4 Moments Of Shock Upon Returning To America

I told myself it wouldn’t happen. That I wouldn’t return to America after being abroad for nine months and be culture shocked in my home country. I said that I wouldn’t be “that guy” who would be surprised by everything. I figured that I hadn’t even been gone a year. I wouldn’t forget the unpleasant girls, humongous portions, and the general degenerate aspects of the American culture. I assumed it would just go straight back to normal for me.

My, how wrong I was.

I returned to California less than three weeks ago, and nearly everything that could shock me has. My jaw continues to drop after just nine months on the road. Every time I venture out of the house, something surprises me. It’s akin to living on a new planet. I can’t even imagine how it will feel to return stateside after nine years of living abroad, come 2025.

With that being said, here’s what has taken me aback lately.

1. The Harpy Shrill


Good God, does every woman here in America speak at a 7th octave level? Everywhere I go it’s high-pitched cackling, laughing and faked interestOh, the fake voice. It’s more common in California than other states, but why do these girls insist on acting like they care so much? Their general facial expressions and mannerisms give it all away. They do not give a care in the world about any of the conversation going around them. It’s very different around the world.

Ukrainian women, for example, speak in a harsh accent. However, they speak at a normal tonal level and with respect—for each other, for men, and for family. American women on the other hand shrill their way through entire conversations by doing nothing but cackling, interrupting, and insulting people. A sad decline from years ago (or so I hear—I wasn’t born in that era).

2. Diversity Is All The Rage


I landed at San Francisco International, and frankly, I thought I’d either landed in Mexico City or Beijing. As soon as I had debarked the plane, I heard far more Asian dialects than English. This isn’t all that surprising for San Francisco, but the next part was the most shocking.

Many signs had both English and Spanish words. Again, perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised, given that the Latino population is now higher than the white population in California, but this is the first time I’ve seen this. It makes me wonder what’s next—will the road signs pointing to Interstate Five soon say Autopista Cinco underneath it?

Spanish isn’t an official language, but it won’t surprise me if it soon is. Perhaps Californians will soon be expected to speak fluent Spanish and English.

3. Is There Anything You Can’t Buy?


I lived the entire year with one suitcase, one backpack, and one small travel guitar. I threw dozens of things away and bought nothing. Nothing was necessary after a while, the basic necessities got me by.

A trip to any basic department store showed me that you can buy anything and everything here in the states. A deep fryer for the kitchen? You got it. A TV that covers your entire wall? No problem—just put it on credit. No wonder everyone around me is wallowed in so much debt. When you have all the options put in front of you, it’s impossible to say no to everything. Hell, I was pretty tempted by that deep fryer myself.

To top it off, the number of credit card offers I’ve received blows my mind. Every single store that isn’t a mom-and-pop boutique now offers you a credit card when you’re checking out. It won’t surprise me in the future if I’m offered a credit card to finance my pizza delivery order. Speaking of food…

4. The All You Can Eat Buffet


I took a venture to a Mongolian BBQ joint—one of my vices, and I obviously missed out on it for a good chunk of the year. I would estimate that 90% of the people in the restaurant were obese. Not just overweight, obese. My family and I accounted for probably half of the people who weren’t. Three patrons had motorized scooters, escorting them to their third and fourth helpings of BBQ. I kept waiting for the paramedics to pull up and scooter these people to the ICU.

While obesity obviously isn’t anything new, it’s still shocking when you haven’t seen it in months. I looked around and just felt despair. Eastern European cultures shame gluttony and being fat. What hope do future generations have when they’re raised in sloth? Kids are impressionable. If they see both mommy and daddy being escorted around by motorized scooters, they’ll grow up thinking that’s perfectly normal and acceptable. A scary thought.

My one other meal out was eye-opening too. It was at least two times the size of a normal meal you’d get in a mid-level restaurant in most places. My girlfriend and I had a favorite restaurant in Kiev, where we’d usually split the large “fajitas,” chopped beef with onions, peppers, cheese, and some pita breads. Your average America portion size is significantly bigger than those fajitas and Americans put away those entire entrees without a second glance.


I assumed I’d at least enjoy the holidays and get into the new year before I started making concrete plans to get back on the road. I wanted to enjoy my little sabbatical at home and use the opportunity to get far ahead of my upcoming work. Alas, I hardly made it three days before I started looking longingly at AirBNB rentals on other continents.

The next journey has been booked, and I’ll be on the road before the first month of 2017 ends. I’ll return to lands of skinny people, pleasant conversation, and a lack of motorized scooters. No doubt the next time I come home, I’ll go through it all again.

The only question is how much further America can fall. Will Trump be the one to turn it around? Only time will tell.

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447 thoughts on “4 Moments Of Shock Upon Returning To America”

  1. I went back to the UK for the first time in 8 years in 2016. Similar story in London, hardly any English speakers around. It totally weirded me out. Mostly East European and Arabic languages, but at least the women seemed fairly attractive (the ones not wearing Burkas anyway). Outside London the white women were mainly huge.

    1. Isn’t it odd for you or anybody else to visit a place like London and claim that there are “hardly any English speakers around” !? The people those who cannot “speak” English are the people Britain brought as “slaves and cheap labor”, just like this Country brought Chinese people to work on railway tracks.
      Britain deliberately allowed huge numbers of Asylum Seekers and Refugees (mostly Muslims) into their Country & now they have to pay the price !
      By the way, in London, have you noticed any Traffic Signs in “Spanish” !? And you are talking about people NOT speaking English !!!

      1. Nevada first (followed by a wave of others from CA who are wrecking the state). I’m in Northwest New Jersey right now – good part of a very bad state. I’ll be out in about 3 years.

        1. I guess all big cities become cesspools, countryside is the only place where one can escape, but then finding jobs gets way harder

  2. This is why I am a nationalist for Victorian Era Great Britain, not the cesspool it is today. Wellington and Churchill would both roll over in their graves if they knew that Oscar Wilde-like degenerates were running rampant through the streets of London.
    America, which was the nation built by tough adventurers and colonials out to make their fortunes in the fur is full of fat assholes who couldn’t skin a cat.
    The Brexit and the election of Donald Trump are the only glimmers of hope for the two greatest nations in the history of the world.

    1. LOL, two greatest nations? I don’t think Britain was ever able to create a large middle class and prosperity for its people like the US did. In Victorian Britain the number of people who could read, write and had the luxury of bathing was like 32 in the whole country 🙂

      1. British customs, traditions, natural law and notions of individual rights created a larger middle class than any other European nation in their day. America, based on EVERYTHING I just mentioned, just had more room to do it in, and we did it fucking really well. Don’t diss Britain, without them, you wouldn’t even know what liberty was.

        1. We’re England’s son who grew to be more successful than his father. But we still should recognize where the vast majority of our customs, traditions, philosophical underpinnings, language, and humor originated.

      2. But lets not overlook the good stuff. In Victorian London the number of whores exceeded the number of men. Talk about a buyers market.

  3. Who cares about fat people in scooters? Wide streets, beautiful parks, clean environment. Best place on earth. Bunch of crybabies.
    Come to Brazil, where you can be shot or kidnapped, where people are rude and violent, where traffic sucks and garbage is everywhere.
    The US has everything. The best museums, libraries, nature, one only has to move his ass and enjoy it. Best opportunities for bright, talented people. Try to move ahead in a country where everything is based on corruption and nepotism.

    1. Now imagine 1950s detroit, where everyone has a good job and owns their own house, the factories are pumping out product and everyone is having healthy children, there is very low crime and gangs of migrants and brown people arent pillaging at will. Imagine that, with today’s technology and connectivity. Just because you live in a verifiable dumpster doesnt mean the USA isn’t rotten behind the facade liberals have put up

      1. “Brown people” aren’t pillaging at will !
        How insane and jealous you are ! “Brown people” are NOT living on EBT Cards or Social Security like locals, “Brown people” are NOT looting malls & shopping complexes, “Brown people” are NOT doing protests and killing on-duty (MALE) police offers, “Brown people” are NOT doing any drug trafficking, “Brown people” are NOT pussy lickers, “Brown people” are paying MORE taxes and getting (if any !) LESS benefits from the State, “Brown people” are the majority in the fields of Medicine, Science, Technology, Education etc.
        Unlike the “Pale skin/De-pigmented people”, the “Brown people” didn’t coupe & destroy OIL Rich Countries for their own benefits, “Brown people” didn’t put “Military Bases” for their own benefit, “Brown people” didn’t sponsor terrorism for their own vested interests.
        “Brown people” pillaging !? Is it !? really !?
        Spelling bee !? Satya Nadella !? Sundar Pichai !?
        You (and your kind of Pale skin/De-pigmented people) are envious and indeed seriously suffer with “Inferiority Complex” !!!

        1. You might want to fact-check that little tantrum, as you’ll find it incorrect (and the inverse) on every point. Are you forgetting the current, most imperialistic-ever, US President is a mudskin?

        2. With a name like “Ravi”, what we got here is an East Indian prick, who belongs to the biggest beta cuck of a race. Get the fuck out here and run your gas station.

        3. What a retard you are !? You have “concluded” my Home Country by my name but not by other names (Satya Nadella and Sundar Pichai) ! You indeed suffer with Inferiority Complex ! There is no point in arguing with (not all but) your kind of Pale skinned/De-pigmented retards ! By the way, help yourself and look at the recent 12 winners of Spelling Bee !
          Looting Shopping Malls, Mass Shootings in Universities / Airports, On duty (MALE) Police officers getting killed in protests, Pussies walking bare chested, Pussies doing Slut walks, Repeated terrorist attacks !
          Indeed, this Country is the safest place on the planet !!!
          This would be my last reply to your kind of retards. Ever wondered why !? Simple, I am not fond of throwing stone on pile of **** !!!

        4. Exactly, you are forced to rote memorization so that’s why you guys can’t come up with original ideas of your own. You have to go with what mommy and daddy told you to do. Go suck on your mother’s tit you Indian beta cuck.

    2. Funny how it is, the cushy lifestyle that you describe is what enables the fat people on scooters and feminists to exist. It is no coincidence that feminism exists primarily in westernized nations.

      1. You know, that is my initial thinking too. However, where the cushy life and the museums are in their densest population you see far less overweight people than you would elsewhere.
        I defy you to walk down museum mile in NYC on Madison Avenue on a nice spring day and find even 5 fatties who aren’t tourists despite there being thousands of people on the street whereas if I walk through a parking lot in Yulee, Florida I would be surprised to see someone who isn’t overweight.

        1. You can’t survive being a fatty in NY. Too much competition and too easy to look over a fat person. In cities where people can settle because competition runs lighter it is very different.

