Men Should Train 18-Year-Old Girls In Feminine Grace Before They Are Ruined By College

Due to the three to four years of cultural indoctrination known as college, men of all ages would do well to bed, train, and tie down 18 and 19-year-old girls before they are ruined. Even girls who do not attend institutions of “higher” education are liable to be infected by college-like forces of moral and feminine corruption. It is therefore incumbent upon every man in the manosphere to attempt to create a new generation of girls who openly reject the decadence of women who are five or ten years older.

The sad story of girls in the modern world often starts with this:

…and tragically finishes with this, most of all in moral terms:

Whilst game offers something of a solution for men battling against powerful sociocultural factors, a 25-year-old girl poisoned by four years of college and three years of conditioning by a feminist-dominated HR department at her first job is in many cases a lost cause. Game is not a panacea. Any effort you expend striving to attune many 25-year-old girls back to their biological imperative is likely to be either fully wasted or fall well short of your expectations.

And if you have found a girl beyond her very early 20s who is marriageable and amenable to time-honored practices of male dominance and female submission, good for you. But in some respects you should consider yourself the beneficiary of extreme luck, including from a girl’s traditional parents, cultural background, her childhood religion, or to the happenstance of her attending a less left-wing campus.

Because I am in my 20s, I am speaking from the perspective of a young man. I do not claim to know first-hand the difficulties of older men in attracting more nubile women. That said, older men stand a better chance of pursuing a long-term, mutually gratifying relationship if they select women who are yet to be adulterated by a pernicious feminist culture. Despite some troubling developments in our high schools, these places are still far less exposed to SJW thinking than universities. All the more reason for men from multiple age brackets to concentrate on younger women who have just hit 18 years of age and are about to enter college or have recently done so.

Take one for the team – adopt a precocious 18-year-old to bang and wife-up

The moral fall comes quickly, so jump in with her while you can.

So far I have given you a perfectly selfish reason to find an 18 or 19-year-old girl (or 20 to 22-year-old girl for smaller towns, more conservative states, or traditional countries like Slovakia and Poland). Get these purer college-age girls and keep them, before they contract a socially-reinforced mental illness called feminism. To boot, they are almost always more attractive than older girls, due to both the natural aging process and the hideous outcomes of SJW indoctrination.

Also, think of this exercise as a very valuable contribution to the local community, country, and world in which you reside. By catching women before they would otherwise descend into the abyss, you provide a net benefit to society. You maintain a young woman’s feminine energies and are part of a movement that deals with the roots of the problem instead of merely snapping off decaying twigs or branches, which represent older and largely unsalvageable girls. And “older,” as I said before, can still refer to a woman just past her early twenties.

Because the number of truly red-pilled men is not at the level we desire, competition for these 18 to 19-year-old will be less than you expect. Many of us have opted for quality foreign women anyway, who are far more plentiful outside the SJW metropolises and the West in general. And putting your dick in a woman who is either physically or morally below what you deserve is just a recipe for self-loathing and only rewards bad female behavior.

Note that I mentioned “an 18-year-old to… wife-up” earlier. This doesn’t mean you have to marry her. Young girls can change, and not just because they become unmarriageable. They may very well end up not being right for you, especially for a commitment of more than five years. The idea here, rather, is to inculcate or partially inculcate in a girl resistance to the socially communicable disease of feminism. You should leave her in a much better moral state for the next man who gets her than she would otherwise enjoy.

Continue with girls above the age of 22, but be careful

‘Tis a lost cause, this one.

There are sensible exceptions to what I am encouraging you to do. True enough, younger girls can already be poisoned by the time they hit 18 and, particularly in more traditional communities, decent, feminine, and marriageable girls can be found in their mid to late-twenties in very good numbers.

Nonetheless, because ROK has always preached against proverbial one-itis, selecting a girl aged 25 or 30 with much higher chances of feminist (and physical) wear-and-tear is ill-advised when younger options are available. Rely on your own judgment, but the chances of a girl older than 25 being the right one for you are smaller than you would expect.

Cutting off the heads of SJW influences and taking girls who have their innocence preserved will deliver us much better outcomes, whether personally or society-wide, than dealing with used goods.

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619 thoughts on “Men Should Train 18-Year-Old Girls In Feminine Grace Before They Are Ruined By College”

  1. Wife up and get her pregnant. You still want a girl with an education that she gets later. But you can guide her as she selects her curriculum. Steer her away from gender studies classes.
    I still like an educated girl, but get her to start with a motherhood perspective and value contributing to the family. She can start college part time at 23 when the baby starts school.
    I am 52 years old and married. But actually, if they can hit college and avoid the beer drinking slut culture and start, say at 23 when the kid starts school, it will be better.
    Not many dudes will want to touch a girl with a kid. You need a plan.

    1. Steer her away from any of the social “sciences”. Psychology (its a real science but has been corrupted), sociology, anthropology, etc. They can be useful subjects to study alone but at universities they have been taken over by liberal SJW rhetoric. I recently took a cultural anthropology class in preparation for grad school in the fall and I would not want my young daughter or wife taking this course. Nothing about how cultures evolved and developed, just lectures about prejudice, inclusiveness, equality and the evil white man.

  2. “Do masculine duty for fatherland, Ivan. Wife up hot young woman before she is of become babushka and have many little soldiers for glorious revolution.”
    Sorry, I couldn’t resist….and honestly this article is right. I graduated college only a year ago and can tell you I saw many attractive, traditional, sweet girls (one, notably, from my hometown) get corrupted by college influences. They remain largely the same in outside appearance, but they no longer attend church, have a cynical attitude towards most men and will continue their immature alcoholism until a strong man comes into their life and trains them otherwise. A few of these girls wanted me to be that man, but I have absolutely no interest in the baggage they have, no matter if they’re still attractive on the outside….

  3. “You should leave her in a much better moral state for the next man who gets her than she would otherwise enjoy.”
    Not sure I can agree with this.
    If you get with a girl for a few years (or whatever amount of time) and then dump her, you’re not going to leave her in a “better moral state” for the next man. You will leave her an alpha widow.

  4. Yeah, I married my current wife before she started High School (I was 54).
    During her 4 years in High School she had our first child.
    Had a gap year, same as everyone else, but stayed home looking after the toddler.
    She’s now finishing her second year in university.
    No signs of feminism, or cultural Marxism, only seen her drunk once.

  5. The Marxist, feminist indoctrination hits women hardest around the college and early working-age years. It’s an unnatural process and therefore it needs to be learned. That’s why you see young girls who still look and act like girls, but older women much less so.
    You can still see the feminine eyes of wonder and intrigue in many college age girls, especially the younger ones. These are girls who want to hook up with guys and still act like girls. Unfortunately the older they get and the closer they get to entering the workplace, the more of their soul is lost forever.

    1. every cock in a girl robs her of a little more trust in both herself and others. what is more, she realizes that with every cock she takes in, and every pussy she sucks on, she has given away a little more of herself that she can no longer give to the man who is willing to claim her.

  6. I was recently considering the seducing and banging of a 19 years old girl.
    I am nearly 40.
    Thank you for the inspiration.
    I will not do it for myself, simply for my pleasure.
    I will do it as my sacred duty for HER.

    1. One’s hatred for feminism is directly proportional to one’s love for women. Feminists’ narrative has always been the opposite to further their agenda. Their argument is weak when you’re educated enough to consider all of the facts, but it has clearly been effective. Thankfully the push-back is growing stronger each day.

      1. Any time I do not publicly lick women’s ass and I dare to criticize Feminism, I always got back that I am somehow a woman-hater.
        Nothing is more further from the truth!
        I love them, love them, love them!
        And that love also compels me to combat Feminism, and to support putting White women back to their places via the rebirth of the Patriarchy.

      2. “One’s hatred for feminism is directly proportional to one’s love for women.”
        me likey.
        me steal-ey.

      1. Exactly the same here.
        That is the reason why I do not give a rats ass to any female my age or older, or as a general rule, any woman who passed 30.
        If she did not spend with me at least part of her best years, that is between her 20 and 30, why should I spend with her her worst years, meaning everything over her 30? Pretty reasonable, I think.

      2. I would say that 50% men mature and look their best between 30-45 and the other 50% look their best between 25-35, men simply have their best years a decade after women have theirs.

        1. Take a man’s age, divide in half, add seven years. That’s the ideal age for his spouse.
          20 yr old man = 17 yr old girl
          30 yr old man = 22 yr old girl
          40 yr old man = 27 yr old girl
          50 yr old man = 32 yr old girl
          etc, etc.
          Thing is, to do this, you gotta keep up your end of the bargain. Work hard, be successful, stay off beer, keep that mental frame.

        2. That formula is based on two things
          1. Beta male jealousy
          2. Aging female jealousy.
          Imagine a 17 year old who has a chance to be fucked by Brad Pitt or George Clooney, is she passing that up? NO.
          Owen from RSD is in his late 30’s, his lower age limit is the legal age limit. The guy looks and acts like an insane irish leprechaun that smoked too much crack.
          Here is the actual formula, based on evolutionary psyche, game principles and observed reality
          20 yr old man* = 17 yr old girl
          30 yr old man* = 17 yr old girl
          40 yr old man** = 17 yr old girl
          50 yr old man** = 17 yr old girl
          *man implies “Man” as opposed to “man”
          **man implies “MAN” as opposed to “man”

        3. I know 17 yr old girls very well. I’ve worked with thousands of them over the years. They’re not as mature as you would believe — and most would be scared shitless by a full-grown man expressing sexual interest in them. At that age, they’re more content with fantasizing. Remember that half of all women are still virgins at 18.
          But change the age of 17 to the age of 22, and you’ll be right on the money.
          Also: Founder of OKCupid empire shared his data about dating in an excellent book. Turns out that most men find 22 or 23 to be the most attractive age in a woman, even when given younger options.

        4. I thumbed up but I wonder why the psychological 17 barrier, which is also artificial and set by feminazis. The age of consent in the EU ranges from 13 – 16, that 17-18 hangup is not necessary.

        5. “Turns out that most men find 22 or 23 to be the most attractive age in a woman, even when given younger options.”
          Two words: virtue signalling
          Their lust starts way earlier but it’s too taboo and not PC to say so.

        6. Prefer as in privately answering a poll or prefer as in only contacting them above 21 because anything below the girl wouldn’t even answer in the first place?

        7. the number was 21, So, the legal age to drink, dated a 17years, legal age to drink here is 18, it´s a pain in the ass. All their friend are underage No one can buy alcohol or enter a bar. it´s not fun. It´s fun to fuck but not fun to party. That´s why

        8. When the age of consent is below 16, though, there are strict laws about the maximum age of the male – there is nowhere in the EU where it is legal for a 30+ year old man to bang a girl under 16.

        9. I’m not sure about that. in France the AOC is 15 and the only limit seems to be that the man shouldn’t be in a position of authority over the girl (teacher, priest, scouts leader etc) but granted that would eliminate most opportunities to even bond with a 15 year old girl in the first place.

        10. Although I had dated my wife earlier for a time, it was when she was 22 that I knew she was the one. That was 20 years ago and no regrets. She was and is no SJW. I am 4 years older, and back then I was more like 8 years… which is I’m sure partly what attracted her to me, as I’ve been a huge influencer to her. She’s a smart one and I knew of her potential.
          But anyway, it would be weird at my age to date a 22 year old now, and certainly a 17 year old.

      3. Same experience here. Early 30s have been the best years so far. Smashing it more and with better quality girls than all of my 20s.

        1. I believe it is optimal for the man to be 10 to 20 years older than his female.
          Women are hard wired to like older men, men are hardwired to like younger women.
          Anyone attempting to malign that is someone who is evil inside.

        2. My dad was nearly 14 years older than my mother. She was 16 and he was 28 when they married. They were together 56 years when he passed away and I have every reason to believe she was always faithful. She had me at 17 and I was planned. My how things have changed since the 1950s. If I’d have had any sense when I was young I would have put off marriage until my late twenties (I was 18 the first time I did it; that was stupid but she looked like Sandra Bullock so there you go). I had a beautiful 18 y.o. (with child bearing hips) that fell in love with me about the time my first marriage was breaking apart. I cared about her long term happiness enough that I did not take her virginity, even though she offered it to me and I certainly wasn’t going to drag her through the middle of my sh!++y divorce. Her heart was broken and so was mine. But she was married, still a virgin as far as I know, a few months later. I haven’t checked, but unless he effed it up, I’d be willing to bet they’re still together.

    2. I banged a couple 19 yr olds at the age of 40. All I can say is meh. No connection at all, emotional, intellectual, not even physical. I’ve had way better sex with 25+. YMMV.

      1. Maybe it’ll change as I get older, but right now I agree. 18-22 year olds are annoying as fuck.

      2. As a matter of facr, jammyjaybird, I have to agree with you on that front. 25+ to 30 is my favourite age bracket. 20 to 25 is fun, but a bit too young.
        I am with you right there with that issue, I know exactly what you are on about.

    3. Yeah bang her out and create another degenerate whore. Thanks bud. Glad to see you doing your part to save Western Civilization.

      1. No, that was never my intention.
        But what should I do, then?
        Are you sure she will be better off, and Western civilization will be better off, if someone else fucks her?
        Can you guarantee it?

        1. I dunno. Believe in God, find a woman, marry her, had kids, pray a lot. Maybe at least you’ll save your own soul, because sure as hell you won’t help Western Civilisation by changing emancipated sluts into more submissive sluts…

        2. I do not want to turn this girl into a slut. But I do not think I can prevent her becoming a slut by not fucking her. Why is it better if someone else fukcs her?

        3. Watch it there. @Hunn ‘s generations were directly responsible for defending the rest of europe from the ottoman empire from the middle ages throughout the 16th century

  7. This is where the good argument comes from where women shouldn’t be allowed to live alone, she should live with her father (or male relative/guardian) until she marries and then lives with her husband. Colleges need to get rid of female dorms and landlords shouldn’t rent to single (or even groups) of young women.

        1. But what’s the use? They’ll probably always be drawn to feminism at some point. For past feminists it probably started this way so the problem would only return.

        2. The original feminists were housewives who read Gloria Steinem’s shitty book.

        1. this is the fault of the school systems and many of our misinformed,brainwashed parents for teaching us that EVERYONE needs to go to college. and teaching us that we are failures for not doing so. ive even had my family attempt to push me into college(or “get an education” as they call it),when my prospective career(law enforcement or corrections) doesnt require it. they want people to spend tens of thousands of dollars just purely for the sake of doing it.

    1. I’ve lived in multiple countries like that. All it does is push their sluttiness underground.

      1. i guess, depending on your perspective, 50% is way better than 99% of slut vs relationship/wife material.

        1. They’re not all like that when given proper guidance and healthy boundaries. They are all capable of the same habits and behaviors but with a strong male force leading them and disciplining/punishing their deviant actions, they can be made into productive creatures and valuable companions to men.

    2. “This is where the good argument comes from where women shouldn’t be allowed to live alone, she should live with her father (or male relative/guardian) until she marries and then lives with her husband”
      It used to be that way a few generations back.

    3. So true. A woman having her own apartment or living alone…. that apartment becomes a whorehouse.

    4. You do realize you are advocating for a pretty extreme form of fascism here, in line probably with the sort of ideas spread by ISIS?
      Not attacking you here – just wondered if you realize this? Would it really be right to impose such restrictive rules on 50% of the population?
      Would you accept it if we lived under a matriarchal society and women decided men shouldn’t be allowed to live away from their parents until they are married?
      And what about the poor parents of fat/unattractive women? Is it morally right that giving birth to an unattractive woman obliges the parent to house her, for their entire lives?

