5 Most Common Types Of Tourists You Will Meet While Traveling

My time out on the road has a nomad has led me to meeting a lot of interesting people. It’s also led to me carefully planning my time in certain cities due to over-saturation. And of course, I’ve learned all about how the stag parties system works. The nights to go out, and nights to avoid. Here are the 5 types of people you’re going to meet while traveling, in all their stereotypical glory.

1. Families

You can often find them walking around with selfie sticks, rushing to make sure they hit every tourist attraction, eating at all the overpriced restaurants.

For the most part, they don’t have much applicable information to traveling nomads and players, except the congestion and spike in prices they cause during the peak months of the year.

2. The Female Slut Stag Parties

Bringing the disgusting to EE, one party at a time.

I’ll never forget when I was walking around Prague last year. A group of five girls was heading directly towards my Ukrainian girl and me. As they approached, I heard the voices. Shrill, loud harpies. Americans.

Of course, the sidewalks of Prague are incredibly narrow. You aren’t fitting more than five people wide to them. My girl and I were walking on the right hand side, the American girls were walking five-across in the fear of being left behind and trying to be the alpha female of the group.

When you spend significant time in a tourist town like Prague, you realize if you get out of the way for every dumb and clueless person walking around, you’d spend an hour a day getting out of the way. I thought it’d be far more amusing to let the one closest to me simply crash into me.

It worked a charm, and as she stumbled into her friend closest to her and their nearly fell, they both turned around and shrieked, “Excuse me!!! That was rude!!!”

I simply turned around and said, “You’re excused.” Cue looks of shock and wet panties.

The point is, the stag parties have been increasingly in numbers for years now. Crappy airline carriers like Ryanair and EasyJet keep adding $30 flights from Western to Eastern countries. The problem is that now the female bachelorette parties are starting to come out in full force, too.

The hope is that the male and female stag parties find each other to act like morons together all night, rather than polluting the rest of the dating pool.

Speaking of, let’s talk about the male stag parties.

3. The Male Stag Party

Like I said, all of the cheap flights from western Europe has made these stag parties a weekly ordeal from March to October. Every weekend, from Friday to Sunday, large groups of guys walk around drinking way too much. Sometimes they even have GoPros on their heads.

Pro tip: The majority of them want to get the cheapest possible flights. Those cheap carriers that offer fares in the $30-and-under range have to fly very early. The reason is because the reason they can offer those cheap fares is because they agree to fly out of the airport (and therefore, use up a gate) when no one else is. Therefore, it’s common for the stag parties to get on the 5:30am flight from London to Poland or another EE country.

They are often absent on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Many clubs in the stag-infested cities of Europe actually make a point to have things going on Wednesdays and Thursdays so that the locals can come have a good time. Become a regular on those nights. Take Friday and Saturday off.

However, there is one function about these stag parties that you can use to your advantage.

They are desperate for good information about the city. Rarely has any of the guys in the party actually bothered to research some intel about where to go for a good night. They’ll be thrilled to meet a “local” like yourself who has good intel.

You can use them to get into a social mood (at the BEGINNING of the night only), and you can tell them to check out places that you don’t plan to go to that night. Tell them that you think XYZ Club will be going off—which is the club that is chock-full of these parties every weekend. Let them go off on their merry way (they won’t remember anyway), and then hit the good venues yourself.

3. The Fellow Traveling Man

This can be very good, or very bad. You see, the road can and does get lonely sometimes. It’s easy to sell the perks and glamour of the life. However, when you’ve living in a foreign country and don’t know many people—yeah, it gets lonely. While men aren’t as dependent on socializing as females (more on that below), we do need some social life to be happy, too.

So let’s say you meet a fellow single guy on the road. More than likely, he’s going to fall into one of two categories:

  1. “Living the life“—he understands game, travel, and how life on the road works. He’s what we’d call “aware”.
  2. “Dweeb”—on his two weeks of vacation a year. Wearing New Balance sneakers with a shirt two sizes too big. As blue pill as they get, but hoping to get lucky and score a foreign girl while he’s in town.

Number 1 is a no-brainer. You can have him as a wingman, and he’ll make the majority of your nights overall a better experience. Of course, there are people you just don’t click with, but if he’s game-aware, the odds are in your favor.

Number 2 is a bit tougher to analyze. You see, sometimes some company is better than no company. If he is the type of man who is open to becoming unplugged, you might have a winner. If he talks about western girls with distaste, you can start to share a bit of your story. Hopefully, he can see you as something to aspire to be. If he has this open mind, he could make excellent coffee-shop company a few times a week, and maybe even a decent wingman.

The problem is that if he’s stubborn to taking the red pill—good luck. More than likely, he is lonely and wants company. The trip has caught him off guard—he probably doesn’t know how to be solitary. He’s going to want your phone number, he’s going to want to hang out every day, and he’s going to want to accompany you out to talk to the ladies.

