Expensive Woman Seeks Retarded Millionaire

Judging by the red pill comments, the article “Why Are So Many Professional Millennial Women Unable To Find Dateable Men?” has already made the rounds in the manosphere.  I’ll give props to the author, Larissa Faw, for managing to keep it as real as her little hamster could in some portions. Here’s a sample that shows a wee bit of clarity:

But now, [after focusing on becoming a career girl] a growing number of Millennial women are beginning to fret over the unanticipated consequences of prioritizing our careers before love. And I only need to look at my group of friends to see this reality. Again and again, year after year, my successful, gorgeous, and amazing friends remain kiss-less on New Year’s Eve. And on Valentine’s Day. And on the 4th of July.

I’m usually the first person to laugh my ass off when these types of women take a salty load of reality to the face, but I’m in a good mood today. If we would all lower our shields and sheathe our swords for a moment, we may be able to acknowledge that many women today were not prepared by their parents or society for the consequences of their actions. That doesn’t make it right, which is why there are still consequences, but a growing number of 20 and 30-something women have been taught to ignore biology since the day they were born; assured by those they trusted most that there would be little or no penalties for their actions.

Internally, my heart goes out to them. But externally, only my dick goes out to them because I didn’t create the problem and I have no moral or ethical obligation to solve it.

Moving on. I came across a response to this article that I wanted to use as a springboard for a different topic. After the author listed fancy clothes and cool apartment décor as a sign of success, and after everyone called her out for amassing debt and urged her to get a grip on reality, Arrow Night commented:

[Slightly edited for clarity] They have to keep paying, and they have to keep spending because if they lose the house and the car, or fail to keep up with the latest fashions, they “fall into shadow” – and they won’t be as attractive as their friends/worst-hated-competitors (same people). And when the “Retard Millionaire” finally shows up, they fear their friends will get rescued instead of them because they “looked” nicer to him as a “package”. This is all in women’s minds, mind you. Even a “Retard Millionaire” wants a young, hot girl.

This. Bravo, my good sir.

Women who are more concerned with their GRE score than their FICO score give me a runny case of the lulz. Time and time again I meet women who make half my salary, and in every single instance without exception, these women live far better than I do. They have a closet full of top-brand clothes, they have a decked out apartment on a higher floor, they roll in BMWs and Mercedes, they spend $200 per month or more on hair and nails, and they have all the latest mobile gadgets.

I waited until I had a job with tuition reimbursement before I went to grad school. My out-of-pocket expenses for my entire graduate degree including books was just under $6k. My last girlfriend still owes Emory University nearly $97k for a degree in Cognition & Development. I don’t even know what the hell that is. Emory is expensive, but I have to assume a large portion of that $97k was for living expenses.

Twice per month, I go to Saks Off 5th and Nordstrom Rack and look for suits. When I find one made by a high-end clothier discounted to under $200, I pick it up and have a Laotian chick tailor it for $17. Most of my trips are in vain because shit is expensive, but over the years, I’ve put together a collection of tailored threads with timeless style – paid for in cash. My last girlfriend would model outfits for me, and when I said “you look amazing” she’d say “I should – you’re looking at $900 not counting the purse and shoes.”

I cook at home five days per week, and take leftovers to work for lunch. I go out for brunch at my favorite hole-in-the-wall place and then splurge a little for dinner on Saturday. I juice all day Sunday. I haven’t had a bar tab since Christmas (I’ve grown weary of bars and clubs) and if you see me with a drink in my hand, rest assured my company or a client is paying for it. This is one place where my last girlfriend has me beat, because I don’t think she has ever paid for a drink or a meal in her life.

I owe $19k to General Motors for a car I could sell to a dealer for $26k and to a private individual for $29k. My last girlfriend put $2,999 plus fees down on a Land Rover lease that she had to pay $535 per month for. We live in a concrete jungle where it takes over an hour to get to the mountains, and you can’t park that damn thing anywhere. I sure looked good in it though. Heh.