    5. With the skyrocketing cost of living, many girls in their 20’s commuted to school and still live at home after getting a professional job.

    6. Housing discrimination laws are very strict. One of many reasons why I want HUD disbanded and support any legislation that abolishes any type of discrimination law

  8. Girls should be married off as early as 12, never attend high school or college and be taught to maintain a home, cook, stitch etc.

  9. So as a 35 year old you’re saying I’m pretty much fucked right? lol
    I was married from 22-32 and my ex turned into a drunk slob just like every other woman I encounter past the age of 25 now a days. There is truth in this article, but for men like me that are already in their mid 30s there’s not a whole lot left except for the pump and dumb. I have zero problem banging girls in their early 20s, but having witnessed the changes that occur throughout their 20s I wouldn’t marry another one to save my life. College is just the beginning of the changes that’ll occur in 95% of women before they hit the wall.

    1. Lolknee is in his mid 40’s and lives a life most of us can only dream of. You are only dead if you choose to be.
      There are men without arms and legs who got a dream woman, there are midgets who are pounding upper7-8’s. If you surrender, then it is you and only you who are to blame.

      1. and you believe him? He is more like a pathological liar, fun to read. Look How many I, me and myself words he use, He use the words I and me more than Obama, He is a narcissist probably half of what he says is truth and the other half is exaggerated truth.
        This a common lolknee comment, first paragraph an empathy comment to connect with you, “Ohh I see I understand your situation” then second paragraph “now let me talk about myself, I will do this, I done that, I had that, my shit that, I fuck this, myself that, me, me, me and myself”

        1. me too. I mean narcissist liars. They are dangerous when people start following their advice. I know a guy who always said amazing stories, but you never see him doing nothing,
          Rule No1 for liars, Never told a story with witnesses, “Yeah I was in this concert last years (true), then I meet the band, and fuck the female vocalist (lie), you can´t prove that did not happen you were not there, no witness.
          Rule No2 Mix true with Lies, so you show the true parts of the stories for proof of honesty. So he was there, maybe he took a picture with the girl only see it´s true, but the sex who knows Rule1 You were not there.
          Rule No3 When caught in a lie use your relations with other people to prove that you are honest, And they are people that you don´t know or don´t talk to them. “You don´t believe me ask my boss, call the office, or aunt, ask my brother in law or my sister third cousin” People that you will never bother to ask, it will be weird, You will not call his grandma no one wants to be an inquisitor.
          Rule No4 More lies to cover more lies, It´s hard to keep track of all of them, so they will not allow his quittance to meet each other because the house of card will crumble. They usually tune the lies to specific groups. He said to his family that he is the owner of a business but in his world told them that he have a Phd. Incompatible lies.
          Rule No5 When caught in a lie, attack the man who call your BS. This is more common indicator they get very mad when you don´t believe or worse they got offended when you ask them for proof. “Yeah a bought this new 4k 60 at Walmart because of reasons” Good show me the receipt “HOW DARE YOU?!”
          He may or may not be honest. I learn to not pedestalize women and to never pedestalize men too.

        2. Its hard not to idealize him as a role model since he may or may not be older than us in reality. However, i am not certain about the claims that you elaborated about him. Could you explain more to me?

        3. RuleNo1 I was not there, I don´t know him, How can I prove him wrong? This is a “you say he say situation”. I´m just don´t believe everything I read on the internet, especially comment section. Don´t Idolize a “maybe”. But Hey it´s the internet distrust even me.

    1. Go STEM or go home. An exception might be given for accountancy, but anything else is exactly what you suggest.

      1. I agree it’s as useful as it gets, but make no mistake: being a STEM graduate doesn’t insulate you from the realities of the job market. Not anymore.

        1. I agree with you. However you will be desciplined in core subjects that tend to give you a better advantage in the market and tend to be applicable anywhere pending demand (and personal field).
          If someone wants to learn Queer Gender Studies? No need to go $50k into debt when you can get that education for $1.50 in late charges from the public library.

  10. To answer the article’s Q. NO! It’s not any man’s job to train another bitch’s bitch to be a graceful, gracious woman of character and charm. That’s why modern westernized females are merely cum dumps, and not deserving the title of women.
    I do agree, though, on getting them as young as possible to have any chance of tasting the milk before it sours.

  11. The ironic thing is, a girl who will not fall into the SJW trap is of the sort that will marry early anyway. They already know what is more important.

  12. That image of the drunk girl on the footpath just has to be from the UK. If a male (white male to be precise) comes along and tries to give her some surprise sex then it’s not her fault.

  13. In my personal experience, It is almost impossible to train a girl because they are girls anyway. You can’t beat biology and psyche with education. I know because I tried.
    I know this girl since she’s 14 (she’s 23 now). She’s intelligent (IQ 130, gifted child’s school, etc). I started to train her since that age, teaching her feminine attitudes, moral values, good music (we went to a number of concerts together), art (museums, etc). My objective was basically to see if it is possible to beat biology and psyche with education.
    Everything was OK until she entered University at 18. The change was not sudden but progressive: she started drinking moderately, then heavy drinking. She started dating and then one day she called me because she did a sex tape with one of her dates and the man was blackmailing her. She didn’t smoke and started smoking. She didn’t use drugs ans started smoking pot. She didn’t have the slightest interest in lesbianism and started to “do things with another girl” (her words). She was a good student in School, but in the Uni is one of the worst. She is now your typical University girl.
    My conclusion: you can’t beat biology and psyche with education even if you start early.

    1. You did everything properly except for one thing, you forgot that all women without exception require ownership. Since you did not (or could not due to circumstance) claim her, she went on to be claimed by everyone else.

      1. Very good point. However, I didn’t/couldn’t claim ownership because of the circumstances: 1) even when she’s hot, she’s not my type; 2) we are related (she’s a distant cousin), 3) it was an experiment anyway.

    2. But what you can do is protect her from the competitive environments that feminism is trying to force women into. So her mind and body don’t go to shit from the stress and Social Justice indoctrination. So you have to offer to take care of her, there is no free lunch in life. Once a woman’s stress levels have been elevated for a prolonged period, she is history as far as being attractive.

      1. I think that protection is not enough because the female psyche is still there. A tiger doesn’t change his stripes.

    3. Sounds like you did well until she got out from under your thumb.
      College is a wasteland

    1. Explains why women who don’t experience combat have higher rates of PTSD compared to men who actually fight.

    2. Something like 75% of female doctors and lawyers quit during the first five years. They weren’t made for this.

  14. You have to watch her social circle even if she goes to college. I’ve seen Christian housewives turn into feminist whores based on the influence of their friends and social media. “Frame” only matters so much if you work a job or two during the day and she’s hanging out with other young moms.

    1. You can’t make a wife out of a whore. A woman is either a virgin (marriageable) or she is not (banged, married, divorced). There is no other way and I don’t understand why young “redpill” men spend so much time trying to rehabilitate broken women. That said, I would recommend that a young man start seriously looking for his mate at 16 and always date younger. It might take a couple of years to pick one but that would give you options on virgins even by today’s standards. If a man starts this early he should be able to find a virgin to marry by the time he graduates high school. Then the two of you can go to college together. Stay away from fraternities, sororities and bars.

      1. That is because they do not comprehend the incredible destruction that women can cause. And that is even without the aid of the white knight faggot brigade.

      2. I believe you are 100% right. However, it is not true in reverse. You can make a whore out of a good wife — but only if the husband forgets (or never realized) that part of marrying a woman means taking on the responsibility of their moral and social instruction from their father. I always find it sad when a good man raises a daughter right, passes her off to a husband as a good wife and a few years later she is anxiously waiting for that husband to go to work so I can fuck her so hard it makes up for all the whoring she didn’t do in college. A tragedy. Getting a good woman to marry you is only the beginning of the process.

        1. That is hilarious because you -ahem- ‘inserted’ yourself into a “hypothetical story”!

        2. I have seen this happen to a virgin bride or two, but it is exceedingly rare in my experience.

        3. I should note that I did not follow my own advice (no one there to give it back then) and I have suffered the consequences of marrying a reformed whore (and divorcee) for the last 17 years. At my age (early 40’s) there are no “do-overs”. I wish young men would take heed but I think most are two busy chasing their first piece of ass or their next to really think long term. Is that the crux of most of our problems . . . decisions made on near term considerations that carry long term consequences.

        4. Bad decisions are the bricks and mortar that contruct our own personal hells.

        5. No do-over perhaps, but you are PERFECTLY poised for a whole lotta “do-others”!
          get out there and LIVE!!!!

        6. I have turned out a few wives that were very good girls, but only one of them was a virgin prior to marriage. Pentecostal girl whose strict father married her to a beta simp (I assume thinking he would be a “nice guy” and treat her right”) about 5 years into her marriage (at the rip age of 26) I had her doing things that experienced whores would blush at and loving every second of it

        7. I touch of hyperbole but there is pretty much nothing this little fucking tramp didn’t do and even a few times in her own bed with her huge fucking cross over it lol. Like jesus watching me cuck some clown.

        8. Dude, I’m the same age as you and have enjoyed the best poon of my life since my divorce three years ago. Go abroad. If you’re not in good shape, change your lifestyle.

        9. Sure I do, I just follow a different moral law and am not shackled by slave morality

        10. I won’t deny that bedding various young women at this point in my life is an exciting thought, but the euphoria will be fleeting. More importantly, as a christian, a real living, believing and practicing christian, I cannot do that. I see some weird christian PUA like discussions in the manosphere that are completely out of line with the scriptures, so I am not sure where these guys get the idea that you can be both. But even if you are secular, I see no way for a young man to do both. You either hunt down and marry a virgin young or you sentence yourself to a life of pick-up artistry . . . you can’t have it both ways you will get too old one day to get a young virgin to wife. Maybe these guys really don’t want to marry? Look at Roosh, he has hit the PUA wall! This man seems to want a good woman to wife, but they were taken years ago in their youth and virginity. Where is Roosh going to find such a woman at his age? Its a pipe dream!

        11. “Where is Roosh going to find such a woman at his age?”
          Age isn’t much a factor for a man.

        12. The best way to make sure your wife doesn’t turn into a whore is not to get married. Your wife can’t cheat on you if you don’t have one. Best not to cohabitate with a woman either. It can make some men lazy, and sooner or later they can find themselves in a common law with a whore.

        13. “I just follow a different moral law”
          At the risk of playing Captain Picard to your ‘Q’ what different moral law exactly? What is your higher moral reasoning?

        14. why I am my own higher moral reasoning. I don’t accept any moral law over and above my own internal moral logic. That is the essence of nihilism…true nihilism. See most people only get the half of it. We live in a world with no truth and no god. But that is an untenable position without something to replace it. The part most people get is that in the absence to god or absolute truth we are left to create our own truth, to be our own gods. I have rules I follow and all of them are internal. I am not chained down by the morals of others….even though I must suffer certain facticity because living in a society requires a little playing nice. The idea that I should feel in any way bad about fucking a mans wife in his own bed under an icon of their lord is very much foreign to me. Why should I feel bad. However, on the other hand, I am firmly on the record as saying that cheating is bad. I have never cheated on a woman and recommend that no man do so.

        15. Chief – I don’t know if this is scientifically provable, but I am convinced that a young man does not have enough blood in his body to support an erection and coherent thought at the same time. 😉

        16. well most people here can probably appreciate a truly self-legislating man, who genuinely lives by his own moral code, and does so without ‘bad faith’ to his inner self or at the risk of sounding Crowleyian, his ‘true self’
          Notwithstanding the social constraints you pragmatically acknowledge it seems your conscientious limits are quite carefully calibrated: you reject cheating on others, but you are happy to partake in someone cheating on someone else. Are you passive in this, or are you prepared to play the temptor?

        17. No doubt John – when I was 48 I had a 26 y.o. hottie that was ready to marry me. The only problem was we both were already married. But due to her hypergamous nature that wasn’t even a mild deterrent for her. But as I told her, if I’ll cheat on my wife and leave her, I’d cheat on you too. And of course the inverse is also true. By seriously considering it, she had already proven herself untrustworthy. Fascinating, isn’t it?

        18. I am coming to realize there are no genuinely “good girls”. I married a virgin and all that, and she was rather prudish in bed for the first several years. It took me some time, but I was finally able to unleash the inner whore trying to get out. Looking forward to the coming few years to see what she is truly capable of.

        19. true self-legislation is not for everyone and if anyone has read my comments here for any time they will know that I am a fastidious student of theology and know my bible back to front better than most. I honestly believe that my first person point of view would be enough to destroy most people mentally and psychologically and should be avoided by most…but there are always wild cards. As for the cheating example…as long as we are endowed with free will we each must be accountable for our deeds.
          Genesis tells us that the serpent is cursed for tempting eve…I don’t buy it. The serpent was doing what the serpent does. It was eve who fell prey to the serpents hissings. If you swim with sharks and get bitten I have no pity for you and no enmity towards the sharks. like the old greekies said, gnothi seauton….know thyself (recognize yourself would be a better translation). If you fall to temptation, I don’t blame the one who tempts you. If we are going to do that lets ban gambling and alcohol, lets cover broads up in burkhas. No no no my friend, I happily partake in fucking a beautiful woman. That is who I am. She happily partook in being fucked by a man other than her husband….and happily she took it indeed….you want to hold someone to account, I will see if I can find her number

        20. women are women. They are fickle and vainglorious, they will fall victims to animal lusts because they do not have the logical faculties that men have which tell us that there are times when our twitching’s aren’t valid. They can, however, be trained and kept…and for the most part are more fulfilled from that experience. If your dog bites me I am not going to punch your dog in the face—my beef is with you for not training it properly. Women are lovely and wonderful creatures, but they are not men and they need a mans strong hand and guidance.

        21. I’m an absolute nihilist too. A lot of people are aghast by my views and ideals, then again many aren’t. I simply state “For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction” and live by a “Do what thou wilt” code mixed with Robert Greene’s 48 Laws. So far, so good, and 40 is right around the corner so it all seems to be gravy.

        22. Some people recoil at the word “nihilism” because it basically has become a catchall for moody brats in high school saying there is no god and that means they can smoke pot and not do homework. Essentially, nihilism is when a person decides to take on the responsibilities of god not when they deny universal authority. It is only that the universal authority has to be self derived. It is basically the difference of buying or DIY with regard to meaning and morals in the universe. A lot of morons latch on to the word to mean something really fucking dumb though.

        23. Reproduction trumps all. Once you get horny, all those little things like reason, logic, rational thought, moral values, common sense, self-preservation, basic human decency… all right out the window.

        24. It is. I simply never understood why anyone, man or a woman, would trust a side piece who could mess up your life with a phone call telling your spouse about the affair. Kiss the kids and house good-bye.
          I got a wierd note sent to my office last month. No return address or name– just a short note written in a woman’s handwriting asking me to text her, but don’t tell anyone. I was asking myself WTF? Then I remembered. I and my family were at a dinner party about 2 months ago. There was a cute, 30 year-old long legged blonde (my type) was there and we were pretty amicable to each other. Introduced her to my wife and kids and she spoke with my wife for an hour. She had her son there (divorced) who was my daughtrers age and they played together.
          I threw the note away and forgot about it. Oh, I will turn 48 this year.

