A Tip From A Girl That Improved My Process With Women

A lot of writers in the manosphere often write about game from an efficiency perspective—rack up numbers quickly and with minimal effort. This has value, but it’s important to remember after you’ve smashed a number of women, it’s entirely possible you’ll crave quality instead of quantity. Long game often doesn’t get mentioned – the process of working on a higher quality girl over a few dates.

Now, we all know by now women for the most part are delusional about their own sexuality and how they have to justify to themselves they might actually like sex. When working on a girl over a few dates, you have to be aware of progress. Are you getting more physical with each date? Does she seem more engaged? And so on.

It’s entirely possible (and frankly, probable) she’s already fucking someone else or at the very least, dating someone else, like you. You need to put this to the back of your mind. Why? Because you are simply playing your role in the fiasco of modern dating, to get what you ultimately want: pussy.

An important line a girl said to me once which has been central to the refinement of my game was “there must always be hope of more for a woman.” Men have a bad habit of reducing the process to its most ruthlessly efficient basics; this may work against you at times, where despite the presence of sluttier women in the west, you must always to some extent conceal your intentions. Try directly propositioning a girl for sex on a dating site as your first message and see what reactions you get.

To be successful as a man, you have to understand female sexuality. Women generally won’t get wet from the same stimuli as men – they enjoy the process more and building intimacy or attraction up to a grand release. Even if a woman knows deep down what kind of guy a man is (for example, a “player” as they like to say), if she wants to fuck him, she’ll still give him the opportunity to do so by placing herself in situations where in reality, all he has to do is play his role.

Be patient, go through the dating time and slowly begin to increase the likelihood for sex by building up to suggesting a situation where sex could clearly occur, like her coming to your place for dinner or another isolating arrangement.

Any attractive woman has been through the mating game before. It’s the nature of women to crave a relationship, because they batter this idea into each other. Peer pressure and acceptance is everything for a lot of people, and most definitely more so with women. As such, they’ll continue to go through the dating wringer, as long as you give them some hope of more.

To get what you want, all you’ve got to do is play the part you’re expected to play, be patient, and escalate.

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49 thoughts on “A Tip From A Girl That Improved My Process With Women”

    1. Best tip I ever got from a blog comment: “Give her the cockaz in the puss lolzolzozlzozlzo”

  1. As long as the bitch doesn’t end up flaking and wasting your time, this is decent advice.

  2. This is amusing because one of my complaints about women in the workplace is they care more about “process” than results. Makes sense it would be the same with dating.

    1. the end result of the process is an 8lb spawn incubating inside her for 9 months, and a year or more after that of sleepless nights, breast feeding and wiping the little buggers ass, not to mention that her body goes to hell to hold up nature’s grand plan….
      women are thus not hardwired to think into this reality and men simply try their best to avoid it as it’s a hell of a lot of work, expense and hassle with little return.
      women are not result driven, because the result is their dramatic loss of freedom, SMV, body image, beauty, and the huge burden of holding a family together…. it could be rewarding, but it’s a fucking grueling mountain to climb.
      for what women have to go through, they should be educated from the age of 10, as to what it actually means to be female and become a mother. the fact that men have been so focused on ‘progress’ is not surprising since it’s a harsh world out there, but the feminists jumped the gun and wanted some of that ‘excitement’ for themselves (only to find it was a lot of work and actually largely quite dull) – instead they should have thought into establishing a better education and progress for real women and the feminine role – but like all women, they didn’t look for results, they looked for the glory, glamor, validation etc. – and thus we are where we are today.

    2. What’s wrong with caring about the process? I work in sales and if I focused more on the “results”(closed mindset) versus the process(open mindset) I’d have been out of this business long ago. People who focus only on results always get discouraged when it doesn’t come there way. Imagine a guy who is trying to learn game. If he focuses primarily on results he’s going to have a bad time. If he focuses and loves the process he’ll be getting tail left and right in no time. The process guy says I spoke to ten girls today and got two numbers! The results guy says I ONLY got 2 numbers today and he probably won’t even get that far as he’d likely quit after the third girl blows him off.

  3. Be patient and escalate seem to be contradictory but is this not essentially mysteries 7 hour “rule”? Ie elapsed time from meet to bang is 7 hours over the course of 1 evening to several weeks/months. I probably ought to read mystery method and a few others as I’ve became a bit rusty during these winter months.

  4. I’ve actually considered long game to be before you get to the date. In other words, the days or even weeks you spend working on getting a girl. I might categorize Unjaded’s approach as “dating game”.

