Street Harassment Is A Myth Invented By Socially Retarded White Women

Only to today’s autistic American woman does simply being talked to amount to a crisis. Every man over a certain age can agree: girls nowadays are outright crippled by basic social interaction with people they don’t already know. From being asked for directions, to simple elevator small-talk, today’s 20-something woman is an agitated social retard who’s scared of all men, and whose only eye contact is with her iPhone’s “retina” display.

Things only get worse if the man who’s talking to her should, god forbid, obviously try hitting on her—especially if he’s a racial minority. That’s an outright emergency, one that a growing chorus of misfits, weirdos, and social rejects are trying their hardest to brand as criminal. They call it “street harassment,” and it’s part of a cocktail of movements aimed at showing just how dangerous the first world is for the defenseless white girl.


Women Don’t Understand What It Takes to Meet Women

For millennia, men and women met in pretty much one of two ways: they were introduced to one another by someone they knew in common or—for the last several generations—the man had to muster the courage and skill to talk to her in public. An entire planet was populated by regular men seizing the fraction-of-a-second he has to get a woman’s attention, deploying his fine-tuned social skills to get her talking, and targeting his powers of persuasion to convincing her to show up again.

That process is harder than it looks. Have you ever had the joy of seeing a woman try to pick up a man cold with something besides her looks? If so, you already know that women have zero skill at creating anything but the most pedestrian of conversations, and even less at sustaining them long enough to get a viable number.


But, while men are across-the-board better at it than women, not all of us are created equal. Just like some women are fatter and uglier than others, some men are better than others at talking to women. For every smooth cat with a phone full of fresh numbers, there are two guys throwing out corny pick-up lines, lavishing sub-standard women with thirsty compliments, and undercutting themselves with self-deprecation in hopes of landing a crumb of traction. For better or worse, it seems the thirstiest and most desperate game comes from men from lower social classes and minority backgrounds.

Baiting Poor Men of Color on Video

Last week, a video showing precisely that emerged. Turns out some internet heroes with an agenda hired an “actress”—who’s a 6.5, at best, on the 1-to-10 scale—to walk through some New York streets on camera for a supposed 10-hour stretch. Judging by the woman’s physique, this had to have been done over the course of several sessions. The intention was to show just how much men would “bother” her during the course of that stroll.

What most people see is a resting-bitch-faced woman stomping her way down some urban streets. Several men try to talk to her in the carefully edited two-minute clip. The men toss a bunch of weak lines in her direction—a standard cocktail of lame compliments and self-deprecating attempts at humor—and move on when none of it hooks.

One or two guys trail her for a few steps to deliver their lines before also giving up. You’re meant to see that being a woman in today’s world is to be subjected to non-stop harassment at the hands of would-be rapists. You could indict the guys for having abysmal game—and maybe bad taste—but not much else.

Sheltered and Fragile Women Fear Normal Social Interaction

Just like being dumb in school has turned into a “disorder” in less than a generation, bad game has suddenly turned into a crime. The word “harassment” used to actually mean something, but today’s American woman is so sheltered and fragile that having to deal with men being interested in her or giving her sloppy (and often undeserved) compliments—if they’re not handsome enough—is a cause for panic.

In fact, it’s even more than that. It’s an outright crime that requires a national campaign to encourage women (and white knights) to report catcallers online.


But the move to re-brand lame pickup lines into harassment isn’t just simple hysteria. I’m not first to point out that it’s outright racism and classism. To parade a provocatively dressed woman through the toughest (and most ethnic) neighborhoods of New York—for hours upon hours—until something happens, is to bait lower- and working-class men into behaviors that are not uncommon, if not straight-up expected, in their environment.

In hardscrabble neighborhoods, only the boldest, loudest, and toughest members of crowd survive. From making friends to picking up girls to not being bullied, things are done differently in the ghetto. If you’re a man walking through these same neighborhoods, you’re just as likely to be “harassed” by guys asking you dumb questions meant to trip you up, talking trash to you, or flat-out threatening you. I’ve had all three happen to me many times.

Viral Street Harassment Video Is Just Another “Hood Prank”

This video—and the movement around it—is nothing more than thinly veiled ridicule of the less fortunate. Cloaked as concern, it’s little more than alarmism manufactured by privileged white women who think the world revolves around their feelings and adheres to their same sterilized, protected, suburban worldview.

It’s no different than the string of now-popular “hood prank videos,” where upper-middle-class white “pranksters” go into black neighborhoods and provoke men of color by stepping on their shoes, stealing from them, or generally annoying them. When the black men react violently, everyone can have a laugh at the animal in the cage.

The only difference here is that white girls are the pranksters.

Men Have Always Met Women By Talking to Them

Many years ago, my father met my mother by “street harassing” her. He stopped her on the street with a silly remark and, as she reflexively tried to walk away from him, he followed next to her and kept talking. Two weeks later, they went on their first date. Eighteen months later, they were married. There are millions of stories like this, but soon this time-honored way of meeting a complete stranger—if the damaged women at Hollaback! and its ilk have their way—will be illegal. Why?

Because today’s socially awkward and terrified woman can’t countenance a social interaction that hasn’t somehow been funneled and vetted through the precious iPhone glued to her hand.

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1,056 thoughts on “Street Harassment Is A Myth Invented By Socially Retarded White Women”

  1. I’m still convinced that this video was staged. The camera work is just too good and it looks too professionally done to have been recorded with a moving hidden camera.
    The parody on Funny or Die was a more convincing video than this.

  2. This video is pure bullshit on many levels. First, as a resident of NYC I can tell you this girl is nothing to write home about. Have her walk through Soho, the Bowery, West Village, by NYU or FIT and see how much attention she gets. No man will even notice her amongst the thinner, cuter, younger and aesthetically better faced
    girls that populate those areas. And as a result of not standing out, if men
    were to stop anyone it would not be her.
    Next as Tuth points out above, this all takes place in heavily minority based areas where this type of behavior is expected. It’s appalling that the producers of this video have the audacity to (1) pass this off as typical behavior by stating men of “all backgrounds” harassed her, and (2) believe people will accept it on its face as being true. What may be even worse is that people are so dumb in America they will actually accept it as being true.
    Finally as Tuth also eloquently states and I will echo, its only harassment when the guy has bad game or is not attractive. I’m quite positive no girl would call it street harassment if Brad Pitt or Leo stopped them on the street. On that note, I’ll end with this relevant video:

    1. They defended the observation that no white men talked to her, by claiming all the instances where white men were involved had bad sound, so they edited them out. Right. LOLZ

      1. It’s like how the best footage of ghosts and extra terrestrials are always garbled and unusable. Makes complete sense.

        1. Off topic but: the evidence for ETs won’t be found in shitty youtube videos none of which are convincing.
          The evidence for ETs is in the massive numbers of highly detailed and shockingly consistent accounts of alien abductees. From all over the world. And accumulating for the past 60 years.
          Just sayin’ !

        2. How come they haven’t abducted my crazy sister? Oh wait, they probably did and just returned her.

        1. That is because they’ve already fucked black and Indian Men’s lives completely. We’re on the chopping block now.

        2. Who’s “we”? Speak for yourself.
          Even on your own terms, your theory fails: you claim that evil whitey makes life bad for Africans. If this were true, then they would prefer life in their own countries more than white countries. They do not. More Africans have immigrated to America in the past decade than were brought over during entire slave trade.
          So there goes that theory.
          You were then going to claim that you now love blacks. But blacks did not want to leave the USA even during slavery. Abraham Lincoln wanted to create a country just for blacks, but they refused.

          So there goes that theory, again.
          But it is clear that you want white people to die out. That is fine that you are a weakling and a cuckold fetishist. That is your business. But all peoples have a right to survive, and you have zero right to impose your genocide on other whites.

        3. What?
          That is a significant amount of reading into my comments. Nice attacks on me too, first time I’ve heard some of that before.
          If you really want to get your point across, try another technique.

        4. They were in “white” areas as well as black in that video – unless you consider midtown to be black.

        5. It says on your profile that you are a science fan. You don’t happen to be one of those science fans who believe that evolution stopped at the neck and did not go any higher?
          If so, then you will never understand why men like me and David think the way we do.

        6. In what reality do you live in where these laws will impact white men? They were careful to edit white men out of the video entirely, this was not some attack on whites as you’re trying to frame it. It’s just the opposite. She wants the power to have black men locked up for simply making conversation. Or did you believe that Stop and Frisk was going to impact solely whites as well?

        7. Nice Ad hominem. He makes a point about hypocrisy in the media and you counter with a personal attack. Typical brainless SJW. Learn how to logic.

        8. haha racists? White males didn’t post this video nor did white males give this bitch any attention on the street.

        9. I don’t buy your bullsh*t, so I must be from the other ideological camp.
          Typical brainless ideologue.

        10. False. This video was made by a white male named Rob Bliss. The idea that this was designed to target white males is asinine, because he admittedly edited out all the white males and is one himself. This is being used to target all men, just like the new ‘yes means yes’ laws.

        11. I think the point here is that regardless of who was in the video, the feminist left in general feel more comfortable attributing bad things to the “straight white male” because they won’t be accused of being racist.
          In other words whites and non-whites are both being shafted, just in different ways.

        12. Yes the white man was “edited” out. The cathedral demands the REAL narrative… errr I mean footage.

        13. Nice red herring. After getting spanked you attempt to change the subject to “ideology,” as if that was ever even the topic, and only white men have ideology. So you concede there is bias in the media against white men, then? Or are you going to resort to more of the fallacies you SJWs are famous for?

        14. Whites are free to return to russia and central asia and leave europe and the americas and australia to its indigneous non-white inhabitants.

        15. I don’t think it’s specifically targeting white males, per say, but the behavior of black males in the hood is given as an example of the behavior of ALL men, when there’s no evidence of this. It’s disingenuous.

        16. Only to say that, like most morons who repeat it (I suppose because it’s Latin and you think that actually makes you sound smart), you actually don’t know what an ad hominem is and misuse the term, even though you link to a definition of it, which, though inadequate is not as bad as your evident ignorance.
          And yes, ideology. Of course you’re an ideologue. The brainwashing is evident in everything you write.

        17. Accusing me of appeal to ridicule while engaging in appeal to ridicule.
          Perfect, almost beautiful stupidity. Too bad you hide your history, like the coward you are. I’m sure it would be a delightful read.

        18. It’s only a fallacy if it’s in reply to an argument. You never made an argument. Therefore, it’s not a fallacy, it’s just an insult. I keep my history hidden because of SJW trolls who have no lives, and have better to do than stalk people. You’ll just have to sit at your keyboard and foam at the mouth, instead of trying to dish out some passive aggressive vigilante justice.

        19. It’s only a reply to an argument if it’s a reply to an argument. Idiot.
          Sorry I scare you so much you need to hide. You sound like a complete p*ssy coward.

        20. Don’t flatter yourself. I had it hidden long before you decided to troll this website.

        21. You never built any of the wealth, we kidnapped blacks from africa to do the work we were too stupid and uneducated or lazy to do, stole native land and stole the hispanic land. We then went nd bombed up the asians and made them build railroads were were too poor to do.
          And how are you going to take a city with you? The infrastructure in places like NYC was built entirely by blacks (50% of nyc was slaves). The post slavery remainder part was built by jews, which I imagine don’t go to white utopia of russia right?
          The whites are free to return to russia, no one forces them into the multicultral hells except themselves. Perhaps the white elite know, that white states fail without non-whites.

        22. Jesus, you are dense. I don’t even know where to begin. How about learning about slavery first.

        23. No, because I don’t want to be trolled endlessly. What are you going to do, down vote all my posts?

        24. So what you’re scared of is your bullsh*t being responded to online, which you call “trolled endlessly”. Not down votes.
          Got it, coward.

        25. Even if true, it just proves how lazy whites are and how dependent upon blacks whites are. White people were so lazy and dumb they couldn’t even catch their own slaves, they had to hire someone black to do it. That is the epitome of laziness.
          Also, even if true, what does it say about whites who were so willing to travel such far distances to buy slaves, enslave them, put them on slave ships in horrid conditions, transport them world wide, resell them in the americas several times over then put them in multigenerational holocaust camps. Doesn’t say much of white people does it.
          I mean if whites were so good, they wouldn’t have been raping and killing and enslaving world wide, would they?

