Top 10 Colleges For Getting Laid

10. University of Western Ontario


Canada’s wildest party school. The University of Western Ontario may be a cold place to live, but it’s attractive student body and reputation for debauchery makes it one of the best choices for young men in the Great White North.

9. Pennsylvania State University


One of America’s largest colleges by enrolment and a constant presence on annual Best Party School lists, Penn State offers young men and endless sea of girls and a great party atmosphere to mack in, but suffers from relatively mundane North East weather.

8. California State University, Chico


Chico State has been affectionately labelled “DTF City” by members of the Roosh V Forum, featuring “some of the nicest and down to earth girls California has to offer”. Need I say more?

7. Florida State University


While you can’t really go wrong with any of Florida’s larger colleges, Florida State takes the cake. It’s got a huge student body, has a reputation for hard-partying and unlike some of other Sunshine State competitors, it  isn’t too bookish so the co-eds are even more inclined to get their freak on.

6. University of Texas at Austin


Austin is famed for being an amazing city for young men, and the girls of it’s most landmark University of Texas are known for letting loose. U of T is a constant fixture on the annual party school lists, and Austin is packed to the brim with a diverse array of cute girls from both U of T, Austin itself, and tourist party goers from all around Texas, not to mention the infinite amount of bars particularly on its infamous 6th Street. Unfortunately, however, the outside of campus bar scene of Austin has at times been labelled a sausage fest.

5. McGill University


Located in the heart of Montreal, men who study at McGill University will not only enjoy it’s academic prestige but the beauty and grace of Montreal’s fine women. Bring some warm clothes and brush up on your French because I have it on good authority from a number of my own friends that once you go have a taste of the women of Quebec, you’ll never want to go back to Anglo girls ever again.

4. New York University


NYU is not only an excellent university, but it happens to be located in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village neighborhood  giving it’s male students perfect logistics with which to chase poon in one of the best cities for game in the Western world. While it lacks the crazy frat parties of other colleges on this list, that is more than made up for by the sheer volume of cute young women every time you step onto the street or pass through Washington Square Park, not to mention NYC’s famed nightlife and NYU’s favorable straight guy to female ratio. NYU is conveniently situated next door to the East Village, which happens to have the greatest concentration of bars in the entire world.

3. University of Georgia


UGA is the flagship party school of the hard partying Southern colleges, beating out other venerable competitors such Louisiana State and Ole Miss. A player friend who lives in the South declared that he would surely “have STD’s if went to UGA” which sums the school up quite well. If a guy has game there they are going to kill it .

2. Arizona State University


A Roosh V Forum member said about ASU that whenever they visited his college for football and basketball games “it was ridiculous as if Playboy was holding events on campus.” ASU is well known across America for it’s hot and slutty co-eds. ASU  is the single largest college in the United States by enrollment with over 60,000 students and due to it’s sheer size, ASU girls don’t have to worry about all their friends finding out about them hooking up with you. Constant sunshine plus hot, slutty women and plenty of anonymity, what more could you ask for?

1. University of California, Santa Barbara AKA the University of Casual Sex and Beer


The designated party school of the University of California system, UC Santa Barbara benefits not only from an attractive and hard partying student body (the featured image at the very top of this article being a good example), but also it’s beautiful on-campus beaches and year-round perfect weather. Isla Vista, California, which is home to the bulk of UCSB students is famous for it’s debauchery, beach culture and outdoor festivals. Whereas Berkeley and UCLA attract hard working academically oriented students, Santa Barbara is the favoured destination for party girls from across California.  While The University of Southern California is a bastion for cliquey sorority girls, the culture of UCSB is simply much more conductive to gaming.  This combined with it’s beautiful weather, beaches and laidback yet hard-partying culture make UC Santa Barbara paradise on Earth for young men. There is no other college that can beat the experience it offers for young college men with game.

Honorary Mention: Brigham Young University


For those poor souls that are looking for a nice, traditional (and also Mormon) girl who aren’t afraid to put a ring on it, BYU is hands down for them to “game.” If that’s not what you’re looking for, steer clear of of Brigham Young University like the plague.

