3 Habits That Every Man Should Practice

Habits are activities that we engage in every day, often on a near-subconscious level. They are things that occupy a large percentage of the time we’re awake. They define us.

Picture the man who gets off his 9-5 job, only to drive home, crack open a six pack, and watch sports recaps and television shows until passing out hammered. If these are things he tends to do on most days after work, they’ve become habits. And just from these two habits (drinking and watching television) you can construct a relatively accurate picture of this man’s life: what he values, how he carries himself, and where he’ll be in a few years time. What do you think?

I believe he probably values immediate satisfaction over long-term achievement. He most likely carries himself without much class or confidence. And he’ll probably be working the same shitty job in a few years time. He also probably has a lackluster love life and struggles with depression and intense insecurity. Escapist habits like drinking and overconsumption of television tend to be coping mechanisms.

The good thing about habits is that once you become aware and conscious of their existence, they’re not all that difficult to change. A strong initial push of willpower will usually instill a new habit into, or cut an unwanted existing habit out of, your regular behavior in a few weeks time. But which habits should you adopt? 

I firmly believe the following three habits to be the best options available to men. They are all large habits, meaning that they’re activities that take some time, not things like flossing your teeth or abstaining from masturbation. While I do think there’s a lot of value in smaller habits as well, many of them tend to fall into place also automatically once larger positive habits have been established.

1. Resistance training


The benefits of following a proper exercise routine are numerous, starting with the discipline required to work out everyday and ending with the increased quality of life you’ll experience as a result. And this doesn’t even comment on the improved body composition, and the accompanying boost in confidence, you’ll acquire along the way.

But, for me, the number one reason to train with resistance and lift weights is to cultivate physical strength. Physical strength is at the crux of what it means to be a man. Without physical strength, men aren’t all that different than women. And while there are many other virtues of masculinity, like decisiveness and mental fortitude, most of them stem from the physical embodiment of strength.

Get on a proper weight lifting regimen ASAP and start realizing the aforementioned benefits.

2. Approaching women


The concept of “game” has many facets, but the act of approaching attractive women that you don’t know is undoubtedly is most important. This is because without actually approaching a girl, nothing else can come to fruition.

It’s also because the act of approaching a cute girl is a universal fear of men. And by making a habit of confronting a fear, you alter your reality. And this is where the real value of “game” comes into play.

Yes, enjoying a larger pool of women to interact with and attract is amazing, but the underlying process of training yourself to approach women in the face of internal resistance is what will change you. Suddenly tackling bigger obstacles in life, like quitting your job or pursuing a risky business venture, doesn’t seem like such a big deal.

Start approaching at least one girl per day to realize the benefits of this powerful practice.

3. Reading books


I was initially going to list meditation as the third habit. But truthfully, when you absorb yourself in the pages of a good book, you enter a meditative state. And you also can pull from the wisdom of great men that have came before you. So reading wins out.

I won’t go into much more detail, because its benefits are clear. But realize that nearly every great man (since the invention of the printing press) has shared the habit of reading absurd amounts of literature.

So, if you don’t already, start reading books, preferably ones in areas that you hope to improve upon.

Now imagine a man who lifts weights, approaches women and reads…

Chances are a man who practices these three habits is on his way to crushing life, if not already doing so. In stark contrast to the alcoholic television consumer we covered above, this man most likely values self improvement, carries himself with confidence, and will be making more money than he currently does in a couple years. He also probably has an amazing love life.

What do you do with your down time? What are your habits? What do they say about you?

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162 thoughts on “3 Habits That Every Man Should Practice”

  1. You pretty much have to eat, sleep and breath these 3 things to even consider yourself a man. There’s alot of articles on here that bitch about women and how oppressed we are, though they bring up very truthful and valid points, there’s just simply too much complaining on ROK. We have to be better and do better. We have to adapt and become the best men we can ever be. THEN after that when we don’t get what we need we have every right to say, “These bitches are on some fuck shit.” Adapt for die. Man up.

    1. Agreed, to much complaining about women and not enough male improvement. Frankly Jefe, I don’t give a damn about approaching women. Everytime I approach a women and “score”, I pay dearly. I am forced to skip workouts, meditation, reading, and overtime at work…in exchange for spending my precious time with a skirt. I even had a skirt convince me to give up a second job in order to spend more time with her. That job was only about 15 hours a week, but in a month, it was like getting an extra weekly paycheck. I will not make that mistake again; lesson learned. My time is too precious to waste on a skirt. I will continue to better myself.

      1. You’re cutting off your nose to spite your face. You made a mistake and are responding with an extreme.
        I have wasted time with skirt that I will not soon forget.