        25. Sir, sorry to disrupt you but i would like to ask a question. Does using a bar bender actually help to build muscles since i don’t lift due to the risk of my small spine breaking apart?

        26. On this one I can’t say. I have no knowledge. I do know someone who specializes in injury recovery training and would be happy to shoot them an email.

        27. well thank you for a candid reply. Whether people can handle hard truths shorn of sentimentality is moot. We all have psychologically protective mechanisms that us keep us rolling on when otherwise despair or damage to the ego might arise, and no doubt the consolation of religion may function in that way to a degree, yet I would say much of the time we are not entirely unaware of those mechanisms: when it rains, I hold up an umbrella etc.
          Your meditation on the morality of temptation is genuinely interesting though, and I think lies at the heart of a modernity which increasingly defines us by temptation, or at least by the desires we would sate, and an indebtedness that always threatens to overwhelm us. Of course the Serpent has a special place in the scheme of things as the temptor, as the one who offers us knowledge, but at a price.
          But do those who are tempted necessarily have the free will to resist? I don’t mean, does free will really exist, which is a different question, but whether a society saturated by temptation is not a society being set up to fail. What if everyone succumbs? Was this woman who cheated with you ever capable of being St Anthony?
          The first time an individual takes drugs, perhaps they can be held fully accountable, if they have made a genuinely free choice in full awareness of the implications. But how much free will, practically speaking, does someone have, once the reward mechanisms in the brain have been potentiated? Even if we must take individual responsibility for our actions, don’t we with respect to others have an equal responsibility not to exploit such vulnerability? I don’t see how we can make conscientious moral choices without reference to such factors

        28. I thank you for your reply and I think your questions are good ones indeed. Telling is the story of Job and the relationship between god and the devil. The devil holds a special place in my heart. I imagine him as the noblest of beings. He stood up for his own principles at the highest of costs. The devil is banished/alienated from the godhead and from heaven — the one place he truly belongs — and as such is really the angel of man….after all, no other angel can ever understand alienation. I picture the devil sitting alone (I have an enormous print of Durer’s Melonchilia I on the wall over my desk at home and believe it is a perfect image) knowing that he has joined humanity in the feeling of post-fall isolation form authenticity and belonging. He is set against, in eternal struggle, the one thing he wants most and win or lose he will never be able to have it — to go home. What is the point here? To hold the temptation in contempt for the action of the one tempted is to hold God himself responsible. My favorite way to point this out would be to look at Timothy “among whom are Hymenaeus and Alexander, whom I have handed over to Satan that they may learn not to blaspheme.” The morning star gets such a bar rap doesn’t he, but he is the one who the lord hands over not just those to be punished, not just those to be tested…but those who need to be educated and who mourns the morning star? accuser you call him. Bataille suggests there is no real flavor in the apple until the worm gets a hold of it……who is Christ without judas. Careful to condemn the agents of temptation in this world — then again, maybe I just like fucking women and listening to them scream my name

        29. Dostoevsky said in a nutshell:
          “If there’s no God and no life beyond the grave, doesn’t that mean that men will be allowed to do whatever they want?”
          Just used as a description of our predicament, not as a judgement.

        30. Even in the absence of God, man should be expected to note only develop his own code, but to have the discipline to follow it.

        31. That’s the point, reasoning and logic should point out to that conclusion, but time and again you see that the moral code differs from man to man, from civilization to civilization, etc. For example for the Greeks pederasty was no such a big deal and there was an elite warrior squad made up entirely of buff grown men and their younger homo-lovers. For the Aztecs ripping apart the entrails of an unfortunate prisoner, to take his heart was ok, etc.
          Morality in the absence of something external (totalitarian Government, an agreed upon idea of God, whatever) just becomes a question of taste for 99% of human beings.

        32. “Morality in the absence of something external just becomes a question of taste.”
          I like that.
          but………….would you consider logic external?

        33. IMO logic is a tool we use to harness our reasoning abilities to find the truth, the problem is that it has to compete with our instincts, our animal nature. We are dual beings.

        34. not to be persnickety but Dostoyevsky’s comment that with no god all things are permitted was said in a novel by a character with a very particular viewpoint while he was in a debate with an atheist. To say that Dostoyevsky said it would be like saying that Dr. Seuss wrote he will only eat green eggs and ham or that Stephen king believes that cars can be possessed by the devil or whatnot.
          That said, it is still an interesting concept and one which nihilists and atheists alike must wrestle with. I would say it needs to be broken down. To be allowed or disallowed to do something requires a governing body. The absence of god creates a vacuum and vacuums need to be filled with something. For a positive nihilist such as myself there most certainly is a god….that god is me….and while I am allowed to follow my own rule it doesn’t necessarily mean I can do whatever I want…rules are there for a reason and breaking them has consequences even if the rules are self imposed. Even a good protestant like Kant believed that the moral law was necessarily self imposed yet universal at the same time.

        35. Right. I always say math, logic, even reason can at best only approach truth asymptotically – closer and closer without ever truly reaching it.
          Being finite creatures we can’t comprehend the true, infinite or divine.

        36. yes, that was in Karamazov brothers. A similar topic he did breach in Crime and Punishment with Raskolnikov. I would evaluate why can’t you do whatever you want. Is it impossible (for example reaching the Moon) or is it punished (police, etc.)? Would you act in the same way if there was no possibility of a punishment being meted out for your actions? What kind of self-imposed consequences you would fear?
          As I stated below, for me, in the absence of external pressures that force one to comply, morality is just a question taste. I might be wrong, those are just my reflections.

        37. well it is important to separate facticity. Try though I might I cannot change certain things…I can’t just be 11 feet tall.
          As for consequences, why can’t they be personal. I will not like myself if I get fat. Can I allow myself to be a fat pig, sure. But it will make me quite unhappy and cross with myself. Is that merely a question of taste? Good question. I don’t think so. I think being the kind of man you can be proud of rather than the kind of man you despise enriches the soul. In a way it is a personalized heaven and hell.

        38. Interesting. But something you loathe is not by definition something you do not want to do (like screwing fat women or letting yourself go?

        39. Correct. To me the question has to do with internal logic

        40. Kant does this in a most interesting way. In a very condensed nutshell it works like this. Human experience is conditioned on logic and has to fit certain categories. For instance, it is impossible for the human being to experience (through the senses) something that is not either 1 or more than 1 or something that violates the conditions of linear time or something that doesn’t exist on 3 dimensional space (notice I say through the senses not abstract concepts like love or god or what not). One of the conditions is the law of non-contradiction. Formulated as ~(x^~X) it means that something can’t be both itself and not itself in the same manner and at the same time and be experienced by a human. It can’t be the case that it is both x and not x at the same time in the same way and we have it as an object of possible experience.
          Kant then extrapolates this stuff to morals (and later aesthetics). Basically he says that these rules are the rules by which consciousness as a human being is possible so doing any action which violates these rules is violating a rule by which human consciousness is made possible. Violating that kind of rule is doing something, literally, in human. With this he poses the categorical imperative. We take an action, universalize it and then see if it winds up, in the ultimate analysis, contradicting itself.
          So take the action of theft
          We say “I will steal” universalized becomes “everyone must steal” So, if stealing, like breathing, becomes a categorical imperative for all men and everyone must steal all the time as a matter of their very being what happens? Well, we get a society with no concept of personal property or possession. So stealing is to will yourself to an action which can’t be universalized because it is ultimately self contradictory and thus is immoral.
          The beauty of kant’s method is that he is about to say that stealing is immoral without needing some kind of commandment from god or law from man. Stealing is immoral because it violates the conditions by which humans have the possibility of experiencing the world. The immorality here is subjective because it is derived from your very own subjectivity. However, since your subjectivity is “sensus communis” and shared by all subjects which experience the world such as humans it is also universal in that it holds for all humans in all places at all times.
          Subjective Universality….that man was fucking brilliant.

        41. Good stuff. I’ve had very little formal exposure to philosophy so this is somewhat of a treat.
          I’m still stuck on the basic of basic Randian jive of A=A and contradictions not existing, which also holds water. To your example, stealing can’t be ‘sound’ because it is a contradiction: it proposes that something which is yours is mine. And as Kant confirms, something can’t be two things (yours AND mine) simultaneously.
          Or even simpler, as Mike Vronsky says in “The Deer Hunter”:
          “THIS is THIS! this isn’t something else!”

        42. for Kant it was important to be able to hold onto basic Christian values but make them universal in a way that they hold for all people around the world at all times. He was able to, pretty much, get what we consider normal Christian values and show how they are derived on a personal level and by necessity so a 4th century African and an 18th century Prussian have the same moral obligation. This took away religious questions and political questions. the genius is that by making morals total subjective he was able to finally claim that they hold in the same exact way for all people for all time. That is more than just good philosophy, that is just fucking cool

        43. Cheers, a most satisfying and thought-provoking post.
          Yes, God’s wager with the Devil (not sure what odds Bob would have given him) is a curious one. I have yet to read Jung’s Answer properly, but I know it is a somewhat troubling one, at least from a Christian point of view. Everything always comes back to the problem of evil – I searched out Stephen Fry’s own thoughts on the matter on youtube not to so long ago – he even literally refers to ‘theodicy’. Fry is himself a known melancholic (at least he was before he gayed up and married) and from his description of God as ‘a maniac’ one might wonder whether he is less an atheist than he is a gnostic.

          I did a search for Melancholia I as it rang a bell, and remember it now from Frances Yates book Occult Philosophy in the Elizabethan Age in which she discusses the engraving at length. Having re-read it just now she describes Melancholy, interestingly, as female. The figure is not supposed to be the Devil (I appreciate you’re not claiming it is) but nonetheless represents some kind of earthly – alienated – angel in some kind of distracted visionary state. The dog on the ground represents the defeated passions and the ladder in the background the ascent back up to the divine – the way back I presume from alienation and exile I guess – so you are certainly correct in that sense. The star moreover is Saturn, hence the light from the star would be a Saturnian light (or illumination) yet – and she only briefly touches upon it – the numbers on the wall somehow magically invoke the god Jupiter, providing some divine balance. So if this figure could be said in any way to be satanic then it is of a Satan who has not quite given up on his or her desire to return to Heaven even if it is an impossible task. Yates also compares Mel. A (Mel B is missing, but Mel C she believes to be St Jerome in His Study) to Lucas Cranach’s Melancholy, which she identifies as actually demonic – the little dog represents by her interpretation the yielding to the senses – and this time round Melancholy is a witch (a quite fetching one too). There is this dual aspect then to Melancholy and the Saturnine, but the figure in this image would likely eschew carnality.
          I do agree that Durer’s Melancholy is fantastic and am grateful to be reminded me of it.
          As a Nietzsche nut you might also like this line from Yates:
          “There was a line of thought through which Saturn and the melancholy temperament might be ‘revalued’, raised from being the lowest of the four to become the highest, the humour of great men, great thinkers, prophets and religious seers. To be melancholy was a sign of genius; the ‘gifts’ of Saturn, the numbering and measuring studies attributed to the melancholic, were to be cultivated as the highest kind of learning which brought man nearest to the divine.”

        44. you are a sick sick man… an evil predator…you are an adulterer.. good men would not need to work so hard to protect their wives and daughters were it not for evil men like you.

        45. Why did she get into this relationship with you? Was her husband abusing her or did she read the “The Feminine Mystique” and go Friedan?

        46. I don’t know. If you ask her it is because she never got to bla bla bla and I gave her freedom but women lie. I was just in it for the poon and this was a very long time ago

        47. I don’t think I get it. You don’t have to answer if you don’t find this worthy of an answer.
          Why should I care, hypothetically speaking, wether or not I share anything with anyone?
          Why should I care wether I violate something that concerns others when it does not negatively affect me according to my definition of what is negative?
          Sure, if all people did what I did then it’d be different, but that’s only hypothetical and doesn’t affect my experience at all.

        48. Why SHOULD you care? that’s an easy question: no reason at all. I care because I care. Maybe tht is part of my make up, part of my upbringing, part of what I tell myself so I can do the things I do. Honestly, I don’t know. BUt to me, living by a code…even if it is a code of my creation and one that others may find abhorrent, matters. If it doesn’t matter to you I am NOT going to be the one to say it should…..only that it matters to me. I would suggest making sure to keep yourself out of jail just because jail sucks, but other than that have at it. I simply don’t believe in objective morality nor do I believe in objective truth. Like the Godfather tells Solozzo: “I’m sure you’ll do very well, and good luck to you. Especially since your interests don’t conflict with mine.”
          For the record, I don’t care if my actions have a negative consequence on others. What I care is how my actions violate a series of codes I have set up for myself to live my life by. This is all about me though, who I am, what I think is right and I advocate my principles or codes for no other man

        49. Can Jesus be interpreted as being a nihilist since he embodied God and made his own moral laws in the world?

        50. Oh… My… God…. This is what is leading me to start advocating for the repeal of the 19th amendment to our Constitution.

        51. Like dean Martin says in oceans 11 (though he goofs on the numbers) “repeal the 15th and 19th amendment, take the vote from women and make slaves out of ’em”

        52. I appreciate the answer and I can respect that position. Takes something to be so clear especially with yourself.

        53. Agreed. People like lolknee are part of the reason our nations are descending into chaos. People like him are content to live their lives as animals rather than human beings. They’d foresake everything good and decent in this world and watch their nations die before they exercise any degree of self-control and keep it in their pants. Essentially he’s a teenage boy (regardless of his actual age) who thinks he’s a badass.

        54. Spending my twenties fucking married women taught me a great deal about what women are like when not cared for properly.

        55. What goes around comes around.
          One day you will fuck wrong wife of husband capable or willing to take matters with his own hands no matter the consequences.
          You are either finding safe targets or are so full of yourself that you are shortsighted.

        56. I don’t seek out married women and usually turn them down (because of age not because they are married) but if I want one I’ll take it. It doesn’t happen often but it does happen.
          Men shouldn’t blame other men when their women go wrong, they should look towards themselves and towards the women.
          However, if a man isn’t strong enough to keep his wife from straying I’m certainly not going to live in fear of him
          Most of the girls I date are single (or so they say) but just being married or having a boyfriend or being an innocent lamb doesn’t mean hands off. I don’t buy into that. When something is offered to me I get to decide if I want it or not. The ones I don’t bother with will just find some other stunt cock.

        57. Men shouldn’t blame other men when their women go wrong, they should look towards themselves and towards the women.

          I don’t think that men blame other men when their women go wrong, because women choose and have whims, but those men which are cucking other men are collateral damage in crime of passion or cucked men take it personally on primordial level, like in animal kingdom, men are like territorial animals. You fucked his wife, you took his property so to speak, his genetic material for procreation or endagering his procreation by not having a child with his DNA. On the other hand, it is also about pride and honour. You humiliated other man just like his woman.

          However, if a man isn’t strong enough to keep his wife from straying I’m certainly not going to live in fear of him

          Woman could cheat the strongest man whatever it means out of spite or because of whim or any other excuse they would came up with just because.

          Most of the girls I date are single (or so they say) but just being married or having a boyfriend or being an innocent lamb doesn’t mean hands off. I don’t buy into that. When something is offered to me I get to decide if I want it or not. The ones I don’t bother with will just find some other stunt cock.

