6 Tentacles Of The Leftist Power Structure That Control Western Society

The world’s major power blocs represent national interests, religions, and ideologies. They’re like icebergs: partly visible, but mostly beneath the surface. Openness and transparency aren’t exactly core principles!

Power bloc interactions and internal structures

Individuals can operate within more than one. Power blocs usually have sub-groups, either constructively (alliance-building) or otherwise (excessive factionalism). They can join with one another (and smaller power blocs) toward shared goals, and sometimes one group co-opts another. Consider it like concentric and overlapping circles; things get complicated.

Here are some examples. Secretly funding the Nicaraguan Contras off the books, the CIA sold weaponry to Iran. Worse yet are allegations of playing footsie with dope traffickers, perhaps a bipartisan job. Zionist ethnic networking brings together ties to finance, politics, and the press. One result of this synergy was the Balfour Declaration, paving the way for Israel. Leftists are courting Islamists lately (what possibly could go wrong?) Politics makes for strange bedfellows.

Here we’ll describe the modern leftist power structure. Briefly recapping from before, they’re a loose coalition. The System drives the agenda. (It’s basically what Mencius Moldbug called The Cathedral, though this terminology is controversial.) The Hive (Joseph Sobran’s allegory) swarms in orbit around The System and implements their directives. The criteria for System membership are great wealth, great influence, or easy media access.

The following describes their operations within major spheres of influence.

1. Big Money sphere

Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.

—Mayer Amschel Rothschild, 1790

A $350K annual income seems like a decent paycheck. However, any such entry-level “one percenter” barely matters in the power game. One could argue about who really counts: the world’s top thirteen, 300, 2000, or 40,000; the picture is fuzzy. The most notable are banking dynasties, other Old Money families, European nobility, Wall Street executives and international financiers, and New Money tech billionaires. I’m okay with those earning wealth through honest work and who don’t sabotage their society, but I have no use for crooks or champagne Socialists.

Leftist control

Globalists are heavily networked internationally. These “citizens of the world” are loyal to their wallets rather than their nations, yet many benefit from corporate welfare. Quite ironically, they embrace an ideology about leveling all social distinctions and empowering the downtrodden against the mighty. It’s debatable how much their meddling is for “the feels”, lust for absolute wealth and control, or both. Be it dilettantish naivety, utter cynicism, or hypocritical atonement, either way they’re slowly creating a homogenized one-world banana republic.

They operate through highly secretive groups which critics call the “shadow government“. Some are ostensive foreign policy think tanks, though their membership resembles a “who’s who” list of world politics, including several modern American Presidents. Others include overt advocacy foundations, throwing millions to activism efforts as if tossing Mardi Gras beads.

Media executives exercise top-down control through ownership. Donations to universities likely influence the Education sphere. Their greatest power is in the Government sphere through “campaign contributions”, hedging their bets by donating heavily to both sides. As business owners, they also take measures to influence the cultural environment.

Implementing this at The Hive level, corporate advertising munchkins often piggyback sociopolitical messages into their ads, unfortunately a common problem lately. Social media companies censor news and opinions Also, HR departments (basically make-work programs for sociology and women’s studies graduates) implement “diversity” initiatives and other feel-good measures. Further, they police politically incorrect viewpoints (likewise flirting at work), depriving offenders of their livelihoods.

Power source
  • Money
  • Connections
  • Stop buying their products and encourage others to quit feeding the beast.
  • Expose their activities; “sunlight is the best disinfectant”.

2. Media sphere

And it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsens, [Donald Trump] could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think. And that, that is our job.

Mika Brzezinski

Centered in New York City and Hollywood, 90% of America’s news and entertainment comes from six mega-conglomerates. (Likely it’s pretty similar elsewhere.) The government—the best politicians money can buy—repealed antitrust provisions meant to prevent this problem. They operate TV networks, newspapers, magazines, radio stations, the literary establishment, the music scene, etc.—even comic books.

Leftist control

The System’s propaganda arm is owned by Big Money executives. Other System level types are actors, musicians, anchormen, and notable talking heads. However, it’s often slim pickings in The Hive. I don’t envy entry-level journalists, publishing-house flunkies, starving artists, and D-list actors. The only decent creative profession for those who never make it big are aspiring musicians; even bar bands get groupies.