        1. I disagree but welcome your critique. In my twenties, all my spare time
          was spent chasing women or pleasing the women I had. I am just saying
          that I could have spent my time alot more efficiently. I guess we have
          to make mistakes to grow. This is the process I am expressing. Now, in
          my mid-thirties, I make alot of homemade remedies, I garden…my roses
          and my tomatos look like their on steroids, among many other things.
          These activities are much more fulfilling than being in a completely
          one-sided relationship where I do ALL of the work and she just shows up
          and nags.

        2. The majority of today’s children are raised by single moms for a reason. I, like many of my generation was not permitted to have relationship with my father. I am not too anxious to be on the other end of that equation.

      2. Me too. A skirt I caught feelings for made me wear a dress every time I went in public with her. That shit was humiliating. Now I just lift weights and each time I do a rep I repeat the mantra, “I will not wear a dress in public, I will not wear a dress in public.” I went from 165 lbs. to 235 lbs. Now no one will make me wear any more dresses, even if they have flowers on them, which I kind of liked a little. So there you go you nasty bitches! Hey bro, maybe when you lift, your mantra could be, “I will not quit my job for a skirt.”

        1. I once cut off my dick for a girl.
          There is an RoK post about it.
          Now I lift and I don’t cut off my dick for anybody.

        2. If it were a nice Kilt with a soft furry Sporran up front then I wouldn’t complain. Hell, make me wear my manskirt any day of the week (sans underwear – True Scotsman style naturally;)

        3. Thankfully there was that ad “regrow your severed penis with this one weird trick”. Edit: Sorry after posting I realize this article was from a year ago.

        4. lol
          Some of the older stuff is great.
          Check out Dr. Orange if you come across any his posts… He seemed a lil nuts but he made some great and heavy comments.
          Also Dr. Jeep and Mistral from back in the day were utterly epic. They still rule but you can tell they’ve said what they needed to say.
          I’ve skimmed through older articles before and it’s interesting to see the different eras of ROK.

      3. What you just told us is that you don’t know how to handle yourself with women. You LET women control you. This means you need MORE work on your game, not less. No one can “force” you to do anything, let alone a “skirt.” YOU skipped those workouts, those meditation sessions, the reading, and the work. The bitch could probably smell the beta on you as a result (alpha cave man my ass).
        Listen to yourself. Lazy thirsty motherfucker.

        1. Good points Joshua. This is precisely why I don’t bother. Whenever I’m asked on a daily basis to do things against my will, I now say “no.” and not give it a second thought. The bitch could probably smell the beta on you as a result (alpha cave man my ass).
          Listen to yourself. Lazy thirsty motherfucker. I like this comment; Lazy-never; thirsty-at one, time always; motherfucker-always will be. All in all, unicorn hunting isn’t my thing, and never will be. Women today don’t compliment their men in any way, they just want to control and dominate. There all yours bro. Good hunting Joshua

        2. No offense but are you gay, man? It might be better if you just short-circuit all this conversation and say so.

        3. No offense taken englishbob, but may ask you a question in return? Do you have any recent experience with the opposite sex? How do YOU check horrible behavior in your woman without the law being called? If you get a domestic violence accusation on your record, you will not qualify for certain jobs. I lived in an apartment for a few years, and the law was called at least once a month to deal with domestic violence by one of my neighbors. No charges were ever filed, but each time the man had to vacate the apartment he payed for, for at least 24 hours. This gave his women the opportunity to have a girls night out. In fact, many times this scenario was planned by the female all along. You see, women don’t need a dime to go out to the club. They will easily get everything paid for by a thirsty dude…as long as they don’t enter with a man. And if this wasn’t a legitimate question, I would like to state that your female shaming tactics don’t work here son. I mean if your Amish or something like that and you don’t have to deal with the modern western cuntasoras, then I would understand your position. Like many of the articles state, I am just adapting to my surrounding in order to survive.

        4. What horrendous ghettos are you guys finding these women in? Planning to start a physical altercation so she can have a girls’ night out? Why would someone even be living with such a horrible creature in the first place? If that’s your experience with women, I highly suggest you alter your pick-up habits, since you’re obviously looking in the wrong places…

        5. While I agree with everything you said, I didn’t live with such a creature…they were neighbors. They trapped these men into a relationship mainly by getting pregnant…not necessarily by the men that they were living with. In fact in one instance, the girl was an ex-girlfriend who was wanted for a third dui in 5 years, so she left that state to “get back together with” my neighbor for about two years while awaiting the statutes of limitations. These experiences, plus my own personal and work experiences have molded my beliefs. I just try to learn from them. So, if you see a “piss poor beta decision” I made or at least witnessed in the past, in one of my comments, this is why I am who I am now.