        2. This rings true, though I have precious little first hand info of other cities. What I consider a “chubby” girl here would normally be considered in good shape in much of the rest of the country. A guy I know who moved here from Michigan always refers to the 1-10 scale as either the 1-10 scale or the NY 1-10 scale.

        3. Living in Chicago for more than a year now, New York has quality that far exceeds most other locations and most men seem to be forced to settle. In other states this is not the case because New York is still the best market to test out for most job fields. And asides from rent, it is very easy to make the journey to.

        4. Museums are a different thing though. They are for people who have an interest and zeal in life. Go to some other common form of entertainment, like a movie theater and you see fatties. That, and people walk more in NYC.

        5. I’m firmly of the opinion that driving and distance are the absolute worst parts of America.

        6. Traffic is worse than distance, to me. Everything I could ever need is within 30 minutes by car but you’ll never get out of second gear….

        7. Areas where there are dense populations makes it more difficult for large people to maneuver a scooter on the sidewalks. And with all the taxi cabs in NYC, there is no need to walk. That is why you don’t see much.

        8. The taxi, from door to door, my home to my job, at, say, 530 am takes 10 minutes tops. The exact same taxi at 730 am-8pm will take 45 minutes minimum

        9. Average city folks will just walk to get to places, but if you are heavy and transportation is readily available, they take the path of least resistance…hence why they are heavy.

        10. Fatty on Wal-Mart cart does seem like the last leg of decadence before the big one. But who knows, maybe we will see a rolling sofa and TV with feeding tubes in stores before long. Why not. People will be in admiration of the manual dexterity of old movies when people could still use their hands instead of a robot arm to raise big macs to their mouth. And were capable of sucking milk shakes and cola through a straw !!!

        11. That reminds me of that Bruce Willis film “Surrogates” where real people stayed home hooked up to a VR machine that controlled a perfect robot image of themselves out in the real world.

        12. and walking means cobblers! I will not live in a city that doesn’t have many different choices for cobbling in each and every neighborhood. I have, without exaggeration, 5 cobblers in walking distance (under 10 minutes) from me. This is an acceptable amount of cobblers. The Cobbler to Person ratio is really at the heart of what makes a good city.

        13. to be fair, from what I understand of the large section of this country forced to exist on central time it is going to take a lot more than a little walking to help them. People don’t get to 500 pounds and needing a scooter in Walmart because they drive rather than walk.

        14. And when you live in a high rise, you sometimes have to haul your groceries up several flights of stairs.

        15. That’s fantastic! Due to cheap shoes and our comparative lack of class, Philly seems devoid of shoe repair establishments…

        16. Good point about cities and fatties. I like small town America (West, South, and Midwest), but these places are overflowing with morbidly obese people. It is just horrible. NYC, San Francisco, Seattle, etc. are much better in that regard.
          Still, I like my (paid for) 4 br house on a 1/3 acre with fruit trees, a vegetable garden, and basement gym. In Seattle, my house would have cost about 4-5X more, and probably 8X more in NYC or SF.
          I also like the better gun laws in “red state” America.
          Still, I must lament the obesity epidemic.

        17. There is a lot to the “walking” aspect of NYC. I’ve spent a lot of time in Japan. People also walk in Japan, and you see almost no fat folks there.

        18. There may be something to that. I’m married so not really looking, but even without trying I’ve noticed that I tend to get a LOT of IOIs whenever I travel to NYC for business.
          I’m not even particularly handsome either….just kind of average looking dude with a more aggressive looking attitude than most and a nice suit. That tells me the competition women face is more intense in NYC.

        19. They’re popular in cities, but beyond that everything is very car-focused.
          But then again, as Steven Wright said: “everywhere is walking distance, if you have the time”

    3. This is true.
      the Museums, parks, ease is there.
      I make a point to enjoy them.
      Especially the major Museums – Art and Ass on display – best in world…
      But, can get bitter and pissed dealing with the deluded feminist bigots…

    4. That’s true.
      But what we’re talking about in the West is a spiralling downwards. For many we feel like we’re in a final days of Rome scenario. Decadence, stupidity, sloth … sure our problems aren’t yet as tangible as yours, but if the US or Western Europe went bang, it would be even worse than some shitholes

      1. I had two experiences in Brazil. The first one was in Pirenopolis and Florinopolis where a girl who was from a very wealthy family let me stay in her familycompound and then we went around to a bunch of very nice hotels, places to swim (pirenopolis is known for, and rightly so, the coolest waterfalls in the world), cool cafes and hung out with people who are in the top 10% of Brazilian financial life. I thought that I was in paradise. Then I saw the Rio Favelas and realized that I would rather be in an American prison than live in a Favela in Rio.
        I feel that Brazil can be a glorious place to live if you have, say, oil money. But day to day life for what is considered “average” in Brazil seems like a fate worse than hell.

        1. People just enjoy pilling up in those slums, dangerously clinging from those hills ready to be taken by a landslide in the first heavy rain. And then you have the violence, the open sewage, the heat and everything else. I will never understand why someone would rather live in that place instead of looking for work in a farm or simply living in the woods. We are a country that’s bigger than the continental US and there’s just a billion opportunities and other places to live instead of a crime ridden slum. There’s something strongly disturbing with some people here.

        2. Yup. I mean look, if you have $300m dollars and want to move pretty much anywhere in the world you can make it a paradise on earth. With 300 million a move to brazil would be lovely. But those Favelas are just terrible.

        3. Lolknee you could be able to go around and find wonderful places to live here 20 years ago. Crime was unheard of. You could buy a nice piece of land and there wouldn’t be a scumbag for miles. Favelas (or communities, the PC term for them) used to be something that was kept as small as possible. They used to relocate people, because like I said, anything was better than living there. But what happened? The favelas that existed got bigger because when the welfare started, people had to be near cities to be able to spend the money and still get informal jobs to live a life they never dreamed of. Poor Brazilians would look like the worst you see in Africa some 30 years ago. It was unbelievable. People with cameras used to go there and tell them how poor they were. All of a sudden, eating cacti and lizards made them sound like savages. There was this type of thing in Brazil. People were “convinced” they were poor. They were convinced that the government must make sure all of their 8 children survived. If you look the thing at a whole, it’s mind-boggling. People whose grandparents lived from the nature and the land (not talking about indians, there were people living up north, some even descendants from the dutch and other whites) and now, they can’t get a fish. They were starving in the jungle and the semi-arid deserts of the Northeast. Help would poor in some times, population would go up, ecnomy would go down, boom, mass starvation. Brazil is still, far FAR from coming out the stone age. You go to places up north, many cases of fathers who make wives out of their daughters. Whole families of inbred, living in some shack in the wooded outskirts of a city. People know that and it’s normal there, so it takes an “outsider” to show the kind of things that still happen in some of these godforsaken lands. There’s very little effort to change the barbaric culture and mindset and unfortunately, the left only promoted this in the last decades and things went from bad to chaotic. If you told me that something as disgusting and disgraceful as Brazilian funk would exist today, 25 years ago, I wouldn’t believe. It looked bad when groups of blacks started making groups of blond women dancing and rubbing their no~nos on bottle necks, but I seriously thought that was as low as it would go. The things that happen in funk balls in favelas today (and it makes me sick to know that so many middle-class girls end up there nowadays) would make a hip-hop party in the worst of LA look like something well behaved. So, all of this degenerate culture, created only more and more human garbage. Now, you can’t feel safe in any big or medium city, maybe very few exceptions with the smaller ones, but you would have to go a lot of crime charts to find them. Now, even if you live in a nicer hood like I do, all it takes is a motorcycle and a gun (many times fake, but are you going to risk?) for a couple sleazebags to go around robbing people. You used to be able to build a house in the country and leave the door open. Try that today. The place where my mom was raised was like that, a nice valley where people grew coffee and fruit, people living here and there, all tending their land, a tiny city near the main road. That lasted until the early 90’s. Nowadays. there are people smoking crack in the middle of the coffee plantations.

        4. That is really terrible. Such a beautiful country and such a beautiful people.

        5. All the time you see people complaining about how bad income is distributed, but in the end, people are simply needing more and more to pay all the taxes that are already place, and at the same time you don’t see these people lives improving. Not to mention they end up living in expensive places with all types of security, insurance and bodyguards. You can’t go to any turistic destination that is “popular” anymore without staying in some exclusive close resort or things like. Going to a beach in Rio today with your family? TO be robbed by some dragnet of favela minors that do whatever they want because they untouchable? The least it’s gonna happen is some trash listening to music that is 99% heavy cursing and if you have a teen daughter, you have to pretend you’re not seeing and hearing all the animals drooling over her.

        6. I really am sad to hear this. I genuinely loved my time in Brazil and felt it was so peaceful and happy.

        7. I saw a statistic that Brazil had the highest per capita number of armored/bullet proof cars in the world. In the article they talked about the very rich buying taxis and armoring them. The taxis because it blends into traffic and is less of an obvious target. One rich guy bought his daughter a pink Volkswagen Beetle and armored it.

        1. Palermo Soho in Buenos Aires, with Punta Del Este as a weekend break, beats anything Brazil has to offer. Chile is really cool to – the nicest people in Latin America by far from my experience travelling.

      2. This is laughable. Why would anyone swap The greatest country in the world for a 3rd world country. Has he even checked the poverty and unemployment rates in Brazil. Plus Brazil has high crime rates. Living in cities like New York, Miami, LA is a blessing. Opportunities galore exist. The author shouldn’t let ‘chasing pussy’ cloud his judgement. Besides there are more than enough beautiful women in the states. He should just man up and improve himself

        1. I am married to one of the citizens of a third world shit hole. I would move there for the reason that the culture is not a cesspit. The culture is not based on a worship of death and decay. I would go there because men still have a place in society, and old people are listened to not warehoused in nursing homes while they wait to die. Reliable electricity and clean tap water is not the be all and end all of existence.
          BTW, the only reason I am not there is my wife is concerned about my health care (I have heart trouble, and her father died of a heart attack she thinks he would have survived in the US) so she refuses to move back home.

    5. Marcos, America is not a doomed shithole like Brazil and we should let the decent Americans to find what should be changed and not. In Brazil we always had this thing of “forget about this, look at that even worse there” and we NEVER fixed any of those things. The dude is not a crybaby, he just mentioned what bothers him in America and he was right in all accounts? How do you feel about OUR loud, retarded fat Brazilian women? How do you feel about the Haitians and other immigrants getting welfare from our taxes? Imagine the government spending money to make signs in Haitian language? Consumerism is a cancer is most of the world. It only increases the number of indebted of the nation and things like inflation.

