Why You Shouldn’t Care When She Cries During A Break-Up

If you’re going to be a player, then you’re going to hurt some feelings—that’s just the cost of doing business. I’ve seen it said around these parts that you have to “leave them better than how you found them.” Perhaps the men who say this are better with women than I am, or perhaps I’m just a dick. Regardless, I always seem to make the majority of women I’m involved with break down crying when it comes time to release their asses back into the wild.

Several months ago I wrote an article about finding a quality Filipina girl online. In that article, I spoke of a particular Filipina that I had developed a relationship with. In the time since that article was published, our relationship has pressed forward while I’ve been back in the states and, in spite of the distance, things continued to go really well for us. However, I recently made the decision to end things with her—a decision she understandably didn’t take very well. It also didn’t help matters that I was planning to visit her again very soon.

The breakup wasn’t her fault and she didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, she’s a very good woman. She was in love with me and wanted nothing more than to be my girl. Unfortunately, for her, I never had any intentions of marrying her or bringing her to America. I was wasting her time and it began to eat away at my conscience. I was being selfish and I knew I had to do the right thing—prolonging the inevitable wasn’t doing either of us any favors.

If I had the ability to live overseas or if she lived here, then perhaps things would be different. But those options aren’t on the table and I’m not one to sit around wishing upon a star for things to be different than how they really are. Her heart wasn’t the first one I’ve broken, and I doubt it will be the last.

The reasons women lose their shit and start crying over a break-up can be broken down into three primary categories: she doesn’t think she can do better than you, she didn’t get—what in her mind amounts to—adequate compensation for fucking you, or the events surrounding your break-up have caused her embarrassment and made her look like a bad person. Let’s examine these three reasons in greater detail, starting with the Filipina’s present condition.

She Doesn’t Think She Can Do Better

A woman’s inability to do better than you can be multi-faceted. Perhaps you fucked her like she’s never been fucked before, or you took her on an emotional roller-coaster ride that fed her cravings for drama. Maybe you have a better body than any of the other guys she’s been with, or perhaps you make a boat-load of money.

Women will prioritize things differently according to their personalities, and there are many more attributes you can have beyond the short list above to make them crazy about you. Some care about a lot of shit and have huge checklists, some only care about one or two things. However, the more “bonus boxes” you check off—the more difficult it becomes for a woman to let you go.

That’s where this Filipina girl stands right now. The fact of the matter is she’s devastated because she knows it will be close to impossible to replace me. She lives in an obscure part of the Philippines and most western men have little or no desire to travel there. Her mind is saying, “How the fuck am I supposed to find a suitable replacement for this man, what am I going to do now?” It’s not saying, “I really loved this man—I’m going to miss him.”

She’s mourning much in the same way I would if I had a winning lottery ticket catch on fire—not in the same way I would if my father passed away, for example.The lifestyle and security I potentially offered her far surpasses anything a local guy could ever provide. She realizes that I was pretty much a once in a lifetime opportunity, and now I’m gone.

Whoever she ends up with will pretty much offer shit in comparison, and this both terrifies and crushes her. If there were ten guys of equal or greater value lining up to replace me, then she wouldn’t be nearly as upset about my sudden departure. And keep in mind, I’m talking about a “good girl” here.


Perceived Inadequate Recompense For Pussy Apportioned

I carried on a fuck-buddy arrangement for about two months with a young lady (slut) that was fresh out of college. She was a bit of a travel bug and had studied abroad while in school. So, given my occupation, she assumed that we would be doing quite a bit of traveling together. I never led her to believe that we were going to be taking any trips —she just assumed we would. Whenever she would bring up the subject of traveling (which was frequently), I would just say, “We’ll see.”

Truth be told, one of the last things I want to do with my time off is hang out at major international airports and sit in airplanes for hours on end—especially with some some fucking dingbat that I really don’t like being around all that much. If I am going to travel—I’m going alone and I’m going where I want to go. And most importantly, I’m going to meet foreign women that I truly want to spend my time with. I will never take some domestic skank on a vacation—ain’t fucking happening.

So eventually this woman wore out her welcome and I ended our little arrangement. She was really upset and crying because she thought “we had a really strong connection.” Well, reality and what she thought weren’t quite aligned with one another—it was over.

Now, gentlemen, what was the real reason she was upset? Was it because we had a “really strong connection,” or was it because I fucked her a few times and she didn’t get a trip to Europe out of the deal? The only “really strong connection” this strumpet felt was to my travel benefits, and she never got what she mistakenly thought she had coming.

That’s what it boils down to: a woman feeling short-changed because she slept with you, but didn’t manage to accomplish the mission she set with her pussy. Pussies are goal oriented. Women set quotas with their pussies and when they fail to meet those quotas—they get upset about it.

Much like a casino—the pussy house always wins. Pussies aren’t supposed to operate at a loss and, to be honest, they very rarely do. But when it does happen, women will start crying a river in the hopes that they can rope you back in so they can get what they deem is fair compensation for allowing you to fuck them.

As a man playing the field, this is exactly what you want—it means you beat the game. If you get what you want while throwing a wrench into the spokes of her pussy’s plans, then pat yourself on the back for a job well-done. Dicks very rarely break even, and even more infrequently post a profit. If you can manage to step it up a bit and get a woman to pay her fair share, buy you presents, or do favors for you—then she’s really going to fucking lose it.


She Looks Like The Bad Guy

Women despise feeling humiliated or looking bad, and they especially hate it when they get busted for their piss-poor behavior. Have any of you guys met a slut before? I know, you’re probably saying, “What a stupid fucking question, AV8R—of course I have, just about every woman I come in contact with is a slut.” Good, then we’re on the same page—it’s no different for me. But have you met any women that have actually vocalized and admitted that they’re sluts? Maybe a handful, right?

Sluts are everywhere—they’re the majority of what’s out there, but very few women actually think they’re sluts. A drug dealing biker’s syphilitic semen could be dripping down some cheating housewife’s inner thigh, but that wouldn’t stop her from claiming to the bitter end that she’s a loyal woman and a great mother. Women love being shitty people, but they hate it when there’s an audience.

Women will deny deny deny anything and everything that has the potential to show them in a bad light. But if you happen to back them into a corner and call them out on their bad behavior—especially in the face of incontrovertible evidence—then they will do what all girls do: lose their shit and start bawling like a 300-pound feminist getting kicked out of Buffalo Wild Wings.

These women are releasing “tears of uncertainty.” You’re leaving, her life is about to change, and she doesn’t know how things are going to pan out—her future is heading down the path of the unknown. A women cares about her security first and foremost, and now that her security is about to walk out the front door, she’s going to pull out all the stops in an attempt to re-capture you and put you back in your cage.

In short: you’re still useful. She needs to keep you close until her parasitic ass can find a new host to latch onto. And once that happens, she’ll leave and it will be like she never even knew you. There will be no tears from her at that point—it will be all business, and you will be left wondering what the fuck just happened.

If you catch your woman lying, cheating, or conspiring against you in some way—then you need to be prepared for the waterworks as she attempts to appeal to your good nature. This also applies if she pulls the typical female bullshit move of trying to make everything out to be your fault (with tears, of course). It’s nothing more than manipulation.

She’s not crying because she feels bad for hurting you or because she’s truly apologetic for her actions. She’s crying because she got fucking caught and now she’s scared—never forget that. If a woman truly appreciates you, then she won’t lie to you, disrespect you, or develop annoying little habits like fucking men that aren’t you in the first place.

Never allow yourself to get roped in by empty apologies, promises of change, and self-interested tears. If you’ve been disrespected by a woman, then you move on immediately. Tell her to pack up her tears along with the rest of her crap and hit the fucking road. Women that exhibit this kind of behavior do not deserve you or anything you have to offer. They deserve exactly what they are themselves—shit.

Dealing with shit-women is the job for a human shovel, and I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not looking for a fucking job. Second chances are for masochists, suckers, and weaklings. If you give a woman another chance after she screwed you over or blatantly disrespected you, then you’re a no-dignity having motherfucker and you deserve whatever you get. And I promise you, what you get won’t be pretty. At this stage, it will be all your fault—you will suffer.


In Closing

All women—even the best women—care about what you can do for them more than they care about you as a person. Every tear a woman has shed over a man can be traced back to how she was personally affected by the loss of that man’s utility—the man himself is a distant second at best. The secret to keeping a woman is to be the best she’s ever had while simultaneously convincing her—through both your highly desirable attributes and the lingering, yet subtle, threat of your immediate egress should she fuck up—that you’re the best she will ever get.

The optimum way to really stack the deck in your favor is to only marry, or seriously commit to, a virgin. If you make the decision to settle down with a woman who has a couple of men in her past, then it’s imperative to realize that you must be superior to those men in every way. You need to earn more money than them, fuck better than them, be funnier than them, more talented than them—all of it. A woman will feel like she’s settling if what you bring to the table doesn’t trigger emotions that can overshadow the memories those other guys created, and that’s the last thing you want. If a woman feels like she’s settling, then she’s going to resent you and make your life a living hell.

