Is The Black Nationalist “Hotep” Movement An Ally In The War Against Globalist Elites?

Over the past several months on Twitter I started to notice tweets from black men that echoed many of the idea you will find in the manosphere. I quickly noticed that these men all identified themselves as “Hoteps.” Recently, one of these Hotep accounts announced an alliance with the Alt Right. But should the ROK community also welcome Hoteps as allies or is the group suspect?

Who are the Hoteps?

“Hotep Jesus” Ali Shakur

The Hoteps are a movement of black men such as “Hotep Jesus” @VibeHi), “Uncle Hotep” (@handymayhem), and “ædonis | hotep” @lordaedonis) who are all associated with the website Hotep Nation. Hoteps are regarded as pariahs by the mainstream black community because of their “homophobic” and “misogynist” views. From the outside, the Hotep movement looks like a mildly black nationalist movement.

The Hoteps were also the focus of attack from the Alt Right for a long time because Hoteps have a penchant for ascribing the achievements of Ancient Egypt to sub-Saharan Africans. The most common Alt Right attack was tweeting the phrase, “WE WUZ KANGZ” along with a picture of the rocket-powered pyramids at the head of this article. That’s why it was shocking to me when Hotep Jesus, Ali Shakur, started to indicate that he did not harbor animosity toward whites, but that he felt that whites and blacks are both being used by globalists, specifically globalist Jews.

Later, when Shakur announced an alliance with the Alt Right, I decided to give the Hotep movement a deeper look.

Hotep Beliefs

Hoteps have a lot of beliefs that mirror those found on ROK. First, Hoteps oppose feminism because they can see the terrible effects feminism the black community, specifically black families. On the flip side, they also oppose the attention-whoring that so many women engage in on social media. The Hoteps I follow on Twitter don’t seem to mind a tasteful photo of an attractive black woman, but they would disapprove of a woman twerking or doing some other salacious thing on social media.

Hoteps believe in taking care of their children. Hoteps are critical of men and women in the black community who father bastards. This is controversial as about 70% of all black children born today are born out of wedlock. Hotep opposition is not based so much on morality as it is on observation. Hoteps know that children raised by single moms are at much greater risk than children who come from a healthy, two-parent home. In one Tweet, Hotep Jesus even speculated that the high rate of homosexuality in the black community may be tied to the fact that men need a strong, loving father. The Hotep opposition to feminism and their support of strong families puts Hoteps solidly in the camp that favors patriarchy.

Hoteps also aspire to become masters of personal finance. A capitalist economy rewards producers, not employees. Thus, Hoteps seek to become business owners. In addition to encouraging entrepreneurship, Hoteps also believe in becoming experts in investing. Hotep beliefs fly in direct contradiction to the handout programs that liberals advocate. Hoteps do not want welfare, and they do not blame their financial condition on white racism. They have no time for being victims. They believe that individual excellence can more than compensate for present day racism or past events, such as slavery.

Not surprisingly, if you ask a Hotep for investment advice, he will point you to black finance experts. Hoteps believe in supporting the black community. They don’t seek inclusion into white culture. Rather they prefer building a separate black culture. For example, Hotep Jesus tweeted out that he did not care whether or not some quota of black actors won an Oscar. This is just another example of how Hoteps want to foster independence.

I found agreement with these Hotep ideas, but there are also ideas that I found dubious. Hoteps seem to have a mystical, slightly new age spirituality that talks about manifesting things. While not ideal, these beliefs are no worse than the teachings of someone like Pastor Joel Osteen. They are also prone to conspiracy theories, but as we have seen in the past election cycle, some conspiracy theories are actually true.


There are a lot of good aspects to the Hotep movement but the movement is in danger of diluting its message in a quest for wider acceptance. One of the biggest features of Hotepism is that it seeks independence. That means that Hoteps seek to extricate themselves from government handouts and the entire social engineering edifice that has been erected by the Democrats.

Also, in their quest for independence the Hoteps want to move away from the racial animus that characterizes the Black Lives Matter movement that is basically asking whites to cease to exist. Instead, Hoteps want to leave behind the victim culture that has characterized the black community for the last 50 years. Yet, the Democrats push racial division as a cynical strategy to get black voters to vote for vile candidates such as Hillary Clinton. But despite the Democrat policy being completely incompatible with the ideals of the Hotep movement, a recent Hotep statement states:

Are Hoteps Democratic or Republican? Neither and both. Hoteps are not monolithic. You will have many who side with a particular party for various reasons and you will have many who side with neither.

Another point where the Hoteps may be broadening out too far is with regard to gays. While not a carte blanch endorsement of homosexuality, the Hotep movement now accepts gay members. But as the wider population found out in the 1990s, once you accept the open practice of homosexuality, the next step is normalization of those relationships, and that includes gay marriage.

The bottom line is that the leaders of the Hotep movement will have to avoid selling out. This is especially important because if the Hotep message gets adopted by the black community, it could spell the end of blacks acting as pawns for leftists to manipulate. There would be enormous pushback from the globalist/leftist camp who have used blacks as a tool to enact social engineering and extend their control over the entire population. Hotep leaders should expect to be offered financial rewards to moderate their message. If they refuse to sell out, those leaders will then be attacked in the press.


While we may not like it, the manosphere, the Alt Right, and the Alt Lite have all been identified as threats to the globalist order. I believe Hoteps will soon join the ranks of groups that are deemed enemies by the globalists. The Hotep message is obviously not for everyone, but I view them as allies in the wider war we are fighting to regain control of our countries—and in this war, we need every ally we can get. My only hope is that the Hotep leaders have the strength to resist the temptations and attacks that are certainly coming their way.

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471 thoughts on “Is The Black Nationalist “Hotep” Movement An Ally In The War Against Globalist Elites?”

  1. Never heard of them, which makes me think (hope?) their motivations are sincere.
    Ever heard of Bubba-Ho-Tep? Such a weird movie

  2. Outside of the accepting faggots thing, they don’t sound bad all things considered. As long as they don’t do that whole hilarious “We wuz kangz!” thing where they confuse the Greeks that ruled Egypt with blacks, then I think that they’re on the right path.
    Oh, wait.

    The Hoteps were also the focus of attack from the Alt Right for a long time because Hoteps have a penchant for ascribing the achievements of Ancient Egypt to sub-Saharan Africans

    But still, all things considered, it’s good to have allies.

    1. OT, but you see Mccain trash Paul on the Senate floor? Says he is advancing the Putin agenda…does anyone believe this crap anymore?

      1. He really needs to be ejected from the GOP. There’s conservatives and then there’s Establishment and then there’s outright hostile Democrats masquerading as GOP. McCain is in the last camp.

        1. I’m not sure why this guy keeps getting re-elected. As an Arizonian, I’ve yet to meet one single person who legitimately likes him.

        2. Pity how the strongly conservative areas will get these guys. They come on the scene and build connections before they go liberal. With those connections, they are that sticky bugger that won’t go away. Orrin Hatch is almost as bad.

        3. connections to money…watch that old James Stewart flick “Mr. Smith goes to Washington”.

        4. Maybe the word “Primary” is not known in Arizona?

        1. Vertical takeoff maybe? that thing is probably more advanced than the Harrier.

        2. That could work as well. But, how are they going to pay for it? With chop off heads of their enemies?

        3. VTOL, yeah, I think that they invented that, so sure, why not?

        4. maybe its the world’s largest model airplane? hang it in the rec room?

      1. No, I mean the Greeks. Brush up on history. They didn’t rule it “like foreverz” but they did in the later periods. Cleopatra was a Greek woman. Look it up.

        1. Ah. Genuinely did not know that. I knew Egypt eventually became a province of Rome. Didn’t know the Greeks ruled Egypt just before that.

        2. As with most things, the extreme fringes will usually take true facts that benefit their viewpoint and stretch them to absurd lengths. But that doesn’t mean that the underlying seed of their twisting isn’t true. I try to keep a level head on these things.

        3. By the time the Romans , GReeks, and Arabs showed up Egypt was already a 3000 year old civilization.
          It lasted longer than Greece, Roman, Renaissance, and modern industrial civilization combined times 3.
          and its last gasp it bequeathed to the white barbarians the basics of civilization.
          art, science, architecture, religion, government,philosophy, and literacy.

        4. Only if you count civilizations separated by hundreds of years as one continuous civilization.

      2. When Alexander the great died, his empire was broken up. Ptolemy, one of his top generals took over Egypt, and started a new Greek dynasty, with himself as King. The dynasty ended with Cleopatra, lasting about 300 years

        1. 300 years out of a 3000 year civilization, thats like saying the Congolese were white since most of the ruling class(Belgians) were white

      3. The Greeks, following Alexander the Great, became the pharaohs. Their line ended with Cleopatra (a Greek 100%) who was conquered by the Romans.

    2. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” wink wink…..
      They are still a stone aged lot mired in superstitious nonsense with a completely fabricated self history.
      They are a different form of degradation on civilization.
      However they may prove useful.

    3. You don’t have to be allies when fellow travelers is all you need be to fight the common enemy.

  3. The alt-right has more in common with African nationalist / populist leaders like Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi and Uganda’s Idi Amin than with white leftists or centrists like Jeb Bush or Mark Rutte or Emmanuel Macron.

    1. I would start a Patreon page in your name if you get involved in Black Nationalism! You can be the Dolejal of the alt right.
      Dooooooo it!

        1. haha- pretty sure that guy is Eddie Fischer’s son. Carrie Fischer’s father

        2. Can you imagine the screaming, shrieking hordes of ugly white hambeasts and effeminate betas that would be pulling their hair out and literally shitting themselves if someone made this movie today? They would burn down Hollywood.

        3. I doubt it very much.
          They make movies with white people blacking up to play Ancient Egyptians …
          Tom Cruise a white man plays a Samurai who is better than any Japanese …
          and there is a new one out with Matt DAmon playing a Chinese warrior.
          White people specialize in playing at what they are not.

        4. Tom Cruise played a white man who came to appreciate and respect the Samurai culture. What have you been smoking?

        5. There are plenty of examples where white actors played black or other race characters.
          But you picked two examples where the white actor was playing a WHITE character in a movie about a white person entering into another culture. The entire point of the Last Samurai was Tom Cruise’s white character coming to respect the samurai culture more than his own, and turning his back on his own people and their pro-Western allies in Japan.
          You are criticizing white people and white culture, then you misuse the Last Samurai as an example, and to top it off, the entire theme of Last Samurai is a critique of white Western culture.
          And Mawt Dah-mon does not play a Chinese warrior. Again, he is a white actor playing a white character in a movie about a white character entering into a foreign culture. The fact that the character is white is central to the plot,

        6. He literally becomes a traitor to his own white country and Western culture, and their pro-West allies in Japan, in order to try to protect what he believes is a superior culture in the samurai. That’s the whole entire point of the entire movie.

  4. Apply the trusted principle ‘Watch What They Do And Less Of What They Say’ and take it from there and see what happens.

  5. While we all mock the “kangz” stuff, I respect that they seek an alternative to the Afro-American culture of victimhood, criminality, and demanding handouts, and want self-sufficiency. I think friendship between us can be in order, as long as we all keep our larping to a minimum.

