John McEnroe Infuriates Media By Saying Serena Williams Would Get Crushed In The Men’s Division

Tennis bad boy John McEnroe told NPR during an interview that number one female player Serena Williams is the greatest female player of tennis history, but that wasn’t good enough for the feminists. The lady responded by asking why McEnroe said the word female, and not just say she’s the greatest tennis player of all time. John then told them that would be a whole different topic and responded,  “…if she played on the men’s circuit she’d be like 700 in the world.”

The media went ballistic, hammering John during a CBS interview demanding an apology, but he didn’t give them what they want. Instead he gave common sense logic which the goons couldn’t accept.

Professional tennis has two divisions, ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) and the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association). So when talking about players, of course you have to mention gender, because there are multiple divisions. You can’t just make general claims.

To end the controversy, John suggested what I and many other tennis fans, have always wanted for years: let men and woman play on the same tour. Then all female players will have to prove themselves.

Serena evaded with this:

Dear John I respect you but please keep me out of your statements that are not factually based. I’ve never played anyone ranked ‘there’ nor do I have time. Respect me and my privacy as I’m trying to have a baby. Good day sir.

When asked how he would be ranked on the men’s tour, John made it clear at 58 years of age and to play 5 setters instead of 3 like on the women’s side, he’d be about 1200th in the world. He admitted that at his tennis academy in Long Island, he has lost many times to teen high school players, and older pros.

John Previously Said He Could Take Her

John even said on Jimmy Kimmel that he felt he could still take her out in a match. He mentioned Donald Trump made an offer to see it happen, but it wasn’t enough to get it going so he wasn’t sure if he was joking or if it could actually be scheduled.

Even Trump Offered Money For Him To Beat Serana

Attacked By Stephen Colbert

Colbert made weasel jokes personally attacking McEnroe. What do you expect from a low life rat like Colbert whose on par with the other globocucks like Samantha Bee?

McEnroe also asked why this is only an issue in tennis, not basketball or other sports? Nobody thinks any female baller compares to Michael Jordan so is tennis the only sport crucified?

What The Men’s Tour Is Like

Tennis is very demanding sport, at least on the men’s side. You’ve got to be fit, fast like hell, and strong to generate power in tight spots. It’s not like other sports where you can just power your way, run your way, or pay off your way to the championships. It truly is the independent man’s sport.

You’ve also got to be smart with quick reflexes to think on your feet within seconds or less. Forget the skinny guy stereotype. On the pro tour, and even at colleges and clubs, you see a lot of tall wiry but ripped players. Single digit body fat percentages are not uncommon, and fitness is usually the big thing that separates the players from amateurs. Control is another, but this is not a tennis lesson.

What about the WTA?

The game is much slower and to be frank, boring. Just listening to awkward screams and yelling. As you can see, the men’s game is much faster compared to the WTA. The ball is struck harder, and a much higher fitness level is required. Too many poor guys ranked higher than 30th in the world are struggling to make bread while the WTA pays millions to women with average skill compared to the men.

What Would Happen If The ATP Played WTA?

It would go like this (keep in mind these are not even high ranking male players):

If the men were playing seriously in a real match, not charity, 90% of the serves will go unreturned. The WTA won’t be able to handle it; they’ll be blown off the court in an hour or less and that’s only because the men have to win best of five sets.

Martina Navratilova vs Jimmy Connors drew in big crowds back in the day, but Connors ended it in straight sets. All players in the WTA would suffer the same fate against the ATP.

Serena likes to think she can beat the top 200th player, but to be honest, I could probably beat her even though I’m not pro as are MANY other college players. I could give her a run for her money simply because I know I’m quicker, stronger, and can pace the ball much faster than what she’s used to.

For the men’s circuit, that’s another story. Let’s just say I need more training, but Serena, or anybody else from the female tour, no problem.

If I were a betting man, I’d put my money on any top college or state ranked high school player against her any day, or even elite club players for that matter. Those guys are good, they’ll smack the ball at 120mph right in your face.

McEnroe said it best: abolish the WTA, make it one pro unit, then will see just how well the women do. I applaud his tell-it-like-it-is statements. Even at his age, he’s still got more guts and testosterone than 95% of the “yes ma’am” knuckleheads in the the media.

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231 thoughts on “John McEnroe Infuriates Media By Saying Serena Williams Would Get Crushed In The Men’s Division”

  1. Haha great for Mcenroe! A red pilled man whose doesn’t prostrate to lefty browbeating. His cameo in the movie “Mr Deeds” was one of the best parts of that others mediocre film. That and THIS red pill sledgehammer scene right here.