The girl in the Philippines wasn’t a virgin, and that’s specifically why I chose her. I had no intentions of settling down, and taking a girl’s virginity under false pretenses is a bit further than I’m willing to go—I am an asshole, but I’m not that big of an asshole. She had one long-term relationship that lasted several years before I came along, but I categorically demolished the other man she was with in every conceivable way—that’s why she fell hard for me. I checked all of the appropriate boxes, and then several of the bonus boxes as well.

This woman was an unfortunate casualty. I went on a mission to find a good girl, while masking the fact that I wasn’t prepared to be a good man myself. I needed to see if I was even capable of feeling anything for a woman again—I honestly had reached the point where I didn’t know anymore. This woman was merely a science experiment: someone to be used for my own self-centered research.

The conclusion of my experiment is that I am capable of having strong feelings for someone, and I can say this was one of the only instances in my life where I’ve felt truly sorry for hurting a woman and making her cry—she didn’t deserve what she got. However, at the same time, I’m under no delusions that her love for me was anything more than opportunistic and vampirical.

She’s a woman, no different from the rest at her core. Her feminine disposition, proper upbringing, and good morals were what earned my adoration. Like most men, I was starved of those things and, when exposed to them, it had a strong impact on me. But in the end, I had to cut her loose.

A man has a serious decision to make when it comes to committed relationships. You basically have to accept the fact that you’re being used—you’re never going to get more out it than you put into it. The duration of any relationship is contingent upon your continued usefulness above all else —you can only get better, you’re not allowed to slip and devolve.

If you have a good woman, then she’ll stay by your side for a while if things turn south, but you’re on borrowed time nonetheless. The difference between a good woman and a hardcore opportunist is that the good woman will give you a grace period to get your shit together if you start to falter. Most importantly, a good woman is more likely to stay loyal so long as you manage to keep the ship sailing straight and provide her with a decent life.

All of this leaves a question that only you can answer for yourself: is this shit worth it? Regardless of your answer, this simple fact remains: the pussy house always wins in the end. It’s up for you to decide whether or not you can live with that.

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277 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Care When She Cries During A Break-Up”

  1. If you initiate the breakup, YOU maintain the upper hand in the power relations. So now that your all “brokenhearted” gentlemen, go out there and “heal” by shagging 10 new girls to “get over her”. YES!

  2. Real men don’t respond to crocodile tears. A bitch will cry when you dump her to the curb as a last resort of manipulation. After consuming the red pill a while back, I felt immune to the bullshit damsel in distress archtype. Only white knights and captain save a hoes respond to damsels(sluts) in distress.
    One must always ask himself ‘What would Pimp Iceberg Slim do’?

    1. Ace Pilot, Top-Notch Writer, and Red Pill Magician. AV8R has a lot of things going for him.

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    2. yeah…. kick ass…. “Truth be told, one of the last things I want to do with my time off is hang out at major international airports and sit in airplanes for hours on end—especially with some some fucking dingbat that I really don’t like being round all that much. If I am going to travel—I’m going alone and I’m going where I want to go.”

      1. Side note I think travel is a little overrated on this site. It’s exhausting and tedious to fly places, and once you get there you realize it’s basically the same as anywhere else with people living their daily lives.
        The ONLY reason to travel is to try and land some top notch foreign puss

        1. i enjoy using my russian and spanish when i travel, as well as the company of people who tend to be more intellectual and less superficial than my american countrymen.
          i’ll go anywhere that’s got a nice beach, too.

        2. To travel is to have a break of the everyday dull people around you. Preferably doing nothing at the destination once you are there. Different food, better climate.

        3. Another reason(s) is to refresh your mind, experience different food, drink, culture, relax, get away from the grind for a little while and practice learning your new language. Other than that, it sucks.

    3. Av8r..Best Writer on ROK hands down! Its a shame I have to wait a month or so just to read one of his articles..I literally wait.

    4. I appreciate that, overtravelling – thanks. And thanks to all of you guys that enjoy my articles. Your support is appreciated.

  3. When you give her the good news, that’s usually when she throws out whatever artillery she had in store for later in the relationship. “I fucked your brother!” and so forth is typical, and a bit cathartic for both parties involved.
    Imagine if you chose to wife up that slut? But thanks to the dump, you learn everything. Yes, there has to be a better way, but there really isn’t. Sometimes it takes dread to bring out the skeletons in her closet.

  4. Alright Skip, here’s an answer to your question for most of the guys reading this. “Is this shit worth it?” No, a hundred times over. We are unfortunate to have been born at this time and place, where society is against us and the natural tendencies of family and nature, so the only way to finish it is with a complete reset. Do not get married, nor have children or a family. We are bound as brethren for this cause. I’ve awakened several beta men who were in parasitical LTR’s or pedestalizing useless hoes and have drawn them to this truth about the heinous and stupid nature of women, as should you all. By all means, have fun, but never settle down.
    My motto is this:
    Enjoyment And Excitement!!!

    1. Everyone is going to have a different answer to the question. We need the human race to continue producing. The problem is when alphas get bred out of the gene pool entirely and men become like pugs with retarded physical features that can’t catch a frisbee.

      1. Why exactly do we need to keep producing humans? I think if every American man stopped producing humans the human race would not even notice. At over 7 Billion we are not on the precipice of extinction.

    2. An effective way of pouring gasoline at a city already in flames. But hell, if you are truly okay with the decline, then by all means enjoy it.

  5. Don’t listen to no bitch’s tears! Fuck that shit! She breaks up and that’s the end. She could be bitter all she wants.

    1. Yea man, that shit was spot on. Women lose their shit when someone turns them down, as a man, and even the wealthiest alpha players get shot down and wrecked by women. We as men just deal with it.

  6. Im only through the first point and this article is ringing in so much truth Imma forward it to people that could get me in trouble.

  7. maybe she took a handful of pills…not a problem…the more women who are exposed to the red pill the greater the chance of an overdose or a suicide..survival of the fittest. Maybe women killing themselves will be a wake up call to the idiots who think women are so perfect.
    I know this sounds harsh, I did not make it up most women are clearly dominated by their emotions which is why they take prescription medication…and accidents happen.
    it will be interesting to see the sucide stats in a year or two in every major city in the US.

    1. The suicide stats are perfectly clear; men commit suicide twice as often (or more) as women, and the difference has been steady for at least 20 years. One little known stat I like use to talk to SJWs about rape is: female rape surivors are no more likely to commit suicide than the general poulation of women. Male survivors of divorce rape at the hands of terrorists in black robes are twice as likely to commit suicide as men in general. So, a divorced man is 4 times as likely to commit suicide as a female rape survivor. Sounds to me like rape doesn’t do as much long term damage to women as divorce does to men.

  8. I’ve learned the best thing to do is let the girl break up with you. Whenever I’ve broken up I’ve always gotten horny 2-4 weeks later and started hollering at the girl and i never got her back.
    If I really dont want to be with a girl I show her less attention naturally. My conversation topics are more selfish, I text less and respond increasingly weakly and we get to sex less romantically. I naturally cuddle and caress less and fall asleep quicker after Im done. Girls know what up and when they complain I naturally respond less and less. My current girl knows whats up. Its not as passionate as it used to be on either end.

    1. that’s why you always work on your back up or reserve squad in case your varsity team quits.

  9. Pussies are goal oriented. Women set quotas with their pussies and when they fail to meet those quotas—they get upset about it. –AV8TR

    1. Women will always to use what is often her only leverage, her pussy. She will always look to get something out of it, commitment/money/emotional investment etc. The reason women and orbiting white knight hate seasoned players and serial womanizers is because of how little they invest in the girls they are fucking.
      The irony of us being called ‘misogynistic pigs, chauvinists’ etc is because we actually treat women equally in the context of sexuality. My dick and seduction should be more than enough for a reason to fuck a woman and not my level of economic status or commitment. The true misogynists are the white knights and captain save a hoes as they believe the women don’t allow the dudes that they are fucking to fuck them.

      1. The true misogynists are the white knights and captain save a hoes as they believe the women don’t allow the dudes that they are fucking to fuck them.

        Yes. What rank and file capt. save-a-ho-types don’t seem to understand is how women were never interested in being virgins, society had to force women into monogamous roles to prevent civilization from falling by the wayside. Moreover, women have leveraged key resources, i.e. beauty, pussy, fidelity (or rather the illusion thereof) from the rise of civilization. No amount of white knighting will ever reverse thousands of years of human behavior.

        1. There is indeed something very wrong with this sense of entitlement that some guys have, that doing things for women obligates her not only to let him fuck her, but for her to love him too.
          There was a movie I’m thinking about, from the 1980s, called “Last American Virgin”. It ends with a lesson.

        2. Every woman is a whore, or at least has the capacity to be one. If you think about thousands of years of human development with an emphasis on survival and the survival of the species, a woman had to be a whore to ensure that her genes were passed, usually with the alpha males of her vicinity.

        3. LOL! Found it and laughed my ass off to the closing credits.
          Fast-forward to 0:50 to watch the Beta male’s break heart.
          Kudos to you sir.

        4. I remember this one from way back. I was thinking (even back then)…this guy is driving a fucking pink car? What gives? and I was about 12 at that time.
          I already knew that this guy was pretty much a pussy back then (the way he acted, the women around him, the car, etc…).
          Too funny to reflect on it, now.