        6. Alphacaveman.. don’t feel bad about these haters. My ex-boyfriend who actually introduced me to this site literally DID like to wear women’s clothes, and take it in the ass. True fucking story.. I even have the pictures. Your comment was at least what most of these men really do IRL. They like to act all big and bad on here and then in reality some dumb cunt is either putting them in a hood, a straightjacket and pegging them on their floor (ehem, Ryan), or they’re getting ZERO pussy because they are just too “alpha” for some chick to take up their precious gym time (likely thinking about wearing a dress or pink underwear – seriously.. WHAT IS WITH THE PINK UNDERWEAR FETISH??). Keep on keeping it real. Your comment was more about priorities, which I dig.

      4. “I even had a skirt convince me to give up a second job in order to spend more time with her.”
        That was your fault bro. Why are you letting chicks convince you to do stuff? Are you the man or is she?

      5. Agree with what I think is your general point, that approaching women doesn’t have to be on this list (“Confront Your Fears” I believe would be a superior way to address the author’s point) and could itself be a habit with averse consequences (kids, disease, unwanted bullshit).
        It’s one thing I struggle with on RoK, I’m married and intend to stay married. Approaching women doesn’t have much place in my life right now, so can’t agree that it’s an essential part of masculinity.

        1. Thanks Dagrun, your point is valid: “Confront Your Fears” is a good one. The more you practice this, the easier and better at it you become. It will show itself in all areas of your life.

    2. Yea lets all approach women 10 times more..so their inflated egos can get 10 times bigger..

      1. Refine approaching to focusing on something else and position the woman as being merely the vessel for that subject.
        Example: Girl is reading a book. I approach to speak about the book. I imply that I do not even care about her. Just what she happens to be doing. Then if I feel like it I may show interest, as an afterthought. A woman is worthless until she has proven worth.

        1. “A woman is worthless until she has proven worth.”
          Worthless women aren’t even worth fantasizing about. Fictional women are better suited for that.
          Real girls can only RENT space in your fantasies and to do that, they gotta pay up with whatever it is you want out of them.
          If they don’t wanna give it (or give it on a regular basis), then you’re better off fantasizing about Chun-Li.

      2. You’re right. Tell you what, I’ll do the approaching and you just sit there and wait for the chicks to approach you.
        Let me know how that works for you.

        1. Honestly mate, don’t worry about their egos. Most women suffer from permanent self-esteem issues. Half the time they reject you because they’re afraid you will reject them when you find out more about them. They don’t think they are good enough. A handful yes know they can play a man like a fiddle but you can spot them a mile off. The point is, in this world a man has to take what he wants because this world is giving you nothing.

    3. Totally bro. I lift weights all the time and consider myself a real man. If I don’t get to lift hard I feel like a bitch. If I don’t read a book hard I feel like such a pussy. I also do like fifty reps of approaching women every day. Adapt or die man.
      Yeah man up. No one complain about anything, just do bench press and check out some books from the library. After that go somewhere and do some approaching women reps. Fucking man the fuck up. Meditate the fuck out of your mind and shit. Approach or die, read or die, lift or die, meditate or die. Fucking bitch motherfuckers.

      1. Nobody’s laughing.
        You miss the point entirely.
        The idea here is you need to improve your physical strength, by whatever means is most effective. Resistance training doesn’t necessarily mean “pump iron bro,” it can mean anything which will make you stronger. Are you really as strong as you want to be? Strong enough to fight for your life if you had to?
        The idea here is to improve your interactions with women. Sure, women are a minefield, but resources exist to provide you with the skills to avoid the mines. Unless you wanna jack it, go celibate, and/or pound man-ass you’re gonna have to get better with chicks. You don’t have to be a PUA, but when you see a girl that gets your motor running, you go see whether she’s cool or not.
        The idea here is to expand your mind. Honestly, dude- if you can’t see the value in reading books there is precious little hope for you. There’s a reason why many governments have banned or discouraged literacy- people who aren’t well-read are much easier to control. Are there bad books? Sure. Pointless books? Oh yeah. So read them and think about why they suck.
        What the fuck are you doing with your time that’s so much more valuable? Who the fuck are you?
        Lazy arrogant motherfucker.

      2. The lethal weapon is the mind… I’m about to go to the library and get some more ammo…

    4. This site should really allow down-votes. There are many different kinds of “real men”. Did JFK lift? No. Does Lebron James approach women? Hell no. Does Tommy Lee read Plato? No.
      Each of these guys is more “alpha” than Jefe and his cult of self-help wannabe followers will ever be. Just be your own man.

      1. JFK, Lebron James, and Tommy Lee are statistical outliers due to their fame. By definition, most men are not going to be statistical outliers. What advice to you have for most men? Try to become famous like the above examples? Honestly, now…
        The advice here is solid for the “average Joe” looking to improve his life. “Just be your own man” is empty rhetoric. All that “just be yourself” crap is.