          Basically, you are with sluts. Not that it matters, just saying.

        58. Actually, I would say a very small percentage of the girls I’m with are sluts.

        59. Actually, I would say a very small percentage of the girls I’m with are sluts.

          Strong, empowered, YOLO type riding cock carousel? Yes, they are sluts.
          Wife material surely not because they would be already taken by someone and they would take care of kids and home while husband is at the work.

        60. Sounds to me that you look at the internet too much and have no idea what you are talking about buck. You don’t know me. You don’t know the women I do. And eat somehow you are passing an affirmative judgement which says more about your immaturity and insecurity than anything else
          If you want to give me advice on weakness, insecurity or generally being a twat I’ll accept your expertise. In the meantime, leave women and masculinity to those of us who understand it.
          Your opinions on the matter are totally invalid and will henceforth be ignored.

        61. Get off your high horse, fuckwit.
          Spare me of (((Freudian))) crap. Projection and self-deception is a bitch.
          You pump and dump, exploit woman mindset to get what you want, her pussy, simple as that, but you make philosophy of your behaviour and act like you have found a holy grail. Anyway, everybody find what they want. Every Jack has his Jill.
          There is nothing masculine in your behaviour.

        62. Haha.
          What are 12?
          Grow the fuck up and stop being such a closet faggot.
          You are totally fucking clueless which is adorable at first but quickly gets annoying when one realizes that lackwit morons like you mucking up the world.

        63. Whatever.
          Go fuck yourself, pathetic nihilist self-absorbed piece of shit.
          You are a pussy.
          Karma is a bitch.
          By the way, usually closet faggots try hard to prove themselves they are not fags by having multiple female partners.
          If girl or woman have enough self-respect, pride, she is not willing to have sex with pathetic piece of shit like you, telling her PUA crap or whatever the fuck you are selling her to get in her pants.
          Live in self-deception.

        64. ok. so you know all about me. All about women in general. All about the women I date. ALl about the world.
          Man, I don’t know nearly as much as you pretend to and if you were able to know half of what you think you do you might actually be a danger. What I can tell, with absolute certainty, is that you are in fact a failure. I know a failure when I sniff one and sniiiifffffffffff I can just tell.

        65. World is pretty much simple when you extrapolate human behaviour patterns, but emotions and ego are complex in a certain way. Male and female behave in certain patterns which can be exploited.
          You are vain, immoral and modern Western society is perfect place for your ilk.
          By the way I have more respect for prostitutes than sluts or “starlets” or “celebrities” you name it. Prostitutes are what they are, they don’t pretend they are something else, they don’t play moral high ground like many hypocrite normie women.

        66. Since you have no actual quality yourself who you respect is pretty meaningless. Even the consideration of it would be akin to asking a misbehaved schnauzer what he thinks about deontological ethical theory.
          Why don’t you crawl back into your little effete, ignorant shit hole and find a nice little echo chamber of guys you can circle jerk with son. Your idiotic opinions, lack of understanding of the world and immaturity have ceased to entertain me and now I am finished with you.

        67. And who the fuck are you that your opinion on something matters, talking like ex cathedra?
          What is your quality except LARPing as nihilist? Wow, you are nihilist, so edgy, provocative, you even put it in your name so everyone know how special little snowflake prick you are. You have found your school of thought, your niche. Every wannabe philosopher must pick one like class in RPG game and act accordingly.
          Crawl to your social studies echo chamber shithole of meaningless philosophy knowledge and try to impress college girls or sluts you find on parties or wherever, by quoting other people’s thought or work because you don’t have any original thought by yourself.
          You are pathetic douche trying to look smart by using and hiding behind big and fancy words or thoughts of famous philosophers you never will be, because one, you can’t reinvent the wheel and two, you don’t have mental capacity to be the one in the first place. You are wannabe intellectual full of shit and usually they are those which study philosophy or some other social studies.
          I heard more wisdom from people without school, from rural areas, living simple, modest lives, their clean reasoning and logic, no big fancy complex words, than from people from academy who are brainwashed and corrupted predominantly from social studies because in STEM you can’t pull the wool over someone’s eyes, 1+1=2, Newton’s laws are not social construct etc.
          Uneducated Charles Manson is more of philosopher than you ever will be, and he had even his own cult, no nihilism tattooed on his head.
          And, it’s not about respect, it’s more figure of speech in lack of more appropriate word.

        68. Genesis tells us that the serpent is cursed for tempting eve…I don’t buy it. The serpent was doing what the serpent does. It was eve who fell prey to the serpents hissings.

          Serpent is personification of evil and cunningness.
          Adam and Eve were uncorrupted, naive, gullible like children.
          As a matter of fact, even grown women are somehow gullible like children and PUA know how to play this game like serpent.
          Serpent used trickery to seduce Eve. Serpent did not said to Eve it is wrong to taste apple and explained consequences of this decision.
          Just like you could say to little kid to do something bad but not directly.

          I have no pity for you and no enmity towards the sharks.

          True, if someone swim with sharks he or she should know better. If woman hangs around criminals, “bad boys”, she should expect something wrong could happen to her
          But you apply this analogy to every situation.

          I happily partake in fucking a beautiful woman. That is who I am. She happily partook in being fucked by a man other than her husband….and happily she took it indeed….you want to hold someone to account, I will see if I can find her number

          Eve and this woman, apples and oranges.
          Woman from your story knew what she was doing. She already decided in this case to be fucked by other man. You just pushed right buttons.
          On the other hand, with non-slut woman, you also use tricks, acting like prince charming whatnot, you don’t say her directly that you just want to fuck her and nothing else, and if she is naive or gullible enough you can succeed in your task.

          I will see if I can find her number

          If she would be girlfriend of some criminal, doing revenge for whatever reason, it would be awesome if he find out.

        69. ‘There is nothing masculine in your behaviour.’
          You are just jealous.
          All us real men enjoy our VD.

      3. 16 is too old in this era. They start puberty younger and bang before their teens. Marry as soon as attraction begins.

      4. Or just convert to Mormonism and attend BYU. Seriously if you weight lift, pursue some hobbies, and dress well you will do exceptionally well with the hot blonde Mormon girls.

      5. The “redpill” men spend so much time with broken women because they have to. 80% of women are going after the “top” 10-15% of men, so many quality, above-average men learn they must settle for what’s left. This dynamic is increasing as we become more R-selected.

      6. Found my wife while I was 19, she was 20, and we just celebrated our 10 year anniversary. Got a 3 year old boy, and a little girl on the way.
        We did college together, and like me, she despises feminism.
        That’s how you do it.
        And to top it off, we are BOTH happy.

    2. Does Bar benders do what weight lifting can do?(P.s I am asking on the previous article about unorthodox excercises)

  15. As bad of a rap as he will get from society and some of the people here, this article on how masculine men should train young women should have pointed to Woody Allen as its paradigm. He picked a girl and trained her to be the woman he wanted. By all accounts they have a happy marriage with very traditional gender roles now. People should look to Woody as a hero in this respect.

      1. ha. I think it is no big loss because she couldn’t even swallow pancakes. If a sorority girl can’t swallow a pancake what the hgell good are they for. They certainly will never be a decent pharma rep. Why in my day you could fuck the sorority girls mouth balls deep

        1. Boy, I bet those nurses aren’t highly regarded. Two nurses couldn’t save some choking chick? Guess one has to be extra careful nowadays when they try to Carradine themselves.

        2. off topic, but since you alluded to it here, back when david carradine died by auto erotic asphyxiation in his Bangkok hotel room I did write a series of Haiku to commemorate. While I am not very good at it, I can play a little shakuhachi and it is funny when I read them Kill Bill style
          Tight, grasshopper like
          Fishing boat in hurricane
          Bloodless Nirvana
          Bangkok has hookers
          Emergency Rope Cutters
          Hope you finished up
          Looked like suicide
          Just wait ’til they find gerbil
          Bride kills Bill scott-free
          Pai Mei teaches how
          To Flick more than goatee. Go
          Blind without plucked eye
          Grasshopper must learn
          Take Pebble quickly from palm
          Watch out for the hair
          Always walking earth
          Can make a man quite weary
          Need to just hang out
          You should live through that
          Chuck Norris could last a year
          Your kung-fu is weak
          Visit Thai hotels
          When at the end of your rope
          Black light is a must
          Tough to find hooker
          Thai sucks
          Guess I’ll get a rope
          A great master dead
          Asphyxia comes too quick
          Why not David Blaine
          Master Morita
          Never taught final lesson
          Survive waxing off
          Noble master dies
          Kung-Fu grip intact
          Heston mere novice

        3. You sure you dont smoke? This is the stuff monster bong hits are made of

        4. like frank zappa, I do this drug free my friend. I smoked pot a few times in high school and exactly one time since and never liked it.

    1. Women across the pond are pushing for the merger of frats and sororities, they are destroying everything, bit by bit

      1. lol, that will be something. I am pushing for the merger of the mens and women’s steam rooms at upscale NYC gyms

        1. Ya know, he is running as a dem and I honestly think he will win. It would be beautiful watching him beat DeBlasio in the primary. Watching that fool lose the primary as incumbent would be such a great referendum on what he has done to this city. And a socially liberal, tough on crime (believes in broken windows policy) mayor will do a good job here. That he is socially liberal AND tough on crime means he will go through whichever republican they line up against him. ALso, that he is one of the most famous private detectives in the world means that if there is even a fucking spec of dirt on who he runs against he will blow it up. Further, the cops hate DeB but even the die hard union guys will turn on him when a former nypd detective runs for mayor. I am seriously considering voting for the first time in my life if he runs.

      1. You’re ghostin’ us, motherfucker. I don’t care who you are back in the world, you give away our position one more time, I’ll bleed ya, real quiet. Leave ya here. Got that?

        1. Long tall sally…. she’s real sweet…. she got every thang… Uncle John need….

        2. “we hit nothing”
          Mac – after half a forrest was decimated by Blanes minigun

  16. The first binge drinking and fornicating sessions mostly happen at 14 nowadays.

    1. You’ve got 12 year old girls doing makeup and wearing clothes looking as if they’re 25.

      1. There is a salon near me that was offering a special on mani/pedi/Brazilian wax for the junior high prom

        1. yeah, no doubt. The fact that 12/13 year old girls are getting Brazilians makes me very pleased.

        2. why????? what do you want to do to their fathers? isn’t ravaging their young daughters enough?

        3. I can’t imagine any father tolerating their minor daughter getting a Brazilian. No. I don’t care about the rationale, tolerating that sends the wrong message to your daughter. Just not happening.

        4. I am not sure the grooming itself is the wrong message. I think pubic hair should be removed by law.

        5. There’s no reason for a minor female to get a Brazilian, she really has no reason for making the area presentable to others. She’s a kid not a grown woman.

        6. you could say the same about ear piercings I suppose. I say as soon as the hair starts coming in they should be getting rid of it…..both the Romanians I dated recently were shaving their cunts from the moment they sprouted hairs and the Brazilian girl who stayed with me was waxing at a young age. Just good hygiene i’d say.

        7. No offense lolknee, you seem to be a good guy with a different approach to life than myself. But given my girls have expressed interest in traditional marriage, kids and a family I’ve tried to guide them in conducting themselves in a way to make that happen.
          Pretending to have a maturity they do not hold, involvement in grooming suitable for adult sexually active women is not consistent with that. I’m helping them to avoid men with a casual attitude towards sex if they’re truly seeking a LTR and family.

        8. I’m mostly trollin’ ya brother. of course its fucking insane. but come on, I’m at work….I need to have some fun here.

        9. I know you are, I’m more writing for those guys who’ve expressed concern/confusion about raising daughters. It’s weird what some mothers will in fact push where Dad has to step in and go- no, just no.

        10. sometimes I can’t help myself and just need to see how far it will go. Yeah, a mother taking her daughter out for a cunny waxing at the ripe age of 12 is pretty fucking insane. 16 I can see it (though not legally) but it still would be a little morally ambiguous and depending on region…if you live, say, in so cal and walk to the beach every day you are not going to want to look like a 70’s pin up model…….

        11. back in high school I lost a bet and learned that the hard way lol

        12. It’s proper grooming, m a. Waxing damages the follicle. Start early and by the time you’re married off to your alpha unicorn male, there’s hardly a hair left to wax off. My mother brought me to her salon at 16. I wasn’t allowed to drive, date, or wear makeup at 16, but I was clean.

        13. Sometimes I think it’s mom living vicariously through her daughter. Similar to Dads pushing their kids in sports. At the extreme mom is hanging out with their daughters and their daughters friends like she’s one of them, not setting guidelines. You read the stories where mom isn’t content to just experience it second hand and ends up banging a bunch of high school boys.

        14. MY uncle’s wife is like this with her niece (from her family not the one I am related to). Adjusted for age (she is 50) my uncles wife is a solid 9. She is legit in WB territory at 50 years old and that is impressive. When she was in her late 20’s she was my dream girl. The niece looks just like her and is 26 (yes I did so lets just move on). The two of them go out to clubs and drink and have their time and get —– lets say —– raunchy.

        15. Back in 2014 I decided to do the popular thing and start removing all my public hair. I had to quit because doing so was somehow manipulating the bacterial environment down there and I kept on getting repeated attacks of bacterial vaginosis. I would take antibiotics for it then also get a yeast infection. When I stopped any sort of downstairs grooming the infections stopped all together. If you don’t know what it is look it up. It’s not pleasant. My husband told me that my v smelt like a garbage dump and I had intense itching. There may be legit reasons not to remove hair from that area for some women. However I don’t like recieving oral sex and my husband thinks it’s unpleasant to go down on women also. I guess that’s the main reason why women groom down there these days.

        16. I have been removing body hair by the root for years. It comes back full force every time. I haven’t permenantly lost any of it, unfortunately.

        17. Sorry for your unpleasantness. While I am a connoisseur of bald vaginas I really don’t know much about the mechanics that go into it. I must say I have never run afoul of a foul one before. Maybe there is a trick to it? Maybe some people have some problems? But I refuse to abide by any hair on the women I am with — it is a deal breaker for me. Still, there are lots of people with lots of tastes and it seems your husband is pleased and really that is what matters.

        18. I think my husband would prefer it if I didn’t have any hair down there, but I don’t think he feels strongly about it either way. Just like I slightly prefer him with a beard, but he prefers to shave. I think if a man feels strongly about it then fair enough, I’m obviously not right for him.

        19. That’s unfair. It took about five years of consistent waxing for me. Blonde hair might be more cooperative? It’s funny though because there are areas where zero hair will grow ever, and other areas where it still comes back some and yet theyve both been waxed the same amount. I’ve heard electrolysis works best with dark hair/fair skin though. So time consuming though.

      2. That’s one of the biggest challenges as a father. Making sure your girls understand they are still girls- not women. That they don’t think they are older and ready for things they simply aren’t prepared to handle.
        Biggest lie on the planet- “Girls mature faster than boys….”
        …only physically. Mentally, emotionally and spiritually they’re still just kids.

        1. One major difference I think is how much porn has evolved over the last ten years.
          When I was 14, the height of my porn watching was Heather iDeepthroat… And she was basically a loving house-wife with no gag reflex.
          Nowadays… A 14 year old boy can find an infinite videos of 200 ass-to-mouth inter-racial cumshots in 30 seconds at the click of a button.
          I don’t see how this can’t be having an effect on boys.