  2. This has already been proven! The WIlliams sister we soundly beat in 1998 by Karsten Brassch , an overweight, out of shape, beer loving men’s tennis player, who was ranked 203rd at the time. I understand he just finished some pints and played other matches before soundly dispatching sisters Williams. He did so at the
    Perhaps we need to drag him out of retirement, yet again, to prove McEnroe’s point?
    Why is this country and culture so stuck in reverse that it seeks endless dialog over decided facts? Denial of the truth is a sure recipe for decline and decimation of any culture, country and civilization.

  3. Could never get that into watching tennis. Playing it is fun for a couple hours on a Sunday afternoon. I am curious what draws people in about it.

    1. Used to watch Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, etc., when I was a kid at baseball camp as a kid and we got to watch a tiny bit of TV after busting our ass all week doing drills. The female “players”, like Martina Hingis, Steffi Graff, etc., were only worth watching to see their tits/asses jiggling, but those guys were legit badass great athletes IMO.

    2. I find most sport to Be the same, rather play than watch but watching Nadal v Federer in the Aus open final a few years ago … the skill level was superhuman.

  4. “I’m trying to have a baby.”
    Okay, go shit out your goblin.
    How much privacy do you really want when you try to use the pussy-pass to spite a man? Too full of pride to be sincere.

  5. I personally dislike tennis (no matter if it is men or women tennis). My father is a great fan of both sexes tennis but I’m not into this sport. Actually I dislike almost all sports (find them too boring too look at) except for basketball (I play from time to time with my friends) and soccer (european football. I also play it from time to time and watch it but I’m not an obsessed fan either).

    1. I can see getting into soccer, especially if you are rooting for Bayern and you are from there or another region with a team, and if some good Deutsch Pilsner or guinness or something else regional is available. The only thing I like about lady tennis is the short white skirts. Skinny bearded dude tennis just seems boring.

        1. There is that on occasion unfortunately. Back in the 80’s-90’s it seems like the female tennis stars were more feminine.

        2. Back then, most women were more feminine. Not now, of course (unless she’s having her ass handed to her — then, it’s “But I’m just a guuurl…”).

      1. Yep. If you’re a rich dude looking for a wife or just a bang and you don’t mind paying thousands of dollars for it, just go to a tennis match. You might just end up snatching yourself an Anna Kournikova clone.

  6. It’s interesting that “Borg vs. McEnroe”, an upcoming feature film starring that master of cucks, Shia LaBeouf (as John McEnroe), will debut in theaters on September 6th in Sweden.
    Another interesting coincidence is that the Swedish-produced movie will debut during the U.S. Open tennis tournament, which runs from August 28th through September 10th.
    The film will be distributed by Nordisk Film in Scandinavia, and internationally by SF Studios.
    SF Studios distributes foreign films in the Nordic countries and has deals with New Line Cinema, Summit Entertainment, Spyglass Entertainment and Revolution Studios in the United States. SF Studios is currently owned by the Bonnier Group.
    The Bonnier family owns the Bonnier Group. The Bonnier family is a Swedish family of Jewish origin (surprise!), who since the beginning of the 19th century has been active in the book industry and later also in the mass media industry. The Bonnier group has 175 companies in 18 countries.
    It will be interesting to see how this movie fares; I suspect it will be fairly well-received around the world, but we shall see…maybe “Girl Power!” will keep it from hitting lots of theaters in the USA as well as other countries that promote unfettered Muslim immigration and feminism.
    If that’s the case, it will probably be a big hit in Russia, China and Japan…

  7. Why no mention of the 1973 Battle of the Sexes tennis match between Bobby Riggs and Bille Jean King???

    50 years later and we’re still letting (((them))) foment discord, rancor, and animosity between the sexes over the most trivial shit.

        1. I have news for all you morons: 50 years from now, we’re going to be having another battle of the sexes, anything you can do i can do better dick/clit measuring contest

        2. seriously, do they even teach history in American schools anymore? or are people too busy writing another restaurant review app to be bothered with history?

        3. As I was scrolling down, I hit 9 comments, all in a row, that just read “This user is blocked”. But I only have 1 user blocked. Fucking sperg.

        4. It is time that we learn about herstory. The importance of Womyns’ roles have been elided by male centric heteronormativites for too long.

    1. Why wasn’t the 1973 Riggs vs. King match mentioned? Seems like the LOGICAL comparison. After all, Riggs caught flak for saying the same thing! But maybe we shouldn’t learn from history, amirite? Groundhog Day!

      1. Moshe: Let’s just recycle some controversy from 50 years ago …
        Ari: And just give it a fresh coat of paint? Some new names? Shoot it in HD instead of 8 mm? The goyim will eat it up like it’s new!

  8. “Respect me and my privacy as I’m trying to have a baby.”
    I’m having difficulty in identifying the breach of respect for privacy. I probably just don’t understand because I’m not a woman.