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64 thoughts on “Top 10 Colleges For Getting Laid”

  1. First, AUstin is full, go somewhere else.
    Second, Austin is a miserable place for men over 40, so if you aren’t young, move.

    1. I was just going to remark something similar, that universities in North America are no place for any dude over 40. I suppose for older guys one could play adjunct-professor-and-I-can-rigg-your-grades game and see how that goes, but really, in the States any man over age 28 is considered over the hill so why bother.
      But for guys in their twenties I could see these places working, as long as you flee the campus after a good weekend of pumping and dumping so if the skag that consented to be plugged, and you plugged her she will be unable to fix her buyer’s remorse and unplug with a false rape accusation.

      1. True.
        In fact, I would say for most guys, being older than 35 is going to be a problem in most “college towns” in America unless you look very young for your age.
        For instance, the last time I was in Santa Barbara, I went to State Street where all the UCSB & SBCC girls go to party and drink at bars, and main thing I noticed was how young the scene trended. Very few people above 25 were there and most of the girls seemed to be in the college scene. Tough crowd to penetrate if you are “older.”
        That said, there is always Eastern Europe, South East Asia, and Latin America, where being older is not seen as such a big problem if you want to date younger women.

        1. A lot has to do with the kind of looks you receive from the girls there when you are at a place. But for older guys gaming younger poon the approach is different then if you are 25 and going after the same skags in the same room.
          It’s dodgy no doubt as was stated that any man over 28 is an oldie, so a guy in his late 30’s could easily be foreseen as a walking corpse.
          But there are situations that are exceptions. I cannot say which, but I believe it was Heartiste (aka Roissey) who write something on fundamentals for older dudes bagging younger skinks. It does happen in the isa, but i also agree that being in other parts of the world it is much easier because of culture, you will have more options.

  2. Most of these are pretty solid based on what I’ve heard from people, but McGill?? McGill is the only time I’ve stepped onto a mainstream, decent college campus, and the quality was a dramatic DROP from the surroundings. I was actually stunned by it. I only walked around there one day, but from what I saw, the girls there were frumpy androgynous Anglophones, while the sweet lithe Francophones are just blocks away. It doesn’t help that McGill gets lots of Americans, and not necessarily the hot carefree types that patronize Florida State and UCSB.

    1. The French Quebecois sluts are roaming over at Universite de Montreal and UQaM, not McGill. fuck your brains out with them, but offload them quickly or else they become stickier than burrs, especially if they think you’re a rich American who will help them get out of dingy Quebec.

  3. Florida StateUniversity was, up to the late 1940’s, “State College for Women.” That’s why their football team’s name of “Seminoles” is really code for “Semi-Holes.”
    Or at least that’s what they taught me when I went to the University of Florida.

  4. Lol everything is context. I went to Penn state, and unless ur a tall German frat boy, prepare to have a very dry Dick. I got twice my whole 4 yrs there. One was to a Latina foreign exchange student.
    Now i live in miami and am rolling in a new lover every month.
    Demographics yo. Demo-freaken-graphicsss

    1. no offense, but it may have something to do with your name being Carlos. you said it yourself: “unless you’re a tall German frat boy” so you’re implying that the sorority sluts prefer mostly white frat type guys. that’s pretty normal, a lot of college girls are like that

    2. no offense, but it may have something to do with your name being Carlos. you said it yourself: “unless you’re a tall German frat boy” so you’re implying that the sorority sluts prefer mostly white frat type guys. that’s pretty normal, a lot of college girls are like that

    3. no offense, but it may have something to do with your name being Carlos. you said it yourself: “unless you’re a tall German frat boy” so you’re implying that the sorority sluts prefer mostly white frat type guys. that’s pretty normal, a lot of college girls are like that

  5. UT Austin is a bit played out as a place that takes itself too seriously. Tries too hard to be alternative #1 for a California university. The rest of this list is absolute greatness though as you’ll get more of the “college experience” at FSU, UGA, or ASU.

