Yes, There Is Hope… But You Must Really Want To Succeed

A commentator called Freshman recently bemoaned his lack of success with women over on the Rational Male. His argument was that external factors beyond the control of the player, such as looks and height, are fundamental to determining success to a degree not normally acknowledged by game sites and the manosphere.

“I am a college student and it’s so ruthless out here for the average, let alone below-average looking guy EVEN WITH GAME. I say this as a guy who’s been in the game for nearly five years (I first read David DeAngelo’s and Pook’s book when I was 14 years old). As this last semester passed, I’m becoming more convinced that things that we cannot control (like looks and height) are so detrimental towards consistent and high-levels of success with girls.”

Freshman then describes how he attended a party and saw girls he had previously been rejected by getting affectionate with guys better looking and taller than himself.

“One can’t help but wonder if it really is all worth it . . . these guys didn’t rack up the approaches or put in the time like I did. They don’t have Krauser, Roosh or you to guide them. I did but where did that leave me? Chicks don’t give a shit about what you know but rather, how you look and how they will look with you . . . Red pill knowledge won’t make a guy hotter, it will simply make him smarter. Pretty girls do pick and choose who they want to fuck and it often isn’t the most charming or socially suave guy out there. It’s usually the tallest, most masculine guy in her social circle.”

Of course, the “looks trump game” meme is so persistent that you may wonder why I bring it up again here. Well, partly because something in Freshman’s story touched me, and partly because – let’s be honest – he’s right. Or rather, he’s not wrong. There’s a difference.

Even Roosh, in his latest post, concedes that game has got harder for the average man in the last few years, largely due to the ubiquity of social media, apps like Tinder and Instagram, and the technology that delivers these right into a girl’s hand while she’s in the club. These days, the chances of getting blown out for a fluffed approach or a simple mistake are much higher than before, simply because women have so many more options – or the perception of such, at least.

As for looks, well, we all know Freshman’s got a point, don’t we? As much as game evangelists are at pains to deny it, the reality is that – all else being equal – a man’s facial attractiveness, height, and muscularity all play a central role in eliciting female attraction and commensurate sexual reward.

Freshman posts a link to a thread on the Roosh V forum where a man conducted an experiment on Tinder by placing a fake profile using photographs of a male model. He was soon inundated – to a shocking degree – with matches and flirtatious approaches from attractive women.


I have recently taken to frequenting a particularly louche club event in London – essentially a sex party – where attendees, both male and female, are encouraged to wear very little and where pretty much anything goes. I can tell you from my observations there that, perhaps depressingly, the cutest girls are often to be found with the best looking, most buff men by the end of the night.

But this is hardly news, is it? The question for men like Freshman–and all men, really–is, is this it? Is the sexual marketplace really sewn up, owned by buff, cocky, alpha jerks with no room left for the “average” man?

I can tell you categorically that it’s not – that there is hope. But – and here’s the thing – if you’re an “average” guy looking for “consistent and high-levels of success with girls” as Freshman is, rather than simply a dumpy girlfriend, then you have to really, really want it badly. You have to want it to an almost unhealthy degree. You have to be so obsessed with scoring random pussy that when, in moments of clarity, you think about it rationally, you realise that how much you want it, and the sacrifices you are willing to make in pursuit of it are worryingly disproportionate.

My background

Let me tell you a few facts about myself. I am of average height and naturally have a skinny build (although have been working out for many years now and have put on muscle mass). I am OK looking but nothing approaching model quality. I am by nature an introvert. When I was at school I was shy and too eager to please.

The cutest girls consistently overlooked me for hotter, sexier guys. This massacred my self-confidence for the longest time, initiating a downward spiral of pedestalisation, friendzoning, and despair. I actually believed for some time that I was unworthy of intimacy even with the least attractive women.

Astonishingly for everyone who knew me, when I finally got my first girlfriend aged twenty, she was a stunner. This was more by luck by design – I was horrible at game back then (the girl dumped me after a few months). But I had sought outside help for the depression that I had been suffering from.

Relieved of this, I cared less what other people thought of me, and began wearing flamboyant clothes and acting in an aloof, even arrogant manner – not to attract women, but simply because for the first time in my life I felt emboldened to express myself socially in a free and uncompromising manner. The girl was a welcome side-effect of this newfound confidence.

After that first girl had broken up with me, and I had tasted sex and companionship with a highly physically attractive partner that was the envy of my friends, the genie was out of the bottle. Something had shifted inside. I could now no longer endure the thought of going back to my old, celibate, onanistic self.

Failure with women was simply not an option. I don’t use that phrase metaphorically, as a hackneyed self-help aphorism, but literally. My self-image was now so bound up in meeting and attracting girls of the same or a higher calibre than my ex, that I would do absolutely anything, whatever it took, to ensure that it continued.


In practice, this meant going to nightclubs all night seven nights a week until I was beat, bleary-eyed, and exhausted, propositioning every girl in the place. It meant suffering humiliating rejections, again and again. It meant following up every single phone number I ever acquired. It meant going on date after fruitless, boring date. It meant staying up with a girl until 6am on a workday trying to get the bang.

It sometimes meant travelling to foreign countries under some pretext to close a chick that I’d gamed on holiday. It meant the ignominy of experimenting with online dating. It meant going everywhere from the pounding palaces of house music in Ibiza to the grimiest rock clubs in Manchester, searching for that elusive diamond in the rough.

It meant reading every piece of game advice I could get my hands on – books, ebooks, blogs and increasingly, as technology improved, watching pick-up videos. It meant working out every day, running for cardio and becoming obsessed with fashion, spending thousands of pounds on clothes. It meant being single-minded and persistent almost to the point of insanity.  It meant addiction.

If all of this sounds like a lot of work just for pussy, then you’re right – it is. But it also allowed me to acquire a higher notch-count of girls in the 7+ range of anyone outside the community I’ve ever met with the exception of one natural, who fits the tall-handsome-alpha bill. I don’t say this to boast, but merely to point out that human ingenuity is such that if you want something badly enough and you go all out for it, then you will get it.

Freshman says elsewhere in the thread that he has made a great many approaches and I have no reason to doubt it. I do wonder, though, in cases like his, the degree of passion that has been injected into the project. As has been said many times before, if you had a gun pointed at your head you could achieve almost anything. I was lucky – or unlucky – enough to face that gun.

Whether it was all worth it is another matter. My life is now a lot more balanced. As you mature your desire for strange poon – while perhaps not diminishing – is certainly ameliorated by the recognition that our time on this planet is short, and that there are other things that are much more worth pursuing.

Don’t Complain

We now live in a time where there are more excellent, freely available resources for men looking to get good with girls than ever before. This site, the Roosh V forum, Krauser’s site and so on. It’s not hard – just do a Google search. All the technology you require is out there, and any fool can go out and approach one hundred women. All you need is the will.

But I’m not sure that this can be faked. Krauser has pointed out that all highly successful players are to some degree emotionally damaged people, and I too have observed this to be the case. This is perhaps the darker side of game that people would rather not acknowledge.

If you are not driven to the degree I’ve described, but would nevertheless like to enjoy the player lifestyle, my advice would be to fake it to make it. Rather like a method actor, imagine how you would behave, what lengths you would go to for pussy if you were obsessive about it in the manner I’ve described, and then undertake those actions.

Perform with as much intensity, passion and gusto as you can muster, and over time you will start to see results. You won’t necessarily beat the good-looking, square-jawed alphas, but you’ll get more than your share. After a few successes these strategies will begin to hardwire themselves into your brain and become part of your personality and you will find yourself in an upward cycle of pleasure and reward.

Or, if you don’t think it’s worth the effort, then by all means continue watching from the sidelines. Just don’t complain that the game is rigged when there are less attractive men than you out there getting laid right now.

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314 thoughts on “Yes, There Is Hope… But You Must Really Want To Succeed”

  1. “All the technology you require is out there, and any fool can go out and approach one hundred women. All you need is the will.”
    Another good article Troy.

  2. Very interesting article.
    I myself am 5’10 with a bodybuilders physique and consider myself 8/10 (few close girlfriends rated me). Do you know how difficult it is for me to get with females in my area?Been to numerious college parties and even with my aesthetics and game it’s hard to yoke a chick… It’s a fucking cockfest out here, every girl has a high ego and wants to date a 10/10 guy like Brad Pitt and if its not him it’s some random purple crayon that gave them jungle fever. I’m tired of us men in general chasing after females…can’t we just focus on ourselves and let these whores chase after us?

    1. There’s the key man – dudes are chasing. Game is chasing. Don’t chase – women just don’t really dig it.

      1. I sat outside the hottest club in Miami for two hours. I chased nothing and wound up with a bunch of numbers. It was the best I had ever done and I didn’t even step a foot inside the club. Girls literally walked out of the club and started talking to me. A lesson to be learned there.

        1. I wish I could say it was intentional. It was a total unwitting discovery. Who knew the best place to pick up chicks was not in the club but outside the club. Even better you can see exactly what they look like and hear everything they’re saying.
          And they don’t expect you to buy them a drink! 😀

        2. Interesting. What kind of females go to Miami it a bunch of Brazilians or what? 😀

        3. lesson: I should buy a hotdog stand and park it outside a club at 2am? I will wear a tailored suit of course 🙂

        4. Would you say that, in your experience, that is unusual? What lesson did you learn from the experience?

        5. It’s called smokers game. If it’s not been claimed, I’m claiming it right now. I invented it.

        6. Get all those slinky, tight-bodied American women who eat hotdogs at 2am after boozing all night. Should be some sleek tail right there. Lean, baby!

        7. Well you have mainly locals, Columbians and Cubans. Outside this club was a lot of girls from out of towntown. I met some interesting sorts, a sports therapist for the dolphins, some minor foreign celebrities, etc.

        8. I have never tried it before. Normally I would go inside the club. I learned that going inside the club is a waste of money if you are trying to score.

        9. Interesting. I don’t believe in PUA or Game – hell, I’ve never even used a line on a woman. I am curious as to what you think you may have done different this time. Very interesting that your results were better than normal.

        10. I was in as good mood and slightly inebriated. The women in Miami seem to also be quite open to conversation. Basically though, I just found a conversational way to establish a dialogue. There were no lines just easy chat. I was also dressed impeccably.

    2. Been to numerious college parties and even with my aesthetics and game it’s hard to yoke a chick…

      So, daygame?
      I mean, you said it yourself, at these parties it’s a sausage party generally, and the women all want the best for themselves… so work on meeting them in places where the ratio is in your favor, or the ladies are not expecting it.

    3. Girls don’t like short muscley jersey shore type of men. The shorter you are the leaner you should be it adds length and you look less like a douchey gym rat

      1. Idk man girls like muscle heads.. you’re right about when you add size you look shorter…but do you think we care about height? lol

        1. I thought thats what the articles about, the struggle being below average (short or ugly) trying to get girls. Just assumed your height and bulk is what’s preventing you from being successful.

        2. My point was even with aesthetics and confidence(Game), it’s still difficult ..please read thoroughly before criticizing me

        3. Definitely not criticizing you man just answering your question about if I think you care about height

    4. You’re too young. Wait til you hit forty (and provided you maintain your fitness) you’ll be swimming in women.

      1. Oddly, women tend to state that they prefer men their own age. Perhaps this is yet another instance of observing what a woman does as opposed to listening to what she states.