        1. scratche doesn’t realize that there are people on this planet that are not famous and just your everyday average man living in a highly feminized/sexualized society. He needs to take his head out of his ass and his ass off of that horse he rode in on. If he’s really so alpha he can get the fuck off this site cause hes the perfect man with women approaching him and he has everything he ever wanted so he doesn’t need us to validate him or teach him something useful cause you know he knows it all already…

      2. No
        If jfk sat with Arnold, Arnold would be the alpha.
        He screwed jfks niece, dude
        Lebron is a low iq simian baller and approaches women but having lots of joo shekels makes it easier.
        Tommy lee another joo Hollyweird fiction thespian idiot.

    5. Yep, frankly all the negativity towards females bums me out. I like most of the women i meet. Ive been burnt by male friends too. People are people.

  2. Unfortunately few men have the required discipline for one and three. I would argue that two is a waste of time when better alternatives are available.

        1. So, paying for everything? No thanks – I’d rather take my chances with spontaneity, and without the necessity of footing the bill unconditionally.

        2. Sound advice – might do that. I consider myself a fastidious saver, but it never hurt to take a fresh look.

  3. It’s really incredible how much reading books changes the way you view and relate to the world and people around you. and not just self help books btw, but fiction and non-fiction books.
    Resistance training is essential for keeping muscles strong and healthy. I was living in quite a sedentary way for years and i was full of aches and pains and I assumed i was aging prematurely. Not so. It’s because I wasn’t getting enough exercise aside from walking.
    Even if you don’t enjoy lifting weights, buy some resistance bands and work out with those instead.

  4. I don’t do any of these. I hate lifting weights, if there is one activity I find boring and unfulfilling, it’s this one. I don’t waste my time approaching women on the street, I’ve done that at a point in my life but I still think you must have an empty life if you have time to get rejected (let’s be honest here, even the best men get 1% of success) countless times everyday. I’ve always hated reading books, same as lifting, it’s boring and you almost don’t get anything out of it. I enjoy reading some non-fiction books, but that’s all.
    The 1. for me would be moving a lot, hiking in nature, playing collective sports. It’s immediately less boring than lifting weights in front of a mirror. The 2. would be trying to have the best return on investment with women, and any true red pill man would be aware that it often means hiring a prostitute. Other than that, I meet most of my girls online and had 3 girls on rotation not so long ago for minimal effort. You don’t want to waste too much time on women anyway. The 3. would be watching high quality movies and red pill TV shows (like True Detective for example). You’ll learn a lot more about how to behave as a real man in these than in any book.
    I know I’ll most likely get flamed for saying all this, something like: “Wow just wow, I can’t even, you don’t lift bro? you don’t read books? you don’t approach women? You must be a virgin living in your mother’s basement!” Oh wait…

    1. If you’re getting the results you want in your life, then that’s your marker for knowing you’re on your true path.

    2. Yeah there’s nothing worth learning in any book
      Don’t waste your time reading.
      Movies and TV are the way to go.
      Many great men have become great men by watching shit on a screen. The ones whose biographies (if their biography was worth anything, it’d exist in movie form) say they grew by reading are full of shit.
      You’re a goddamn genius.
      Also, no one ever improved his performance in collective sports by doing resistance training. No point in that
      Who needs to talk to human women when you have the internet? Rock on

      1. Because everything that’s on a screen is shit of course. Apparently books don’t teach you to think out of the box. You say the things you say, because that’s what everyone would generically think: “Books are boring and difficult to get in, so wasting my time reading hundreds of pages that can sometimes be summarized is how I will become a great man!”
        More like, who needs to talk to random women when you already have a harem you build with some online game?
        Look at some football players like Wayne Rooney for example, he doesn’t have a great build and was even slightly out of shape at a point, yet he’s one of the best players in the world.
        Reading can be a nice distraction but it doesn’t help you to improve anything in your life, except your reading skills. You become better at what you do repeatedly in life, so when you read and you lift weights in front of a mirror, you become better just at that, reading and lifting weights in front of a mirror. How fulfilling.
        Nothing beats real life experiences.

        1. I didn’t say anywhere that any of these things is an end in an of itself.
          These things are the bare-bones basics, and they feed all other endeavors.

  5. Choose a workout that you like. There are a lot of comments here ripping on weight lifting because the commenters find it boring. I personally find martial arts to be better than weight lifting, but to each their own. Basically any mentally fulfilling physical activity where you get off of your ass such as sports, hiking, biking, rock climbing, kayaking, weight lifting, dance, or kung fu would work well. To each their own.

  6. I’d extend point one so as to include healthy eating, point to so as to include sharking, and point three so as to include writing. But the basic list is excellent.

