action.

        1. I’m suggesting invention is a genetically inherited ability, not cultural, not something learned. You know, the idea of a master race, better than everyone else …….

  9. A few Swedish inventors and scientists:
    Anders Celsius (temperature scale)
    Alfred Nobel (dynamite)
    Hult brothers (balance engine)
    Carl Helge Julius Palmcrantz (machine gun)
    Ljungström brothers (Ljungström turbine)
    Baltzar von Platen (refrigerator)
    Carl Daniel Ekman (sulfite processor)
    Christopher Polhem (mechanical alphabet)
    Carl Richard Nyberg (blow torch)
    Erik Wallenberg (Tetra Pak)
    Johan Petter Johansson (wrench)

  10. Not much is known about the ancient Aryans because they didn’t construct huge monuments to honor their dead. Their philosophy was to allocate resources to the living instead. Ergo a Viking funeral, although the indo link is very distant, consists of incinerating the remains and tossing them into the sea.
    The swastika,
    a symbol that predates the indo Aryan civilization perhaps back to 10,000 BC suggesting the tail end of the Annunaki Earth gene seeding project, when extraterrestrial homosapien lines were spliced with native bovine organs and a porcine lower digestive tract to make the line adaptable to metabolizing the specific plant and animal life found here on Earth and respirating on the specific mixture of atmospheric nitrogen and oxygen. Pygmies predate 50,000 years and beyond. They’re origins are only scantly tracable.
    Despite their lack of shrines and tombs one thing has emerged about the Aryans. They were very clean people. Bathing was central to their architecture as seen in this public bath in the Mohejo Daro/Harappa ruins unearthed.
    They also had a mandatory underground sewer system that extended to all residences, even at the outskirts or periphery of the settlement. The Aryans kept their red beards shiny and clean and their shit flushed. Clean folks to handshake they were.
    Throughout the millennia, much mongrelization and racial admixture has occurred but the resultant brown people descended in the region still have a smidge of the potent Aryan blood as seen with their irrefutable carry over to an unexplainable obscession with water.
    The decline of the ancient settlements was evidenced by a period of massive flooding which ocurred in the area.

      1. Not completely but what gets me is the appendix. It is appearently the end of a long herbivore’s digestive tract. Original ‘Adamic’ man had a small appendix for a colon and shit either small herbivore pellets or longer squiggly shits somewhat like an extended Arby’s curly fry.
        Then you have the large intestine which under observation appears to be hard line spliced to the end of the small. Millions of years of assumed ‘evolution’ would produce a smoother and more streamlined transition from small to large intestine and any problematic leftover appendages like the ‘appendix’ would have long since been bred out. The large intestine is clearly a pig’s gut, basically a short universal processor of heavy caries, bones, rocks, spoons and whatever else a pig might slurp up. THEN the pig’s anus. Ever been to the petting zoo and seen the pig lift it’s tail. Look familiar? Hmmm? Right. Correctomundo.
        PLUS every other native species to this planet lives roughly 7x maturing age – except Humans. A cainine matures in 1 yr and on avg lives to be 7 in the wild. Other species same ratio. A human matures in roughly 20 yrs and at 2-3 times maturing age, the organs fail from glitches. A human is lucky to live only 4x maturing age. It’s the organs. They had a recent genetic tweek and all the bugs haven’t been bred out. That would be the only real valid evolution which can take a long long time. Thus we’re an early hybridized form at present.

        1. Adult is when reproduction is possible.
          So for humans age 12 …… 7 x 12 = 84 …… entirely possible.

        2. according to the bible men used to live for hundreds of years…something changed. something happened that shortened our lifespans.

    1. Nice to see pre-deluvian white aryan history in the comments section
      The white aryan is responsible for 95% of all civilisation, even to this day white aryan countries are superior to any other racial country.
      White aryan people were the original atlanteans, the dominant technological race of the pangea, before the flood & the break up of the continents.

    2. i stopped reading at “10,000 B.C.” and “predate 50,000 years and beyond”
      there is no recorded history prior to 4,500 B.C.,and very little recorded history prior to 2,500 B.C(because the flood of noah’s day destroyed most of it). its all just junk science of carbon dating and other stuff that cant really be proven to be accurate(how can we compare carbon for carbon dating when we dont have something actually dated from that far back to compare it to? you’re missing a variable-algebra 101). when somebody starts throwing out numbers like “millions of years ago” or something,they’re talking out their ass.

      1. Stonehenge is recorded by historians to predate history at 20,000 bc. The pyramids even older …
        Your young earth theory is horseshit … the flood didnt destroy everything you halfwit ..