        26. “I know what an ad hom is.”
          No, in fact you don’t. But I knew that whatever you responded, it would be anything but intellectual honesty and humility enough to educate yourself.

        27. No, you couldn’t construct a rational argument to save your life. Don’t feel bad, neither can any other SJWs.

        28. You can talk about rational arguments, because cowering behind a locked history and calling people names is of course the epitome of rationality.

        29. Ha! I beg to differ. It’s perfectly rational to lock ones history. 😉 Really, you’re going lecture me on name calling?

        30. So after your tired, boring posture of being Mr. Logic you’re engaging in tu quoque.

        31. Ha. At no point were we ever engaging in a rational debate, dumb ass. I must have really hurt your feelings calling you out like that. Waaaaah!!

        32. An ad hom is when someone presents some kind of argument, and then the reply is an irrelevant personal attack. An example would be:
          1. “The media is biased against white men.”
          2. “You’re a white racist.”
          #2 is an ad hom because it’s a personal attack. Even if he is a racist it’s irrelevant, because racists are still capable of making rational arguments. In fact, Adolph Hitler is perfectly capable of making a rational argument. Someone isn’t automatically discredited just because they’re not a nice person. A rational reply would be showing that the media is NOT biased against white men. Try showing he took what the media said out of context, or by providing numerous other examples to show his point was anecdotal. But never mind that, I need to educate myself. Ha! Seriously, go back to school.

        33. There probably WASNT a large sample of white men cat calling her (or even talking to her, as culturally , she would be considered fat and not that attractive), but White JewFems are definitely all over this and it IS going to be used to target ALL men…which means, pretty much ALL men of color (in such situations) and white men that white women don’t like. Just like YMY

        34. Does indigenous non-white inhabitants include the millions of Mexican-Americans who have significant Spanish blood–the original oppressors of Indigenous people? Just curious, as I am a so-called “White Hispanic” married to an Indio.
          Tired of my own people playing this racial-ethno double standard.

        35. I’ve always wondered why my Spanish (Hispanic) ancestors did this…do you have an answer?

        36. Obama’s you didn’t build that speech was just as true as Mitt Romney’s victim speech. Both told the truth about the other side and the other side got angry.
          Whites never built it, we got it handed to us through hundreds of years of white affirmative action like th gi bill, coporate bailouts, welfare checks, corporate loans and contracts from the federal government, the homestead act, the jim crow laws, the asiatic exclusion act, white mass immigration, white unionization laws (which excluded superior non-white workers), the new deal, the great society. All whites did was get government handouts, we were born on 3rd base with a man hitting a homerun with bases loaded and we think that we hit a grandslam. Its just not factual nor the truth. Without raping, murdering, enslaving, torturuing, pilalging and enslaving blacks, indians, asians, near easterns, aboriginals world wide, most of the white america will still look like ukraine, belarus, bosnia, and maldova. Poor, white and no minorities to blame while they butcher each other.

        37. You, my friend, seem to forget: in order to bring black slaves to America, they were first kidnapped and sold… by their fellow blacks!

        38. And after that whites kidnapped, raped, murdered tortured and genocided and sold them several times over in the Americas… You seem to forget that there is no propotionality between kidnapping (assuming you are correct here) and selling as compared to the genocide of the white man.
          It also proves how dependent whites have always been on blacks. Whites were so lazy they couldn’t even catch their own slaves like most civilizations did in the day, they had to depende on and pay someone black to do it. All it does is demonstrate that whites have a long history of being lazy, incompetent and being entirely dependent on non-white labour to construct their societies. Which is why countries that are almost entirely white like Belarus or Maldova tend to be complete hell holes..

        39. The Europeans didn’t invent slavery, dumb ass. It had been around forever. If it wasn’t for the white Europeans slavery would STILL be legal. You can thank the British Empire for breaking the Arab slave trade, and ending slavery throughout the world. Of course, you’re a racist moron so this is probably news to you. White people ended slavery, period. If you go to West Africa they still have slavery there, but only on a minor scale thanks to the efforts of white people. Grow a brain.

        40. Never claimed Europeans invented slavery. White people, which can be divided broadly into slavs, germanics and italics didn’t even migrate into europe until 500 bce, with the 95% of modern white tribes migrating into europe from central asia in the AD period, including the slavic expansion of 2-7 ad and the germanic expansions that collapsed rome. The truth is, the people in Europe 3000 years ago were not white and have no relation to modern europeans.
          Its unlikely that slavery would have ever became so widespread if it wasn’t for white europeans. That being stated, most of the earliest abolitionist and the majority of all abolitionist and strongest people against slavery were non-whites in africa and india who were being enslaved and who were having their countries and communities being destroyed by european slavery.
          No one wanted to be a slave in a strange land to white people. Whites were the LAST ones to join the abolitionist movement. Even a black person completely brainwashed by white supremacy would not advocate the return of slavery. Cant say the same of my own kind…. white people.
          The Arab slave trade or Ottoman slave trade was run by white people. Turks consider themselves whites, their capital is located in modern europe. Most of the elite and slave traders were white even if the majority of the turks no longer are.
          You have to bear in mind back then the arab slave trade (like all slave trades) was run by white ottoman turks. History matters, white legacies are hard to destroy.
          The British started and proliferated slavery throughout the world. Why would anyone thank them for the greatest genocide on the planet?
          If you go to West Europe, they still have slavery there, especially sexual slavery and enslavement of children from eastern europe being used as candy for pedophiles. Most of the West African states with slavery are still run by European colonials.

        41. The truth is, the people in Europe 3000 years ago were not white and have no relation to modern europeans.


          most of the earliest abolitionist and the majority of all abolitionist and strongest people against slavery were non-whites in africa and india who were being enslaved

          Give names.

          Turks consider themselves whites, their capital is located in modern europe.

          Oh really? Where is their capitol? It’s funny that you consider the Arabs black when they conquered Spain, but they’re white when they sell slaves. Hypocrite.

          If you go to West Europe, they still have slavery there, especially sexual slavery and enslavement of children

          Provide proof.
          So you admit that the British still ended slavery throughout the world, and they were white?

        42. I already provided the evidence from the american anthropological association who said white skin was no more than 5000 years old, and we already debated this on another article and I gave you the link and you ran away.
          The whites didn’t record the names of blacks who didn’t want to be enslaved, no one wants to be enslaved, the whites made it punishable by death for the blacks to read. The whites didn’t consider blacks human then.
          The “arabs” who were slavers in Turkey ( a “white country” in europe) were whites. The arabs from africa were black. There is no surprise here. French speakers in France are white, french speakers in congo are black. By your logic its hypocritical to say the white french enslaved blacks because congolese are french too.
          The proof is in all the child sex rings and child porno europeans have. Did you forget who berluscioni is?

        43. Turkey is not in Europe. The only people who that think it is… are Turks. Europe doesn’t want 100,000,000 more Muslims, try asking someone from there.
          Besides, Turkey was the last country to have a caliphate (ISIS’s is hardly legitimate), so that means the caliphate/control of Mecca was in Europe? Iran, Iraq, and Syria all border Turkey, so on that note they border Europe? Interesting. Maybe Iraq can thus claim to be Europe just as well, on that note!

        44. You can walk from Turkey to Greece, Turkey and Greece were the same country for most of history.
          Turkey doesn’t border europe it goes across europe and asia just like russia.

        45. Yes, a TINY sliver of Turkey can be perceived as “Europe”, indeed. And they try their goddamndest to not show their Middle Eastern/Muslim side in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir so as to not scare off Western tourism money. But go to the entire Eastern third of the country, especially the Kurdish part, and let me know how “European” that is with the rampant Islamic extremism cultivating there.

        46. Explain yugoslavia and central europe with all its nazi extremism and muslim and christian extremist. Europe has always been an extremist continent, Julius Cesar was a mas murdering psycho who wiped out hundreds of thousands in modern day france. He was an extremist as well. Why is an islamic extremist worst than a pagan extremist like Cesar?

        47. Sure. Keep spouting the term used to justify the killing of tens of millions of Whites. Because that doesn’t piss us off or steel our resolve to deal with traitors like you.
          Not at all, you USSR robot. Every White who uses such a term ought to get their asses shipped to the moon. That’s a damn slur against Whites, and you know it.
          The actual origin of the term was used to justify starving millions of people to death in Ukraine, executing “racists” in Russia, and burning Blonde kids in Europe alive.
          That’s a lot more than any damn holohoax, so it’s no wonder people are tired of your R-word crap. It’s ad-hom faggotry, and you know it.
          You sound like a feminist. But, whatever you call yourself, you’re the problem for our people!

        48. Yes, you dirty heretic, not getting on the back of the bus and being a good White Uncle Tom. That’s expected of you, you know.

        49. Oh, no! You got shamed! You have to go be ashamed now, and change your opinion.
          Thinking for yourself? Caring about the truth? That’s a hate crime.

        50. Oh, my God. Are people really this damn ignorant? You get served about your anti-white crap, and your reasoning is that Whitey is even worse?
          Just get fucked. God, I hate people like you.

        51. You can only attack me personally because there is nothing factually inaccurate about what I said. If a blackman had 10 white slaves in his basement who he raped and tortured and beat and whiped and made eat feces, who he bought in east europe, would white people say it is ok because a white person sold them to him? Normal human beings wouldn’t care how he obtained the slaves, anyone who engages in enslaving people and that associated degenerate behaviour is not a superior person.

        52. You first – if you are Turkish, let my know how accepting the rest of Europe is of 100,000,000+ more Muslims trying to insert themselves into Europe.
          That’s right, they aren’t at all.

        53. What the fuck are you talking about?
          Who told you that whites aren’t native to Europe. You can
          say they migrated there, but then you can’t say that they can ‘go back’ to Russia
          and central Asia, as we all originated from Africa.

        54. Even if their skin wasn’t white at the time, doesn’t mean
          whites aren’t direct descendants. The skin color simply became light over time
          due to a need for higher vitamin D absorption. Claiming that whites aren’t
          native to Europe because the ancestors of Europeans had darker skin is
          ridiculous, as genes do change.

      2. They didn’t show the one where she stopped to chat and give her number to the cut stud that she wanted to bang.

      3. I was about to bring that up myself, I had seen this talked about on other places of the internet and they blatantly edited out every instance of a white guy hitting on the woman and only used the minority shots.

      4. The same alternate reality where Obama knocked Vladimir Putin out with a single bitch slap.

      5. I doubt that any White men would act like a bunch of no-class retards. Unless, of course, they have been educated to be your Kosher “pickup artist” type, instead of a man.

      1. Actually, it’s even more racist than that. There’s lots of white male pranksters/PUAs/videographers who post their videos of cold interactions with women on the street on the internet, and they’re actually by-and-large not treated as harassers by the girls. You don’t even have to be famous, you just have to not be a lower-class male.
        The people who posted that video are literally just racist/classist cunts who wanted to laugh at the underprivileged while using them for their social-movement-du-jour.

        1. I mean, holy shit, Sam Pepper had to physically touch women’s butts to get any kind of blowback, and even that was undeserved (IMO). But these underclass black guys are demonized just for talking? That’s fucking racism and white women should be goddamned ashamed of it.

        2. Plus if she broke up with her boyfriend, she’d get drunk and fuck one of them in secret.

        3. A young, non-black woman walking through the hood by herself, and people expected black guys to NOT go apeshit?

        4. While I agree with the gist of what is being said… The crime stats clearly show that this fear is not unfounded.
          So the racebaiting angle imo, while a good tactic to make them turn on one another, is still just race baiting

        5. Hear hear!
          This Aspergian Triggerlord shit is the realm of messed up women who turn to feminism and misandry and it has racism at it’s core.
          I have no interest in “protecting the white women from the black guys” as well. Heck they can have them. All yours, bros.
          (in a week they’ll want to get rid of them)

        6. Drama like that got men LYNCHED at the beck and call of the American WF, pre-Civil Rights era, let alone pre-World Wars I & II.
          There’s a reason why I do not and never live down my granduncle’s LYNCHING in 1938.
          That viral video mentioned around the web is one PERFECT example, albeit milder.