        2. young broads have no qualms about watching smut these days either

  17. I appreciate the intent, but even 18 is often too late. “Give me a child until (she’s) 7 and (she’s) mine.” * Fathers educate and inoculate. Some girls rise above poor parenting and some girls falter despite a good upbringing, but for the most part to be a good woman, you need a good daddy.
    *note to ConservativeAtheistRedpiller: Im not suguesting you marry a 6 year old.

        1. idk that singling me out almost sounded like the kind of public paedo-shaming that feminazis do with ephebophiles while others have, perhaps with more subtlety hinted that they were ephebophiles too.

        2. Oh no, then I’m sorry for it and apologize. Think of it as a good natured and respectful pinch on the cheek, ok? 🙂

    1. Become a Muslim and you can marry a 9 year old, I don’t think 6 is completely off the cards for a Muslim marriage.

      1. To be fair, those countries do have official AOCs somewhat in tune with Western ones and it’s only in remote villages that tribal people do that. As a white convert you would never get even close.

      2. PJ!! You look a little different today, Great Teacher, but your wisdom is unchanged.

  18. Innocence is crushed by the system at the most early ages. Unless you want to marry your daughter, I don’t see how you can find an uncorrupt western woman in these days.

    1. one of my favorite authors, your countryman, Georges Bataille, said it best when he said (pardon if I don’t have the quote exact it has been a while and my French is worse than that of a german cow) L’extrême séduction est à la limite de l’horreur

        1. How dare you! I am a nihilist fop! not a nihilist dandy!

        2. Lord Murat the Dandy king of all times. Pardon me, my french sucks hell.

    2. In German schools they make toddlers simulate sexual acts like in Brave New Word for frack’s sake.

  19. I was actually just talking about this. I just started talking to a 19 year old who is about to go off to college next fall. Her parents are rich and seem to spoil her in the worst type of way, and she already does coke and has had sex with at least 6 men. Imagine what she would do if sent away to school on a liberal allowance from her parents? She seems receptive to the information I’m providing her though. Perhaps she could make a decent wife for an upper-tier Beta, if she gets her shit together.

    1. She’ll age rapidly if she’s binging on coke. Probably be dead (or look dead) within 10 years.

    2. Do a before and after pic. As LL mentioned below, if she’s doing coke now she’s on the fast track to oblivion and will be pole dancing to support ̶h̶e̶r̶ ̶d̶r̶u̶g̶ ̶h̶a̶b̶i̶t̶ way through school in no time.

      1. I dated a girl like that in high school, rich spoiled girl. Parents raised horses. After we broke up, she dated this guy who used coke. She moved to the city to strip, dropped out of college, since then, she had three kids by different fathers, been in and out of rehab. Just another ex-junkie with no prospects. sad

  20. We look back to the iconic 1950s like it was a time spanning era of tradition, functionality and culture. But it was only a brief snapshot. The traditional roles lasted less than a decade. It came and went faster than the fad of ‘Cadillacs with fins’, about 8 yrs or so. So why? Why did culture reverse so quickly? What jinxed the 50s culture to die so quickly?
    IT WAS THE HAIR! Boys were buzz cut regularly by their mommies as they sat on the kitchen stool. AND THEIR POWER fell clump by clump to the kitchen floor. NO SOCIETY can hold its patriarchal edge when they chop the hair of the males and sever their foreskins.
    And look how quickly the 60s rolled in like an F5 tornado, stripping and uprooting the cultural topsoil down to the bare bedrock. It was cultural desertification. The bare shaved men and the world they built were defenseless.
    THIS is what killed the west folks
    You’re looking at the little sumbooger right here

    1. has that young fellow just been drafted to go “kill the yellow man” in some far flung place no ones ever heard of called Vietnam?

  21. This happened to me I met an 18 year old at 26 she was corrupted by her liberal friends and college. Went to law school about to be 32, besides make money and hope to pay off my loans dating 25 to 30 has been horrendous. Really honest question besides making money and focusing on myself, how can I expect to meet someone decent now in today’s world? Any honest advice would be welcome.

      1. the advice “move to a 3rd world country” is roughly on par with the advice “smash your testicles with a hammer”

        1. females are limitless there not women. These things aren’t the same species as first world women. Also, the supply of women is limitless here too. Laugh though you will and call it trite all you want, America is the land of opportunity. If you are wiling to do the work and make the sacrifices you can have whatever you want. Opting out into the minor leagues is simply not a valid option — it is just admitting failure. You can see if there are native Italian speakers here to correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the word is Cornuto. It means to get the horns or to be a cuck and accept it. They are basically content to be losers.

        2. NM, went over your head. he was talking about how resources are limitless yesterday

        3. oh, lol, didn’t see his posts yesterday sorry. Even I miss some of them

        4. What about men who are really more attracted to brown girls?

        5. Dear sir, I do think you mean well with your post but I do have a rebuttal. Some of us fail no matter how hard we try. I failed at marriage , I failed at a business (lost $100k) , most of my cold approaches fail. Just think about this for a moment . Why throw good money at bad? I love the usa and have 0 attraction to Asians, but why label these guys as losers if they want a sure bet or better odds ?

        6. I don’t fully agree with you here.
          You know better than most that Western women are almost impossible to create stable families with. Why spend your entire life gaming your wife and working yourself to death, if you can be appreciated on a more basic level in a society that offers a satisfying lifestyle and culture?
          I think there probably are loser men who go this route, but I don’t think this decision is what makes them losers.

        7. I understand the sentiment, I really do. I will say that when you fail at things like marriage or business it lays before you a couple of paths….one of them is to go and be a big fish in a smaller pond…yes….however, another, I truly believe, is to analyze the things that caused the failure and to make hard condemnations of yourself, decide what it is you want and how it is you can get it, rebuilt and try again. I would rather strike out in the world series than hit a double in a little league game.
          If you failed at things there are reasons for it. If you search your soul you will find them and you can change them. I have no desire for marriage AT ALL and I never want kids. However, if I did I know that I would totally give up my current lifestyle, I would move to a small community that is church based, start over leaving everything behind, become a member of a church, forget about the insane aesthetic beauty qualities I have (though by no means give up all standards but there just aren’t a lot of Russian models where I am talking about) and begin to live a simple and bucolic life intermeshed in a community and church for years as I build myself into it and then find myself a nice and appropriate wife and have those kids. If I married one of the whores I date and got fucked in marriage it wouldn’t be her fault, it would be mine. I am not saying this is what you did….I don’t know your story, but I do know that whatever you want is possible if you make honest assessments and sacrifices and work. If what you want is a third world life with a bunch of girls that share zero cultural value and don’t care if you burn to death outside of the money you pay them then go….I don’t judge a man’s desires. But accepting defeat just isn’t something that, to me, is an American quality.

        8. you notice some dearth of brown girls here in the US? lol. Come to new York. We have plenty of them. I am an egalitarian. I enjoy all colors and races and like to taste of all fruits, but remember….there are a lot of downsides to being a “melting pot” of course, still…there are a few upsides.

        9. why would you game a woman trying to find a wife? That’s absurd. You want to game her father or, if she is older, a community leader that she trusts. There are a lot of rural parts of this country that a man can find a good wife and a life to live and place to raise their children. Those women will be largely immune to “game” anyway. America has it all. I think the problem is that American’s think they can have everything at once. If I want world class skiing and move to santa Barbara I am going to be sorely disappointed….as much so as if I want world class surfing and move to Colorado. I love NYC and don’t want a wife and kids. If I did want a wife and kids I would be rid of this place and in the Midwest quicker than you can shake a whatever it is those hicks shake out there. Sacrifice is required for all things. I want my life and I sacrifice the joy of teaching a kid how to throw a curveball. I kid a lot, but I get that that would be rewarding. You can’t have it all. I think that the decision to quit your homeland and head to a third world shithole because the women there are so fucking hungry and close to being sold into prostitution that they don’t care what you do so long as you upgrade them from basically homeless to slightly less basically homeless is the hallmark of losing.

        10. there are some here for sure…but I don’t see them. NYC is a segregated city. I almost never see fags or SJW types because I don’t go to places they are welcome and they don’t come to places I am welcome. It is a strange place, but if you want you can make a lot of different things out of the city. Most of the guys I talk to have similar value systems to me. Yeah, if I got to union square on Friday night or the west village pretty much whenever I am going to run afoul of people I find loathsome but why would I go there when there is a whole city of shit set up to suit me.

        11. I married a Virgin that got a taste of feminism. That’s besides the point. I blame nobody but myself for my failures. We both see eye to eye on one thing for sure. I’d rather strike out in the majors as well, which is what i did. I failed miserably at both business and marriage. Both could have been immensely profitable if I had seen the red flags. Some people want to enjoy their lives in peace. As you know gaming sluts takes time and effort unless you have a constant supply , which 90 percent of men do not .

        12. gaming sluts does take a constant supply which is why living in population dense areas is important. But you have learned so much from your experience. You can use that to grow, become stronger and as you do you will find the sluts will start gaming you.

        13. I hope so !! I’m 42 and that has happened maybe twice so far ! Many of the greatest leaders have failed miserably before emerging stronger. I’m in Dallas and I’m determined to make this place great for myself. That we agree on. We all end up 6 feet under eventually so calling guys who want third world women losers is something the sjw types say . That was my point .

        14. I don’t see how NY would be easy for me to get a brown girl though. First of all, the city is ridiculously expensive so unless I myself own top notch real-estate there I’d be invisible to good Indian girls, the family-oriented ones, who will rarely consider a white man because of their very traditions but some dads can accept a white rich man. The non-traditional ones will hang out with the SJW crowd and their hair might no longer even be black…

        15. I have 2 years on you my friend. It is true about great leaders. I don’t know much about Dallas, but I know some people who are very fond of it. The trick, in my opinion, is to be very hard and critical with yourself. Not to put yourself down, but to be that one hard ass gym teacher we all hate and then grow up and look back and realize how he helped us grow. I wish you the best of it.

        16. money in ny is an issue it is true, but I will tell you, and I am not even kidding about this, I have been offered an arranged marriage with a Pakistani girl by her older brother (who was the head of her house) who I knew threw her sister who was my secretary. You want to talk traditional, bitch wore a hijab. And he was really pretty too. The cool thing about new York is that you will find what you are looking for, no matter what it is, so long as you know where to look. Yes, money is an issue and if you want a traditional wife you can’t very well send her out to work in this fucking place so you will need to be able to afford to raise a family solo. But it is here. ALso, if you like dark meat, I have found very traditional southern black women would do pretty much anything to score themselves a white guy who wil support them and their families will treat you like royalty.

        17. That about the paki girl kinda confirms what I said. According to some posts I saw here you ARE rich lol.

        18. Kneeman – I don’t know what y’all shake in NYC (Martinis maybe?). But out he-ah in the Midwest I shake a souvenir ball bat right into the back of rabbits’ heads shortly before I skin them out and grill them. And that “hicks” thing…I resemble that statement. 😉

        19. never shake a martini! Martini’s are to be stirred. That is why the spoon has a corkscrew curve in it. James Bond is ordering a watered down martini and being a snooty cunt about it (there is a narrative reason for this). As for resembling that remark…that’s ok, I’m just a big city fairy fag. We all have our shit 🙂

        20. I am not rich by any real measure. Adjusted for cost of living I would say I am firmly in the upper middle class. If I made the money I currently make and commuted from the Hudson Valley where a lot of my family lives I would be very well in my rights to call myself rich, but maintaining any life style, especially with only one income is incredibly expensive. I have no wealthy family, no money or property to inherit and, in many ways, am not, at least on paper, qualified to do the job I have. I don’t have an MBA, I am not an architect etc etc etc
          I could raise a family here on one salary but not while drinking expensive scotch and living a generally lavish lifestyle. For the paki family they know I could knock that little girl up and make loads of blue eyed sand turds and keep her at home cooking curry and raising kids. Its not using seasons as verbs wealthy but it is better than the last generation did which is a positive long term immigrant thinking strategy.

        21. Same thing. I refuse to distinguish between different brands of Asians. They are all Chinese. I don’t have time for their regional soccer teams or whatnot

        1. so? They speak english, and the have access to soap. sounds good enough to me

        2. Amish are not as pure as one would think. There is a lot of incest in Amish families.

        3. That’s not 100% true. Out in Lancaster county quite a few of them have electricity to their barns and milking machines. Some now have cars and cell phones; it’s up to the local bishop. There is that little issue of Amish women not shaving their legs and underarms. I have some pretty good friends that are Amish and although I live a rural semi-agrarian lifestyle and husband my own livestock, I’m not ready to give up the amenities of modern America. Longing for the good old days? Cut off your air conditioner this summer…

        4. Longing for the good old days? Cut off your air conditioner this summer…
          HA! love it.

        5. No electricity, no cell phones, no social media teaching the entitled princess complex? Sounds good to me.

        6. So let’s recap:
          They are inbred and don’t use electricity.

        7. yeah, but their ability to torture arabs is almost nil

        8. They also don’t shave elsewhere either. Caucasian women tend to be naturally quite hairy and it’s not just the legs and pits that grow thick hair. I was watching a documentary on Amish people and the wife had a moustache and monobrow. I suppose the men however are used it and there is no standard of being artificially hairless.

        9. You’re absolutely right. All of our Amish friends have running water (gravity fed), but no electric or gas fired water heaters. They’re clean people, but don’t bathe as much as we, “the English” do. In the summertime they can get kind of “gamey”, lol. But here again, I’m sure they’re used to it and probably have a much healthier skin biome than those of us out here in “normal” society.

        1. cmon, based on the day trip you took to Penn Dutch country?
          It was funny though- went once as a kid, didnt want their pictures taken(fine, its not like it was a Great Adventure Safari tour) but the kids were all wearing 1800s clothing with Nike sneakers(so not fine, so not fine)

        2. I’ve had dealings with these chaps, English….
          Hygiene is not really a thing like it is for you and me.

        3. They smell natural, not like AX deodorant. Aluminum bad for the lyphm glands

      1. I considered that route at one time. It was the year that I found God in my life, but then I decided I like having modern amenities. Besides, the Mormons have a decent selection of women.

  22. Only scenario I can see this scoop-her-up-before-it’s-too-late scenario working in, is small-town rural areas, otherwise she’s going to be a full-blown attention addict by age 13.
    You can’t take the dick out of addiction™

  23. and boom, will come some stupid feminists to spoil the comment section with their rage and bitterness. Be prepared folks !

      1. yeah, like the one comparing girls before and after feminism.
        can’t wait to see those motherfuckers come here and spill their hate. the question is “when ?”

        1. Are they here yet? I spent the last two days on the internet trolling Feminists. If they come here, they are coming right to the source to get a good kicking…

        2. eerrr, no thanks, i want to read calmly my daily red pill news before the shit hit the fan lol

        3. Not before I crawl into my earthquake-proof bunker. Trigglypuff might see it and wiggle her arms.

    1. Its still morning in prime feminist country. The whales are just now starting to roll out of their over-sized couches where they passed out last night in front of the TV with a laptop perched on their fupas, wiping the sundry crumbs and chucks of left-over snacks from their 4XL all-day pajamas, and beginning to root around for their Twinkie and cinnamon roll breakfast feed-bags.

        1. Damn, that would be a hilarious youtube video. Start out with the old Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom theme and introduction, then start ‘shopping ham-beasts in there. Get somebody with a gravelly English accent to do a voice-over describing their habitats, “hunting and feeding” activities, mating rituals, etc. Play it dead serious all the way through.