I have a corporate American Express card for travel that my company pays, and a Discover Card that I use for every purchase that I can so I’ll earn Amazon.com dollars (tip: those points add up fast – highly recommended). On the 1st of every month, my Discover Card balance is $0. My last girlfriend had two Visa cards and who knows how many department store cards that, according to her, added up to “only around $11k last time I [she] checked.”

My last girlfriend does not a trend make; however, we all know and work with dozens of young women like this. What man in his right freaking mind would marry that much debt?  Do you have any idea how many top-shelf hookers or young gold-digging slutty college students you could buy, or how many trips you could take, or how many worthy causes you could support with the amount of cash it would take to just pay off the modern woman’s unsecured debt?

Commenter Arrow Night was absolutely right. These women are looking for the retarded millionaire to come along and rescue them from themselves. They want to cash out around the age of 30, pop out a few kids, work less or quit working altogether, and find a man to pick up the tab.

That’s why they want their “equal” and that’s why they have such high standards. Never mind that their true equal would be so far in debt he couldn’t pay his own bills let alone hers, and never mind that their standards are based on a Disney cartoon shown to them over and over by the same parents who led them down the wrong path to begin with.

In the interest of fairness, I understand this phenomenon can’t only be assigned to women. Research shows that men tend to spend more and go into debt when they’re trying to attract a mate too:

Consider the case of Macon and Columbus, two Georgia cities located within 100 miles of each other. In Columbus, there are 1.18 single men for every single woman, while in Macon, there are 0.78 single men for every single woman. As it happens, the average consumer debt in Columbus is $3,479 higher, per capita, than it is in Macon. […] When shown images with many more men than women, men in the study were willing to reduce their savings by 42 percent, and were willing to assume 84 percent more debt. “When men see more men than women in these photograph arrays, they become more likely to want to spend money more quickly, even to the point of going into debt.”

If you’re interested, you can read the full article here.

But I don’t date men, so I don’t really care what they do with their money. The bottom line is that all these “gorgeous and amazing women” the author writes about are a massive liability to the very men they seek to procure. “Why Are So Many Professional Millennial Women Unable To Find Dateable Men?”

Because we’re avoiding them for a list of reasons that continues to grow every day.

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  1. My last girlfriend still owes Emory University nearly $97k for a degree in Cognition & Development. I don’t even know what the hell that is.
    She’s training to be a kindergarten teacher aka “Early Childhood Education”.
    None of these “Human Development”-majors people have any plans to give us a real-life “Bionic Commando”.

  2. My last girlfriend does not a trend make; however, we all know and work with dozens of young women like this. What man in his right freaking mind would marry that much debt?
    I’ve had friends tell me that (Asian) women have told them upfront: “If you want to date me you need to put USD1,000 monthly towards my house. I only go out with men who are serious about me”.
    Enjoy the Asian ladies, hahahaha!

    1. What the hell? I think you’ve taken one account and generalised it a bit too much. I’ve never heard of anything that bad. The only girl I even know who I could even think of trying that was a mixed race Ms Universe contestant.
      $250 per week could get you a tidy Friday night hooker. Not my thing, but it would be much better value for money.

      1. What the hell? I think you’ve taken one account and generalised it a bit too much.
        I can see everyday men writing in to papers complaining that a woman scammed them out of money without giving them a relationship.
        Oh wait, reverse the genders and that is true.
        Also observe the various Asian star scandals, e.g. Edison Chen.
        Something tells me you may need that experience to happen to you.
        The more competition for a woman, the less her need to be reasonable.
        Where do you think Thai women, for example, pick up the idea to have many men financing her lifestyle?
        And do you think other women in Asia are exempt from that with a hypocritical worldview?

        1. I’ve done my time in Thailand and what you say puts it into a better perspective. I was looking at it from the frame of a girl born and living in a western country where this shit would be laughed at by even the omegas. Only a 50yo keeping a 22yo ultra-high class model escort as a long term mistress would consider such a thing.
          I had a friend who got suckered into paying $40,000 for his Thai fiancee’s parent’s house back in some village in Thailand. He eventually balked after the engagement when she requested that he pay for her brother’s university bills. He broke things off (and obviously didn’t get his money back). Then he earned the title ‘Beta-Prime’ by going online 6 months later to find another Thai girl who he is happily married to.
          So yeah, I take back what I said.

