5 Mating Strategies To Ensure You Reproduce

The Australian academic researcher Frank Salter has written many relevant books and articles, as well as edited ditto anthologies, on topics such as ethnic nepotism, immigration and genetic diversity. In On Genetic Interests he argues that individuals have genetic interests, and that those often are connected to larger demographic patterns in one’s society and the world. For instance one can argue that in the United States, both whites and blacks have common interests in not letting too many Hispanics and Asians in.

But even if a person would focus less on the bigger picture, it is still in a man’s interest to pass his own genes on. Of course it is also in his own interest to live a good life, and under current circumstances it might be questionable to get married although there are still some benefits. From the premise that the marriage market in the West appears gloomy, many men will remain childless, and although men always have had a lower reproductive value than women, the number and share are shrinking because of cultural decline.

Therefore it can be wise to think a little bit outside of the box and propose several mating strategies of which monogamous marriage is but one. A good thing is that us men can have children when we are 20 as well as 40 (and of course in some cases even younger and older than that). Thus at some point you will have the opportunity to secure your genetic legacy by means of some strategy.

1. Conservative marriage with a good female

If one happens to find a decent and attractive woman, preferably young, with a penchant for more traditional and conservative values and ways of life, then a monogamous marriage is the way to go. It will bring stability for oneself, one’s wife, one’s offspring, and enable a greater degree of nurturing and family planning.

Even if divorce eventually occurs, all included have still benefited from the bulwark that is marriage until it happens.

2. Having kids out of wedlock

Another strategy for securing your divine DNA is to convince a girl, preferably in a long-term relationship, to have kids. Perhaps you have to use some Machiavellian cunning in order to get what you want in some cases, but she might want it too under some phase of her life.

Since a large share of women are hypergamous, slutty, and egoistic, it is likely that the relationship will end at some point, but at least you are not stuck in a bad marriage, waiting to be divorce raped, and can have partial control over the situation. You haven’t lost what you didn’t have because you knew that was likely going to happen.

3. Importing a wife from a poor and conservative country

The topic of importing a wife from a poorer and somewhat more traditional country has been touched on several times on these pages, and besides from all the logistical, practical and economic difficulties – and then we have not even considered to actually find that particular girl who is in accordance with your standards – it is likely that she will quickly become Westernized and leave you for something better or different. In fact she might even have ulterior motives to be granted a citizenship in the first place.

However, as a cynical person you already knew that could happen, and likewise you haven’t lost what you didn’t have. It is not the best starting point for a healthy upbringing of children, but your own genes are invested and you have to deal with the consequences accordingly.

Another potential “benefit” is that if you find a wife in let’s say Moldova, that poor person has little options, and could be hesitant to do something stupid that might harm herself. Make sure that if she’s cheating on you, you will make her life miserable from a financial standpoint. But if she is a good mother and loyal partner then she will be rewarded with material comfort that she could not have in her home country. If possible, stay out of urban environments.

4. Impregnating lots of women and let the government support them

If you happen to be an egoistic and Machiavellian player you can have sex with multiple girls within a year, and the chances are that some of them want to keep the child if a pregnancy occurs. Especially if you have made them believe that there is something serious going on.

The wise man, or the fox as Machiavelli refers to, makes sure to remain anonymous but to have the contact details of his female sperm vessels, so when the big fat daddy government comes to look for him and want him to support he is nowhere to be found.

As for immoral behavior one can think about that two minus poles become a plus. In a negative environment a person sometimes have to tackle a problem with the same type of measures. Something good could still come out of it in the end. And evolution does not care about morals; it cares about adaption and concrete results.

5. Use love tourism as a means to serve your genetic ends

The fifth strategy that I am suggesting is to use so-called love tourism to pass your genes on. Some countries, like Japan and South Korea, are about as infertile as those in the West so even though you may relatively easily get free access to local vaginas, the females will likely be hesitant to have unprotected sex.

In developing countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines on the other hand, the situation is different. Many of the girls, who often have lower IQs and few if any career plans for the future, live only for the moment. Some have even called them little brown fuck machines, and that might be a reason why Indonesia has about 250 million inhabitants.

Furthermore, in a pigmentocratic society in which a white pehenotype is associated with higher socio-economic status, many of these women dream of a mixed-race Eurasian child. Something similar is the case in locations like the Caribbean, Brazil and Colombia as well.

While you might not see much of your offspring in the future given that you choose this strategy, you know that he or she is likely going to have increased social status, and might even become a model, actress or pop star in the future. And your genes have been passed on to the next generation.

Although less risky than in one’s home country, as long as you get the fuck out of there in due time, it would be wise to not let the girl(s) know your real identity, but if you have some kind of contact information you can perhaps send some money in the future and/or figure out where they live and make a visit at some point. Of course, you can also be completely open about your intents and move there permanently.

In summary

To draw a parallel to game, a man would be less sanguine if only one strategy existed (say online game), but if one realises that several such exist things suddenly do not look so bad. Even though some of these options are far from the most optimal, they might still be pragmatic under certain circumstances. It is up to you to decide have much your own genetic interests matter.

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235 thoughts on “5 Mating Strategies To Ensure You Reproduce”

  1. OK #5 made it sound really trolly but when I read this
    Conservative marriage with a good female: If one happens to find a
    decent and attractive woman, preferably young, with a penchant for more
    traditional and conservative values and ways of life

    I knew the article was a joke.