And I promise he won’t do anything but scare them away.

5. The Solo Female Traveler

Wearing sunglasses to cover up the cum stuck on her face from the night before.

This is the type of traveler the traveling player gets giddy for. Women can rarely handle being alone for prolonged periods of time. They are social creatures. Whilst she may claim she’s taking the trip to explore deep inside herself, it won’t be her doing the exploring. It’ll be the numerous amounts of cock taking the trip deep inside her.

Tip: It matters where you meet her, too. A girl traveling alone in Rio, or Barcelona? Rest assured she’s ready for some hooking up. If a Western girl has taken the time to get a Russian visa, she might have an actual interest in the language and culture. 

Despite what they say, female solo travelers very rarely end up actually spending that time alone. They don’t do solitary activities to discover who they are or learn about the world. Instead, they typically join the “free hostel-sponsored walks” around old town cities, and go out to every single pub crawl imaginable. Like I said, they need to socialize.

To any men on the road: when a girl tells you she’s been traveling solo for more than a week, your radar should be on full blast. She’s probably lonely. She wants to have adventure. And best of all, she has the discretion she needs to have a one night stand.

She’s all yours.

If you want to learn how to play the field properly abroad, check my course on Tinder and text game. For more insights into the rest of the world, visit KyleTrouble.com.

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  1. soooooo….while traveling you will meet families as well as single men and single women who also travel?

      1. What I saw at the picnic: People, ants, hot dogs, ketchup, butterflies, the sun, and grass. (The end.)

      2. I find it amusing that at the bars you will find ugly fat lesbians drooling over the sexy young girls who are pole dancing, proving what we men already know: that even feminists aren’t attracted to short haired fat slobs like themselves in spite of their attempts to redefine beauty to avoid the treadmill. It also shows that they are voting against their own best interests.

        1. They hate themselves and don’t believe they have the fortitude to do what it takes to be better. They hate others because they see them as what they can’t accomplish. Totally mentally screwed. We can’t expect them to do something as logical as doing something that’s actually beneficial to their well being bro

    1. I have seen a buss load of Japanese before. They were taking pictures of this fast food joint.

      1. Most people don’t know this, but Asian cultures have a thing about food. Some of the most popular streaming videos and Instagram posts in these countries are pictures of their food and/or videos of them eating.
        There’s one Instagram girl who has hundreds of thousands of followers because she (and I kid you not) posts herself smashing her face into various breads.
        People do the darndest things.

        1. Some of those Japanese shows are weird. They will do races through vanilla custard or some such nonsense.

        2. Then again, take a step back and look at some of the crap we have on TV:
          – Shows about teenage sluts who got knocked up
          – Shows about crazy people (who are somehow celebrities) being crazy enough to lock up
          – Shows about medieval people killing one another almost indiscriminately
          – “Reality” television competitions
          In light of some of the channels out there, is racing through vanilla custard or trying to run weird, brightly-colored obstacle courses that odd?

        3. Never much cared for Beaver or Brady. I was more of an A-Team, Hogan’s Heroes, Gilligan’s Island guy.
          …and, of course, the inimitable Beverly Hillbillies. I’ve watched box sets of that show hundreds of times, and I still laugh every time.

        4. I stopped watching when Sienfield and Star Trek Voyager was on the air. People chatter about the Kardashians or Duck Hunt….whatever, I got better things to do.

        5. There are a few pearls in that manure pile. It’s just a big pile.
          Last Man Standing, for example, is probably Tim Allen’s best work. The men are all men (and the beta boys are becoming men), the women are women, and the interactions between them are varied and amusing. But there’s always a sense of love – you don’t get much of that these days.
          Plus, it’s a modern TV show that makes jokes at Hillary’s expense and rips on the same crap we rip on. What’s not to love?

        6. I actually thought Kardashians were something from a new Star Trek when I first heard the name. Being dead serious. It was without any context and I’d already stopped watching the Dead Tube, so when somebody said “That’s just like the Kardashians” I thought “Where? Deep Space 9?”

        7. You’re missing some truly great entertainment. We’re in a golden age for television right now.

        8. I wouldn’t doubt there are a few good ones, I just couldn’t see having my wife at home watching soaps while I am wasting time here at work.

        9. I thought so for a while, with Breaking Bad and shit, but the PTB are fucking up every show after that, which always starts good but then gets full of feminist/sjw stuff. For example, Vikings or Walking Dead.