Outside of the Big Six are other cultural pursuits. The art scene became a circle-jerk between critics and mediocre artists, generally a leftist boondoggle. Even the porn industry can have agendas.

Power source

Being a monopoly on mainstream news provides great power to mold public opinion. Celebrities can share their profound political expertise with the ignorant masses.


The MSM greatly overplayed their hand; they’ve lost more credibility than ever. Conservatives consider them brazen liars, and even most liberals don’t believe “all or most“, much different from Walter Cronkite’s days. The music scene is trashy, and literature is dead. The media alienated their audience, which is tuning them out.

  • Cancel your cable bill and other MSM subscriptions; encourage others to do so.
  • The time is ripe to start building parallel cultural institutions and information networks online.

3. Education sphere

Liberating tolerance, then, would mean intolerance against movements from the Right and toleration of movements from the Left. As to the scope of this tolerance and intolerance: … it would extend to the stage of action as well as of discussion and propaganda, of deed as well as of word.

Herbert Marcuse, Repressive Tolerance

Most children receive state-funded education; quality varies greatly. Then college is promoted as a ticket to the middle class. System level influencers include the Department of Education, teachers unions, and college presidents.

On The Hive level, professors and the skyrocketing administrative staff have great jobs. Public school teachers are less prestigious, but it’s a decent living if one doesn’t mind dealing with brats.

Leftist control

They have a firm grip on most social sciences and humanities departments, and you can forget about working in them unless you talk the talk. (Hint: method-act until tenure.) Academia has become a great make-work program for the young SJWs they indoctrinated. Being the Second Assistant Dean of Diversity is a better gig than Fivebucks Coffee!

Many public school teachers feel they have license to mold young minds before the kiddos can think for themselves. The first time it happened to me was in second grade, and I miss the good old days.

Power source

They deliver twelve years of state education, with an optional four year ideological deep-fry, more with advanced degrees. Indoctrinating generations of kids saved the left from demographic collapse. Subverting the universities was a shrewd move. Other than that, academia wears the mantle of scholarly respectability. They sometimes develop new ideological trends and buzzwords. They also operate within the psychology sub-sphere.

  • Members of this “intelligentsia” are often educated beyond their ability to comprehend, unable to defend logically the arguments they’re parroting. (They’re not teaching critical thinking skills, and it shows.) I served my time and greatly resented their constant brainwashing attempts, and now I easily dissect their ideology with glee.
  • The public increasingly realizes leftist academia is mental masturbation.
  • Outside of their Ivory Tower, they’re pretty ineffectual. For one example, would you fear a mob of sociology professors?
  • Carefully screen schools. Raise hell at PTA meetings and school boards as needed,
  • Don’t send your children to SJW factories either. Some colleges aren’t pozzed out. Make sure they obtain a worthwhile degree.
  • Alternatives exist: homeschooling, trade schools, and self-study.

4. Government sphere

[Donald Trump] is running away with the nomination and it scares the daylights out of the insiders who have not only run the party, but they’ve run the country for a long time.

Mike Huckabee, 2/27/2016

The US government’s top levels include the Presidency, Congress, Cabinet members, federal judiciary, department heads, and high military officers. Lobbies work to influence Congress, some quite powerful. They represent multitudes of interests (the military-industrial complex, broccoli farmers, Wall Street, bird watchers, etc.), but you need money to get in that game. State governors also have significant influence.

Things get interesting at The Hive level, down in the swamp! Middle grade bureaucrats wield power in implementing policies. Even the front lines exercise individual discretion: clerks handling your paperwork, IRS agents, and obviously local police. (Hint: pass the “attitude test”.)

Leftist control

The political circus has much in common with professional wrestling. The Democrats pushed softcore cultural Marxism since the 1960s. Neocon entryism turned the Republicans into a controlled opposition. Big Money calls the tune, so they win no matter which party is in power.

Trump is the first Presidential outsider in ages, too rich to be bought off. The party bosses kept trying to sabotage their leading candidate’s campaign. The Democrats didn’t look much better with their dirty primary (and dirtier top candidate).

