6 Theories Why Women Have Rape Fantasies

A surprising amount of women have rape fantasies. If you don’t understand that true statement you have a great deal of company. Researchers and scientists have been baffled by this counter-intuitive phenomena as well.

There’s been quite a bit of research on this topic over the last 40 years. In their analysis of rape fantasy research titled “Women’s Erotic Rape Fantasies: An Evaluation of Theory and Research,” published in the Journal of Sex Research in 2008, Joesph Critelli and Jenny Bivona present several theories explaining why women have rape fantasies.

Sexual Blame Avoidance

This is the most common explanation for women’s rape fantasies. Essentially, a woman will want to sleep with a man, but because she may gain a reputation as a slut or because it may involve cheating or any other social consequences, she won’t actually do it. The fantasy involves the desired man raping her so that she gets sex with him without any social consequences.

The support:

There’s not much. The feelings of guilt aren’t avoided if they are present when women have rape fantasies. The research suggests the opposite. Women who have feelings of guilt do not have rape fantasies, they are less sexual and less prone to sexual fantasies in general.

Red pill wisdom:

We all know women want plausible deniability. This allows them to have sex with men but still act like “it didn’t count” in their heads. With the ongoing cultural decline and female empowerment, women need plausible deniability less than ever. Women are not taught shame anymore. They are taught empowerment. You won’t find any Cosmo girl who needs plausible deniability. If the modern woman wants to be degraded, she goes for it.

Openness To Sexual Experience

This theory states that women who are open to sexual experimentation are more likely to have rape fantasies. The more open they are to unique and frequent sexual experiences, the more likely they are to have rape fantasies.

The support:

There is some support for this theory. The problem with it is that it doesn’t explain why force and non-consent are part of the fantasy.

Red pill wisdom:

We’ve all been with some freaks—girls who liked to be choked, degraded, humiliated, etc. A woman who has rape fantasies might be just another freak.


In this explanation, women want to be so desirable that men just have to have them, even if that means rape.

The support:

There is also some support for this. The problem is that these theories are not mutually exclusive. For example, women also fantasize about being desired by many men (and servicing them simultaneously), and role-playing as a more desirable woman. These provide evidence for this theory but they may also be part of the previous theory.

Red pill wisdom:

We all know women want attention. They’ve even replaced it with love across some demographics. But we’ve yet to see any evidence that attention results in sexual stimulation rather than just ego stimulation, which is more important to the modern empowered woman.

Male Rape Culture

Women have rape fantasies because the patriarchy has taught them from birth that they are sexual objects. Men will have sex with them whether they like it or not, so they have been taught by the patriarchy to want to be raped.

The support:

Men do not fantasize of rape from the perspective of the rapist. In fact, more men have fantasies about being forced to have sex with women.

Red pill wisdom:

Red pill men never have and never will desire to rape women.

Biological Predisposition to Surrender

Male dominance/female surrender is common in the animal world. There may be a similar dynamic in human mating.

The support:

The biological argument is one that has not been tested yet. There are other theories you’ll see in evolutionary psychology textbooks on the evolution of rape (orangutans do it, for example), but hypotheses based on biological theories require further research.

Red pill wisdom:

As a general rule, all women like rough sex. The question is, where does rough sex become rape? In the majority of rape fantasies, as outlined in another study about rape fantasies by Joesph Critelli and Jenny Bivona, a woman imagines a handsome man desiring her and courting her. She refuses and he non-violently dominates her. She doesn’t provide physical resistance, though she may say no again. In the fantasy that doesn’t stop him.

It comes back to that joke of a woman saying “no” during sex, causing a guy to stop giving her the business. Then she looks back and says, “Why’d you stop?”

Adversary Transformation

A woman fantasizes about a handsome man being her good husband. The man wants her too, but only sexually. He rapes her in the manner described above, but she sticks with him. Eventually, he wants her for more than just sex and transforms from a sex-crazed rapist to a loving husband.

The support:

The support for this argument came from an analysis of rape scenes in romance novels. One review found rape scenes in 54% of them.

Red pill wisdom

When women desire the sex-crazed dominant man, they are pursuing an alpha-fux strategy. When women approach the wall they will begin to pursue the beta-bux strategy. If they can change an alpha who pleases them sexually into a beta who supports them, they will. That’s part of the fantasy. But how many alphas let themselves be manipulated like that?

