3 Myths Believed By Men Who Haven’t Correctly Applied Manosphere Teachings

They say the truth can be a hard pill to swallow; the red pill being a markedly unpleasant one for most.  Since the inception of the manosphere and red-pill-awareness, droves of men have come to realize the true essence of women: they are manipulative, inconsistent, emotional, fickle, hypergamous, and covet attention.  Since the dawn of time, women have demonstrated these qualities.

There is a belief among men that women of past generations were moralistic sweet little angels before the advent of feminism. While cultural, ideological, and technological changes in society have unquestionably exacerbated these deep seated character flaws, these frailties have always been there and always will be there.   Wise men throughout history were cognizant of this.  One only has to pick up the Bible and read the opening few pages to see this.

Eve, the first supposed female on earth, was deceived into eating from the forbidden tree of knowledge by the serpent, despite being warned by God not to.  You can derogate the validity of the bible as a historical document, but you cannot deny the durability and utility of a lot of its wisdom.

This is one of a few worrying misconceptions I have noticed of late.  Below are a few more beliefs that need a little debunking, which are often shared by men who don’t actively apply manosphere and game teachings.

1. False Poosy Paradises

Is it really worth leaving my cushy life and native country for this?

There is a large contingent of men that believe moving to more traditional thinking destinations, like Eastern Europe or Asian will solve all their issues.  While I agree that many of these places offer bigger pools of women to choose from that have not been exposed as severely to modern degenerate ideals.  This does not mean these women are incorruptible or immune to the harmful effects of postmodernist indoctrination. Sorry to tell you this, but even those presupposed paradisaical countries for men will eventually become just like their western counterparts.

Plus, many of those countries are poverty stricken shit-holes:  also, it might just be my own personal preference, but the vast majority of Asian women are aesthetically unpleasing.  When I went to Thailand last year to see what all the fuss was about, it left a lot to be desired.  Most of the nightclubs were littered with prostitutes.  Being an outsider and coupled with the fact that I don’t know the language finding a chaste and conservative local dream girl seems unfeasible.

Lastly, while I commend anyone who musters up the courage to leave their native country in the hopes of discovering a better quality-of-life or better dating prospects, you shouldn’t kid yourself.  If you had meager success with women from your own country, chances are you’re gonna struggle wherever you go unless you improve your attractiveness/game.

2. The “Chad”

You really gonna let this chump keep you out of the game?

You gonna let this chump keep you out of the game?

A disturbing trend I have noticed of late, is the notion that game is futile unless you are a “Chad”.

While winning the genetic lottery undeniably has it’s advantages, the “Chad” theory is just a convenient excuse that was created by weak men with victim mentalities as a means to justify their poor results with women.  I have a friend who fits the “Chad” archetype.  Although he gets more ogling stares than I do when we go out, I routinely outclass him because he does not have swagger.

He is so reliant on his attractiveness that he resorts to wallflower game.  This results in him either going home dick-in-hand, or having to settle with orcs.  He is too prideful to approach and loves to denounce game.  Even though he is attractive, the only girls that are shameless enough to directly approach a man in a a club are fives and below (possibly not for long though; male-thirst, particularly from online, makes even these grotesque looking women choosy).

Being dealt a good hand can come with a cost.  Due to things coming easy I have noticed many of these rare individuals are impaired on many fronts.  These types of men can be eclipsed by the more industrious and dynamic types.  Don’t let this silly misconception deter you from pursuing women.  Improve your physique, find your optimal style, enhance your social status, always keep improving your game, and get your money right.

3. The Confidence Lie

An amusing doctrine that is sold to naive men is that having confidence is the key to getting laid or succeeding at anything you do in life for that matter.  If you have not done something how can you have confidence?  That is like me saying, “I am confident I can operate a plane despite never having piloted one.”  Real confidence is hard to feign. “Fake it till you make it” will only get you so far. Too much false confidence is masked low self-confidence, which is easily picked up on by others.

Instead of faking confidence, put forth your energy into developing authentic confidence.  Derive real confidence by learning a valuable skill or offer some kind of utility that sets you apart from the next person.

Sorry, but nothing worth having comes easy. The only way you’re going to ooze that sexy confidence that gets the ladies wet is from years of pounding the pavement.  Next time someone tells you, “if you would have just been a little bit more confident you could have got that girl” you have my permission to slap that person upside the head.


While there are many other false opinions worth addressing, I chose these three because I believe them to be the most harmful and detrimental to men.  Many of these beliefs,  like “false poosy paradises” promote this idea that you can skip having to learn game or work on self-improvement if you just move to one of these special male friendly destinations.

And this new obsession with the “Chad” is not only faggy, but it is also quite pitiful.  It is a concept that has merit, but for whatever reason is being used as an excuse for men who don’t want to acknowledge, the reason they are striking out is because women don’t find them attractive.  Not because some coalition of Chads’ are raiding and pillaging the nation of all the attractive women; “Vikings Style”.

Instead of trying to find shortcuts or finding more things you can blame your lack of success with women on put the emphasis on becoming your best self first; by doing that everything else should fall into place.

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136 thoughts on “3 Myths Believed By Men Who Haven’t Correctly Applied Manosphere Teachings”

  1. “Is it really worth leaving my cushy life and native country for this?”
    It absolutely was!
    Age 20-52 not much in the UK (maybe 4).
    Age 53-62 so much I’ve stopped bothering (around 50).

    1. “Being an outsider and coupled with the fact that I don’t know the language finding a chaste and conservative local dream girl seems unfeasible.”
      I just banged the young sluts, you can have the chaste and conservative.

      1. ‘“false poosy paradises” promote this idea that you can skip having to learn game or work on self-improvement if you just move to one of these special male friendly destinations.’
        It totally worked for me, and I’m the same old lazy beer-swilling slob I always was.

        1. John: I am not saying a man cannot find prosperity in Asia or anywhere outside the USA for that matter. But, it’s not as effortless as you are promoting it to be. If you’re a scrub and offer little value you will struggle. You say you’re this lazy beer-swilling slob that pillages through all the young sluts, yet you’ve publicly announced on numerous occasions that you coax these destitute women with your money; essentially you’re playing provider game. This is not a game every man wants to play nor a game he has the means to participate in. Quick-fixes don’t work.

        2. JV: “essentially you’re playing provider game.”
          It’s the only game in town, only guy not playing provider game is the pool boy, he gets a few free ones with ‘Mre Robinson’ when in his prime, then nothing for the rest of his life. Without money, no woman will want you, or stay with you, it’s money that seals the deal, no matter how good your game.