        10. That’s probably the source of my original confusion.

        11. I thought they were kidding when people said she was famous for filming herself getting tow-trucked by some black dude.
          Guess I just don’t understand the medium of film…

        12. I know it was mine.
          My favorite “out of the loop” story is about some commercials I saw in college. There were a few black guys, and one of them had this weird hat, and they recommended some product or another.
          It made no sense to me until I had a sports nerd over. Apparently the guy in the hat is or was a popular basketball player.
          Meh. I’d rather be at the gym or in the garage, anyway.

        13. I remember that History Channel. I loved it from what I saw. Shows like Modern Marvels or real historical documentaries. From what I hear, it is no better than the Kardashians for historical accuracy anymore.

        14. It’s to the point that if somebody is a celebrity today and wasn’t before, say, 2005 or so, I won’t know who she or he is. He could be standing next to me and I’d probably tell him to get the fuck out of my way and move on. Which really, is how they should be treated anyway, regardless of fame, for the most part.

        15. Tales of the Gun was a must see for me, until it disappeared. I have Drunk History season 1 and 2 on DVD as well (Christmas present) and that’s pretty fun but the new ones are too try hard and it’s clear that they’re not drunk any longer they’re just play acting.

        16. I ran into Ted Cruz at the airport once last October. I noticed him, gave him a nod and a howdy, and got one back.
          About a minute later, I thought to myself, “Wait, was that…?” I turned back, and there was some conservative in a Veteran’s hat fawning over him.

        17. Good guy, I actually was able to shake his hand at a fundraiser a couple years ago. Him and Mike Lee were making the rounds, trying to defund Obamacare.

        18. There were no less than 415 new television series last year. I’m sure you can find a few more that don’t offend your sensibilities. You’d probably like Man in the High Castle. For sure you would like The Borgias, from 2011 — it’s really incredible.

        19. I’ll never know, since I don’t actually watch real television any longer. A series has to come to me recommended and I’ll tune in on Netflix or Hulu, otherwise, I really don’t want to waste my time. What little I’ve seen of “real television” in bars or at other people’s houses bothers the hell out of me, it’s either Grrrl Powrrr or some poorly written ADD type “humor” that is disjointed and disconnected from any context.

        20. Man in the High Castle is exclusive on Amazon, and The Borgias was on Showtime. Also check out Narcos on Netflix, which is fucking incredible.

        21. they had a mini series on the Russian tzars that was really fascinating.

        22. Yokai are way more interesting than zombies. The whole idea of ghosts is creepy enough, but the idea that a lost teddy bear can become a vengeful spirit that returns to kill its former owner?
          EDIT: Not a possessed teddy bear a la Chucky. I’m talking about the inanimate object itself being sad it’s lost, eventually growing angry that its owner hasn’t found it yet, and becoming a vengeful spirit itself.

        23. About damned time. They used to have it, then it went away.

        24. Culture corner time!
          Chinese zombies are called jiangshi. They’re usually depicted as stiff corpses in Qing Dynasty clothing, and they hop around with their arms outstretched.
          It looks hilarious until you realize they’re nearly unkillable and want to drain your life force so they can continue to exist.

        25. I blame that particular mini series for my Matryoshka collection.
          On a positive note it’s pretty fun having them swallow up Precious Moments figurines during my annual All Hallows Eve Cannibal Zombie and Voodoo Spectacular.

        26. excellent!
          As a side note: read live and let die. Watching Ian Flemming “try tuh be writin’ in suhh a way tuh make is be seemin’ like colored folk fuhm hallleeeemmmm” will make you laugh out loud in public

        27. “and, of course, the inimitable Beverly Hillbillies”
          I enjoyed that show too. Don’t forget about Petticoat Junction – it was that show that put the false notion in my head that there were sweet pretty girls to be had down south.
          Shows like the Brady Bunch and Partridge Family were silly and campy, but they had their charm and I would rather watch either of those shows over any of the crap on tv today.

        28. I would like an author to sufficiently take over the property. Gardner was very dry and precise in a methodical way that wasn’t as engaging for me as Fleming or later, Benson. But still a damn sight better than Faulks, Deaver and Boyd.
          I’ve not yet read Trigger Mortis (got it cued up in the history on Sumatra) for this reason, despite it carrying some “original material” by Fleming.

        29. Whenever I need some good chuckles I just type wacky Japanese commercials into YT.
          There’s a “happiness” (don’t know if that’s precisely it) therein that we in America sorely lack now.

        30. Passion or energy, I think. You see the same problem in dubbed Kung Fu movies and anime.
          The original actor is animated like crazy, but the American version is bland and generic.
          Dubbed: “Oh. This is a dangerous situation. Aah.”

        31. Reminds me of an encounter with a female basketball player in an elevator at an Intercontinental.

        32. If you start from the beginning, you can be forgiven for thinking the show is going to be nerd-friendly. After all, for a while they made some actually clever jokes that referenced semi-obscure fandoms.
          But whatever quality there may have been, it was lost long ago.