    1. Even if there are only let’s say 50 000 thin, conservative women in the U.S. that is still some.

        1. Hmmm I always get thin after I stop breastfeeding and then wee I’m pregnant all over again! 😄😄

        2. You don’t want your wife to be too thin. A little bit of weight is healthy if you intend to pump out multiple kids. Plus if there is a complication that is serious, the extra weight can save your life in an extended hospital stay. Now when I say extra weight I don’t mean fat bitch. I just mean she shouldn’t be like some thin instagram whore.

        3. I always have weight on me while pregnant or breastfeeding and then its gone within 6-9 months of stopping breastfeeding. I think most women are that way.

      1. I can lead you to a dance floor at a CW joint here in my town where it’s 70% women to 30% men and the women are all conservative, thin, uninked, wearing dresses and looking for a nice traditional country boy to take her under his wing.
        Your estimate is grossly low.

        1. In england my boyfriend once was grabbed by the scruff of his neck by a woman. She pulled him closer and said “You look good. I’ll take you with me”. He managed to escape. He said the women in UK where quite striaght forward.

      1. I live in the deep south and obesity is an epidemic. Combined with the tendency for girls to marry off young, there are few cute thin single girls by age 22. I did just meet a nice midwestern transplant the other day, took her out last week. I think I should spend more time around the heartland…

  2. Having a kid is fucking weird. My wife is at 16 weeks and just starting to show. She can feel it. I can’t. I am deep in pregnancy planning yet it’s still very abstract to me. It has my mind going a mile a minute. I’ve experience the gamut of emotions from excitement to regret and back again in a single day. It has made me an emotional bitch too. I get all weepy eyed at the drop of a hat – sad song, sappy television, etc. Crazy shit.

    1. When you see your child for the first time, your genes will throw several switches in your brain, and you will know what to do. But, those switches do not get thrown until the kid appears. Don’t be scared. It’s gonna be good.

      1. Ha. If there wasn’t a six month long process of planning, forethought, and physically getting ready to have a kid, I might be more worried.

        1. It takes less than 5minutes for a woman to see a hot guy, pull him into the bathroom, and milk him for his DNA. But hey it’s your money. If you don’t want to make the tiniest effort to make sure you’re supporting your own genetics then that’s your choice. Just know that In a lot of jurisdictions if you support the kid for more than a couple months and then find out he’s not yours, you are still on the hook for the whole 20 years.

        2. Hahaha, you haven’t met my wife.
          I understand not trusting some random fling when she says she’s knocked up, but if you are so insecure that you don’t trust the woman you’ve been with for five years, something is wrong with you.

        3. Sure is and I literally have zero doubts. But like I said, when you got your shit together, you don’t worry about things like that. The red pill philosophy has many salient points, but it also breeds paranoia, especially in already insecure dudes, and can really hinder a person.

        4. You tend to work in a lot of absolutes and out of fear. Paranoia is not healthy, makes you weak, and will spiral you down to the point that what you fear might actually come true comes true.

    2. This is your first? take it one day at a time. There really isn’t too much to plan. You get a crib, set it up, visit a thrift store for baby clothes (they grow through them too fast to justify buying new clothes). You add the kid onto your health insurance shortly after it’s born. You get a car seat, maybe some bottles and formula. Bundle the baby up, but otherwise keep going on walks, keep living your life. It is a change, but it is more natural than you would think.

      1. And then the subsequent kids get the hand-me-downs from the ones before them. We’re about to have #3 and I’ve probably spent 1/5th of the money on this one as the first

        1. We have a whole stash of boxes of clothes, each labeled “girl 3-6 month” or whatever. We have been throwing away clothes now that we decided we had our last. Each time my wife has to go through them, getting all sentimental over old clothes that have been barfed or crapped in dozens of times.

        2. We have a revolving system in my church where we pass clothes on to the next little squirt and then it will come back around.
          My oldest girl actually wore some clothes my sister had worn 12 years before and now my newest will wear it 7 years after that

      2. Thanks for the tips. That’s what I have heard/read. I’ve been working to develop a pretty sustainable lifestyle and I think the kid(s) will be able to just come along for the fun. I just have way too active of a mind and nine months is a long time to think…

        1. I hear you. I was in the middle of college, living in a studio apt with my wife. Not exactly sustainable, but we managed.

        2. I have paid attention to old timers like you and your stories of cinder block furniture and cheese sandwiches and am starting this in my late 30’s when I am a little more stable. Older husband, younger wife really is a great set-up.

        3. I can see the reasoning for waiting awhile, but there are drawbacks. As I am now, I will be looking to retire just about when the youngest gets out of the house. Figure 2 year spread per kid, 6 kids is 11 years, add 19 years to raise them, and you got 30 years to raise them and kick them out. I will be pushing 60, if you do that, you will be pushing 70.

        4. Yeah, for making a clan like you are, that’s a wiser strategy. I’m a late bloomer. Two and done is the plan. That’s 20ish years to get them self sufficient and puts me right around 60 which in modern society is not old and decrepit. My wife did find my first gray hair the other day. Still reeling over that.

    3. First kid?
      I think my wife will beat your wife by about six weeks!
      Congrats to us!
      Although, I’m taking the opposite approach. Not a whole lot of planning, not thinking about it too much. Living life as normal.

      1. Chaos is normal in our household. But that comes with time. The worst is the baby waking up all hours of the night. You have to adjust your sleep schedule for the first few months. It will take you 10 hours to sleep a night, rather than the 6-7 hours you are used to. Even if your wife does all the caring at night, you will still wake up when the baby cries, when she gets up, and when she goes back to bed.