Rape is wrong. Don’t do it. With that being said, if the rape of women’s fantasies doesn’t sound like rape to you, that thought also occurred to the researchers. Women rarely, if ever, fantasize about being beaten by some syphilitic crackhead who forces dry sodomy on them. They want handsome, dominant men to desire them and they want a man who won’t give up on pursuing them easily. If she says no, leave it at that, but if you’re a handsome dominant man she probably won’t want to say no.

For more from Jared Trueheart on the roles of men and women in literature and film check out his writing at Legends of Men.

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59 thoughts on “6 Theories Why Women Have Rape Fantasies”

  1. Women have rape fantasies because they want to be put in a submissive position. It’s that simple. As we know, morals and integrity don’t matter to them – they don’t care if wanting to get raped is “wrong”. Being dominated by an alpha male is the deep-rooted desire of any feminine woman.

    1. Women are designed to be taken by force.
      In the past women were either sold, traded (usually by their father), or taken by conquest. The whole idea that women gave their consent is a liberal fantasy. Up until 100 years ago, no women in the world gave her consent, she put up with the man she was handed to, and made the best of it.
      Their rape fantasy is a result of their original design.

      1. I wonder if that’s a reason a women will desire you more, if you unexpectedly, put it in he butt while the rough sex is happening..

      2. I would say it was a mixed economy of consent and various states of near-on or actual compulsion. Your father / parents deciding who you marry is not rape except perhaps by modern standards and I can’t think of any societies off hand where rape was socially sanctioned outside of perhaps slave rape, in warfare etc. I decided to read Genesis some time back, and before I gave up I noticed a few examples where the woman’s consent in marriage was sought even if afterwards that had to be approved. Rebecca is an example
        So forcefulness, persistence, taking the lead, being alpha, taking the absolutely active role – sure they were expected and women’s sexualiuty is oriented around that, but it probably wasn’t universal. Interestingly Rebecca actually turns out to be quite conniving behind Isaac’s back. Coincidence?

      3. SO this liberals took away womans desire to be taken by force thats why woman dispise nice guys I have seen it here woman are faithful most of the time to a ruthless man but the sweetest husband will pay for it

      4. “Their rape fantasy is a result of their original design.”
        In other words…brutal natural selection would favor women who were “aroused” by being taken by alpha males (their new owners) over women who weren’t. The ones who resisted too much would likely have been killed by said men; imagine the Vikings and their captive women from England/France etc. The ones who refused to submit had shorter life expectancies than the ones who were wired up in such a way that they were aroused by being “taken”. The later group would survive longer and likely leave more ancestors behind; said female descendants being more likely to have the same proclivity; being “aroused” at being “taken” by the right sort of alpha male. Whether said inclination is nature or nurture or combination of the two is basically irrelevant; both answer to the master of natural selection.

    2. On the last part men confuse cause and effect.
      It is the rape which makes you alpha in their eyes. Before that ur invisible to them.

    3. This man is literally the embodiment of Christian Grey, and was accused of “rape” by multiple woman who were specifically seeking out that particular fantasy of theirs to be fulfilled. He spend the last couple years of his life fighting false accusations and the case was recently thrown out of court. It’s a huge win for men, and a giant loss for the hysterical “rape culture” crowd.

      1. Just goes to show, the more you have to lose the more you have to watch your own back. Those women got what they asked for but then they saw they could get more.

      2. @walter white Do you have a copy of his book? it seems to be taken off amazon but the reviews [mostly by women] were very high
        It’s called
        The Wolf: Show Me Who You Really Are: An Autobiography – My Life Exploring The Limits Of Sexual Dominance by The Wolf
        ASIN: B01B9A62MY
        ISBN-13: 978-1516884353
        I’d be interested to know what his thinking process was

    4. ‘Women have rape fantasies because they want to be put in a submissive position. It’s that simple.”
      You mean some women have “rape fantasies”–by someone they already have established a relationship with and have long-standing trust with. In this specific case, they want to be ravaged. Listen, why don’t you conduct a field test.
      Pretend you are an alpha-male (we all know you are a gamma). It will take a tremendous amount of effort on your part, but perhaps you can pull it off. Since you are convinced that they all women need is to be dominated, then go to your favorite watering hole, spin some game, take them home, and show them who is boss. I mean, it’s that simple, right? Report back to us with documented evidence. Not just your story, but actual proof. Are you up to the task?