        1. it isnt RECORDED by historians…there is no recorded history prior to 4,500 B.C. nobody has ever taken up my challenge and found me something dated prior to that. its always some little artifact that they SAY is 100k years old. no proof of authorship with a date.

  11. Western Civilisation was assassinated on 28th June 1914.
    The Apocalypse was the period of constant war from 1914 to 1945.
    We live in the post-Apocalyptic dystopia.

    1. Yes, I think that might very well be true.
      Victorian Era
      Edwardian Era
      Descent into Hell

    2. “Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents, and everyone is writing a book.” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

  12. Not a very accurate article… the author is no doubt influenced very heavily by a western narrative of history. In reality, any discerning intellectual would readily accept there has been a number of different leading civilizations representing the pinnacle of human achievement in different parts of history.
    One other thing the author needs to take into account is that the current degeneracy in western culture rivals even the most grotesque cautionary tales recounted in all religious textbooks. I guarantee you there are many masculine cultures in the world, from Turks to Russia to China, which would consider what’s happening to men right now in the U.S. with insane rape charges, character assassinations, hugely biased redistribution of assets in favor of women, etc. to be equally as disgusting as some of the more feral acts of injustice going on in the world like tearing someone’s heart out and eating it… I don’t mean to offend anyone with truly horrible examples like this, but the western men need to realize that their corrupt feminist culture has now become a shameless and abominable affront against human nature and dignity.

    1. Russia is masculine only when it concerns getting drunk and then beat up by your own wife when you come home drunk.

  13. I’m pretty old now, but when I was a small boy I read about how hopelessly fucked up India was. (Ganges full of dead bodies, shit all over the streets, etc.) I asked my mom about what happened. (Dad was at work.) She said that in India, the men all started smoking hemp and didn’t care about anything, and the women took over the government, and it all went to hell after that.
    The more things change, the more they remain the same.

  14. Encouraging. So as the entire West continues decline the strength of the indiviual, the man, will corrsponding need be greater than ever. Only by constant, upward building of strength and moral character of yourself will combat it. Good is inherently a minority aganist evil, the majority.

  15. Has anyone heard about the moron shooting an old man live on Facebook? I just saw it on the news, man, how fucked up can somebody be? Old man walking down the street minding his own business and this asshole drives up and shoots him just for the hell of it live on Facebook.
    When they catch him , he should be staked out in the sun on a fire ant bed.

    1. He wouldnt have done it if not for FB Live. Why doesnt the govt have an some sort of oversight commission(yeayea, I know, you guys dont like more govt)?
      Hardware and software seem to get thrown out there, and no on seems to care about the potential damage that it may have on society

      1. Government involvement-give them an inch, they will take a mile.

  16. Here it is some points on Christianity and why it can’t be the religion we seek:
    1 – Any doctrine that can’t be applied to the law of a country without destroying it, is a false doctrine.
    doctrine in question: Forgiveness by Christ!
    Situation: assassin enters the court, explain exactly what he did wrong and why it was wrong, and proceed to ask for forgiveness in the name of Jesus while promising to be better.
    Conclusion: Injustices will be rampant, or judges will completely disregard the law!
    2 – Any religion that disregard Virtue, or diminish its value in face of a particular belief (devoid of virtue in itself) can only lead to the desvalorization of virtue.
    Major Christian belief in salvation:
    Man has sinned and it is impossible for him to save himself. the only way is through Jesus.
    Point a) Without Christianity, its impossible to go to heaven.
    Point b) Virtue without Christianity is of no value, because you will go to hell anyway.
    Point c) Virtue is less/equally important than/to a particular belief that requires no virtue.
    Conclusion 1: *Christianity diminish the value virtue.
    Conclusion 2: *Christianity does not recognize value in virtue outside of its religion.
    * Same apply to Islam, as well as any religion who believes to be the only way, or that by belonging to it its easier to go to heaven.

    1. your ignorance shows no boundaries…
      point one was especially retarded….uh,hello? the medieval Catholic Church? the Puritans? Byzantium? there were penalties for your crimes.
      i cant even go into point 2,because it appears you are advocating the nihilistic ideology of moral relativism(which is really a paradox concept).

  17. The worm in the western apple has always been its unbridled materialism and loss of traditional morals and values. We really are a victim of our own success; economic dominance has made us soft, along with a liberty taken advantage of by some of the most illiberal cultures in the history of the world.

  18. This is some retarded shit.
    Antiquity west is mans best civilisation. After jews ruined the west & the east byzantine pagan empire with christianity & islam, it all went to shit.
    20,000 years of a golden age of western civilisation, ruined by 800 years of retarded christians …
    Goddamn cucked christistians & jew muslim filth …

    1. “Goddamn cucked christistians”
      I’m a christian and I support this assertion. Today’s christisnity of über ulturism and self extermination is digusting.