        1. I think you’re right. In my own experience I have always struggled to date women my own age even when I was 16. They always seemed to be dating the older guy with the car, job and money. Not only that, women your own age don’t seem to respect you whereas a young woman will hang on your every word. Nowadays a woman must be a minimum of ten years younger than me for me to date her.
          More to the point, when women realize I am significantly older they breathe an audible sigh of relief.

        2. Bob, wait till your hair gets silver and you’re still in shape – 20 years younger or so is the range, they act like groupies almost.

    5. I look roughly 10-15 years younger than I am. And this has NOT helped. Up to my 40s was was still being looked at as “just another 20-something thirsty schlub to be ignored”. It’s kind of funny. Not that I care though. Still have the same hairline I had when I was 20.

      1. LOL! I am the same. Girls worry about how “young” I am until I show them my ID and they breathe a sigh of relief that I’m at least 10 years older than them.

        1. It’s a little known fact that you can change yourself on a genetic level…. Not kidding.

        2. Your body makes tiny changes genetically and otherwise in response to the stresses you put upon it. So for example, if as a child you do a lot of walking, your body will make stronger more dense bones and thicker muscles (tendons, ligaments, etc.) in response that you will essentially have for the rest of your life. What this means is, what you do before you are 12 will have a larger effect on you than what you do after 12.
          This doesn’t mean though that if you are 25 that it is too late, just that the changes will be less significant. Even so, if you are exercising frequently and eating good food your body will express (switch on) certain genes and turn others off. So you will become genetically disposed to being bigger, stronger, more intelligent, and have a more youthful appearance. Furthermore, if say you started your fitness regime at 25 then genetically, you will genetically be a different human being at 35 than you otherwise would have been. Even more important, you will pass these genetic enhancements on to your children.
          The body is an amazing and self-intelligent machine. You provide the stimulus and it will make the necessary changes.

    6. You are not 8/10. You use friends- they will use 5 as zero. Your are probably 6. You have to be hotter than 80% of all men to be 8…

  3. The #1 thing women are attracted to is money. Evolutionary psychology suggests that females are attracted to men with greater resources, because they would better be able to provide for children. You should never put the amount of time and effort this article suggests into chasing women. Put all that time and effort into your career: on becoming successful and independent, and you will get a woman when the time is right. Don’t chase them. Make them do the work. If you have the resources they want, they will put in all the effort.

    1. True for our days in general, however I would abstract it more. The #1 thing women are attracted to is safety and security followed closely by the jealousy of their peers.
      Depending on the time you live in, that safety might be found in money, physical strength, intelligence or some mix of all of them.
      If you can keep a woman safe and prosperous that is great…if you can do so in a way that makes her friends and family seethe with jealousy….well, enjoy the rim jobs.

    2. This is true but I would advise against it. Whatever you do women always win in the end. If they find out that you’re well off they will be all over you. The end goal for them is to become your protégé. Once they manage to trigger your protectors instincts, you’re done, you work for her.
      Why waste your life hard work to an inferior human being?

      1. Exactly. Any time, money and energy you spend on a woman is wasted. Time, money and energy you spend on yourself is an investment.

      2. A quality women is thinking the same thing. What do I bring to the table? Youth, beauty, fertility, pleasant, calm and supportive life that’s better with me in in than with a series of expensive club nights? Don’t chase ” inferior human beings”. We work for those that bring value. So do they.

        1. Women only bring pussy. Problem it has a very short shelf life.
          We men though fall head over heels for it, we’re rather stupid in that respect. The reasons are quite complicated but in a nutshell it is the numerous oddities related with women sexuality.

        2. Men have a”short shelf life ” as well. Don’t fool yourself. Women fall for us too. Plan for the future and don’t succumb to blindness.

        3. If that is the only “value” a woman brings to you, then I suspect you will only find that. I wish you the best.

    3. Nah, not college women, 18-24 or so…that criterion comes at 24+ IMO

        1. and then you go down in a hail of bullets just after snorting a 24 inch long, foot high line of blow. 🙂

    4. More accurately women are attracted to status. In the event you’re at venue where status isn’t obvious like a college party, they latch onto superficial things like height.

        1. The OP mentioned height several times. Its a valid point. People have done social experiments, created fake online dating profiles with pics of male models, and adjusted the height. The response from women is predictable. Women in their 20s demand a male be 6 inches taller, when women enter their 30s they demand 3 inches taller, over 40 they adjust to same height and suck his cock in the parking lot outside the pizza restaurant on first date.

        2. Much like men. We “demand” an 8 on our scale, but will be ultimately happy with a 6 who predictably does laundry without drama.

        3. I always speak for myself. Thanks. I share knowledge that I’ve gained from experience. You may not be ready.

    5. I would qualify that statement a bit by saying they are attracted to “security”, which is not just financial.

  4. Telling guys to go clubbing 7 nights a week is the absolute worst piece of shit advice I’ve ever heard.

    1. To be fair, I think he was simply saying that you do whatever it takes to seal the deal. That may or may not involve constant clubbing, and depends more on your own strengths and preferences. Personally, I’m with you, I find clubbing for even one night a year grating and intolerable.

    2. No way I can go clubbing 7 days a week. That would kill my gym routine. I do day game 6 days a week though and the occasional night out with friends.

    3. You should read the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. One of the chapters talks about the 10,000 Rule. Basically it says if you want to be exceptionally great at anything you have to practice at least 10,000 to become great. At that point one has to ask themselves how much its worth to you. If getting laid means that much to a person they’ll have no problem going to the club 7 nights a week to become good with women. Personally I wouldn’t because while nailing girls is something I’d like to do I don’t have the “addiciton level” dedication to it. That goes for anything. A person who likes to race cars but doesn’t want to become a professional on the circuit will find it silly when someone tells him they need to spend 6 hours a day on the track 7 days a week. So the advice isn’t shit, it’s just what’s necessary to get what you want. It’s a choice.

      1. I understand it takes practic to become great at something, but going clubbing 7 nights a week is not going to help a guy become good with women. You’re drunk, she’s drunk, the music is too loud to have a good conversation under, the drinks are over-priced. It’s just fun excitement in the moment.
        I knew many guys can pull drunk sluts but have zero game outside the club.

        1. The music is too loud because having to shout makes you thirsty and that sells more drinks.
          Yeah it’s a scam.
          Sometimes I wonder if the rabbit hole runs this deep: that we have so jacked up the women health-wise and so many of them are fat dumpy slobs that there’s an entire industry around having to pay for looking at or a shot at that last 1 out of 10 who did not become an obesoidal blubbery mass.

        2. You can´t even compare drunk game with daygame. It´s a different ballpark.
          Some of the biggest losers I know are specialized on laying drunk women because
          it´s impossible for them any other way. Those are the same people frequenting dating sites.
          All you can meet in bars and clubs is drunk bimbos. If you want to have a chance of finding quality sex material, daygame is the only way to go.

        3. My god then try something else, what about concerts, festivals or 80s night or salsa dance clubs or a good old fashioned ball. Where do you live? Non sluts have a social live too.

        4. Pff! Or how about the ballet? No thanks, I´m not gay.
          I´m not doing some shit just to meet women. That´s the obvious difference between you and me.

        5. Well, Tinder seems the obvious choice then, you can do that shit from the compfort of your home.

        6. Nope, no smartphone here.
          And I´m 34…so I´m not really interested in dating 16 year old sluts.
          I´ll leave that to you…you could take her out to the ballet.

    4. There is a problem with the logic of this whole scenario – if a man starts dressing better, working out and eating better, gets a better haircut, improves his finances, and works really hard at becoming more sociable then he’s no longer average.
      Average guys (at least in America) dress like slobs, are overweight, and don’t know how to carry on a conversation (let alone with a beautiful woman). Just by improving yourself, you’re already raising the quality of women you’re able to get.
      Any guy out there that is naturally good looking and *tall* (especially important in the US) will have more initial opportunities with women – it gets you the interview. That being said, good looking guys get shit on by their women all the time if they don’t have good game/frame control. I say maximize what you have and work with your strengths.

      1. This:

        There is a problem with the logic of this whole scenario – if a man starts dressing better, working out and eating better, gets a better haircut, improves his finances, and works really hard at becoming more sociable then he’s no longer average.

        wins the Comment of the Day Award.

        1. heh thanks. Never understood why average guys insist on staying average but think “game” will magically bring them 9s. Even then – if you have solid game you are definitely NOT average.

        2. Forget game even, just being red pill is a start. Just that alone wins tons of pussy because you aren’t a beta simp. Now you’ll get much more as you add other things like looks, wit, and finances. Being red pill, just not being a regular beggar at the trough, is the first step. Don’t idolize the woman, or her pussy for god’s sake.

    5. make money 6-7 days a week… at the end of the day money talks (and spreads legs) and bullshit walks….

      1. Well, I hope the tone of the piece makes it clear that I’m not exactly celebrating this behavior. And you’re right — if I’d have expended the same energy on other things, I could have had a lot of success in those areas. And I have some regrets about that. But it’s a trade-off, like everything in life.
        My point with the article is to say to guys who are incels or similar that there is a way out — whether the cost of that way out is one worth paying is for each man to decide himself.

        1. Did you make a lot of friends at the club? i.e. doormen, managers, bartenders, etc.? I find this pays dividends and it saved me a lot of money in Miami.

      2. Yeah, but Rishi Bajaj and Mario Williams had beaucoup money, and look what happened to them.

    6. Uh…actually I did when I was a bit younger. And seriously, I wished that I could have done it a decade ago with the knowledge of Game around.
      While I only hit a club or bar once a wk now, I can honestly say that I don’t regret one single aorta of time spent at the clubs. Nor will I trade the experience for anything else.