    1. Except the “we wuz kangz” retards are always trying to use pseudo history as an excuse to guilt trip us some more, because they believe that Europeans stole all of their credit for starting civilization, even though an intelligent European will tell you that it was northern African Semitic nations that started civilization.
      It seems to be an insecurity over the fact that Sub Saharan africans have some of the lowest IQ.

      1. While the Hoteps do seem to believe the Kang stuff, I don’t think they necessarily want to guilt trip white people. It’s really more of a way to inspire their own people.
        I’d argue that Sub-Saharan Africa has its own unique cultures, and thus they don’t need to appropriate Egypt, but whatever works for them.
        If we’re going to do this alliance, perhaps we could convey that they have their own ancestral cultures, and Egypt isn’t one of them.

        1. I agree that its better to have the opposite of a defeatist mindset, and there are cultural things to be proud of for Africans, I for one envy how places like Kenya preserve traditional family values.
          I just think blacks should try to empower their own nations and create history instead of aping what other people have done.

        2. Yeah, I wonder why they go with Egypt for pride over Shaka Zulu’s kingdom he set up in the early 19th century. Shaka ruled over a land nearly the size of Europe and the Zulu’s were the first native force to defeat an advanced European army in a major battle without European assistance at Isandlwana.
          Although, this finest of the Zulu’s triumphs was quickly negated by their massive defeat at Ulundi, where Lord Chelmsford regained his honor lost at Isandlwana.
          Even as a British Imperial Nationalist, I still give credit to the Zulus and their “bull horn” formation that proved highly effective against the British Army. And the accomplishments of Shaka himself in creating the Zulu Empire.

        3. Great movies too “Zulu Dawn” etc.. How about Haile Selassie ( sp?) the emperor of Ethiopia?

        4. While Shaka’s military feats are indeed impressive, the Zulu empire at its maximum extent was about 11.5K square miles.

        5. I liked Zulu, but not Zulu Dawn. It didn’t portray Chelmsford or any of the other redcoats in a historically accurate manner: Chelmsford is shown as a bumbling, arrogant idiot. In fact, he was far from it: One of the main reasons for his defeat at Isandlwana was the fact that he was more concerned with the logistics of dragging an Army across Africa (a difficult feat in and of itself) than the actual battle. He was keenly aware of the logistical difficulty of such an endeavor. While he failed to prepare his forces (he underestimated the Zulu) as he thought the battle would be easy, he did not make the same mistake twice: at Ulundi, he put his forces into a massive square with machine guns at the corners.
          But I digress: Zulu was fantastic because it showed the heroism of the British Army and the Zulu’s in a realistic light. But Zulu Dawn was just potshot after potshot at cliches about the British Army that diverged from reality just to virtue-signal opposition to the British Emipre.

        6. It’s easy to have an empire of nothing but uninhabited forest.

        7. There is no such thing as “SubSaharan African” you idiot.
          Egypt, Sudan, Chad, Niger, Nigeria, all lie in parts of the Sahara……….
          Those all all straight Negroes. wake up.

        8. Civilization is an African concept. Whites were LAST to it.
          Where were where whites when it was being created ??
          Your alphabet, religion, urban living, philosophical and legal concepts are all AFRICAN.
          maybe you should stop aping Blacks (a habit) and create your own shit.

        9. “maybe you should stop aping Blacks (a habit) and create your own shit.”
          Says the guy using the internet, a white man creation. Btw, the first civilizations arose from Mesopotamia, not Africa.

        10. No, but they sure as hell weren’t black Africans. As illustrated by how the Egyptians portrayed themselves in tomb art: as brown/tan skinned people that were visually differentiated from the black Nubians/Kushites

        11. If we were to ape blacks (in other words, ape apes), all us whiteys would have to start rapping, drive-by shooting, flash mobbing malls and other venues, having kids out of wedlock, and engaging in other such forms of advanced societal behavior.
          Think we’ll pass on aping your “achievements.”

        12. Thats all you do. Even down to civlization itself.
          heck now even the Grammys are all a bunch of White people trying to sing Black.

        13. Do you know how many ethnic groups Ethiopia has ??
          most of them are straight up Negroes. The one they let into the US are the “whiter” lloking ones…..and even they aint white. Their DNA shows recent admixture .

      2. Yeah, because the alt-right doesn’t engage in ANY mythmaking themselves.

        1. The Ancient Egyptians did mostl likely look like Persians as they originated in Mesopatamia and were not Semitic.

        2. The ancient Egyptians were semitic (still are) but not Arabic, and were ruled for a long while towards the later dynasties by Greeks.
          Ancient Persians (and most modern Iranians) were in fact Indo-European, just like Europeans and Indians (dot, not feather). This isn’t even controversial and is a documented and accepted fact by linguists and geneticists.
          Aryans -> Persians, hence the root of the name of Iran.

        3. Yes, you are correct on all accounts. But certain groups use the phrases “white,” “Indo-European” and “Aryan” as interchangeable, when they are not.
          Indo-Europeans are the ancestors of inhabitants of Europe, non-Semitic populations of the middle East, and North India. The “Aryans” are the northern Indians and Persians.

        4. I literally just said that intelligent Europeans know that northern Africans are Semitic…

        5. Outside of genetics and linguistic analysis you mean? Ok.

        6. He’s buried with a donkey. And naturally, it goes without saying, that he’s my favorite honkey.

        7. The real question is how did he get so funky? Did he do the monkey.
          Steve Martin is so great.

        8. He is an amazing banjo player. In my attempts to learn banjo I am getting a real appreciation for the instrument and he is frighteningly good.

        9. He really was an amazing talent (haven’t seen anything from him in a while).

        10. I watch a lot of his more serious music that he is playing. The guy can pretty much do anything creative to a very, very high level. Just one of those kind of guys who if you handed him a Didgeridoo and in 3 weeks he would be the worlds best didgeridoo player.

        11. never gonna see comedians like him ever again. eating apple sauce with a fork with a cork on it…you know he came up with that

        12. Here he is playing with banjo legion earl Scruggs
          Seriously, look at martins finger work

        13. he is a Master.
          We have a Thanksgiving tradition of watching Planes Trains and Automobiles.

        14. Nice family movie with slight raunch. Hughes really captured that decade well

        15. Crazy how good Steve is and I never had an idea he even played throughout his acting career.

        16. yeah, he is also super good on the mandolin and pretty much every other instrument with strings. He is at harpo marx levels of talent I think…or at least close enough for this dumbed down generation. Seeing him play is why I bought mine. I got a Gretch G9450 Dixie 5 for 125 bucks used and have been practicing as much as I can given a busy work and womanizing schedule. As soon as I get foggy mountain breakdown down I will post a video.

        17. They actually have scientific evidence. Almost all of Briton and 75% of European men are related to King Tut

        18. if you google steve martin banjo there are tons of videos that are great
          Playing dueling banjos with Scruggs is not for amateurs

          Nor is playing it with Kermit

        19. sorry jim that one was labeled wrong and was just the foggy mountain again not dueling banjoes, but DB is on the web too. Sorry I am using my phone and not paying attention.

        20. ONE PART of King Tut’s genetic code Is (today) commonly found in western Europe.
          This does not mean the ancient Egyptians were “white.”

        21. Semitic is a LANGUAGE not an ethnicity. Its origin is SQAURELY within AFRICA.
          Ancient Egypitians were indigienous BLACK Africans from the SOUTH and west when the SAHARA was wet.
          By the time the Greeks, Romans, Arabs showwed up Nile Valley Civilization was already over 3000 years old !
          The first Persians were BLACK. There is no such thing as Indo-European. Its proto language has never been constructed hence it does not exist:
          you need to read up more.

        22. There is NO such thing as Afroasiatic Language since its proto language cannot be constructed. That was a false term invented by Whites because they did not want to admit that the language of the Hebrews is AFRICAN.
          Semitic is merely an African language that is spoken by some people out of Africa but adjacent to.
          The closely living language to Ancient Egyptian is CHADIC. Purely AFRICAN.
          stop the madness.

        23. northern Africans are not SEMITIC.
          Semitic is a language. its originals are SQUARELY within East Africa

        24. The Ancients Egyptians weren’t “semetic”. The word Semetic mean an amalgamation of a language group( Hebrew, Arabic and Aramiac). In this regard they only became semetic after the Arab invasion in the 7th Century.

        25. That’s alright, I am very familiar with Steve Martin and Earl Scruggs. I cant listen to it at work anyway.

        26. Hughes captured my generation. At least the upper middle-class portion anyway….
          He basically lied to me about how cool HS was going to be though….

        27. Funny how the same gene splicing technique used to identify murder suspects, is somehow “racist” when it comes to identifying the race of ancient heads of state.

        28. I believe he has won some music awards. I don’t follow CW music and I think the banjo stuff falls in the blue grass category of CW.

        29. I bought an acoustic guitar a couple years back. I progressed to a point, then hit a wall. Got the chords down okay, but doing the quick transitions while singing is tough.

        30. “u cant debunk dna”
          That won’t stop delusional, in-denial negroes like Kisse Ellis here from trying…

        31. That story was debunked. The European DNA they are talking about it the presence of African Dna residual in Europe that was shared by Tut.
          Tut’s entire family has had their DNA tested. Their roots are in the GReat Lakes regions of Africa. The South .

        32. Rmax, on my word I’m not calling your bluff, but that’s crazy! How interesting. People are always saying the opposite, that blacks are more related to the early man. They point out the aborigines and such. Relates to what you said about evolution: their average strength, hight, supposed virility, immunity to sunburn. All those traits would be positive adaptations in comparison to whites. You know, on average. Your old claim is supported by this claim about Neanderthals relation to whites.

        33. Okay, so this, I agree less with. I’ve met some dumb-fuckin’ fish-bellies in my time. They’d make just about any old guy look sharp comparatively.

        34. And how did he get to Babylonia from Arizona? That is the burning question plaguing historians for decades…

        35. Do your research a vast majority of the indigineous in europe & middle east were aryan, egypt is notoriously aryan before they race mixed with blacks.
          If the historical record stated black i would back blacks, but it does not, it states european or caucus features & dna.

      3. Psuedo history ? I tell what pseudo history is :
        1. Jesus was White: blonde hair and Blues eyes
        2. White people are indigenous to Europe
        3. Ancient Egyptians are not indigenous Black Africans but : tanned whites, turk-arabs, mulattoes, aliens from space etc….
        4. Northern African Semitic nations started civilization:
        Semitic is a language not an ethnicity and its origins are squarely within Africa. Nile Valley civilization as such starts in Sudan – but has its cultural antecedents to the south and west when the Sahara was wet.
        6. West Africa and Nile Valley were populated by the same people: upon the drying the of the Sahara, some went east/south and others went west/south. Hence the DNA affinities.
        7. Western Civilization is “Western” and arose on its own from Greece: WRONG. ALL of the participants of the “Greek miracle” spent years studying in Egypt before publishing their “discoveries”………. To this day, there is little to no monumental ancient architecture in the West that matched anything do in the Nile Valley.
        the very alphabet we use is from the Romans who borroed it from the Greeks who borrowed it from the Phoenicians, who borrowed it from the Egyptians, who borrowed it from their progrnitors in the South — SUDAN: location of earliest found true writing.
        stop displaying your ignorance and read up on the subject before talking.