      1. I am too. “Catholic” actually. I’ve pretty much (outside of attending funerals) severed my links with the church and formalized religion.
        I knew something was FUBAR when Pope Benedict got retired; when the current Globalist sock puppet red “pope” was installed, I hit the “EJECT” button.
        And look at the timeline of the “reforms” of the Second Vatican Council in 1962 and the start of the degradation of Western Civilization – they’re nearly identical.
        Strip away the foundation of religion, strip away pretty much everything.
        And no, I’m not a “Bible thumper”, far from it. But to not see the societal change from religion to Stateism is to not see the obvious.

        1. Same boat as you. I attended Orthodox mass this Easter with my wife and think the current pope is an apostate.

        2. Good for you! I’ve been thinking about attending Orthodox services if I feel the need for fellowship.
          And yes, this pope is an apostate of the highest order.
          I went to the Vatican a couple months after he was installed; bought two sets of blessed rosary beads to bring to the cemetery for my mom and my aunt. Once the red “pope” went total SJW, both me and my uncle went to the cemetery and threw the beads in the trash. Done. Finished.

      2. Thanks, I have alot more respect for christians, who call out the problems in their religion.
        If more christians pointed out, the problematic socialist & communist concepts in the bible, & warned each other against it, it would be a force for good, instead of a force for cuck …
        You also have the whole all antiracist all in one christ nonsense, which has devestated europe with floods of sand people who live in caves, now live in homes made for white people & on welfare made for white people …
        White supremacist countries like china & north korea have no sand people, or peopel from jungles, stealing the homes of good white people …
        Thus proving the antiquity concepts of white supremacy, & dictatorships are better then the cucked jew, concepts of religion & democracy …

      3. I know the feeling, but I am coming to realize that the problem is so systemic, that it needs to be fixed right where you are (outside the worst offending churches). Most of the time, there is truth to what is said, but it is mingled with cuckoldery. Teaching correct principles at home is critical. When someone tells you over the pulpit that “we need to love everyone, regardless of sexual orientation”, we need to go home and teach our children that sometimes “loving someone” means to show disapproval of their actions. If I love my 3 year old son, I will yell at him when he tries to cross the street. If I love my neighbor who is ruining her life by becoming a SJW, I will do my best to correct her actions.

  19. I disagree with most of you,
    I believe I am living in the best of all times. I have high speed internet providing me with all the entertainment I require, movies, tv shows, music, games, discussion forums and information for $20 a month. Unlimited food, cheap housing and health care, free flowing booze, cheap energy and easy young women. The ability to hop on a plane to stay in a tropical beach resort for very little expense. Haven’t needed to work for the past 16 years or the foreseeable future.
    What is not to love about today? (excluding white women)

    1. What you describe is a situation that cannot last. It’s a recipe for creating soft, weak people.
      While you may be motivated enough to not be soft of body and mind, most people are not. Soft people are conquered by hard people – that’s how it’s always been.
      The Mongols were hard men – the Chinese not so much. When God has Mosses lead the Israelites (soft slaves) out of Egypt, they did’t head for their new home in Canaan. He had them spend and entire generation in the wilderness, then led their hard descendants there.
      Muslim hordes have been invading Europe for 1400 years. This time they may win because Europe is weak enough to let them.

      1. I’m 61, if it lasts another 10 years, good enough, I’m done.
        What do I care about anyone else’s future?
        I’m here at the peak, and living the life.

  20. In the interest of clarity, I would like to ask a few questions. Please know I come with sincerity, and not with any sarcasm, merely curiosity.
    Historically, how would you place such a culture as the tenth century Norse people (vikings)? Do you see them as prescribing to the more “traditional west” as described in this article? And what would be your opinion of said culture and prescription pre and post Christianity?
    Thank you for your time. I look forward to the responses.

  21. Check out the Real History site and others like it to learn who really created Western Civilization.
    The Ancient Egyptians invented all the arts and sciences long before the Greeks and Romans adopted it from them, as they themselves admit in their writings.
    As for evils committed by other cultures, how does slavery on the part of some Africans (actually a form of apprenticeship misinterpreted as slavery by Arabs) justify the European slave trade? What kind of logic is that? By the same token, there were 150,000 Jews willingly serving Nazi Regime with Hitler’s full knowledge and consent, so does that justify the Holocaust?
    Does sporadic warfare among Native American justify the massacres and other atrocities committed by Europeans? Got a thought exercise for you. Next time to watch any sci-fi movie or TV series (Falling Skies comes to mind) about aliens invading the Earth and wiping out humanity, try to picture them justifying their actions by how they see us threat each other and see if that makes it right.

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