        3. I love when he says “you are using provider game” yet in his own piece today he says ” enhance your social status, always keep improving your game, and get your money right.”
          I love guys like this, because he’s essentially saying go be a beggar on the streets and approach women and when it doesn’t workout, hire Troy Francis or read a book on the ever elusive “game”
          If a doctor has reasonable looks and he makes over $250K per year, he will beat out a swag, dude with “game” any day of the week. I have a doctor buddy who upon his divorce had calls per week into his office asking when he will become officially single and on his Fakebook he has female orbiters.
          Let me talk about my “game” I screw over 8s and 9s (university students) on seeking arrangement. On my profile , my net worth is $5 mill even though it is more like $5 in reality. I dress well on the dates, pick them up in my car, tell them I do not have much time, bang them in the car in a park somewhere and toss them out of the passenger door after I nut. What are they going to do, call the cops and say they didn’t get paid for being a whore? As Jon so eloquently states, Eve was fooled by the snake, so why would one waste time approaching women with honesty when they can be fooled as Jon himself stated? You wouldn’t believe how gullible women are when they THINK you are worth $5 mill and how easily they get into your car, even if it is a 10 year old 500 series Mercedes. So go ahead, approach 100 women and waste a total of 8 hours of your precious time doing so (as I have done a few times in my life) It will get you very little results maybe a few 7s here and there. If you want to meet a decent girl, then go to a conservative Church or meet a girl that is raised in a strict environment. Other than that “game” is hocus pocus, fairy dust, fugazi…

        4. DCA,
          That’s very true about the $5M, but where I live $30 will get you that university student, and no need to con anyone.

        5. John: I never said there was anything wrong with provider game. In the article I clearly advocate for self-improvement which includes increasing your capital.
          Dickhead: If your goal is to get quick sex with gullible college coeds then I agree con-man-game could work, but good luck retaining women for long. Once they figure out the ruse you’re playing you’re getting the boot.

        6. There’s only a few girls that I have had lingering approach/game regret years after the fact. One that shines in my memory is a beautiful 17 yo college bound home schooled girl who was taking her many younger siblings to play in a park. She was sizzling hot so I chatted her up. From what I saw, she was a natural with kids and obviously too young to be their mom. She was the oldest of nine homeschooled kids and dad was military. She was months away from turning 18 and she was fixed up with some lame ass back woods college where she’d surely be gamed hard since she looked like a model, long legs, perfect bust, Maybelline face, the works. The family was hard core Christian home schooled and I thought for sure the dad was psychotically protective of her. And me being twice her age . . I held off on the hard game. I was touchy and cautious with the kino since I was old enough to be her dad. So we played frisbee in the park and I tried to keep the convo all mormon like and 1950ish. Surely the dad would hashtag me or assassinate me if he knew how much I wanted to pound that snatch of her’s. I would gladly give HIM a dowry of 10 acres to take her and keep her stuffed like a turkey. I’d crack and breed her excellent fresh eggs one after another like a Waffle House on Monday at 6 am. I’d breed her to her fullest capacity to progenate this great green land of the Lord. Indeed my intentions with her would have been fully red pilled and righteous. I invited her canoeing the following week which was fun and then she had to pack for that lame party college.
          Little did I know her dad wanted her married off. The parents were up to their eyeballs in responsibility. The dad didn’t really care if she went to college or got married off because there were eight other kids he had to deal with. DAMN I blew it. I was too assuming of the parents. There’s another level of game where you have to go right for it and SCHMOOZE the parents when you run into one of those oh so rare unicorns that is so well preserved in a good righteous home. Yeah she was virgin no duuuh. The prayed over every meal and had Bible circle time before bed. And with me, my red pill schtick is no schmooze. It’s from my core. I’ve got red pill in my bones. DANG someone should have kicked me then to GO FOR IT BOY. The pull in. The kiss. Diddle her in the canoe. Get her DOWN and under my wing. I was so dad gum worried about her dad killing me because I was so much older than she. I’ve pulled skanks older and nastier than her and with her, the one gold nugget of that decade, I hesitated. Sure I looked young for my age, but why didn’t I say FUCK IT and go all A game on her? Dang.
          WWJVSHD – “What would Jon VonStroke have done?” – eeeeeeh . . .

        7. @MCGOO
          OMG! she was the oldest of 9 (NINE !!??) kids !! NINE !?
          Indeed, the “local” population is getting “low” !!

      2. @john dodds I’m goign to check changmai next time…
        I’m actually seeing a former Thai University student. virgin/married to American…
        now – banging me…
        and still so virginal tight…
        you should do a reality show – hire friends to film it… I fcking love it – laugh every time. but, wouldn’t do it myself…

        1. Yeah man . There’s been consequences though , very minimal . One girl cut me in thr forehead with her fingernails and another got her beta boyfriend to send me threatening messages . Not much but there’s always the possibility of blowback

        2. d-c-a is the new Madman. Great stuff. John is classic as well. Considering just leaving it all and moving to SE Asia in retirement. I’ll have enough to live like a f-ing Saudi Prince there.

    2. Guys that think it’s all about looks are demonstratively wrong. Whenever I go out somewhere I’m always among the top 5 guys physically, yet schlubs that play the GAME are the ones with the hot women and most of the time these guys don’t have any real money either.
      As far as confidence, the only way you can truly exhibit confidence is when something arises to show it. For example a muslim tertorist breaks into the club and starts shooting and you pull out your own firearm and engage him. Other than that then guys are just fucking the funk and that is essentially what GAME is all about.

      1. Good looks unequivocally provide an advantage, but I agree; they are not the end-all-be-all. With that sad, men actually place a lot more precedence in looks than women do. Looks are fleeting. It’s a better long term investment to work on yourself then it is to rely on solely looks. That way when your looks eventually diminish over time you can still participate in the “game”.

        1. Looks may fade but genes dont. A top hot young female would be better off fucking and reproducing with an old man that used to be a alfamale in his youth than with some young soy boy beta bitch. Because that old man still possess the better genes. I know this is isn’t likely to happen and may sound disturbing to some but true nonetheless.

        2. Jon…. you missed your point.
          1 – it IS different outside the West. Girls were blowing me kisses, asking questions and glancing in countries that are not western. It’s lack of welfare.
          2 – Chad exists; watch that spring break documentary 2017 “Liberated” & watch a Chad in action lay 3 girls while his other game buddies watch at the sidelines. Not saying to give up, just acknowledge the truth.
          (ROK should review this movie, but no one wants to ….. hmmm)
          3 – confidence can be had with a small victory. An improvement in your body. Any achievement You feel proud of. That is enough. But don’t say focus on money and don’t be a provider. Gold diggers gonna dig, and if there’s no gold they change mines.

        3. This girl is having a good time, his looks don’t seem to be stopping the party. Having his hands all over her cost $5 for her beer, for another $30 he can take her home.

          View post on imgur.com

        4. @ John Dodds….that pic looks like Heavy Metal art of the 70’s come to life….shiver. BUT, if its ok with her, its ok with me.

    3. Vonstroke, get out and see the world. There is a phenomenal amount of opportunity out here. Just need to be willing to do something about it.
      BTW, the picture of the “Chad Thundercock” appears to be Tim Tebow….he’s isn’t the best example of such the mythical Chad.

    4. Damn right it was worth it!
      And I’m even the conservative sort. Plenty to choose from as soon as I got out of Dodge. 🙂 (Although… the best reason for getting out of Dodge are taxes, but that’s another issue.)