        1. There is no historical proof that Sub Saharans originated in northern africa or made it to Europe prior to the colonial era.
          Most of the things you said I never even claimed, of course Jesus wasn’t white, considering that the hebrews were brown, but nothing suggests he was black.

        2. You’re so laughably wrong and delusional that it would be hilarious if not for the fact that there are really people out there who believe this.

      4. Spare me your pseudo intellectual crap, Ancient Egyptians were AFRICAN, just like there are different types of Europeans, there are different types of Africans, I’ve got linguistic, anthropological and historical evidence to back it up but you’re not worth the effort to be honest

        1. Yes, they were northern african. You’re not providing the facts because you don’t have any.

      5. Except Hoteps don’t do that. In fact, their lack of guilt tripping and emphasizing self-reliance is the opposite of what you said.

    2. Right. Allies . Calling Steve Bannon… this is how Trump and the GOP can make some inroads into the black community by appealing to black MEN Great post . Was not aware of this Hotep group. The ROK community should cheer for and support any group that promotes masculinity and male virtues of independence, problem solving etc…

      1. How many of the Hoteps do you think can even vote? Where do most blacks learn their restard-nationalist ideas?

    3. I’m encouraged by anything that moves away from the current afro-american death cult.

    4. I just checked on godaddy and it seems somebody already owns Would have made an excellent mirror for red pill hoteps

  6. Hoteps sound cool. I’ve always wondered why black folks keep their wagon tied to the democratic party. It’s brought them nothing but misery. Almost every metric for AA is worse since the government tried to “help “them…

    1. Because women effectively run the black households these days- you really think women can help themselves?

    2. They vote Democrat because they give them benefits and gibs-me-dats, while blaming whites for all their problems (in other words, exactly what blacks want to hear). Don’t buy the DR3 BS sprouted by the likes of Ben Shapiro.

    3. Exactly what libtards have done to the natives up here in Canada. Its hilarious to see all the natives resonating with the negros wearing baggy pants and listening to rap crap. As big daddy government pays for their children’s needs and they form gangs in jails, heroes that they are.
      But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.
      (1 Timothy 5:8 KJV)

    4. A small group of people elevated the absolute clowns and sellouts among them to positions of power and prestige.
      Jesse Jackson
      Al Sharpton
      Maxine Waters
      The list goes on. Blacks seem to think this was a victory for them. Meanwhile their homes, people and opporunities continue to decay.
      One should wonder why the NAACP didn’t have a black national President until the mid 70’s.
      Why did my earlier post get flagged as spam? Because I mentioned “those that cannot be named?”

      1. Spare me. “Lynching ” that old chestnut.. Good luck with the Mexicans then, sure you’ll get along fine. Better yet good luck with the Asians as they give “Zero Fucks” about reparations , slavery and tales of woe….

        1. of course you dont call it lynching now….
          you call it “justified shooting in the normal course of police work”

  7. At the end they are fighting for their people and their race, and that’s OK as long their cause is not against our cause. Our cause is fighting for secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

    1. Like Don Corleone tells Solozzo:
      I want to congratulate you on your new business and I’m sure you’ll do very well and good luck to you. Especially since your interests don’t conflict with mine. Thank you.

  8. Sounds like a decent bunch of guys to me. In the mainstream media, these guys should have a leg up over us, being black.

  9. I think an alliance between the Alt-Right and Hotep would boost the strength and legitimacy of both movements.
    It’s easy for the MSM to isolate and mischaracterize either group. The Alt-Right are Nazis, and Hotep are pseudo-intellectual Uncle Toms. If the leaders of these groups could find common ground and support each other’s nationalism, this would make clear their seriousness of purpose and ability to see beyond constraining hegemonic narratives. This would attract free-thinkers from all camps simply out of curiosity.
    Creating an eco-system of politics independent of the MSM could potentially improve public image while expanding the interests of both groups.
    I suspect both groups however will be denied an unbiased mainstream platform because they are willing to broach (((subjects))) too difficult for our chaffed journalistic and academic institutions to deal with.
    Thanks for the thought-provoking article.

    1. A nationalist global movement against globalists, is more then welcome.
      Nations fighting to preserve their race against the globalists, the more united we stand, the stronger our nation.

      1. Indeed. The problem is, the Hotep philosophy will never be embraced by the vast majority of blacks. Most of them (not all, but demonstrably MOST) are far too low IQ, impulsive, and undisciplined to abide the Hotep way. I wish that weren’t the case, but it just is. Whether in the USA or Africa, blacks just don’t have what it takes to be both independent AND have a successful/propersous society without whitey.
        But I’ll give the Hoteps credit. Sounds like they have their shit relatively together and know the score.
        The more the merrier in fighting the (((globalists)))

        1. Blacks are a herd, all we need is control of the media, or merely popularise the idea of Hotep, & you can easily turn all blacks into conservatives
          Basically the same rules as women
          Jews know this, which is why they gained control of the mass media
          Mass media is herd control

        2. Blacks are not monolith. You lost me when you involved Africans. Africans don’t even consider themselves “Black”. What proof supports your claims Africans in Africa need whitey? Economically? (with the exception of religion due to colonialism) While I agree with most of your claims and observation such a broad generalization from you is so typical.

        3. yeah because white people arent being controlled by the media ?? its the cast majority of WHITE people that are the problem.

        4. No black country in the world has even the intelligence for farming. Black people would die by the million if white people weren’t feeding them.

        5. are you crazy ??? Its the vast majority of white people driving SJW. Look at feminism all middle class WHITE people. did you ever see anyone but white people go on about cultural appropriation ???

        6. Where are your facts? Only opinion, so typical of you. I live in Ghana. Your biases are deep and quite obvious. Have a great day.

        7. some amount of arseholes on here run on pure emotion !! which is ironic because its a feminine quality

        8. Exactly. They don’t conceal it very well, they’re so emboldened to talk bs & spread misinformation behind their cpu’s. What a world we live in. Peace.

    2. We laugh at them because they sound a bit crazy, and they laugh at us for much the same reasons. Even so, my experience suggests that there are many in Hotep who would happily ally with us in the culture war, at least until our common enemies are done.
      Now, when and if they turn on me (e.g. if they start trying to eliminate the “evil creations of Yakub”, which would mean they’d want to eliminate me), I’ll fight them. They’re allies, not friends (at a movement level – I don’t mind having friends among them).
      EDIT: No idea how widespread the whole KANGZ and Yakub nonsense is. At least a few hoteps I’ve met treated it like a joke, sort of like the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    3. If the “black nationalists” actually leave to go back to their African countries. Then we can start talking about taking down our real enemies.

      1. Not all Blacks are from Africa.
        if this where the case, then Whites would have to go back to Europe ….or Central Asia.

        1. No because America was founded as a white ethostate.
          The whole point of black nationalists is African roots

    4. No it wouldn’t help to anything… The Hotep movement is found mostly on fantasies and fabrications. In fact black-race-nationalism was pushed from the CIA in the first place… It will be shown as an alliance of fools. Also I need to add something concerning the article: the alt-lite is no threat to the establishment. Look at what happened to Lauren Southern after she decided to stand with Richard Spencer: she was fired from the Rebel, the moment one does not become explicitly right there is a momment at which he will cave in. Lastly one must know that what black nationalists want is: a rewriting of history in favour of them so that their egos might be satisfied and a black controled country.
      If that country is the USA and you live in it, please read Prichard Hesketh’s book: “where black rules white: a journey across and about Haiti” about what happened to whites that dear give substantial help to blacks. Spoiler alert they die… horrifically. To understand what the French colonist did to the blacks one must know that due to the influence of the French revolution they decided to do what they preached and released them from their slavery, willingly and bloodlessly. Also the book describes the perils of what once was the most rich French colony after the black was in control of it form just a hundred years, from commentators in very little if nothing has changed from that day…
      The MSM have a problem to characterize many groups not few as they can find what they deem as common between them and then they can amplify them, if you ally yourself with a group that believes that all black civilization was stolen from whites and that group also believes in space pharaohs… They can say that we do not care for their ridiculousness so we are as irrational as themselves.
      Lastly some things that they say seem to counter each other even from this article: what system of economy they describe is capitalistic but with blacks on top. It is phrased in a way that hides this but as an economist (sort of, as my bachelor of arts is on business management) that is what they say in the end.
      For what proposed system I’d say a semi-regulated capitalist system that does not allow the development of a stock market, while it tries to create market environments all around the country so that self sufficiency might be achieved to the greater point possible. The reason is that while the free market is a useful tool, or phenomenon if one likes, the stock market regulates it on whim and allows for the creation of fortunes that become far too big far too fast.
      Lastly, after that sidenote, are they our enemies? No, not the manosphere nor to the alt-right, to the alt-lite and normiethinkers maybe but that does not make them our friends. Definitely they are NOT our friends but neither are they enemies to us. I ‘d hate to see clashes against them as that would only be a waste of time and energy.

      1. Well I’m not necessarily pushing for a buddy buddy alliance per se.
        The central point of an “alliance” would be to agree on some central principles, like wanting freedom from government, corrupt media, etc. This article makes them sound like they think quite differently from BLM and are not another faction of government enabled SJWs.
        I’ve never heard of these guys before so I’m ignorant to the range of their ideas, maybe you’re right that we are incompatible with them. But if they hate our enemies as much as we do, and they’re open to new ideas, there might be an opportunity for productive dialogue with them.
        And to be clear I don’t follow the alt-lite anymore. They avoid issues that are actually controversial.

        1. They only think I like about those guys is that they do not give me the thug vibe, something that BLM is full of. For me though this is not enough even for an alliance.
          The reason why I wrote such a lengthy post on you is sign of my respect to you, but I use replies to address and other people too in many cases the alt-lite mention in it was meant for other readers, frankly, and openly speaking to you I’d be surprised if you continued following it.
          The reason for my aforementioned modus operandi is that it makes easier for my message to spread If I manage to tie it successfully with a already successful comment instead of writing it independently.
          Again on a side note I have forgotten the UI (user interface) of cernovic’s site, the annoying voice of Paul Joseph watson is only a distant echo in the crevices of my memory and the moment that the Rebel media went to Israel to praise it they nearly had given all the knowledge they could give. Then they threw Lauren and McInnes caved in and any want, reason or consideration of visiting their little tiny small place that is more commonly referred to as their Youtube channel.
          The Alt lite has reached the peak of it’s possible radicalization and tried to surpass it then their type of Political Correctness hit them and as such they started to crumble. The first cracks in the base of their structure have become visible and as such their mainstreamization started in a passive way: they move to the mainstream they do not define it. The fact that even McInnes tried to move to more alt-right positions, only to be held back by his echoy employer is the barely noticeable ray of light that passes through the black clouds that form the iron curtain of the establishment that the alt right moves in a steady and slow way to become the mainstream by defining what the mainstream is.
          Still alt-liters made some fast coin at the betrayal of some of their members that would, I hope, lead them to us and bring the true messages that we preach to the ears of more people, so that considerations about the falsities of the modern life may be unmasked.