        2. To get a (relatively normal mentally undamaged e.g. mercenary and grasping, NOT clingy and suicidal) woman objectively called an “8” on the “Sugar Daddies”-type websites you need to be willing to spend at least USD10,000 per month.
          Even Ms. Teen Delaware was USD1,500 for her taped session.
          On the other hand, you can’t be certain of her fidelity, so maybe the ones on backpage are a better bet (and may be younger too).

        3. As a user of the largest of those sites (SeekingArrangement) I would put the actual amount at 3-5K/mnth for 8’s and 5K+ for 9’s. But yeah, it’s up there. Bitches are expensive. But we all end up paying for it one way or another. Even alpha’s often pay. Look at Tiger Woods and every other high profile celeb involved in a costly divorce or sex scandal.

      2. It’s way more common than you think – though most would go for indirect game (sick grandma or whatever).

      3. What the hell? I think you’ve taken one account and generalised it a bit too much. I’ve never heard of anything that bad.
        Are you kidding? That attitude is widespread in China nowadays.

    2. Hey least they are being honest about the transactional nature of their relationship. “Working girl” and “john”

      1. There’s a slight difference.
        A real working girl usually doesn’t have 2 johns going at her at the same time.
        Plus she’s actually delivering something for the money that changes hands.

  3. “Internally, my heart goes out to them. But externally, only my dick
    goes out to them because I didn’t create the problem and I have no moral
    or ethical obligation to solve it.”
    This was funny, and I agree entirely. Sometimes I feel a little bad for the girls who were force-fed the feminist message their whole lives to establish a career before they get married, because some of them are legitimately nice girls. Nice girls with a high sex partner count of course, and are thus not marriageable to me. Feeling bad for them doesn’t get me anywhere with them so I don’t bother. With all the bitching about women’s issues that I hear every time I turn on a channel like msnbc, and considering girls by nature rarely respect a man who fixes their problems, I don’t feel any obligation to fix their problems either. Frankly the best relationship advice a girl can get can be found right here in the manosphere.

    1. “Nice girls with a high sex partner count of course, and are thus not marriageable to me.”You prefer to marry a girl who doesn’t like sex/doesn’t know what she’s doing in bed? Cool story bro. Have fun with your virgin wife who thinks anything besides missionary with the lights off is a sin.

      1. Not sure where this came from, but I’ve never met a girl who doesn’t enjoy sex. Not to mention that there’s a huge difference between a virgin and a girl who has had a high partner count, bro. I don’t know why it’s so black and white for you.

        1. Not to mention virgin’s make pretty good fuck partners once they’ve been properly trained…but hey — have fun with those used up tramps. How’s my dick taste btw?

  4. I just want to give Thatch some props. I like how you draw on a couple of sources and include a lot of detail. Also, ‘in the interest of fairness’ you point out that men mess up too, and provide a reference.
    This kind of red-pill-but-not-a-rant article can be hard to find. I don’t live in the US, and I feel like this gives me an idea about things work over there. Thanks!

  5. “When men see more men than women in these photograph arrays, they become more likely to want to spend money more quickly, even to the point of going into debt.”
    Those men are stupid if they fail to notice how well their looks compare to the men in the pictures, and think that spending money alone will keep their woman loyal, or that the alpha guys have to spend as much as schmucks to get the attractive girls.
    Women would pay for Channing Tatum’s drinks.
    Good luck getting a woman to pay for a regular guy’s drinks.

    1. Why would any wim pay for his drinks when the guy is a rich celebrity actor? He pays for wims’ drinks. I guarantee it.

    1. Agreed, Always lookin’ forward to my Thatch articles… Never surprised when a good article has your name at the bottom.

    2. Agreed, Always lookin’ forward to my Thatch articles… Never surprised when a good article has your name at the bottom.

  6. How the hell do women have all this debt and not have the bank repossess their fabulous wardrobe and toys? Are the bankers part of the imperative too?
    I mean I get how some guys and/or parents could be blinded to pay for her things…but if she has to foot the bill I don’t see the bank or the car dealership being as forgiving.