  7. (this is meant as tongue in cheek and to be humorous. . . but not totally off the mark)
    1) Resistance fucking
    What is resistance fucking? It is simply using different sex acts to get stronger while getting it on. For example, standing fucking. The position works by lifting her in the up with your hands on her ass and her legs wrapped around you. This will work your arms as you use them to help lift her up and down while you thrust into her. Flex your stomach and chest so her body is bouncing up against the hard chest and abs of a man to work that pec and core strength. thrust all the way through your lower body to work calves, quads and glutes.
    Beginner position: put her up against the wall for support and to take some weight off
    intermediate position: free standing
    advanced position: squat down slightly while you thrust and feel the BURN
    This is just one example, there are literally hundreds of different moves and positions!
    Other benefits to resistance fucking:
    1) no fatties- strict adherence to resistance fucking means you can’t slip up. If you can’t pick her up, you can’t fuck her.
    2) saving time- you are screwing two birds with one thrust
    3) Interest- It can be hard to get to the gym, here being hard is the gym!

    1. Well you would HAVE to switch to fatties after a while if you want to get stronger. Or maybe turn gay, that would give some serious resistance.

      1. You’re right there is a future resistance problem there. I have an answer for you though- start strapping a weight belt to her. Bonus points for making her keep it on afterwards to keep slim.

  8. 1) Upping my squat from 100 pounds to a max of 315 changed my life for the better. Nothing gives you more consistent all-around fitness results like squats and deadlifts.
    Took more than two years of consistent effort but that is one thing I absolutely do not regret.
    My only regret is not starting when I hit 19… I started when I was 25.
    2) The art of approaching girls forces you to not take yourself so fuckin’ seriously… but at the same time believe in yourself. You will realize you can only gain from getting into the habit of starting friendly conversations with strangers male or female. Unless you start a conversation with an armed gangster with rabies.
    3) Stand on the shoulders of giants. You may in fact be the coolest guy who ever lived… who has tapped more ass and orally impregnated countless more armadas of sluts than any man before… but if you are proud of being ignorant than go fuck yourself.

    1. I just love the last sentence of this post:
      “But if you’re proud of being ignorant, THAN go…”
      It sums up everything about the poster’s intelligence.

    2. When I was 20-21 I was squatting a little bit more but the was after a few years of rugby. My regret is not being consistent and now I could have squatted a lot more and be in uber shape. Now back to the 220.

      1. But you’ve built that base.
        If you wanted to I bet you could build back up way faster than other people.
        My consistency has been slacking because of work.
        I’m maintaining on a few times a month and eating a lot.
        But I don’t know how long that will last.

        1. I think it;s to do with how much you’re enjoying it! My diet in the last 2 months suffered slightly and the fat losses I made are now back on the shelves. Work and training courses took their tall on me.I’m not fat BTW.
          The knowledge and dedication is certainly there, but work and life gets in the way most of the time. Also, it;s a good thing that I know what it’s like to know how being fit feels like. As a child and young teen I was skinnyish and sporty.
          Sometimes I feel like having a feat and at other times I’m super strict and wouldn’t even have a beer or biscuit.

  9. “attractive women”. Dude, most attractive women are just women who have lots of make-up on them.
    I agree with the other two points, but wasting my time on a woman that is most likely to have (had) STD’s, a low IQ, bad breath and who knows what else? Hell no.

    1. Shut the fuck up.
      Attractive women means women that YOU PERSONALLY could easily get it up for.
      Bitch wears too much makeup? Not attractive, so your comment is bullshit, we’re not taking about her.
      Looks like a raging whore? Obviously not attractive to you. We’re not talking about her.
      Low IQ? Not attractive. Not talking about her.
      You fucking lazy excuse making sack of shit

      1. Funny. Your comment is 80% insults, 20% actual content. You remind me of a feminist.
        Using profanity online doesn’t make you come across as tough or “manly”. You just make a fool out of yourself.

        1. Nope. Stays at home, cooks and bakes like a champ, works out, reads books.
          Still haven’t addressed my point.
          Making yourself look really bad here.

    2. You may as well say that you do not bother with women at all. I can only imagine if I screened using IQ. I would have to marry my right hand and have an affair with my left.

    3. Low IQ is the lest of your problems really, unless you’re wifeing her then you will be a little concerned about her influence on kids!

  10. This thread is going to be overflowing with excuses and male hamsterizations by the end of the day.

  11. I lift, read and approach women, but I also enjoy drinking a nice cold beer sometimes after a hard days work. I’m a tradesman in the Flooring Installers union and after a 10 or 12 hour day, a few coors lights help me relax.

    1. I can sympathize. I’ve done roofing for a summer in the south and after a whole day of work, I just want to relax. I usually ended up working out friday nights and on the weekends since I never had time to do it on the week days. It was worth it though. I was making good money and was my own boss.

  12. Short, no-nonsense, and right to the point. Just what i like. Finally a decent article after all the shit that has been posted on this site recently.

