Sweden’s Hopeless Impotence Shows That Nations Need Hardship To Remain Strong

Why is your people so nationalistic while my Swedish countrymen are not? I asked my Eastern European friend this question recently, and he quickly came up with an answer. “We are proud of our country. We’ve been through hard times, and it has brought us together.” He was mainly referring to the Second World War and the following decades under the rule of Communist tyrants. I understood right away what that meant for the Swedes, who haven’t been at war for the last 200 years.

In the Swedish NATO debate, those who are opposed to us joining the organization often claim that it has “served us well” to stay out of military alliances. Their theory is that we’ve stayed out of armed conflicts for so long because we stand alone, not taking sides. They say this as if it’s a given that wars are bad for a country. As if fighting is always something to be avoided. But I wonder if that’s really true.

Refugees are welcome where nationalism isn’t


Normal Swedes (not the most extremist Marxists) rarely say that Sweden is a bad country. Yet they are more careless than almost every other nation in preserving the good things they have, like (relative) freedom and high living standards. It’s frowned upon to say that you care about Sweden and its future, but you should be damned if you don’t care about other people.

Hundreds of thousands of migrants come here to seek asylum, and it’s no wonder because we give them all they want, and when they complain we feel ashamed that we didn’t give them more. There are no migrants crossing the border to my Slavic friend’s home country. They know they’re not getting anything there.

So why would I think that wars, fighting and hardship could be good for a nation? I think so because it brings the people together. It gives them a reason to work together for a common cause, and if they succeed they have a reason to be proud of themselves. Importantly, they know what it’s like to lose what they have, and they’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Swedes haven’t fought for anything in centuries. They don’t know what it’s like to lose everything, and then having to build a new society from scratch. Because they didn’t create their wealth, and were rather handed it from birth, they can’t see the real value of it, the work that it took to amass it. Furthermore, they feel ashamed that they have so much, while others have so little. It’s understandable; how could they take pride in something they didn’t create? And therefore they don’t see why they shouldn’t just give it away.

The Holocaust sent Germany and Israel in different directions


Germany is another interesting case to examine. The Germans have wealth, freedom, and are highly influential in international politics. If that’s not enough to make them proud, their experience of wars and hardships in the 20th century should have done a lot to tighten their bonds to each other. Yet that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. Like Sweden, they take in massive amounts of “refugees,” and nationalist sentiments are kept down.

The reason for that is guilt. The wars and hardships they went through don’t bring them together today, because they feel like they caused them. They’re the bad guys in their own history, so now they have to make up for it by giving away everything they built. Nationalism has become tightly linked with Nazism—a German who’s proud to be German is looked upon with great suspicion.

Now, while on the subject of Nazism, let’s contrast the two cuck countries and future caliphates Sweden and Germany with Israel. Like the Germans, the Jews have a history of war and struggles. But there are differences in both the scale and character of those struggles. Jews have been persecuted for thousands of years. Their collective memory consists of traumatic events like the Babylonian captivity, pogroms and, of course, the Holocaust. Unlike the Germans, they’re the victims in their own historical narrative. But by creating a nation of their own, they can now fight back. Since Israel was founded it has also been in constant conflict with the Arab states surrounding it.

No one can shame an Israeli for being nationalist. As Matt Forney wrote in his article about why Israel is such a success: “Israel was explicitly founded as a homeland for the Jewish people and its government has worked to ensure that it remains one.” Their leadership, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu currently at the top, are unabashedly nationalist. Both men and women proudly fight to keep their country safe, and unlike the Germans and Swedes, they see no reason to share it.

Trying times make both nations and men better


The example of Israel and the Jews shows how hardship can split a people apart and turn them into a diaspora. It also shows how, in the long run, it can bring those people together tightly and force them to put their interests and safety before anyone else’s. Meanwhile, the case of Germany reveals how fighting and surviving difficult times is not enough to make people proud of their own group. There must be a sense of us having been done wrong by them. The history books should read “they hit us and we hit back,” not the other way around.

So what I’m getting to is that Sweden could use a little war. Sure, some of us will die in that war, but that might be necessary if we want to prevent us all from perishing. How long can the Swedish people last if we bit by bit give away our homeland to other peoples? It seems like only a matter of time before our country becomes their country, and we will be the ones who have to assimilate to their culture. Since we likely won’t fight to preserve the society that we so willingly give away today, we’ll go out not with a bang but a whimper.

Lastly, I think fighting and war have a healthy effect on men as well. How can a man take pride in himself if he never fought and won? How can he cherish his own life if he never risked losing it? How will he find the motivation to protect his property and wealth, if he didn’t create it himself? Men who never fought will not last long against men who have.

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386 thoughts on “Sweden’s Hopeless Impotence Shows That Nations Need Hardship To Remain Strong”

  1. In 50 years, Europe will be a backwards Muslim caliphate and Russia will be laughing at them. As long as the West is a land of cucks, it deserves whatever happens to it.

    1. A caliphate with a nuclear arsenal. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the EU cucks just hand over the nuclear launch codes of the UK and France to avoid being called “racist”.

      1. I guess in a truly equal society everybody would have their own nuclear launch codes

        1. Or even worse a dozen TrigglyPuffs might decide to jump up and down and stamp their feet all at once. Triggly will never be a straight 10 I’m afraid except on the Richter Scale perhaps

        2. no, women never do war or violence the whole world would be at peace forever unless you piss a bitch off you slut you’re going into the mean girl gulag

        3. Barbara Lerner Spectre (born ca. 1942) is a US-born Jewess who is most noted for waging a racial campaign against Swedish people in particular and European people in general through the promotion of Cultural Marxism and demographic genocide. She is a hardline Zionist and supports Jewish-racial chauvinism in occupied-Palestine, and is head of Paideia – The European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden, an organisation funded by the Swedish government and the Wallenberg Foundation to promote Jewish ideology. Through an organisation called One Sweden, which she heads, she promotes multiculturalism (cultural Marxism) against Europeans in their own homeland.

        4. Hmmm! I think Jews are taking revenge on the EuroFags for treating them so badly. Europe deserves this Jewish revenge. And there is more to come Europeans. There is A chinese revenge waiting for the boxer rebellion and Opium wars. How will you face that if this terrifies you? Get used to it.

      2. I read that the US has the launch codes. It’s my understanding that the UK can not launch them even if they wanted to. Happy to be wrong

        1. As far as I’m aware the UK’s ability to fire the nukes is independent. The US involvement is in replacing, repairing and testing. At any point they could withdraw that, which means that once that support network was withdrawn the ability to provide a continuance nuclear deterrent would be untenable.

      3. I think eventually China will force them to give them the codes to China because Saudi will tell them the Islamists in Europe are too crazy to be near cucks next to the nuke button. I am not joking. Saudi killed 800 alqaeyda in Yemen recently. No, Saudi isn’t the epicenter of enlightenment – but they get that being a cuck can get you killed.

        1. “isn’t the epicenter of enlightenment” – understatement of the year! Isn’t mecca the place where hundreds of people get trampled to death each year as retards walk counter clockwise seven times around a rock that fell from space?

        2. Well Saudis fight very well in Yemen. I am part Yemeni, grew up in Yemen and Saudis keep their military promises. Euro-Cucks promised to defend Ukraine in exchange of Ukraine giving out its nuclear weapons. So Ukraine gave away its nukes to Europe, Russia invaded, Euro-Cucks who are so secular, hetro-fagged out on their promise.
          Ukrainians believe in God and pray before they fight and fight well, managed to keep Russia off of most of Ukraine. King Karl of Sweden 300 years ago had an army as religious as Saudi’s, his army of 20,000 destroyed armies of 50,000. And US, most of their army are Southern Baptists and Hispanic Catholics. I haven’t found a secular nation that didn’t quickly fall into a bunch of cucks who can’t fight and appease whoever is an asshole to them. Laugh at Saudis’ religion all you want, Saudi women don’t get raped in the street by refugees the way German and Swedish women are.
          And Saudi does take refugees it screens without the UN, the Gulf’s Syrian population increased by 5 times since the Syrian civil war. Even Turkey that has 2 million Syrian refugees don’t have a refugee rape problem like Sweden does. Moral of the story: secularism + no war for generations creates a society of cucks who get destroyed by barbarian invasions. Rather than laugh at Saudi, maybe Western Europe should start going back to church and leave feminism

        3. This comment should have like a gazillion up votes

        4. “Euro-Cucks promised to defend Ukraine in exchange of Ukraine giving out its nuclear weapons. So Ukraine gave away its nukes to Europe, Russia invaded, Euro-Cucks who are so secular, hetro-fagged out on their promise.
          “Ukrainians believe in God and pray before they fight and fight well, managed to keep Russia off of most of Ukraine.”
          Russia didn’t invade the Ukraine. The USA staged a coup using Nazis to violently overthrow the government of the Ukraine, because the legal government of the Ukraine had decided on pursuing the better economic deals offered by Russia than those offered by the EU.

          Then the Crimea voted to leave the Ukraine, and the Kiev Nazi junta couldn’t stop Crimea leaving due to Russian soldiers stationed in already existing bases.
          The only fighting the Kiev Nazi junta has done has been in ethnic cleansing against Russian ethnics and Orthodox Christian civilians, who’ve managed to repeatedly defeat the entire Ukraine military and the Nazi paramilitary units that (ironically) are funded and controlled by “Jewish” billionaires.
          The failed state controlled by the Kiev Nazi junta wouldn’t even last three days against an actual “Russian invasion,” which is why they didn’t invade Crimea to stop the “Russian invasion,” because that would have involved firing upon Russian soldiers and starting a war with Russia (because Russia backed Crimea’s decision to leave). No, instead, they bravely shelled and murdered citizens of the Ukraine, in other regions, in an attempt to keep anybody else from trying to break away from control of the Kiev Nazi junta.

        5. What a great deal for the Ukraine. Now their pensions have been cut in half, the IMF is raping them, and their gold stores are sitting in vaults in New York.

        6. Ukraine is run BY J EWs. There are no Nazis in Ukraine, you idiot. Just fools.

        7. Get your facts straight Ukraine only had nuclear weapons STATIONED on their territory . The codes were with Moscow .

        8. How about Kazakhstan? When the soviet union fell apart in the 1990s, the nukes where in Ukraine, Belaruss and Kazakhstan. It would take a few years, but Ukraine could rebuild and reuse the material for its own nuclear program. It had weapons factories like the Antonov factory and many scientists and engineers. After that, obama as a senator came to disarm Ukraine with removing conventional weapons.
          You are right about the codes, I am not disputing that. Under perpetually drunk Boris Yetlsin in the 1990s Russia was a mess, which is what led to Putin

        9. Well why is Obama to blame for that ? One thing is that militaries can be corrupt I’ll copy paste an article here how systematic corruption guts militaries. That’s what happened in Ukraine and many other post Soviet states . If you’ve seen the Lord of War that’s exactly what happened excess arsenals of weapons were sold off . I personally only know that Ukraine didn’t have the codes and without codes the nukes are useless.It’s similar to US nukes in S.Korea . Belarus and Kazakhstan aren’t as pro-Western as Ukraine is and Russia essentially needs Ukraine to survive as a nation-state . If Russia loses its position in Ukraine they essentially don’t survive. Russia and the rest of the ex-USSR was a mess because their socio-political system (call it whatever you want ) collapsed . And it was only since 2008 that Russia really started rearming because the Russian army wasn’t as strong . They struggled in Chechnya , in Georgia in 2008 they took more casualties in 8 days then a year in Syria which they turned the tide . All this wouldn’t have been possible under Yeltsin.

      4. “Here are the Nuclear Launch codes. Hope this can compensate for our White Bigotry”. – EU cucks.

      5. It will be even worse if possible. They will just elect the invaders has leaders of their former countries. London has it’s first Muslim mayor. And he won be a record setting number of votes.

        1. I heard on the radio that Mayor is actually pro-jihadist. Is this true?

      6. This happens when you create a ‘free’ society. You are required to accept everything, even things that are toxic for a society or toxic for yourself.
        You can’t say that a society is ‘free’ and then say that Muslims can’t practice their religion. That isn’t a free society.
        If you say ‘free society’ then you must accept the whole freak show you will create, like the degenerates of society who are now free to express and spread their degeneracy. Or Muslims who are now free to practice and spread their toxic religion. Or perverts who want to be shemales/transsexuals and demanding that this should be accepted
        Western societies are simply self-destructing.

        1. I learned about this in 6th grade. Our teacher asked ” what if, in a democracy, people vote in a communist?

      1. Russia has nothing to laugh at. I don’t really understand the love for them on this board. They’re just as stupid in a completely different manner. Not to mention those idiots already fell for the trap we are falling into.

        1. You’re right about creeping Liberalism, it’s been spreading across Russia as well, but lately there have been tons of positive, nationalistic, conservative counter-movements springing up here and there.

        2. Russian Nationalism is just as bad as any kind of liberalism. The Russian leadership/ mafia/ business class (There’s really no difference) pretty much pillages and rapes the constituency, and keeps them drunk off Nationalism.
          Nationalism should imply that you actually have something to be proud of, anyways. What does Russia have to be proud of? Soviet-ism? Mass Famines? The stupidest, most backwards ‘Western’ country ever? The last ‘Western’ country to modernize? The only ‘Western’ country to get smoked by an Asian country?
          Russian Nationalism is a prop to keep the masses placated. To blame their problems on the West, instead of their own government. The history of Russia is one of an intensely gullible public. Everything Bernie supporters whine about is actually happening in Russia.
          Addendum: I lived in a post-Soviet state as well.

        3. Being accused of being “backward” in today’s world is a compliment.

        4. We have tons of things to be proud of, and nothing to be guilty about but you have to be Russian in heart and spirit to understand. I used to despise russophobes like you before, but now I understand that only coward everyone pleasing cucked nations like Sweden or Canada dont have enemies. Great Nations will always have haters, you just accept it like you accept death.

        5. I don’t think anyone has accepted more death than the Russians have. Maybe the Chinese.

        6. 1. PRC Body Count: 73,237,000
          2. Soviet/Federation Body Count: 61,911,000
          Great success Komrade. You beat the ChiComs.

