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It is as tiring as explaining The Dark Knight Rises to the six-year-old when I see the circle jerks in the comments. I have had enough with the assigned beliefs and talking points getting spewed in the comment sections of my articles. I do admit to trolling comment sections of other sites , but trying to turn Return of Kings into political hay is a fools errand. Reading the comments on my various articles that spew blind allegiance to one or another political ideology on the left-right spectrum is tiring. For the most part these assigned buzzwords and talking points are really not person’s own beliefs but what is given to them to say. The smarter ones realize this on some level but go along with it anyway. The dumb ones truly believe that they are his beliefs. I’m not a Republican or Democrat. I primarily lookout for my own interests and so should you. Unless you’re some power broker that can get the chairman of either national committee on the phone within a minute, neither of these parties works for you.

Some Knowledge

Let me give you a brief overview. All politicians for the most part belong to what I can consider a “ruling class”. This class manufactures false dichotomies, social issues, and moral issues for the people to argue among themselves about. By keeping the people arguing amongst themselves, they do not focus on the main issues. If you notice both parties are pretty consistent in working together to get certain issues handled without too much attention given to them. A great example of this would be the Toxic Asset Relief Program of 2008. This program did not have the support of the American people and had to have been voted on twice to finally pass the House of Representatives. This is the most recent example I can give you that when important things to powerful people come up and Republicans and Democrats walk in step with each other. Issues like gay marriage and abortion are merely fluff for the pundits to play with and for activists to be active about something.



Let me give you a few examples of politicians helping the other party out. Supposedly Republicans are known for being anti-gun control. When Ronald Reagan signed of Firearm Owners Protection Act 1986, it included the Hughes Amendment that banned the manufacture of automatic weapons for civilian purposes. His successor George H.W. Bush gave an executive order banning the import of certain non sporting firearms in 1989. These two actions removed the coolest weapons from the market. Democrats are supposedly for union labor, but Bill Clinton dealt the hardest blow to American labor ever when he signed the North American Free Trade Act in 1994. Remember all those promises in 2008 to close Guantanamo, stop the spying, and reform Washington? I do, none of them were delivered on. So unless you’re partying in the modern palace of Versailles that Washington DC has become you really shouldn’t have blind faith and allegiance to either party. But if you do have such blind allegiance and there is no benefit to you for it then you are a sucker.



I judge people pretty quickly on the buzzwords they use and in what context. If it looks like they got their talking points straight off the Huffington Post, I know I am talking to an idiot. But I’ve been around the block a few times so I won’t tell him  that he is an idiot. I would evaluate what he can do for me. Arguing the dangers of communism with a man dressed like a Girl Scout is not going to get you anywhere. Also arguing the geological evidence that the earth is older than 6000 years with someone who doesn’t read anything except the Bible will also get you nowhere. Shitting up the comment section under my articles with unsupported arguments, name-calling, and posturing will get you nowhere and actually helps me out. A well thought out argument that can be supported by fact is unbeatable. Remember, the best propaganda is the truth.


Divide and Conquer

The sad fact is the left right paradigm is just a trap to force you into one camp or another. Once you’re in one camp or the other the people in the other camp are automatically your “enemy”. This successful manipulative construct of the two political camps has also bifurcated major media. Media sources therefore have to be on one side or the other according to that logic. If you noticed, anything that doesn’t fall under this “plan” is almost universally attacked by both camps. Look what happened to Judge Napolitano when he pointed this out at his job at Fox News.

Control of Ideas

This manufactured divide also kills productive political debate. Most political discussions in these two camps are just echo chambers where any dissenting view is pushed out rather quickly. Because of this the most open, honest, and, intellectual internet chat room that I can find is “legionarii”. Its run by a guy by the name “Light” and the URL is Remember it is the internet so you might find things you don’t like or wish you never saw there.

Think For Yourself

If you can’t come up with your own political platform for yourself and have to adopt another speaks volumes about your person. I could compare people’s loyalties to political parties in the United States to people’s unfounded loyalties to professional sports teams. This loyalty to an organization that sees you as a tool to be used boggles my mind. In truth, you cannot actually educate everyone. Some people are dumb, some people are purposely close minded, and some people are just nefarious and play dumb for destructive purposes. Knowing that is better to find ways to exploit dumb people rather than educate them because they will never know the truth is Machiavellian but effective. I think this is a conclusion the party bosses came to a long time ago. Remember this next time there’s some new iteration of Kony 2012, Occupy Wall Street, Tea Party, or whatever other jingoistic group that pops up and is quickly co-opted by the “ruling class”.