Power source

The legal system, a national budget, and military force

  • They’re supposed to practice openness and follow their own rules. When caught with their hand in the cookie jar, significant fallout can happen. With luck, the crook will lose the next election.
  • Ineptitude, wasteful spending, and hostility to the public are also easy to expose.
  • Politicians usually lose touch with their constituents, expecting the peasants will remain “unaware and compliant“.
  • If a Hive-level munchkin troubles you, push it up the food chain.
  • For politicians, expose their misdeeds.
  • Decentralization could cut the head off the snake.
  • Support alternative parties.

5. Organization sphere

I, too, take a class position. It is anti-capitalist and pro-revolutionary. I believe in non-violent methods of struggle as most effective in the long run for building up successful working class power. Where they cannot be followed or where they are not even permitted by the ruling class, obviously only violent tactics remain. I champion civil liberty as the best of the non-violent means of building the power on which workers rule must be based. If I aid the reactionaries to get free speech now and then, if I go outside the class struggle to fight against censorship, it is only because those liberties help to create a more hospitable atmosphere for working class liberties. The class struggle is the central conflict of the world; all others are incidental.

James Baldwin, ACLU co-founder

Countless organizations represent all viewpoints, single-issue or broad ideologies. These are advocacy groups, think tanks, foundations, NGOs, nonprofits, parties (from those running the Government sphere to tiny ones mostly existing in the imagination), etc. Some medium to large organizations have extensive Government connections (influence, lucrative contracts, or even direct policy input). Some have a religious focus but are ultimately political.

They exist to promote their views, gain membership and subscriptions, raise funds, and some are focal points for Activism. Most are okay, even those with disagreeable views; they’re just expressing opinions. Those featuring dishonesty, hidden agendas, no transparency, or dirty tactics are the organizations of concern.

Leftist control

Their foundations are another make-work program, employing multitudes from paper pushers up to community agitators. Apparatchiks can move into the Government sphere, as bureaucrats or elected officials.

A few gain celebrity status through recognition and lavish praise from the Media sphere, becoming great leftist heroes. Although those promoted into the power structure’s upper echelons fly above The Hive and ascend into The System, they still must please their Big Money handlers. Not all major Organization heads become big shots (though many dream of it), but a six figure salary isn’t an uncommon consolation. Some are cynical and corrupt enough to make televangelists blush.

Most leftist groups are independent, but several are fronts in the pay of Big Money. Others receive funding from trusts established by Gilded Age donors, lately infiltrated and subverted by entryists. The payback generally involves pressuring governments, staging angry demonstrations (sometimes becoming riots), or dirty tricks to discredit opponents. As we saw in 2016, there’s lots of swag to go around; enough to pay protesters and bus them in from out of state.

Some groups operate in the legal sphere. This includes alphabet soup “watchdog” outfits that defame dissidents and compile naughty lists, sharing them with law enforcement. (One in particular is a skeezy operation with a skeezier head honcho, using scare tactics to solicit donations.) Others specialize in judicial activism to lawyer up their agendas.

Power source
  • Donations
  • Popular support (sometimes astroturfing)
  • Friendly Media coverage
  • Activism does their ground work
  • Factionalism and ideological clashes
  • Ineffectual ones waste time and resources
  • Sometimes there are too many chiefs and not enough braves
  • For regular groups that play nice, argue against their positions; standard debate stuff
  • Expose those using nasty tactics
  • Report those using illegal tactics
  • Conduct our own networking

6. Activism sphere

It was 1969. Kate [Millett] invited me to join her for a gathering at the home of her friend, Lila Karp. They called the assemblage a “consciousness-raising-group,” a typical communist exercise, something practiced in Maoist China. We gathered at a large table as the chairperson opened the meeting with a back-and-forth recitation, like a Litany, a type of prayer done in Catholic Church. But now it was Marxism, the Church of the Left, mimicking religious practice…

Mallory Millett

Here at last are ordinary citizens. Enthusiasm varies, but we’ll include everyone who does more than vote and message friends occasionally. Some might join Organizations; others contribute individually; some operate entirely online. Some work for single issue causes, others go in for several.