        1. Chaos? Hmm, that won’t work. I’m of German stock. A nice orderly transition is required. Sounds like all the preparation I have to do is stock up on duct tape.
          Or beer, if the wife objects to the duct tape plan.

        2. How much do sleep patterns change when you have a kid? I sleep like a log during my eight hours, and not even the cat sitting on my face will get me up (true story).

        3. A baby’s cry is ingrained into your brain somehow. I normally sleep like a log, but if a baby cries in another room where you can barely hear it, I will wake up, and be unsettled. It is weird.

        4. Seriously, we live about 1/2 block from the railroad tracks. The horn will blast, and I will sleep through it, The baby whimpers, and I will wake up. Get a stereo, download ocean sounds, and run it on loop in the baby’s room whenever you put it down. The baby will sleep better through noises.

        5. The chaos comes around 6-9 months, when the kid becomes mobile. Cute as hell at that stage, but they are clueless as to what they shouldn’t do. That being said, they are tougher than you would think. We have had babies roll down the stairs at least a dozen times over the years, never has any been injured.

        6. Seems it’s a combination of the low center of gravity and low mass, coupled with those nice flexible bones that keeps ’em from getting hurt too seriously.

        7. It’s also why it’s so irritating. I was on a flight to DC with a crying baby and it was the worst flight of my life, beating a 12 hour packed flight to Hong Kong. I felt like I was going to crawl out of my skin.
          Something primal just goes off.

        8. My oldest that happen where I worked. He was wearing this puffy coat. Took a tumble down the entire flight. Hardly gave a whimper,and immediately started climbing back up. My boss joked about it for months.

        9. There is a guy at work with a newborn at home. I know his life is hell when he stays at work two hours late for free daily, just to avoid the chaos that is his household.

        10. Depends on the kid. The first couple months are hell because it needs fed every three-four hours. After that they slowly start sleeping longer and your life gets more normal again.

        11. I have used a snuggle nest or similar product with all 5 of my children from birth. My husband has rarely had to deal with screaming babies. Of course a pack and play is necessary for our alone time but all of my children have been cosleepers when young and we never had sleepless nights and turmoil. Some people think its nuts but it worked for us and my husband 99% of the time has been able to sleep peacefully.

        12. That is why I personally have always coslept with my babies. I never had that. My baby would be next to me. I would immediately hear it wake up and then I could check to see if my child needed a diaper or food and my husband would rarely be bothered.

        13. 5! 😀
          Thank you for the suggestion! The duct tape was just a joke, of course; I’m prepared to deal with whatever happens. But, I’m also very happy to take suggestions to make it as easy as it can be.

        14. depends on the baby. I did not cry much and left my parents alone.
          depends also on different stages of development. Or when they are sick stomach cramps or teething they cry more

        15. Nah, I always used something like the snuggle nest until they hit 20 lbs. I would have it in the middle of the bed. It would be super uncomfortable to roll over on. After 20 lbs. they sleep pulled close by me. I’ve never smashed any of them. Usually babies that get rolled on have a caregiver on some sort of substance.

        16. mostly women hear the cries… men need to work, need to sleep at night only lazy wives wake their husbands

        17. why? unless your a feminist….
          a real woman supports her husband.
          otherwise you might as well marry a man

        18. Yeah, a hundred thousand years ago, life was a lot different. We have mostly forgotten those important lessons.

    4. I hear ya. I don’t have a kid on the way yet, but that’s exactly what I’m programmed to want to do (you wouldn’t believe the planning I put into having my fiancee’s cat move in).
      I reckon what you need to do is take a few breaths. The kid won’t need a fully set-up room for a couple of years, so all you need at the moment is a few basic supplies. We’re talking crib, diapers, bottles, maybe a couple of soft, colorful doodads, a spare backpack for supplies, some blankets, air freshener (for the changing area, especially if you give the kid any formula)…
      The most important thing you need, you’re getting by hanging out around here. A kid doesn’t need a whole hell of a lot in the early years, but he does need a father who knows how to be a father. Knowing what you believe and why, knowing what sort of things you really want to teach the kid, and knowing how to maintain your paternal frame are all essential.

        1. My oldest is 20. He closes on his first home in 2-3 weeks! Eventually they feed themselves and occasionally buy you a meal!

    5. Congrats, sir. It’s all awesome. It’s a beating, but an awesome beating. You’ll learn things about yourself you never knew; some of those things you may wish you didn’t learn. But when all is said and done, and they’re grown and carrying your legacy into the future.. yeah, it’s awesome.

    6. Mine is five days past her due date. Working from home and playing the waiting game. 9+ lbs baby out of a very petite woman. It is not going to be an easy delivery (probably C section).

    7. My first was a surprise and I struggled through the first year. Baby cries and you don’t know why and I was having to learn to deal with taking care of someone 24/7. The first year was rough adjusting. After she could communicate, it changed or maybe I accepted my new life. And I fell in love with that little girl. Haven’t regretted it for a second.

    8. I had a pregnancy scare with my crazy ex when I was 21…. that was a roller coaster. Alternating between sheer joy to sheer dread, back and forth multiple times within a few minutes throughout the day. Fucks with your head, can relate to that.

    1. Strange, I just raised two and my daughter just graduated, two parent family, scholarship in tow, and money for college we saved.
      If you want our values to propagate, you’re an idiot if you *don’t* have kids in this day and age. Just do it the right way.