    7. Well, that is not what he meant I think. I think it was a matter of reflection.
      I’m not a super model in the looks department. But I am 6’5″ tall. Muscular build, with the skills of a quasi olympic athlete. I get what he is saying, even in my worst days of getting girls, I could occasionally pull a real stunner. One was a Miss (my state here), 4.0 beauty with huge tits, tight pussy, and a propensity to get her mouth all over my genitals. And in every prifice of her body. Yet, before that, women with no hope of mimicking her would shoot me down. I was the supreme athlete. Tall, athleitc build like I said, and it would not matter to the college girls until they actually saw me play. Then it was like “Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy Jesseeeeeeee.” “Call meeeeeee.” That type of crap.
      One day, it just dawned on me, this is not me.
      Now, I’m married to a stunning women. Not just looks, or tits, or that she was a virgin from another country that speaks numerous languages, and makes enough money for me to lay on the couch and watch sports center all day. If I wanted to.
      You young bucks don’t understand. Take it from a dude who can verify what this writer is talking about, and did it himself. MY future little alpha just ran by me as I write this.
      This stuff works!
      But, you can’t:
      1. Envy those better than you on anything. It means you are not confident, and most likely a poser. It will show. Find your strengths, and pair with other men who have different strengths that preferably compliment your own deficiencies!
      2. Learn to not let a killer woman walk. I have done this. A spec ops guy I knew introduced me to a knock out girl through his family. She was a killer. And a whore. She would never have even batted an eye at me in any other place had I approached her myself. When she pointed this out, I said “Next.” She banged me so hard throughout the following night. And several after that, and including several other visits to Cali after that. She even wanted to see me overseas, but I refused. She did not want marriage, and I did not want the herp. This one is a no brainer you would think, but a bish like that has made many, many men fall on his own dick!
      3. Allow your friends not to pick “your girl.” No woman is your one and only. None of them. My wife, love her like no one’s business, and she is the proverbial dream girl in many ways, is not ever a one and only! Believe that. A woman has to earn it. If a woman likes your friend more, cut that thought process down, and let her walk. Then write her off forever. A man needs that kind of separation. Besides, what if it is quite literally “his girl?” It’s counter-intuitive, but that is actually the sort of guideline you need to figure women out. A woman that is “right for you,” but not your “One-and-Only!” is what you are looking for. Allow the T-cells of red-pill anti-biotic to attach to the poison which are the Disney fairy tale plague that has cut off so many. And watch as it makes you healthy by assassinating the poison from your thoughts.
      4. Dress well, stay in shape because you want to please a woman. That sort of “swaggotry” is for closet fags, and wannabe gangstas who can’t wait to have the state derive a child support check.
      5. Approach women for pussy, intrigue them. Look at it from their perspective. You are approached all day, every day, by men who want to shove themselves inside your many orifices. Honestly, women may like the bad boy despite their sappy chick flicks may have portrayed to you. But females don’t often fantasize about you coming on their face. They fantasize about making the man they want coming on her face to buy all the decorations in a home he buys for her from Hobby Lobby. It is quite literally like poker. If you are a fool, you play your hand. If you have a clue, you will understand that you play your opponents hand. Think about it.
      A woman who is not worth, must be figured out, and dismissed with little, preferably no, money spent on her. It is her problem to find her own way back. If she is a gold digging whore, you may have just given her the lesson she needed?
      6. Learn to hold intriguing conversation. This goes in line with the previous topic. I will say this, it is a guideline (hint), if you want to meet misses right you need to be Mr. Right. Then you will most likely wind up in the same places as the type of chick you desire! What does that have to do with conversation? I will let you figure that out.
      You young bucks today. You seem more inclined to have another buck rub the felt off. Do it yourself! What, you want me to grab your short stick and place it in a woman’s vagina for you? Bet you believe in divinign rods power to find water in the Sahara too.

    8. Some guys learn that way. I personally think it’s a huge waste of time. Women are constantly giving men signals. Just learn to recognize and capitalize on them. Nature already took care of the attraction part

    9. i agree……..but i used to do it…….for exactly the same reasons……….average guys have to work harder…….

  5. This is an important article because deep down we all know that looks are the first thing any girl notices. In a previous article ( I pointed out that one of my best friends has little game to speak of but pulls quality ass on the regular without even trying…literally. But just like any man can be a bodybuilder if they’re willing to take copious amounts of steroids and spend 8 hours in the gym every day and dedicate their life to that goal, any man can consistently snag high quality pussy consistently if they learn game, work out, and build a life style that that provides congruency. It may not be at the frequency of the physical alphas out there but like you said, you’ll certainly get a bigger slice of the pie than men that don’t jump in head first and do the things required to reach this goal.

    1. Honestly, “copious amounts of steroids” and “8 hours in the gym” are not required. Push ups in the morning, a pull up bar in your kitchen, your natural testosterone, no “whiskey dick” and you are set.

  6. Just because a man is good looking doesn’t make him alpha. Don’t get me wrong, these guys do attract women and have a head-start in the dating world but a womans’ ability to sniff out betaness will result in them being used just like your average mangina.
    I have seen many good looking guys get treated like trash by their girlfriends/wives and I’ve seen good looking guys be completely oblivious to the signals of girls interested in them allowing sigmas like me to clean up. Being alpha comes from within, money/height/looks are all just shiny things that women do flock to but unless a man backs it up with an alpha mindset he will get cheated on/flaked/rejected just like every other male. The best thing men can do is be the best version of themselves, and the pussy will eventually come.

      1. I’m 5’9 and I’ve pulled some beautiful girls that have been significantly taller than me

    1. Haha…this brings back memories of a supremely good looking guy I knew. He had looks of a male model but zero experience with women. At a club, he texted me once and said “bro, I’m dancing with this chick and she just said she’s not wearing any panties. What should I do?”
      I laughed and laughed and laughed…

        1. He was raised by a single mother. No other explaination is needed…
          Good thing he met me & my wingman or another potential beta male mass murderer might have emerged…

        2. i had to come back to say, though, that who raised you has little to do with your game……..we all started learning the hard way in back yards and school……..for example, freshman girls were quick work for a senior guy………..:)

      1. I had a case like that back in the day (broad mentions the fact of naked pussy). So I pulled a fancy pair out of my pocket and told her she gets to keep it when I’m done with her in a day or two.

      2. well goddamn………i guess he’s lucky to have an alpha friend……..and i wanna dance with that girl………:)

  7. If you’ve approached 100 times and gotten nowhere, my question is why haven’t you approached 1000?
    Freshman’s problem sounds like pedestalization. He doesn’t like the numbers game and would prefer to be able to successfully game the chick of his preference every time. Wouldn’t we all?
    Unfortunately, that’s not reality. Pissing and moaning about how things you can’t change hold you back is what women do. Men take stock of their strengths and weaknesses, develop a rational plan of action based on them, and execute ruthlessly.

  8. I agree with OP, if you’re passionate with women to the point of obsession and addiction and mix in the fact of self-awareness(and brutal self-criticism) and willing to adjust your game AND ALSO HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE (THIS IS KEY that a lot of guys miss you gotta truly believe in yourself fully or you won’t succeed). When I use to “Game” hard I was working two jobs (sometimes back to back to back..yes friggin 24 hours) I would go home take a 3-4 hour nap, then hit the field like a mad man. I couldn’t do it now but back then I was addicted like the author mentioned and I wanted to improve badly. I would get shot down a lot go home write in my journal what I did wrong and then try again. At work all I thought about was pick up, which places I would go etc. Eventually I became better.
    You will naturally start to succeed with women. It’s not easy and you really have to want it. I get motivated seeing my buddy whose 5’5, 120 pounds. He would easily lose a fistfight but I have never seen someone as relentless as him in the field. His confidence is so sky-high that it’s infectious and women noticed and thus he is one of the best players I’ve ever met.

      1. Guest — this isn’t a sex club like that, it’s a club where sex takes place. Single guys are good to go on their own.
        Bimbolover — why would I make up an example where I’m arguing that alpha’s clean up?

      2. Calm down dear…I spoke with the author and he checks out. I know the club he is referring to now.

    1. Sex clubs don’t allow single men entrance, correct? Otherwise the male to female ratio would be 10 to 1. Men are only admitted with women. So if a man takes a woman there he’s just asking to watch her suck off some other man right in front of him.

  9. Don’t complain- become a writer for a blog and make up bullshit about going to sex parties.

      1. And now I know where the pudgy fingered ,soft in the middle, estrogen filled, white knight SJW supporters hang out: in the comment section of ROK making fun of its readers

  10. Men should just avoid the night club and pick up artistry altogether. A night club is the LAST place you want to go if you are looking for a decent girl to settle down with. In fact men should just abandon the concept of picking up women for one night stands all together. Pumping and Dumping women just makes women worst than what they already are and makes them less and less relationship material.
    Pumping and dumping women is just debauchery anyways.They(PUA’) rationalize their debauchery by saying that there is a shortage of
    marriageable women and that they will get divorce raped if they do get
    married. They are only making it worse by ruining yet more girls. Views
    like that are utterly mainstream today.
    Any man that follows this advice has no reason to complain when the women standing before him are fat/slutty.
    Pick up artistry is dysgenic because men are attracted to fit women with good
    personalities, if all the fit women are ruined for marriage or spawning
    bastards the society will degenerate. Males who play the modern game have no solid foundation to stand on when the females they encounter are worthless.
    The only solution to the problem of sexual relations today is for us men to either find an LTR and procreate with decent women worth spending your time, energy, effort on or if you can’t do that than just drop out all together.
    THE LAST thing we want to do as men is waste or hard earned money and precious energy on worth less sluts whores and other low-quality women that aren’t LTR materiel just for quick and easy fucks. If you are engaging in that short of degeneracy then YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.
    Rant over.

    1. “A night club is the LAST place you want to go if you are looking for a decent girl to settle down with.”
      That condition applies to almost every place in the western world, though. Even women who go to clubs only a few times a year have the exact same materialist, feminist, ‘sexually-liberated’ attitudes and demand a 9/10 man even if they’re a 6/10 after two beers.
      Also, you seem to have it the wrong way around. Men are not degenerating women, because in the sexual marketplace women have the power and so men will follow women wherever women go. This movement of ‘pick-up artistry’ and ‘gaming’ is simply a male response to a change in the conditions of female sexuality, namely the sexual revolution that started with the advent of reliable birth control pills combined with the movement of May 1968. Women have turned into sluts for top men and bitches for all other men, and so men have had to adapt their strategies (usually against their wishes – men typically dream of love, women these days typically dream of lots of ‘fun’ in their twenties and early thirties before they ‘settle down’) in order to still get some.

      1. “Also, you seem to have it the wrong way around. Men are not degenerating
        women, because in the sexual marketplace women have the power and so
        men will follow women wherever women go.”
        This is an gross exaggeration of reality. Women do NOT have all of the power in the sexual marketplace. That is absurd. Nobody is forcing men to fuck sluts and whores. All you are trying to do is absolve men of responsibility in the situation, which is childish. Men can and should say “NO” to low-quality women. Stop pretending otherwise. Fucking sluts just reenforces that behavior, making it worse.
        ” This movement of ‘pick-up artistry’ and ‘gaming’ is simply a male response to a change in the conditions of female sexuality,”
        A pretty poor one that is counter-productive and just makes the problem worse. As i already said, nobody is forcing men to accept poor female behavior and sulttlyness.

      2. “That condition applies to almost every place in the western world, though.”
        I don’t understand you guys. I live in Vienna and you can find wonderful women at clubs. Is there no alternative/academic scene where you guys live? Don’t go where the prolls are.

    2. I disagree, I met my first girlfriend, a bartender/shot girl, at a techno club (mid 1990s) . I had a great time with her for 2 years. It helped my game tremendously because she introduced me to other hot girls and people in her social circle. I was working at IBM at the time, yeah, there were no women working there, therefore no means or access to good looking girls. I think clubs are great, you just have to play the numbers and it takes a lot of time.

    3. Blaming men for the degeneracy of women is pretty misguided. Women are responsible for their own choices. If they choose to spread their legs for every guy that comes along with a funny joke or a bad boy attitude, that’s a fault of the women.
      PUA’s don’t make women worthless or not value themselves. Women who already don’t value themselves respond to PUA’s.

      1. PUAs have good personalities for the most part and that is attractive to both men and women.

      2. Women are children. If you allow your children to make their own choices, they will burn the house down.

        1. “Women are children. If you allow your children to make their own choices, they will burn the house down. …”
          “Women are children. But they are NOT my children and it is not MY house.”…
          Fixed for you.