    6. Best place. Worst people. The second completely nullifies the first and more. Humans are social animals. I can’t converse with a museum.

      1. “The Onion” said it best: “People at their most beautiful, humanity at its ugliest”
        or something like that.

        1. the 32 is for wimps; step up to the 44 in all its glory. I’ve even seen a mythological 64 oz (1/2 gallon) beast

    7. I guess you would faint, should you visit Europe (Belgium or even Spain) since those places are way better than most of your dear U.S.

    8. The problem is that we realize that we are in a severe national decline. Here in Gruberfornia, it’s still possible for those who wish to believe nothing is wrong to believe it. But for those of us who can do simple arithmetic, and who understand that the superficial appearance of things is not the whole truth, and that the most important factor in a society is its morale, and that moral rot on the inside is just like dry rot in a wooden building, our prognosis is not so rosy.

    9. My background: I was born, raised, went to college, and work in one part of “flyover country” or another. The America that you mention is the one I was taught to believe in, the one I’ve lived in most of my life. I’ve traveled to Central America (and I know that even the best parts are a mud hole compared to my place of birth), and some of the former Soviet bloc.
      The author’s experience is on par with my reaction to coming back to the States.
      First off, the TSA. They are only surpassed in rudeness, unprofessionalism, and ‘the jackass factor’ by a few Central American airport security (and that includes the FSU and Singapore).
      I see ‘Se Habla Espanol’ sign on every business in my town: snow covers the ground for 6 months where I live, and I’m a lot closer to Canada than Mexico.
      Is America the best country in material terms? Yes, but as the foreign-born spouse of a friend (she’s a Latina or Filipino, not certain which) once remarked: “America is a third-world country with a first class infrastructure.”
      And if you think corruption and nepotism don’t exist in America, you are idiot.
      Get off your knees from ‘servicing’ and ‘worshiping’ Uncle Sam, foreign-born twit.

      1. I recently vacationed at a resort in Mexico. I pointed out to our server a beautiful woman pool side wearing barely anything below the waist. He replied that she must be South American, all of them wore the barely there thongs.

    10. Who cares?
      Maybe if you care about people who have to amputate limbs caused by diabetes etc.
      Or the absurd amounts of money needed to deal with these problems, money that it seems unlikely the US will have in the future, Trump or not.
      Also Brazils problems are due to multiculturalism mainly.
      (Although there are many things I love about Brazilian culture.)
      The US is fast approaching those same problems, in fact some have dubbed the future US as `Brazil with nuclear weapons.`

      1. No one is forced to become a (food) junkie. Caring for them doesn’t work – just look at the backlash Jamie Oliver got when he started promoting healthy foods in American schools. People only want to change after their first heart attack, if they survive it.

        1. Damn! That is an awesome photo (and I like soda pop more than I should).
          I’ll keep this photo in mind the next time I am doing pull ups and deadlifts, instead of drinking a Pepsi.

        2. My dad was a case in point. He had smoked for 50 years. The entire family had put pressure on him to stop smoking for decades, to no avail. After his first heart attack the doctor looked down through the oxygen tent and said, “You smoke, you die. Is there anything else I need to tell you?” He stopped smoking on the spot, cold turkey, and never picked up another cigarette. He lived another 24 years.

    11. “Try to move ahead in a country where everything is based on corruption and nepotism”
      Oh it’s coming to America soon!

        1. I would say rather that the USA and Brazil are converging. The best aspects of each country are disappearing and the worst are expanding. The sad truth is that the worst aspects of almost all countries are very similar, while the best aspects are the things of beauty that set them apart. We are all losing out with the homogenization and downfall of our common western civilization.

    12. You’re absolutely correct, Marcos, but there’s a problem you have to do it from a mobile box, from the suburbs.
      The purchase of politicians and education (with accompanying debt usury) is another form of corruption and nepotism prominent in the States.

    13. To be honest, when I was in Brazil, I was more happy for the few months that I stayed there. America, not so much – even though I had a nice home, electricity, and good paying job. I had an abundance of healthy food, women, and quality life while in Rio. America is not as great as people make it out to be. The government will still get you in some way – whether it be taxes, traffic citations, false accusations, people scamming you, college debts, rent crisis, etc. America has it set of problems, and for the most part, it’s actually depressing here.

      1. The important point is that the culture is depressing. Their is no cohesion. Everyone is on their own. Even family ties are mostly nonexistent. It is a putrid culture that is rotting more every day. I try to get my children to move overseas, but no luck so far.

        1. That’s why I have refrained from having any kids for now. The kids raised in America now are going to suffer the most growing up given that they are surrounded by libtards telling them it’s okay to be gay; they should set females on a pedestal and worship them; they should be friendly with foreigners from the third world; etc. This is not what I want my kid to grow up to. I mean, look at this video below. Do you think their Indian parents are now proud that they moved to America? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VYNixlJ9ec

    14. Bro, all that doesnt matter if the women are unpleasant and infected with feminism. Who cares if there are nice museums and well kept roads if you won’t be able to build a family ?

    15. You don’t have to go to Brazil to encounter the lawlessness you described. You will find just across the border in any fine Mexican, druglord controlled bordertown like Tijuana or Ciudad Juarez

    16. Great callout, Marcos. I’m not sure about the audience on this site, but I feel that it is mostly from developed countries. There are some real threats to masculinity these days, but some of these articles are “first world problems” whining. This is one of them.

    17. Spot on. I live in the Midwest on 5 acres in the city (good side) 4 miles from work. Geothermal from two wells and septic means I only get electricity from the city. Life is what you make it.
      You couldn’t pay me enough to live in NY or Chicago.

      1. Both are under super majority by one party politics dominated by libs and SJWs. Both are 50% non-white, sanctuary cities. With state/local income tax and sales tax you’re giving away 50% of your income to government, which is the definition of socialism. Don’t get me started…

      1. I have been saying the same thing about Bugs Bunny and Florida for years.

        1. Bugs Bunny is an elitist snob. He’d subcontract the work to Foghorn Leghorn and then Foggie would hire Speedy Gonzalez and his friend’s to saw off Cali for a pittance

        2. That Hare Must Die!!!!
          Hare? Die? Hair Dye? You made a funny your honor.

        3. Yup. I am an elitist snob too though so I see eye to eye with him.

        4. I wouldn’t get too chummy making personal associations with Bugs. Dude’s a cross dresser after all.

        5. All part of his comedic mastery.
          Would you cast aspersions against the Monty Python gang and England in general?!?!?

        6. Actually, global warming should do most of the work. If the sea level rises much at all the southern half of Florida will be under water, as it was for most of the life of the planet Earth.

    1. Exactly. California is the pit of degeneracy. I lived there for 2 years and couldn’t get out fast enough. Too bad they cant seceded from the US like they claim they want to. We’d all be better off. The problem is they’re leaving CA and moving to more conservative states to benefit from the low taxes and the like, only to vote in the same toxic leftist garbage that ruined their home state.

      1. This is why we need to start rallying our representatives to pass a bill at the Federal level that, if you move to another state as your permanent residence, you are NOT allowed to vote AT ALL, in any election, for a minimum period of ten years.
        Gives the noob idiots time to acclimate to the local culture and not destroy it with their “Buh buh buh this ain’t like the wastelands of LA! Let’s vote to make it like that!”. It would probably stop a lot of migration out of that state in its tracks.

        1. Right there with you. They couldn’t hack it for 2 years let alone 10. They’re fucking up places like Texas and Montana even with this bullshit.

        2. is it “hear, hear!” or is it “here, here” I have never really fully understood this. I think I have seen more people use “hear, hear!” I suppose as in “we are glad to hear this” but it seems like “here, here!” as in “I agree, over here” would make more sense.

        3. curious: would you still be able to vote in your former state over the probation period before voting in the new one?

        4. I’m 60-70% sure I’m correct. Like “everyone hear what he said!”
          Hopefully a Brit will chime in.

        5. yeah I hope so. I feel like you are correct based on what I see people say, but the other would make at least as much sense. Where our our cousins from across the pond on this one?

        6. I call them ‘California Cockroaches’.
          They’ve also done the same thing to Oregon and Washington; just get away from the big cities/suburbs and you’re fine. Like cockroaches don’t like light, they stay away from small towns and out in the country.

        7. The small towns in Oregon are filled with Californians, who have driven up the housing and rental prices so high that the the cost of living in these towns is now equal to living in the big city, minus the availability of high-paying jobs. It’s a full-on housing crisis.

        8. No. I approach it with something of an iron fist. First, you can’t really vote in your previous state now if you move, so no real change would occur on that front. And second, if they fled to escape their own stupidity, as Californians are wont to do, then there’s no sense in letting them continue to wreak damage back in the state where they originated.

        9. Ok, but what if I, say, get a nice high paying job in Sante Fe and decide I am going to leave the cost and confusion of New York City and take this job in Santa Fe and when I get there I like it so much that I want to play a roll in local government at least as far as voting going? Should I be barred from voting in my new city of Santa Fe simply because I was offered and accepted a job there? If so, will I also be forced to pay a full share of taxes? Will I be forced to live for a decade paying taxes to a government in which I am barred from participating in?
          (obvs this is all hypothetical as I would never move to santa fe or vote, but I am curious)

        10. Crap! Oregon wasn’t THAT bad when I was there about ten years ago! Looks like they’re doing to it what they did to California!

        11. I would say this should only be applied to Californians leaving California. They have shown that they spread idiocracy where ever they go.

        12. You aren’t exaggerating at all. No idea how people are making ends meet in So. Oregon.

      2. Bingo.
        Very serious problem.
        Just goes to show they have no concept of reality.

      3. Yes, even in the 80s people in California used to say the problem is not California, it is Californians. they take their diseases with them.

    2. I pray daily for California to secede from the Union. I would join the joyous parade to celebrate. I lived in California on several occasions, never by choice.

  4. At least that buffet looks like it has some vegetables but I’m guessing all the lard asses go straight for the deep fried shit.

  5. But that’s only what you can see with your eyes. Where are hundreds of corpses of men being left alone and divorce raped? You cant see all the debt American people got themselves into. USA is a ticking time bomb.
    The truth is a lot darker than you present it to be. So sad. I recommend you to get back wherever you were before.

    1. On December 31, some crazy bastard shot his 8 yo son, ex wife and a bunch of other women in the new year’s party and then killed himself. The dude was a psychotic monster and there’s no justifying what he did. But the letter he left, showing how a conniving bunch of whores made all sorts of false accusations against him. They accused him of molesting his son, the woman tried to put him in jail but she never managed to prove the aggressions. But the liberal judges will ALWAYS ravage the men during divorces. She got to keep everything and the crazy guy was allowed to see his kid only twice a month for 3 hours and under the supervision of the whore. He was described as a shy and introspected man and like I said, he should have never done what he did. But I’m not gonna saying the stupid dead whores didn’t do their best to drive him to that. He clearly blamed leftism, feminism but above all, the way these fucking whores act to clean the man in the divorce.