        33. I don’t know why so many “conservative” men admire a government lawyer who has never had a real job and prates on about the Constitution and free market when government lawyers like him killed the Constitution and he has never made any real money in the free market.
          He is a CFR chump who there to take a fall for Hillary as McCain/Romney took a fall for Barry.
          I guess Murcan cuckservative neo-con armchair warriors can relate to a charisma-less wussy chump like Cruz.

        34. and now that the Con-servative Republicon NeverTrumpers have a president who would sign a bill to defund Obamacare…what aren’t they proposing such a bill?

        35. Fargo is easily the best thing on the tube.

          Season one was billy bob being some sorr of ghostlile reaper doing whatever he wants. So calm brilliant and ruthless.

          Season two waa set on the 70s. And pitted the kansas city mafia against a Minnesota crime family.
          Incredible actors, stories, delivery. Really really great stuff.
          Cant recommend it highly enough.

        36. A jew joke.

          An indian joke.
          Comic book joke.
          Nerd joke.
          And thats the whole series.
          What rubbish

        37. From what I hear, that’s pretty much exactly it. It derives in part from the “spirits everywhere” aspects of Shinto, but it grew a bit from campfire stories.

        38. Hey… I’ve got Star Trek Voyager on right now. I never liked this series when it was on in first run…. now it’s often the best thing on.

        39. You get that nice warm feeling with a smile after watching that. video. You see a guy actual enjoying his food and being happy. Something rare to see for most people these days.

        40. There are still a few worthwhile shows on occasionally. I scan it pretty often and watch it seldom. It used to be my go to channel.

        41. Also, in the beginning Penny was smoking hot, and it made sense that Leonard was insane over her (and I do mean as in mentally deranged.) Now she is a semi-alcoholic, post wall, average looking idiot from a family of criminals and rural hicks. She also has a huge notch count so she is also a slut who friend zoned him for years. What he still sees in her I don’t know. And they still want to joke about how lucky he is and how far she had to settle.

        42. Bro I watched an Asian movie when I was a kid and saw that it was scary as shit! It was a dude dressed exactly like that except he was blue and had sharp teeth and he would hop like a kangaroo.
          That shit scarred me.

        43. TBH the Chinese are some of the most cowardly people around. I hate to sound like an asshole but its the truth. Their whole history is Jesuit bullshit. Even martial arts isn’t theirs. Their claim to fame of inventing noodles, tofu, fucking everything they do is bullshit to spread their system across land. No different than any other government, I might add.
          LMFAO at 5000 years of history. Only a true pseudo-intellectual would concern himself with such nonsense.

      1. what was the name of that japanese show where there would be a moving wall with a cut out in the middle, and the contestant would have to contort his body to make it thru(and they hardly ever made it thru)

        1. Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. MXC. it was a redub of an actual Japanese show Takeshi’s Castle. It was on comedy central in the late 90s and early 2000s.
          Don’t. Get. Eliminated!

    2. I avoid Western women like the plague when I travel. Usually within my first couple questions is “where are from? ” Western = goodbye! Eastern = Hello :DDDD

  2. Maybe we are not the typical family, but I think you could be way off base with the family travelers. Both my wife and I hate going to the city with selfie sticks. We are now over the limit to get a single motel room. If we go somewhere, it will be camping and checking out natural features. Food costs too much to eat at restaurants, a cooler full of sandwiches in the park is the way to go.
    I understand this is an article geared for the single guys out there, but I just thought I would throw that out.

        1. I remember that faggot yelling out – he’s beyond repair. Somebody needs to put a bullet through his head and put him out of his misery.

    1. Some of us red pillers grow up and get married and have kids too, you know. 🙂
      I used to take lots of pics when traveling but now keep them to a minimum. Anthony Bordaine pukes over the thought to taking a photo with the Eiffel tower, but I see it as an item on the bucket list. Otherwise, I don’t snap too many shots and if I do, I don’t need everyone in it so no “selfies”.

      1. I suppose when my kids are in their teens and able to appreciate a museum and behave themselves, we will take them to more public places. But for now, they are too much of a headache.

        1. I flew to Krakow next to a Polish woman and her 5 year old son and it was a pleasure. The boy was quieter than most other passengers, amused himself with his toys, and was polite to the FA.

        2. Funny how kids are. If I take any one of them alone, they are pleasant to be around. They engage in good conversation, and are polite. You get a bunch together, and they clamor for attention, whether positive or negative. Usually, the negative wins.

  3. I avoid Americans/Westerners like the plague when I travel. I actually prefer to travel during off peak times to avoid crowds.
    But when I see/hear/smell “my fellow” Americans?
    Unless she is a WB, I’ll go out of my way to avoid.