        7. No one has been invaded more then Russia either. The West doesn’t die of bullets or bombs today, but dying away regardless…voluntarily. Many other “prophets” before you “predicted” soon, inevitable demise of Russia, its people and so on. Yet they are all dust now and no one remembers their names, but Russia still stands, emerged like a Phoenix from hellish blazes of fire, proud and strong. Haters will hate.

        8. if you know the history of Russia, it’s mostly a history of misery and people who are constantly being oppressed and fucked by their own government.

        9. Glorious Komrade has been swilling too much of Putin’s Vodka. Guess the paid Russian trolls are effective after all.

        10. You know Russia is doing something right when JIDF shills become very worried and threatened.

        11. here again you post a FAKE quote. i already replied to you on this before. how come you post fake quotes? plus the history of Russia goes many centuries before communism… but how would you know – you’ve never been there and hardly know where Russia is.

        12. Its sounds like your personal life is a history of misery and anal submission

        13. I am part Russian and I sadly agree. However, Ukraine, Poland and Hungary are laughing at Western Europe right now.

        14. the worst thing, most Russians love it – they are the most submissive people I have seen. “Farwell unwashed Russia, land of Master, land of slave” -Leermentov. It’s no wonder communism was invented there.

        15. So you know about Panatya and Russian prison culture Nevsky? Ukraine, Poland, Hungary are trying to move away from that and have a healthier nationalism that is pro capitalist, trade, rather than pro Mafia. The problem with Russia is they replaced communism with Mafia Marxism – and its just as unsustainable as the old system. But Russian cucks don’t complain – that is why their leaders killed more of their own people than anyone else. It’s so sad, knowing Russia’s history but too many Russians are cucks. Very few are red-pilled. Some pretend to be, but few are like you Nevsky.

        16. I agree. I lived in Russia in the 90s. The system is mafia to the core. However, comparing to the Western European cucks it may appear like it is more successful. Here’s why: Think of it as pickup. Western Europe runs after every chick, including landwhales, and offers them free drinks, free housing, free credit cards – and of course it gets spit on, used, milked dry of its resources and cheated on. Putin’s Russia, on the other hand, walks into a club bare chested, beats up a couple of smaller dudes, and starts running asshole game on chicks, calling them sluts and whores, just grabbing them and nailing them in the bathroom. So it gets laid more than the “nice guy”. However, as we all learned asshole game has its limits. To get top of the line chicks (who’ve seen both asshole and nice guy games way too many times) one must have a solid balance, have own value independent of external influences, have things in life other than picking up chicks and most importantly have a continuous urge to improve and grow (from all countries the closest to that is China). That’s what we call being an alpha. Russia has none of that, as it focused on selling natural resources for the past 25 years, with attempts to create innovation hubs keep hitting the wall of corruption and government bureaucracy takeovers. However it tries to get back to the Soviet style system of centralization and state control – that is simply incompatible with today’s knowledge economy.

        17. the reason no one has invaded is the geography, not the people… except from Asia, Genghis Khan invaded and taught the Mongol Tatar Master-Slave mentality that sadly most Russians posses. Try organizing Russian community to do anything.. in the end what happens, we all follow the lead of Ukrainians in Canada. Even Pro Putin Russians in Ottawa go to Ukrainian events and stores because the other Russians who try to organize something pro Putin are like quiet sheep at work, but volunteering, they are vicious wolves, tearing each other apart for a chance of being slave master.
          Its sad. It reminds me of a friend’s female miniature poodle. She sees a Chihuahua smaller than her, she barks like crazy, sees a German Shepard, kisses up to that dog like nothing. Quiet at work, but eat each other alive when volunteering to be slave owner. It reminds me of the phrase “A slave doesn’t want freedom but to own slaves”.
          When there is a slight difference in price, you have brutal protests in Yemen. Hyper inflation in Russia – Yemenis ask Russian men why their relatives aren’t protesting or doing something about it. We had a coup over less. “Farewell unwashed Russia, Land of Master, Land of slave” – Leermentov. Russia is more eastern, Geghnis Khan mentality than western, like Poland is. Poland, Belarussia, Ukraine were not as affected by Genghis Khan. It’s sad but its the truth.
          Russian men are often Omega beta simps in the workplace, then uber-masculine to the point of being a jerk at a club or in a community association to compensate, rather than have a nice calm strong balanced masculinity like Poles, Ukrainians and Israelis have. I am part Russian. I married a Ukrainian in the end… I wanted consistent masculinity – same way at work, home, social life. Not Russian fluctuating masculinity depending what the guy can get away with.
          Not everyone is like you Nevsky, you sound Polish or Ukrainian.

        18. You proved nothing. Your whole operation here is to distort, mislead and poison the well in which I have outed you doing several times.

        19. He’s either very old or very young. The young don’t know any better, and have been fed off tales from Grandma and Grandpa on Soviet glory. The old ones just want to return to a time when they were actually relevant. Most of the middle generation remembers well enough not to want to go back.

        20. If that’s your standard, North Korea must be high on your list of places to live.

        21. Stronger? In what metric? And hate? I’d almost feel bad for Russians, if they didn’t keep falling for the same tricks for all of time. Russia is just Latin America by a different name.

        22. “The only ‘Western’ country to get smoked by an Asian country?”
          You ever hear of the Vietnam war? Getting beaten by the Japanese is nothing compared to getting beaten by the Vietnamese, after the Vietnamese had already beaten the French who the USA had been supporting.
          “Addendum: I lived in a post-Soviet state as well.”
          That’s too bad. Well, maybe your country will be blessed to become part of the new Russian empire again. Until then you can enjoy being drunk on your anti-Russian propaganda.
          “The Russian leadership/ mafia/ business class (There’s really no difference)”
          There’s “really no difference” in the USA either, for instance: Mena airport and the Clinton and Bush families.
          “pretty much pillages and rapes the constituency and keeps them drunk off Nationalism.”
          Better nationalism than post-nationalism. The Russian ruling classes appear as sane, competent and benevolent compared to the USA/EU.

        23. Eh, technically, communism was invented in Great Britain by a German named Karl Marx.

        24. Are you black? Shouldn’t you be with your brothers at one of those “black thugs matter” events?

        25. Good analogy but I have trouble mentally picturing the Chinese dude getting the top shelf poosay.

        26. Russia is so great that it has to attack and bully all of its satellites in order to keep them from running to a declining west. ‘Love me, or Else!’ should be the national motto.

        27. “Russia is more eastern, Geghnis Khan mentality than western, like Poland is. Poland, Belarussia, Ukraine were not as affected by Genghis Khan. It’s sad but its the truth.”
          That explains why we have a long history of controlling great empires while Poland, Belarus, and Ukraine are known for being conquered and exploited.
          The whole concept of a “Ukraine” was thought of by Austro-Hungarian propagandists during the 19th century as part of an attempt to create nationalism in the region in order to pry it away from the Russian Empire and transfer it to Austria-Hungary. Ukraine is not a real nation; merely Russians in denial. The sooner the Kiev regime collapses and Ukraine is reunited with us, the better.

        28. Karl Marx was a Jew who collaborated with other Jewish intelligentsia funded by Jewish financiers.

        29. Russia is anti-decadence with regards to gay parades. Russia has red-pill tendencies. However, they ARE flexing their muscles in Europe (SA400’s in Kaliningrad) and that is pretty uncool…however, WE are massing troops at the Polish border near Russia…so its tit for tat with Russia, I run hot and cold with them…hey, they actually bombed Isis successfully, something Donald Trump approved of…

        30. Poland has VERY few if any immigrant scum from Libya et al…

        31. I think your comments are WAY more accurate than mine and in-depth. My apologies.

        32. There is a strong culture of communist gangsters in Poland as well. Pis is doing what they can to vote them out, dis-appoint them (fake judiciary recently dispersed) etc…thank God they have their Catholicism to anchor their culture.. and keep out the muslim hordes…

        33. Did not know that, will check with a historian, thanks for the information!

        34. Yes, the Clintons. I fully recognize THAT criminal murderous organization.

        35. Oh. Russian tanks in Poland in 1981 and Czech Republic 1957. true.

        36. It’s how Mussorgsky concludes (in the original version) his famed opera “Boris Godunov” , with these words.
          Eyes are burning,
          bitter tears flowing —
          cry, faithful heart,
          cry in deep anguish:
          soon the foe will come —
          and the dark will fall —
          night will blind us all
          and no hope of dawn.
          Russia’s sorrow
          is great —
          Cry— cry-
          Russian land —
          hungry people —
          cry. . . .

        37. Jewish financiers? Like Bleichroder, no doubt. Please stop getting your history from the back issues of Der Sturmer. Marx himself was strongly antisemitic – read his reply to Moses Hess if you doubt it. What Russians invented was not Communism but Marxism-Leninism and, in particular, the concept of the ‘vanguard party’ which knows better than the proletariat the true needs of the proletariat, and is ready to kill the proletariat in the name of the proletariat.

        38. You sir are in the wrong..
          “learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland and France”
          Vladimir Putin 2013
          President Putin was right and continues to be proven right. The old KGB, is a strategist and saw the USSR fall to American financial might, but he damn sure isn’t going to let political correctness, multiculturalism, the gay agenda, or jihadism come take Russia down..
          As he rightfully should not! Personally I have a ton of respect for the man. I may not agree with all of his ideologies but admire his commitment to his nationalism and Russian culture..

        39. What a riveting addition to the conversation. Your input is greatly appreciated.

        40. Russia and President Putin may not have all the answers as of now, but they are taking bigger steps to fix their problems than we are in the west. In fact, they’re moving toward a free-market, free enterprise economy slowly but steady, and have told immigrants that they must conform to Russian society. The US is becoming more and more communist by the day and we allow people to walk over the border illegally and then tell us how to run our country..I think we’ve got some things to learn from the new Russia..

        41. Maybe some people ” Morons” actually believe the ridiculous propaganda the US and NATO’s have been pushing. I love the way the US and NATO make accusations against Russia and President Putin with NO credible evidence whatsoever. Meanwhile, it’s the US and NATO who have hundreds of military bases worldwide and that have carried out wars of aggression in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc.. using fabricated evidence against their governments (Hitler would be proud!) US & NATO support absolute (and tyrannical) monarchies in the Persian Gulf, Saudis, Qatar, UAE, etc.. so that the US can spread their phony “Democracy” and have destroyed those secular regimes (like Assad’s and Gaddafi’s) who were the ONLY ones that could keep the autocratic fundamentalist Islamic Jihadists in check..
          “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”

        42. not true. i explained you exactly why this quote is FAKE – and you didn’t present any proof that is not. if you have the exact verifiable source for this quote feel free to post – until then it remains fake.

        43. I see you have consulted your JIDF handbook on how to discredit quotes that criticize or challenge the integrity of your sacred Zionism and expose ‘the chosen people’s’ great crimes . As I pointed out in the other thread Solzhenitsyn has many banned and published works very critical of Jewish influence of Russia’s sufferings.

    2. In 50 years… Russia and China will rule the globe. The reason is simple: if you’re not Russian… Russia doesn’t give a shit about what you think. If you’re not Chinese… China doesn’t give a shit about what you think.

      1. And nobody in the fat lazy decadent west gives a lazy shit about it all as they don’t want to get hurt or risk their skins when living on their knees is to them preferable than standing up and fight.

        1. China has the opportunity to, if they can ever get past cloning stolen tech and actually start innovating.

        2. I have been hearing about China is the future for quite a while and I think it will never happen. A number of reasons– the one child birh policy makes them an aging nation and they will need to import millions of tech foreign labor, corrupt government, currency manipulation– that has yet to play out, their financial inormation is not backed by anything– impacting investments, most of their R&D comes from theft and you are never sure if they will live up to their contractual obligations. In the end they will go broke.
          I know a few expats who work there and it’s always the same– make your money and get out.

      2. If you think about it every nation collective is broken as fuck all infrastructure built for the wealthyand powerful to take from the weak. The west puts on a front caring about the unfortunate but never giving up it’s ivory tower to live with the commons

      3. In 50 years Russia will be nothing due to demographics, their loss of population is already at the crisis level. Ruling the globe means nothing. Every empire that tried failed. What does ruling the globe do for anyone in particular? China rule the globe? Really? China’s ruling elites can’t even defend themselves from their own people, much less rule the globe. They are entirely infiltrated by foreign NGOs, wouldnt surprise me that the deep state is propping China up to keep a boogie man alive for when our U.S. economy really goes to shit.

    3. First of all great article, I could not agree more. I think religion helps a society stay war-ready without war and have meaning. Otherwise, a secular society needs war every two generations to have meaning.
      I am part Russian, its a corrupt mafia kleptocracy falling apart, with parts of the country wanting to separate, others likely will join China – its not as pretty as it looks on paper. Ukraine and Poland will be laughing at western Europe – when it comes to women & their men’s ability to fight, they already do now. Western Europe isn’t Muslim – I grew up in the Middle East – they radical Islamists there. Since 1998, Yemenis tried to close some radical Islamist mosques in Britain to no avail. The sort of radical Islamist crap even Saudi wouldn’t tolerate is what passes for religion in Europe these days – a reject from Turkey for being an Islamist was accepted as a “refugee” in Belgium, blew things up for ISIS.
      Western Europe is a land of cucks, who should be kicked out of NATO. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEIxZk2y-qI Western Europe will be laughing at them. In 50 years, the Middle East and China will laugh at the radical Islamist countries and convince them to give away their nuclear arsenal.

    4. Surely true.
      But by then United Stated will be a Mexico clone mixed with an African country, so it’s not like it will be much better…

    5. I’ve read some retarded articles in my time but this one takes the cake. Trust me, war does not have a healthy effect on anyone (although war is the health of the State) as the wounded vet missing three limbs on the billboard near my house can tell you.
      The thinking displayed in this article is akin to the thinking in the media just prior to WW1. A war in which millions of men died. Healthy effect on men?
      If you are identifying with a “nation” it is because you are weak. Beta in other words. A man stands on his own feet. He does not need his “boys” to back him up. He has the courage of his convictions. When his country (i.e. government) is wrong he stands up and says so. A man defends his family and property only, occasionally in alliance with his friends. But he never defends an abstract concept called “nation”.
      The idea of “nationalism” is an invention by intelligent and cunning minds to make weak minded men follow along, die and bequeath their wealth to these same cunning and evil minds who benefit at your expense.
      Do not be weak! Be an individual and die for no nation.