      1. Precisely. That would make a great field report, right?
        If women enjoy being raped, rape victims must be the most wholesome women ever.

  2. “rape is wrong. Don’t do it.”?
    Are you lost?
    “Fuck that, take drugs, rape sluts, make fun of gay clubs & men who wear makeup” – Eminem when he still had some sanity

  3. In my experience, women have rape and slave fantasies because they want power over the man, what you called desirability, and they are naturally lazy. That is, they want to just lie there and make the man do everything, including reading their mind to know exactly how they want to be raped. They only want to be raped by the men they want (Chads) who do exactly what they want when they want, because they are too lazy or afraid to verbalize their desires. In other words, they want the so-called dominant so-called master Chad to be the boy toy of the lazy do-nothing pampered so-called submissive so-called slave bitch.
    And no, not all women like it rough. Mostly it’s loud mouth bitchy types who like it rough, because it allows them to finally shut up their mouths and feel something physical in their bodies after spending all day living in their head and non-stop chattering. I try to avoid these type women. These are the only type of women you’ll meet in western nightclubs and the only type who are open to one night stands and the only type PUAs know anything about.
    Truly feminine women, like many Asian women looking for marriage or at least LTR, much prefer gentle sex. They abandon themselves to the man and they want the man to be strong and active but not really rough. High quality professional whores generally detest rough sex even from clients they truly enjoy sex with. High quality whores, unlike club sluts, are not immature loud mouths, but rather disciplined in mind and mouth and very much focused on their bodies, so they don’t need rough sex to get them out of their head and back into their body. Low quality crack whores, on the other hand, I know little about other than that, whether or not they like it rough, they definitely get it rough and then some (like broken bones now and then).

    1. “Truly feminine women, like many Asian women looking for marriage or at least LTR, much prefer gentle sex.”
      Ten years in Asia, and I’ve never met a woman I didn’t pay who wasn’t like a wild animal in bed. All three I’ve lived with like to kick, bite and punch if given the chance. The hookers are a bit more gentle, but then they’re fulfilling my fantasies, one of the reasons I still use hookers, it’s nice to have gentle sex a few times a year.

      1. Maybe different interpretations about what rough means. My experience with Asian as other feminine civilians is they expect sharp delineation in sex roles. Men act like men, women act like women. “Get down there there and suck dat thang bitch, suck it like you mean it!” and similar porn style degradation of the woman is NOT traditional male-female sex behavior. That is what I think of as rough Thutmosis style ghetto influenced sex which appeals to modern western women who are incapable of feeling anything in their bodies without being roughly treated. Feminine women naturally respond wildly to sex because that is the nature of femininity: to be in touch with their body and physical pleasure. The nature of masculinity is power, especially power over himself so as not to cum too soon.

      2. Another thing about my experience with Asian civilians is that they actually badly wanted to have sex with me. It’s very difficult to feel or act dominant when both you and the woman feel you are completely and totally replaceable at any time, and that is how things are in the West for most men, due to the thirst epidemic and women’s entitlement. When the man truly has sexual power, in the sense of a body and penis the woman wants badly and can’t readily replace, then the man doesn’t have to slap the woman around like some ghetto thug. All it takes is a distant look, as if he were thinking “maybe I’ll just dump her”, and the woman is brought into line. I’m was never “alpha” enough in either looks or status or “game” to get western women to fear losing me, but I did get that feeling with Asians. Even the older western women had “don’t let the door hit you in the ass in the way out” at the tip of their tongue , even the American whores were usually like that. I did get violent with rebellious acting American women a few times, and sure enough they got excited, but I was sorry and disgusted afterwards, like I was playing into their disgusting mindgames. Nowadays, it’s folly to act violent because of the false rape accusations epidemic. Never felt the slightest desire to knock these Asian civilians around, because they were completely submissive from the start. That was long ago, btw. My current Ukrainian escort girl is also submissive acting, though in this case my power comes from the money she wants rather than her wanting my body. I don’t care, same as I don’t care if any employee is well-behaved because he/she wants to keep his/her job and avoid rebuke versus because he/she loves me enough to do the job for free. I’m past needing validation from women as to my sexual attractiveness, in other words. I simply want access to young female flesh now and then, without any bitchy back talk.