      1. The communist revolutionaries have a saying, “the action is in the reaction.” Provoking some poor dumb sap to violence is a great propaganda victory for the Marxist Feminazis.

        1. And then, one has to stand the leftopaths using that to justify all the garbage they have been imposing, but they deny the fact that is exactly what their feminazi crap brought to people. The dude was a crazy con, same as the one who shot the black people in the church, but they are the reflex of the divisive insanity bringing families and societies apart.

        2. Yup, but I still see a ton of justice in guys put in that position actually gunning for the petty officials and lawyers that did the deed at the bitch’s bidding. Did you guys know that divorce law is the most dangerous segment of the legal profession? It is more dangerous than being a mafia lawyer.

  6. “…for nine months…”
    I leave for 2+ weeks and I’m shaking my head at the airport looking at the freak show waiting to go back to the USA.
    I have a modicum of hope that things improve under a POTUS Trump, but, being realistic, it’s going to take decades to see real, positive change.

    1. I really need to go to a Walmart one day and experience this first hand. I will bring a go pro and maybe write a travel guide “A New Yorker Visits America: Walmart Edition”

      1. Make sure it’s a detailed report. I’ve still never been in one myself. 😀

        1. I would never win this bingo game as if I were to see any of these things, any single one, I would have to walk out.

        1. I don’t think I can watch this trailer. I appreciate it, but I am just going to judge it by its cover.

  7. I have always noticed that my stress level rises as I arrive via airplane in the USA. I can’t put my finger on what it is; the passengers scrambling out of the plane, the rapid pace of walking to the baggage claim, the gray and dark blue colors in the customs lines, the sharp commanding voices of the Customs Agents? The net effect for me is that I start to feel more stressed than I was in my previous location. The USA is just a much more stressful place. People drive faster, talk more directly, move with more intent, work harder, eat more. Most Americans are cordial but you dont get casual eye contact or friendly gestures as often (obviously these are just general observations, the USA has many many fine people).
    However, I notice just the opposite when I arrive in Colombia, Thailand, , etc. The pace is slower, the agents and customs officers seem less uptight. I dont notice anxiety amongst the travelers. My stress level plummets right there in the airport. I have experienced this dozens and dozens of times.

    1. For me it’s the “Zero Tolerance! Do not joke, we will arrest you!” signs that you see coming back into the country that really put me off. “Welcome to the land of liberty. Don’t you dare even look at an armed stormtrooper wrong or it’s off to the gulag with you. Enjoy your stay, comrade!”

    2. Agreed. You can observe this in usa in hawaii. Contrast when you are in hawaii how different the locals are from the mainlanders. It is different culture.

  8. 1) American’s often have a difficult time with using “inside voice” of course, but hasn’t California been known for shrill women’s voices for decades now?
    2) As for the Mexican…since there is no official language of the US this will always be the case. I have always been on the border (no pun intended) of the issue of whether English should be made the official language. Part of me likes that there is no official language of this country. The root of this is good, I believe, even if the outcome isn’t so much so.
    3) ” it’s impossible to say no to everything.” It is absolutely not. Yes, we live in a consumerist culture. This has ups and downs of course. But it is possible to say no to the glut of credit being offered. I was never taught sensible spending but figured it out by the time I was in high school. If you are made to work for money when you are young I believe you are off to a good start with out without good influences. If you are raised sensibly on top of that it is probably even easier.
    4) The buffet is great. When I had a girl stay with me from Brazil for a bit she was shocked by supermarkets and portion sizes. I can’t imagine what would have happened if I took her to a buffet. She probably would have laughed herself to death.
    Obesity is a huge problem in America, of course. I am surprised to see how much you find in California…but my knowledge of California is limited to about 3 weeks total experience over my life time so I guess. I do not see a lot of obesity here in New York except amongst the very poor. My very brief and never to be repeated times to heartland American I saw absolute rampant obesity at every social strata which I found very odd. I have mentioned before, when I go out I almost never see anyone who is overweight. I see people who are skinny fat and can probably be knocked over with a stick, I see people who are bony skinny, I see people in good shape and I see people who are average and in no way remarkable, but I almost never see anyone who is over weight much less obese. I will say that in NYC and, really, the greater NYS that being overweight to obese seems to me to be pinned to socio-economic factors. I am not some bleeding heart who is going to drone on about how all they can afford is unhealthy food (which is true but not the only cause) but rather I think that the same deficiencies and laziness that lead to obesity also lead to people not caring about other things which makes them less likely to succeed and more likely to fall into those debt traps you mentioned.

    1. The SS office I went to recently had announcements in whatever language you selected from the kiosk. I’d estimate 40% of the announcements coming across were Spanish.

  9. Wait until prostitution is legalized across America. That buffet photo? Imagine it stocked with hot redheads, blondes, and brunettes. It’ll happen. Sure as god’s vengeance. And that will change the entire feminist landscape, not to mention ours.

    1. This must be such a conflict for feminists. Do they want prostitution to be legal so women can empower themselves or do they want to ban it so men don’t have easy access to commitment free sex? They will probably make homosexual prostitution legal only.

      1. It’s all good news for us, my friend. I don’t know if it will get published, but I recently submitted a piece to ROK about California SB-1322 (the legalized child prostitution law that took effect in The Golden State on January 1st), and what it all means (basically it opened the flood gates for legalized prostitution of all types). Not widely known by most people, a second bill was passed into law in California recently, California SB-1129, which completely repealed mandatory minimum sentences for all prostitution offenses in the entire state.
        Canada has already legalized prostitution, technically, although they are working out the bugs. Nevada was the first state in the U.S. to green-light it. California was second. And next, it will go nationwide.
        In other words, the day of the feminist is rapidly coming to a close. And the day of red-pill men, is at hand. I wrote a piece about that, too, and will submit it at a later date. Let’s just say that everything’s coming up roses for guys like us, and everything will turn to shit in a hurry for feminists everywhere.

        1. This is interesting. I hope the article does get published as a field like prostitution is probably the largest untapped, taxable resource that could assist the American economy. It never made sense how other countries ensured the protection of hookers through testing and America only focused on arresting johns while allowing hookers to change their brands; hookers, prostitutes, mail order brides, escorts, sugar babies.
          And Tinder Dates. Can’t forget about Tinder Dates.

        2. I think you pointed me in the direction of that bill and I googled it with some trepidation and horror….lol.
          I know it sounds odd but I have never been with a prostitute. Not even a yankee cranky massage. I have fucked strippers and paid for their drugs and booze while doing it and, for that matter, all of dating is a form of prostitution, but the direct handing of someone money for sexual favors is not something I have done before. So fucking odd.
          I believe you are right about the collapse of feminism. I do think, however, that what replaces it will be interesting and totally unpredictable. There will be a measure of red-mill masculinity for sure, but as we know from history, when a vacuum is created the law of unintended consequences comes on strong. I think the next 20 years might be interesting.

        3. That – and legalized sports betting. Both are coming. Trump technically still has a vested interest in casinos in Atlantic City. So his election is even more beneficial for men (us included, as well as the super rich), than meets the eye.
          If my articles don’t get published, I’ll drop them into the comments section somewhere around here. Interesting stuff to say the least. But the day of the feminist will – once again, with emphasis, WILL – be over soon.
          Once prostitution is legal, being a feminist will be like being a leper. They will rail about sexual abuse and exploitation, while the hot girls laugh and stack up the cash. Then they’ll shut up, go home, and pet their cats in silence.

        4. What we’ll see will be the slow beginnings of the manifestation of feminism – in reverse. Men will begin to get the nod, and eventually regain the upper hand; and women will play bottom bitch – willingly, as they are hardwired to do, but were pushed away from, via the advent of feminism.
          Imagine it – any guy, beta orbiters included, can pay for the best piece of ass they can afford. No more “dating”. The Instagram attention whores will be out of a job – no more orbiters for them. They, too, will have to spread their legs for cash, in order to compete.
          It will completely stand feminism on its ear, not to mention the entire sexual landscape. We’ll have to wait and see, but I have it on good authority that it’s gonna happen just that way.

        5. I don’t think so. The elevation of ‘man’ was due to scarcity, considering their propensity of dying early.

        6. Women are whores by nature. Legalized prostitution will set them free. Things aren’t as they seem. Time will tell and we shall see.

        7. You mark my words…if prostitution is ever made legal it will work like this
          1) Selling your body is legal
          2) Selling someone elses body is illegal
          3) Paying for sex is illegal
          This way, pimps and johns will go to jail while whores walk free.

        8. In California, the opposite of 2) has already happened. SB-1322, as I found out while researching my article, gives pimps a free pass, not to mention the johns. I read the entire law. Things are not as they seem, amigo. Hopefully it will get published here soon, and guys can make up their own minds about what’s what. But the two bills effectively legalized prostitution – normal and abnormal (meaning with consenting adults or…wait for it…with minors). Johns walk, pimps walk, hookers walk. Brave new world.
          Interestingly, in Canada right now, what you said about johns going to jail is true. Hookers can advertise, johns cannot legally ask them for sex. But they are working out the kinks as we speak. They’ll ditch that part of the law against men – and feminists will enable it. “Why, we can’t make money if men can’t legally pay us for sex.” Hookers in Canada are already lobbying for that. It’s a total mindfuck, of Machiavellian proportions.
          Men will be on top again soon, literally and figuratively, and feminism will help get them there. Ain’t it beautiful…
          I don’t suppose you want to bet me on this one…heh.

        9. I could never pull the trigger either, and the pros outside of Montreal were STUNNING- all blonde Eastern European/Russian, they rolling up in Escalades to the “diner” where the shenanigans took place

        10. We pay for it one way or another. Ask yourself, “If it’s legal in my town, and I can bang a 9 or a 10 with no strings attached, would I do it?”

        11. I hope they do, too. Hafta wait and see. And guys like the Cryptkeeper will be able to fuck 9s and 10s. For cash. I am going to laugh so hard when this happens, and enjoy the ride.