      1. A man on his own is nothing. Family is the first step to be more than that, but after family, comes “nation”, the reunion of those who speak the same language, share a common past and view the world in a specific way.
        Over nation, comes only the idea of Universe, in other words, “God(s)”.
        Advocating against nationalism, as advocating against patriarchy (in other words, “family”), or against religion is nothing other than “divide and conquer” by the SJWs.
        Yes, a man is a man and his value is his own. But outside his group, his value is an offense, something stolen from others. Without those sharing the same ideals, he is, indeed, living for nothing. Do you want an example? Cecil Rhodes. He was a great man, in his nation. Now, that his nation is dying, his statues, his memory, his very “greatness” is being removed from him. As Andrew Jackson. As the Spanish Catholic Monarchs. As deGaulle.
        Remember this: noone would ever convince anyone to support a “brave New World”. But it is quite easy to convince someone that women should have more “rights”, that nations are obsolete, that Gods are as real as fairies, that muslims are quite peaceful beacause not every muslim is blowing up an airport, etc. And you end up alone, having what you are allowed to have and not knowing exactly who you are unless that said person tells you.

        1. Specious reasoning. Nation states are but a couple of centuries old. Somehow mankind prospered and developed for hundreds of thousands of years without them. Since the development of the “nation-state” we have had murder, theft and property destruction on an industrial scale, committed by the governments of these very states. From nationalism we had “The Reign of Terror”, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and so on.
          Nationalism is at its heart is a socialist and psychopathic philosophy that fools young minds with promises of glory and adventure. However, we see what those promises led to in Nazi Germany. Complete and utter destruction. This is what the nationalists truly promise us.
          Who said anything about a man on his own? I said a man and his family and his friends that he can trust. You cannot trust a nationalist.

        2. I am for nations, not for “states”, which in some cases are pure fictions (African countries, the USA, Italy, Spain, the UK are good examples of this).
          Most people claiming to be nationalists, are the first to sacrifice their nations. Since you mentioned the nazis, there you have a good example of people who were more socialists (thinking of the state and of absolute power) than nationalists (who must safeguard the lives of their compatriots). More importantly, they wanted to radically CHANGE their nation. Ergo, they didn’t approve their nation as it was. Ergo, they didn’t love IT. They loved what they DREAMED to turn it into. At best, they were PROTO-nationalists.
          I understand and concur with your view, but I think we are trapped in the semantics of “nationalism”. To be clear, I think “nation” is essential to a man, as any man is living tissue from a nation.
          Historical nationalism, as people claiming to be nationalists to profit from it… I really don’t care about them.

    6. the problem with Russia is its population is shrinking fast. Bangladesh has more people than Russia! I don’t see any reversal because Russia’s climate is not a place people favor and it too is surrounded by non-Christian countries.

    7. Europe and the West is not a land of Cucks, my heavens, they jailed them, threw them out of banking and exported Nation wrecking J EWs. And about 55 million of them were killed so Communism could be spread TO 11 nations, Palestine could be stolen and Israel created, Feminism, Abortion, Usury could all be peddled as well as open the flood gates to Europe.
      Youre the Cuck for being too stupid to even understand the historical significance of this.
      Read General Patton on J EWs AND Pat Buchanans Churchill, Hitler & An Unnecessary War.

    1. This, this, this, this and this again.
      It’s already happening in London.
      The Saoudi and Qatari are buying politicians, lobbyists, college teachers all over the West as we speak. The takeover will be nice, boring and depressing in some western European countries. No civil war. No heroes ; just cowardness, passivity, denial and acceptance.

      1. Yep, that’s why Submission disturbed me so much.
        The take over being so easy and pedestrian

        1. Houellebecq knew France/ the EU/ the West was a zombie. We live in a corpse. You go to a museum, you’ll find dead art. You vote in a party, you’ll be supporting dead ideologies (stubborn, some of them, but still dead). You go to a church, you’ll find a dead god, served by a dead church. You walk the streets and you’ll find lonely people, the remnants of dead families.
          Corpses don’t fight. They rot. The book is disturbing because so little of it is actual fiction.

        1. “Grim and not much happens”
          I haven’t read it, but if it’s by Houllebecq, that’s pretty much a given

        2. I hate his style and his characters, but the vision in this particular book seems disturbingly accurate.

        3. His books are always depressingly bleak, but Atomised in particular was brilliant intellectual tour de force

        4. He portrays the typical degenerate leftists who “grew up” in the ’68 environment. The style is the “dirty novel” we are flooded in nowadays.
          I wouldn’t expect Monsieur de Charette to “endorse” those aspects.
          But as cynical as Houellebecq is, he’s right.

  2. The strongest European countries will be the ones who refuse Muslim immigrants and membership into the EU.

  3. It’s not war that we need. J.D. Unwin found out almost a century ago what works best for both primitive and not-so-primitive societies – sexual restrain.
    This article falls right in the hands of Frankfurt school and the ideas of jewish intelligentsia. It was them who started the sexual revolution with the precise intention of killing nationalism and racial purity.
    Many men in the past sacrificed themselves in war with exactly the same naive intentions – thinking that we were protecting their families, while their wives back home were having intercourse with the enemy.
    War between men is stupid. The real battle is at home.

    1. Exactly my point further above. The problem with war is that it’s fundamental motivation is to ‘protect our women’. Screw that. No woman is worth dying for. If they actually contributed to society, but those days ( of child birth) are soon over.

      1. Women: “When you are suffering, know that I have betrayed you.”
        Western women have no loyalty to their men, no tribalism, no in0group preference. In fact, they openly mock their own men. They would never make their fathers or brothers dinner but prepare home cooked meals and deliver them to the rapefugees.

    2. Just out of curious….what would you define “the frankfurt school” as. I see you mention it a lot. I would like to know exactly what you mean by it.
      I am not saying I’ve never heard of it. In fact, I have a very clear idea of what I mean when I say it. I am just trying to see what you mean.

      1. sexy marxism?
        I’d add ..that sought to address the conditions of (capitalist, bourgeois) repression, authoritarianism, anti-semitism, fascism, totalitarianism etc. It was a product of it time. It’s legacy is still felt though. Critique has never stopped. Seeing it as part of Jewish conspiracy isn’t helpful and misunderstands its purpose, which I’d like to think was pro-social but from a vantage point that was leftist / marxist (and freudian) i.e. in a misconceived way. It’s not difficult to understand that it can be seen as having a corrosive effect on culture

  4. Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, founding president of the Paneuropean Union, one of the fathers of the UE :
    “The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes
    will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and
    prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.”

  5. “As Matt Forney wrote in his article about why Israel is such a success: “Israel was explicitly founded as a homeland for the Jewish people and its government has worked to ensure that it remains one.”
    Matt left out the part about Israel receiving billions in Western handouts. If they had to actually do it on their own, it would be decimated quickly and infiltrated with Muslims. They have the ideology and the concept, but their backbone is borrowed.

    1. The Jewish mentality is of parasitical nature. I don’t mean to offend them, women are the same, but that’s just the way they are. The evidence is overwhelming. There’s a good book in fact by a Jewish author who covers the subject in depths.
      Not many people know that Israel was kick started with German know-how, machinery and finance. On top, they have been getting sweet few $ billions every single year courtesy of the American people.
      I can run a country like that.

      1. I wouldn’t worry about offending them, or any group for that matter. Call it like you see it, as it were.

      2. Deviating one degree away from their agenda will offend most of them. Look at the backlash of the ADL, Tablet Magazine, National Review, Mark Levin, and others against The Donald for his common-sense centrist proposals rooted in civic nationalism. However caustic and provocative the Jews’ statements and actions may be, “antisemitism” will always be our fault and our totally irrational mortal sin, for which we must atone in servile deference.
        Start with Roosh’s old review of Dr. Kevin Macdonald’s The Culture of Critique
        ( http://www.returnofkings.com/62716/the-damaging-effects-of-jewish-intellectualism-and-activism-on-western-culture ).

      3. There’s a good book in fact by a Jewish author who covers the subject in depths.
        Anyone know the name of that book?

    2. The Jews been holocaust- tripping Westerners for decades for free handouts, protection, financial ad and such. But who’s to blame? Goyims are too blinded with toxic liberalism to see a victim for an aggressor that he is

    1. War has always been senseless and random death and by the way death is almost always random.
      And yet men keep going.
      Because going through hell with a tight team of other men is what most men secretly crave. That’s the un-pc truth no one speaks about : war is horror but war is fun.

      1. You’re confusing “male bonding” with “heat of battle”. Going through basic training with other servicemen is positive; a 60mm mortar round exploding between you and your buddies is total hell. Find one person who’s been through a firefight and calls it “fun”. I’ll be here waiting.
        BTW war only became senseless and random with the invention of mass weaponry. There was nothing random about a 10-century Saracen racing towards you — specifically, you — on a horse with a scimitar.

        1. What’s his name the guy from whom “American Sniper” was inspired. He said exactly that.

        2. Also a lot of French war vets have been involved in the Ukrainian conflict, in both sides, just “pour l’aventure”.

        3. Not really. You seem to have a romanticized vision of medieval warfare. In both ancient and medieval warfare, pitched battles were very rare. Every leader seeked to avoid them, for they caused way to many casualties.
          The most common type of confrontation was siege warfare, then raid, then accidental skirmishes.
          And here in sieges the senseless and random deaths were occuring : most soldiers died from diseases and starvation.
          The Saracens, by the way, were famous for sneaking up in camps at night and beheading people during their sleep. ( source : Joinville life of Saint Louis). I find that kind of death pretty random and senseless, while far from matching the levels of randomness and senselessness we have reached in our “civilized” times, I grant you that.

        4. “Without the possibility of death, adventure is not possible” Reinhold Messner, mountain climber.
          Perhaps this is another reason why men fight wars.

        5. “i have to poop” — William Shakespear (I mean, probably at some point)

        6. Now if thou shalt excuse me my good man, I shall procure a latrine to rest my bum and evacuate mine shite……..sorry, my Old English sucks.

        7. “I need to pee, really badly”
          Tycho Brahe at the court of Rudolph II, 1601.
          Didn’t pee – out of embarrassment. Died. Possibly with a fulfilled sense of adventure.

        8. I made a few solid comments today, but I will officially concede today to you. You have won the internet today.

        9. Thank you. And I’m satisfied that you aren’t holding either the piss or the poo in

      2. maybe true for gays. read all about it in Jack Donovan’s “The Way of Men”.

    2. Exactly. Plus the young die while the old live. The real battle to prove your manliness is within you. Not through the facade of fighting belligerently against other fellow men; this fight is based on a human instinct to seek pleasure from violence. Although temporary satisfactory, it leaves you deep scars at a high price.

    3. “In modern warfare there is nothing sweet or fit in you dying. You will die like a dog & for no good reason.”
      Ernest Hemingway
      “No goddamn soldier ever won a war dying for his country. He won it making the other poor bastard die for his.”
      General George Patton
      “Wars are started by men who have nothing to lose & everything to gain. They are fought by men who have nothing to gain & everything to lose.”

    4. If you don’t fight and are secular, you will have to fight and be invaded by barbarians in three or four generations and it won’t be pretty. A way to stave this off historically is religion. That is why most countries in the developing world are religious. There is a lot of wisdom in religion. Maybe Europe can return to Orthodox Christianity and Catholicism ?

      1. “Maybe Europe can return to Orthodox Christianity and Catholicism ?”
        Roman Catholicism is in really bad shape. They’ve been captured internally and their dogma will never allow them to admit it.
        The last of the infallible eco-popes will probably still be issuing proclamations against air-conditioning (written in an office with air conditioning) until the day the Muslims storm his city state.
        Meanwhile in Russia, land of the free.
        Top French Weatherman: Sacked For Skepticism; Hired By Putin:
        (“Eastern”) Orthodoxy Christianity and Russian/Byzantine civilization: Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing:


      2. Sure and maybe we can forcibly convert all non christians like Charlemagne did, you know, when he unified europe?
        Go move to one of those uber-religious places, you wouldnt be allowed to blog on this site without risking a beating or death.

        1. Poland is like 90% Catholic (and dropping rapidly admittedly) and they have a right-wing government and total freedom of speech. So yeah, religion CAN unite a country…and help it make better deicsions.

    5. War is the health of the state-R. Bourne.
      War is a rackett…it is conducted for the benefit of the few at the expense of the masses-General Butler.
      If warfare is so great at unifying people, why then is the U.S. in such trouble? We’ve been at war almost our entire existence.

    6. Thank you!!
      I make it a way of life to practice regularly with firearms, martial arts, working out , etc. but unless we’re talking about engaging in direct combat against those who threaten me and mine, warring against other men at the behest of some fucking Oligarch-controlled Nation-State is a waste of blood and resources for ALL sides involved.
      Now, to be sure I am 100% in favor of indiviudals engaging in duels to settle any personal animosities. And that includes the heads of States.
      But mass warfare, based on lies and deception, is a vile scam.