    1. Women don’t understand that fame and breach of privacy arr part and parcel. Now suddenly they have to be real role models and take responsibility. They can’t deal with it.

    2. He was asked a question on an interview and answered it.
      Because it affected her, she thinks his book tour and all his interviews are about her now.
      No interviews. No opinions. Till after I have a baby.
      And if you don’t say that I am the greatest player of all time, I will have a miscarriage.

  9. This sure keeps the attention away from Serena’s sister, Venus, who killed 78-year-old Jerome Barson in a car crash. Barson family awyers have recently requested Venus’s cell phone records, as they suspect she was…yep, texting or talking on the phone during the incident. (What a shock.)

        1. Imagine if there was a transvestite feminist black Muslim immigrant. That dude could literally get away with anything, and would probably get a scholarship as a result.

        2. think you’re onto something there Porc… i mean Murdoc, she will don a 3 piece suit change her name to Vaughan Williams come out as a bloke and BOOM rap beaten ala ol’ Bruce i mean Cake tin Jenner, whatever the hell he’s called now.

    1. Posting a seatbelt selfie to Instagram to collect Likes and Comments from her sackless beta followers.

  10. A bit off topic, but why does the WNBA exist? It has been stated earlier in the year that 90% are gay. These “females” aren’t traditional females. They act and live like college-aged jock men. Shouldn’t we just let them try out out for the NBA?

      1. That’s my point. They are women that marry women, get as many tattoos as Dennis Rodman, beat their spouses, & act like bad men: AND THEY SUCK!!! Why have the WNBA?

        1. wealth transfer schemes should exist for the wealthy class too, thats why…wouldnt exist w/o nba subsidies

  11. Who cares about who is better at lobbing tennis balls?
    It’s like the Lilliputians in Gulliver’s Travels where officials were chosen by their skill at “leaping and creeping.”

    I bet none of you ever heard of “leaping and creeping” huh???

  12. Once when I was taking a leak in a public restroom, a sentence on the right wall caught my eyes..
    It said, Toilet Tennis, look to your left..I looked to the left, on the left wall was written “Toilet Tennis look to the right”..I automatically looked to the right..then I got the point 🙂

    1. Fashion! Turn to the left
      Fashion! Fashion!
      We are the goon squad
      And we’re coming to town
      Beep-beep [x2]

  13. Always cite historical parallels and precedents. ALWAYS
    Riggs vs. King 1973, Battle of the Sexes

    1. you know what separates humans from other species? the ability to preserve the historical record

    2. Except that he threw that match, and he smoked much better female tennis players at the time.

    1. Notice how the news stories, like the movies, keep being reused and updated?
      King Kong: 1933, 1976, 2017

      You do know they will be making more King Kong movies in 2033 right?
      Just like how we had the Battle of the Sexes with Riggs vs. King in 1973 and now John McEnroe vs. Serena in 2017.
      The Jewish script writers are lazy and just recycle scripts.

  14. Jimmy Connors played Martina Navratilova in a “Battle of the Sexes” match at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas back in 1992. He won, 7-5, 6-2.
    Unbeknownst to most people today, the rules of the match gave Connors just one serve and Navratilova use of half the doubles alley. So even with this huge advantage, Navratilova had virtually no shot. In his book “The Outsider”, Connors revealed that he bet $1 million on the outcome of the match. He had to win in straight sets and Navratilova could win no more than eight games.
    If you watch highlights of the match, you can see many instances where Navratilova would weakly return Connors’ serve, popping the ball up in the air, with virtually nothing on it. Surprisingly, Connors rarely took advantage of this, which suggests he let her win the games she won.
    He smirked when he walked off the court after it was over. He kicked her ass, made it look good for the paying customers, and won $1 million on his bet. Bobby Riggs was in attendance, and he had a major chunk of cash on Connors to win as well…

    1. Hey, Bob. Finally met one of those people who tries to scalp web developers. On the plus side, all I had to deal with was a few hours of near-constant verbal abuse – not like I lost a few hundred hours of meticulous web design…

      1. Hey, you popped your cherry there…congrats. Those guys are assholes, aren’t they. As you said, it could have been worse.
        I can’t wait to sell my sites and get out of this business. Three years, tops. I’m burned out dealing with the schmucks.

        1. Bob and I had a conversation regarding this subject about a week ago, it’s always good to trade war stories… Take that negative client experience, learn from it and move on.
          There are many honest people in the world, but there’s also no shortage of swindlers. I have these conversations all the time with other business owners and there’s one common principle we all try to adhere to: Properly Qualify Your Prospect. A little extra time spent beforehand can really save you from a major headache down the road. If you truly know your abilities… it’s not about them interviewing (you) to see if you’re up to the task. It’s really about you qualifying (them) to see of they will ultimately become a good client.