        12. The owner of the place had it down to a science, it was a conveyor belt of cocksucking…too robotic for me, but Henry Ford woulda been proud

        13. Heh. Sounds interesting. Personally, being a guy who thrives on one-night stands, I’m all about legal prostitution. I leave cash for them anyway, usually – which they always take. This will just make it easier for all men, when they have enough cash, to avoid spending it on a date, and negotiate final terms with the hottest girl in the room. It’s a matter of semantics at that point. All good, in the end, for guys everywhere…

        14. Tinder and Grinder are great platforms for serial killers who have become lazy/out of practice. Read some nutty stories lately…

        15. Nope. Pessimism leads my beliefs and I have no actually knowledge of the process. I feel pessimism is a good thing. Always a win win. Either I am right or something good happened

        16. It’s gonna be good. Guys like you…heh. Pussy on a plate. Times 20. All 9s and 10s. Your pessimism will be greatly demolished very soon, on this point.
          I’m stoked. Going out for beers in the morning today, I am indeed. There are a couple of hot bartenders I intend to bang, before prostitution is legal everywhere.
          Being an old guy, I have to take advantage while I still have a pulse…party on, my friend.

        17. You dont even need to get an ice cream truck route these days, just scope em out from your phone

        18. What matters isn’t how the law is written, but how it’s enforced. Remember that “No-Fault Divorce” was written to make divorce ‘easy’ and ‘equal’, but the way that it’s enforced makes it the Bane of Married Men.

        19. 9s and 10s? You wish. Those women have better options.
          My guess is that is would be more like it is now…former 7s and 8s at best, reduced to 6 and under from drug use. Pimps get their women hooked on drugs so they will prostitute themselves for drug money.
          If you’re into missing teeth…

        20. I thought that too. Then I went to a porn event with an ex girlfriend. The amateurs were fucking yum. It’s 2017 dude. Selfies are normalized

        21. When prostitution is legalized across the USA, every hot college girl who already spends much of her time shilling for sugar daddies online, will be able to set up shop – legally. No pimps involved. No missing teeth. No drug use. Same for all other hot women, everywhere. And then there will be a whole lot of hot women, doing what they are genetically hardwired to do – spread their legs for the highest bidder. So the men with the most money get the goods (meaning 9s and 10s). The betas get the 5s and 6s – if their wallets can afford it. So it shall be.

        22. I’ve not been with a prostitute either, however I did work as an ad hoc pimp in Mexico, for my buddies in the military when I was stationed in Texas. Even got kickbacks from the House if I managed to bring a sizable number of friends in. Since I spoke Spanish quite well at the time (not any more, ugh) I could arrange things on the Mexico side of the border, then help my English speaking Army mates get the best deals. And fun was had by all.
          Normally you’d expect a person to say “And I’m not proud about that part of my life”, but in truth, I found it really fun, I learned a lot, and made some money on the side. It was all good.

        23. Well, can’t say much for the American sorts but there are plenty of prostitutes in Southern Europe.
          None of which I’d consider for even close to a second. These girls weren’t just hit with an ugly stick, they were run over by an ugly log!! 😀
          Aside from the moral implications, I find the entire idea quite distasteful. Just hand over cash and get to it? Where’s the challenge? Where’s the fun of the chase? Gone is the anticipation. The thrill of success vanishes. It’s just a blasé business transaction.
          No stakes. No chance of failure. In a word: BORING.

        24. It is already happening. I have indulged in P4P, at a low point (post divorce) in my life, so I have some online connections to that world. What I hear is that the price of pussy from Europe, to Russia, to Thailand is dropping fast. Mostly it is a result of the part timers that don’t think they are prostitutes, just girls sowing their wild oats and paying off a few bills.

        25. The great thing about pessimism is that it is the only way to be pleasantly surprised.

        26. The way I heard this was the guy who always was saying the market was about to drop while always being fully invested. He said that either I make a ton of money or I was right, either way is good.

        27. I have the same opinion about prostitutes in the USA. I wouldn’t fuck them with my worst enemy’s dick.

        28. Not according to Ice Pick Slim. He said that why would he want the proceeds of his hard work going to the drug dealer instead of him?

        29. If it flies, floats, or fucks it is cheaper to rent. Let even the omega men get a little some. Be generous of soul.

      2. Feminists will never back legalized prostitution as it will take away the only thing they have that they can practically and directly use to control men. Even the most pathetic of beta white knight chump will go so far before they’ll have to give out a pity fuck.
        How many guys will put up with feminist BS in order to get laid when they can spend less money and get a far more attractive woman to take care of that when they need it?

        1. This is my general feeling as well. But Bob Smith seems to be on to something and I haven’t seen him be willing to bet on something and loose very often.

        2. The most feminist nation on the planet (Sweden) makes prostitution legal, but using prostitution illegal. Enough said.

      3. Feminists don’t care about other women. They only care about themselves under the guise of caring for all women. They don’t want prostitution legalized simply because they themselves could not profit from it because no man would pay to see them naked let alone doing them. If these ugly sows could make $$$ from prostitution, they would be in favor of it. Guaranteed.

        1. Makes sense to me. Take it up with @bobsmith though. He seems to know more about it.

        2. “They only care about themselves under the guise of caring for all women.”
          EXACTLY why feminism falls in lockstep with Marxism of all forms: Greed and pride masquerading as altruism.

      4. They will go the Swedish model, which I hear is what Canada is doing. In that model the woman selling sex is totally within the law, but the man buying it is a low down scum criminal who will be prosecuted for his actions no matter where in the world he did it.

        1. I stopped reading after “Swedish Model” then I smiled. I assume the rest of this comment would depress me so I will stick with my image of the sweedish model.

      1. Do you have any surefire predictions for the future. Something on which I can wager. Your advice seems solid, but I need a proven track record of successful predictions, before I can be certain of a man’s storehouse of knowledge. Still, based on your overall bluster, you must be pretty good at predicting things. Cricket matches? Football? I await your reply, in abject awe.

  10. You’re not the only one who finds these developments (they’re not really new however) revolting.
    Stay here. Join the resistance.

    1. Count d’Monet: Sire, the peasants are revolting
      King Louis: Yeah, they stink on ice

  11. 9 months? Try 6 years. Saw more motorized scooters in a day since being back than the entire time I was abroad. And boy, are Americans fat. Morbidly fucking obese.
    Edit: The 1 place I did see motorized scooters abroad was in airports. Indian (Asian) women use the f*ck out of airport scooters.

    1. I don’t get the motorized scooter thing. They’re all over the place in parts of Europe as well. And actually….. they’re kind of fun if you ride with a local. 😀
      Just make sure to say your prayers before the trip! 😀 😀

        1. OOOOH. HAHA! Are there tons of those now! That would figure!! OK, I retract my statement! 😀

        2. like thelastconservative says, “they’re kind of fun if you ride with a local”

        3. I want a hairy little Druidish Princess
          With a brand new nose, who knows where it goes
          I want a steamy little Druidish Princess
          With over-worked gums, who squeaks when she cums
          I don’t want no troll
          I just want a Druidish hole

  12. Thing that surprised me was how wide the streets were and how big peoples yards were.

      1. considering the volume of traffic they move, I think it is fairly straightforward. In Europe, I hated driving through busy roundabouts.

        1. Yeah, Europe is worse. I was moreso thinking of the other places I’ve lived. Japan’s interstates are so f-ing simple.

        2. NJ is doing away with all there circles because they STILL don’t know how to drive on them…

        3. There are some cities in Europe that are so completely confusing, it makes one wonder if they weren’t deliberately trying to confuse drivers.

    1. There was a shopping mall
      Now it’s all covered with flowers
      You’ve got it, you’ve got it

    2. I thought the yards were tiny in CA? giant one-story houses, pool and driveway on a tiny lot

      1. The lots a miniscule. I lived in the Bay Area at one point and looked at houses that were quite large and didn’t have enough room in the back yard for a swing set.

        1. Under all that shit was the worlds deepest and richest topsoil… and they grow.. fucking grass

  13. I’ve noticed bodegas and other kwiki-mart stores now accept EBT cards, nice big signs in the windows…

  14. “I lived the entire year with one suitcase, one backpack, and one small travel guitar.”

    Travel guitar? REALLY!? What is this, hipster on the go!? Please tell me you’re not one of those bearded, loud idiots wearing pajamas in public that I regularly avoid by ceasing all English at the first sign of an American!! 😉
    Perhaps you simply haven’t been to California in awhile? Half Spanish stuff has been all over the state since before I even left. And that’s… wow… 5 years ago now.
    The obesity thing is terrible though. That’s actually the other easy way to identify Americans. Morbidly obese. Although the crap clothes and loud voices are also give aways.
    Thank GOD I’m out of there for good!!!! 😀

      1. Sure, but I’m not going to look like some moron that just left his mother’s basement to score cheap points. Carrying a crap prop around like that should be screaming “beta”. If you have to carry that around to get any action there’s something dreadfully wrong. 😉

        1. Whatever he’s into. I tried to rock a sousaphone on the subway but it had very much the opposite effect of what I was looking for….

    1. Brits are every bit as obese, unfortunately.

      1. Yes, very true. It’s always a bit jarring dropping by there. They’re just as far, if not farther down the rabbit hole than the US.

        1. Nearly every time I’ve seen a drop dead gorgeous woman in England, she turns out to be French or a tourist/immigrant from EE.
          I know that there are pretty English women out there, but as each year passes it’s becoming more and more like visiting an island version of Walmart.

        2. I share to a great extent your opinion on English lasses but there are/used to be some stunners (Elizabeth Hurley, Mortimer), but yeah, most all English women I’ve seen either in Europe or here in Southamerica are nothing to write home about.

        3. Let me pause for moment of contemplation of Elizabeth Hurley. Still a hot babe at what, 51?

  15. Man, I was thinking of the possibility to leave Greece and come to US to work… but after much lurking, I confess I am kind of…. disturbed.

    1. Thing is, you cannot make a sweeping generalization about any country, especially one as big and diverse as the US. Lolknee and I come from about as different of backgrounds as you can get. He likes the city and adapted very well there and is a successful PUA. I like the open spaces and the traditional family life. There is good and bad no matter where you go, it is up to you to make the most of it.

  16. If you don’t have the pride in yourself to stop shoveling food into your body well after you should have stopped, then all the shaming in the world won’t change that.
    I seldom eat out these days. Moving to Lamesa in w Texas eliminated my favorite restaurant type of food, sushi. We recently went up to Lubbock and had wagyu steak(wow!). The smallest portion I could get was 14 oz! That’s almost a pound of meat in one sitting. It was delicious but I took home half of it.
    I will say this. In a world where everyone has their damn nose buried in their phones, there was not one person with a phone out there-very encouraging. I might suggest the author take a stroll through the heartland, it’s a bit different than CA

  17. The irony of many ROK authors/readers:
    1. Soon the US will be a Spanish speaking country.
    2. I live in a Spanish speaking country because it’s so much better and the women are so good.
    Aren’t the latinas in the US bangable too?