        5. Rather the ambiguous “society” I would say evolution. There are strong evolutionary reasons why a man would prefer a virgin over a slut.

        6. There is competition among men to pass on their genes. There is some evidence that children contain the genetic material of every man the woman has slept with. As such if you want your genes to be the sole survivor, you need to get there first and be the only one. Further, if the woman is a slut, you cannot be certain that the child is yours.

        7. Of course but this in no way justifies white knighting under the speculation of intercourse. Otherwise, we’re in agreement. A better way of phrasing my point would have been that the primary purpose of Monogamy, or more specifically marriage, was to assure paternity and inheritance. Humans never “evolved” to be monogamous but limiting women’s sexual behavior was imperative to prevent society from crumbling.

        8. Of course but this in no way justifies white knighting under the speculation of intercourse

          Said no one brah. We are in total agreement.

        1. Hey Dick, I enjoyed your last book greatly…Thanks for writing it. it should be mandatory reading for all readers on this site. Enjoyed your interview with Dr Phil too! ‘This man is not an actor’!!

      2. Pussy is a weapon, the most destructive one on the planet, at that.
        Nothing about us is “misogynist”, that’s just an ad hominem those vile Billy-Idol-with-tits looking weirdos call us to feel better about their boring lives and their “struggle” they brought unto themselves. None of us hate our mothers, sisters, daughters, and there’s always that one female boss we liked, that random female teacher we actually admired, those few girls with true talent in the arts we respected, some elderly women we felt safer and more comfortable around than any scheming young black widow bitch… Let US be the voices of reason, now!

      3. Women have to use what they got to get what they want. Same as us. They cannot work the way we can or earn money the way we can. As such, they have to sell their best asset to us.
        Long term, this is the trade. We provide security and funds, they provide sex. Always has been and always will be.

  10. Nicely done Av8tr….nicely done my man. You hit it out of the park again with this article. Keep up the great writing. I look forward to more from you.

  11. Great points. Women have endless supplies of manipulation tools, and you need to train yourself to be dull to their intrusions. Handling crying fits or hissy fits is a lot like handling someone sick whom you see throwing up in a sink or toilet: detached, deadpan sympathy that concedes nothing, and reveals nothing.

    1. Stefan Molyneaux recently said that believing that you can outwit and out manipulate and be more cunning than a woman is tantamount to a women being stronger than men. Sure may happen sometimes and you may win a few battles but it aint gonna happen.
      At first I didnt believe this. I was like HAH! I’ve learned game and I read ROK, but then I thought about it for about 10 seconds and I said “Oh shit he’s right!”

  12. Great post, but let’s not forget that on the flip side, we are also really just seeking our own set of resources from women. Different resources, yes, but resources nonetheless. The point being, as relationships are essentially an economic transaction, don’t put off making her cry over the things she’ll lose once you stop getting the things you want. All economic transactions work best when both parties perceive them to be fair. When you no longer perceive this, bounce. Fuck her tears.

    1. Yes a lot of the tears come from the lie we are given that sexual relationships are NOT about resources and what each party brings to the table, but “true love”. Other cultures are way more sane about this, but in the West we insist on shrouding everything in fantasy, which then crumbles.

  13. “The optimum way to really stack the deck in your favor is to only marry, or seriously commit to, a virgin. If you make the decision to settle down with a woman who has a couple of men in her past, then it’s imperative to realize that you must be superior to those men in every way. You need to earn more money than them, fuck better than them, be funnier than them, more talented than them—all of it.”
    Preach that wisdom, brotha… preach it.. the first moment you fail she will remember “the good ol’ times” and she will not feel ‘haaapyy” and then that’s limbo for you..

    1. The only reason to marry is when the man is the one deciding on progeny.
      Hopefully the artificial womb technology will pick up, and then we can put those egg banks right next to the sperm banks.
      Of course the cuntocracy will screech and wail “misogyny” but we’ll flatly say “misandry” and press on.

  14. Pussy is a trust fund a woman is born with. Women’s lives suck when they want to live on excessive withdrawing from that trust fund instead of making smart investments. When that trust fund is depleted, they want to be damn sure they have something that pays dividends. You’re nothing but an investment to a woman, and these days they’re after short-term gains instead of saving for retirement.

    1. Most common cliché argument statement from a woman: “I have given you the best years of my life….”.
      But that’s from the past, when women married young and became mothers young.
      They marry late, and they can’t say that anymore, because gravity is starting to do them in.
      And you know what? Since women don’t want to give the best years of their life to a man, then let no man be there for her worst.

      1. “And you know what? Since women don’t want to give the best years of their life to a man, then let no man be there for her worst.”
        I have never saw it explained from this POV, hand clap!

        1. The next step is to realize that the hot young women who act crazy, dump you after a while or don’t respond to your advances and the women approaching 30 who are desperately pursuing you are the same ones!
          They are just at different stages in their lives.
          The only acceptable option is a loyal respectful hot young woman. If that’s not available, better be alone or go Thai or something.

        2. What he said was true…
          I was jamming at an open mic last night with some strangers and when I got off the stage some 50+ year old blonde woman was all over me telling me how talented and interesting I am blablabla…
          It is quite possible that she is essentially the exact same girl that scoffed at me when I was younger and making ends meat.
          What he said didn’t creep me out… It just put something in perspective… I liked the way he phrased it.

      2. They give you the best years of their lives, and steal yours.My ex tried this shit on me, and I pointed out that during those ‘best years’ She was fucking her way through San Diego while I was footing the bill by getting shot at by Somali Pirates and Angry muslims.

        1. I see why you are so angry now. You did not deserve what happened.
          As for the “gentlemen” I’m from the south. Where men open doors, women do the laundry and cook, guys give up their jackets to a cold girl, women dress well for their man. Mutual respect and pride in our partner. I’m sorry you have never experienced that type of relationship.

        2. Angry? What gives you that Idea?
          I was angry maybe 20 years ago. Now? I simply learned the truth… that you can love women or you can understand them…but never both.
          But why do you assume anyone that disagrees with you is angry? Perhaps you are simply ignorant or a fool. My anger is reserved for far more important things than foolish disciples of egalitarianism… I learned decades ago that female stupidity and worthlessness is not the cause, it is simply an unavoidable symptom of the collapse of a technological civilization.
          It’s as pointless to get ‘angry’ at a woman for acting like a retarded zombie in today’s society as it is to get ‘angry’ at a dog for piddling on the floor when you failed to take him for a walk.

        3. I am from west virginia, one of the last bastions of civility north of the mason-dixon line… and from my experiences in florida, louisiana, and alabama, I’d say that your ‘experience’ of worthwhile women is either extremely atypical, or you are over 40.

        4. Doll, I’m 28. Born and raised in Tennessee. Educated, corporate job, 5’9″, natural D, size 2, no kids, I’ve slept with 5 people all which I had a serious relationship, I’m from a good family, I had a stay at home mom who cooked everynight and a strong father who taught his girls to shoot & forced high school dates to come to the door to pick me up and drop me off, I have zero baggage. I understand what a worthwhile girl is because I worked extremely hard to keep a good reputation. I demand a lot from myself and expect nothing less than that from a guy.
          A man should expect the best out of me.
          Whothwhile peope are out there.

        5. If one person feels the need to degrade the other during multiple points in a discussion then they are angry. For the most part men hide hurt with anger. You were hurt I get it. I feel bad that you were hurt.

        6. I’m from just south of you in Mississippi…I think it’s still a bit different down here. I know of a good many young couples who’ve married young for these days & the brides were virgins. Beautiful.

        7. Apparently reading comprehension is not your strong point. I said ‘Perhaps’ you are ignorant or a fool, pointing out that your understanding MAY be in error, or that you might simply be incapable of grasping the fact that others may disagree with you, and be correct in doing so. And as for ‘retarded zombie’? If you choose to apply that particular expression to yourself, or see it aimed at you in particular, The problem is yours, the basic assumption that it’s all about you.
          Nice try with the over-the-top sympathy, though, it has always been a useful tool for manipulation, and a good attempt to look ‘reasonable’ and make someone else look ‘unreasonable’ and thus ‘win’ the disagreement through emotionalism. Unfortunately, one can neither win an internet argument nor convey meaningful information to someone already predisposed towards a particular viewpoint.
          Of course, I recognize that even by bothering to respond to your misconception, or to justify my own words, I have already ‘Lost’ this bout of verbal warfare… but I have a stuffy nose this morning and needed to wake up, and composing replies is a useful way to get my brain started and functional. Frankly, I have nothing banked on this, so it doesn’t really matter.

        8. If you have slept with 5 people, have a corporate job, have had 5 ‘serious’ relationships, are not married and having kids by 28, You are already too badly damaged to be a worthwhile partner, wife, or mother.
          You have already thrown away 10 of your 15-20 years of beauty on 5 men that are NOT going to support you for the rest of your life. You have traded your youth and beauty away for absolutely nothing. The years when you had the energy to keep up with several toddlers are past, those years were a gift to give to a husband… an exchange for the long years in which he will stay with you, protect you, and love you long after your beauty has faded. ‘corporate job’ and ‘well educated’ are a sorry exchange, because that sort of thing is what YOU want, not a man.
          You squandered that beauty and youth. Any man that will marry you now, is the sort of man that has absolutely no self-respect, willingly accepting a used gift that has been mostly wasted. No man that will have you after you have wasted your most precious asset will expect the ‘best out of you’, and it is utterly ridiculous for you to expect the best when you have already spent over half the capital you have to offer, the only capital that men really care about.

