Why Money Can No Longer Save The Beta Male

I’ve already written about the limits of money when it comes to game. Suffice it to say that, in today’s modern Western environment where young, attractive women are exceedingly well provisioned, the provider male is not as valuable as he used to be.

It was one thing to be financially stable in a world where women had few prospects for earning on their own, and where they could be socially ostracized for having sex outside of a marriage or a VERY committed relationship.

It is another thing entirely when women not only can support themselves, but also suffer no consequences for having sex with men outside of marriage and/or committed relationships. Women like that do not need to limit themselves to the borders desired by the traditional beta provider male—they are instead free to fuck whoever it is they find attractive, and do so without the pressure of marriage/family forced upon them by society as a cost.

Despite these glaring realities, there still remain many betas in our society who have not gotten the memo. To illustrate this, I present to you the story of one Mr. Rishi Bajaj:

Rishi Bajaj, 33, says he opened his heart, then his wallet, to Miss New Mexico Teen USA 2007 Liz Kranz after she told him she was considering selling her eggs to raise cash for a relative in rehab.

The sob story got the beauty a $20,000 loan from Bajaj, he claims in a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit.


We already know where this is going…

Bajaj, who co-manages the $620 million hedge fund Altai Capital, then told Kranz, 24, to pick out a car for the couple to share — and was “surprised” when she selected a 2012 BMW that came with a $17,070 down payment.

Here we find a man who is shocked that a girl he essentially offered a blank check to would pick an expensive car. And even after finding this “surprise” he still paid for it.


They met in July 2012 and dated for “several months,” even vacationing together in Italy, where, Bajaj said in court papers, he let Kranz use his American Express card.

Kranz, of the Lower East Side, was also allowed to use Bajaj’s AmEx to buy a dress for a wedding they attended.
In all, Bajaj claims Kranz spent $58,860 on his credit card over three months last year. In a November letter, his lawyer accused her of “theft, fraud and other egregious misconduct” and demanded she repay the full $58,860 in credit-card purchases.

He wants the court to force Kranz to repay him at least $40,000 of the credit-card charges as well as the $20,000 loan and the BMW down payment plus an $1,853.73 late fee.

In this we see the sad plight of the pitiful, clueless beta male.
Blissfully unaware of the broad societal changes I outlined at the beginning of the article, Mr. Bajaj decided to give the world to a former beauty queen for no other reason other than the fact that she was young and reasonably hot. He essentially threw money at her, furnishing the woman with jewelry, clothing and an expensive new car.

Ms. Kranz, for reference:


In return for his generosity simping, Mr. Bajaj was probably expecting to secure Ms. Kranz’s sexual loyalty and affection. After all, he’s already done the “right” thing and “taken care of” her. Surely, she would have to respond by committing to him, expressing her undying love for him and articulating a willingness to stand by his side forever. Such is the stuff that beta dreams are made of. The reality, however, is not nearly that kind to the beta.

In another era, Mr. Bajaj’s dreams could likely have come true. An attractive woman like Kranz would have had great incentive to settle with a wealthy, successful young man like Bajaj, beta or not. In the “old days”, such a woman couldn’t earn much on her own and social shaming would prevent her from waiting too long to settle down and/or messing with more attractive but less financially stable men outside of marriage.

So what did a woman do in these bygone eras? They settled, often for a man who was steady and reliable if not particularly sexually exciting (most were not lucky enough to snag more balanced prospects). She made do with the understanding that it was her best choice. Perhaps down the line she’d even develop some genuine affection for her husband for his ability to provide for her, even if he wasn’t the most sexually attractive man she could have had sex with.

Often, however, there was an undercurrent of resentment in the hearts of these women, a current that I’m confident played some role in the explosion of second-wave feminism during the 60s and probably helped to drive the no-fault divorce movement. As has been articulated before, women hate betas. Given the choice between a weak, supplicating male she can easily control/extract resources from at a whim and a more confident, secure, self-assured man, most women would certainly pick the latter. In the past, the weaker men were protected from this reality.

They aren’t anymore.

Now dating mixed-martial-arts hunk Max McGarr, Kranz did not respond to requests for comment.

Here is Mr. McGarr, for reference:

Abduhl Beyah v Max McGarr _2_
Abduhl Beyah v Max McGarr _13_

How much do you guys want to bet that Mr. McGarr hasn’t felt the need to purchase a new BMW or drop $60,000 for the privilege of pounding this former beauty queen?

This story only highlights the reality of our modern environment, and the growing weakness of the provider model in securing the affection of young, attractive women with options. Ms. Kranz, unlike her mother and grandmother may have before her, didn’t feel any compulsion to settle for a weak man like Rishi Bajaj.


He’s wealthy, but she doesn’t need his money. She can support herself just fine. He’s a “nice guy,” but such appearances are irrelevant in a world where girls like Liz Kranz do not face social ostracism for having unmarried sex with men who do not fit that traditional mold.

For better or worse, women are free now. They can finally make the sexual choices they’ve always wanted to make, choices dictated by their natural hypergamy. Rishi Bajaj and tens of millions of men like him are thus left with a stark choice: adapt to these new realities by improving yourself and becoming the more sexually attractive man that an attractive woman will want to choose over her abundance of other options or refuse to change and suffer the consequences (rejection, long sexual dry-spells, and embarrassing “extortion” of the kind seen in this story).

Women have made their conditions clear—supplicating betas and other wannabe “providers” need not apply. Men must either adapt to this reality or accept eternal frustration in the sexual marketplace. There is no middle ground.

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225 thoughts on “Why Money Can No Longer Save The Beta Male”

  1. Agree but you left out the other option of just GYOW. Much better to be self sufficient and alone rather than focusing all your energy in the dating rat race. In the long run women are the one’s who will be hurt the most. And while these blogs focus mainly on upper classes, the damage to the middle and lower class women is never brought up. Those women should feel lucky if they find a guy to put a roof over their head if one should ever come up. Because those men are rare.

    1. Agreed. It boils down to whether you want to stay in the game, where the cards are stacked against you, or choose not to play the game. There’s only so much you can do to improve yourself and doing it so that you can chase pussy is, in the long run, futile.
      You have only one life and it’s up to you to make it the best one you can possibly manage. If that means long dry spells, then that’s better, IMO, than throwing all of your resources to bang some former beauty queen.

      1. one question is “Is the man improving himself or is the man improving the woman’s perception of him” because if he is improving himself then he might as well forget about her as she is not worth it – go MGTOW and realize your own future.

        1. Agreed, With self improvement the only person you should validate is yourself, If it helps your game more power to you.

        1. So, what’s the difference? This idiot paid tens of thousands of dollars for this prostitute and got nothing but pain to show for it.
          You pay for sex one way or the other. If you don’t want to deal with her bullshit, then pay her to come get your rocks off, take the money and leave with no sour and awkward emotional drama after.
          Also, if you are chasing women, you do have to show off for some of them. Which means that you are still not “improving” you for you; but “for” her! You can be as alpha as fuck, and get tooled like a beta.
          This guy is saying why bother?
          You don’t pay a whore for sex, you pay her to leave.
          I had a woman say, in a ridiculously insulting tone, that perhaps it would be better if she just shut up and sucked my dick? An obvious use of shaming language.
          I told her that then she gets all the pleasure and what is in it for me?
          She treated me favorably afterwards, I still paid her no mind.
          More men are going to use this and the porno route. We already are! If and when the inflationary model of the economy goes down; many of these women would be lucky to be high paid hos.
          I will pay them no mind.

        2. “You pay for sex one way or the other.”
          Not if you know how to play the game, hence PUAs.
          “…you are chasing women”
          Good PUAs don’t chase women. It’s actually the other way around.
          There’s a huge difference in helping whores get rich and using them for free to your dick’s satisfaction before dumping them.

        3. for $60k he could have hired a clean and tidy porn star for a whole year… and she would have done him with every orifice in every position imaginable… as many times as he wanted…. and women say men are stupid…. SO : before you open the wallet…. make sure what you are paying for……worked for Charlie Sheen….

        4. If you are an authoritative male, that rules his roost and you invite a female to share that roost with you, and you maintain authority, then sex is something that happens naturally. it is not a commodity if she wants it and finds you attractive.
          she wants monogamy and safety….. you just have to take the right attitude in establishing yourself as boss in that….. then she will naturally yield to you, even hit on you several times a day.
          the trick in this is the carrot and stick approach… authority and treats….. treat her too well and she’ll become demanding of it…. treat her poorly or don’t show her enough attention…. and she’ll get fed up…. BALANCE
          instead of running off to a cabin in the woods for a wank, MGTOW, would be better to wise up and learn the rules of the game, and think into ways to operate better……
          don’t buy a house, rent one. don’t buy a car, lease one, rent fully furnished, keep assets out of reach, don’t do stupid things like joint bank accounts, keep her on tight leash and make it clear that she’s out the door if there’s any trouble.
          if she’s a keeper, and you have the money, get her pregnant… a couple of times…..
          keep her mind occupied, treat her nice, put her in her place….. you are the adult male doh !

        5. Don’t waste your energy arguing with whoremongers. They think paying for sex with a whore who just got ravaged 3 minutes ago is IDENTICAL to picking up a girl in the coffee shop.