  3. WTF, William?
    Only two of your proposed methods seem to involve actually raising and parenting the child that you sire. Why not just whack off into a specimen jar at the local sperm clinic, rather than sending a bunch of unloved, unwanted bastards into the world?

    1. This is a thought experiment as well as a serious consideration, although with some dark humor in there as well I guess. It is more about evolution than ethics.
      The thing is that many in the US and the West want to marry a young, thin conservative woman, but how many are there? 50 000? Less? So if you think that your genetic legacy is important you have to look at other options.
      As for point 4 that is mostly a thought experiment I guess, but 5 is not so weird after all. I mean, if that would happen that child would likely do quite well. And you have blessed mother Gaia with your genes.

      1. There are plenty of scumbags out there passing on their genetics. Mother Gaia can suck it. A far greater concern is passing on a legacy.

        1. That is a thought-provoking point. Counterpoint: failure to be a father to your children makes you an enemy to those children, and godknows what it makes them to the world.

      2. there are way more than 50,000. This is a country of over 300 million the problem lies in where these guys look and what kind of life style they have lived. Odds are you wont find your wife material in a big city unless she goes to a church that takes the word of God seriously. You would mainly want to look in small towns and rural U.S. Then as for lifestyle you cant say you want a nice conservative woman while being a player as well(not speaking to you personally but i noticed alot of guys on this site are like that). Odds are if she is a truly conservative woman she would have a father that has taught her what kind of man to look for. So she will see through you or her father would when you meet him. And lastly you have to be a strong man with great character. You have to maintain that as the man you are the head of the household. You have to set boundaries and never compromise on them.

        1. Have you looked at the obesity rates, bro? First find a measurement for conservative values, then look at girls/women between 18-25, and who are also thin and relatively attractive. Conclusion: 50 000 is not such a CONSERVATIVE guesstimate.
          From World Obesity Federation:
          “United States obesity information
          This survey in United States was conducted during 2013-2014. The survey found that:
          35 percent of men (aged 20+) were obese
          5.5 percent of men (aged 20+) were morbidly obese
          40.4 percent of women (aged 20+) were obese
          9.9 percent of women (aged 20+) were morbidly obese”

        2. Nah, I’m with lattacku on this. The obesity is mostly in the south and places bordering the South, and of course Oregon and Washington state. The rest, hard working, decent looking people by and large.

        3. Yeah North America isn’t bad, I don’t even know where these pollers get these people to be honest.
          Polynesia and the Arab world is fatter by capita.

        4. I don’t know either. I suspect that many manosphere writers and contributors are big city types. They take one trip to Kentucky, say “All them folk are fat” and then turn around and head back to the city. While you’ll find fat women anywhere, I live in a place that is nearly the hinterlands of what Germany would have been if they’d not been involved in either world war. Thin, blonde, happy, crystal blue eyes and basically looking for a good mate. If you live in big city you’ll never see this.

        5. Big cities are too diverse and that usually skews the polling. You will get the biggest, fattest, slimmest, smartest, etc… of every kind. This is what cities are designed to do, they attract the best and worst talent.
          When I was living in Germany, I often see strong old ladies working the fields. Germans are probably some of the funniest people I’ve been around with.

        6. Yes, there are some. I find they tend to marry young, though. If you wake up at 35 and decide you want to have a family, it is really difficult to find a conservative woman worth marrying. Sure, if you grow up in a Mormon community, etc, you probably have more of a shot.
          From my experience in washington state, it was a boatload of single moms on the conservative side. Many with iffy jobs and problems with the ex. I then started dating left wing, but couldn’t keep it up. Seattle is a hard city for dating period, and worse if you don’t want some left wing wacko. I ended up going to Eastern Europe, and eventually found my wife over there. She has since moved here, has become even more conservative (once she discovered the joys of living around certain ethnic groups), and even became more fit and slim. Having said that, I did date a couple of women in Ukraine who turned out to be reckless fools akin to western women…

        7. The obesity spectrum from a state’s perspective is between 36.2% (Louisiana) and Colorado (20.2%). 29.8% in Ohio. There are a simply A LOT of fatties pretty much everywhere in this country and then we have only looked at obesity; those who are “only” overweight are much greater in share and number. I bet there are a couple of millions of 7, 8, 9 and 10s in the U.S., but strict marriage material between 18-25 in conservative states with conservative values and who have only slept with 0-3 guys – not that many I am afraid.
          The guys here should go for some towns and smaller cities in Montana or Colorado.

    2. I mean, if all you’re looking to do is pass on your genes, that’s probably the most efficient way.
      I shudder to think what kind of people go to sperm banks, though. Unless the husband is impotent, it’s probably some degenerate or twelve screwing with the heads of your seed.

      1. I think the other likely scenario is a 40-year-old career woman looking at a rapidly closing fertility window.

    3. The problem with sperm banks is that it is mostly post-wall women who use them, I would imagine, trying intensively to impregnate themselves before their ovaries evaporate.
      There are some guys out there who want to pass on their genes through young, cute and fertile girls, even if they never intend to raise the child themselves.

  4. Here I thought my attempt to sire a son, preferably, was a bad idea. Made the attempt last year and stopped once things got emotional. Was definitely open to that route then but didn’t think of the foreign road. These ideas aren’t too bad. Even know the exact place to head to.

    1. If I marry, almost assuredly it will be bringing the foreign girl back here. I understand the risks. I know that American girls used to be great, it’s the culture that ruined them, and same culture will ruin my wife if I’m not extremely careful. But I’m just not ready to move abroad permanently yet. Maybe in another 5 or 10 years.