        7. Then let those f-ing women get CCW’s, I have no problem with women packing heat as long as they don’t act like cunts.

        8. I’m not saying they are acting as best they could, I am saying we are starting to sound like the left by making this about how a white girl would like it if someone of the same race said hi over another.
          It’s still a good tactic to expose their elitism and mendacity in hiding it

        9. Lol, are you kidding me? You sound like a feminist complaining about discrimination. No fucking shit she doesn’t want low-value men hitting on her, have you learned nothing from this site?
          Do we seriously expect women to give every beta loser a fair chance? Do we for a second give every whale a chance? The whole point of sexual selection is to discriminate. Besides, discouraging men to approach actually benefits us because we know it’s bullshit and ignore it anyway where as the less confident guys tuck their tail in between their legs. These feminists are weakening our competition even more, why stop them.

        10. I grew up on a reservation in Oklahoma, and native dudes are even more thirsty than these dudes. I say this as a disclaimer to what I say next.
          They knew ghetto black guys are thirsty as hell. That’s why they didn’t go where middle class men ( black or white) congregate.
          Plus-this was the definite plan all along. They deliberately picked the kinda woman thirsty black men like-big ass, mocha color. This was planned.
          It’d be like a shapely southern gal who smells like whiskey and cornbread walking through a reservation at 1:00 PM, when only the shiftless males are outside-you’d have every thirsty Indian making sure his desperate thirst was on full display.

        11. She can’t be all that high value. High value nyc women wouldn’t be caught dead in run down areas like that.

        12. It is telling that you cant see the difference between her telling them she isnt interested and feminists demanding that men lose their right to freedom of speech.

        13. The supreme court has had a very broad defense of free speech, and nothing in the video that she posted amounts to harassment. You can go around saying that feminists should be hung for treason, and as long as a normal person wouldn’t interpret that as an immediate threat it’s protected under the 1st amendment. What the feminists are trying to do is change the _culture_ to shame (unattractive) men who cold approach women. Any legal attack on the 1st amendment is DOA. We win the culture war by ignoring feminists and asserting our own values. this is a collective shit test

        14. I don’t consider her high-value, but I’m sure she does and she wants high-value men. As long as she holds onto that notion the men in the video are invisible to her. Even post wall she will probably go for a white or hispanic beta who makes 40k a year, not a guy living in run down areas.

        15. Feminists want men arrested for speaking to women. I wouldnt be surprised to see Democrat/Liberals give them laws that say just that.

        16. Wow! you are right indeed…I do recall alot of made up scenarios where the cold approach is look at a different view

        17. Funny all the White Guilt morons today calling these White men evil are nothing but flacide maggots who won´t fight their societies problems.
          You know how many death and torture threats the WBC and Ari Shaffir have gotten on just youtube? Only the NSA have accurate estimations but it is quiet a lot.
          Love to see these maggots dealing with a world war or two, not too sure about their chances of victory.

        18. Every single radical ideology from the Left has some seed of evil in society around which they base their arguments. It is the approach, not the recognition of evil, that is the problem. Cultural differences (in America, sadly, these usually fall along racial lines) and class differences exist, and we are not leftists for talking about them.
          America is now a multi-cultural society. You can’t change that now, as much as you might want to. This means that white people have to learn to live with black culture and vice versa and both with Hispanic culture. It is incredibly dishonest and hateful for an upper-middle-class white woman

        19. Exactly. She is trolling, using perfect bait, in waters filled with a very high percentage of low-budget guys raised on porn. It’s what’s for dinner.

        20. If we are going to talk about this seriously we need to actually address who has the real issue. And I don’t think white people do. Yea white girls are spoiled but I see no exceptional virtue from other American women,

        21. There’s no such thing as “racism” any more than “sexism.” They’re made up terms meant to imply that someone else should take care of your race or sex.
          No can do. We all have our problems with feminist retards, but using USSR Marxist terminology does not help. It’s the same worldview, really.

        22. Well, it comes from a certain group of people I know who created this angle to get SJW retards to attack each other: dividing them over who is more oppressed. I didn’t come up with it, but I definitely push something that good.
          Getting them to debate whether it’s Muh Soggyknees or Wayciss is just the perfect opportunity! Their own worldview will be shown to the rest of the world as incorrect.
          Which, in my opinion has to do with this site. Obviously, you guys are not on par with the racialists I usually talk to (no offense–but you’re not). You only have part of the picture.
          Of course, none of you would be doing anything if it weren’t for think tanks coming up with stuff, just like the enemy has theirs.
          Those who originate and start these ideas are who really controls the world. Now, when these people collapse on themselves, it will be time for a change in management.

        23. That’s the point. If you anti-feminists are going on about it, what do you think the retarded hippies are doing?
          They’re screaming at each other right now, LOL. I’m just glad I helped start the whole thing.

        24. Lol, whatever. Nobody wants to deal with people unlike them, and people naturally self-segregate. No one’s going to “deal with” anyone. In fact, the United States signed it’s own death warrant by engaging in such stupidity.
          It will not last, and the countries of the future will be along racial lines, like they always were.
          Just like you can’t change women, don’t expect to change races.

        25. Are you fucking kidding me “Jeremy “? Yes, i understand that some Women take offense to some men’s actions, but its not because they’re black! And if it is its because some men, not just black, have given themselves that reputation. But don’t go shit loco and start thinking I’m some racist bitch, cause I’m putting this out for ALL men. White men, asian men, black men, Hispanic men, in-between men, men of all shapes and sizes can have this problem of being complete ass wipes and showing women no respect because they’re horny. I, as a women, would never acuse a man of something he didn’t do just because of his skin color, but if any man made me feel in danger and like i was being talked down to like some sex object, then yes, i would tell someone – and no, i would not be scared just because the color of his skin! Any man, whatever his color, is a creep by definition if he acts like some horny pig, who grabs my butt and asks if i wanna fuck him in the bathroom stall (which has happened to me unfortunately, and by a complete stanger). So yes, women, and may I add, not just white women, are scared of sexual harassment by any man.
          Next time you use the word racist, why don’t you think about what that really means, and that your kinda one too. Every one says they want equality… then why don’t you fucking act like it, instead of separating yourself from other people when your being put on the stand. Equality means to treat everyone equal; equal rights, equal punishment, equal views on each other, etc. So from now on instead of saying, ” whites and blacks this, or Mexicans and blacks that, or whites and asians this” like they’re diffrent species, why don’t you say ” human being this, and human beings that..”. Or maybe its just dumb for a girl like me to think that men could ever look past their pride and see that not all women want to be hit on, or flirted with, or want to have sex with them.
          Oh and if a girl dresses up, its not always for a guy or girl, maybe its because she wants look awesome feel sexy for herself, so why don’t you get over your self and realize that women are not scared of what your color is, but the fact that your obviously trying to get in her pants. Women are smart, if you haven’t realized by now, and if she trys to avoid you its because SHE DOESN’T WANT YOU, AND SHE IS NOT, I REPEAT, NOT JUST “PLAYING HARD TO GET”. ( sorry if you get offended at all, it just that i needed to vent)
          AND NO, I’M NOT SOME SNOTY WHITE FEMINIST WITH AN AGENDA TO ATTACK ALL OF YOU! (I honestly have better stuff to do with my time, but i thought, “hey, why not shed some light on these people, and help women get the word out there” )

      2. Shut the fuck up TROY! If some guy, even Brad, tried to “feel me up” without my consent … well i’d kick his fucking balls in so hard that he’d probally throw them up.

    2. “First, as a resident of NYC I can tell you this girl is nothing to write home about. Have her walk through Soho, the Bowery, West Village, by NYU or FIT and see how much attention she gets. No man will even notice her amongst the thinner, cuter, younger and aesthetically better facedgirls that populate those areas. ”
      And this..
      Exactly. This woman would be standing alone at any nightclub in Miami because, frankly, she’d be lucky to even get in with looks at her level. She not only wouldn’t stand out on the streets of Miami, she might be the ugliest woman in the bar/club (and certainly would be in the top 10 ugliest) at any particular point in time.

      1. Yeah I wouldn’t call her ugly, but the writer was being generous giving her 6.5, maybe imagining her dolled up in a different outfit on her best night out.

        1. 3 (as she’s dressed). 5 on her best day. And soon to be a 1 if she doesn’t keep her weight under control (which looks like it’s going to be a problem for her).

        2. The whole package? We are talking about pumping and dumping… Have you done that before?

        3. I rate her fuckable, cause I love big ass, but not date worthy cause of that fucking gut of her’s.

        4. Exec, we were talking about ratings, yes?
          “We are talking about pumping and dumping… Have you done that before?”
          Never in New York fighting past half of Harlem.

        5. Do you think you impressed anyone? Do you think they affected anyone’s opinion?
          When you troll you don’t succeed unless you disrupt to the point of shutting down. This is way too lame. You gotta up your game.

        6. I don’t think I impressed you, but maybe some literate person saw it and like it.
          Ooh, in fact I see one did.

        7. Heifer mama, if we’re going to be grammar Nazis. The only place you’ll find “heffer” is in urban dictionary

        8. This thread is exactly why this video was made. Comments like these are belittling and dehumanizing of women. Sometimes, sadly, they come out of your mouths (or keyboards) too and are directed at women…and that’s where the problems begin.
          This is a public forum. Everyone can see your comments. The exchange you have just had about “pumping and dumping,” about her tits and ass and everything else is precisely why these types of videos are made…to raise awareness that these sorts of attitudes are not okay.
          In the end, it’s just about mutual respect. Women are not meat. They are not property. They are humans – just like you guys. Please, treat us that way.

        9. Don’t be so harsh on grammar nazis. They have a peculiar mental deficiency that allows them to tell whether you meant “her’s” or “hers” when you speak (even though they sound identical) like everyone else, but are unable to accomplish the same feat when the words are written. Put yourself in their shoes for a minute. I mean, how frustrating would the internet be if you were reading a sentence when a “her’s” pops up where a “hers” should have been, and suddenly the sentence turns to gibberish?

        10. Then pick one man and be loyal. Most men come to boards like this because some bitch fucked our lives up.
          It’s great to have every single woman tell you you’re the problem afterwards, too, you callous creatures. You’re untrustworthy, you lie all the damn time, and you’re generally people, yes. But you’re BAD people.

      2. Maybe in the past but not now. Last time I was in Miami I didn’t see a single attractive woman. It sucked.

        1. Miami is one of the best cities in the country (along with LA) for good looking women. There not everywhere, but, without a doubt, there are more of them here than most other places in the US.

        2. In Miami? Wow, it’s been many years since I’ve been there, but you gotta be kidding me? Did you walk down Ocean blvd?

        3. LOL.
          I lived in FL and planning on going back now that WA went full retard on gun control.
          What I have been telling people about S.FL since the late 1990s now is this:
          “When you visit Florida you will see all kinds of hotties on rollerblades everywhere but that’s an apparition to lure you in. The moment you sign a lease on an apartment or mortgage, they vanish like ghosts at dawn. There are still plenty of hotties down there though, on the beach. They are there for the rap star, the football player, or the movie star. Not your Mr Nobody wage-earning ass.”
          This is not to run people off mind you. It’s to remind fellows against thinking there’s wall to wall poosy waiting to be harvested. There isn’t. In fact I would say that it’s a horrible place for game or PUAs, great place for VOLCELs and MGTOWS. But the PUAs won’t be high and dry, they just have to pay closer attention and go to bigger cities and get some game on. I knew even slob rednecks with good game who would routinely bag and tag tourist chicks in Orlando.
          The remarkable thing about Florida though, is that it does seem like America has a “fat police” and it seems like the Fat Police are driving around every other state and wherever they see a fat girl in short shorts and string tops, they hit her with a tranquilizer dart, load her into a van, and then cart her fat ass to Central FL and stick her in a condo with a service job so she can be fat, disgusting and just as shameless all year around and given the warmer temps, become even more fat and disgusting while still trying to wear the same size short shorts and show off her cankles at Cocoa Beach.
          I was the guy with the metal detector and I never bothered to look up.

        4. Wow, that blows.
          Next time you travel, come to Oslo during the summer. It’s worth the cost.

        5. I’ve been here for two years now, and half the time I can’t keep the smile off my face. They look like models, are healthy, dress nice and are feminine.

        6. Spain is nice (only been to Barcelona), so is Poland, southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Latvia, Sweden…. What are you guys doing in the US? Get out if you can, life is too short!