Leftist control

Lenin called liberals “useful idiots”. Deep down, most are nice people concerned about social problems. It’s a shame that so many caring idealists are exploited for donations and hard work by unscrupulous Organizations. They believe they’re championing diversity, fighting for the downtrodden, and opposing a corrupt Establishment. Ironically, they’re being tooled by Big Money types trying to run the world into the ground for profit while turning the masses into homogenized serfs. It’s hard (but not impossible) to break through their conditioning.

The radicals are a worse category, fanatical and impervious to reason. Sadly, most were good kids before their brains were marinated in Media / Education psyops. Others are recruited from gangs or the homeless. Unlike liberals, these zombies won’t hesitate to vandalize, steal, or riot if they think they’ll get away with it.

Social Justice Warriors are spayed or neutered radicals, the leftist power structure’s septic tank. These armchair Lenins lack debate skills beyond posting talking points on social media, thinking that actually makes a difference. They can’t comprehend reality, often having mental problems. I’d pity these pathetic dregs if they didn’t engage in online mobbing, their greatest (only) weapon.

Power source
  • Demonstrations, peaceful or otherwise
  • Shouting down opponents
  • Petty crime
  • Online mobbing, doxing, and smear tactics to deprive targets of income or endanger their safety
  • Neither facts nor logic are on their side.
  • They’re rabbit people.
  • With liberals, you might break through partially by staying reasonable and finding common ground.
  • With radicals, deescalation might work. Also, once I was badly outnumbered, but I deterred them by holding frame.
  • SJWs are very weak-minded and easy to “trigger”.
  • Every day, try to do something advancing our agenda.


How fierce… now I’m terrified!

We’re in a difficult struggle against powerful and highly motivated opponents, but together we can prevail. In general:

  • Cut off their funding.
  • Support alternative institutions.
  • Help spread the word. Many can see that things are going terribly wrong, but haven’t put the pieces together, don’t know what can be done, and feel isolated.
  • Never give up; defeat is not an option.

My books are available at Smashwords and Amazon.

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192 thoughts on “6 Tentacles Of The Leftist Power Structure That Control Western Society”

  1. Here’s the real root problem, and it is an uncomfortable truth: leftism has a certain undeniable selfish appeal to it. In order to reject it, you have to be able to think logically and objectively, AND understand that decisions should NOT always come down to what makes you feel better. In other words, sometimes you have to take the bad tasting medicine to arrive at the best overall result.
    It is not that all leftist ideas are completely bad, it is that they are completely unrestrained by a sense of proportionality and long term consequence, both of which are abandoned to satisfy short term feelings.
    Why is this so? Most people are inherently selfish. That’s just the way it is. Denying it won’t change reality. But what could change the political trajectory is rejecting the idea of universal suffrage, and ensuring that only people who have the capacity to rationally analyze problems and solutions are entrusted with the power to vote and shape policy.

    1. Albrecht. The name alone should tell you what the right tool is.

      1. Taking a gander at Germany these days, I’m not sure that learning German will really help so much as accelerate current trends. Besides, even in their “big manly men” prime days of the 1800’s and prior they were always collectivist and the first to jump on board with mindlessly following authority.
        Nothing against Germans, I think we’re all in the same boat, with some coming out stronger (Americans, maybe some places in England, and Australia has some glimmers of hope) and some taking it up their collective bums (Sweden, Germany, France). The tool is not a particular nationality, language or whatnot, it’s rather us regaining our culture by appropriating the means of communication, which we’re currently starting to do really well e.g. – meme wars, it’s now cool and hip to be right wing, etc.

        1. How about those rape gangs in jolly old England? Hell, they even processed some English girls into halal food cart food.

        2. Sadly I can’t agree.
          As much as I really appreciate and to some extend agree on what you say, there is one thing people miss.
          The enlightenment didn’t happen.
          Wrong time.
          For it to happen, Vernunft is needed, and that isn’t possible in other western languages.
          Only focusing on culture just keeps the wheel turning.

        1. When it comes to Simpsons game, I’m the Harlem Globetrotters and you’re all the Washington Generals

    2. I would also niggle a bit; leftism makes an emotional appeal but is not emotionally satisfying. We tend to get a little Manichaean (“We have logic and reason, they have emotion”) but the reality is we have all of it.
      Look at them, they’re miserable, they are trying to feel good, they don’t actually feel good.
      We could stand to make some “selfish” appeals of our own. Self respect feels good, being K selected pays off, delaying gratification now brings you much better things.
      Trying to be all stark all the time is it’s own kind of self indulgence.