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  1. “Figuring things out for yourself is one of the only freedoms we have left”.
    I quote this from the movie Starship Troopers often, it’s one of director Paul Verhooven’s key points. Don’t take this freedom for granted.
    I reject all ideology, in doing so, I become open to all ideas, without being boxed in by predetermined boundaries. I am neither left nor right nor centre, just a man with my own thoughts and experiences. While these thought may be influenced by the opinions and actions of others, and this is all well and good, there are many worthy teachers, they are my own.

    1. That is great but humans are mammals and tend to operate in packs.
      You can call your pack Manchester United, The Mafia or the Soviet Union but the same rules apply.
      You are a lone wolf and that is a fine thing.

      1. The purpose of being a lone wolf is to detach yourself from a group that you feels is no longer serving you and wandering around by yourself until you can form your own. This is what wolves actually do in nature. When the society no longer serves men and we don’t see any good alternatives, men become perpetual lone wolves.

        1. Technology helps.
          In previous times it took a person of exceptional talent and physical prowess to survive outside his or her pack.
          Today it is easier and becoming easier with each passing year.
          That is the reason why distinct political parties representing sections of society are becoming the same as each other. Their constituencies no longer exist.

      2. Though humans are mammals, they tend to act more like schools of fish. Hiding within groups for safety, but they don’t protect each other, they just hope the guy next to them will get eaten..

        1. I’m not sure if that is true.
          I highly recommend “The Selfish Gene” by Richard Dawkins. In that book Professor Dawkins argues that all species of mammal, reptile and bird operate in a way that protects the genes rather than the individual and that selfishness and altruism are not opposites at all in many cases.

    2. The book is much better than the movie. the movie almost comes off as it was satirizing the book (though the movie was enjoyable for what it was, and that was a great quote too, BTW).

      1. It’s certainly mocking the book.
        I’ve read in an interview with Verhoeven (can’t find the link) that the production company was in a period of restructuring and so he had an unusual amount of artistic freedom. At some point it was too late to change the movie’s tune.

    3. You know that Starship Troopers was a parody about fascism, right? Verhoeven is very afraid of fascism, that is why he made the movie (as Robocop, and others).

  2. Here, here. We see the drop off in comments on posts like this. Needy stupid is everywhere. There is a way to improve average intelligence and so culture, and we all know it. Too bad the perversion creates the balloon payment to come. No great loss, imo.

  3. I gave arguing on FB with friends, in person, at parties, or online in general. Everyone has their beliefs, you aren’t going to change them. Constructive debate is great…usually ends up with trolling or Godwin’s Law.
    I keep my beliefs to myself and hold my tongue. It is better to educate oneself than try (and fail) to educate others.
    The only hint of political views I give of are when I’m asking people to donate/volunteer for a good cause.
    I should probably come back with popcorn and see how this post lights up with political commentary and trolling. 😉

  4. I think this is the most important article for ROK as we move ahead with the new year. I’m tired of all the petty in-fighting that’s going here that doesn’t do anything to further educate or advance men. I’ll go as far as to say that ROK should be apolitical. I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t discuss politics, but that the whole us vs them attitude and black and white thinking doesn’t serve us at all. As the author says, you’re just being someone’s pawn if you align yourself with certain ideologies. If you don’t got the tools (your own ideas) then you are the tool.
    Another thing is that I would even oppose us identifying ourselves as anti-feminist as we should be building our identity around masculinity and not the things we oppose.

  5. I roll in liberal circles and when I try to explain that both parties serve one master they act as if i said I like to fuck infants. Gun control was expanded the most under Reagan, Welfare was dismantled under Clinton, unilateral wars and destruction of civil rights has expanded under Obama. Look at what people do ,not what they say. There are roughly 10,000 people and their families who make up the ruling elite and they want you dumb, disarmed, and hating each other. Damn good post.

    1. the two halves of our political parties represents a pyramid of power with ruling class on top.

      1. If you want to know when you are getting fucked it is when the political parties vote together. Patriot Act, Assault weapons Ban, anything involving Israel, the war on drugs, the bailout (in the 80’s and the most recent one) ,and Bankruptcy reform. When you are getting distracted it is always bullshit votes that do not matter such as gay marriage, prayer in schools, and 10 commandments in front of a courthouse. The biggest fears the elites have is our knowledge of their existence, and a violent uprising against them and their families. History has shown a well educated public aware of how hard they are getting fucked for the benefit of a few has bad consequences for the few.

        1. The 2014 National Defense Authorization Act passed 84-15. You know that has some good (bad) shit in there…

      1. Become rich and you may join, or marry in. Newest members include Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, Obama, Mark Zuckerburg. Win political office and play the game and you might be allowed to play,don’t follow the rules and your children s political futures may be forfeit (see Rand Paul). Most politicians spend %85 of their time fundraising and could give a fuck less about anything more than continuation of our two party system and their own power.

        1. Well that sounds bleak but compared to the English class system it is almost enlightened.

        2. Empires such as ours do not have the time to reassess priorities every four years, the continuity is there they just change the face every 4-8 years.