        2. A couple of platforms, mostly LAMP (with PHP and Python). Configured IP tables, designed a few background daemons to do jobs I couldn’t figure out how to make the server do without root access…

        3. I’m been almost exclusively server side for my entire career. Hope I can stay there for another 20 years or so. I would even consider doing App Support or QA after 60 if it comes to that, as long as the contract rates are decent. I don’t think I can program forever…

      2. Wha? Who are these people that try to “scalp” web developers? Not sure what that means but I’d be interested to know.

        1. Basically people who, one way or another, waste a developer’s time and energy. It can range from undercutting (having a skilled dev create something unique, have a cheap dev copy the design, and refuse to pay the skilled dev) to “picking your brain” (using the initial exchange to find out from a skilled dev how to get the job done, then hiring a cheaper dev instead). Basically, any time they try to steal your knowledge, expertise, and time.
          “Scalp” may not be quite the right term, but that’s essentially the spirit of the thing.

        2. That’s why it’s good to have friends and mentors who will gladly give you some gravy over lunch and give you their blessing for taking it and hiring whoever you like to accomplish the task. I encounter something similar to this a lot with electricians and various contractors. The schlub who wants a job done calls the best guy in town, has him draw up all the plans and do a walk through of the house to leech everything the guy has planned, then ejects at the last minute and does it himself, or hires the lone journeyman on the cheap to do it. Shit’s everywhere mang…

    2. Another event dubbed a “Battle of the Sexes” took place during the 1998 Australian Open between Karsten Braasch and the Williams sisters. Venus and Serena Williams had claimed that they could beat any male player ranked outside the world’s top 200, so Braasch, then ranked 203rd, challenged them both. Braasch was described by one journalist as “a man whose training regime centered around a pack of cigarettes and more than a couple bottles of ice cold lager”. The matches took place on court number 12 in Melbourne Park, after Braasch had finished a round of golf and two beers. He first took on Serena and after leading 5–0, beat her 6–1. Venus then walked on court and again Braasch was victorious, this time winning 6–2. Braasch said afterwards, “500 and above, no chance”. He added that he had played like someone ranked 600th in order to keep the game “fun”.]Braasch said the big difference was that men can chase down shots much easier, and that men put spin on the ball that the women can’t handle. The Williams sisters adjusted their claim to beating men outside the top 350.

      1. Could you imagine Serena playing against Djokovich, Federer, Nadal or Murray? Bwahaha.
        6-0, 6-0, 6-0…through infinite contests. If she won a point it would be via an unforced error…

        1. They’d just get bored and start trying to make ridiculous shots. Between the legs. Behind the back……

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        3. Something tells me if such a tennis match with a lop-sided score occurred, the media would rather conspicuously avoid covering it.
          I wonder why…

      2. This^^. So I’m trying to figure out how what McEnroe said is even an issue. We already have irrefutable evidence that Serena cannot beat even the top 200th male player. What is there to argue?

  15. didn’t read it but,
    was he being misogynistic or misandric?
    who knows?
    wasn’t there a story about a 100th ranked mens player that beat her while drunk?

    1. Careful, she might whip out her racket and try to smack you in the balls.
      But seriously, and on a related note, what’s up with the proliferation of animal print apparel among normie women as well? Maybe in my early thirties I’m already an old bitter man out of touch with this world, or maybe it’s a cultural thing. I do remember that once upon a time, animals prints and sparkly jewelry among women meant that they were whores. And by that, I mean actual prostitutes. Nowadays, I even see little girls wearing yoga pants with zebra prints. What the fuck has happened?

      1. I don’t know what happened but I have noticed that trend as well. Whatever happened, it can’t be good. Zoo you know what I mean?

  16. What he said is true. Its the same with the fawning over Ronda Rousey. She’d get crushed if she had to fight men.

  17. In one of my near miss cringe compilations:
    I was at a triathlon meet. During the pre-race safety lecture. I was standing at the back talking with one of my countrymen…we have strong accents and are rude cunts…
    And next thing Anna Kournikova was backing up to us(me)…
    there are often relays — one pro swimmer does the swim, pro biker the bike – pro runner the run…sometimes celebrity…
    She was so fucking skinny and little and sexy and beautiful, and sweet, and feminine – you know the opposite of a “Williams”…
    I made some comment about her swimming… and she said she was the runner…( I was taking the piss off course…)
    and then I went camera shy and walked away….
    anyway at 200lbs I can out-run her after swimming and riding…
    well, not any more.

  18. I actually converted a liberal anti-SJW into opposing women in the military based off science. He has a Ph.D in Biochemistry, and I urged him to read peer-reviewed studies on the matter.
    The all showed women have less stamina, strength and bone density than men. All three are desirable traits in the Infantry.
    He was already an anti-SJW liberal, but he actually changed his position, which surprised me the most.