    2. “High quality professional whores generally detest rough sex even from clients they truly enjoy sex with. High quality whores, unlike club sluts, are not immature loud mouths, but rather disciplined in mind and mouth and very much focused on their bodies, so they don’t need rough sex to get them out of their head and back into their body. Low quality crack whores, on the other hand, I know little about other than that, whether or not they like it rough, they definitely get it rough and then some (like broken bones now and then).”
      Cool story, bro. Any more tall tales?

  4. Deep down insider women know they are traumatized and rather insane so they like it when a man can handle them even when they are throwing a fit.
    Nowadays though, as the law protects them and men’s virility as at its lowest the incidents of rape are going down. In fact, the #metoo movement is a symbolic cry for rape, which explains its massive popularity. In woman’s twisted sense of reason, she feels flattered if the man is so crazy about her that he would risk to rape her.
    Finally, it has to be said though, that rape causes a very profound damage on the victims especially if they happen to be males. In women, there is a special evolutionary mechanism which shuts down their bodies (like fainting) when they are under an enormous stress but in men, their bodies go into a fight-or-flight mode which is a lot more damaging as it’s highly catabolic.
    A lot of men get raped in prisons and the general public never talks about it but when it comes to the precious flakes the noise is amplified to the max.
    Men suffer more from rape than women!

    1. williamapercy.com/wiki/images/Prison_Homosexuality_and_Its_Effect.pdf
      This article interviews ex cons some of whom were raped in prison and some of whom committed rape while in prison. It’s interesting to note that the guys who committed rape in prison identified themselves as heterosexual prior to prison and after prison. Some of the prison rapist were married to women, others were cohabitating with women and others were “playing the field”.
      The rape victims on the other hand, also identified as heterosexual prior to prison. However, after prison, all identified as gay. They said they tried to resume heterosexual relationship’s, but couldn’t. One guy even occasionally “hustled” as a male prostitute after being released from prison.
      The prison rapist didn’t view their prison activities as gay, but they viewed their victims that way and even denied ever raping anyone, because they claimed their victims secretly wanted it, but just had to “come out the closet and admit to being a fag”.
      The victims who identified as gay post prison, said they were either beaten up until they complied or were so threatened that they just submitted rather than fight back. But they then said that as a way to cope with what was happening, they learned to enjoy it and after that, they came to believe what everyone else was saying about them. That they were fags that just had to come out the closet.

      1. “As I lye there beatin & bloody, being sodomized, I prayed for my lord & realized there is no god.”
        – anybody who got raped in prison

  5. “Rape is wrong. Don’t do it”
    Oh now we know, rape is wrong.
    Or maybe it is you fantasizing too much with women desiring to be raped.
    The fantasy refers to women being taken, chosen by the man. Females do NOT choose, they stimulate and wait, for being receptive, like vaginas, like eggs. Rape refers a woman’s virginity forcibly taken by a male. Fathers could not allow that. It is also dysgenic. And men do NOT need to rape because rape is ‘taking’, and taking is feminine nature. Men is ‘giving’, so the fantasy is correlated with a man giving her his attention, his intention, his choice, his reaction.
    But the modern (distorted) concept of rape is about demonizing male sexuality to control it, giving women a false choice by allowing her to stimulate STRANGE men without consequences, PROSTITUTION. In nature female stimulation leads to sex, therefore consented sex, is constantly redefined as rape to so steal from men through prostitution, e.g. divorce laws, harassment, abortion, etc.
    Consent happens (always) when her sexual forms are exposed to a man. That is harassment. If she does it WITHOUT HIS consent, then his sexual reaction would be “rape”, thus we can say that women fantasize with being “raped” as a consequence of harassing a man, or men(prostitution).
    Many males who believe too literally in these fantasies and as something inherent of female nature also want to believe that women can choose/validate, basically penetrate, these males are being receptive/vaginal, through that fantasy, as it gives women a “masculine” desire for sex itself(not rape).

    1. I think you’re missing the point. Lots of women are aroused at the idea of rape and forcible sex. If you don’t believe this, read any Fifty Shade’s of Grey or top romance novel sold to women.