        2. McInnes seems like he’s in such a weird position.
          On the one hand he wants to be the mascot for masculinity, yet on the other he clearly has to censor himself from speaking plainly about serious issues. He’s not stupid, and I’m sure he has opinions that he hasn’t shared.
          I appreciate your input. And obviously I don’t know much about this group. I just don’t want the alt-right to become so stiff (e.g., getting caught up in purity tests) that they can’t actually accomplish anything.

        3. Stiffness is required up to a point so that the spine of the movement can be kept, but be careful by stiffness it is not meant unflexibility. But some groups cannot be addressed. Stormfronters (they are paranoid and the definition of monomaniac), Conspiracy theorists (if one believes that the Illuminati or the Anunaki control history even when he sais legit things cannot be taken seriously) and the alt-lite MUST BE AVOIDED LIKE THE PLAGUE!
          Some other groups can be held with reservation at an arms length with help given to them under very specific circumstances, such groups are the Hoteps, the Alt-left (leftists that believe that their paradise can work only with whites and as such acknowledge racial differences) and rational liberals (Geert Wilders is the finer example: his pro homo-marriage civil rights and feminism but he knows that with open borders third-worlders will destroy progress). The reason is that what differentiates us might damage us and to some things we clash with them.
          Lastly there are groups that we can work with without reservation because they are a very limited version of us: race realists, the vast majority of nationalists (some nations have tied themselves to globalism and as such have nationalist governments promoted, I do not want for WWIII to start over my reply so I won’t name any of them that I take that idea), conservatives (the non-cucked version), traditionalists, Conscious Libertarians (i.e. they believe in borders and limited migration from countries of close culture), Traditional Christians, Some Neo-Pagans (my experience with them is bad, only for the benefit of the doubt I do not put them at the previous group), pure anti-Islamists (that is the only thing that defines them) and conscious normies.
          Needless to say the lists are not full and one might move from one another if they change their beliefs.
          McInnes could go independent too, he is giving more traffic to the Rebel than Lauren from what I think, still he cave in. If he leaves the rebel I change what I think right now of him but if he stays he’ll simply not be allowed to evolve or tackle other issues, it will be liberals and Islam only.
          Your comments are always appreciated, and they do give me food for thought.

        4. McInnes has been in a weird position ever since he inserted a dildo up his ass on camera. (Sorry Clark I couldn’t resist).

        5. He also kissed Milo Yiannopoulos on camera in the days following the Orlando gay nightclub shooting.
          He supposedly did this to “trigger” and “piss off” the Muslims.

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        7. I agree that we should not get caught up in purity tests but aligning with a black group? Seriously? Why not just align with (((Ben Shapiro)))?
          I think alt-right would be smart to expand but we must be thoughtful about it. We must keep our core tenets and values.

        8. If we aren’t open to discussing nationalist ideas with people of different races, then why are we on Roosh’s website?

        9. Roosh is Persian. Persians are considered white…
          But that’s besides the point. I would much rather align ourselves with Asians or other non white races that are less bad. Blacks are the worst of the worst of the worst. Might as well align ourselves with right of center jews.

        10. Neither Jews nor Blacks have the right to speak for Whites.
          But eventually they’re going to want to know what’s up.
          Might as well speak with people that can understand what we’re saying.

        11. EXACTLY !!!!! i do not like the white nationalist side to this site and can you tell me why is white nationalism ok but not black or brown ?? It’s culture thats important.

        12. on what fucking planet are persians white ??? and don’t give me that aryan bullshit semantics,words evolve.
          They are farther east than lots of countries where you’d shit your pants if i claimed them as white. They are not white in color nor creed.

        13. Dude, I think you are confusing white (Caucasian) with European. Arabs are considered white. Would I lump them in with the Eurocentric white nationalist movement? no.
          With that said, would you consider an Albanian or Bosnian muslim to be a) white/Caucasian or b) European.

        14. Hehe sorry dude I’m in this because I feel obligated to fight for the white race. Cultures change over time, blood and soil is the foundation of identity in my opinion.
          I just think all races and peoples should have this same basic right. Nature before nurture.

        15. Well look its semantics so. too me white means european or of european origin. So there are brazilians that are white,plenty of argentinian etc but no way do i consider arabs white,nor would they. So who trumps that ?? some some circle of academics ??
          It’s all subjective. Only a few decades ago Spainish and Italians werent considered white. So where does that leave us ??
          And after how you phrased it the second time no argument,we just have different definitions of white.
          And yes I would consider them white and they are without doubt european. Islam is a religion nothing to do with genetics or race.Are people from the caucaus not white because they pratice islam ?? thats really silly too me.

        16. haha nothing to be sorry for. I guessed you didnt agree. You are intelligent and not racist so I can respect your white nationalism. As long as you think its ok for all races to be nationalistic based on skin I can really respect that but disagree completely.
          We are colored by our experiences. I am white male from a country that was 99% white untill 15 years ago. MY historical enemies are and were always white. For a thousand years they treated us worse than the blacks ever got or jews. So you can understand why color means nothing to me.
          Now you say culture changes but i say no more so than blood. (soil i don’t get ???? its a mix of both) What race is pure ?? Spainish are a mix of moors(mix of phonecians,romans,berbers and who knows what african tribes) and white europeans (romans,celts,germanic tribes.etc) and they populated the whole of south,central and parts of northern america mixing with native indians. Thats just one tiny tiny strand that i crudely explained. The idea of racial purity is farcical too me.

        17. It’s not absolute racial purity that I’m after, but the ability to choose one’s racial destiny.
          If Europe becomes an Arab continent in 100 years because of unelected bureaucrats and Zionist Jews, I will consider that treason.
          If this is the direction that things are going, than I renounce my loyalties from anything other than my own genetic line.
          I would be happier if Europe were Muslim and white, than if it was Christian and Chinese for instance.
          I think the mess Europe is in is due to propaganda and an inversion of the traditional social order. I do not feel any relation to the technocratic social democracy that is growing in the West. As if the rulers would not promote and care about their race outside the public eye.
          I can respect where you are coming from, and I haven’t fully worked out my worldview yet. But I certainly do not think race and family are meaningless.
          That the Spaniards are a mix is true, but it doesn’t mean that those historical Spaniards were in the wrong to fight their invaders.

        18. No i didnt think you meant purity. but you can see what I mean about it being subject too change so to my mind its no different than culture and thats the important one for me personally. Another example would be comanche indians,who used kidnap whites and as long as they assimilated to comanche way of life they could go all the way to war chief. because is being a comanch about having black hair or a certain spirit ???
          I don’t think race is meaningless at all. And I would hate for my own to get swallowed up in a mass of immirgration but i do like the mix,the diversity as long as the native culture is the foundation,the corner stone and the dominant force. I don’t expect people to forget where they are from but i expect them to assimilate. People are so fucking stupid its either all or nothing. But im for limited immigration,as long as they adapt and contribute. Nothing pisses me off more than foreigners receiving handouts from government.
          I despise the european union. But i have zero sympathy for the vast majprity of european nations. 90% of immirgrants to britian and france are from former colonies which they fucking raped,so whats the difference ??? I see it as a delicious irony. Europe as a single entity is synthetic.
          And I am and always have been since at least 5 or 6(obviously crudely and a work in progress) a hardline nationalist. Its just not a color or a religious issue for me because my peoples history.

        19. I think you and I actually think a lot alike on this, we’ve just got different angles.
          I’m in Toronto, and because I see the native culture here being slowly replaced over the years I’m responding with more and more extreme views. Really I just want people to stop and notice what is happening.
          With regards to Europe, I feel I need to support it. But how could I argue with you if Europe wronged your people in the past? You don’t seem like the type to blame ALL Europeans for historical sins anyways. It’s not like I supported the Iraq war for instance.
          I guess that is just part of being men. We can sympathize even with those that oppose us, given they are sincere about their reasons.

        20. I think we are very close in terms of ideology but just shaped bit differently from our lifes experiences. Which is in its self proof that people are different from different cultures/places !!
          No I don’t blame all europeans just colonial countries and even at that its not black and white.
          I mean slavery was around for thousands of years before the trans atlantic slave trade and it continues today after it. Not to mention it was africans selling africans and also enslaving other africans for themselves. And the fact that there were some black slave owners in america itself.
          My own people were slaves in the Caribbean and america to different degrees. So while I do recognize wrongs done by whites on blacks or others I see the world for how it is.
          I really like your last sentence. A very interesting book loosely on the subject is “the black count” a fascinating book about a black general in napoleans army !!!!! They don’t tel you this type of thing in school. He was the father of the famous write alexander dumas who wrote the three musketeers. Maybe you know this anyway.
          Good talking too you. Nice to have intelligent conversation.

        1. Well the point was that after emancipation the blacks could have kept Haiti prosperous AS IT WAS UNDER WHITE RULE and in that case saying that the emancipation war destroyed the infrastructure cannot work.
          The colony was rich and generated revenue for the slaveowning landlords and France. Still it was a developed country for it’s time with all the needed infrastructure. The basis of it’s prosperity was one: coffee plantations.
          In general white colonies did far more good than bad to african and it’s people (with the inglorious exception that was the private property, styled as colony of Congo, of king Leopold II of Belgium) in the end these countries were left with infrastructure (this means road, cable, railrods and public sanitation) that most if not everybody could use and would never have been developed otherwise. This infrastructure.. was collectively left to rot after the emancipation of those countries, leading to the African continents current sorry state.

        2. 1806: US Places Embargo on Trade with Haiti
          Fearful that the Haitian revolution might inspire enslaved Africans in other parts of the world to rebel, US Congress bans trade with Haiti joining French and Spanish boycotts. The embargoes cripple Haiti’s economy, already weakened by 12 years of civil war. The embargo will be renewed
          in 1807 and 1809. [Dunkel, 1994]
          The embargo is accompanied by a threat of recolonization and re-enslavement if Haiti fails to compensate France for losses incurred when French plantation owners lost access to Haiti’s slave labor. [Newsday, 12/3/2003; Miami Herald, 12/18/2003; Boston Globe, 1/4/2004]
          1825: France Recognizes Haiti in Return for Massive Compensation
          Haiti is forced to pay 150 million gold francs to France to “compensate” French plantation slave-owners for their “financial losses.” The amount demanded by the French represents more than twice the value of the entire country’s net worth. In exchange, France agrees to recognize Haiti’s independence. Years later, the amount is reduced to 90 million gold francs, however it will take Haiti close to 100 years to pay off this debt and only with the help of high interest loans to French banks

        3. Hmm..
          Did the embargo stop the Haitian government from trading with other countries besides, Spain and France? If it did not why they did not try to sell to Germany and England (natural enemies of the French albeit for different reasons each). Could also Haiti, hypothetically but NOT marginally maintain a positive net worth? Lastly if the people of Haiti were emancipated at start by their previous owners why did they have to start a civil war? Last the infrastructure of the country was it kept, where it wasn’t damaged to a working state, besides the coastal cities?
          Even if I am completely mistaken with all the above the modern situation in the country could be better today from what it is, from the 50’s onward? The only countries that are ruled by blacks and are succesful is the realtively small state of Botswana, Kenya and Nigeria. On the contrary nations that continuously fail to do anything right in Europe are Greece, Albania and Ukraine (the country did not change in any substantial way before the disaster that happened to it recently). Moldova is excluded from here due to it’s minuscule size and lack of entry to the EU (from which benefits can be taken).