        9. To stress point that I know I stand out. Finishing school was very important to my father since he quit college and moved back home to be with his girlfriend now my mother. He required his daughters to work in the same hot 12 hr shift factory like he did when he was young so we would understand the importance of an education.. I excel at at my job. Sitting in a conference room with nothing but 50 something old men who’s jaw drops when they find out that it is my work a 43 million dollar bid was acquired off of, the same girl that they told to get them coffee thirty minutes earlier because I thought I was the secretary (which I did bc I’m kind). I also know that physical parts of me body and features of my face entice men. I have great genetics. It is a blessing. I hope that answers your question.

        10. Can’t y’all blast Somali pirates–actual human waste on Earth–out of the water if they are firing at you? Don’t tell me you can’t because of our outrageous Rules of engagement…?

        11. Our rules of engagement have gotten worse.
          No, we had to ‘board’them. Speedboats we could shoot at (after they shoot first) but anything larger or with a cabin we had to board them first. The only shooting we could do was with m1914’s (or m16’s for the marines) even though we had absolutely crippling 30mm air cooled autocannons that we regularly blew off scads of ammo with on target bouys.
          I was the opinion that if we see a gun, we turn their boat into a a skid mark, but the brass wanted ‘criminals’ to display… and getting a few poop-throwers for propaganda photo ops was apparently worth the lives of a few of ‘our boys’

        12. Disgusting. The Chickenhawks send y’all around the Earth to fight wars and then tie your hands behind your back.

        13. The last 3 men I dated were surgeon, electrical PE, and a F-22 fighter pilot. I feel like whatever you say is invalid after that because their is no way you are on the same level as those men or see the world as they do. Two of those men proposed to me which I kindly turned down. I would have been expected to move and the special needs of a family member keeps me close to home. I know made the right decision when get a text late at night from one of them when their now wife is sleeping beside them saying “Bug can we talk? Nothing is going right I need someone who will listen & understands.”, and I keep my read receipts on just so they know they are ignored.
          If a man gets married young as in 20 the older he gets the fatter he gets, the more mad at the world he is, and then by the time he wants a divorce he feels stuck with kids. I don’t want that. I want a man that has worked hard for his career & put it first. ALL men that put that much effort into themselves & career do it so they can provide well for their future family. No guy that has put that much effort into having a good life will waste that on a 22 year old art student passing out free hooter shooters at the bar. Another reason why I see your response as a jaded mans response. I would understand completely if my age showed. No man in their right mind would date someone older than him and no girl should date a guy the same age or younger than him.
          I know I always have options. Men are biologically programmed to lust after my body type so I regrett to inform you that you, Sir, are also an option if I choose.

        14. Unfortunately, that is entirely untrue. I am not a slut chaser, I am a dom. getting my dick wet pales in comparison to teaching a girl to orgasm on command, and the old in-and-out cannot hold a candle to a good flogging. I have no interest in pretty, vapid little things that spent their best years chasing flyboys and quacks. If you had chosen to marry one of those back when you were at peak fertility, I might have had a little bit of respect… but now?
          Any man calling you to ‘talk’ is either a liar, or a pathetic weakling. Studying medicine or sitting on your ass in a cockpit are far from masculine activities, so my vote is that you stick to girlyboys in order to improve your self-esteem.
          Face it… you are broken. And it’s a real shame, because virtually every other girl, north AND south, has been broken and ruined as a human being by the twisted culture we live in.

      3. The things they try to rationalize as being equal to her best years are amusing. Sorry ladies, your jobs, monetary gifts, and “smarts” pale in comparison to your most beautiful and fertile years spent raising our children and caring for our homes. A woman’s money cannot buy a man’s happiness.

      4. What I heard multiple times: “So you used me for sex?” Like having sex is something that makes you owe her something. You had sex together and then the input was 50/50 no discussion. But when you break up, it was a…favor, and a thing she gave you. Usually this oneliner is said with a lot of tears. That’s some hardcore guilt manipulation.

    2. Are you kidding me? I have provided for ex’s before when they could not. I would pay for dates, and buy myself my own diamonds because I will never allow myself to be bought or flattered with gifts. I made plans to travel and take him with me. Im also the girl referred to at work who “turns every head in the building.” I am smart, loyal, and hard-working. Too bad pigs like you will never know a good woman.

      1. It must be nice not to have to pay for your gas. just plug that hamster into your dash and whoosh! all the power you could ever need.

    1. They usually say their phone’s camera “isn’t working” when I ask for a full-body shot to try and weasel out of it. Yep, Apple shoots down lightning bolts from their satellite in space to that particular girl’s iPhone and only her iPhone and nobody’s else’s on the entire planet exactly at the moment I ask for a pic, of course! Silly me, I should have figured that out by now!

      1. There is probably a piece of chicken stuck in the camera of her iPhone (so it’s blocked out).

        1. Which is okay, she does Zumba as of last week, so now she can exercise brag on Facebook and Instagram all kinds while wearing a “NO PAIN NO GAIN!” shirt! Oh yeah!

    2. “ZumbaGirl2015”? Awww, did another fattie just jump on the Instagram Fitness fad like most other American women and is suddenly an overnight fitness guru? How trite and played out!

      1. lol. just came from the gym where one of the more sanctimonious carbon-blobs of my place of employment waddled in wearing her ‘live, love, zumba’ t-shirt. didn’t realize female exercise shirts ran that large!

        1. Yep, and because the more you wear clothing with savvy slogans, the more you show The Republic how “hardcore” you are about exercising and are to be taken very seriously! Duh, Caesar! 😉

        2. she has an app on her phone stating that 2 aerobic and dance elements per day will give her a muscle to fat ratio of 0.80 which will help her achieve a 0.85 muscle to fat ratio by end of fiscal year 2015. That in turn gets posted on Fakebook and she can upgrade from a few extra pounds to curvy on Plenty of Shit.

        1. La Ilaha Il Allah! You can also replace that behemoth with the face of collar-popping bro or a cookie-cutter looking sorority girl as well.

      1. Just another fly-by-night exercise fad with an “exotic” sounding name that even the people who do it will heckle in ten years. No need to acknowledge its existence.

    3. Fatties lie more than most. Their rationalization Hamsters tend to be amazingly fit, well-exercised and healthy from all the running.

      1. What, for 15 minutes a day on the treadmill at a pace of 2.0 miles per hour? Oh yeah Girl, better status about your “intense workout” on Facebook right quick! Don’t forget the spandex selfie on Instagram as well! Your Betatard Brigade is agitating to dole you out some Likes!

    4. “recently lost some extra flab…”
      Did she find that bag of chips she was looking for as well?
      That’s too damn funny. You can tell from the head shot that this girl is an offensive lineman.

  15. One hell of a literary gem!!!!
    Thumbs up to the marvellous author for combining hard cold facts, sharp witticism and hilarious one liners expertly.

  16. I hate to even think about these bastards, but I truly do love this quote and say it as often as females spew-puke their Unholy Trinity of “Douchebag-Awkward-Creeper!”.

    1. Douchebag-Awkward-Creeper
      I have not once heard those words in the 5 years since I left America.

        1. Yea man when youre young akward and dont have confidence those words sting and stick with you…or at least me. And american girls threw those girls like its stylish.
          Someone on ROK wrote an article comparing calling a black man a nigger (not nigga) to calling any man a creeper as it labels the man putting down makes him feel inferior and sucks the confidence out of him. Most people reading that may think it sounds rediculous but it rings crazy true for me.

        2. Oh come on, brother! They toss that tired and worn-out platitude around like candy. Any guy who doesn’t meet their bullshit and misbegotten “standards” is autopilot “creepy”, however if they actually like the guy enough he’s anything but! It’s just a knee-jerk term they vomit forth left and right to feel better about themselves. Don’t sweat, at the tender age of 40 they look and feel like Hell but you’re still a gold mine of assets. Let them relish in their “creepy” until their universe crumbles at the big 4-0!

  17. “Every tear a woman has shed over a man can be traced back to how she was personally affected by the loss of that man’s utility—the man himself is a distant second at best.”
    Disturbing to think how much truth there is in these few words.

    1. Really it is overweening pride on our part as men to think we come in anywhere close to second.

      1. That’s what most men can’t accept about the red pill.
        Women just don’t give a shit about you.
        The only reason they even date is for social approval and security. It’s not you specifically they like.

        1. Thats the hardest part of the pill to accept. Every man has some hobby, skill, talent, personality trait, etc. that we love about ourselves and we want our woman to love that part of us. They dont give a flying fuck about your master’s degree, sense of humor, cigar collection, or anything else. Art, architecture, music (real music), science, politics, sports, etc. mean nothing to women unless it directly pertains to her current situation. Your masculinity, dick size, and bank account are all they are concerned with, because they affect her social life and personal satisfaction.
          Until a man can love himself without female approval, he is not ready for the red pill.