      1. They want to be raped on their terms. Look at that handsome hunky Chad in the photo above. Sure they want to raped by Chads like that. But only if they are in the mood. if they have a headache (a real headache, I mean) then the hunky Chad rapist is supposed to read their mind to know and then wait until the headache is gone and then rape them. Also, the rape has to be exactly how they want it. Again, Chad needs to read their mind to know what they want. The minute Chad makes then do something they don’t secretly want to do, is the minute rape fantasy becomes real rape and the police enter the scene. Also, if she later decides the Chad who raped her was not the true Chad but rather a pretender, then what happened is reclassified as real rather than fantasy rape.

        1. By “hunky chad in the above photo,” I meant the cover of “Gentle Rogue” romance novel I the article.

    2. Very interesting take on the whole issue. I agree that the nature of the Male Spirit is giving.
      To the Native American of the Pacific Northwest the man accorded the greatest prestige was the one who, at the annual Potlatch ceremony, gave the most away! He gave away the most salmon, the most honey, the most furs, and he gave away the most prayers; for everyone understood a real man could always get more of what people needed and therefore he had no need to hoard any of it! This is masculine thinking. Sharing is the essential part of masculine nature. This is what MAN is all about: the faith that his rapport with nature and with his God will continue to provide what is best for him. This is not rugged individualism. This is
      rugged spiritualism.

  6. “Rape is wrong. Don’t do it”
    Really !! Sorry sir, I do not know this until I read your “article” !!
    Thank you for the “enlightenment” !!

  7. The popularity of 50 Shades of Grey should give clarity – it’s a fantasy, re: not based in reality and will likely not happen in reality. It’s not “rape” per se, because the woman has already consented in her mind. I’ve not read 50 Shades, but I have (unfortunately) read a similar novel with “rape”. The novel was written by a woman and it was obvious that this her LARPing in written form, which means that since it’s her fantasy, it’s not actual Stranger Danger Jump From The Bushes Rape. (Which no woman wants, the “rape” they want they’ve already subconsciously consented to.) I think the popularity of 50 Shades shows that other women know this instinctively but leave men scratchings their heads wondering why the juxtaposition. Understand women’s brains work differently than men’s (men minds march in a line where as women’s minds are a like salsa dance: all over the place).

  8. SEX DOESENT LIE!! NO WONDER BASIC HETROSEXUAL SEX IS BECOMING INCREASINGLY ILLEGAL. If society where to Admit that Women Want to be DOMINATED in would kill their Whole EQUALITY SHIT there trying to sell! The truth is MEN & Women are DIFFERENT & have DIFFERENT ROLES. Nothing proves that more then a Woman craving a MAN to Dominate her while she Submits. Basic Biology wins again.

    1. “Nothing proves that more then a Woman craving a MAN to Dominate her while she Submits…”
      by a man who she loves and trust.

  9. Hmmm… I remember being in bed with one of my ex-gfs. She didn’t want PIV, and she started feeling guilty about me previously going down on and fingering her because she wanted to wait until it felt right. She claimed that she just had high walls and that it’d go away with time. Little did I know at the time that this meant she wanted to extract emotional intimacy from me without reciprocating herself, emotionally or sexually.
    She was apparently also afraid of pain… I am shorter than, but much girthier than average, and she had pain from average guys.
    After we broke up, I asked her what her deal was and she pretty much said she was anxious and needed a guy who ‘Just knew what he was doing, and I should have just stuck it in her.’ Meanwhile, when we’d be in bed every time my penis got near her vagina she’d get nervous and ask me what the hell I was doing. And couldn’t even get halfway through a sad handjob. That girl is batshit and proved every negative thing I’d read on here about women but never wanted to believe.

    1. Yeah man. I`ve had a couple of women like that. Total headfucks. You can never win. So if they are ever like that in bed these days, I just end it. Just not worth it. Move onto someone else.

  10. Dare I say, crazy feminists are almost right when they say ‘all sex is rape’.
    Their intentions are nefarious, but there is a grain of truth in there, in that sex boils down to dominance and submission. Without each sex fulfilling its designed role: the male to dominate and protect; the woman to submit and to serve, sex is going to be crap (if it occurs at all – *friend zone*)
    Rape is just dominance and submission taken to its logical conclusion.