    1. Nah, it will be some hybrid version of English and Spanish (maybe Chinese too) like it was for the dregs of society in Blade Runner

      1. I don’t know how that woman intends to make a sandwich with that thing, but until she finds more suitable pants and shoes and grows her hair out I suppose it won’t matter

        1. What in the world is that anyway? Is she going for genie of the lamp with a machine gun? 😀
          She missed the veil and the hat though….

        2. Arab men always prided themselves on the looseness of their women’ harem pants (as in only worn in the harem) because it meant all he had to do was pull a string and she was ready to go being naked from the waist down.

      2. The only gun she looks like she knows how to handle, has a head on it. Typical empowered female.

      3. I have one of the two things in that picture. And I’ve never dated a Latina.

        1. A .45 ACP shot through 16 pounds of steel with a muzzle brake makes that formidable cartridge seem like it is a .22 Short.

        2. Gotta tell ya I caught a little wood reading that….
          I think they were initially marketed as a kind of sporting gun, not unlike a .22. Something to fuk around with on the farm, blasting rabbits and what not.

        3. Varmint gun, yep. Advertised as such, directly to farmers even.

      4. Until you have had your life threatened at knife point (several times) by your significant other, you really haven’t had a relationship with a Latina. Ask me how I know.

    2. Just took a road trip through southern Arizona. I didn’t have time to stop, but I was surprised at the eye candy down there. They were an established population, with decent houses etc. not like the slums full of migrants and illegals.

      1. My banking entity has an office in Arizona, just outside the ASU campus. I always love the times I have to make a visit there. The percentage of 8-9/10 women is off the hook. And they dress very well, not skanky. Of course my wife has a policy that if she catches me cheating my penis and I will go in separate directions, which she has convinced me she is dead serious about, so I just look. Of course, at my age I really don’t see what options I really have but to look and not touch.

    3. I’m from Southern California. The latina thing around here is a bit mystifying to me. (Unless we’re talking outside the US.) For the usual California latina: take your average American girl, give her maybe… 2/3 more fat, give her even skimpier clothing (that doesn’t match of course), give her even worse manners, and you have your average “latina”. 😀
      I recommend anybody left in the US go visit someplace like Huntington Beach during the summer. It’s a marshmallow nightmare. Plenty of bikinis, but the fat spills out to the point you may find yourself questioning the point of procreation. 😉

      1. ha, hence Huntington Beach. It is where you go if you are Hunting Tons of Women…literally (hitler)

        1. Yeah except in the case of that, it’s the -woman- that weighs a ton. 😀

          And of course I just got it. UUUUUUGGGHHHH. Death from pun!! HAHAHA! 😀

        2. ha, that’s what I meant. There is a place here called Huntington out in the burbs. I believe Huntington is some kind of native American indian word for the act of trying to find and fornicate with fat women. A huntington station is any place where karaoke renditions of the B-52s are played frequently making the huntington possible. The Hauppauge (for those of you who know long island) is the indian word for the one legged hopping to find your pants and get them on in the morning after you wake up, hung over, and realize that you have successfully completed a huntington.

        3. HAHAHA!
          It’s clearly a globalist conspiracy to get us to mess with fatties!! 😀

      2. But is it 100% of Latinas who are obese? I doubt so. If, say, 45% of them are obese that means 55% of them are not. Us Europeans have a very different type of immigrant, North Africans, whose country isn’t a poosy paradise because of Islam (the girls are otherwise very attractive to me but totally off-limits)

    4. Its hit or miss with Latin women. Some are smokin’ hot, while many are just fat pigs.

    5. Seems like usa culture has some toxic element (((feminism))) that morphs females into fat and loud over time.

    6. No. I once was married to a Costa Rican woman that had lived in the US for over 20 years prior to our marriage. She was a thorough American bitch, and a psycho to boot, through and through. The disease is highly communicable.

  18. No, the U.S. will not be a Spanish speaking country. Some states may be however. Good luck getting some square jawed steely eyed cowboys in Montana to consent to anything but English.
    I meant this as a reply to ConservativeAtheistRedPiller, didn’t mean to make my own topic here, my bad.

    1. It’ll be a working 2nd language in the border states, similar to the far south of Brazil, but it will never get anywhere close to surpassing English. Many US Latinos actually lose their Spanish entirely by the 3rd generation.

      1. That was something very surprising when I first heard about it. Eva Longoria recently made some minor gossip news when it came out that she could not speak Spanish, as it was a part of a tv show in which she is starring.

      2. I witnessed that in my own neighborhood. Grandparents could only speak spanish, but their grandskids knew very little of it.
        Despite what the sinophiles believe, English is the language of business and isn’t going to be replaced with mandarin anytime soon.

        1. I took one of those river cruises you see advertised on PBS. What was interesting was that half the crew were Slavs of some flavor or another and the rest were Hungarians. The two groups would talk to each other in English.

        2. I’ve seen that before as well. Locally I communicate with alot of non-English speakers in German who come from all over.

      3. I live in a state that borders Canada so I suppose that I am in a border state. I forced my sons to take Spanish during their school years. They have come back and said it was the most useful knowledge they picked up in school. They found it essential in the minimum wage jobs they did to work through college.

        1. I have managed to work in construction in NYC for years and keep my Spanish limited to about a dozen words — of which I probably pronounce at least 11 incorrectly. The idea that we will be a Spanish speaking country is silly.
          As a side note and a bit of interest: The official national language of Vatican City is latin as one might expect. The neat thing is that it is the default language on the ATMs. You can pick English or French or any of a dozen other languages but when you get there it is in Latin. Some things about the church always make me smile.

        2. strike that. It is now Italian. It has been nearly 2 decades since I was there. Different now. Everything fades.

        3. I did not know that about Latin in the Vatican. My wife is teaching our two oldest Latin. It is amazing how much it ties into other languages.

        4. ALL kids should be taught extra languages when they’re young and can soak it up. And latin is a great one for the reason you cite.

        5. I googled. It apparently hasn’t been true for about 6 years now, but it was when I was there. It was really cool. Latin is a great thing to learn for a lot of reasons….especially as it will give you a leg up on learning a dozen other languages should you wish later in life.

        6. Well it should. Latin (Italic languages), the Celtic languages (p and q both), Germanic languages, Slavic languages, Baltic languages, Sanskrit/Hindi, and even Farsi (Persian) all share a common root language. We’re all so intertwined that if you’re *really* observant and know a couple of languages from different sub-branches, you can realistically figure out a good 20-30% of anything written in any Indo-European language (if you can read the alphabet).

        7. At age 2 I knew three languages, due to surroundings (English), family (Scot Gaelic) and next door neighbors (Spanish). My mother said that I’d switch between them fluidly depending on the speaker, which I believe is called code-changing in linguistic circles. Little kids are absolute sponges when it comes to language.

        8. 2?!?!?!?!? d’fuk outta here….I dont think i spoke anything yet at that age.
          And I thought Scot Gaelic was a dead language? Do they still speak it somewhere?

        9. Yes. A place called “Scotland”. Look it up. It’s all the rage.
          The Isle of Skye in fact still has all of it street signs in Gaelic, and all of the businesses are labeled in Gaelic. You have to go way north in Scotland though nowadays, the lowlands stretching down into Northumbria (England and Scotland both, stretching on the eastern seaboard up past Edinburgh and down into England proper), where the two peoples mixed) basically speak Scot-bonics (Scots).
          I was switching between all three until the age of 4, when I lost the Spanish hook up because we moved out of state. By 2nd grade or so the ever so compassionate school system more or less beat the minute Scot accent out of me, and Gaelic fell into semi-disuse. I can speak it now more or less like a 2nd or 3rd generation Latino can speak Spanish, which is to say a few phrases from growing up, common greetings, some family chatter related stuff, and that’s about it.

        10. “Scot-land?” you say? Fascinating….
          But no, you answered my question. I suspected it still might exist in spoken form in the more remote corners of the country. I reckon similar to Ireland, where everyone speaks English, but you might still hear the old tongue in the Out-Back. I spent a day in Edinburgh, and I swear the ENGLISH being spoken was a little tough to follow!
          Gotten love the schools….They “correct” a Scot accent but allow people to graduate saying “axe” instead of “ask”….

        11. Irish were the same way, those who were proud of their heritage made sure to learn Gaelic. Sad to see languages die.

        12. Actually there’s a Gaelic revival going on in Ireland and in some smaller part, in Scotland. A concerted and apparently well financed effort not to let it die out. There are still a considerable number of native speakers so the chances of success are actually fairly high.
          Yeah, the accent thing. Well, you see, I went to school back before the Engels children were born, so thing were different…back then.

        13. The English spoken that you heard was Scot-bonics (or as they call it in academia, Scots). It’s basically English with a bad accent mixed with a couple of Gaelic words and some peculiar word ordering here and there. Some academic types primp and preen that it might well be considered a separate language, but they’re full of shit. It’s badly spoken English that was left alone by the English crown for a few hundred years.
          It is very hard on the ear at times. Once you venture into middle-sourthern Northumbria it mellows out a bit.

        14. I found this very true in learning French and then Spanish (two Romance languages), a little less so in my native English (mostly a Germanic language).

        15. My grandfather was an eastern European Jew who emigrated to the US as a child in 1892. I grew up with Yiddish everywhere, despite my grandmother’s (and my mother’s and my) adherence to Catholicism. I have lost most of it now.

    2. One should realize that the USA is one of (if not the only) countries in the world that has no official language. English is under assault because it has no priority under law. The founding fathers could not agree on an official language is the reason we have none. Several (being the intellectual elite that they were) suggested Hebrew as the study of the bible was the first objective of an educated man. Others preferred Latin as a universal language of the intelligentsia. For some reason, after years of bitter war with England, they didn’t see the common sense of making English the official language. I think they just didn’t want to empower the mob any more than they had to.

  19. The author did not return to America. He returned to California. Even now, Californians realize that they have very little in common with the rest of America, hence their secession movement that is gaining some pretty serious steam.
    While some of these issues exist in various states, I can’t take “I came back to America” seriously when in fact, somebody goes to California. I have Scottish friends who tell me that they’ve been to America, I ask where and they say “San Francisco” and I tell them that, eh, you really haven’t.

    1. I hate it when people from abroad come to the US and only visit the most degenerate and/or retarded places and judge us all on that. Think New York, San Francisco, Venice Beach LA, Las Vegas, New Orleans Mardi Gras, South Beach Miami vanity & bums etc.