    3. I just got a chance to view the video. All I saw (aside from the weirdo following her down the street) was generally guys paying her fairly mild compliments or wishing her well, while she was being a rude bitch in response. Having got a close up of her face and her fat arse, I have to say, she should count herself lucky she got any attention at all.
      If anyone should complain about “harassment” its the polite guys who got nothing but bitchface in response to their, frankly, pleasant greetings.

    4. First, yes, I see a class bias to the video. The reason this has picked up so much steam however, is that this embodies how many women feel. I have a lot of problems with the video, but women are trying to say something.

    5. “This all takes place in heavily minority based areas where this type of behavior is expected”
      But the whole point of the video is that this kind of behavior shouldn’t exist. If it’s expected that means it exists far more than it should.

    6. This video is no different than the ridiculous click baiting simple pickup or hood prank videos.
      And anyone who even slightly knows NYC can tell this video was shot in low income/industrial areas. She bated these men and purposely walked in the most ‘male’ places in the city, run down, low income, industrial areas.

    7. Walking down the street with a friend recently a guy yelled to us “Hey, baby, why don’t you come hop on this dick?!” I would call that harassment if it weren’t so laughable. “Good morning” or “Hey beautiful”, that shit’s just common courtesy.

    8. There are points I would like to make about you here. Number one, you’re obviously not a woman and two, you have never lay witness to a woman being whistled at in the streets even though you live in New York. (If you even live in New York.)
      Here are facts about me: I am a white woman and I lived in New York for seven years, four of which I went to a University in Queens. White women are not the only type of women that were victims of street harassment in New York. Many Hispanic, Asian, and Black girls I was friends with would complain about it happening to them too. Girls don’t need to be “cute” to get attention. They just need to be women. I’d have a giant coat on in the middle of winter with a foot of snow on the ground and still be followed while some random man shouted “Mami, you want some of this?” Behind me.
      The writer of the article is obviously anti- woman. I’ve read other articles of his to come to this conclusion, and he clearly has no idea what he is even talking about. He probably lives in Bum- f*** Missouri and is all like “What, that don’t happen here around my trailer. Them b***ches are probably just getting asked for directions and thinking all them men are creeps.” In New York, only tourists ask for directions (they are usually ignored.) No one knows who you are and people are too used to being asked crazy questions or for money if they stop. It’s best to just keep walking. You as a resident of New York should know this.
      As far as your argument about Brad Pitt stopping women on the street, I’m pretty sure that any good looking white man who has the audacity to yell from behind a woman that they should come home with him is obviously a freaky dude and someone all women should stay away from. I learned in New York to look mean, keep my hands in my pockets, and avoid eye contact. If you are truly a resident in New York, you do the same. Every New Yorker walks the same way (man or woman) after so many years of living there.

  3. Women are creatures of habit fundamentally incapable of critical thinking and courage to face new situations with regard to which there’s no precedent. Anything they don’t understand – which is a lot – they take as an affront.
    Another thing is with everything there has to be a “good vibe” to it otherwise they’re crippled – it’s so retarded. It means with every situation with a woman you have to hold her hand and guide her and reassure her its safe and that she won’t feel vulnerable; basically you treat her as a retarded child.
    And they have the same rights and privileges as us? I don’t know about you but there’s something fundamentally wrong with that – I think Muslims are brilliant

    1. “Women are creatures of habit fundamentally incapable of critical thinking and courage to face new situations with regard to which there’s no precedent. Anything they don’t understand – which is a lot – they take as an affront.”
      Very well said.

  4. It sure will be an exciting time when the femincunts have complete control. Street harassment and yes means yes legislation will be federal laws.

  5. “bad game has suddenly turned into a crime”
    Ethics used to be about nobility or worth of the intention, then it was about performance and now it is about outcome, separate from either, since the outcome is dependent wholly upon women as arbiters of all that is moral, with the important proviso that any judgement made, can and will be reviewed, altered or reversed at any time. The purpose here is to make the ethics of male behaviour entirely dependent on the ever changing will of women, and the least ethically perilous course of action to seek always to please that ever changing will, impossible though that task is given the inherent schizophrenia of the feminist ‘mind’.
    “this time-honored way of meeting a complete stranger—if the damaged women at Hollaback! and its ilk have their way—will be illegal. Why?”
    Because feminism is at war with heterosexuality and wishes to limit and constrain its incidence

    1. Women have always used ethics as a weapon of self-interest, that’s why you don’t get your morals from feminist scum

  6. If this so called street harrasment IS outlawed, and if in the future you see a good looking guy or guy with good game charming a woman on the streets and she seems to enjoy the interaction, report it anyway,or if you’re a cop, arrest they man! Cause handsome or not it would STILL be illegal, regardless of what she says!
    You can’t have both ways bitches.

    1. Most likely this law would be co-opted by ugly chicks to screw over more attractive women’s chances of meeting men.

  7. “who maybe cracks a 6.5 on the 1-to-10 scale”
    I’m sorry, but who in the hell rates this chick a 6.5? I’m more pissed about all the “attractive woman walk through NY” and “hot woman can’t keep men away in NYC” headlines.
    This woman is a 4 with makeup. Probably a 2-3 without. She’s fat, she’s got bad hair, she’s got absolutely awful facial expressions.
    Men are so thirsty that they can’t stop falling on themselves to talk to what, IMHO, is a “barely passable” fuck at 4AM after drinking and doing coke all night.
    What this video shows is how fat women have raised the SMV of “not fat” (but certainly not thin) to ridiculous levels. 60% of the female population have pretty much removed themselves from the dating pool for any reasonably high value men. Leaving a VERY SMALL pool left for those men.

    1. Their comments were directed towards her backside. I didnt care for her face either, but that’s not what she’s selling. While I agree she might be a ‘4’, she becomes an ‘8’ when bent over.

        1. Shoshana Roberts…she’s a model. I knew something was up. I hunt for girls with her shape.

        2. Perfect cum dumpster material. Round ass and big tits on a jewish feminist from NY. It’s like someone read my mind.

      1. I’d fuck this broad. I hate her face, but I’d still hit that shit hard.
        You know the dudes that are hating on her aren’t getting any pussy in real life. Sour grapes. This chick is no prize, but every straight man on the planet would fuck her in heartbeat. We all know this.

        1. Exactly. The bitch is worth zero effort, but I would were her “jewcy” ass and tits out.

    2. I like the way you talk. Rating is spot on. In Europe that chick would be considered fat. Nobody fucks a fat chick here Period. She walks like a fucking gorilla. Look at that stomping motion. Fucking hell that’s disgusting. She’s a 4 on a good day, with the eye shadow/pink cheeks fuck-face camouflage. She should consider herself lucky to get that much attention.
      I know a girl who looks just like her, maybe a little less fat, who fell in love with the video. No wonder – she must have seen the attention the fatty got in the US and hated on the fact that nobody talks to her over here. Female logic.

  8. Great article Tuth.
    What disturbed me the most about this was the underlying racism and classism, as Tuth pointed out.
    Nowadays you can dress up any issue as a feminist issue when really it doesn’t have that much to do with men vs. women at all.
    You hate the black community? Make a video of a bunch of black men teasing a white woman. Kablammo, now its morally wrong to be a working-class black man doing his thing in his neighbourhood… Now please stop talking to women, go lie facedown on the ground, and cease to exist.
    Whenever a guy talks to you that doesn’t have a Maserati, it is sexual harassment… and not because you’re not a poor man. Right? uhh… Right.

  9. The sentiment of this article is completely on point. Women in Western culture today have a severe lack of social savvy. They have a bloated sense of self-worth and have grown accustomed to filtering all unfamiliar social interactions through their smart phone. The radical left agenda perpetuated by the media and by higher-education has effectively brainwashed the Western majority into believing women are getting abducted and raped constantly and that they should be living in constant fear of all men (unless of course they are super attractive or wealthy).
    These contrived and irrelevant social justice campaigns do nothing to help society, and merely cause a social ruckus over nothing while exploiting, damning, and marginalizing other social groups. They promote racism, classism, sexism, wholesale censorship, and the trivialization of real issues – all things these groups claim to fight against. It’s the biggest cultural hypocrisy of our generation.

    1. I just want to emphasize that it really is mostly a western chick thing.
      I’ve approached girls from different backgrounds and it seems to me that it is almost entirely the western white broads that think its “awkward” to start a conversation with a stranger.
      In my hometown, if you talk to a girl/person who is here from abroad, or has the cultural mannerisms of a latina/african/european/etc. they will actually talk to you. Whether you hit it off and get their number or not, you can have a conversation with a living human being, and it doesn’t feel like you’re a space alien.

      1. People need something to bitch about I ‘spose. Since we have been experiencing a period of relative social prosperity, there has to be some fabricated and contrived issues. The social civil movements from the late 1800’s to the mid 1900’s effectively annihilated the disparity and overt social injustices causing strife in our nation, so what can people be pissed off about now? What is the end game exactly? When will these socio-political groups be satisfied? All interesting questions that I’m pretty sure no one can give a specific and rational answer for.
        Looking at the trend of the social outcry from from media and soap-box campaigns such as this, it would seem In a perfect world, women would either like to never be approached by men, or only get approached by men they like (typically top-tier men of looks, fame, and success). Well if we are talking equality here, men want to be received by any woman we approach, so who “wins” here? Feminism screams equality, but these campaigns that fight against things as trivial as men hitting on women in public space merely aims to create inequality. It says that social interaction can only take place on a woman’s terms. Men are shamed to approach and interact with a woman – so then how does it work? Do women approach men and that is the cue that it’s okay? Do we have to put more money and research into genetic testing and artificially manipulate our DNA so men can develop extra-neural psychic abilities as to be able to read a woman’s mind as she enters his vicinity so that he knows she is willing and able to be approached? This does not sound like equality to me at all – this sounds like women vying to call the shots and damning men.

        1. Good point I didn’t even think about that but its true.
          Women bitch that men are approaching them.
          And then women bitch that no men are approaching them.
          A paradox.

        2. They are bitching that the men THEY are attracted to are not approaching them. Basically they think they have such a high SMV which they really don’t. And it’s declining every day past 25 yrs old.

        3. Its almost like liberals wake up searching for things to bitch about. Life is so good they need to find suffering I guess. 10.6 million Syrians are displaced from their home and theyre whining about getting called beautiful. Ridiculous and a waste of our time to discuss it.

        4. Being perennially indignant about next to nothing seems a threshold requirement for SJW status…the effete manufacturing drama to offset the boredom of a unchallenging life of unmerited privilege, perhaps.

        5. I’ve met fat ugly chicks that act like they have high SMV. Really? Flattering, thanks, but no thanks.

        6. They are only happy when they are bitching. Give a bitch something to bitch about and she is one happy bitch.

        7. Agree. There really is nothing more to “bitch about”…nothing worthy, anyways. But, women have become masters at bitching about shit that they “don’t have” so it continues.
          Women are constantly playing a victim to something (anything at this point) so it continues. Women are supposed to be “equals” but only at certain times? WTF
          Like unions, feminism had it’s time and now it is facing a push back (by men). I’m done listening to all of the fucking nonsense about the things that women “don’t have”, today.

        8. Women today: I’m fat so just accept me and I only want good looking guys to approach me….otherwise, it’s street harassment.
          And what fucking planet do you come from, Miss Piggy?

        9. [White] Men today: I want a woman who looks like a concentration camp survivor with huge silicon breasts, but all I see is fat women. I go on every conceivable website to post how much I hate fat women. The world cares that fat women cannot make my 3 inch penis rise to the occasion. I hate fat women. They murder my whole family, ate my dog Max, and pegged me with a tooth brush.
          I don’t care that women naturally store more fat. I don’t care that women have a higher rate of depression, which she might use soothe her problems. Those are excuses.
          When I see a fat woman walking, I laugh and mock her.. I’m sure that will encourage her to keep walking instead of staying at home so people won’t harass her and eating more to fill a void.
          Women exist solely to arouse my ever shrinking pecker. I don’t care about their struggles, emotions, history.
          I am a white, heterosexual male from the first world. Everything should be to my liking. Everyone should be visually appealing to me. Blond hair, blue eyes. Rib cage prominent. That turns me on.