      1. Did the LIGO already register some gravitational waves emanating from the West Coast?

    2. they seem like that is what they are coming for but really they just want attention from men. Be nice when they show up…ugly bitches need lovin’ too

      1. Hey, buttafaces are one thing, but Feminists aren’t even our same species, man.

  24. Odds that this article will be as “popular” as the before/after feminism pictures article?
    They should have included a couple Brazilian chicks in the pictures to get more hits.

    1. I was expecting an increasing AOC heavily correlated with feminazism but your list actually seems to be totally uncorrelated. I doubt a place like Algeria is high on feminism for example and that was already the first item in the list.

    2. From eye-balling it I see a correlation between GDP and first-marriage age for women.

    3. sweden’s first-marriage age for women is 33 going on 34. North Africa though is worse than the US

    4. Interesting Niger girls marry at 15 while Moroccan girls marry at 30! Same continent, different region. In Morocco the cuck culture celebrates male circumcision as one of the three biggest events in a man’s life alongside puberty and marriage.
      But in Niger, cliterectomies are performed on the girls to prevent promiscuity. Niger girls marry at 15, not 30.
      Swedish women marry the latest at 33-34. Their eggs are done as well as Danish women who marry around 30. Chilean women are also marrying around 30. Why so late for Chile but not neighboring Argentina? Because Chiles entry ports face westward, towards China. Because China wants a piece of South America. THE GOOKS WANT CHILE! The yellow behemoth wants its foot in the door of the southern sphere and what better place than cucked Chile. Never take your eyes off the Chinese and remember to watch whose hands are in the pie. There’s a Chinese finger in the pie and now a foot. They flooded Vancouver, Seattle, Portland and SANTIAGO IS NEXT. The yellow cup floweth over folks. Are we going to calmly let them burrough and lay their eggs on our turf or do we fling them back? Chilean men need beards and young nubile teen breeder bitches to spank. Not 30 yo used up sacks of goat cheese. It’s not too late for Chile. The Chilean jew media is no different than the North American MSM. They must learn jew awareness and learn about the old Chinese 5000 year plan.
      HERE’S AN ARTICLE from Denmark: “Danish government declares cliterectomies a human right for girls and women” . . . wait a munite . . I got that wrong but can you imagine if it were so . . . But the article actually goes like this: “Danish government declares circumcision as a human right for boys even though 90% of Danes want to ban the practice.”—but-defenders-call-it-undemocratic-2016-7/
      Hey, if they did cliterectomies on the Danish and Swedish women, then they’d marry off at 14, breed out the ass and the white man’s demise would reverse. Nigger girls in Niger marry off at 13-16 and breed out the ass as we all know. WHY CAN’T WE then dammitt?? It ain’t fair.

      1. I read where Berber girls in Morroco start marrying at 12. Up in the Atlas Mountains. The Berber tribes are left alone to their customs.

        1. The Berbers are a very old tribe predating the Arabs that spread from the mountains to both shores of N Africa and into the Iberian peninsula. Berber comes from barbarian. So the Berber chick is a pureblood and quite snappy looking. But how do they age? . . eeh . . not too bad for a 100 yo I guess

          Considering how this poor western 20 yo chick aged after 4 yrs of partying and drugs, 30 to her would be like 100 to the Berber great great grandma.

      2. Cliteridectomies are useless in preventing promiscuity, since most women, prior to childbirth at least before the nerves often become damaged, can orgasm through penetration alone. That’s why in somalia they carry out pharonic circumcision on girls. However this is counterproductive since it often effects a girls ability to conceive and causes complications during childbirth. It’s also useless because in these cultures men will still have anal sex with circumcised women or even each other.

  25. So start a college where females are not ruined. Or a training camp, or an educational news network. Blogs are echo chambers. Learning Game is not the be all end all to our problems.
    As someone whose actually told off college professors and administrators IRL, we are losing, and we are losing badly. That includes standing up for White Males in a Genders Studies Course, and dropping knowledge about endocrine disruption in said course. I was the only straight white male in the course too. The professer was even using the term Alpha after I was done haranguing them. An enemy in a foregin land.
    Alas, poor Western Civilization! Bitching on the internet continues as usual.

    1. learning game is the first step to one’s salvation.
      indeed, it will not end all of our problems

    2. Wait what? As a white male you did a women studies course? Is that what you are saying?

    3. “..we are losing, and we are losing badly.”
      You’re on a campus. It’s a safe space from reality.

    1. The truth often is. Especially when laid bare in inarguable visual form.

  26. Improvising on Milo’s theme that Feminism is Cancer someone should really produce a line of cigarette boxes with government style health warnings on them, saying something to the effect that “Feminism can seriously damage your physical and mental health’ beneath that top picture of gollum girl.

    1. just a series of meme images is enough. where is the guy who edit the beta news magazine when we need him ?

        1. it is only one towards the top of the fart-box. If it is on the bottom of the dart-box it is a loatus

        2. It’s what happens when you consume too much Kratom, then achieve escape velocity.

      1. No-one knows where Bob is. I thought he might be on holiday with Lolknee, but apparently not. A meme is a good start, and what a great meme it could be, but still I would have a thought a physical novelty item might go down well rather well.

        1. I thought uncey bob said he was considering moving around his life and quitting the ole 9-5 to move into sports betting fulltime and that he would be in the wind until he was all set up.

        2. moving into sports betting full-time? If that’s the case he’s probably running from the mob or something

        3. I don’t know. I do know he was into sports betting and trying to make a move into it full time and suggested that the move would keep him busy and off ROK for a bit so I am assuming that accounts for his absence. That and or aliens are anally probing him

      1. not bad at all. We’d need to check though that no-one had already used that image for a ‘this is what a feminist looks like’ t-shirt

    2. You ever notice how ROK readers are encouraged to pursue the lowest-information, least sophisticated, most naive females they can find, i.e, very young women, women from 3rd world countries, etc? There’s a reason why, I think. You guys remind me of how when I was in high school, you’d always have that 10th grade girl who was dating a guy who was 23 years old – not the biggest winner, as you can probably imagine.

      1. Why would you say they are the “lowest information..etc.?” Every girl I know from high school that married an older guy like that in high school is still happily married. Looks like they knew what they wanted and went for it. The dumb girls are those who decide that the 15 year carousel is not going to damage them. They pass their prime age for marriage, and then at 30 or so, either settle for a beta schlub or move into a house of cats.

        1. But wait, sleeping with a lot of women doesn’t damage men in the least, correct?

        2. I didn’t say that. Everyone has the path they choose before them. I chose the traditional family route. Lots of guys here choose to obtain the high notch count, still others choose the MGTOW route. Same with women, they can choose to ride the carousel, more power to them. But you got to realize is with those actions, come consequences.

        3. I would say, trying to make a logical argument that promiscuity is terrible for women but awesome for men feeds the wish-fulfillment of immature men with little experience with women, but has no basis in reality

        4. I got a spoiler for you – “Men and Women are different!”
          I know the prevailing mythology is the opposite, but it is incorrect.

        5. I would say it does damage guys in certain ways. A guy with a high notch count is less able to attach emotionally if he plans to develop a LTR or marry in the future. Could lead to marital problems down the road. Compared to the damage it does to women, it is insignificant.

        6. Of course it’s insignificant, because the guy merely has a “notch count,” while the girl has “been riding the cock carousel!!” It’s obviously totally different.

        7. you can refer to bem’s comment for further guidance…….Funny thing is, women are the gatekeepers of sex. They are the ones who have it in their power to deny sex to a guy if he has “been riding the pussy carousel” (See how equal opportunity I am?) Obviously, they do not care to hold men to that standard, so it does not hurt men. The ball is in the women’s court, don’t blame us for your kind not having any standards.

        8. which ones are the ones with squishy wet holes who make sweaters look all mmmmmmmmm

        9. You may not like to hear this, but it’s a fact that men are naturally equipped for promiscuity. Women are not.
          Data from the National Marriage Project supports this assertion. According to its findings, female promiscuity prior to marriage increases divorce rate. Male promiscuity prior to marriage has no effect upon divorce rate.
          Again, those are facts. They support the view that there is a natural double standard in the sexual marketplace. It’s not “fair” or “equal”, but it’s real.

        10. I’m sure the National Marriage Project is a very unbiased and objective organization. Tell me, though – how does this work? Who are the promiscuous men supposed to be sleeping with if women should avoid promiscuity? Quite a conundrum!

        11. You’re coming at this with a 1=1 mentality. It doesn’t work like that.
          Evolutionary psychology teaches us that a large number of females reproduces with a much smaller cohort of males.
          Example: In a tribe of 100 males and 100 females, the top 10 males reproduce with the top 40 females. These are alpha males, and they have their way with pretty much any female they want. Another 50 males reproduce with another 50 females. These are beta males, and they’re chosen by the females that the alphas don’t want.
          That leaves 40 males who don’t reproduce at all. These are omega males, and they are the evolutionary losers. 10 females also don’t reproduce, and they are evolutionary losers too.
          The double standard is real, and it’s baked into our DNA.

        12. BTW, if you’d bothered to look, you’d see that the Nat Mar Proj was founded at Rutgers University but is now housed at the University of Virginia sociology dept.

        13. Nonsense. Plenty of females don’t reproduce with any man. You can play “humans are chimps” all day, but in my experience, it’s just another way to demonize women who don’t want to sleep with you.

        14. Are you saying you believe 40% of males are omega? I have to strongly disagree. I would say perhaps 1%. I know, I am one.

        15. There will only ever be but so many promiscuous males. It takes alot of work and effort and 50% of males are genetically disqualified from being playboys. For that reason alone, the comparison cannot be made between male and female promiscuity. 10% of men can pull quality tail consistently. So whether or not those men are damaged by their escapades is really irrelevant to anyone but them. Female sluttery is widespread and its damaging effects aren’t even up for debate anymore. We’ve all seen it with our own eyes.

        16. Claiming that “it’s not up for debate” usually means you can’t support your argument.

        17. 25% of females in tribal societies are infertile, mostly due to diseases like mumps and gonorreah. That’s likely the only reason a woman isn’t going to get to reproduce. There is honestly no such thing as a female incel. Eggs are seen as inherently more valuable than sperm and females are generally not regarded as losers in the same way males are because they are not expected to achieve anything. To have sex women just have to be women. That’s all that’s needed. Female smv has a much lower bell curve than male smv does. Especially when uneffected by artificial factors that we find in civilized society.

      2. “you rok readers” totally missing nuance and dispute that goes on between men who respect one another and who have different goals in life.
        Funny, being called a loser by you doesn’t stink as much as you would think.

        1. I didnt call anyone here a loser – that assessment must have come from within, homeboy.

        2. SIC:
          you’d always have that 10th grade girl who was dating a guy who was 23 years old – not the biggest winner, as you can probably imagine
          Like I said, I don’t expect you to understand nuance. But I would hope, at least, that you could read between your own lines. Wow….shallow as a puddle this one

        3. A ROK reader going through each day paranoid that strangers think he’s a loser. Color me shocked.

        4. she had them before she got here…its why she came in the first place. I mentioned earlier i’d treat the girlie trolls with kid gloves today. They are just lookin’ for some lovin

        5. Yes, “talk about me.” So bold! I can see now why ROK types do so well with women. It’s your bold fearlessness, and willingness to confront. Now, I’ll let you boys get back to mumbling about me. Carry on.

        6. Of course we will talk about you, you are interesting and adding a new topic of discussion. Would you rather we ignored you?

        7. honey, so far I am the only one here who hasn’t treated you like a little brat. If you have something to say, say it. I’ll listen and tell you what I think. Otherwise, whatcha doin’ here. Just droppin’ in to make some comments. Be more interesting than that. Come on

        8. you tell em! Im more concerned with things like outstanding debts and credit scores- so, what are yours like?
          (yes, Im being serious)

        9. No. Just waiting to see if you have anything interesting to say. If yo don’t, that’s ok too. Just thought I would give a chance to see if there was any substance to you or if you were just a pouty child.

        10. it is funny which measurements have the most meaning as we get older huh

        11. Yes, I’m clearly boring you to death. You’re barely made 12 responses.

        12. Yep, if you had to, at this point, would you marry a sensible, sweet plain jane who was 30 or a 9 with 200K in credit and school debt(yes, the 9 is amazing in bed)

        13. Well, you convinced me. Nothing to see here. Have a nice day

        14. I think its spelled “gyped”, no? after them dirty gypsies?

        15. Just sayin’…hard to like a bunch of people who come into your hamlet unannounced, take all your money in 3 card monte, and impregnate your daughter before they skip town

        16. Saw a bunch of them in Ireland. They were the real deal, had horse drawn wagons that they slept in. Went from neighborhood to neighborhood until they worn out their welcome. And they say the new crop of middle easterners will assimilate fine. These guys have been in Europe for a thousand years and still are a pain in the neck./

        17. Romani, right? Been meaning to ask you: how do you make it work with such a large brood? Cost of living that much more sane out by you? would make for a good article

        18. I am a civil engineer, that helps. But really, the cost of food is maybe $400/month for the 8 of us. My wife is home full time, so she has the time to cook meals from scratch. We have a bigger house, but live in an area where housing is less expensive. Otherwise, expenses are fairly standard. Really, no matter how many kids you have, they will cost what you can afford. Have a single kid? It will cost you much more than any one of my kids, simply because they can’t share.

        19. In the short lived and much forgotten though brilliant tv show NORM, Norm Macdonald has fucked something up at work and figures the only way to get off the hook is to get his ulta liberal boss to feel guilty about offending him. He over hears him say “gyp” about something and goes on a whole ramble about “MY PROUD GYPSY HERRITAGE”
          God he was so funy

        20. You’ve clearly demonstrated a lack of comprehension regarding the themes presented here at RoK, “homeboy.”
          It’s not exactly something for you to be proud of.

        21. It’s probably best for you to remain hidden behind a keyboard.
          You’re not the type to do well face-to-face, if you get my drift.

        22. Not doing a very good job.
          I’d advise you to find a more productive use for your time.

        23. Fucking knackers (the Irish PC term is “tinkers”). The steal, squat, trash the neighborhood and when they leave there is a ton of trash the locals have to pay to haul away. Their “youth” have a habit of stealing cars and when they are done joy riding, they burn it out (check out car insurance in Eire).
          The only reason they are not in the US is because they would all be shot and firebomed after a week.

        24. I find that as well. The fix overhead is already in place after the first kid. The ones after doesn’t drive the overall cost much higher after that.

        25. Well, you can’t do a good job trying to mock something you don’t understand. You only reveal your misunderstanding and lack of comprehension.

        26. My daughters are intelligent and rational people. Considered themselves feminists until they went to college, met the gender identity/women’s studies folks and had the reaction that intelligent and rational people do when confronted with the insanity and hatred consuming these folks. Older daughter just rejected the feminist label completely, younger one was a bit disheartened since she’d honestly believed it was really about equality of opportunity and responsibility vice misandry and political exploitation. Distraught that there didn’t seem to be any voices consistent with her interpretation of feminism.
          Pointed her to Camille Paglia and Christina Hoff Somers, then she found the Ruben Report. She’s now a libertarian and considers herself an equity feminist, if anything, on the feminism spectrum.