    1. but if she has to foot the bill I don’t see the bank or the car dealership being as forgiving.
      Yes, but the bank or car dealerships have other people they could be pursuing … which happens when she pops in to deliver a BJ.
      You’ll be surprised how easily sex is used to excuse monetary obligations.
      After all, things can only happen if the manager approves action.
      Manager’s … usually a man.

      1. This is proof that women can’t get away with the bullshit they do without a man approving it first.

        1. Women wouldn’t have rights if the men in charge didn’t give it to them.
          Since their rights can’t be revoked, now they must work as hard as men where raw strength is not a requirement.
          A woman who loves you would contribute to the family finances OR settle for a more modest living AND save your money.
          Any other woman is a leech, who wants you to die early through overwork to “prove your love”.

    2. Career girls can probably make the payments, and yes, the bankers love the interest.

    3. Interest. You can sit on $11k in unsecured debt for most of your youth and the banks won’t say a word to discourage it as long as you make the interest payments (which, on that much debt, are probably more than just paying off MY card every month). Interest rates for credit cards are significantly more than time-value of the money, so most of that represents pure profit for the bank. The female fashion industry has realized this and built their business model on the assumption that women will spend money they don’t have on things they’ll only wear once.

      1. Ah so they are slaves to the alpha male known as the credit industry. Then she can find some beta sucker to pay for it.

      2. yep. and what happens when you hit your credit limit? they do you the favor of RAISING it, so that you can spend moar!

    4. A woman told me exactly how last night: she runs up insane credit card bills, then makes the “minimum payment.” Since credit card companies rack up interest this way, they LOVE this. In fact, this is the ideal. If everyone paid the balance off each month and collected the “reward points,” the credit card companies would go out of business.

  7. I don’t feel the least bit bad for these so called “Independent Women.”
    They talk about wanting a college educated dude with a white-collar job and world experience. The irony is that a lot of these chicks actually land this dude and they end up treating this poor bastard like shit.
    These “Independent Women” have the nerve to say: “There was no connection between us.”
    Afterwards, they get drunk and go blow the broke musician in the restroom.
    Disney-Chick-Logic is really dangerous indeed.

    1. QUOTE DAP: “Disney-Chick-Logic is really dangerous indeed.”
      So true.
      Though most likely she didn’t blow the musician because he was a musician. Expensive girls always need compensation. The real reason why broke musicians score big time with trophy skags has everything to do with that gram of coke he has in his pocket, and his willingness to offer her a line or two.

    2. And whose fault is that? Men’s. 1) Her father who raised her that way by telling her she was a “little princess”. 2) The men of society who WKed and pedestalized her all her life instead of slapping her down from that perch. And finally 3) The beta chump who will ultimately marry and end up supporting her. All female misbehavior is the direct responsibility of men.

  8. It’s also amazing how that “Independent Woman”/ Equal Pay bullshit goes right out the window when these chicks turn 30 and meet the right dude who is naive enough to pledge his balls, freedom, and money to her for the illusion of regular sex. These Feminist aren’t fooling anybody.

    1. Not to mention how their “women must be educated at all costs” push is a massive waste of resources when those women stop working or only work part time after capturing their retard millionaire.

      1. To Dap and Roosh – I whole heartedly agree. For a man to have an in-house female is no longer something viable. This is, in the final analysis, the ultimate reality that men should be waking up to eventually.

    2. Those women became educated to meet the person running the business.
      In his circle, they can get to know his friends, too.
      Besides, to show how much the man loves her, she rubs it in her friend’s faces that “lookitme, I don’t have to work, some sucker is paying for me”.

      1. Most working women of above average pay grade seem to look down on the “house wife” and have nothing but contempt for her. Many women feel like their self worth depends upon having society’s approval. Since women have so few children nowadays, staying home and doing nothing is looked down on. Having lots of kids is also looked down on. Having a high-powered job/career will bring a woman far more accolades that being married to a high-powered man.
        Hillary is perfect example of a woman who was married to a governor and President yet still felt compelled to prove herself by taking over the man’s role. Better for the world had she stayed home, had lots of babies and baked cookies.

