Finland’s Prime Minister Breaks Promise To House “Refugees” In His Second Home

Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipilä made headlines in September last year for promising to house a “refugee” family in his second home. Though hardly the sort of generosity it was made out to be (Sipilä is a millionaire, besides owning at least two homes and residing in a government-funded one), the commitment was meant to show he would help shoulder the impact of the migrant crisis in a much more direct way than most Western politicians. Fast-forward mere months and the national leader has reneged on his promise, citing security concerns and “heavy publicity.”

What we know beyond a shadow of a doubt is that Sipilä made his fake promise to sell his noxious half-open border policy. Compared to most European states, Finland is far removed from the migrant crisis. Things could be a whole lot worse. Thankfully for the Finns, migrants going there have to come via places like Denmark and Sweden, as the Baltic states and Russia have something of a zero tolerance approach to pretend refugees wandering through their lands. Too many of them have already arrived in Finnish cities like Helsinki, yet the numbers are nothing like Germany’s.

Finland, however, is already in the midst of a serious recession. Even if the fraud Juha Sipilä had kept his word, the effects on him and his family would have been far less than an average Finnish household not even taking in asylum seekers. Through his wealth and status as a politician, the Prime Minister is untouchable in relative terms. He is surrounded by bodyguards and no migrant in their right mind would attack, rob or otherwise accost him. And if Sipilä needed months to determine whether security concerns would be an issue, discarding for a moment that we know he is a liar, the man is clearly incompetent and not fit for office.

At least 20% of Scandinavians are livid over the fake refugee influxes

Forgivably, we associate Scandinavia (including Finland in this case) with literally the worst strands of feminism and other SJW viruses. Still, this obscures the vociferous anger boiling up within local populations. In Sweden, for example, the Swedish Democrats continue to capture impressive portions of the national vote, especially so in a nation where tenuous coalition governments are the norm. They have also had the effect of pushing nominally center-right parties to comparatively harder immigration policies in a bid to stem the leaking of votes. Additionally, factions within these center-right groups have become vocal in demanding much more restrictive intakes of newcomers, defying their parties’ leaders.

The same goes for Finland. The Finns Party, the coalition partner of Sipilä’s Center Party, has recently called for the stripping of any public funds promoting multiculturalism, the scaling back of Finland’s refugee quotas, and the total rejection of any “sharing the load” agreements championed by people like Angela Merkel, who want to dump their “refugees” onto countries that never invited them. This nationalist organisation presently has 38 of the 200 representatives sitting in the Finnish Parliament. Coalition-building is a necessity in the Finnish system, like its Swedish counterpart, so it is unclear exactly how the Finns Party will proceed. Open rebellion against the Center Party may simply lead to a more leftwing coalition taking the current one’s place.

In fact, I am most likely grossly underestimating the proportion of incensed Scandinavians. My numbers only reflect the rough percentage vote or regular polling numbers of an openly anti-immigrant party in countries like Sweden and Finland. Many more disenchanted Scandinavians, rightly or wrongly, feel they have no choice but to vote for a mainstream candidate. There are oftentimes some credibility deficits in how voters perceive anti-immigration parties, particularly in their proposed management of the economy once common sense immigration policies are implemented.

What all this shows is that the firm base of Europeans willingly to oppose the migrant invasions extends beyond the main part of the continent and Great Britain. Aside from Germany, the United Kingdom, and France, Scandinavia is perhaps the most important battleground, as for decades its countries have staked their entire reputations on an unquestioning subservience to farcical notions of tolerance. If after years of attempted anti-indigenous brainwashing elites cannot sell their policies to the people and make those policies work, what does this say about the whole system?

Paying for a policy does not make the policy right

Let us pretend again that poser Juha Sipilä had actually fulfilled his promise to house fake refugees. Why should his willingness to pay for and accommodate a handful of them legitimize the letting in of tens of thousands of otherwise unwanted migrants? The George Soros-style approach of funding the hell out of things should not be mistaken for a moral obligation for the rest of society to foot the bill for some rich person’s pet political project. Moreover, the price that Sipilä would have paid and the price that Soros does is so insignificant to either of them as to become meaningless. Rather than being a noteworthy personal sacrifice, it is an instance of both men throwing Monopoly money around.