  6. “the case of Germany reveals how fighting and surviving difficult times is not enough to make people proud of their own group. There must be a sense of us having been done wrong by them. The history books should read “they hit us and we hit back,” not the other way around.”
    Interesting and provocative article, which I only agree with in part. Hardship and war are historically intimately related, and no doubt the lack of the former weakens a nation’s people, but I’m not sure I’d be confident in the implicit cost-benefit analysis here. Wars destroy nations as much as strengthen. What there have always been are some nations, Britain and more recently the US, that have had their mettle steeled not merely in battle, but through constant martial practice: modern British history is a history not just of warfare but of soldiering, conquering and of course ruling etc.
    But things aren’t exactly the same as they’ve always been. Things still happen the same, but they also happen rather differently than say a century ago, or before that. One of the first history books (or rather series) I read was by historian named Arthur Bryant, which was of old school overtly nationalist kind: it was the story of Britain, a small island full of plucky warrior folk who made good, and was called “set in a Silver Sea” – the kind of romantic, and entirely biased historical writing you’d never encounter today – at least not within academic history. If you read it, you’ll find it begins with the Norman Conquest by the hated French no less (sorry Monsieur de Charette, that’s just how it is!), but as far as I can remember there is no thousand year quest for revenge, or revanchism; at least there is in terms of fighting back, getting territory back etc, but not from the subject position of ‘victimhood’ – the historical equivalent to this modern phenomenon might have been ‘restoration of rights’ or some kind of restitution of justice, but victimhood, in the way that it is ‘done’ today would have been an incomprehensible basis for pursuing either a nationalist, or military policy.
    The issue here is about strength and vigour. It used to be the case that as long as you could make your case a little bit of martial nationalistic aggression was a good thing. That all changed as the world became more overtly committed to peace and good will. Now aggression, conquest, nationalism, revenge, martial spirit or whatever, has to be disguised. That’s where we get victimhood from. It provide us with cover, and ensures that the first instrument of warfare is ethical rather than military hegemony.
    Personally I see no great virtue in living in a belligerent state or nation, except to the extent that it is prepared, where necessary to defend itself with vigour and hopefully (I’m being wilfully naive here) with some kind of nobility of mind and purpose). Peoples, groups, nations or whatever have a right to defend and look to their self-interests. Warfare as far as I’m concerned is rarely the best way of pursuing this, but a situation where it is an impossibility because a people or nation is cowed and broken is not only insufferable it is in the long term profoundly dangerous. Germany became as dangerous as it did in the twentieth century partly because it was prevented from looking to its self-interest in a constrained and enlightened way.

  7. Sweden will have a war. In Sweden. It’s going to look an awful lot like yugoslavia’s.
    So will Germany. Denmark, caught in the middle and ruled by the worst of the worst of feminist thundercunts, will probably buckle into conflict as well despite its more nationalistic tendencies.
    I will mourn for Sweden and Germany. The end of Denmark, the great seducer who fuels feminists and socialists world wide and has long worked to cripple American society, will be one of the best things to happen to western civilization.

    1. Thundercunt! What an excellent description
      A new Marvel heroine has been born.
      Her only weapon, the mighty Queef of Power

    2. Honestly, it doesn’t matter if Sweden becomes a Muslim country. I’m pretty well versed in history and I can’t dredge up a single accomplishment from the annals of Swedish history other than Alfred Nobel. The thing Sweden is most known for – the Nobel Prize – is awarding the accomplishments of OTHER nations because Sweden itself accomplishes nothing. The Swedes were never original thinkers. Plus Sweden is small: less than 10 million people. Does anyone here even have anything positive to say about Swedish women? They’re only friendly to African and Arab men: they’re fucking cold and hateful to their own men. Why should we give a fuck if olga or brunhilde get forced into a niqab?
      Germany is a different matter: aside from Britain, no other country has given the world so many thinkers, inventors, composers, writers, etc.

        1. If I had to put numbers to it. Since the Renaissance:
          Britain: 30%
          Germany: 30%
          Italy: 15%
          France: 15%
          Russia: 5%
          All others in Europe combined: 5%

        2. Ha! This would be a passionate debate to have in a gentlemen’s club from before WWI.
          Indeed, if you insert “since the Renaissance”, Italy fits the “15%” you mention, but I still think you are underestimating the French legacy and (unfortunately) overestimating the German one. Especially since architecture and sculpture are so much more developed in France than in Germany (even “bauhaus” being a mirror image of le Corbusier’s work [and school of thought]). In literature, philosophy, science and music, I would say “quantity” is in favour of the French, although it is hard to downplay single names as Goethe, Schoppenhauer, Bosch or Bach. But than you have Victor Hugo, Descartes, Pasteur and Lully… Even for the Grimms you have a(n earlier) la Fontaine counterpart…
          I would still point that Holland/Belgium, Spain and Russia would compete in equal terms for the 10% you left “unattended” (but that is a dull second row champioship).

        3. Yes, France had major accomplishments, particularly in chemistry: Antoine Lavoisier, Le Chatelier, etc. Also, the pioneers of aviation the Mongolfier Brothers. Among many, many others.
          France dominated the 18th century and the early-mid 19th century.
          Germany dominated the late 19th and early 20th centuries especially chemistry and physics.
          I think we can agree that the Nordic countries are conspicuously absent from the great hall of accomplishments.

        4. We can.
          Also, my congratulations. This moment is as good as any other to say your contributions here on ROK show a pattern of unusual awareness (and intelligence) I am not accustomed to witness any more. Please keep up the good work.

  8. The majority of current wars are senseless and pointless. Why die for people that aren’t willing to die for each other?
    The US military is one of the most corrupt and ridiculous institutions around, and probably in history. Eisenhower knew what he was talking about. And it isn’t the men on the ground that are the problem, it’s the men in the chairs.
    Within a day of retirement, CO Doe and Sgt Major Schmuckatelli are sitting on the board of any number of Defense Contractors.

    1. Within a day of retirement, CO Doe and Sgt Major Schmuckatelli are sitting on the board of any number of Defense Contractors.


  9. A collective memory of past wars, suffering, hardships and of course victories is a very powerful, binding thing. That’s how Russians remember their fallen WWII heroes, every year on May 9th – the Day of the Great Victory. Nothing’s forgotten, no one’s forgotten:

    1. I once read somewhere (though I don’t know if it is true or not) that every night on TV in israel they list the names of people killed in terror attacks. Like tv just shuts down and you can read the names of people who died in some pizza spot when some “Palestinian” shit stain decided to blow the place up. I imagine that, if that is true, it creates a lot of national identity and bonds that are very hard to ever shake off.

    2. yeah maybe now when most veterans have died after being forgotten and ignored by the state for decades. you can tell those cheap propaganda tales to those who never lived in the Soviet Union.

    1. swedish pea and ham soup in a can – artsoppa – is still as good as its ever been. There’s a rich culture just waiting to be reborn. Unfortunately swedish feminism is a bit like the worst most evil smelling variety of Surstromming – the popular rotten rancid fish dish that Swedes seem to have a taste for – that has ever been opened from a can. Swedish femninism is a can of rotten fish too far. Its rotting fish carcass must be returned to the can whence it came, just as in legend foul spirits must return to Pandora’s Box. I think King Solomon managed to capture the demons of hell in a jar or something, so I’m sure it can be done.
      Oh, their mayonnaise is really good too

  10. To have a strong nation you must be proud of it. You cannot be a proud if you’re British because you’re an imperialist. You cannot be proud if you’re American because you’re an elitist capitalist who wants to rape the world. You cannot be proud if you’re German because they’re all still Nazis….so the victims are the only ones who’ve weak or non existent States who can be proud in the western world….how perverse is this.

    1. When you say “you cannot be” proud you mean society / the elites tell you you can’t right?

    2. Slave morality: you are not allowed to be proud of strength, victimhood is enshrined, failure and weakness are lauded.

    3. You cannot be proud if you’re American because you’re an elitist capitalist who wants to rape the world.
      I’m proud as fuck about this actually.

    1. If you want peace, then you should prepare for war.
      The fact that you are capable of waging war acts as a deterent to your enemies.

      1. Si vis pacem, para bellum.
        I would rather say: preparing for war forces you to understand who is the enemy. Knowing the enemy, you are forced to know yourself.

      2. Also, one of the biggest boons to an economy is war. War also gives the people a sense of purpose finding purpose for themselves: as a whole, people mostly make terrible decisions.

  11. And here I thought the situation was terrible here, in France.
    It always pains me when I hear liberals tell us that we should follow Sweden (particularly when it comes to men-women equality)

  12. This article reminds me of something an army buddy said while we were having a beer in a German bar.
    “Hard to believe these people used to have balls.”

    1. There used to be this thing for tourists in Berlin. It was like a huge bicycle mixed with a picnic table. 5 people on either side and they are all peddling. There is a keg built into the middle of the table and at the front there is a guy steering and giving a tour so you are drinking a beer while peddling with people and he is all “and here we have the brandenburg blah blah blah
      This was a while ago, Not even sure if it still exists. Anyway, I remember thinking that the amount of engineering that went into that freaking beer bicycle was absolutely phenomenal. There was one moment where I thought, these people could rule the world if they got their shit together and stopped being such insufferable pussies and then I stopped and started laughing.

      1. I would have laughed my ass off too. Shame they didn’t have that when I visited in ’00.

        1. Actually it wasn’t too far. I was there in 96

        2. It really was an honest thought. I was being impressed and not being funny. It wasn’t until after I thought it that I realized my gaffe

      2. I saw that bicycle two days ago. Mostly see guys on it during the day as a warm up to a bachlor party.

    2. I pass through Germany quite a bit in my travels. Over the years, I’ve noticed how the men have turned into the same feminist shitheads that North Americans have become.

      1. Yeah in 2000 it wasn’t so bad. Only a couple years later it was worse.

  13. 1. “Because they didn’t create their wealth, and were rather handed it from birth, they can’t see the real value of it, the work that it took to amass it.” Much like womyn, then.
    2. Taking the red pill made me realize that wars are motivational for men due to women. To prove ourselves. Once I saw this I see no other solution to the problem the author mentions than stop letting this cycle keep on going on. We men are creative and building upon an existing foundation is motivating enough, as soon as women are left out of the equation. To be motivated by women, directly or indirectly is a weakness. Blue pill. For the record: SJWs are not men, because they are in fact motivated by women.

    1. When you see what SJWs are always upset about, then you know what wimps and feminised manginas they are.

  14. I always found Swedes to be self-righteous. Even in the 80’s when Sweden was a nice country. I am not surprised they believed their own propaganda, declared themselves a humanitarian superpower, and then became 3rd world hell-hole.

  15. I doubt this has anything to do with war but more like mutual survival. I think of all the New Yorkers on 9/11 working together to get out of the twin towers, they all wanted to survive and therefore worked together to that end. The Swedes and many others have not had a strong credible threat in generations so have become fat, selfish and lazy. I think of the Pax Romana in which after Pompey cleared the Med of pirates and Caesar conquered the Celts of Gaul neutralizing the threat of barbarian invasion both by subduing the Gauls and making their land a buffer state against the Germans and thus eliminating all threats the ordinary Romans felt they had no need for military virtues and in the peace turned upon each other until several hundred years later they had become so corrupt and vile the Germans were able to invade and eat them alive while in the east other hordes came and no roman could manage to resist. Another sad example I can think of is the tragic story of the people of Visby on the island of Gotland who had such a wonderful prosperous world they created through hard work but for generations did not have a single threat to force them to fight until one day the King of Denmark with a large army showed up. The islanders with no combat or military experience did their best but were completely wiped out and their city became an economic backwater.

  16. Nations do need hardship to remain strong. More importantly, men need hardship to remain strong. Hitting the gym is the first baby step in that direction. Living without comforts will also make you strong (sounds almost pathetic what counts as hardships to the 21st century man) – drinking only water, being colder than you need to be, taking cold showers,etc.
    But it is true that violence and war do excite men on a primal level. I felt something approaching this joy in wrestling.
    Something to remember – violence is the root of all power and authority. The state enforces power through the police and military. People are more likely to obey well-built, strong men with deep voices – subconsciously because these men are the most likely to fight them, and also most likely to win.

  17. Although the idea is appealling (we all had dreams of being war heroes), modern warfare has nothing to do with chivalry, honour or glory. It’s just a bloodbath.
    “War is delightful to those who have had no experience of it.” Erasmus.
    “In peace, sons bury their fathers. In war, fathers bury their sons” Herodotus.
    Let’s focus on first changing ourselves before trying to blow each other.

    1. A kid who worked in my office told me he was joining the army. I told him he should have gone to cancun instead. Cancun seems nice.

        1. Never been. It was more of the general idea of going on vacation to a place with a beach and girls drinking tequila is a better option than putting on fatigues and going to some god forsaken part of the world to risk your life for the interests of others.

        2. So, AIDS and car crashes are better than bullets? Meh!
          But really, Cancun is a disgrace. I like beach tourism, but Cancun never again.

        3. I don’t believe in AIDS, but yes…I’ve never been. I’ve mentioned here that I only go to the Caribbean islands which were civilized by the French.

        4. How can someone not believe in AIDS?
          *edit: this is not a rhetorical question…

        5. I am a straight male who does not use IV drugs. How many people like that do you suppose have aids?
          The chances of getting aids if you aren’t a junkie or a butt pirate or in some shithole third world country are so infinitesimally small that I feel it is perfectly valid to write off the existence of that particular ailment.
          I am just as or, perhaps, more likely to get bubonic plague.

        6. Hmm ok… So you think you are somewhat protected from it. I thought you were saying it wasn’t a thing.
          Ok. Disagreed, but still in reality. Less bad.

        7. And, as a curiosity, if you live in Siberia, you can get bubonic plague very easily, it’s endemic, there.

        8. I am totally willing to say that if it isn’t a reality for me my ability to give any fucks about it is so deep into negative fucks that I can just as easily and accurately claim it doesn’t exist.

        9. Why in the fuck would I live in Siberia? I don’t even want to see pictures of Siberia. I am willing to say Siberia doesn’t exist either. Fuck that shit…..

        10. I have had many talks with Aristotle in my days.
          Aristotle may not have been a solipsist, but if you brought him to our world and walked him around modern day united states, assuming he didn’t immediately kill himself, I have a feeling he would have a very different set of beliefs…one based totally in tautological consciousness.
          Oh, and that isn’t an Aristotle quote…the guy you want me to talk to is named Agathon who was a poet and a buddy of plato. Aristotle merely repeats it in the poetics and the context is in writing fiction…that an audience will always prefer a probable impossibility than an improbable thing that is actually possible.
          I am not a huge fan of Aristotle, but he wouldn’t let an idea like that within a mile of his metaphysics….he was talking about writing plays.

        11. I’ve thought about it, but I haven’t thought of something that I could add that isn’t already covered here. This site does a pretty good job.