        4. The infrastructure was collectively RIPPED OUT by departing Europeans as well as the Treasuries being looted.
          Are u that dumb ? Go and read a book.

        5. “Did the embargo stop stop the Haitian government from trading with other countries besides, Spain and France?
          didnt you his comment ? Embargoed by the US and Held ransom by France. Trade what with whom ???

        6. See South Africa and Zimbabwe, for further reinforcement. Black Empowerment= White Slaughter, every time.

        7. Based on what you have to say, I would have to disagree with your statement that “…white colonies did far more good than bad to Africa and its people….”
          Let’s say you find a group of stray dogs in an alley and begin to feed them every day, and when new puppies are born, you feed them too. After 10 or 15 years, you suddenly stop feeding them. They will likely all die of starvation, since they became accustomed from birth to being fed by humans, and have lost their natural instincts to hunt and scavenge for food. You will have done those dogs far more harm than good.
          This is obviously not a perfect analogy, and I’m not saying that black people are like dogs. All I am saying is that when a group of people (or animals, for that matter) gets used to being taken care of by others, they will lose their natural instincts to provide for and take care of themselves. This is precisely why welfare programs have been so destructive to the black community in America over the past 50 years.

        8. Lol yeah, they just said fuck you guys & tore that shit up with CAT bulldozers on their way home huh?

        9. We Wuz Kangz black supremacists back in the 60s in the US would have been beaten, sprayed and got bitten by police dogs upon unleashed. Shall we make the same detriment again?

        10. Ah stop the nonsense. Do you think france,britain,america,spain or any of the WHITE world powers would leave rebellious colony prosper ??? Out of sheer malice and as a lesson too others it just wouldnt happen and didn’t.
          Also a country that is a product of rape,slavery and then rebellion can’t just turn into a functioning country when its free over night.

        11. My type of man. Running on facts not emotions. He’s like a fucking woman,interpreting the world through his beliefs and feelings

      2. I don’t want them in my movement period. I am a WN, I do not want to align myself with blacks. Out of all the races we could side with, blacks are dead last. We can take down the jews on our own.
        Blacks advocate for themselves and their best interests. I would not trust these hotep’s any farther than I could throw them. They want power for themselves and for those who look like them

    5. As a mixed-race part-Eurasian person, I approve. A lot of people in my granfather’s culture (part-Asian cossacks) are red pill to the absolute core, even the women (who more often than not are the ones purveying it).
      We need to draw away from the kind of racial hatred and start emphasizing nationalism for all. Might draw in more recruits, especially from non-white nationalist groups (who oppose sexual degeneracy).

      1. However, as a mixed-race person yourself, I am sure you would certainly not support any group that is against inter-ethnic or inter-racial marriages.
        P.S Interracial is a silly word. There is only one race. the human race.

        1. I, unlike many alt-righters, do not disapprove of inter-ethnic marriage so long as the culture is the same.

        2. But you really have to be careful with that. Culture and race are something rather intertwined.

        3. Wrong. Religion is by its definition cultural, yet has a multracial aspect to it. The most successful religions are globalist for this precise reason.

        4. That doesn’t debunk my statement. It is a fact that a Russian Christian will be different from a Kenyan Christian culturally.
          Whilst there are worse things to happen such intermingling shouldn’t happen without an at least average understanding of the culture.
          In fact I would say it would still be better if they married someone who grew up in their culture.

      1. Do you think it would be productive?
        I think cooperation (or at least a dialogue) between alt-right and groups like this would make nationalism more palatable to the masses, and in particular to whites who are on the fence.

        1. White Nationalism and Black Nationalism agree in a surprisingly high number of points: a) they want a country for their people, b) they want their race to recover their culture and customs, c) they want their people to be free of exploitation and corruption. The problems between the two arise when the subject of racial differences arise. It is a biological fact that races do exist, and the white race is completely different in many levels; but blacks wouldn’t tolerate those objective facts. And we cannot hide those facts because they are the truth.
          In my personal opinion, and like I said below, as long as their interests don’t conflict with ours we can wish them the best; but a political alliance with them eventually will fall and create more racial conflict, and we have enough of that already.
          Most people think that we, WhiteNationalist/Nationalsocialists hate other races, and that’s a lie. We just think that they would be happier in their own countries with their own culture, and we would be happier in our countries with our own culture.

        2. If blacks have to accept that many in their race are impulsive and sub-average IQ, whites have to accept that many of us are doe-eyed gullible commie idiots.

        3. Remember that asian guy who accused us of “pathological altruism?”
          I miss that guy

        4. When everybody thinks in the same way, fraud is not necessary. That’s the greatest triumph of the enemy: through the mass media, the universities, and TV/movies they are basically uniforming the way of thinking of the whole planet.
          The millennial in NY thinks the same the millennial in Berlin/Paris/BuenosAires/wherever. They watch the same TV/movies, they read the same books, they attend colleges where the professors are educated in the same ideas in the same universities, and in turn they teach the same ideas to their students.
          I’m going to give you an example: I’m not american, I went to college in the equivalent of Ivy League in my country and almost all my professors held PhD’s in Harvard/Yale/Oxford/Sorbonne/wherever . They spread the same theories that they learned there, and what theories are those? Multicult, equality, feminisn, antiracism (sic), globalization, etc.

        5. I hope the best for Marine, but even if she wins that’s a band aid to a terminal cancer:
          1) The french, since the Revolution, are educated from cradle to grave to believe in Egalite, Liberte and Fraternite; they are brainwashed to the core.
          2. There are already too, too many non whites inside of France.
          3. The opposition to her policies will be brutal. Even if she’s willing to take real measures, they are not going to let her. Hell, they are not going to allow even mild measures.
          Sometimes, I think that the best scenario is “worse is better”. If the situation of France (or any European nation) gets worse, maybe the people will wake up.
          P.S. I would like to date Marion, her niece:

        6. I’d like to believe that Europe hasn’t succumbed to terminal levels of cultural marxist groupthink, and that voter fraud was ultimately responsible.
          For a US example, the state of New Hampshire (“Live Free or Die”) voted for Hillary in 2016. It has voted left-wing nationally since 2000. Yet it is so internally overwhelmingly conservative that it just passed one of the most pro-gun laws in the whole USA.
          The explanation for that one is vote fraud, circumstantially corroborated by the disproportionate amount of time that it took for its state’s votes to be counted in the POTUS election, due to a holdup in counting the votes in its most liberal urban center.
          Of course, that’s a US example and maybe it’s not germane to Euros after all, even though we have the same forces of cultural marxism at work here.

        7. I’ve heard the argument that England was actually the loser of WW2, based on the country’s status afterward.
          I’m thinking that argument could also work for France.

        8. Nice legs.
          “Sometimes, I think that the best scenario is “worse is better”. If the situation of France (or any European nation) gets worse, maybe the people will wake up.”
          I agree.

        9. Nonsense: White Nationalists are racists. Their fantasy is genocide of all Blacks . If not that then a permanent subservient black class.
          Black Nationalist have no such goal.

        10. You are in the wrong place. For the Huffington Post please type “I believe everything the jewish controlled media told me to believe” in google and hit enter in the first result.
          Bon voyage!

        11. Don’t forget shallow materialists. A lot of butt ugly femenists are fat-ass whites.

        12. Part of the reason so many folks are spoiling for the so-called collapse. The faster a decaying society ends itself, the faster it can be righted, at least for a period of time.

        13. They don’t even try to hide voter fraud around Miami. Clean that shit up, and Florida would go from Swing to solid Red every time.

        14. Why don’t you read some more before you post again and get your facts straight? Your comments are totally ignorant.

        15. You are saving me here. Lots of idiots good too hear some reason and true intelligence

      2. Yeah, Muhammed Ali frequently went to KKK rallies, I found this fact quite peculiar

        1. Ali had common sense, and balls.
          This is stretching it, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he got too (((wise))) and his deterioration was inflicted on him.

        2. Im not sure he did. I watched a movie years ago where Nation o Islam’ers laughed at how they put the words into his mouth…
          Frazier > Ali

    6. American Blacks need to rebuild their community around the family unit with man as it’s head and shun all forms of welfare “State” from checks, food stamps and especially large public housing projects.
      If the HOTEPS are advocating these things then they are with us in this sense…
      I’d say blacks also need to call out those in their communities that are betraying them especially Hollywood uncle Toms like Will Smith and globalists like Obama who believe in nothing except sound bites.
      They’ve fallen so far so they need to start form the bottom up so there’s no other way than back to traditional roles for men in their community.

      1. American Blacks need to rebuild their community around the family unit
        with man as it’s head and shun all forms of welfare “State” from checks,
        food stamps and especially large public housing projects.

        The black community had much the same slate of problems before and after the social justice crusade of FDR->Nixon bestowed what you mention upon them.

        1. The black community was making great progress all the way until 1964, and LBJ’s great society programs. He could have given not a single shit about blacks. He did it all for one reason only; “We will have blacks voting Democrat for 100 years.”

        2. But their out of wedlock birth rate was much lower than the current white out of wed lock birth rate. And the growth in black entrepreneurs was robust. The Harlem renaissance was in full swing. And please note that the crime rate then and now may be the same, but after the great society programs were implemented the black crime rate sky rocketed. We are only now getting over that spike.

    7. Watching your growth (no homo) over the years has been incredible. Hats off to you Clark.

      1. Half the time I worry that I’m a delusional crank.
        So thanks man I appreciate that.

    8. (((They who shall not be named))) greatest fear is different groups recognizing the problem and forming cohesive organisation to resist it.
      I believe unfortunately that in this essentially multicultural globalized system they have setup these issues are easily squashed with ‘divide and conquer’ manipulations.

    9. Aren’t they the exact opposite of uncle toms ????? I see where you got it from in the sense that they don;t hate or blame white people. But the fact that they want independence and a separate culture all the while utilizing black prowess, morality and ingenuity is the literally the exact opposite of an uncle tom.
      They don’t focus on whites not for white peoples sakes but because that’s how you get ahead and stop being a victim.

      1. I chose that term just kuz its recognizable. My point is hat the media will try to blaspheme them somehow, or even use them to create more social chaos. We should be the first to speak with people like this.

        1. mummy munny all gone. 10 years marriage in Cali gets the woman lifetime alimony too…

        2. he actually wants a reverse Encino Man- he wants to be frozen in ice and wake up 15 years ago before he met her. Pauly Shore? He is still the wee-zuhl

        3. It would stil be better than the Gladiator sequel that Crowe and RIdley Scott pitched unsuccessfully. How bad does a sequel to a huge block buster being pitched by an A list draw actor and director have to be to get turned down by every major studio??? Well this is how bad: After his death the Olympian gods send Maximus back as an immortal warrior who fights in every single battle from ancient Rome to and through Afghanistan post 9-11 like some kind of Gladiator Forrest Gump. That’s how bad. The script is on line. It is fucking dreadful.