      2. Yup. It is a relief to be able to talk to a young attractive chick abroad and not be treated like a creep. Just a lot of sexy feminine mannerisms like nature intended.

    2. You hit the nail on the head: “Women in WESTERN culture….”.
      There are beautiful countries where the women don’t complain of “street harassment”, and where blacks don’t complain of “racism”. These are the countries which we should emulate.

      1. Not so sure that info graphic is anything to go on. It names 4 countries with far less racial diversity than the Western nations. Black people in Liberia and Haiti don’t fear racism? Probably because almost everyone there is black – as a matter of fact Haiti and Dominican Republic share the island of Hispaniola but dislike eachother even though they are both dark skinned.
        Lesson is people are different based on all sorts of cultural, ethnic, religious, geographical, and socio-economic backgrounds and we need to stop pretending everyone is the exact same.

        1. Exactly. The blacks in Haiti and Liberia have their own nation. That is a beautiful thing!
          Ethnostates don’t have racial conflict. Multicultural states (modern USA, England, France) are non-stop racial conflict.

        2. I see what you mean, but the fact of the matter is there is always going to be some kind of conflict. If people are all the same skin color then they will fight about beliefs. The will fight about socio-economics. They will fight about whatever. People having been bickering and murdering eachother since the dawn of civilization over perceived differences. To go back to my example about Haiti – Haiti and Dominican Republic have always been at eachother throats over cultural and economic differences.

        3. First, I spoke of race, not “skin color”.
          Secondly, the critical error in your statement is that of absolute entropy. “There will always be bad things, and therefore there is no point in fixing the most bad things.” That is like saying, “There will always be theft and robbery, and so I don’t mind if somebody carjacks me.”
          You are correct that there is always violence, and civilization identifies and solves the main sources of violence so as to allow for a prosperous nation. Because the multiracial experiment of the last 50 years has lead to the very violence and conflicts nations are supposed to prevent, these governments are failures.

        4. The lowest rates of violence occur in western Europe (rates of murder, e.g., <1 per 100K).
          Western Europe is also the most multicultural and what you would call “PC”.

        5. Correlation is not causation.
          In Toronto, immigration has been increasing in the last couple decades and crime rates are increasing.
          Too simplistic to say that increased immigration causes increased crime.

        6. “Correlation is not causation.”
          Unless it’s states with the most minorities, then correlation is causation? Or did you not see David’s post?
          If lower violence doesn’t correlate to racial purity, then who gives a f*k about racial purity?

        7. lol at your data. “estimated” rates from 1650. Now control for race in 20th century.
          Your scientific knowledge peaks at “Correlation doesn’t equal causation!” Violent crime has been on rise for past three years, and temporary dip in 1990s and early 2000s credited to increase in segregation, home security, people avoiding public parks, etc.
          Crime goes down when people stop going out in public and lock themselves in homes.

        8. Worldwide rates of violent crime are actually at historic lows, and that includes the US.
          Steven Pinker has written a whole book about it (Better Angels of Our Nature). Of course, Pinker happens to be Jewish, which means you probably won’t accept the mountains of evidence he marshals to demonstrate his findings.

        9. You don’t have an opinion about correlation and causation when the implication is used to support racist ideas but you do when it’s used to contradict them?
          I see.

        10. Why do you hate Israel? Obama and the USA pledge that it will remain a Jewish ethnostate, even though you anti-semites want to wipe it off the map and make it multicultural.

        11. “Why do you hate Africa and the African ways?”
          Cuz I’m a racist 5head named David?
          Oh, wait, no. I don’t, sorry.

        12. You have spent the past hour spreading your racist hatred for the African ways, and saying that black people must be around white people to be safe and prosperous.
          So, again, why do you hate black people?

        13. “Why do you hate Israel? ”
          Because I’m a convenient straw man, fashioned by a desperate racist moron.

        14. “You have spent the past hour spreading your racist hatred for the African ways”
          Wow. Sure have. And you’ve been doing so well for the last hour that it’s not like you have to lie or straw man me or anything.

        15. What? No, I meant that YOU are …
          OHHHH Waitaminute. Oh, YOU. “I see what you did there” as the youngsters say nowadays.

        16. I hope you don’t confuse me with that other guy you are debating with. I certainly do not share the same views and opinions he does. He has a similar screen name as me. How do I go about changing my screen name?

        17. You’ll never figure it out on your own, so ask a random person in a comment thread. Good idea.

        18. The important stats there would be the difference between from from around 2000 to the present, with a firm accounting for mass incarceration and modern police states.
          It’s absolutely a fact that ” diversity” reduces national cohesion. It reduces trust. It complicates politics.
          I am moving away from racism, but I can’t accept the irrational notion that filling Japan with 5 million Sudanese would be some kind of bonus, or anything but a disaster for that matter.

        19. Crime goes down in first world countries because the population is softer and cares too much about feelings
          I’d rather have crime if it means more male aggression and competition
          Multiculturalism has what to do with it? Nothing.

      2. I get what you’re saying, but the men in these countries can holler at a hottie because they are not being driven to insanity by feminist ideologies. Not because they are racially homogeneous.

        1. So you agree feminism is the cause? I would agree that it’s spread in our country is purposeful. However, I do not agree that race differences in society cause women to be cunts. This is just not observable outside of the US and certain western countries.
          By the way, I think you mean Zionists. Jews are regular ol’ folks.

        2. Absolutely not, and no, I meant “Jews”. If I meant “Zionist”, I would have said so. There is nothing wrong with Jews. You don’t have to reflexively call them, “regular ol’ folks”. Some are, some aren’t.
          Race trumps feminism in the SJW hierarchy, 100% of the time. This is why feminists feign hysterics when a frat boy has sex with a drunk girl, but they are silent when a mob of blacks rapes a white woman.

        3. The US is not a former White country, it still is a White country and according to the CIA factbook it 80% Caucasian.Even if you want to remove some of those Caucasians who are not completely European the US is still 70% White. The cities are a problem because many of them have only White minorities. NYC is only 35% White (50% for Manhattan) down from 92% in 1940. Ithink though that due to gentrification Whites will eventually regain the city and the poor loser minorities will have to move to the cheaper areas in the isolated country. Then taxes will go way down because these minorities don’t pay taxes and in fact cost a lot of money in benefits esp. their kids at $20k a head for school per year. They are all liabilities and there just will be no place for them to live in cities or do they have the IQ to survive there. It’s a pity that tourist have to see all of this trash and think they’ve landed in the Congo.
          Talmudism>Marxist> Communism>Freudianism?Jew psychiatry (to destroy your kids with drugs and brainwashed them)>Jew pornography(to brainwash boys into unrealistic and perverted sex and homosexuality)>Feminism (to corrupt girls and cause animosity between the sexes)

        4. Oh, I left out Classism used to make people hate each other. The Jews are immune to this

        5. Is being white your major life achievement? That’s it, huh?
          Cuz it sure as hell ain’t photoshop.

      3. It’s going to be fun to watch the shitlibs/non-whites explain away that image. Prepare for some amazing mental gymnastics.

        1. What could anyone possibly say? Things always go so well when states are cleansed of all minorities. Oh my gosh. So many examples in history.

        2. Homogeneous societies are always superior with regard to intraethnic tensions, what’s the surprise? You gotta check your tolerance

    3. “The radical left agenda perpetuated by the media and by higher-education has effectively brainwashed the Western majority into believing women are getting abducted and raped constantly and that they should be living in constant fear of all men (unless of course they are super attractive or wealthy).”
      I think a lot of that is in your head. The vast majority of people are normal and do not necessarily subscribe to the radical left agenda or anything that the MSM pushes. Citing a few isolated incidents such as the set-up situation in the video, then claiming that the majority of the entire Western world believes in that radical viewpoint is not accurate.
      I think unfortunately here in the Manosphere, we live in an echo-chamber bubble, where we only see what we want to see. I was talking to my girlfriend last night while watching election results ( a pointless activity to be sure). She was telling me that many of her friends are outright rejecting this hyper left bullshit and that they all strongly desire more traditional lifestyles. Whether or not they can achieve this lifestyle is another story. But the fact remains, the vast majority of people do not subscribe to far left garbage.

      1. I can see what you mean and as humans we are all a bit susceptible to group-think, but to use your own argument – you are just using the isolated example of what your girlfriend says and claim her handful of friends say which also does not represent a majority. At the end of the day all we can really rely on is objective data combined with our own life experiences. If the majority of us in this community are nodding our heads in agreeance that this perspective of the social climate in contemporary America parallels what we see in our day-to-day lives in our interactions with women and the world around us, then someone just telling me it’s all in my head is not quite convincing enough.

        1. “you are just using the isolated example of what your girlfriend says and claim her handful of friends say which also does not represent a majority.”
          That’s a good counterpoint. Perhaps I can offer another theory:
          I personally think the average woman is somewhat aware of how fucked up things are, and how feminism and this dominant idiotic leftist narrative affects them on a personal level. However, most women cannot or will not rise above it because women in general are incapable of doing anything that goes against the hivemind or the group at large. Women are lemmings. They usually don’t want to think for themselves. It’s much easier and comfortable for them to simply go with the group, wherever it takes them, even if it’s off a cliff. Women hate making decisions and being personally accountable for them . That is pretty much a concrete fact.
          Women will jump off a cliff with the rest of the lemmings if it means not having to take the heat for making a decision. If she simply goes with the group, she can claim plausible deniability for her own actions. This is how women think. I have no idea how this benefits them on a personal level. I really don’t. But then again there a lot of thing I don’t understand about human nature and female biological/psychological survival mechanisms.

      2. Sure, but the point is that a very substantial number of people believe in equalist horseshit compared to non-Western countries. Even if it isn’t a majority, it’s enough to be damaging.

  10. politically motivated ‘attention whoring’ is a huge vulnerability for feminism. Both men and women know (although few women will admit) that at best the politics are only half the story, and far more likely a cynical, calculating pretext to disguise a base narcissistic motivation as a self-sacrificing political one.
    Disguised narcissism and the social power that it produces is the basic motivation (and strategy) of the whole of (modern) feminism, and exposing its workings should be the staple of any effective strategy for countering it.

    1. She’s a solid 8 in Rutherford county, 1.5 hours to your west.
      7 in Asheville.
      4 in Baton Rouge.

  11. What we see is an extension of the workplace HR principle “intent is irrelevant.”
    The standard is no longer one of “what actually happened?” but one of “what were her actual feelings?”
    If a woman *feels* harassed, she’s been harassed.
    In the end, though, I’m happy the “street harassment” conversation is taking place- if only because it’s so blatantly racist that it undermines feminist legitmacy by their own favorite standard: ***privilege!!!*** Interestingly, this is a real example of privilege. Girl with money walks around less-monied neighborhood (not her own) and is resentful when colored locals fail to fall silent? Sounds racist as hell. I’ll bet your average “cis scum white male hetero privileged” knows better than to be so adversarial with regular people in their own neighborhood.

    1. Typical of CNN, another vaginised, feminazi news network trying to castrate men and thinking we are the villains.

      1. Yep. And let’s get a gay man to interview this attention whoring racist cunt and ask if men “really do that?”. Anderson Cooper should publicly apologize for promoting this garbage.

  12. Attention seeking whoring, is growing out of control.
    First with all the reality television garbage, then came the internet and taking pictures of yourself. Now this. What are they going to do next?
    Too many hipsters in New York if you ask me. And she wants more money for her “non-profit.”
    In these crazy times we live in, it would not surprise me if that girl managed to successfully use that footage to somehow prove, she was going to get raped.

  13. The video about that chick walking in NYC is nothing but attention whoring on it’s highest degree, except nowadays these types of women use the whole “raising awareness to this/that issue” bullshit to mask it…
    Can’t they see it? Basic female psycology right there.. that chick had the face of a 6 and maybe the ass of a 7 (IMO) and now for 20 million+ people she went from “never knew she existed” to “Wow, so she is that chick that is so attractive that she can’t walk on the streets without being harasses, wooow, she must be so hot!”. Now her SMV went to astronomical heights to an ocean of betas AND she can make her fellow bitches jealous AND she gets to pose as a SJW… it’s the perfect plan…
    But, since attention is never enough, we can be sure she will be back with another “social experiment” showing her being “harassed” in some other way, just wait..

