How Communism Is Becoming Interwoven Into America’s Cultural Fiber

I think now more than ever it is of the utmost importance to school our younger brothers who are just starting out on their journey that one of the fundamental truths of life is nothing ever really changes.  In the words of Lord Byron,

There is the moral of all human tales;
‘Tis but the same rehearsal of the past,
First freedom and then Glory – when that fails,
Wealth, vice, corruption – barbarism at last.
And History, with all her volumes vast,
Hath but one page…

Throughout the course of human existence, there have been many empires and civilizations.  In their infancy, the exploded onto the world stage with a vengeance, usually throwing off some oppressive yoke of the previous regime and ushering in a new age.  When they rose, they used military might to assimilate different lands into their empire and made rapid advances in technology and ideas, culminating in being recognized as a beacon of inspiration and hope for the future.  When they inevitably fell, the pattern of events leading up to their demise was always the same, and the cycle began anew with a different civilization.

When you know what the warning signs are, you can better prepare yourself for what the future holds.  Unfortunately for us, most of the younger generation in the West don’t even recognize these signs, and the ones that do can’t be bothered to pay attention to them.  That is something we shall have to remedy.

“War Is Upon You Whether You Would Risk It or Not”

The first thing you must understand is that we are not living in a time of peace.  And I don’t mean Iraq and Afghanistan and all the things going down abroad.  I mean right here in our own country, we are in a state of war.

It is a mistake to look at dealing with the effects of feminism as just putting up with spoiled, entitled bitches and learning how to deal with their endless shit tests so you can get in their pants.  It is not some phase or fad that will eventually fade away.  You must recognize feminism for what it truly is: one of the arms of Communism, with its goals being to break up the nuclear family, effectively weaken the country from within, and to eradicate any form of masculinity or aggression, thereby reducing the number of people who can engage in dissent.

Remember, no matter what you call the system or ideology, be it fascist, totalitarian, communist, socialist, or dictatorial, the one thing they all have in common is the complete and utter annihilation of dissent.  In the words of somebody, “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.”  The cornerstone of any truly free society is the right to openly and peacefully disagree with a prevailing idea, law, or policy without fear of reprisal.  Once the right to dissent is eliminated, freedom no longer exists.

The WorldCom of Ideologies

Now some of the younger readers might not be too familiar with the term Communism.  That’s because you know it as Socialism, Progressivism, Liberalism, or Social Democracy.  Same shit, different bull.   I don’t use any of these synonyms because, just as we should engage in fat-shaming and slut-shaming, we should engage in Commie-shaming.

One of the Left’s favorite tricks is rebranding.  Communism is still a bad word here in America, especially with the Baby Boomers that grew up during McCarthyism and the Red Scare in the 50’s and 60’s.  So the Left refers to them only as “socialists” or “progressives” now, to disguise their true intentions.  Since the Boomers are approaching the twilight of their years and are slowly fading from political and cultural relevance, the Left can indoctrinate younger generations in the new nomenclature and in a sense effectively erase the negative association between the word Communism and its synonyms.

Another aspect of rebranding is a phenomenon known as Ideasthesia, which is when certain sounds in a language are tied to ideas or perceptions.  For instance, it’s an “urban legend” in stand-up comedy circles that emphasizing and using words that contain hard consonants is funnier than using words with soft consonants.  The same could be said of aggressive or negative perceptionsLike with the entire German language.

Therefore, Communism, which starts with the hardest consonant sound, is a much more aggressive word than Socialism, which has none.  Ever wonder why the word cunt is so much more offensive to American women than bitch, slut, or whore?  It has the same meaning as pussy, and a woman (probably) won’t go nuclear if you call her that, so what’s the big deal?  It’s partly because it starts and ends with a hard consonant.  There is no nice way to say that word.  You could try it with a shit-eating grin on your face, and that would probably just make it worse.  Precede it with “fucking”, and you’ll achieve a glorious full feminist meltdown.

Yuri Bezmenov, The Great Prognosticator

To really illustrate the connection between Communist ideological subversion and our current P.C.-saturated, equality-obsessed culture, I’d like you to meet Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov, who was a KGB operative for the Soviet Union in the 1960’s and who defected to the United States in 1970 when he became disillusioned with the Communist system.  Keep in mind that this interview was conducted in 1984, exactly 30 years ago.  The parallels between what he predicts and what is happening now are… disturbing.

Sour Grapes

4:30 – 8:17  Yuri explains the difference between our free-market Capitalist society and a Communist one.  A common phrase heard by brainwashed Leftists is “Well it really doesn’t matter what system you live under because they’re all the same: corrupt and run by tyrants.”  This is the argumentative equivalent of sour grapes, aka being a diabolical hater, in game:

“That guy’s always with hot women while I’m by myself, but that’s only because he has money/fame/looks and I wouldn’t want to fuck those sluts anywaytranslates to “You’ve proven that my ideology is bullshit, but that’s only because all ideologies are bullshit and there is no perfect system, including yours.  So suck it.”

True, there is no perfect system, and of course corruption will exist as long as there are human beings, therefore certain levels of corruption are to be expected in any society.  In order for good to exist, evil must also exist, since they are simply two sides of the same coin.  The difference is, by keeping moral values high and shaming bad behavior, a society can mitigate corruption and find a balance.

America: Then…

If you were able to cut the rampant racism from our Golden Era of 1950-1960 to even current levels of racial acceptance, in my mind you would have achieved as close to a utopia as you were going to get with the greatest system in the world, Free-Market Capitalism.

We built the greatest middle class and the greatest economy in the history of humanity.  A man was paid an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work.  Our creativity, ingenuity, and ambition were unmatched while our women were feminine and content to stay home and do what they do best, which is rear children and take care of their families.  Homosexuality was treated like what it is: at worst a deviant perversion and at best a chromosomal aberration.  Either way, it wasn’t celebrated, and was tolerated as long as it stayed behind closed doors.

A man’s word was his bond.

The elite of this country understood that to have a prosperous nation, you had to have a strong middle class, a strong nuclear family, and strong moral values.  Workers were valued and had names, not just numbers.  As Yuri states, even our prisoners had rights. And while rights may be man-made ideas determined by the powerful, at least they were upheld and considered sacrosanct.

…and now

Compare the past to the present, and you’ll see that in a span of less than 50 years, creeping Communism has eroded all the hard work and sacrifice of our ancestors.  The middle class is all but extinct and our economy is a joke.  People want an honest day’s pay for no work at all.  Our populace is lazy, spoiled, arrogant, and fat, while we build nothing of value here anymore.

We all know what happened to our women.  Thanks to feminism, the nuclear family is gone and homosexual perversion is not only deemed normal, but is now openly promoted, accepted, and forced on us.  Honor and integrity are now quaint remnants of a bygone era, existing only in small pockets of civilization.  Workers are basically drones or expendable cannon fodder, known more by their number designations than by their names.  If you are a man, the validity of your rights is determined by man-hating feminists and homosexuals and you are now guilty until proven innocent.  Long story short, we are inexorably headed towards the hell that Yuri describes.

WTF Guys.  China?

11:00 – 13:15  It has been comprehensively covered on this site how American corporations are clearly promoting the P.C./Feminist agenda.  Since we’ve established that the agenda is a Communist one, we’re basically shooting ourselves in the foot.  Here Yuri describes how we are making the same error that we made with the Soviets.  He points out how American corporations were nourishing the Communist system by making grain deals with the Russians.

Fast-forward to today, and you see that almost everything in this country is made in China which, despite their relaxation on certain policies recently, is still a Communist country with a deplorable human rights record.  In other words, they treat their people like shit.

We owe China, a Communist country, over a trillion dollars in debt.   When you don’t pay a debt, what happens?  The bank takes your house, car, or business, or some goon takes your kneecaps.  You don’t have to be an economist to understand that eventually China’s going to want their money.  We have a floundering economy that’s resulted in us raising our debt ceiling and having our credit rating dropped, and we owe what effectively amounts to a one-party totalitarian state with a rapidly expanding military over a trillion dollars.  Result?

The Great Egalitarian Socialist Utopia is a Pipe Dream

Pay close attention to the words and phrases Yuri uses, and note how they correlate to the ones used in the West today.  He predicts that we’ll eventually end up like the Soviet Union, using a gulag system where we’ll work for free under the glorious system of “socialist equality.”  Sound familiar?  You can’t throw a rock in any direction in this country, including both up and down, without hitting some idiot screaming about equality.

This may be hard to swallow for some, but there is no such thing as equality.  Life isn’t fair.  Deal with it.  Strong/weak, beautiful/ugly, tall/short, smart/dumb, rich/poor—some people are just simply better than others.  It’s up to you, and you alone, to elevate yourself and overcome your shortcomings.

Leftists love erroneously pointing out that the constitution says all men are equal.  Wrong.  It says all men are created equal.  We all come into this world as drooling bundles of joy who are unable to take care of ourselves at first and must rely on others for survival.  Once we’re young adults, the race begins, and your success in this life will be determined by your merit and hard work.  True, some are born with greater economic advantages due to their parents’ wealth, but a lazy wealthy person cannot make the same accomplishments as a poor person with unlimited drive, ambition, and a never-give-up attitude.

In another highly recommended video featuring our friend Yuri that breaks down step-by-step the process of ideological subversion, he verifies this claim.  Equality must be earned, and cannot be given.  The Leftist hamster cannot accept this.  They would rather drag the strong down to their level at the bottom than improve themselves and rise to the top.

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204 thoughts on “How Communism Is Becoming Interwoven Into America’s Cultural Fiber”

  1. Calling “progressives” or whatever it is is they call themselves these days “communists” is a very accurate term. Socialism, as it was conceived by Robert Owen, was a voluntary system of collectivism. Karl Marx brought no new ideas to the table except one: that collectivism should be imposed by force. That is why any Socialist or progressive policies that are enacted by the government should be called communist policies.

    1. the most incredible thing is watching these presidents hiding in their palaces, while the population riots and protests…. if a democratically elected leader is so unpopular that people are actively protesting for weeks… that’s it boy… game over….. new president….
      the best policy would be to pay the president $10M a year… but he has no security whatsoever… let’s see who wants to be president then….

      1. In that situation I can only imagine the president will become a lot less belligerent and less likely to say things like “bring it on”.

    2. Yes, commies are good at rebranding. “Liberalism” is the advocation of stealing other people’s liberty. It’s anti-liberal. It became necessary for Austrian school economists to say “classical liberalism” when they meant liberty so that it wouldn’t be confused with the modern bastardization. “Progressives” are also the opposite: they REGRESS to the same old coercive tactics that have plagued the earth since prehistory.
      I like calling them commies mostly because I think it sounds funny and that they take it as an insult, but for the sake of precision I prefer calling them what they are: coercionists. You call Barack Obama a coercionist and there’s not too much rhetorical dancing he can do to get around it. He advocates, enforces, and benefits from coercion.

  2. it’s good to see the negatives in things, and it’s good to understand that communism is alive and well in so called democracies….
    however if we are not careful, by putting resistance to these socialist ideals, we simply provide something for them to push back against….
    better to understand the positives of real capitalism and even intelligent anarchy…. it’s incredible in crisis situations how total strangers will work together and produce order out of chaos…. that is what humans naturally do…
    socialism / communism tries to force everyone into a box, whereas if left to it’s own devices humanity will have a tendency to naturally organise itself….
    you cannot fight against that under any circumstances…
    the solution to ‘beating’ communism, feminism, socialism, rampant government etc. etc. etc. is to rely on basic human nature, whilst ignoring false and mechanical political ideals that never work in practice.

    1. Don’t forget that feminists from de Beauvoir to Andrea Dworkin and Catherine Mackinnon have all said and multiply reaffirmed that socialism is collectivism is Marxism is feminism. Rather answers more than a few questions about the otherwise ambient social and political incoherence so popular these days.