    1. I kind of agree. Of the schools on that list, UT Austin is probably the competitive to enter. The state of Texas has a much greater prevalence of public school attendance than any other “southern state” due to Independent School District makeup of the public school system. So the tradition is Texas has always been not to go away and to favor in-state public colleges over private. On that list only Penn State and NYU rank higher. There are 25 million people in Texas at UT Austin ranks high on students preferred list. So if you get one B during your high school career and less than 1300 on SAT, you’re not getting in.
      This is a bit of long term trend. When I went there, you could get it with a decent SAT, 1100 and reasonable grades, high B. So over time the student body has changed to more of a bookish lot.
      But even when it would make some list of Party Schools, we all thought “Here?” If you don’t keep your nose grindstone you will fail out. It is designed to fail you out and it attempts to fail you out.
      But in it’s defense, it has kind of a party culture, and it has the night life of Austin. It was a major pot school. I used to walk around with kind bud in my pocket all the time and everyone I knew smoked. The parents of the students are usually affluent and the kids have spending money and I think that’s a factor.
      But I live in South Austin right now, and it is the “fattest” place I have ever lived. I can go to the grocery store and as I look at women, I am amazed. As I rate them walking past, it is “Fat, fat, very fat, Obese as hell, fat, disgustingly fat” and maybe 1 in 10 isn’t fat, obese, or very obese.
      And also, the industry in this place, outside of the State Government of Texas, (which is probably chubby post wall hags) is tech, sausages.
      And keep in mind that Roosh posted a list of cities that had the highest rate of feminist schreechers after the 9 Ugliest Feminists in America and Austin got an honorable mention.
      So throw the tendency of the UT girls to be very exclusive to boys that are students of UT, add in the Fat Factor, the Tech Factor, the Feminist Factor, I would think there are better places to be than here.
      If you have an English accent, this is the place, or if you are RockBandDrummer, this is the place, but if you are a SysAdmin for Linux, this probably isn’t the place for you.
      And if you don’t have straight As and at least a 1200 on your SAT, about 20,000 a year for out of state tuition just for fees, or you can’t run a 4.4 forty yard dash then you’re not getting into this school.

      1. Seconded. UTA is pushing HARD to become a “public Ivy” and it shows in the college party scene, which has diminished just in the 3 years I’ve been here. Frat parties are getting clamped down on, and even random house parties are getting shut down by the police early (midnight-2 am). Not to say that you can’t clean up in the college scene, but it ain’t what it used to be. Like Minter said “If you don’t keep your nose grindstone you will fail out. It is designed to fail you out and it attempts to fail you out.”, which is 100% true. Most of the students (men and women) are so into their faux academic track (complete with dreams of grad school) that no one really cuts loose, unless it’s ACL/SXSW/random other festival or holiday. If having a shot at cleaning up 2-3 times a year is your idea of fun, sure, move here.
        You have to be hustling and spinning plates like none other in Austin, and that’s for average quality women.Strangely enough, this is one place where things like OKC reap dividends far surpassing the time/energy invested. But I digress. The nightlife outside of campus is okay, but like others have noted, the constant influx of tech folks, transplants, and festival goers is both a gift and a curse. Yeah, you have a fairly decent flow of new girls coming in, but most of them are mid-range, and the inflow of dudes far outweighs it. Forget about picking up at bars or clubs here, unless you’re dropping serious skrilla and hanging out at the W. Every place is a sausage fest, the places that aren’t are full of women that look like extras from “Girls”, and the “hipster” culture is in full effect in Austin, meaning that girls think it’s okay to hit up a bar in yoga pants, ballet flats, and whatever wrinkly second-hand dress they picked up off their floor. And for a city full of people that claim to love being outdoors and active, I’ve never seen so many out of weight people, ranging from pudgy to straight up fat, and attitudes like you wouldn’t believe. Don’t believe the hype about fit, feminine Southern Belles. That shit is dead in Austin.
        If you have serious dough, can afford to live downtown, and some unique feature that sets you apart, sure, Austin can be cool. Otherwise, it’s a fools errand to come here thinking you’re going to clean up.