Over the past year, we have constantly seen the chameleon-like lies of European elites. Only five or so years ago, Angela Merkel was calling multiculturalism an unmitigated “failure.” Plus, at that time she was referring to longstanding immigrant communities, notably the Turks, who had arrived decades before, not sudden arrivals. Then in 2015, lo and behold, 1.2 million entirely unestablished migrants were grafted onto Germany directly from the Middle East and North Africa. Sipilä is merely the newest addition to an increasingly long list of supposed conservatives and proponents of immigration reform who have betrayed their countries.

While the average Finnish renter is kept awake at night wondering about how his country has fallen apart so fast, Juha Sipilä will be sleeping peacefully, knowing full well none of the mess he has created will ever touch him.

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  1. Let’s play a game.
    Whenever anti-whites say some crap about racism, patriarchy, multiculturalism or anything against white people check where they live.
    You will not be surprised about the ethnicity of their neighbourhoods.

    1. There was an interesting article by a black activist. I’ll try to find and link it. He went around and visited the whitest, least diverse places in America. He was pretty shocked when no one did or said anything negative to him. Said they were the friendliest people he met. Wasn’t uncommon for them to invite him into their houses. Of course, their simple existence was still a problem to him.
      Anecdotally, I can’t say I’ve had much of a use for diversity myself. The more I see it, the more I can identify it as largely a massive failure.

      1. Diversity is nice..if it means more WOMEN..but it never does. It always means more sausage parties.

        1. “Diversity is nice..if it means more WOMEN”
          Not quite. It completely sours and ruins the workplace.

        2. Not in workplaces but hanging around in bars and such. Women don’t belong in workplaces.

      2. i’ve heard several blacks comment on this, that white people are almost universally nice to them, but that black people don’t always return the favor.

      3. “The more I see it, the more I can identify it as largely a massive failure.”
        95% poll that the multi-cult isn’t working. The leftist argues that there’s always “tensions,” but more forced multi-cult is the answer to the perceived problems of the multi-cult.

        1. The left’s answer to social problems is that we always need more. More feminism, more migrants, more taxation etc. If their plans don’t work out it’s because they weren’t executed correctly, not because there was something wrong with the plans from the outset.
          The idea that the tensions will resolve themselves if we have more of the same is wishful thinking at best and socially destructive at worst.

        2. “If their plans don’t work out it’s because they weren’t executed correctly, not because there was something wrong with the plans from the outset.”-
          Nailed it.

    2. Ones tolerance of diversity is in direct proportion to their distance from it.

  2. Same with the police/military/government employees to almost all. They talk a big game, but when push comes to shove, they’re living in areas mainly white. You won’t find any branch of the U.S military willing to set up shop in Detroit.

      1. Yup. That’s why I always laugh when u hear some sh# kicking zogbot drone on and on how tough marines are…how tough special forces are. No dude. Spend a f#cking year in the deepest, darkest…most ghetto pit of Detroit. Then and only then will I give respect. Much harder than patrolling some third world country.

        1. Point is, take away those rifles and grenades back in civilian life, and they’re not so tough when it comes to the third world hordes in america. As useful as the elderly shuffling along on a walker.

        2. So your answer is “none.”
          Those urban shit holes are tamed enough if you know what you are doing. You give to much cred to thugs. They are the worldest biggest pussies.

        3. What’s the point of harping on me for? The US military along with Hollywood liberals love diversity yet refuse to live amongst it. They broke it they bought it. They defend it at bayonet point, let the many military families live amongst and send their kids to those schools.

        4. Do you live in an area that is either predominately black or mexican????? And if not, why is that so? They’re “pussies” according to you.

        5. In the old days, but they are called “transient neighborhoods” as once anyone has the means they get the fuck out of there. And yeah, they are pussies. Killing retards in the hood isn’t that difficult, but why would I want to sit on death row for killing a bunch of “aspiring rap artists?” Hoodrats don’t leave the hood. For good reason.