  3. Good article.
    It’s good to see so many people waking up to these facts, and understand why it is that American society seems to be failing currently…because it’s engineered that way

    1. That’s why the ‘democracy’ we live in is becoming increasingly hypocritical. Alot of people have decided to impose their way of life on to others e.g homosexuals, Libtards. Equal rights come with equal responsibilities.
      Everyone has a right to pursue their Happiness. This could mean being a Hedonist, this could mean being Christian, This could mean being a Stoic. Every man has his own definition of happiness. One man’s shit is another man’s gold. I don’t give a fuck what any man/women/tranny does behind closed doors as long as its not a threat to me and my loved ones. I whether its snorting coke at 8AM every morning or praying five times I day.
      Does my smoking bother you? Too bad get lost
      Does my drinking bother you? Too bad get lost
      Does my Religion bother you? Too bad get lost
      Does the fact that I spank one of my harem girls bother you? Too bad get lost etc.
      Do I try to impose my religion(buddhism), drinking habits, smoking on others? No
      The reason I dislike feminists and socialists is that they don’t accept responsibility when everything blows up in their faces.
      Enlightened male:Why has there been a collapse in the family unit?
      Feminist/Socialist: Capitalism/inequality/Patriarchy etc(blame game personified)

    2. In fighting communism an all-too-common mistake is to become fascist in response. You speak about ‘indoctrination’, but what is the line separating someone who has been legitimately brainwashed by people who wish for his destruction, and someone who is simply just disagreeing with the leadership by his own volition and thinking processes? One is the enemy and one is a friend, though perhaps only foolish or misguided. I fear you haven’t taken the time to absorb the implications of what you’re writing here. One of the characteristics of fascism is that any sort of dissent is labelled as originating from the enemy. In reality, that’s simply not true.
      America was founded as an open society. Anyone could come, anyone could go, as long as they lived by the law of the land and lent a helping hand whenever it was necessary (taxes, fighting wars, etc.) Aside from a few freak episodes like the red scare and so on, Americans weren’t intimidated by the enemy’s idealogy because they (rightly) knew that freedom and democracy were the superior idealogy and would win in the end. Americans did fear the enemy’s bombs (and, again, rightly so), but “sticks and stones may break my bones”.
      A lot of people, especially younger people, forget this, but up until 2001 the ideals of an open society were pretty much standard and widely agreed upon. In the past 13 years, though, a lot of stuff has changed. America has the NSA. America has Obama. It homeland security and warrantless wiretapping. I assure you 100% that communism pales in comparison to the threat these things pose to democracy. If you want to start fighting communism, the way to do is to build a strong and confident society. And you can’t do that with everyone’s phone conversations being recorded on tape.

      1. “America has the NSA. America has Obama. It homeland security and warrantless wiretapping. I assure you 100% that communism pales in comparison to the threat these things pose to democracy”
        I don’t follow. Communist societies have tended to be zealous in terms of state security and surveillance. Those things are huge concerns, but they are part of a potentially totalitarian apparatus of the state that could be used by either the left or the right – BUT its the left that believes in the state apparatus as a matter of principle

        1. They have, but totalitarian control isn’t just a characteristic of communism. Fascism has it too, and fascism is a far-right position.

        2. Don’t you know that the Nazi party is called the “National Socialist German Workers’ Party”?

        3. “Fascism is a far-right position.”
          Says who? The communists? It’s basically a left-wing nationalistic socialist ideology. Just because they were competitors doesn’t mean they’re so diametrically opposed that they belong on opposite sides of the political scale.
          Unless the scale is detailing various shades of socialism.

        4. Not really. Fascism is right-wing by any metric, except for a few leftist aspects like state control of production. It’s associated with nationalism (right-wing), imperialism (right-wing), militarism (right wing), and social Darwinism (VERY right-wing).
          If you didn’t know these facts then I suggest you update your beliefs about the political spectrum.

        5. Nationalism is value neutral, it is held in varying degrees by pretty much all ideologies. Imperialism and militarism, same thing. Or shall we pretend that the USSR wasn’t nationalist, expansionist and boasted a large military?

        6. Quite right. Stalin’s entire objective in WW2 was world domination. Unfortunately for him, some madman attacked him and wiped out half his military.

        7. Aye. The Left always tries to frame the narrative to its advantage (“Nationalism is from the right!”), which is a tactic that frankly I’m tired of seeing. It honestly feels good to throw their sophistry back in their face and disallow them the alpha role in a conversation. It’s amazing how weak Leftists are, once you openly confront their techniques with blunt facts and disarm their rhetoric by being fearless of their name calling.

        8. Imperialism is right wing. Just because one leftist ideology implemented it doesn’t make it left wing, just as state control of production doesn’t make fascism left wing. And militarism is extremely right wing. I’m beginning to think you don’t even know what it means. Hint: think Sparta.
          I’m not leftist or even advocating leftism. I’m just pointing out facts. It’s amazing how insecure you seem to be about this. And ‘asserting yourself as alpha’ in a internet debate? Give me a fucking break.

        9. Few realise that nazi is a slur for nationalist socialists and that the nazis where against free market economics

        10. To “A guy” who wrote : ” Fascism is right-wing by any metric”
          Bull shit, only by the fake metrics of leftists. Left wing = a significant amount of people’s decisions are made by the govt (big govt). Right wing = a significant amount of people’s decisions are made by themselves (small govt). Fascism is big govt = leftist

        11. Okay, when was the Patriot Act signed into law? Oh, yeah, Bush II. Who was the only guy to get up and say it was a terrible fucking idea and that it would lead to abuse? The libbiest lib ever to lib, Russ Feingold.
          He did that when it was considered political suicide after 9/11. Fox News talking head, and typical Right Wing website, and talk shows opinion: if you’ve got nothing to hide you’ve got nothing to fear.
          He stands up multiple times later, he says: ‘look at these news stories about abuse’ and it gets passed, and extra things are added over time to strengthen it. All signed by Bush II.
          He stands up one last time, before he lost an election, and goes: look, ok, you guys might’ve been fooled twice, but come on now, this is ridiculous! Passed again, and per usual, anyone who voted against it is an unamerican terrist simpathizer.
          Now, the recent debacle, suddenly it’s a problem,
          Since nothing has changed, what did? Oh, yeah, the letter of the president changed in regards to party affiliation. So any of you guys who voted republican since 9/11 suddenly had a change of heart? I don’t buy it. The TEA Party was one example of the guys who picked the issue. Never mind that most of the class they swept in voted to authorize it before the SHTF and it became politically expedient to attack it.
          That libbiest lib to ever lib stood up and said it was terrible, he was right. All the right wing talking heads, politicians, commentators, fellating websites, talk show hosts? They were horribly wrong, and most don’t even admit it, they just retcon it out of their past.
          When a friend switched quickly, and started criticizing Obama about the Iraq war, I called him a traitor who was emboldening our enemies. He forgot he said the same about libs, because they were criticizing the president during a time of war.
          Neither side has much consistency in politics. Do not allow yourself to be seduced, be an independent. Don’t be liberal or conservative, be logical.
          Just my two cents.

        12. Fascism is a creature of the left not the right. It was a socialist movement in both Italy and Germany. In Germany the Nazis tried to eliminate “class” distinctions as a major portion of their platform.
          The Nazis hated communists the same way that Irish Catholics hate non-Catholic Irish more than they hate the British. You always have the worst hatred for your closest competitors. Communism was the major commpetitor for the national socialists so it was the “main” enemy.

        13. You are just saying everything I hate is right wing so they are right wing. I do not see Communist party of China today giving up on it’s imprerialist activities, it’s militarism( they have doubled their military budget in the past year and are building an agressive navy with a new aircraft carrier), or it’s nationalism. I am not sure what you mean by social darwinism.

        14. Wrong.
          Right wing = social cohesion
          Left wing = individualization
          You can always tell what “side” an ideology is by what it is attempting to accomplish in the social sphere. Economics mean nothing politically, because they can be manipulated so readily (socialist one day and capitalist the next) and as such are just tools toward implementing social objectives. If you are talking about “right wing” and “left wing” and mention socialism or capitalism then I immediately know that you have no idea what you are talking about.
          Nationalism = strong traditional family values = strong family structure = strong community values/instinct = politically strong communities = politically strong nation = Nationalism = right wing.
          Communism = cultural decimation = family values decimation = weak family structure = individualization = politically weak communities/low community instinct = politically weak nation dominated by minority over-class despots = Communism = left wing.
          National Socialism is as right wing as it gets. It is the strongest political structure for any one group. Ironically, Isreal is de facto National Socialist although it tries to hide as much behind pretty words such as “democracy”. It’s walking a fine line. Just an example of how this structure is used by ethnocentric governments whenever they can get away with it, because it is the only structure through which the majority can maintain true ownership of the government.
          Communism is the weakest political structure for any one group, making it captives de-facto slaves to the minority over-class. The rights of the individual are over-emphasized over any group. However, due to the natural inclination of people to form common bonds and then culturally distinct groups, the illusion of group cohesion is implemented through he politics of economics. People are made to believe that their common bonds are economic, not cultural, which gives the psychological illusion of group cohesion. However, the group bonds are at any time able to be controlled through simple manipulation of their pay and benefits. If you want them to be upset and cohesive, stop paying them or giving them benefits. If you want them to be individualistic and non-cohesive, then keep them in a comfortable yet fearful trance by paying them with their knowledge that their basic needs might not be met at any time.
          If you are right wing then stop the “National Socialism is left-wing” bullshit. Just own your nationalsit tendencies. Jews do, and they are ostensibly the reason why it’s so faux pas to be nationalist in today’s age. I will tell you this: unless you lobby for the government that you want you’ll get the government that you don’t want. Be strong and fight communism with the only weapon that can defeat it: nationalism.

        15. The USSR was communist by any measure: social or economic. Imperialism is a left-wing ideal because it is by definition “international” and not “national”. To illustrate: the objectives of imperialists were never to politically strengthen the inhabitants conquered nation. Instead, they preferred to keep them in as much of a dis-empowered slave state as could be implemented. Hence, Imperialist states more strongly resemble communist states, not nationalist states. The imperialists themselves were likely internally nationalistic while implementing communist style social disempowerment for everyone else.

        16. You guys make this up as you go along.
          Imperialism = INTERnationalism
          I don’t know who told you otherwise, but INTERnationalism and nationalism are completely opposite ideologies. In fact, the meaning of these terms pretty much encapsulates the precise difference between left wing and right wing ideology. It’s that fundamental.
          INTernationalism, BY DEFINITION = LEFT WING
          Read ANY major communist tract for chrissakes. Try the Communist Manifesto, and then compare with any unadulterated version of Mein Kampf.

        17. WTF?!
          No all around.
          You guys are coming off as political morons. Read, think, and then read some more. CNN and The Blaze are not acceptable sources around which to form your notion of governmental structure, history, and political ideology.

        18. Nazi is a political epithet invented by Konrad Heiden during the 1920s as a means of denigrating the NSDAP and National Socialism.Heiden was a journalist and member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, whose mother was a Jewes.
          Only abbreviation of National-Socialism was Nazi-Sozi, by Goebbels in book of the same name, Der Nazi-Sozi.

      2. America clearly appreciates the utility of corporations, just as the nazis did… provided facebook, google, amazon etc. tow the party line, they’re on board….. If not then well armed men can start seizing assets, raiding offices, arresting CEOs etc… like nazi germany you can get rich provided you don’t speak up….
        So yes, I suppose that communism is the wrong model to view America with… although in time all totalitarian regimes lose their performance incentive and good people give up trying… so the state crumbles… it’s often the most maverick people that are the most innovative, so the suppression becomes it’s own undoing…
        I prefer not to think of right or left, those are side tracks…. there is only better or worse… communism clearly being the worst, then fascism, then aggressive monarchs….. there isn’t really a left or right, more an up or down…..
        ultimately there’s no real need for government when you have comms on the level that we have the last 10+ years… and that is what NSA, 911 and all the rest of it is about…
        Government is obsolete garbage from the 20th century…. and their time is up….. they know it and will hold on for grim death…… 2020s and 2030s and 2040s are going to be real interesting…. something along the lines of 1920s-1940s.
        The patriot act wasn’t written to stop a few towel heads with shoe bombs…. it was written to stop red pill revolutions…..