      1. Europeans I have know in the US have a very hard time understanding the distances involved in the US. One guy from Germany was a technology transfer student of mine and was heading home. He and his family wanted to drive to New York and then fly back. They wanted to see the sights like the grand canyon, petrified forest, bad lands, Mount Rushmore, Gateway arch, and several others. He asked if a week would be enough time. We had to pull out maps with scales and explain it to him multiple times before he grasped the impossibility of what he was proposing. He just could not grasp the idea of a country that could not be driven across in less than a day.
        This is why Germany foolishly invaded Russia in 1941. They counted on Blitzkrieg, when blitzkrieg has never been good for more than 300 miles. Even with modern technology, and unlimited mechanized transport, which the Wehrmacht did not have in WWII, 300 miles is about it. The US Blitzkrieg in Gulf War II hit the limits of 300 miles as it rolled into Bagdad.

        1. In the early 90s I had a german friend ring me and say he just landed at LAX. He is getting a hog (HD) and is heading east and will visit me. I asked when. He said, “I”m going to Utah first, but I should be in Ohio the next day. I paused … laughed.. and said, “give me a call when u are in Utah.”
          He called 3 days later and said he wasn’t coming to Ohio.

    2. Absolutely correct. Can’t judge the US on California.
      Though.. erm… on my way out of the US about 5 years ago I drove across the country. I think things hit their peak fatty around Texas – Oklahoma. It stayed pretty constant from there (traveling along the south) till Florida. Things slimmed up a little bit in the north but not much.
      When I set foot in France it was like a new world. It only gets better from there. 😉

    3. My guess the secession movement in California is relegated solely to places like San Francisco and some part of Los Angeles.
      Places like the Central Valley would never want to leave. And we would be stupid to let that place go.

      1. Agree. If there was a secession, you would see SF and LA leave, and the rest of CA would probably retro-cede back to the US.
        Only real issue for us would be port access, but we still have SD and Washington and Portland, though the last two are iffy now. But as I have said to other, I think secession should go forward. It will take a couple of years for LA and SF to fail miserably. In the meantime, we can invest in improvements to the facilities in the other places. Then, when we let these clowns back in (because why have a sovereign nation in two places on your western border potentially giving adversaries port access) dictate the terms of return. Once accepted, they will also find that their economic and political power has been decreased as we have moved all shipping, etc.. operations elsewhere. Talk about draining the swamp. Housing prices in SF may become reasonable again.

        1. Port access is a non-issue. As the Panama Canal was widened, East Coast port cities are now able to handle imports from China and the Far East.
          The one real concern I have with Coastal California being it’s own country is that as a place with a disarmed civilian populace it will be an easy pick for a nasty foreign power, say China, Russia, or even North Korea (!!!!). The rest of the USA would then need to retake the place so that we don’t have that enemy at our gates.
          But realistically, I don’t see peaceful secession happening. It would a Constitutional amendment, and as democrats in other states need California in order to win national elections, they will not let it happen.

        2. I agree on it not happening. I wouldn’t worry though about foreign powers. No one can project enough force across the Pacific to hold a strip of land if the rest of the US was determined to take it back. And that’s even assuming that we would let them grab a toe hold anyway. I suspect the Navy and Air Force would send lots of troop transports to the bottom of the Pacific long before they came within sight of CA.

        3. That is a golden insight that I had missed entirely. I was thinking there was no one in the other 49 states that would mind California succeeding at all.

        1. Not everything, they grow skunk up in that county in the NE corner of the state

        2. Ah. Do you remember when they discovered a covert pot-farm in Van Cortland park? maybe 25 years ago?

        3. No, but I do remember when the Federal Agriculture representative for northern California got fired for listing Marijuana as the number one cash crop for Marin County. That was in the early 80s.

  20. Interesting, my son after Japan said some of the same things. The USA is the worst if you partake in the USA culture. Stupid, shallow. I was gone from 1984-98 (except 2 years in military in California 1986-88 in California)
    I hated all the superficial bs and the culture. But I felt like I had to pay my dues and raise my kid. So I came back but kind of spent my years enjoying the ethnic cultures til around 2007, sort of wishing I was abroad and seeimg myself as an expat living in the USA. And being a liberal.. And yes, learning Spanish. But I kind of felt like a transplant that wished I was somewhere else.
    But I did make one discovery that made me love it here. First was gardening. USA south is great for that. At the time, I saw it as a sort of expansiveness from my multi-cultural hippie, internationalist, anti-nationalist perspective. (these were the pre-Ron Paul Tea Party years when the NWO was not well known. I was aware of something like that already, but saw it as a pure right wing thing.) So I become a sort of Buddhist hippie gardener (but still holding down a job). Into all the new age stuff, which saw as the pinnacle of the leftist lifestyle.
    But something about the earth and meditation eventually leads one to interest in all aareas of the life cycle and nature. It is hard to explain, but an interest in guns and firearms for me emerged out of that. I think it was my reflections and interest in spiritual movements such as the knights Templar that gave me an interest in such aspects of spirituality.
    I still respect the peacenik spirituality of Buddhists and Quakers. But it is incomplete, and I see the leftist sinking into decadent materialism as a bigger probkem than the right. Fat body positive feminists say it all. But I feel like within the liberty movement there is a sort of understanding of both pacifism and the art of war.
    In a strange sort of way, I feel like the motives that were driving me to become a hippie eartth day freak who would haave loved sitting and wearing beads, beating on bongo drums in the dirt led me toward toward becoming someone more interested in the ssort of spiritual exodus mentality that leads people to long for a rural redoubt, buy guns and master the art of weaponry.
    The USA is great for that avenue of investigation. YOu can still buy cheap land and guns here. It is a pretty good place where you can live out certain things in a way where you might be limited by certain cultures. Even if these cultures are more enlightened than ours.
    This is a country that can elect Trump or Obama. Where you can find community with conservative Christians or radfems, LGBT, business people etc.
    If the writer feels led to be a travelling “tough monk” forever, I highly respect that. The minimalist approach. I personally have spent 30 years working in a more a mode of longing for material acquisitions. Some of that is necessary as I had to raise a kid and provide for a home.
    But there is a right mindset for every lifestyle. The travelling minimalist monk, the warrior, the gardener. Perhaps even the Wall Stree trader who lives to rip people off.
    I am not there. But all I can say is choose your path wisely. The one thing that can destroy all the best plans and make all you have done futile.
    A woman who fucks you over. Women will tie you down in a way. When it is done right, a happy family is the result. But they can also tie you down, sick the law on you, suck out your soul, and spit you out.
    They can fuck it all up. When you decide to engage with women, you are rolling the dice with eternity. Just as you are if you choose not to engage with them.
    That is why I am hesitant to give any sort of advice with definite answers to the young. Every path can find a certain legitimacy if done right.

    1. Long post, but I agree. There is good and bad no matter what you do. Like that Frank Sinatra song “My Way”.

      1. Yeah, some days when I don’t have shit to do, get carried away. Should be out cleaning the yard.

  21. Kinda true about the all-you-can-eat buffets. A lot of Americans have no shame about eating everything in sight. haha

  22. Can the OP give clarification on women in LA? Since it is the entertainment capital of america, it is magnet that attracts females from all the other parts of the country who think they are beautiful enough to make a career based on their looks. The quality of women is couple notches higher right? Higher density of HB8s and 9s. Most end up waiting tables and tending bar but it affects the gene pool. I expect SF to be shit show with queer tourism and tech workers .

    1. I think that LA is like Miami. Certain areas you go are rife with women who look like godesses personified, while the rest of the areas are kind of average, down to piss poor. Haven’t been to Cali or Miami in a while though, not sure if this is the case any longer.

      1. This sounds right. My problem in LA with the goddesses is that they really personify the egalitarian idea of not caring about a mans looks….they care about his connections (or possibly his plastic surgery practice). It is the same here with the high end goddess types, but they care about business connections (which I have) rather than entertainment business connections (which I don’t). God I hated fucking LA.

        1. I’ve heard in LA the more attractive the female the more brazen she is about screening men for what they can do for her. So print up some fake business cards.

        2. Ha…the fake business cards work up until a point…that point being the bouncer at some hot club or the maître d at some hot restaurant that tells you to go fuck yourself because you are a no one. I will stick to NYC where I have my actually connections and cards.

        3. “God I hated fucking LA.”
          That’s the true test of a man’s intelligence in fact. Hate LA? Good. Like LA? FREAKING NUT CASE.

        4. “Why would I ever move to LA? Why would I love to a city whose sole cultural contribution is that you are allowed to make a left turn on a red light”
          “But its such a clean city”
          “Of corse it is. They take all their garbage and make sitcoms out of it”
          Woody Allen

        5. Television: A medium. So called because it’s neither rare nor well done.
          Ernie Kovacs

    2. Always mystified by talk about the ‘quality’ of women. Most women look good if they are slim, most women can be educated. The raw materials are all similar, it’s up to you to shape that material into the product you want.
      You just need to be in a country with laws that give you the chance to work with the materials at hand.

      1. Within the constraints of the law, his body guards, the armored walls of his limo, and his gated community with it’s private police force. Even then he has to be constantly on guard for all the people trying to rip him off, or dun him for charities. Most of us want to be comfortable enough to not have to put up with bullshit from others, but not so rich that anyone is after us. It is a very narrow notch. Just ask any Powerball winner.

  23. “American women on the other hand shrill their way through entire
    conversations by doing nothing but cackling, interrupting, and insulting
    people. A sad decline from years ago (or so I hear—I wasn’t born in
    that era).”
    It is not just the tone of voice. People are becoming more rude and selfish all the time. You drive down a busy freeway and you know what I mean. It pays to relax a bit and mellow out. I think it is ironic how much of a hurry people are in, yet spend at least 1/4 of their time in sedentary activities.

    1. reminds me of Carlin’s highway bit- Driving too slow, everyone is calling you a moron, speed up! Then a guy flys by at 90 MPH, and everyone is like did you see that maniac?!?

      1. A couple weeks ago, I was on this road trip on the interstate. Typical rude traffic through the desert. Then the traffic stops. People are complaining and stressing out. Eventually, people get out of their cars to stretch out. Then word comes by word of mouth what happened. There was a multiple car crash on a lone patch of black ice involving several fatalities. Hearing this, people just relaxed and are glad that it wasn’t them. By the time we got moving again, complete strangers were chatting. (Probably helped that there was no radio or cell phone coverage) Funny how a little perspective changes peoples attitudes.

    2. I frequently and without shame look women in the eye and say “inside voice” in a very matter of fact and stern, though not emotional, way. I find that if you do this while maintaining eye contact they actually switch right into speaking in a pleasing tone. I have not had to do this more than once with a woman

      1. Well done, I will do things like that every now and then with my wife. If done with the right tone, not accusatory or demeaning, but just showing a little authority, it turns them on.