      3. You’re assuming that a person, male or female, will in fact be more informed, more sophisticated, and less naïve after a college education. Given the current state of college in the US and the infantilization of the students and severe deterioration of the curriculum in many fields, I find your premise to be flawed. College seems to be a suspension of maturation for many.
        That observation is backed up by the vast change in the quality of job applicants/co-workers in the last few decades. Or as one person put it-
        “I used to fear that some day a young sharp college graduate would
        eventually push me out of a job. No so much now.” – Market Runner (twitter)

        1. I haven’t heard of any medical schools having to close down because of a lack of suitable appilicants. All of the college graduates I know are pretty sharp. I think you’re buying into a false narrative pushed by the right.

        2. No, it’s personal experience, one of the hardest things to overcome. I agree there are smart, bright folks out there. But I keep running into college grads who don’t seem to have gained any maturity since starting high school, but admittedly I’m not working in the medical field.

        3. “.. suitable appilicants”
          Define suitable. Meritocracy was tossed out a long time ago, so subpar people become doctors as those quotas (vagina, race) don’t fill themselves. I know a few schools that pander to the international students for the cash.
          I have an acquitance who is a GP in Texas. She got a 4.0 in Feminist studies and was allowed to sit for MCAT and passed. I have know idea what her over all scores were, but her “vagina” carried her over better qualified men.

        4. “Meritocracy was tossed out a long time ago” is the sort of thing people who can’t make it on merit say.

        5. No. When you performed and had the objective and Independent performance results indicating you were better suited for the role just to be told “we had to accept the lower qualified female candidates” it is what it is. Vagina trumps better men. Lower standards, for lower qualified applicants. It just isn’t the blatant fact that discimination is taking place, but that people seeking medical attetnion suffer inferior service.

      4. What exactly is a “sophisticated” female?
        A woman’s value is directly tied to her fertility and beauty. Naturally, productive men gravitate toward younger, attractive women.This is how societies have functioned for thousands if not millions of years, prior to some fat chicks popping up in the 1960s and deciding that they somehow know better than the rest of human history.
        “Sophistication” is a meaningless word in this context, because what women do outside of the home and the family unit is completely irrelevant.

        1. “sophistication” means to shut any truth to your world view and look at things through the blue colored lens that is spoon fed to you through media, public education, and SJW’s

        2. You’re so right. I’ll call my cardiologist and tell her that what she does outside of the home is irrelevant, and that fertility and beauty are her only values. She doesn’t get it! Stupid heart doctor!

        3. Good, you do that! Tell her if she has any kids, good job and spend more time with them. If she doesn’t have kids, she has failed at her one and only job.

      5. I prefer to think of it as least indoctrinated with 3rd wave feminism.
        Enjoy your “well informed” women that must believe feminism has nothing to do with their extreme stress, when there is tons of science that says the opposite.

      6. Holy…
        That’s a stupid comment. Is Eastern Europe 3rd world? No.
        So bitter…

        1. And I suspect that one of us is reminiscent of someone who didn’t finish High School.
          Eastern Europe is not 3rd world. Bitter dumb ass. HaHa

        2. Eastern Europe is generally taken to be “2nd world.” Knowledge is power, homeboy.

        3. Bwahhha! Educated by who?
          Some of the posters replying to you have those precious pieces of accredited state paper you covet.
          So far you have displayed nothing.

        4. “Second World” refers to the former communist-socialist, industrial states, (formerly the Eastern bloc, the territory and sphere of influence of the Union of Soviet Socialists Republic) today: Russia, Eastern Europe (e.g., Poland) and some of the Turk States (e.g., Kazakhstan) as well as China.
          First, Second, and Third World – Nations Online Project

        5. Someone calling himself “John Galt” didn’t know something. Surprise factor – zero

        6. “Incoherence” is not a noun that is normally quantified. I commend you on your linguistic innovation.

        7. Your answer did not make any sense. I speak a language or two, but you reply was not in any way understandable to those coherent in the english language. Feel free to expand on your(assumed copy-paste) answer.

        8. If you are unable to comprehend a simple definition, maybe you ought to look into that “precious accredited state paper!!!” you mentioned earlier. Mine seems to have equipped me for basic reading.

        9. You stated; Eastern Europe is generally taken to be “2nd world.” Knowledge is power, homeboy.
          You were asked for sources and what you quantify as answers were generalizations such as: ” People with educations.”
          Which people? What was the curriculum?
          Your incoherence is noted as well as your sudden appreciation of English grammitcal rules. LOL.

        10. If you missed the definition I posted, it said that former Eastern Bloc countries are part of the group called “second world nations.” Do you know what “Eastern Bloc” means, or do you need that defined also? Is the google machine on your computer malfunctioning?

        11. It said? I thought you were the affirmation, not Google? Google is a search engine (a bad one at that). I was asking you.
          Personally you don’t know. n’est ce pa?

        12. You said you speak a language or two. I think it’s safe to say, English isn’t one of them.

        13. Fluent thanks.
          Logic and brevity is a weak point wtih you after your rather monotonous rambling.

        14. Yes, while you’re so lucid, I still have no idea if you’re trying to ask me “what does Eastern Bloc mean?” “What is a 2nd world country” or “who is considered educated?” I hope you didn’t pay a lot for that English class as your community college.

      7. You do know that in most Eastern European countries that girls graduate from High school at 16, get their bachelors at 18 and many have their masters at 21? That leaves a good 9+ years for them to find a husband, start a family, and raise kids before they hit the wall at 30. Often too most of those women look a ton better at 30 then most American women do.

        1. So? This article specifically warns against dealing with women “corrupted by college.”

        2. Basically, what I see are a bunch of guys unable to function within the society they live in, so it’s always about “foreign women” or “younger women” or “this is how we need to change our society,” or “this is why women shouldn’t be educated.” No offense.

      8. By that logic, hot 20 something year old teachers who bang high school boys are losers.

        1. Yeah, I think that’s why they get fired and arrested: we, as a society, don’t accept that.

        2. True, but it seems to get less condemned socially than if a male teacher has sex with a female student. And it is specially telling since, as you mentioned, nowadays women have more choices. Why in the world would an attractive woman with a career bang somebody that is legally still a minor in many places still baffles me.
          But I will concede and agree with you on this. It also baffles me why white men on the alt right complain about white women accepting multiculturalism and banging black guys while wanting to go abroad and bang Filipinas. Although referring to 3rd World women as “lowest-information, least sophisticated, most naive females they can find” might not be endearing to said women. And I should know. I was born in tbe States, but my family comes from Mexico, one of those 3rd World countries you mention. And trust me, the women in my family would beg to differ. Heck, they might refer to you as a racist Trump supporter.
          Or maybe Americans in general are just weird.

        3. “wanting to go abroad and bang Filipinas…”
          Because the white males are not doing this as their first choice. If a decent, honest, hard working guy is unappreciated for years, he will eventually go elsewhere. The white females who cross the line for thugs, jerks and gangbangers, however, are making a very conscious choice to be pigs and sluts.

        4. I understand your point. However, white men are still men. They have to fight for their women and bring them to heel. Or at least, that’s how it’s supposed to work. Basically, they elected Trump (who also married a foreigner over a potentially eligible W.A.S.P and let the lovely Ivanka marry a Jew, one of ROK’s biggest buggaboos) for nothing. They are giving away the house that Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, and the other Fathers built and instead just bailing out. Meanwhile, immigrants who still have patriarchal structures and close knit communities are taking over.
          Also, I’m not dumb and I wasn’t born yesterday. White males don’t always go abroad out of necessity. For one, I was in the military and I also grew up in the US Mexico border. American men, not just white men, go abroad to score some easy poontang. If it’s actually easy, that’s up to the reader to decide. Although in all fairness, it’s also a magnet for American women who might end up being feminists to go, get drunk, and get laid. Again, this baffles me.

        5. You make some good points.
          But here are some counterpoints:
          “However, white men are still men. They have to fight for their women and bring them to heel.”
          – Would you want to “fight” for a pig that willingly gives herself to thug and dope dealers? Also, keep in mind that relatively few females race mix. I have read that it is 5%, but even if it is higher, like 10 or 15, that is still a small percentage. I believe the rabid feminism and “party mentality” of white females drives decent, regular whites males away. The sluts are WAY more likely to “party” with Bieber than Mayweather.
          “they are giving away the house that Washington, Franklin, Jefferson…”
          – Well, many of us aren’t. I have always voted for the most conservative candidate, and if women were never given the privilege of the vote, no democrat would have been elected president most likely after Jimmy Carter.
          “Also, I’m not dumb and I wasn’t born yesterday.”
          – Never said you were. On the contrary, I like your posts. You seem to be very honest on this board, like I am.
          “White males don’t go abroad out of necessity.”
          – Sure. I agree. Some do and some just go for the tang. I was speaking on behalf of the ones that do. And I think they are in the majority.
          “it’s also a magnet for American women who might end up being feminists to go, get drunk, and get laid. Again, this baffles me.”
          – because they have been raised (by the media much more so than their parents, who do pretty much nothing to reign them in) to be pigs. Evangelical Christians do not have this problem though. I am not evangelical BTW.

      9. ROK encourages men to seek high quality women. It’s true that by that it may mean women who are fertile, and less rather than more sexually inexperienced, but there are good reasons for that surely? Younger fertile women are seen as being more likely to make good wives and mothers. Does that mean intellect or personality are disparaged? I don’t think so. What is disparaged is the idea that women should prioritise having a career, or derive their sense of self or self-worth from having a career or profession that directly competes with their potential identity as wives or mothers, or for that matter bed hop as though promiscuity were a virtue (yes, yes hypocrisy….bla bla). There is nothing in that which means a woman cannot have intelligence or character though, or for that matter have a fine personality or a range of accomplishments that distinguishes her ‘in her own right’ to use the jargon.
        But sure, the bottom line is that ROK is attacking the values that feminism promotes. In doing so it is providing a counter-balance to a very unbalanced and disordered situation which is making women, men and society more generally increasingly miserable.

        1. Hey don’t even need to defend the “hypocrisy” blah blah part. Unfortunately cucks still think “experienced” and “liberated” women are the bees knees.

        2. ROK is attacking the values that feminism promotes because the average low-quality male that believes in the nonsense ROK promulgates is not competitive sexually in a society where women have choices, so they resort to “how to live in the Ukraine” or “How to land and train a naive 18 year old” That’s what I see here.

        3. I’ve consistently defended women having the right to make free choices in all things although I share the position that the choices women make are often very poor in their implications, not just for men (and there is no reason why they should put our needs above their own….in fact they rarely if ever do so), but for them and society as a whole; although I would probably be more inclined to blame feminism as a movement for that than women individually.
          You are entitled to think what you like, but it isn’t weakness, or being a ‘low-value male’ that pre-disposes towards a preference for younger women who are more likely to be make good wives and mothers. Increasing numbers of people are waking up to the fact that feminism is creating a generation of career obsessed wage slave quasi-barren women, not to mention broken families that are a product of casual or quixotic relationships. As a result countries can’t even replace their own populations without importing people from abroad (that’s not racism, I’m a 2nd gen immigrant myself)

        4. Feminism is gold for low quality males. I dont know a single high quality male that supports feminism in any way. Masculinity and femininity are opposites. Masculine men want feminine women and vice versa. ROK has significantly increased the quality of women in many of our lives. You have it all backwards, as usual.

        5. I don’t know a single, intelligent, confident man who isn’t a feminist. A confident man isn’t intimidated by an intelligent, educated, independent woman – that’s why you see articles like this one advising ROK boys to target 18 year old girls. Truth.

        6. I’m a single, intelligent, confident, 6’2″ man who pretty much has his pick of the litter regarding women — and I’m not a feminist. I am not intimidated by feminists and I am definitely not attracted to them either.
          Any more statements?

        7. The fact that you felt the need to mention your height to a stranger on the internet you will never meet demonstrates your lack of confidence.

        8. I suggest you read all the comments on my disqus profile. It’s public for a reason.

        9. Your arguement is like “Oh my gods, the men are behaving rationally! Why the fuck are they doing that?!” LOL If women have choices, men will do what they will to be chosen. But men have choices also. They don’t typically chose the type of women you describe unless they’re desperate

        10. The fact that you describe a 23 year old man with a tenth grade girl as a ‘winner’ is really all anyone needs to know about you. You ought to lead with that when you meet new people.

        11. You’re insulting men. You’re a mysandrist, which explains your views. Evolutionary psychologists have collected statistics that display men find women most attractive at the age 14, which is their peak reproductive value age. Of course, obey the age of consent. My point is men aren’t interested in what you describe. They want a wife, not a life co-worker. Men value different things, and it isn’t you by the sounds of it. Saying I’m a buffoon for having evolved biological urges that, when placed in the context of reproduction, are absolutely rational is the stupidest arguement

        12. Go defend your sexual interest in 14 year old girls to someone else, uncle pervy.

        13. I said obey the law of consent. I don’t need to defend scientific statistics. They are what they are. That is reality. I point reality out to you and you reply with ad hominem insults. So wait, how the fuck do you expect us to believe you’re intelligent, well-educated and sophisticated again? You’re obviously not

        14. Well I’m not a feminist, here are just a few feminist tenets put out by various factions I disagree with:
          – Only lesbianism is true feminism (well, that kind of eliminates me right there. Although I do kid my daughters that I identify as a lesbian…)
          – All men are rapists. (Not true, I’m not, my friends aren’t, my father wasn’t, my nephews, sons and other male relatives aren’t either.)
          – All heteronormative sex is rape. (Sorry, I reject that)
          – Women can not be truly equal until the institution of marriage is destroyed. (Nah, I disagree there. Men and women can be equal partners in a marriage..)
          I could go on with other quotes/statements of various factions of feminism, but you get the picture. I’m not a feminist, I believe in equality, I believe both sexes are capable of making rational choices and being held accountable for their actions.

      10. Men value younger girls because they look better and have more potential for having lots of kids. A 10th grader with a 23 year old? Actually it sounds like they were both winners.
        As for women from 3rd world countries being implied as lower value, go fuck yourself you racist cunt. The women I met in Thailand and abroad are a thousand times more feminine and sophisticated than the majority of bloated cow Western sluts who think getting an expensive degree and fighting for anti-fat-shaming makes them attractive. They’re unappealing, useless whores.
        It sounds like you’re insulting the women men value to try make yourself seem more valuable. It’s low – attacking teenage girls and the poor. Fucking low

        1. I lived there for 10 years. Got 2 daughters by a Thai wife. Now I come back to NZ, but I got a 18 y/o Filipino bride. I wouldn’t touch a Western cow with a stick. They’re disgusting. Make me want to vomit. Most of them have fucked 5 times more men than I have girls. It’s disgusting.

  27. Don’t do that. Fornicate and then, later, see (or imagine) how wretched your slut has become? I think you can’t do that without losing your self-respect.

  28. This article is hitting home a very important point: that the most optimum time to get with today’s western females’ is when she just enters her fuck years up to age 22, then after that, as was stated, the moral fall comes very quickly, accompanied by a plethora of STDs.

    1. I would bet you if they dropped the age of consent to say…15, the wall would come that much sooner for women.

      1. It’s very low already. Probably 16 most places. The wall comes early because women delay marriage so long and end up taking trange dick after strange dick.

        1. can’t argue with that, but there is something about both being relatively innocent. Mostly, it is the boyfriend/girlfriend scenario.