      1. You shouldn’t have to move out of America unless if you are leaning towards a woman not native to your culture. Being first gen, there is a whole country with nubile women to visit who I can get pregnant and then come back. They would even have access to my family and their ties since some of them still live abroad. Depending on situation changes, I could also bring them up to America when they are older.

      2. The thing that seems to be ignored is screening for character. I don’t mean “hard working” (plenty of whores have a work ethic) I mean real character.
        You don’t know who someone might become regardless but there is no replacement for someone with a real sense of character.

        1. If you can afford it, take them to a third world country, live there for a bit and see how they react. If they can stay humble and genuine throughout the process, marry her.
          I understand this not advisable but I am going to assume some of you guys are multimillionaires.

        2. I look for a girl who regularly goes to church and is religious, and has a good relationship with both her parents, who are still married to each other. If she talks to you about her father in a proud and respectful way, that’s huge.

        3. On the right track, definitely. A woman who respects who father doesn’t have all the weird baggage about men to undo.

      3. There are plenty of conservative men on this site that have had long healthy marriages such as Jim Johnson and the Ghost of Monroe err i mean Jefferson. Why dont you hit them up for advice.

  5. Yay, unprotected sex with random women from 3rd world countries! Not like you could get a disease or anything. Smfh

      1. You can actually look up AIDS and HIV rates by county.
        So it may or may not be. Still a pretty fucking stupid idea is it not? How does what you said change what I did?

        1. The risk of getting HIV in the Philippines is minimal. Slightly higher but still extremely low in Indonesia. In Japan and SK it is almost impossible if one sticks to vaginal sex (which all sane men do).

        2. Are you complete gamma or what? To take (calculated) risks can lead to great pleasures and rewards for a man.

        3. Wtf? What is the great reward in sticking your cock in inferior third world dirty pussy? You my friend are not even worthy of an alphabetical title with your symp ass shit. Go hump a 12 yr old Vietnamese hooker loser

        4. You are over-civilized and make it sound like one should not take any risks. I mean in general. Life is full of risks.
          “Go hump a 12 yr old Vietnamese hooker loser” Hope you are not projecting.

        5. Dude, mellow down. Getting bent out of shape because you took a satirical piece seriously is not kosher (meaning Jew friendly).

        6. damn son. But man your comment reminded me of one of the kneeman’s comments about how he wouldnt “dumpster dive for third world pussy” or something like that. Man where has the kneeman been

        7. I wonder too where’s knee. The third world option for women only flies with some because there aren’t any commercials on TV in the west depicting that it’s possible to tame and domesticate the western women and that a homogenous culture is more approved than the USDA approved beef in an oscar mayer wiener. The misinformation industry with its constant grind does take a measurable toll.

        8. Inferior? You dummies pretty much submits to the Chinese when they start buying your land at a rapid pace. And you complain about it too…..

        9. Im am of Filipino descent and I can tell you that they are not very smart but they are caring and genuine.
          Rather have that bunch than a bunch of ungrateful smartasses.

        10. They are nice indeed. Filipinos are cool. Some of the best Men’s Physique competitors, Jeremy Buendia and Jeremy Potvin, are semi-Pinos.

        11. Well I can trace our family’s lineage to the Celtic-Iberians of the old world. Old gramps managed to get to Mexico somehow and then the Islands. Hence me and my family are unusually foreign looking. More mixed Euro-Asian than straight up Islander.
          But yes, Asians are some of the nicest people on the planet, unfortunately their level of intelligence is stunted as most have to work as a child due to poverty and they wont learn as much as a westerner.
          Western decadence have masked a superiority complex seen in millennials believing they are smarted than anyone. When in reality most can’t even cook rice or a fvcking potato.

        12. I know that Pinos are a heterogenous population.
          Although poverty must have something to do with it, it seems that genetics play a bigger role. In the US you see a lot more northeast Asians than southeast Asians at higher ptofessions and the IQ changes little. Maybe 4-5 points. A lot of groups cluster around 87-90, whereas European, some Indians, Vietnamese and north Asians have clearly higher, around 100-106.

        13. The Chinese and the Japanese are two of the most intelligent people in general. You can find a Chinese person anywhere, opening a convenience store or a trade shop. They know how to work the system and community. The Japs and their discipline attributes to that high IQ level, they are perfectionist to a tee and very thorough. Hence they pretty much neutered the modern Japanese man so that they wouldn’t be able to repeat what they have done during WW2. It’s amazing how calculating they can be.
          The Phillipine Islands have had the Arabs, Indians, Chinese and Spanish come and go. The Arabs knock off like 20 IQ points right off the bat.

        14. The risk of getting HIV from heterosexual vaginal and oral sex is minimal. About 1/1000, if even that high.
          That number, though, is for Whites and East Asians, I believe.
          Not sure about SE Asians, but probably not too far off.
          But for Africans, no way!

    1. Higher chance of STD’s in the States and Canada than many European type third world places. Africa excluded.

  6. What I recommend is nigger mode: impregnate dem baby mommas and get em kids but u no dere so u keepin hustlin with bitczes. sheeeit let da goburment take of em and i keep pimpin ya gnome fam?