    1. The best con is one where everyone gets what they want; Which is precisely why I’m staunch advocate of long game.
      From a man’s perspective, the adrenaline rush one gets from long game is unparalleled. Slowly infiltrating a woman’s social circle, deliberately creating each step leading to the “the big bang,” thus dictating the pace; Holding back when the time isn’t ripe, only to strike fiercely once a plan has reached fruition. There’s nothing like it in the world. Fans of chess or still-hunting know what I mean.

      1. Yes, but the potential she sees in you will be *higher* if you consoummate here in a love-at-first-sight fashion.

        1. That may have been true of women a generation or two ago but that sounds more like wishful thinking for the present day male. What women want and what they say they want are generally two different things and it shows in the bullshit they enjoy to read and watch.
          e.g. Did the characters in the Twilight movies (girls go apeshit over) fall head over heels at first glance à la Romeo & Juliet? or did the female lead fall in love after being stalked and manipulated by a vampire who’s natural instinct was to drain her of life force?
          and I doubt I need to expound on the plot of Fifty Shades of Grey. Women are more fucked than they would have you believe.

        2. I bang a lot of 30s and 40+ chicks, so there’s the element of being potentially “the one” that makes it an easier lay. It’s more a factor of “plausible deniability” than an actual “happily ever after” ending. If a woman can say to herself “well, he *seemed* like he had genuine potential”, there is less buyer’s remorse and post-fact ASD after the lay when they realize you weren’t serious about a relationship.
          I also run long-game at times, and it’s easier to lay these women, in my experience, if the interaction and attraction is fresh, because there’s less of a chance of them seeing you as a “player”.
          I agree with you that in long game the adrenaline rush is indeed higher, but only for the man. It’s higher for the woman if it feels like it randomly “just happened” – and long game by definition is calculated.

        3. We are not concerned about relationships or being perceived to be a “player” here my friend. This is not a relationship advice site. Matter of fact you talk like a woman.

      2. U da man Helmuth.
        I will run long game with several girls while I am either dating a chick or running short game in the bars. A little tactic I have used in the past is to “plant seeds” with her friends. In other words, tell her friends you think the girl is cute etc. This has a different effect than telling the girl directly and can drive her crazy for you.

  5. Classic beta orbiter strategy is to talk about all your good points, as if putting that out there would somehow “logic” the woman into going for you. Never works.

  6. I’m wary of advice from women because women say one thing to men (betas), and do other things with other men (alphas).

    1. Beta Advice:
      “Treat me like a lady.”
      Alpha Advice:
      “Put it in my ass.” (true story)

      1. Keep the compliant beta male on hold as fall back option while she sucks alpha cock on first date. That’s what I just read.

  7. I think getting into art satisfies something deep in women, more than is generally known.

    1. I think Art getting into a woman deeply satisfies Art, and may even be quite a ride for the woman if Art knows the signs.

      1. But if Art goes in the wrong way, he ends up with a Jackson Pollock painting all over his canvas.

  8. There’s a lot to be said about the human female sexuality. It basically shaped the whole human evolution.
    And especially one of her most unique features – the cryptic ovulation. It is so cryptic that most women remain unaware when, precisely, their eggs have departed from their ovaries. Further obscuring the timing of her ovulation, the human female acquired the potential to engage in sex, if she desired, 365 days of the year, during pregnancy, lactation, menstruation, and even after menopause. This is what condition men to be constantly thirsty for sex.
    The most commonly accepted theory is that a woman’s cryptic ovulation, year-round sexual receptivity, and loss of estrus solidifies the bond between her and her mate, convincing him to stay and help her raise their children. But it is the number one reason why we lose our common sense around women and why they are capable of such profound manipulation of the male.

    1. Nonsense.
      Instant gratification and lack of attention to detail, as well as just plain stupidity.
      Learn to smell ovulation (from a distance).
      Any broad who claims not to know she’s fertile (the “window” is five days before ovulation until 24 hours after), either doesn’t know what ovulation is, or is lying.

      1. Well, no, not everyone is so acutely aware of minute goings on in their bodies, and sometimes the changes are so small that it really is unnoticeable (sort of like how a person might gain or lose weight and not notice because the process is so slow). Sometimes, however, women can feel a pain in their abdomen when they’re ovulating, which is informative but pretty annoying.

  9. What the girl said about “hope for more” rings a few bells.
    When discussing the non-explicit eroticism of the films of his day, Ronald Reagan said, “We (actors) can never do anything up there that’s as good as the audience’s imagination”.
    Sometimes you should let the movie unfold, like when you’re with a quality woman. If she likes you and is drawn to you, she’ll be picturing your appealing qualities. It’s good advice to not demystify yourself or stop her from doing that.