  9. Your analysis brings a lot of clarity to my own personal history. From coming of age in a big Navy town which was a perpetual sausage fest to the woman I married, who, at 30, decided she wanted to settle down and run up huge credit card bills. She still thinks a woman can run wild and free until age 30. Expecting to marry the retarded millionaire – spot on!
    At least our daughters are smart enough to see the disconnects in their mother’s worldview.
    I’ve long thought that men tend to prefer more expensive cars as a mating imperative – Porsches are for guys – Toyota Corollas for the gals.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. The amount of material wealth you have to display …
      is a statement of “how much compensation I am willing to give a girl to be with me”.
      If you’re going to go that route, it is pointless to be loyal; you should rotate and then get the girl closest to legal age of consent.
      Otherwise you are not getting value for your money.

  10. I buy 99% of my clothes at thrift stores. I once found an Armani suit -$10 (I had to get it tailored). A pair of Allen Edmonds wingtips, too. Total cost – $17. With tailoring, $34.

    1. Congratulations on saving so much money. A bargain is a victory against thieves who want to empty your wallet.

  11. Just finished watch half of season 2 of “Girls.” For those who wonder what a retarded millionaire looks and acts like, watch the scenes with Jessa and her husband in the first few episodes.

  12. The best part is that the stat about men going into debt comparing Columbus and Macon is pretty damn skewed. Columbus is directly next to Fort Benning, the largest U.S. Army post IN THE WORLD. Roughly 80% of these guys are enlisted soldiers (many of whome are Columbus and not Fort Benning residents) who don’t often have the most schooling or knowledge of personal finance to know how to watch their money, thus leading to debt (ask any military finance guy, he’ll identify debt amongst the enlisted ranks as a big problem). So even the one example of men not dealing with debt correctly is based on an extreme example.
    The wheel keeps spinning……

  13. Just the headline describes a lot of women better than most ‘extensive’ studies on their behaviour….hilarious, and true.

  14. “And I only need to look at my group of friends to see this reality.
    Again and again, year after year, my successful, gorgeous, and amazing
    friends remain kiss-less on New Year’s Eve.”
    What’s interesting about this line is that no one seems to have picked up on the massive amount of narcissism in it. That’s probably because in post-Oprah age women, this is to be expected.
    Beyond that, if you Google a picture of Larissa Faw and/or check her Facebook page, you’d be hard-pressed to find any woman who’d be considered “gorgeous.” This could possibly be a case of she and her friends overestimating their market value. Because as anyone who frequents these parts knows, truly nice-looking women don’t stay alone for long.

    1. Indeed. If they really were gorgeous and amazing, they wouldn’t be kiss-less on New Year’s Eve. Case closed.

      1. When I hear a woman use the word “amazing”, it makes me want to gouge out my auditory lobes.
        I hid the spoons. Just in case.

        1. Women are amazing. They will wangle favours out of single men, but rarely to they bargain and dicker on goods placed at Saks Fifth Avenue.
          More men need to ask to be paid for any favours they do to women.

    2. “Narcissism” is not the proper term for it, for there is truly no such thing: people are either obsessed with themselves and their own well-being or they are obsessed with some fictional, make-believe entity. There’s no real middle ground. A not-so-attractive girl who thinks she is attractive isn’t displaying “narcissism,” she’s simply guilty of making an erroneous self-assessment. People do this all the time. Call it deluded if you want, but not narcissistic because that term is completely meaningless.

  15. The only thing more retarded than a woman’s retarded millionaire is the society who rewards her for it by forcing him to make alimony and child support extortion payments. Women can throw away their children and won’t be legally forced to pay for their child’s upbringing, but men who didn’t intend to be fathers in the first place can’t refuse to pay without the state pointing a gun at their head. What the bullshit is that? Too many manginas are the problem, there are probably some hanging around here. Too many mammas boys.

    1. men who didn’t intend to be fathers in the first place can’t refuse to pay without the state pointing a gun at their head.
      Are you sure the correct men are being asked to pay child support?
      “Mummy’s baby, Daddy’s maybe”.