    1. Let me tell you. With a face like she’s got and those wide hips, the last thing she needs to worry about is being raped.

    2. And don’t forget about the money. They need your “help” (I mean money) to fight this “cause”.
      A cause to help men. It’s called: learn how to stop talking to women?

    3. That was not the point of the video, and you know it. This video was to bring awareness to the type of subjectivity women face every day on the streets of New York. She’s not supposed to be hot. That’s the point. The point is that a normal, everyday woman can’t walk in peace on a New York street without having several men follow her, cat call, ask inappropriate questions,
      This wasn’t a video in the mid- west. This was specific to New York where I happened to live for seven years. The things this woman faced in this video were things that would happen to me all the time if I was walking alone. I learned to look like a bitch, avoid eye- contact, and keep my hands in my pockets- also never wear a tank top. This video helped raise awareness about the kinds of things real women face in a city I doubt you have even been to.

  14. I’ll have to agree with Tuth on this article. It is a hassle enough talking with a stranger on the street. Why on God’s Green Earth would you want to be shut down publicly by a night troll?
    In NY, if you want young and attractive, you hang at Union Square. You hang at 34th St. You hang at 42nd St. And you may even hang at the Village. The majority of the areas she walked were not there. She sought isolated instances because she isn’t attractive. Staging a video in an area where smv is desert status prooves nothing about the average woman’s experience. And thhe utter look of terror on her face was laughable. She could have been mugged all the same on this video and aside from the title you wouldn’t know what her aim was.
    Meeting people in a social atmosphere is the norm. If not we would have be reduced to the homely gatherings that are within our proximity. School, work and such. What did the patriarchy do to cause white women to want to destroy it so?
    Won’t this create just one more space where a woman, will not have access to a suitable mate? Sounds like the wage state is making an advanced push for more commerce, more long term employees and wage slaves. And the assault on family unions continues

  15. Upon hearing about this crusade a few years ago I suspected it was only a matter of time before it blew up in their face, as it was initiated by naive white SJWs who have been trained to champion minorities and disparage white males in all circumstances. “Salon” has got this bizarre consumer demographic neatly pegged and daily offers up tales of white male perfidy to the aging white females who live nowhere near any blacks. Joan Walsh herself lives in an exclusive gated white community, surfacing periodically to pen hate-filled screeds against white men while enjoying the safety and comfort they provide through their patriarchal law enforcement structures. At this point the site runs mostly on computer-generated essays assembled by a team of unpaid fresh-faced liberal arts graduates while raking in cash from product advertising. A fine example of getting wealthy through passive-income generation. I suspect Roosh is tearing a page from their playbook and developing a crypto-feminist website (“The Good Women Project”) so he can cash out and continue his frivolous ex-pat lifestyle while the rest of us uncreative losers toil like dogs trying to get a pat on the head from our female overlords at Encorpera.
    But after visiting the Hollaback website I have had a change in attitude, because they have a black dude modeling one of their nifty tshirts, which proves they are not racist :

  16. Now put her on wall st. and lets see how she acts when a young banker in a tom ford suit throw a compliment her way.

  17. Call me a whiteknight or whatever, but has it ever occured to you that white women really, truly want nothing to do with you non-whites – that they actually do find you repulsive?
    The woman in the video is a Chosenite up to her kind’s usual shit-disturbing antics, btw. I find it hilarious though because it backfired by not showing enough white men pestering according to other Chosenites/non-whites. What an ridiculous world we live in.

    1. I don’t think this is lost on the guys here. Multiple girls have told me that they don’t want minorities hitting on them. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this aspect of it, since those girls just aren’t attracted to them. Fine.
      The problem comes because some of these damaged people are trying to criminalize day game for EVERYBODY just so that they don’t have to be hit on by men they’re not attracted to. That’s the big picture behind this.
      It’s also useful to point out the racism because it turns the SJW’s tactics back at them. As we’re seeing with GamerGate, this method of combat works.

      1. I agree.
        With your third paragraph though, do you mean that we should point out the “racism” even though we laugh at the entire concept of that fake word, or point out the fact that SJWs are upset that whites are not doing their share of catcalling?
        I would do the latter because the participants in the video are self-selecting and it would show the SJW’s absolute hatred of White men. I am from a small town in Canada and have NEVER been witness to a girl being catcalled. Call me naive, but there it is.

        1. Only in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver. But then again, there is absolutely NOTHING Canadian about those cities.
          Toronto is a shithole.
          Montreal is a perverts paradise.
          Vancouver is an asian colony and a shithole.

      2. The problem comes because some of these damaged people are trying to criminalize day game for EVERYBODY

        At this rate, men will have more freedom in Turkmenistan.

    2. Yeah you are a white knight. And dumb ass one too. Freedom doesn’t give fuck a what women do or don’t find repulsive. And neither should you.

    3. I do not like how the author injected the race card into this as well; Kind of deflated the point.

    4. Here is my opinion about your comment, and this is coming from a white separatist (me).
      You are retard, if you think that western white women don’t want non-white men. In their eyes, the shorter, the father non-white men are waaay more masculine than your taller white guy.
      It’s not about “pickiness”, because white whores don’t pick. It’s just about making a statement. “Look, i am getting harassed”.

    1. Interesting..
      I like his point about how this stuff is basically just designed to create click-bait.
      Most people aren’t thinking critically about the media they’re consuming.
      Also… I haven’t watched any of this guy’s videos in a long while.. Last one I watched was just about working out and lifting weights… watched it years ago.
      The guy appears to have changed compared to earlier… a little more serious… a little darker… I wonder if this is happening to all of us.

      1. Now that you mentioned it, I’m reminded of a vid posted by Tyler from RSD when he was speaking about social conditioning and the media. He basically said that any media aimed at the masses cannot contain any nuances because the masses want simple dumb down stuff that they can consume without thinking critically about. But the moment you put up any nuance points, the masses can easily misinterpret it and the whole horde of ranting and raving idiots start carrying pitchforks and burning torches to start witch hunts.

  18. When the current Paradigm with its warm cozy cocoon of faux security crumbles, and they have no real man to protect them, it’s my guess verbal street harassment will be the least of these girls concerns.

  19. Imagine that. Live in a city with 8 million people and some of them are gonna try to talk to you.
    Who could have foreseen that?

  20. Now, simply TALKING to a woman is considered harassment if you aren’t who she is attracted to. You are considered a creep and a potential rapist for showing INTEREST in a woman. This society is sick to the core.

    1. Gotta remember, it’s pretty much only American and other western women like this.
      I currently have a contract at a company with a large number of Indian (and some Asian) women. The difference is remarkable between them and your average western woman.

      1. Asian women are feminine and nice to be around. They don’t consider strangers that talk to them as potential rapists. We have family-centric eastern culture to thank for that.

      2. Oh, absolutely. I met a girl from Russia last week and we wound up talking then and there for two hours that neither of us knew passed by.
        Now since I’m white, decently handsome, and have decent game, I don’t typically have the problem seen in the video, but talking with her compared to your average Anglosphere woman was simply no comparison.

        1. Yup. In fact, friend of mine, same age 37, just married a Russian girl who’s 23. They were dating for 2 years before that and he swears that Russian girls are nothing like their batshit crazy western counterparts.

        2. I dated a Russian girl for two years. When I ended the relationship she made my life he’ll, messaged my workplace, family, friends making up lies about me.

        3. Drat. Sorry about that. My friend’s wife is from Vladivostok. I heard the ones from Moscow are very much like their western counterparts.

      1. So, this hatred you feel for women basically stems from your being jealous of guys who can get laid. I get it.

        1. Making fun of women , isn’t hating them. Spare us your White Knightedry. Women are JUST as open to social criticism as men, and guys like you seem desperate for their approval, like YOU can’t get laid. Are you NOT getting that yet? Every White Knight I ever met was a socially inept whiny bitch who couldn’t get laid in a women’s prison.

  21. It’s not just girls that have zero social skills. Guys do too. This is why even a modicum of game will get you a long way.
    “That’s an outright emergency, one that a growing chorus of misfits,
    weirdos, and social rejects are trying their hardest to brand as
    And that’s what needs to be pointed out constantly with all these Cultural Marxists. They are damaged.

  22. The girl in the video is a butter face, but those tits are enormous and those hips and ass can take a pounding seen only in reality porn. In other words she is perfect bait for this video.

  23. Single women (and there are lots of them) are dying to meet men. When I go on dates, from the internet or from daygame, I’m always curious about their rituals for meeting men, and their dating life. The complaints are common; lamenting the fact men don’t approach them (ie: “harass” them, according to feminists), and when they do, it’s a clumsy, drunken approach at a bar. Women WANT to be approached… but on their own terms. Unfortunately, they can’t have their cake and eat it.

    1. Unfortunately in the Anglo world, many women have quite literally gotten their cake & eaten it, many times over if one checks the obesity data. Hyper entitlement.

  24. It’s the lack of social skills that makes day game increasingly hard in the States. I am always happy to a foreign accent when I approach on the street; I know then that despite the language barrier, the woman can probably carry on an adult conversation, and probably won’t think I’m a creep for striking up a conversation.

  25. I should make a video of me-a “privileged” white male walking around NYC, dressed in anything but dollar-store garb.
    I’d be harassed by derelicts asking for money every two blocks I walk. Combine that with people handing out religious flyers, club promo tickets, and any other bullshit that can be found. How about the police treatment of males in NYC? You know, where they can toss you up against a wall and frisk you for no fucking reason.
    If I was a CEO of a company, I’d get “harassed” 50+ times a day by solicitors. Bottom line is, if you have something to offer, whether it be money or sexual appeal, people will ask you for it. Probably more than you want.
    We’d all rather be men of power who get “harassed” by people who want jobs, and to sell us something. Women might receive unwanted attention but these women are fortunate to possess sex appeal which some of their peers don’t have and are far from the only people who are approached by undesirables. Women don’t seem to understand that in this world if you want something, you have to ask for it. Men want intimacy and sex, and we have to ask for it.

    1. Great comment. It made me think about the bigger picture too. In a recent article I commented on how women view the world as “good things happen to those who wait”, while for men it’s the opposite. Maybe that in part explains why in 99.9% of cases it was men who invented things and created progress.
      As men we are forged in the crucible of having to ask for what we want and make things happen, a big part of which is we don’t get any intimacy and sex unless we are proactive, as you say. I posit that this fact lays the foundations for the world view behind every masculine achievement.

    2. Why do you think all New Yorkers learn to keep their heads down, not make any eye contact with anyone and keep their hands in your pockets? People judge New York for being rude and not stopping for them in the street when they needed help with directions when they visit. The real question is, can you blame them?
      I lived in New York for seven years. You are absolutely right about men getting harassed by random people, though the police generally left white and Asian men alone. The difference is that men aren’t’ followed by women, told they are sexy and asked “you want some of this?” all day long. Women who would do that kind of thing are either prostitutes or crazy and I can only think of a few times I actually witnessed a man getting harassed by a woman.

  26. This article is great work. I’d add that going right along with this phenomenon is the tendency to think any man is “abusive” who calls a woman on her shit and says, e.g., “shut the fuck up already”–something that many women today really do need to hear.

  27. “Oh look at all of these guys that saying hello, wishing me a good morning
    complimenting me and are telling me how sexy i am and none of them even
    touch me. HOW HORRIBLE!!! I”M SO OPPRESSED!!! Street Harassment!! Street
    Harassment!! Street Harassment!! I”m going to post a video on YouTube
    to convince everyone how horrible women have in America. Somebody SAVE
    -Self victimizing attention whore.

    1. Everybody gives me everything I ever want all the time D:
      OMG I’m so anxious. Where are my anti-depressant pills?

  28. I couldn’t agree more with this. My main problem with catcalling is that its for wimps… if you’re actually interested in having sex with the girl, you should come up and talk to her instead of yelling “hey beautiful” or something of that sort in her direction.
    HOWEVER, bad game isn’t a crime. Its completely insane how this has become an actual campaign now, since she walked around for 10 hours, in the absolute worst neighborhoods, and had two people follow her. I lived in the East Bay for a long time, and I would get harassed by homeless people on a daily basis. Its just a part of life.
    My guess is that this is just a short-lived phenomenon, but if its not… I guess its time for all-out Tinder.