  10. A woman really is an inherently codependent creature… One of the best articles I’ve read on here!

  11. Very true, you can’t remove the possibility of a “relationship”, even if it’s remote, even if it’s with a stripper or club slut.
    This is why Buying Temperature is so important. If you don’t act when the time is right, at the first high point of emotion in the woman, it dispels the notion of “love at first sight”
    So in order to maintain and nurture the illusion, act when she’s hot and bothered *and* when the pursuit is FRESH.

    1. p.s. what the fuck is up with the spelling of the word “dispel”? It means the same fucking thing as “dis” and “spell”, so why the fuck are you removing both an “s” and an “l”.
      English is a bitch at times – for every single person who’s ever used it as a language.
      And naturally, two different meanings of the word “spell” are at play here…

  12. Whatever a man does to take a woman out of her own mind, usually works much better than to feed the hamster within.
    Do not feed the hamster, lest it bites the hand which feeds it. Rodents are potentially dangerous.

  13. One of the most beta articles to soil this hallowed shrine. Repulsive supplication ending with pathetic belated alpha re-framing in the form of “and escalate”.
    We really are doomed if such drivel now manages to make it past the gate keepers of these esteemed halls.

  14. Good article, short but sweet..Straight to the point. I’m a big fan of “the long game”. Quality rather than quantity. Even if you date the girl 4 or 5 times, the challenge is there, if she’s hot she’s worth it. More Alpha males are meeting hot women on dating websites like http://www.tempted.com & http://www.beautifulpeople.com Maintain your good looks (keep up the gym, watch what food you put in your body) and your game will take care of itself.

  15. The best success books are inherently contradictive. The reason why is because no one strategy works in all situations with all personality types and there’s no substitute for hours logged gaining the street smarts to assess each target individually. However a few universal principles DO exist. When I was single, my first date score rate was over 90%. It wasn’t that i was so great; it was that other men messed it up so badly that I won by attrition. Finally I started to slow it down to see if I was too successful for my own good as nothing was converting into long term. The result? Slowing things down created far more problems than it solved as I was then asked if I was gay, shy, or not very attracted to them? One woman called me out on the 4th date as she stormed out of my place. I grabbed her firmly but politely, brought her back in, explained my reasoning and to her astonishment had all her clothes off and had bent her over my couch in less than 10 seconds before she even realized it to which she replied “wow, you really ARE bad.” I banged this naughty red headed Wiccan the rest of the night. The take home: unless you’re Amish, it’s the gentleman’s job to be as forward as possible as quickly as possible … and the woman’s job to slow it down should she so choose. And if you’re good enough and your intentions are sincere, she usually won’t. Show me the nicest girl in the world who’s saving herself for marriage and I’ll show you a woman who will unleash her inner whore on the first date for the right guy. Never hesitate. Never apologize. “No” means “no,” and if she stops you, you’d better listen. But if you learn the right skills, you will almost never hear it —

  16. This is excellent. Break down exactly what she said “there must always be hope of more for a woman.”
    First, why? Why isn’t sex ever enough by itself? Because female sex drive does not match that of men. They simply don’t have the T-count. Sex has the possibility of being pleasurable, even breathtakingly so, but there is no guarantee. The maddening drive to get access to her vagina has no corollary with her interest in your cock. There are exceptions, of course, we call them sluts.
    Second, the word “always”. This may be reaching, but I believe beneath it is the hypergamous aspect of female sexuality. No matter what you give them, there must always be more. More of what? Whatever you have got. Always, at all times, consistently increasing in intensity. Have you got alpha status? Well you need to keep being that alpha and you better double down every time you’re challenged. Have you got money, fame, drugs, adrenaline-highs from domestic violence, cult-leader charisma, the neuro-chemical buzz from transgressing societal norms? Those things are what actually get her excited. Those things feel for her what you feel about her tits, those things, and the signalling they entail, are what actually makes her pussy wet.
    Third, the word “hope”. Hope is a mental state, a state of excitement. At least, that’s what women mean when they say it. There can be either the hope for something more or….the dread of something more. The key is the state of excitement, the stimulation. Helping women to achieve various altered states of mind is central to game, romance, chivalry, feminism, shopping, BDSM, cuckoldry or any other activity women support. Women are solipsistic by nature and thus do not ever directly connect with anyone or anything in the world. So delusions, ego trips, narcissistic supply, escapism or whatever she can get to kick out those good-good brain-chemicals, to make her feel effected by something outside of herself, that’s what she craves. That is why she must shit test you, she needs you to be able to hold your frame. Otherwise, no altered state, no fun for her.
    If you break character, then all that is left is you and, ultimately, “there must always be hope of more for a woman.”

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