      1. lol good point. the depravity of unaccountable courts knows no bounds. It’s not about justice anymore, it’s about enforcement of feminist tyranny against men and fathers.

    2. Mainstream women contend that an embryo is just a blob of tissue and not human until at least 3 months. They jealously guard the right to terminate it without permission from the father.
      Woman doesn’t want baby but man does. Woman terminates pregnancy over man’s objections.
      Woman wants baby but man doesn’t. Woman ignores man’s wishes and carries baby to term. Woman forces man to support baby (and her) for 18 years.
      Given that it’s a woman’s choice if a baby is carried to term, it makes sense that it should also be a woman’s responsibility. If a man doesn’t want the baby but a woman does she should bear full cost.
      Men could co-opt the “pro-choice” rhetoric to mean a man gets to choose as well. Instead of “my body, my choice” it could be “my life, my choice.”

    3. Q: And what creates a mangina in the first place? A: Telling 5-year-old Johnny, “You never, ever lay your hands on a womyn.” That’s where WK and pedestalization begins.

  16. Larissa’s first “Millenial Woman Burnout” essay on ForbesWoman went stratospheric due to my trolling. She was so intrigued she did a follow-up essay on trolls using me in particular. So in researching my comment for Thatch’s essay, and generally, the latest barrage of Sandberg-generated idiocy, I merely cut&paste from previous screeds :
    Peter Drucker, in his famous essay Managing Oneself, advised strongly the need to understand your strengths and weaknesses, and observed that you can never win by improving your weaknesses, only by improving your strengths. That is a fascinating thought.
    In broader socio-economic terms, we have given women the opportunity to build on their weaknesses (ability to compete against men) and discouraged them from capitalizing on their strengths (youth and fertility). They compete through artifices of fairness and inclusion that are borne on the backs of an ever-dwindling pool of male supporters.
    We have weakened society as a whole by building on women’s weaknesses in attempts to make them the equal of men, rather than encouraging them in their natural strengths. And while this charade is going on, men are encouraged to adopt feminine attitudes and lifestyles at the expense of their own natural strengths, now deemed unnecessary in the new gender-neutral economy.
    For women are competing for jobs but are not creating them. Other than providing a mass market for their vanity products, they are not forging new industries or technologies. They are marginalizing that small percentage of men who passionately innovate, destroy, and create ideas and take the risks to drive them to actualization
    Though men shank me and insult me, only men provide me with opportunity. Women can only insult me and deprive me of opportunity. Only men, and only a small fraction of them, take the risks that create industry and opportunity. Women can only serve as mere functionaries in man-created structures. When an organization becomes feminized, priority shifts from efficient and profitable production of goods and services to development of labarynthine rules for the comfort and security of women. Ossification and organizational death are inevitable.
    No woman can or will provide me or any man employment, yet all western women feel entitled to help and opportunities from men, even as they drive men out of the workplace.
    It leads to a nasty conclusion : workplace women are your enemy. They cannot help you but can and will hurt you. Do not look at them, do not talk to them. Extend your hand to men when possible and fight your male rivals honorably. If you are in a situation where you must fight a female remember that she can use any tactic and you will be crucified for merely standing your ground. Walk away from it.
    Government studies that make dubious observations on gender differences are produced by self-serving feminist bureaucrats who have no concept about the reality of making a profit in the competitive business world. These imbeciles want the federal government to demolish profitable business structures that evolved over decades in the corporate shark-tank in favor of comfort and security for women and their lifestyle choices. Females want to inhabit man-created business structures as if those structures existed before man appeared on the veldt. They are clueless, and what’s more don’t care. They just want to have their cake and to eat it too. When you have pushed the last man out of the corporation it will collapse under its own dead weight.

    1. How is this “trolling?” It seems like a bunch well-reasoned, logical points.

    2. I once had a part-time job in an Amazon-like office. There was only 4 full-time male staff in the whole office and as I was entering, one of the marketing execs was leaving. He didn’t want to talk much about it, but I found out that many of the projects he had been working hard on over the years was taken from him and given to a new female exec who just joined. The boss was female of course, and she was always ridiculing the male staff. “Why are men these days so useless?”