    2. Don’t believe anything you read about Austin. It has become a horrible place for Men. On weekends, by 11PM, it becomes a total Chaotic cock fest . You see a lot of girls in groups always on the move and unless your game is AIR tight, forget it.

  6. 1. women don`t care about looks
    2. magic tricks can cover up the stuff you lack as a whole person
    3. there`s an elite that fucks 90% of the women out there
    4. ioi`s mean sex
    5. phone numbers mean sex
    6. sex is magical and hard to explain
    7. you need to know a lot about the stuff other people don`t know about yet they figured it out somehow
    8. women rate and test men all day like it`s football to them
    9. what a dog knows by it`s instincts you need to figure out with formulas
    10. everybody has sex except you
    11. feminism is your enemy
    12. feminism is your ally
    13. women are deliberate and always plotting
    14. other people`s opinion on the internet is valid and a solid base for your reality
    15. the more attractive the woman the more bitchy she`ll be
    16. if common sense tells you not to do it, than it`s a limiting belief
    17. everybody is stuck in an eternal sexual puberty
    18. your happiness is determined by the number of your sexual partners
    19. the way you lose your virginity determines your life
    20. every girl is the same and likes the same type of guys
    21. you can learn a lot about attraction by watching certain movies
    22. masturbation destroys your mental health
    23. your general lifestyle and direction in life doesn`t matter to her, game compensates for all
    24. routines are like cheatcodes to sex
    25. if the theory is hard to explain the better the results will be in the end after applying it
    26. women only care about social status
    27. women only want to have sex with assholes
    28. reading and discussing seduction theories is actually doing something with your life

  7. u forgot uvic its considered a party school since its 60% women on the campus. it was reported on the canadian news forget which one

  8. Avoid UNC Chapel Hill like the plague. Its run by militant man hating harpies. They foster a very hostile environment for men.

  9. This is another “internet research” article where the author doesn’t even live in America let alone go to college there. Instead of writing from experience, he’s keyboard jockeying from the land of kangaroos.

  10. You are going to go by top 10 party schools listing and forget a lot of key things. In a lot of these schools you have listed, unless you are some fraternity kid and decent looking guy with game you aren’t going to get laid that often, game and decent looks alone won’t cut it. A lot of these schools are really cliquish with the Greek life and the rest is just like real life or any other university.
    LOL @ NYU, the school has a high gay population in case you didn’t notice and NY girls have high standards.
    The best colleges to get laid are the colleges that aren’t as prestigious because the academic difficulty will not be there. Not to mention that the students admitted will be those who look for the party experience and the wild college life rather than strictly academics. NYU is not one of those universities and good luck getting laid there.

    1. Forget Greek life. Played in rock bands in one of these towns. Scored major quality tail.

    2. True. Colleges that are big on academics will have girls who are career-minded, full of themselves and busy. Not good for game.

    3. So? Just work on developing yourself and your game. Most places are going to be hard unless you have connections.

      1. Roosh, why didn’t you join a frat when you were in college if you wanted to get laid?

      2. Yea. If you were a frat boy or on a team you cleaned up. The school kept a 50/50 ratio. Not sure if they still do that. I wish I went to a school that was at least 60/40 F/M.

  11. Everything you said about NYU is true. I didn’t even go there but just chilling in W square park and drinking in the East village saw me banging a 19 yr old NYU girl.