    2. Thats why Im quite single now. I look back at all my relationships and its my status they wanted. I still like sex, but I feel like who I am as a moral person is second to what I do, how well I do it and where I am in life. If I get out of my funk and accomplish something in the coming years its going to be because of me and for the sake of success. Women looking to score some potent juice be damned.
      Freshman girl makes some mistakes, cant handle her sexuality and gets pumped and dumped, here come’s the senior boyfriend who lifts weights to offer her stability and save that pussy from being devalued. Oh you’re out of college and cant find a job? Well I’ll fuck your acquaintance, he has a motorcycle.

    3. Isn’t that the truth. Every time I hear or see one of them cry I feel like handing out academy awards. I don’t know what it is (it’s part of my charm…I’m an asshole) but I just can’t get passed a lot of this nonsense.
      Women want to be strong and independent…..sometimes. The rest of the time they want their “old benefits”.

  18. This is some truth. You do have to realize that while her tears may be genuine, she’s crying because her life has taken a turn from what she expected. Women can be very reliant on relationships to navigate life to to be adrift again scares the hell out of them. Men are generally much more self reliant and can easily bounce back. There is almost never a financial setback for men. Breaking up is just a circumstance of life and an opportunity to meet new women. Put simply, it’s all about them when they cry, not so much about you-that should take some of the guilt away. No matter how feminized they may be, landing a husband is still a paramount importance to their value as women, so breaking things off takes that potential life purpose away. Most women I’ve dated rarely have other pursuits in their life other than our relationship. Their whole context is based around it instead of it just being a part of life.

  19. AV8R’s articles are my favorites on ROK. He always nails it spot on. “Much like a casino—the pussy house always wins. Pussies aren’t supposed to operate at a loss and, to be honest, they very rarely do.”
    Women will destroy everything and anything they can if they perceive a loss. If you aren’t checking off bonus boxes too, then expect her to try to come after you if she has the tools to do so.
    Always keep at an arm’s reach away gents, any closer and you’re in the danger zone.

  20. Great article Fly Boy!
    Solid truths and unfortunate realities. Have fun, hook up, and follow your own purpose in life!

  21. It is what it is… know what I mean?
    A woman wants a man who can give her a better life, a man wants a woman who can give him beauty…
    I think the problem comes in when we create expectations of reality that make no sense…
    Our society is creating men who are practically useless to women in every way, and a society where women are the ugliest they’ve ever been.
    And all the while everyone is told to go find someone who loves them just for them… which is rediculous…
    In reality self-actualization is the final touch after all of our more base human needs are satisfied…

    1. Funny, from the SMV perspective, and life-value perspective, which covers most bases for everyone, you’re totally right.
      Excellent way to describe the root components, or outcomes rather, that sum up the gender issue.

    2. heh. don’t expect someone to love you for who you are… because ‘who you are’ is most often an unloveable Jackass.
      Children are born as unloveable Jackasses. Simple fact. It takes raising, discipline, and care to make them fully functional human beings worthy of love.
      Loveable people are not born, they are made. saying someone should love you for ‘who you are’ is the ultimate laziness… you want to be loved? become a person worth loving.
      Of course, on the flip side, So few people are worth loving nowadays that going to the work to become a real human is almost a waste of your time.

      1. Women don’t like you for who you are, they like the things you do.
        Whether it’s humor, your job, your hobbies. If you lose the cool activities you do she has no further need for you, as she never liked ‘you’ to begin with

        1. Yep. That is the bitch that is female nature and what fuels their expectations. they want to be loved unconditionally, but ultimately love conditionally. Men are true romantics.

        2. Don’t forget the job (career) and the money plus lifestyle. Once the man loses any of those then the woman is usually looking to trade out or up.
          She loves him (his money, lifestyle) that he provides. All bets are off once he hits a hard patch in life.

  22. Is this shit worth it? Me: kind of if you remain single and have fun with different chicks then yeah but more marriage ummmm…..NO!

  23. “All women—even the best women—care about what you can do for them more than they care about you as a person. ”
    This was a lesson that would linger in the background of my 17-year-old life. I say “linger” because I didn’t actually learn it then.
    An excerpt from this comment. http://www.returnofkings.com/34185/why-you-must-not-place-women-on-a-pedestal#comment-1360191586
    “on another note; it is only in this moment thinking back to that conversation that it was about what I’d do for her as a husband, not what she’d do as a wife; when the subject of sex came up, which would fall underneath that, she said she didn’t have to…”

  24. As Frank Zappa said, “Broken hearts are for assholes.”
    Let the ladies have their cry; it’s what they do.

    1. Nice…same..bookmarked it.
      It pretty much hits a good point in the article. Nice work, Bart.

  25. “You need to earn more money than them, fuck better than them, be funnier than them, more talented than them—all of it”. If every man can be, why would you ever want to settle down or commit to any bitch !

  26. “If you can manage to step it up a bit and get a woman to pay her fair share, buy you presents, or do favors for you—then she’s really going to fucking lose it.”
    Ahahaha! I literally just came off a FWB arrangement where I did just that. I fucked around with this bitch for 6 months, didn’t buy her shit for her birthday. Literally showed up empty handed with no apologies in front of about 20 of her friends, ate a fine dinner for free in one of our city’s top restaurants, then took her home and pumped her full of semen that night.
    I also got other freebies out of her like airport pickups and dropoffs when I would visit one of my girlfriends abroad.
    I just got a nice Amex gift card from her for Christmas and again didn’t buy her shit.
    She lost her shit when we broke up. As you put it, for one time the dick broke even with the house. Women used to do this shit to me. I learned their game and beat them at their own game.
    This girl still don’t know what hit her. And before anyone has an ounce of sympathy for her, I know she was talking to other guys the entire 6 months I was fucking her. They were buying her shit and offering her love, but I was pile driving that ass.

    1. Fuck man, its like the more stuff you buy and nicer things you do the quicker she’s fucking guys who ain’t doing anything for her. Well played man.
      I do buy my girl things on occasion, but when I do its with the reminder that Im taking this money and burning it.

      1. Yeah I had a ball. One of the happiest memories I have is fucking her right before she took me to the airport. 5 hours later I was fucking my foreign gf.
        I used to be one of the good guys but I’ve defected after half a lifetime of mistreatment by females. The other half of my life is shaping up to be different. I took a page from the female playbook and made it my own: It’s all about ME bitches.

        1. This article is trying to help guys get a clue, improve their game, and give them is insight but guys like you come along who obviously make terrible decisions when choosing a girlfriend then go on whining about how they are horrible. Here is some clues.
          1. If she is easy to get she is easy for everyone else, too. You don’t seem like a go getter so I assume she was easy.
          2. If it is obvious you are cheating and she doesn’t care then you are the idiot for dating a retarded and/or damaged person.
          Learn the lesson being taught many emotions make women cry, you are only a tiny fraction of the many. There is a 1% chance you are actually worth true tears.

        2. And there is less than that 1% chance that the majority of women anyone comes in contact with in this country is worth giving two shits about.
          When the vast majority of women are shit, a man has to look out for himself. Treating all women (including the sluts) like gold is what got us here in the first place.

        3. help me understand please. You want to be with an 1% girl but you have accepted that they are so rare you will never find one. You are going to continue your life dating whoreish mediocre women while complaining about how bad they are and treating them like shit. BUT if that 1% comes along and they sense the slightest bit of douchbagery she won’t give you a chance, a good women won’t date down.
          Do what you want but acting like a gentleman will help you find gold.

        4. No. Completely wrong.
          There is no 1% girl any more. any ‘wishing’ you may detect for that 1% is like wistfully wishing you could stop people from starving in Africa or you could win the lottery. It’s not going to happen, and any man who is STUPID enough to treat a woman like she’s that 1% is going to be abused.
          The culture is wrong for the 1% to develop. The ONLY way to find a worthwhile woman is to move someplace where the female culture is uncontaminated… and those places are becoming fewer and fewer.
          90% of men getting tire tread on their face because they are looking for a unicorn. Don’t shed a tear for the unicorns that get abused by ‘mean men’… blame their sisters.
          But acting like a gentleman? What fucking century are you from?

        5. Being a gentlemen got me divorced. Twice, by supposedly “good” women. I was young & stupid for the first one, but for the second, I wanted a family and children so I did everything in my power to properly vet her. So I rolled the dice. And she still turned out to be a lying bitch.
          You women have used all your chances with this successful man. From now on, it’s all about ME. With my resources and earning power, women will always date up with me no matter how I treat them. So finding new playthings to eventually dispose of when I’m done with them won’t be a problem.
          Women in this society are shit and they deserve to be treated like shit. Any good women out there are so few in numbers that the math says that most likely I’ll never find one anyway. Good luck being “independent” I’ll tell you the same thing I told my ex when I kicked her ass out.
          Good luck on welfare.