    1. Even libs will soon be pissed off by SJWs… I think the jury is out on whether we should punish them anyways for being on the same ideological side.

      1. The jury has just returned a verdict, and it’s a very strong and decisive yes. Arrest and deport the lot of ’em.

    1. yep.
      seems the worst thing a man can do in the commie regime…
      stated often in the manopshere and proven every time it occurs publicly.
      it only gets worse.

    2. He did handle the situation with aplomb and I bet the ladies thought he was charming at the end. Though one can’t help but think the way you keep the money machine working is through being part of absolutely irrelevant “controversies”… did you know that megabiodiverse (more ants’ species in one tree than in all of UK) land is being sold as if nothing by corrupt government officers? (Yasuní) That we still don’t know the whereabouts of Liu XIAOBO’s window after two weeks of his China-arranged funeral?

  19. Serena’s response makes no sense. Commenting on her skills during an NPR interview is not “invading her privacy.”

  20. I fucking hate Charlie Rose. Biggest white knight, snarky, effiminate beta male cockboy “interviewer” ever. Poor John McEnroe, the shit he has to put up with, with those smug, idiot media cunts.

  21. And to think he missed a golden opportunity to say, “women better than men at tennis? I’m getting a little tired of this racket.”

    1. Feminists are just trying to keep the ball on their court.
      How about I serve you some tennis facts.
      These reporters need a taste of a backhand.

  22. I always considered a “punk”, which is highly opposed to “red pill” thought. Jesus, he’s even married to Patti Smith…

        1. Actually, that isn’t fair of me to say, because WB. You see, what doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger. Not that I’m sure I’d survive, but it would be worth the risk to be able to say I did.

        2. you are a brave but foolish man to want relations with a silverback gorilla.
          are you picking up where that commie monster (the kosher Josef Mengele) left off in trying to breed ape humans?

    1. This every moment of a person is beautiful got to stop. Soon Vanity Fair would be front covering a fat chick taking a dump. Vanity Fair does sound like the circus alright

  23. hadnt she (and her sister) already lost against this german chainsmoker tennisplayer ranked 203 in the world? looking like Napoleon Dynamite? Karsten Braasch? 6:1?,seite=3.html
    Braasch: It started with Serena and Venus asking me, if there is a rule that prohibits women to play in the mens league.
    There was not such a rule. When I was in the ATP bureau, both came to to me again and said, they would have seen someone they could beat. But they had no clue who they had seen. So they studied the media guide and searched for the player suchten. But at first they did not found him.
    SPOX/Tennisnet: What happened then?
    Serena and Venus were asked which rank the men they would beat sould have. They answered it would beginn at the rank 200. I used to be number 203 i the world ranks and said, we could try that if they wanted. I had nothing to do after all
    SPOX/Tennisnet: Have both accepted the challenge?
    Venus and Serena Venus didn’t mention it at first. Meanwhile they had found the player, it was Franciso Clavet, who was in the Quarter finals back then.
    My sides were almost in orbit. Against him they would not score one point most likely because he made almost no mistakes and had very good movements.
    SPOX/Tennisnet: What then?
    Venus und Serena left the ATP guys asked me if I would really do that. I agreed. The ATP then approached the WTA which asked the Williams sisters and then they also agreed.
    SPOX/Tennisnet: Das Match was set on a tuesday, one set against Serena, one against Venus
    And the media were very busy because Serena and Venus had said after their double “That was easy, tomorrow will be a hard match” The reporter of course asked further questions and Serena admitted that she would play against a man. She had no clue who I am and could not even tell them my name. …
    SPOX/Tennisnet: Have you ever thought about what would have happened if you would have los?
    No. I was sure that I could not lose.In the end I have to admit – I know that sounds mean.- that I have hold myself back a little bit. I did not use my first serve at all but just played the ball in.
    SPOX/Tennisnet: Were the sisters insulted after the match?
    No, they took it quite sportsmanlike.,A few month later I met Venus at the French Open. I already saw her from the distance walking into my direction and noticed that she tried to not see me.
    She overlooked me intentionally. I just grinned and turned around and followed her with the eye
    Suddenly she turned around and said: ‘Karsten. What happened in Australia did never happen.”
    SPOX/Tennisnet: How have the male colleges reacted to your victory?
    The crazy thing was, that the australian TV streamed live to our match while there was a break at the center cour. So some players could watch it – so Pete Sampras.
    Er later came to me and said, well done.

  24. Would like to see another “Battle of the Sexes,” especially one not rigged this time. Serena Williams is an arrogant woman who can’t admit that she isn’t good enough, compared to the best men.

  25. Scratch out Conor McGregor and put the best of the best female boxers up against Mayweather Jr. Better yet, against even a sparring partner of a mid-ranked male boxer… would the outcome even be a question?