  2. 3rd world (such as Thailand) is pussy arbitrage.
    everything can go just as badly – if not worse over there.
    The difference is “bang for buck” is lower.
    Simple and easy conduit to thousands of available, and affordable women in compact locations – It really is a pussy paradise.
    It is true to be the best version of yourself. Helps everywhere, and with everything.
    being a confident man with swagger( but incompetent, loser, and a liar in real life) – will get far more pussy than a modest highly intelligent, accomplished man. probably 100% to ZER0% ratio.

    1. I vacationed in Pattaya for a week with my (then) Chinese girlfriend. Just from observation the young Thai hookers are cute but they don’t age well. North Pattaya Road has a lot of Germans and you see a lot of fat, white, senior citizen type guys (apparently German) with younger Thai women in tow. When I say younger, I mean maybe 20 years younger so they are in their 40s rather than their 20s. They are almost universally petite and slim but otherwise hit the Wall face-first.
      I was living in Shenzhen (just outside of Hong Kong) and I did the math. For about a G-note I could have flown to Thailand for a long weekend and sampled 4 to 6 different girls before flying back on Monday.
      The problem with just about everywhere in SE Asia other than China and maybe Korea or Japan is that you either need locations independent work, passive income, or a nest egg that you can sink into an expat business like a pub, restaurant or resort/hotel/BnB.

  3. Confidence/Game/Skill etc are so important. The money does not work – mostly.
    I don’t know Musk – maybe he is chad in private, and banging loads of supermodels(not unreasonable since he is famous billionaire)
    But – my view thru MSM – seems he is blue pill…
    Now he can buy famous prostitutes, such as Megan Fox like “The Dictator Movie”
    but, that is not the same as pickup – chicks getting wet and hot for you…
    My friend is private security guy for a Wealthy Finance guy – ( low wealthy by NYC standards, and definitely unknown) – no need for security.
    Has many nights out on the town with hot women(and a private security guy or two). My friend is very knowledgeable of the scene- decades as bouncer/bartender security -so knows whats going on. I asked him plenty of questions about his banging of these women.
    My friend says mostly no banging. Usually they make excuses – and leave at end of night – when he invites them home.
    Rich dude pays for nights on the town – dinner, drinks, night clubs. Also overseas all expenses trips…And mostly no sex.
    Security Friend says “maybe” bangs one occasionally – and usually just once – so they can stay with the money train…but, they re usually banging bad boys on his dime…
    Fucking idiot.
    He could probably hire 3 HB 10 hookers for each pretend gf – who are probably the hookers also….
    If I were him I would use the hired models as social proof to pick up regular hot chicks…that works. Otherwise, pay for HB10 hookers.
    but, out of my financial league.
    I have dated and still pursuing one of these type of chicks – met her last year when her( and 20 other hot chicks) returned from a wealthy player’s party – saw her again this year after her “friends” party…not sure what happens there.. but, I will still attempt to bang her for free…next week

    1. The guy you describe could have been me: born from a relatively privileged (for Southern European standards) background, good education, very diligent student, very ambitious, background in statistics, unremarkable but relatively successful career in financial services, accumulated mormoolah than I need in order not to worry about anything.
      Mediocre albeit unusual looks (lighter features than the Italian average, I’ve been told i kinda look like ex soccer player Miro Klose), fit but definitely not the jock type, casual dressing style.
      I’m basically the quintessential beta with not insignificant omega traits, I was a prime candidate to die a semi-virgin. Now my notch count is really nothing to brag about: I slept in 44 years of life (27 sexually active) with a grand total of 17 women.
      5 of them were hookers, 2 wives, 5 in threesomes with the aforementioned wives and 5 girlfriends. I never had a one-night stand actually but I cannot complain considering the circumstances.
      My only saving grace and redeeming quality was my shitty, ill, aggressive temper. Some cunts, not too many but some, do dig mean guys and I had this fuck off aura about myself since I was little.
      I’m generally polite and respectful but decidedly unfriendly and I can easily turn into a confrontational and even violent asshole under the right scenario. Women are not exempt from my outbursts.
      Guys, if you’re some nerdy mediocrities learn how to muster up enough rage inside yourself because it’s the only way to prevent the world from pissing all over your head.
      Don’t even try being a Chad or whatever, don’t even try to learn “game” etc. just learn how to be an angry fucker. People respect and fear scrappy bastards.

      1. for such a low count – you had some high end fun –
        3somes with wives? that’s great.
        I’m mid 50s n and banged plenty around the world – 50% pros, the rest hos.
        Many trips to SE asia…
        Best place for multiple women is Makati – Manilla Phillipines…

        1. Well my first wife (American, surprise surprise) would fuck anything that moves and snort anything that doesn’t so it was not really that tough to push her in that direction.
          My current wife is South Korean and she’s very devoted to me and on top of everything a very curious person , so again not too much effort there.
          Both of them are attractive so it’s not that difficult to pull horny, bi cunts.
          And yes Makati is the slut central of this parsec of the Milky Way.

    2. Sluts are sluts bro. they want a beat beta male as an emotional tampon, a hot guy to bang, and a rich guy to pay the bills. that’s why they are sluts. fairy dust game , confidence, magic sprinkles are not needed. That’s why they are called sluts, they have their base needs met until the wall hits.

      1. ‘Sluts are sluts bro.’
        Years ago, walked into a night club with a mate.
        We went up to a semi-circle table filled with girls.
        My mate said,
        ‘Eeni meeni mine mo…I’m gonna fuck YOU!’, pointing at a random girl.
        The girls all started laughing.
        Then my friend said, pointing his finger, ‘Then I’m gonna come back here and then I’m gonna fuck…..YOU
        That’s exactly what he did via taxi relay.
        Took about 1 1/2 hours.
        Then he came back over to me for drinks. This was circa 1989-91.
        English girls, eh?
        Was that the fabled ‘Game’? or is it that ….’Slut are sluts’?
        My friend ended up getting married and one day that fat greedy witch will kill him.
        Marriage, eh?

        1. Now tell us how many times he did that without it being even remote successful and he ended up drinking and fucking his liver instead ? If he was able to do that every time he eoukdnt have gotten married . Even a broken clock ….

        2. ‘Now tell us how many times he did that without it being even remote successful and he ended up drinking and fucking his liver instead ?’
          I took virtually zero interest in his slut fu**ing, but I certainly can say he had sex every Friday/sat for years.
          I was at the nightclub for a bet/demonstration of just how cheap these sluts were, can’t recall the details but he won a pint (costs more than both girls).
          Perhaps it was the era/ Don’t care really.
          Sex with girls then was not ‘game’ but being ‘sober enough’.
          One girl had my penis in her mouth aprox 5 mins after I met her.
          She’s ‘spotted me earlier’ or something.
          He got married as that’s what these men do in my personal experience. all of the players got married by 30.
          Consistent decision making, I call it.