  13. I wonder what a feminist list of “3 Habits All Women Must Have” would be.
    Want to venture a guess?
    I think it would be something like:
    1) Accuse at least one man per day of rape or violence.
    2) Masturbate with a vibrating dildo.
    3) Get free stuff, or complain that you can’t get enough free stuff

    1. Where does “act like you’re all that and a bag of chips even if you’re not” fall into that list? 🙂

    2. 1) Have shallow relationships
      2) Desperately stay relative
      3) You are entitled to what others have

      1. 1) Big girls are for fags.
        2) Poor people can’t pay for sex.
        3) RoK doesn’t even have a fiction section. Are you a woman?
        And who needs Plato when you can watch DBZ clips on YouTube???

  14. Lift weights, practice any form of artistic expression (musical, visual, or martial), approach women. Reading is something in which a point of diminishing returns can be reached quickly.

  15. 1. Calisthenics and Plyometrics are much better for real strength than pure weightlifting. The main advantage is one builds muscle according to one’s
    body weight and structure. Additionally calisthenics and plyometrics one can practise outside, which is better for the overall health.
    2. Going out with the sheer purpose of approaching women is a waste of too much time. Just do it while you go about your business.
    3. Reading is merely a surrogate for thinking for yourself; it means letting someone else direct your thoughts.

    1. 1. Agreed
      2. Agreed
      3. Insane. Reading is the fastest and least painful way to learn. Reading is a way to learn things that you wouldn’t even learn on your own because you own undirected thoughts wouldn’t ever get you there. It isn’t a surrogate for thinking for yourself but a way to harness the thinking of other (hopefully intelligent) people and you can then synthesize and integrate that learning based on your own values/thoughts/etc.

    2. 1. He just said resistance training. Calisthenics and Plyometrics are resistance training as well.
      2. Approaching women doesn’t necessarily mean go stand on the street corner or go to the mall or the supermarket and spam approach with PUA tactics. It means when you see a female that looks desirable TO YOU do SOMETHING ABOUT IT. If she turns out to be lame, that’s it, next her, but approach the women whose looks APPEAL TO YOU.
      3. Your thoughts are already being directed by everyone who speaks to you, everything you watch, and everything you read on the internet, signboards, etc. The point of reading is to CHOOSE what’s going in, and to re-trace the mental steps of people regarded as great thinkers. How do you propose to outthink Spinoza, Kant, and Hume (I don’t give a shit if you don’t like them, read them and then tell me why you disagree) if you don’t even know what they thought about? Why do you think so many governments banned literacy as a means of controlling the populace?
      The point of the article is BE PROACTIVE about becoming stronger, BE PROACTIVE about improving your ability to deal with women, and BE PROACTIVE about expanding your mind.
      Lazy arrogant motherfucker.

    3. Um… No.
      Weight lifting raises testosterone, makes one more formidable and garners admiration from all.
      Your calisthenics …not so much

  16. lol ladies and gentlemen your quarterly jefe article:
    1. LIF WEIT

  17. Jefe – take some time and write something outside of your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is boring and predictable.

  18. These are definitely three very important habits to have. I think a good rule of thumb is whenever you are busy doing something consistently (ie: forming a habit), you should ask yourself, “Is this making me a better man?”. This can include a whole list of different hobbies – repairing cars, writing movie scripts, surfing – but no, drinking a 6-pack while watching ESPN and jerking off all night isn’t on that list. For me, I like doing cardio in addition to resistance training – it has plenty of health benefits, and something about it gives me time to think/reflect. Any sort of hobby that is interesting and that makes you a better person (mentally, physically, etc) are definitely good ones.

  19. Only with the approaching part, don’t give in to their ego’s, try to push them to answer something that requires intelligence and wit, even humor to an extent, before igniting the flirtatious spark. That way you don’t elevate their egocentric nature right off the bat, and they know that your a man who requires validation of them (of course psychologically indirectly, she will want to prove that she isn’t dumb, or like some I’ve met who just get all giddy and rosy-cheeked “well I ain’t that smart”)
    the strength training and the book reading are spot on, although I would like to add a fourth one. Competitive Edge: you want to have this in your ambitions in life, it will push you farther than anything else will.

  20. “Without physical strength, men aren’t all that different than women” – this sentence is so wrong that I don`t even know where to start. Its exactly the opposite, its the mental part that makes the difference.

  21. Isn’t just about every ROK article about one of these three topics? I believe there’s a sidebar on your right to help you if you’re confused.

    1. There are new people all the time… new articles about old subjects are important to keep them in the loop if they are not archive-diggers.

    2. Core beliefs are revised to keep people on track and avoid ‘procrastination.’ if you get hammer with good values over and over again, it becomes a habit!
      I personally bookmark articles like this and go over them every 2-4 weeks to stay on track with my life!