        2. Never lived with a woman in LTR, have you?
          And who gave permission to fix my posts, child? LOL

      3. You missed the point entirely. I never said it was men fault. I said that pumping and dumping is only going to make it worse. Actually read what i wrote before responding.

        1. In fact men should just abandon the concept of picking up women for one night stands all together.
          They are only making it worse by ruining yet more girls.
          Pick up artistry is dysgenic because men are attracted to fit women with good personalities, if all the fit women are ruined for marriage or spawning
          If you are engaging in that short of degeneracy then YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.
          Maybe instead of telling me to read your post, you should learn to communicate whatever point it is you’re trying to make better.
          All you did is blame men for ruining women who are already ruined and devalued.

        2. “All you did is blame men for ruining women who are already ruined and devalued.”
          And how did women become “already ruined and devalued” in the first place? By spreading their legs for whoever they wanted to fuck. Instead of shaming this degenerate behavior as they should have(not that shaming would solve the problem entirely) they(PUA’s and ‘game’ people) instead decided to make it worse than it had to be by going along with it. Hence they are part of the problem even if we accept that women were initial cause of it.

        3. Women are attracted to fit men with good personalities as well. This is the nature of life. Become the man that attracts the sort of women you want. Some men want to pump and dump all the low quality sluts that rate a certain level in their eyes. This is how they measure their worth and value. Others look for a woman who has maxed her qualities as he has and is looking for a stable relationship. It’s not a competition at all. The author’s point is a good one, know thyself. That is the first step to achieving your goals and not wasting your precious time.

        4. But women respond to the shit that PUAs say and do, and NOT what nice guys do. So you could say that that by not banging girls that by some way the problem will rectify. It won’t. They will simply go bang someone else. They’re gonna fuck someone. There is no reason why you should go home and beat off just so you can sleep at night knowing there is one more virgin in the world. Someone will be tapping that ass , so long as they are passable. Passable is becoming the new hot. Yech.
          PUA shit works, and to hate on it reveals yourself as the beta gorilla masturbating as the alpha is waist deep in pussy. Adapt or face extinction.

        5. You are a fucking idiot. PUA’s complain about women being fat and sluttly yet they still fuck them without demanding better quality from women. Idiots like you are exactly why women are the way they are. We could have better quality women if dipshit like yourself didn’t exist.

        6. Spider, are you retarded? Women are the way they are because of the liberties afforded them by society. They have options, even the okay looking ones. This mode of thinking will permeate EVERY area of their life because it is a constant. People pander to the feeling and whims of women.
          The dangerous thing is that when you think that you don’t need game to talk and interact with women, you run risk of becoming their tool. If your buying into that shit your sister or female friends say about ‘Just be yourself’, you’re gonna find yourself in a situation where the ‘better quality woman’ comes over your house crying at 3am because her douchebag alpha boyfriend gets her to do anal and she don’t like that. Then you’ll calm her down, give her a hug, tell her it’s alright and listen to her. And she’ll leave you. For the meathead who’s gonna drill her in the ass again.
          I’m not to blame for how women are, and neither are PUAs. I’m not a PUA, but I understand what they do works. Good quality women will not fall on your lap, and few of them are out there. So if a man devises a system to go out, interact and sleep with these women–is he to blame? Men could demand better quality women but that does not necessarily mean they are there. Sometimes you just have admit that quality has gone down. Then you have to either lower your standards, raise your personal value, move to a different area or expatriate.
          Let’s say that PUAs and womanizers are the reason that woman are calculating and hypergamous. Do you think that by guys being more upstanding that this will have any reflection in the behavior and rationale of women? If you do, you are both mistaken and gullible, my friend. Read some of the articles on this site. It REPEATEDLY states that women are screwing the dirtbags and villains behind the backs of their good guy boyfriend and husbands. Even back in WWII.

        7. Who said i was against game? What I’m against is this degenerate pump and dump mentality.
          “It is easy I hate on those who are getting girls while you are starving.”
          *facepalm. This is embarrassing. I been laid before. It isn’t hard, i promise you. I done this pump and dump lifestyle before. It just gets boring after a while. Even Roosh has said it. Fucking and chucking women is not some grand accomplishment, believe it or not.

        8. I never did anything condoning fucking and chucking. However, not all girls are keepers and not all of them want relationships. To explain this is kinda redundant. Some dudes ignore this and the results are almost always disastrous.
          The social scene is just not well calibrated for actual methods with real depth, at least in night game setting. You may get better results meeting girls via daygame. The front girls put up in night time isn’t there.

    4. Finally someone said it! Congratulations!
      They are only making it worse by ruining yet more girls.
      Pick up artistry is dysgenic
      It’s funny how the manosphere cries: “where have all the virgins gone?” and yet it employs terms like ‘notch count’, ‘flag count’, ‘hum-and-dump’, ‘one night stand’. Hypocrisy!
      The only solution to the problem of sexual relations today is for us men to either find an LTR and procreate with decent women worth spending your time, energy, effort on or if you can’t do that than just drop out altogether.
      This place needs more articles on how to keep a woman in check in LTR. Matt Forney has one very useful write up on the subject.

        1. If I go down, I’ll go down shagging all the bitches I can. I’m planning to have a good time in Hell! 🙂

      1. I don’t know about that. I think that reading the articles here I have observed that the attitude towards “club girls” is where you see much of the pump and dump/cumbucket references. Nobody is saying to go find a virgin at the local church and ruin her.
        (of course you won’t find one even there but that’s another matter)
        You see the “club girl” thing appears to be the “apex existence” point for the worst women. The ones who like to go to the club dressed like total sluts, getting all the attention, being able to pick and choose. These are the illustration of carousel riders. These are the ones who can and will go about this for a decade knowing their ultimate power (having the pussy) and feeding off the “thirst” thinking they can throw a switch at 35 and become a wife and mother.
        They won’t give the time of day to the so-called nice guy, not even a fellow who is NOT even trying to pick her up. They exude cuntishness and their looks make them get away with it. They will doll up to go to work in stripper heels and then throw a dirty look at any man (who is not good looking enough for her) that she catches looking at her.
        Those are the pump and dumpsters.

        1. They usually go to clubs to celebrate. Near my university I approached a group and they said, they weren’t interested…they just wanted to dance and relax, they had just finished exams.

        2. Yeah that’s a mostly western thing. The “bunch of girls all dancing together giving every man a dirty look” thing.
          I have lived in countries where prostitution is legal and I have seen women do that in clubs.
          The men walk in, see it’s that it must be “cunts drink free” night, and turn around and walk right back out.
          Because they have OPTIONS and no man can be harmed when he has options.
          Cuntocracies maintain prostitution to be illegal.

        3. No not at all in my opinion. I’ve actually asked a large number of women this question because it fascinates me why prostitution remains so abhorred, especially in so-called liberated, Western societies where women supposedly “control” their own bodies. Well, why not for commerce, then? The replies I’ve received generally fall into two categories. First, the women who react with shock and horror at the simple, logical suggestion that a person could transparently sell their sexual favors for a price they freely negotiate with another person. These women generally are the sort that gain advantage from the unregulated sexual marketplace. The whores who won’t stand competition from actual whores. It would ruin their parasitic existence. These sort thrive off devaluing clear negotiations and hold out sexual promise for financial gain. Their stock in trade is the possibility that they might be a “wife” material who could sustain long term sexual interest and activity with only you. The second group of women has really no problem with prostitution, so long as the prostitutes and clients are treated well, paid fairly, and free to do as they wish. These are the women who know the value they bring to a potential LTR and hold their sexuality plus domestic skills for the man who values both. They are not threatened by the existence of “working girls”. To the contrary, they wish that the sexual marketplace could have such clear distinctions and choices. It would save these women a lot of time to meet their goals as well. Want a whore? Then have one, I am not one. Simple, clear and efficient.

        4. There is no real need for prostitution to be illegal. Whilst in may be frowned upon I actually view it in a positive light. Although I’m not in a lifestyle that can afford to use the services of an escort but going to a nightclub to find a drunken girl to have a ONS is tiring. I’m not always successful so is mostly a waste of time, energy & money. Visiting a brothel and paying whatever the prices are saves you time and energy to carry out your own hobbies.
          There are many clubs around that charge an annual membership and then a cover charge for entry that are largely venues to get laid. Swingers club type things.
          Nightgame is a great place to flex your primal muscles though. Even if the product your receiving is not the greatest quality.

    5. Are you trying to put some of the blame for some women being used up whores on men? Gtfoh, dude. Men responded to the market. Women are the gatekeepers of sex. They decide what works in seduction, not us.

      1. ” Men responded to the market.”
        This is just an cop out of being a degenerate pump and dumper. It is also false. If we denied low-quality women of sex then there will simply we be lest of them. Force women to meet our standards instead of the other way around. No one is forcing you to fuck fat and slutty women.

        1. Lol fat women? No thanks. Go on your 1 man crusade to get these whores to shape up. I wish you all the best. In reality, the only person’s behaviour you can control is yours. You are in no way ultimately responsible for what other persons choose to do.

        2. Yet again the point just completely fly’s over you head. All I’m telling men is to ignore the low quality women. How fucking hard is that? How fucking desperate are you?

        3. If I find a girl attractive and she can hold a decent conversation, I’m gonna try to smash. I don’t care if she’s “low quality”, whatever that means. Why should men turn down relatively hassle free vagina? If I stumble onto a girl who has good morals and values then I’ll consider something long term.

  11. you forget one major point…your looks also change with time. A pimply faced teen or skinny guy in his 20s may change to a hot & attractive muscular guy in his 40s. Your body changes. Your facial features change. When a kid’s metabolism slows, he may be able to grow more muscle mass later on. I find it easier to gain muscle mass in my 40s than I did between the ages of 15 and 28. Later on a few wrinkles on the forehead or around the eyes of a man, make him more distinguished and mature looking. All hope is not lost, even in your friends’ looks. You should tell him this, he will appreciate it.

      1. Luckily guys like us fight through our insecurites and try to get better … bigger, more athletic, improve our careers; and hopefully we become better people. Once we score some pussy, it gets a little easier the 2nd .. 3rd.. etc.. time around. I also find that being aloof yet polite, with a 20 % dick to 80 % nice guy ratio works best with the ladies. Keeps them interested yet confused at the same time. They like to solve a mystery.

  12. We have another article recently on here where a guy is marrying a good looking woman who will feed him because he has no legs or arms. ‘Nuff said.

    1. Multiple studies have determined the same. The man that marries “up” is the happiest. Not because his wife is super hot. But because he works every day to keep her. Happy wife = happy life. Don’t partner down.

      1. Happy wife=happy life is bullshit.
        You’re not supposed to supplicate to the woman. What you’re suggesting is nothing more than putting the woman on a huge pedestal. The man is the leader. She should look up to you. Not the other way around.
        We all know how it turns out in regards to the pedestal.

        1. A woman is most happy when her man maintains the frame and game that won her over in the first place. If a man’s game was good enough to attract a woman more attractive than himself and he maintains it, he will have a long and peaceful life with a supportive, non-drama wife. That’s the opposite of supplication and the purpose of game in the first place.

  13. If you aren’t getting any, resort to the numbers game. like an old boss used to say: ‘Throw enough shit at a wall and some of it will stick’. Failing that, get a fatty, you’ll get yours, and if you go to hers at least you know there will be food in the cupboards.