      2. same here, on “men” as well….
        Seems like everyone under 35 bellows whenever they speak, all the snowflakes raised to believe that they just HAD to be the most important one in the room…

    3. I just don’t speak with women, it makes life so much easier. They think I’m the tall, silent type, but in reality I’m just ignoring them. Do women ever say anything you really want to hear?

  24. The portions are completely out of control. I’m a big guy and I love to eat, but even I roll my eyes when I eat out now.

    1. There’s a new show about to air on Food Network called Ginormous, featuring a morbidly obese host who apparently travels the country to eat at diners serving portions large enough to kill you on the spot.

      1. And people wonder why I stopped watching television over a decade ago (almost a decade and a half soon).

        1. I am convinced that a big reason we are in the mess we are in is because of TV. Do you think feminism or gay marriage would have gotten any legs without the left wing media?
          Small doses of poison into your brain every day does have an effect.

        2. 100%! TV is the platform of mass propaganda.
          I’m beyond happy that I said “Fuck this!” and canceled my cable. I don’t need to pay to be insulted and fund entities that are diametrically opposed to my views on life.

      2. They did a show like that called Man vs. Food years ago. A guy (Adam Richman) went to diners across the US and took on “eating challenges”, like eating a 10 pound burrito. He quit after a few years because it was going to kill him if he kept it up.

        1. I remember that show. Richman went into it at least being fairly trim and healthy at the time. In any case, insane portion sizes is a terrible premise for a food show; the gimmick might draw some viewers to watch the first couple of episodes out of morbid curiosity, but it won’t hold interest much past that. Especially since the premise is no longer new, as it was when Richman did it.

        2. The show was fun for a bit, but after a while, seeing a man gorge himself week after week is depressing.

        3. Indeed. There’s also the fact that the food itself looks neither appealing nor appetizing in the gigantic quantities that are served. The gigantic pancake I saw them flip on the grill in the commercial was burned black on the cooked side, and the ginormous pizza looked cheap and plastic. They also made a giant sub sandwich with enough bacon to kill an elephant, and the huge volume of grease sogged the bread beyond repair.
          We’re hard wired to find huge quantities of food revolting at a certain point. I once worked in a factory that made frozen dinners, and the industrial quantities of otherwise tasty ingredients were disgusting to smell

  25. Food portions are large and obesity is totally out of control. I lived in Japan during the 90’s and saw that Americans, in general, were significantly larger upon my return than when I left 10 years previously.
    On the other hand, I noticed that the subset of the population that is into fitness, particularly women, has grown as well. It would appear that there is a bifurcation in process. More fat people and more fit people. Its up to you to choose.

    1. It’s no mistake that generally, they are different politically as well. The Left has become the Ideology of Ugly and Hate. The Right is or has always been more about the Beautiful, Nice and Popular. It’s High School writ large across the national canvas, and is rapidly polarizing.
      It’s hard for a high-T man to kowtow to the self loathing and self hatred that the Left demands.
      This is not to say that there aren’t fat right wingers (Alabama, I’m looking at you!) or aren’t skinny Left wingers (Hipster males are sometimes skinny flabby), but generally the divide always seems to come back to Ugly-Hate and Beauty-Nice-Popular.

      1. There may be a cause and effect issue here. Self loathing leads to depression and unhealthy behavior, which leads to poor self image, and further self loathing. Vicious cycle.

      2. I’m trying your Right is beautiful, Left is ugly with US Presidents as the samples …….. Bush and Trump for the right, Clinton (Bill) and Obama for the left …….. nope, it didn’t work.

    2. It’s still bell curve. However you get one end of the curve at Walmart and the other end at Zumba

    3. My problem with these kinds of social issues is that both the left and often certain factions of the right use these issues as justification to attack the liberty of those who actually have their shit together and who personally do not experience the problem in question. I am sick of this tactic.

  26. Years ago when my family and I went to Disney (been a LONG time, actually), it was typical to see HUGE people putting away a meal that the 5 of us (two adults and three children) could split and still feel sated. I keep telling my kids (now nearly grown) to NEVER let themselves get fat, that being fat is harmful and disgusting. At least 2 of them get it – my daughter is fanatical about staying skinny, unlike so many of her friends who are walking blimps.

    1. “…being fat is harmful…”
      Along with junk ‘food’ instead of healthy natural foods, bad eating habits are the bane of American society; we’re seeing the proof of that with each passing day, with diabetes and obesity reaching near record levels.

      1. Yup agree 100%, & only getting fatter & sicker. I’m almost 50 but pass for 37-38, & people (usually overweight) say “wow, you’re lucky” or “must have good genetics”, etc. Couldn’t be further than the truth. Be physically active, & don’t eat like a slob, that simple. While there are some health issues /diseases that can be past down beyond anyone’s control, like cancer, my parents passed away at 57 & 59 from diabetes & heart disease due to obesity. The were extremely well off financially so they had the time to exercise & could afford to eat well. They chose to eat like pigs, smoke like chimneys, & sit on their fat asses all day. Now their grand kids they never saw have no grandparents. Learn by example people

  27. Actually Spanish is an official language of California. After John C. Fremont came is as a filibuster (,aka illegal alien) he connived with California (Spanish speaking natives,) to launch the Bear Flag Republic which pretty much sealed the deal to have the US Army come in and annex the state and the whole southwest after the Mexican War. When California became a state in 1849 the California Constitution plainly states English and Spanish as the official languages. You might not like the idea but it is fact. Damn, Spanish to be spoken in San Francisco seems like a stretch to you. The next thing you’ll know they will be speaking French in Louisiana instead of good old fashion American (sarcasm).
    By the way there are no Asian dialects but languages. A language though can have dialects.

    1. Totally believable. All Home Depot’s in the Los Angeles area for years have had signs for everything in Spanish. The Home Depot’s in Canoga Park, Van Nuys, Panorama City, Hollywood, & a those in East LA might as well remove the English signs…few people would notice…

    2. I found French to be very useful in New Orleans, where I worked for a while. They were very open and friendly people on the whole, but speaking French got you a step or two more acceptance.

    3. And the thing is you will not see the same amount of English bilingual signage in Mexico, even near the U.S. border.

  28. I remember I was in an east euro country and this cute drunk ee chick heard me speak english, and asked me where I was from – I told her from New York City. She then replied “But you’re white!”
    She had a valid point. Even Roosh notes in his visits to America that demographics are changing rapidly.

    1. Awhile back I was in Ireland, stopped this good looking red headed girl on the street. She had a very strange accent, I asked where she was from……… Mexico City. A white Mexican learning to speak English from a Dublin accent is very odd indeed.
      I remember knocking on this door in Ireland. This family (5 kids) from Kentucky (very strong Southern accent) invited us in. Another guy from the Bronx. It is funny who you can run into.

  29. Went to an LA Western themed bar&grill on rodeo, got served the BIGGEST potato I have ever seen along with a rack of ribs that must have been from the whole cow. Utterly ridiculous, you Americans are crazy if you actually enjoy eating this monstrosity . Crap food, enormous portions is US Haute Cuisine!

    1. I typically order one serving for my wife and I. It is more than enough, and we still get a doggie bag. And I am fat. Sorry, but I have had heart trouble then massive arthritis that has limited my mobility and ability to exercise. Up until then I was always thin and a jogger. Even walking short distances is quite painful now. But I haven’t succumbed to the scooters yet. I will take the Smith and Wesson retirement plan first.

  30. Kyle – Why are you eating fajitas in Kiev? You could have stayed in California if you wanted fajitas. I prefer to eat the local food as much as possible when traveling abroad.
    (I will sheepishly admit that I did visit a Mexican restaurant once in Tokyo, and went to McDonald’s and Starbucks there as well).

  31. Sad thing is that this trend is taking over all the west, not just the USA. I currently live in Brazil and this year I spent two months in southern China. Shock! First thing I noticed is the total lack of fat girls. All slim, and very feminine dressed. It was depressing to go back home and see those Brazilian fatties all around, feeling like they were having a walk on the catwalk. The virus has been spread…

    1. Brazilians have been told that they were among the most beautiful in the world and it went to their heads.

  32. That lard ass in the first picture finally had to fess up to over eating. She was beating the PCOS BS. Yeah, it’s her “glands” as my Grandmother use to say.
    Just remember, 75 years ago she would have been the Fat Lady exhibit at the state fair.

  33. It is an incredible experience! I heard from a friend about http://bit.ly/2ipJL0c . Recently, she was very bored in the life. Now it inspired human. Now I have experienced it. An unforgettable adventure

  34. I have travelled extensively in Asia, and although I enjoyed it immensely, it has flaws. Most stem from an entirely different cultural outlook, and a lack of English.
    Philippines was different, in having a Christian culture, (unique in Asia) and English very commonly spoken
    One thing that really throws you here, is the fat, truly nasty women. The worst I ever witnessed, was in a clinic. I was waiting with my Filipina wife, bored and mind floating, as one of the wildebeest droned on the phone. She caught my attention when she said, in a.loud, nasty voice, “sorry about your loss” and slammed the phone down.
    I was shocked. I spent decades in Customer service, and NEVER saw anything so vicious.
    Is it me, or do Americam fatties have the most vicious attitudes on the planet? Especially if you are not a hot guy. They will savage you for the joy of it. The Fatty Syndrome

  35. Half the native women in California under 40 can’t have a conversation without 40% of the words used being the word “like”. You shouldn’t like be allowed to like graduate from any like school without like being able to like not say like like all the like time.

    1. In principle, I agree entirely. However… the point is not to talk to California girl. Because chances are, she’s not even from California. She’s from Kansas. And she’s there to like make it BIG. And so, she like, fakes this stupid accent and mannerisms because it will like, make her cute or something.
      Afraid they’re only good for one thing and I can make a convincing argument they aren’t even good for THAT either.

  36. This piece is retarded. Mufukka says he’s been gone for NINE MONTHS and upon returning, to SF no less, all these changes have taken place. Dude I live in West buttfuck, Ohio, and we’ve already had all that stuff for years. Satire only works when the observations are valid.

  37. In a society where the government says, people are not responsible for their own lives, you get fat, unhealthy, drug addicted, tat punctured, alcoholic populated, sick, expensive, and foolish citizens.

  38. Most of the “problems” in America are really trivial.
    Try being in Africa or Brazil. Just go to bestgore dot com and see the decapitated prison riot prisoner’s head, mutilated corpse, heart carved out, daily war in third world country and you will be happy and grateful to be in America.
    Yeah America has its downside but you can’t beat the upside compared to rest of the world.

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