        6. I don’t think it is identical. Also, I don’t pay for whores. Never have, never needed to. I have about forty separate “flags” as you call it to my name, and I never paid for any one of them. I just clarified what the dude was saying.
          In regards to your statement of “whore mongering” I do fail to see a difference between a guy who picks up a girl who most likely got banged in the bar bathroom five minutes ago, then taking her out a few nights later; to being different from just paying up front, and letting her leave after.
          A girl who you “pick-up” in a coffee shop may be ready to make you her “first”; but I doubt it is a wholesome thing. In today’s age, I truly doubt it. For all you know, that nice, intellectual, delicate, and worldly little wallflower you are about to drag through the “game” from the coffee shop may potentially have a higher notch count then many of you do! If she wanted to, she could get any number of guys. Your ability to nab a woman who is deeply subjective in what she brings into her bed is not my point.
          A woman who has sex with you, is also in line with however many other women you have been with. Although I give mad props to your ability to bed women, a rose by any other name…
          Alas, I know this will probably be taken out of context here, but honestly; to argue that women who sleep with you after you game them are so far away on the spectrum of whore on one side, and the wholesome hotties you bed on a regular basis being on the other is not the light year in distance you may believe/brag it to be.
          If she is gamable, like most women are, she has a little ho in her (about almost every woman on the planet as I am guessing many here realize). Many PUAs state that women who are too easy, and have a high N count may not be suitable material for the long term.
          Also, again, the difference between a guy who pays up front, and then goes to the movies by himself and does not bother talking, and wasting resources trying to game many women (his choice, not mine), compared to the guy who spends hours learning how to game women is not as wide a chasm in my eyes. The similarities abound. Both just want the sex, and then move on. Arguing over who is better is a cock measuring contest that is a waste of time.
          You are going to tell me that just because you can get a ton of women for free, and often, learning how to dress right (spending money on clothes), talk right, and maintain your frame right; makes you soo much better than a beta who pays for it, rather then just being better at getting whores without paying for it is nonsense to me. The mathematical probability that all the women you banged have been “wholesome girls next door” and virgins is mathematically impossible. The only differences are your perspective on what’s worth it. If a guy figures buying a whore is worth his time, and refuses to waste time learning to talk to a woman, and just wants to mind his own business; why would you care? It should not affect you.
          Learning to talk to a woman is a great thing, and most all of you here are skilled at it, I get that; so my response is not meant as a diss. Merely a request for clarification.
          I argue the difference being that great between the two of you is merely a thin veil separating a “whore mongerer,” from a gamer in your mind.
          You write about gaming, I get that, and most likely could care less if a guy pays for it. Having married a wholesome woman after my notch count is neither fair, nor a personal attack; as for me to judge you would be extreme hypocrisy.
          I am merely pointing out that I see very little difference.
          Also, the difference in the mind of the women you bed is highly likely to be a step or two away from making the connection that she is wasting her time trying to get men to pursue her and steal resources through divorce; when she can just practice her craft, and get paid for it. If you feel long term commitments and kids are worthless, why should it be different for her; and why not get paid for all the effort?
          I see the several arguments related to this, and the casual dismissal of the commenter above seems hypocritical to me.
          Yet, whatever. I have seen many of the commenters here are very intelligent, and will probably have plenty of backhanded compliments and pithy little retorts. Yet at the end of the day, what truly is the difference between nailing a woman “who was banged three minutes ago” and the women you bag on a daily basis.
          It is not like these women are making you wait. Your goal is to seal the deal ASAP; and/or have fun with it.
          Why does it matter if a couple guys refuse all the mental instruments they deem useless, and go for the jugular?
          The argument of one-upmanship between the commenters above seem like one whore telling the other they need to be more “puritanical?” Both are “whoring” in their own special way. LOL

        7. Are you telling me that there’s little difference between:
          – Spending $100-300 per nut on a prostitute who fucked 20 dudes last week.
          – Spending money on yourself to be healthy and presentable. Picking up a girl who’s been with 20 dudes her entire life time (and that’s being quite liberal) and fucking her whenever, wherever, and for as long as you want.

        8. In that regard, little if any difference. Without too much personal info, many here will claim that they have several women who have only “been with twenty dudes her whole life” which if you have several women who have been with that many men each; then you have been with 20 dudes times the # of women on the side. Then multiply by the # of times you have done so respectively. You will see your “number” increases exponentially
          To bust up a guy who pays 100 for one time, and is okay with it; is not that different than the money you get to pay to get to the point where you are at with women. You see, you buy certain clothes, and spend money to get from place to place in order to better speak to and “hunt” your quandry.
          A guy who bangs a dirty woman with the expressed agreement that she leaves afterwards can just as easily improve himself in college, military, whatever. He can still doggedly go after his numerous pursuits. Your pursuit, and I respect your choice, is no different in the long run except your life revolves around potential whores moonlighting as decent women during the day. You cannot possibly screen them all.
          Basically, he has one or several women that he pays when he wants. Also, he can still use game theory and get several women on the side depending on what he wants.
          The only difference is that your pursuit carries with it an aura of legitimacy; but when the pretense are stripped away it really is not all that different. Where he gets his dick in the same skin that others have tread with one women (I am assuming everyone puts the goodyear against the drip?), you claim to get with one or several; then, in a very “masculine” way, switch to another or several more. Possibly still keeping the better ones from previous times on call.
          So in many ways, yes, you are more “masculine” in your ability to game women; and he may actually not be able to do the same. Yet a guy who does not want to deal with lawsuits, false rape claims, and police just claimed that that was his view is that prostitutes are the same thing. You pay the money up front, and don’t have to bother with any pretense.
          For in reality, you are convincing numerous women to slide up and down your personal stripper pole; you still ultimately are paying something. Also, you are very likely touching the same “beaten path” as so many other “PUAs” have tread. You honestly cannot claim to be psychic to the # of fuck sticks she has lined her uterus with.
          You still gamble, but another difference is that a hooker probably does not want to be involved with police coming to her door. A woman whom you fuck over with false promises could very well shock you in criminal court to get even. I remember Roosh writing about that; and although he made a reasonable argument he still admitted there was no guarantee.
          Although your dismissal was funny in claiming he will enjoy his Lubriderm in his own personal isolationist cabin in feminist hell; you conveniently seem to not notice your own personal slice of heaven is not without risk.
          His choice to dance with the well paved runway of a hooker’s highway to a women’s studies degree is obviously not the choice I would make; and like you, I would prefer to dance with the devil in the arms of numerous hot women; if I was going to dance at all.
          Yet the dismissal misses the mark ultimately. For in the feminist goat fuck which our current regimes of western government’s have spawned marriages to feminist caprice; we are all in the same boat with nothing better to do then fuck our time away somehow.
          Do we risk it all on the black roulette square of marriage, or the red square of bleeding hearts be it hookers or N number of cafe dwelling courtesans?
          Either way, the house still sets the rules when we gamble rolling our “dice.” Ultimately, the house still wins the lion’s share of the profits. Our own little “games” are merely a drop in the bucket of what all is really going on.

        9. So you see no difference in terms of financial savings and sexual satisfaction on the man’s part. Not to mention freshness and tightness on the girl’s vagina part? At this point all I can say is you’re in denial.

        10. There’s a huge difference in helping whores get rich and using them for
          free, dumping them after your dick is satisfied. I don’t believe in
          living in sexual scarcity and financially supporting whores when you
          need sex.-CD
          I can agree with this. Yet still, you pay anyways. You pay in your time, you pay in your pursuit, and you pay in having to maintain your appearance in her realm. The money saved must be compared to the effort expended. If you are as successful as you say, great. High priced whores, to me, are no different than numerous low priced (in their emotions, affections, and games needed to make them want you) ones you have to win over to bed. I really don’t have any desire to continue this, as I really am not that interested in the topic.
          I’m a married guy, and old time gamer so I don’t have whatever you are all using for language now.
          Great points, I just think that at the end, I am only playing devil’s advocate, and really since I largely agree with you this is fruitless. Good hunting.

        11. True you don’t spend $$$ on a normal foreign lady as on a whore and you can fuck her as much as you want for free!

        12. Sex is sex. Getting it with a hot, clean girl is worth it.(I prefer to take the moral high ground since I own it, and will use it against women mercilessly).
          Men are always paying for it, if not in money.
          If you want to see women drop you as a “friend”(the simp who gets things done for them for free), start charging them.
          If you have an independent income stream (like I do), feel free to piss them off (like I do) 🙂

        13. If the guy is short and not that great looking, not amount of game ( muscle building, clothing, talking) will help out . Making money + Prostitues are the best option.

        14. That’s okay with me. I am a six-figure salary earning, successful beta male. I can afford to sell out $200 buck on a weekend to get laid. I will, however, never spend a thin red dime on any other women, ever. I never pay for dates or spend money om females for any reason. Escorts only!

        15. That’s okay with me. I am a six-figure salary earning, successful beta male. I can afford to sell out $200 buck on a weekend to get laid. I will, however, never spend a thin red dime on any other women, ever. I never pay for dates or spend money om females for any reason. Escorts only!

        16. just thought I’d address this question, the risk is probably higher with the coffee shop girl(CGS) where as professional sex workers are required to take and pass sti examinations and wear protection, in this day and age you cant say shit like “she has only been with 20 guys bro” odds are she has fucked more dudes then you have had hot dinners if she is fucking you 5 minutes after talking.

        17. What the next dude does has nothing to do with what I do so it is not my concern.
          I will just stay in my lane.

        18. Presentable to whom? See you are payibg for it with your looks, watch put for ageing.

        19. Even Mystery got tooled. Went insane. “EV-RY-body must get stoned!” -Bob Dylan (‘Rainy Day Women’ proper title)

        20. Agreed, Seeking attractive escorts is far more Alpha then dealing with dysfunctional behavior by playing silly games with a slim chance of success.

    2. Women are free to do this only because civilization ensures betas do not go on a violent rampage. In a state of nature, perhaps alphas may get to bang a lot of women but ere long all the vengeful betas would rise up, rape all the women and kill those alphas. Perhaps that should be the real end game here.

      1. well this is what will happen eventually………. push enough men into a corner and their male aggression will come to the surface and WW3 will destroy all the asset and resources that set women free….
        The Romans had the steam engine before they collapsed into a sea of feminism…. industrial revolution delayed by a quick 1500 years, which mainly involved immense female suffering…. men sure got their own back on those Roman feminists didn’t they…..
        anyone want to join my mad max gang raping shotgun biker clan ? we get plenty of pussy and roast them on an open fire afterwards….

        1. Retarded comment and totally unsubstantiated. Alpha and Betas are long superseded by chameleons who can maintain the best of both worlds AND excel at all aspects that neither a Beta or Alpha could. To bad the feminists and fags who write these kinds of articles are unable to grasp the concept of a 3rd type.

        2. Partially true. Versatility provides adaptability but it can also backfire. You need excellent nigh on infallible frame control.

        3. KOMM ZHEEE R-R-R-RE-VO-LU-U-U-UTION, BROTHERS! (See my initial reply to Brett and Jim above)

        4. Cue that funky 70’s Herbie Hancock riff here (which I have often played to a room full of babes).

      2. Meh…maybe all the angry betas should simply do what the women really want and swallow that fucking nice guy act. Hell, from what I’ve read of the MGTOW movement, most of those beta type guys simply stop worrying about finding a woman and start living for themselves. They seem pretty happy doing it.