      3. Democracy is total garbage and mob rule. This country is not or more accurately WAS not created as a democracy but a CONSTITUTIONAL FUCKING REPUBLIC!
        Big difference chief. I get real tired of hearing people say democracy and USA together.

        1. A republic is a form of democracy. In the time of the founding fathers, the word ‘democracy’ was mostly used to mean direct democracy, which America isn’t, but that’s not how it’s used today.

      4. It’s absolutely not a mistake to become fascist in response.
        If you understood politics you would know that, but you have zero idea of what you talk about.
        Fascism and Communism represent the extreme antipodes of the political spectrum, and as such they are the two strongest forces in the political spectrum. They both primarily work in the social sphere, with economic policies being implemented as they become necessary to effect social change. Economics is not politics, social structure is.
        If your “open society” was able to be resistant to communist social policies than it would be. However, it obviously isn’t. What say you? Your open society has failed to maintain its balance against the vastly superior political mechanations and pressures of communist ideology. It is therefore an outmoded failure that was always an animal of the theoretician’s notebooks rather than a living, legitimate, liberational form of society.
        The reasons for that are obvious. First, your open society is by definition a democratic society. In a multicultural democratic society, it is inevitable that small ethnocentric groups can gain rule over and bully the majority provided that they are both allowed to be and are effectively more internally nationalistic than the majority. Your entire “open society” concept is fatally flawed and is therefore a sham wherever it is implemented. Democracy only works in homogenous societies, and even then the logic is shaky because there will always be incentive to form smaller, more cohesive groups for the sake of power. In essence, Deomcracy is merely a smokescreen that allows the minority to rule while giving low IQ individuals the illusion of choice and power.
        Fascism circumvents all of this and assures that the majority’s interest comes first, and furthermore it is only reinforced by the legitimate power of the people. If the people are weak because they have been communized, then you will instead have a despotic communist state. Fascist states are upheld by the true political power of the majority.
        If you think that your “open society” has only been corrupted since 2001 then your a historical dullard and aren’t even close to having enough information to keep up with the conversation. Get educated. You can start at the civil war to be thorough, but starting at the Russian Revolution might be less intimidating and the facts from that point forward are no less convincing.
        Fascism is the only political force that can counteract communism, and the reverse holds true. The social forces are too strong, when either is implemented, for weaker middle spectrum forms of social and governmental structure to resist. That should be obvious if you pick your head up and look around. Therefore, our destiny is either communist or fascist. Pick a side.

      5. America was not founded as an “open society”…those ‘things’ you’re talking about are communist machinations designed to give unlimited power to a jewish -led police state (communism)…you have along way to go to properly understand what communism really is..

      6. Anyone could come,

        No, at first only Western Europeans which founded country and civilization, than Eastern and Southern Europeans along with Jews because there were many Jews in Eastern and Southern Europe. After 1965. Immigration and Nationality act, non-whites could come, and now, USA is becoming slowly Turd World hellhole, racially, demographically, socially, culturally, economically.

    3. My only problem is, that no matter how the writer tries to dress up these points, they’ve been hashed out before.
      First off, we’ve been living in a kleptocracy, and that horrible commie Eisenhower warned about spending too much of the economy on the military. That we’ve been living in a kleptocracy hasn’t changed for decades. You decry wage growth and the loss of the middle class, but we’ve had Reagan’s trickle down economic in effect for 4 decades now. Wall Street has risen to new highs, and corporate profits are higher than ever, but it hasn’t trickled down. Why? We live in a kleptocracy.
      The other point I disagree with on debt, because I lived through the 80’s when Japan was ‘going to own America’ because of the trade imbalance. Now I’m not saying debt is a good thing, but you can’t let yourself get hysterical about it. Borrow a dollar, and the bank owns you. Borrow a million, and you own the bank. That’s an old saying that exists for a reason. China destabilizing us, or even Europe, is bad for them. Bad for their business, and bad for their government. That isn’t to say they like us, anymore than we really like them, but they are now stuck. I’ve never known why we didn’t do this to Cuba, because by now they’d be Japan.
      I remember a line in an old movie, Black Rain, that summed up both side (Japan and the USA) perfectly. The Japanese cop goes: ‘music and movies are all America is good for anymore, we build the machines’ and the American cop retorts: ‘and if one of you had an original idea you’re so uptight you couldn’t pull it out of your ass!’
      This pretty much sums up China as well. They, like the Japanese, engage in intellectual property theft, heck the Chinese will flat out run a new shift to put out knockoffs. They’re efficient that way I guess. The Japanese learned in time to stop destruction, but they still suffer economic malaise. Will the Chinese follow the same route? Increasingly, it looks that way.
      We still ‘own’ Japan, and I’m beginning to think the trade we’re running is a dual game. We’ve used it to collapse the USSR, because the commits wanted blue jeans and rock music. We’ve used it to ensnare Japan as our product refiner, one of the best examples being the FSX. I think we’re turning China into our environmental law free manufacturing center. Russia, as it doesn’t appear they’ve learned the lesson of The Kingdom of Saud, Kuwait, or Iran, is likely to suffer another fall. At some point all resource exporting countries, whether in the Middle East or Africa, have learned exactly how volatile their economies become when the commodities market decides to muck with the price.
      None of this is necessarily good, or even sustainable, for anyone. Countries have gone into revolution over less. Indeed, now, the people supporting Putin the hardest in Russia are a few old commie hard liners that want the Cold War back. That would be disastrous for their economy, but hey, the ‘good old days’ before that America distracted their youth.

  4. How is feminism communism?
    During communism lazy women who did not work went to jail and if there was not a work place for her the GOV would step in to create a job through synthetic employment so she would have her 40 hour work week
    Well if she wanted to be a housewife she had to have 4 children or more

    1. did you notice that he mentioned that he was part of the ‘protected class’?
      Communism has a protected class, in ours that is women, although if you watch prevailing trends, white women are soon to lose their protected class status.

    2. anything that tries to mandate equality, is communism…. and the ultimate result of it, is that performance incentive is lost…. so for example women now have so much choice, university, career, babies, family, divorce… all are viable options, so the females are not performing….
      in poland and ussr and places, communism removed the incentive to work so badly that there was no bread or vegetables, but the minute they took away the price fixing and allowed farmers to sell stuff at market rates…. over night the market places were rammed with food…. what a surprise….
      it was the same with coal, the miners would work as little as possible because there were no production targets, quotas, efficiency bonuses etc. everyone was equal, so everyone was equally lazy.

  5. This is a great article.
    The word socialist needs to be considered as dirty as Nazi, as socialist/communist regimes were responsible for far more deaths than the Nazis.
    More people need to be taught about democide and how dangerous government can be.

    1. True. But don’t forget that the Nazis were also socialist. Nazi is just short for National Socialist German Workers Party. It was simply Marxism with a few twists.

      1. Yeah, but the commies who run our civilization have brainwashed everybody into thinking the NSDAP was far-right-wing.

        1. That’s exactly right. The Nazi’s economic policies were very similar to what we’re seeing today in the U.S. and Western Europe.

        2. You have to be kidding:
          Nazis did not give welfare rather they gave unemployed “jobs americans won’t do”
          they did not import workers to replace the folk rather they rewarded high fecundity with tax breaks and monetary rewards and medals(yes that is true google it).
          the german worker’s standard of living went from lowest to highest in Europe(does Volkswagen ring a bell)
          Usury was abolished and that in itself got rid of lifetime servitude.
          Most importantly the Germans told the Banks to go f**k themselves.
          Nazism was the polar opposite of this dystopia that we live in presently which is why it is hated to the core by the regime.

        3. Another good article by the same guy explains how the judiciary recruits from the left by making a demonstrable commitment to diversity a key selection criterion at the recruitment stage. While this might be true in many professions the fact that the judiciary is recruited in this way guarantees a leftist judicial ‘bent’ will endure however people vote in elections. The author whose work this is based upon mentions that this amounts to a kind of coup d’etat that defeats the point of elections etc

        4. Many of the NSDAP’s economic policies were beneficial, especially in regards to banning usury, but they were still socialist in that they wanted the secular state to have final say over the upbringing of German children.

        5. The nazis even had a government holliday organization- Kraft durch freude, sporting e.g government owned cruiseship “Wilhelm Gustloff” as welfareperk for “the people”. Not ONE Wolkswagen were delivered to any of the millions who had paid for them before the war… Germany imported workers en-masse by annexing parts of other countries that had Germans living there. Taking control over banks/getting reid of JEWISH bankers is not the same as telling banks to go to hell..

        6. From Sparta to Rome to Christendom to Commie USSR, EU and USA pretty much every regime has had the final say in the upbringing of the child.
          The difference is when the state raises the kids by generally accepted and healthy and beneficial folk values(like masculinity in boys and femininity in girls)(the Nazi dictum was that German youth must be strong like steel tough as leather and fast as greyhound) and extremely arrogant impositions by the elites(homo education and feminism).
          The former is patriarchical democracy and the latter tyranny(rule by and for minority).

      2. The difference is that Marxism is internationalist socialism hence the huge wealth transfer from Whites to non whites, while Nazism is your good ol tribalism with taking care of one’s own.
        Nazism is the polar opposite of Marxism.
        In religious terms Nazism is Judaism for Germans and Marxism is Christianity without Christ.

        1. This is true. And marx even tried to rebrand christian terms in a marxist/communist sense with him as the messiah of course.
          Stupid fucking hippies of the 60’s and 70’s believing all that garbage.
          Polar opposites is right. Its the hegelian dialetic being played out. Just like our supposed differences between the West(usa) and the East (russia). This is how TPTB control us.

  6. Seek and agitate for opportunies for growth and ascension rather than equality. All else leads to tyranny.

  7. Oh, roundeye, you no have money to repay Stimulus Package? Ooooooh. My turn; you Stimulate my Package now, roundeye.

  8. You probably deliberately left out that in essence Communism is internationalism(like Islam, Christianity). What it means is that it is mainly concerned with breaking any sort of ethnic tie/loyalty and make everone an individual slave to the nameless bureaucracy(like Islam seeks to do). Everything that they do in west is to destroy the White race and racial consciousness(previously known as patriotism(the real kind)).
    So the decline in racial consciousness of Whites due to decades of attack by cultural and legal apparatus not to mention the straight out bio war waged by flooding the country would have led to the exact dystopia and not utopia that you predict.
    You are one of the Buffeters who believe that everything that is PC with relation to Feminism is bad and the rest is fine. No wonder the system with multiple heads keeps on devouring the White race and the West.
    No STOP the bullshit and reject everything in its entirety we need a new Luther not repairmen,

    1. “What it means is that it is mainly concerned with breaking any sort of ethnic tie/loyalty and make everone an individual slave to the nameless bureaucracy(like Islam seeks to do”
      You have no fucking idea what you’re talking about.

    2. Kind of broad for you to label christianity solely as a political, cultural movement which it is not. Perhaps certain regimes used it in such a manner but doctrinally speaking it is a spiritual system whose focus is on one’s soul and not on ethnic or any other worldly origins.
      Though I can agree of certain similarities but to make those connections again is to only see it as a political/cultural system.

  9. no reference whatsoever to cultural marxism? I’m broadly in agreement, but this article needs to go deeper into the subject, particularly with regard to feminism: for instance with regard to how marxist feminists could be said to view gender as a class theory, analogous to the economic classes of old.
    Its also not enough to say equality = communism. Equality can be viewed in terms of rights, opportunities or outcomes. Its the focus on outcomes – achieving quotas, or parity within business, or politics etc – that is most obviously ‘communist’.
    There is a huge difference between equal rights before the law and the manipulation of equal outcomes, which is the main problem we are facing today.