        3. It’s happened to all of us a few times . I was talking to friends at the bar , one blond smiling at me . I went to talk to her and she asked me if I was married . I said no , I said you? She said does it matter ? I fucked her in a hotel room for the next 3 hours . It was my lucky day . I think I may have had 5 lucky days in total but I don’t hang out in bars every week either .scamming whores is much easier .

        4. At the time there were real nightclubs with DJs playing excellent music etc (me).
          Then there were ‘meat markets’ as we called them where sex was all you went there for.
          My mate would come to the real club (The Bear Cage) until about 1am, then just go around the corner for a slut to ****.
          Never appealed to me at all.
          I’ve been grabbed by one or two who were GOOD LOOKING and just really wanted sex. I now think they were trying to ‘hurt’ boyfriends or recent ex.s.
          Who cares?
          For me, meaningless sex is demeaning and just plain tawdry. Now, I wish I’d never done it, never got VD, but still, it’s sad & boring. Personal opinion.

      1. And they divorced him or he divorced them . Either way , he produced children which was probably his goal . He got what he wanted and so did they . I’m sure he lived life the best way he could

      2. its easy to rag on him cause of the MSM…
        but, he is The Donald for a reason – charisma gets more pussy than anything else…

        1. Trump is a good example that being very rich makes it easier to get beautiful women.
          It is very blue-pilled to think women doesn’t care about money.

        2. Charisma? C’mon now. I voted for the guy, but where is this charisma you speak of. He comes across as a brash lout with an unpolished outer boroughs accent.

    3. Yes and if Musk was a true alpha he wouldn’t have been a nerd in the first place and had been beaten up in high school and he wouldn’t have had the insane obsessive/compulsive drive and been as much of an outlier as he is. A vast majority of the great inventors throughout history were not alphas… they were introverts. You can’t really be some extremely socially calibrated and dominant alpha and be some paradigm shifting thinker. If you want to be an alpha that sleeps with 10s than become a club owner or hedge fund manager. Most self made billionaires (Gates, Bezos, Cuban) don’t really have super hot wives except Trump and a few others. There is a reason that Dicaprio sleeps with the hottest girls but is not at the level of DeNiro or Day Lewis. His extroversion and social calibration prevents him from really reaching the absolute obsessive insanity he would need to be the absolute best.

      1. Dicaprio >>>>> DeNiro
        DeNiro can’t do any accents to save his life, while Leo has mastered at least 6. With the exception of Raging Bull and perhaps Cape Fear, DeNiro has played essentially the same character with the exact same facial expresions for YEARS.

        1. Plus DeNiro’s “highly intelligent” recent political outburst earned him major brownie points in my eyes… /s

  4. It is undoubtedly true there are lots of fake poosy paradises, on the other hand it is also undeniable there are lots of poosy (and not only) poosy hells in the Western world.
    Poverty stricken ? If you have a bit of capital and/or marketable skills you may end up living a much wealthier life than you could dream of as a corporate peon back home.
    I know personally an Italian guy who was making 17k euros a year (after taxes) working as a software engineer, yes you read that correctly, in Northern Italy. The guy moved to Kuala Lumpur, he makes now 50k tax free plus a comfy and nice apartment in Mont Kiara fully paid by his company.
    I know also a guy supervising big real estate projects in the Philippines making 3 times that money, another one in Thailand who manages the wealth of some important Chinese families etc.
    Kids, learn to move around

    1. “The guy moved to Kuala Lumpur, he makes now 50k tax free plus a comfy and nice apartment in Mont Kiara fully paid by his company.”
      and he is probably loven the abundance of pussy…
      I reckon I should look into that. I thought it was true.
      In NYC need $150k – $200k. I could live well on $30k in SE Asia…

      1. Badman
        I spend about $15k-$20k/year in SEA. That’s supporting a wife, home loan and two kids, with 3-4 bang & beer holidays on the side with my mates.

        1. 3-4 holidays? you mean to other cities and countries in area?
          how about other bangs per month?

        2. Last year, I had holidays in, the Philippines x2, Malaysia, China, Laos.
          This year, Hua Hin, Vietnam, Burma, and flights to Laos are booked.
          Recently I’ve been mostly banging the wife, apart from a flag plant in Saigon (impossible to avoid ‘bang Saigon’, never been approached that much anywhere else in the world). I think I’m getting a bit too old for all the playing away now, I prefer to get drunk. Tempted by Hanoi later this year Air Asia has a special offer $60 round trip & Brits get free 2 week VISAs to Vietnam.

        3. my xmas trip to BKK this year is offering good routing/prices thru Saigon
          Have been to Thailand many times over past 30 years for good time – not long time…
          – I’d better get off in Saigon..
          and “get off”…

      2. Yep he does: if you have even a modicum of attraction to Asian women in Malaysia you can be extremely happy, plus the country is 1-2 standard deviations better than most places in SE Asia in terms of development.

      3. The best gig is to get posted to China by an international company. You make a western level salary, you might get a free or subsidized apartment, and your cost of living is maybe 1/2 to 1/3rd or less of what it takes to live stateside.
        I work as a teacher but have some experience. At current exchange rates I earn something over $30k a year, but with a free apartment, free (cafeteria) food, annual return airfare, no taxes, and again a cost of living a fraction of that in the west. I would have to earn at least double to have a similar lifestyle back in Canada, over six figures CAD if I was spending money on “stuff” rather than saving hard currency.

    2. I agree with your comment and that a guy should not get rooted to a place unless he has a specific reason to and to think outside of the box and work on increasing a wide variety of skills that he can take advantage of for income purposes. I think adaptability and utility is more in a man’s interest than his appearance. That being said being an expat from your country is not necessarily something that should be driven by your urges but rather by your own desire to want to go see places and take advantage of your adaptability and utility. Go because you want to not because of desperation.

  5. I never planned on moving to China but the opportunity presented itself seven years ago and it has been a good run. However, for someone contemplating an exit strategy from the west because their life/job/sexual prospects are boring or even unbearable, you need a solid plan and keep in mind that the “poosy paradise” aspect probably won’t be what you have read or what you are expecting. There is a saying that it is better to travel hopefully than it is to arrive.
    Having said that, the average BMI of a Chinese girl is 6 points lower than her American counterpart. They tend to be more traditional and family oriented than westerners and even the most westerized cities – Shanghai and Beijing – have divorce rates that are 2/3rds and half (respectively) of what you find in North America.
    After I passed 50 I decided to retire from the game and married a Filipina who was working in China. She is very. . . domestic, and while not a teenager she has a body like one: 4’11” and 92 lbs.
    I spent a week in Manila and a week in Subic (Olongapo – a resort town a few hours up the coast from Manila). The second tier cities in China are much cleaner, wealthier and better maintained. Comparing what I experienced in China and what I saw and have read about the Philippines online (Matt Forney’s stuff as well as various Asian dating sites) the latter is a better sex tourist destination where guys with a modicum of money and social skills can canoodle with very pretty teens and early 20s girls who actually speak English, especially if you are willing to subtly play sugar daddy.