  11. Rape fantasies is an oxymoron. Rape is sex that is not consent. If a woman wants to be raped it is not rape because if it was rape she wouldn’t want it. Rape fantasies is as sick as fantasizing about being killed or kicked in the groin. Only sick people have such fantasies.

    1. “…fantasizing about being killed or kicked in the groin.”
      That applies to both genders, isn’t it !! Dumb ass !!

    2. @Hakan…… You Obviously Never been with a Woman before… Because nearly All Women have those fantasies. At least if their comfortable enough with you to tell you about it. Men are the Logical Sane species…. If you Want sanity sleep with Men which is Obviously where you seem to have more experience. If Anyone says the comments on ROK are crazy… its well because WOMEN are crazy. Your right it is INSANE a Man would NEVER Get off on being Raped…. But where NOT talking about Men where talking about WOMEN. Thats why where having so much problems in society today because WOMEN are in charge!! If things go back to its Natural order Sanity would prevail! Women just like children should Always be under the guidence of their parents. If Not chaos ensues. Women are children all their lives. Feminism is WOmen rebelling against Gods Natural Order. therefore Chaos ensues. The Natural Order being Both parents being responsible for thie children & Men being in charge of women.

      1. I agree, many women are crazy, that’s why I like this site ROK. I was just saying that it IS crazy to have rape fantasies. I mean, I have had rough sex with women and spanked them and everything, but it wasn’t rape because they liked it and never accused me of raping them. Women having rape fantasies just shows how mentally deranged they are.

  12. The best feeling in the world: blowing a hot load deep into a womans womb & watching her eyes roll back in exctacy as she squeals on delight.

  13. It can be good role play in a tame world of rules and moral strictures. Throw in a safe word and then go to town.

    I recently came out of a one-year relationship with a pretty, sophisticated, smart woman who, after several months of trust bonding, shared her hidden rape fantasy with me. She’d never been raped and she’s only had a handful of sexual partners. She was a “good girl” and that’s why she wanted a little rough play. She also thought the world was too safe and wanted to feel danger and a little bit of exhilaration in being out of control. I dug her honesty. It took me a while to eventually indulge her fantasy in the way she desired. I’m not about to dive into actual rape moves (ultraviolence not my thing; if she’s not having fun I’m not having fun), so my angle was “I’m your *gentle* rapist…I’m going to gently rape you.” But…it wasn’t gentle. Take over, cut off her oxygen supply, turn her into a “fuck object” — whatever you want to do, just make sure you dehumanize her a little bit. She loved it. She begged for more. That’s because women like her enjoy orgasms that practically make them black-out in bed. It’s just another form of sexual consciousness. You fuck them as if tomorrow will never come, and leave them shuddering on the dark side. Then pull them back into the light post-coitus. Good times when the trust is genuine. Afterward, have some laughs…then fuck again.

  14. This is, for lack of a better phrase, ‘all messed up’, most of the comments included. I could write a book on this, but let me try to simplify while still hopefully helping.
    Women have rape fantasy for three primary reasons. 1.) Freedom from responsibility, 2.) Feeling overwhelmingly desired, and 3.) Strong Need to be submissive
    We want to have sex with desirable men but also want to be demure and innocent. It does NOT matter that liberals say it’s okay for women to be sluts. We do not believe that deep down and never will, even if we say it ourselves. Period.
    A woman’s identity is tied up completely in how desirable she is. Again, ignore what she says to the contrary. We want to be wanted so bad that you cannot or will not control yourself.
    We desperately need to be submissive. Guide, direct, protect, provide, expect. Take care of us (materially) and demand respect and reciprocal care (sex, cooking, cleaning, etc). Make the money, decisions, rules, and discipline. Be strong and firm but fair. Use, but don’t abuse. Confidence without arrogance. Authoritative, not authoritarian.
    Nothing infuriates a woman more than having to take charge, nothing else destroys her so completely as being made to feel worthless.

    1. @Christina McCall
      You might get slagged just for posting on ROK, but I think you nailed it…agree 100%. There’s no shortage of psychologically damaged people who couldn’t understand what you just wrote. In my post (just above yours), this is almost precisely how my ex-GF expressed it; a truly healthy attitude. You both know very well how to interpret what’s *really* going on. IMO, this view is scientifically and philosophically satisfying to men and women alike. Legitimacy, power, respect and primal gender roles are eagerly embraced in healthy sexual relationships…which in turn gives license to games that involve a bit of tempered, hot-cold cruelty and humiliation when the moment’s right. Even better when the girl is having a pleasant, sane, successful life. They’ll passionately go “off script” with the release of letting the pendulum swing to the wild/dark side…if you’re man enough to read the signals correctly and develop your talents in the art of the give-and-take.