        1. That’s pretty much what my brothers are doing. One can get laid but doesn’t put any effort into it anymore. The other one got shot down too many times and is pretty much done with the rat race. If you are going to attract women you pretty much ave to be an ass hole. Some men just can’t or don’t want to do that. Many of them just figure out that porn is cheaper and having your own money is a good thing and give up. It’s the broads asking “where is all da gud gize at?” who are really losing out. I hope they like sleeping in the bed they made.

        2. The problem is that girls can ignore all the warning signs and do it justly so. In the end when their ‘strategy’ fails, they will cry for the state to solve their dilemma. I wonder how that will go.

        3. It takes more then being an a$$hole to attract women if it was that easy we would be neck deep in a$$holes. Being naturally attractive with perceived status and wealth, combined with being an A$$hole is often too much work for many men and rightly so, because even for the most men that get sex it’s like a 2nd full time job.

        4. attraction is 99% face and height. an unremarkable, baby faced average cuck just LOOKS “BETA”. If he acts like he’s Tony Montana he will just seem like a psychopath and not in a good way. Like @[email protected]_71:disqus said, if it was that easy everyone would do it. Beta supplicating behavior by guys with shit genes is adaptive behavior, because they don’t have the goods to act like a boss, they can only hope. In fact I’m pretty sure asshole behavior is just a RESULT of fucking a lot of girls and not the cause

      3. ALSO–historically–competing alphas of other nation/tribes would recruit disenfranchised betas and turn them against their own native tribe. Revolutions generally follow this pattern.

  2. There is another option: settle for a poor ugly girl. Actually, they come to hate betas too.

  3. You know, I usually feel bad for clueless betas who get taken advantage of by golddiggers, but this guy seems like such an utter douche I hope she banged whats-his-name on a pile of the betas money

    1. I’d don’t see what they big deal is about her. She doesn’t look that hot to me. If anything she did him a favor.

        1. There really aren’t that many better shots of her out there. She’s not particularly stunning for a pageant girl.

        2. Beauty pageants are no longer what they once were. One effect of feminism, is to ensure that the breeding ground for pageant girls these days, are largely trailer parks. IOW, Giselle and Tom’s daughter, should they have one, is highly unlikely to compete for Miss Teen anything.

      1. I have this theory that betas prioritize status over looks to a certain extent when it comes to mate selection. Since betas usually care more for social judgement than alphas. Go to an average college night club and any random shot girl there will blow this girl out of the water, but they don’t provide the pre-qualified social status that these pageant girls have. In other words, betas are insecure and can’t think for themselves.

        1. Or since they have few options and even fewer success stories…any woman that pays them attention and has some beauty becomes an automatic ten.

  4. “It is another thing entirely when women not only can support themselves,
    but also suffer no consequences for having sex with men outside of
    marriage and/or committed relationships.”
    I beg to differ…women suffer pretty bad consequences having sex outside of marriage.

    1. Not in the short term. Nor is anyone telling them look, down the road there might be unwanted consequences. I see it ever time I hit the bar scene. Women who are being pushed out of the SMP having to act or dress sluttier and sluttier. Because their options are dwindling.

      1. Proof positive that many of today’s younger women are incapable of seeing things in the long-term. That might be a bug or a feature, depending on how you look at it. Women are great at being in the moment, but that only goes so far.

      2. Well that’s true…and then they call you whatever insult du jour they have when you try to tell them what will happen.

  5. This article just affirms the logic of expat-ing if you have qualities
    that are attractive to overseas women, such as responsible-ness, some
    $$$ and a decent career. I can’t remember where I read it recently, but some dude was arguing quite simply: “Stop complaining and expat.” That really resonates with me. Stop complaining and expat. I’ve been traveling a lot lately looking for a country where what I have to offer might go over better. There are many to choose from: Peru, Colombia, Ukraine, Poland, Vietnam. The list is long …

    1. Great post. I am ex-pating myself to SE Asia as soon as I can save up some money. My goal is to move there around 2016 and start a new career. I’ve finally awakened to the Matrix. I figure I’ve already given the “system” the finger with one hand by declaring bankruptcy a couple of years ago. (Contrary to what the MAN would tell you, declaring bankruptcy was the best thing that ever happened to me. It gave my life back to me. The system programs you to accept debt as a normal part of life, and a few years into it I suffered a job loss.) I’ll give them the other finger by leaving its tax-slave system entirely soon. I am particularly done with its spoiled, inane, mannish bleach-blonde women. The qualities you mention, responsibleness and a decent career, I happen to have in spades and those qualities will get me a helluva lot more mileage with better, more attractive, and more feminine women in SE Asia than I’d ever find in North America. Let it all burn to the ground, and it’s about to. Once this society threw men overboard, it’s eulogy was written.

      1. be warned… you can quickly turn into a beta living in her home country where she speaks the language and you don’t….. you’ll tend to defer too many decisions and day to day details over to her…… not good…. you can’t be the man of the house if you have to keep getting her help with everything…. .she’ll turn into your mother …(and she’ll fucking despise you for it…) ops…..

        1. I worked on the Mexican border for several years and dated the local women there. There is one I had a relationship with for 7 years and would have married her if not for the BS the mafia/government in this country calls the immigration system. Bottom line, she was the best woman I’ve ever had and she loved for me to be a man and she loved being a woman. There was none of this role reversal crap (women trying to be men, and men being forced to be like women) we have going on in North America.
          If my experience is SE Asia is anything remotely as positive as my experience in Latin America was, I’ll probably never come back. Looking back on it, I should have stayed in Mexico…or picked her up and moved to another Latin American country.

        2. I was making a cultural reference to dileneate between Latin America and Anglo America. But thanks for the useless geography lesson.

      2. Be very careful with your idea that you think Asian women treat men with respect.
        China has “shengnus”, India has their greedy women.
        Would they exist in numbers … if they were attracted to the men in their own country?

        1. Good point, but I also see expatriating to SE Asia as making hypergamous female instincts work for me. That’s virtually impossible to do in America, but very easy to do there.

    2. even better….. expat and then immigrate with her to a third country… where her visa relies on your immigration status…..
      rent and lease and keep assets out of reach…….
      you get fed up with her and cancel your visa, hers is in the toilet too…. and she’s going home empty handed baby……
      you make sure she knows it….. and now you have the big stick in the relationship like John Wayne had his Colt 45…..
      the feminists haven’t quite got to this one yet….international laws are non existent in family matters….

      1. Good points. Just like that old song says, “Starting now I’m looking out for number one.” Damn right.

      2. Holy shit, that is EXACTLY what I have done. I married a girl from India and now we are both living in Southeast Asia.

  6. Why is he suing her? He bought her a car and let her use his credit cards with his permission. How did she commit fraud? He should have known better than to try and money-whip a girl into devotion and loyalty. Like the author says, I highly doubt the MMA guy has spent much money at all on her.
    She sounds like a gold-digging whore, but the guy only needs to look in the mirror when he wants to know why he’s out nearly $100K and only has a few months of companionship to show for it.

  7. This reads like the episode of “Big Bang Theory” where Raj does the same with the gold digger deaf chick – he spoiled her (jewelry, leased a car, paid off her credit cards) and when confronted with him being cut off from his parents (and the money train) but still having ‘love’ between them – she dropped him.
    The silver lining to all of this – Rishi only needed to be taught this lesson once. Granted it took two times for me to learn it LOL

    1. Not sure if serious, but I agree with you. As much as what he did was poor decision making and a major case of..wtf who knows, To me what he did compared to the billionaire men who were married and lost a substantial sum of their net worth in divorce to women half as attractive is far more damaging as much as it is stupid. This guy lost what 70-80 grand? He will be ok….
      Not only that, I think putting down beta men like this guy and all of the others that may possibly be receptive to red pill at some point is not much different from women and men alike who shame men that are anti marriage.
      In the end, I like articles like this because they serve as an indication of what women truly desire, I saw another comment with a grocery store analogy that was spot on.
      Yet, the alpha/beta dichotomy seems to promote division where unity is needed now more then ever.
      And as far as this fighter, most prominent white knights are fighters who would be quick to jump to the aid of a woman to beat up a man over some shit SHE started. Maybe she traded up to find this bad boy/treats me good balance that does not exist.

      1. yes, he should be happy that he showed her up for the money grubbing troll she is…. early on…. steal $100 from me, then I don’t have to lose $10,000…. steal $60k…. then I won’t lose $6M….
        he;s right to file the lawsuit as well… it’s nasty getting legal papers dumped on you, even if you ultimately win, it’s that feeling every morning as the court date approaches….more men should do this….
        i took you out to dinner and you didn’t call me back…. i want my 1/2 back….. small claims court for $100…. can be done…..

        1. Reminds me of that girl in NYC who used dating sites to get men to pay for her meals via “dates” because she was broke and pretty. She even had a spread sheet and everything to keep track of the men.Women fall back on social mores and the legal system when it suits them. Men should do the same. Even if it seems futile, it is a person’s right to sue if they choose.

  8. Go on youtube and look up videos of mating dances for birds of paradise. The males have brilliant plumage, do these absurd elaborate dances, or meticulously set up intricate nest sites for the hoped approval of a female. That’s what happens to men in a place where there are no predators and abundant resources. That’s what we’ll all be like someday. God help us.

  9. So women do not want a beta guy or a short guy. a 5’5 guy cannot put a chick like this Ms. Kranz person. would just be impossible even if he is buff, and good looking. He would have to be famous to pull a 7 or an 8.

    1. I have seen a 5’4″ fucking ASIAN pull hotter girls. On a consistent basis. And he was a broke ass college student with a geeky major. Albeit he was athletically built and not scrawny like normal asians.

      1. Howe did he do it. I mean an Asain guy as short as me( I’m really 5’4, just insecure so I boosted it by an inch) , to pull white chicks is incredible. How did he do it?

        1. How come women always then say that they want a taller man . Like I am going by what they want. Even if you google ” exposing heightism” and click on the twitter link. Sorry, I’m not trying to be difficult, just want to know the reason behind this and how much height really matters. Did this Asian guy also pull white chicks ? Or only pull Asian women ?