        6. Yeah, I don’t think TK has any idea what the f*ck he’s talking about.

        7. Hats ghetto guys are tough thing is complete bullshit. Shooting up people’s houses and unarmed people in a fit isn’t tough. I’ll take the marine vs any two that you could pull out of a crowd and day of the week. The people who are playing tough are the hood ratz.

        8. Why would anyone want to live like that ? What are you some kind of retard ? Why do you think that they always take pot shots at (even just) cops then scuttle away ?

        9. Dude. The military and cops protect the ghetto thugs. If us civilians tried cleaning up those neighborhoods, guess what would happen to us? Guess. Thus, the same military and police deserve to wallow in those they protect. Why is that so hard to understand????

        10. That is such a whacked out argument that it actually makes some sense…

        11. “You give to much cred to thugs. They are the worldest biggest pussies.”
          Doesn’t matter, because the law is always on their side, so they can murder you in some cowardly way, and if you do manage to defend yourself then prepare to be imprisoned and/or bankrupted by the state. Look at all the open death threats to Trump by blacks, they know they’re untouchable because of their skin color.

        12. “I’ll take the marine vs any two that you could pull out of a crowd and day of the week. The people who are playing tough are the hood ratz.”
          You’ve got a weird idea of “toughness” divorced from realist scenarios. You expect two marines to box two random guys pulled from a ghetto crowd? Or, have a 2v2 duel of pistols or some such? And that means that military and police would feel safe walking around in those areas? Much less living in such an area and raising their families in it?

        13. No, I am stating that any human being that physically trains their body and mind towards the goal of toughness will put the grillz of any two street psychos on the pavement. The state of the ghetto is due to the people living in it, if you dilute the population by 50 % dedicated marines then yes, it will cease to be a ghetto within a month.

        14. Why would you take away the rifles and grenades? Thugs in “da hood” have no shortage of small arms.

        15. “No, I am stating that any human being that physically trains their body and mind towards the goal of toughness will put the grillz of any two street psychos on the pavement.”
          Sure, and then what happens? Hood rats have nothing to loose and unlimited time and a ghetto jackpot to potentially hit. Whereas, “any human being that physically trains their body and mind towards the goal of toughness” has a job and life and money to lose when the state and society take the side of the psychos.
          “The state of the ghetto is due to the people living in it, if you dilute the population by 50 % dedicated marines then yes, it will cease to be a ghetto within a month.”
          Such ideas led to application of Section 8 vouchers to suburban housing, with the idea that spreading out the welfare class among the general populace would uplift them. What actually happened, is that it spread dysfunction into new areas, suburbs became ghettos. Your 50%/50% neighborhood would be hellish for the military families and their children would be dragged down.

        16. He harps on you to derail the thread. Take a look below. It works. Hes a pro here on ROK. An anti white multicultural supremacist. Dont argue with these idiots. Back hand them once and then go back to the discussion.

    1. Why would they. Even the US miliary has bare mininum requirements to enlist and not many current Detroit residents would fit the bill. Besides, the democrats sucked it dry and no one with two pennies would bother opening a business there.

  3. It’s actually pretty interesting how some of the Arab gulf countries are reacting to this versus how the Europeans are. I’m typing this comment from the United Arab Emirates which is a rather liberal country by Arab standards. Though the country is ruled by a monarchy, secularism and egalitarianism are promoted by the governments (eg: there are govt. programs effectively encouraging women to join the workforce and get educated) and there is very little restriction on private behavior between individuals between closed doors. However the country is extremely conservative when it comes to national security. The security services routinely conduct surveillance of Mosques, and employ torture to bust up extremist rings within the country. You know Europe is cucked when they have less security measures to prevent radicalisation and extremism than a literal Arab, Muslim country.

    1. The Gulf countries know that bringing in a lot of refugees would fuck shit up

      1. i imagine that’s why the saudis are paying billions to build mosques in europe, rather than using that cash to bring the “refugees” to their country.

    2. That’s because the Arab countries aren’t run by idiots. They know these rapefugees are nothing but trouble.

  4. He probably forgot to ask his wife for permission to house the migrants and she was livid when she found out. LOL!

    1. “But honey, African male lovers will spice up our love life ! That’s what Salon said.”
      Someone is sleeping in the shed tonight again.