  22. My Top 3 would be the following:
    1. Lift weights (or just whatever exercise regimen you prefer, as long as you’re doing something)
    2. Read books
    3. Master one thing at a time. Whether that is building your business, investing in a particular asset class, learning to speed read, whatever. Become a master at something. Then once that has been mastered, move onto the next thing and so on.
    Becoming comfortable with approaching women is important and good for the individual, however I personally wouldn’t prioritise it as being in the Top 3.

  23. I’ll add another stipulation to point no. 3. For every modern book you read, read at least one classical book. Your heritage as someone growing up in the West (regardless of race) has been stripped away from you with our new educational system, screwed over by feminists and the “progressive education” movement.Our ancestors authored these books– they were the warriors of the Iliad, Saga of the Volsungs, etc. Our ancestors participated in the events described by classical authors. They were the philosophers, soldiers, kings, and great men. Chances are, if the book has survived to modern times, it’s definitely worth a read. Put down Game of Thrones and pick up Plutarch. Throw away the 594th game book you are reading and start on The Prince by Machiavelli.

  24. Books are the carriers of civilization. I would make that priority, but without taking it too far of course.

    1. War and Peace makes you more of a man just by getting through it. But his insights into people’s motivations are universal.

      1. Thank you, brother. I just got a new kindle and I’m loading it up with great books. I’ll add this to it.

        1. You’re welcome. It is a bit slow going toward the beginning, but picks up steam rapidly at about the 1/3 mark. As a bonus I believe it gives great insight into Russian psychology and geopolitics, much of which is still valid.

  25. The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr. is a good one. Ancient values of compassion, love, justice– values that go back to the Bible and before. Even Jesus was into it.

    1. Mlk- The arch communist, woman beating, cheating, white prostitute loving race pimp. Sure

  26. You have to watch your lifting. I lifted literally tonnes of furniture and appliances every week for 15 years and I’m paying for it now. I ripped the fuck out of my tendons and ligaments. When I hit 40 my whole body was burning in pain 24/7. My doc wanted to put me on opioids but I said fuck that. I got the pain under control with natural supplements like fish oil, ginger, turmeric, etc. I’m not the Hercules I was back then, but I’m still fairly strong due to the physical work I continue to do.
    I told my doc, “I never felt any pain back then.” He said, “You don’t feel it until years later.” I still have pain, but meh, pain is part of life.
    A little anecdote: I hired a bulked up guy once to help me with deliveries. Massive as fuck, but totally useless when it came to lifting hideabeds up three floors of twisting staircases. He quit. Couldn’t take it.

  27. Pretty hilarious. I work in a gym and lift weights. Doesn’t make me a man.
    I’ve approached and dated beautiful women. Didn’t make me a man.
    I am a prolific reader and have been all my life. Didn’t make me a man either.
    The above is a good guide for boys who want to become shallow boys. This is what makes you a man:
    1. Study hard, do what your told.
    2. Get a job and work your guts out.
    3. Get a good woman.
    4. Have children.
    5. Look after your children and your wife (your pride) for the rest of their lives.
    6. Respect women.
    7. Die happy knowing you did the best you could for your pride.
    End of story.

    1. Humm, let’s see now:
      1. Study hard (yes), do what your told (fuck no. Do what’s in your best interest and in the best interest of you family/clan. If your goals happen to align, ok. Otherwise, your “massa” can go find himself another slave to exploit)
      2. Get a job and work your guts out (yes, but see #1).
      3. Get a good woman (if you can find one and you want one, yes).
      4. Have children (if #3 aligns, why the hell not).
      5. Look after your children and your wife (your pride) for the rest of their lives (if they respect you and maintain their end of the bargain, absolutely).
      6. Respect women (LOL, wrong! Respect those worthy of respect. That goes for men and women alike. All others should be swiftly put back in their place)
      7. Die happy knowing you did the best you could for your pride (if that’s your goal and # 3, 4 & 5 hold, then sure).
      There. Fixed it for ya.

    2. <1. do what your told.
      Those comparisons of the Male Gender to sheep were indeed accurate! I love those army films like Full Metal Jacket and the delightfully obsequious group of masculine draftees! Do you think any right thinking female would put up with that nonsense?
      <2. Get a job and work your guts out.
      As the Slave Gender should! *giggles*
      <3. Get a good woman.
      Its actually the other way around since male rights in this sphere have been profoundly circumscribed…but whatever.
      <7. Die happy knowing you did the best you could for your pride.
      I don’t know many people who “die happy”…at best, they may evince some resignation to their fate as the end draws near…but I’ve never witnessed anyone exit laughing.

    3. Theoretically, this is a good list but unlikely to happen to everyone.
      I have done 1, 2 and 4. You lose your soul doing #2. Waited and thought I was getting a good one (#3), but it did not work out. My daughter is an adult now. I only respect the women who deserve respect. Now is time to start banging as many women as possible and traveling the world.