      1. I don’t disagree with this. Humans are inherently selfish, and that’s the key that leftists have recognized and exploited. In some ways, leftism was red-pill because it made an accurate observation about human nature and then exploited it to its advantage. But, I think the answer to why leftists are miserable lies in the shortsighted nature of leftist policy. For example, take refugees. It passes the feelz test for some ditzy college sorority chick to assume she’s helping keep dead kids from washing up on the beach. But when she finds out there’s now a Sharia no-go zone around her favorite watering hole, and she’s getting hid with a rod for not covering her skank ass, she won’t be happy anymore. Another: it may make a leftist feel good to indulge some mentally ill tranny because they don’t have to tell them “no,” but then the fact that trannies still kill themselves because they are mentally ill makes them continue to feel bad.
        And I agree with you that one of the ways to reverse the tide is to make emotion based arguments in the other direction. I have actually made this point in other threads on other topics. It’s actually quite easy to do. Suppose you want to re-implement work-for-welfare requirements: “But cutting welfare will starve babies!” “Why do you want parents to not be able to work to afford food for their kids? You want to deprive parents of the dignity a job brings, AND their ability to feed their families. What a fucking monster you are. It’s probably because you’re racist against the black people who are affected by these programs.”

    3. A free society, a truly free society, has always hinged on the people having a common standard regarding virtue and self control. The Founders were pretty clear on this. Put a virtuous man with self control in a free society and you get the rugged individualists of the past. Put a man with no sense of right or wrong above “pleasure or pain” and you get atomistic little clown haired freaks all out shrieking “mine mine mine mine!” as they steal everything you’ve worked for in your life.

      1. Well said, and with that freedom, must come responsibility. A teenager is not free until he is responsible for his own bills, a welfare case is not free until he is cut from the government teat.

        1. Pretty sure that welfare case doesn’t mind the lack of freedom so long as he’s got lots of weed and white wymenz

        2. There are so many who start where I work, go through training, the first couple of weeks on the floor and then they quit!! I guess it interferes with WOW.

        3. seen it all the time working in sawmills and warehouses prior to college. It takes away a man’s ambition to improve himself.

      2. “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – John Adams

    4. The thing to always remember about progressives is that they are more than anything stupid. Progressivism is so attractive to so many people because it provides an easy way to affirm your intelligence and moral worth. All it requires of you is to mouth the current party line and you are deemed intelligent and morally worthy. This makes it forever attractive to stupid people who are too egotistical and vain to admit their own limitations.

      1. Don’t forget that Progressivism is also appealing to physically weak men and unattractive women.

        1. The stupidity part is a universal prerequisite, irrespective of other common factors.
          My late father used to say that Liberalism is the ideology of physical cowardice.

      2. Indeed, trash-talking en masse and overwhelming polite society with misguided anger is a truly weak-minded talent. It is NOT power.

    5. “Most people are inherently selfish”
      Yes, but the real problem is that most people are inherently stupid. Stupid in the Aristotlean sense of being impervious to facts and logic and only amenable to rhetoric. Also, Mark Twain is quoted as saying that it is easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they have been fooled, and the reason for this phenomenon is that most people are severely stupid and also intensely arrogant and stubborn and pig headed and obstinate and prideful and imbued with a god-like hubris. God is right when He judged humanity as worthy of hell, and we should be grateful for His profound mercy in offering even a small remnant the opportunity to repent and escape our otherwise well deserved fate.

    6. Janusz Korwin-Mikke said it best: “socialism is natural, most are moronic imbeciles that want what the successful have”.

    7. Or you could have just said Jewish Zionist and the Feanfurt school/cultural Marxism

  2. gREAT article. I am going to have to go back and see all the videos in detail. ROK is at the cutting edge. Academia needs to be discredited until it reforms.

  3. I’ll add to the list:
    Do not give them your children. If you have children, do everything you must to prevent them from being educated by leftists.

    1. There are schools out in rural flyover that are not infested with leftist teachers. But if you’re anywhere near a city, you might as well be searching for a magical faerie unicorn in a corn field. The trick is to get in and investigate the school system before you move to the area.