  5. “Juha Sipilä will be sleeping peacefully, knowing full well none of the mess he has created will ever touch him.”
    That really is the problem. When these globalist are found in the their beds with their throats cut, then things will change. There is no personal consequences for their actions and they will flee with their offershore assets intact as the country goes up in flames. Make them feel the heat.

  6. Is this the same tiny but brave Finland I always admired for telling Stalin to go fuck himself?

      1. …until the Finns turned their back on Fuhrer and aligned with Stalin – when the Soviets started to win the war. i can’t blame them though – they didn’t have much choice.

      2. They asked the US for help and got the cold shoulder from FDR. A dozen or so Americans volunteered to help fight the communists– I think one might have wrote a book. Germany was the only one to offer assistance in the Continuation War.

        1. FDR recognized the USSR within 10 days of assuming office. 3 or 4 previous presidents refused to do so because the communists were murders and the country went dark after the revolution for 20 years., He wouldnt help Finland fight against his pals now would he?

        2. We literally sold out Eastern Europe to the murderous communists, so we could destroy the anti-communists. There was nothing “Good” about that war,

    1. I wouldn’t go so far as to compare Finland to Sweden. Sweden has been kept safe by it’s neighbouring countries. Finland on the other hand has some identical suffering like Bessarabia & Romania.
      Deep respect for Finland !

  7. Western Europeans, by and large, do not oppose their governments’ immigrant-friendly policies. Many more people welcome immigrants than want to ban them. Most Europeans are more concerned about Donald Trump than ISIS. Immigration opponents are a minority and those who are prepared to do anything about immigration (even something as easy as taking part in a public demonstration) are a tiny minority.
    The EU is the product of a materialist philosophy that makes universal happiness the main social goal. Nothing else is as important. Ask the average person in France, Germany or Italy if they would fight for their country and the answer will be “no.” If a people is not willing to defend itself against armed invaders, there is no way that it will resist a “peaceful” takeover.
    Consider the French government’s recent response to the November Muslim terrorist attacks in Paris that claimed 130 lives — they’ve announced new measures to combat “Islamophobia.”
    A lot more people are going to have to get a lot angrier before anything changes.

    1. What amazed me is that most Europeans prefer Hillary over Sanders. I mean seriously ?
      Okay, you’re not a nationalist, but if you are into socialism, for god sakes at least choose the least worst of the 2.

        1. Good choice
          The European right will have a picnic once he gets in power. I bet guys like Farage and Le Pen will get even more popular. I just hope they go more hardcore like Trump ASAP. We need a wall around Europe and deportations too.

      1. Sanders doesn’t even represent what many of the European countries consider ‘Socialism’ and ‘Democratic Socialism.’

      2. Sanders doesn’t even represent what many of the European countries consider ‘Socialism’ and ‘Democratic Socialism.’

  8. Let them paaaaaaaaaaaaaay for their PC hypocrisy ! Scanda-knave-ia is being punished for its atheism !
    They are being overrun with pyjama-heads for abandoning Jesus Christ. That is why their women are being raped by barbarians.

    1. As a French I really feel as we’re like the Jews in the Old Testament ; God puts us to the test by putting enemies on our way and punishes us when we do wrong. Now that we’re doing exactly the opposite of what we were supposed to do, I fear that the punishment will be quite severe.

      1. You should really listen to Pierre Hillard. I think he is similar. I have always had a strange fascination with France. Especially when I was younger. (Now I am more interested in getting out of the Western world but not completely. South America. I feetl like the Eastern block and South America are places where the best of Western Culture can take root again after the current ideals wither in their homegrown locations. )

        1. Most of South America is uninhabitable though, as Brazil and Venezuela are the places where the worst of Western Culture have taken root…they’re Bernie Sanders’ paradises on earth.
          I’m not too sure how stable Argentina/Chile/Uruguay/Bolivia/Paraguay/Ecuador/Peru/Columbia are.

        2. Think again. Argentina has just pushed out yet another Peronist (think leftist fascist) president and is starting to deal with its economic crisis.
          Chile is your best bet. This stability and prosperity brought to you by the CIA and Pinochet. Some times a military dictator is necessary to save the country. I believe a lot of current Brazilians are starting to think along those lines.