        12. Many of the articles here are just rehashed ideas. There are a lot of new readers, and even us old farts need to be reminded of some basic principles from time to time. Don’t let the idea that it’s been done before stop you.
          Did that ever stop Forney from writing a Trump article?

        13. Can you imagine if the geriatric population protested on the National Mall with banners and slogans demanding the federal government do something to develop a cure for aging like how the HIV carriers did in the 80s? The federal government threw tens of billions (probably hundreds of billions) at developing drugs and now HIV is treatable. It went from being a death sentence to being nothing more than a condition one had to remember to take a daily pill to treat. Over the span of just 2-3 decades.

        14. Yes, it strikes me curious that instead of curing something like cancer they dumped all that money into a disease which is, for all intents and purposes, imaginary unless you are a faggot, a junkie or live in a third word country

  18. “How long can the Swedish people last if we bit by bit give away our homeland to other peoples? It seems like only a matter of time before our country becomes their country, and we will be the ones who have to assimilate to their culture. Since we likely won’t fight to preserve the society that we so willingly give away today, we’ll go out not with a bang but a whimper.”
    It’s already their country. They will slaughter you all!
    – Why Is The Swedish Government Training Muslim Invaders, Posing As ‘Refugees,’ To Be Snipers?
    Who will be the “luckiest” country?
    – MUSLIM INVASION OF EUROPE 2.0: Three Million More Muslim Freeloaders, Rapists, And Jihadists Will Flood Europe In 2016
    Whatch and learn:
    – Poland Lashes Back At EU, Abolishes “Hate Crimes” And “Racism” Units, Says ‘We Don’t Want To Become Like France And Germany’

  19. Governments fall. Nations don’t, they only evolve into something stronger or fade away. Ex. the Greeks and Romans. The coming war among the States will bring us together as we assimilate the present muslim population. They will assimilate, flee or be disposed with appropriately. Consider it street level case study examples of the dominance of the patriarchy.

    1. But the greeks and romans are nothing like what they were. Rome and everything south of it is basically just northern africa now and the greeks are as close to their noble ancestors as humans are to squirrels.

      1. Someone gets it. Populations change. Demographics is destiny. The modern day Greeks are a far, far cry from the ancient Hellenistic ideal. Greeks of today more closely resemble Watto (the Toydarian junk dealer from Star Wars Episode 1) than Alexander the Great or Socrates. They are no longer philosopher kings or Spartan warriors. They’re short, swarthy, hirsute, dim-witted failures, most of whom rely on EU bailouts or work in the tourism industry where people come to gaze upon the accomplishments of the Ancient Greeks. Ancient Greeks were calculating the size of the earth from observing shadow lengths; modern Greeks are rioting over sacks of oranges.

        1. Exactly true. In fact I think you are being kind.

      2. My point exactly. Those two cultures simply faded away with great stories in history. The USA will probably evolve into something stronger, but may have to go through significant perils to do so. Other countries hate us too much for us to merely die slowly.

      3. I am not so sure about all that. Rome is very much with us today. That society is the one to study if you had to pick one. We still have July and August right?

        1. Rome is a shit hole on their knees in front of a peasant Jew. They used to rule the world. Thinking that today’s Romans have any relation to the greatness that was the Roman Empire is insane

        2. Ancient Rome: Roman Legion builds a fucking giant earthen ramp to reach the rebellious Jews of Masada who dared defy them.
          Modern Rome; Pope gives African and Arab men a pedicure.

        3. I am talking about their legacy more so than modern Italy. It is still very much alive.

        4. And when he is done he gets on his knees and looks at a statue of an ancient Jew and apologizes…over and over again…day and night.
          The bishop of Rome is essentially sucking the cock of a Roman slave

        5. I will gladly take my name being read by the world 2000 years later. Maybe you could bury a time capsule and accomplish the same?

        6. Yes….. Those Romans did wonders. And Rome is a city of fucking weak morons now.
          The only constant in the word is change. A bunch of names of dead people scribbled in some books. They are dead and Rome stinks.

        7. But that’s the point: people of today don’t look upon the accomplishments of Ancient Rome with awe and praise. They look upon what the Romans did with revulsion and disgust: how could they be so brutal and intolerant (pouts and stamps foot). Those meanies! Why couldn’t they just let others live the way they wanted? All of the accomplishments of the Ancient Greeks and Romans doesn’t – in the minds of modern slave moralists – atone for their brutality and callous indifference to the suffering of others (whether Persians or Jews or Carthaginians).

        8. You know your stuff. Tell them Rome was all about self defense and cite just about every academic source available lol.

        9. Italy is no longer Christian and hasn’t for a long time it’s all appearance, beginning with their so called “pope” who would’ve been kicked out of the Church 100 years ago. Source: I’ve been there.

        10. Of course it was. There is no one point that everything turns to shit. Constantine didn’t pull his death bed conversion bullshit because everything was Honkey Dorey. He didn’t pick up court and leave rome for Byzantium for the waters.
          My point is only that the remnants of the Roman empire are just pretty relics and the people of modern Italy bear no resemblance to the greatness that came before them…and further, from rome all the way south to Sicily, they are all just the bastard great great grandchildren of Hannibal and his men running a train on every woman they could find.

        11. I find that it is more pageantry than piety as well…though there are some very serious Bishops and very religious people. However, I have no disagreement with you here. I am only pointing out that Italy is also no longer the great roman empire…in fact, the roman empire enslaved the people of Judea and the modern Italians make a point of getting on their knees to ask them for forgiveness.

        12. I didn’t know they sunk so low…apologizing for the destruction of Jerusalem 2000 years ago!?

        13. Come from a point of view of an outsider. Go to Rome. Go to the Basillica. Look at the temple of worship they have created so they can all kneel at the feet of their former subjects.
          Abstract yourself from what you know about Christianity, Catholicism, Rome and Italy and just look…..at one point in time Judea was under Roman authority and 2000 years later Rome is under the authority of a cult which is on it’s knees between Judeans. What would you say? I would say that it looks suspiciously like the Judeans didn’t just kick the romans out but invaded and conquered rome.
          Just because it took a very long time for the arc to come around doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

        14. I usually am…hahaha….in a twisted world it is the twisted who get the right of it.

        15. lol.
          Fair play. More specifically, what I meant to say is that yes Rome has left a legacy of its amazing empire…but they are gone now and no amount of cultural influence left behind is going to change that.

        16. Perspective, lolknee, perspective.
          There was a reason Trump’s father made that kind of a loan TO HIM, not me or you. And that reason was not immortality.
          We all will die, eventually. No point going there. But shaping people’s lives 2000 years ago, probably having erased your enemies descendants and propagated your genetic code for the whole Humanity to come… iS not less than dick. It’s subjective, but definitely NOT NOTHING.
          “Legacy” is nothing other than the conscience that all future is dependant on the past. You are the legacy of the day your grandfather met your grandmother. And also a lot other things. One thing different (a small different legacy), and you wouldn’t exist.

        17. but the roman’s didn’t erase their enemies. Well, some of them to be sure. And yes, their legacy is amazing…but what is the real legacy of rome itself…a bunch of people kneeling to statues of jews? going from being the greatest empire on earth to being totally irrelevant?

        18. These romans are not the Romans you are thinking, as the greeks of our days are not Classical Greeks. They are their “children”.
          They are very different, but still having recognizable traits of their paternity. They aren’t perfect, but still, they are much better than… Guatemala?
          About Romans erasing enemies… Have you ever saw a druid? Millions of men slaughtered, millions of women traded and enslaved. And hey, they had simpler technologies.

        19. your first sentence is the very point I was getting at. The legacy is nice, but a modern day Roman empire would be nicer….the ceasars are all dead…much to the shame of this world.
          I have nothing but love for the Roman empire. They knew how to salt the earth proper. A roman citizen could literal travel anywhere in the world protected by the words civis romanis. This was a great people. Now? bah ho. ayyyyyy ooooo
          I think we are essentially in agreement here, just phrasing things differently.

        20. Do you know why you know that? Roman legacy.
          I understand your frustration, but that probably comes from the wrong idea that there is “progress” in Humanity, when the only thing scientifically observable is “mutation”. Things change, they don’t evolve. The only exception is technology. Leftism tries to sell the idea of “social progress/evolution”, but snake oil has limits, as you clearly stumbled in the roman case.

        21. oh I don’t think anyone has ever accused me of believing in progress in humanity. lol. Social progress and evolution is total bull shit. Society has been falling apart since the Julian-Claudio line ended.

        22. Exactly, but I’m not saying you believe it. I’m implying you were conditioned to “work” with that idea. They insert these concepts in a “mainstream” set of conceptual tools. Like “newspeak” in Orwell’s words.
          Even if we don’t use them, they influence our logical work about other concepts.

        23. Conspiracy theories abound that Christianity was nothing more than a Judaic created Trojan Horse used to topple Western Civilization as revenge for what the Romans did. How much credibility can be given?????

    2. The Greeks did fall. There culture was basically absorbed into Roman culture and evolved from there.

  20. Men do need to experience the brutality of nature through hardship. Modern war or war in general is not something to glorify.
    My great grandfather was drafted in 43 and got put into the marines because he knew how how to work a radio and was too good of a shot for the army. By that time he already had 6 children and was a AAA baseball prospect. I remember being about 12 and feeling that natural dream of being a war hero and invincible victor. My grandparents coaxed these views out of me on thanksgiving in his presence. I recall him taking me aside and telling me how it was. Pops had a limp from an artillery shell they couldn’t remove and had developed a drinking problem. I remember him saying you need to worry about the ones who talk about their experiences proudly and that killing other men was easy but watching your brothers die is hell.
    My grandfather on my fathers side was a colonel in WW2 with a field command. He was a mean SOB who loved me and bought me the best gifts as a younger child. He died when I was 20 and told me to never let them draft me or volunteer for any foreign war. “If its in your backyard kill all those bastards otherwise its not your problem. Fuck em”
    Go camping or go fasting. War is not something I would ever promote as a learning experience

    1. Having been to war…a few times…your grandfather was absolutely right. Our govt (and the corp’s who own it)are making billions out of pumping young men up on “patriotism” and “Murica”. If anyone’s not sure, just take a look at how much of a fuck our govt gives for men who have wrecked their minds and bodies for a fucking tagline.

      1. In the old days there was an understanding so I have heard. That went the way of the handshake and honor. It is difficult to criticize anybody now let alone try to help them when they get back to the circus from their deployment.
        My grandfather would have 40 person holiday meals at his home for the ones who fell in spirit or body. We carry on this tradition cause I always remember it being a great time. We would do it up right as a family and it was awesome.

      2. Our govt (and the corp’s who own it)are making billions out of pumping young men up on “patriotism” and “Murica”.
        Um, where is this happening precisely? It doesn’t seem to be working if they’re doing it. Have you seen hipsters?

        1. Just like there’s a segment of young men who bought into feminism and skinny jeans, there’s a segment of men who believe theyre doing the right thing by living in substandard conditions and risking their lives for”freedom”….whatever the hell that means. And where, you ask? …pick a continent. Or better yet, visit any military town, they’ll be the guys in the giant trucks with stickers threatening no one in particular that they’ll rip your throat out on Uncle Sam’s behalf; they just don’t know yet that Uncle Sam doesn’t hold them in the same regard.

  21. Can’t have empires these days nor can you go to war to take territory or booty, all that is politically unacceptable in today’s world. There isn’t much to fight over unless it’s to defend your own country or the country of ones allies.
    On another note, I would think that two modern military’s facing each other on the battlefield with 21st century equipment and weapons would wind up being a losing proposition for both sides it would make the Battle of the Somme look like Sunday brunch . No one could field enough equipment/manpower to last very long in such a conflict. Conventional WW3 isn’t going to happen and if it does it won’t last long

    1. Unless you are Muslim – they are very openly in the process of conquering Western Europe, raping the women, and taking everything they can grab.

      1. True but, it’s not a fight, the Europeans are just letting them come in and do it and in some instances covering for them.

  22. The example of Israel and the Jews shows how hardship can split a people
    apart and turn them into a diaspora. It also shows how, in the long
    run, it can bring those people together tightly and force them to put
    their interests and safety before anyone else’s. Meanwhile, the case of
    Germany reveals how fighting and surviving difficult times is not enough
    to make people proud of their own group. There must be a sense of us having been done wrong by them. The history books should read “they hit us and we hit back,” not the other way around.

    It seems that you forgot to mention the fact that Germany didn’t get to write its own history books, at least for a long time and nowadays, just do copy/paste the old prejudices (anti-german ones at least). It’s very identity was attacked by the “allies” who took pride in the “Entnazifizierung” process which under the excuse of extirpating the Nazi propaganda, did its best to destroy Germany’s collective pride in its past and heritage. Only when the Germans recognize this and reject the lies and tell apart the wheat from the chaff, only then, they will be able to fight back and develop a healthy national identity.

    1. America will do that before Germany if that is ever going to happen as you describe it. Deutschland is a trainwreck without guns or American “Bill of Rights” protections.

      1. America wouldn’t exist had it undergone the same attack. It’s true that the elite’s agenda involves the deconstruction of American identity, however the scale and scope of this attack has been unheard of in recorded history. The rest is true, let’s hope they can wake up before it’s too late.

    2. I suggest you watch the German satirical movie “Look Who’s Back.” The premise is that Hitler comes back in 2014 and people think he’s a comedian, but he ends up picking up on how disillusioned many Germans are with the (then) nascent refugee crisis and with foreigners overrunning their country.
      You’ll laugh at all the “wrong” things.
      But the movie (maybe indirectly) teaches an interesting lesson… the one thing to learn about Hitler is that if we want to prevent another one from rising to power and causing another World War, we need to stop doing dumb shit like opening the floodgates to refugees.

      1. I saw the move a few weeks ago, to be honest I never thought they could produce something like that without having the director incarcerated.

  23. I feel like if there was more open publicized wars it would just be used by SJWs to further their agendas

  24. Even with crime, mass rapes, bombing, shootings, beheadings and so on.
    It’s not doing anything to unite Germany or other European countries that have been attacked by Muslims it will never unite them and with the press and police willing covering up refugee crimes.
    People need to stop being politically correct and do what is right and not be worried
    about being called a racist for reporting Refugee and Muslim crimes if they did it would
    be a wake up call for it’s citizens and force the government to do good for it’s citizens.
    If they did the right thing and report Muslim and refugee crime they would be deporting
    them back home and not being doing a passport free travel with Turkey.