        3. There were backroom deals and capitulation of certain ideals with his father to allow him to remain relevant in republican circles.

    2. One of the problems with being apolitical is that people do generally lean left or right. They don’t just lean, they go out of their way to deny non-believers the right to be independent thinkers. They simply will not leave you alone and will attack your beliefs unprovoked… just as you pushed your atheist beliefs (hard) and went after Christianity on another post.
      Sometimes an occasional counterattack is the best way to respond to aggressive opinions, and protect your right to be left alone. That said, calling oneself a Democrat or a Republican is like calling oneself a “Little-Endian” or a “Big-Endian”, they are essentially the same.

      1. We are all men here and cannot agree on everything, I just find fairy tales of dubious origin upsetting.Note, I never made it personal, everyone should believe as they wish.I just choose not to believe in god. I think we agree on more than we disagree in non religious issues,and that is what really matters.

      2. It sounds like you’re confusing apolitical with your standard, run-of-the-mill, self-righteous asshole. Whether liberal, conservative or apolitical, always remember: Wise men never argue with fools. More like the reeds less like the oak Daniel-san.

        1. Wise men may never argue with fools, but when fools are voting, do wise men stay home? Do they vote for pointless fringe groups that, if grown larger, will simply fail to fit their exact views and tastes the same as the other two once did?
          All of this shit is a set-up to erode the advantage of Republicans among men. Or perhaps some arrogant fuck is simply counselling us for his own hubristic aggrandizement that we don’t have the way, that we are lost children, that we must be enlightened like him.
          Fuck that. Fuck him.
          We’re aware of the shortfall between expectations and results. We aren’t the mindless sheep that he thinks us. But something is better than nothing. If Democrats alone were unchallenged in government, it would get worse really fast. Hell, they might even pass a bill that makes healthy young men get pregnancy insur…. Oh, fuck! That already happened in 2008! Yeah, don’t vote Republican, guys! Be a real smart dude like the ignorant dipshit that wrote the article.
          I chose to vote Republican because it is the least bad choice, and this clown is not enough of a messiah to lead anyone to a different promised land. He counsels us to stop being political zombies… and to graduate by becoming fully dead politically. Fucking brilliant.

        2. I understand why someone would want to put a sanctimonious prick in their place but I consider it a Sisyphean task, at best. We believe what we like and most aren’t open to alternatives. For this reason, I don’t think there’s ever a benefit to debating someone you don’t know or whose opinion you don’t respect.
          Also, I have to disagree with Republicans being ‘the least bad choice’. Although, I don’t believe Democrats have the answers either and do understand why someone would vote Republican.
          To the critical thinking, Liberalism a mental disorder: The deliberate concession of thinking, providing and being responsible for ones self in acceptance of a herd mentality. However, Modern Liberalism barely resembles Classical Liberalism and ‘Liberal’ does not imply ‘Democrat’. Modern Liberalism is more similar to Fabian Socialism IMHO.
          Until the voting majority comprehends these ideologies, our body politic will remain polarized by the Left right paradigm and a large segment of the population will be used as political tools. That’s the god awful truth.
          I will always reject anyone who accepts this paradigm as gospel truth and legitimately thinks: ‘All we need to do is elect the right president…’ or ‘…the right congressmen’ or ‘the lesser of two evils’ and ‘everything will be all better’
          Why? Because this line of thinking is the absolute antithesis of self-reliance and ultimately masculinity.

        3. Self-reliance will only get you so far.
          At some point, people with guns come to your door and remind you that you chose to ignore the voting public who were happy to be increasingly reliant on you contributing ever greater amounts to their social welfare. Self reliance becomes a liability when everyone else is using that to gang up on you.
          I’m all for letting politicians know how ill-served their constituents are, but I’m suspicious of any movement that says the politicians should be ignored. That’s dangerous.

        4. I don’t think anyone is telling anyone else to ignore politicians. If anything we have to hold politicians more accountable. By definition, self-reliance is the need for each individual to avoid conformity, false consistency and follow his or her own instincts and ideas. I think that was the point of this post and I can’t think of a single reason why self-reliance should ever be sacrificed.

      3. “… is like calling oneself a “Little-Endian” or a “Big-Endian”, they are essentially the same.”
        … says the guy who never had to read machine code.

        1. Moron, it’s about Gulliver’s Travels. The world does not begin and end with Unicode. Put down the ‘puter and get a life.

        2. No shit douchebag.
          I notice your no doubt thrill-a-minute life leaves you plenty of time to post hipster-than-thou, irony-deficient messages in comboxes.
          Go fuck yourself.