    1. Professional female athletes can easily find males that they can compete against….
      …Provided they raid the local middle school….

      1. Yep. He’ll get schooled by most amateurs for sure. I’ve got to give Conor points for having balls though. He’s willing to have that many people watch what could be quite the lop-sided event. I’m sure Mayweather Jr. will take it easy though.
        Also, I’m surprised that not more boxers get a little anti-BJJ skills and fight in the Octagon. The advantage is always with good strikers.

        1. I was just watching an older pride fight josh Barnett vs Antonio nogueira. Both have a background in grappling (catch wrestling vs bjj). Noguiera mentioned that in preparation for this fight he trained exclusively with the Cuban national boxing team. Boy his hands were sharp and snappy. That edge was what was needed in that fight. Granted he lost by decision and I know he was robbed.

        2. Yep. Minotauro is a BJJ specialist. Adding in improved striking gives him an advantage. I think I’ll go and watch that again…

        3. He said it himself, who wouldn’t dance around a ring for $100 mil. It’s a joke. He’s 29 and win or lose will be more successful financially than mayweather at the same age. If it was a real fight he would kill mayweather. He’s an inspiration to white peoples everywhere.

        4. He said it himself, who wouldn’t dance around a ring for $100 mil. It’s a joke. He’s 29 and win or lose will be more successful financially than mayweather at the same age.

          Certainly. It will be like one of those Hollywood spectacles like those Ip Man movies. I don’t see how they will pull off projected revenues, but hey, the masses are always hungry for these kind of things. It is all in the marketing hype.
          = = = = = = = = = =

          If it was a real fight he would kill mayweather. He’s an inspiration to white peoples everywhere.

          If the fight were by MMA rules and regulations, Mayweather Jr. would have to get a couple of years of training and experience in things like Muy Thai and BJJ so he could adjust to those types of offence. He’s probably too old (and rich) to bother with that. Plus those cauliflower ears aren’t all that attractive — LOL.
          Mayweather Jr. does have some “god”-given defensive skills, so I wouldn’t count him out if had gone the MMA path in the past. Like most top boxers, he has quick hands, overall reflexes, and excellent distance control. As it is, of course, Conor has way too much experience in the MMA format. Once he “sinks the bridge” he’ll have a great advantage.
          Now… a “real fight”? That all depends on what one considers a “real fight”.
          Even MMA has rules that don’t exist on the streets. They are there for the protection of all, but they do tend to take away some of the more fearsome tools of actual combat (where there really are no rules). BNC’s are bout ending in MMA, but in a real fight, you really don’t want to tie up both your hands when the guy you are oxygen-depriving can tear flesh, fingers… or worse… has a knife. Sure, he’s got seconds to break the hold (I recall that the tunnel vision and hearing loss starts happens in about 2-3 seconds… then I tapped out… or woke up sometime later…) but in desperate situations like that, anything goes.
          The best thing is to avoid joint locks and chokes at all costs… one of the best “real” fighters I have seen is that wacky “Master Wong” on Youtube. On the surface he sounds like a head case, but if you watch what he shows, you get some insight into some very nasty combat skills. I saw a clip recently where the big guy he was demonstrating on was getting a bit pissed-off so he started to get a bit rougher on Wong… All I can say is that “fluidity” (“be like water”) and understanding of footwork makes so much sense.
          If I can find that clip, I’ll post it up.

    2. Funny you mentioned that. Remember Rhonda rousey challenging mayweather? So funny because it has been documented that during training camp, when she’s sparring a no name nobody male trainer who’s going light on her, is being drilled. Now imagine one of the greatest marquis de queensberry boxer with deadly hands teeing off on her face.
      Valen fox the tranny is s terrible fighter for both men and women standards. But still he crushes his opponents because he’s a man.

      1. =’P Lolz. Yes. Rousey probably couldn’t even land a punch on Mayweather Jr. if she subbed in fresh in the 12th round. His instinctive defense is just out of this world. It wouldn’t even be worthy to watch such a mismatch. I felt bad enough watching Tyson go up against real boxers (not knocking Iron Mike though… he missed his calling. He would have dominated MMA if it was big enough when he was headlining the Boxing world. He energy management — well more like burn like a Saturn V for 3 rounds — suits the MMA format… and his uppercut was fearsome).
        Roy Jones Jr., Mayweather Jr. (…are they always 2nd generation pugilists?) are a level above other fighters. Its all about boast. There’s no way anyone who isn’t ranked in pro-boxing and has seen these surgeons operate wouldn’t think they stood a snowballs chance in heck. Rousey… knowing her, she probably believed her own hype.
        Tranny vs. Female is unfair. They should have a separate Tranny division. Lol.