    1. Too be fair, Nationalistic/pro-Western groups are gaining ground all over Europe in polls right now.

  25. Just read Machiavelli’s Art of War, and one of the key takeaways is the point of this article. Will be writing about other lessons from the book on my blog in the upcoming weeks.

  26. I spoke to a friend in Germany by email today who said today they are celebrating the day “Ex-Soviet Union liberated Germany from the Nazis”, as if they were all so miserable and suffering during the whole of the Reich and knew no different. Obviously they have been brainwashed now into believing the were “occupied” somehow and needed external “liberating”. I’m not sure, but I bet Triumph of the Will is completely verboten to watch there to set them straight that they WELCOMED Hitler and all of his promises and rhetoric. Sad what bogus beliefs the EU has created…

  27. I was contemplating yesterday, after watching a short documentary on Assyrian Christians fighting ISIS, that an existential threat to a community would naturally forge strong bonds between many members and give a certain purpose to life that young men appear to be lacking, in the West. I’m not against a good fight, but I want a reason for it. Western powers have gone into two many wars in the last 15 years without really providing a good cause.

  28. Swedish men and boys FIRST need to demasculate. CHHAUPADI. It’s simple. Start by going to your bathroom and grabbing the plastic can liner full of your mom’s or spouse’s spent maxi pads and tampons. Lift the smelly thing out holding your breath, tie it tight, go outside and throw it downwind with a bellowing Viking warcry ”YAAAAH”.
    Then comes war. Domestic civil war and scuffles with immigrants alike will evolve into Swedish men regularly carring sticks, lacrosse bats, hockey sticks, meat cleavers, two by fours, socks with rocks, snapped off car antennas sharpened into deuelling swords. Sounds like a prison gang riot? YOU LIVE IN A PUSSY PRISON. Swedes are largely disarmed of firearms but YOU MUST TOUGHEN FIRST with your body and gaining proficiency with hand weapons. You awaken the warrior spirit both slowly and also in leaps and bounds. The spirit is awakening. Then after awhile you love fighting. You fight for sport. That’s when YOU’VE EARNED your guns.

  29. “War, it’s not as bad as you think” – Are you fucking insane? This is truly the most stupid sentence I have ever read. This site is supposed to educate young men so please, ask the other writers here who have experienced war if its “not as bad as you think” before speaking out of your ass.

    1. Old saying goes that war is sweet to those that never experienced it. First picture is probably from WW1 that was unimaginable misery all-around and the youth of Europe died totaly in meaningless manner. Is this what author suggests to happen again? I personally believe you don’t need war to become manly again. What is needed are healthy values, reasonable thinking, and harsh punishments for those that deliberately violate rules.

      1. Sweden doesn’t need to be a pawn in war or for its men to be pawns in in any foreign war. It does need civilly and internally to revolt against the regime and get right down to some head choppings and hangings. The house needs cleaned. I suppose you could call that a form of war and get your medal. Sweden could remain neutral and still storm its own capitol from within and restore nationalism. That’s all they have to do. They never have to sign on to foreign conflicts. That would be rediculous. My perscription for Sweden is a purge of its leaders by its citizens. They’re close knit enough that they all know who they need to get rid of. No smoke and mirrors 9-11 to ship men abroad, but just inetrnal hangings and firing squad executions that are long long overdue. A bit of fighting or at least strongarming will be required. They need to start counting heads and start calling all those in favor to raise hands. It’s still that much of a family there, just terribly emasculated. They’ll slap their women into order in the same fell swoop too. WIN WIN!!

        1. Yes, ‘silent wars’ are needed to get rid of the overly liberal desease and filth.

        2. Mm, you don’t know many swedes do you? I do, having been born there, and I for one am not holding my breath on them getting anything done. They don’t have an army worth mentioning, and the culture is so ingrained in the feminists socialist shitpile that it would take a century to get rid of it, if even that would be enough.
          It’s a country run by feminists…
          To me it seems that the best outcome now is that they blow up with all their Muslim immigrants who are almost all unemployed, so the rest of Europe has an example of what that shit leads to and hopefully wakes up.

        3. No they can’t resurrect their warlike blood all at once. It takes baby steps to come out of the emasculated coma. FIRST the men have to HEEAVE that smelly noxious asphyxiating overflowing douche pail out of their house. CHHAUPADI. It’s a small step but you know how much of a difference fresh breathable air makes compared to when someone lets a road kill fart or maybe puts too much bleach into the floor cleaner. You can’t think right or even function if the air is unbreathable. Douche pail gasses are like kryptonite to a man but they don’t affect women a bit.

        4. Dude, virtually all my Swedish friends are single, I’m working on one trying to make him get into maybe marrying a girl and having kids. The rest are not even considering it.
          I’m talking herbivores. Don’t date, just mgtow basically.
          Sweden is done for barring a miracle. The kids being born now are all called Mohammed and Ahmed, in a couple of generations they will officially change name to swedenistan or some shit. I don’t even visit anymore.
          I am having my family elsewhere, I don’t want my wife to get raped or my children to grow up speaking Arabic.

        5. “Dude, virtually all my Swedish friends are single” good. It means they politically have nothing to lose. I support having families, but someone without one can go a lot further with there politics and what they actually believe than someone who is.

        6. White people are like panda bears: they don’t want to reproduce. They have to be cajoled with incentives and free daycare and tax breaks and all other types of inducements. What a joke …

    2. Sometimes war is preferable than the alternative, which, in this case, would mean losing your whole country to aliens.

      1. The “war” you need to fight is not with foreign powers. its with marxist natives in your own country who enable your dispossession. Look to your neighbors, look to your kids teachers, look to your hippies and homegrown welfare parasites. This is the root of your problem! You cannot blame low IQ turd worlders for accepting open armed invitations to suck off of the teat of your taxpayers. The turd worlders can easily be expelled once your own fifth columns have been silenced and it does not involve going to war. The only things your homegrown elites and leftists fear is physical violence and that does not involve taking up arms and invading foreign countries, I.E. War.

        1. Invading foreign countries was not what I had in mind. A civil war where we go after elites, progs, and their savage humanoid pets is.

        2. So you have 3 options then,
          1 – A revolution of bloodshed, full Anders Breivik Style but with backup aimed at your media and academic elites and the flower of their youth. Dragging them into the streets and visiting retribution . (A move from the communist playbook and something the marxists would love to see happen to you and yours) Brother killing brother is never a good thing and your country will likely never recover from this, the turd world is the best example of this.
          2 – A peaceful Tax revolt, this would require your willingness to spend time in a European Prison (These are notoriously soft, you will be fed, entertained and generally well looked after) while you watch the system collapse on television.
          3 – Making your country ungovernable, another move from the marxist playbook but not involving bloodshed. This would be the burning down of state schools, state health clinics, public transportation infrastructure, post offices (Without bloodshed again) It would also be mass sit in’s outside governmental residences, completely peacefully but preventing your government from leaving their homes to go to their offices to commit more treason. Blocking of highways, railway lines. Preventing students from attending universities by peaceful protests blocking the gates. Again with this option you will face arrest but it will be more of a catch and release situation.
          The choice is ultimately your to either work the system to your advantage or do something about it. I would however strongly advise against putting yourself and your friends on the business end of firearms.

  30. Lol. I advocate just getting the fuck out of Sweden if you are there. That shit was lost more than 20 years ago when I got the fuck out.
    Don’t waste your time on lost battles, let it be the example for the rest of Europe and that’s it.

    1. Agree. Time to leave.
      The question is just where to go? And when? With elderly relatives, who took on quite some trouble in raising me, my sense of duty tells me to stay. If they had been neglectful, evil or whatsoever, things would be different.
      But one day they’ll be gone. And as a citizen of Western Europe I often think “escape”!
      My ideas: Poland, the U.S., Canada (well…), Australia, China, Japan (hard to get permanent residency there) or South America.
      I hope I don’t disrupt this threat, which is not about escape. However, maybe some of the guys on this blog know a good alternative to Western Europe; and just naming a few countries should not be too disruptive (hope so).
      @Noth666, do you have a suggestion?

      1. Some expats I know are heading to Uruguay or Chile. I wouldn’t recommend Central America, but I know of people who consider it.

        1. Thank you, John Galt,
          Uruguay and Chile sound good.
          None of these countries is overrun by economic refugees, or real refugees, who are impossible to integrate in various cases.
          Besides, South America is not in the route of the refugee streams from the Middle East and Africa. Spanish is a relatively easy language (in my opinion); and the climate in Chile and Uruguay should be okay for an aging person (neither too hot nor too cold). I’ll try to find a bit more info on these two countries.
          Although I don’t plan to leave Western Europe immediately, making up one’s mind as to where to eventually go may not be too bad. After all, the more people from Western Europe want to escape from there when things will become unbearable, the more difficult it might become to enter South American states, especially with the plan to stay there. After all, residency and visa regulations can easily be changed.

      2. For the moment I am still in Europe, NL right now. I have right to work and residence in Japan if I decide to leave Europe altogether. I’m married to a Japanese girl, also legally in Japan.
        The US might be a good option depends on how the politics swing there, China is not bad if you are ok with bureaucracy. Japan isn’t much better when it comes to that aspect.
        I get your sentiment about Sweden, my relatives have all left, most before me.
        I have been living in Italy for a while then Finland and now NL, to me it makes most sense to stay somewhat mobile and not anchor down too much.

        1. “I’m married to a Japanese girl, also legally in Japan. ” Well then don’t complain about ethnic minorities taking over Sweden…

        2. Thank you, Noth666,
          A Japanese wife? That is great. You have it made. If Western Europe collapses, then, I guess, Japan is a great alternative.
          “China is not bad if you are ok with bureaucracy. Japan isn’t much better when it comes to that aspect.”
          I’m German. How could I ever live without bureaucracy? 🙂
          “I have been living in Italy for a while then Finland and now NL, to me it makes most sense to stay somewhat mobile and not anchor down too much.”
          I agree. Although I believe that when a person grows old, there may come a time when one wants to settle down somewhere permanently.
          My perception is that the NL are more left-wing (which is not good) than Finland. But maybe I’m wrong? Have been to both places, but not for long enough to really get to know the people.
          Sweden, unfortunately, has gone completely crazy, which makes me sad, because it used to be an amazing and beautiful country.
          And Germany?…well…I better won’t write a novel in this thread.
          America, as it controls the sea lanes, will probably stay strong, even though the really great times seem to be over for every country on that planet.
          However, I think a homogeneous nation with strong values (Japan) or a strong country (the U.S. or it’s competitor China) may offer some protection against complete chaos and collapse for the people who reside there.
          I hope Clinton won’t win the elections in the U.S. I’m not a fan of Trump, but would vote for him if I could.

        3. I wouldn’t really call NL more or less left wing. For me it’s about economic freedom and workforce mobility. The mobility is very low in Finland so finding a job is very hard. Here in NL I can find a decent job in any city in a week. Pay is not as high as in Finland but still.
          I don’t really care much about politics, so for me which party is in power doesn’t matter, they are essentially the same. I’d say by and large most of Western Europe is the same in all major aspects.
          Eastern Europe has shown a bit more willing to control borders etc but they strike me as a bit too unstable for my tastes.
          The biggest problem with Japan is reading… I understand a lot of Japanese so long as it’s short. I speak a little.

  31. Hardship, yes, likely. War? Bad idea in the nuclear age, worse idea in the age of “every nation a socialist bullshit feminist paradise”. Why the fuck would I or any sane man want to fight for the legions of LGBTWXZY retards “back home”?

    1. There is an apocalypse-mongering spirit in all this that I can relate to. Sort of “let’s set the world ablaze and reborn from the ashes”. Although very, very dangerous, and not reasonable, it is still more humane than simply accept the endless degeneracy.
      Suicidal, but heroic at the same time.

    2. As I said before… unless my kids choose to join the military, I will do everything I can to keep them from getting drafted should that ever happen again here. I refuse to sacrifice my genetic line for a government that does not value that sacrifice.
      After seeing how we let the commies win in Vietnam and how our returning troops from that war were treated, to the ongoing problems that our government either ignores or exacerbates regarding current veterans, I do not want that for my kids.

      1. “and how our returning troops from that war were treated” Oh I should have expected some of this bullshit. Do you have any graphical evidence of this mistreatment happening? I assure you, I have tried to find pictures of this mistreatment, but it doesn’t exist, it’s a myth.

        1. The fact remains that the 58k US service members who died in Vietnam died for nothing because the left cut funding for that war and we withdrew our forces and the communists were able to win.
          I want better for my kids than to be drafted into, and possibly never return from, that kind of thing.

        2. The war wasn’t lost because of the left, the war was lost because the President, his staff, and the military leadership refused to acknowledge that the real enemy was North Vietnam. There should have been an assault and overthrow of the country, and anything else was a waste of time.

        3. “A vets testimoney not good enough or they are all liars?” I am specifically referring idea that they were spat on and such, it just didn’t happen. I don’t even know any Vietnam vets who claim stuff like that to have happened, it was originally a quote from Rambo that retards in the Republican party apparently though was fact. Btw, Testimonials are complete shit. If you give me a poll that proves x percent of Vietnam veterans report assault and abuse, then you have a point, but you don’t.

        4. True there was a failure there, especially under LBJ, but I won’t give Nixon a pass either.
          The Art of War emphasizes that wars need to be short and decisive. Vietnam dragged on way too long and people got tired of it. Contrast this to World War 2 in which the US pulled out all the stops to bring that war to as quick an end as possible.

        5. John Kerry was apart of large smear campaign called, “Winter Soldier” where he testified (falsly) in Senate Hearing that US soliders were committing autrocities. All lies of course, but the smear was in place.
          I know several Nam vets were accosted. I know of vet who assautled in Columbus as well. You can come down to the VFW and tell them their full shit of course.