    1. no reference whatsoever to cultural marxism?
      He’s tainted slightly by Cultural Marxism by bringing up the “racism” of 1950s America. But everything else he says is spot on.

      1. I’m agree with the sentiment. But the view is ‘from the outside’ as in ‘this is what crypto-communism has done to the West’. That’s perfectly legitimate, but I think the mechanisms of marxism / communism are complex, and its important to ‘know they enemy’

      2. He is what is called Buffeter, he dislikes a certain dish(feminism) but is okay with other shit that is being dished out not realizing or wilfully ignoring that the recipe for all dishes is bullshit.

  10. What Yuri Bezmenov did to expose what’s wrong with our Western way of life, after he defected, is outstanding. This guy definitely deserves to be better known, but I don’t think our Education System, controled by Liberals, will let young generations learn more about him

  11. I’m not a big fan of labels but I do agree with the gist of the article. American women are heavyily dependent on the government to grind men into dust. The family court is essentially a womans court and that is why its setup as such. Ask yourself who wants to work on a family court. 9/10 judges are pro feminist cunts who want to crush men and the other 1/10 is a fair minded individual.
    Make your money in America and then fuck off. Its not worth living in this country. Middle class men are the most shit on segment of society. You’re either a sexist or a bigot or a dead beat dad or a pedophile or rapist or thief or boring or something else. No matter what you do there is some label for you why you are not good.
    American women are opportunist and will use any opportunity to smash you down and get one up on you without working for it honestly. American women will jump on the fascist band if the facist will give them a one up.

    1. Not just limited to American women, this phenomenon has reached all the corners of the world.

      1. I agree but the other court systems do not allow that outside the west. Good luck getting your kids in saudi arabia if you are a woman with no job. The judge will laugh you out the court for being a single unemployed mother wanting to care for 3 kids. The judge will ask and how are you going to feed and cloth your kids with moon money? In America, when woman cannot pay for their kids they get $600 a month per kid from government plus food stamps plus child support check. When men can’t pay they go to jail. Why can’t men on welfare get a check to pay for their childsupport?

    2. And this is why it will crumble. No society can function when you actively destroy its most productive class(middle class males).

      1. I am surprised it hasn’t crumbled all they have done is dismantle the middle class for the last 100 years.

        1. Make no mistake about it, it has crumbled, but everything is being propped up by massive amounts of money printing.

  12. YKWs team up with degenerates to promote destruction of societies because degeneracy is all the YKW knows. Sniveling YKWs are the most paranoid and nervous creatures on the planet. YKWs desire to make all men their slaves and to have us bow down to their promotion of faggotry, multikulturalism, PC, and equalism.

  13. When our news stories go something like this: “A neighborhood was on lock-down for 18 hours while police conducted door-to-door searches after a robbery took place in the vicinity of two schools”, you know by what means our police state is able to get its traction.
    Moms and their beta-provider hubbies are subjected to brilliant propaganda on 24-hr news cycles, molding their weak little minds into slaves of a perceived fear. Add an I-V of Lifetime channel rape victim marathons, Dr Phil/Oprah/NGrace, and other dramas featuring the token battered bloody bitch crying on some witness stand, and you get yourself quite a jacked-up electorate of pussies to bat around.

  14. Quite so. Feminism’s thuggery, intolerance, and institutionalized violence are inherently and necessarily collectivist.
    Feminists and their fellow travelers in Marxism are clear-sighted in identifying the individual as an enemy to be annihilated. War is indeed upon us, whether we will or no.

  15. When I was in high school I was a big advocate of Marxism. I studied not only Marx and Engels but Trotsky, Lenin, Bolivarianism, Castroism, Guevara, Maoism, etc. I was very idealistic and believed that people could change.
    Now I know how wrong I was. On paper those systems all seem nice. But to actually try and implement those systems has always proven catastrophic. I used to live in Germany, a country known for its generous social system and safety net, but even there things are beginning to collapse. Hell, most of socialist Europe is collapsing because the socialist systems can no longer sustain themselves due to heavy immigration and people abusing the system.
    I used to see capitalism as evil because I believed it exploited the working class. Today I understand that free markets based on supply and demand are actually very healthy and beneficial. Under a system like socialism, how could you start a business or company? How could you really be “free” if the powers that be are constantly on your ass about what you say or how you think (like they are in America now)? Maybe in some far off land where everyone gets along, or in some small, mostly homogenous nation like those in Europe, socialism could somewhat work. But for most of the world it is simply fantastical idealism.
    Pardon the rant, just finished some Seagrams.

    1. I appreciate your honesty with the forum, as well as with yourself. It is a rare mind that can disabuse itself of a lifetime of propaganda and come out into the light on its own. You sir are an inspiration.

    2. It makes sense that communism/Marxism etc. appealed to you when you were young. I was the same before I’d even heard of Marx. I see socialism as the political system of children. Children see their parents as an endless source of benefits and funds and cannot comprehend that there is a limit to what the omnipotent ones can provide. When mother says “no” it is because she is selfish not because she cannot afford it.
      Likewise with the way the average socialist views government. There is no scarcity when it comes to government. They can just print money or increase taxes on the limitless wealth of the rich (i.e. middle-class). So if someone doesn’t support increased benefits to a socialists favourite beneficiary, it is because they are selfish, mean and greedy. Not because, even with government, there is a limit.

  16. Quote: ” For instance, it’s an “urban legend” in stand-up comedy circles that emphasizing and using words that contain hard consonants is funnier than using words with soft consonants.  The same could be said of aggressive or negative perceptions.  Like with the entire German language.”
    The Krouts gave is the Frankfurter Schule with Herbert Marcus and the band of collectivist assholes who then came to Columbia University and brought their stupidity as well to Northern California which was ground zero to hippy shit logic that ushered in America’s brand of socialism (as the author of this article stated ‘liberalism’ is simply socialism USA).
    The upcoming generations will be taught that they only need their iPhone, Ipads and laptops to be happy and to always vote for the Nanny State.
    Many years ago I decided never to have children because of the direction America was heading. As the state of affairs continue to evolve I get more convinced that I made the right decision.

      1. You got that right. I wonder if they even teach about the U.S. Constitution anymore.

        1. Whether “they” do or not, it is your duty as a father to ensure that the document and its foundational ideas are taught in your household. They want to destroy the family, but we can fight back by *raising* families that are well versed in the ideas and ideals of the Enlightenment.

        2. I hear ya man. But be advised I have already expatted out of the USA and I’m not planning to be a father.

  17. I wouldn’t say that even 10% of mainstream feminists came from behind iron curtain back then.
    Feminism is product of combined forces of liberalism, consumerism and affirmative action philosophy, as well as queer culture which allowed women to regroup as some sort of sexual herd that feeds its fragile egos with bullshit.
    Communism was and is absolutely unfit for feminists for one single reason – in communism you gotta work girl, whatever job is provided to you by state whether you like it or not. No choice to ride carrousel until mid thirties and then marry a provider. 9/5 job, formal dress code, no recreation facilities, no kindergarten within your work space.
    But today liberal society with mixed economy ? Perfect. Affirmative action, affirmative action, carousel, carousel, wall —–> marriage.

    1. actually, the joy of feminism is that they can be communist WITHOUT having experienced it… If you will notice, Modern-day Russia has some of the hardest workers in the world that lived through stalinist communism.
      remember, feminism doesn’t have to be internally consistent. They desire and demand marxism without the slightest self-awareness that the end result of marxism is their own downfall. When the money conveyor stops, they think that each and every one of them is going to be at the top of the hill of the elite.
      That is really what they are all fighting for… a game of musical chairs.

      1. Russia is trying to recover from communism. The rest of the world has yet to learn about it the hard way.

      2. “remember, feminism doesn’t have to be internally consistent.”
        I think this is actually the truest thing that has been said about feminism. The fact that it can be all things to all women has been a source of strength. Its core ideas about gender are often broadly marxist, but feminism remains eclectic so that it can frustrate essentialist accusations, and there is a sense in which feminism’s marxism is a matter of convenience & utility.
        This is because an important part of feminism involves a nietszchean / foucauldian “will to power”. They are emulating men; they want male power, and as such that will to male power – a childish fantasy – will use whatever is to hand. It is simply that so far marxism has been most useful, because it systematises victimhood to require re-distribution of wealth in their direction.

        1. Will to power works wonderfully for an active principle, but for a horse, will to power never works, because no matter how much will they have, they are always still a horse.
          I think it’s time we finally realized that the radical notion that women are people too is just that… a radical notion.

  18. The essential nature of man lies not in equality but in inequality. The World will be consumed with tyranny in the future, all under the guise of equality. What really makes me angry though is that the world is embracing the New World Order like lambs to slaughter, and whoever becomes a lamb will find a wolf to eat him.

  19. This article was good but it could have been truly great if you had the balls to mention the Frankfurt school and the certain “tribe” who are continually behind all this. (Ironically that goes for both of us I guess)
    Oh well we’re not quite there yet I guess. Red pill lite will have to do for now.

  20. I still don’t understand what the big deal is with gay people. So they’re gay – they’re not hurting you or anyone else. Just let them be and tune down the juvenile homophobia.
    And communism/socialism is not the same thing as liberalism. In fact they are basically opposites, if you consider liberalism in the tradition of FDR, JFK, MLK, and so on. Liberalism aims to preserve the capitalist system and America by controlling externalities in the market such as pollution and inequality. Communism aims to destroy capitalism and America. These things are opposites.
    Oh well.

    1. Liberalism of today isn’t what it was half a decade ago dummy. And the big deal about faggotry is they are on the streets and in our childrens schools with bullhorns demanding we glorify their genetic dead end deviancy…or else be shamed back to the reservation. Funny how when homos actually kept their deviancy you the bedroom, nobody really cared.

      1. I hate the keep in bedroom response about talking about the past. It’s ignores the fact that was there was homosexual underworld that was very connected. I would argue that it was very sophiscated and aloof from the mainstream culture. I mean they knew they were consider deviants and outcast, but they didn’t expect or want people to accept them as anything or then what they where. They made their own world and wanted to be left alone.
        The current gay culture you see now is the product of various ideals.

        1. “”I hate the keep in bedroom response about talking about the past. It’s
          ignores the fact that was there was homosexual underworld that was very
          Either way. The celebration of all things homo…OR ELSE!! Wasn’t continually hovering over the majorities head like a bad stench back then as it is now. So “keeping it in the bedroom” stands, if not literally then figuratively.

    2. The problem with gay people is their ideology. Remember when all they wanted was “to be left alone”? Well that turned out to be a crock. They don’t want you to just tolerate them – they don’t want you to even just accept them: they want you to celebrate them. And if they get anything short of enthusiastic celebration, they can destroy your livelihood and your life. The people who used to cry out for tolerance turned out to be the most intolerant of all. Go figure.

      1. Every gay male I’ve ever known just wanted to be tolerated. The same can’t be said for the lesbians, but if we’re talking about gay men I don’t see the problem.

        1. Well, somebody is filing all those lawsuits shoving the natural and healthy dislike of faggotry (“homophobia”) into the closet.

        2. While I agree gay males don’t seem to have the vitriolic hatred toward women as lesbians have for straight (white) taxpaying males, but that’s neither here nor there and has nothing to do with this current epidemic we have in the West of glorifying deviancy courtesy of the Frankfurt school. ie : The bigger picture and the damage it’s causing/caused.

        3. All the real lesbians that I have known do not hate men any more than gay men hate women. They have related to me pretty much on a non-sexual person to person basis without rancor. Pretty much the opposite sex is of no importance to the true homosexual. However, the ranks of lesbians is swollen with women who have normal sexual orientation (i.e. most women have a very fluid position on the spectrum from hetero to homo) but have decided to hate men. The reaction is to go lesbian, but it is not the cause.