    1. Comparing to most Luzon I suspect even some podunk town in Sichuan or the Hainan island look like Switzerland.

      1. I’ve lived in Jinan, Shenzhen and Changzhou but have visited about 20 different cities either for vacation or business. The most podunk was nicer than 90% of Manila (the central part of the national capital is good).
        I talked to another expat who had lived on Hainan and he said the resort area is great (and relatively expensive) but the rest of the island is crap.
        But looking long term, you can custom build a 2500 square foot house in PH for as little as $75k and a brand new luxury condo in downtown Manila is less than $150k (8 million Pesos for a penthouse suite). In China, the real estate market is all messed up.

    2. Thank you for your account of your experiences, Scorpio, more Western men should follow your lead.

    3. 66, “I spent a week in Manila and a week in Subic (Olongapo”
      I love Barretto Olongapo, 20 gogo bars, and 600 hookers in a 1Km stretch of beach road.

      1. We stayed on Baloy Beach in an “apartelle” for a whopping $32 a night: separate living room, decent cooking facilities, a few minutes walk to the beach. Unfortunately, the whole country got hit by a monsoon.
        The wife wouldn’t appreciate 20 gogo bars and 600 hookers, lol.
        I met 3 expats there. One was an Aussie who ran the Lagoon Resort. The next was “Lucky Mike”, a California native who ran a tuck shop, had some rooms for rent, and was apparently married with children and had a house somewhere inland. He said he had been there for 11 years. The third guy was from Alabama. I would guess early 40s, overweight but quite charming. He was in the process of selling his business back in the US and setting up shop in PH. He had a pretty, 99 pound, 20-something in tow.

        1. 66: I used to stay at Blue Wave resort on Baloy Long Beach. Had plenty of young women while I was there but for some reason never found them as ‘convincing’ as Thai women in bed . One door girl from a nightclub moved in with me for a couple of weeks, 30 years old, (I was 60) nothing to look at but wanted sex all the time and no charge.

    4. I don’t recommend sugar daddy for men until 50, 45 at the oldest.
      From 18-45 they should be working on their alpha fux game (unless they are millionaires)

    1. Yeah right. He may not be a Chad, but being the star QB of a Division 1 college HAD to bring him SOME action.

  6. Strange article.
    Regarding Thailand: “Most of the nightclubs were littered with prostitutes.” That’s amusing, as EVERY girl you see in the clubs are prostitutes — which is the entire point of the bar scene in SE Asia. But if that’s not your thing, don’t go. If you do go, enjoy the benefits of such a scene — just don’t “wife any up” obviously. In reality, from a Western man’s viewpoint, banging a variety of young, pretty whores is cathartic and life changing. It takes the “pussy off the pedestal” and puts gender relations into proper perspective, and that is: ALL sex is a transaction that involves an exchange of your resources for access to her body.
    Paying a young whore is the most simple and direct transaction that always ends with you getting what you want (sex) for a predetermined and well-understood allocation of resources (one-time payment of $$$). Whoring also provides variety, which seems a built-in need for the male gender. At the other end of the spectrum, marriage is the most complex transaction because the cost / benefit ratio is poor: sex is sporadic (not guaranteed) and often unsatisfying, and the cost (your resources) are not well defined and can often balloon out of control indefinitely. As such, precious children must be involved in marriages to offset this “bad deal” for most men.
    Another positive aspect of whoring is that it gives you CONFIDENCE, INDIFFERENCE and ELIMINATES your THIRST, which greatly benefit men when dealing with “non-whores” (subjective term, I know) and can easily lead to more socially accepted and stable relationships with decent local women. I’ve seen this many times in others and used it to my own advantage. Decent-looking, 40-year-old career women are particularly drawn to me because they quickly come to understand that I date and bang girls half their age in other countries — and this idea that I have so many other younger options puts them into high competition mode. And rejecting most of these “eligible” older women is enjoyable and even amusing to me now because I have relatively NO THIRST for pussy, no addiction to it, and I can think very rationally around it. I’ve become immune to their manipulation tactics (for the most part) and that’s extremely liberating for me. And, essentially, I have my whore mongering experiences to thank for that. Strange, but true

    1. How old are you.
      if you are in your 20s and 30s, do you really feel satisfying just paying with no arousal being created in the woman?

      1. You would surprised how aroused 17 year old girls are when they get into my fake car and thinking they are going to earn $500 for puffing on my peter. In fact they get dressed , smell good, and put on their best personality hoping they score the money and get repeat business .it’s only when they are on the ground or open up the envelope with fake money they relive it was a sham and by then I’m 2 miles down the road in my V8 turbo 10 year old car.

        1. I’m 44 years old. Yeah I know it’s juvenile but I get to tag 17 year old poon again

        2. @sesame
          No. He’s trolling. In the US, $500 might get you a 7. No 9’s are even on Seekingarrangements.com. Any 8’s just hustle thirsty idiots for $$$, without doing anything more than talking/flirting. That said, it’s very hard to find anything better than a 7 on that site. Yet he claims to be taking advantage of 8’s & 9’s on the reg….LOL!

      2. Let’s just say I’m between the ages of 47-53, upper middle-class existence, a little above average height, boyishly handsome, well-educated, well dressed, gift of gab, a penchant for the underdog and a temper that can justifiably get explosive when I feel slighted.
        Yes, I often feel satisfied banging young, pretty whores because I know they are never “put out” by having to service me. I’m always clean, smell good, charming, polite, quick with a flirty joke and pay what I promise. I also like to massage them (every street whore LOVES their feet massaged) and make them orgasm — which is easy to confirm if you know how to make a girl squirt (ejaculate). And no, gents, I’m not being fooled by PISS — as some of you are eager to claim amidst your naive denial.
        I’ve made about 70-80 women ejaculate (and some dozens of times over many years), so I know what I’m talking about. As such, I’ve never looked into a young whore’s eyes and seen disgust while I’m mounting and playing with her, so I’ve never felt guilty for my actions. On the other hand, some young whores have pissed me off due to their rudeness or scam attempts, which has triggered regret or buyer’s remorse — so it’s not always roses in the P4P game.

        1. Collins,
          there is no ‘female ejaculate’ bladder or other storage room in their body so if you get a lot of liquid out of a woman it is urine. It may be for this reason that some porn film review board in the UK banned or forbade film makers from presenting ‘female ejaculation’ which they deemed to be urination and thus false advertising.
          If you feel validated by having a girl piss on your hand or face nobody is going to judge you because in western culture being infatuated with everything female (save for shit and period blood) is taken to be as a sign of real manhood.

        2. @alistair Collins
          thanks for the answer
          I am looking forward to doing that stuff after 45
          Western men deserve to live in a poosy paradise at that age for all the work we do and the stuff we put up with from western women

        3. Depressedguy: Agreed, they piss on you.
          Allister: Disagree, they piss on you.
          Do they enjoy it or not? I’ve always assumed …….
          The ones that leave immediately after payment didn’t.
          The ones that hang around for breakfast and a second poke did.