  7. Females lose fertility at half life. One thing among many that keeps me going is knowing that my spunk is live and ready to kick the doors down on an egg well into my 100s. Some feminist backed researchers have put out some crap from the sterilization capitol, Denmark, claiming that older Danish men cause the downs and autism. Horseshit. It’s because of the old same-age women they’ve wifed up. It’s more smear against the mighty and wise 90yo daddy DICKMAN image with the two foot beard. Anything to crimp and keep their men looking like butt chinned boys, lackey and too shamed to hound and manage a proper ripe young breeder. It is the post wall women who are ready for the glue factory, not the men. If a barren woman wants muh ‘deevorce’ – well there’s the glue factory bitch. Then it’s . . “Ok ok I’m fine now. How do you want your omlette?” . . “Keep it warm cookie till I’m done nutting our younger fertile sisterwife. I don’t want to nut on the placemats. Sheesh.” Don’t you hate it when the woman distracts you from more pressing things. Bitch won’t wait a munite, like when she bangs on the bathroom door to “come out here” for some silly bullshit right when you’re in the middle of showering or scrubbing. Next time she does that, I’m gonna stand right up from the pot, toilet paper stuck to my shoe and I’ll go right at her tracking shit, the works. That’ll teach her. But I’m still glad my semen will be spunky for life and forever potent. All women have to worry about past their wall is being good loyal grandmothers and great grandmothers and to blow the fire alarm when feminists come near. Feminists will do anything to devalue male seniority and authority.

    1. There is a God given reason this is so. Imagine a woman having a kid when she is 60, by 70, she dies, dad is already dead. What then?

      1. Just hypothetically considering, if men lost their fertility at half life but women could concieve into their 80s, things would be very very screwed up. Old cougars would dominate and purchase young boys. A big old middle aged stretched out prune of a snatch is corrupting enough for any young college guy. Think of the maturing teen guys who would be approached by 60 yo dripping loose goose sugar mamas.
        You’re right there is a divine and right architecture to things – beard included. Long beards and young women is the righteous way.

  8. Please tell me this is a joke. Only number one is worthwhile, the rest (except just MAYBE number 3, if it’s the right man and the right wife) are part of the downfall of civilization. You don’t just live for yourself, you have obligations to civilization.

  9. Americans should just move to Eastern Europe, the west is gone and fully retarded. Or just find an Island, make it exclusive to Americans who have conservative values and fvck the mainland. Or move to Alaska and force liberal America bugger off.

  10. My practice of beating them and then going ass-to-mouth has not resulted in any progeny. But I am unwilling to abandon my principles.

  11. Regarding #1, I agree 100%.
    By far, the happiest men in the world are Religious, Conservative Alphas with a wife worth being faithful to. Think Mitt Romney (yeah, I know, but the guy is business & political leader, and thus an Alpha). These guys always seem to be happy and smiling. I guess a good female and kids will do that to a guy.
    My very opinionated Hierarchy of Male Happiness:
    1) As stated, religious & conservative alphas with good marriages and families. These guys usually marry moral 9s & 10s. The future Mrs.Tim Tebow will be in this category
    2) PUAs. These guys gets 8s, 9s & sometimes 10s, but there is something a bit “off” about them. Like that Gabel Tosty guy.
    2a) “Bad Boys”. Gets 7s & 8s. MOre than just a “bit off”, though. There’s plenty wrong with these creeps.
    Think “Tookie” from the Crips.
    3) High End Betas. Get decent (and hopefully moral) wives, 7s and 8s. Think Rob Petrie from the Dick Van Dyke show.
    4) Middle Betas. These guys get 4/5/6s. Think Archie Bunker.
    Females not so great to look at, but at least they are faithful,
    good cooks, and decent mothers.
    TIED with
    4) Well off Omegas. (my category) We get escorts ranging from 7s to 10s depending on how much we are willing to spend. We bang hot girls, but they don’t care if we live or die. Loneliness and problem drinking is a big risk.
    5) Regular Omegas. These guys play video games and whack off to porn. Think Steve Smith from American Dad.
    6) Low end betas. It doesn’t get any worse than this. Married to 1s/2s/3s. Think Tom Arnold. Even worse than (5) if that is possible.

  12. There is a lost tribe of light complected people living in the Hindu Kush Mts of Pakistan. The ‘Kalasha’ tribe has lived in isolation for many centuries and is believed to be descended from Alexander the Great. They’re neither Christian nor Hindu nor Muslim. Their religion includes sacrificing goats and smoking marijuana strangely and this causes friction with the few Muslim evangelists that make their way up the mountains to try to convert them. The Muslims are like Jehovahs Witnesses with their door knocking but the Kalash politely decline and blow smoke in their ear. The Kalash number roughly 4000 and DNA tests reveal ancient Greek bloodlines. Their staple diet in the rough terrain is eating goat butter and goat products.

      1. They’re very isolated so their stock is well preserved. It’s likely that the Poles got their looks from the same original line as the Kalasha tribe.

    1. I wish there was an organised effort to preserve these ancient blood lines, just as there is by gardening enthusiasts, who carefully keep supplies of pure, ancient seeds, with unique genetic material and diversity.
      We should be able to talk about this, without the racist bogeyman being waved about. It is about the benefits for the whole human race.

  13. With the human genome about 99.9 percent the same in everyone, and seven and a half billion humans on planet earth, “your” genes will still get passed on even if you don’t have kids. Among the only things that won’t should you opt out are your particular genetic combination, and any strange, idiosyncratic genetic mutations you might carry (the vast majority of which are not phenotypical, anyway, but the odd one is helpful for proving your great great great grandmother was a Pequot Indian or sailed on the Mayflower).

    1. My line is too important to pass out of history books. Both sides. We’ll come back in the future and rule I’m betting.