      1. Yeah, it was. Just because they’re physically strong men doesn’t mean shit. Mentally, they’re a bunch of pussies who don’t have the balls to talk to a woman in a way that might actually lead to something.

  29. everything was spot on about the article except for the following sentence. “especially if he’s a racial minority. ” is the author Black, then he is interjecting the race card into this. This happens to all men.

    1. On average, if you are of a particular side of the race, your bracket of choice gets limited. Being black is just one group that illustrates this point best.

      1. I am saying that the author should have left that out. There’s plenty of Latin or Black women to approach too. Their selection is not limited. IT HAPPENS TO ALL MEN. I dress well, I smell good, I am fit, I am white and 8 times out of 10 when I approach a woman in a bar, they look at me like I did something illegal.

        1. That is across the board. In the aspect of day game, when women aren’t peacocking, looking to bed the best potential paycheck, they will listen to you on the streets. There is still the stigma of a potential mugging if you are black and approach. And don’t you dare walk too fast. She might need the mace.

        2. If you are black, you are not entitled to any better response more so than any white man, period. I said that the same thing happens to me and you keep bringing up that black men approaching a white woman are looked at as a mugger.

        3. If this is happening to you a lot, you’re probably overrating yourself.
          Also girls’ bitch shields are higher in those environments to start with and the competition is higher.
          Minorities just have an overall lower SMV than white guys, which is why most women, especially most white women, do not want to be hit on by them. Tuth was not incorrect.

        4. maybe, I do not think I am the best looking, though I do not think I am all that bad either. I’ve had 4 serious girlfriends in my lifetime, some were considered 8+. What I am saying again is that minorities have minority females to hit on as well, why did the author have to focus on minorities hitting on whites?

        5. I agree on the entitlement. The sides of the race are treated differently. I guess the bias I posit is that, being white and all things equal, you stand a higher chance of acceptance because more women are comfortable being attracted to a white male than they are a black male.
          We may never see eye to eye as you have never also had the experience of being a black male and neither I a white male.

        6. that maybe due to white woman’s preference. I have been attracted to black women and I went on a date with a really attractive one with a HB 9. She said in St Louis, people would look at us and stare. I said that I do not care. I never heard from her again. Lets quit bringing the race card stuff, we are all NOW Americans and many women will not be attracted to us, regardless of color.

        7. the topic was about approaching women. In the video, the “approachers” happened to be minorities.

        8. It nicely illustrates that feminist rhetoric can be used to put groups/causes into a precarious position without being blunt about it.
          The underlying message of this video is… if you’re broke… like a low SES black man… please do not talk to women.
          It isn’t stated in the video… that would be racis… but its right there in front of you. They didn’t shoot this video on Wall street.
          Its the same deal with the Yes Mean Yes laws in California.
          This law in theory shouldn’t apply to your average nice-guy beta because he is not a rapist… but that is who it is going to affect negatively.

        9. Hehe! It is an uncomfortable subject to address. For you it was an uncomfortable subject, for me it was Tuesday.
          I have dated different women and none have been the most hassle to date than a Anglo-Saxon white woman. I have little issues attracting any woman if they meet me but still a bit wary of the initial approach.
          Outside of those brackets, day game being criminalized is quite funny as the woman shown, while sexually enticing, is a pump and dump. Unless she is very impressive in other areas, she carries herself like a woman with low SMV.

        10. That’s the same kind of bullshit feminists say. It’s bullshit when they say it and it’s bullshit when you say it.

        11. don’t get your panties in an uproar. That was what happened in the video. If those black guys were in suits and stepped out of an Aston Martin, then they would have talked to him. It’s not bullshit because you say so.

        12. “The underlying message of this video is… if you’re broke… like a low SES black man… please do not talk to women.”
          There’s real mileage in that issue, not (just) because of racism, but because the race issue links with the SMV issue and works to undermine the ‘ethics’ of a feminism based ultimately on ‘discriminatory practice’. That this woman deliberately set up these men she was ‘too good for’ to get tripped up is something sthe and her supporters should not be allowed to live down. This is Negative Hypergamy in action.

        13. Before you white knight for black men, look up the FBI crime stats on assault and then come back to me.

        14. More bullshit?
          And if your dad had tits he’d be your mom. But he doesn’t and he isn’t.
          The approachers in the video didn’t all just happen to be men, just happen to be low income and just happen to be black. There was no coincidence.

        15. sounds like that’s more of a reflection of black men then isn’t it ? that’s what you are saying now. If lower class white men did that, would they not get the same response? I think so, you’re either trying to be politically correct, a black male, or a white knight for black males.

        16. You can focus on that but you’ll be missing an opportunity to expose a chink in the feminist armour.

        17. Are there lower class white men in the video? Well? What the jew couldn’t find a construction site in NYC to strut past.
          And you can’t white knight for men that’s an oxymoron… What the fuck is wrong with you?

        18. I guess there is something wrong with me because I treat my black friends and co-workers with equal respect than I do with my Mexican, African, Russian, etc… yeah that’s real wrong. I didn’t see what you say is the inherent racism in the video, maybe you;re reading into it too much buddy because you are butt hurt. Some of the black men said polite things like “how are you?” Did you forget about those? I looked at this video as men approaching her not BLACK men approaching her. Yes she is an ugly feminist. I didn;t see a hidden Jew agenda here.

        19. I’m more focused on the entire Leftist armour which forces me to pay 45 percent of my income to a Marxist state, but doesn’t protect me as a white male.
          Meanwhile, white police officers doing their jobs are vilified by parasites… because it’s still the blue pill narrative that blacks are oppressed and put in jail for no reason.

        20. Dude. This ain’t about you dumb ass.
          This video is framed by a feminist jews as harrassment by men. The contents are mostly of black men saying “hello/hey baby”…
          Big problem whether you realize it or not.

        21. okay you’re a bitter fucking butt hurt guy, we get it. now move along and hang out with the black panthers and let us know how far that movement gets you. You;re the butt hurt guy making this a race issue when it it is clearly NOT. I just said a few of those BLACK guys said hello. By calling that harassment makes this bitch looks stupid. Now you’re in the same boat as her. You want white women to kiss your ass; that’s what this is about.

        22. So summarized, crime statistics from ’05 are used to substantiate fears of today. Ok. Probably the smart thing would be to understand that which you fear, so you won’t fear it. Or do what you are doing to be safe. I rather not worry about looking over my shoulder.

        23. A lot has. You seem very determined to hold on to your beliefs. Whatever you choose to hold to your chest is on you. While you pull up stats to hold firm on why to fear black people, and stats to verify how stupid black people are in relation to you, the world still turns, and your women still fiight you.
          Listen crime happens wherever there are poor and desperate. This happens in an all black country as well. As those exist, the people there are also not all criminals. However impoverished the Caribbean may be, they still have a government in place which runs. And people only come to America because the quality of life is supposed to be higher.
          After a certain age, you realize bigots will find any reason to blame someone for something. And they’ll never see it as unilateral hatred. Do what you need to to feel safe.

    2. I think you need to get your head out of your ass. Race matters to these women… therefore it was mentioned.

      1. I think you need quit being a crybaby bitch. White men get the same response from white women as well on the street. You just think you are entitled to a different response.

  30. White middle class american feminists blamed all their problems on white male patriarchy until they effectively emasculated white males through the education system and the legal system. So this is the “equality” they won, getting ignored by white men while attracting the unwanted attention from blacks and hispanics. As a white male, I say suck it.

    1. White males are not all you talk yourselves up to be. I am not saying one race of men is more alpha than the others but there is no reason to believe that you are “the prized male” of society for the dismal level of melanin in your skin

      1. That notion of them being the “prized male” is in YOUR head. He said white women were taught that white men were the bad guys. Not ALL women. So basically you’ve just inadvertently outed your own inferiority complex and bias opinions toward white men.

        1. It definitely aint in my head. It comes out of the mouth of many of the posters on here and the media portrayals of “thirsty black men”… but hey we dont make the rules, we just play the game.

      2. That superiority complex white males seem to have. Like ive said many minority men were “red pill” years before people knew what that ment. It only became fashionable because so many of y’alls princesses started divorcing and dogging the crap outa yall… welcome to our world. Lol

  31. This is the new feminism, any man who is accused of hurting a woman’s feelings is a misogynist, and any woman who claims a man hurt her feelings is a feminist hero. That’s all feminism means anymore.

  32. That process is harder than it looks. Have you ever had the joy of seeing a woman try to pick up a man cold with something besides her looks? If so, you already know that women have zero skill at creating anything but the most pedestrian of conversations, and even less at sustaining them long enough to get a viable number.

    I have not had this experience. I would love to see this documented, absolutely love it.

  33. Some of my most attractive sex partners were women I met in the daytime by just talking to them. Hollaback is on some bullshit, just like Tuthmosis said this video was no better than “hood pranks”. Good article.

  34. I heard 2 women at a bar talking about Daniel Craig (James Bond). They both said he is “ugly hot” and that he is scary. If that doesn’t confuse the hell out of most of you in regards to modern day women, then these types of articles will be popping up more and more.

    1. “I dunno, when I hear most women talk, all I hear are birds fighting over a worm.” Billy Burr

  35. i made some comment the other day about a friend that went through a tremendous amount of tragedy at a young age. she’s beautiful and men hit on her constantly. i have never once heard her bitch about it, much less write an angry article ( a stranger squeezed her ass in a bar and she told him off, but im going to let her have that one ). she doesnt complain because she understands that life can be gut wrenchingly painful and this kind of petty crap is laughable. how can you expect anyone to respect you as a ‘strong independent woman’ if a stranger saying hello throws you into a panic ?

  36. My sister (white) has been sexually assualted, by yes, a black man. The guy pulled down his pants on the subway, rubbed against my sister and ejaculated in the middle of the day in a crowded cabin. Before my sister knew what was going on, she had jizz all over her work attire.
    The fact is that blacks commit a disproportionately a high number of rapes, murders, and violent crimes against whites. If you want to know why whites are skeptical or fearful of blacks just look at the FBI crime stats…. I always move to the other side of the street when black youths approach at night, as I was beat up as a 13 year old by a group of them.
    Call me racist, but I don’t want to die… and God forbid I fight back, I will be vilified on MSNBC NEWS.

    1. Sounds like the guy was mentally ill, not giving him a walk, but he obviously had a mental disorder. Sorry that happened to your sister.

      1. When in an exclusively black area, my sister gets cat calls like the video above all the time. I don’t harbor hatred for blacks, but crime stats and my own experience speaks for themself.
        Whites have to be careful around blacks, I don’t care who says that’s RACIST it’s true.

        1. Dr. Orange you are such a beta pussy. Oh I am soo scared of black people. Grow some balls you faggot. You probably got beat up because you were a scared little pussy.

        2. You won’t say that face to face to me.
          Try an objective argument rather than your feeeeeelings.

        1. Sure they do. As a matter of fact… they think used up sluts should be wined and dine by men out of their leagues.

        2. The sexual revolution was about freeing women from the need to have sex only in “real” relationships that start with dating and forming connections with each other. Tinder, emotionless hookups, and meaningless one night stands, etc are all desired by-products of the female sexual revolution.
          The lack of dating because women are “too busy” with their careers, and going to school, and having fun, and being strong and independent without time or need for a man, who just want to right-swipe some guy on Tinder and bang him 15 minutes later never to see him again is a feminist dream.
          It wasn’t a well thought out dream because it’s led to legions of older women who have no mate and will never find one, but it’s their dream anyways. Even now those loveless, mateless women are being told they don’t need a man to fulfill them by those same feminist imbeciles who got them into the situation they’re in now.
          You’re confusing what feminists want with what normal, feminine women want.

        3. Nope.
          The sexual revolution was about freeing women up to use/abuse sex without social repercussions. Feminist want the freedom for women to use sex all the time… within a relationship, to get meals, to get promotions at work, or simply to attention whore.

    2. Now THAT’S a real issue and the asshole who did that deserves to rot in jail for life. My condolences, brother…

    3. Great, but race tribalism is a separate issue from fighting feminism – if you want to help your race have a ton of kids

  37. It only counts as “harassment” when women don’t find a man attractive. One thing I noticed is that women that complaining about said harassment are average to below average women. Ironically these are the same women that fish for compliments on social media.