        6. “I know several Nam vets were accosted.” And do pictures of this actually exist? Again, I have extensively researched this, and there is no audio or visual evidence of any of this ever happening.
          “I know of vet who assautled in Columbus as well.” And how do we know this assault has anything to do with there involvement in Vietnam?

  32. I understood right away what that meant for the Swedes, who haven’t been at war for the last 200 years.

    One should consider Switzerland… they last time they were involved in a foreign war was the time of Napoleon (early 19th century) and their own civil war in the mid 19th century.
    They’re not accepting refugees the same way the guilt-ridden Swedes and Germans are, and of those who are there, the Swiss government is confiscating refugees’ assets to pay for the cost they impose on the country.
    So while I agree that war can leave a mark on people and encourage them to cherish their nationalism, obviously the Swiss have figured out a way to avoid the same national suicide policies which are killing the rest of the West.

    1. Don’t forget Iran. They haven’t been at war for 500 years, and Japan has a pretty much completely pacifist culture (due to American influence after WWII) yet they still haven’t given up to rapugees.

      1. There are still some people alive in Japan who can remember the horrors of World War 2 or growing up in its immediate aftermath though. If anything that’s what drives their correct thinking in rejecting rapefugees.
        I cited Switzerland because they stated out of every major war since the time of Napoleon and therefore, there would be no such persons there.

      2. I thought Iran fought a brutal decade long war with Iraq in the 1980s in which millions of soldiers died in WW1 style trench warfare?

        1. Forgot about that for some reason. It’s that they haven’t attacked anyone in 500 years.

  33. The main problem I see with Westerners is that they don’t have an identity. They classify themselve as ‘Western’ or ‘White’. But ‘Western’ isn’t a culture. Yeah, the roots lie in Greek/Roman culture and Christianity, but Western culture today basically means you can do whatever the fuck you want, because you’re ‘free’ and not bounded by any ‘traditional’ norms, values or religion.
    Shit got simply out of control in Western countries, because you gave people too much freedom. It’s a hypocritical and toxic culture which doesn’t make any sense. People with a strong sense of identity (mainly Muslims) are going to misuse the concept of a free society, because if you say society is free, then Muslims should be accepted too. Otherwise society isn’t free. And this leads to a big freak show where everything should be accepted.
    If I were a Western white guy, I would simply enjoy the downfall. Just make money and enjoy all the pleasures the world has to offer. Don’t waste your time on preserving or re-establishing something that is already gone or irreparably damaged.

    1. Westerners have as many different identities as we want. We’re like a science experiment: the world’s first totally permissive culture. Malleable and shifting.

      1. Kind of like an artist just tipping all of their different paints onto the canvas at once and calling it art.

      2. Westerners do half culture. It’s just it’s artistically been suppressed by yiddish “modernism” and institutionally has been adopted almost everywhere in the world. If the whole used Japanese culture instead of Western Culture, I am sure Japanese people would have the same dilemma.

    2. You do realize people can’t just magically not rely on society, right? When the Muslims do a rape fest around Europe, you can’t just opt yourself out of being raped. Same when thing when heads starting coming off. And your people (Indians) rely on our people to buy your services, so don’t act like you are have some sort of shock barrier.

  34. As a friend of mine in the military has said, “I think we need a good World War, or a similar conflict, to put things back into perspective for these liberals and bring back a sense of patriotism.”
    A little extreme, in my opinion, as I am not personally inclined to conflict, but there is also no doubt in my mind that it would have the desired effect.

    1. I respectfully disagree with your friend. Take a look at what happened with Vietnam and how the unamerican left cut funding for our troops and completely threw away the sacrifice made by the 58k service members who died in that war… and they did it all for political expediency.
      We see the same thing now with how the left has intentionally and completely lost in Iraq and is in the midst of doing the same in Afghanistan. They couldn’t care less.

      1. True.
        To be completely honest, I am not sure how to put things right, or if there is a way to do so anymore. There is never really a foolproof way to do most things. Only way I have seen is to choose to be logical and look at facts, and go from there. Once people have been brainwashed into SJW ideas and rhetoric, it’s hard to convince them otherwise, even with proof and facts. Patriotism is dead for these people as well, and it’s a terrible thing.
        Pardon the pessimism, but I have yet to see a light at the end of the tunnel, except for the very possible election of Trump to office. I hope he puts a halt to some of this madness.

        1. Please, use logic and convince me sir. What was morally worth fighting for in Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia or Panama? Why is it morally wrong to not support continued fighting in these places?

        2. In mine and the opinion of a great deal of ex Yugoslavs, as well as in the opinion of a number of people who have been studying the different strategies and outcomes of what has been tried in the past, that was a good one.
          Almost everyone I know think that the action should have come sooner and been more assertive. That’s the only well backed up criticism of that one that I have heard.
          Iraq was a clusterfuck and still is, but for the life of me I can’t see a way to fix it. Libya same thing, both of those had bad motives and equally bad strategies. To conduct a successful regime change you first have to have an organized opposition that you can work with, or you first make that.
          I’m not for it due to lack of motivation/reason but if you are going to do it, only one way has ever worked.
          Panama I know very little about to be honest.
          You have to look at them individually as they aren’t similar.

        3. “In mine and the opinion of a great deal of ex Yugoslavs, as well as in the opinion of a number of people who have been studying the different strategies and outcomes of what has been tried in the past, that was a good one. ” So you are saying the US/NATO invasion was justified? Why? Are these “ex Yugoslavs” (Yugoslav is a linguistic group, I don’t see what this means) Bosniaks?
          “Iraq was a clusterfuck and still is, but for the life of me I can’t see a way to fix it. ” That isn’t what I asked. I asked when the war started, was there a moral reason to attack Iraq and would it be morally justified to join the military and take part in the attack?
          “To conduct a successful regime change you first have to have an organized opposition that you can work with, or you first make that. ” No shit. But, why is or was it necessary to make some sort of “regime change”? Was it really worth fucking over so many lives?

        4. US/NATO didn’t invade, they bombed into submission after which a UN mission sent peacekeepers. Since I haven’t been there and only know a few online, I have more exposure to people from that region who don’t currently reside there.
          Some are Bosnians some Serb, some Croat. None of the ones I have spoken to had any general criticism of the actions taken then other than it could have been sooner and in some instances more decisive.
          At no point did I say that I thought there was a moral reason to conduct the Iraq invasion, but that is generally speaking not as relevant as a motivation, moral or otherwise. And this is what is really missing, it was illogical.
          If you commit some wrongs while chasing and attaining something of some value, it’s one thing. But if you commit wrongs for no reason and end up only destroying things, it’s in my opinion worse.
          Neither you nor I know what the current situation in either Yugoslavia or any of the other countries would be right now had these things not been done. I’m not sure it’s of much use to speculate over it.

        5. “US/NATO didn’t invade, they bombed into submission ” Okay, well you know what I mean. But still, what reason does justify the US?NATO’s bombing?
          “At no point did I say that I thought there was a moral reason to conduct the Iraq invasion, but that is generally speaking not as relevant as a motivation, moral or otherwise. And this is what is really missing, it was illogical. ” So then what is so bad about the left wanting to GTFO?

        6. Grasping at straws and projecting huh?
          I never said it would be a bad thing to pull out of Iraq, at least so long as there is nothing gained and there is no viable plan. At this point I can’t tell if it’s better to stay or to go.
          Making assumptions usually is not a good starting point for debate.
          What justifies the NATO/US action in ex Yugoslavia? Stopping systematic genocide and displacement of people seems a pretty good reason to me.

        7. “Stopping systematic genocide and displacement of people seems a pretty good reason to me.” There was no genocide. When a region of a country tries to break off, and it turns into a civil war, that is called a civil war, not a “genocide”. Don’t pull out a gun unless you plan on having someone else do the same dude.
          “I never said it would be a bad thing to pull out of Iraq” And I never asked you in the first place. My comment was a reply Marlo97, who has yet to respond, and I simply asked him what logic he has behind this statement: “Only way I have seen is to choose to be logical and look at facts, and go from there. Once people have been brainwashed into SJW ideas and rhetoric, it’s hard to convince them otherwise, even with proof and facts. Patriotism is dead for these people as well, and it’s a terrible thing.”

        8. You are and ignorant idiot without reading ability. I knew some who were there.
          Lining up and shooting 8000+ unarmed civilians in a couple of days is not a battle by anyone’s definition but yours.

        9. “You are and ignorant idiot without reading ability.” I have a perfectly good reading ability, it’s just that after reading, I have come to a different conclusion about Srebrenica.
          “Lining up and shooting 8000+ unarmed civilians” In my personal understanding of the situation (which I understand you disagree with), many of the civilian deaths are really just from the siege – mainly from starvation (for comparison the United States was simultaneously causing the deaths of approximately 3 million Iraq’s by cutting THEM off from food), and many more were caused by being in the cross hairs of firefights and artillery or being mistaken for enemy combatants – all these things are quite common in war, and are unintentional casualties, no one wanted them to die the same way the US didn’t want to kill civilians in Afghanistan. As for the purported mass executions after the Serbian capture of the city – those were blown out of proportion by western media and were just military executions, sure I don’t agree with executing POW’s (I am against capital punishment in general), but it wasn’t just putting up random innocent people against walls and shooting them.
          I honestly cannot see the justification for not simply allowing the Serbian/Christian areas of Bosnia to become part of Serbia rather than trying to keep a badly created unstable Union from splitting up.

        10. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dutchbat
          Friend was there. It was not combat related or collateral, the investigations are very detailed and the results conclusive. They were civilians.
          The point was not so much to directly interfere in the combat but to protect civilians, and the mission morphed as time went by to more and more punitive actions and material/access limitation.

        11. “They were civilians.” I admit there were civilian deaths, but what evidence do we have 8000 of the dead bodies were civilians? What evidence do we have that civilian deaths were coordinated by Serbian leadership?
          “The point was not so much to directly interfere in the combat but to protect civilians” And I don’t consider the Dutch mission to be that bad.

        12. Evidence? How about the bodies, names, pictures and family, plus hundreds of witness accounts from locals and the UN mission? Enough to put the Serbian commander on trial where he currently is, at The Hague. Still not enough?
          Not of every body has been found and ID’d, but last I checked they had found, identified etc a fair bit of them.
          That work is still going on today.
          Stop trying to rewrite history, you evidently have no respect for the victims here, or their families, it’s quite disgraceful actually.
          I have no doubt whatsoever of the veracity of what I’m saying in this regard, I know locals who lived close, some who still do, Dutch armed forces personnel as well who are still waking up screaming from what they saw there.
          We know the numbers because they were counted prior by UN personnel, and we know they all died or vanished in the space of a few days. Without doubt.

        13. “bodies, names, pictures and family” Again, I do believe 8000+ people died in the area during and after the siege, but those bodies do not prove that 8000 civilians were executed after the Army of Republika Srpska took control of the area. What evidence do you have that all 8000 of those bodies were killed in executions, rather than say, killed before?
          “plus hundreds of witness accounts” And did those witnesses keep track of how many executions there were? Does anyone claim to have personally witnessed and counted 8000 executions? Even among the executions, what evidence do you have that any of those were innocent civilians vs captured combatants (not that killing POW is acceptable)? What evidence do we have that Ratko Mladić, Radislav Krstić, or Zdravko Tolimir ordered any sort of genocide of the Bosnian male population? Let that alone, what evidence do you have that Radovan Karadžić, Momčilo Perišić, or Slobodan Milošević had any involvement?
          “Not of every body has been found and ID’d, but last I checked they had found, identified etc a fair bit of them. ” If they don’t know where bodies are, then it leads me further to believe that these people were killed in battle, not in an organized genocide.
          “We know the numbers because they were counted prior by UN personnel, and we know they all died or vanished in the space of a few days. Without doubt.” Where can i find this census?

      2. “Take a look at what happened with Vietnam and how the unamerican left cut funding for our troops” That isn’t what lost the Vietnam war. The Vietnam war was lost because the President, his staff, and the leadership in the military refused to acknowledge the fact that North Vietnam was the enemy.
        “We see the same thing now with how the left has intentionally and completely lost in Iraq” Well maybe if Republicans didn’t get into this fucked up war in the first place… Blame the cuckish mainstream conservatives, not people who don’t want to waste time serving Israel and the Oil Industry.

      3. “They couldn’t care less.”
        Worse. They got alot of people killed for nothing. After the democrats ensured a communist victory by cutting funding to the S. Vietmanese army, which apparently the modern world didn’t know ever existed, the simply ignored the consequences afterward. The commies executed 100,000 South Vietmanese after the war and how many “boat people” died on the seas? That’s something that is never brought up. Then the communist Pol Pot (who Noam Chomsky defended in the 70s) seizes Cambodia after we left the region and he extermiantes a quarter of the population.
        How many western students understand the consequences of “cutting and running”? Leftist believe in power, above all else, and the will never accept responsibility for their actions.

        1. Pointless war. America didn’t intervene When China went Red. It didn’t matter that another Asian country with a tiny fraction of China’s population and potential significance went Red. Who cared if the rice paddies and mangrove swamps were state owned? And as far as humanitarian concerns go, America gleefully firebombed Tokyo and nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki just 25 years prior, so I don’t they care cared about Asian civilians. I can’t imagine being a GI going over to that fuckhole to have my head shot off by some gook hiding up in a coconut tree

        2. So if we (the US) got invovled in the Chinese civil war after WWII then that would have been acceptable to fight communist WP? But if we don’t fight ALL battles, no matter of our current circumstances, we shouldn’t fight any in the future? Your logic reeks. Bury it.
          “And as far as humanitarian concerns go, America gleefully firebombed Tokyo and nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki”
          Here is a history lesson no one ever taught you: The invasion of main land Japan, Operation Downfall/Olympic, was scheduled in 1946-47. American losses was forecasted +1 million. Japanese losses >8 million and the Japanese were all ready training the civilians for suicidal defense. East Europe was sold into bondage if Stalin agreed to send soviet troops to particpate. Records incdicate after the fall of Berlin, soviet troops were being carried by troop Trains to Siberia to prepare for the invasion.
          Dropping atomic bombs saved alot more lives than they took. Herr Pabst would have understood that unlike you.