        3. Jesus… just because the guy is educated and knows machine code doesn’t mean that he automatically doesn’t have a life or is less of a man. SOMEONE had to design the thing that you’re using to read this and make that judgmental and attacking post.

    3. You’re mostly right, although the ruling class aren’t really conscious of what they are doing or the consequences. They are in the business of making money and secure deals with other people in the same circles to secure power. The people from this class aren’t bad people they are purely motivated by self interest and anyone in that position would be.

        1. Yep, society is far more fluid than structured; especially so in the modern era. Class structures are arbitrary lumpings on income brackets which neglect that everyone is trying to climb over everyone.

      1. Kind of a “if they have no bread, let them eat cake” type thing? I don’t know about all that. They are very much aware of the intended result of their societal manipulations, and scared shitless of the unwashed masses rising up (zombie apocalypse). The possible ramifications of what they’re doing have definitely occurred to them, hence the attempts at damage control. They’re inbred, not stupid.

        1. Ahh one of history’s great misquotations. No, what I mean is that while they may be hyper socially aware for e.g Bill Gates they still continue to open the factory. They don’t manipulate society in a conscious manner people though lower income brackets usually follow them tacitly. This has been shown to be true in the names people adopt through the names and social trends people follow through history. They are not fearful of the peasants they are only fearful of what any person is in their position and that’s being at the top and dropping to a lower income bracket. They don’t fear an uprising because under any system if government they can make money or gain influence. The families wealthy under capitalism are the same families wealthy under socialism. Yet they destroy the ladder that is the middle class. The Pharaohs, Kings and Emperors have been imbred since antiquity it’s how you get your thorough bred racehorses.

        2. The quotation is incorrectly attributed to Marie Antoinette. Was actually Marie-Therese, the wife of Louis XIV, who said it. We will have to agree to disagree as to whether society is deliberately manipulated by “the elite”. You say no, I say yes. Given, as long as “the peasants” are entertained, and society is divided into many little parts, they have no concern about any united uprising. People who would be inclined towards (or capable of) successfully shaking up the power structure would more than likely be from the middle class. So yes, the destruction of the middle class is deliberate. However, take the “bread” part away from the “bread and circus” and you would see these people scared of some peasants.

    4. Agreed. This was a solid post but I have to disagree with the idea that “A well thought out argument that can be supported by fact is unbeatable”
      Facts come in two varieties when discussing politics: an absolute fact, which is irrefutable (e.g. 2+2 = 4) and “Facts” which can’t be confirmed but are universally accepted with the latter being more of an ‘official statement’ than a proper fact
      Unfortunately, the MSM specializes in disseminating “Facts” and the general public is so emotionally invested that they could care less if the information is biased or inconsistent as long as the illusion is preserved. Anyone with game and a good line of bullshit has benefitted from this phenomenon on a smaller scale with females
      Aldous Huxley wrote “…the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude”
      It’s easy to see the resemblance of modern political zombies to the slaves Huxley spoke of but what’s more frightening is that this mindset may not be a product of willful idiocy at all but rather evidence of America’s already highly-conditioned collective consciousness
      Either way, after years of watching the ‘Big-Two’ run a perpetual train on America, it’s astonishing how anyone believes there are ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’ in D.C.
      People believe what they want to believe and any attempt to apprise anyone of anything beyond their limit of belief would be an exercise in futility. I once felt it my responsibility to enlighten the less enlightened but realized it’s more beneficial (and far less painful) to leverage their ignorance to my advantage
      That being said, debating politics is as asinine as debating professional wrestling and any rational, self-respecting male would refrain from it altogether

  6. Marx is semi-required in higher education, but Thomas Sowell is not. This is a serious problem.

    1. I am a 21st Century Whig.
      Just because the Whig Party has been defunct since 1868 is neither here nor there.

      1. All I know is that I can’t believe Canadians are letting themselves become suffocatingly legislated. How many fucking laws do we really need!? I’ll be happy to get the hell out of here on a regular basis, to someplace where I can bribe my way out of laws I disagree with. 😀
        Russia, Phils, Central/South America, I don’t care…LET ME OUT!
        It’s becoming too easy to get a criminal record in this country, simply because you’re a bit of a rebel. Christ!

  7. Reading alt-right and dark enlightenment blogs has really changed my views. Pre-red pill, i was a jaded republican who would bounce between being a libertarian globalist to a right wing populist. Now post-red pill, I’m more neo-reactionary, but with more of a proactive outlook. Instead of bemoaning the suicide of western civilization, I’m all about self improvement, sitting poolside and enjoying the libertine pleasures while they last, keeping one eye open for when Rome finishes burning, so I can build a new West, a new civilization where masculine energy is understood and used to create a prosporous and innovative yet order oriented society.

    1. Good attitutes.
      Care to elaborate more on which blogs turned you over in particular? I’m curious about how people get their ideas.
      I’m familiar with Moldbug’s Unqualified Reservations.