    1. the hot ones are always on Instagram and Fakebook parading their goods for compliments and they all seem to be “models”.

      1. The really high quality females do not bother or waste their time on prole facebook or do they post pics or info about themselves.They can get attention in real life with little effort.

      2. Except actual models don’t take HUNDREDS of pics a day of themselves… themselves!
        I personally would rather give my phone to a complete stranger to take a picture of me instead of taking a single selfie!

    2. Agree….and it turns out that the aging “beauties” stop getting said attention once they hit the wall. They start to become “invisible”…and they hate it.
      It’s pretty sad to watch a woman (later in age) trying so hard to regain that “attention” once she has hit the wall. The time has passed and the newer, younger models are out.

    3. If some hot chick came up to you and said Hey sexy wanna come home with me tonight after no other course of introduction, you would think she was a prostitute and would either ignore her or ask her how much.

  38. American women are autistic as fuck and that’s why they project their own autism onto everyone else, especially since Psychology is the most popular degree in America at present and so they’ve been brainwashed by the bogus science of psychology/psychiatry as well.
    Great article.

  39. Enjoy the harassment ladies because the day will come when no one, other than a street beggar wanting money, will approach you.

    1. Instead of saying “the day will come” say “what can I do, in whatever measure, to bring on that day?”

  40. I go to pro sports games in town and am constantly bombarded by female promo models who want me to try a beer or get my personal info so they can call me and sell me a product. Shouldn’t that be in the same category ?

  41. Just yesterday I was harassed! An older fatter woman tried chatting me up in the line to pay for coffee. Just because I’m wearing a suit and have a 40inch chest and 30 inch waist doesn’t mean I am some status object for a woman to just think she can just start a polite conversation with! Triggered! Harassed! Literally raped! Pay attention to me, and validate me!

      1. It did actually. I responded by treating her like a twenty year old girl would to a man: I gave her an awkward “you’re a creeper” smile.

    1. Shit like this is always happening…and right around us, everyday.
      It’s just not that big of an issue because it’s the women who are starting the conversations so it’s deemed “acceptable”, not creepy (female def) and no big deal.
      It’s equality at it’s finest, gentlemen.

    2. I had a fat older woman who had multiple tattoos and smelled badly of cigarette smoke try to grab my attention once. For a brief moment, I considered this a violation. But only for a split second though, because then I realized that it’s NO FUCKING BIG DEAL and I can just ignore people.

  42. Feminism has destroyed the basic relationship between women and men of all races in America to the point where it’s a catch22 being a guy. Women claim that they want men to make the first move, if we don’t we’re supposedly scared. I’ve heard women defending the video saying silly shit like
    ” The thing about approaching people is it’s all based on context. If a woman is walking down the street, listening to music, reading book, and whatever else, then it’s probably a bad time to approach her. It’s annoying to have someone bug you when you’re trying to do something or go somewhere. On the other hand, it is okay to approach women at social places like at school, the bar, or at a party. Just be polite, and if she’s not interested leave her alone. It’s pretty simple.”
    Women honestly believe they’re levitating above us.

    1. well that’s what we are dealing with. If men just stopped going to bars, stopped going to parties and just brought in call girls to fuck or go to titty bars then the regular women would have to change their behavior to get men. Prostitution is a THREAT to them despite what many of guys think about it.

        1. that hasn’t stopped ECCIE. ECCIE is a threat. It rates Escorts and forces Escorts to provide the services men want. If women, as you know, try to play games they get bad reviews. This is the final frontier of pussy on the web. they can’t stop this.

    2. “Just be polite, and if she’s not interested leave her alone. It’s pretty simple.”
      So why does that only apply to women in bars and parties, but not women walking down the street? You can’t say, “Hi”, to a woman on the street, be polite, and place the onerous task on her of letting me know she’s not interested? It seems pretty simple to me.
      I think I’m going to start advocating something stupid like women who feel amenable to being approached by men should wear a “Social Interaction Acceptable Now” badge or carry a sign saying “It’s okay to approach me at the moment” instead of placing all the burden on me to read their minds.

      1. Agree. We’ll have the ones who are social wear the SIAN badge…and fuck the other ones (who cares).
        Women want it both ways…it doesn’t work that way.

    3. of course…unless you’re attractive (to them), then it’s ok to “bug” them at anytime. I really don’t care what they are doing at the time…I just walk up and talk to them if I feel like it.
      You have to really care about what they think (or feel)….I don’t.
      No logic…all women. It’s useless as fuck…really.

      1. True. Women are conformist. Feminist absolutely despise women who don’t think or feel the same way they do. Most of the shit women go on about is from women who don’t know what the fuck they are talking about.

  43. What the fuck is a “man of color?” I’ve done a lot of drugs in my day, but I’ve never seen a man of color. Is it the same as “colored people?”
    Don’t be such a pussy, Tuth. If you’re going to call out movements for being overtly politically correct, then don’t use phrases like “racial minority” and “ethnic neighborhood” and “men of color.” It’s the same as calling fat girls “women of size” or “curvy.”
    The people in this video are poor blacks. Why do you insist on both supporting and attacking the liberal agenda all in one post? You are confused and angry, and you’re not really helping anybody.

    1. I’m white. White is also a color. Does that mean I’m a person of color too? Can one of you guilty white liberals help clarify for the rest of us?

        1. My Irish ass always turns red if I’m in the sun too long. Am I a person of temporary color?

        2. the color of kahlua mixed with milk.
          “You make a helluva caucasian Jackie.”
          (Lebowski reference)

        3. Like MichaelB above I am Celtic. I don’t go along with all you race mixers that want to create a single (fairly) pale race in Europe.

        4. Ah, the Irish. We used to beat you guys to a pulp in this country. Our prisons used to be about 80% full of you. And nearly all of you were poor and illiterate. Now, the prejudice has subsided and you’re fully integrated and no one cares. Why, it’s almost as if multiculturalism worked.

        5. The Irish actually prove that multiculturalism can only be fixed through total assimilation. I doubt the American minorities today can turn white like the Irish did.

    2. Absolutely. The obsession with titles is just another way of feminizing and bullying white men. If you use the wrong word, you’re out of work and a social outcast.
      The author is openly hateful and bitter about white women. The white women are obviously made uncomfortable, too. The solution is obvious: different countries. Women in China and Israel don’t have to complain about black men making them uncomfortable, and black men in Haiti and Liberia don’t have to complain about white men oppressing them.

      1. It seems the point of your article went over your head. Destruction of sexual relationships, hell, even friendly relationships between men and women is underway and you can only think of protecting your little and “virgin” white “ladies”.
        Your mindset is the first reason why western women are no longer “virgin” or even “Ladies” and why darkies are all over the place…

        1. You’re very confused. You quoted me saying “virgin” and “ladies”. I used neither word. Stop lying.
          Secondly, I do not share your apparent antipathy toward “darkies”. They are obviously not happy and compatible with white people, and should have lands where they won’t be harmed by us whites, and we must have lands where we won’t be harmed by them. Ethnostates work. Multiracial states don;t.

        2. I never say you used the words virgin and ladies. I stated the mindset, the “whiteknight” mindset (senseless cuddling and defense of women and their ideas, no matter how wacky they are) was to blame for many ills of our society, starting with the loosening of community ties and functional discipline that in times past, ensured the peaceful coexistence and even prosperity of both whites and minorities, even “NAM” (blacks, mulattos, etc). My apologies if there was a misunderstanding on my part.
          BTW I harbor no antipathy towards black people however I am one of the last persons you will be hearing from, phrases like “English proficient” or “coloured individual”

        3. White children have been the minority in the USA since at least 2011 (likely earlier as many immigrants aren’t documented by the Census Bureau).
          Yes, you did claim I said “virgin” and “ladies”. You put the words in quotations and refuted statements nobody ever spoke. Scizhophrenics argue with themselves.
          You are correct: there was a “peaceful coexistence” between blacks and whites: during Segregation. Then, during WW2, the blacks emigrated North, and soon South Chicago, Harlem, Detroit, and many other northern cities were African. Segregation was soon outlawed, and the African violence ensued.
          Blacks were a tiny minority, legally segregated. As soon as the government mandated multiracialism, the death was on.
          You are correct: there is no modern example of a peaceful multiracial state without police state measures to enforce the peace. This is why ethnostates like Israel and China are prosperous.

        4. Cleansing states of minorities works very well. Forcing people from their homes. Rounding them up. Shipping them off. My goodness, what could go wrong?

        5. Government land confiscation is a great mystery to you. Look at how they built the interstate near your home, retard.
          But maybe the African land confiscation is more your cup of tea:

        6. Hey, I don’t even know what cuck porn is–
          Waiiiit a minute…oh, YOU! I see what you did there. You insulted me by typing at me on the internet from your computer cubby. Good one.

        7. But wait a min… this aint ur country either. All those American Indians your ancestors killed along the “trail of tears”… kinda blows ur “white means right” theory out the window

      2. You can talk about people being hateful and bitter, because it is clear from your many, voluminous posts that you could not be more at peace with the world.

        1. You have low standards, but then that explains your chosen career…internet forum EXPLAINER OF THE IMPORTANT POINTS!

      1. Lame response. Don’t be such a coward in the future. Or should I say, don’t be a “person with deficient ability for avoiding cowardice.”
        Euphemisms are designed to soften the truth. Soft language for soft people.

        1. When I look for courageous people, I must say I go first to people talking sh*t in comment forums.

      1. Of course I know what he means. But he’s posing as some sort of male justice warrior by calling out a group of people, and then hiding behind soft language so as not to offend anyone. He’s no better than those he criticizes, regardless of the topic.

        1. I can see both sides but let’s not get divided (and conquered), here.
          Brock is right about the nitpicking and TheRed should send his thoughts on writing directly to Tuth’s email (with much respect).
          All in all…everyone contributes on here to point out how fucked up the other sides is on all levels. Let’s stay grouped together and point out the solid advice.
          The younger guys need us…and they need direction. Stay strong…stay on course.

  44. Just for the record, you could have just said baited out men of lower social status. We all know she edited out the white men that did the same things as all the others. It’s not a color / race issue, it’s an entitled bitch issue lol

      1. I don’t know. Go walk around for 10hrs in a low income white and Asian neighborhood and report back

        1. I’m not, from the title,”Baiting Poor Men of Color on Video”. Unless being classed as poor isn’t an economic measure of a persons wealth

        2. Saying “Hi” and “Have a nice day” is in your mind “acting like a fucking animal”? Shouldn’t you be over at Jezebel or something crying about rape culture?

      2. They might have. Maybe not in America because American White men are so pussified like yourself, but in European countries like Italy and France catcalling is somewhat normal.

        1. France and Italy it’s common, Germany and Britain it’s not. Different cultures different habits.

        2. I agree, I was about to say, “Define white?” Because I know some Italian and Greek dudes who have balls and have no problem catcalling, and their women enjoy it rather that respond with cunty disdain. I dunno how pussification is catching on so quickly out here.

        3. False, I’m just saying that in a healthy society it isn’t treated like the worst thing in the world. Most older women will say that they enjoy it as long as it doesn’t fall into the territory of an assault or vulgar insults. I didn’t see any of that in this video. Most women past their prime even go out hoping to get some attention from men.

        4. Yelling at a girl that you want to fuck her and that she looks good and you want to smack that ass. That’s cat calling.

    1. I dont believe there were many catcalls from white men. Most white men today are beta hipsters who has learned to “respect” women, meaning, being sub servant to them and kiss their ass.
      They dont dare catcalling. Its not in their nature anymore. They are tamed lions.
      But black people have not yet reached our level of pussyness yet

    2. OR you could just ask someone who actually lived in New York for seven years (me) and I can tell you that 95% of the men who cat called me, whistled, asked inappropriate questions, or followed me or something along those lines were Hispanic. There were maybe two white guys ever that did something along those lines and they were both drunk. White men simply are raised better. There’s not much more of an explanation than that. They are taught to respect women and treat them a certain way whereas a lot of Hispanic men (from poorer countries and therefore poorer education) don’t realize how insulting it is to call out to a woman you don’t know that you would like to bang her.

  45. I agree that the video is bullshit.
    I also think you sound like an annoying bitch when you talk about it.

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