      1. Chasing fatties is like working at Wal-Mart. The longer you do it, the more likely you are to settle for mediocrity for the rest of your life. So that’s the danger with chasing fatties. After a while, that might be the only thing you get.

  14. I am ( according to many women) considered handsome with a very rugged build. When I was single and chased the failure rate was high- despite my positive genetics. When I didn’t give a shit, treated the ones I was involved with like crap, getting hot chicks was as easy as picking fruit from a tree.

  15. Online dating favors tall white males. Women filter by race and height. Consider Emmit Smith, the greatest running back that ever played for the Dallas Cowboys, he’s 5’9″ and black. He has a beautiful wife. He would be shunned in the sexual market place of online dating by ugly white cunts, and I mean hideously repulsive white cunts, I mean women so ugly you’d rather stick you dick in a bee hive than sleep with them, and they think are too good to even be searching for somebody like him. I don’t think people fully grasp how smart phone dating apps have altered things socially.

    1. Obviously you are not white because it’s obvious you have no clue what you are talking about. I see you are one of those that drink the “white privilege” koolaid.

      1. whatever… data analytics from online dating sites aren’t politically correct enough for you….

        1. These kind of “statistics” are always bullshit made up and manipulated to make white people look privileged and better than the other races. It is not just in dating sites. They do this with literally everything.

        2. Says someone with absolutely no evidence. “Those statistics are B.S, I just know it.” You sound like a child.

      1. Don’t believe it, just go create a fake profile of a black male 5’9″ and see how the responses compare to 6’2″ white male. Try to normalize for other factors. I’m talking america, might be different elsewhere.

        1. Okay, I’m not denying the statistics, I’ve seen it work online but honestly online dating sucks anyway. Coming from a tall white guy I would take meeting women in real life over scrolling for hours of online women anyway. I’ve seen other reasonably tall white guys, who were moderately attractive(not like Brad Pitt but still) waste hours trying to fuck women online. It’s a bad racket anyway, if you pick up let’s say 1 out of 100 women in real life, you’ll pick up 1 in like 1000 online.
          95-97% of women didn’t even answer me online, and that’s just a foot in the door. If you take the percentage after the first message that would meet with you it’d be like 1% of that 3-5%. I say its classic race-trolling because of the nature of the post, its like that woe is me philosophy that I’ve come to despise.
          Also I used to suck at dating and suck with women, as do most men, and I’m not saying I’m a pinnacle of game by any stretch of the imagination. Did I sit around crying? No. I hit the gym, lost a bunch of weight, forced myself to talk to more people, and I keep getting better. The reality is this, there exists a comparative advantage that all men have when dealing with certain races/social groups of women.
          All men if they want to maximize pussy simply need to recognize the groups of women that they’re good with and start to ignore the one’s they’re bad with. It’s difficult at first to see it because we want to act like that’s not true but you know it is, you know you get better responses around certain races/religions/whateverthefuck women. Just use that to your advantage and stop bitching.

        2. Agreed, but I like NE Asian women. I cannot settle for other races, especially the fat and ugly ones that Black men are relegated to. I’d rather be celibate.

  16. Great article on the topic. Even though this debate has been overdone to no end, this was a good perspective.
    One thing I’d note is that very few people have actually maximized their looks. Sure, you may never look like Brad Pitt, but with the right clothes, fitness, hairstyle, etc, you can look far better than you do naturally. I’ve never been a naturally good looking guy in that I just don’t have a great smile or eyes, but I’ve worked very hard on my style and physique to where I look far better than I would otherwise. This could be helpful in college, where most dudes dress like complete slobs and have no sense of style at all.

    1. most college guys wear sweat pants, sneakers , a North Carolina Tar Heels ball cap, and are always holding a giant pitcher of beer.

    2. Its not always about scoring the hottest babe in the room. It can be about improving the quality of the women you date. If you’re an average male tired of dating below average women, maybe you can take it up a notch.

  17. Your best article I read from you Troy!
    As women have r-selected mating patterns they are adjusting their behavior given new freedoms to live that way. Also another point is technology and the ubiquity of dating apps and social media. Due to it’s brutal impact 8+ girls can have a steady dick-diet of pro Players, actors, male models, Dan Bilzerian guys than ever before in human history. Those guys get the bitches lined up like in some Japanese orgy porn movie while even above average men are left to fight for the scraps. Furthermore the epidemic of fatties decrease the number of cute girls even more.
    College nowadays has become more brutal, but so have night Game and locations like sex clubs for sure. Those are places were instant raw attraction is desired more than ever before.
    But at least there is still Day Game and approaching girls out of the blue when it’s still possible to sweep them off their feet with excellent Game. What else can men do? Frequently visit other locations like South America, Eastern Europe, FSU, Asia, where the sexual market has not changed that much yet or where their value is much higher. In some places club game might still work very well and Game becomes useful again.
    Also I agree with some here – a 20yo man can easily raise his value tremendously just by aging well, continuing working out, building his career and working on his Game. By 25 he will be a much more attractive man – even for the same college girls.
    Life is what it is – we are given a set of cards. The question we just have to answer is: What can I do to reach my goals? Krauser had a good post on the topic:

    1. Thanks man. and yes, day game is the great leveler — and a lot less of a time-sink than night game. But I still quite like night game in small doses.

  18. The plain rebuttal to Freshman is this…

    Good looking or ugly… don’t sit around wishing you were a prettier boy, just go out and approach and let the chips fall where they may.

  19. ‘Just don’t complain that the game is rigged when there are less attractive men than you out there being laid right now.’
    Quantity does not equate to quality. Ten dollars could buy you ten McDonald’s hamburgers or an Outback special medium well steak. Most average guys are not singing the song of ‘there is no girls out there’ more so than ‘there’s no quality girls out there.’ Sure, any average dude can fuck girls. Mind you, a good bit might look like straight up creatures. Water seeks it’s own level. I think Tyler from RSD said it that essentially the hot girls will bang the ripped alpha dudes. If you want those girls, you gotta do what’s necessary to get those girls. Hit the gym,tan, act like a douche. They respond to that type. Or don’t, and bitch that all the girls you get are ugly.
    The game is indeed rigged.

    1. The more you deal with women the better you’ll get at it. You’ll start to see the shit tests before they hit (and you’ll respond accordingly) plus much more. Work on you (for now), be patient.
      Part of my charm is that I’m an asshole, at times. I’ve actually had women tell me this at work (and when I’m out and about). The key is I don’t cave to their emotional bullshit, I don’t let them walk on me and I put them in their places (when needed) no matter how hot the woman). The rest – you can improve on.
      You need someone to “look to” – Robert Downey Jr.
      He has just enough asshole at times, he’s fallen down and he got back up and at 5’8″ tall. He has been studying Wing Chun Kung Fu for years (part of his rehab).
      That’s just one example.
      Get it together. Straighten up and fly right.

  20. Concentrate on things you actually have control over.
    #1 most important thing —- Lift weights — unless you are severely disabled, there’s no excuse. Get your ass into the gym and add muscle to your frame. You have total control over your body! You can completely transform yourself regardless of what your face looks like!
    Get some fresh new clothes. If you don’t have style, then take someone with you who does to help you out.
    If you’ve got acne or messed up teeth, there are solutions! Seek them out!
    Invest in a career — start a business or get into a field that aligns with a passion of yours.
    If you are balding, there are solutions for that too. Grab your balls and shave your head.
    Even an occasional spray tan can do wonders….
    Point I’m trying to make, is that there ARE many things you can do to improve your appearance. Take control of yourself, learn game and you will get girls…

  21. Good article Troy. My take home point: maximize yourself in all ways physical, mental and spiritual and you will be turning away quality pussy. Regardless of height, facial bone structure or your hairline, you absolutely have to strive to be healthy, and for a man, that means some muscle mass — especially on the arms / chest. This means a manual labor job (not great for your financial development) or lifting weights at a gym 2-3x / week for 30-45 minutes. Never underestimate the positive impact that strong arms / chest have on most women, at least subconsciously. Lifting also represents some level of dedication / commitment, which most women and men respect. Learning about nutrition will also positively impact health and your waistline.
    Next comes style. Pick one that’s classic / timeless (like Daniel Craig’s version of James Bond, for example) and wear the clothes correctly — tailored if need be. You don’t need to spend big $$$ on labels, focus on the look instead, but buy quality items that can withstand moderate amounts of washing and dry cleaning. Pay special attention to your choices of shoes and watch. Buy a fake Rolex Submariner if need be to impress women until you can afford the real thing (like I did), for example. Faking it until you make it is very important for young guys, especially in regards to gender relations.
    Next comes your big head. Your choice of style and colors will impact your perceived good looks, but obviously haircut, facial hair and health of your skin are paramount. Make choices that accentuate your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. For example, if you have a weak chin, then grow a beard to make yourself look more square jawed. If your hairline is really receding, then experiment with the sporty bald look. Treat your acne if you suffer from it, and put some color on your cheeks, preferably by spending some time outdoors. Consider wearing some funky eyeglass frames if your facial features are truly hideous.
    If you are short, then always wear some type of boot when going out, or experiment with lifts, like most men in Hollywood do. But short guys get laid all the time if they have some loot, style and muscle on their frame — I see it constantly.
    Next is economics. Make as much money as you can, within your own ethical / moral parameters. Big money will always get you laid, one way or another. You’ll either pull a “unicorn” from a club based on your wealth, or simply order it from a mama-san who runs the best escort service. Either way, you’ll fuck 10s if you’re a rich bastard — we all know this.
    Next is some level of spirituality or connection with things other than pussy / cars / watches. I suggest starting with a dog. A man will love his dog more (and get far more in return) than any woman, and it will also help satisfy his fatherly instincts without having to have kids. Dog ownership can be a real spiritual experience that truly enhances / improves your humanity (which I find ironic), and I love mine dearly.
    Next is understanding game, but I think all of the above should come before or at least evolve concurrently with learning the basics of female psychology and gender dynamics.
    As an aside, I know a short unattractive guy (5’6″) who makes average money and dresses fairly poorly, but he gets laid primarily for 3 interrelated reasons that are all easy to obtain for those who are interested: big arms and chest from pumping weights; tattoos on his arms; Harley motorcycle. Now, I wouldn’t fuck the kind of chicks he does (for the most part), but dude gets his dick wet on a pretty regular basis and enjoys himself.

  22. “In practice, this meant going to nightclubs all night seven nights a week until I was beat, bleary-eyed, and exhausted, propositioning every girl in the place. It meant suffering humiliating rejections, again and again. It meant following up every single phone number I ever acquired. It meant going on date after fruitless, boring date. It meant staying up with a girl until 6am on a workday trying to get the bang.”
    Dick, meet door. *slam*
    Now let’s go get a life.
    No offense to the author but I would bet that someone going through that getting a 9 or 10 and the sex lasts 10 minutes would be akin to waiting in line at Disney for 3 hours to go on a ride that lasts 2 minutes.
    My solution is more complex:
    Let’s take this energy and have men working on folding time and space to build a warp drive, and the human race breaks out into the galaxy way ahead of the stupidity of earth where men can be men and women will be women (or become forgotten abandoned women because where survival matters, bitches get left behind).
    I would bet if the “desire to get laid” was shunted into STEM fields, especially by the “average guys” who apparently are born to be more useful to this world then those human peacocks they try to compete with for limited (and useless cock carousel riding Sex in the City watching) pussy, the world would be like the fucking Jetsons by now.