  14. I know that Mr. Adams isn’t condoning being an absentee father, but if circumstances were extreme, I would pass on my genes like wildfire to many girls. My plan is to have at least 8 kids with a young wife. Once I’m ready to settle on the homestead, it’s going to be a baby making factory

    1. My parents both came from large farm families. Sure it was a lack of birth control back in the day, but also that they needed the help. In fact my dad was mostly cared for by his oldest sister. Unfortunately my dad had a small family himself, which I’ve always wished that I had had more siblings.
      So go get her… 🙂

  15. You left out the best way to have as many children as you want.
    Sperm donation.
    Seriously. Short of a Pakistani idiot with 4 wives who goes on welfare in the UK, Germany (etc), how else can you have 30+ kids?
    Strategy: bust your ass, succeed at a profession (e.g., lawyer, doctor). Get at least a professional degree or grad degree in STEM. Maintain yourself, have a healthy BMI, dress well, etc. If you are good looking, > 5’11 tall, educated, with great social skills, women will pay like mad to get your sperm. I’m talking a professional clinic here, not late night at the bar. They have pretty good stats on what women go for as far as buying sperm.

    1. It is something inherently beta about it. Like designer babies. A symbol for the final victory of hyper-modernity.

    2. I think the intent is to spread your seed the natural way through FUCKING, not artificial insemination.

      1. Yeah. Sperm donation does not count as mating, although it would be a way to pass the genes on.

  16. Strategy 6 seems to be very effective:
    1.Pose as a refugee
    2. Bring all your middle eastern friends with you to your host country
    3. Form roving gangs of rapists and pillagers
    4. Spread your seed and breed out the infidel.

    1. Only works if the host country is filled with idiot liberals who allow it to happen. Which unfortunately is most of the West.
      Strategy 6a:
      1) Allow females to vote
      2) Eventually, their “compassion” will have them voting for politicians who promise to “make things fair” and “take care of the poor”
      3) This will lead to things like the 64 and 68 uncivil rights acts, the 65 immigration act, and the great society programs.
      4) Due to welfare, food stamps, lax immigration standards and borders, the host country will be overwhelmed by blacks and browns who produce more welfare consumers at an alarming rate.
      5) ADIOS AMERICA!!!

  17. I’ll try Option 2 I guess. I would not want to have a baby with someone whose race is too different from mine.
    I think that could be very complicated for the child, loyality conflicts, not knowing where to belong.
    I also don’t want to reproduce just for the sake of reprudicing, no matter with whom, I want a child that’s not a useless eater. I think the world has enough low IQ retards. So I would not throw myself at some hotel waiter in a moroccan beach club (option 5)

    1. Where do you rate yourself on 1 – 10?
      If you are 7 or above, why not try to find an Alpha or High Status Beta for a relationship and get married? And even if 6 or lower, a mid to low end beta will be out there for you. If Roseanne can get married, anyone can.
      A female should not have a child out of wedlock. I know that sounds old fashioned, but it is true. A kid needs a father, especially a boy.

      1. average. No one runs away screaming and no one gives me a model contract.
        “why not try”? because I am in a relationship already and I don’t want to dump him just because he can not make babies. Aren’t women always accused of leaving as soon as there is a problem and trying to find something better?
        “A female should not have a child out of wedlock. I know that sounds old
        fashioned, but it is true. A kid needs a father, especially a boy.”
        He would help me and he is very good with children. And maybe the other man would also not refuse any contact with his child, then the child would have two men to rely on. You don’t have to ask a total failure. Maybe there are men who want to have children but want also to keep their freedom and not being fixated on one certain woman.

        1. I have always wanted to father children but I was raised by very old-fashioned immigrant parents from Finland who instilled into me this idea that one should not create children until one can financially afford them, and not outside marriage. Unfortunately I’ve never been a high earner, my employment has never really been secure, and therefore I never got married and I never had children. By contrast I know a guy from Puerto Rico who is short, fat, ugly, losing his hair, is a low earner and seems to be borderline retarded, who has 8 kids by several women. His genes get passed on to the future while my tall, good-looking, athletic, high-IQ and responsible hard-working nose-to-the-grindstone genes will probably die with me, unless I pass them on before I die (I’m 61 years old). I am looking into options for achieving this. It’s important for me.

        2. 61 is pretty old though. I say that’s more of a problem then income.
          I see a problem that you gonna be 83 when your daughter has her prom night and when your first grandchild is born you’re maybe not even alive anymore.
          but yeah it’s a problem that reasonable, educated people have way less children then her. That will affect society in the long term and probably not in a good way

        3. I agree, 61 is pretty old – not ideal at all. There are so many things that could go wrong with this scenario that I don’t know if I’ll have the courage to go through with it. If I do this, it will be the lesser of two evils, the greater evil being that my line dies with me.

    2. To paraphrase Nietzsche, the goal of marriage should be for a man and a woman to unite in order to create one who is greater than either of them.

  18. You should also be aware that tha child will have to live with your decisions. If you pay a phillipino prostitute to carry your baby, how will the baby live how will it be raised, what will it learn?
    Will it ever study or will it live like his/her mother? Will it ever ask itself who and where you are and why you’re not there for it? Will it be the only halfblood (without father) in it’s village? Will it get bullied? Will it starve? Will it die of cholera?
    If your child gets raised alone it also has effects on his or her relationship behaviour.