        2. Women also say they want men who are kind. Men who are nurturing. Men who make them laugh. Men who are sensitive. Men who emotionally express themselves. Men who help around the house. Men who treat them with respect. Men who share similar interests. Etc. And end up fucking men who are the complete opposite.
          If you’re absolutely certain that women don’t want you because of your height, then your mind will continuously look for proofs to support that view of the world.
          But at the end of the day, who gives a shit what women want. It’s about getting what YOU want. I’ve seen too many short, old, fat, etc. dudes hooking up with hot girls to give a shit about what women want.
          Height is nothing but a physical indication that the guy is most likely dominant or “alpha”. A short guy can more than make up for his lack of physical dominance through behavioral dominance. And the only way to change your behavior is to change how you see yourself and your own worth compared to others. A tall guy who’s shy and unassertive will never be as good with women as a short guy who’s confident and assertive.
          Basically what I’m saying is: you have a slightly uphill battle being short, but it’s simply a disadvantage and nothing more. It’s not a handicap and you are far from being helpless.
          And I’ve never seen that dude with an Asian girl. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him talk to an Asian girl even. I think he hated Asian girls.

        3. Sorry for not saying my real height, I have been rejected for my height a lot by women. I will trust what you said . I am happy to know that height is just a minor inconvenience to overcome and not a major one. So does that Asian dude date white chicks ? I will practice on being assertive and dominant.

        4. Don’t be “assertive and dominant” with friends who have your back (i.e. real friends). That shit gets old fast.

        5. Yeah right, sluts obviously don’t count lol, this sounds like he got left over slop. No way something like that happens, asians lol?

  10. I don’t see why this is a bad thing? Yes, many of us grew up as betas but as we got screwed over a few times by women, we gave up being a nice guy and stopping taking shit from women. Hence, we became more confident, and so on.
    The best part of all of this is, women are destroying beta males. Beta males are the only ones stupid enough to get married nowadays. And with women destroying thousands of beta males a day for the past 40 years through feminism, now marriage is practically dead in the West.
    In the end, once these ladies hit age 30, turn fat and ugly, THEN they want beta males? But they are discovering that there are very few men stupid enough to marry them. Hence, the rise of all of these constant “Where are all the good men (in plain English: Where are all the pathetic beta male providers we hoped to marry after age 30?)” articles.
    Women are doing more to destroy feminism, and to destroy traditional marriage than we men ever could. And what is the result for us men? Now WE MEN are free. We are no longer required by society to get married.
    In the end, feminism works out best in the favor of men. Feminism liberated men, and now women are stuck alone and without a hope of ever finding a husband, which is a psychological requirement for 99 percent of women. Then again, many of them will just have bastard children without ever bothering to find a husband, and now we are seeing a massive rise in crime due to the bastard generations of children raised by women. Children raised without a father are 3 times more likely to engage in crime, from what I read. Feminism has thus created a hyper-violent society through the creation of all of these bastard children.
    Who is going to suffer the most from the hyper-violent society that feminism has created? Women, of course.
    In the end, women are screwing themselves over so badly, and yet don’t even realize it. And they are destroying western civilization and bringing society back to the dawn of a new Dark Age, which sucks for everyone.
    Whatever happens, women are always going to end up with the shorter end of the deal. Why? Because they are not as intelligent as men are. Women’s brains are 17 percent smaller than men’s brains on average. Men can adapt to any situation. Women cannot.
    Also, the extreme selfishness of the present generation of women is not going to be forgotten by the next generation of men. The younger generation of men have already rejected feminism, and they are going to treat women like animals, because that is how women have been behaving for the past few decades.
    The future is incredibly dark for women, and women have no one to blame but themselves for it.

    1. dark ages doesn’t suck for everyone, i quite fancy myself as a roving warlord……

      1. Yes, personally I am looking forward to the collapse and to the chaos and anarchy. At that time, STRONG MEN, ALPHA MALES, will take over, and the political system which protected beta males will be gone. It’s only due to technological advancement that beta males were able to become powerful. And then the betas create a system which favors them and is biased against real men, strong men, alpha males.
        I can’t wait for society to collapse, because we alpha males will eat these stupid beta males alive. And we can also keep as many women as we want, or rather, are able to protect.
        Fuck modern society, and fuck the pathetic fucking beta male fucks that created such a pathetic modern society. Modern society has produced WEAK MEN, so I can’t wait to see those fucking weak cowards get exactly what is coming to them.

        1. So what ? In a couple of thousands years after that everything will be back to where it is. I think its better to move forward and deal with it now using non- apocalyptic means.

        2. So what ? In a couple of thousands years after that everything will be back to where it is. I think its better to move forward and deal with it now using non- apocalyptic means.

        3. So what ? In a couple of thousands years after that everything will be back to where it is. I think its better to move forward and deal with it now using non- apocalyptic means.

        4. The Afghans show how to prevent sliding back into dystopia: Just don’t ever, ever, ever, let the “gommiment” outarm you by much.
          America was OK too, as long as the army bought the same guns, at the same gunshops everyone else did, and paid largely the same for them.
          Absent overwhelming force enabling them to extract resources from productive people involuntarily, the progressives will never get anywhere with their idiocies.
          Moral of the story: The Taliban is your friend. Their enemy is your enemy.

        5. You can really live in an alpha-dominated society, just go to a non-Western country. For example, try Russia.
          I’d rather live in a civilized, technology-heavy, beta-dominated country (like Northern/Western Europe countries, let’s say Finland) instead of any country dominated by alphas. You can find plenty of warlords in African countries, why don’t you go live there?

        6. “Fuck modern society, and fuck the pathetic fucking beta male fucks that created such a pathetic modern society.”
          The alpha males were the ones that passed the laws that pass the buck onto the beta males. Too bad the laws are now getting used against them.

        7. Lol your a total fucking pussy, for a start your on the net which almost proves you have so called Beta tendencies. And the whole Beta/Alpha concept is full of shit and far superseded by chameleons who exploit the best of both worlds and are thoroughly capable at all things be it physical or mental.
          Wake up.

        8. He can’t since he’s far too busy surfing the net reading people’s blogs and opinions… LOL

        9. >> It’s only due to technological advancement that beta males were able to become powerful.
          Wrong. The beta insurrections have happened throughout history. The Protestant reformation was a beta backlash against the head alpha of that time “the Pope”. The European peasant revolts, and similarly the French revolution are all examples of oppressed betas rising up in a bloody insurrection. Of course one of these betas inevitably becomes the Alpha male of that movement (the hierarchy itself is fluid) and the process then repeats itself.

        10. You are calling him a pussy just because he is using the internet like you? Lol

        11. We betas will kill people like you pumped up on pure rage alone. I cant wait to meet face to face so that I can fucking slaughter you like the animal you are..

    2. “I don’t see why this is a bad thing?”
      It is a bad thing only if you’re among the legions of clueless men like Rishi Bajaj. If you’re more aware, there’s plenty opportunity here as well.

    3. did you know that more than one half of all women have their first lesbian experience in an assisted living facility? think about it. that is what all these strong, empowered feminist women will have to look forward to, because they didn’t need a man. it will never get that bad for men, even betas.

    4. Actually, there is no shortage of desperate beta males that will eagerly line up to supplicate to these post-wall twats. The party just never ends for these bitches, contrary to popular belief.

  11. F.J. Shark said it best: “beta male providers are the health food of the SMP (Sexual Market Place). They’re on a woman’s grocery list, but they’re not in the shopping cart when she exits the grocery store.”
    I would also add that alpha studs are the chocolate cheesecake of the SMP. He may not be good for her in the long run, but that’s what she really lusts for.

    1. That’s a great quote…first time I’ve seen it. Reminds me of my time in the vending business.
      Without fail, every business I serviced would have a couple of women (surprise, surprise always the loudest, fattest, least pleasant, closest to the wall of anyone in said office) bugging me to death about “healthy snacks!” and “the need for healthy choices!” in the snack machines. Without fail, any “healthy” options added to the machines, no matter what business, or where in town, only sat there lonely and uneaten until they hit their pull date. Candy bars? chips? cookies? Skittles? Poptart 2packs? Can’t keep enough in stock. Pull the expired healthy options so you can actually make a few bucks on those rows and fits are thrown…”where did HEALTHY OPTION go?!?” as she stands there with a Snickers and a diet DrPepper.
      Replace “Where have all the good men gone?” with “Where have all the healthy snacks gone?” and you now understand enough to enter the vending business. Meaning, never go by what a woman (75% of your interactions will be with women) says, ONLY by her actions.

  12. The irony to all this is that somewhere down the line, this beauty queen chick is going to get pumped & dumped by this UFC dude for a younger, hotter, tighter version of her.

    1. Bajaj is her beta backup for when her vajaj gets old, and dry, and cavernous. For now, she and her vajaj are “just going through a phase.” Wait for her, Bajaj, wait!

  13. Great point. Hell, even the dregs (white trash/black trash) don’t need the beta bux as much now. They just sponge off the government.
    Adapt or become extinct.

  14. Betas really need to listen to more rap. I’m pretty sure almost every rapper ever has at least had a line or two about how they don’t let chicks play em for their money. Lot’s of other good game tips there too.

  15. Follow me for I have a point to make…
    In the UK I absolutely hated the [email protected] who went to med school with me. Vile women (our course is 70% female). Over here its commonplace for these women to ‘date down’ too. As such, guys concentrated more on looks than brains leading to my hospital being staffed with women in pretty much nurses, doctors etc.. You’d think so many women would be great, but its a curse. They’re whiny, bitchy and I can’t stand a lot of them. They’re not even hot for the most part. Women here look like crap and if it wasnt for the europeans over in the UK I would spend ages without being able to find physically attractive women. The Europeans are more attractive personality wise too.
    Now if society rewards beta males, then I’ll work. If it doesn’t, then it leads to a “[email protected] the rest, I’ll get me mine” mentality. Not only do I not care about local women anymore, but they are breeding themselves into extinction. Most modern British folk are dumb as hell compared to other countries I’ve lived in and cannot survive without extensive nanny state government. They hate the gov’t but can’t live without it. Worse, if I have no incentive to give a rats @ss, then I will just look out for me and mine and seeing as health care is just becoming privatised over here, most people wont be able to afford health care in future and will suffer for it, for British people arent as resilient as Americans.
    I’m pretty sure this country won’t exist towards the end of my lifetime so I’m headed towards Oceania. British people don’t need immigrants, Iran, NK or other peoples to finish themselves off, they’re doing a fine job of it themselves. Its in their culture.