  12. A kid with absolutely no game can get laid at Florida state. I know from experience.

  13. Also there should be a list of worst colleges to get laid at. all male should be dq’ed but the male-female ratio should have heavy weight
    off the top of my head I’d say
    Georgia Tech
    U. Houston
    Arkansas (due to the sheer amount of fatties)

    1. Don’t forget Virginia Tech. Probably the worst school, with over 30,000 students, on the east coast to get laid in. I went there for four years and can’t tell you how many engineering and business classes I had where the ratio was at least 70% male.
      Obviously I didn’t get laid during my 5 years there but post-college life has gotten better 🙂

  14. But what about indians? where is the best college for them to get laid? little help?

  15. I am from Montreal where McGill is located. It IS NOT
    in anyway a party school. I would describe it as
    staid,grey and tired. The comment about
    the women of Quebec is entirely accurate
    though. However, stay completely away
    from any english-speaking they are uptight,
    frigid and much less feminine than their french
    speaking sisters….they put them to shame

  16. Personally I can’t abide college campus game…don’t know why, seems like it’s a matter of being as loud and brash as possible (which is cool, just not my thing), plus day game is almost invariably a dead-end. Maybe I’m wrong, just the impression I got.

  17. how are you even qualified to write this?? have you ever even been to north america?

    1. Did Einstein travel at the speed of light before telling others they couldn’t surpass the speed of light?

  18. I live just down the street from the University of Western Ontario…. while it’s true the school has a rep for hard partying, it’s also an ultra-liberal den of feminism!
    Do better research…

  19. If you want this site taken seriously maybe pick some writers who aren’t fucking retarded?

  20. I have a friend that accepted a professor-ship at one of the schools mentioned, and I’ve gone to visit him several times. The women are like a beer-tap, you get one enjoy it, and go back for another. I was there a week and nailed more than one a night the entire time.
    He said the only down side is that he worries he’ll become “jaded by the easy sex with an endless supply of eighteen year olds”. Yeah, he has a rough life. 😉

  21. The best university for getting laid is whatever one is closest to you. Any public university has an abundant supply of young, nubile ladies. Hell, even UAA in Anchorage, Alaska is full of quality talent.

  22. I lived in Tallahassee for a year and I’ll never forget the quality of pussy that roamed that town…it was awe inspiring. You left the College of Charleston off the list. The ratio there must be 150 to 1. I had a few buddies that went to school there and you can’t walk around that town without popping a boner. Place is stacked with chicks. I think the beach and that quaint town brings them in. Plus, it’s not hard to get into which is always good for attracting hot chicks.

  23. Univ. of Caucasian Spoiled Brats (UCSB) : unless you are a “Pure White Aryan, ” don’t even bother with it

  24. Im pretty familiar with several of these schools Chicos rep is deserved, Northern Florida girls are pretty awesome. I studied at UCSB and while the partying is hard (people try to have fridays free just to party an extra day). I found the chicks to be alot of stuck up rich girls from LA. So as you can imagine the flakiness is off the chart. I would head up to visit two friends from high school at CalPoly and do ten times better with the girls there.

  25. As someone who entered UCSB as an awkward, pimply virgin and left 4 years later as a man well into triple figures, I concur.

  26. FSU, best ratio girls:guys plus they’re way hotter women than most schools even have, top football school, top party school, great variety and availability of drugs, semi-prestigious academics…great school. There really isn’t away to capture the lifestyle except to take a Nole’s personal word for it.

  27. You guys are full of contradictions. In one article you’re complaining about slutty girls and in this you’re telling men how to find the sluttiest. How about you stop perpetuating the so-called problem and just jack off or something?

  28. I would be extremely dubious about how great some of these Universities are. For one people have a tendency of shooting college kids, in Mexico almost 50 College dudes disappeared in one felt swoop. From what I have seen of these campus’s they’re far more men than women in every respect, and most of the girls tend to be overweight. I know a guy who tried this in Florida and most of the local women looked like frito bandito from the corn chips. Any guy who calls Flag on the Play is always showered with shaming language. isn’t that interesting. Gentlemen, we are in the middle of a major social/sexual depression. The demand far outweighs the supply, until nature corrects itself, this is going to go in the history books as the great social/sexual depression of the west.

  29. Quebec girls are known sluts and are considered the white-trash of Canada. You enjoy them but don’t ever marry them unless you’re a complete idiot and don’t know any better and fell for the hype. They age worse than cheese and don’t have a graceful bone in their bodies. Without exception they begin to look like death’s younger sister after the age of 40.

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