    1. I had a chance to go to Japan for a couple of weeks with my family. It was fun, but all the stereotypical American tourists brought the trip down a bit.
      I don’t go somewhere like Japan to listen to Americans talk about how weird the food is or how strange the toilets are. I go to experience Japan as best I can. So I made friends with our tour group leaders, chatted with what locals I could (a few sentences of broken Japanese, asking if they spoke any English, praising their actually pretty good English, then continuing in a language I actually know), and took in as much of their world as I could.
      And that made the whole trip worthwhile.

      1. Exactly!
        I don’t want to be exposed to what the “vanilla” Americans complain/babble about. That’s a big reason why I’m going to a different country!!!

        1. It can be just as bad going to other towns or states in the US.
          Bill Burr put it best in one of his stand-up routines: “This place sucks! It’s not exactly like where I left. What’s the point of traveling if things are going to be different?”

        2. You know what I complain about?
          I was in Paris a couple of years ago. Ordered some stuff in French, the waiter replies in French no big deal like I was anybody else. Then one of my kids said “Hey dad, tell him I want…” and the dude reverted to English with me and wouldn’t speak a lick of French thereafter. Same happened in a lot of places where that kind of thing would happen. They weren’t struggling to understand me or anything (my French is pretty passable), they just felt like practicing English once it became clear my exact native tongue. Frustrates the shit out of me.
          If I go to central America I’m mistaken for a German because, and I’ve been told this by several people, when I speak Spanish I sound “Just like somebody from Germany”. I don’t even know what the fuck that means, but apparently it’s a fact.
          This is probably not the standard complaint of most Americans abroad, but by golly, it’s my complaint!

        3. My problem is I have trouble understanding spoken languages. I can whip out some fairly complicated Spanish if I try, but when they reply it sounds like gibberish.
          Chinese is worse, German is better.
          Again, not a standard complaint, but so long as we’re complaining…

        4. I’m always, without fail, asked “De donde eres? Alemania?” by strangers in Latin America because tall, blonde, blue-eyed, etc. Sometimes I’ve played along and pretended to be German. Given what a crap reputation our country is starting to give itself, I’m going to adopt the shtick permanently. I’m now a German when abroad. Gehen Deutschland!

        5. So maybe you know, as the natives generally just smiled and shrugged and didn’t give me a clue; what is a “German accent in Spanish” anyway? I think that the vowels are more or less the same, and Germans are generally sticklers for phonetics just like in Spanish so I really don’t get the reference. Or is it the really small mustache I grow when I travel abroad?

        6. Was having this very discussion with someone the other day. I’d say this is a fairly standard complaint among Americans that speak a second European language, when using it in Europe. My thoughts were it wasn’t that the Europeans wanted to practice their English, but they’ve experienced enough crappy renditions of their language by foreigners that it’s easier and faster to assume their English is the better option.
          This has happened to me long ago in Germany. Somewhat curiously though, years later I was able to pass myself off as a German while in Italy.

        7. Given how Germans are so precise when speaking English, I’d wager it’s a combination of how clearly you speak and the particular vowels you use.
          If you want to talk Mexican, I know you have to go fast and slur most of your words together. You also need more nasal resonance, as opposed to the chest voice common to English and German (emphasis on German).

        8. You’d think, but when I go to Montreal I’m told that I sound like I’m from countryside France. I’d assume while that may mean that I sound like a French Hillbilly, surely it also indicates that my French is pretty damned good.

        9. I found whenever I attempted to interact in the native tongue, they would politely shoosh me and carry on in English. Seems that my very attempt at the language hurt them so viscerally that they needed to make me stop at all costs…

        10. Ok, that makes sense. My Spanish instructors in DLI were from Spain proper (Basque actually) and Argentina. Mexican Spanish sounds like illiterate garbage to me more often than not. Appalachian Spanish, as it were.

        11. My family all speak German, and they had a similar complaint. Germans made no sense at all, but the second they crossed into Austria they could converse perfectly fine.

        12. They all talk fast lol. But the nasal thing is real — many Mexicans, particularly from the northern border states, talk really nasally.

        13. Rioplatense (Buenos Aires Spanish) makes almost no sense to people who speak Castellano (Spain Spanish). The linguistic gap is large, and growing bigger every year. I socialize in continental Castellano a lot, and when I watch an Argentine movie I can’t really get much of it.

        14. Fast and precise (like some of my former Spanish teachers) I can work with. I actually used to eavesdrop on one teacher’s phone calls for practice, and it worked for a while (I lost whatever I gained years ago).
          It’s the slurring that makes things hard on me. Chinese is my favorite example: I say “wo hui shuo yi dianr putonghua”, but the Chinese folks around me say “o ui shuoyidiar puongua”.
          My two semesters of training were not sufficient.