    1. Democrats and Republicans have the same financial backers, save a few with distinct personal interests(Sheldon Adleson, Koch Brothers).

  8. Look up the “Dark Enlightenment”, and start reading… You’ll never be a political zombie ever again after reading and understanding the main ideas of this movement.

  9. I disagree with the purpose of the article and I think the author conflates to issues: Loyalty to a team (party, movement, etc.) and the integrity of a world-view/ideology.
    I see little of the former in the comment section on ROK, not even in the quoted comment exchange of the article.
    And I see nothing wrong with the latter.
    I simply *have* an ideology – like anybody else. I got certain ideas somewhere, from certain other people, like anybody else.
    Some of my ideas (few by comparison) I originated myself, and I am to some extent aware of where others have come from.
    My motivation to visit a site like ROK is that Roosh is aligned with parts of my ideology. This is a prerequisite for the exchange of ideas that build on these premises.
    It’s obvious that people will have a sometimes heated exchange about topics that are not simply about anti-feminism itself, which is roughly the common denominator.
    Even though I have experienced both strong agreement and disagreement in the comment section of ROK, I’ve yet to see the mindless drones I can pinpoint to spouting the slogans of a single intellectual leader (maybe I’m just not up-to-date to the latest intellectual fads, but I don’t think so).
    I for one enjoy such exchange and would not like to see it discouraged.

    1. What annoys me about ROK is that for some reason, if you’re not ultra capitalist, people here do not consider you “red pill” and you might as well be a feminist yourself..I fail to see the connection.

      1. Because the audience is composed mostly of disenfranchised American men, and those independent men that think that everything they have come ONLY from their efforts. Randian “ideology” (a hamsterization of egoism) is very seductive for such people.
        You can have stuff because of your work, but you should be conscious that it is not just because of it. We stand on the shoulders of giants, all of those that came before us.

        1. Those giants children should be doing just fine off their big fat capitalist inheritances
          A system that is more and more based on punishing every responsible action and any self sufficiency while more and more rewards are heaped upon the irresponsible and malcontents. .

  10. Great article! I wholeheartedly agree that the ruling elite devise diversions to throw off the masses to the true nature of things. I also liked the point about political parties being similar to sports team (go team donkey, go team elephant). Question: I have noticed that as my awareness of the sameness of the political parties has increased, my interest in both politics AND professional sports has decreased. Is this a normal response?

  11. The Toxic Asset Relief Program (TARP) is a great example of how, what and why things get done in Washington. When the economy was on a precipice, the decision to fund TARP was not made based on political ideology, but by those who had access and influence to the politicians who could make it happen. Douglas is right when he says that unless you have a direct line to one of these politicians, choosing sides won’t make a difference in how things turn out for your interests.

  12. This country gets the political representation it deserves. Politicians don’t need to have any accountable political will since they are elected by mindless ignoramuses that are most likely to vote on skin color instead of a real reason. Making people pass a citizenship test would be one minor step in the right direction in eliminating morons from voting.

    1. The elections are rigged, no matter how you vote on the federal level it is rigged. Ron Paul did way better in the primaries than was acknowledged, truthfully based on exit polls he should have won. We vote electronically with no paper trail, with the results reported by privately owned news networks informing us of the results. 4 corporations own every news outlet print and Television combined. No matter who you vote for, no matter what you do, the result is predetermined. We are no better than Russia, at least Russians know the fix is in.

      1. I’m from the UK, but I’m a big fan of Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. To me it seems that the mainstream media, FOX, CNN, MSNBC, all of them, basically did their best to paint Paul as a loony wackjob, when actually he spoke more sense than the rest of them put together. That’s what the political elite do, they try and make sensible and rational individuals appear crazy, so that the public will vote for their handpicked candidates. Same thing happens over here. There is a party called UKIP, who are right wing, pro defence but anti war (i.e. paleoconservative) and libertarian. They are not one of the main three parties here in the UK, but they are gathering a lot of momentum. Mainstream media does its best to paint them and their leader, Nigel Farage, as a wacko. Fuck the mainstream media.

      2. Ron Paul was not properly represented because he was marginalized by the Chickhawks and Creatards whom compose the mainstream GOP ideology- which is precisely why I refused to vote for Romney. Those four media outlets have power because people are too mindless to seek out their information from other sources. Despite the fact that the internet makes it readily possible. So again, the fault lies with individual Americans. The media and political parties are simply taking advantage of the average voter’s stupidity and laziness.