        4. “most women have a very fluid position on the spectrum from hetero to homo)”
          From which pseudo-scientific lgbtq-funded “article” did you get that piece of complete bullsh*t?

        5. I think you have to distinguish between the average gay guy and the “activists”. For example, I think most gay guys couldn’t care less whether they could march in the NYC St. Patricks Day parade under a Gay banner or not. But the “activists” make it think that it is the number one issue on their minds.

      2. QUOTE: “The problem with gay people is their ideology. Remember when all they wanted was “to be left alone”? Well that turned out to be a crock. They don’t want you to just tolerate them – they don’t want you to even just accept them: they want you to celebrate them.”
        And let’s not do forget they want to do away with heterosexual life and culture.

    3. Are you serious about MLK? I suggest you educate yourself. Perhaps at that point you might have a valid point of argument, but right now, your point is made moot by your ignorance.

        1. MLK was a communist through and through. He was a marxist, and strongly supported soviet and chinese economic control. He was in favor of top-down government controls, big government, and a welfare state with forced labor.
          In short, he was a Stalinist, though and through.
          And guess what? He was foundational to modern liberalism.

    4. “I still don’t understand what the big deal is with gay people. So they’re gay – they’re not hurting you or anyone else”
      >whats venereal diseases
      >whats child molestation
      “Just let them be and tune down the juvenile homophobia.”
      You’re a huge fucking faggot, you know that?
      Is this debating elementary school wherein calling your opponents “juvenile” wins you arguments?

      1. He was a Republican when the Republicans were sponsoring civil rights legislation; which was faught tooth and nail by the solid south Democrat Party. He was riding the horse that was going his way. In economics he was a communist.

    5. First of all, “homophobia” does not exist. No one is afraid of homosexuals. That is a politically created “word” and its application is to stifle debate and discussion, which is perverse since real “words” tend to evoke more conversation. Perhaps you’re referring to nature that incentives people to procreate via man and women, penis to vagina, which tends to create a very natural repulsion against any deviation from that necessary life function? If so, you can’t force people to go against their instincts and consciousness, otherwise they won’t be free and, apparently, that’s what homosexuals say they want? Hmmm, an irrevocable paradox; methinks its an indication of fundamental flaw necessitating an outright rejection of that “ideology” (homosexualism). You say that liberalism and socialism/communism aren’t the same…well, traditional liberalism i.e. the empowerment of the individual surely isn’t, but, I’m very sure that’s not what you’re referring too. That said, your own usage of “homophobia” is evidence that contemporary “liberalism” is socialism/communism. Please watch the video above with Yuri…please, if for no other reason that you’ll get your facts straight. You see, where did you get the idea of “homophobia”? Government schools and the media, both of which are tentacles of a large centralized state.

    6. You kidding me? Try politely disagreeing ONCE with a homosexual about homosexual-related topics. You get called “homophobe”, “bigot”, “insecure of masculinity”, “insecure of sexuality”, “secretly-in-the-closet”, etc. – and that’s the lighter reaction.
      Try NOT hiring a homosexual when it’s your own business, and/or refusing them service (such as refusing to make a “wedding” cake for homosexual customers). They will claim discrimination, and if the company is not destroyed, their demands must be met – or else face a lawsuit. Homosexuals are skilled extortionists. Try NOT agreeing to fund certain homosexual lobby groups if you’re a CEO of a giant company. Homosexuals will use their political “power” and do anything in their power to destroy your business/company. Try openly disagreeing with homosexuality, practicing your freedom of religion and speech, at a gay pride parade? The dissenter (Priest) gets brutally beat up and verbally assaulted. Now, what happened when I turned down some faggot hair-stylist? The faggot, (wearing acid-washed grey/white jeans with private areas faded completely white) had the nerve to place the hair-cutting scissors within a few inches of my face several times, when chatting on the job to my hair stylist.
      Several times have I witnessed homos and their supporters spew violent death threats against others who simply disagree with them. Homosexuals are some of the most intolerant, hateful, and hence, hypocritical individuals around. Homosexuals and their supporters are enemies of true freedom (of speech, of thought, etc.) Nobody in their right minds is going to just keep putting up with it. Normal, healthy productive citizens are not going to take kindly to abuse hurled at them from narcissistic, sexual deviants with a victim-complex. People will start fighting back, one way or another.
      As for children’s public education, and children’s recreational groups like Boy Scouts of America – why are homosexuals so pushy, demanding they have access to and influence over children, if they’re “just like everyone else”? Hmmm. Once sexual deviants (homosexuals) are insistent on increasing contact and influence in people’s children’s lives, you can forget about “tolerance”.

  21. “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism”… until Obama came in, now dissent makes you a racist.

    1. Aye, but that very attack on dissent has robbed the word “racist” of nearly all of its potency. When even moderate, on the fence or apolitical people get it thrown in their faces for discussing even mundane policy questions, well, it becomes overused and impotent.
      My answer when the word gets thrown out, which is far less frequently these days is “OK, so what?” Progressives, not being the most creative of sorts, have no way to answer that kind of bluntness, and when their magic totem words fail they are essentially powerless.

  22. I’m 61 now and I knew this wasn’t a free country when I was 14. I knew something was very wrong with the JFK/Oswald connection. That was when I was 10.
    Nope. I don’t think I EVER heard the truth about anything from our government.
    This poop has been a long time coming.

  23. That’s how the Frankfurt school works:
    1. Divide the population into bullshit groups. Bullshit groups are groups of people that won’t really have solidarity like “workers,” or “women.”
    2. Encourage the groups to fight each other, especially encourage the weaker group so that they continue to fight.
    3. Take all sides of the conflict, including the government side that eventually comes into play when it is time for conflict resolution.
    4. Position the struggle so that no matter what happens in the bullshit fight, your very real group wins.
    BINGO, your rivals are fighting each other to eventually reward you no matter what happens.
    HOWEVER, any kind of real groups that exist from nationalism all the way down to extended families and the primary family, these real groups interfere with the plan, they have to be destroyed.

    1. I think there might be a lot of truth in that, but I’ve always thought of the true Frankfurter’s – the first critical theorists – as more theoretical than tactical in their approach, whereas others like Gramsci (who I think was on associated with them but not part of the group) were more tactically minded. That’s not to say that the Adorno’s, Horkheimers etc didn’t turn out to be as least as dangerous, but I always thought of them as dangerous because of their ideas and methods (critical theory) rather than more direct activism as in 2-4
      As for your last paragraph, I’d say that’s about right

      1. Well, now that the revolutionaries have their ideal society, along comes the Dark Enlightenment, applying critical theory to the sacred cow of modern liberal egalitarianism. Critical theory is a double-edged sword.

        1. It can definitely be double-edged. Critical theory can be many things, but broadly speaking it has been a war of attrition upon anything the left doesn’t like. Its time to do the same for liberal holy cows, their so far unchallengeable assumptions. Certainly the idea of progress and the idea of equality is in urgent need of ‘critique’ and ‘deconstruction’, and there’s no reason Foucauldian techniques like ‘genealogy’ can’t be used to show how left discourse has been constructed on the sly, always concealing the process whereby ‘change’ has been manipulated

  24. I’m surprised no one mentioned Golitsyn.
    In effect Major Goltisyn defected in 1961 and informed the CIA after the death of Stalin the KGB split into an “inner” and an “outer” KGB, the former of which he was ostensibly a member. The purpose of the split was to create an outer layer of agents mostly outside of the Soviet empire who would be deliberately given false information. The idea was even within the KGB, “outer” members would not be privy as to what the inner leadership was actually doing thus inevitable leaks, double agents, and defectors would never have correct information. He claimed to be part of the “inner” partition and then asserted, in 1961, they would eventually fake the fall of the Soviet Union. This fall was to occur in order to force “East-West convergence” through peaceable means or if necessary, total war. East-West convergence meaning a permanent merging of cultures, among other things.
    I find following quotes and anecdotes curious:
    In 2005, Dr. Condoleezza Rice was appointed Secretary of State. Dr.
    Rice’s political science degree specialized in Sovietology and
    personally I think its no coincidence she was appointed Secy of State
    right as a Soviet era strongman “President” Putin started to flex his
    muscles in the world stage. Dr. Rice was also quoted later in 2008 as
    “The idea that somehow 10 interceptors and a few radars in Eastern
    Europe are going to threaten the Soviet strategic deterrent is purely
    ludicrous, and everybody knows it.”
    Also in 2005, New England Patriot’s owner Robert Kraft claims to have
    had a conversation with President Bush over his super bowl ring
    allegedly stolen by Vladimir Putin on a recent trip.
    “It would really be in the best interest of U.S.-Soviet relations if
    you meant to give the ring as a present,” Bush said, according to
    Now its possible Kraft misspoke when he quoted the then President,
    and its possible both Bush and Rice are stuck in a mental time warp.
    However both of these people are privileged to information we are not,
    and I find it curious both ostensibly are thinking in the same frame of
    The supposed US President met with Gorbachev in spring 2009 (I believe shortly after the inauguration). Sure that’s normal, ex dictator of the Soviet empire and all.
    Then Biden met with Gorbachev in March 2009. Why?
    My favorite quote on the subject is one by Andrei Lugovoy, ex-KGB,
    one of the suspects in the assassination of Alexander Litvinenko in
    London, 2006:
    “I don’t agree that the Cold War is back. It has never ended,” he
    said. “Any normal Russian person in the 1990s didn’t see anything from
    the West except insults and humiliation.”
    So is this payback time? Lugovoy laughed a little, then spoke deliberately.
    “I don’t agree with this biblical saying that if they hit you on one
    cheek you should turn the other cheek,” he said. “If they hit you on one
    cheek, you hit them back with a fist.”

  25. Btw THANK YOU for the link to the Bezmenov interview; fascinating stuff. The CBC is no less of an embarassment today, sadly.

  26. “we owe what effectively amounts to a one-party totalitarian state with a rapidly expanding military over a trillion dollars”
    1. Using “we” this way is quite Communist….not unlike the term “comrade”.
    2. I’m more concerned about the domestic Communists and their currency monopoly and the debt of $17 trillion and the military that they control…much more than I am of the military of a country whose people have only one son and are therefore unlikely to raise up invading armies and establish military bases all over the world.

  27. One thing young people need to realize is that ideological left in the United States has been continuously trending further and further in that direction, while their acolytes in the media and academia have been perpetrating the lie that the entire country is moving that direction as well. Due to their control of the narrative they’ve been able to shift the goalposts so far their way that what would pass for rational positions, rooted in the original ideals upon which the nation was founded, and the documents which lay out its structure, are now labeled as right-wing, extreme, and out-of-step with the norm.
    It’s worked out well for them since they’ve managed to dumb a lot of people down through the schools and popular culture to point where a politician in their camp can make asinine emotional appeals rooted in fantasy and not be laughed out of the room. It’s how raising the minimum wage, raising corporate taxes, and making illegal immigrants citizens are ideas that get any sort of traction these days, instead of the wanking motions they deserve. If people weren’t reduced heartstrings dying to be tugged and an non-payable guilt-debt and were instead thinking individuals our current mangina-in-chief would never have never has passed even a cursory evaluation of his past or qualifications. Nor would the populace entertain the idea that a man such as himself, who has never held an actual job as far as anyone could tell, would be taken seriously in his endeavor to fix the economy by dictating to people who do understand business and economics how much they and their employees should earn.
    The silver lining is an entire generation who was raised in the bubble created by these people has received a galactic ass-fucking that will endure for most of their lives in return for their obedience, support, and votes. Electing the first black president sounded cool when they were 22, but at 30 while they’re still struggling to find a job, their own place, and repay their tuition for a degree in Cuntology, it’ll seem less neat. Perhaps there will be a transition from backing polices that do nothing more than look good on paper and sound fair, to thinking a little more critically about the hype.