    1. I’m pretty sure this country won’t exist towards the end of my lifetime so I’m headed towards Oceania.
      You sure ’bout that? I remember NZ and Australia having a thing against Chinese and Indian GUYS especially.

  16. “If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it….”de de de … da da da da” (and got it pregnant)….. especially before coughing $60k out of your ass….
    marriage works for guys like this, provided he switches and maintains authority inside the marriage. sweep her off her feet and then change the rules.
    dating is for fools, it’s so much hard work, calling back and making times and always having to look your best and so forth…..
    fine if you’re some wet behind the ears college student with nothing better to do 50 hours a week…. fine…. but a real man needs a wife…..
    the trick is how to keep her in check, i believe it is possible…. the family unit is still valid especially once kids are involved.

    1. >>. but a real man needs a wife…..
      Granted, but how do you expect to raise a family and have a wife in a society which makes it all too easy for the said wife to cheat, divorce and take your kids when she feels like it? Remember, women are excellent in justifying the most insane behaviors to assuage any guilt. Your wife is no different. When push comes to shove she will do whatever benefits her and punishes you. By signing your marriage certificate you are literally giving the courts the power to fuck with your life in any way the see fit. I think many stories on this site attest to this unfortunate fact. Marriage as was practiced by our ancestors for thousands of years is DEAD. Yes DEAD. Marriages in the West no longer work by the same rules and I think the divorce rates speak to this fact loudly. In short husbands are still expected to provide for their families and tow the line, but women are no longer burdened with traditional female virtues; you know cooking, sowing, fidelity that kind of thing…

  17. It surprises me to no end how women will pass up a sure thing in exchange for a relatively fleeting moment of excitement. The pic of her above is the worst photo of her (and likely the most accurate one) you can find in Google. Judging by her morning face, she won’t last any more than a few months with the fighter. Meanwhile, she probably knows she can lock up the millionaire beta for life.
    I have a sister who passed on one of these rich Indian betas. Though she did the honorable thing be rejecting him upfront and not taking a single cent from him. And I really mean honorable, because the guy he turned down was a billionaire! She met him through a well connected sikh family that quasi adopted her when she lived in Atlanta. Being Indian, they pushed him on her knowing she had the looks and education to be an international trophy wife. Like Huma Abadin. He made his money in telecom, but he was really ugly. His beard covered his face so much he looked like one wolf boys one finds in the circus. His name is Chirinjeev, I believe. He seemed interested because he called her up when I was living with her in Boston. She made me answer the phone once to avoid talking to him.
    You know what she told me? “I can do better.”
    That quote, in a nutshell, describes how delusional women get at their sexual peak. Like a high roller working miracles at the bacarat table, women become ensconced in delusions of grandeur. They get this feeling of invincibility (the hamster) that deludes them into believing they can date up indefinitely. They fail to cash in their chips on time before reaching peak Alpha. Then comes the precipitous decline followed later by misty-eyed recollections on what could have been.

      1. You can even see that attitude looking back at the primary years of school.
        Women talk one thing, and do another (literally).

        1. Really? I think girls were pretty okay before they hit puberty. Kids are more gender neutral before puberty. From then on it’s just about gender roles. And of course, women are currently having identity issues.

  18. Athlone,
    I love your posts and don’t disagree with anything you said. But I think you failed to account for worsening economic conditions in America. And things are probably only going to get worse in the future from the looks of things. Job markets are going to get worse and employers would get even more demanding. I expect the beta provider to make a come back under such circumstances. Of course us guys should be too smart to fall for that. Still though guys, don’t neglect your finances!
    This guy seems to me the definition of a SIMP. Sucker Impressed by Mediocre Pussy. I wouldn’t waste 50 bucks on her and this clown LOL. I would also add that this guy is lucky he got off fairly easy. I understand the emotional hurt but things could have been so much worse. She seems pretty short sighted and perhaps stupid. If he was so head over heels for her she could have married him, divorced his ass soon after cash out with millions instead of just settling for some gifts.

  19. His mistake is he didn’t pay 100k/year to bang a different Miss of some state in the middle of no where…not sure what he wants…seems like he has enough money should just pay for pussy for the next 20 years on an epic low maintainence adventure….who cares about 100k if you have a 600 million dollar hedge fund (which the 2% fee alone is 12 million before performance bonuses).

    1. http://www.sherdog.com/fighter/Roy-Nelson-10249
      true but sux for obese figther Roy Nelson whom could easily kicked his ass. He only looks alpha
      and yet look at former heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos’s ex wife. and yes he is considered a “nice guy” in mma.
      Max was just some sexy hot guy that knew how to play her.
      but mma fighter Sam Alvey is actually dating a model, and hes actually a decent fighter and hes an ugly ginger fuck

  20. You really got your causation messed up here.
    Wittingly or not, you are playing into the progressive, feminist narrative that “things are better now.” That women are “freer” now. And that today’s women have something that women in the civilized era did not, but wanted. While it may look like that on the surface, reality is quite different, indeed.
    Women are not “freer” in a society with a quadrillion pages of laws, a state that consumes half of all produced resources and directs most of the other half.
    Instead, what characterizes today vs civilization, is that most men have been completely emasculated by the state. In the civilized era, husbands WERE “sexy” alphas, simply by virtue of being the only thing standing between a woman and the starvation or killing of her and her offspring. Most women were scared witless that their husbands would die, as it would leave them and their kids with nothing. That’s an awful lot more of Roissy’s tingle inducing dread, than any wondering about whether some nobody will respond to a sext message can ever hope to produce.
    In reality, there isn’t that much difference between one man and another, and as the saying goes, Sam Colt made that difference even smaller, and by dong so ushering in civilizations apex. Because of that, in a civilized society, exactly which one of a mass of fairly equal husbands a woman has to “settle” for, isn’t that big a deal. So, most of them were happy. As are women in more civilized societies today, whether that be in FLDS communities(more room for alpha harem building there….), Amish society, or Taliban Afghanistan.
    Nowadays, in dystopias such as the US, men are literally prohibited from doing what men have evolved to do, while both men and women are being heavily indoctrinated into looking to massa gommiment and it’s closest sycophants for traditional alpha services, such as defense and leadership. Hence, husbands are no longer alphas. And since women are built to tingle for alphas, they don’t tingle for their husband. Unless said husband by his actions are signifying that he is one of those that are unusually well adopted to life in captivity, something being a celebrated cage fighter, singer, actor, TV talking head, Friend of Obama or Paris, or NYT bestselling mangina obviously does. And, more generally, as being one of the gommiment’s more boisterous pets, adept at tugging a bit at the leash does as well.
    Anyway, this is getting long; but the important takeaway is that there is a very obvious third option for productive men who are getting the short end of the stick in today’s dystopian society: Work to upend it in it’s entirety. That’s the true red pill. Not just recognizing the limited truth that feminism is bad, but that each and every facet of progressivism is bad. Evey facet. Without fail. And that contemporary Somalia is infinitely better governed then contemporary USA. Then do whatever one dares (ony legal things of course, as promoting illegal things on the internet is illegal, nudge nudge wink wink) to promote the US evolving towards what was Mogadishu in the 90s. And then let things evolve towards something more traditionally civilized. Hey, those deemed “Betas” have nothing to lose anyway; things can’t get worse, so why not give Mogadishu a shot? It was one hell of a fireworks display, if nothing else. And for those whose station is already at the bottom, perhaps they then have a chance to come out a bit higher….

    1. Wittingly or not, you are playing into the progressive, feminist narrative that “things are better now.” That women are “freer” now. And that today’s women have something that women in the civilized era did not, but wanted.

      I disagree, I’m merely outlining the reality. Whether or not things are “better” now depends on your perspective. The alpha male is certainly better off, but you could argue that the current state of things may or may not have a positive impact on society. This debate has been had in the manosphere, I won’t go further into it.
      That being said, women are “freer” now in a sexual sense. Society has worked to eliminate every limit that has historically been imposed on their sexuality by minimizing shaming and promoting female “liberation”. This means more sexual choices for women. This freedom did appeal to women in the past, which is why second wave feminism took off the way it did.

      In the civilized era, husbands WERE “sexy” alphas, simply by virtue of being the only thing standing between a woman and the starvation or killing of her and her offspring. Most women were scared witless that their husbands would die, as it would leave them and their kids with nothing. That’s an awful lot more of Roissy’s tingle inducing dread, than any wondering about whether some nobody will respond to a sext message can ever hope to produce.

      No, they were not. Their status as the only thing around was based in large part on the maintenance of social structures designed to protect them by limiting the expression of female hypergamy. This is what allowed every beta male to be the king of his household.
      That does not mean that they were actually sexually attractive and would have been able to achieve the same results in a world where female hypergamy was allowed to run rampant.
      Those women were scared witless because they understood their status in a more patriarchal society. Their husband’s role as a provider was essential. Dread, in many of those instances, was based on practical concerns, not on the actual appeal of the man himself. Women understood their financial limits and realized the necessity of having a provider, which meant that they clung to many such men for that very purpose. When given the choice between the ability to eat and the chance to snag a more sexually attractive male, the decision is easy.
      The concept of dread outlined by Roissy relies much more heavily on a sense of dread brought about by her fear of losing the man, not merely his ability as a provider. Her fear is brought about not by the potential loss of the man’s ability as a provider, but by the potential loss of the attractive qualities he brings. It is his ability to hit all of her attraction cues that she will miss, not his ability to provide and protect.
      These are very different things. Wealthy societies have gotten to the point where they can eliminate the need for women to concern themselves with protection from starvation or death-that is essentially guaranteed by society. When you have that dynamic in place, you will see them make choices that are much more in line with their innate hypergamy because the consequences for doing so are much fewer in number today.
      In short: Dread today is a much more closely tied to actual sexual attraction than dread in the past. Men in the past were beneficiaries of a societal system designed to protect them from the darker aspects of female hypergamy. They do not have this anymore (thanks in large part, ironically, to the productivity of these same men), and we are seeing the results.
      I will agree that men today are emasculated to a significant degree and that this is playing a role in what we’re seeing now, but I’m not convinced that all men in the past were truly alpha, especially not by virtue of being the only option available.