        4. I knew I’d get some bullshit responses from the fucking idiots on this forum regarding ejaculation / squirting. It’s a real phenomenon that’s medically proven. The glands are called Skene’s glands. You stupid fucks think I don’t know when fluid is coming out the urethra (piss) versus the vagina canal (ejaculate)? Having said that, I don’t doubt that porn producers / actresses fake the squirting, but I’ve been doing it for over 30 years to dozens of different women and have had hundreds of conversations with incredulous men that never bothered to learn the technique or consider it a possibility. Oh well…
          From Wikipedia: “it has been postulated that the Skene’s glands are the source of female ejaculation because the Skene’s gland and male prostate act similarly in terms of prostate-specific antigen (PSA), which is an ejaculate protein identically produced in males, and in terms of prostate-specific acid phosphatase, this led to a trend of calling the Skene’s glands the female prostate. Female ejaculate, which may emerge during sexual activity for some women, especially during female orgasm, contains biochemical markers of sexual function like human urinary protein 1 and the enzyme PDE5, whereas women without the gland had lower concentrations of these proteins. It has been demonstrated that a large amount of fluid can be secreted from these glands when stimulated from inside the vagina — the so-called G-spot.”

        5. Furthermore, from the Journal of Sexual Medicine:
          “The Female Prostate Revisited: Perineal Ultrasound and Biochemical Studies of Female Ejaculate” — first published July, 2007
          “Results. On high‐definition perineal ultrasound images, a structure was identified consistent with the gland tissue surrounding the entire length of the female urethra. On urethroscopy, one midline opening (duct) was seen just inside the external meatus in the six‐o’clock position. Biochemically, the fluid emitted during orgasm showed all the parameters found in prostate plasma in contrast to the values measured in voided urine.
          Conclusions.  Data of the two women presented further underline the concept of the female prostate both as an organ itself and as the source of female ejaculation.”
          So yes, I do feel validated, “DepressedGuy1985, you pompous cunt.

        6. Dear Allister,
          I have no interest in women pissing, shitting, or depositing any other kind of bodily secretion in my mouth or on my body. But if that’s your thing, why not, no need to justify your ‘desires’ to us.

      3. Yoyo,
        Don’t know about western hookers, but about 30% of the Asian girls really want to do it. Not sure how you would tell if they’re aroused as pussy wetness appears completely separate from desire. Lived with a Thai nymphomanic hooker for almost a year, she insisted on doing it 4x a day, dry as the Sahara but always had a ‘secret’ orgasm. She used to say, ‘you can stop now, I’ve finished’ and I couldn’t tell one time (if she hadn’t finished I would be given detailed instructions). Women are strange creatures, most of the ‘feelings’ they show men are false. But men are gullible and believe them.
        By the way, until I was 50, I thought the same as you, but realized then that female emotion was all just a show.

  7. The idea that you can’t improve your life with a move is total BS. Sometimes a change in venue can improve not only your love life but your career and money earning capabilities too. Every man should be encouraged to find his own niche in life, whatever and where ever that may be. If you are failing or struggling where you are don’t let the Von Strokes of the world tell you that you are destined to fail unless you follow the rules of alpha. Whatever the hell they are. I also found it humorous that you have a picture of Tim Tebow as an example of a Chad womanizer. Do you have any idea who the hell Tim Tebow is?

    1. Good points, “Who Cares.” I have lived many places in the world and experienced many changes in my money making ability, love life, health, sanity and general contentedness due to these different environments. These places include Asia, South America, Canada, US, Mexico, as well as many trips to Europe. I’ve also seen many other foreigners thrive or tank in different countries.
      When I was younger, I thought money (salary or ability to earn more) trumped everything, but now I lean more towards an ideal climate mixed with decent infrastructure mixed with ample attractive / feminine women. My first foreign country to live in was Japan, and although it was a hell of an experience, I absolutely would not go back to live there now even if I was paid significantly more — because I’ve matured and my tastes have changed. More specifically, I just can’t tolerate the typical middle-class Japanese existence and their pathetic androgynous culture. No thank you.
      What I can conclude after all my travels is that I’ve been the least happy / successful in Canada, and the most in South America. So guess where I currently am???
      PS, I also found it strange the pic of Tim Tebow was included. Because although I’ve come to hate almost all Sports Figures — particularly in the NBA and NFL — I must admit I admire Tebow’s approach, resiliency, pride and work ethic. Not someone I would call or think of as a Chad…

  8. Listen, game is hard today.
    Especially if you didn’t win the genetic lottery.
    The women are also not enjoyable to be around.
    But it is worth putting some time each week to gradually improving yourself.
    In a year you’ll thank yourself that you didn’t just go full mgtow and waste your time.
    Even banging a handful of women a year will keep you sane.
    As Roosh said in a recent article, in a few years time, about 50% of men in America will be incel.

  9. lol @ “provider game.”
    We’re men. We’re providers and builders. We go out, gather the resources, and build shit. Women spend our resources on stupid pointless stuff like iPhones and purses (also created by men). They also pop out our babies (genetic lineage). It’s the only point of women existing. It’s been like this since Biblical times.
    Any man that doesn’t want to play “provider game” is not a man. In Biblical times any man that wasn’t a provider was shunned from society. The town drunk or a vagabond.
    You still got a lot to learn about women.

    1. high heels also invented by Men..Christian Louboutins ..etc…All men are providers, you are a provider of drugs, sex, boy toy, money, or emotional tampon. pick one. The term slut is for a near whore who’s base needs are met by all or one of the following above. No “game” required.

    2. True but provider game was only motivating when you had a wife at home you could build something with, and learn to love and accept each other.
      Today in the west provider game either means:
      -Banging sex workers, or
      -getting into a marriage where the woman gives you starfish sex and then divorces you, taking half your $
      It’s not motivating in the west.

      1. Agreed. That’s the drawback . If you want kids in the west , then make a contract with a woman . I don’t know how else to do it or marry a homely girl . I wish I knew the answer to this . Hell I married and divorced a career woman

        1. I wish I knew the answer too man.
          I’m not by any means criticizing you or your original comment.
          Things are so dire today that all suggestions are welcome/needed.
          To have a dating strategy that works and is fulfilling in the west today takes many different avenues of thought.

  10. Chase money and self improvement not women. Once monetary status is secure you can do whatever the Fuck you want. No kids, no marriage, no baggage, no excuses. Keep it simple stupid.