  28. I have grown up in an Eastern European communist state. You are confusing the so called European left with Communism. And I have seen this mistake repeated over and over in some of the posts on here by those who have probably never stepped foot in a communist country let alone lived in one. Just put it this way, why have the women in Eastern Europe managed to preserve their femininity and guys their Alpha traits in the communist era, the traits that now seem to be falling apart the moment western (i.e. liberal/capitalist ideology) had infiltrated this region to the core. Now I’m not advocating communism either, but I do believe that just in terms of preserving traditional gender roles it has done much better than capitalism. In fact one can argue capitalism, which demands liberal attitude, free markets, human rights (for some), etc etc is directly responsible for feminism and collapse of traditional gender roles.

    1. I did not grow up in a communist country. But, just based on the evidence of Ukrainian and Russian women compared to Western women, as well as comparing Putin to Obama, I agree with you. The East has maintained the sexes in traditional (and natural) roles. Women are feminine, men are masculine, and gays are shunned.
      So, whatever the hell is happening in the West, I am not convinced it is due to “communism.” It’s probably something much worse.

    2. That’s because it’s not purely communism but a combination of socialism and fascism. We have socialism for the poor, using welfare to keep them docile while teaching them that they’re a hopeless lot and the only way for them to get by is through handouts. On the top there’s fascism, with a few businesses, bankers and elites controlling the government. It’s the complete opposite of an actual capitalist, free market economy.

  29. I suppose it does not occur to the author that the “rampant racism” he mentions was part of what made that era more tolerable? Does it not occur to him that the equalitarianism of today, which he dislikes in feminism, has an analogue in the lies we tell ourselves about racial equality? The KGB funded every “civil rights” group, leader and initiative it could. Racial equality is an even more fundamental aspect of the transformation of America than feminism, which does have older, non-Marxist origins in the West.
    The author is still trapped in the view he is attempting to critique.

    1. If you are trying to use genetic inferiority to justify things like firebombing entire parts towns because they had bigger houses than you, then getting mad at those people for insisting that the government stops you from doing that then yes, that’s a problem. Also feminism has non marxist origins, but inevitably ends up in that position considering its methods.
      Also source on that kgb funding the civil rights movement.

    2. You suppose incorrectly. It did occur to the author that the straight white conservative male has been re-cast in modern times by the Left as the villain in our little drama, obviously to manipulate black and brown people to vote against their best interests by convincing them that every white conservative person is racist, which is ludicrous. However, just because you are now on the receiving end of mostly unjust discrimination doesn’t mean that the racism of the past can be historically revised as some acceptable event.
      “The lie we tell ourselves about racial equality.” If I’m understanding you, you’re saying that Jim Crow, German Shepherds and fire hoses, separate water fountains and bathrooms, lynchings, and not being able to eat in the same room as others was okay because…minorities are inferior?
      Race (skin color) and culture are two very different things. Race is nothing more than a genetic adaptation to one’s environment. Blacks are black because Africa was hot as fuck with little shade. More melanin protects the skin. Nordic and European countries don’t have that issue, hence fairer skin. To say that a group is inferior to another simply because they were born with more melanin in their skin is just laughable. If you don’t like a certain group’s particular culture, that is understandable. People who behave like criminals, regardless of color, shouldn’t be considered equal with law abiding citizens.
      My father is as black as the Ace of Spades and is a well-respected businessman in a community made up of 99% conservative white people. Outside of his skin color, he doesn’t fit the profile of the “stereotypical black man.” He doesn’t sag his pants. He doesn’t blast rap music. He doesn’t commit crimes. He did marry a white woman though. I can only assume you’re white. If you can provide me with scientific proof from a reputable source that explains how having white skin gives you superpowers that makes you superior to other human beings, I’d be happy to look at it.
      Sounds to me like you’re the one trapped in a certain view, brother.

      1. All the aspects of racisim that you mentioned were bad. And the logic of the melinin issue is well stated. However, which party passed the 1964 civil rights bill? Let me tell you it was not the Democrat party.
        Racism is real and is probably not something that can be removed from imperfect human beings. However, look at the effects of the policies on the black community. The black community was building a solid middle class and lifting itself from the long term effects of slavery and jim crow. The war on poverty has resulted in trashing the black community. I am white. I have a nephew by marriage that is black and grand neohews that are half black. He is a solid middle class educated man like your father. Does the current system make more black men like my nephew in law and your father, or fewer?

  30. The most honest political article ever on RoK. The Frankfurt School of Philosophy a la’ the “Critical Theorists” were mostly Jews from Germany who fled to America after the rise of the Third Reich. They set up shop here and became imbedded in the most elite of America’s academic institutions. The discontinuity of family as the bedrock of Western Civilization was an idea that originated from Friedrich Engels “The origin of the family, private property and the state.” He set the poison in the feeble European mindset of “female liberation” and a better life under a matriarchy. The Frankfurt School subversives took this to the next level in all facets of culture, whether it was family, film theory, or music. Corrosive liberal heroes such as Theodore Adorno and Herbert Marcuse were like tapeworms inside our body-politic, proliferating tons of destructive ideas all to the applause of spoilt liberal Wasp Ivy League bourgeois-bohemians; the equivalent of smiling wider every time some buries a knife deeper inside your flesh. Pure madness.
    Europe was less susceptible to Marxism after the stories of Bolshevism in Russia spread across Europe, and Nazi Germany militarized Europe as a reaction to Communism. Needlessly to say, despite the certain evils of the Third Reich (to make it palatable for all those PC trolls), represented a triumph of every known perversity in humanity. Communism and feminism became twin movements to stabilize the West. Antonio Gramsci, another all time commie hero stipulated that some cultures would have to be corrupted through the inside, due to the imperviousness of direct military assault, he called this the “Long March through the Institutions.” Western Civilization would have to be rotted from the inside and stink so bad, that the communists (which they are in the process of doing under the cloak of liberalism) will come in and instill new order to replace the old Christian Euro Patriarchy (which they are successfully doing).
    This may sound absurd, even ludicrous, but nevertheless given historical empiricism, true. The communists won the Cold War, yeah I know the expression on your face. But judging from all their successful destabilizing movements such as feminism, misandric laws governing marriage and children, degenerate art, degenerate music, degenerate fashion and the rest of the social ills they have successfully made into the mainstream culture, they won the Cold War. Russia is actually victorious, in that it shed Bolshevism and is now the country it once was pre-1917 under a new Pan-Slavic Orthodox Christian titan (Putin, fuck what you all say about him, he saved his country). America is a rotting cesspool. I still love certain precepts and ideals about this place, but I was born into a subdued and conquered nation. I refuse to wear the mask no matter how popular. This is not a “save your country” comment, because it’s beyond saving at this point. This is to inform you that we have been conquered in all but name.
    We heterosexual, tax-paying, patriarchal men who believe(d) in normal aspects of civilization such as Church, family and raising ones progeny through a family have become an extreme counterculture. We are the counterculture. No amount of game, or self-empowered is going to change the fact, that we live in a prison of political correctness and misandric discrimination. Every thing that was normal is now abnormal and the abnormal, now normal. If you are an openly gay man who wants to run for mayor, then “yayyy” you’re a hero, so courageous. Not one day on a battlefield or even in fight, yet these men are “courageous.” If you’re a dyke third wave feminist petitioning for the feminization of boys, then you are “avant garde,” and courageous for killing off those patriarchal males. Yayyy! We got men! We are the same now! We can show you that your family, children and church are no different from my cats, dildos and Richard Dawkins books. “Look, society has ‘progressed!’” We’re putting lip stick and toe polish on 7 year old Timmy! Refuse to wear the blinders.

    1. Brilliant. Thank you. Solutions – iCulture, micro societies (think China towns), expatriate (my likely move). However, history has also provided us with firm examples of communism’s failure and eventual rejection. Interestingly, with the secession of Crimea we’re seeing similar pressures in Scotland, Venice, Spain and here in the u.s.. Part of me thinks PC language control is masking the real angst today, which is a universal disgust at the kind of f-ed up society these leftist are delivering. Perhaps that angst is represented this emerging global trend of secession. Heck California may split into 6 new states. Frankly, secession represents a decentralization process, which should be welcomed not just by the MM but by all freedom loving and normal human beings. Why? Because this has been a top-down conspiracy meaning that it requires a large centralized states in order to operate (sound familiar…like feminism, perhaps?). That said, decentralization is the polar opposite of this process, in fact, its the medicine we need because it dissolves centralization. And remember its centralization that has us all denying our own eyes that tell us emphatically that men and women are different, hence, take that spin away and…most of us we’ll go back to trusting our eyes.

    2. I want to blog this comment. It’s crystallized, for me, what has been poking me in the recess of my mind, the problem that is difficult to put a finger on…the fact that the American people are under attack and have been for 50 years. A cultural war.
      Thank you for posting.
      Madagascar Plan looks better everyday.

  31. I would highly recommend reading “the unabomber manifesto” by Ted Kaczynski.
    It is a fascinating essay on the ways and means by which governments use technology and the political correctness of left-wing groups to suppress freedom and debate.
    He is the guy who ran a campaign of bombings of universities back in the 80’s, killing a number of people in the process. But this is small potatoes compared to the number of people that Obama, JFK, or Nelson Mandela have killed.
    The powers that be, have tried to paint him as insane, but he was also made a professor of mathematics are Berkeley at age 25, and survived for more than a decade in a cabin in Montana with no electricity or running water. Hunting and gathering without technology.

  32. Yeah… So feminism is part of the international Communist conspiracy? Presumably that was why the Red Army turned Berlin into a giant shagging shop in 1945?
    This site is rather good, on the whole. The problem is that when it posts fatuous nonsense such as this piece, it acts to drag the rest of the site down to idiot level.

    1. Feminism isn’t one of the virtues of communism. It is one of the virtues preached by communists in western countries with the aim of demoralizing it. And it has worked splendidly.

      1. Er, did you actually read what I wrote? If you want to argue that feminism is an offshoot of communism then you have to somehow get around the fact that the Soviet forces riveted anything that was both female and still breathing in 1945 Germany. Good luck.

        1. Holy shitfuck, Batman. What I was trying to say is that commies preach feminism to OTHER countries to destabilize them. I said nothing about commies actually BEING feminists.

        2. If that is the case then you have the slight problem of explaining the way in which the USSR behaved when its armies destroyed Eastern Germany in 1945. What was it Uncle Joe said when someone pointed out to him that his men were shagging their way westwards? Ah, yes, he remarked mildly that the lads had to have some amusement.

        3. Ken, you’re being obtuse. His point was that the Soviets were retaining their masculinity/femininity while EXPORTING to other nations the degeneracy of feminism in order to bring those other societies down.
          Or a simpler analogy is you need it: One can grow and sell tobacco, but not smoke.

        4. feminism has been a part of the marxist agenda since Engels. It moves to the centre with cultural marxism – particularly Wilhelm Reich amongst others, who see alternative / transgressive sexuality as a means of undermining the ‘bourgeois’ ‘patriarchal’ family. Matriarchy is also their chosen ‘solution’ to the problem of violence, i.e. WWI & WWII. They were able to think this because they had never encountered groups of feral women on a friday night terrorising local communities

        5. Now you are being silly. Eastern Europe hardly had pussy whipped men, and the last time I was in Cuba was 2010 and trust me the men were hardly blushing violets either.
          The problem you have is that you clearly know nothing about the Soviet Union, its allies, or the social system that they all had. That’s OK, because the wazzock who wrote this piece knows even less than you.

        6. If the best that you can come up with is the old ad-hom attack then it says more about you than it does about me. The reader will note that I use my real name, which is hardly the mark of a troll.
          In a nutshell the writer of this piece knows little if anything about Marx and as for the clown who tried to drag Fred Engels into the discussion, well, the less said the better about that.
          If you want to argue that feminism is a bourgeois distraction, as many leftists have done over the years, that is one thing. However, this as a critique of feminism is, frankly, worthless.