        4. Article reminds me of Forrest Gump actually. Where he beats the piss out of the leftist agitator at the Black Panther Party! lmao

        5. Chris Pratt has now been typecast as a (far less manly) version of the character Fraser played.
          Pratt was porky himself, but lost the weight and gained the typecast.
          Perhaps Fraser could do the same and muscle his way back into the roles?

        6. Which I believe they did or tried to make a movie of. It is on the tip of my tongue.
          Bam it is gone.

        7. Which is to say, I probably would have watched it. Shouldn’t be a gladiator sequel but would make a killer tv series.

    1. True, but if Imhotep goes all Kali-mal on his ass, he’s in for a whoopin’.

    2. Rachel Weisz in her prime though. Would marathon her through the desert for 40 days and nights 😛

      1. Good Jesus graham cracker crust, she was smoking hot.

        1. Do you recall the scene where they jumped into the Nile to get off the burning steam boat. What the director failed to take into account is that her white neck to toes night gown would become completely transparent when wet. And she had nothing on underneath it. They used CGI to make it opaque in the final print, but during the filming she was basically walking through the scene naked. I want the original print of that.

      2. I’d go totally tyrannosaurus rex on her (((ass))) in a New York minute, when she was in her prime.

    3. Fake ass tanned White man playing an African……
      probably needed sunscreen for that scene ! hahahah

  10. This is very surprising seeing the Hotep group being discussed here. Men of all races can definitely band together as long as a common ground can be had. Much of the information spouted against black superiority can be inverted when spoken against white superiority.
    Not to beat a dead horse but while the white side of the human race is spouting how much better they are than the black side, the only views they have are a myopic one from being in America or reading history books. Taking a tour of the world physically would change that view for many but that would risk breaking the mud hut, low IQ self talk that keeps some thinking they are superior to ‘black’ but keeps them equally silent or snide when Jewish or Asian are brought into the discussion.
    At some point, if the fight is Westerners versus Globalists, it would do us all some good to ask if we are that tied to superiority or if we want to preserve our culture. A truce can always be had if all sides are respectful and open to it.

    1. I don’t think the majority of whites are spouting anything, which is why we’re seeing a growing on the fringes of those who are spouting things. It’s reactionary to the current culture which is increasingly demonizing whites, especially straight white males. But the majority of whites are nearly suicidal with white guilt.
      You make good points, I say we take allies with like minded goals where we can find them, as long as they aren’t looney toons insane. Outside of the “Kangz!” thing, the rest of what was explained about them here seems to be on the level.

      1. “Outside of the “Kangz!” thing”
        You mean that thing that you can’t argue when comparing empirical evidence so you resort to Ad Hominem attacks. “We wuz Kangz is nothing more than an Ad Hominem attack

        1. I already answered this below. You’re a straight up good guy, don’t be a dick over skin color.

    1. They are very valuable. So valuable that they rent space in your brain for free.
      you are obssessed with Negroe ….why ?

  11. This pretty much explains it. Are some groups so desperate for alliances that they’re willing to team up with any band of ragtag melanites who proclaim to hate feminism?

    WE WUZ!!! –
    oh wait, we wuz nuffin afta ahll, dang sheeeeiiit whitey, u had meez foolins for beleebin dis

    1. That man is NOT indigenous Egyptian but the dedcendants of Turk mulattoes: Turk -Arab mixes.
      They are invaders. You need to post the video of real indigenous BLACK Egyptians.
      The Turk-Arabs occupy the political and economic elite.

  12. Hotels are Garveyism with some Ma’atism thrown in. Much of the ideology discussed above has been circulating in the black community for generations. The fact is that the “race hustlers” get the attention (and the money) because they are useful.

    1. Ma’at ism is the basis of all Western religion and itself an accumulation of ancient African religion……so it has been with Blacks since forever !

  13. I think they are as much allies to RoK as the various anti-feminist females out there. If they want to create a “separate” black culture they are merely reinforcing the idea that blacks in the West should not assimilate into white culture: drop ebonics, “kangz” and other stupidity.
    Here at RoK, we aren’t even against globalism, at least not in the truest sense of the word. I’m sure all here would support a globalist patriarchy that promoted strong families, gender roles and human biodiversity. The problem is that the current global powers are almost diametrically opposite our goals, hence we claim to be “against globalism.”
    It’s funny how anti-government libertarians tend to draw votes from whichever party is *not* in power at the time. During the Bush years, liberals were crying about government overreach. During Obama, conservatives were doing the same. And yes, even individual nation states with no United Nations/NATO/Warsaw Pact/EU is still a global ideology: the ideology of not having those organizations anywhere in the globe.
    Everyone supports the government when the government is lock-step with their own beliefs. Even libertarians, to whom minarchism is highly appealing, would support a minarchist government.
    Lets just be honest with each other and acknowledge that we disagree with the ideology being promoted by those currently possessing global power and that we’d promote our own ideology in a split-second if we were in charge (instead of complaining, however legitimately, on RoK).

    1. A nationalist global movement against globalists, is a necessary step in crushing racism against white people …
      Nations fighting to preserve their race against the globalists, the more united we stand, the stronger our nation

  14. Sounds like Bill Cosby did before the rape accusations. If they get any standing, you can bet they will get all kinds of heat for going against the black narrative set up by the Jews. .

  15. […] high rate of homosexuality in the black community […]
    This is the first time I’ve heard such a thing. Were I to be asked cold, I’d suggest that the rate of blacks being gay is probably lower than average / other ethnicities.

    1. It’s called “going on the lowdown” I believe. I’ve heard about it for many years now, from black guys even.
      Or maybe downlow. I always mix it up.

      1. you’ve been hearing about this for many years now huh…..hem hem……well…hem…thanks for that….hem hem…information….hem

        1. Kiss my shiny metal ass!
          Nah, a neighbor, who just moved, mentioned it once while complaining about some other black guys he worked with. I think that was around 2005 or so. Took me by total surprise.

        2. I am not kissing your shiny metal ass—-
          Funny, for a guy on the down low you mention a guy named “bender” talking about rim jobs. Not very “down low” if you know what I mean.
          As for taking you by surprise…ya know GOJ there is just too much to unpack in these three sentences. You really fagged this one up. Wow.

        3. Who turned on your bitch spigot this morning? Heh.

        4. Look at you two queens, bitching and fussing at each other like a couple of old married fags.

        5. You have just left the realm of fabulous in my eyes, girlfriend!

      2. Yeah, that’s the term. And, if anything, it reinforces my impression that blacks largely reject homosexual behavior – the term itself is a manifestation of the social pressure to either keep it quiet or simply not be gay.

        1. Finding this all hard to believe. These guys are fucking each other for why? Bad parenting? Thirst?

      3. Well, considering incarceration rates of American black men, I can’t exactly say it’s particularly surprising.

        1. Talking about non-jailed types here. He worked at the post office.

      4. It is down low. There are higher than stated amounts of black men who sleep with gay men, not too different than white men I’d imagine, if today’s story on the Republican senator prove true. It ravages households and spreads plenty of STDs. Knew one married lady who lived near my childhood home who got HIV from her husband. Story was he was sleeping around but With what or whom is anyone’s guess, although another woman did come forward.

        1. I know it happens, but if there is a white subculture of “straight” guys secretly sleeping with gay men, it’s really nowhere near as publicized or known as the downlow thing. There are bisexuals right, but I mean the whole presenting a totally straight facade.
          It’s a filthy thing, no question, no matter who does it. If a guy is bi and up front about it, at least you have information to go by when dealing with him. The dishonesty of covering it up hurts a whole lot of people as you mention.

        2. “It ravages households and spreads plenty of STDs. ”
          My black friends have told me that the down-low is a serious problem in their community for just that reason. There are little towns and smaller cities where the HIV rate in the black community is unbelievably high, and they think its because of the down-low spreading that shit twice as fast.

        3. I knew a girl who was a NPC body builder. Not what you would call attractive by any measure, but a good person and a good trainer. She was dating a guy who was pretty big into body building. An enormous black dude with a huge online presence and some mild fame in the world of body building. Anyway, she wound out that he was a gay prostitute. Apparently, and not at all surprisingly, the mo’s will pay top dollar for a 6’4 350 pound body builder with a bf% under 5. What you say about being upfront about it is big. This girl meant nothing to me. Just a person I used to know in a group of people I trained with….but it crushed her. Finding out that this fucking guy was fucking and sucking gay guys for money. She was lucky that she didn’t have any STI/STDs. I really felt bad for the kid

        4. I just read something about this. some pro guy(kai or jai something, has a weird ponytail) does gay movies on the side bc the roids are so pricey. a female one named brandi may also makes adult movies.

        5. I didn’t read that about Kai Greene and I follow news on him fairly closely. His roid cycle is very expensive, but he also makes a lot of bank…he is about as big as it gets. I need to see some proof. I kinda like Kai.

        6. I guess you may be right- this is the web, so it could be some hater trying to bring him down. If I actually had proof, Idoubt youd wanna see it

        7. it is probably a mix of the two. Right now he is worth millions of dollars so I don’t see him selling the ass for money. However, he wasn’t always on top. If someone says they dug stuff up from when he was still an unknown and needed the 5-6k per month that food, gear and training cost him I would be more prone to believe it.

        8. as a side note, the attack on body building as being for “fags” is one of the greatest bits of SJW hypocrisy. Every homo in the world has a right to sodomize children according to these fucking cock suckers but as soon as it comes to a high t (even if artificial) competitive sport like body building which has been showcasing the male physique, strength and masculine athleticism since plato was in diapers then “they are gay” because the very idea of unrestrained masculinity is so frightening to these limp wristed tiny puckered twats that they need to paint is as something masculine while, simultaneously, showing men with their songs in bondage begging blacks for forgiveness or men marching at the period parade with vagina hats on as “real men”

        9. for the level of gear that kai is on plus his diet plus a pro trainer? 5 might actually be low

        10. I used to work with a bouncer that size. He also member at your weightlifting gym.
          Hope not him. He was loud funny and chased the big (female)butt

        11. Yes, you’re right. Despite their heritage and skin color, you wouldn’t consider them “real” black people because they don’t think or act (or vote) like you believe “real” black people should.

      5. nonsense.
        is pizzagate downlow ???
        that homo and pedophile shit is WHITE. see the Greeks and Romans.

    2. My understanding is that while there may be about the same percentage of openly gay black men living gay lifestyles, there is a much higher percentage of black men who engage in gay sex secretly while living as heterosexuals. It is controversial and I’ve not seen any real research on it, but there has been some suggestion that the higher rate of black men who engage in gay sex while still dating women is why there is a higher rate of STDs in the black community.

    3. Being Gay and Black is very common! Why? Answer: Black boys are raised mostly and solely by black females.
      These black boys are males physically but women mentally; they are man-bitches.
      There are other slang words like bitch N-gg*.
      Black women have done more damage to black America than all the KKK, Aryan bothers, and racist police combined!
      Think about it, during the turn of the 20th century, hundreds of blacks in the south were killed for standing up for their rights. Now roll the clock 100 years into the future, turn of the 21st century and now 1000’s of blacks are killed annually due to the violence and poverty they are born into by black women.
      1890, get a woman pregnant, the father would “shotgun” wed you two. 1990 get pregnant, the black female gets on government assistance because n**gas ain’t sh*t!
      Societies rise and fall on the virtues of its women … the virtue of black women is all but gone and so follow black America!