    1. I know there are guys around here who sleep with pros, whether in the U.S. or overseas, but love tourism implies to not pay. It is different from sex tourism, although sexpats may include love tourists as well.
      With the said it could be the case that some of the girls that Western guys sleep with for free in developing countries are semi-pros/amateur hookers. So although someone like me do not have to pay, older and uglier guys are charged. It is fine (hehe) for them.

      1. I get the difference. It’s more like female sextourism. You get an “compagnion” for the time of your stay or for longer and you don’t give 5 Dollar after sex, but you just pay for stuff or buy him things he needs. In exchange he performs a boyfriend simulation.
        Maybe you rent a flat for her/him so you can always visit him. Some men even pay their girlfriend money so she won’t sleep with other men while he’s not there. Everything fine with that but that doesn’t sound like a healthy basis for children to me.

  19. Other option..lots of rich girls in third world countries who like foreign guys as a better option than rich guys. They usually have no prob travelling to the US and getting visas etc.

  20. I dunno…..all this ‘pass your genes on’ stuff….is it even real?
    I’ve never known a man to ever say, ‘I’m afraid I won’t be passing my genes on.’
    Never once.

    1. I’ve never heard a leftist, at least in public, being worried about mass immigration. However, that does not mean that the phenomenon is not real. Genetic interests are real, at various levels.

      1. Hi.
        It’s that ‘various levels’ thing, though.
        I think once children exist, then all that stuff comes into play.
        Less so.

    2. My mom’s dad obviously said that, and he was bald, and so therefore I am too! Thanks a lot grandpa for those genes! (haha)

  21. ”many of these women dream of a mixed-race Eurasian child”
    still mudsharking slags….only reversed

  22. i do not agree, here follows my reasons:
    1) even if you find a conservative woman, chances are they already fucked a football team since those university glory days, plus she went to dubai (..) plus she still live in pussy-la-la-land, plus the nanny state helps her to rape your ass, plus she may divorcerape you and go live away, maybe too far to see your kid(s) regulary.
    Sure, you have kids, however they will be as many other little ones scattered in the USA or EU, living without a father the rest of their lives, becoming slutty(girls) of emasculated(boys)
    2)Absolutly NO! period! we already spoke about single parent kid’s issues so please avoid such bastard move!
    Unless you can change the laws and put an end to easy abortion and nanny state! do not be such Egoistics jerk! having babies is an act of love and sacrifice to giv’em a better life, raising kids in this societies just to have offsprings either means to subdue to this shit or be a complete bastard who doesn’t care of the future of their kid(s) Real men prefer to say NO! bastard just do as animals.
    side note: im talking with those readers who have a daughter here, and i wish to ask YOU if you will be happy if she eventually get pregnant with mr. nobody Cares!
    3)As many times states on ROK, if you want a traditional family, YOU MUST LEAVE for her country and LIVE THERE! otherwise she will change and leave you, plus remember that your state laws are now agaisnt you, plus if she divorce from you, chances are she will return in his country (with your kids) and seen them would be problematic as hell!
    side note: consider that foreign wife wish to see their parents/relatives/friends at least once in a year, especially in the first couple of years until she become acustomed, so spare her the pain and live in his country, where you both also will be richer since your money.
    4) see point 2, and to further the answer, i wonder where you will find many “good” women and impregnate them, since the majority of them are mostly tatooed fatty land-whale cunts, you want baby from this specimens, seriously? why you want to hurt your babies?
    if you refer to foreign women, keep in mind that what comes around goes around man! i believe in Karma, in valours and respect, i never be somethings like that just to pass my genes!
    GO to a sperm bank and make a donation! easy! much better than being said:
    “..my father was a bastard who impregnate my mom and went away!”
    You know how much pain you will provoke in kids??
    No way gentlemen! im out!

    1. agree but
      “even if you find a conservative woman, chances are they already fucked a
      football team since those university glory days, plus she went to dubai
      is just paranoid. It can also be that you once went to Bangkok and raped a 12 year old child prostitute or you’ll molest your own teenage daughters. How can any woman be sure you won’t do or haven’t done that. Better die out then risking that lmao

      1. because statistics tells us this true stories, women are hypergamous and sluttier, and you may visit any travel agency in your city and ask how many women prefer to go to Dubai, or Jamaica, Cuba! i guess looking for the all mighty big bamboo!!
        men simply go traveling because local women sucks harder, doesn’t make sex, aren’t able to be femminine anymore and so on, in every nation i’ve visited where ALL men have regular sex, they don’t need to sexpating. EU/USA women simply sucks in every aspects.
        ..and about your closing, i’m NOT looking for a wife in EU (or in USA) since the State laws are biased against men, our societies are no more a good place to raise a family and have kids and, generally speaking, women are not worth a serious commitment anymore (from smart and REAL men) nor marriage material, so i don’t give a fuck!
        Case closed.

        1. ‘..our societies are no more a good place to raise a family and have kids and, …’
          Hi Dangun.
          Where do you live at present?
          Just curious.

    1. Rape rally in the Vatican. When in Rome, ROK followers meet and discuss on how to rape nuns.
      For aspies: This is a joke. I know it is a bit hard to understand sometimes but it should not be taken literally (Hitler).

        1. True, which must be why this particular nun had her image captured – because she’s so unusual.

  23. Still considering a vasectomy. Although I feel somewhat obligated to this fucked up world to pass on my above-average genes, part of me just wonders if it’s even worth it (societal decline) or if I’m even cut out for it

  24. “Reproduce” or merely “have s*x”? You know who, reproduce a lot. The dumber you are the more kids you produced. But if you really want to be the father of hundreds try to bribe an employee of a sperm bank…

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