    1. Only if you could make the leap to Jetsons technology in a single adult lifetime. Otherwise, the STEM nerds all die of old age, without issue, and humanity falls right back into the shit.
      European science advanced step by step; despite a 2000-year head start, Chinese science kept advancing and falling back. Why? Because European scientists guided their sons into science and married their daughters to scientists, while Chinese scientists were imperial eunuchs.

      1. and now we us average (or below/slightly-below average) guys have no contributions to be made to the propagation of the species or advancement of civilization.
        i really wanted to be a good provider to a sweet girl next door type… but even that chance is dead. meh, it’s for the best. on with the sexual vulturing 😀

  23. This isn’t new. Attractive always matched with attractive. But what is different is that if a mediocre attractive girl can’t get her prince charming, she’d rather be single and focus on her career. Before women were guilted into marrying, marrying and sleeping with men they didn’t find the least bit attractive. But that was what was socially acceptable.

      1. How does this make me an overweight feminist?
        I am stating the obvious. Women do not want to date short ugly men. Period.

        1. translation guide:
          mediocre attractive girl = overweight
          single and focus on her career = feminist
          I am stating the obvious.

        2. I wasn’t talking about me you fool.
          I am just saying how I see it. Semi-attractive women would rather stay single than date a semi-attractive man.

        3. I highly doubt it. I’ve watched many of these “semi-attractive” women get desperate as they approach 30. If they are still single, then they start to worry (and wonder).
          You can spot it on their faces a mile out (even if you don’t personally know them). I see this look all to often when I’m out and about in town.
          The hamster starts to spin “why don’t all of these guys hit on me like they used to when I was 22?”.
          Tick tock, tick tock.

    1. “Mediocre attractive girl” could easily pull a man, if she kept the weight off and attempted to be feminine. No, it doesn’t work as you note, generally even the pretty girls now devote their pea brains to career first, last and everywhere in between, then lament that men are not impressed with her “credentials”.
      Then she gains weight, crops her hair short and wears pant suits. Men fail to respond in droves. Shock and dismay ensue.
      Screw credentials. If you’re not feminine, I have no time for you. Period. End of sentence.

      1. “Then she gains weight, crops her hair short and wears pant suits. Men fail to respond in droves. Shock and dismay ensue”
        This statement and the statement about the “credentials”.
        Women have been brainwashed by feminism (and too much Sex in the City). Like many, they still believe that a man really gives a fuck about their accomplishments…their “hot credentials”…Yeah, that gets me every time.
        And they all seem to take up that short hair cut and pant suit look (someone needs to stop them and let them know….it’s not hot…it’s not working). At some point you’d think the light would come on in their head that this look (with their credentials) is actually lowering their chances…no raising them.
        I don’t even think that a bullshit study by “whoever the fuck” would change their minds. The hamster spins…the shock and dismay, continues.

  24. “Red pill knowledge won’t make a guy hotter, it will simply make him smarter.” This freshman is wise beyond his years. He’s right too you know, if your passive game is good enough you never have to exercise your active game.
    My bet is a smart kid like this makes some good money, buys some nice shit, has years of game experience and pulls the fuck out of some hot pussy in his 30’s and 40’s.

    1. A lot of Beautiful women will take the ugly- average looking rich guy over the Handsome unsuccessful Jock most of the time, Look at Harvey Weinstien.

      1. Eh, she’ll take him for provisioning, but she’ll fuck the poor, masculine pool boy while Harvey is off at work. Every single time.

    1. when it times of extreme horniness, I’ve gone down to the Asian Massage Parlors and threw down the $160 for 30 minutes. Sometimes it is a necessary evil.

        1. yes and it is too easy. I enjoy the challenge of gaming women. I never run into hot Asians at the bars though,

    2. I have fucked escorts since I am 18 years old. I estimate my current tally to be about 120 women. I am kinda losing interest these days though. I only fucked 2 in the last 5 months.

      1. I hardly ever get access to Asian women. My social circle is devoid of them. When I get the Asian fever, I have to buy it,

        1. Geography is destiny. If you’re in dallas, you’ve got to hit hispanic single moms in their 20s. lol

        2. 2 Mexicans, 1 Guatemalan, and 1 Brazilian. 1 from work, 2 from POF, and another from a bar. Squirters..all of them 🙂

        3. You are an asshole. god bless you. You are more “Hitch” than wil smith. Will is now the anti-hitch in my opinion.

        4. DFW here too. It’s been $140 for 30 minutes here forever. At first, I was gonna say you were overpaying but it’s been so long since I’ve partaken maybe the price went up…HA!

        5. I practically live in “Little Mexico” and all I want these days is one of those cute Korean gals I can never seem to find outside of a Spa. Kind of sad really.
          Some of the Hispanics are hot but most don’t like to shave down below and I like “hardwood floors.”

  25. I don’t think men should worry about their looks, that’s a feminine trait. A women wants a Man, she doesn’t want a beta, she doesn’t want an effeminate male who is competing with her in most feminine voice, she doesn’t want second best, she wants A Man, If you are ugly but you know how to act like a Man she will want you. I think Freshmen is still in Beta mode crying about how he looks in the mirror.

    1. You would be right if we were in 1950 when women didn’t work and they needed support.
      Now they do not. So now they expect to be with a good looking partner.

      1. So the beta boys that talk with the high pitch voices and wear non aggressive approachable pastel colored clothing, that stay at home and take care of the kids while his “powerful” “career driven” wife is off at work is everything She wanted in a man lol, Yeah right, women crave men that act like men, that’s why the divorce rate is so high because the beta boys start feeling like her bitchy best friend opposed to her husband in marriage.

        1. Oh don’t get me wrong. They want men to act like men. But want them to be super good looking as well.
          Because they have choices. They do not need to be with a man for support.

        2. ahhh…. the feminist lie that having a job gives women choices… women getting more desirable with age… keep telling yourself that…

        3. Maybe 5 % have choices, The ones that are Beautiful Gorgeous Bombshells and are trust-fund kids or have been given a great career with Affirmative action have choices. The rest start loosing options from there, The beautiful bombshell who leaves college with her diploma but doesn’t have any common sense about starting a business and is now working at Wall-greens will jump at the ugly guy who pulls in with a ferrari and is hitting on her. The average girl stuck in the same dilemma will most definitely not think twice about impressing the ugly guy with the ferrari (if the guy in the ferrari chooses to engage her), and the ugly girl, well that’s obvious by now. I don’t know what economy you have been living in the past decade but I would say it doesn’t offer women choices, and that women are leaving college with very expensive diplomas that aren’t finding jobs that balance out or make worth their college debt, Women will most definitely jump at any opportunity that gets them out of their debt.

        4. Whether they want it, that’s what they rely on. Except “the man” is now government, and “the man” gives pretty princess legal rights to trample on men, and finances them with men’s money when she fails. Women are TOTALLY dependent on the good graces of men to “succeed”.

        5. No, they want them to be about what you want. Takes care to appear his best. Women forgive and attach, suffer from oneitis, if you will at the same rate as we men do. Keep trying to be your best and she will stay. Let go and may god be your witness.

      2. Women still need support. They may have incomes but they need the calming and steady hand of a trusted leader. Be that and sexually attractive (conventionally, not radically) you are in like Flynn.

    2. I’d have to agree. It’s true that tall good-looking men don’t need as much game as the rest of us, and can get away with far more beta behavior than the rest of us, but if Freshman is still having serious problems, he has more work to do. Maybe he doesn’t have an alpha attitude that’s readily noticeable to girls, i.e., something like a “bitchy resting face” (except for men, it’d be “badass resting face”). I made sure to work on that, and by itself it has drastically helped matters.

    3. That’s true to an extent. However, it’s not hard to notice that women will give a “first chance” for her to a tall, muscular good looking man without ever hearing a word he says, before she’ll give a chance to a game spitting PUA. That is until the exact moment the tall doofus opens his mouth of course, and blows it.
      I’m 6’3″, and 6’4″ in my cowboy boots and in great shape. Women come on to me, unbidden, when I’m out, some even when with their boyfriend, whose arms she’s wrapped in, while he has his head turned away.
      I believe Game has power, real psychological power. But before anybody opens their mouth, a tall, muscular confident looking male will always be moved right to the front of the line, until he fails (which fortunately for PUA’s, is most of the time).

      1. Women want all the traits in a Man they naturally lack.Confidence,intelligence,aggressiveness,masculinity, being without fear,success,ambition. To sum it up, A Man. You are right the moment a man opens his mouth a women can decide if he is worth her time and wether he carries any of the traits that would Deem him a Man.

        1. I don’t disagree, and suspect we are talking past each other, as we both seem to be shooting at the same target. It’s the masculine traits that they open up to, up to the moment that a man demonstrates through word or deed that he’s a limp wristed nancy boy. It’s just that holding yourself confidently as a tall, in shape guy will get you the first glance, since those are the most recognized traditional markers of masculinity.
          But put a short, cocky motherfucker in a room full of slumping, dejected looking giants, and he’ll clean up with all the women in the room. No doubt whatsoever.

  26. Didn’t know you were a Brit Troy. Do you still game in Britain or have you flocked off to other countries?

    1. In London mainly. But usually Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Spanish girls. There are so many foreign girls here it’s not true. Chances are if you hit on a hot girl in the street she won’t be English.

      1. Yeah, I noticed that in London. If the pretty girl wasn’t from France, she usually ended up speaking some variant of a Slavic language to her friends if I listened long enough.
        My son has come to appreciate the beauty of a svelte French lady by walking the streets of London with me, heh.

      2. Friend of mine lived in Enfield for parts of last year. He mentioned that the higher quality girls were non native. I’m about an hour north of London and it is a similar situation. Much preferred day gaming in Dublin, can get return flights from Birmingham for about £20 and the girls seem much more friendlier.

  27. I think sometimes people develop unrealistic expectations. Couple that with porn, and I can see why your average Joe thinks he should be with a Megan Fox.
    It doesn’t sell books, but the reality is everyone can’t date or sleep with 9’s. If you’re average, you’ll have to work harder. That’s life. It isn’t fair. Sometimes you may have to pound that girl with the muffin tops and slight mustache. Lol.
    Keep working to improve yourself and don’t fall for the propaganda. There are a lot of lonely semi-attractive women out there. They pretend to be living an exciting life on instagram and Twitter, but it’s all bullshit. Don’t give up.

    1. Exactly. I saw a short fat man approach a HB9. She turned him down, politely I might add. Then he got angry, and begged for just a chance. And she said girls who faces like mine, do not go out with guys who have faces like yours.
      Cruel. But made sense. Why would we expect a HB to go out with an ugly man, but not vice versa?

      1. A short fat man who blew a gasket upon rejection did not have frame or game, I guarantee it. A tall good looking guy who was insecure and had no charisma would come across just as needy and be rejected accordingly, or at best, turned into a beta orbiter.