    3. During a San Francisco Giants race to the World Series (’59?), Willy Mays was also closing in on Babe Ruth’s home run record.
      During warmups pre-game, a reporter noted that Mays was working on his fielding and not on his batting.
      The reporter asked Mays about this and Mays came back, you don’t lose games based on your strengths.
      I’d say both Drucker and Mays have valid points of view.

      1. Baseball was May’s strength. He probably could have learned accounting or violin but would not have made a mark doing it.
        I ignored the natural talents I exhibited when I was a youngster for a lot of stupid pursuits. After the age of 50 went back to my strengths and have been successful at them.
        Doesn’t mean you can’t learn something new. All my life I was a crappy swimmer. Knew just enough to keep from drowning. With my lean mass and long legs would sink like a rock unless I kept moving. At 50 took a swimming class to learn a proper crawl, and actually mastered it. Won’t be a “Navy SEAL” though.

  17. The comments on that article are great, it appears the red pill is being ingested at an ever-increasing frequency.
    “Because we’re avoiding them for a list of reasons that continues to grow every day.”

  18. I have a few Chateau related observations to make regarding the Forbes article :
    1. A lot of the PUA’s that are gaming her are using the “it’s complicated line.”
    2. The blonde wearing the slutty dress on the right side of picture has developed several masculine traits. She’s got a prominent lantern-shaped manjaw, and male digit ratio. Also take note of her poor, slovenly posture and her bare feet are resting on the dirty bar room floor. This brings me to another point about these kind of women that I haven’t seen mentioned at all, even at le Chateau. These girls tend to be dirty and have poor hygiene. There was this one Brazilian (journalist) chick I knew whose room was messier than mine, or even your average War of Warcraft nerd. Earlier at work today I had a client that came in with smelly cheese feet. Can anyone (including the dark master himself) confirm this point for me with their own experiences?

    1. Women don’t marry their “equals” or “inferiors”. Only their “apparent superiors”.
      However, who they marry means little.
      What’s more important is who they bump uglies with when they’re at their most attractive and of legal age.
      Anyone after that period is getting “used goods”.
      “Man up and marry them sluts” is a last gasp of “alphas” wanting to palm off their leavings onto betas.
      And of sluts needing a soft place to land, otherwise they’d go mental on the alphas and cockblock (if not kill) them.

    1. The guy they consider Mr. Right … isn’t the guy they intend to stick with the bill of raising the child.
      Women have sex with the men they’re attracted to,
      and build families with the men they can depend on.
      Those two types are rarely the same, which is why women have few qualms about divorcing.
      If she’s way past the age of consent when they marry,
      she’s looking for someone to buy her a house and be her eunuch.
      Especially in Asian societies, where most couples rarely have sex after marriage.
      “It’s the husband’s job in the marriage to be in charge of all the emotions in that relationship” – Muslim relationship counsellor to a married Muslim male friend of mine.

      1. That’s not what I see in the media. Women’s dream guy is always portrayed as an Alpha who is good in bed, has a great career/business, good fashion sense and a ton of assets. Heh, why would Mr. Right give all that up for a stinking pussy? Dude, you live in Malaysia? More women’s rights crap on the telly today. Najib is buying votes by promising more job opportunities for women. Yeah yeah yeah…. And I think you owe me links for the ACCA cartel. Not that I doubt you, I just want to see how it works.

        1. Can’t expect me to spoonfeed everything, find those links on the ‘net.
          Besides, to add more fun to the picture:
          Information on the net … can also be wrong.

        2. Don’t forget films like “Pretty Woman,” “Jerry Maguire” or “Maid in Manhattan” that show uber-Alpha wealthy guys falling in love with common hookers, frazzled single moms and hotel maids. It’s emotional porn for women that is utterly divorced from reality.
          Dave Chapelle had a great skit back in the day lampooning “Pretty Woman.” It shows the scene where the two characters are talking in bed. The Julia Roberts character is tells about streetwalking and how she never kisses the Johns. The Richard Gere character has a frozen, horrified look on his face. Then he says with a pained smile, “You need to get out of here right now.” That is reality.