  26. It’s a sad commentary on today’s fucked up society that this is controversial. In a sane world it would be no more “problematic” than saying that the fucking sky is blue.

    1. the German press is even more so in their tradition of perpetual guilt, not publishing anything which suggests anything other than McEnroe regrets it and takes it back the cucks

  27. Watching tennis mixed doubles in excruciating, because many men on tour have been conditioned to take pace off the ball while serving and not hit to the body if the woman is at the net. In the above video on service aces in mixed doubles, look at everyone’s reaction: male player is apologetic in post-game interviews, almost ashamed, and getting slightly jeered from the crowd; female players are either pissed off, frustrated or simply laughing at the idiocy of it; commentators are embarrassed and can’t comment on the elephant in the room. These top female players look no better than if I had to return serve on these guys.

  28. Charlie Rose, one of the interviewers at CBS in the first linked clip of the article, has been around for decades, knows sports well, and has interviewed literally hundreds, if not thousands, of athletes, both male and female. He DAMN WELL knows Serena would rank way down on the list if she were compared to male tennis players.
    He just could not resist the temptation to virtue signal to the women on the panel and the lefty audience.

    1. There was a time when I used to enjoy watching Charlie Rose. But ever since he interviewed that one Boricuan fruitcake from the play Hamilton I just don’t watch it anymore. Not going to sacrifice an hour of sleep at night for that. Or maybe, excluding Westside Story, I just can’t stand musicals.

  29. It’s good that he said this and even better that he stuck to his guns.
    It is only a big stink because S. Williams is black.
    If he said this when Steffi Graf was #1, no one would have given a damn.
    And McEnroe is a FLAMING liberal.
    He supported Dinkins over Giuliani for Christ’s sake!

  30. ‘ “One time, a friend, he says to me, ‘Listen, one of these days you’re gonna see Venus and Serena Williams in Playboy.’ I said, ‘You’ve got a better shot at National Geographic.’”‘
    – Sid Rosenberg

      1. Howard Stern has admitted to whacking off to the picture of Aunt Jemima on the pancake mix box. Some guys will whack off to anything.

  31. Tennis is a helluva demanding sport. I started out at a later age (30) than most people, but I’ve already gotten accustomed to 70 year old retirees (all of them men) kicking my ass and teaching me the ropes about the fundamentals of the game. Gents, keep yourself in shape, and you’ll never have a reason to slow down no matter what age you are.

  32. By the way it’s part of a reporter’s job to push people into making inflammatory remarks. The reporter pushed him all the way to ask him where he would rank her. With his tennis reputation and experience he only stated his evaluation.

  33. Any guy who recreationally lifts can attest to being able to outperform even the strongest bitch in the gym without trying.
    Saw.some bulldyke with a very robust frame benching 185. Most guys with a few years experience can rep that without effort while being lighter.

  34. The only reason that Serena dominated women’s tennis is because of her PED use which no one in tennis will talk about. Her game is all about power and when that power folds she is defeated.

    1. Rather make an all womens NFL team. No women should be allowed to ride male NFL player’s fame. If you put one female NFL player they would commend her for the least performance.

      1. Or make one of the Lingerie Football League teams go against the Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders. They would get smoked. Scratch that, they would get smoked by a Division 3 college football team.

        1. You mean the Australian soccer team, aka the Matildas? They got whooped bad. In all fairness, their opponents weren’t just your regular high school boys. These were students of the Newcastle Jets U-15 team. Some might make it to the pros.

      2. I’d just like to see a female athlete get tackled by J.J. Watt or someone similar. It would immediately put an end to the nonsensical notion of equality.

  35. Fuck these gals..Let’s settle this once and for all. Have Boys vs Girls compete and settle the issue “who’s best”. Track and Field, Tennis, Basketball get the world’s best men and women and have it out. The men would crush the women so that’s why it’s rarely done…

    1. and bare knuckle boxing, with some sort of financial incentive so the man doesnt go easy on the poor delicate little flower.
      eg 1st round KO 1 million $ – 2nd round KO 750K $ – 3rd 500K etc

  36. It is obviously true..women are weaker than men and that is why all of us should carry a gun. I honestly feel very unsafe when i have to catch the bus at Night or when alone Eating in a restaurant and some man with a predator or desperate look aproaches me trying to talk to me when i just wish to eat my salad in peace. Would be much better with my small gun specially designed for my little female hands in my purse! In case it got ugly…Bang! :))

  37. I watched a few years ago, two handball matches, one after another. The first one was women’s handball, the second one was men’s. The conclusion? The same as in tennis. Men are much faster, unforgiving, stronger and more aggressive than the women. The women looked like antelopes when jumping to throw the ball into the net.
    Women really played like pussies there 😀

    1. Their goalkeeping is also freaking hysterical-seeing them flap at balls that are over waist height and falling over themselves from crosses or shots that otherwise wouldn’t elicit barely a yawn in the men’s game is comedy gold.