  28. IMO you need to be somewhat alpha to be able to pick girls in clubs. The girls who go in clubs are sluts and only want to get fucked by an attractive man. They can get picky and clubs have a lot of men who look good, who are muscular and who are tall. Also a lot of these guys are legit puas who are used to pick up chicks. So that’s a lot of competition. IMO if you are not really alpha then you are better trying to get in a long-term relationship with a girl. It might not be as cool as fucking tons of bitches, but at least it is more realistic for the average guy. Telling an incel to go in clubs to get laid seems like questionable advice to me. In fact I would encourage to try to find a girl to marry instead.

    1. Obviously you have forgotten the basics. A slut is a woman that fucks everybody. A bitch is a woman that fucks everybody except you.

  29. I don’t complain that feminism deprives average guys of sex. We don’t need sex; a Fleshlight gives hundreds of brain-melting orgasms for the cost of one visit to a nightclub. Japanese onaholes are even more amazing; no wonder Japan is depopulating so fast.
    I complain because feminism turns women into whores, men into bums, and the whole society into a welfare slum. Whether men prefer whores or Fleshlights, they just don’t have the motivation to get out of bed and go to work anymore, because it no longer affords them the opportunity to get married, buy a house, and come home every day to a loving wife and many beautiful children.
    To achieve that dream now, you must find an unspoiled foreign wife, keep her and the kids isolated from outside influence (no TV, no public school, no Facebook, etc.), and have an income that lets you stay home and educate the kids yourself.

      1. I met my “unspoiled foreign wife” in Ukraine, but if I got any more specific, that pool of women would get spoiled real fast.

        1. Does she have a Greencard yet ? and how old is she ? Are you working long hours to satisfy her Dolce & Gabbana & Christian Louboutin needs ? Is she driving a Ford Focus or a Range Rover HSE ? I’m skeptical.

        2. Greencard yes, citizenship no (the fees are outrageous), married ten years, four kids. She was 26 when we met, 38 now. I have to go to the store now, she doesn’t drive.

        3. you held her in virtual slavery and kept her pregnant. the best way to do it. That does not mean her hamster wheel wasn’t trying to turn. You just kept the power to it at minimum levels.
          If you gave her citizenship first, things would have been different. Trust me I know about the former USSR quite well. you still didn’t answer if she has expensive tastes.

        4. She said that when we first met, I bought some bananas and shared them with her. That warmed her up to me, because bananas were a once-a-year treat growing up in the USSR. She likes shrimp and lobster now, but doesn’t demand them.
          My first wife was also from the USSR, and was quite the materialistic bimbo. I was so blue-pill I bought her a brand new car. At least we never had kids.
          There’s now a lifetime limit of two fiancee visas, so if my current wife died and I wanted to remarry, I’d probably have to move to the Philippines or something.

        5. yup, that’s what I thought.. it’s a gamble like any other woman, so your success rate is 50% with women from the former USSR. Red or Black on the roulette table ?

        6. It wasn’t a gamble; I was much more cautious the second time, and rejected younger, prettier women who might have been good wife material. Naturally, if you prioritize loyalty like I did, you’ll have to compromise on other qualities.
          If widowed, I’d probably not bother looking for another woman; the risk to my assets and my children would be too great.

      2. Yeah, after reading that other recent post about the dude who traveled the world, and banged an 18 y.o. Filipina who admitted to 15 previous partners…

    1. I’ve never used any male sex toys. I don’t know how great they are, but nothing compares to a real woman. It’s not just the pussy but the whole experience of having sex with living human. That’s what keeps me motivated to keep pushing. To me it’s worth it. I never look back with pleasure on the numerous times in the past I’ve masturbated. I do however cherish the memories of one night stands with the sexy Australian girl, the gorgeous Russian, etc.

      1. I’ve banged a couple of cute sluts too, and felt pretty awesome for the next few weeks. But that’s all faded into the distant past now, not like the daily reality of the family my wife and I have created together. Though I’m now a decade closer to old age and death, I feel less dread of them, and my parents do not fear death at all. It’s as if our purpose in life is to become grandparents, and when that is fulfilled, we are truly free.
        When you pass on, the sexy Australian and the gorgeous Russian will probably never hear about it, and wouldn’t much care if they did.

  30. Honest observation: It has got to be exhausting to have to “perform” all the time. I don’t say this sarcastically or in derision, just a simple observation. I’m glad men are learning to go through this process, but it’s pretty clear why so many resign instead to living sexless lives as tatted up, forlorn hipsters. Damn man.
    But it also allowed me to acquire a higher notch-count of girls in the 7+ range of anyone outside the community I’ve ever met with the exception of one natural, who fits the tall-handsome-alpha bill.
    I had no idea we’d met already Troy! heh
    Seriously, you give great advice to men who are just coming around to Game and the manosphere Troy, would be nice to be able to get you in front of as many young men in high school as possible, you’re contagiously enthusiastic, cheerful and convey a sense of optimism.

    1. it takes a lot of work. when I am at the bars/clubs in Dallas, I am on a non stop mission to get numbers, escalate, etc..I find that the 3 hours I set aside for it on Friday nights goes by quickly.

      1. Man…I see all of those POF examples (links) that you post of the women in your area. Many single moms with kids and the others are approaching the point (30) and they are getting pretty desperate.
        Too funny to read, though. All cookie cutter shit profiles. Everything they want (in a man) and all of that nonsense.

        1. they see an educated man as a way out of their current financial and emotional rut. I pretend to be their hero, but after 7 weeks, when push comes to shove, the phone lines are silent from my end. They never get what they truly want. I am sure they have screwed over many a man before me, so I do not feel so bad for them.

    2. Agree with Ghost’s suggestion.
      Personally, I try to take some of this knowledge (and my own experiences) to the “streets” to younger men. Often, I’ll engage in conversation at work or at the local pub (bar) with younger men and the discussion of life, women, etc…usually pops up. The first thing I tell them is it’s going to be a lot of hard work and the second thing is patience.
      So many are ready to go out there and chase. I tell them to improve, first, (with everything mentioned above) and they’ll see a dramatic improvement in responses, results, etc…
      Instead of becoming a moon (beta) that orbits around a planet (hot woman), build your own planet (you) and you’ll have plenty moons (women) orbiting you.
      I discovered this long ago and it hasn’t failed me.

  31. Or you could just learn Day Game.
    This level of… competition is scarcely present in Day Game.

    1. au contrair. it’s becoming trendy now. Proof of this is found in Oxford street and Picadilly Circus on a sunny weekend. It’s common for girls to complain, “I’ve been approached by the same stop (yad stop) like 8 times already!”
      Plus with feminists being haters, there will prolly be street harrasment “laws” soon…. that being said, i’m a daygame sniper so… tango spotted, horny chick on sight, locked on.

        1. Initially, most young men will have delusional confidence, especially in the West because of the Lack of Role models, but a man will get to a point Where he has confidence and there is nothing delusional about it.

    1. Delusional confidence will always get you more of anything, at least for a while.

  32. “Failure with women was simply not an option. I don’t use that phrase metaphorically, as a hackneyed self-help aphorism, but literally. My self-image was now so bound up in meeting and attracting girls of the same or a higher calibre than my ex, that I would do absolutely anything, whatever it took, to ensure that it continued.”
    A friend of mine recently divorced had no trouble getting a first date but for the life of him couldnt get a second. Desperation sets in.
    The key is self-improvement. Even though things suck now in the future you will reap the rewards later. Keep plugging away.
    And dont go to a club. You would probably get more notice going to a gym than going to insanity of a club.

  33. Great post Matt. I would counter that the human ingenuity you describe is actually masculine ingenuity. That’s neither here nor there in terms of the point of the article thought.

  34. Oh Anglos! Listen to this guy’s story and his ‘you have to want it so bad, it’s an illness’ and all of the hoop jumping for a female population in which 90% don’t even exercise nor can they be asked to hold off on that second gallon of ice cream every night. Recognize the imbalance. This is exactly what I’ve commented about before so I’m sorry if it’s repetitive. The pressure on males in the West is ludicrous and it’s only getting worse, while Miley, Kayla, Brooke, Ashley, and Madison are on the sofa, trading ice-cream farts, cursing like sailors and bitching about how there aren’t any good men anymore. Sad stuff. I respect this guy’s efforts and article but flip it around. What if you only had to go for a WALK to make it to the top 5 percentile? Because that’s the situation for women.

      1. Absolutely nowhere. My point doesn’t solve anything as far as getting women. I live in Asia so it’s not my issue. Not everyone can up and leave, especially younger guys. But it might cut down on the suffering a bit. Guys blaming themselves when the situation is so dire. Try to get your women and then laugh it off when it doesn’t work. That’s about the best I can do. The slovenliness of Anglo women is an absolute shame. It’s too bad some young dudes are walking around down on themselves for being shunned by women when the women themselves are barely trying to compete.

        1. I agree with you. The problem is men have this pesky ineradicable desire to slay pussy. That’s why game exists – to suggest strategies to get around the problem. But you’re right that the paradigm is completely unbalanced.

        2. It’s all good. I had this exact type of exchange before and it seems like I’m knocking the guy for trying his best in an unfair situation. I’m not knocking any who’s out there still trying. But knowing about this ludicrous imbalance could help guys’ confidence a lot.

    1. depends…spend 12 hours per day trying to climb the corporate ladder and at best you become a fat asshole with an okay looking wife. Success is how you manage & balance your work/home life.

  35. As someone who has dated women millionaires would kill just to be seen with but started out with zero game: Go on or to Asian massage parlors. Then get your ass overseas. You’re a God in many other countries simply because you are American. Do not tolerate the antics of Americanized women, leave that to Betas. Neither money, muscles, or looks ensure success. You see roiders standing alone on the rails in clubs, models who are always single and Ferrari owners who get stood up. Height probably matters most but in the end, if a woman believes her life is more exciting with you in it. This is the most powerful seduction of all. Most men are one dimensional; if you have even Two Traits that women want, and are not a creep, she’ll usually go home with you.

  36. “Krauser has pointed out that all highly successful players are to some degree emotionally damaged people”
    Anyone know where Krauser talks about this?

    1. the birdsong post on KrauserPua blog. Also daygame mastery touched on it indirectly.
      thr birdsong post is pure gold imo. a reflection of a life lived.