        15. Montreal? I’ll reserve judgement on the intent. 😉
          A friend of mine, he goes to Hong Kong and gets told he sounds like he is from 1950. It’s not really a knock, but it isn’t a compliment, either.

        16. The instruction she gave was in standard Spanish actually, but clearly her accent was different than the Basque, who spoke a very proper Castellano with the “th” lisp (“lithp”). It may not be either one of them at all now that Taginobias mentions how it’s probably me enunciating the shit out of things and retaining a less than nasal resonance. My first language wasn’t English either, but it’s not like Scot Gaelic sounds even a smidge like German or follows any of the rules of Germanic languages (or even, really, any rules at all).

        17. Well, we are large, muscular, strikingly handsome men with huge chests, so that’s probably true.

        18. Indeed, we are.
          There is one overlap I just thought about between Scot Gaelic and German. The word “Ach!” – the most expressive word in any language I know – is present in both.
          That could explain why my recent attempts at a German accent keep slipping Scottish…

        19. Someone really needs to answer my big German Star Wars question. If you are watching Star Wars dubbed in German, does yoda use his verbs the way you would in English so it sounds appropriately “off” to the german ear or does yoda just sound totally normal?

        20. ” My Spanish instructors in DLI were from Spain proper”
          Worst traffic in the world. They put all their Basques on one exit

        21. lol, but the literal translation from yoda ought to be
          Yoda: I will punch you in the nose
          if it is a 1:1 translation to the german.

        22. I’m no German expert, but would we expect it to sound more like this (1:1 to English):
          Luke: “Looking for someone I am.”
          Yoda: “Looking? I’d say that you have found someone. Hmm? *laughs* I will stay and help you.”
          (That all feels weird to type. Luke sounds like Yoda, and Yoda sounds like Luke. It’s madness.)

        23. yes, this is EXACTLY what I am thinking. I need to know if they actually did it like this. I would really be happy to live in a world where the people who dubbed the star wars thought this through and acted correctly.

        24. Something even George Lucas forgot, as well: Yoda largely switches back to regular sentence structure when he drops the crazy hermit act.
          It would be equally shocking in German, I suspect.

        25. yes, if the germans dubbing the movie were super fastidious about these details it would be so beautiful.

        26. I found everyone hates us, but everyone knows someone who live in the US. Makes for interesting conversation.

        27. Back in the ol college days. A spanish professor of mine( hot mexican) had her Spanish friend (insanely smoking hot) teach for a week a couple times in the semester. It sounds so different. Very tricky.

        28. It’s the same as me having an Italian accent in Dutch for a long time.
          It means exactly what they say, you would like a German person who speaks Spanish but not yet with perfect intonation.
          I’ve shaken my accent in Dutch since a while though, and most people get surprised when my wife for some reason points out that I’m not Dutch, have no idea why she does that though.

        29. I spent a short time in Italy. I dressed nicely and had manners which resulted in being mistaken for an Englishman on a number of occasions.
          I noted the crassness of my fellow Americans and how they were treated differently than I.
          That was back when I was 19(Reagan era). It taught me quite the lesson in how to act and behave when away from home.

      2. I can’t tell how much knowing just a few words of a bunch of languages helps to make friends. Some exceptions, but generally the fact that you made the effort carries weight.

      3. My knowledge of the Japanese language consists largely of engineering terms and most of them I can read but have no idea what the spoken words would be. Quench and Temper to Rockwell C 45 isn’t too useful in daily life.

        1. “Quench and Temper to Rockwell C 45 isn’t too useful in daily life.”
          Says you, brother – but I usually first temper the rod to rockwell c45 and then quench it, if you get my drift…

    2. Agreed. I have a strange reaction. If I’m walking the streets of say, Japan, and even some relatively pretty American girl walks by that I would be attracted to back home, revulsion takes over. The loud, nasally voice, the entitled attitude, frumpiness, even the mannish way of walking. Few American broads these days can stand up to average girls in many places elsewhere.

      1. Say it loud – TRUTH!!!
        The typical, average, middle of the road chick from (country ‘X’) has it all over the typical Americunt. No question.

  4. ““Excuse me!!! That was rude!!!”
    I simply turned around and said, “You’re excused.” Cue looks of shock and wet panties.”
    Wow, dude. You made a stupid primary-school-level remark and made the girls wet with desire? You must be a sex god. That was such a dope reply, boy. You’re an inspiration. Truly. An inspiration to not lose yourself in delusions of masculinity just because you can give a lame reply to some random bitch on the street.
    You know how you could’ve done this better? Maybe something like this.
    “Excuse me!!! That was rude!!!”
    “No, it wasn’t. And you’re a stupid cunt to believe that you can walk directly into my path and not get hurt . NOW I’m being rude.”