      1. It may have started in the black communities, but it is spreading everywhere. Women act like opportunity robots more and more.
        I wonder why the Tranny Kid issue of National Geographic didn’t feature any black genderqueer children and their supportive mommies?

      2. Being Black and gay is NOT common.
        The Black community is the only one who doesnt condone that sh*t.
        That and all the other gender weirdness is squarely a White cultural phenomenon.

    4. Blacks do it on the down low. The incidence of new HIV diagnoses is higher in the Black community than any other.

      1. HIV is higher because Blacks are a smaller population, and live in tighter urban areas.
        its is also obvious that HIV was developed but Whites to target Black genetics hence grater supscetibility.

    5. Blacks are 4.4X more likely than White men to be gay. And non-white latrinos are 2.5X more likely than White men to be gay. I think it stems from the fact that blacks have waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more estrogen than White men. That’s also why blacks are more likely to contract prostate cancer, too.

  16. My black friend was telling me there’s an element of the Nice Guy beta-ness involved in the Hotep movement. I hope they can pare that down a bit.
    The obsession with Egypt is a bit unfortunate. Many of the ones who do get interested in Sub-Saharan Africa tend to pass over their homeland, West Africa. IE, getting interested in Shaka Zulu or the Swahili language. I’ve begun to see people talking about Mansa Musa, which I suppose is a good sign.

    1. Nice cartoon…….the alpha husband and father concept is tough to wrap your head around. Not sure that I got it down yet.

      1. Only problem is: pretty much all women have started behaving like the black woman in that cartoon… and they are now getting to where they are climbing on top of the bar and jumping up and down on it to try to destroy us.

        1. She sounds like a bitch. I got banned from for telling them I wanted video game news without leftist propaganda. Guess it was best argument they were capable making.

  17. I can support Alt-Black. Freedom for blacks, is freedom from blacks. We all benefit. We’ll build big fences, maybe have them over for the occasional BBQ but otherwise mind our own businesses and pursue our own destinies.

  18. I’m “Hotep” and been here for about a year now!
    Many black men are TIRED of the white liberal wiggerness of the world and what it has done to our women: It has transformed most black women from women to marry to just Hoes you make money with!
    Tommy Sotomayor is one of my favorites on youtube, He has coined the phrase, “Hair Hated Hooligans”. Watch his videos and you will learn a lot, TOO MUCH about the black female and how she has literally DESTROYED black America with the help of the white fembonazies of America!
    This article comes as no surprise on this side of the screen.

    1. Interesting. Where do you think things overlap? And do you have an experience of any alliance in your off screen life?
      EDIT: Love the term white liberal wiggerness! While I don’t agree with your entire statement, do feel black women have gone off the rails with this consumerism road of feminism.

    2. LBJ truly fucked over the black community wholesale. If there was one individual person who bears a lot of the blame for the current conditions, it’s him. That doesn’t absolve the black community of policing their behaviors and stuff, but you’re absolutely correct to make the connection between white liberals and the current state of black culture and life in the U.S. Wish more would make that connection, actually.

        1. Vietnam, War on poverty ($10 Trillion and counting), rolled the social security fund into the general fund which is why its broke today. There are other consequences of LBJs actions, but you could read up on that.

        2. Ignorance is bliss.
          Do you wack off to Woodrow Wilson too?

        3. And he was correct. The government check bought the black vote and destroyed the black family.
          He also gave himself a silver star for a completely fabricated event. The guy was an absolute miserable cunt. Knew a former SS agent who was on LBJs detail.

        4. I don’t disagree with you. I remember reading a quote from someone else who’d been around him back then, saying if he hadn’t been President, he would have been in a lunatic asylum. There are numerous accounts of just how sick in the head he was. For example, he would often expose his penis — as well as sticking his penis in many of the women around the White House. People who had to deal with him couldn’t stand him: they were ashamed of him.
          Plus he was the President who oversaw the Gulf of Tonkin false-flag that paved the way for escalation in Vietnam, and it was he who covered up the Israeli attempt to sink the USS Liberty (the plan was to blame it on Egypt and draw the US into the Six-Day War on the side of Israel). Thankfully the Liberty stayed afloat and most of the crew survived, so the plan failed.
          You’re right in your assessment of him.
          He should’ve been hanged on the White House lawn and his body thrown into the DC sewers.

    3. Any black man that I personally know has similar views. Of course, I don’t associate with street thugs, black or white.

        1. Thats great, you guys should join up with the alt right, & form an alt right for black ppl.
          Most black conservatives, are christian conservatives, instead of right wing conservatives, making their politics basic leftism.

      1. Yes he is … he is going through issues at the moment by those trying to silence him, but I feel he will recover in the long run!

  19. I like Hoteps. Everything I have seen of them suggests to me they are trying to find their own way out of the Matrix and all the feminine imperative shit just like we are. I don’t agree with everything they say, and their path maybe a little different, but shit, it’s not like the Red Pill community is all on the same page either. And we don’t need to be.
    Good luck to them, hope they improve their situations and build up some new thronz.

    1. My only problem with them is the name Hotep. For whatever reason, it immediately makes me think of the International House of Pancakes (IHOP).

      1. It makes me think of the Bruce Campbell movie Bubba Ho-Tep which was awesomely funny.

      2. Funny you mention this. I keep having to suppress the urge to read it in Cyrillic script. ‘Noter’.

        1. Ha! Now I’m stuck seeing that and it won’t leave my mind!

        2. See? That it was in quotes on the title page didn’t help. It set it apart and my brain ran away with it.

        1. I think I ate there when I was on the overflow boat uptown :/

        2. Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Guam, Mexico, Northern Mariana Islands, and more.
          Seriously. Heh.

  20. I’ve run across a few different versions of these disenfranchised black groups, claiming to be the “original jews” or claiming credit for ancient Egypt…
    I just cant get past the cartoon history.

    1. They are called Hebrew Israelites or the 12 lost tribes of Israel. They are the EXACT same as neo nazi Christian revisionists just replace black Jews with Aryan Jews. Unfortunately for both groups – an actual bible believer would understand they are both wrong. Israelites are dead…their ethnic group no longer exists, but the true Israelites now are ones professed with their mouths that the Masiach (Jesus) is lord; black or white etc

  21. I would have a hard time teaming up with someone named Hotep Jesus Ali Whatever. It’s hard to take someone seriously who calls himself that.
    However his real name is probably something like Latrell, Demario, Demarcus,Shemevious,Lemongello or Orangello or something so I can’t blame him for wanting a name change.
    I wrote this comment while sitting in a Burger King that is overflowing with Hotep Dindus and am beginning to wonder if I’m the only person here who can speak intelligible English.

  22. “Hoteps” are nothing new. Blacks have ALWAYS had a conservative streak.
    see Marcus Garvey and Nation of Islam.
    Thankfully, due to Trump, they will have a resurgence …..

    1. “Blacks have ALWAYS had a conservative streak.”
      I would avoid using the words “always” and “never.” There are black conservatives out there (eg. Clarence Thomas, Allen West, Rod Page, Thomas Sowell, Ken Blackwell, etc…) and they are despised and hated by the establishment and the left. Nothing drives the left into conniption fits more than a black man (especially married with kids) who refused to stay (intellecually speaking) on the democrat plantation.

      1. ALWAYS !
        but as you say Whites tend no to like that kind of talk hence they dont promote it.

  23. The key in fighting the global establishment is NOT to focus on differences among the groups, but to focus on the common enemy – the globalist, anti-family, anti-masculine manipulators. Looking for differences will lead to factionalization, which is what the globalists want of their opposition, and which the stooge-media will try to manipulate to defeat the anti-globalist movement. Hoteps are, in that regard, no different from Milo, the alt-right, and others who see and want to stop the creeping danger. In the big picture, they are allies. Once that war is won, then the sides can work out their differences.
    “Only a fool fights in a burning house.”

  24. To anyone who believes that Ancient Egyptians weren’t Black(Negroids)
    Check Anta Diop
    Evidence from Physical Anthropology
    The skeletons and skulls of the
    Ancient Egyptians clearly reflect they were Negroid people with features
    very similar to those of modern Black Nubians and other people of the
    Upper Nile and of East Africa.
    2. Melanin Dosage Test
    Cheikh Anta Diop invented a method for determining the level of melanin
    in the skin of human beings. When conducted on Egyptian mummies in the
    Museum of Man in Paris, this test indicated these remains were of Black
    3. Osteological Evidence
    “Lepsius canon,” which
    distinguishes the bodily proportions of various racial groups categories
    the “ideal Egyptian” as “short-armed and of Negroid or Negrito physical
    4. Evidence From Blood Types
    Diop notes that even
    after hundreds if not thousands of years of inter-mixture with foreign invaders(Indo-European), the
    blood type of modern Egyptians is the “same group B as the populations
    of western Africa on the Atlantic seaboard and not the A2 Group
    characteristic of the white race prior to any crossbreeding.”
    5. The Egyptians as They Saw Themselves
    Egyptians had only one term to designate themselves =kmt= the Negroes
    (literally). This is the strongest term existing in the Pharaonic tongue
    to indicate blackness; it is accordingly written with a hieroglyph
    representing a length of wood charred at the end and not crocodile
    scales,” singular.‘KmtÂ’ from the adjective =kmt= black; it therefore
    means strictly Negroes or at the very least black men. The term is a
    collective noun which thus described the whole people of Pharaonic Egypt
    as a black people.”
    6. Divine Epithets
    Diop demonstrates that
    “black or Negro” is the divine epithet invariably used for the chief
    beneficent Gods of Egypt, while the evil spirits were depicted as red.
    7. Evidence From the Bible
    Bible states that “Â…[t]he sons of Ham [were] Cush and Mizraim [i.e.
    Egypt], and Phut, and Canaan. And the sons of Cush; Seba, and Havilah,
    and Sabtah, and Raamah and Sabtechah.” According to Biblical tradition,
    Ham, of course, was the father of the Black race. “Generally speaking
    all semitic tradition (Jewish and Arab) class ancient Egypt with the
    countries of the black.”
    8. Cultural unity of Egypt With The Rest of Africa
    a study of circumcision and totemism. Diop gives detailed data showing
    cultural unity between Egypt and the rest of Africa E.g. South Sudan, Senegal, Nigeria etc.
    9. Linguistic Unity With Southern and Western Africa
    a detailed study of languages, Diop clearly demonstrates that Ancient
    Egyptian, modern Coptic of Egypt and Walaf of West Africa are related,
    with the latter two having their origin in the former.
    10. Testimony of Classical Greek and Roman Authors
    Virtually all of the early Latin eyewitnesses described the Ancient Egyptians as Black skinned with woolly hair more notably 5th Century BC Greek Historian- Herodotus.
    I never knew Caucasians could be black and have woolly hair, not to mention never having any Ancient Egyptian-esque Art, Linguistics, Monuments, Religion etc. The African country with the most pyramids wasn’t Egypt but Sudan.
    But I understand, there was a time when European illegal aliens even tried to depict Ethopians as Europeans and the ruins of Great Zimbabwe being built by Europeans to supplement their confirmation bias in the inferiority of Africans.
    Nobody denies the European technological and scientific superiority of Whites in the past 500 years but during the Age of Ancient Egyptian supremacy, most whites were still crawling out of shit-stained caves in the Germanic, Frankish and Iberian peninsular .