  11. LOL @dckhead_con_artist YOU NEED A MEDAL OF GOLD FOR THAT COMMENT ” You wouldn’t believe how gullible women are when they THINK you are worth $5 mill and how easily they get into your car, even if it is a 10 year old 500 series Mercedes.”
    I CAN AGREE & ATTEST TO THAT POST FROM EXPERIENCE. I TOO DRIVE AN EARLIER MODEL EUROPEAN VEHICHLE & MOST WOMEN DONT RECOGNISE THE DIFFRENCE IN THE AGE OR MODELS OF THE VEHICHLE. THEY JUST RECOGNISE THE BADGE!. Thankfully BMW has a rather Classic look & there arent too many Magor changes in a givin Decade. So in Other words a 2009-2010 BMW can make poon comes a little easier.
    Also on that Note Satan Approached the WOMAN because the Woman is easily decieved. He sold her a phony Bill of Good & told she was being Oppressed & that she can become Like GOD. The Woman bein the modest creature that they are bought this phony Bill of Goods & Chaos ensued & sin Inherited the Earth. 2000 Years LATER Woman is approached again. This time by the Goverment & that she is being Oppressed & that this time she can become like MAN & sold phony Bill of Goods also known as Feminism & Chaos ensues again sin Inherets the earth.
    See a pattern. If you want to Destroy society you approach & corrupt the WOMAN! No Wonder there is a NON STOP Media machine to put Women in power Indoctrinating her while limiting Mans.

    1. my baby mamma – exceptionally successful and wealthy – and got the kid from me at the last fucking egg…so really fuckign lucky too.
      yesterday she said all these old women are unhappy because they didn’t have a career.
      I asked for clarification.
      She meant the old grandmas walking around were unhappy because they had kids(and grand-kids) and not a career (because of toxic patriarchy)- before the good times (today – feminism)etc…
      the fuck?
      we are in our 50s and know many women with no kids who are fuckign mental…
      My ex has turned from Republican to SJW mental patient and getting worse every time i see her…Always another SJW incomprehensible talking point…
      they are all susceptible to it eventually…
      that’s why they use feminism to rot a society from the inside…
      I said – “you don’t care about mass <80IQ immigration because you profit from it(cheap gardeners etc), and doesn’t affect you. When they reach 51% – they will vote your house from you”
      bit of hamster shock but no affect…
      her new bf is Hollywood type – seems very affective at the brainwashing…
      I fear for my kid. cannot talk about any issues…

  12. @dckhead_con_artist
    “I dress well on the dates, pick them up in my car, tell them I do not have much time, bang them in the car in a park somewhere and toss them out of the passenger door after I nut. What are they going to do, call the cops and say they didn’t get paid for being a whore?”
    Yep its INSANE!! I donno if thats just a few states like the “Yes means Yes” Law. But as you can see basically Any hetrosexual relationship can be considered Rape by todays standards. Make No mistake RAPE… Actual Rape is one of the most horrible crimes a person can commit. The problem is NOT THAT MANY PEOPLE COMMIT IT! So to fix those Numbers & paint All Men as Rapist they need to EXPAND their definitions of it! You can ONLY Imagine the kind of laws that would be passed once they get their first Coveted Female President! Unfortanetly Im Not quite there where Rosh is where he can remotely pick up & leave & live in any given country he so pleases while making a modest living of 50k-60k. God help us all!

    1. These teen students have no money to hire an attorney . I also make sure I archive all my messages . Remember attorneys won’t take a case unless it’s a moneymaker . They are greedy too after all

  13. The elites destroy families when they glorify immortality with movies and TV shows, push abortion, punish men with divorce, alimony, child support, domestic violence laws, regulations,
    and taxes to pay for welfare while forbidding and ridiculing men
    who want to use porn, visit prostitutes, travel, or marry foreigners.
    Any man who points out the unfairness will be accused of using hate speech and will be
    called a sexist, rapist, or pervert and will be censored, audited by the IRS, arrested, or killed.
    All the doors are closing.
    The 1% are pushing for a war because the most dangerous man to any government is the man who has nothing left to lose.
    Pass the word.

  14. Solid insights on the nuances, Jon V.
    Do nothing, get nothing. I’ve lost plenty of opportunities by being in a low-energy mood, “playing the wall” and believing hot, desirable females would magically drift my way without effort. Nope…mostly mannish, loud-mouthed, half-drunk, low-SMV, post-wall, sub-6 whores or gold diggers tend to actively flirt with “quiet types” playing the wall. Even the female quiet types don’t like it if you’re the quite type. You’re not going to hypnotize them with your invisible brilliance — if you don’t express yourself proactively, you might as well not even exist.

    1. Correct. I am not advocating for being a “dancing monkey”, but unfortunately you’re going to have to be somewhat captivating and novel to differentiate yourself from the rest. Particularly in a bar/club environment, where you’ll be competing with hordes of other thirsty men. Looks unquestionably provide an advantage, but the man who is proactive and consistently puts himself in favorable situations will more often than not, trump the passive man who waits for things to come to him.

    2. Oh you exist if you sport the fake tux and talk about the 2 mil yacht you’re going to commission once the coast Guard approves it for a voyage around the Panama Canal . You talk about the smoked salmon salad you eat at where you’ve hob nobbed with a few LA Lakers and how you’ve been invited to front row Wimbledon next year . Then you bang the girl in the car , tell her let’s go shopping for that Hermes purse at the mall she wants so badly , but instead you get to valet , drop her off with the concierge then bolt like a deadbeat dad . The best part is the angry phone calls and texts that blow up your cell for the next 2 to 3 hours . Well by then with the money you saved you go have yourself a few jack and cokes at your favorite bar with a smile on your face .

      1. Sounds a little excessively cruel and probably will trigger some negative Karma, but I can certainly understand how your form of “payback” is amusing and entertaining. I’ve also enjoyed many pump and dumps, as well as well-orchestrated and pre-planned break-ups that were a little brutal. It’s a dog eat dog world, so best to be the Pitbull at times, I guess…

  15. “If you had meager success with women from your own country, chances are you’re gonna struggle wherever you go unless you improve your attractiveness/game.”
    When I deployed to a Eastern European country and we had our in country brief, we were told that “if you are a 5 in the States, you are still going to be a 5 out here. If you are lame with women in the States, you’re going to still be lame out here.”
    No matter where you go, there you are.

    1. I am of that school of thought. The idea that “being white and having a pulse” is enough to get a guy laid overseas is something created by guys a) who have never travelled b) who have travelled and played sugar daddy while hamstering it as something else or c) actually have their shit together but grew up in a crappy dating environs.

  16. The reason we cannot use the Bible to tell us a truth about women is because it’s just that; a story containing magical elements that someone decided to write down. There are no talking snakes in real life and we have no way to tell if the author wanted to say something about the genders or whether the gender stuff was inconsequential and accidental.
    Just because a lot of people have taken an interest in that writing since then does not make it true.

  17. There is no such thing as this worship of ‘Chad’.
    That sounds like, as some maintain; a PUA just enjoying the oppourtunity to attack other men.
    The word ‘weak’ is the give away.
    There is no such thing as the worship of, ‘Chad’, not for any man who has ever heard of Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp.

    1. My sincerest apologies. I did not intend for my words to attack or offend you. I know “Chad” and “Tyrone” are terrifying individuals but we are going to get you through this; you’re going to be alright kiddo.
      P.S Johnny Depp is the poster-child for soy boy beta cuckery.

  18. John Dodds is absolutely correct, having just come back from an extended holiday from that part the world – there’s nothing special about me and I had a lot of fun currently planning the next adventure.