      1. Unfortunately, I live in a libtopolis. But, I have found that when my kids come home and tell me some leftist nonsense that their teacher says, it is very easy to just say, “no, that’s not true, your teacher is wrong” and get my kids to believe me. I completely agree that this is not ideal, but so many underestimate the role of strong parental guidance.
        When shit goes wrong, my kids don’t look for their teacher, they look for their father.

        1. Well done. Many, even here, don’t seem to realize that an intact family and a strong father figure inoculate children from the constant exposure to Leftism like nothing else can. They cede too much power to the Left which doesn’t actually exist.

        2. A storm is brewing. The paper tiger of liberalism is finally being seen for what it is.

        3. your children need to start calling their teachers out in class, knocking their books to the floor, and screaming that they refuse to be told lies.

        4. only the gifted and talented should be educated: the bottom 90% should be turned out to the fields to pick berries

        5. Did you get hit on the head, man? Cause you just made a rational comment.

        6. sounds like you’ve been reading too much huck finn and tom sawyer

        7. aint that stupid?!?!?
          We have as anti-slavery a book as you can imagine (Huck Finn) and they want to ban it because “mean words”

        8. at my next high school reunion i want to pull that stunt where tom sawyer and huck finn fake their own deaths and attend their own funeral. I’ll put together a sentimental slideshow with Greenday’s “Time of Your Life” playing that will played to honor those of the class of 2005 who are no longer with us. I want to see peoples’ reactions to my passing…

        9. That is new levels of stupid. I want to buy that book but I don’t know if I’ll be getting a censored version or the real one.

        10. Yes, and as books become digitized more and more, with less hard copies, they can be changed and edited without anyone knowing.

        11. Alright boys, we’re storming the trenches. Time to steel your peaches.

        12. “It’s the (rich) White Whale I seek.” – Every Western Cunt in the World

        13. “I moved in with the strangest guy
          Can you believe he actually thinks
          That I am really alive”

        14. (This is easily the greatest comment that I have ever made on RoK, but I fear that its true genius will never be recognized.)

        15. I’m the humblest motherfucker in this whole wide universe. Find me somebody more humble than me and I will humble his ass into the ground.

        16. But that’s because you are totally, verifiably, clinically insane.

        17. “It’s not so bad, Homer. They go in through your nose, and they let you keep the piece of brain they cut out.”

        18. No. You put down a 6 letter word in scrabble and I put an “S” tile at the end of it, making it plural, and taking all the points

        19. Back when I was about age 7 and was complaining about a teacher, my father explained that the reason most people become teachers is that adults have no respect for them, and children are the only ones over whom they could ever exert any authority. And further, it’s an easy civil service job with a generous retirement package. I listened and understood. And this was back when they were still pushing the red, white, and blue as hard as they could.

      2. Even in the more conservative areas, the teachers have federal mandates on what they have to teach. Conservative teachers hate it, but they still have a certain amount of liberal drivel they need to do.

        1. Check out the required reading lists in English classes at schools in “flyover country.” Same man hating, gynocentric, whitey is evil nonsense as used in urban schools: The Scarlet Letter, A Doll’s House, A Streetcar Named Desire, Their Eyes Were Watching God, The Great Gatsby on and on

        2. I would agree with GOJ that schools in flyover country are better, but they can get only so good. The good teachers’ hands are tied.

        3. yep, they still use the same (sometimes worse) books in English class. The themes are subtle but they are all anti-male, anti-family, anti-white.

        4. I would expect the scarlet letters message to be “don’t be a whore”, which is anti lefty these days. Then again I’m going off a barely remembered snippet from the movie easy A describing the main characters brief thoughts on the book.

    2. People need to be able to utilize public education in an a la carte fashion, meaning they allow the public school to teach their children math and science but insist on teaching their children humanities and social studies in a home school manner. We need to demand versatility and options!

      1. Most public k12 schools fail miserably at teaching math and science. They teach plenty of leftist ideology that masquerades as the same of course.