    4. 1. Serious??
      Do what your told? Yea be a good sheep and tax slave, suck up and brown nose. Don’t question authority goyim.
      2. Get a job as a cubicle Slave and more suck ass? No thx. Learn a trade and work with your hands something that gives you pleasure and no ass kissing. Live life on your terms
      3. Agreed. Good is relative. Traditional with old values is better defined.
      4. Agreed many. The system hates traditional euro families, large and Chridtuan
      5. Sure
      6. Agree to an extent but respect us warned. Today’s tatted bloated women are trash.
      7. Best for you selfish Pride after doing what your told, right? How about doing what’s best for your clan, your people and your heirs?

  28. I see no need to be so extreme. I prefer to drink. And exercise. The other two are enhanced by drinking as well.

  29. I don’t understand how entering a meditative state even through redaing, is manly.
    I would have though that the contemplative life is the very opposite of manly, the active life. Can some one expand on the author’s point?

  30. meh, you don’t really ‘need’ those things. the only thing you need to do is approach women. i dont care if your fat or ugly, approach women, get rejected, then try again. lower your standards of physical appearance if you have to.

  31. Not bad guidelines for a better life, but seriously, have you ever tried to have an educated conversation with your average girl these days who usually spends all of her time on her iPhone?

    1. If you want to have an “educated conversation” have it with a man. Women are not there for us to have educated conversations with.

    2. Educated girl is an oxy moron
      Women aren’t supposed to be knowledgable. But baby machines and partners.

  32. Try. Try so hard it fucking consumes you. The guy thats better than you today, promise yourself you wont quit until youre better than “him”. If it means you get there earlier and stay later, so be it. If it means you go home and think up ways to be more efficient
    so be it. Once you surpass him, the first true lesson begins. Never judge or compare your ceiling to some random scrub that just appeared in your life…own the fact that your ceiling is determined by one thing…you. You compete against the you from yesterday, from last month, from last year. When youve gotten to what is perceived as the top and ran out of motivation, make shit up or become super sensitive to ANYTHING said about you. Use that as fuel. Absolutely fume over it, let it fuel your body and or mind as you dwell on it endlessly. Be ruthless when youre at the top and let them know every chance you get.
    If you can attack any venture or passion like this, you will be sucessful because there are a ton of quitters and pussies masquerading as men out there.

  33. Kudos for reading…almost all other authors skip this when they make a list of what a real man should be doing.
    I’d also add cooking…a bit more advanced than just boiling an egg, though 😉

  34. My grandfather recently passed away, and when dispensing his estate, my parents asked what I wanted. The answer was simple, and yet, confusing to other family members who were too bothered with other various material items. I wanted the books–ones published in the 1800s and early 1900s filled with American history. The texts have become so altered in recent history, it will be refreshing to read text from a much earlier era. I also received his stamp and coin collection, which are both filled with relics from the 1700-early 1900s. If you’re not reading, get started now (with quality works). Your brain will thank you.

  35. I would add combat sports to increase courage and some activity to target your social muscles.

  36. Learn how to do something real, ie that does not involve moving bytes around in an imaginary world, or passive consumption of brainless crap. Cook, garden, hunt, fish, fly a plane, scuba, hot rod cars, climb mountains, build cabinets, oil paint.

  37. I would also add grow food and shoot. But that is for after you get your own place. Better to travel the world first. And get established in a career.

  38. Agreed with article …..I like power lifting mostly and training the big 3.
    For books I like:
    Gulag archipelago, Synagogue of Satan, Plato the Republic, The art of war, the Greatest Hoax of the 20th Century, mein Kampf, & Churchill, Hitler and An Unnecessary War.

  39. 1 and 3: Absolutely
    2: Bill Gates doesn’t go out of his way to talk to a programmer, it’s the other way around. The more prestigious you are the more women you get without doing the mating equivalent of door-to-door marketing which lowers your prestige terribly. D2D marketer relies on bothering as many as possible until they get a yes, a retail store relies on prestige and customers just flock to them. Guess who sells more? Yep. You don’t have to “sell” yourself to the lowest common denominator of women (game), it’s best to get high-prestige women to want to “buy” you. This is also how you get to date rich girls, normally off limits to game beggars as they look for something they can’t easily get.
    That is if you aim for gf material, if you just want to fuck whores game is better of course.

  40. Add some type of self defense training like kick boxing or kung fu to the mix and ability to fix basic stuff.

  41. Hello everyone, I’m new here and have been engulfed as of recent months in reading up on the whole MGTOW/BluePill/RedPill generally the entire Manosphere paradigm. I don’t believe in over complicated comments so I’ll keep this short. What advice do any of you have for me. 27 years old Male – father to a 13 month old baby girl – married for 3 years so far and happy. Overall satisfied financially in life but feeling unfulfilled. The day to day grind provides little challenge and I am overweight (5’9″ 230 lbs)
    give me the regiment ppl GO!

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