        2. and all the alcohol and drugs. These young girls are popping Xanax and ecstasy as teenagers and drinking like sailors all through college. Girls are hitting the wall at 23-25 now. I have lost almost all attraction to women over 25.

        3. I kinda have, too. Around 24-25 seems like a “sweet spot” age range, except maybe for Filipinas (18+) and the exceptions here and there.

        4. Should girls over 25 just give up on dating? What happens when the 18 year old you’re dating turns 25? This isn’t sarcasm. I’m actually curious. Also, my friends who are 24 look the same they did when they were 20. But most of them don’t drink.

        5. I’m not dating 18 year olds, so I can’t consider that question relevant. Regarding the other one, no, they don’t have to stop dating. There are always simps waiting to date the single moms and miscellaneous women who end up on the road to loneliness.
          The first question doesn’t really apply, since the central point was about women who trash themselves and ruin themselves while young – not the type I’d want to date long-term anyhow. Aside from that if I was with a woman long term ideally she’d take care of herself very well after that so I’m fine with her getting older in that case (if it’s long term).

        6. It sounds like you’re saying age isn’t the issue, but the issue is that women aren’t taking care of themselves the way you personally feel is appropriate. Is that a correct interpretation?
          So, if you have a hot 27 year old that’s taken good care of herself, and she just got a divorce because the guy was actually abusive, she wouldn’t be screwed ?

        7. No, that was not a correct interpretation.
          I’ve fixed this for you:
          ..women aren’t taking care of themselves the way you personally feel is appropriate.
          And I am not interested in a hot 27 divorcee from an “abusive” marriage outside of a short-term fling or what have you. In my experience,and as I’ve seen many times, it’s often a false term used to conjure up sympathy/play the victimhood role.
          If the woman in your example went looking for men, again – she’d find plenty of suckers. Not me.
          I’m not interested in damaged goods; I’ll vet a woman from some situation like that very well before I fully believe her. Personal experience with women has taught me this very well.

        8. I don’t see any logic in your statements, but I do see a lot of broad generalizations.

        9. Also… it’s ignorant. I’m glad the women you’re referring to never experienced abuse… but a lot of women do. And men as well.
          Everyone deserves to be heard,
          so thanks for your point of view.
          PS: Are flings with ” damaged goods ” damaged flings? It’s sad to label people that way. People are so complex.
          I wish you happiness.

        10. There’s definitely some very good logic in avoiding someone with baggage, emotional problems, and who (very likely) is morally bankrupt and not a suitable relationship partner?
          Of course there are broad generalizations – when we talk about people in general, we have to generalize. In general, what I said holds true. Women can’t understand these things because they don’t have to deal with it normally – and aren’t subject to the same risks men take when they get involved with women like we’ve been discussing.

        11. I definitely don’t blame guys for the bad choices of women, or other men.
          I think everyone should strive for happiness. :]
          Have a good week as well, and happy Mother’s Day.

        12. I edited my comment as I don’t think you were being extremely negative as usually happens when posters come here; perhaps it’s not clear what you intended to mean.

        13. You’re a sweet and very reasonable human. I would ask you out for virtual coffee, but alas, at the ripe old age of 25, I am too old for you 😉

        14. Thanks for the kind words. Noooo I don’t quite mean I personally date much younger girls like 18 etc. Typically 25+ ish actually (I think I mentioned it above, somewhere).
          It’s unusual to get a nice reply so, I appreciate the offer. If you should ever be near Atlanta I’ll take you up on it.

        15. Definitely. I think that we should both be proud that we can have a good discussion, even with different views. I’m sorry you’ve been negatively impacted by man hating feminism. The feminism I believe in honors respects and loves men! And I also believe we all have the right to our opinions. That’s why I come here. Because it is important to see other points of view.

    2. Just started chatting up a girl who’s 21, and freely offered the information that’s she’s had 12 sexual partners. And we all know women usually don’t tell the truth about how many.
      Damn, we’ve got problems here. Ugh.
      Time to keep with my plan to get out of the USA, go to where this kind of shit isn’t celebrated.

      1. “she’s had 12 sexual partners. And we all know women usually don’t tell the truth about how many”
        So probably she’s had around 30+ guys – that’s a lot of pipe at that age.

      1. You act like you got all the answers till you get fucked over, we can’t all be stupid aye.

        1. Like I told my wife, “You want a house then buy one yourself. Then if you divorce me I get half so no problem.” LOL I got all the answers, bro

  29. If said 18 year old girl says something along the lines of this: “but I want to have fun an explore! I want to experience things and fulfill my imagination and travel”
    She’s already lost

    1. If you think a woman knows what she wants then YOU’RE already lost. Take her travel. Take her on safari. Get her preggers in some desert in Egypt. “Oh okay, hon, perhaps we should settle down now for the bub’s sake”

  30. why do women go to college anyways? you dont need a degree to make a sandwich…
    in all seriousness…these institutions of so-called “higher learning” are nothing but liberal brainwashing camps that destroy the minds of men and women. men are more likely to survive without becoming a degenerate however,because the male is not as easily deceived..but even then,men should not go either unless they have a definite career choice that straight up requires it(doctor,lawyer,engineer,etc). as far as women go,a womans place is in the home. period. college is to prepare people for careers,not to be housewives… i cant fault a woman(particularly one without children) for going to school for nursing or something,or even for having a career in this economy considering one income typically doesnt cut it. but this business of purposefully pushing women into the workplace,not out of necessity but out of choice is ruining our country!

    1. Part of the reason there doesn’t seem to be enough jobs out there for families is because women are taking them up; it’s no wonder young men struggle and can’t find work. At my own place of work I’ve gladly seen five females be replaced by males since I started, though that may be because I encouraged male friends to pursue, train, impregnate, and marry them.

      1. not really that…but they drive down wages. when the supply of workers is doubled,the amount of jobs increases by at least 75%…but the wages get cut in half.

    2. But to cook a feast a degree in cooking helps. I wouldn’t blink an eye if one of my girls asked if she could go learn to be a chef. “Right on, babe. Here’s some cash. Go learn!”

        1. I have a taste for exotic cuisine. The more a girl learns to cook the better. Why not? Seriously, why fucking not?

    3. If a woman doesn’t have degree/possible career as a backup in case her husband dies- she’ll either be on welfare or quickly pick up with someone else.
      If you have kids, carry a lot of life insurance if your wife won’t be able to bring in enough funds if you die. Otherwise, the temptation for her to take up with someone quickly puts your kids at risk. Greatest risk to a child is the non-biologically related new BF/husband of their mother. Pedophiles utilize befriending the mothers of their victims as a strategy.

      1. according to the bible,widows under the age of 60 are supposed to remarry…
        besides,i dont have a problem with a widow getting some welfare to assist her. thats different than giving welfare to the lazy and the people who have bastard children. we shouldnt reward bad behavior(whores/single moms),but we should help the unfortunate(orphans and widows).

        1. The problem isn’t the welfare itself- its the lower standard of living, usually moving to a worse neighborhood. Welfare will usually be far less than what the family was accustomed to. Deterioration in living standard and value reinforcement for the children. As well as, a much more difficult time to try and develop marketable job skills, taking away focus from the kids.

  31. Lord knows this speaks to me. Had a mate who used to cruise by our old high school and give the girls lifts home. One girl liked to be dropped off last, three years later they’re married with a baby and she’s pregnant with a second.
    He didn’t let her go to uni, doesn’t let her work, just reinforces that if she doesn’t look after the baby and the home, he goes away and she’s stuck with two kids. Needless to say she’s turned into a good little housewife.

    1. LOL What was his pick-up line? “I’ve got candy in the back of my van”? LOL

    2. Sounds like your mate played in smart! Maybe there is a fairy tale ending for some of us after all.

      1. Oh hells yeah he did. He’s got a mate of his at half the schools in the district doing the same thing. Pass them all out like candy 😂

        1. Oh she’s trained beyond being able to think for herself. Last time I went over for a few beers she was bustling about with drinks, I commented how beautiful she must be naked. So he called her over, and told her to strip. I watched as he showcased all her best features and sent her off with a spank. Can’t wait to see what his mates do to these other high schoolers.

        2. Wow, that is a really alpha guy and a girl who really knows her place. I wonder what else he can get her to do for his buddies 😂

        3. Oh he’s told me all about that; part of her training was keeping her in a sling blindfolded for a week and having different lads come round to take her for a spin. By the end of the week she was a mumbling mess, begging to be used like a girl should be. So when I went over she was practically humping my leg and he had to tell her to stop and get me a drink first 😂

        4. Fuck, that’s how you do it! That’s smart (and really hot). I know a lot of guys on here want to find “a good girl.” But I think all guys want to find a slut, the trick is she has to be YOUR slut. And if she’s begging to be used, that’s a job well done. That is HIS slut now, for sure haha. Cool that he lends her out though. I’ll do the same haha

        5. Haha she’s exactly what he wants, and a smart girl knows that her purpose is to shape herself into what her man wants her to be. See most people would say she’s a brainwashed prisoner, but the truth is she’s a lucky girl! She doesn’t need to work or even think, just do what she’s told.
          Whenever he corrects her, she apologised and acknowledges his superior intellect. So even if she wanted to leave she’d get too caught up in wondering how to multitask leaving the house, getting him a beer, serving his cock as he deserves. Better just to stay in and make sure it all gets done haha

        6. No one on here would think she’s a “brainwashed prisoner.” One of the best things about the ROK community is that these guys all understand that girls are genetically programmed (through millions of years of evolution) to be submissive to men. Even if society today conditions them otherwise, it’s not in a woman’s true nature. Women are waiting for real men to discipline them, to train them, and to get them in touch with their true natures and deep desires— namely, to submit. Bringing beers, serving cock(s), raising kids. This is what all women want and need, whether or not they know it. It’s the greatest service we can perform, to remind them of this and help them come to terms with it. Once they understand it’s okay to serve and submit (once the shackles of feminism are cast off), you’re right that women are much happier!

        7. Absolutely! I’ve been checking out the high school near me and got amount of girls who are desperate for a man to rescue them from a life of feminism. One of the younger girls started skipping class because she was desperate for my cock, and who am I to deny her? She started off just giving head but just a month onwards she’s taking my cock like a pro. Might even keep her for myself, I’m sure she’s old enough to leave school by now haha

  32. The age of consent in most countries is much lower than 18. The younger the better. My new fiancée is 18 but.
    It’s not hard to keep an older woman in line though, if you know what you’re doing and aren’t a Beta loser. I’ve long maintained that the female is never to blame and only the man is responsible for being unable to cow her. See the screenshot below of a conversation I was just having with my older wife:
    ROFL It’s up to the man to know how to keep control

  33. The age of consent in most countries is much lower than 18. The younger the better. My new fiancée is 18 but.
    It’s not hard to keep an older woman in line though, if you know what you’re doing and aren’t a Beta loser. I’ve long maintained that the female is never to blame and only the man is responsible for being unable to cow her. See the screenshot below of a conversation I was just having with my older wife:
    ROFL I’m getting her to buy us a house! The man just needs to know how to keep control.

    1. mate, your even starting to speak Filo English.
      btw, you on the Mainland or North? (or Stewart)

  34. Well the blue pill boys are too busy creating whores and princesses by being puas and cucks. The purple pill men are enjoying the feminist decline as mgtow. Only red pill men are going to be interested in a husband/wife relationship (does not have to mean monogamy for men – fuck prostitutes if necessary, does not have to mean exclusivity for women – have orbiters if necessary).

  35. What this article fails to mention is the fact that us young men are major reason behind young women becoming loose in college. When I was younger, around 20 7 years ago, it was still uncommon for young broads to openly say they’re bisexual but as I got older, I saw that more friends of mine were successfully “turning them out”. I really don’t give af about threesomes but I sensed that females were open to it & were willing to “gift me” with it if I asked. Point I’m making is women are inherently willing to please men & this behavior we see today is a result of the demands of young men.

    1. I don’t agree, it’s a lot more complex than that…given that societal mores have changed and that women are being raised with a real lack of character and values which ends up with these type of behavior.
      And also a lack of social stigma about being that type of woman, which used to be an embarrassing stigma to live with in decades past.

  36. I have seen 10-year-olds who already spout feminist propaganda; and the more educated, stable and well-off a girl’s family is, the more indotrictaned by Academic kinds of feminism she’ll be. (If she comes out of a less-educated family, she’ll be more influenced by slutty-tattooed-cigarette kinds of feminism).
    Combine that with the both conservative and feminist paranoia about “pedophilia” (everyone who even dares to look at a young woman is already suspicious of being a pedophile) and more and more sexual terror and laws against young people enjoying their sexuality (a 19 year old having sex with a 17 year old is a committing a crime) and you’ll see how this is getting harder and harder.

  37. Sometimes you can’t help but wonder why Muslims disrespect western women. You can take a look at the picture above (the picture of this article that shows a western woman sleeping passed out on the street with black leggings). You will know right away.
    Everything women touches turns into stone. They need a strict discipline by a strong Male with a spine. If even ignoring or strong discipline does not work, violence is always an option. Just beat them up to submission and they will listen.

  38. There should be a college that trains and educates women to become marriage quality. When they have this degree it will give them something to show to their courtiers
    Or a monastery that holds and protects a woman’s virginity intact and teaches discipline, have them cook, clean and dress. Kind of like a nunnery but preparing them for marriage. No exposure to gynocentric media, smartphones, computers and lewd vulgar books completely barred. They’re to prepare the balanced meals for good health. Alcohol is limited, drugs are prohibited.
    Hidden from GPS from the eyes of ultra feminazis

  39. This makes me think of when Libs gave Phil Robertson crap for joking that you should marry a 15-year-old so that she won’t have a chance to be ruined by the culture.
    Not like those idiots really even care about corrupting the youth. They just love to use outrage to destroy anyone that they disagree with who has a voice.

  40. Only a neglectful father makes a slut. They should take care of their daughters better, keep them at home, feed them and give them a little bit of money.

  41. It doesn’t matter where you get the women from, whether it’s China or Poland, third world, or fourth world. The younger the model the more problems and maintenance is needed. Bring them into the Western world, two to three years they will be indoctrinated into the cancerous ideology of feminism, gynocentric society that we live in today. Number one killer of MEN +35 is not heart diseases, cancers, it’s marriages. Man gets married, woman is unhappy wants to ride the bad boy cock_carrousel, Man loose access to kids, basic lifestyle, Man puts 45 up to head and kicks his air addiction.

  42. Okay. How do we keep a good girl good? I feel like I’ve corrupted several perfectly good women 18-20 largely because I didn’t know how to make that work

  43. In the interest of clarity, I would like to ask a few questions. Please know I come with sincerity, and not with any sarcasm, merely curiosity.
    I am trying to understand the world that all of you seek to create. In this world, as it has been described in previous articles, women are subservient, submissive, and do not seek to rise above their station (correct?). At first glance, one might assume this means they would marry as soon as they are able, at the father’s approval.
    But I have also seen opinions expressed by various men on this site that marriage is not necessarily desirable, and also that women past a certain age are no longer desirable. So, I suppose, my question is, what system would you set up, should you have the means (power, money, cultural influence) to make this work? Keep the monogamy? Go to polygamy with one dominant male in the relationship? Or pull from something like “Brave New World” where marriage is a thing of the past? (Or many other options.)
    What would you describe as the ideal set of logistics to make your perfect world happen?

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