  19. “If you had meager success with women from your own country, chances are you’re gonna struggle wherever you go unless you improve your attractiveness/game.”
    I have always been kinda beta but fortunately I made the bucks. I moved to Colombia 1 1/2 years ago. You dont need game here. Just be a nice guy and ask the girls out. I dont think I have ever been turned down for a date. I have been seeing some of the hottest women on the planet. They as nice ladies, beautiful, nice personalities and are hot as hell. Since I am an older gent, I dont look for the same things as a younger guy searching for a baby mama. I have been there and done that. Now its time for me to have fun.
    You made one trip to Thailand and that makes you an expert? hahahaha

  20. Author conflates “poosy paradise” with “wife material paradise”. You travel to Thailand, a “poosy paradise” and then complain that all the girls are willing to love you long time, to give you poosy for cheap. (Whut?)
    Nearly all girls bang with the intent of extracting something from you, whether it’s short or long-term. By complaining about Thai ho’s, author clings to his own argument against believing girls are chaste beautiful flowers who only open their vag-petals for you because you’re SO SPECIAL. JFC.

    1. Purchased my wife (young farm girl) in Thailand ($3000) almost 10 years back. Our son is nearly 7 years old and we’re still together.
      She really did ‘love me long time’
      And it’s been way better than with the English woman who married me because she loved me. Not to mention much much more sex.

      1. Men still don’t see women as evil. Thats our number 1 problem . Your experience in Asia works not because it’s pussy paradise but as you have stated before , it is a dictatorship . Example, I know a white guy who married a Korean chick with a kid and brought them to the usa. After gaining her citizenship and the kids , she divorced him and is now sporting a pair of fake fun bags and hanging out at happier hours looking for Mr 32 year old Chadwick superthundercock . You may think white women are evil but in reality it’s AWALT unless you live in a dictatorship

        1. Sigh…
          He married a SINGLE MOM… from KOREA??? BWAHAHA!!!
          Then he brought her to the States to get frivorce training.

    2. Have to check columbia, so much easier from east coast. But, I like slim women -100lbs.
      Are any slim or Are they big? Fat?

      1. The country with the smallest women = Philippines.
        They were generally so small that I had to impose a lower weight limit of 38Kg, any smaller and I probably wouldn’t fit. Was watching TV in bed with a nice looking Flipper (32yo and 42Kg), and her feet were level with my knees, we both laughed at that.
        Thai women tend to be a bit bigger, normally around 45Kg while there were plenty of Filipinas weighing in at 40Kg.

      2. Yes, you rarely see fat people in Colombia. Good genes, minimal fast food = fine looking women.

  21. “I am confident I can operate a plane despite never having piloted one.”
    Beebo taught us anything is possible.
    Rest in peace Sky King

  22. The comments on here have made me think differently about provider game in the west.
    Sure, every guy in his 20s and 30s wants to be banged just for his looks and ‘game’
    But I agree with one of the above comments that said women are getting so base today- just settling for this most basest desires.
    That essentially is:
    looks and money.
    Game plays a good role in both, but if you aren’t at least a 7/10 in looks, don’t expect to have a great sex life in America.
    I am around a 6 at best. I need to stop beating myself up because of it, and be cool with some provider game.
    Ideally I wouldn’t want to do it, but women are so base these days that Men can’t be so idealstic.
    I think as women’s standards with looks keep going up and more men become ‘incel’, money and sex with become a bigger talking point in ‘Red Pill’ circles. It can’t be avoided.
    I think I’ll try seeking arrangement.

    1. Thank you to the older gentlemen (Dodds, Scorpion, dca) for their wisdom. They are talking a lot of truth.
      Really, thank you.
      You have no idea how depressing the dating world is for average looking men in their 20s today.

    2. Seeking Arrangement might be a little tricky to navigate without experiencing the P4P game. Going somewhere outside the US / Canada where prostitution is legal and socially accepted is likely your better option for cutting your teeth. I have used SA.com in numerous countries with different degrees of success, and I can tell you that American and Canadian “Sugar Babies” are never a pleasant experience and not for the faint of heart. On the other hand, I found SA.com in places like Bogota, Medellin and Quito to be an excellent resource of young, pretty “semi-whores.” Just my 2 cents.

    3. SA in the USA is only for very experienced men. Agree with Alistair Collins. Go someplace with legal well-managed brothels to get your feet wet. Tijuana a good starter point. Go to the best mafia-managed brothel in town, get a quality girl. Don’t try to save money the first few times. Demostrate to the brothel that you are likely to be a repeat high-paying customer and they will try to ensure a good experience. You need to learn the ropes and avoid a bad first experience which might sour you on P4P. I have an independent shared mistress 30 years younger in Ukraine myself, but that is definitely not a game for beginners.

  23. Being half Colombian, and having spent time in those aforementioned cities, I could not agree more with your analysis. Colombia is a good destination to pump-and-dump.

  24. It isn’t that women were angels, it is that they faced complete social exclusion if they were whores. Women kicked out of the tribe in ancient times were incapable of surviving/keeping current offspring alive. On the flip side, women have promiscuous nature because the ones who spread their legs to invaders survived, while women who refused were killed.
    The only way to bring back the old society is with violence and tyranny. The people here will disagree with that because their drug of choice being freely available depends on this status quo continuing (think I’m joking? Imagine a distorted voice saying ‘you failed because you haven’t worked on yourself enough’ and then tell me if it is a pua managing his competition or a modern female filling her bench for after the cock carousel).
    Enjoy it while you can boys: society will change, by structural collapse, fire, blood (likely all three) and I plan to find the place most likely to revert peacefully and settle there. Societies have life cycles similar to bacteria: initial growth, exponential growth, stagnation and then exponential death. We are on the tail end of stagnation, so try to get in a place in the first phase (likely a place where emigration cuts population, plenty like that in the balkans) while you can if you don’t plan on fighting. See you again in three months or so.

  25. your all idiots
    i am dating a girl who’s worth 5 times my net worth (comes from a nice family), she pays for most of my shit, is super hot with skinny waist and dd breasts, and in the us. im a responsible, good looking (really just fit, but girls like my muscles, i was never called good looking before i lowered my body fat), not a chad (bullied by chads growing up)
    what’s your excuse?
    u want me to leave the country like a loser? wow i can’t wait to follow your footsteps, and hire prostitutes in other countries.
    meanwhile, because you’re a weak and effeminate male, you’re leaving behind more feminazi women for me to deal with… shame on you
    finally jonvon addresses the travel issue. if you’re a loser here, you’re a loser somewhere else too
    work on improving yourself, be a guy with his shit together. see what happens to ur sex life here

    1. “you are all idiots” is usually what a fat blue haired feminist would say.
      However, you are correct in being the best version of yourself.
      Lifting weights is rule 1 in all of the manosphere…
      But, I disagree with traveling – there are many reasons for a man to extricate himself from an untenable situation/location.
      And one is tall, blue eyed westerners are automatically more attractive in many places. So go there.
      Same as being buff – here or anywhere else!
      I’ve traveled the world for 30 years…And was well worth it – rather than staying in my village full of fatties…

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