  9. You see the news organizations attempting to validate the opinions of celebrities like Angelina Jolie and George Clooney on matters like this. How many huge houses in how many different countries do these people have? Clooney probably has 5 mansions in multiple countries and a yacht or something. Absurdly, unjustly rich douche bags often have a set up like that. How many of these desperate, almost entirely Islamic, mostly young male economic refugees does he plan on letting stay in one of those huge houses of his? Why not let some stay in one of the 4 he’s not even using?
    Instead, he and people like him try to pass themselves off as great altruists, bleeding heart advocates, and signals the dire need of these people to our governments. What a crock of shit. He leaves it up to mechanics, carpenters, nurses, machinists, and teachers to pay extra taxes for these refugees, and force them to try and integrate them into our communities. Keep in mind, these are people (again, almost 100% highly religious Muslims, mostly young men, mostly not even Syrian) who have no intention or desire to integrate beyond what they have to in order to acquire money and get laid.
    Why are people in the west still acting and thinking as if this isn’t a direct effort against us? Great, succinct article though. The banking oligarchs seem to be the orchestrators of this mess of the last what, 15 years? Perhaps a lot longer. The pace towards global despotism just seems so much faster now and I don’t like seeing poor people, or any parties blamed incorrectly.

    1. the real example to others would not be to let a few immigrants to live in one of his 4 mansions. that’s bullshit just to show off. the real example would be for him and his family to live among migrants.

      1. There’s a petition somewhere asking Emma Watson to stay in Calias, in the migrant camp for a week or something. The purpose was to prove how postmodern/feminist the Afro-Islamic refugees are there. Hilarious right? Its got almost 25K signatures, which is the goal I think.

    2. As far as I am aware Clooney has an exclusion zone around his mansion on Lake Como in northern Italy. Locals who used the lake for generations near his mansion have been barred from the area. He’s a prick.

    3. A good point. I would say people need to ignore these types (rich, Hollywood actors). These are the people who are all for us fixing the problem while they retreat to their secured mansions or apts with high walls, fences and (or) security. They don’t mind not fixing the border because they live safely behind their own border. They don’t (and won’t) mix with these illegals on a regular basis and if it gets to dangerous then they’ll just move to one of their other homes.
      Ignore these rich assholes. They aren’t Americans and they don’t represent the people.

  10. Yup. This is why I don’t live there anymore, the people in general are so naive that it’s just completely impossible to get any sense into them.
    I’m a Finnish national and have never once in my life voted because there has never ever been anything worth voting for. That should say something.

    1. I am a born American citizen. I have voted hundreds if not thousands of times over the years. I can’t recall a single time that there was anything to vote for. However, I could always find things to vote against.

      1. The thing is that we don’t even have that in Finland, all you can vote for is shitty feminist socialist policy, the only choice is the name and the face spouting the garbage.
        I’m against trying to prop this shit up or legitimize it.
        I also detest democracy and think it is tyranny plain and simple to give the weakest 51% the possibility to victimize the top 49%. It’s simply sick. The

  11. “At least 20% of Scandinavians are livid”
    If it were 80% you would have the Great Northern Civil War. Based on how say…Sweden is described I wouldnt be surprised if it were 0%.
    Get pissed about your countries Scandanavians.

    1. I don’t want to see a war happen. There are many intelligent, strong, young, angry men in Sweden, as is the case in the rest of Scandinavia who are ready and willing for such a thing though. Its foolish because, these invaders are simply a willing battering ram the banking oligarchs are using against the native population. The Islamic radicals and the Globalists have the same, basic agenda in an immediate sense; destroy sovereignty and the nation state by any and all means internally externally. They both need the west to conform to their will to succeed. Though the globalists must be far more subtle about it, they are also far more powerful than the Islamic radicals in terms of resources and potential. Since the two groups have an objective which coincides, the globalists are more than happy to extend (what the Muslims foolishly perceive as) a helping hand, despite their vision for the world being significantly different. That, along with the precursor of NATO domination of the middle east, which was the will of the globalists and created this migrant crisis in the first place, though most of the “refugees” aren’t even from war zones.
      That’s what I believe at least.