    2. What? Methinks there is some fatuous nonsense above. Stop being ignorant, feminism is one of the planks of communism. Its ignorance like yours that is dragging down this site and the MM in general.

  33. I actually see the US as moving towards a Nazi Germany model of socialism/fascism. Wherein you have a strong central government, powerful military and militarised police force. Essentially a police state that allows for some freedom within boundaries set by the State. I don’t think we will ever see a GULAG style system in the United States because the culture and history of the two countries are very different. Like Germany and quite unlike the Soviet Union, America moved from monarchy to democracy/capitalism and now to a socialist model. Also like Germany, the US relies on a strong propaganda model of consent as opposed to the terror model of consent imposed by the Soviets. An American citizen has historical rights of which many are still upheld whereas a peasant in Tsarist Russia and later Soviet Russia had none.

    1. Rather agree with your assessment, though I’m not sure it will hold up long here. There’s fair certainty outside of blue zone cities that the presidential election was rigged, it’s pretty common conversation (I have friends who live in “100% voted for Obama!” precincts in Ohio, who voted for Romney). And going into a firearms shop these days will expose one to nearly revolutionary levels of discourse. There is a very, very hot fire burning just below the surface outside of blue zones (I have no other name for where progressives thrive, outside of simply cesspools) that will take just a bit more of a push to come to the surface.
      We’re not as dead as advertised, I guess I’m saying.

      1. I agree. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. At some point the American citizenry will push back. I believe that once the long train of abuses and usurpations reaches a tipping point this will happen but hopefully this will not be a violent and bloody affair.

        1. You really think Americans will push back? They’re far too absorbed in their phones to notice anything going on around them.

      2. One hopes it is not violent, but the thug in the WH seems intent on provoking and keeping anger going between groups of people. Since his only job in life was as a “community organizer” it’s fair to say that this is what you’d expect, but still, it’s amazing to experience. I’ve never seen such an evil man in my life until this clown. It’s like he wants us to start shooting or something.

  34. Guinness and Heineken boycotting the St. Patrick’s day parade in New York are a fine example of corporations giving credence to the feminist/homosexual agenda. The parade organisers said they could march as long as they didn’t wave their rainbow fag flag or any banners proclaiming their sexuality. This rule would go the same for any other group proclaiming heterosexuality, polygamy or any other group espousing their sexual proclivities. But as the homosexuals are special little flowers they create a controversy where none existed in the name of equality. I have 6 bottles of Guinness in my fridge, once they’re gone they will get no more money from me or Diageo their parent company. They have a load of brands so I’ll be limiting my imbibing but I’m worth it.

  35. Sounds like the sort of ill informed crap that a Neo Con lickspittle American journalist would regurgitate on The Fox channel. Blaming “communism” for the fact that a tiny globalist elite effectively runs the US and Western economies entirely for their own personal profit whilst they turn the US and the West into corporate police states. Offshoring jobs? The “communists” did that as well? And there was me thinking that the Wall Street globalist did that in the never ending search for cheap labour to exploit.
    That’s right everybody; the “communists” did it all! Wall Street, the bankers, oil barons and their servant politicians and press have now been exonerated by this incisive article.

    1. globalist corporate capitalism and socialist internationalism / progressivism have accommodated to each other. Whether or not they are natural bedfellows is another matter, but their interests converge to an important extent. Socialist policies in the EU etc have permitted mass immigration across borders creating supplies of cheap labour just as women’s entry into the workforce has likewise served to keep labour costs down. This doesn’t mesh with traditional socialist concerns to limit capitalist exploitation of the labour market but socialism hasn’t been about the ordinary workers for quite some time now. The emphasis on classical marxist economics has been supplanted by the ‘communism’ of culture: the concern with levelling differences within society, be they differences of gender, race, or sexuality, all the better to produce a international globalist labour market with a view also to creating complementary consumer markets. The genius of this arrangement is that it is a hybrid: the worst of global monopoly capitalism and the worst of marxist statism, with its hatred of the family as an obstacle to creeping harmonization.

  36. Isn’t the fear of communism that started all the right wing dictatorships in Latin America?

    1. Centralization of power under any guise is inherently socialistic. The American ideal wasn’t “freedom” from “patriarchy” or some other engineered nonsense…no, it was (sigh) much simpler – freedom from a centralized government. Once you understand that concept you’ll alleviate confusion over “right” or “left” wing pawns, in that, so long as they centralized power they were consistent with statism which is the genre of corporatism and socialism/communism. Got it? Okay, lets move on.

    2. I would say that “fear of communism” was used as a pretext to fund and support compliant right wing dictatorships in Latin America.

  37. Excellent post. communism is indeed here, lest we forget the front page of “newsweek” a few years ago (post the 08 crash and barry the potus election), which stated “We’re all Socialists now”. Ahem, according to Marx’s dialectic…capitalism, then socialism then communism, if you don’t know about that theoretical evolution then you’re completely ignorant of leftism and communism.

  38. So I shared this post and this was a friends reply.
    I actually did read the article, as well as several other articles from Return of Kings, before posting my comment. I see a lot of bold claims being made and not a lot of research, if any, to back them. Let me break down the particular sentence in question, the overarching hypothesis of which is that Feminism is one of the arms of Communism. 
    Claim one: Feminism aims to break up the nuclear family.
    Sources cited: None.
    I can think of no feminists who claim to stand against the idea of nuclear families unless you pair it with the idea of gender roles. The two ideas are not codependent. For that matter, the idea of nuclear families does not even always imply monogamy. It is often simply a term to describe your immediate genetic relatives, parent to child, sibling to sibling. This is hardly the type of idea one can aim to “break up.” 
    Claim two: Feminists aim to weaken the country from within.
    Sources cited: None.
    Giving the author of this article the benefit of the doubt, I will assume they are not positing that all feminists are evil movie-villains who want to destroy the world, but rather that the weakening of our nation will be a side-effect of their actions. I assume this because I am hard pressed to find any examples of a feminist saying, “I’m here to chew bubble gum and weaken this country from within, and I’m all out of gum.” 
    The correlation being made here, I think, is that feminism is weakening our country because of its aversion to nuclear families. However, as I pointed out, the previous claim was unsubstantiated, and therefore leaves this one a moot point. 
    Claim three: Feminism aims to eradicate any form of masculinity or aggression. 
    Sources cited: Still none. 
    Feminism has never had anything to do with crushing the freedoms of men or eradicating their right to be masculine. It has only to do with putting women on an equal playing field. If your definition of masculinity is mutually exclusive with gender equality, you are the one who is self-entitled. You are not persecuted; you are an asshole (“you” being figurative, of course). Treating women as inferior is not an expression of men’s rights any more than stoning atheists in the city square would be an expression of religious freedom. This is oppression, not freedom.
    As for aggression, I think that their inclusion of this word in a statement about how feminists are trying to screw with masculinity speaks volumes about just how fucked up this idea of masculinity is. 
    Claim four: Feminists aim to reduce the number of people who can engage in dissent. 
    Sources cited: Zip. Because, you know, substantiating your claims with research is for pussies. 
    And now we come full circle; Feminism is an arm of Communism because it promotes a lack of aggression/dissent among men, paving the way for a totalitarian society. Clearly the only reason women would want to be treated like equals is because they’re all part of an age-old Soviet conspiracy to assimilate western civilization and promote Communism. Clearly the only reason black people would want emancipation is to promote capitalism. Clearly the only reason an atheist would want religious freedom is to promote cannibalism. (Mmmm…babies.)
    There isn’t much logic for me to address in any of these claims. They are the social equivalent of a Ken Ham peon antagonizing the scientific method.

    1. I am disinclined to respond to this David but your post is capricious and should not be allowed to go unchecked. Firstly I would point out that this is an opinion piece, not a journal article. Its main evidence is the testimony of
      Claim 1 – Feminism aims to break up the nuclear family – in denying this you are being disingenuous. Nuclear is often used interchangeably with ‘traditional’ to mean one man, one woman united in matrimony with typically 2.4 children in tow. Nuclear could however refer to two same sex parents, or cohabitees, in which case your point could potentially be sustained. It is not sustained to the extent that feminists have demonstrably targeted marriage between men and women as ‘patriarchal’ and ‘oppressive’. They do however appear to be very supportive of nuclear gay marriage. As promoting alternative / transgressive sexuality is identified as one of the
      ways in which Engel’s, Reich etc identify as a means of subverting bourgeois’ heterosexual marriage, this is consistent with feminism having a marxist heritage. Moreover modern day gender feminism has explicitly marxist roots. Gayle Rubin’s enormously influential ‘sex / gender system’ theory effectively theorised gender as a system of class oppression . Here’s an extract from her wikipedia page: “when using a Marxist analysis of capitalism within this sex/gender system, the exclusion of women from the system of exchange establishes men as the capitalists and women as their commodities fit for exchange. She ultimately hopes for an “androgynous and genderless” society in which sexual difference has no socially constructed and hierarchical meaning.” Her programme to eliminate sexual difference has been continued by queer theorists, including judith butler for instance and increasingly gender neutral policies premised on such theory is reflected in the laws and institutions around us. Indeed to the extent that feminism and gender feminism are now one and the same thing, all feminism can be seen as effectively marxist in its substance.
      Claim 2: since claim 1 is substantiated you cannot dismiss claim 2 on the basis of claim 1 being unsubstantiated.
      Claim 3: Feminism aims to eradicate any form of masculinity or aggression / “Feminism has never had anything to do with crushing the freedoms of men or eradicating their right to be masculine.”
      This is beyond fatuous. The whole feminist notion of gender oppression is based on the idea that men oppress women through ‘male violence’. Feminist activism seeks to tie the hands of men and erode masculinity in everything it is does.
      Claim 4: Feminists aim to reduce the number of people who can engage in dissent.
      If you seriously doubt that feminism is not the biggest threat to freedom of speech on the planet right now I suggest you visit where various jezebel and tumbler feminists have started any number of campaigns to ban anything and everything they don’t like, including this
      I will engage in no further debate on the above

  39. I was wondering how long it would take this shitty website to start milking the limp dicked fascist conservatives for hits just as much as they milk future rapist beta redditors.

    1. Another attempted rebranding from coercionists: the word “fascism”. Fascism is big govt bull shit forced upon people, yet these dumb coercionists like to call small govt liberty lovers “fascists”. Makes no sense except to the dishonest.

    2. The article points to the cultural context behind the whore epidemic which has driven most of us here.
      Completely relevant, though the thesis should have been more strongly developed.
      Milk is a frosty beverage to enjoy after clubbing your pink liberal ass like a baby seal, little Zuckerberg.

  40. Check out Bill Whittle about the Frankfurt School and “cultural Marxism” (to include Feminism):

  41. While I did love the article as a whole, I have to disagree on one point: While China may be a totalitatian one-party state (which is not stated in the article), they are very, very little communist by any definition. China is one large, radical-captialist corporation with excellent PR, but it lacks all major criteria of even socialism.
    Interesting point for me was the “hard consonant” thing. As a native German speaker I probably cannot grasp that completely, but we have a similar thing here when it comes to feminist bullshit: There is no word for “gender” in German, so they use the English word (and pronounciation). English things tend to sound important. There is also no word for “rape culture”, even though this would be easily translated: “Vergewaltigungskultur”. This may sound hard to an English speaker; for a German it’s plainly ridiculous (the German “Kultur” cannot have negative connotations; it wouldn’t be a culture that way; the usual usage – e.g. “Schönheitskultur” (beauty culture) implies a culture of all people loving beauty. “rape culture” thus – in German – cannot be negative but describes a culture where everyone loves rape – I hope you get the point). Again, English things tend to sound important. We also got Slutwalks (“Schlampenlauf”). I’m not sure if that sounds as stupid in English as it does in German, but adding “-lauf” (“-walk”) makes the first part of the word describe why you do the walk. You can do “Marathonlauf”, “100-m-Lauf”; you can do a “Benefizlauf” (march for charity). You could substitute “walk” for “march”, but that wouldn’t help – you can do a wedding march (Hochzeitsmarsch) to celebrate weddings (or any other reason), but who would walk to celebrate sluts? Even those participating don’t. But again, English things tend to sound important. Same goes for “slut shaming” (that would plainly sound like a reasonable thing to do), “creeper move” (would be a nasty thing to say to/about the creep), “victim blaming” (but I guess that’s a contradiction in itself in English too) and more…
    This results in “Gender Studies” feminists raping grammar and language, but luckily we got the word “bullshit”, too.