    3. My church has our own school. We use a Christian on-line curriculum which we customize for us. No social justice indoctrination there

  4. Leftism is the biggest tool in the box for the banking elite. All of this shit that’s been building for the last several years is to flood the market with cheap labour. Whites and Europeans, at most of their hearts, don’t want to work dead-end minimum wage jobs. We want a nice house, a good future, and a stable career with retirement savings. Our new friends from Africa are very happy to live 12 in a rental house and make $8/hr their entire lives.
    The new world plan does not include the Europeans or their descendants. It only includes the cheapest workers and the most irresponsible spenders on Earth. Women and niggers. Tell me about that wage gap again.

  5. The sewage of society, will slowly die out, since you can’t ignore the facts forever. Once Sweden is fully dead, and the woman are systematically being raped daily and being forced to wear vales slowly the rest of the world will wake up…and say to themselves…”Ohhhhh what have we done!”

  6. Very well-thought out and well-written article. I don’t necessarily agree with it all, but I respect the effort that went into it. Great work.

  7. “Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing a people to slavery.” – Thomas Jefferson

        1. “If Einstein was so fukkin smart how comes hes so fukkin dead?”
          -Jimmy Carter

        2. “He may have only been a peanut farmer, but Jimmy Carter sure knew how to suck elitist cock.” – George Soros

        3. “Eleanor Roosevelt had an onion ass – it brought tears to your eyes. But that face…nuh-huh.” – Elvis Presley

        4. “Families are a lot like onions. Sometimes you cry when you’re chopping them into little pieces.” – Winnie The Pooh

        5. “After I got done with Winnie, he could no longer poo.” – Jeffrey Dahmer

        6. “I fucked Elvis Presley’s mom, too.” — Eleanor Roosevelt.

        7. “I taught Jeffery Dahmer everything he knows about fine cuisine.” — Hillary Clinton.

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        9. “Ewwwww, that was like, soooo gross, righ-EET?” – Some Leftist Cunt

        10. “The song ‘Hound Dog’ was actually all about the time a very young Elvis saw his mom sodomizing Eleanor Roosevelt with a strap-on.” — the Colonel.

        11. Give him some slack, he is new. Seems decent so far, although a little pooish.

        12. The 23 YouTube links he’s already posted didn’t give you a hint?

        13. Ah….makes sense. Haven’t seen the typical video links, so it threw me off.

        14. hes juggling a wife, 16 kids, a job, an alpaca farm, and trying to out-clever guys on this site, give him a break

        15. Which,I’ve never seen in the wild except where a green card was involved.

        16. Porcer’s dead. Everyone knows that. He was killed in a horrible vegemite-sandwich accident.

        17. Yes, and I still hope to be resurrected in my original form. Because reading and posting from a mobile is a real pain in the rear.

        18. It’s good to have you back. I got banned a few days ago too. This is a new account.

        19. What is going on with all the banning? If I was more conspiracy minded, I’d wonder if there was some push to redefine the culture or demographic. But that doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense.

        20. They should give me the banhammer. I’d ban all you fucks. Then it would just be me and all my brilliant, glorious (and humble) comments.

        21. Well, now that the cat is out of the bag, and I know you are Pabst, why do you keep pooing all over this site? You’ve had multiple warnings, and comments telling you it is not appreciated. Are you trying to make it unpleasant for the rest of us?

        22. People should be more appreciative of The Simpsons. It’s like America’s only native art form. I don’t count jazz because it sucks.

        23. does anything make sense anymore? A tranny gave birth to a kid and marked the gender “unknown” on the birth C- second time in a few weeks Ive seen a woman with a beard give birth to a child

        24. Not a free speech issue. The site belongs to Roosh and we are here at his pleasure. I don’t have the time or wherewithal to build such a site myself, but believing in a large part of the mission, I’m content to interact and exist as a user, etc.
          Unceremoniously tossing like minded individuals out the door, with not the slightest hint as to why, is just disappointing.

        25. Oh you’re one of those “free speech doesn’t mean your employer doesn’t have the right to fire your ass, blacklist you, and ensure you starve on the streets for expressing your opinion” types. Got it.

        26. I’ll happily draw the line between firing and blacklisting. Free speech doesn’t mean my employer has to suffer losses and difficulties because of my behavior.