        6. Right…being a gentlemen will get you a ticket to being the next beta orbiter…that’s it.
          Many men used to be gentlemen but women didn’t want (or need) it. I have gone through too many experiences to show that being a gentlemen will get you nowhere, fast.
          Never take advice (especially dating advice) from a woman. Women have no idea what they want…and they willingly admit it when it’s time to break up or divorce a man.
          The article says it all. Women are only crying because they are thinking about their circumstance (not yours…the man). They are crying because their ass is now stuck back in the dating pool as a “single” while all of their girlfriends have men (and the worst time is during the holidays).
          Women are only crying for themselves…that’s it.

        7. Who in their right mind rolls dice when it comes to the rest of their life.
          GOING INTO A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP ISNT WANTING IT IS GIVING. I’m not saying being a doormat bc that will get you cheated on quicker than anything. learing the difference in what a women needs and wants will go a long way.
          So you have accepted in life you are just going to be all alone in life because you are better than everyone else. Which by the way you are not, there will always be someone better. If you are dating girls bc of what you offer you will NEVER be the best in a girls eyes. You are going to be that horny old creepy man at the nursing home that hits in all the widowed ladies and none of the nurses want to help because of your inappropriate comments & ass grabs.
          I have no need for welfare because sorry old men like you keep a hot young thing around in the office because they are so sad at home and will do anything for a tiny bit of attention or approval. Just so happened I’m damn good at what I do so the threat of being fired is never there. I pet them just enought to get my large raise each year

        8. “Who in their right mind rolls dice when it comes to the rest of their life”
          Because some of us want a family as because 99% of bitches like you are fucked up, we men now have to take our chances. The odds of finding a unicorn are pretty much non-existent.

        9. 1. If she is easy to get she is easy for everyone else, too.

          What a load of fucking horseshit!
          How many women would play hard to get if an A-list celeb like Chris Hemsworth(Thor) invited them back to his hotel room?
          The same cunts who play hard to get with beta males are the same ones who’ll pull down their panties in minutes to receive some alpha cock.
          You, on the other hand, are too ugly/fat/bitchy to get attention from any man in real life, which is why you’re here in the 1st place, cuntasaurus!

    2. But I bet she wasn’t very attractive. Attractive chicks would not put up with that shit. So that’s the trade-off.

      1. Here’s a clue: Chicks dig jerks, especially hot chicks. Men are figuring this out and acting accordingly.

        1. Nope, not where I live. Unless your definition of ‘hot’ is much different from mine. Insecure, needy chicks dig jerks, sure. Always have, always will. Hot (8 and up) chicks always know their worth. They have abundance mentality accordingly, and would never put up with any kind of relationship where they got no birthday or christmas presents. They also rarely put up with FWB situations for very long, let alone ones where she’s paying for everything.

        2. You can speak for yourself but I know what transpired with me and this hot girl. And others. Chateau Heartiste has quite a bit of writing on this very topic. All of it 100% truth and wisdom as I’m now seeing.

        3. Here’s a clue: dudes dig loosies, especially hot ones. Women are figuring this out and acting accordingly.
          See what I did there?

      1. That’s the best part. She never did. I told her at the time, aww, shucks I’ve been busy with work and didn’t have time to get you anything. And we both knew it was just FWB even though towards the end she started saying she “loved” me. Haha.
        She was one of the hottest girls around too, had lawyers, business owners, and others trying to tap it but they were doing it with Beta Bucks while I was giving her the Sigma Fucks. (I’m more of a Sigma than an Alpha. Same spectrum…just the Alpha seeks social approval while Sigmas operate outside the social spectrum.)
        Good times my friend!

    3. cheating on your girlfriend? and then bragging about being cruel to another woman and justifying it by saying she was talking to other men (even though you wouldn’t commit)? class act brother. /s
      just another bitter guy on ROK.

  27. girls have choices now. and they have attitudes. the prettier they are, the more entitled they are.

    1. They do not have as many choices as you think.
      Old guys and desperate betas telling them how beautiful they are on Fakebook and Instagram are not choices.
      it’s up to us to take that power away.
      1)Ignore them after you attempt to game them.
      2)Hookers to satisfy your urgent needs if need be
      3)Game other women; as many as possible.
      4)Have hobbies

      1. I see nothing wrong with a rub and tug now and again to scratch that itch. It puts sex in perspective-its a commodity and not something to fall all over yourself to get. Good to see you commenting again on here FunShip

        1. thanks, good to see you too.
          i’ve spanked it a lot more in my younger days. I prefer to get real horny and motivated and run game at the bars in my late 30s and early 40s.

  28. 1. Tears are emotional blackmail. They are your cue to leave/hang up/whatever.
    2. No second chances. You take a cheater back and you have given her a hunting license.
    End Transmission.
    À bientôt,

    1. Women use emotional blackmail and their pussy as the primary weapons. It takes a strong man to handle either one and most fail unfortunately. It’s why they continue to use these weapons-they work

  29. Great piece. Women nowadays see you purely as a utility. Our usefulness depends on the life stage they are at. Here is a quote from a blog written by a Sydney journalist about the idea of finding a ‘love for life’:
    “Perhaps modern dating culture really is turning us into a society where we have seasonal spouses; someone for youth, someone for child-rearing, someone for later-life enjoying, and someone to hold our hands at the bitter end.”
    ^^More and more women are starting to adopt that attitude, whether they are consciously aware of it or not. Even in old age they look for men to pick up the slack financially. Men who have saved and invested or inherited money need to become extra careful as they age because these old bitches are more interested in a man’s money than younger women nowadays.
    This constant lane changing is fucking disgraceful to me, especially as it’s justified on the grounds of ‘maturity’. Women are trying awfully hard to reap the full benefits at every life stage, and men are simply enabling them every step of the way.
    Fucking idiots.

    1. Yep, I am Australian and read that very article. Rollo at Rational Male has often written about this – the feminine imperative is now about simply trying to maximise their value dependent on their life stage, whilst simultaneously trying to make men UN-aware of a man’s true market value. A women declines between 25-30, a man takes off around 30. But women try to confuse, shame, distort or distract in order for you to be unable to see that.
      I’m just passed 30 and I get 20 year olds still giving me IOIs, so I know the market is still there for me. But really women’s strategy is like Ray Winstone’s character in Edge of Darkness – stopping you from connecting A to B:

      1. I’m very familiar with Rollo’s work. I had no problem getting IOI in my early thirties from women in their teens and 20’s. Now that I’m in my mid 30’s the interest has dropped somewhat, especially because I haven’t dyed my hair, but I can still get some interest from attractive young women, and some interest is better than no interest. I definitely don’t have to date a woman my own age.
        Having said that, the media really is fueling women’s hamsters that they look 30 when they are 40. Almost every woman you meet will tell you how much younger she looks than her age, even if she doesn’t. It’s pure delusion. I met a woman last night who was trying to tell me exactly that: ‘everyone tells me I look 30’. I felt like telling her that ‘everyone’ is either lying or blind because she looks every bit her 40 years. She wasn’t ugly by any stretch, but she was definitely hitting the wall.
        What worries me is that men are also starting to buy into the propaganda to a large degree. Most men don’t think like us unfortunately.

        1. I see a lot of older women dressing like girls.
          That’s why middle aged women refer to themselves as ‘girls’ and ‘girls night out’ when theyre fucking 41 years old.
          They are grasping straws any way they can.

        2. Good to hear about another Australian here.
          “What worries me is that men are also starting to buy into the propaganda to a large degree. Most men don’t think like us unfortunately.”
          Agreed. The changes, particularly in the last 5 or so years, in popular culture and the media in particular, have been quite subtle, but also rapid. Papers like The Age, The SMH, the Herald Sun pump out feminist nonsense day in day out. Men used to be the logical ones – now they unthinkingly swallow this crap. The ‘norm’ of publicly accepted ‘fact’ has shifted so much and people buy into it without logical thought.
          “I met a woman last night who was trying to tell me exactly that: ‘everyone tells me I look 30’. I felt like telling her that ‘everyone’ is either lying or blind because she looks every bit her 40 years. ”
          I’ve never understood why women do this. I suspect projection (i.e. they value social proof in men?). But its laughable that you would take her word over what your eyes tell you.

        3. It’s in all western societies (U.S. as well). The women have to tell others (and themselves) this nonsense because the need is there to “sell” everyone on it. If you have any common sense (and you’re not very thirsty), then you can set these women straight by telling them the truth.
          I have no problem setting a woman straight when I hear her (or a beta orbiter) tell her how great she is or looks. I had to set one straight (recently) when a beta was telling her how she was doing a “wonderful job”.
          I chimed in with “No, I don’t think so. You need to get it together and get the job done”. They both looked at me with their mouths open…but I didn’t change my position on the matter.
          I can’t fucking stand beta orbiters playing up to these women (especially older ones).

  30. I believe the author overlooked a valid reason we cry. Failure. The feeling that you have forced someone that once loved you to not want to be around you anymore is heartbreaking.
    I will never forget when he told me he “felt like I did not need him” and honestly I didn’t. Living on my own forced me to to be self sufficient and crazy about the way anything should be done. Women are now told to be strong independent women and we don’t need a man. That saying really hurts relationships. Relationships are so much better if I focus on being an amazing woman and expect nothing less than a strong man.

  31. All tears are manipulation, just another mind-fuck to draw you back into her frame. Always the tears are because of the loss of a utility.
    Predatory is what they are.