  19. Guess you never considered who you hurt by using retard and retarded and pejorative.

        1. I don’t have any compassion for idiots whining about stupid shit. Idiot, moron, imbecile, slow, feeble-minded, retarded, disabled… How many euphemisms do we have to go through over how many hundreds of years before you realize that no matter what you word you use, it’s going to become a pejorative?

        2. It might be “stupid shit” to you, but not to the millions of people living with an Intellectual Disability. You certainly have the right to use any language you want. The last time I checked, I also have the right to speak my mine. I’m sure you have more to say, but frankly I’m done.

        3. The word “retarded” used to be a neutral medical term designed to avoid insulting people. Then people started using it as an insult.
          So now you go online and throw a fit about it every time someone uses the word “retarded.” Then people all start using “intellectually disabled” instead. And then suddenly that becomes an insult, too, because it means the same thing that all those other previously-neutral terms I listed meant.
          What exactly is the point of this circle jerk?

        4. “I’m sure you have more to say, but frankly I’m done.”
          Translation: I know I can’t win this arguement.

  20. Knowing everything we know about women and money (i.e divorce, gold-digging, debt) is it out of the question to say the men who marry these women got what they had coming to them?
    There has to be some accountability on both sides. Yes, the women get their fishing hooks into the man but for any divorce rape to happen, the man has to have signed the dotted line and taken the vows.

  21. This reminds me of a woman I know who was a high school dropout, but got a job managing a woman’s clothing and shoe store. She told me she had an entire room in her house with nothing but clothes and shoes. She was unmarried in her 40s – no guy met her liberal/vegetarian/anti-gun standards. However, when she gave them up, to her great shock she met a guy. She could not believe she found a guy – because she changed herself.

  22. Excellent piece.
    In London, the cost of rent and housing reveal the true finances of women. Women in this city can’t entirely escape reality and the minute you see their flat, or how many flatmates they have you know where they truly stand. However, a lot will still spend beyond their means just to live in a “nice” area (London Burroughs really are another form of brand names).
    Even if they pay cheap rent that doesn’t prevent them from spending liberally on constant dinners out, clothing and vacations they can’t afford. So it still occurs. After all, I highly doubt any of these women will let any rich man see their flat until they know they have them locked in (if they even do that, most will just move in with the guy).
    Every time I walk by a nice restaurant in London I am amazed how many groups of women are seated relative to men. I immediately think these women are either swarming in debt or have a rich man paying everything. They won’t compromise on this behaviour, they will just….as you point out….do the former until the latter rescues them.

  23. Young women are promiscuous, all of them have expectations way higher
    than their own attractiveness and sex appeal. Women overall are obese,
    drunk and so absorbed in their cubicle-job careers as to be completely
    uninteresting. By the time the’re in their late twenties to early
    thirties, their bodies are toxic to the notion of bearing children. 15
    years or more of hormonal birth control, decades of drinking and drugs
    and of course, dozens, if not hundreds of sexual partners hollow out a
    woman’s body and spirit rendering them incapable of love and being a
    family. These are the facts. Many of the complainants are way past their
    stale date.
    Couple all that with the disadvantage to men in the divorce courts
    and property laws, the enormous college debt women bring to the table
    and obviously only the most self disrespectful men will marry these
    women. They’re a mess the women of today. The obesity, the tattoos, the
    piercings and other adornments, the refusal of women today to maintain a
    long-haired, feminine appearance and of course, endlessly spouting the
    feminist line renders them, in the view of any red-blooded man, human
    garbage. So, the men continue sleeping with them, don’t marry them and
    of course, have abandoned the notion of family and children. And that,
    dear ladies, is why you aren’t getting married. You all know it, you
    just won’t face it. Forbes just doesn’t tell you truth, they don’t dare.

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  27. An intelligent women would never waste time on a career, she will just become a sugar baby or marry a rich man who can take of her debts and spending habits.

  28. So that means that if you pretend to be a retarded millionaire, you can pump sluts and bail. Duly noted.

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