    1. you know that there are actually egyptians in egypt? this is like white people claiming samurai heritage as their own just because we didnt do anything but eat bugs and live in caves. oh wait that is fucking black people!

      1. Thats not my point, my point is that this nonsense of Ancient Egypt being a Caucasian nation just isn’t true. I’ve also found it peculiar but not surprising that you haven’t addressed any of my points

        1. Egyptians are caucasoid E1B1B1 Y linked haplogen. This haplogen, carried by males, is 100% absent from E1B1A1 negroids.
          Ancient egyptians called their land DSRT meaning red desert land; and KMT meaning black, fertile land.
          Diop was a failure who claimed race was based on phenotype, and not genotype. He refused to have his work peer reviewed, and since peer review is a requirement to being published, his work was never taken seriously outside of afrocentrists.
          I can go on, but these arguments are never fruitful.

        2. If I recall correctly, I believe one time you mentioned Ethiopians have a Caucasoid haplotype. Do you have anything on that? This sort of stuff really interests me.

        3. Pawned Nothing.
          Diop was correct. And with modern dna and updated archeology, anthropology, lingustics, the truth is clear.
          indigenous Black Africans with physical variations well within the normal variation producible by African DNA

        4. Google E1B1B1 haplogen. The proverbial “Garden of Eden” was believed to be located around the great lakes region of Africa. Due to genetic drift, the groups that migrated north and east became E1B1B1 Caucasoids, while the groups that migrated south and west became E1B1A1 sub-Saharans. E1B1B1 is responsible for aquiline features. This genetic sequencing is used to identify suspects in crime scenes, yet is somehow “racist” when used in identifying the race of ancient rulers.

    2. The ancient Egyptians were certainly darker in complexion then the current Arabic-speaking Egyptians.
      Most of the rest of your comment is also factual.
      Unlike you and I, most people did not have the chance to get to know more about ancient African culture, the cultural and scientific development in Africa in pre-colonial times. However, this does not indicate “superiority”. No-one is superior to someone based solely on hi/her ethnic background.
      I believe in the 21th century where information is available, people should learn more about other peoples and cultures. Travel has become easier and cheaper – next time why not visit an African destination?
      If mankind was interested in surviving, they should promote education, getting to understanding each other. Unity instead of division. Co-existence instead of hatred. Sadly, that`s not what our current world elite want.

    3. If blacks were the Egyptians then they are the ones who are responsible for enslaving the Jews, which brought about the exodus. I think that blacks owe Jews reparations for this injustice.

      1. Ashkenazi Jews have nothing to do with the Hebrews of the Bible.
        They are imposters from Europe.

  25. IF any of you think black males do anything other than to appear a certain way for style points, you are sorely mistaken. I will stand corrected if hotep followers magically fix literally any of the billion problems blacks seem to have whether they be section 8 welfare citizens or haitian mongrels in the ditches.

    1. Nobody can magically fix anything dude, you have to start where you’re at and focus everyday on taking consistent steps forward.
      I admit I’ve seen some of these guys here and there on the internet & had no idea what their deal was, and didn’t particularly care bc of the oft-bizarre history lessons. But having read this now, I’m a little more open to….Well, at least to hold off on my criticism until I see if they’re really making any difference.
      The problems with the black community in the US are serious, as I’m sure you’re aware, Moonman. Outsiders like myself can be critical and talk about ways to fix it but in the end it’s going to take black people themselves leading by example, same way anybody else should. So long as they’re not pushing the same old bullshit victim narrative, I say give them the benefit of the doubt & let them do their thing.

  26. They don’t seek inclusion into white culture. Rather they prefer building a separate black culture.

    Unless one of the goals of these “Hoteps” is to ride their rocket-powered pyramids back to the jungles of Africa, that stated goal is a load of horse hockey.
    Only when these separatists emigrate, forever forsaking grievance-based mooching/affirmative action, will they be anything more than just another shade of BLM.

    1. Very good point. Black history is essentially a history of failure. They would certainly fare worse outside of the white societies that coddle them so much.

      1. Why do you think Whites went to such lengths to bring Blacks into their societies ??? think hard now

    2. The problem is, black ppl have no conservative white culture to imitate or assimilate into, as they did in the 1950’s.
      A conservative or red pill seperatism free of the marxist society they find themselves in, is a good idea.

      1. What other conservative culture did whites have to imitate or assimilate into?
        A few years ago, I saw an interview where (black comedian) Kevin Hart explained that he used his wealth to move into a community where he was the only black man, because he’d be the only black man there.
        If that’s a solution, it’s not a tenable one just due to the numbers…The government-sponsored version of that solution, which Trump has said he’d end, has always backfired.

        1. There was no assimilation, only now-unconstitutional laws that enforced civil interaction.
          Still, why does the black community need a conservative body to assimilate into? Why can’t they make their own, 100% on their own, like whitey did?

        2. You really havent done much research …
          Most blacks in the u.s were assimilated, conservative & civil … uptil around the 1950’s
          Also blacks dont have the i.q to form their own conservative society, their welcome to try though.

  27. If you are red-pilled, you will understand that you cannot bring about changes in the society. And you should not.
    Once you come to truth , I realized I will have to travel (and even move) to a different country to find a decent wife who could be a a mother of my future children. It required a lots of sacrifice to make that happened, but I made. Now I have a beautiful wife and two wonderful children. It would not have been possible in the country I came from. (or if it was, it would have been ended differently).
    Doo not get carried away by politics, do not trust any organizations. Eve if you may agree with them on one thing or another, it does not mean you should trust them , let alone support them actively.
    I know much about Hotep. If they indeed reject hatred, and rather promote understanding and co-operation, that`s fine. As for the “alt-right”, they are just an absolute fraud, sponsored by the elite.
    If you are red-pilled, focus on your own personal improvement, and your family. That`s all, and the very best you can do.

    1. “As for the “alt-right”, they are just an absolute fraud, sponsored by the elite.”
      I’m beginning to suspect this is indeed the case, and that the media is bringing them to the foreground in attempts to de-legitimize Trump and those like him. None of these alt-right people have any real following, and virtually every alt-right site, including the Daily Stormer, has lower web traffic than ROK (and we don’t particularly get a whole lot of web traffic in the grand scheme of things).

  28. I had been seeing this on Twitter and was wondering what it was about because I couldn’t find much information on google. Great point on them not selling out as they gain influence. Thanks for the well written article.

  29. Accept the Hoteps as allies? Sure, why not? As far back as the 1960s the American Nazi Party (founded by George Lincoln Rockwell) had no problem with allying itself with American Black nationalists who also opposed the existing power structure and who were against race-mixing.

  30. I don’t​ see the need for any of it. An alliance…
    Out of all the groups out there… I guess the silent majority makes the most sense to me. Go about your life, but vote and vote with your dollars.
    Let these fools go and protest by themselves and show the world the Psy op they really are.

  31. Patriarchal black men who seek to fix the black community and by that lower taxes (less welfare), bring back the nuclear family (fuck feminism) and lower crime? This is perfect, and I couldn’t care less that they are black nationalists. I think that when both black and white nationalists who are red pill realise that the real issue isn’t race but gynocentrism, they we all come together and work to really fix the system.

    1. These men have always been around. But White social policy has specifically targeted these men – they are targeted as teens before they have a chance to grow into manhood.
      War on Drugs.
      a nation without warriors does not have defenders.

  32. An alliance with “Hotep” nationalists is unnecessary.
    If they are in-step with our ideas and truths then they will simply be another group running static against globalists. Nationalists need to remain factional in some regard as to not be lumped into one easily subverted organism that a controlled opposition leader can infiltrate and destroy within.
    I would suggest that the “Hotep” movement should instead be encouraged to reclaim black culture from ghetto culture and to police their own. Maybe then we can discuss what a unified American culture can look like with blacks finally contributing to a peaceful and functioning society, starting with their own neighborhoods.

  33. “Hoteps are critical of men and women in the black community who father bastards.”
    How exactly does a black woman father a bastard?

  34. I’ve been longing for an alliance between muslims and white conservatives for so long. There’s just too much in common in so many areas.
    It’s bizarre that it’s jews who are kind of pro-muslim immigration to the West (at least on the surface), and I can not see why? Muslims hate jews to death.
    Is the only reason ‘cos jews want this new world order and therefore western civilizations as we know them, have to be demolished at all costs?
    Muslims just have to encourage their women to mate with white men, or stop fucking white females, that’s the key to a peace. If that doesn’t happen, there will be war forever.
    And who gives a shit about some religion anyway these days? We should all just toss it to a garbage and start concentrating just on our daily lives and make sure our society is reflecting our values which have been tested and proved to be working.
    Same goes for muslims. Fuck Allah and his pedophile prophet and fucking kneeling down on a carpet 5 times a day, that’s what they should do.
    Hail conservative values, nice family and environment and patriarchy!
    And muslims are hard-core conservatives, so what’s the problem with them? They hate feminism, gays, jews, globalists and trans-gender freaks just as much as we do and they’re all for family, breeding, home, traditional sex roles and they sure as hell keep their women at check.

  35. Yea this is a black nationalist movement for sure. Just part of the Muslim Brotherhood posing as something else didn’t even read. Guy name was Ali Shakur Hotstep Jesus def an ISIS plot or Globalist or something.

  36. Come on, enough with the “jew boogyman” schtick. It’s not a certain ethnicity or heritage that’s driving globalization, it’s a political ideology. It’s leftist that’s causing this mess. Sure some Jews prescribe to this, but so do a lot of other kinds of terrible people.
    Focusing on the Jews as the enemy is playing right into the hands of these globalists. They want people to be divided and at war with each other.
    Don’t worry about the jew, worry about the person who has been infected with liberalism.

  37. Look on YT at the channels ASuperEgyptian and 7phonecian7 to see black nationalists fantasy history get clinically debunked.

  38. I view these hoteps the same way I view Hebrew Israelite sect (black nationalist replacement theology, believes Israelites are black): they share the same tenets and belief systems with a shaded lense.

  39. Black Twitter knows nothing of the Hoteps. When (((MTV))) runs yet another “hey white people, your entire civilization was built with cotton, black people invented literally everything!” garbage they’re not associated with these people either.
    KANGZ originates mostly from this bullshit, from comments by professional racists like Al Sharpton who claim that Africans were flying spaceships before the cave pig stole their technology. Of Yakub and the Nation of Islam – the Black scientist that invented white people.
    It has nothing to do with this small group of Hoteps. Not directly. It has everything to do with the Jews. So they’re correct on that at least.

  40. I personally agree meanwhile they decide to return to their ancestral homeland and leave the west to the westerns. They can grow there. And together in friendship face (((them)))

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