  32. Some excellent points in this article, although we must note there are many other tactics that could completely turn a relationship in a man’s favor right from the get go. There are countless examples of savvy and reasonably charming guys strategically play a master gambit to land multi-millionaire heiresses or the daughters of business tycoons / political dignitaries and use the marriage card as a stepping stone for their careers or rise to fame and fortune. Most women are out there just looking for the pleasant feelings of desire and passion by a charismatic man, and the guy who can consistently provide these good feelings while not losing track of the master plan can walk out a total winner regardless of what actually goes on in the relationship which is absolutely secondary to the bigger picture you are shooting for.
    Similar story with half professional gigolos cruising through life by getting lavish spending thrown at them by multiples of reasonably attractive mature women who have gamed the system and ended up with make believe careers that give them boatloads of affirmative action driven cash and / or spousal support / divorce hand outs: all that disposable income and the bio clock is ticking, and in comes the astute entrepreneurial gigolo to exchange pleasant feelings with cash at a very very steep rate…

  33. there is a deliciously tongue-in-cheek malice to the tone of this article. “Women love being shitty people, but they hate it when there’s an audience.”
    love it

  34. I learned the best lesson I ever imagined about women and crying December 2014. I broke up with my gf December 9th after about a week long drama fest of issues. She left me atleast TWO sobbing gut wrenching barely coherent voicemails EVERYDAY from December 10th through 27th. More sad emails promising the world. The display of emotion and promises and love was amazing. She came over crying on the 27th at 10pm, and we made up and had sex. The next few days were bliss again until she slipped on the smallest of things, and I got a hint of something off. I said “Im walking because I can feel it.. you can admit it and hope I forgive, or you’ll never see me again.. I wont answer the door this time after 17 days.”
    She broke down and admit she fucked her ex from 3 years ago on the 17th.
    TLDR; after 3 years together, my gf lasted 7 days until she fucked her ex. More importantly, she left me 17 days of SOBBING emotional voicemails and emails, which in reality were a big show while fucking her ex.

    1. Glad you see the reality now.
      I see this same shit play out with religious Christian men. Even their conservative wives fuck them over. There’s no escaping female nature, it’s their natural state to bullshit, it shouldn’t surprise you. Now that all societal restrictions on their behavior are gone, occurrences like yours are common.

  35. Beat the pussy house…..
    I’ll have to remember that one. Your articles always give me a laugh.

  36. Well to be fair, I think I’m the same. if a woman I’m having a relationship with leaves, or I leave her (for whatever reason), even if I had strong feelings for her, the ‘love’ I felt was based on purely practical, what she did for me, stuff; not some ethereal or spiritual love of the person. I’m bummed (even if I did the breaking up) because I miss her perfect ass, how she turned me on in bed, her foot-massages, her cooking, or how she was good company to watch a dvd with. I’m bummed because she had qualities I liked and I worry I won’t find another girl with those attributes. Of course I always do, and then my pining for the other girl completely vanishes.
    Really I think apart from love for one’s children, all human love is somewhat selfish.

  37. Okay the question that I will ask may not be fully relavent to this article but here it goes. Can anyone tell me how boys are taught to believe that treating women nicely would conquer the girl he loves? How single mother s mold the nice guy? And how the school system indoctrinates boys to be emasculated? Reply when possible..

    1. “Say please.”
      “Say thank you.”
      “Ask me nicely.”
      “Sit up straight.”
      “Get your elbows off the table.”
      “Clean up your dishes.”
      “Be quiet when I’m talking.”
      “Clean up your room.”
      “Take out the garbage.”
      “Walk the dog.”
      “Go to the kitchen and get me a glass of water.”
      “Fetch me my glasses.”
      “Run upstairs and get my book beside my bed.”
      “Not until my show is over.”
      “Sit still.”
      “Be quiet.”
      “Pay attention.”
      Mothers mold nice guys, to get what they want.
      Schools do the same, on behalf of government.

  38. Rollo at Rational Male has often written about this – the feminine imperative is now about simply trying to maximise their value dependent on their life stage, whilst simultaneously trying to make men UN-aware of a man’s true market value. A women declines between 25-30, a man takes off around 30. But women try to confuse, shame, distort or distract in order for you to be unable to see that.
    I’m just passed 30 and I get 20 year olds still giving me IOIs, so I know the market is still there for me. But really women’s strategy is like Ray Winstone’s character in Edge of Darkness – stopping you from connecting A to B

    1. I’m just passed 30 and I get 20 year olds still giving me IOIs,
      That will continue happening for at least another 15 years for you, probably longer if you take care of yourself.

      1. I have been somewhat fortunate genetics wise. My father who is now pushing 70 still gets ‘appraised’ by people he meets as mid 50s – smooth skin, barely any wrinkles. I stopped spending time in the sun when I was about 20 and really only get it first thing in the morning and later afternoon for requisite Vitamin D. Old school classmates I see online look haggard, double chinned and starting to get leathery skin. I workout constantly and eat a spartan diet. I feel like I am just beginning.

  39. Hard truth.
    Men love women. Women love children. children love puppies.
    Women’s tears are ALWAYS ‘what about me?’

  40. Brilliant article! Hats off to the author. You are a personification of red pill.
    At the back of my head I always suspected it was NEVER actually about me when a woman cries. They are singularly solipsistic in everything they do. Any good she does is done with a selfish gaining agenda.
    Her most important care is always what other women would think of her in most if not all situations and you simply cannot trust her to have any actual interest in you.
    They only ever really care about losers and scumbags because as the author says : they love being shitty people.
    How you decide to act on this knowledge is entirely up to you as a man but one things for certain: i’ll never ever again shed a care for a grieving bitch.

  41. Oh man, last night this girl came over to my apartment for the first time since I’ve known her and as I’m answering the door she’s using one of those Wisp(TM) toothbrushes and reeks of cigarettes (“They squash my appetite so I don’t eat huhuhuhuh!”, fucking dumb Americunts!) then asks if I have mouthwash. Of course I do, what self-respecting man doesn’t, you dumbtard? So then what does she do when I give it to her? Opens the bottle and swigs some FROM THE BOTTLE instead of pouring some in the cap! Not only that, she kept on putting her feet on my coffee table where my really expensive Hori(TM) controllers and joysticks are. Who fucking does that?? I kept smacking her thighs and saying “Please stop doing that!” as if I was taking to an overgrown child!
    Needless to say, last night couldn’t end soon enough!

      1. No. Since she was boring and ordinary, everything I did was boring and ordinary right back. Always meet energy with the same amount of energy. No more, no less.

        1. “Always meet energy with the same amount of energy.” – true when you’re gaming, but, when on an actual date, I still would want a BJ or some pornstyle sex as even trade for time wasted.

  42. “Women love being shitty people, but they hate it when there’s an audience.”
    Dude, it’s too early to be nailing the quote of the year.

  43. “All women—even the best women—care about what you can do for them more
    than they care about you as a person. Every tear a woman has shed over a
    man can be traced back to how she was personally affected by the loss
    of that man’s utility—the man himself is a distant second at best.”
    All young men need to reread and understand this one….it’s a very important one.
    Woman are always calculating and they are always going to upgrade to get a better lifestyle (not necessarily a better man). A man should always go into these “negotiations” with this knowledge and never be blinded by the beauty or the waterworks.
    Always look for the best deal with women. If it’s not a good deal, then send her ass up the road (there are too many other women).

    1. Yep. Utility is definitely the key word here. One trick feminists are good at is re-framing. For example, they will whine about women only being valued for their beauty. The reality is we as men are ONLY valued, AT ALL, when we bring more to the table than them, i.e., the utility, the practical real-life interest you talk about. Prior to meeting this threshold, we are a non-existent entity.
      Yes, you can argue appreciating a woman for her beauty is shallow, but doing so does not diminish her in the way that a woman making a claim against our utility does (e.g., money I earn which is forever gone and needs to be earned again, time which can not be gotten back). Yet, they ignore that THE ONLY thing a woman has to bring to the table to be equally accepted is something she had nothing to do with and is less than what they expect from men. It’s a beautiful re-frame.
      As you’ve alluded to, I’ve long being a proponent of men applying economics to all aspects of life. One of the fathers of economics Adam Smith, spoke of the ‘invisible hand’ guiding all actions of commerce (primarily rational self interest). Women in the relationship sphere are masters of re-framing this aspect also – they appeal to emotion and distract in order to make their own true value and cold, rational, calculating self-interest unclear.
      The frightening truth, which they know in their heart of hearts, is that applied rationality strips away the emotional veneer, the false impression of their value. But it is vital men do so.

      1. Good points. I can tell you that social media has really fucked females at this point. It used to be a woman would compete with only the few females in her circle. Today, it’s all about competing with everyone in her social media circle (i.e. Facebook feed).
        Women are all about “one upping” each other and this includes their “shiny, new man”. Woman are full of shit about “not needing a man. They need to be in a relationship and he has to meet all of these check boxes to compete with all of her bitches on Facebook.
        It’s the new form of “gold digging” and it brings out the worst in women (besides all of the validation that they need from beta orbiters).