    2. Spot on. I say the same thing, as long as the masses are happy to remain uneducated, unenlightened, fat, disgusting, beta, metrosexual and brainwashed by junk entertainment and junk food, and more concerned with whose dick Kim Kardashian is sucking instead of Barry Obomber doing the bidding of Goldman Sachs and the Rothschilds while the Federal Reserve siphons more and more wealth out of the country, as long as the unwashed and stupid masses are entertained by nonsense on BET and MTV 24/7, then the corrupt politicians, Clinton, Bush, Obomber…will have a free ride to destroy the country. The people get the government they deserve.

  13. The reason there is a two party system is not because of some great conspiracy.
    It’s because we simply have two very large parties, composed of a lot of idealogical subparties that would RATHER bury the hatchet with one another to form a government to oppose all the subparties they oppose.
    It’s BECAUSE of cooperation that America doesn’t have a parlimentarian system like the EU does, because we’d rather have a halfway decent chance of getting most of what we want out of government.
    IT’S because of cooperation that we have two big tent parties that basically stand for nothing but the utter and total repudiation of the other tent, because everyone in the tent will get something out of that.
    TL;DR, we’re a country of pragmatists.

  14. Probably one of the best rooms on tinychat, everything else is filled with blacks or gay women.

  15. “Remember, the best propaganda is the truth.”
    If only that were true. The best propaganda is either a big lie, or telling people what they want to hear. Next comes truth.

  16. Just look at the philosophies of Noam Chomsky. His ideas take the cultural marxist pretexts of the modern West to their natural conclusion, and the result is abhorrent. The end of power relationships, the end of masculinity. It’s damn-near impossible to enter debates with political moderates when the principles are just so backwards.

  17. After being called out by the author I will refrain from any snide remarks yet I’m not sure how I should articulate my thoughts on this subject( my pseudonym being Fisherking aka FK). There are many things that I agree with in this article as does my cited comment; the mainstream political parties manufacture social issues to continue their power base which leads to more state control. This is at polar opposites of my core beliefs that people should live in a libertarian society ( as per Ron Paul’s ideas which are based on the ideas presented in the constitution by the founding fathers-which is based on the 17th century thought of enlightenment by John Locke). Yet sadly I’m a disillusioned pragmatist and know that this is not going to be the case for modern society. That our person liberty is constrained and the government will not relinquish power over the people. I also know that pitting political parties against each other that roughly each represent 50% of the population is a divide and conquer technique. I still aim to be an idealist.

  18. Any natural alpha would laugh at the idea of the end of masculinity. Pussy is more plentiful than ever and more and more women are getting in touch with their true sexual nature. I think feminism was a blessing to the genetic alpha and a curse to the beta provider. This generation of feminist will raise the children of the second sexual revolution. Desirable high estrogen women will rebel against the opression of femcunts and seek the viril pound of the all mighty alpha cock without guilt or shame and give birth to beautiful, strong and healthy offsprings, just like nature intended.

  19. Corollary: Republicans will never oppose feminism or feminist laws. The ruling class is merged with the law industry, which profits from lawsuits, divorces, CPS, family court, etc..

  20. As a community that is prominently comprised of free-thinking, independent, self-motivated, responsible, wise, and enlightened men, there should certainly be a lot less bickering about the topics we all KNOW can rarely be reasonably debated about: religion and politics. One must realize, though, that anyone can comment on this site freely and anonymously. Any clod who came across a link to a column can chime in and blast away with whatever bullshit that their heart desires.
    While the comments section can often become extremely devolved, divergent, and mind-numbingly pointless, it is important to note that the traffic and discussion in general is good for the community as it creates more and more momentum and exposure. The beauty of the Red Pill is that it’s not something you can turn away from: once you take it you can’t untake it. This creates a community that can never shrink but only grow. Nay sayers, fear mongers, and a host of others who want to stifle your integrity and keep you quelled will come and go, but those who take the pill will stay.
    For this, I say bravo comrades.

  21. Enjoyed the article as an outline of the underlying assumptions of ‘redpill’ political philosophy. If you are on the internet and concern yourself with politics, you should read this short article.

  22. STOP WATCHING CNN, ABC, FOX !!!!!!!!!! ……
    This is the best thing you can do for your own intellectual development and knowledge,…stop watching mainstream news, and reading mainstream newspapers.
    In my opinion, the only news channels worth watching are RT and Al-Jazeera. Perhaps there are others, but anything with an anti-USA slant will have some information.
    You don’t have to delve fully into the conspiracy theories on infowars, zero hedge, and Mufon, but at least they will point you in the right direction, and refer you to more mainstream information sources about topics that are never ever covered in the news media.
    And…. start reading books. Then you have the time to stop, re-read, think about the points being made, and thus come up with ideas of your own. Rather than being spoon fed with bullshit.

    1. Al Jazeera is some eye opening shit, Qatar is not making a profit on the production its news that is why it is superior to the American screaming matches with interchangeable talking heads we call news.