    2. Pfff. They’ll sooner recite the shahada than get up in arms for their way of life. They’re cowards.

  12. Why would anybody not want refugees in their home ? Or Ebola for that matter.
    This guy must be a rapist, a sexist, a hater, a misogynist.

    1. Wanted to answer to your post about Louis XVI but I can’t find anymore.
      He was a good and pious man, and far from the worst of kings, although too ponderate and kind, which made him look weak.
      He also believed in the ideas of his time (the Enlightenment) and did all the reforms the bourgeoisie and the decaying “enlightened” aristocracy wanted, and that’s what got him killed, since at the end the revolutionnaries had so little respect for him , that they forbade him to go to a non state-controlled mass, which caused his flight to Varennes.
      And yes his execution was one of the worst crime of history.

      1. Considering Louis XVI… The first revolutionary government was notoriously weak and Louis XVI was ultimately a liability as other European monarchies saw restoring his authority as a good reason to go to war with France. France then completed a full cycle of insanity and then did it again but in slow motion until Napoleon III was overthrown.

  13. Europe would be a much better place if politicians who supported its cultural and ethnic suicide were put on deportation planes with the rapefugees.

  14. “Juha Sipilä will be sleeping peacefully, knowing full well none of the mess he has created will ever touch him.”
    That needs to change.

  15. I see TB is now of growing concern in the US as they take in these refugees. Oh don’t let the health and wellbeing of your own citizens get in the way of getting that feel good feeling, eh ladies? When little Tammy and Tommy start coughing up blood you’ll still feel good about saving Abu and Ali from their war torn homeland.

    1. They are not intelligent enough to correlate their kids contracting TB was due to the influx of immigrants who were never vaccinated. In their minds, everyone was vaccinated so it wouldn’t be an issue. Now it’s an issue so they just let the men fix it.

  16. I’m an observer from another continent, and I am curious about a point.
    There’s too much discussion about what the leftist politicians are doing in Scandinavia (and in other parts of Europe as well).
    What is the position of the Scandinavian Royal Houses? Do the Swedish and Danish kings, queens, dukes and counts see what the left is doing to their countries? Aren’t they interested in counteracting?
    Thank you.

    1. Umm, leftist? Finland has a right-wing, hard austerity, government. Sweden had right-wing government from 2006 to 2014.
      Left parties have also been in this, but it is a multilateral initiative.

  17. Many of these politicians (throughout Europe and the United States) have turned on the legit, tax paying citizens of these countries. You’ll never see people like this PM giving up one of their homes to house these illegals (not refugees)…and if they did it would be a for a short while until they moved them into government funded housing.
    These illegals are taking a front row seat when it comes to benefits and housing…tax paying citizens are told to get in the back of the line, wait or move if they don’t like it. That, my friends, is why there will be a civil war if not a revolution.

  18. The elites do what they want yet expect the common man to do what is mandated by the elites. Time to have a killing spree starting with Soros.

  19. “In Sweden, for example, the Swedish Democrats continue to capture
    impressive portions of the national vote, especially so in a nation
    where tenuous coalition governments are the norm. They have also had the
    effect of pushing nominally center-right parties to
    comparatively harder immigration policies in a bid to stem the leaking
    of votes. Additionally, factions within these center-right groups have
    become vocal in demanding much more restrictive intakes of newcomers,
    defying their parties’ leaders.”
    Exactly! In order to not commit political suicide, prominent politicians has to be somewhat strict on immigration nowadays, though the SwedenDemocrats are still the harshest by far.
    Hell, local Swedes in Nacka even prefer a house in the area to by used by Hells Angels than to house refugees.
    And the SwedenDemocrats are bigger among swedish women than the Greens and Left COMBINED!
    There is no way in hell majority of Swedes are crazy multiculturalists or sjws.

  20. “They have also had the effect of pushing nominally center-right parties to comparatively harder immigration policies in a bid to stem the leaking of votes”
    Actually it is the Social Democrats (centre-left party) and the Moderates and to a lesser extent the Christian Democrats. The party named the Center party is still shit.

  21. I only sort of feel bad for Europeans. They had this coming. People warned them it was coming. They failed to listen. Then it happened. It is like the little boy who cried wolf.

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