    2. He’s totally right. Read and learn. The system was rigged to favor girls and because of that the game changed.

    1. Lol, the pricks on Wallstreet aren’t out to play beta provider either. To be successful on that level, the only thing they want is to win. Pussy is pussy to that crowd. They’ll blow money on a chick as long as they’re fucking them, but the moment it stops, they’re off to the next one.

  21. I actually think this is a positive story. If men learn the hard way that you can’t buy women they’ll hopefully stop trying. Instead hit the gym and get that testosterone churning – some girls may actually like you for who you are.

  22. The untold part of this story is that Mr. Kranz is going to be shamed into oblivion by this – eventually he’ll man up and learn from his early mistakes. Hits the gym, develops himself into a serious player – PLUS he’s managing $600 Million +. By the time he hits 40 he’s on a completely different level and the same girl who dumped him today would give a limb to spend a weekend on his yacht. I wish there was a ’10 years later’ update on these stories. If we play it smart we dudes win the game over the long term – turtle and hare race analogy 😉

  23. DAmn! $59,000 gets you 236 hours of prime, grade A, young tight, feminine escort pussy at $250/hr.
    This dude paid for that thing in the picture?
    It’s time men of means start acquiring harems of Biblical proportions — think old-Testament Solomon harems. Then, they should brazenly flaunt 20 of their concubines at time each time they go out to a restaurant or club, crowding out the bitches, gold diggers and other sluts — shaming them for not being able to find such a harem, and inspiring young men towards something.
    Why do guys sink so much cash on any one girl? I have a hard time buying a whore a drink, much less a BMW.

    1. I’m a firm believer in letting people make their own mistakes, with a word of caution being the most I’ll ever offer them. Better to leave grown-ass adults to live their grown-ass lives as intelligently or stupidly as they want to.

  24. LOL she didn’t get much of an upgrade at all! What kind of a doufus fights with shin guards on Hahahahaha

  25. Few of the Indian guys I knew ever dated American women. Once a guy had a good job, he’d go back to India for three weeks, where his mother had 6-8 carefully vetted candidate brides, all beautiful, intelligent young virgins.
    Mr. Bajaj will do much better to quit the game now, and leave American women to the cage fighters and pickup artists.

    1. Correct. Why is a very rich Indian man wasting time with an American girl like her when he can have a nice, loyal, cute, woman from India? He was a sucker. Indian wealthy guys should value their own women. Indian women have a lot of great qualities.

    2. Correct. Why is a very rich Indian man wasting time with an American girl like her when he can have a nice, loyal, cute, woman from India? He was a sucker. Indian wealthy guys should value their own women. Indian women have a lot of great qualities.

    3. Correct. Why is a very rich Indian man wasting time with an American girl like her when he can have a nice, loyal, cute, woman from India? He was a sucker. Indian wealthy guys should value their own women. Indian women have a lot of great qualities.

    4. Correct. Why is a very rich Indian man wasting time with an American girl like her when he can have a nice, loyal, cute, woman from India? He was a sucker. Indian wealthy guys should value their own women. Indian women have a lot of great qualities.

  26. QUOTE: “Ms. Kranz, for reference:” (with photo)
    I have fucked prettier, and I am no millionaire.

  27. I don’t agree with the author. Even a woman who can support herself has the need of protection, as any other woman. If she wants a husband or LTR she will not lower her standard and pick up a looser, no matter how attractive he is. Women don’t like money more than men, but they retain an evolutionary desire for a men who could provide for them and future children. A woman who cannot support herself will be loyal to her sugar daddy.

    1. if women are looking for STR they will choose masculine looking men. Alpha males are good for a brief romance, beta males are seen as supportive mates, good parents and husbands. Men are part of diversity (alpha, beta, gamma, delta … males ) and that’s good for women.

    2. women who are looking for STR still can date beta male with money, using them as a mean to hit hight-life and get into exclusivist social circles.Both gain from the relationship: he shows her as a trophy, she has the opportunity to meet influential people.

  28. Why do women pose with one foot slightly pigeon-toed in? It’s approaching duck-face territory.

    1. This article is a joke. This one rich guy fucked up and some pua idiot tries to use it to prove one of his bullshit theories. Any rich man can do better than an average man no matter how beta the rich guy is. It is laughable how all of you claim to be “alpha.” You think some mma fighter with the brains of a toothpick is superior to a rich man. The rich guy made a bad decision but he is more “alpha” than anyone commenting here. All of you are losers and your whole lives revolve around receiving female approval. When men claim to be geniuses they usually arent but are usually intelligent but when a man claims to be alpha he is always without exception a man who is very submissive to women, more than a “beta” whether he knows it or not. I could go on and on but why bother, you guys are stupid and pathetic. Pua is snakeoil.

      1. Most people are moving on with their lives, taking the good with the bad.
        Some of these commenters still stuck in this alpha/beta, black/white loop really need to get out more often.

  29. I don’t agree. Bajaj’s problem isn’t money. His problem is how he handles his money with women. He should have been more assertive and threw his money at that bitch (literally) and said, “Here, do something for me.”

  30. Look how this likely plays out later on: Bajaj learns and adapts from this experience, McGarr pumps and dumps, and Kranz gets older, uglier. The men thrive. The women don’t flourish and grow they just get used up. Feminism and bitchism loses again.

    1. Beta vengeance is wonderful; alphas and manipulative enjoy their dominance only when there are clueless betas to sell lies to.

  31. When you have a democratic society where the majority rules, you will eventually get a beta male controled world being they are the majority and the social engineering will be to have women go for what the batas can actually provide. This means money, image/style and all kinds of other abstract shit that is not natural. Because the betas can´t have women going for good genetics and attributes because theywould never get any.

  32. This situation is also a snapshot of everything thats so wrong with Western society: a man who is well-educated, diligent, and reliable is still undesirable because his job and probably his life isn’t enough like an episode of the Kardashians. On the other hand, a juiced up jerk-off who will probably be checking ID’s five years from now is the top-o’ the line desirable bachelor. …bitches is so dumm.

  33. Wow what a moron this RIshi dude is! Beta to the max. The less $ a man spends, the more pussy he scores. Seriously this Rishi banker needs to grow a pair and listen to Leykis 101 rules. Women need to be treated like shit these days in the western world.

  34. Time and time again I see writings like this which accurately summarize the current situation and then conclude that men have a choice: adapt to the situation or be left by the wayside. But there is a very stark arithmetical principle at work here: if the really desirable women (a small proportion of the total number of women) are in a position to choose freely, then they will always choose from the small proportion of top men, HOWEVER THEIR INSTINCTS DEFINE ‘TOP.’ Whether by wealth, fame, notoriety, or elite-level mastery of Game, only a tiny minority of men can ever belong to that top proportion at any given time.
    As a mental experiment, consider a club full of hot, gainfully employed and thus financially independent women, confronted by an equal number of men who are outstanding in life for nothing except having learned and practiced Game for several years. None of these men have remarkable looks, status, wealth, notoriety, etc. but they have all mastered the teachings of Game and have all put it into actual practice for many hundreds of hours. (Beyond this, we know nothing of the actual lay counts of these men; it is very important to keep this in mind. This means that these men are a perfectly reasonable sample of the population of men who meet two conditions: 1) they actually NEED game and 2) have actually spent a lot of time and energy learning and practicing it. In the year 2013, it is inconceivable that there is not quite a large number of men who meet these two conditions.)
    What do you think will happen? The women will quickly sort the men out into the 10-15% they’re willing to fuck and the rest which they’re not. The principle is the same as with musicians: out of all those who learn to play an instrument competently and well, only a tiny fraction have the gift to be SOLOISTS. And the really hot women only want to fuck the soloists.
    Game is like any other skill or art: Anyone can learn it, but only a tiny minority become virtuosos. Faced with a gang of Game-spitters, why would free, financially independent
    hot women not sort them — CORRECTLY — into an elite minority and an undifferentiated and uninteresting remainder?

  35. I have this mate of mine in Ukraine.The guy is extremely rich (millionaire,literally…).yet he is being dumped on regular basis.Couple years ago a girl dumped him for some construction company guy,married him and than dumped that one too.The last gf of him was caught seeing 2 other men simultaneusly,one of which was a “healthy foods” salesmen.So what does my mate do?Well,he has bought another,much more expensive car,got a better watch,and keeps bringing his new girl to expensive holidays and buying her presents…99% of men are just dumb.

  36. I have this mate of mine in Ukraine.The guy is extremely rich (millionaire,literally…).yet he is being dumped on regular basis.Couple years ago a girl dumped him for some construction company guy,married him and than dumped that one too.The last gf of him was caught seeing 2 other men simultaneusly,one of which was a “healthy foods” salesmen.So what does my mate do?Well,he has bought another,much more expensive car,got a better watch,and keeps bringing his new girl to expensive holidays and buying her presents…99% of men are just dumb.

  37. Here’s the problem I’ve had with the whole alpha/beta paradigm – it casts the whole relationship between men and women as a game of sorts, and automatically assumes that every man out there is gonna play it. Game and all that goes with it is the strategy picked by the winners, while supplicating and all the rest is that picked by the losers. Win or lose, everyone plays.
    But what about those men who refuse to step onto the field? Who look at the game and decide the whole thing is a crock of shit? Who feel nothing but disgust when they look what American women have become?

    1. Who feel nothing but disgust when they look what American women have become?
      Replace American with Asian and you have my worldview.

    2. It´s not american anymore the disease and planque of feminism has spread all over the globe, USA it´s just in its terminal phase.