        27. free speech isn’t really free if it means you have to be living in a cardboard box to utilize it

        28. “You have to listen to the notes she’s NOT playing”
          “Psssh I can do that at home”

        29. I said, “do you speak-a my language?”
          He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich

        30. “The most vile speech must be defended. To burn a flag or draw Muhammad”

        31. Indeed. And if this rabble pulled that crap in my house I would release the hounds.

        32. You’re trying to impart a particular meaning to ‘free speech’ that was never intended to be there and that cannot be reconciled with freedom of association and property rights.

        33. Can I make a gay baker bake me a cake that says: “Happy Conversion Therapy Completion You Reformed Faggot?”

        34. I’m not the kind of father who talks to you or does stuff with you but the love is there …

        35. patty cake patty cake baker’s man, bake me an erotic cake as fast as you can

        36. It’s not the worst way to go, but its pretty bad. Poor bastard. They say his ghost still haunts this place, but I don’t know about all that…

        37. when he gets banned again is his new alias going to be “the return of the sperg bandit pabst”?

        38. I have no idea, only a few clues, but I want to stress a few things. First for what it is worth I overall like all of the users who have been banned, including Joseph Curwen (cool that has read Julius Evola for instance), but maybe it is not super-smart to call Iranian migrants mass rapists when they are 1) Industrious, and 2) when the leader of the site is partly of Iranian descent. Plus to go all in with national socialist ideas on a site that is not even explicitly white nationalist – although there are overlaps to the alt-right – is perhaps not appropriate either.
          It is neither wise to post 343 Youtube links and similar borderline spam posts, and write countless exaggerations of that white men are losers and Korean queers the shit, even though there is an underlying point in there. Waldemar has never been to SK and have no idea what it is like to interact with Korean women. It is fascinating that he is interested, though, from my perspective at least.
          As for the The Champion, maybe it is a bit pathetic to call a Chinese-Canadian pop star a girl when that guy he mocked will score 50 hotties before he himself has completed 50 push-ups. I don’t know if that was the reason though, but that’s one thing I noticed in my article. But seems like a good guy overall.
          Enforcer/Murdoc34 – don’t know about you but I really liked your knowledge in the North Korea article and other articles. Seems like a smart guy.

        1. Mahatma “I only sleep with underage girls to test my spiritual purity” Gandhi

    1. Wait…I thought Gandhi said that?

  8. “And it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsens, [Donald Trump] could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think. And that, that is our job. —Mika Brzezinski”
    Trumps ‘bleeding from her face’ comment was most definitely intended to remind everyone of this daughter of the dark side’s slip up. She should never ever be allowed to forget that comment so long as she has an ounce of influence in the media. I say slip up, but it’s not even clear that it was a slip up. She lives amongst people who really, really believe it is their job to control what everybody believes.

  9. This article is more about the deep state than leftism. I’m not sure I’d call the CIA leftist. The deep state is far more complex and doesn’t care if you vote Democrat or Republican.

  10. I”m not sure when this site was last updated, but unsurprising to say the least We certainly don’t have any real capitalism anymore but a number of rent seeking entities with the same people in control.

  11. The Rockefeller brothers weren’t leftists, they were Republicans with a wish of higher doses of control over a youth who they saw degenerating in hippie culture. The Rockefellers had strong religious values and wished but the best for society.

  12. Their biggest advantage is, they somehow created the narrative that they are the good guys. They stand for good things. Thei are against fascists, pro human rights, anti racism and so on
    That means if they destroy something they call it legitimate protest or resistance or fight against capitalism.
    You can witniss it today in Germany. In Hamburg the G20 convention takes place and the lefties totally riot.
    If right wing people, or people who are viewd as right winged, would committet 1% of that destruction, the reaction of the public would be more fierce.
    Instead the shop owners put Papers in their shop windos “”We are against G20. Please spare our shop. We see things like you do” or they just tyr to seal their shops with big walls of ply wood.
    But they accept left violence as a law of nature. They would not, if “Nazis” would commit these acts.

  13. You forgot one more counterstrategy for point number 4: military revolution by the militia for those who live in the U.S. This is stated as an obligation (not a right). In essence, we are breaking the law if we don’t overthrow tyranny.

  14. I wish you guys wouldn’t misrepresent the elites as leftists. They aren’t. They only support it because it was chosen to subvert society. It’s not like they haven’t also completely controlled the conservative sphere until the alt-right reinvented conservatism/traditionalism.

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