  37. we need to be men
    not women
    the whole purpose of sex is to have children
    men are supposed to be the fathers
    we are supposed to raise these children
    not women
    women are for men
    men are not for women
    in the animal world
    when women raise the kids
    the men go have sex with women and then leave
    when men raise the children
    the children have a stable upbringing and their is an actual family
    what we really need
    is order
    we need to become better men
    they are only doing this because we are allowing them to
    it is hard to do what is right
    but you see what happens when you do what is wrong
    it creates chaos
    this system creates old women with no one to take care of them
    confused kids
    and men taking the easy way in life
    what you need to realize is women dont want sex
    we want sex from them
    they just want power
    and they use sex to get it
    stop thinking that we are the same
    we are different
    and stop being cruel to women
    yu are right in most of what you say
    but so
    even if i knew someone wasnt smart
    do i really have to tell that to them everytime i see them
    if i know that i can move a toy with a push
    do i really have to crush it and destry it cmpletely
    teaching men to run in choas and disorder
    isnt productive
    we dont need women
    they are their for our lonliness
    we dont need sex
    that is for our lonliness also
    thats is for children
    for family
    and everyone knows family is real love
    but when you just fuck theses girls and leave them
    your are playing with fire
    when that is done
    whores appear
    orphans appear
    evil appears
    this whole women thing doesnt last for ever
    we dont want wmen
    we want young beautiful attractive women
    guess what
    women get old
    it is our responsibility to take care of theses women
    provided they were faithful
    their are alot of women in the world
    truth is
    we dont care about all them
    all you guys do on this site in reality is attack the girls eeryone really wants
    the beautiful young girls
    old women ugly women ect ect
    we arnt thinking about them
    we should practice more mercy
    you guys want the hot girls?
    become perfect mwn
    dominant men
    work out
    eat healthy
    get rest
    change your way of life
    be good
    do right
    be real men
    the whole point of this is to have children
    and have a family
    if you dont do these things
    you will be left with nothing
    and you will die
    we will all die
    if a farmer plants a seed everyday adn then digs it up
    when he dies he accomplishes nothing
    if a farmer plants seed and lets them grow
    then when he dies
    the seeds he plants
    will leave other seeds
    and he would have a created harmony

  38. Can you guys stop peddling the idea that the pot of pussy gold lies at the end of the rainbow in Vilnius, Lithuania?
    Marital success with any woman from “over there” requires you to incarcerate them in conditions paramount to modern day slavery. We all know they want you for your wallet, not your penis. Let’s get real people.

    1. I’m not sure they all want you for money. My current main girl is Polish and she’s not a gold digger. However, two of the most materialistic, bitchy, money grabbing, entitled, snobbish girls I ever met were from Eastern Europe. Proceed with caution with any relationship

      1. “proceed with caution” – I agree, but I think guys on here are doing a disservice to the more impressionable crowd, when there is talk about how compliant, beautiful, and sweet those girls from x-Warsaw Pact nations are. They may have better bodies, but word on the street in any former Eastern Block nation is that American, or Western men, are desperate to find wives and can be taken advantage of. I would hate for guys to spend thousands of $$$$ thinking they are flying to pussy utopia only to be disappointed in the end.

        1. I live in London in the heart of the EU, and there are a shit ton of EE girls here. In my experience, while preferable to US / UK girls for various reasons, they are not the sweet, unspoiled maidens many have been led to believe. Like any group of people, they are all very different — there are varying degrees of ‘Western’ corruption, but in the end hypergamy is hypergamy wherever she’s from.

  39. This article clearly illustrates the dangers of an addiction. Years of chasing sluts in clubs implies a great amount of time, effort and energy, and more or less it drains your wallet and your health (good sleep is paramount for long-term health).
    Just as a drug-addict expends time and resources to pursue crack cocaine, a neurotic individual may expend time and resources to get a high notch count.
    This matters for the neurotic, but for the rest of the world it may amount to having fucked hundreds of girls who wouldn’t give a shit about you after a month, and neither you about them.

    1. one could rationalize hobbies the same way. Do you have hobbies? 99% of the time hobbies can drain your wallet and time and only get you personal satisfaction. Or how about religion? or volunteering? gaming women in clubs is a part-time hobby for myself and many others.

      1. He does have a point, though. The OP isn’t meant to celebrate continually chasing pussy – I’m just saying there is a way if you want if bad enough. Bit each guy must make the call on whether it’s worth the outlay of time.

        1. you cannot gain something without sacrificing something else.
          I know guys who end up living with 8+ ; HB9s but a little older 35+ because it is easier to have stable pussy with them and they get tired of the chase.
          Other guys on here have said that they downgrade the looks maybe to a 6+ , 22-28 year old in order to have that stability.
          the 8+s , HB9s 22-28 years old have to be continually gamed. It is a fact of life. The question is are you willing to sacrifice your time for them? the key word in all of the articles you guys write is ” time”

  40. I have something better : Why not place this amount of effort on accomplishing your Mission and becoming a master at your profession. Don’t sacrifice your legacy for a female.
    p.s. When you accomplish your goals, they (women) come with the territory .

  41. What the author says is exactly the cost of success. Ive paid it 2 or 3 times in life and i wish i had the will to pay it again.

    1. I didn’t realise he was a troll. Nevertheless, I thought the quote a useful way into the discussion as I’ve been having conversations with a friend who says similar things.
      Given he’s a troll, would you say he’s overstating how bad things are for effect? Or is he just someone who refuses to learn the lessons you and others provide about gender relations?
      Also, what would you say to the commentators here who are advocating putting all the effort I describe into more worthwhile projects? In many ways I agree with them and I hope it’s clear from the OP that I’m not exactly celebrating throwing ones life away in pursuit of pussy. At the same time I believe some consistent application of game is necessary for most men. However accomplished you become in other ways, unless you get famous, girls won’t queue up for you. You have to hunt.

      1. He’s(?) actually a troll who makes a habit of repeating the same ant-Red Pill rhetoric: all Red Pill guys are fat, old, balding and deluding themselves they can get with hot college age women because he’s in college and sees that the ONLY thing that matters is looks when it comes to attracting those women.
        I run an open, unmoderated forum, this troll knows this, yet he still creates a new handle and starts a new email address every time he posts. My guess is he’s a guy dispossessed from Game and thinks he’s doing something meaningful with the time he isn’t spending on SLUTHate (new PUAHate) commiserating there.

  42. This is the reality for men (at least in North America)…
    I’m a 5’8 North American man with a slightly above average face. I’m also in tip-top physical condition and visibly musuclar with ripped abs and a bench press of 160% of my body weight. I’ve been working out steadily for 10 years. I also have a masters degree in a difficult subject from a top world university. I’m also a semi-celebrity in my area because I ran for political office and almost pulled a massive upset (I doubt this would have been possible if I didn’t have “game” with voters). I drive an expensive European sports car. I worked in a Wall Street type job and left it in order to take over a family business which will leave me set for life. Take a guess when the last time I’ve had a date was…..
    Months ago
    Night game seems to be getting harder and harder every weekend.

    1. Daygame is definitely the way forward. You can fit it in between appointments, walking around the city. (Whereabouts do you live, by the way?)
      Night game has always been hard (although it probably is incrementally worse now) It only works well for certain personality types.

  43. I live in a sausage fest where it feels like you need to be jacked on steroids and hyper rich just to get a 7. Even 40 year old flabby chicks are picking up muscles latino dudes at salsa. After a year of gaming at salsa clubs its time to either go mgtow or go overseas.

  44. After a few years of daygaming and having approached somewhere in the neighborhood of 1000 women, I’ve been reflecting on the progress I’ve made and the work left to be done if I really want to get the most out of it. Its hard to imagine approaching another 1k, 2k, 3k + girls, but its what it takes to acquire the reference experiences needed to excell with consistency. There will be of course successes along the way, but failures and soul searching as well.
    I think most men can improve a lot without aiming to become players. For most guys though, I think 100+ cold approaches is the minimum to get your feet wet. You also need to take notes, read a lot of material, watch videos, work out, improve your mental state in various ways, etc.

  45. Great article. Thank you for not bullshitting me. I have not the drive to be good with women, they offer so little other than sex that I can’t see why I’d fight to overcome my natural disadvantages.
    It’s not a case of sour grapes. I know pussy is wonderful, but nothing is worth that much drama and effort.

  46. This article is half truth , but mostly bullshit . I don’t like the being obsessed with scoring random pussy part , Almost sounds like he’s pedistalizing the pussy. ” you mother fuckers go at a bitch cause you like the bitch and you want to fuck her , no no no I go at a bitch because I want her to see me ” ” get the pussy off your mind when your going at a bitch , you’ve got to have yourself on your mind ” props and credit to mr rose BUDD Bitter dose . Don’t forget that you are kings fellas

  47. Great article. You can complain and keep making excuses or be willing to put in the hard work and never quit. I’m also beginning to realize that pick-up is a competitive sport like any other, and getting the “girl” is not enough motivation, but beating other guys in the community is what will drive me to continue.

  48. I never contribute to these forums, I’ve been viewing ROK for a hot minute and this is the one that inspires me. The parts from “Freshman” in particular. I have 2 buddies ‘Face’ and ‘Captain Caveman’. Face is a pretty boy, but ‘beta’ as they come. He’s had a good # of vagina’s thrown his way, but has since become shackled to a very domineering beeotch, becoming more beta and can’t even get girls to look his way. CPT Caveman, is 5’1″, has a beer gut from hell( looks pregnant), hairy (arab/irish descent), chronically unemployed and broke( borrowed a grand from me to buy a hooptie), with 2 kids that live with him,crass, and a drunk. Yet in his mind he’s 6′ tall and an Adonis, which is how he pulls down tang in the mid to high double digits every year. I have literally watched him pull his shirt off ( beer gut and all)and tell a girl that “Come ride the great one. You know you want to.” and he got blown by that girl in his bathroom within the hour, while me and another buddy in the next room over marveled at his ability( so not just some BS he tried to feed in a story later). Mind you they’re not all 7+, in fact a good amount of 5’s and 6’s, but honestly he rates maybe a 5 minus in looks himself, not too mention the extra baggage he has. I have several friends in the liberal camp who love him, including one girl who very much identifies as a feminist, but when the day he met her, and just started a conversation to find her and I weren’t banging the next words out of his mouth were” Oh are you a carpet muncher?” . Not only did I fall off my a** laughing, but she tells me to this day to say hello, because she thinks he’s awesome. So to freshman and all you out there game is 100% in your head!

  49. All that effort, and for what? Freshman headed straight for the places and times where he was going to be at his worst. To borrow a phrase from the Army, If you find yourself in a fair fight, you already fucked up. At the parties, the tall muscular jocks are going to kill it, because they are tall muscular jocks and brainless drunk college girls are going to hit that. Freshman is simply going to get lost in the milieu.
    Instead, he needs to focus on the “rolling engagement” borrowing another Army term. A rolling engagement occurs when two opposing forces are on the move, they may know each other are out there, but not necessarily where the other force is at or in what direction it’s moving. If a commander expects this type of engagement, he tells his troops to be alert and at the ready. In practical terms, we call this day game and it isn’t nearly as impossible as what Freshman here is trying. He needs to be at the mall, the bookstore, the cafe, wherever these girls can be approached without another guy for them to fly off to immediately.
    I live in a college town. I am too old to be interested in parties and clubs. Approaches to these girls on the side,being the well dressed, well groomed, older guy works. Especially with the college seniors and grad students. They always assume I am younger than I am.

  50. Lesson number one for ALL posts. Never listen to one word some dude with hotter face, or body says about dating…REMEMBER this one, get it curved in your skin. They think its same for you, but you get the same shit with like 6s or 7s, but its same scenario. IT ISNT: CAuse guys who are hot are still willing to fuck those, so it isnt the same scenario at all. Look for OKCUPID experiment…. Its FEast or Famine.

  51. I don’t see the infatuation with trying so hard to pound random chicks. Isn’t a key tenant of the red pill mentality not putting the pussy on the pedestal? Work your ass off, get ripped, increase your finances, dress in clothes that actually fit and you’re above about 90% of the American population. If you so choose to grab some ass, take your pick. Just don’t make it central to who you are. Life is more than poon.

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