  44. The article is deeply offensive but that is not an issue as that is exactly what most readers of this blog expect. But the author is a fucking psycho! You can t just play with another human being like he/she had no value of feelings whatsoever.

    1. “You can t just play with another human being like he/she had no value of feelings whatsoever.”
      Why the hell not? Women have only been doing it for decades.

      1. – Why the hell not? Women have only been doing it for decades. –
        Just my worthless 2 cents, when it comes to the dynamics between men and women these days then it’d serve men best to remember that it is all essentially a zero-sum game. Even if women never did XYZ in the 1st place then so f***king what? If doing XYZ is in men’s best interest then they should go and do it.
        Far from the typical Hollywood chick-flick f***cking bullshit, the relationship between men and women are mutually adversarial. If we use the analogy of buyer and seller : The better the deal for the seller then the worse deal for the buyer and vice versa. There should be no room for beta notion of “soul-mate” and/or “partnership” let alone feminist notion of “equal partnership”.

    2. – You can t just play with another human being like he/she had no value of feelings whatsoever. –
      What is value of feelings?
      The author was talking about the relationship dynamics between men and women. Sorry I have to confirm, because you talk & emote like a girl, are you a man? If yes then you’d better take heed or you’ll find out, the hard way, that the other so-called ‘human being’ won’t hold their punches towards your direction.

    3. Men use women, women use men. Mating is really just controlled cooperation. He’s not a psycho, he’s just aware.

  45. It speaks to how women and men experience love differently. Rollo at the rational male has done a killer post on this a couple of days ago. Won’t steal his thunder other than to say it corresponds with the contention here – women don’t love you, rather the utility you provide them.

  46. “when a woman tells you she likes to travel, what she’s really saying is she likes for a man to pay for her trips”-Tom Leykis

  47. i miss REAL women!!!
    nearly all westernised women are so fucked in the head these days… nothing more than a piece of meat!
    it sucks how we have to fly overseas to experience a REAL women these days!

  48. My parents were married 40+ years until my dad died from ALS, I’ve got 2 older sisters and my mom notably had/has issues despite my dad’s willingness to tame her during our upbringing, and craftily hide her infantile whiny selfishness. My mom, like many women, victimized herself.
    The reality of what a woman is, albeit even one from a generation many decades ago, hit me in the face when as my dad was on his deathbed in the house we were raised in, literally in a quadriplegic state due to the (ice bucket challenge disease), she made his death a drama stage for her own turmoil, NOT of help and concern for her own husband. After his death, this drove a spike between my mother and I. I thought;”Till death do us part, in sickness and health..MY FUCKIN ASS BITCH !” It was very hard on all of us, but….
    My sisters and I knew growing up my mom was a drama queen. Bitching about every last task before she had to do it, while she was doing it, and after it was done. She would drive ANYONE reading this absolutely nuts. As outside nurses were needed as his conditioned worsened at a record breaking pace for the disease (so aggressive the medical team took his DNA for further study), my mom got on her fucking soap box complaining to them, the rest of our external family, and her friends about how HER life was so hard due to this, caring for him, etc.. even though a ton of outside help was coming in.
    It was almost as, even after all those years of marriage (most of them happy), when a REAL catastrophe occurred with his health, she was quitting the marriage, and her true selfishness came out loud and clear after years of secretly hiding it. Since then I’ve had screaming matches with my mom as to how and why she could be so fucking selfish. I even hid a voice recorder in their bedroom when I swear she was verbally, and potentially physically abusing my dad in frustration because he couldn’t speak due to the disease. Naturally her response:”I won’t let you treat me this way, we were all under a lot of emotional and physical stress.” My response; “What about my fucking FATHER, your HUSBAND who was DYING you selfish BITCH ?!?”
    From the moment he showed deterioration she started at that very point, making the drama train of his death, her grand finale in life to get attention from everyone for the way HIS dying was hurting HER. this is an American woman in her 70s now gents. This happened 5 years ago, and it taught me a shit ton about the true nature of women. Unfortunately, from my mom, one of the only women I’m supposed to believe I could use as a template for decency. Don’t forget what you read here.

    1. I’m sorry you went through that man. ALS is a horrible disease. Not to attempt to “one up” you or anything but I got a crazy sense of deja vu while reading your experience. My good friend who is typically healthy had to go to the hospital, in his 70’s, a few months back. I came over to check on him and his wife was exactly how you described your mom. I mean, my friend isn’t dying or anything but she laid it on thick with the nagging and the “oh, woe is me!” victim bullshit. They had home health come a few times a week to check in but that didn’t stop her from being the victim. I could tell that he was embarrassed by her pouting and selfishness.

  49. “The secret to keeping a woman is to be the best she’s ever had while simultaneously convincing her you’re the best she will ever get” -AV8R

  50. excellent article, it really hammers home the red pill concept of hypergamy. at the same time, it goes against krauser’s concept of deep conversion. “Total submission of body and soul in which the woman trusts and admires you so much she presents her whole being to you to do as you please.”

  51. AV8R is definitely one of the better contributors these days. Sometimes I get tired of the lack of self deprecation (which I feel is needed to keep autobiographical content human/relative), but his ideas and conviction more than make up for it.

  52. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best piece I’ve seen on here in months!!! Lot’s of wisdom in here, and honesty, and free of so much of the nerdishness/false bravado/lack of thoughtfulness many articles have had lately. Great, quality writing sir! I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you for posting.

  53. I think you are on target regarding the majority of women. Can someone email me [email protected] and provide me with some guidance? I am a female frequent reader and need help. Thanks

  54. Great article. But I’m on mobile and couldn’t see the author’s name (??)
    Still distracted by all the white space, too 🙁

  55. Quite possibly the best article I’ve read on here in a while. Bravo, AV8R. This is why you always hear women say (after their man has died) “I could sit and wallow in sadness, or I could move on. I chose to move on”. They ALL say this. Translation: fuck him, he’s dead. Next.

  56. I popped up a pair of cherries when younger. I do not feel bad about it. They were asking for it. Plus, I also explained I wanted nothing serious. Still, they gave a lot of drama afterwards. For some women loosing their virginity is a big of a deal; perhaps even more than what they think.

  57. All relationships (not just between man and woman) are transactional. Just try to make them win – win where possible, move on where that is not possible.

  58. A brilliant piece of writing. What the morons in academia do not realize is that the best writers in activity today in the English-speaking world are not in fiction and are not in conventional, print journalism either. They are bloggers like Roosh, Roissy, Steve Sailer, the late Larry Auster and others in the so called Dark Enlightenment. Congrats, Roosh.

  59. So many recognizable things in this article that almost all men in their lives will endure. But most men won’t tie the strings together to see a pattern in womens psychology. And you summed it up in one article. Now I must say there can also be combinations of the 3 reasons.

  60. One of the best article I read so far. Women used crying to get sympathy from men until they find somebody better than you, and they will not give a fuck when she leaves your ass and probably laugh at you.

  61. Just broke up with a girl today and she started crying. Started learning game and got a girlfriend, go figure. I originally had the intention of spinning multiple plates but then it turned into a comfortable relationship.
    I’m leaving for Asia in 2 weeks and wanted to cut all relationship strings.
    I’ll admit, I hate making a girl cry but I consider it an occupational hazard now.

    1. I suggest a text message from an asian airport after which you pull the phone’s sim chip and buy a new number.
      “Hey Suzy! It was great while it lasted. best of luck. bye.”

  62. One question…. Have you ever dated any woman who isn’t low/working class, I’m not even sure if your opinions are accurate for them, but it can surely be the only explanation. I have female friends, and have dated women of my own class (upper middle) and none give a single thought to any of the reasons you’ve mentioned. In fact, they’re very genuine, and tend to look for the same traits I do in a partner- good company, interested in enjoying life through sports and travel, and new experiences etc. Sorry my first time on this site, stumbled upon it, and I do not understand any of your points. I kind of pity you, your writing is at best uninspiring.

    1. Oh ho…read back through the archive. The one where he dumps Ms. Doctor is priceless.

  63. To any women who have the misfortune to stumble upon this, please know less than a small minority of men are like this guy! Either he has been hurt by a woman and is bitter, or is very young and has a lot to learn.

    1. even the hate responses to articles like these is predictable….
      This is why the article is spot on.
      Social dynamics is a fucking science……

  64. Why she cries after you break up – Alternative reasons
    1- She loved you
    2- She loved you
    3- The sex was great
    4- She doesn’t want to be alone again
    5- She loved you
    6- You’re unique and she’ll never find someone like you again
    7- She loves you
    8- She doesn’t understand why you’d want to break up. What did she do wrong ?
    9- She loves you

  65. My god Bro; if you were by my side now, I would hug you as I shed tears while acknowledging how on the money you are.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this matter, which I believe are axioms of life that men must keep in mind always.

  66. My husband is a pussy for leaving me without telling that he has another girl and he brought her in states! Fuck! I was fooled by him! Wish i never got married to him! Such an asshole old guy!

  67. This is true it has nothing to do with “you the man” it has to do with her world collapsing – this I learnt when a female employee was investigated for her behaviour at work, the tears started almost immediately but they weren’t tears about her actions they were tears about her big pay packet going out the door and fantasy personal world disappearing.

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