  42. The reason that the golden age of american power was 1950-1960 is that the factories of Europe lay in ruins. There is no empire without solid fundamentals at home – people working, producing.

  43. Ironically, the former Soviet Union has embraced masculinity, traditional sex roles, and now a (relatively) free market all under the leadership of man who is indisputably a badass and looks upon our President with contemptuous mockery.

  44. I don’t buy this. Given his status, this guy could easily have access to high quality Russian, Ukrainian, Baltic pussy (and so much more) in the USSR. Still he chose to defect to a country full fat & untitled feminists.

    1. He’s possibly realized it was better to live with openly feminist women of America, than to live with controlling closet feminist women of the USSR – and at the same time gain access to more advanced Western society facilities. Besides all Russians hate the West but covet the West’s resources and technology. That’s typical Russian solipsistic scum of envy.

  45. Communism and Feminism (And fascism, nazism, socialism, conservatism…..) are all simply facets of progressivism. The misguided notion that “we” can “make” the world progress. And that “theeeengzz are diiiiferent thiiiiis time.” As in, “we know more that they did before, so we can succeed where they didn’t.”
    Which is, of course, utter drivel. And will, for the upteenth time, be exposed as such by the complete and utter sacking of the West by Central Asian warrior ideologies dressed up as some form of “The Religion of Peace.” As if peace was somehow the ultimate goal in anything.

  46. Modern Russia produces closet feminist whores, subterfuge, communists and western wannabes.
    Russia’s covert takeover of America by poisoning American society with feminism began at the beginning of the Cold War. The whorishness and feminism of Russian women was kept under wraps under the garb of femininity during the Cold War, to mislead the West. In the days of the Cold War, anything related to Soviet Russia was immediately viewed with antagonism by the West – thus feminism (inherent in communist Russia but kept under wraps) was subtly poisoned in Western societies.
    What you see today with the general impotence of Western countries towards Russia is the product of communism and feminism in American and Anglosphere societies. Russia lost the battle with the breakup of the Soviet Union, but won the war with the present decline of Western societies by poisoning it with communism and feminism. Russians always hated the West but coveted its sophistication, and now is their moment of glory. The way Russia rebuffs the West is tantamount to the impotence of the West.They’ve ultimately conquered the West by communism, feminism and feminine closet feminist women.

    1. Feminism has nothing to do with Russia, Soviet Union or communism. It was created from the beginning by the American industrialists like JD Rockefeller.

    2. Though I do agree to most of your points, I’d choose to disagree that Russia has won the war by losing the battle. On the contrary Russia is presently winning battles to eventually lose the war in the near future – assuming in the next 2-3 years.
      Russia’s Putin is heading in the same direction as Hitler and Saddam Hussein did. To all those who keep harping on this site, that Putin is uber alpha, what must be understood is that he has a military background. A true alpha knows how, when and where to choose his battles. Putin doesn’t know that yet. True, communism is being insinuated into American society but hopefully Americans will rise up to the challenge – as they’ve already done in the past.
      Putin’s recent misadventure in Crimea is going to rape Russia’s already fucked economy even more. I’m assuming prosperous Poland, and the Baltics are next on his list. Annexing lands is not the way to win the war – what is more important is to have logistics, resources and the general support of the conquered to maintain victory. Hitler won 10+ countries in WWII yet lost the war – because he coveted Russia’s resources and could not manage the lands he won. Russia covets the West’s technology and economic power – but realistically Russia is never going to open its economy to grow. It’s running on loaned time, and an impending destruction very soon. That is why more and more Russians are migrating outside Russia.
      Russians will eventually be hated as much (or even more) by
      the world. We Americans keep criticizing ourselves – but self criticism is what leads to self development, and which developed America into the world’s greatest nation. But this attitude is never to be found among Russians.
      Possible ways we could combat the situation is:
      – Feminism shaming
      – Prevent the spread of cultural Marxist philosophy in society
      – Boycott of socialist/communist countries and their people (especially women). Proxy wars are always won through women. So we need to beware.
      This is how the west will win. Our general complacency
      and indifference in every sphere of life is the sole cause why the West has
      become impotent today.

  47. “….in a span of less than 50 years, creeping Communism has eroded all the hard work and sacrifice of our ancestors”
    1- the system was/is still capitalist (though i take your point. government has gotten bloated; welfare even moreso.)
    2- It was ultimately capitalism which left the US indebted either directly through corporate negligence or indirectly through the state via the banking lobby.
    3- if communism has eroded the US, then shouldn’t China have also failed by now instead of being a world super-power? if communism erodes economies then we wouldn’t expect the U.S to be– as you rightly point out– so heavily indebted to China?
    I am not by any means a communist/socialist, and i realise that China’s prosperity has probably less to do with communism and more to do with cheap labour, but i am just wary of some of the logical fallacies in your arguments.
    edit……i see government spending per capita is approaching the $20,000 mark for 2014. this is ridiculously high!

  48. QUOTE: “We all know what happened to our women. Thanks to feminism, the nuclear family is gone and homosexual perversion is not only deemed normal, but is now openly promoted, accepted, and forced on us. ”
    Let’s not forget that homosexuality is now trying to do away with hetrosexulaity, with the agenda of the lavender mafia becoming obvious throughout our media.

  49. I’m confused, but this article seems like it’s written by a 12 year old with little or no insight into critical theory. Critical theory is legit, it stretches all the way back to Kant and Hegel to the Greeks.
    Free market philosophy/Austrian school versus Communism/Socialism is a pretty complicated debate. But seriously, stop being brain-washed by the ‘merican media and actually read some books on what these philosophies are about. While I do have some reservations about both sides, I don’t think one side is radically dystopian than the utopian other.
    Your idea of socialism and communism is shaped by the application of the ideology in history’s tyrannical governments.
    But if anything, what we know of the manosphere’s anguish towards women are ALL related to FREE-MARKET problems:
    — ‘Have it all-isms’ via a free sexual economy which represses the common man (proletariat) from having access which the bourgeois (alpha) is able to enjoy
    — Woman as a metaphysical commodity
    — Wanting excesses
    — Corruption by the elite who exploit the slaves for their own purposes (inequality)
    There is an obvious economic disparity in the sex market and a slow degradation in the actual commodity itself (Woman), which is why there has been some radical and revolutionary insight into a ‘Controlled’ / ‘Fixed’ Distribution system guided by an ideological goal (Marriage).
    Most of the beta males/MTGOW on this site who prefer to fap at home, who come on this site and bitch about women are the proletariat, bitching about the status quo, looking for a revolution.
    This entire website and many elements of the manosphere movement is a Common enterprise (i.e. non-profit, profit not it’s entire goal etc).
    The degradation of the American woman is mainly due to her exposure to a distorted Free Market where the top 10% rule. Without religion or ideology in place to create a higher standard of sex, we have a type of hedonism which continuously goes into excess. But when you do have religion/ideology in place you do have a highly regulated market.

  50. With all my due respect, as a member of an ex-Communist state, I know the article is bullshit.
    During Communist times, nuclear family values were vigorously promoted in Bulgaria, homosexuality was a crime punishable by prison sentences. Divorce was frowned upon and rarely heard of.
    Actually, USA and capitalism were accused of the same things you’re accusing Communists of. USA was described as a land where reading porn was a favourite pastime, women were loose, marriage was only for money, and cold gangsters killed and raped for fun.
    Marriage declined in BG only after 1989, when Communists fell. As much as I hate hem (my family was tortured and beaten by Commies), this article just isn’t fair.

    1. Stalin RE-criminalized homosexuality, it was Lenin who had legalized it if I recall correctly.

  51. So let’s get this straight: America, because it is dangerously flirting with communism, is losing its economic prestige, which we can see because America is greatly in debt to a communist country. ????
    Also you should keep in mind that social values do not necessarily tie into economic positions. You could, for instance, be “socially” liberal and economically conservative or totalitarian. You could be socially very conservative or rigid and economically liberal. These things are distinct.

    1. “Also you should keep in mind that social values do not necessarily tie into economic positions”
      I disagree with this. Social values speak of things like morality and character that directly tie in to issues of finance, since a person of moral standing and character is far less likely to misappropriate on a grand or personal scale than one who has none.
      Morality is at the heart of character, and character is at the center of the body of behaviors that any human being engages in, with respect to themselves or others.
      When you throw the first out of whack due to a belief or subscription to ideals or beliefs which emphasize a person’s “right” to individual vices at the expense of thousands of established years of society’s Social values, you run the risk of corrupting not just the individual who believes this, but the society that he or she finds themselves in, since enough people believing in these counterculture ideals will eventually become part of the majority through grassroots efforts coupled with government support.
      History shows that grassroots counterculturists do not simply stay on the ground level, as they age they invariably worm their way into the upper echelons of government in order to push for the radical changes they want by hook and by crook.
      This has proven to be the case with obama. Besides himself, nearly every member of his inner and outer circle at one point or another has been or still belongs to radical 60’s (and beyond) counter culturist movements. Bill ayers is just one example.

  52. Look, years ago they took over Hollywood, the main stream media, they took over the schools and the higher learning institutions. They have destroyed the family unit, enslaved women, forcing them to work with fiat currency, killer interest rates, and destruction of the purchasing power of the dollar. They continue to sow jealousy, anger and spite at everything that held our country high on the hill.They have appealed to most humans reptilian brain, (that person has more than you do and its not right) and thus gain daily, chipping away at our political institutions with 5-4 decisions that are a fucking joke and further erode our country as a whole. They continue to dilute and poison the immigration of our status with low quality migrants, criminals, gangs, etc. All the while feeding us GMO poisons, polluting our water with fluoride, our air with aluminum chaff / chem-trails, and inject mercury into our babies lobotomizing them before they take their first natural breaths with record autism at one out of 50 in some states !! . It is a big conspiracy and there will be nothing left of western civilization if we don’t get a handle on this shit now….. it is probably too late as it is now. Critical thinking is not taught. Common Core is rewiring and making a sewer out of what was left of education.. No one is striking at the root. That is the problem. People are lazy, fat dumb and happy, and if you are not you can get food stamps, a digital big screen, a free car, housing,free medical care and happy pills for your chronic irritation…and other shit so who is going to stop the madness ? Answer : no one…..but I hope I am wrong.

  53. No wonder Donald Trump is doing so well, America is filled with moronic men who still think this way. Uneducated or just plain stupid , they fall for this claptrap. The first paragraph is huge indicator that this article is full of shit. Nothing ever changes? Morons
    Feminism is a branch of communism? Communism? Morons complete morons. This site is a tool to control you, morons, since you have no ability for critical thought.
    Stop blaming your issues on someone else, none of you are special, none of you deserve to rule the world. You are as insignificant as the rest of us, get over it.
    None of you are going to rule a kingdom, and if you think there is a chance, you are the problem.
    You are not by birth inherently more intelligent than women, and this site proves, most of you are morons.
    Instead of everyone working together to make the world a safer, better place for everyone, you frequent a site like this , which promotes hatred to 50% of the population and pretend that you are the ones being persecuted. It is sad that you have no clue how controlled you are, brainwashed is the best term. Scared little boys holding on to their penis screaming ” I a male fear me…” hahahaha

  54. Look up articles online decoding agenda 2030. Behind the fluffy feel good language is the manifesto of a global government controlling everything.

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