    1. I find the brevity of the response adds to its punch.
      Kyle’s response is a sly sidestep while yours is more of a sledgehammer. Both can work, but it depends on the individual and the situation.

      1. It wasn’t the reply itself but the self-applauding assumption that this reply projected him as an alpha and got their panties wet is what amuses me. And seriously speaking, the last time I heard this reply was back when I was in school. For my part, if one couldn’t think of something clever/strong to say at that moment, just staring her down would’ve worked too.

      2. I’ll give Kyle the benefit of the doubt, given he’s well traveled and experienced. Yes, always depends on the context and situation when it happens.
        I admire a man who doesn’t cater to women.

        1. you do know that snarky, sarcastic remarks and passive-aggressiveness is a female characteristic, don’t you?
          Might want to chill a bit

        2. You might want to chill out with your over-analysis of a simple comment. I was never being aggressive, only sarcastic. And no, sarcasm is not a female characteristic. I can’t imagine who taught you this.

        3. I don’t need to chill.
          It wasn’t clear that you were being sarcastic. You have to remember that given the incredible amount of hate we get here – especially from commenters with no avatar pics – if you’re only being sarcastic it’s much better if it’s obvious, which it wasn’t.
          Hence why I use “/s” or “/sarcasm”, etc., like others on the internet when it might not be clear.
          Yes, bitchy women are very passive aggressive and tend to be sarcastic.

        4. You know what’s snarky women and SJWs do the most? They wrongly assume “hate” and “aggressiveness” where there’s absolutely none. And no, once again, bitchy women are not sarcastic. They spit out their contempt very directly, not through sarcasm. Sarcasm requires a much higher level of intelligence and doesn’t warrant “/s” or “/sarcasm” to be understood.

        5. “/s” or “/sarcasm” to be understood.
          If something’s not clear then the message wasn’t conveyed well. Basic rule of writing.
          I’m not interested in petty arguments; I’ve got meaningful things to do, and you’re not here to contribute or have a discussion, but instead to argue etc.
          Not interested.

    2. Depending on mood mine would have been “Were you trying to chew bubble gum and walk at the same time?” or “Fuck off”

  5. “5. The Solo Female Traveler
    (…) Tip: It matters where you meet her, too. A girl traveling alone in Rio, or Barcelona? Rest assured she’s ready for some hooking up. If a Western girl has taken the time to get a Russian visa, she might have an actual interest in the language and culture.”
    I’m glad you brought that up – good article and please let me add in a remark to the above quoted – call it a “5.5” : Some countries, especially EE countries known to be ugly compared to beautiful places like Paris or London (well, ok they used to be pretty until the sharia apes were brought in) but EE is not typical of where one would find american tourist females. So if you do come across an american chick in a shithole city like Kiev or Kharkov for example, there is a very good chance she is there working for an American NGO. There really isn’t any reason an Americunt would go to these places, so proceed with caution. And if you speak with any American female in EE she will most likely be one of those demented SJW types.

      1. “THIS. I was recently in the middle east and I was surprised by the quantity of cunts that worked for NGOs around there”
        Makes one wonder what are the programs of NGO’s in the middle east. I kinda doubt there were FEMEN protests or SLUT WALKS. I might go as far as speculating that the NGO’s in that part of the World are helping promote and bring islam to America.

  6. I generally avoid other Americans when I travel abroad, because usually they fall into the idiot tourist stereotype. But this is also true with many vacationers from other countries I’ve noticed.

    To any men on the road: when a girl tells you she’s
    been traveling solo for more than a week, your radar should be on full
    blast. She’s probably lonely. She wants to have adventure. And best of
    all, she has the discretion she needs to have a one night stand.

    She’s all yours.

    Yeah I suppose if you want to get your dick wet in a cum dumpster with some unknown strains of bacteria laced with the still fresh DNA of a dozen foreign cocks. She likely has not been alone for more than a few hours. Pass.

    1. “If you want to get your dick wet in a cum dumpster with some unknown strains of bacteria…”
      Isn’t that the ultimate way to sample a foreign “culture?”
      Then you can go home and grow your own.
      Yuck, yuck.

  7. “Education Abroad” (nearly always White) students from the US who come to London, UK for a short semester. Usually 19-20- year olds.
    They usually have no interest discovering the cultural aspects of Shakespeare`s city. Their only goal is to get drunk as often as possible on cheap supermarket booze – they know fully well the drinking age in the UK is 18, unlike mainland US where it is 21. They convince their parents , thy want to come to London to discover the city`s cultural importance (The parents usually fork out about $20,000 for their beloved offspring to spend a short semester here. Pretty high price just for an activity of such little reward)
    Of course they know that the drinking age is 18 in Puerto Rico, and a whole semester in San Juan would be cost only a fraction of what it costs in London. However, they know fully well that Puerto Rican folks won`t put up with their hillbilly behavior. So they come to London. Avoid them.
    I would add that other American visitors to the UK tend to be really nice folks, regardless of their ethnic background or age.