        3. if one wanted to stop the spread of communism, It would have made more sense to intervene in the most populous nation on earth (China). If the United States had intervened in the late 40s before the Communists has solidified power, it could have saved 350 million Chinese from falling to Communism where tens of millions died in man-made famines during the Great Leap Forward and then in the Cultural Revolution. Moreover, it would resulted in far fewer American casualties than in Vietnam.
          Vietnam had what? 20 million people back in the 60s / 70s? Less?
          The argument of taking life to save life is Orwellian: it is one thing to say it reduced American loss of life as compared to an amphibious invasion (true) but to talk about caring about Japanese losses is disingenuous. FDR maneuvered the US into war with economic and trade sanctions on Japan when Japan was embroiled in war in Manchuria. The U.S. researched all types of ingenious ways to burn down homes of paper and wood construction (like incendiaries tied to bats) to render civilians homeless. No one cared about the Japanese people except for Tojo and Yamamoto.

        4. Me thinks the world in 45′ is something that you are unable to perceive to what you think was achievable. My grandfather was in the Pacific from 42-46′— last place was China in fact. What you are insinuating is laughable.
          “The argument of taking life to save life is Orwellian”
          False. It is logical. FDR didn’t want to sacrifice a million GIs. That was his reasoning. The consequnce of going through with the invasion would have extracted the price of 1m dead GIs with the probability of 8 millon dead Japs. The atomic bombs were a means to expediate a forced surrender without invasion. You can read FDR’s memoirs if you like, but we both know you won’t.

        5. FDR didn’t care about saving American GI’s. He maneuvered the US into a war with Japan. I believe it has been well established that there was advance knowledge of the raid on Pearl Harbor.
          Perhaps more damning, the US Navy regularly torpedoed Japanese hell ships carrying US and Allied POWs. Thousands of US servicemen drowned because the military deemed American lives less important than logistically maiming the Japanese:
          Truman sacked General Douglas MacArthur for being too aggressive in the Asian theater and advocating the use of nuclear strikes against China.

        6. “He maneuvered the US into a war with Japan.”
          Your blaming FDR for Pearl Habor? Japan was pretty much devouring mainland east Asia and the Island chains through the 30’s.
          The myth that “they knew Japan was going to attack” was debunked a long time ago. But feel free to tread on that wheel all you want. MacCarthur disobey an order from the POTUS putting him on the spot, so he sacked him. Shame as Mac was liked by the US public, but backing down would have had political fallout.
          “FDR didn’t care about saving American GI’s.”
          You’re crazier than a shit-house rat.

    2. Fuck that. If a World War happens, it’s going to forced onto the world by one country (The United States) with the soul purpose of helping one group: The Jews.
      I don’t want to lose my life’s investments and risk the life of myself and loads of innocent people to push the agenda of a group that hates my people. I will freely say I hate the United States, and anyone who is a “patriot” is a fool.

    3. If that kind of conflict breaks out, Canada and Mexico will be completely overrun by Americans fleeing any conscription. People will be heading for the exits so fast it’ll make your head spin.

  35. This is a result of the degradation of Christianity in favor of socialism and liberalism. As much as people want to hate Christianity, the fundamentals and community which Christianity is based on instilled a moral compass and level of personal responsibility which simply doesn’t exist today. There is a standard for good and evil in the Bible, modern governments will change evil to good if it benefits them and pads their wallets.

    1. religion as a necessary component of nationalism is a myth. It was at best tolerated in Germany under Hitler and I can’t think of a more proud and true example of a nationalistic country.

      1. Yes, you are right it is not necessary to nationalism, it is another system. As for living in Germany, 4 years Ill tell you Germans are obedient dogs who will do anything authority tells them to which is proving suicidal once again. What a shame as they did have a badass army, now its habited by weak ass boys and ruled by Muslims.

      2. You seem to have a very screwed understanding of Nazi Germany. Hitler was a devout Catholic.

        1. “Hitler was a devout Catholic.”
          Said the lying aethiest or perhaps you could let us know where he went to mass each Sunday? No? The nazis shut down catholic schools, churches and newspapers, sent German priests to camps, especially in occupied areas. He was baptised catholic, didn’t practice and was aethiest as they came.

        2. Hitler was a devout Catholic.

          Joseph Goebbels wrote that Hitler hated Christianity and believed that it brought out weakness in humanity. If anything, Hitler used references to Christianity, and the appearances of being Christian, to help his ascent in Germany, much like any aspiring politician in a culturally Christian country might otherwise do.

        3. Do you have a citation that he he wasn’t catholic? Here are some quotes of his to the contrary:
          “I believe today that I am acting in the sense of the Almighty Creator. By warding off the Jews I am fighting for the Lord’s work.”
          – Speech to the Reichstag, 1936
          “My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior as a fighter. It points me to the man who once in loneliness, surrounded by a few followers, recognized these Jews for what they were and summoned men to fight against them and who, God’s truth! was greatest not as a sufferer but as a fighter. In boundless love as a Christian and as a man I read through the passage which tells us how the Lord at last rose in His might and seized the scourge to drive out of the Temple the brood of vipers and adders. How terrific was his fight against the Jewish poison. Today, after two thousand years, with deepest emotion I recognize more profoundly than ever before the fact that it was for this that He had to shed his blood upon the Cross. As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice… And if there is anything which could demonstrate that we are acting rightly, it is the distress that daily grows. For as a Christian I have also a duty to my own people. And when I look on my people I see them work and work and toil and labor, and at the end of the week they have only for their wages wretchedness and misery. When I go out in the morning and see these men standing in their queues and look into their pinched faces, then I believe I would be no Christian, but a very devil, if I felt no pity for them, if I did not, as did our Lord two thousand years ago, turn against those by whom today this poor people are plundered and exposed.”
          – speech in Munich on April 12, 1922
          “I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator.”
          – Mein Kampf, pg. 46
          “And the founder of Christianity made no secret indeed of his estimation of the Jewish people. When He found it necessary, He drove those enemies of the human race out of the Temple of God.”
          – Mein Kampf, pg.174
          “Catholics and Protestants are fighting with one another… while the enemy of Aryan humanity and all Christendom is laughing up his sleeve.” – Mein Kampf, pg.309
          And most importantly, this statement:
          “I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so”
          – Letter to to Gen. Gerhard Engel, 1941
          I don’t know how you could possibly refute that. That also was a letter, not a public statement, so it’s pretty clear that he did in fact identify as Catholic.

        4. I’ll go with what Goebbels wrote. Not to mention Hitler’s policies of genocide certainly were not Christian according to any teaching there.
          Hitler’s speeches on being a good Christian sound like any other politician’s speeches on the topic. If he knows it’ll win him support, he’ll look more devout than the Pope himself. I don’t want to make specific comparisons to US politicians because I don’t want to compare them to Hitler, but I know you’ve heard many a candidate for political office advertise how “Christian” he or she supposedly is.

        5. “perhaps you could let us know where he went to mass each Sunday?” I don’t know. He was constantly moving around so I don’t think he would necessarily have one church he consistently used, but I imagine he had a private chapel.
          “The nazis shut down catholic schools, churches and newspapers, sent German priests to camps, especially in occupied areas.” No they didn’t.

        6. “I’ll go with what Goebbels wrote.” Oh yes, what Goebbels “wrote”. I personally think quite a bit of the Goebbels diaries are fabricated – but still, how can you trust Goebbels words about Hitler more than his Hitlers own words?
          “I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so”
          – Letter to to Gen. Gerhard Engel, 1941
          Again, you still haven’t refuted that statement.
          “Not to mention Hitler’s policies of genocide certainly were not Christian according to any teaching there.” Wellllllllllll. You see, I don’t think those “policies” actually ever happened… Soooooooooo…

        7. You haven’t a notion what you talk about. Rather than make the bland statement that Hitler was catholic. Prove to me how Germany was Catholic or religious as a state under him.

        8. Pathetic,
          “No they didn’t.”
          Occupied catholic Poland? Are you obtuse? I find wiki to a be a weak source as there are books and articles out there, but that is all your deserve:
          wiki: The Catholic Church was persecuted under the Third Reich,[71] with the Nazi leadership hoping to gradually de-Christianize Germany.[72] Political Catholicism was a target of Hitler’s 1934 Night of the Long Knives.[73][74][75] German clergy, nuns and lay leaders were also targeted after the Nazi takeover, leading to thousands of arrests over the following years.[76] Priests who were part of the Catholic resistance were killed. …
          “According to Ian Kershaw, about 400 German priests were sent to the camp.”

          The church was especially harshly treated in annexed regions, such as Austria. Viennese Gauleiter Odilo Globocnik confiscated property, closed Catholic organizations and sent many priests to Dachau. In the Czech lands, religious orders were suppressed, schools closed, religious instruction forbidden and priests sent to concentration camps”
          Hitler gave alot of speeches, but I never recall him mentioning “his catholic faith” or Jesus.
          You putz.

        9. “Occupied catholic Poland?” So have two catholic countries never ever gotten into a war?
          “I find wiki to a be a weak source as there are books and articles out there, but that is all your deserve” Well in that case I am gonna give you a high quality source, Hitler himself in a private conversation with Generalleutnant Gerhard Engel:
          “I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so.”
          “‘According to Ian Kershaw, about 400 German priests were sent to the camp.’” 1) There were thousands of priests in Germany. 2) Does being a priest give you legal immunity?
          “Hitler gave alot of speeches, but I never recall him mentioning “his catholic faith” or Jesus.” Well see for yourself:
          “I believe today that I am acting in the sense of the Almighty Creator. By warding off the Jews I am fighting for the Lord’s work.”
          – Adolph Hitler, Speech, Reichstag, 1936
          “I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator.”
          – Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf, pg. 46

        10. He didn’t force Catholicism onto Germany, that doesn’t make him not catholic.

        11. you can’t actual grasp the argument can you ???
          You just admitted i was right. My point was Germany wasn’t religious under Hitler. Simple as that. I still don’t think Hitler was catholic but thats irrelevant to my original point about religion being needed for nationalism and Germany being religious at its most nationalistic !!!!

        12. “My point was Germany wasn’t religious under Hitler.” Yes, and this is irrelevant to Hitlers personal religious beliefs. And while maybe it wasn’t religious compared to the pre-WWI Germany, it was still very much more religious than post-WWII Germany.
          You claimed it was “at best tolerated”, but this isn’t true, Christianity was AT LEAST accepted, if not promoted by the NSDAP and wasn’t suppressed in any way. I would actually say that it’s an inverse relationship, when countries become more nationalistic, religion starts to flourish, separate of any policy to promote that religion.

  36. If I wanted to take over a country it would have to be Sweden. Who’s going to defend it, beta men that will run away and shit themselves from the firing of a gun! It would be a great war, women soldiers would lay down their weapons down and fuck all the alpha men (my side) . The tension of war and alpha men would get them so wet!!! After our balls are dry, all the Feminists will face a firing squad!

    1. “Who’s going to defend it” The Swedish Democratic Party aka Sweden Democrats aka Swedish Democrats aka Sverigedemokraterna. They are actually pretty damn popular.

  37. Instead of having a war why not throw out all the Jews who push cultural Marxism and promote a cultural narrative that makes Europeans hate themselves.

  38. “The example of Israel and the Jews shows how hardship can split a people apart and turn them into a diaspora.” Yeah bullshit. The Jews don’t have any more hardship than any other Caucasian group.

    1. The Jew has managed to be the most powerful entity on the planet through unscrupulous wicked means yet also be regarded as the largest victim we should apologetically grovel before.

      1. Yeah. Can you imagine how powerful Christian Society would be if they had lacked morals when dealing with other groups like Jews? Not that I advocate that, but it needs to be recognized as why Jews have so much power.

  39. How about just having a nice Civil War. Maybe the Swedish politicians had the same idea as the writer and so decided to invite Muslims/Orcs into their Hobbit paradise so that a nice genocidal civil war could bring the Hobbits/swedes together. It’s kinda like the forest department starting small fires to prevent infernos.

  40. Israel of today is a country with serious internals tensions. It is ripe with fear, hatred, anti-intellectualism, attacks on free-speech and suspicion towards your neighbours (Jews and non-Jews alike). A clear example of a nationalist society gone wrong. I would not like to live there, I’d prefer Sweden at any time. I believe that we will soon see a backlash against the irresponsible immigration policies in Sweden, and the country has the potential to start moving in a better direction.

  41. I’m sure Sweden, and most of Europe for that matter, will have their war soon enough.

  42. Our downslide happened with the fall of communism. We no longer had an enemy. Or at least our corporations didn’t. With no more cold war as an excuse to push the corporations agendas, we lost our edge. And it isn’t cut and dry. There are a lot of forces going on in countries that aren’t easy for the people to see and understand. We’re contstantly manipulated by the power brokers who run things and not sure if we vote base on what’s best for our country’s or our interests. Just keep in mind “follow the money” in politics. Whatever a guy is promising, it’s not what his financial backers have in mind.

    1. Hey Joe.
      Before, I was just responding to YOUR comments to ME.
      See the difference?
      Nah, you wouldn’t.
      Anytime someone gets the last laugh, do you accuse them of stalking, or is it just when women do it?
      Be afraid.
      Be very afraid.
      That is what your ilk does best…

  43. Is it just me or is it always the nations that have a proud masculine history (for all their faults) that fall hardest into emasculation?

  44. Its the same with France, even the terror attacks over the past 18 months were not enough to wake the population to the reality of open borders and globalization. France for the most part has a generous welfare state.

  45. Most European countries are hedonistic socialist utopias, their citizens never have to fight for a single thing. They know about their dark history, but that is all, that is why you see all of them are slowly decaying.
    Americans have been doing the heavy lifting for the West for nearly 70 years. The problem here is that the Left in America is reprogramming the young to detest what America stands for as a society. America has long been a beacon of freedom and hope in a dark world, but the left is programming the youth of America to view the US and its history in a very unfavorable light. The next generation of leaders won’t be the same, and won’t believe in American exceptionalism. A big part of this is that this generation really never faced down any adversity in their lives.

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