  38. Good. No more apologizing. Fuck these sensitive pricks and their politically correct beliefs.
    And lol at Serena going all “oh I’m having a baby think of him!” Typical of women to use children as shields.

    1. And that’s another thing that gives a men an edge: the fact that he doesn’t have to take breaks from training to have and take care of baby. To put it simply, a male tennis player like Nadal or Federer, assuming they’re married and/or have kids already, are doing the traditional male role, which is that of breadwinners. Not Serena. Plus she didn’t have her baby till her 30s. Meanwhile, beta husband will have to support her.

  39. On the subject of men’s tennis, not too long ago I was watching Billy Madison on DVD. Afterwards I looked up Miss Veronica Vaughn’s real life alter ego Bridgette Wilson. Turns out she married tennis legend Pete Sampras. Imagine that.

  40. And I just finished watching that doubles video up there. Poor white chick trying to get those serves. Just like a drunk chick she could see it coming and yet she still got banged. Oh well, she’s hot. At least she still aspires to get her own Russian oligarch or her own Enrique Iglesias.

  41. Why is no one noting the actual results of both Venus and Serena playing against a guy ranked just over 200 on men’s list in back to back matches. I believe they were even women’s matches. The guy drank beers between sets, and smoked before the matches, and still blew both of them away.

  42. “Respect me and my privacy as I’m trying to have a baby”
    – Demand attention
    – Claim you never wanted attention
    – Claim you’re the victim
    – Play the vagina card.

  43. pfffrrtt, High school male soccer players won against a professional Womyn FIFA World Cup team , the boys destroy them.

  44. WTA is ripping off the tennis public because they get the same money as men but do not play best of 5. I say from now on in GS semi finals and finals women have to play best of 5.

  45. Of course Serena could not cut it on the Male circuit. She’s never said she could. An average heavyweight would destroy Mayweather or Gennady Golovkin. So what ? Does not mean that the heavyweight is better. Just means he has size and power and weight advantages. The same as male tennis players over females. Having said that I’m not sure about the author thinking he could be Serena. Even as a man you’d have to be a pretty serious player to be Serena.

  46. If his daughters truly disagree then they are idiots, lack respect for their father and John is not raising them right.

  47. We have already had a match with the Williams sisters taking on a man (Karsten Braasch so why is anything said here controversial? This is getting plain stupid, people are actually getting brainwashed by the media into believing that men and women are equal. The only reason that men and women don’t compete against each other in sports is that women would never win anything and thus get discouraged, so they get to just play against other women instead. This was a great favour given to women, but we see just how much gratitude it brings in a feminist society. So, I think we should just take them at their word and campaign to do away with separate women’s events. Let them compete on equal terms with men, it might bring them to reality.

  48. and yet again Disqus hides my comments, and yet again I say: the manosphere blogs must stop using this software, it is being used to censor us. I have used no words that could be confused with spam, but again it is ‘detected as spam’. I have to periodically create new accounts because once they home in on us they keep blocking messages.

  49. But women (and many men) have become convinced by the media now that men and women are equal. Take a look through the world records for sports, eg long jump, high jump, javelin, running (all distances), swimming (all distances), shot put, you name it. Women lag in all of them. The reason that women are in separate sporting events is because otherwise they would not win anything and be discouraged. This was a kindness to women, but in an age of feminism we see what gratitude it gets. So I think we should have a campaign to do away with separate women’s events in the name of ‘equality’ and have them play on equal terms. Might bring them back to reality.

  50. Margaret Court is the greatest female tennis player of all time. That’s trying to be whitewashed due to her opposition to gay marriage

  51. They announce him as a guest on the program, and the very first thing they do in the first minute is attack him inquisition style with “why did you say that about Serena” and “would you like to apologize?”.
    What a bunch of disgusting cunts!

  52. Remember when they were saying Rhonda Rousey could beat up Mayweather? Never mind the fact that Rousey only beats up girls…

  53. Man, watching that segment made me respect McEnroe. I always knew he had balls, but damn the way he didn’t cave in. Gentlemen, that is a man who is truly financially and professionally free. Not afraid from backlash and MSm witch hunts. Should we all be so brash like him and Roosh.

    1. Who was the woman who demanded he apologise for having an opinion? It really was great when he declined her invitation to apologise. I wish he ahd fired back at her and put her in ehr palce but frnakly, watched by thousands wth the cameras there it is a high pressure situation and he did well to simply refuse to apologise.

  54. Our Australian Women’s Soccer Team which just won the Tournament of Nations had their arses handed to them by a local under 15 boys team – 6 or 7 nil

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