    2. RT employ Max Keiser.
      Mr Keiser is so full of shit I’m amazed that anyone anywhere takes him seriously.
      Surely anyone intelligent enough to take a genuine interest in economics should be able to see through his endless shouty bullshit.

      1. Max has a unique style, but what he says is usually true. I would suggest to read a copy of “currency wars” by J.Rickards, and then you might view Max in a different light.
        In any case, Max is far more honest, entertaining and intelligent that 99% of the talking-head idiots that infest the regular news channels.

  23. This article seems to be saying “Keep an open mind at all costs.” But an open mind should not be the goal. An *active* mind, whereby you use your judgement to build a hierarchy of values and then determine how best to gain and defend those values should be the goal. Insofar as politics goes, that does not mean rejecting an ideology out of hand, it means evaluating it and deciding if it protects and defends your values. I submit that the single best social system is capitalism. Learn more here:

  24. Great column. I’m not really into politics or politicians anymore. I find it to be useless drama that doesn’t affect my life much. Like I’ve noted before I don’t have an -ism. The more I focus on my own happiness, the more I realize what little effect government and the “ruling elite” has on my life. I’m sure there’s some influence, but really – my life has gone just fine through several presidencies and congresses. It has more to do with the actions of me and my family than policy or ideology.

  25. Excellent article. Democracies in the Western world have ultimately found a more or less identical middle ground to share. Policy is practically identical, wrapped up in different language and sold as “choice”. In reality, they are offering as much choice as Coke and Pepsi. Nowadays, you are voting for a brand, not a party or ideology.
    Here in Australia it’s the same – blind adherents to the major parties who scream “Labor” or “Liberal” till they die, even as both parties have done complete reversals on issues, platforms, and entire ideological outlooks over the past generation or so. Their loyal supporters regurgitate so-called “arguments” they’ve heard on the morning radio or overheard in the barber shop.
    Anyone who thinks something as complex as politics can be divided into two “teams” ought to stick to watching their local football team.

  26. After reading all the comments, this current article and the previous articles on capitalism vs socialism, I finally come to realise the difference between how the west and the east view and regard capitalism. The west, America in particular, views government and governance as the enemy of free markets and that capitalism is the ultimate ideological “God”. Whereas in the east, countries like Singapore, Japan and South Korea view capitalism as a pragmatic instrument to benefit society. But for that to work, good governance is necessary to maximise the positive sides of capitalism and minimise its negative sides. Ultimately for capitalism to work well, governments have to play an essential regulatory and supervisory role.
    I now await the inevitable trolling now…sigh…

    1. Well, yes, but in the end you can´t stay always in the “winning side” of capitalism. Capitalism is always growing, trying to extract more and more resources. Even if you can put a leash on it, it will eat you too in the end. That is why some countries
      try “capitalism with redistribution” (welfare state). But redistributing the wealth without distributing the means of production to those that work with them (yes, socialism) will not work forever. It will take time, but I think societies will move over time to some kind of free market socialism, or will perish in dystopia. You are free to disagree with me (probably most of you do).

      1. this world needs to find and colonize other worlds or implement some serious population control.

      2. There are no sides.
        You can carry your own weight or you can leech on others.
        Capitalism doesn’t “eat” anything, because it merely means that what people own isn’t stolen. That’s all it means.

  27. thirdposition is full of nutjobs quoting jpegs from 4chan as credible source for the jewish world conspiracy.
    You should be ashamed.
    The inclusion of thirdposition ruins an otherwise good article

    1. Thanks for pointing this out, I overlooked it and I wasn’t familiar with it.
      I don’t see many zombies around here, so I take the article’s title to mean “stop being a political zombie for a cause other than my own”.

    2. you obviously have not been there that often, they use peer-reviewed articles to back up their arguments.

  28. I don’t understand why you americans love your guns so much. A quarter of your population is mentally ill and the majority are incomprehensibly stupid. If I was your president, I would strip every single civilian of their gun and throw anyone concealing one into jail for a long long time. No more mass shootings, no more zealous gun-loving idiots.

      1. Why? Why do you need guns? To anyone outside of the USA it just doesn’t make any sense.

        1. Down vote me all you want, I haven’t heard a good argument yet. Just a bunch of Americans screaming “Liberty! Stand your ground! Murica!!!”

        2. So, where you’re from there must not be any violent crime, right? No home invasions or any of the like? You don’t really know how things work over here, do you?

        3. Buddy Orion, obviously you don’t live in some place like Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere in Africa (in sissified Western Europe, most likely) because if you did live someplace nasty you’d see the reason for having guns and want one (or more) too.
          Many Europeans, in fact, when they come to the States for a length of time (experience the wide open spaces, long distances, wild animals and, as you’ve noted, some riff-raff that make the handful of docile heroin addicts outside most European train stations seem like wayward orphans) they understand why Americans have guns and want their own.