    1. On one of my infrequent visits to social media hell, I saw a former (female) acquaintance was going with friends on a cultural excursion across South America.
      Dozens of posts with various alcoholic beverages around them, zero without. And which guys were getting close with which girls kept rotating over the two-week span.
      Her pastor father must be so proud. First he paid to send her to an expensive liberal arts college (years later, she’s working at the admissions desk there), then he paid to get her drunk and laid on another continent.

    2. “I would add that other American visitors to the UK tend to be really nice folks, regardless of their ethnic background or age.”
      I’ve generally found American tourists to be rude opinionated loudmouths, only beaten on all points by Chinese tourists.

      1. Given your sad sack take on life, this doesn’t surprise me.
        Most tourists, anywhere, except Germans on cruise ships (who for some reason like to “reserve” every deck chair on the boat by placing a towel on it, fat buggers) generally are passably nice as a rule.

    3. If had gone to UK to study abroad, the only alcohol activites would consist of visiting Islay and Skye for some of the best whisky. And that would be in moderation.

  8. When I first discovered the Red Pill, I saw a post about how chicks “backpacking” through Europe really meant they were brachiating from cock to cock with random foreign guys. I was still in the skeptical phase, working on accepting some of the harsher truths of the Red Pill.
    A few weeks later, I was chatting up this girl who told me that she and her sister had just spent the summer “backpacking” through the UK, France and Germany. As she described the different things they had done, I remember listening to the way she described where they stayed and the people they met. Just little turns of phrase and adjectives that were not congruent with the wholesome “two sisters on an innocent vacation adventure” story she was trying to sell me. I bailed on her when she suggested we go back to her place and watch a movie.
    Later found out they had both gotten the herp in Germany, and one got an abortion a few weeks after she got back to the states.
    Thank you, Red Pill. Thank you.

    1. “Later found out they had both gotten the herp in Germany”
      That should tell you the type of guys they were banging. Congrats. You dodged a bullet.

      1. Herpes is pretty random, if you don’t want to catch it you would need to avoid almost all contact (kissing and up) with all other people. Allegedly 1 in 8 Americans already have it, no need to travel to Germany.

        1. Well, the herpes my mate got (from a supposed good girl), gave him a severe rash all over his hands, arms, chest, legs and chin for around 3 months. We all assumed it was severe eczema until a doctor told him different. Never seen anything like it.

    2. Backpacker chicks’ notch counts are astronomical. (see comments)
      I once knew a feminist single mother who had an only child teen daughter. She sent the daughter alone overseas for a year when she was 14 to ’empower’ her. She wanted her girl to grow some balls. She emancipated the daughter, gave the daughter a schedule of foreign hostels with hiking trails and the appropriate visas and sent her into the blue. A 17 yo young man would benifit from such an adventure. A 14 yo girl would be permanently feminized. Today the daughter is childless, rootless, doesn’t work domestically or professionally although her feminist mother funded her basketweaving degree. The girl is pushing 30 now and carousels like an overgrown whiz kid prodigy. She chooses her men with obvious experience, lives off working betas serially, one after another while she commutes the alpha train in between and above all she hates her mother.
      Backpacker chicks are among a few other groups with stellar notch counts rivalling prostitutes. They know how to use their ‘p’ to complete advantage. They have achieved a zen like ‘perfect mastery’ over their place in the MEN’S rightful world. This is what the feminists want, young girls with pussies so hardened that no patriarch can ever again control any woman in the slightest. TOTAL WILD and non hegemonic pussy is what the feminists always vied for. Their intent was to forever smash the foundation aggregate for patriarchal society.

    1. That’s it – once you’ve done one holiday full of tourists you start to plan your foreign travels away from tourists as best you can.

  9. You should only travel to seek a new life abroad in a different culture that suits you better. Learn new language, find a job, settle down.
    Travel for the sake or travelling, game, banging, drinking and you’ll always end up back home to miserable square 1. Waste of time and money.

    1. Ok, so how do you know which culture suits you if you don’t visit it first, precisely?

      1. @gayofjefferson
        what i did is applied for a job in that country on a 6 month contract instead of going there as a parasitic tourist. And see how it goes. That’s if you have a trade besides xbox tournaments online.
        You should get out of your geek cave and try it. Travel, learn a language, find a vocation and a traditional foreign beauty or guy if that’s your thing. Believe me it beats online porn 24/7.

  10. “New Balance” sneakers? are you a racist.
    Fail to see how this falls into “blue pill” guys you meet on the road

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