    2. “nothing else destroys her so completely as being made to feel worthless.”
      But you are all worthless.

      1. @John
        Ice cold, as usual…I’m surprised you’re not perma-MGTOW seeing how far over line you’ve crossed into scorched-earth masculinity…your shit is definitely rape-ish…have you ever been laid w/o paying cash for it?

        1. As Vorenus said to Pullo,
          “when is the last time you had a woman who wasn’t crying or wanting payment?”
          ….. and to answer your question, last Tuesday Morning, although one could argue being married is paying for it. Previously I did actually get a totally free one (no strings or contracts) in 1973 from a drunken 19 year old hippy chick virgin who paid for my drinks (camping trip to Alderney).

  15. “Rape is wrong. Don’t do it.” Source? Who the fuck died and made you boss? You think you are the sole arbiter of right & wrong? The hubris is stunning!

    1. “Rape is wrong. Don’t do it.” Source?”
      “Who the fuck died and made you boss?”
      So YOU, as a gamma male, know better? Please, spare us.
      “You think you are the sole arbiter of right & wrong? The hubris is stunning!”
      Are you not implying that YOU know better than others? Here is the reality–a man or a woman who uses physical force to procure sex against someone’s will is unlawful and immoral.
      No go polish your clown shoes.

  16. Are you a complete moron? The irony of you calling me, or anyone else, a gamma, is striking. In recognition of the topic at hand, I gather you fancy yourself an alpha:? Rest assured, I would treat you like a women, a petite woman at that (if I chose to do so). Anyhow, I digress.
    Rape is wrong, that is an obvious universal truth, at least for anyone who has lived in civilization. Given the fact that I can read & write English, it should be apparent to all that my comment was sarcastic. Did you presume my request to source “Rape is wrong” was sincere? Listen up. Don’t be talking to grown men so disrespectfully while hiding behind your computer screen. What kind of man throws around descriptors like gamma or beta after reading a single comment from a stranger? You are role playing on the internet. This caricature you fancy yourself to be, trust me, you are not. It doesn’t make you a soft man to extend a modicum of courtesy to another. Beyond that, show some Goddamn respect. If you want to insult a man, wait until you are staring him in the eyes. To be frank, anything else is disingenuous.
    Kindest regards,

  17. All women have or have had rape fantasies. Full stop. There are biological reasons for this. Also, most women who have been taken by force *orgasm, they don’t do that if NOT aroused, in fact, most women don’t orgasm in relationships. So there you go. Not popular to point this out, but it’s the truth.
    This does not mean that you as a man should take women by force i.e. against their “will” i.e. raping them. Of course not, but it does mean that you should DOMINATE them in bed to make them FEEL feminine which means SUBMISSIVE. Just do it in a respectful way, don’t slut shame her afterwards, and everything’s gonna be OK. She will LOVE you for it.

      1. There’s plenty of research made (such as interviews conducted with rape victims) however, it is not “PC” and often times ridiculed and religiously suppressed.
        Women get turned on by being submissive, and by being in a state of ‘fear’, biological reasons for this. It’s not going anywhere.
        Look, women get turned on by this. Full stop. All you have to do is to look into what kind of porn they look at. Oh that’s right, rape, force, submission, bdsm all that stuff. Female sexuality is not just complex, but extremely perverted. Basically women want to be raped in a consensual way. Key word there.

        IAMA sexual assault therapist discussing when orgasm happens during rape. AMA! from IAmA

        I said all women and I stand by that, not all of them would admit too it.
        https://www.csus.edu/indiv/m/merlinos/thornhill.html (some evolutionary….)
        Now you may think these are exceptions, alas they are not, they give you a glimpse into the female mind, the female psyche, female sexuality, and women are extremely messy and perverted. Most men are clueless, they would freak out if they ever knew, because they have purity fantasies about women and the put them on a pedestal, they equate beauty with innocence etc. Nothing is further from the truth.
        There’s plenty of more out there too.

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