  38. Well, seems like Mr Rishi Bajaj should receive some links to manosphere writing. He’s probably open to it now. I would think hedge fund managers that become Red Pill aware could be rather formidable societal allies.
    If anyone can get a hold a way to send him some links by email, then they should do so. Remember that most of you, before Red Pill, were susceptible to a sting like this. To me, it doesn’t matter how you got here, only that you’re here. It is not so much that he is pitiful, but rather that he is deluded and misinformed culturally.
    And while this is an excellent example of the importance of core game principles, that masculine traits stomp on provider traits every time. But even more so, it is a better example of the core dishonesty and manipulation, coupled with women’s rationalization of deceit, that are so rife, so core, so inherent in women. I can name maybe 1 man that deliberately tried to con me or cheat me in 57 years. I can easily think of 20 women, true grifters, true thieves, not including the bullshit con games played by topless dancers, waitresses, salesgirls, drink seeking women in bars, all using the advantage of feminine attraction to attempt to con me into whatever.
    As Mohammad said “I have seen the fires of hell, and it is full of women.”

  39. I fail to see how Rishi Bajaj is a beta male in this situation. Let’s look at the facts:
    -Millionaire hedge fund manager
    -50,000 is likely a small amount to him
    -He’s suing the bitch for all that money back so, in effect, if he wins he’ll have spent nothing and still banged her out
    -He’s publicly humiliated her
    Your claim is now that she dates an MMA scrub, Bajaj somehow lost face in all of this. He banged out this cunt and she stole from him thinking that he wouldn’t find out. He did find out and took serious action against her.
    So tell me how getting stolen from constitutes “beta behavior”?
    PUA delusions strike again.

    1. I fail to see how Rishi Bajaj is a beta male in this situation. Let’s look at the facts:

      Yes, let’s.

      -Millionaire hedge fund manager

      We know he’s making plenty, sure. Dunno if he’s a millionaire, but he’s quite well off.

      -50,000 is likely a small amount to him

      Probably not. Bajaj is making plenty, but probably not enough to throw $50k around like nothing. He’s merely managing a hedge fund-it isn’t his money.
      The fact that he’s suing for it is indication enough that it isn’t insignificant.
      Also, Ms. Kranz cost Bajaj about $100k ($20k loan, $17k BMW downpayment, $60k in credit charges, plus some other miscellaneous fees related to charges/purchases). That is undoubtedly significant.

      -He’s suing the bitch for all that money back so, in effect, if he wins he’ll have spent nothing and still banged her out

      1. That’s a very big “if” you put in there. Your argument makes some sense if you assume he’s a solid bet to win the case. That’s probably not a very wise assumption to make.
      He will, in all likelihood, never see that money back again.

      -He’s publicly humiliated her

      She hasn’t been humiliated at all. He is the one who looks like he got taken for a ride and milked out of tens of thousands of dollars, not her. She will not be shamed for dumping him or for taking the money he threw at her.

      Your claim is now that she dates an MMA scrub, Bajaj somehow lost face in all of this. He banged out this cunt and she stole from him thinking that he wouldn’t find out. He did find out and took serious action against her.

      If she is a thief, then he is an accomplice to the crime. He handed her his credit card without restrictions and set her loose, all the while expecting her not to use it.
      He’s a gullible idiot, and it cost him about 100k.

      So tell me how getting stolen from constitutes “beta behavior”?

      Tell me how handing a girl tens of thousands of dollars, an expensive new car and your credit card without restrictions simply because you want to get in her pants doesn’t constitute “beta behavior”, especially when another man is able to come in and spend next to nothing before banging the same girl?

      PUA delusions strike again.

      Not a PUA. Troll better, bro.

  40. An attractive woman like Kranz would have had great incentive to settle
    with a wealthy, successful young man like Bajaj, beta or not.
    No, not even in the past. First of all, Bajaj is not wealthy, he manages a fund it’s not his money; and also he wouldn’t have bothered to sue her if he really was wealthy for $50k because he’d be smart enough to know that it would make him look like a loser easily taken in by a golddigger.Bajaj is some mid management sex starved dweeb who thought he was onto a good thing grabbing some has been petty “beauty” contest winner (there are like a gazillion of these contents)
    And yes, even in the past there were females pulling these scams with the same sorts of omega sex starved losers and there’s nothing new about this. They’ll try to get whatever they can out of a beta in one way or another whether it’s 2013 or 1813.
    You want to see a real pathetic omega? Go find the film Scarlet Street (1945) Many of you betas will recognise yourselves and get sick after watching it.

  41. Call me a lunatic, but how can I run my own hedge-fund? No, I’m not doing this because I think money = booty. I’m doing this because I want the money to do it, get over it and then never work again (my life ain’t short, wanna do something else).
    And if you think this is a bad approach, don’t say something like “follow your dreams”, if you have a plan that you tried and had some success, please share.

  42. First, there are no betas or alphas. Trust me. There are only men whom display beta and alpha characteristics. Second, the beta oriented guys who choose to see prostitutes or go their own way think life is all about the destination. Alpha oriented guys who prefer to run game think life is all about the journey. I see more eye to eye with the journey perspective, and besides, I get to learn a lot along the way.

    1. Alpha and Beta have nothing to do with
      behavior, they are about position. Fact is most PUA are in fact also
      Beta males, but they have learned a few tricks, generally from MRA
      forums, that have convinced them that they are “Alpha Males”.
      I would also point out that the “Journey” as you put it, can have a
      destination to a jail cell.
      Because even though there are many
      stupid women in this society, the Family courts are NOT that stupid.

  43. HE got what he deserved. If he wasn’t trying to pay for the time and attention of a young model, and instead focused on a average woman, a sweet fat girl, he would have not gotten duped. I love hearing these stories because men always pick over women who would treat them right, cook, clean, and suck their cocks. But its their fault they are not attracted to anything other than a supermodel. And he had the nerve to SUE???? What a pathetic, ptitful worm of a man.

  44. Interesting article but making blanket statements like, “women hate beta men” takes some legitimacy away. There’s a purpose for everyone, and all types. Never make remarks to such broad references.

  45. Your labeling Mr. McGarr a “strong man” and Mr. Bajaj a “weak man”.
    Mr. McGarr is an MMA figher. Mr. Bajaj is co-manger of a 620 million dollar hedge fund.
    Mr. McGarr uses is brawn. Mr. Bajaj uses his sharp intelligence and experience.
    Money is power. Money is security. Money is strength. Money is a reflection of these things. And if you earned it money is a reflection of your ability.
    Most MMA fighers are a flash in the pan. Those who make money, usually lose it. Most professional fighters as well as athletes possesses neither the acumen nor discipline to keep their money.
    I disagree with your labeling. By virtue of his money and accomplishments Mr. Bajaj is in fact, a type of Alpha Male.
    The author and various commentators are all just a bunch of jealous haters which lack the ability to become 10% of what Mr. Bajaj is.
    Ms. Kranz should not have exchanged money for sex if she was not attracted to Mr. Bajaj. Instead, she appears to have taken advantage of Mr. Bajaj and traded money for sex. She may justify herself any way she wishes. If she did not have serious intentions she is a gold digger and, in a manner of speaking a whore.
    However your conclusion and labeling of these 2 men is incorrect. If given the choice between being a multi-milionare co-manger of a 620 million dollar hedge fund,, and a flash in the pan MMA fighter – I don’t need a minute to decide which one I would choose.
    One is a long term success. The other is short term success. One is a different time of long term TYPE of Alpha male. The other is a short term traditional Alpha male. One will still be driving a Ferrari in 20 years. The other will be out of money working manual labor or dependent on an average salaried 9-5 job.
    I don’t need one minute to decide which one I would rather be.

    1. Not even regarding wealth, but also behavior, MMA is grounded on the basis of respect and these guys don’t exhibit the typical alpha asshole behavior. If they do, they usually look pathetic, or aren’t really good fighters who would either dodge some fights or lose in them.

  46. Oh look, the author censored my comment. What’s the matter coward? Afraid of a dissenting view?

  47. I would say that a man that has the
    kind of resources that Mr. Rishi Bajaj has, can in fact buy all the
    services that a wife or girlfriend would provide. And this would
    include fathering children through IVF and obtaining sex.
    So the issue here is Mr. Rishi Bajaj is
    wanting something from a modern woman that she cannot give. Love,
    compassion, and general companionship, that is not based on false
    Yes Pick Artistry can get you in the
    game, but it will not improve the women you are picking up. At this
    rate escorts and porn can do about the same for you. One of the sad
    facts that men are going to have come to is that the majority of
    western women are incapable of any real relationship with an man
    other than a abusive one.
    So I say the best thing we can do now
    is to GYOW and stop pretending that “Game” and Pickup” are
    anything other than a tool.

  48. Man one thing nobody thinks about with all the macho
    Mma power lifted alpha bullshit is modern mechanical engineering and physics.
    For example I know a dude who had a real
    Alpha bad ass acquanitance acting macho in a parking lot to a small guy for no reason. What happened the tough guys in the morgue and little mans in lockdown. For dumping a magazine full of hollow points in him. I saw a bumper sticker once that said-
    God created men but Sam Colt made them equal.
    All that macho bullshit UFC crap will get your ass put in the morgue by someone who’s feed up and has a few inches of steel arou d. Be humble. All that machismo arrogance is stupid. An 87 yo grandma with a 1911 can take out a World champ. All that cocky bs is stupid. Think like a soldier not.a gym rat moron.

  49. This article is so correct.
    Yet I do think however the race factor also did play some part in it. He was obviously smitten by her beauty. Kranz just picked it up and exploited him for his generosity.
    The wealthy Beta like Bajaj will always lose out due to “oneitis” and supplicating personality. I do think the situation would have been different had he dated other beauties at the same time.
    The wealthy Alpha however could however use the same wealth to attract more chicks, apart from his already attractive personality. In those cases, even that wealth could trump over the age factor. Think Hugh Hefner.

  50. This article is partly correct. However, society that views a group as beta still have to pay them through taxes for the time being until they get a non-currency economy going. I guess this explains why it may seem like some women are getting “nicer” to Asian men cause they’re projected to be growing in the US due to immigrants. Hopefully tax laws can be adaptable in some way so these women don’t really take money from us, whether through tax breaks or welfare.

  51. Wow this entire article is so incredibly FULL OF SHIT! It’s obvious your a clueless woman, and if that’s not the case you must be a fag to write such garbage and make it appear to be in such a ‘black and white’ context. LOL

  52. Alpha and Betas are long superseded by chameleons who can maintain the best of both worlds AND excel at all aspects that neither a Beta or Alpha could. Too bad the feminists and fags who write these kinds of dumbass articles are unable to grasp the concept of a 3rd type.
    You know-it-all’s love to try and judge but your simply too dumb to think outside the square.