        4. P.S. Russians, living under similar (if not worse conditions) without guns for years tend to find it really great to be able to have all kinds of guns in America… like this guy (see below).

        5. I don’t need guns – I’m German. If I lived in the US the situation would be different, as there are a lot more armed criminals on the lose there.
          And contrary to what you believe, the government (let alone the president) cannot undo this situation. The government simply doesn’t have that kind of power, because they only have power over law-abiding citizens, not criminal gangs.

        6. You should hear yourself: You are threatening a group of people with the gulag for the “crime” of owning a certain type of mechanical device. Wanna know what that is: A totalitarian mindset.
          Your bleating about freedom of speech only shows me what kind of hypocrite you are.

        7. An outsider trying exert unwanted influence on an area is what we call a “Carpetbagger”.
          You are one.

    1. Well, Piers Morgan, it’s like this. This country was built with guns, and even taken from other occupants by force. Many intelligent people realize that the ability to defend oneself is necessary to the preservation of one’s personal liberty. Also, you just stated two perfectly good reasons to own a gun. There are a lot of crazy and stupid people running around.

    2. Well, Piers Morgan, it’s like this. This country was built with guns, and even taken from other occupants by force. Many intelligent people realize that the ability to defend oneself is necessary to the preservation of one’s personal liberty. Also, you just stated two perfectly good reasons to own a gun. There are a lot of crazy and stupid people running around.

    3. Guns protect you and prevent large groups of men enforcing their will on you (like in prison). Also guns serve as the final check on governmental and elite overreach. One day America will fall as the Soviet Union fell and guns will allow people to keep order during the restructuring. The government should never have a monopoly on violence, and guns can feed you in a pinch. Lastly guns just plain kick ass!

    4. And I don’t understand why foreigners such as yourself bother reading certain ROK columns which are obviously directed at American readers.

    5. Here’s a simple thought experiment since you believe you’re a smart and perceptive person.
      In the past 250 years, how many dictators and fascists came and went in Europe? Kings and emperors are obviously in this group as well.
      In that same time period, how many dictators and fascists came and went in the United States of America?
      There’s a reason why we hold certain rights to be self-evident, and having guns and free speech is central to that.
      I’ll spell it out for you.
      Our American predecessors/founding fathers saw what was going on in Europe and was like “fuck that!”. And man, they were and *are* right.

  29. Most modern politics is lead by puppets for the zionists and jewish bankers. People need a real politician someone who is truthful.

    1. Unfortunately those who tell the truth, i.e. Ron Paul in the USA and Nigel Farage here in the UK where I’m from, get marginalised by the mainstream media and made out to look like crackpots and wackjobs.

  30. great article I will be sure to share this with my friends, people need to WAKE UP and stop droning on about this liberal/republican bullshit and find a real strong ideology like Nationalism and love for one’s own people.

  31. a great way to get liberals to fight among themselves is to tell them that Obama should be able to run for a third term.

  32. We need to show this article to alot of people so that they wake up and stop being drones who do not think for themselves.

  33. How about the supposed “war on Christmas” that allegedly takes place in the US every year between November 27th and December 26th?
    “When Ronald Reagan signed of Firearm Owners Protection Act 1986, it
    included the Hughes Amendment that banned the manufacture of automatic
    weapons for civilian purposes.”
    What are civilian purposes of automatic weapons?

  34. Great article and great room too, third position I really like this article and it will keep me coming back.

  35. GREAT article this is something that children of today need to read, I am posting this to facebook I hope the rest of you do as well.

  36. One of the big problems is that people think that they can only be a democrat or republican. There is so much more than just those two parties. I notice libertarians are on the rise in the US.

  37. If you aren’t going to vote for the guy who is going to line your pockets the most it’s because you haven’t figured out what the system is for and how it works. Your prime responsibility is yourself.

  38. I am a big fan of Judge Nap, but I dont think his broadcast had anything to do with him being turned off. Shows and commentators come and go and are sometimes taken off seemingly abruptly, when in fact it was long planned. I havent looked at stats, but I cant imagine him having a huge ratings base, beyond the very strong following he had among libertarians. Sadly, we need to go to the internet to get any news in our theme and mindset. Altho FBC does still have Stossel…

  39. Politics and the related arguments are how they distract us while they steal the last morsels. I grew up in DC and that was MY observation from age 7.

  40. Comments on Stop Being a Political Zombie:
    Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis – The Hegelian Dialectic. Dad used to say this was the guiding principle of “NWO” (whatever and whoever they are). The more I read (like the article above) the more a lot of what we’re fed from official sources seems to fall into this pattern. Good Article. I think we’re done, the “Republican Experiment” is over. Aristotle was right, we are degenerating into the worst form of surface democracy which will lead to tyranny.

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