  53. We can’t do MGTOW. If we do that, we won’t pass on our red-pill genes, and the feminists would win. It’s selfish. The best thing to do, if you truly care about other men in this world, is to get ultra-rich, ultra-strong/muscular, and ultra-famous, and then just fuck a ton of girls, while dissing the female imperative publicly. I’m saying that we need to be the absolute best men available, and then call out women on their bullshit. This will work because women have a need for approval by the best men. They can’t just take the approval of lesser men. No more relationships for sluts. No dollar, just dick. If enough of us do this, women *will* go back to betas, after they realize that it’s hopeless attempting to get a relationship with the men they actually want.I’m telling you to ice your heart, never give into your feelings, and do what your balls tell you to do and nothing else; fuck. That, and we need to spread our seed like Ghengis Kahn. There need to be more of us to make this work. Go forth to other countries and hit and run like crazy. Get like 80 girls preggo and run like hell before they can track you down. There are places on this planet without child support laws. Use that to your advantage. It’s time the red pill took on a tactical strategy in this war for masculinity. Be the unnattainable man. Be the fucking asshole every hot chick’s sucking off just to get a minute’s worth of genuine interaction out of. Women have always used sex to manipulate men, as it’s been our weakness. It’s high time we used the one thing they need to do the same. Some of you might call me evil, but you all better understand that that morality was made for times much better than these.

    1. Then there will just be more fatherless kids, and we all know the damage that does to society…

  54. “It was one thing to be financially stable in a world where women had few prospects for earning on their own”
    Actually, they had plenty of prospects for earning on their own. There’s plenty of evidence of women owning businesses back then. As well as doing other things. They didn’t need to, though. All they needed was to find a man to provide for them.

  55. wtf? why would anyone spend that much money on that liz kranz female?
    she isnt even that attractive. maybe her face is ~6/10 at best.

  56. That simply speaks to the vanity and narcissism of beautiful, airhead women. Some women appreciate intelligence and accomplishment.

  57. Ahahahahahah sooo doing exactly what women want you to do is being a strong man????
    Hello! Do you see the flaw in your logic oh great zen master.
    Here’s my take, flee from feminism, go to the middle east, asia or africa and get yourself a REAL woman.

  58. as far as the alpha/beta thing goes, there’s always someone with a bigger toy. even james bond needs a drink after getting outmaneuvered by the villain.

  59. Idiot should have just fucked hookers.
    WAY WAY WAY better spending and for same result.
    What a dumb fuck. Can’t believe he’s worth so much.
    He should be killed.

  60. What’s the bet this whore will use sex harassment or violence claims.
    My advice to men who are not fit or anything. Get fit and attractive.
    You want sex practice on hookers and slight fatties and get your game up.
    Don’t let Bad alphas and whores get you down/
    he’s so rich he can have 2 whores suck his dick while he makes a gain on the stock exchnage on his yacht!

  61. The bible talks about the love of many waxing cold worse and worse in the latter days… Where there is no love the only important things in life are money, power, and lust. But there is hope, people can change by faith in Jesus, and be restored.

  62. This is not necessarily true. The guy just approached it in a horrible manner. The safety net for wealthy (do note I say really wealthy people here) still exists, it just has changed.
    Just take a look at the “Tag The Sponsor”, if you have the money, you simply approach the woman directly with your offer, it is simple, no sex, no payment.
    The guy here basically payed upfront with the “implicit understanding” that the girl would reciprocate, this of course was not the case and she abused it. Had he actually just asked her what she wanted in exchange for getting laid, he might actually had ended up spending even less.
    I would dare to say the safety net, is now even more in place than ever, at least for the really wealthy.

  63. Isn’t this in the end of the day a rat race? For you see, at the end of the day, all the game you play, you are still dealing with a losing hand.
    Everytime you pick up a girl, you pay with mental and physical exhaustation.

  64. jerk off to porn and forget about it… Get whores and for the love of god treat women like property bc they… dont… care… about YOU!

  65. lol @ “improving yourself”. the indian guy, ignoring race even, does not have the genetic and hormonal profile to become the MMA dude. you don’t “learn” how to have a masculine face or frame.

  66. Pandemia is coming. Then, only strongest will survive. Not those who need organ transplants and blood donations because they are biracial.

  67. 10 years from now that Indian guy will be the one who came out ahead. I find it pretty entertaining how everybody wants to have a “label”. Working out and juicing up on roids and going out to get the best rags and car to impressive women is pretty “Beta” in my opinion. This so called beauty queen wouldn’t even look nearly as good if she had no makeup and was completely naked….stripped of her vanity. The MMA fighter will be a hot flash in the pan, putting his body through abuse, by the time he is in his mid 40’s who knows. Don’t believe me ? Go read articles or blogs from athletes in contact sports.
    Okay some of you guys are very young, let me as a 34 year old give my 2 cents to this old article lol. I’ll list some stats 1st. I make about 140k a year in USA, I’m also in pretty damn good shape (did sports in college). Now here is the kicker…im 5′ 7” tall…so even if I sport a great V-shaped build…if I wear a fitted shirt I’m going to be labeled as a “try-hard douche”. If a guy 6ft tall wears a fitted shirt then that’s okay. Another thing I noticed, if I use a Tinder or dating app and list myself as 6ft tall…I’m considered a handsome fellow haha. I’m going to tell you where I am going with this.
    So what is a guy with better than average money (I have pretty solid investments going, I can early retire within 3 years if I’m frugal) and good health+body to do ? Well its quite simple, I decided to love myself more than women. I don’t chase after beauty girls, I don’t chase after that sexy chick at the bar, I don’t swipe all day on Tinder at hotties either. I decided to just be happy with myself, and I feel great.
    I remember as a teenager, playing video games with my friends, exploring places on my bicycle, just enjoying life. Now as a 34 year old, I own an RV that I explore with and camp at neat places. I also am half owner on a nice 45ft sailboat, and i’ll take that out on many trips. I play ice hockey in an adult league when season starts, and I do some BJJ and Kickboxing for conditioning and fun. I love it. Want to know how I do it ? Here is how….I decided to marry my best friend, and she is amazing. She goes sailing with me, she does kickboxing with me, i’ll go to her when she wants to do dance classes, and she watches me play hockey…then afterwards we will go be nerds together at Dave&Busters arcade.
    We play video games together, watch fun movies together. Guess what ? My friends all tell me “bro you dropped down a few notches…why didn’t you find hotter”. I will have strangers, even women say “wow I didn’t think you’d be with her, you are not shallow”. She is same age as me also. Basically she is a average looking face…and her body was below average when I first met her. Then she started doing bicycle rides with me, kickboxing, and other things…now her body is better than this chick from this article by a huge margin.
    The thing is….she doesn’t require me to spend any money. She makes her own money. When I bought into that sailboat….do you think I needed her “permission ?” Fuck no. When I want to go travel in the RV….she is happy to go. If I want to buy a PS4 or the WiiU….she will be happy and play it with me…because she is my friend and we have similar interests. ITS GREAT. Stop chasing VANITY BITCHES. What is “alpha” about banging 100’s of bitches until you become an old man ? Go travel the world like me, and I can show you soul-broken old men hanging out at Thailand or German brothels….its quite pathetic. Also I’m 34 and said I can retire in about 3 years ….do you think id be able to do that dating one of these dyme-piece bitches ? Fuck no.
    Lets rewind. Before I married my best friend and just acted like myself and embraced life…I was dating a snobby rich daddy’s girl from Park City, Utah. I’m not going to lie she was a beauty, all my friends was jealous. Her father was a CEO millionaire type. She worked as a Xray tech at hospital (decent money). Long story short…she always wanted more more more. I bought a smaller house in the Park City area….but she wanted a larger one, I wanted to eat Papa Johns pizza…but she wanted some authentic Italian restaurant. Basically it was too much for me. After her I dated a Personal trainer chick….sweet body, cute face, but damn everytime her and I went to some nice resort vacation…she would throw tanturms at times. None of these women could even cook or clean well !!
    I don’t know maybe I’m wrong…maybe I’m a “Beta”, but I’m going to be retired, not having to work for some boss like most people. I don’t have to do extra work to by nice threads to keep my woman impressed with me. For you younger guys hear me out. When I was in highschool, that kid who was the handsome Quarter-back dating that hot ass prom queen girl; is now a loser. That hot highschool Prom-queen is now flat-assed with cellulite and has a couple kids. THAT MMA fighter you see now will not be able to retire young and healthy. For fucks sake even Johnny Depp is being taken for a ride with all his money…because his dumbass chased after that young blonde pussy.
    Don’t get me wrong…it was fun when I fucked that Park City, UT beauty, that Personal trainer girl. However the time it takes to plan for meetings, dating, all that shit…its almost like a 2nd job. My girl I have now…her pussy is just as tight, if not tighter. Her and I are forming a strong bond, sharing memories together. Seeing the world together. Best part is ? I didn’t have to “buy” her love, or “earn” it. Her love for me is unconditional. I did enjoy reading the comments here, Its healthy for us Men to discuss these things.

    1. Also before someone says “you shouldn’t of made the Park City, UT girl eat papa johns” keep this in mind. It was these things that caused me to DROP the girl. Ya I pump and dump when I noticed they want to have expensive taste. Long story short…even if I’m 5’7” my dick = their pussy. Too many guys think Dick < Pussy, its Dick = Pussy. Find a chick that is average looking and feel the freedom my friends.

  68. I just say beat or kill them all into submission, and turn it back into a man’s world. Put these whores in their places and back in the fucking kitchen. Then go after the Alpha males and make them suffer painfully, then kill them too. >:(

  69. I remember one of the hottest girls I ever smashed was when I was flat broke. I took her to Downtown Disney and paid for a funnel cake in penny rolls. I told her I had this huge jar of coins and I needed to get rid of it so she was going to help me or I wouldn’t share with her. She just laughed and the rest is…on video lol

  70. So how do I become an alpha male? Help! I’m new to RoK and need some clearer explanations on how to become a proper man.

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